This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on TDI.

From the makers of Total Drama High School, Here Comes Total Drama Daredevil in which 15 students will return for some daredevil stunt challenges in which these teens have to survive life-threatening challenges or be gone through the Air Runway of Shame, and aboard the Plane of Losers. The teens are back and badder than ever! Hosted by Chris Mclean at "Chris Mclean Daredevil Camp" in Canada.


Eliminated Campers

1)Sadie, the other sweet girl, Reason= she and Katie were annoying the other daredevils and both girls didn't jump out of the plane

2)Ezekiel, the home-schooled, Reason= caused the team's lost because of his "Canadian Hick Gas"

3)Harold, the skater geek, Reason= was the 1st one to lose during the first part of the bike race

4)Beth, the braceface, Reason= her rivalry with Justin caused her team's lost

5)Trent, the musician, Reason= got injured when on the bucking bull

6)Katie, the sweet girl, Reason= she and Duncan lost the rocket race and cost the team's vote.

7)Justin, the good-looking, Reason= he and Heather didn't do the challenge costing the win

8)Courtney, the goody-goody, Reason= the team didn't like the Courtney-Duncan relationship because she might tell Duncan there team's secrets.

9)Duncan, the criminal, Reason= saw Lindsay's breasts and collided into the rock.

10)DJ, the brick house with a heart, Reason= fainted during the middle of the challenge

11)Heather, the snobby, mean, manipulative queen bee, Reason= everyone on Playa Des Daredevils voted her off because she was mean.

12)Lindsay, the dumb blond, Reason= she failed the driver's challenge and wrecked the car.

13)Owen, the fat dude, Reason= landed on the shortest yard

RUNNER-UP) Leshawna, the Loudmouth, Reason= the runner-up at the slingshot

WINNER) GWEN, THE GOTH, Reason= Got through the sling-shot first

Red= Screaming Psychos

Blue= Killer Swashbucklers


1)Jump out of a plane 1,001 feet off the ground and land safely on the red target

2)Jump over a canyon in a rocket-power wagon

3)A Bike race in a rocky field with rain, snow, hail and big rocks in the road

4)Going up and down a snowy mountain on snow skis

5)Trying to stay on a rampaging rodeo bull

6)A 2-partner rocket race

7)Escape from chains and handcuffs in shark-infested waters

8)Chase and capture a wild goose

9)Get back to Daredevil Camp with water skis in shark-invested sharks

10) Eat a variety of dangerous bugs

11) The eliminated campers (and the campers that didn't make it to the next season) get the deciding vote for whose going to the Final 4

12) Do a drivers ed through Chris's obstacle course of doom

13) A slingshot challenge where a human is slingshot into a field and the farthest the person goes from the slingshot wins!

14) The Final 2 will go through "the Obstacle Course of Memories" which is an obstacle course from TDD's previous challenges


Chapter 1- Just Plane Crazy

"Hello, people watching this, I am Chris Mclean at Chris Mclean Daredevil Camp, and here is a new series called Total Drama Daredevil, in which our 15 daredevils will return for some more action, so here is TOTAL DRAMA DAREDEVIL" Chris Mclean said as the 15 daredevils came all ready to win. "Hello, daredevils, as you all know you are all competing for $1,110,000 and so here is our first challenge, you will be jumping off a plane 1,001 feet off the ground, and land safely on the target on the bottom of the Run Airway" Chris Mclean said, everyone got on the plane but was unable to fly due to everyone's (mostly Owen's) weight. "I guess you got to sit this one out Owen" said Chris. "Aw, man" Owen said really sad to do this challenge. Then, the plane was 1,001 feet off the ground, "Well, I should give everyone a parachute and so, Justin, your first" Chris said. "I've got a contract that says..." Justin said when suddenly Ezekiel pushed him off, "Contract, Smontract" Ezekiel said. Justin used his parachute and landed next to the target and was furious about Ezekiel and knew he would pay. Later, Ezekiel was pushed off by Harold and Harold was pushed off by Duncan. Ezekiel and Harold were about to release there parachutes but discovered it was just a empty backpack and fell face-first on the target. Katie and Sadie were sitting together talking, "Whoa, were like so together" Katie said, "I know, right" Sadie said, "You two are so annoying, your even more annoying than Harold and that's saying something" Duncan said and everyone agreed. "Well, Lindsay's next" Chris said as Lindsay just jumped out of the airplane, "She forgot to bring a parachute" Chris said as Lindsay fell on a tree, and was hang by a not-so-sturdy branch which broke and torn to her pants to pieces, showing her underwear. "Whoa, I see London, I see France, eh" Ezekiel said as Lindsay ran off to find some new pants. Lots of things happened after that, Heather was pushed off by Leshawna for pissing her off and soon, Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna and Heather all landed safely on the target. "Well, the only people left are Katie and Sadie" Chris said. "No, We can't do it" Katie said, "Were too scared" Sadie said. "Well, I guess the challenge is over, Duncan, Gwen, Heather and Leshawna all win invincibility and now all will vote on a daredevil to leave in the Bike Shop Ceremony" Chris said. Later at night, everyone went to the Bike Shop for the Bike Shop Ceremony and knew who was going home. "In my hands are motorcycle models, I'll give it to you and then the person who doesn't get a motorcycle model will go on the Air Runway of Shame and aboard the Plane of Losers, OK, let's do it, Owen, Harold, Ezekiel, Lindsay..." Chris said passing the motorcycle models each hitting the people in the head, "Gwen, Leshawna, Trent, Duncan, Courtney, DJ, Justin, Beth, Heather. OK, Katie and Sadie, here's the final marshmallow and it goes to......." Chris said as Sadie and Katie really sad knowing that they would be immediately separated. "Katie" Chris throw the motorcycle model and Katie didn't catch it. "No, why Sadie" Katie said. "I don't want to go" Sadie said. Both were crying. Chris had to call security and separate the two girls, as Sadie was dragged through the Air Runway of Shame and was forced on the Plane of Losers and it was gone out of sight. Katie was crying on the floor for Sadie. "Well, that's today's episode, good-night daredevils, your separate boys and girls trailers will be your bedroom" Chris said. Everyone left except Katie who was still crying on the floor for Sadie.

