Prologue: Yes or No?

It's a brutal ride home. Draven has the other contestants on board of a large helicopter, which is escorting them back to America.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Flaire asks, grasping onto her million dollar check.

"What's your definition of fun? That was awful." Dimitri says.

"Well, the ship sank. That was pretty fun." Paige says.

"Fun? I almost died." Draven says to them. He glances out of a window on the plane and sees the deep ocean below.

"We're a few hours away from America." A pilot says.

"Well, at least we're all alive." Sarah says. She looks at Brandon next to her and hugs him.

"What?" Brandon asks.

"You got us all that food from those trees." Sarah says.

"Well, it's nothing, really." Brandon says.

Jessica sits nearby to Saria, holding a remote. Saria's wearing a shock collar.

"So...Jessica." Bogle says to her.

"Bogle." Jessica says.

"How's it going?" Bogle asks.

"Okay. I'm watching out for Saria. Luckily she's out cold." Jessica says.

"What happened to her?" Bogle asks.

"Some sort of bug bit her and she fell out of it.....She might be dead." Jessica says. She pokes Saria.

Saria twitches.

Draven stands in front of the crowd of people. All twenty two of them. "Well, I called my friend before we left the island." He says.

"And?" Danny asks.

"Well, he said he would try to get me a new TV spot. He also said I have a 6 million dollar budget not spent well. Well, I was thinking. Who here wants to be on a second season? Raise your hand." Draven says.

Everyone but Sarah, Nate, Saria, Chris, Chet, and Lauren raise their hands.

"That was awful...Wait, Brandon? Why are you raising your hand?" Sarah asks.

"I want the money." Brandon says.

"I'd rather go home and listen to CDs than be ditched on an island." Nate says.

"What do we do?" Chris asks Chet.

"I don't know! I'll go if you go!" Chet says.

"I'll go if you go!" Chris says.

"I WANNA BE IN IT!" Saria jumps up from her coma. Jessica presses a button on her remote, and Saria is electrocuted, and she goes back into her coma.

"How did you get that?" Draven asks Jessica.

"I made it when I got bored. We found an iron pit. It runs on coconut milk." Jessica says.

"Wow..." Draven says.

"What's a coconut?" Lauren asks. Bella chuckles.

"Anyway...There's sixteen of you with your hand raised. So..." Draven says.

"Yeah?" Claire responds.

"If everything works right, we'll call you. Your contract has your phone number on it." Draven says. Suddenly Dalia gets a sly look on her face.

"Well, I'll call you all if we get the chance." Draven says.

"Wait! I wanna be in it!" Chet says.

"Too late. Sixteen is enough." Draven says.

"Aw!" Chris sighs.

In a small household, three men sit around a table, watching TV. One is cutting a sandwhich with a large butcher knife.

Suddenly, a girl jumps through their window. She's in a red suit with red hair. She karate chops one guy. The one with the knife jumps up. Another grabs a pistol from under the couch. The girl tackles the first guy and knocks him out. The guy with the gun starts shooting, and she dodges. She kicks him in the nuts.

He falls down and continues shooting in pain. She kicks him in the nose three times before he falls over. Meanwhile, the knife guy is attempting to stab her. She dodges the blade and snatches it from him. She throws it down, and slams him into a wall, and throws him out of the broken window, and onto a sports car waiting outside.

The phone suddenly rings. She picks it up and listens.

"Hello! It's me, the host of T-D-D. We have the timeslot."

"I'll be there." She responds. She runs outside, and two policemen await her. She dodges the bullets fired at her, and sneaks behind one and punches him in the temple, knocking him out. She steals his gun, and hits the other cop in the back of the head with it. She throws the gun down and punches the cop in the face. She then jumps in his squad car and drives away.

Chapter 1: We're Leaving On a Boat...Again

A large bus rides through the streets, collecting the contestants for the new season. The bus stops in Tennessee. Zach is the first to get on the bus. It then drives on further. Zach simply relaxes in the back of the bus. They arrive in Virginia, and Dolly steps on the bus.

"Dolly." Zach says from the back of the bus.

"Zach." Dolly says to him. The bus suddenly speeds off, and Dolly falls over on the ground. They arrive in the next state, Massachusets. Flaire and Kevin hold hands and get on the bus. Turns out they live close to each other.

"What's up, guys! I've been stuck here with Dolly for days. It sucked." Zach says.

"You can kiss it!" Dolly shouts back to him. Flaire laughs, and she takes Kevin to sit down. They sit in a dual seat.

"This will be so much fun." Flaire says.

"Yeah, and Sam is in this too! We'll have a complete alliance again." Kevin says.

"Don't talk too loudly. The witch might hear you." Zach says.

The bus arrives in Maine shortly after Flaire and Kevin arrive. Luckily, they didn't get too many red lights. Flaire and Kevin slept softly after bending back their seats to the empty row behind them. They reach New York, where Tod, Sam, and Bella get on board.

"People!" Zach exclaims.

"Guys!" Sam runs up to Flaire and Kevin, and fills the row with himself.

"Hey dude." Kevin says. Bella and Tod sit together in an empty row.

"Fun." Dolly sighs.

"Oh, it's Dolly!" Bella exclaims.

"Yes, I'm so excited to see you." Dolly lies.

"I'm happy to be here." Tod says.

In Flaire's section, the three discuss a new alliance.

"We should renew our alliance." Flaire says.

"I agree." Sam says.

"Good. We'll have a pre-game alliance." Flaire says.

"If we do good, we can go far." Kevin says.

Soon, the bus arrives in North Carolina. Paige and Brandon get on board.

"Paige!" Zach exclaims. Paige walks back to Zach and sits next to him, and hugs him. Brandon ducks and sits down in an empty row of seats.

"I've been here for days." Zach says.

"They've driven from state to state." Paige says.


Brandon sits there. Dolly behind him.

"Can you move?" Dolly asks.

"I had enough of you before I got out last season, and even more than enough on the island when we were abandoned there. Now shut up and move yourself!" Brandon shouts at Dolly. Everyone hushes on the bus. Dolly drops her mouth.

"...Woo!" Kevin claps. The bus claps. Brandon smirks.

Eventually, the bus stops in Florida. Dalia, Sydney, and Bogle step on the bus. Bogle takes a seat after being welcomed. Sydney takes a seat behind Dolly. Dalia sits in the seat behind.

"Hey." Sydney says to Dolly.

"Shush!" Dolly says, sounding like she was highly offended.

"I feel so welcomed." Sydney sighs.

"Welcome, Syd." Flaire says.

"Hey, guys..." Bogle says.

"Oh, hey Bogle." Tod says to Bogle.

Eventually, the bus arrives in Alabama. Danny, Claire, Dimitri, and Jessica hop aboard, and the bus drives towards a small dock on the edge of the state.

"Hey guys." Danny says. He sits down next to Bogle.

"Hey Danny." Claire winks. She fills the row.

"Careful guys. I'm out of room." Bogle warns.

"Bogle!" Jessica cheers. She sits directly behind his seat. She props her elbows up on the seat, and the two talk.

Dimitri sits in Dolly's row.

"If you crack a joke, I'll stab you." Dolly says.

"With what?" Dimitri asks. Dolly holds out her shiny fingernails, which are surprisingly long.

"Kitty likes to scratch." Dolly warns.

The bus arrives at a dock, and a huge cruise ship awaits them. Draven stands outside to greet them. The bus doors open.

"Welcome one and all, to the very first episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge! We are welcoming back sixteen older contestants from the previous season.

Everyone, let's meet: Zach! Dolly! Flaire! Kevin! Tod! Bella! Paige! Brandon! Dalia! Sydney! Bogle! Danny! Claire! Dimitri! And Jessica!" Draven announces. Everyone steps out of the bus and in front of their beloved host.

"This ship again? I thought you sank it." Dolly says.

"Well, yes and no. Welcome to the S.S Dra version two!" Draven says.

"Version two?" Bogle asks.

"Come aboard, I'll give you a tour. Then, I'll assign you to teams." Draven says. Everyone waalks against Draven, and onto the main deck of the ship.

"The main deck has a small pool area." Draven says. Everyone glances at a pool. "That's it." Draven says. He then points to a large purple wall with two glass doors. It's next to the pool.

"That's the cafeteria." Draven leads them inside.

Inside, three large areas have empty trays of food. "An improvement. This is a buffet, free for you to eat at at any time." Draven says. He shows them the seventeen sets of tables outside the buffet area. "Come with me to the elimination deck."

In a small area, eight chairs surround a fake firepit. A plank leads off of the boat.

"Elimination is very different this season, and much more challenging. I'll explain it tomorrow, when we actually have a losing team." Draven says. He then takes everyone to a large blue room. It's a huge indoor pool.

"This is the indoor pool. Better than the outdoor version." Draven says. They all walk back out onto the main deck.

"Alright, since we had two winners last season, Zach and Flaire, you'll simply choose the teams. Alright? We don't have a big timeslot this episode." Draven says.

"So...we can choose our teams?" Zach asks.

"Boy-girl-boy-girl fashion. Ladies first." Draven says.

"Okay then....I pick Kevin." Flaire smiles.

"I'll take Paige." Zach says.

Both walk up to their picker.

"I'll have Jessica." Flaire smiles.

"I'll have Tod." Zach says.

"I'll take Sam." Flaire says. Sam cheers and walks over.

"Claire." Zach says.

"Um...Bella." Flaire says.

"Uh...Dimitri." Zach says.

"Bogle." Flaire says. Bogle runs up to Jessica.

"Sydney." Zach says.

Only four remain. Brandon, Danny, Dolly, and Dalia.

"I'll take Dalia. Sorry, Zach." Flaire says.

"I want Danny. He's the best of you guys." Zach says. Danny runs over, cheerfully.

"I get Brandon." Flaire says. He walks over.

"Oh god. I get Dolly." Zach says.

"What?" Dolly asks. She walks over. Dalia then walks over to Zach.

"Good. Now, Flaire's team--you are: Team Burn!" Draven exclaims.

"Team Burn? Just like team fire..." Sam says.

"Shush. Zach, you'll be: Team Lighting!" Draven shouts.

"Can we be something else? Like...Team Rain?" Bella asks.

"Ugh...Fine." Draven says.

"Yay! Team Rain!" Danny exclaims.

"So...that's it. Team Rain, you will be in the blue sleeping cabins. Lighting, in the yellow. They're just east of the indoor pool. Can't miss them. Grab your stuff and head off!" Draven announces.

They all grab their luggage and leave off to their rooms.

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Author's Notes:

The first episode! Please, read and comment!

Chapter 2: The Bonfire Ceremony

The camera pans over to Draven who is standing atop the S.S Dra.

"Welcome back to the second season of Total Drama Dra! Total Drama Dra's Revenge! Last episode, we introduced our teams to our sixteen returning players. Some were quite happy, others were...a little upset. Anyway, it's time to begin the new trek on the show. One will win one million dollars. The others? They're going to fail. It's time to see which contestant gets dropped from the ship tonight, on Total Drama Dra's Revenge!"

Team Rain's females sit inside of their room, discussing their team mates. Everything in the room is blue. The blankets, the walls, even the beds.

"I like your choice of team, Flaire." Bella says.

"Yeah. Thanks for getting Bogle and I on the same team." Jessica smiles.

"Ah, you're welcome. I know how much you two love each other's company." Flaire says.

"You put me on the same team as Sam. That's also really cool." Bella smiles.

In the confessional, the same as last season's, Bella sits down on a purple couch with the camera facing her.

"I know what's up between her and Sam. She and Sam both have an alliance going. I know Kevin is in it too. So she's going to help me get Sam in any way possible." Bella winks.

"I'm leaving." Dalia walks out of the cabin.

"That was weird." Flaire says.

Team Rain's male contestants also discuss their team. The room is the same blue texture as the last.

"I love this team." Sam says.

"Yeah, me too." Bogle says.

"I think we're going to work just fine with everyone." Kevin says.

"Not to mention dude, she put us on a team with a bunch of hot chicks." Brandon says.

"No kidding." Bogle says.

"Flaire's like, the hottest here." Sam says.

"Watch what you say, bro." Kevin laughs.

In the confessional, Sam and Kevin sit inside.

"There are eight of us. Three of us are an alliance. Kevin, Flaire, and I can take down the other five people." Sam says.

"Bogle and Jessica are going to work together. If we can get them to help us vote, we'll only have to take down three people before our alliance is in trouble. Let's just hope our team can win this." Kevin says.

Team Lighting's females discuss their team. Their room is yellow, like the past rooms, but a different color.

"Zach sucks at picking teams." Dolly says.

"Why do you say that?" Paige asks.

"Well, let's see. He put us on a team with DIMITRI. He put Danny on the team and he's obsessed with pirates-" Dolly stops.

"Pirates might be his fettish or something." Claire says.

"Claire, that's creepy." Paige says.

"How so?" She asks.

"You two are obviously in love. That's how it's creepy." Dolly says.

"" Claire says.

"Uh...yeah." Dolly says.

"Calm down guys. It's only the second day." Sydney says. Everyone frowns at her.

The males of team Lighting bicker just as much.

"Please, shut up!" Tod shouts.

"No! I'm gonna make sure you learn the reasons you shouldn't eliminate me this season." Dimitri shouts.

