Friends Enemies Relationship

Zach, Bella, Sam,

Paige, Brandon,

Sydney, Danny

Dolly Kevin
BogleHead Jessica Danny, Dolly, Flaire None
JessicaHead Bogle, Danny, Claire Dolly None
DimitriHead None Dalia None
KevinHead Sam, Paige, Zach Dolly Flaire
ZachHead Nearly Everyone None Paige
DaliaHead Unsure... Unsure... None
BellaHead Flaire, Paige, Zach Dolly Sam?
This relationship is currently one sided.
SamHead Flaire, Kevin, Brandon Dolly None
TodHead Nearly Everyone Dolly None
PaigeHead Nearly Everyone Dolly Zach
DollyHead None Nearly Everyone None
BrandonHead Dimitri, Sam, Claire Dolly None

Nearly Everyone

Dolly Danny?
An unsure romance.
SydneyHead Nearly Everyone Dolly None
DannyHead Nearly Everyone Dolly Claire?
An unsure romance.
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