Chapter 2- The Not-So-Grand Canyon

While everyone was sleeping Chris moved everyone to a special place where there challenge will take place, and then at 6 in the morning, "Aww, don't these daredevils look relaxed and peaceful" Chris said as he got a megaphone, "WAKE UP PEOPLE!" Everyone suddenly woke up complaining, "Couldn't you just woken us up like a normal person and take us in that fancy plane for to this location" Gwen complained. "Yes, but I didn't want to" Chris said "Now, today you will have to jump this 500 feet high, 600 feet apart from land, Chris Canyon, in a rocket-powered wagon and below it 100 feet away is a net." "But not only will this be a day for canyons and wagons but also the day we formed teams, so when I call your name come here" Chris said with a sheet of paper, "Heather, Leshawna, DJ, Trent, Beth, Justin and Courtney, from now on your the Screaming Psychos." "Great, I'm on the same team as the big girl" Heather said, "Oh no, you did not just call Leshawna big" Leshawna said. As the two started fighting, Chris just ignored them. "Now the rest of you, Owen, Harold, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Katie, Duncan and Gwen are now the Killer Swashbucklers" Chris said, "Cool, I'm a swashbuckler, by the way, what's a swashbuckler?" Owen said. "It's something that involves swordmen or something like that" Chris said "And now in your new teams, you will do today's challenge." "Are you ready?" Chris said. "NO!" Everyone said, "OK, Harold is first" Chris said, "I'm not doing that is going to be..." Harold said as Duncan pushed him into the wagon and the wagon was set and Harold zoomed screaming like a little girl and went into the net. " is Katie" Chris said as Katie was still crying over Sadie, "OK, that's it's time to stop acting like a baby and win this...FOR SADIE!" Katie said as she went on her rocket-powered wagon and it blow her to a little part of the canyon, but then slide down, "So close" Katie said as she fell into the net. Soon, everyone was getting on their rocket powered wagons and started going, overall the people, so far, only Lindsay and DJ made it all the way to the each side of the canyon. "OK, it's up to one person..." Chris said "Ezekiel, it's your turn to rocket-wagon on the canyon flip-side, OK, not my best group of words." Ezekiel went into his rocket-wagon, "I'll use this special Canadian Hick Gas to make this thing a rocket boost" Ezekiel said as he put all the Canadian Hick Gas into his rocket-wagon and soon it ZOOMED with Ezekiel in it, it did pass the canyon but it actually didn't stop. "OK, home-school seems to be out-of-bound" Chris said as Ezekiel ran all the way around the world and then went back at the canyon a few minutes later and ran out of gas and fell right into the canyon. "Well, I guess it seems to be a tie, so it's rock-paper-scissors" Chris said. "I pick rock" Lindsay said. "OK" Chris replied as DJ and Lindsay rocked papered and scissored. "And DJ has paper and Lindsay has rock, so the Screaming Psychos win!" Chris said as the members of the Screaming Psychos cheered for DJ and everyone on the Killer Swashbucklers looked angrily at Ezekiel. Later, at the Bike Shop, "OK, you know the deal, get a bike model, your safe, don't get a bike model, and it's curtains for you. OK, let's do this thing, Owen, Duncan, Harold, Gwen, Katie and now the final marshmallow, Ezekiel and Lindsay. And now the final marshmallow goes to.........Lindsay" Chris said. Ezekiel looked depressed, "Well, your Canadian Hick Gas caused you to go again to be the 1st eliminated on a Killer team" Chris said as Ezekiel went through the Air Runway of Shame and got on the Plane of Losers, "Well, good job, today, Swashbucklers, time to go sleep." Everyone did and were all ready for tomorrow...for once.