"Calm down." Zach orders. Nobody does.

"Dimitri! Shut up! We're trying to get along here but you won't shut your trap!" Danny shouts.

"Calm down..." Zach orders again. Danny sits down after hearing it.

"I will not shut up or be talked to this way!" Dimitri shouts.


"" Dimitri smiles. Tod and Danny are silent.

Outside, Zach carries Dimitri to the side of the boat.

"Put me down!" He shouts.

"Will you be quiet for the rest of the show?" Zach asks.

"No! I have to talk sometime!" Dimitri shouts.

Zach throws him out into the open sea. "That felt good." Zach turns and walks away.

"I feel fifty pounds lighter." Tod walks back with him.

"I will have my revenge on you for this!" Dimitri shouts as the ship sails away. Dimitri hurries to swim over to it.

In a small hallway deep inside the ship, a janitor cleans the area of the hall. The woman in red walks up to the door from outside. It reads, "Employees only." She attempts to open it, but to no avail. She looks up to see an air vent. She opens it and jumps inside, and closes it back.

She jumps down into the hallway and looks over to the janitor. He holds up a mop and twirls it. She karate chops it out of his hands. She grabs the remains and throws them at the janitor. He dodges and jumps to one side. She walks up to him and grabs his head and throws him down the hall. She grabs his mop bucket and throws the water on him. He stands up, soaking wet.

The woman throws the bucket on his head. The edge hits his head and he backs up, and slips on the water below him. He lies on the ground. The woman jumps over him. She runs down the dim hallway and over to a large door reading "Deck C". A life raft with a large rope attached to it hangs next to the door. The woman grabs it and turns to open the door. Another janitor runs at her with a broom. She kicks him. He release his broom and stumbles back.

She drops the raft and picks up the broom. She hits the janitor in the head with it, and he falls over. She opens the door in front of her and picks up the raft.

Outside, she walks onto a deck. She notices Dimitri swimming towards the boat. She throws the raft out to him. He grabs on, and she tows him in to the ship. He climbs onto the ship, soaking wet.

"Thank you...miss..." Dimitri pants and quickly looks at her. He catches a glimpse of her before she high kicks his chin, knocking him back into a wall. She does a backflip into the hallway before, leaving Dimitri knocked out on the deck.

The ship soon docks on a small docking area in the Amazon. The contestants gather around Draven as he explains the challenge.

"Why are we here again?" Bella asks.

"The only place we could think of at the moment was the Amazon. But don't worry though. This challenge is entirely different than last season's challenge here." Draven says.

"What is it then?" Flaire asks.

"Today you will be searching the amazon in hopes to find various items needed for an important goal. You must work with your team to build a bonfire. There are three key items to building it. The logs, the torch wood, and the lighter. To get these three items, you must complete a goal for me. The two teams have pits set up for them. Those pits will be used to make the bonfire. Whoever finishes first wins." Draven says. They exit the boat and go onto the dirt area around two pits of stone.

"Team Rain and Team Lighting. To get the logs from the ship, I need a key that will fit inside of the locked door. That key is spread somewhere nearby. Keys are in the treetops, so be on the lookout. Some keys will not work and some will. Good luck!" Draven says. Both teams run into the forest.

Team Rain runs inside the forest in a rush to find a key.

"We need to look to the trees." Sam says. Sam looks up to find a key dangling from a tree.

"How do we get up there quickly?" Flaire asks.

"We have to climb, I guess." Bogle responds to them. Dalia steps up and pushes them all back.

"What is it, Dalia?" Brandon asks. Dalia looks up to the key.

She jumps into the air and grabs onto a branch. She leaps over to a tree next to it, and then leaps back to a higher branch.

"Wow..." Jessica says.

In the confessional, Flaire gawks at the camera.

"How is she so limber? Maybe she's useful after all..." Flaire says.

Dalia leaps up to the key's branch, and snags the key with her finger. She then jumps down to the ground with it. Everyone claps as she bows. She hands the key to Kevin. They run up to Draven.

"Already? Wow. Let's see if this works." Draven says. They walk up to a door on the ship with a raindrop painted on it. He sticks the key in and attempts to twist it, but to no avail.

"Sorry guys. Whatever you did, do it again and find the right key." Draven says.

Team Lighting is underneath a tree. Everyone is piling on top of each other.

"You are" Zach says to everyone from the bottom of the pile-up.

"Just hold us up for one more second. We need someone else to help us get the key." Claire says from the top.

"Me!" Dimitri runs up from the forestry. Everyone sighs.

"Someone rescued me. Now, let's get that key!" Dimitri begins to climb the pile of contestants.

"Uh...Dimitri...try climbing the tree..." Claire warns him.

"Why? This is quicker." Dimitri says. He accidentally kicks Sydney in the eye, causing her scream and let go of everyone above her. Everyone then collapses to the ground, with Dimitri on top of them.

"...That's why." Claire says.

"Sorry guys..." Sydney says with sorrow.

"It's alright Sydney. We still have time to go." Tod says.

"Sorry guys..." Dimitri says with slight sorrow.

"Get the heck out of here. We'll be fine without you." Tod says with anger. Everyone nods.

"...Screw this." Dimitri walks away.

Team Rain returns with another key. Draven sticks it in the door and unlocks it.

"Congrats guys. You've passed part one. You can assemble the logs now or later. But anyway, part two of the challenge. To earn your torchwood, you need to find me a poison dart frog. Be careful though. If it's poison gets inside of you, you can die." Draven says.

"Um...okay..." Bogle backs up. They run off into the forest again.

Team Lighting runs up with their first key. Draven sticks it in their door to unlock it. No avail.

"Sorry guys." Draven says.

"That took forever to get!" Dolly shouts.

"Sorry." Draven says.

"Guys...look!" Tod points to team Rain's door.

"They're ahead of us!" Tod exclaims.

"Run!" Zach runs back to the forest.

Near a lake, Bogle leads his team to a rocky area.

"Nice thinking, Bogle." Jessica says.

"Thanks. The frog should be around here somewhere." Bogle begins searching.

"There's one!" Flaire points to a red frog. Bogle carefully inches up on it. He snags it and tries to hold on to it.

"It's slippery!" Bogle shouts.

"Run back to the ship!" Flaire shouts.

Near a large tree, team Lighting again assembles the tower. Claire climbs to the top and reaches for the key.

"This better be it." Zach says.

"Got it!" Claire snags it and falls off of the tower.

"Hurry! The other team's probably in the third challenge right now!" Zach orders. Dimitri walks up to them and grabs the key. He runs back to the ship while leaving his team in the dust.

When he arrives, Draven unlocks the door.

"Congratulations. Your team needs to find a poison dart frog." Draven says.

"Alright!" Dimitri runs off.

Meanwhile, Team Rain runs up and hands over the frog.

"Nice job, you've earned the torchwood. Now, to get the lighter, you need to find it in the bushes of the forest. Good luck." Draven says.

"Alright. Four of you will look for the lighter. The other four will set up the bonfire. I'm going to set up." Brandon says.

"Me too." Jessica says.

"Me three." Bogle says.

"Me four." Bella laughs.

"I guess it's our job to find the lighter then." Flaire look at Kevin, Sam, and Dalia. They run back to the brush of the forest.

Team Lighting's members run up to Draven.

"Dimitri left to find a poison dart frog." Draven says.

"Oh god no..." Zach says.

In a pond, Dimitri searches around for a poison dart frog. A red one hops his way.

"Come here little guy..." Dimitri grabs it and steps onto the dirt area surrounding the pond.


"You don't seem so bad....You're kinda' cute." Dimitri smiles. He looks at its face. It opens its mouth and squirts out a strange liquid in his eyes. He screams and falls over, releasing the frog.

In some bushes around the area, Flaire, Kevin, Sam, and Dalia search for a lighter.

"Any luck?" Kevin asks.

"Nope!" Sam says.

"It's alright guys. We have time. The other team is still looking for keys.

"You hope." Kevin says.

"Here it is." Dalia walks up with a lighter in her hands.

"How did you..." Kevin asks.

"I found it nearby. I just shook the bushes instead of searching them." Dalia says.

"Oh..." Kevin says.

Back at the campsite, Bogle throws in one last log to the pit.

"We did it." Bogle says.

"Now we need to wait on the lighter." Brandon says.

"Alright." Bella says.

Suddenly, Team Lighting walks up with a frog on top of Dimitri's stiff body.

"He's dead." Zach says.

"No he's not. He just got poisoned. He'll be fine in a few hours. Anyway, you need to find a lighter in the bushes. Good luck." Draven takes Dimitri and throws him inside of a room.

Dalia and the others walk up to Brandon with the lighter.

"Alright!" Brandon takes the lighter and lights the torchwood. He sticks it down to the logs and sets them ablaze.

"Nice job Team Rain. You have won this challenge." Draven says.

Later, team Lighting returns with no lighter.

"It's okay guys. You lost." Draven says. Team Rain is cooking smores over a fire and eating hot dogs.

"They got hungry because you were gone for so long." Draven laughs.

"Well...what now?" Tod asks.

"It's time for an immunity challenge. Someone on the losing team must have immunity. It's a key to elimination. So...guess a number between one and ten. No double numbers." Draven says.

"Three." Zach says.

"One." Paige says.

"Two," Tod says.

"Four." Claire says.

"Seven." Dolly says.

"Nine." Dimitri says.

"Five." Sydnet says.

"Six." Danny says.

"My number was Zach has immunity." Draven says.

"Yes!" Zach exclaims.

"Congratulations, Zach!" Paige congratulates him.

Team Rain stands by to watch elimination on the elimination deck.

"Welcome to the elimination pit. The new elimination will go as follows. The immune player will become the Head of Voters, or HoV. The HoV will choose three people on the team. The others not chosen will be safe, and will then vote out loud for the eliminated player. Zach, you are the HoV. Please choose three people from the team to go up for elimination." Draven says.

"Wait. Where's Dimitri?" Zach asks.

"Oh, yeah." Draven runs out of the area and unlocks a door. Dimitri runs out, alive and well.

"Did we win?" Dimitri asks.

"No." Draven walks back over to the pit.

"Alright then...I choose...Dimitri..." Zach stops.

"For what?" Dimitri asks.

"Elimination. You're up for elimination." Zach says.

"You jerk!" He shouts.

"...And I pick Dolly...and I guess I'll put up Claire." Zach says.

"Why me?" Claire asks.

"Do you think anyone's voting for you tonight?" Zach asks.

"Well, no...but-" Claire is hushed.

"Alright! Paige, Tod, Sydney, and Danny. You four will vote on someone to eliminate. If there is a voting tie, we'll have a tie breaker. Begin voting," Draven says, "We'll start with Paige."

"Um..I have to go with Dimitri. Sorry." She says.

"One vote Dimitri. Tod?" Draven says.

"Uh...yeah. Dimitri." Tod says.

"Two votes Dimitri. Dimitri, if you get one more vote you're leaving the ship." Draven says.

"Sydney?" Draven asks.

"Oh kicked me in the face. Sorry bud." Sydney says.

"Well, Dimitri, it's three votes out of four. You're the first person off of Total Drama Dra's Revenge." Draven says.

"I hate you all." Dimitri says.

"We know." Claire says.

"I...I refuse to leave!" Dimitri runs away from the group.

"Oh my..." Draven says. They all run after him.

Dimitri comes up to a sharp turn on the ship. As he turns, the woman in red jumps out and shoves him off of the ship. She then vanishes back into her corner. The group runs over to the edge.

"Have a nice fall?" Claire asks.

"I'll get you, Claire!" Dimitri shouts to her. The ship sails off from his area, leaving him in the open ocean.

"Well, that's it. See you all next time on Total Drama Dra's Revenge!" Draven announces.

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Author's Notes:

This took FOREVER! This is the sixth time writing the chapter since my computer would turn off near the ending. Anyway, read and comment!

Chapter 3: Admit it or Leave it

Draven stands on the dock of the ship. "Welcome to an all new episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge. Last time, we had our players go to the Amazon to complete several missions to build a bonfire. Dimitri got on everyone's last nerve, and eventually, he got kicked off of the ship. And now, what is to come of this season? Prepare for the next episode of....Total Drama Dra's Revenge!

In the pool of the ship, Zach, Tod, Paige, and Claire rest their minds.

"I think that, since Dimitri is gone, we're going to do just fine." Zach says.

"I agree." Paige dunks her head and comes back.

"You know, I heard he stole someone's underwear on the ship for revenge." Tod says. He laughs. Then, suddenly, Danny runs by with a towel covering him up.

"SOMEONE STOLE MY UNDIES!" He then runs inside of his cabin.

"...What revenge does he need on Danny?" Claire asks.

"Danny supposedly stole something from him." Zach says.

"Didn't he lose a magazine or something?" Claire asks.

"He dropped it off the ship. He went nuts and blamed Danny." Zach says.

"Wow..." Zach says.

Kevin, Flaire, and Sam sit together in team Rain's cabin. Everyone is gone.

"What are we going to do?" Sam asks.

"Well, we're going to work together and help our team win. I like everyone on this team now, so there's no reason to sabotage and lose. We'll just play as we go." Flaire says.

"If we ever do lose, who do we aim to get out?" Kevin asks.

