Label Team Episode Eliminated
FlaireHead The Goth Chick Team Rain TBA

Flaire decided to return to Total Drama Dra. Once she got home, she didn't feel the satisfaction of winning something. So, she's back now to beat Zach, and win the competition solo. She's keeping her earlier million, but it's not enough. She's in it to win it.

BogleHead The Nerd Team Rain TBA
Bogle decided to return to the game to meet back up with Jessica. They both spoke to each other over the phone just before being sent home with the other players. Upon getting off of the loser Island, they decided to return once a second season was announced. Bogle and Jessica now have formed a pre-game alliance.
JessicaHead The Nerd-ette Team Rain Admit it or Leave It
She's back and is very angry. She's back now to work with Bogle, who teamed up with her just before returning home, and are both working against Dolly. Will Dolly be an easy out? Jessica's adventure is going to prove something.
DimitriHead The Funny One Team Lighting The Campfire Ceremony
Remember that funny guy? He wasn't very funny. And he's not feeling funny either. Actually, he's quite mad. He has a list of people and he's checking it twice. This season, he's going after each one and he isn't giving up no matter what. And the person at the top of his Dolly.
KevinHead The Emo Team Rain TBA
Once he and Flaire met up after the shipwreck, Kevin decided to date Flaire. Both met up in Flaire's hometown. After a few brief dates, Draven announced a second season. Thrilled, both decided to return. Yet another pre-game alliance has been formed.
ZachHead The Sweet Country Kid Team Lighting Wild River Rafting
It's funny. He came back all because he wants to prove a point to Paige. She didn't want to come back, but he wants to. He wants her to. He wants to win again, and hopefully with her.
DaliaHead ... Team Lighting TBA
With another fortune in mind, she returns to Total Drama Dra. Little is known about her motive to coming back, much like her past. She still loves animals and plants, and resembles a ninja slightly.
BellaHead The Sweet One Team Rain TBA
Welcome back to the game, Bella. She has decided to return to the game simply because she wants to beat her score last year. She's ready to get further than before. She also hopes that, if Sam does return, she'll be able to make it in a relationship with him.
SamHead The Friendly One Team Rain TBA
Remember Sam? He's back! With his friendship with Kevin and Flaire remaining still, he's ready for a three-people alliance. It's time for him to shine. He's ready to win this game. Will he fall for Bella? Or will be lose her again?
TodHead The Marshmallow Team Lighting TBA
After being kicked last season, he decided to return once given the offer. He's not going to be such a softy this time. He's ready for his return, and he hopes to make a big alliance and make a great comeback.
PaigeHead The Sophisticated One Team Lighting The Wheel of Demise
As well as Zach, Paige decided to return for the money. She hopes to beat her final three spot, and actually win it this time. Can she do it? Or will it fail entirely?
DollyHead The Villain Team Rain TBA
Back for another season? Yes, indeed. Welcomed back with unopen arms, Dolly is ready to beat everyone else in this competition. She believes she can do it. But will she? Probably not. But, who knows?
BrandonHead The Tall Guy Team Lighting TBA
After nearly being squished by Sarah and Claire on the airplane back home, he was shocked to hear about a second season. He wants to prove that he can do much more than anticipated last year. He's going to beat his lousy second out placing. Or so he thinks. Can Brandon do it? Or will he fail? Will he make it past the second episode?
ClaireHead The Nice One Team Rain The Party
Hoping Danny will also return, Claire prepares herself for the next game of Total Drama Dra. She hopes to make it farther this time, and she also hopes to win it. She's ready, are you?
SydneyHead The Blue Girl Team Lighting TBA
Sydney has returned to the game! A fan favorite from last season, can she be the next winner of Total Drama Dra? She hopes to form an alliance with her friends, and hopefully will make it farther than before.
DannyHead The Pirate Boy Team Lighting TBA
He's still a little obsessed with Pirates, but doesn't even show it. Danny is the final character to be brought back for another season of Total Drama Dra. Can he beat the final 5? Or will he fail miserably? Find out this season, when Danny returns!
NateHead The Partier ? TBA
Nate was never really meant to join the game, much like Sarah. However, Sarah's father bought them both a ticket back on the show. How? We don't know. But something is up with he and Sarah. Find out by reading!
LaurenHead The Dumb One ? TBA
Lauren, shockingly, was the winner of a challenge that would bring her back into the game. But, in previous episodes, it was revealed that she was truly a smart person. What's going on here?
SarahHead The Rich Girl ? TBA
Sarah was not meant to be on the show either. Her father bought her a pass during the seventh chapter, along with Nate. Will she win or lose? Find out!
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