Chapter 3- The Bike Ride of Your Life

"Hello, people watching this cool episode, before we start the show, I'd like to say this show is sponsored by Psychos on Cycles store (best place for a bike)who gave us great equipment for this show so watch" Chris said. Later, everyone was sleeping great dreams about not being on this show, when Chris barged in and said, "HELLO, EVERYBODY, IT'S TIME FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY CHALLENGE... brought to you by Psychos on Cycles store...NOW GET TO THE TRACK, NOW" Chris said on his megaphone, everyone went moaning and groaning. "Hello, daredevils, today's challenge will involve bike-riding, hard terrain and a lot of pain" said Chris "It will be a bike race." "Awesome" Duncan said high-five-ing Trent. "It will be on the rocky track, full of bumps and glass, it will also be a place where strange weather (really props) like snow, rain and hail will be coming down on you" Chris continued "And here will be the bikes you'll be using for the challenge...sponsored by..." "We know...Psychos on Cycles store" Gwen replied as everyone saw the awesome bikes. "Awesome bikes, you got there" Trent said, "I know it was sponsored by..." Chris said as someone threw a helmet at Chris, Chris dodged it. "OK, maybe we should just start the challenge, already" Chris said "ON YOUR MARK! GET SET! GO!" Everyone went on their cool bikes, ready for the bike ride of there life. Everyone zoomed on there bikes but instantly some competitors who are Katie, Owen and Harold fell to the ground because of the rough, rocky road. While the others went to the next part, "Here comes the hail" Chris said on a high top-tower throwing a box of ice on the road, players who fail to the ground because of the hail was Leshawna, DJ, Gwen, Trent, Courtney and Duncan. "Now the rain" Chris said on another tall tower now squirting a water house all over the area. Later, Heather and Lindsay slipped. "OK, only Beth and Justin are left, whose going to survive through...snow" Chris said on a really tall tower shooting frozen icicles at the two. "Hey, Beth, if you let me win, and I'll kiss you" Justin said as Beth was excited and just fell down off her bike. "Hey, loser, I lied and I'm going to win, too" Justin said as an icicle hit his face, "No, my face" Justin said as he fell of his bike. "Well, no one really much won, but Justin was the closest, so the Screaming Psychos win" Chris said as the Screaming Psychos cheered except Beth who was mad at Justin. "OK, Killer Swashbucklers time to pick your loser and come to the Bike Shop with me, later" Chris said. Later, at the Bike Shop Reunion, "OK, you know the drill, get a bike model=SAFE, get nothing=GO THROUGH THE AIR RUNWAY AND GOT ON PLANE, OK, here we go, Owen, Duncan, Lindsay, Gwen. Well, Katie and Harold. Here's the final bike model and it goes to.........Katie." Chris said handing everyone everyone there bike models "Well, Harold, it's time to go." Harold looked depressed but went anyway and soon the plane went by. "Well, that's it, good-night" Chris said as suddenly something happened at the Screaming Psychos's place, "Time for a makeover, Justin" Beth said with her razor in her hand and then the next morning, Justin was in for a surprise, "NOOOOOO!!!!" Justin said discovering his hair was shaven all off, Beth then giggled for her revenge being done.

Chapter 4- There's No Mountain Challenge Like a Snow Mountain Challenge

"Hello, people, it's Total Drama Daredevil, here, and we'd like to say, good-luck watching this next episode" Chris said. A fight was going on at the Screaming Psychos, "You shaven off all my hair, what's the matter with you?" Justin said in rage. Everyone else was laughing at bald Justin. "You back stabbed me in the bike challenge, and I knew that bad ego of yours needed to be punished" Beth said. "Hello, people, would you stop fighting and get into the plane, we are going somewhere for our challenge" Chris said as the daredevils went into the plane, Chris flied to plane to their destination, "OK, here we are, Mount Chris, the snow mountain that will be where your challenge takes place." "OK, today's challenge will be a race up Mount Chris, you see you will use these special water skis to go up Mount Chris and then when all the way on top, you will slide down to the finish line, the first one of does it first wins the challenge, losers will vote someone off" Chris said "Now get on your water skis and get ready to go." "Your going down, Beth" Justin said, "No you are" Beth said. "GO!" Chris said as all the daredevils tried to get up. "How the heck, can you get up a mountain with water skis" Trent said as he later tripped on the way up. Duncan put some rockets on his and zoomed up the mountain, immediately, "That's acceptable" Chris said. Courtney tripped on the way up, Duncan immediately went down the other side to see if its OK. "Are you OK, princess?" Duncan said, "Yeah" Courtney said. "Dude, you were just up the mountain, now your costing us the win" Gwen said. "So" Duncan said as Gwen and Duncan got into a fight. Soon, all the members of the Screaming Psychos went up the top of the mountain, "Your going too betray us, again" Beth said, "No" Justin said. Beth and Justin got into a big fight, they soon feel down the mountain with the other Screaming Psychos and all of them ended up hitting a rock. "That's got to leave a mark" Chris said. The Killer Swashbucklers caught up and ended up winning the challenge, "THE KILLER SWASHBUCKLERS WIN!" Chris said "Now the Screaming Psychos, time to vote and see you later at the Bike Shop." Later at the Bike Shop, "OK, you know what happens, get bike model, if you don't you go through the Air Runway of Shame and get on the Plane of Losers, never coming back, now let's get this thing started, shall we, OK, Trent, Heather, Leshawna, DJ, Courtney, now the final bike model, Beth and Justin" Chris said handing out the bike models, "OK, this final bike model goes to.........Justin." "NO, Justin, you little %^&*()#$%@^&&*()*@#!$%^!@#$%&%$" Beth said, "I've been called worse" Justin said. Beth was furious at Justin but she still went through the Air Runway of Shame and got on the Plane of Losers. "Well, I'm mean and bald, but I'm still going to get up on top" Justin said leaving the site.