"I don't really know. I guess maybe Jessica or Brandon. Everyone's so cool on this team..." Flaire says.

"They all have to go at some point." Kevin says.

"Well..." Flaire mutters.

"If someone here wins immunity, put people not in our alliance up for elimination. Brandon, Bella, Jessica, Dalia, or Bogle." Sam says.

"Agreed." Kevin says.

The ship sails quickly to a dock in California. Draven, before greeting everyone, hurries them off of the ship.

"Geez, what's up with him?" Jessica asks Bogle as the two get kicked out of the ship.

"We don't have much time to waste. We have to be in our next destination in one hour." Draven says.

"Where is it?" Kevin asks.

"Los Angeles." Draven says.

"Sweet! We're in California!" Sydney exclaims.

"Don't get too happy." Dolly snarls.

"Please try to be nice, okay?" Claire asks Dolly.

"Why would I be nice to anyone, let alone you?" Dolly asks.

"Look, just because we're enemies doesn't mean you have to be a total bi-" Claire is silenced by Bogle who quickly interrupts them.

"Watch what we say, ladies." Bogle says.

"Back off nerd." Dolly says.

"See, Claire? Don't stoop to her level." Bogle smiles and walks off.

"Guys, a bus will be here for you soon. Get on it. I'll meet everyone at your next location in a jiffy." Draven runs back on the ship.

"Neat. I wonder where we're going?" Paige asks.

"Probably some place to be in a game show." Zach says. Suddenly, a huge coach bus pulls up to the group. They all walk up to it and board it. It takes off.

"This place is so cool." Sydney says.

"I know, right?" Danny asks, sitting down next to her.

"This place is so awesome. I never would have thought it'd be like this." Sydney says.

"I've never been here before, myself. But I'm sure someone has." Danny says.

The bus quickly pulls into a garage next to a huge dinner-and-show hall.

"Draven told me to tell you this; line up behind the black gate out here. He'll meet you here shortly." The bus driver says.

"Alright." Zach says. Everyone stands up, and leaves the bus. Shortly after, a limo pulls in and Draven steps out. He's in a nice tuxedo, and he has a microphone in his hands.

"Head on in, guys." Draven says.

Brandon walks up and opens the door to the next area. A large carpeted area is inside. Everyone steps in and admires how cool the place looks.

"Welcome to 'Showdine theatre'." Draven says.

"We're going on a show?" Brandon asks.

"Well, yes. It's today's challenge. I'll explain it to you when I explain it to the audience. Be nice and play well. Make us all look good." Draven says. He steps into a curtain and vanishes to a stage.

"In here." A man orders the cast to walk over to him. They step onto a backstage platform.

"Take a seat." The man orders. He shuts the door, and then the platform rises up to the air.

They all appear in front of a large crowd. Everyone is sitting in a large brown 'stairset' seating booth. Everyone has a red buzzer in front of them.

"What's this about?" Tod asks himself.

"Welcome to Admit it or Leave it! This is a one-time special for the show, Total Drama Dra's Revenge. How's everyone doing tonight?" Draven asks. He walks in front of them.

The crowd cheers.

"Well, this is tonight's challenge. You all get to experience it live!" Draven announces. Once again, the crowd cheers.

"Here on Admit it or Leave it, our contestants will face off in a game of Truth and Lies. Two contestants will come up, both from different teams, and will be given a selection of truths and a lie about the opposing partner. If the current player find the lie about the other, they win two points. If they get it wrong, the members in the booth will have the opportunity to vote on the correct answer. If they get it right, they get one point. Every so often, we will exchange members to get a variety. Every three rounds, the bottom fourth people in the booth with the lowest scores will be eliminated from the challenge. The person who comes out on top will win for their team. The person in second place will be the HoV, Head of Votes, for their team tonight. Everyone ready?" Draven asks. The crowd cheers.

"Alright! Our first two contestants: Jessica and Dolly! Come on up here!" Draven calls the two girls up. Dolly walks to a podium on Draven's right. Jessica to Draven's left.

"This one is on Dolly. Jessica, can you guess the lie from these three answers?" Draven asks.

"One, Dolly is allergic to peanuts. Two, Dolly enjoys swimming. Three, Dolly sleeps with a stuffed bunny at night." Draven says.

"Um...I'm gonna guess number one?" Jessica asks. A bell rings. Dolly's face suddenly gets red.

"Correct, Dolly is not allergic to peanuts. Jessica, you have two points. Dolly, it's your turn." Draven says.

"One, Jessica enjoys reading in her spare time. Two, Jessica secretly wears a wig. Three, Jessica has a crush on Bogle." Draven says.

"What? I--" Jessica stops.

"Two. Two's the lie." Dolly says.

"Correct, Jessica's hair is real." Draven says.

"She what!?" Bogle exclaims. Jessica becomes extremely embarrased.

"Dolly you have two points. End of round one. It's time for round two! Our next contestants, Dalia and Sydney!" Draven announces. Dalia and Sydney walk up to their podiums.

"Dalia, this is for you. Guess the lie." Draven says.

"One, Sydney really doesn't like the color blue. Two, Sydney is a video game addict. Three, Sydney is really in 10th grade math when she's in the 11th grade." Draven says.

"Judging from her aura, number three is the lie." Dalia says.

"...That's...correct." Draven says.

"I....I...." Sydney says.

"You really like the color red." Dalia says. Sydney gets embarrased.

"Dalia, you have two points. Sydney, your turn." Draven says.

"One, Dalia is a spy. Two, Dalia enjoys talking to plants. Three, Dalia is secretly crushing on someone here." Draven says.

"Oh, so he doesn't say who it is." Jessica says, infuriated. The crowd laughs.

" really don't know....two is the lie?" Sydney says.

"Incorrect! She does enjoy plants. Time for the booth. Ring your buzzer for saying the lie is that she's a spy, or leave your buzzer silent if she's not crushing on someone." Draven says.


"Alright guys. You voted. The lie is...."

"Number one! The people who got this correct will earn one point. Brandon, Bogle, Bella, Sam, Danny, and Claire!" Draven announces.

In the confessional, Tod appears looking suspicious.

"Come on, there's something wrong with her." Tod says.

"Sydney, you've earned nothing this round. Time for round three!" Draven announces. Dalia and Sydney walk back.

"Sam and Paige!" Sam and Paige walk up to the podiums.

"Sam, this is for you. One, Paige is in love with Zach. Two, Paige faked her ankle being sprung in season one. Three, she secretly loves writing." Draven says.

"Two is a lie." Sam says.

"Correct, the doctor's proved it to be real." Draven says.

"It also cost you a fortune to pay for my bill." Paige says.

"Shush. Paige, this is for you. Sam, you have two points. One, Sam enjoys sleeping without underwear. Two, Sam is advanced for his school. Three, Sam is not actually blonde headed." Draven says.

"I'm gonna jump for it. I bet he dyes his hair and sleeps naked. Two is the lie." Paige laughs.

"Incorrect. Booth, buzz in if one is a lie. Keep quiet if three is a lie." Draven says.

"Awe." Paige says. Sam begins to blush.

In the confessional, Sam looks at the camera, blushing.

"Well...I mean, It was black, but it always would get lighter and lighter when I went out in the sun, so instead of looking stupid, I dye it blonde." Sam says.

"Alright. If you guessed that number one is a lie, you're right. He sleeps with his undies on. People with one point; Dolly, Danny, Sydney, Claire, Tod, Zach, Dalia, Brandon, Bogle, Bella, Kevin, Flaire, and Jessica. Pretty much everyone now has points but you, Paige." Draven says.

"This is the end of round three. Since some of you are behind and a lot are in the bottom fourth, here's a bonus round. These things are on Dimitri. Everyone, guess correctly, and you'll gain three bonus points. This is on Dimitri. One, Dimitri's sign is Cancer. Two, he is in love with someone on this show. Buzz for one, leave quiet for two." Draven says.


"Alright...If you buzzed for number one, you're right. He is actually a Taurus! He is in love with someone on the show. People who got this! A small few. Paige, Zach, Brandon, Dalia, and Kevin got that right! Everyone thought he hated the chicks here, huh?" Draven laughs.

"Alright. Here are our current standings. In first place at the moment is...Dalia at six points!" Draven announces. Dalia bows her head to the clapping crowd.

"In second place...Brandon, at five points!" Draven announces. Brandon smiles and claps.

"In the bottom third...coming in with 3 and 4 points, Kevin, Sam, Paige, and Dolly!" Draven announces. They all sigh in relief.

"Now then, as I said earlier, the bottom fourth of the players will be eliminated from the challenge. People coming in with one or two points are eliminated. Danny, Sydney, Claire, Tod, Bogle, Bella, and Flaire. You played a good game but it's over for you!" Draven announces.

"Win this thing, Kevin." Flaire winks at Kevin. Suddenly, the bottom fourth of players drop down into the bottom of the stage. The booth suddenly is smaller.

"Alright guys! Dolly, Paige, Zach, Brandon, Dalia, Sam, Jessica and Kevin. You are all still in this. This time, after this round, the people in the bottom third will be out of the challenge. There will be another bonus at the end of the round. We're down to very few players, and so, only one player will be up, and the rest of you will vote. Our chosen player is...Brandon!" Draven announces.

"Alright guys. Do or lose. Find the lie. One, Brandon can reach up and touch the roof of a seven foot high statue. Two, he is not attracted to dogs or cats of any kind. Buzz once for one, none for two." Draven says.


"Alright, if you did not buzz, you're right. Brandon dislikes pets. He can actually touch a seven foot statue's top." Draven says.

"I just...really don't like dogs." Brandon says.

"If you got it, you get 3 points. So...congratulations to Dalia, Sam, and Paige. Okay then, Brandon sit down. It's time for the bonus. I hope you guys remember Chet, right?" Draven asks.

"Yeah." The others reply.

"If you get this right, you will win 4 extra points. Buzz once for one, none for two. One, Chet enjoys art just as much as his buddy, Chris. Two, Chet pretends to speak French, but actually manages to communicate with Chris somehow." Draven says.

Ding. Several buzz in. Anticipation fills the room.

"Alright. If you didn't buzz again, you're right. Chet cannot speak French. He pretends to, and somehow understands Chris. It's weird. I guess we'd know it if they stayed in longer, huh? Anyway, congratulations to Kevin, Jessica, Brandon, and Paige! They win four more points!" Draven exclaims.

The crowd goes wild.

"Alright. Now, coming in first place at the moment is...Paige at ten points even!" Draven exclaims. Paige claps and giggles.

"In second place, with seven, eight, or nine points, Kevin, Jessica, Dalia, and Brandon!" Draven exclaims. Again, they sigh in relief.

"Now, the bottom third will be kicked from the challenge. With three, four, or six points, we must say goodbye to Sam, Zach, and Dolly." Draven says.

"No! I refuse!" Dolly shouts. Her seat releases her to the bottom of the stage.

"Well, in a twist of events, Paige is the only surviving member of her team. Therefore...she wins for Team Lighting!" Draven exclaims.

"Alright! Our first win!" Paige exclaims.

"Now that that's happened, it's time to find out who the HoV will be. We'll just pit the top two against each other to win. So, Kevin, you have eight points. Jessica, you have seven points. Sorry to you both, but you're out." Draven says. The nod and are released to the bottom of the stage.

"And so, the HoV fight begins! Dalia and Brandon!" Draven exclaims.

"Dalia and Brandon, both of you remain at the booth. I will give you one truth and one lie. The first to buzz in will answer me, 'one' or 'two'. If you guess right, you're the HoV. If not, the other will win HoV. Ready?" Draven asks.

"One, I use hair gel to straighten out my hair. Two, I shower with the bests soaps and shampoos ever made." Draven winks.

"Eww." Brandon says.

Dalia suddenly rings in.

"Your aura reads to me. Number one is a lie." Dalia says.

"That is...correct! I get this look naturally." Draven winks to the crowd. The crowd laughs.

"Very well then! Dalia, you are tonight's HoV! Everyone, tune in to your TV's to recap the episode and find out who got eliminated tonight!" Draven bows and claps. Brandon, Paige, Draven, and Dalia run off stage together.

That night, on the ship, Team Rain sits in front of Dalia.

"Well, Dalia. Pick three people to go up for elimination." Draven says.

"I get bad energy from you, Kevin." Dalia says.

"What? I'm not emo anymore." Kevin says.

"Dark energy." Dalia says. "I also pick Jessica. She's very odd at the moment."

"Hey!" She shouts in anger.

"And then I'll rest of you are okay. I guess I'll just put up Bella for no real reason." Dalia says.

"Alright. Get up here Bella, Jessica, and Kevin. The rest of you are safe. Flaire, Sam, Bogle, and Brandon. The four of you must now vote someone out of the game." Draven says.

In the confessional, Kevin sits inside, smiling.

"I knew I was safe from the start. I mean, I have two loyal friends who won't let me down. Worst case senario, I end up in a tie breaker."

"Well, I can't vote out Kevin. So I guess I'll vote" Flaire says.

"What kind of friend are you!?" Jessica asks.

"Yeah!" Bogle shouts back.

"I'm gonna go with by buddy. Sorry, Jess." Sam says.

"Two votes on Jessica. One more and she's out. Bogle?" Draven asks.