Chapter 5- Rodeo Clowns

"Hello, TDD fans, the daredevils, today, are going to really CLOWN AROUND (giggles) in this episode" Chris said still giggling. "Alrighty, daredevils, today's challenge will take place at a special place, so get on the Plane of Losers and let's go" Chris said as the daredevils went on the place. "OK, were's Chris's Rodeo Stadium" Chris said as they landed their place near the location. "OK, daredevils, this challenge will be a rodeo bucking challenge, you will be getting on these really big and buff bucking bulls and try to stay on the bucking bull for at least 10 minutes, the winner(s) will allow their team's win and here's the best part, your going to wear a special costume for it" Chris said later giggling as the daredevils came out wearing ridiculous cowboy rodeo clown outfits. "You must be joking" Gwen said as Chris was laughing his pants off at the goofy-looking daredevils in their rodeo clown suits. "OK, first is Heather" Chris said. "No way, I'm not going on that up-and-down animal" Heather said, "Oh, you so are going to go" Leshawna said as she forcefully puts Heather on the bull, and in one second, Heather is bucked off and landed in cow-pie. Heather screamed while Leshawna was laughing saying it was too good. "OK, now Trent" said Chris as Trent went on the bull, it was only a minute as Trent was bucked off and landed straight through the bike shop. "We'll get the Bike Shop fixed by 8:00" Chris said. Soon, it was down to two people. "OK, everyone went except for two, Duncan and Leshawna, and first is Leshawna" Chris said. "OK, Go" Chris said as Leshawna went on the bull. Soon, it was 9:58. "You can do it" DJ said, but Leshawna bucked off. "Oh" Chris said "You did 9:59.9, so close, well, now it's up to Duncan to decide who wins." Duncan went on the bull, and soon 10 minutes passed and Duncan won. "Well, Duncan won, so the Screaming Psychos, have to vote someone off, so see you in the fixed bike-shop" said Chris and everyone went to the bike shop, good as new (except Trent who was injured), "OK, you know the deal, so get your bike model, Leshawna, Justin, Courtney, DJ, and now the final marshmallow, Trent and Heather, the final marshmallow goes to... Heather" Chris said handing out all of the bike models "Time to go, Trent." Later, at the hospital, Trent was put in, Trent say a flower in a glass next to him saying "From the Daredevils (and Chris) on Total Drama Daredevil." Trent smiled as he knew they cared about me (and knew one of them cared for him the most.)

Chapter 6- I Built This Camp Out of Rocket Roll

"Hello, people, today's show is now sponsored by Rocket Racer's Rockets" Chris said going back to the show. "Hello, daredevils" Chris said barging into there bedrooms with the megaphone (again.) "Today's challenge will take place in the Space Center, so let's get it going, lazybones" Chris said as everyone went to the space center. "OK, today's challenge will be a 2-partner rocket race and here's today's partners, for the Killer Swashbucklers, it's Duncan and Katie and for the Screaming Psychos, it's Leshawna and Heather" Chris said. "YOU MUST BE JOKING!" Heather and Leshawna said at the same time. "I know I made the right choice in partners" Chris said. "Great, I end up with Mrs. EEEnoying" Duncan said. "Well, you are not as good-looking as well" Katie said. They both grred in each others faces. "OK, you four must be in your team's rocket" Chris said as they did what Chris said "OK, on your mark! Get Set! GO!" The two rockets went, "I can handle the controls" Heather said, "You are so not costing our teams lost, hand me the controls" Leshawna said as the two got into a fight and the Killer Swashbucklers got the lead. "Were in the lead, go faster so we stay that way" Katie said. "I'm going as fast as I can, Mrs. Busy" Duncan said. "This ought to be good, especially for rankings" Chris said. "I can't believe I'm saying this but unless, we want our team to lose, again, we must have to work together" Leshawna said. "Why?" Heather said. "Because, if we lose this, your going to be out" Leshawna said, "Fine, we'll work together but only for this moment" Heather said. Soon, with teamwork from Leshawna and Heather, they end up getting the lead and ending up winning the game. The Screaming Swashbucklers cheered for Leshawna and Heather, while the Killer Swashbucklers looked ashamed at both Duncan and Katie. "It's all your fault, delinquent" Katie said, "No way, it was your fault, big-mouth" Duncan said. "Well, Killer Swashbucklers, it's time to vote someone off, so get ready at the Bike Shop" Chris said. Everyone did and knew who was going off the camp, and later, at the Bike Shop, "OK, you know the drill, so get your elimination saving bike models, here, get it, Lindsay, Owen and Gwen. Katie and Duncan, here's the final bike shop model and it goes to...........Duncan" Chris said handing out all of the bike models. "No, why you little, LOSERS?" Katie said later crying to the Plane of Losers, seeing that Sadie was in it with her. "EEEE" Sadie said, "EEEEEEEE" Katie said, soon the plane went off and the girl's EEEEEEd away, never being seen again.

Chapter 7- All Tied Up

"WARNING: This challenge might be the most death-defying challenge YET, so for you people who don't like excitement, extreme challenges and man-eating sharks, this is your last chance to shut this show down, but don't if you want our rating to go down" Chris said. "OK, People, today's challenge is going to one of our most death-defying challenge OVER! So get your lazy butts up and get to Shark-Bait Lake, or you'll miss the fun" Chris said, as the tired campers went to Shark-Bait Lake for their next challenge. "OK, today's challenge will be to be chained with a chain and ball in Shark-Bait Lake which in fact has man-eating sharks, if you get to shore ALIVE and don't cry uncle, you and your team will win!" Chris said. "Is there such thing as sharks in a lake?" DJ said, "Yes" Chris said. "Just like in Juvenal Detention" Duncan said. "No way, am I going to risk my neck just to win some bucks" Heather said, "If you and your team survive, you get to go to a 5-Star Restaurant for Dinner" Chris said. Soon, with the thought in winning some actually good food, they decided what the heck? If we win, we eat! "OK, first one up is...Owen" said Chris, "Yes! Going to win that meal, WOOHOO!" Owen said putting on his chain and ball, "And Dive!" Chris said and the fat boy did! Owen was now in the shark-infested waters with a chain and a ball, when a shark came out about to eat Owen, but Owen farts and chokes the shark. Owen then swims over to shore, "That's one point for the Killer Swashbucklers, now next is Duncan" Chris said. 5 minutes later, Duncan comes back to shore carrying a bruised shark. Soon, everyone (except some few) went into the waters, some successfully go to shore, others just "cried Uncle!" "OK, Killer Swashbucklers: 4, Screaming Psychos: 3, it's up to Justin and Heather to go into the waters and win the game" Chris said. "No way, am I going to go in those shark-infested waters" Heather said, "Yeah and I'm not totally going to ruin my gorgeous look" Justin said. "Are you sure, if you quit, you automatically let the Killer Swashbucklers win and the Screaming Psychos will hate you...MORE!" Chris said, Heather and Justin nodded, "Well, OK, then the Killer Swashbucklers win, and now the Screaming Psychos must vote for someone and come back to the Bike Shop" Chris said as everyone voted and went to the Bike Shop. "OK, you know the deal, get bike, safe, don't get bike, go to plane, OK, now, Leshawna, DJ and Courtney. Justin and Heather, the final marshmallow" Chris said as Justin and Heather didn't look nervous at all "......Heather!" "What? Why? I'm so gorgeous" Justin said, "Hit the road, gorgeous" Courtney said, "Fine, you know F*** you! I'm out of here" Justin said as he went through the air runway of shame and got on the plane of losers. Never showing his gorgeous face anywhere on this daredevil camp ever again!

Chapter 8- A Wild Goose Chase

"NOTE: No one was hurt (THAT MUCH!) during the making of this episode" Chris said. Everyone was sleeping on this calm, peaceful day(?) until Duncan woke up with a goose biting his nose. "AHHH! Get off of me, you crazy bird" Duncan said getting the goose off his nose, everyone woke up from that shriek. "Well, I see everyone was awake and so I will announce the challenge early, OK, today you will be capturing these special genetically altered geese and trap them in this pen, the team with the most geese caught wins" Chris said as Duncan suddenly fainted. Chris looked at Duncan and saw he was as purple as a grape vine, "Oh, did I mention that the geese are poisonous?" Chris said. "NO!" DJ said with a worried face. "Well, they are, they are really loaded with poison, but don't worry there's an antidote, and in a few hours, Duncan will back to normal... well, technically not normal but still will be fine" Chris said. "Wen I'n ou off her yo wil ge i" Duncan said which meant 'When I'm out of here you will get it.' Duncan was sent to the infirmary where for the antidote will get stuck in the "place." "OK, now let's get this challenge started, release the geese" Chris said as the goose was on the loose. Everyone didn't like the fact that groups of poisonous Canadian Geese were after them but the team still wanted to win. On the Killer Swashbucklers, everyone was running away, Lindsay got her hair caught in a goose, "AHH, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!" Lindsay said. Owen was running from the geese until Owen remembered geese was one of his favorite foods, "COME TO PAPA, GEESE" Owen said with a watering mouth. The geese run away but Owen got them, Owen was about to eat one until Chris stopped him, "No, Owen, don't eat the geese" Chris said "OK, but the Killer Swashbucklers still have 6 points." On the Screaming Psychos, the same chase-and-scream panic was happening all over camp, "Now, don't worry, there just some dumb geese" Courtney said the geese noticed Courtney's insult and chased her until one bit her butt. "AHH!" Courtney said "A jus go poseness?" (I just got poisoned!) Courtney was send to the infirmary next to Duncan. "He Bab" Duncan babbled (Hey Babe), "Shoo ti" Courtney babbled (Shut It.)"He, don eb ike hat" Duncan said with rabbies in his face (Hey, Don't Be Like That), "ruoy, os ton ym epyt" Courtney said also with rabbies in her face (Your, so not my type.) "OK! This will hurt A LOT" The doctor said with thousands of needles. "OK, 9-0 and the Screaming Psychos aren't even bothering to catch up" said Chris, that's when DJ had an idea. "HONK! HONKEDEE, HONK!" DJ said, "What are you doing, black guy" Leshawna said, "I'm geese-calling, HONK! HONK! HONKEDEE, HONKEDEE, HONK!" DJ said as the geese-calling ended up getting four geese in. "OK, now it's 9-4, It's a dead heat but the teams only got 5 more minutes" Chris said. Courtney and Duncan having the needles shot in "the place" and decided to chat. "So, you went to jail, how many times?" Courtney said, "345 times, that's a world record" Duncan said. "(Laugh) You actually streaked on a New Year's Day parade" Courtney said, "Yep" Duncan said, "Wow, didn't notice that you were that attractive" Courtney said, "I'm a one of a kind" Duncan said. Courtney and Duncan ended up making out. "TIME'S UP!" Chris said "OK, 10-6, close by 4 points, but I'm sorry but the Screaming Psychos lose, Killer Swashbucklers, congrats! And now let's see if the two sickos are better" Chris said as Duncan and Courtney ended up better and making out "Never thought cupid would strike his arrows those two." The Screaming Pyschos didn't like the new Courtney-Duncan relationship but it might bring up some Screaming Psychos secret, so that why the Psychos decided to stop it. "OK, you know the drill, now get your bike model, Leshawna, DJ. Get your bike models, OK, Heather and Courtney, the final bike model goes to...Heather!" Chris said, "Why me?" Courtney said crying as Duncan came up her, "Don't worry, babe" Duncan said as the two maked out before Courtney went to the Air Runway of Shame and got on the Plane of Losers.