"Of course I would never vote you out, Jessica! I'm going for Kevin since he's teamed up with that backstabber." Bogle looks at Flaire.

"So it's all down to me..." Brandon mutters.

"If you vote Kevin, there will be a tie breaker." Draven says.

"Um...I'm going to for uh....uh..." Brandon looks at everyone with a worried look.

"Hurry!" Sam shouts.

"UH....UH.......BELLA!" Brandon exclaims.

"What was the point in THAT!?" Bogle asks.

"With a majority vote of one-two-one, Jessica has been cast off of the ship." Draven says.

"Jess! No!" Bogle jumps up to hug her.

"I....I'm sorry Bogle. I guess I don't belong here after all...Bye guys. Beat Dalia for me, okay?" Jessica asks.

"Yes ma'am." Bogle smiles. Jessica leans in to kiss him...but Draven throws her off of the ship before it can happen.

"And that is tonight's exciting conclusion to Total Drama Dra's Revenge! Stay tuned for more drama and action in next week's episode!" Draven exclaims.

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Author's Notes:

A long and complicated chapter. Read and Comment! Let me know what you think about Jessica's demise!

Chapter 4: The Wheel of Demise

Draven stands in front the camera. "Welcome to another episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge! Last time, we sent our competitors to Los Angeles to compete in a game show called 'Admit it or Leave it'! The show ended quicker than expected since people sucked at it. But anyway, it came to Team Rain losing the challenge and voting someone out. Who was that someone? It was Jessica. And now, again, who will go home? Find out now on this episode!"

In the pool, Zach and Paige relax back and enjoy the ship.

"It sucks that we lost Jessica." Paige says.

"Why do you say that?" Zach asks.

"She's a nice girl. She didn't deserve the boot." Paige says.

"At least teams are even, right?" Zach asks.

In Team Rain's male cabin, Bogle tries to convince the guys to form an alliance.

"She got her out. I want her gone!" Bogle shouts.

"Dude, calm down." Brandon says.

"I'm not calming down! She didn't deserve to go!" Bogle shouts.

"Look, dude, they all go sometime." Sam says.

"You too! You're nothing but a backstabber!" Bogle shouts out. He storms out of the cabin.

"Talk about rage." Kevin says.

"Yeah. Dudes, I'm so up for voting him out when we lose." Brandon says.

"Totally." Sam says.

"Sam, may I speak to you outside?" Kevin asks.

"Is this about me?" Brandon asks.

"No, it's about a plan to get out Bogle." Kevin says. Sam and Kevin walk outside, and Brandon shrugs his shoulders.

In the confessional, Brandon sits inside, joyfully.

"I got out second last season. Jessica got out second this season. I seriously hope I can make it this time. I'm going to win this. And I hope the others would be willing to form an alliance..."

Back in the cabin, Sam and Kevin walk inside to Brandon.

"Bro, I have a proposal." Sam says.

"And that is?" Brandon asks.

"An alliance. Would you be interested in joining an alliance?" Sam asks.

"Totally! Who with?" Brandon asks.

"Us guys and Flaire." Kevin says.

"So, like, the people not in it are Bogle, Bella, and Dalia?" Brandon asks.

"Yep. If we last, this alliance should make it to the merge and the finals." Kevin says.

"Neat." Brandon says.

In the confessional, Claire sits on the couch, smiling.

"I'm getting rid of Dolly no matter what. Even if it involves throwing challenges. And that means I need to rid of our team members who are the strongest..." Claire says.

Inside of the female lighting cabin, Claire brings Sydney in for a conversation.

"Look, I propose a deal. We should make an alliance." Claire says.

"Why?" Sydney asks.

"If one of us goes up for elimination, you can trust you have a vote off of you. Watching Jessica get kicked made me realize this. Two people voted for someone else because Kevin is part of an alliance." Claire says.

"Well...that's'd be one less vote." Sydney says.

"You in?" Claire asks.

"...Yes." Sydney says and nods her head.

The ship stops in the middle of the ocean. The anchor falls down and lands on a large sand mound.

The woman in red suddenly dives off of the ship wearing diving gear. She swims away from the ship, and finds a large glass dome in the sea. She swims inside to find a large mechanical room. When she surfaces, a TV comes on in the room.

"Hello, Sonya." A blonde haired woman with an eye patch says on the TV.

"You! What is this?" The woman in red asks.

"I'm going to drain the ocean! All sea animals will be put to work in my mega robot device! I just need them to power it, and soon, we'll take over the world!" The woman laughs.

"I'll never let you do this!" Sonya shouts in fury.

"Oh, my. I'm so scared! This is the center of operations. This dome will drain water down into a sewage system which leads to my secret base! Aha!" The woman laughs.

Sonya, the woman in red, runs up to the wall of the dome and jumps up. She kicks a hole into the roof of it. Water begins to leak in.

"What!? No! Jerry has to operate the device first! He's not back from paris yet!" The woman screams out. The mechanical machines electrocute and explode. Sonya dives out of the dome, and swims away. The glass dome crumbles to bits and turns to ruin.

Back on the ship, Draven gathers the contestants outside on the main deck of the ship.

"We've run out of gas, so we decided to set up our next challenge out here in the Tropic of Capricorn." Draven says.

"Oh god. Is it a scavenge mission?" Bella asks.

"No. Today's challenge shall be explained soon. We've ordered a gas ship to come out here and rescue us. We're not too far from our next destination, so we'll be towed there. Out here on the ship, we're playing a game. The Wheel of Demise!" Draven exclaims.

"Oh no..." Danny sighs.

"No, no. Nobody's gonna die. Here is how it's going to work. Take a seat." Draven says. Suddenly, fourteen stools appear from the ship. Everyone sits on one.

"Here's how it's gonna work." Draven says. A wheel suddenly appears from the ground. "Each person here today will come up and spin the wheel. One at a time. The wheel will land on a space with a certain 'demise' on it. You will be asked a question about this or last season. Get it right, and you can either accept the 'demise' challenge, or give it to someone else. If you accept and complete it, you'll earn a free token. A free token is an item you can use to skip a demise played on you. If you fail your challenge, you are eliminated from the game. If you answer three questions incorrectly, you'll be eliminated from the game. Last one standing wins for their team. Second place will be HoV."

"Alright." Kevin says.

"Let the games begin. We'll start with Dolly." Draven says. Dolly stands up and walks over to the wheel. She grabs onto it and spins it.

When is stops, it lands on one of the ten spaces. "Bees in your hair." Draven says.

"What!?" Dolly screams. Draven pulls out a jar of honey and a jar of bees.

"What team member got out fifth last season?" Draven asks.

"Uh...Dalia...?" Dolly says.

"Incorrect." Draven pulls out a brush.

"Last ten seconds with them and we'll get them off." Draven says. He paints honey on her head and opens the jar. The bees fly out and land in the honey.

"They feel so..gross..." Dolly shrieks.

"Don't move or scream. They'll get you." Draven says.

A bee waddles down on her nose.

Moments later, Dolly is sitting back on her stool. Her hair is orange from the honey, and her nose is swollen.

"Dolly, you've missed one question. Come on up, Bogle." Draven says. Bogle walks up and spins the wheel.

On the slice he lands on, Bogle slightly panics.

"One minute in a pool filled with ice. Naked." Draven says.

"What!?" Bogle screams.

"Answer correctly. Which player on the seasons of the show enjoyed art?" Draven asks.

"Chris." Bogle says.

"Correct! Now, do you push this on someone, or do you do it yourself for a free token?" Draven asks.

"Oh...uh...let's give it to Flaire." Bogle laughs.

"Oh god no..." Flaire says. A janitor pulls over a tub of ice water. He gives Draven a snorkel.

"Get down here Flaire. Everyone will turn their heads." Draven says. Flaire walks down, worried. Draven hands her the snorkel and walks forward to the cast.

"Turn em." Draven says. Everyone turns their head. Kevin briefly gets a shot of her back without a shirt.

"Ah!" Flaire screams so loud that it startles everyone. Flaire dives under quickly. After a minute passes, Draven pulls Flaire up from the water with his eyes shut. Flaire grabs a towel nearby and wraps up in it. After drying off, she puts her clothes back on and sits down.

"You're a trooper. Up next is...Kevin!" Draven announces. Kevin walks down. He spins the wheel.

"Electric shock! If you fail this question, you'll be shocked by eels for ten seconds." Draven says.

"Is that legal!?" Kevin asks.

"There was a double elimination last season. Who got out?" Draven asks.

"Chris and Chet." Kevin says.

"Good job. Pass it on or take it for the free token." Draven says.

"Let's work on getting someone on the other team out. Claire!" Kevin smiles.

"Claire, if you can do this, you'll be alright. Quit now, and you'll be out of the challenge. Also, guys, if the person you dare can't do it, you win a free token." Draven says.

"Oh gosh..." Claire says. She walks up to the wheel. The janitor throws Draven a bucket of eels and some rubber gloves. He straps them on and sticks two eels on Claire's shoulders.

She screams. She punches Draven in the face and runs away screaming. She runs directly into her stool and trips. A trap door opens and she drops in.

"Kevin, you have a free token. Up next is Flaire." Draven says.

"Dear god." Flaire says. She walks up and spins the wheel.

"Snapping Turtles. Get this wrong, and snapping turtles will get to bite you all over for ten seconds." Draven Says.

"This is horrible..." Flaire mutters.

"Who are the two people who returned last season?" Draven asks.

"Sam and Dolly....?" Flaire asks.

"Correct! Take it or give it to someone else." Draven says.

"Let's throw this one at Dolly." Flaire says.

"Forget this. Drop me." Dolly says. A trap door opens, and she falls in. A token falls in Flaire's hand."

"Up next is...Sam!" Draven announces.

He spins the wheel, and it lands on the turtles.

"It's the turtles again. Now then, Sam. This person made ninth place last season." Draven says.

"Tod." Sam says.

"No. Tod was ninth out, not ninth place." Draven says.

"Oh no!" Sam cries out.

"Get the turtles!" Draven orders the janitor.

"Dude, use this!" Kevin shouts. He throws down his token to Sam.

"Thanks!" Sam exclaims. He hands Draven the token.

"...Alright then. Up next is Tod." Draven says.

"Dude, thanks for the save." Sam says.

"Don't mention it." Kevin says.

Tod spins the wheel and lands on a space with the picture of a green token on it.

"If you get this correct, Tod, you can win a free token." Draven says.

"Sweet!" Tod exclaims.

"Name the person who got out sixth last season." Draven says.

"Dalia." Tod says, excited.

"Nope, it was Bogle." Draven says.

"Aww crap!" Tod says in anger.

"Pick someone to give the free token to." Draven says.

"Uh...Zach." Tod says.

"Sweet! Thanks toad!" Zach shouts to him.

"Did you just call me Toad?" Tod asks.

"" Zach says with slight relent.

"Alright guys! Time for a major drop round! We're going to ask a question, and if you get it wrong, you'll drop down." Draven says.

A stand with a buzzer rises in front of everyone.

"Which person was eliminated for being waaaay to loud? Nate or Jessica? Buzz for Nate. Be quiet for Jess." Draven says. Several buzz in. Several do not.

"Alright. If you guessed Jessica, you're right! Let's say bye to those who guessed wrong. Bye, Tod, Bella, Kevin, and Danny!" Draven announces.

"Crud!" Kevin shouts as he drops down below.

"And from now on, its win or lose. If you have an incorrect strike on you, you're out. Bye Sam." Draven says. Sam falls through a trap door.

"If you get it right, you go on and someone does a 'demise'. If you get it wrong, you're out. A token will save you from the drop. If you land on the token space of the wheel, you don't answer a question, and you get a free token." Draven says.

"Paige." Draven says. Paige walks up and spins the wheel.

"Crack sixty eggs on your head and let them sit there." Draven says.

"Eww. Hit me with your best shot." Paige says.

"Who had the most points at one time last season?" Draven asks.

"I think it was myself thanks to Zach..." Paige says.

"No, it WAS Zach." Draven says. Paige falls down a trap door.

"Paige!" Zach exclaims.

"Sydney." Draven says. Sydney walks up to spin the wheel.

It lands on the ice pool.

"I'm rich and my name starts with an S." Draven says.

"Sarah." Sydney says.

"Correct. Who gets the bath?" Draven asks.

"Brandon." She says. Brandon shrugs and walks up. Everyone turns around, and he undresses and jumps into the pool.

"AH THIS IS COLD!" He shouts.

Everyone turns around to see that he's able to stand up in the pool.

"...just get out." Draven says. Brandon shrugs, grabs a towel, and stands up from the pool.

"It's time for another wipeout. Buzz for one, none for two. Which player has over four hundred teddy bears at home? Lauren or Sarah?" Draven asks.

Ding. They all either buzz in or don't.

In the confessional, Dolly sits inside.

"If It's one thing about bears, its that Sarah always collected them. Too bad I dropped out earlier."

"Sarah was the right answer. So goodbye to Zach, Brandon, and Bogle! We're in the finals now. Flaire and Dalia for Team Rain. Sydney for Team Lighting. Sydney, you will either win or be the HoV. Dalia, spin the wheel." Draven says. Dalia walks up and spins the wheel.