Chapter 9- Jump the Shark

"Hello, today's episode will involve these..." Chris said showing a picture of sharks, "These..." Chris said showing water-ski gear, "And Finally, this..." Chris said showing a sign saying "LOTS OF DRAMA!", "So, you better not touch that dial and don't blink, or you'll miss it" Chris said. Everyone was falling asleep until they noticed something. "Uhh, guys, something tells were not at Daredevil Camp, anymore" Duncan said noticing that he and everyone else were sleeping on a bed of sand with a far glimpse of the camp on the other side of the ocean. "Right you are Duncan" Chris's voice in the loudspeaker next to daredevils. "Today's challenge is a water-ski race back to Daredevil Camp, you will work in partners of 2, one will ride the boat, the other will ski on the water-skis, and you must use 3 out of 5 of the ramps in the ocean or you won't win invincibility, oh and watch out for man-eating sharks in the ocean. OK, you got 30 minutes to chose your partners and then wait at the starting line, until I say so" said Chris. "WAIT, THERE'S ONLY 7 OF US" DJ said. "Yeah, I know" Chris said. 30 minutes later, and the partners were chosen, Duncan and DJ, Leshawna and Gwen and Lindsay and Owen, leaving Heather to herself. "What? No one picked me as a partner" Heather said. "No one liked since Day 1" Duncan said to Heather. "OK, campers, time's up, go to your water ski gear, go decide who goes where and just GO, GO, GO!" Chris said as the partners got ready. Duncan, Leshawna and Owen rode the motorboat, while Gwen, DJ and Lindsay went on the waterskis. Heather just got a old rusty motorboat no one else took, "Why does nothing go my way?" Heather said as the rest of the daredevils already went offshore. Heather went off and to discover the rusty motorboat was running ahead of the rest, "Yes" Heather said as she patted the motorboat for going. Though suddenly, the motorboat went into pieces and soon, Heather went into the waters, "Why you little..." Heather went into the ocean before she could continue the sentence. The all 6 campers went to the ramps, and all of them at least went up 3 out of the 5 ramps. Now the 6 people were going neck and neck going close to the Daredevil Camp, "Oh my, the daredevils are heading toward the shark-infested part of the ocean...this ought to get some ratings" Chris said watching the whole thing from the beach-side part of the camp. Soon the daredevils could see the sharks coming, "SHARKS AHEAD!" DJ said as suddenly the sharks come toward the 6 daredevils. A shark come toward Lindsay and got Lindsay's water bra. Soon Lindsay was exposed, Duncan got a glimpse of it and crashed toward a rock in the way. Lindsay noticed herself being exposed and just let go of the motorboat and went into the sea. And soon, Gwen, Leshawna and Owen went to the final line. "I guess we have our winners, OK, Owen since your partner was there with you when you crossed the finish line, that means Gwen and Leshawna win invicibility. OK, we know who won, so know go ahead and vote for your loser and come meet me at the Bike Shop" Chris said. The daredevils did and soon went together at the Bike Shop, for there Bike Shop Ceremony. "OK, you know the drill, now get your Bike model, when I say your name" Chris said about to say the survivors names "Gwen, Leshawna, Owen, Lindsay, DJ. Heather and Duncan, here's the final bike model, and it goes to.........Heather. OK, it's time to go Duncan." "Why me?" Duncan said. "Oh nothing, breast-seeker" Lindsay said. "Oh whatever, I'm out of here" Duncan said as he went through the Air Runway of Shame and got on the Plane of Losers, "So long, delinquent, and I'll see you next time" Chris said ending the show.

Chapter 10- Would You Like Some Ketchup With Your Bug?

"Warning: Don't watch this episode if you already ate lunch, in fact, don't watch this episode if your about to eat lunch, in fact, don't watch this episode if you ever want to eat right again" Chris said starting the show. Everyone was waking up from that hard ski challenge yesterday, "OK, daredevils, today's challenge, we're taking a break from the extreme challenges and now doing something different, today we are going to eat special meals from around the world, it's a surprise, but trust, it will shock you until you puke" Chris said. "Well, it would probably be better than the cooking we have here" Gwen said, "Are you sure?" Chris said, "Woo-hoo! Finally, a challenge about food, I don't care what it is" Owen said excited. "OK, then, everybody go to the lunch-table, and get ready for the surprise" Chris said as everybody went to the table. Chris set out the silver dishes with silver plates on top, "OK, for breakfast, we have...BUGS, for lunch...MORE BUGS and for dinner...EVEN MORE BUGS" Chris said "OK, the challenge is four your teams will eat these bugs, one at a time, one person will eat a breakfast, another person will eat at lunch and the final person eats at dinner, the time that gets the most points wins, to get points, you must eat the dish licked-clean and must not puke or barf out the treat, OK, teams decide who goes first." For the Killer Swashbucklers, the team decided to allow the lovable fat guy, first and for the Screaming Psychos, it's the brick house with the heart. "OK, Owen and DJ, come to the Bug table for breakfast, while, the rest of you have a gourmet breakfast in the Mess Hall" Chris said, "Hey, you allow the others to eat gourmet, while we eat creepy crawly bugs" DJ complained, "Yeah, don't worry, you'll get your turn during lunch and dinner" Chris said "OK, for breakfast, I've got for breakfast, there's spiders and beetles and wasps, well be exact Oozing Black Spiders, Always Moving Beetles and Really Painful Wasps" Chris said, "Oh My" DJ said. "OK, show me the buggies" Owen said as he gobbled down the whole tray of bugs. Chris faces turned green, "That's just sick" Chris said. DJ was slowly about to eat the oozing black spider until it oozed in his face and he fainted. "That'll cost his team some points" Chris said, breakfast was over and the points was KS-1,SP-0. "OK, next is lunch, so pick your players" Chris said. For the Killer Swashbucklers, they decided the dumb blond and for the Screaming Psychos, they decided the B$%^h. "OK, Heather, Lindsay, for lunch, we have Squiggly Slime Worms, Dung-Throwing Beetles and Gotta-Go Grasshoppers" Chris said. Grosser than the last dish, Lindsay was able to eat the worms and the grasshoppers, while, Heather was a moving toilet to the bugs. It was over and now it was KS-2, SP-0. The Final Round happened at dinner with Leshawna for the Screaming Psychos and Gwen for the Killer Swashbucklers. "It's an all-for-one round, it's worth 3 points, who will win? Let's see the menu for dinner. OK, it's Crawly Centipedes, Harry Scary Spiders and Gooey Gross Worms" Chris said, the meal was gross but these two girls who ready to win. In less than 5 minutes, these girls finished the whole thing, "OK, let's see who won, OK, since one team did finished the dish licked-clean first...the Killer Swashbucklers won with a 5 points" Chris said as the Swashbucklers cheered. "OK, Screaming Psychos, time for the Bike Shop Cermony" Chris said as the Screaming Psychos went to the Bike Shop for the last time. "OK, you voted, now when I give you, your bike model, your safe and if you don' know what happens. OK, Heather. Now that was quick, OK. Leshawna and DJ, the final 2 last season, one of you will be save and continue the game, the other will go. OK, the final Bike Model, will go to............Leshawna" Chris said as DJ sadly went on the Air Runway of Shame and on the Plane of Losers, when he saw a bug on his seat. DJ faints in the sight. "See you next time, when we meet the Final 5" Chris said ending the show.