"Back to the bees. Dalia, who from the previous season has an IQ of 205? Lauren or Dimitri?" Draven asks.

"...Hmm....Lauren." Dalia says.

"That is such a stupid answer! Flaire shouts out.

"...And she's right!" Draven exclaims.

"What!? She was so stupid!" Flaire shouts.

"You thought wrong." Draven laughs. Dalia nods her head and looks oddly at the ocean.

"Alright Dalia. Throw the demise at someone." Draven says. Dalia points to Sydney.

Draven walks over with a brush of honey. Bees begins swarming Sydney in an instant. Sydney screams and jumps off of the boat.

"...Well, that makes Sydney the HoV of team Lighting. Team Rain, you've won this challenge!" Draven exclaims.

"Alright!" Flaire cheers.

"Fantastic job, Flaire." Dalia compliments Flaire. Sydney climbs up the side of the ship on a rope.

On the elimination deck, Sydney stands in front of everyone with a puffy jaw and lip from bee stings.

"Sydney, pick three people to go up for elimination." Draven says.

"Both of you! Zach and Paige! You were so useless today!" Sydney says in a rage.

"What?" Paige asks.

"You really didn't do anything. And Zach called me Toad." Tod says.

"And you, Claire." Sydney says.

"Why me?" Claire asks.

"No reason." Sydney says. She steps away.

"Zach, Paige. Both of you are very useless right now. You aren't helping the team much, and you're just acting like stand-ins. I'm voting for Paige." Tod says.

"I kinda' agree. Paige, you've given stupid answers to questions lately. We can't do that. But I feel like giving you a chance. Bye Zach." Dolly says.

"Well Stupid answers aren't needed or plausible here anymore. Sorry Paige." Danny frowns.

"Wha...What!? You're kicking me off!?" Paige exclaims.

"Ironically, you got third place last season, and you're kicked off third this season." Dolly says.

"!" Zach cries out. A trapdoor suddenly opens beneath Paige, and she falls in it.

"Zach!" She screams out as she falls. She splashes into the ocean.

"Paige...." Zach jumps down to the trap door which is now closed.

"And that's it for this episode! Get ready for real action next week when we go to another cool destination! See you next week on...Total Drama Dra's Revenge!"

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Author's Notes:

This was all I could think of at the moment for a challenge. I hope you all enjoyed it! Read and comment!

Chapter 5: Wild River Rafting

Draven stands in front of the camera on the dock of the ship.

"Welcome to another exciting episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge! Last time, we stopped in the middle of the ocean to do a backup challenge. The Wheel of Demise, the challenge, proved a successful challenge. In the end, Paige shockingly got the boot! What will happen tonight? Find out now, on Total Drama Dra's Revenge!"

In the pool, Zach mopes in a small tube.

"My teammates voted my freaking girlfriend out..." Zach says to himself.

"Sucks, doesn't it?" Dolly asks. She steps into the pool.

"What do you want?" Zach asks. He turns to her.

"I know what it's like to lose your loved one. I had a crush on someone last season. And of course, they dropped." Dolly says.

"And?" Zach asks.

"I voted for you because nobody else was going to. I didn't want this whole thing between you two to break." Dolly says.

"And when did you become so 'nice'?" Zach asks.

"Yeah, I do want to get far in the competition. But it's not me to break into any relationships." Dolly says.

"Again, when did you care?" Zach asks.

"The moment my crush dropped." Dolly says.

In the confessional, Dolly sits on the couch.

"I didn't really have a crush. I just said that because I really don't want to break into any relationships. It's not me to do that." Dolly says.

In the female lighting room, Claire and Sydney argue with each other.

"What was that? They could have voted me out!" Claire shouts.

"Sorry, Claire. It was just a fit of the moment-" Sydney says.

"I don't care if it was or not! Do NOT do that again!" Claire shouts.

In the confessional, Sydney sits on the couch.

"Geez! She's turning into Dolly." Sydney says.

"Now then. We're gonna work on breaking the other team into shreds. Let's work on Kevin and Flaire." Claire smiles, deviously.

"But...they're my friends..." Sydney says.

"I don't care! We have to break them up somehow." Claire says.

In the confessional, Claire smiles at the camera.

"Kevin is kinda hot...but, those two have to go. They're huge threats."

"Gather around everyone!" Draven announces near the pool. Everyone soon walks out and stands in front of him.

"What is it?" Dalia asks.

"We're heading to the nile. You know, the river. Once we arrive, I'll tell you about the new challenge." Draven says.

"The Nile River? Cool!" Danny exclaims.

"Perfect place for something romantic." Claire says. She turns and winks at Kevin, but Danny is blocking her way.

In the confessional, Danny cheers.

"She so digs me!" He exclaims.

Claire walks in after him.

"I hope Kevin saw that..."

The boat docks on a dock nearby to the Nile river in Africa. When everyone gets off, they assemble into their teams on both sides of Draven.

"Welcome to Africa! This challenge will center around a race down the Nile. There are two speed-boats sitting on a dock nearby. The blue one belongs to team Rain. The yellow to team Lighting. You will, together, ride down the Nile. Whoever makes it to the edge of it first will win. But, be careful. There are several hazards in the water! You might have to go on land for some parts of the task. These boats also run on gas, so use your gas sparingly!" Draven says. They all walk along to a small docking area right on the Nile River.

"Get in." He orders. Everyone jumps into their boats.

"Behind you is a small pack. There is a tent, some flashlights, and a cooler with some drinks in it. You will inevitably stop your journey for the night to sleep. Challenge ends tomorrow, or tonight unless someone manages to win quickly. Ready...set....speed!" Draven announces.

"I'll drive!" Sam says.

"Let me up there." Dolly says.

Now, in round, tubular boats, the captains sit in a small chair with handle bars. One has a pedal on it which turns on the gas, and the bars move to steer. They both take off down the murky waters of the Nile River.

"This is so easy!" Sam exclaims.

"Yeah. This isn't a challenge." Kevin laughs.

"Just sit back and relax." Flaire smiles and lays her head back. She pulls out some sunglasses and puts them on.

"Won't this thing go any faster?" Brandon asks.

"I could squeeze the lever here all the way in." Sam says. He does so and the boat speeds on at eighty miles an hour.

"Ah! Rock!" Brandon shouts. Flaire looks up to see a huge rock. Sam lets go of the lever, and the boat flies out of the water, and over the rock.

"Woah! Dolly, do that!" Claire orders. Dolly nods and squeezes in the handle. They too fly over the rock and land in the water over it.

"Epic!" Danny exclaims.

"Paige would have loved this..." Zach says.

"Oh, stop moping." Sydney says.

"Alright, Sydney. Get ready." Claire winks.

"For what?" Sydney asks.

"We're getting closer to the boat. I want you to throw ice at Flaire." Claire orders. She opens up a cooler filled with water and ice. She lifts up a large bit of ice.

"That will hurt someone, Claire." Tod says.

"Good." Claire smiles and laughs.

Dolly drives the boat up next to team Rain's. Both are going at the same speed down the river. Sydney and Claire begin chucking ice at Flaire.

The ice misses, and slams into Kevin's face.

"Dude, what the heck!?" Kevin shouts.

"Oops! Sorry Kevvy!" Claire waves.

"Did she just call you Kevvy?" Flaire asks. Sydney suddenly throws a bigger piece at the boat, and it lands next to Flaire. Flaire jumps up, and Kevin catches her.

"Wow...thanks." Flaire smiles. The two then kiss.

"Gah! We need to PREVENT that!" Claire shouts.

As the sun begins to set on the river, both teams have slowed down their boats. They both reach a huge boulder, blocking the way of the boats, but still allowing the water to pass through.

"I guess this is one of those places." Sam says.

"We might as well find a camping spot." Dolly says. Both boats stop, and everyone gets out to tug the boat onto the land.

Team Lighting drag their boat into the forestry to set up their campsite.

"Come on, Sam. In the forest." Bella says.

"No, I have a better idea. I say, we set up the tent ON the boat. Here's my idea..." Sam says.

Moments later, Sam, Bella, Kevin, and Bogle are setting up a tent on the boat. Everything but the captain's chair is shrouded by the tent. Everyone's shoes are now missing shoe laces, which are being used to hold down the tent's stakes in some vents around the cooler.

"About five of you can sleep at once. Three of us will have to stay up." Sam says.

"I'll stay up. Flaire, you get some rest." Kevin says.

"I'll stay up too. I don't want to be in the same tent as the witch." Bogle says.

Flaire rolls her eyes.

In the forest, Dolly and the others set up a campsite.

"We need an alarm of some sort." Danny says.

"We'll be fine." Dolly says.

"Paige loves to camp..." Zach says.

"Zach, please, not right now." Claire orders Zach to hush.

"We can beat them, guys. We can do it!" Sydney gives her team a pep talk.

"If only we had someone to get us food for tonight." Dolly says.

"Me! I'll go." Tod cheers.

"Alright. Look for berries or something." Dolly says.

Back on the river, Sam drives everyone down the stream. The others are in the tent sleeping. Kevin and Bogle sit outside in the cool night air.

"We can afford to go slow." Kevin says.

"I know, but I want to get a head start." Sam says.

"They don't think we're doing this. We're fine." Kevin says.

"You better hope so." Sam says.

"So....I wonder what's up with Claire and Sydney trying to kill you with ice." Bogle says.

"I don't know. They tried to kill me, though." Kevin says.

"I know what's going on. Claire's trying to break you guys up." Sam says. He continues driving them down the river.

"What?" Kevin asks.

"Don't let it happen. No matter what. She might start making rumours, but they're all gonna be false. Even with evidence, she can easily forge something." Sam says.

"How so?" Kevin asks. Bogle holds up a recorder and plays a small bit of Sam's message.


"Exactly. Don't believe everything you hear." Sam says. Suddenly, a small alarm starts beeping. Kevin looks at where the noise is coming from and finds a gas gauge.

"Dude, we're running low." Kevin says.

"Crap." Sam says. He pulls up to a large boulder next to the land. The boat stops running and stays still. A sign post is next to the boulder.

"To get more gas, you'll need a gas can. There's a trailer in the woods somewhere. Find it, get inside, and get one can of gas. Stealing so the other team won't make it will disqualify your team." It reads.

"Alright. Let's go." Sam says.

"I'll stay here and watch the boat." Bogle says. Sam nods, and he and Kevin run off to the woods nearby.

Inside, they find several lurking animals around them. They run up to a small trailer.

"Cool!" Kevin says. He walks up and tries to open the door, but its locked. A note is on the door.

"The door is locked shut! However will you get inside?" It reads. An arrow points next to the door at a barred window. Sam peeks inside.

Inside, two gas cans sit on a counter top. A shut trap door sits on the ground.

"Dude, there's a way inside! The window is barred shut, but somewhere around here is an entrance to a secret room." Sam says. They begin scavenging the area.

They look at the back of the trailer and find a small garden with a hatch inside of it.

"There!" Sam exclaims. He runs up and lifts up the hatch. A stairway leads down inside. Kevin and Sam go down into it, and into a dark corridor. They walk forward to find the hatch leading into the trailer. Sam lifts it up and jumps inside. He grabs a gas can and jumps down.

"Run." He orders Kevin. They run out and over to the boat.

At team Lighting's campsite, several sleep inside of their tent. Tod crawls out of the tent to pee.

"I have to pee." He says, then yawns. He walks out to see the river. He turns around and looks at the woods. He walks inside and sees a large open area.

But no Team Rain campsite.

"...Oh crap...they have a head start!" Tod exclaims. He runs back to the camp in a hurry. He bursts into the tent.

"Guys! Get up now!" Tod shouts.

"Wh...what?" Zach asks. He opens his eyes to see a panicked Tod.

"What's going on?" Dolly asks as she sits up.

"I don't know if they ever even made a campsite. There is NO sign of anyone ever being there. I think they never made one and kept going." Tod says.

"...Oh no...Oh no!" Sydney exclaims. Everyone jumps up in a hurry, and they tow out the boat onto the river.

Sam drives the boat down slowly. The sun is slowly rising.

"This is awesome. I bet we're almost done." Sam says. Jinxing himself, the water suddenly picks up. The boat speeds up and begins to lose control. The tent loses its hitch, and the shoe strings detach and fall onto Dalia's face.

"Huh...?" She asks. She looks up to feel the pressure of the water.

"Keep going! I'll help you out." Dalia says. She sits up and puts the shoe strings down. Several jagged rocks appear in the way. Dalia dives out into the river and grabs onto the edge of the boat.

"Left!" Dalia orders. Sam tilts the boat left, while Dalia helps them all lean left.

The boat picks up an increasing speed. Dalia flies up into the air behind the boat as it goes over a hundred miles an hour. It crashes into rocks repeatedly, and the campers get shaken awake.

"What the..." Bella asks as she wakes up. The boat spins out of control and crashes on land.

"Everyone! Up! We can still do this! We just have to run." Sam says. Everyone on the boat jumps off and runs down a small strip of land.

Team Lighting speeds up to the gas area. They stop the boat, and jump onto the land and read the sign.

Team Rain charges down the strip of land and reaches the end of the river. Draven greets them on the other side of the river.

"Dudes, if you wanna win, you gotta make it over here. Start swimming." Draven laughs. Everyone jumps into the water and tries to swim through the rapidly racing waters. And in moments, they can faintly see team Lighting speeding down the river.