Chapter 11- A Tour of Playa Des Daredevils

"There is a question lots of people ask when watching this show and that is: When the daredevils are eliminated, where do they go? And I will answer your question right now, as well leave the unwanted Daredevil and go to Playa Des Daredevils, where the eliminated daredevils go and see what they have to say about Total Drama Daredevil in this special episode, so let's go" Chris said as the Plane of Losers took him to Playa Des Daredevils and took him to meet the eliminated campers. In only a few hours, Chris was at Playa Des Daredevils, a lovely spa resort where the eliminated daredevils can relax after being eliminated from the island of extremeness. "And let's the tour with Sadie and Katie, so Sadie and Katie how was it being separated from each other for 15 days" Chris said pointing the camera towards the EEEEnoying Duo. "Well, I started feeling bad being separated from Sadie" Katie said "I cried for 3 whole days." "Yeah, I cried on Playa Des Daredevil for 9 days" Sadie said. "I couldn't fall more 1 week with that sobbing" Ezekiel said interrupting the tour. "Yeah, but now we're back and never going to be separated again" Sadie as she and Katie starting EEEEEEEEEEEing. "Well, now let's seen what our newest TDD couple have to say about this competition, give it away, Courtney and Duncan" said Chris now interviewing Duncan and Courtney. "Well, after Duncan's elimination, we have had a successful relationship" Courtney said. "Yeah, no jealousy, no problems, no worries, a perfect relationship" Duncan. "So you've forgiven Duncan for seeing Lindsay's breasts" Chris said. "HE DID WHAT?" Courtney replied in rage and shock, "I didn't mean to, I mean, well, you see...SEE YA!" Duncan said running away from Courtney, "Come back here you..." Courtney said as a loud donkey sound blocked out the rest of the sentence. "Whoa, wouldn't want to be that guy, anyway let's continue the tour with a fan favorite, he had gotten injured, but he will always be fine in our hearts, give it up for Trent" Chris said showing Trent good as new. "OK, Trent, how has it been since your elimination, have you been better, is there anyone you want to win" Chris said. "Well, Chris. The doctor said that I'm good as new and there is someone I totally want to win, well, I hope you win it, Gwen" Trent said. "Now, it's time for the duo, Ezekiel and Harold, So how has it been on this wonderful paradise" Chris said. "Well, let's say it's better than what we encountered on camp" Ezekiel said as the two both agreed. "OK, now let's see Beth and Justin" Chris said "Well, Beth and Justin, how's it been, you two, have you gotta along with each other on this paradise." "Not exactly" Justin and Beth said as they were both strangely each other, "I'll leave these two alone" Chris said. "OK, now let's see the newest member of this resort, DJ, so how is it being here on this wonderful resort" Chris said to DJ, "Great, heck, if this was where I'd be when I was eliminated, I've would of wanted to be kicked off weeks ago" DJ said. "OK, let's see what the people who didn't make it have to say about the show" Chris said showing the people that didn't make it but Geoff and Bridgette were making out (of course), Eva and Tyler were arm-wrestling (Eva won), Izzy was hanging with a bear (YIKES!) and Noah and Cody were quizzing themselves on their smartness. "OK, I guess these people are too busy, so let's skip them and just go to the exciting part, OK, so everyone here will vote off a person, TDD, anyone you want. And no loopholes this time" Chris said. And soon, intentionally everyone voted for Heather and soon, Heather was in this beautiful paradise, out of the competition. "Well, I guess it's over for the tour, so I'll see you next time on TOTAL DRAMA DAREDEVIL!" Chris said ending the show.