They hurry to swim over. Team Lighting gets even closer. Sam starts climbing up to Draven. People follow behind him and team Lighting pulls up to the dock and start filing off. Bogle jumps out of the water and onto land. Before team Lighting can make it over, Draven deems team Rain the victors.

"Team Rain has won...again!" Draven exclaims.

"Crap! Then...who gets to be the HoV?" Dolly asks.

"I don't know. Who wants it?" Draven asks. Dolly raises her hand extremely high and smiles.

"Eh...fine. Dolly, you're the HoV." Draven says.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Claire shouts.

"Eh, who cares?" Draven laughs.

At elimination that night, team Rain sits back and relaxes as they watch another Lighting member take the drop.

"Let's see...Zach." Dolly says.

"Why...?" He asks.

"You've done nothing but mope. I also want...Claire...and Sydney." Dolly smiles.

In the confessional, Claire looks distraught.

"She knows. She freaking knows!" Claire says in anger.

"Alright. Tod and Danny. You two get to vote someone out." Draven says.

"Hm...Sydney's a good friend. Claire's trying to help the team...and all Zach does is mope. My vote goes for Zach." Tod says.

"Wha-" Zach is hushed by Danny, who interrupts him.

" vote is for Zach. Bye, dude." Danny says.

"Well then! Last season's winner has been eliminated! The only one left is Flaire." Draven laughs.

"But...but!" Zach exclaims.

"Bye!" Draven says. A trap door opens beneath Zach and he falls into the ocean beneath.

"Well! That is the end to another exciting episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge! What will happen next time? Let's find out then! Let's all congratulate the final twelve of the season!" Draven exclaims.

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Author's Notes:

This was another fun chapter to make. Bye, Zach! Please read and comment!

Chapter 6: The Party

On the dock of the ship, Draven stands in front of the camera with a party hat on.

"Welcome to another exciting episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge! This time, I'm doing something special for our final twelve players. There will be nobody kicked off tonight! Get ready for an epic new episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge!" Draven exclaims.

Around Draven, everyone stands in excitment of what's to come.

"Everyone, today is a special today. You are the final twelve!" Draven exclaims. The others cheer.

"And that means that tonight, there will be no challenge, and nobody is going home! I'm throwing you all a party!" Draven exclaims. Everyone cheers.

In the confessional, Claire smiles with joy.

"A party!? This is my time to score with Kevin."

"Change into something nice. There's gonna be punch, music, the pool, and much more!" Draven exclaims. Everyone runs back to their cabins to change.

In team Rain's male cabin, everyone is changing clothes into party attire.

"Sweet! Some actual relaxing time. I get to hang out with my girlfriend." Kevin says.

"Remember our alliance?" Brandon asks.

"Yeah, dude. Totally. We can talk about it later." Kevin says. Brandon nods and walks out of the room.

In the confessional, Brandon sits down, excited.

"Final twelve, baby! I never knew the game would be this cool! know, we got sent to that island and it really sucked." Brandon says.

Outside, on the ship, party things are everywhere. Streamers, punch, balloons, and everything. Everyone is outside, enjoying the fun.

"Sydney, I need your help." Claire says.

"With what?" She asks.

"Flaire. I need to lure her away from Kevin." Claire says.

"Pour punch on her or something." Sydney says.

"Perfect!" Claire exclaims. She runs out of the area to find the punch bowl.

"So...Flaire." Kevin says to Flaire as he leans on a snack table.

"Kevin." Flaire smiles.

"How's it going?" Kevin asks.

"You know how it's going. We've been together every time we were allowed." Flaire says.

" got me there." Kevin laughs.

"What's up? You're acting weird." Flaire says.

"Nothing...nothing." Kevin says. Flaire walks over to him and kisses him.

"...I feel better." Kevin says.

Claire walks over and grabs a glass of punch. She looks over at the radio, and starts dancing. She backs up and 'accidentally' hits Flaire and spills punch on her.

"Oh!" Claire exclaims.

"Ah! Cold!" Flaire shouts. She elbows Claire in the ribcage and causes her to fall over on the snack table, and she lands in a big chocolate pie.

"Claire!" Kevin exclaims.

"Is...this...chocolate?" She asks.

"Well...yeah." Kevin says.

Sam hangs out in the pool. Bella walks over to him and gets in.

"Hi Bella." Sam says.

"Hi Sammy." Bella says.

"Sammy?" He asks.

"I mean..uh...Sam." Bella smiles.

"What's up?" Sam asks.

"Yo--the sky." Bella giggles.

"Uh...yeah." Sam says.

"Cannon ball!" Danny exclaims as he dives into the pool.

Sam laughs and Bella gets angry.

Dolly walks up to Kevin and Flaire by the punch table.

"Look, you two. Something's up with Claire." Dolly says.

"I'm not joining an alliance with you to vote her off." Flaire says.

"No, look. She's trying to split you two up." Dolly says.

"No she's no-" Flaire is stopped by Kevin.

"Sam said the same thing. Maybe it's true." Kevin says.

"Maybe...but why?" Flaire asks.

"Crazy? I dunno." Kevin says.

Tod walks along the main deck of the ship. He spots the woman in red sneaking around. He walks towards her, quietly.

She sneaks into a small room and starts crawling through a vent. He notices that the vent leads to the cabins. Tod sneaks off to look in each of the cabins. He walks up to Team Rain's female cabin. The woman jumps inside and looks underneath a bed. She pulls out a suitcase and opens it up. She takes off her shirt and slides on a gray one.

"...Dalia?" Tod asks. The woman ignores him. He opens the door to find the woman in red about to change pants.

"Dalia!" Tod exclaims.

"Ah!" The woman shrieks.

"What are you doing...?" Tod asks.

"I...I..." She mutters.

"I've seen you sneaking on and off of the ship. What's going on?" Tod asks.

"...Fine. I'm not actually named Dalia. My parents work for the CIA, and I'm a trained spy for them." Dalia says.

"...And?" Tod asks.

"And I was sent here to find a spy. The spy is someone who was on the ship." Dalia says.

"I bet it was Dimitri!" Tod exclaims.

"The spy does not fit anyone here. I think it was someone from last season." Dalia says.

"Like who?" Tod asks.

"I'm unsure...but please keep this a secret. I'll reveal it when it is needed." Dalia says.

"Um...yeah..." Tod backs out of the room.

Bella gets out of the pool and walks away from Sam.

"Wait! Bella!" Sam jumps out of the pool and runs up to her.

"What?" She asks.

"Did you want to ask me something or...what?" Sam asks.

"" Bella blushes.

"Hmm?" Sam asks.

"Will you....uh....uh....uh....uh....uh...uh....uh.....go ou-" Bella is silenced by Sam.

"If you want, we can see a movie." Sam smiles.

"B....But how?" Bella asks.

"I know someone..." Sam says.

In team Rain's cabin, Danny walks inside and pulls out a portable TV, and several movie cases.

"TV is charged completely. Pick something to watch, and if Draven finds my TV, I'm going to kill both of you." Danny says. He walks out and turns out the lights. Bella picks up a DVD, and places it in a small DVD player, and it transmits to the TV.

"Love Hurts?" Sam asks.

"Good movie." Bella giggles.

Claire walks out of her cabin and nearby to the pool. She's drying off her hair from the chocolate pie. When Sam got out, he left huge water puddles around her.

Just then, Kevin and Flaire step into the pool with glasses of punch. Claire walks around drying off her hair, and she slips on the water and splashes into the pool. She floats up with anger, and realizes she's in front of Kevin.

"Oh...uh...Hi." Claire blushes.

"Um...hi." Kevin says with a weird tone.

"I'm gonna..yeah." Claire climbs out of the pool and walks into her cabin.

"Claire?" Sydney walks up to her.

"Leave me alone. I've embarrased myself too many times." Claire says. She storms into the female Lighting cabin.

She reaches underneath her bed and yanks out a suitcase. She pulls out red dress. And slips into it.

"Are you coming back out?" Sydney asks.

"Go away!" Claire shouts. Sydney walks away and shuts the cabin door.

"Why won't he love me?" Claire asks. She has a fit of rage and throws a book at Dolly's bed.

"I must not be pretty enough!" Claire storms over and reaches under Dolly's bed and throws her makeup bag and scatters the makeup everywhere. Claire grabs several bits of makeup and looks in a mirror next to the beds.

"I'll be sexy when I'm done here." She smears tons of makeup on her face. Lipstick slide up and down her cheeks and mouth. She looks awful.

"He will love me!" Claire screams and bashes her head into the mirror. Mirror bits splash on the ground. She grabs a big shard from the ground and stabs it into a wooden beam supporting the bunk beds. She laughs and twirls in her dress. The glass catches her dress and rips part of the top. Her right arm barely shows. Her back barely shows. She trips and falls down.

"Oopsie! Hehe." Claire laughs and stands up with glass all on her dress. She backs up into her bed, and slides on some more glass. She twists her leg.

"Ah!" She screams. She stands up and begins to limp towards the door.

"This is it. This is my moment." She laughs. She opens the door and trudges out to the ship.

"What happened to you...?" Bogle asks her. She shoves him out of the way. She walks up to the punch table. Kevin and Flaire are talking.

"Kevin!" Claire limps up to him and hugs him.

"Uh...what...happened?" Kevin asks.

"You came into my life." Claire laughs. Flaire looks scared. The music stops.

"Uh...I'm sorry...but Flaire's my girlfriend." Kevin says.

"She won't be for long!" Claire laughs. She grabs a glass of punch, and she smashes it on the table. She holds up a huge piece of the broken cup and limps towards Flaire.

"What's wrong with you?" Flaire asks.

"You." Claire laughs. Dalia suddenly charges in and tackles Claire.

"Get off of me you freak!" Claire shouts. Dalia picks her up in the air and runs towards the edge of the ship. Claire kicks Dalia, and she drops Claire. Claire stands up and begins walking over to Kevin again. Draven suddenly opens a door nearby and grabs her.

"Let me go!" She screams out. Draven throws her off the side of the ship.

"I can't throw you guys a party without someone trying to rip your face off!" Draven says to everyone. Claire swims up and screams.

"Throw me a rope! Let me up there now!" Claire shouts.

"Forget you! You're eliminated!" Draven shouts down.

"Unfair! There's no rule saying I can't be in love!" Claire shouts.

"There's a rule saying I can kick you off if you try to kill one of my player. Bye bye, sweetheart!" Draven shouts down.

"No! No!" Claire screams out.

"Thanks...Dalia." Flaire says.

"Nice moves." Tod says. He walks up to them.

" problem. No problem at all." Dalia says. She backs away.

"Well...that was weird." Kevin says. Flaire hugs Kevin.

"Indeed it was. We're gonna cut it here! See you all next week for another episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge!"

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Author's Notes:

An unexpected elimination! Find out what happens next week by reading! Read and comment!

Chapter 7: Triangle Trouble

Draven stands on the sandy shore of a familiar island. The Bermuda Triangle, where all eliminated contestants are...'thrown'.

"Welcome to another special episode of Total Drama Dra's Revenge! This episode, there will be no challenge for our remaining competitors, and no elimination! Unless, of course, someone quits or something. This episode, we're taking a look at some of our eliminated players, and putting them in a big challenge to rejoin the show!" Draven exclaims.

Around a small fire inside of a small village of huts, the eliminated players sit down, bored.

"Is that who I think it is?" Dimitri asks.

"Oh god no..." Jessica cries out.

"What does he want!?" Zach asks. Draven walks through a small jungle and reaches the area.

"I want everyone's attention." Draven winks.

"What for?" Paige asks.

"Well, I'm doing a few interviews for some promos and trailers for the show. This stuff has to be juicy, so we're going to ask each of you questions and you have to answer. All in a group." Draven says.

"Oh gosh...I've never been interviewed before." Jessica says.

"You will now." Draven says. Several camera men walk up behind Draven.

"Question one. Who did you hate the most on the show this season?" Draven asks.

"Oh, that's definately Zach. He threw me off of the ship." Dimitri glances angrily to Zach.

"Mine would be Dimitri, since he wouldn't shut his trap." Zach smiles.

"You wanna go?" Dimitri asks.

"In the forest. Now." Zach stands up.

"Someone follow them." Draven whispers. Dimitri and Zach storm into the woods to fight.

"Well then..." Paige says.

"Just us two." Jessica says.

"Alright, girls, who did you dislike the most?" Draven asks.

"Flaire voted me her." Jessica says.

"I didn't dislike anyone." Paige says.

"Interesting. Who did you like the most?" Draven asks.

"Bogle." Jessica says.

"Zach." Paige says.

In the woods, Dimitri throws continued punches at Zach, but misses.

"Is that it?" Zach asks, ducking and dodging.

"Chicken." Dimitri stops throwing punches.

"Believe what you want." Zach laughs. Dimitri throws one more punch. Zach grabs his fist, twists it, and kicks Dimitri in the shin.

"Ah! Uncle!" Dimitri falls over. Zach nods and walks away.

A large helicopter flies directly over the island. A small hatch opens up.

"Someone got eliminated?" Jessica asks.

"Well, yes and no." Draven says. Claire suddenly falls and faceplants the fire, and puts it out.

"She got out. But these guys are coming back for the episode!" Draven announces. A large basket lowers down from the helicopter. It contains everyone who didn't make it in the season: Sarah, Nate, Chet, Chris, Lauren, and Saria.

"Why are they here?" Paige asks.

"I used the interviews to stall you guys. Today, you're all on camera to do a challenge." Draven says.

"That's why you called us back here?" Sarah asks.

"Yes ma'am." Draven laughs.

"Oh no." Nate rolls his eyes.

"There are going to be two winners this time around. The first person to win will rejoin the game. The second will get a special prize. Everyone ready?" Draven asks. Zach walks up to the area to see everyone.

"What?" Zach asks.

"We're about to do a challenge to rejoin the game." Paige says.

"" Zach says.

"What happened to Dimitri?" Draven asks.

"He's rolling around in the forest." Zach says.

"...Anyway...the challenge is a simple race around the entire island, while finding as many green flags as possible." Draven says, holding up a small green flag.

"The person with the most flags at the end of the challenge will go back into the game. Second most will get a prize." Draven announces.

"Go?" Chris asks.

"Go." Draven laughs. Everyone darts out into the jungle.

Sarah and Nate begin a tie at first.

"You're actually trying? I thought you didn't want to be on the show." Nate says.

"This is a million dollars. Besides, if I don't get first...I'll have another way of rejoining." Sarah says.

"Uh...okay." Nate says.

Lauren skips along a trail, looking at birds. A bunny hops in front of her with a green flag in its mouth.

"A bunny!" Lauren giggles. She chases it, and comes across another green flag.

"Oh! Pretty color!" Lauren picks it up and trolls along with the bunny.

Chris and Chet run along together.

"We can both get something if we pass Sarah and Nate!" Chris exclaims.

"Mmmhmm." Chet says. They run up and stop to search for flags.

"There!" Chris says. They run into a small patch of....quicksand. Three green flags rest on the other side of it.

"Uh...I can't move." Chet says.

"Me either!" Chris cries out.

"Ah! I'm sinking!" Chet screams.

"Je coule! Quel monde ce qu'est un monde!" Chris cries. Zach walks up to them both.

"Uh....hi." Zach says.

"Hello!" Chet says.

"You must be stuck." Zach says.

"Yeah...can you help us?" Chet asks. Suddenly, the two stop sinking just before their heads can go under.

"Um...we stopped." Chris says.

"Nice." Zach laughs. He walks around the quicksand and grabs the three flags. He then runs off.

In last place, Claire trudges along, still limping and covered in makeup and mud.

"What did I do?" She asks. She stumbles apon some broken vines near a tree. She looks up to see Saria swinging around, looking for flags.

"Uh...I'm not crazy." Claire moves along.

In the forest, Lauren trudges along, following the bunny. She's holding six flags, not counting the bunny's flag.

"La la la...." Lauren sings.

Continuing in first, Sarah and Nate begin searching for flags. Sarah quickly spots Zach running by. She jumps out and trips him. When he falls, he throws down his flags. Sarah grabs them and runs off. Nate, furious at her leaving him, walks up to Zach and helps him up.

"Where did you find those?" Nate asks.

"Quick sand pit." Zach says.

"Sweet. I have a plan." Nate laughs.

Jessica walks along a small trail, looking out for flags. Before she know it, she meets up with Draven at the finish.

"Wow....nothing?" Draven asks.

"Absolutely nothing." Jessica sighs. Sarah runs up to him next.

"Three flags. Nice, you're currently in first." Draven says. Sarah cheers.

Nate and Zach walk up all at once with two flags each.

"Both of you tie at second." Draven says.

"Teamwork." Nate says. Zach nods and hands over his flags to Nate.

"Uh....four then. Sarah, you're in second." Draven says. Sarah growls. Dimitri walks out of the forest, confused.

"What happened?" He asks.

"Everyone's doing a challenge to get back on the show. You're too late." Draven says.

"Aw!" Dimitri shouts.

By the by, everyone appears with no flags except for Lauren.

"Maybe she got lost?" Paige asks as she sits down.

"Here bunny!" Lauren exclaims. She runs out of the forest with fifteen flags in her hands. She picks up the bunny at last and it squirms around.

" wins with fifteen flags. Nate, you got second." Draven says.

"No!" Sarah shouts. She pulls out her cell phone and dials a number.

"Uh...Sarah?" Nate asks.

"Uh...yes, Daddy? Can you get me back on the show?" Sarah asks into her phone. Draven grabs her phone and speaks into it.

"Sorry, sir. But she can't----wait...what!? HOW MUCH!?" Draven exclaims.

"What's going on?" Nate asks.

"HOLY CRAP!" Draven hangs up the phone.

"What is it...?" Nate asks.

"Sarah's father has payed. DOUBLE what I ever will get in my life. She's rejoining the game!" Draven announces.

"Sweet!" Sarah exclaims.

"...Along with Nate, who he also paid for." Draven laughs.

"What!? Why!?" Sarah asks.

"Apparently, he hears you talk about him all the time." Draven laughs.

"Oh...uh...oh my." Sarah shrieks.

"And we can also welcome back Lauren!" Draven exclaims.

"Yay!" Lauren shrieks.

"Three!? THREE!?" Dimitri asks in anger.

"Not what I expected at all. But who cares?" Draven laughs.

Down on the sandy shore, Draven, Nate, Sarah, and Lauren line up on a dock.

"In a shocking event, we have three new competitors to add to the game! And even more shocking...they weren't even in this season! We'll welcome back the three next time, on Total Drama Dra's Revenge!"

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Author's Notes:

A big chapter. Welcome back the three favorites from last season! Get ready for more drama in the next episode!

Chapter 8: A Gamble on the Falls

Draven stands in front of the camera on the S.S Dra. He smiles at the camera as the ship approaches a small docking area just north of the Niagara Falls.

"Welcome to Total Drama Dra's Revenge! Last episode...well, we didn't do much of anything. The former contestants all participated in a race to see who would rejoin the game. But in a shocking turn of events, Sarah, Nate, and Lauren all got to go back into the game! Congratulations to them! And now we're heading to the new location for our next challenge. What's going to happen during this shocking episode? Find out now!"

The sun is barely rising over the ship. Everyone is now docked at the Niagara Falls and they don't even know it. Dalia sneaks out of her room to scavenge the ship. She quickly changes into her red outfit. She puts on a wristwatch and presses a button.

"Sonya? You're finally able to connect to our home base!" A male voice says.

"No thanks to the ship coming to the falls." Dalia says.

"Get ready, Sonya. Upon researching the casting files of this show you're on, I've found about four candidates for the villain. Sarah, Claire, Lauren, and Jessica." The voice says. Tod walks out of his room to spot her. She quietly walks up to her to listen in.

"I'm sure it's either Sarah or Lauren." Dalia says.

"Are you sure, Sonya? You haven't started an investigation." The man says.

"I don't need one to know," Dalia turns around, "...That Tod's listening to us!" She quickly presses a button on the watch.

"Hi." Tod says with a smile.

"...How much did you hear." Dalia orders Tod to speak.

"Not much. Other than you're called Sonya by someone and something is up with Sarah and Lauren." Tod says.

"That was EVERYTHING. Look, if you speak a word of this to anyone...I'll have you kicked out of here for good." Dalia says.

"What's going on?" Tod asks.

"...Well..." Dalia sighs. "During season one I did nothing much. I was simply looking out for everyone to spot what they were doing. I pretended to be a ninja and love nature so the viewers would keep me on and stuff. My real name...Is Sonya. I'm here on a mission from a certain base here in America. There is an international spy somewhere in this game. She's blonde, and she wants....or drain the ocean. We don't know her big plan yet. But I've been scoping everyone out for a while. Someone is trying to do something here. And I'm happy this next challenge is located on the falls. This is a big mass of water, and I'm sure the spy is going to try to make a big move." Dalia says.

"...Wow..." Tod says.

"You will call me Dalia until further notice. Now listen...I'm not able to compete in today's challenge. I need you to cover for me for as long as possible." Dalia says.

"Um...,why?" Tod asks.

"Do you like sharks, Tod?" Dalia asks.

"Oh, no. That's okay. I never saw you today..." Tod says, scared, as he backs up.

"...Yes you did. I'm in a bathroom...or something. Tod, help me here. If you don't, you could jeopardize this entire show." Dalia says. Tod nods and walks away. Dalia presses a button on her wristwatch.

"Sorry....Interference. I'm going to sneak into the editing corridor of this ship where some of the employees hang out. I'm going to try to find any leads during this previous challenge. Hopefully someone can provide me with some intel about what's going to happen if the spy gets away?" Dalia says and asks.

"She needs water for something. That's it." The man says.

"Very well...ya'll are helpful." Dalia sighs and walks forward.

Out on the main deck of the ship, the waters below splash the faces of the players in the game. Draven smiles. Three small hatches are behind him, and he's holding a remote.

"Hello, everyone! Good evening!" Draven exclaims.

"Hi." Bella says, angrily.

"Good evening? It's six-o-clock." Flaire says, yawning.

"Hush. You might be wondering what is behind me right now....?" Draven asks.

"Not really." Danny says.

"A prize for our team?" Dolly asks.

"Well...yes." Draven says.

"Oh! Is it a pony?" Sydney asks.

" But Team Lighting, you are getting something very special." Draven says. He smiles and presses the button on his remote.

The first to rise up from the hatches is Sarah.

"Sarah!?" Tod exclaims.

"It's...uh...good to be back." Sarah says.

"You're going on the losing team. Congrats." Dolly says.

"Oh, Dolly, it's so great to see you again." Sarah says.

Nate rises up by her side.

"Alright! It's Nate!" Danny exclaims.

"Sup, Danny?" Nate asks.

Lauren rises up from the final hatch.

"Hi guys." She smiles.

"You may step down." Draven says. The three newbies step off of their platforms and walk over to the players.

"Nate, Sarah, and Lauren. The three of you are going on team Lighting. That's adding you to seven and team Rain to seven. We're back to being even." Draven says.

"What's the challenge?" Sam asks.

"Well, if you don't already know, we're on the Niagara falls right now." Draven says.

"...WE ARE!?" Kevin shrieks.

"No duh." Flaire points to a sign nearby that says, "You are now standing over: Niagara Falls"

"We're doing a game of chance. Everyone, off of the boat!" Draven orders. Everyone piles off of the boat and onto land nearby to the falls.

"Today's challenge is simple. Here we have a giant slot machine." Draven points to a large contraption with a lever on the side.

"Both teams are going to be in small boats floating on the river. These special boats were designed to be weight carrying boats, so the less wait on it, the further down the river it will go. However, because of the flow of the water, it will move anyway. So the boats are chained to a special piston which will move the boat downwards depending on how much the boat weighs." Draven says.

"...What?" Brandon asks.

"...The slot machine. When you pull the lever, someone's face will appear on the slots. Whoever appears will have to do a small challenge. If they pass, nothing happens. However, if they fail the challenge, they will be ejected from the small boat. No worries, you'll land safely in a small kiddie pool nearby. Every time someone is ejected from the boat, the boat moves closer to the waterfall. The last three people on the losing team will be dunked in the water." Draven says.

"" Brandon asks.

"Really? Just get in the boats. Team Lighting has a yellow boat. Team Rain has a blue boat." Draven says.

The teams assemble inside of their boats.

"Team Rain, you're first." Draven says. He reaches for the blue lever on the slot machine, and pulls it down. The slots spin. The eventually stop on Flaire's face.

"Congrats, Flaire. You get to do a challenge!" Draven says.

"And that is?" Flaire asks.

"Dip your head into some mystery meat, and eat some of it." Draven says.

"...When did you come up with this stuff?" Flaire asks.

"These are viewer submitted, thank you." Draven says. He walks over to the ship and drags out a huge trunk of items. He opens it and pulls out a large pot of mystery meat from an old high school.

"Get out of the boat to do the challenge, or stay put and get flung off." Draven says. The meat suddenly moves and begins to seep out of the pot.

Flaire shrugs and jumps out of the boat and onto land. She walks up to it. Before she can stick her head inside, it whispers to her.


Flaire screams and jumps back into the boat. Draven pulls out a remote and presses a button. She is instantly ejected to a small kiddie pool nearby.

On the ship, Dalia walks down a small corridor dressed in her red uniform. It's deserted. She finds a door labeled, "Data and Editing". She opens it and walks inside. She sits in a small chair to find the tapes of the previous challenge. She inserts them into a tape accepter, and a large screen begins to load the video of last week's challenge.

"Sonya?" The watch asks her.

"I'm in the data room. The video is loading." She says.

"Tell us anything you find." The watch says.

The video begins to play through like a normal episode. Then it comes to a small cut-out portion of the episode. Lauren is chasing a bunny through the woods when she suddenly stops and looks at her wrist.

She presses a button on what seems to be another wrist watch. Several green flags suddenly appear out of nowhere. Lauren smiles and laughs.

"Um...Lauren pressed a button on a watch and spawned a ton of green flags." Dalia says.

"...Yikes! She must be the spy!" The watch says.

"Maybe so..." Dalia says.

Outside on the falls, the teams look dissapointed. Kevin, Sam, and Brandon are the only remaining ones on their team. If they fail another challenge, they lose. Tod, Sydney, Dolly, and Nate remain on team Lighting's boat.

"Look, we need a time out. Has anyone seen Dalia?" Kevin asks.

"Uh...yeah. I last saw her in the bathroom." Tod says.

"...What about Lauren?" Nate asks.

"...I never saw her." Tod says.

"Nate!" Draven exclaims. Nate sighs.

"Dunk yourself in honey and stand near a beehive." Draven says. Nate shrugs and jumps onto land and walks over to Draven. Nate smiles.

Draven grabs a large bucket of honey and dunks Nate in the stuff. He then pulls out a box labeled "Box o Bees". He shakes it up and opens it. They shroud Nate.

"Last for ten seconds and you win." Draven says.

"" Nate says. Moments later, Draven quickly knocks Nate into the water. The bees dissapear and the water turns orange.

On the ship, Dalia walks out of the editing room. She slowly inches out onto the deck, when she runs into Lauren. Stunned, Dalia steps back.

"Why aren't you playing the challenge?" Dalia asks.

"Don't play dumb." Lauren smiles. She kicks Dalia back into the corridor.

"Um...Lauren....?" Dalia asks.

"Sonya." Lauren smiles and laughs.

"'re the spy..." Dalia says.

"No duh?" Lauren pulls out an eye patch and puts it on. She grabs onto her shirt and rips it off to reveal a blue suit. The same with her pants. Lauren is wearing a blue suit and an eye patch.

"That's a bad look for you." Dalia says.

"You should talk, Sonya. Now, you're going to stay in here while I have my fun." Lauren says.

"What fun?" Dalia asks.

"This ship and everyone on it is going to be blown up in a few mere hours. You cannot save them." Lauren says.

"Motive?" Dalia asks.

"I, Lauren Kaloon, have no motive. I never have....probably just insanity." Lauren says.

"You're insane." Dalia says.

"Indeed." Lauren says, pulling out a small smoke bomb. She throws it down and races out of the corridor. It releases smoke and makes Dalia dizzy. She passes out.

Out on the falls, everyone remains the same.

Draven pulls the lever again, and the slots land on Sam's face.

"Survive ten seconds in a small tank with a piranha." Draven says.

"How is that gonna work?" Sam asks.

"I have a tank. A piranha. You stick your hand in it." Draven says. Sam sighs and jumps out of the boats. He does the challenge as specified, and comes out with a bleeding hand. The fish bites onto Sam's hand and tears skin off.

"Well, you did it at least." Draven laughs. He pulls the lever, and it lands on Brandon.

"Oooooh! Brandon! Smack a chimp in the face." Draven says.

"...Are you kidding? That thing will kill me." Brandon says.

"Is that a no?" Draven asks.

"Oh....uh....sorry guys, but yeah. I'm not doing that." Brandon says. The small boat suddenly slides off into the Niagara falls. Kevin, Sam, and Brandon dunk into the waters below.

"Team Lighting, congratulations! You have won this challenge. Team Rain will be up for elimination tonight." Draven says.

"Yes! It rocks having new people on the team." Tod exclaims.

It's midnight. There's no sign of Dalia or Lauren, but elimination continues on.

"Since we can't really find Dalia, let's hope she isn't put up for elimination. Since the last person to do a challenge and win on this team was Sam, he'll be the HoV.

"Yes! people?" Sam asks.

"Three people." Draven nods.

"Dalia, Bogle, and Bella." Sam says, easily. Bogle and Bella walk up in front of everyone.

"Alright. Brandon, Flaire, and Kevin are going to vote between each of you." Draven says.

"Um...since Dalia isn't here...I'm going to vote for Bogle." Flaire says.

"I hate you." Bogle says.

"Dalia did nothing. She wasn't even there! She gets my vote." Brandon says.

"Yeah....same." Kevin says.

"So...Dalia is eliminated....if only we knew where she was." Draven says. Dalia runs up in her regular ninja outfit.

"Dalia! You've been eliminated." Draven says.

"Wait! Please let me explain." Dalia says.

"You don't have to." Flaire laughs.

"I've been trying to save all of you." Dalia says.

"....What?" Kevin asks.

"Good story. Needs more dragons." Sam says. The others laugh.

"Lauren has gone nuts. She's trying to kill us somehow!" Dalia exclaims.

"First Claire and now this? You guys must not like each other very much. I might budget for the older cast from the original seasons of Total Drama next time around." Draven says.

"Very funny Dalia. Now get off of the ship..." Sam says. Suddenly, Lauren leaps on top of a sleeping cabin roof. She's in her blue spying outfit.

"See!?" Dalia asks.

"Sonya can't save any of you now. There's a bomb on this ship set to go off in a few minutes. You'll never find it." Lauren laughs.

"Sonya? Who?" Bogle asks.

"...Me." Dalia says. She turns to the roof and leaps upwards to get Lauren. Her ninja top is snagged by a pipe. It rips off to reveal her red shirt. They suddenly begin fighting.

Dalia tries to kick Lauren, but she dodges. Lauren instead knocks off Dalia's ninja hood and reveals her red hair. Dalia jumps up to hit Lauren's nose, but Lauren dodges.

"Is this what I think it is?" Kevin asks.

"A fight?" Sam asks.

"No, a life or death mission. Dalia! We're off to find that bomb!" Kevin exclaims. Kevin runs off.

"Alright!" She exclaims. Lauren punches Dalia in the eye. Lauren tackles Dalia, and to Dalia's advantage, she kicks Lauren off and onto the main deck.

"What should we do?" Bogle looks at Draven. Draven shrugs.

Dalia swings at Lauren and hits her chest. She backs off into the railing on the ship. Dalia grabs Lauren and holds her up by the suit.

"Where is it?" Dalia asks.

"Oh, Sonya. This is classic! I'm proud of you, you think you saved the world or something." Lauren laughs.

"What?" Dalia asks.

"The bomb is in the basement of the ship." Lauren laughs.

"This?" Kevin asks. He's holding a huge black bomb in his hands.

"...How did he...?" Lauren studders. Kevin throws the bomb at Lauren. This knocks Lauren out of Dalia's hands and into the Niagara falls. She flows off of the side.

"Sonya!" Lauren screams. At the bottom of the falls, the bomb ignites. Lauren flies out of the area and lands in the kiddie pool.

Later that night, the SWAT team come to take Lauren away. For a long time.

"" Draven says to Dalia.

"You guys don't need to call me Dalia anymore." Dalia sighs.

"Well...what about the elimination? Dalia's out, right?" Flaire asks.

"She better be." Sarah says.

"You're right. Lauren is out. So is Dalia." Draven says. Dalia looks down at the ground, upset.

"...But Sonya just joined the game." Draven says. Dalia looks happy again.

"This is so unfair!" Sarah shouts.

"Yeah, whatever." Draven says.

"Sonya is in the game now?" Dalia giggles.

"Congrats. See everyone next time on another....hopefully more dramatic episode of T-D-D-R!" Draven exclaims to the camera.

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Author's Notes:

I kinda had to a bit of this quickly since I had to go to bed :P. Read and comment <3

Chapter 9: Build it up--To Burn it Down

Draven appears in front of the camera. "Sorry guys. There's been a large power outage. Our cameras need to be charged a bit more than usual. Anyway--Last time on To----" The camera cuts out.

"What did you need me for?" Sonya asks, walking into the confessional. The cameras are all off.

"I need to talk to you. It's urgent." Bella says.

"What?" Sonya asks.

"Everyone on this team is in a stupid alliance. With Flaire, Kevin, Brandon,Bogle, and Sam. We need to do something. And I have just the idea..."

The ship sails through the open waters, and soon comes in contact with an indian tribe on an old deserted island.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we're heading for our next destination."

"What? This quickly?" Flaire asks into the microphone.

"Yeah." Draven responds.

"Wait..what? You can hear us?" Flaire asks.


"You've been listening to our conversations this whole time?" Kevin asks.


The ship crashes into a sand pit made especially for it. Through CB radio communication (the indians thought it was a god box), Draven has found a suitable place for the next challenge.

"Welcome people." The chief of the indians says.

"Ah, yes. Everyone, gather around!" Draven asks, leaving the ship to the sands below.

"Where on earth..." Kevin asks, walking off the ship.

"This is the tribe of Mowaku's island. We found them through CB radio communications. We're doing our next challenge here! I call it: Build it up to burn it down." Draven smiles.

"Wow. What a copycat." Danny says.

"Excuse me?" Draven asks.

"Nothing." Danny smiles.

"Your challenge consists of three parts. The first part is to find building supplies. Your goal is to build a small building with your team to the largest height possible, using rocks, wood, e-t-c. The second part is putting a flag at the top of it to finish it off. The third? Well, we'll get to it later." Draven says.

"How long do we have to do this exactly?" Sydney asks.

"Oh...3 hours." Draven says with a crooked smile.

"That's so unfair! How do you build a building in three hours!?" Nate interrupts.

"Improvise. NOW MOVE!" Draven shouts. The teams scatter around.

Team Lighting goes around lifting up boulders and bits of wood from the ground.

"We're so gonna fail." Tod sighs.

"How are we even supposed to do this?" Sydney asks.

"This way." The cheif says, throwing down pounds of primed wood.

"How..." Sydney asks.

"Thank us later." They proceed to bring their supplies back to main camp.

Team Rain surprisngly gets the same. The teams soon meet up in the same location at the start.

"Wha--? How did you get all that?" Bogle asks the others.

"We were about to ask the same question." Nate looks over.

"Shut up and build something!" Sonya shouts.

The teams proceed to build large structures consisting of broken branches and wooden window panes. They all come out to be nothing but troublesome and collapsable structures.

"Time! come get your flags now." Draven says, holding out flags of blue and yellow. They take their flags and place them directly on top of their structures. Just a little climbing was all it took.

"That was...well...quick. Okay, the third part is burning down the structure! Whichever one burns the quickest wins their team immunity." Draven then holds out two branches which are lit up by the other indian members.

Sonya takes her team's branch and lights up the little hut. It goes up like a christmas tree. The same with the other team's.

Three tiki skulls behind them light up like they too were on fire.

"I should thank you people." The chief says.

"What?" Draven asks.

"If it weren't for you people, we would never have been able to finish the sacrifice." The chief smiles.

"What are you talking about?" Draven asks, backing up with the others.

"The spirits have come." The chief says. His brown eyes turn green and glow like there was a flashlight in his head. He lets out a laugh. He rips up a pickaxe from the ground and charges them. He swings at Draven and misses.

"Get back on the ship!" Draven screams. Everyone runs back up. Sonya pulls a lever to bring up the exiting ramp from the ship. The chief jumps on the side and shimmies out of sight.

"Oh god. He's on the ship!" Draven shouts.

"Just drive the ship away before more crazy stuff happens!" Tod shouts at him. Draven runs back to the captain's room and puts the ship on autopilot and at top speed. The ship slowly but surely rides off. The indians cheer at their insane chief as he enters the ship through the rear entrance.

The contestants gather together near the pool on the front deck.

"So uh...who's immune?" Dolly asks, looking around.

"The person who knocks this guy off the ship!" Draven looks around as well.

"May the spirits be kind." A voice comes from the intercom. Then, the fire alarm sounds.

It shrieks into their ears.

"He has to be somewhere around the observation deck above my office!" Draven shouts to the others.

"This isn't normal." Sonya thinks to herself. They all go together to Draven's office. They find an insane chief inside, giggling. Sonya throws a simple piece of wood at his head. Wood she ripped off of a chair. He falls right out.

Outside, Lauren walks across the ship in her villainous uniform. She smiles as she holds up a pistol to the door.

The first to come out is Draven. He sees her and stops.

"Send out my best friend." Lauren orders. He turns and immediately shoves out Sonya.

"How does it feel, Dalia? To be betrayed?" Lauren asks, smiling.

"This was all a trick? You lead us here?" Sonya asks.

"I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of." Lauren smiles.

Just then, the chief stands up and throws his pickaxe. It flies just passed everyone's heads and the handle smacks Lauren in the forehead. The axe lands on the ground. She flies off of the deck and into the waters below.

Sonya looks back to the chief, who shortly collapses of exhaustion.

"What now?" The others ask Draven.

"Let's it a night." Draven looks around to the others.


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Author's Notes:

This was simply a revival chapter. I've decided to begin working on this again. I know it's not amazing or anything, but...yeah.

The Final Chapter

The semi-non canonical final chapter!

Draven marched around the remaining contestants that stood on the ship. They have been lost in time for several years, confusing all of them.

Bella asked him, "What's happening? Why have we done nothing for so many years?"

Draven responded, "We've been stuck in the time space continuum. It seems the mysterious being that controls our fate stopped paying attention to us, but it seems he has returned!"

The contestants bowed down to the sky, including Draven, and began talking amongst themselves.

"Oh great author of the sky," Flaire began the chant, "Never abandon us again."

And they remained there as they sailed back to America, where the competition was ultimately cancelled. Forever on and forever more, they remembered the mysterious being that brought them back to life.

Draven decided that the winner of the show was Dolly, and gave her the million dollar grand prize, which she used to bribe her way to presidency and take over Cambodia.

==Chapter 1: Yes or No?==

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