Chapter 12- Driving for Daredevils

"OK, you'll me and the producers usually cook up some extreme challenge for the daredevils but today, we ran out of ideas, so we read letters to get ideas. This one right here...OK, this one is from Dylan Turner from a Fan Fiction website and it says... 'Dear Chris, since all of the daredevils playing are all 16 years old and should be taking Drivers Eds, why not teach them Drivers Eds in this episode will an EXTREME Drivers Eds course, Sincerely, Dylan Turner', so this episode Dylan is dedicated to you Dylan and roll it" Chris said as we see the Final Four daredevils sleeping in their beds. "Hello, daredevils" Chris said in the speaker, "Whoa, long time this I used this, baby, anyway, your next challenge will take place in the new, Drivers Eds obstacle course and get ready for the next challenge" Chris said as every went to the obstacle course, ready for the next challenge. "Welcome, daredevils, just to note, today's challenge is dedicated to Dylan Turner, OK, he said that you should do an EXTREME Drivers Eds course" Chris said. "Well, thanks a lot, Dylan, your so going on my enemy list" Gwen said. "OK, When You Get in the Car, you'll be driving through landmine cones, touch and you'll be blow up out of the field, you will then drive through deadly U turns and then avoid the avalanche. The one that gets around here the fastest and unfortunately, the safest WINS!" Chris said. "I thought we were going to learn how to drive" Gwen said. "We are, we're learning how to drive EXTREME STYLE" Chris said "OK, let's start the EXTREME Drivers Eds with the Owester." "WOOHOO! I'm ready" Owen said about to start his EXTREME Drivers Ed. Owen went into the car with Chris in the front seat, as Owen drove through the minefield automatically enter a mine and exploding off the course. "OK, that's going to cost some points" Chris said leaving the car with an ashy face. "OK, next is Leshawna" Chris said, "OK, Chris, my man, I am ready to pedal to the metal" Leshawna getting in the car and starting the obstacle course. Leshawna survived the minefield, the U-Turns and the avalanche and did it in about 6 minutes. "Whoa, that was a wild-ride and I'm still alive, now going Leshawna, you know have you ever thought about being a professional drag-racer" Chris said. "OK, next is Lindsay and later, it will end with Gwen" said Chris starting Lindsay's Driving Eds. "OK, I'm ready" Lindsay as she went into the car and start driving. Lindsay goes over the speed limit through the course. "Are we going to be safe" Chris said. "Don't worry, Chip, I've only took this test like 29 times, I think" Lindsay said. "Oh" Chris said feeling unsafe "Look out for the avalanche field." But Lindsay wasn't listening and run straight through the avalanche field. Lindsay passed the finish with a beat-up car and with Chris pushing it. "Wow, this car is more damaged then it did when Owen was driving" Chris said "OK, finally, it's Gwen, time for Drive inspection." Gwen went into the car and really gave Chris the ride of his life. She ran through that minefield, she revved through the U-Turns and she rumbled through the avalanche field. And finally beat Leshawna's record with everything (including the car) in one piece. "Wow, that was awesome" Chris said "I think we have a winner...Gwen!" "OK, now let's go to the Bike Shop Center to start our Bike Shop ceremony" Chris said. Soon, everyone was at the Bike Shop Ceremony, ready for someone to go home. "OK, let's do this thing, Gwen obviously has a bike model, and so those Leshawna." Chris said giving the bike models "OK, now it up to Owen and Lindsay. And the final bike model goes to............... Owen." "OK, Lindsay, time to go" Chris said. "OK, bye everyone, see you in the finale" Lindsay as she said her good-byes and left Total Drama Daredevil...for now, anyway!

Chapter 13- The Wrongest Yard

"It has been a long time since we've seen our lovely campers, but now it's time for some MORE EXTREME CHALLENGES as we face the FINAL THREE, and in our Final 3 is... the girl with the 'tude, Leshawna, the 200+ pound tub of love, Owen, and the gloomy yet lovable, Gwen, in this extreme challenge, they will do something so extremely stupid and so life-risking that you won't want to miss a SHOT of it...but for hints, it would involve a giant...THIS!" Chris said showing a slingshot. "Now it's time to do something I've never done since last season, RUDELY WAKE UP THE CONTESTANTS!" Chris said holding a grenade. "Don't worry this thing is only filled with Owen's fart, so it would hurt anyone...MUCH!" Chris said throwing it into the bedroom where everyone in it choked with the foul smell (except for Owen who strangely liked it.) "Hello, Daredevils" Chris said coming into the cabin with an airmask "Your next challenge will be in the Chris Football Arena, so see you there." "We had a football arena" Owen said. "Now, let's get going people, the early bird catches the worm" Chris said. "Sorry, Chris, I ate all of them last breakfast" Owen said giving a big burp. Soon, final 3 were in the dressing room putting on their new hats, "OK, why are we wearing these?" Gwen said coming in with an arrowhead helmet. "Well, it wasn't the most ridiculous thing you wore, remember the clown challenge" Chris said. "Not even mention, Chris my man" Leshawna said. "Well, you'll understand why I'm forcing you to wear those things, in a few seconds..." Chris said waiting a few seconds. "OK, it's time to explain the challenge, OK, if you look to your right you'll see the football field filled with meter numbers and right in front of you, you'll see a ginormous slingshot" Chris said. "I'm not liking where this is going" Leshawna said. "Well, you won't as you will know that you'll be shot in the air and then land on the football court, the longest yard wins, the shortest will be eliminated" Chris said. "OK, first up is...Owen" said Chris as the tub of love went up to the slingshot. But when Owen went to the slingshot, he discovered something, his pants were stuck to the slingshot, so when Owen was shot through the air, his pants didn't. And now Owen was flying in the air, without any pants, Owen (covering his privates) fell next to the 150 feet area. "Dude, you made it to 153 feet, but I would recommend putting these back on" Chris said giving Owen back his pants. "Next is... Leshawna" Chris said as Leshawna went on the slingshot. "If I don't make tell my brother, he can have my MP3 player" Leshawna said as she was sent through the air and landed next to the 290 feet area. "Whoa, nice job, Leshawna, you got 297 feet, nice going, girl" Chris said "OK, finally it's Gwen." Gwen went on the slingshot, swallowing in all her fears, "Good-bye" Gwen said as she was flying. She was flying farther than Owen and Leshawna's feet combined and she finally hit the football field wall and fell near the 400 feet area. "Whoa, Gwen passed the 400 feet area, and we had no 400 feet area, I guess Gwen's the winner" Chris said and Leshawna and Owen were cheering for Gwen. "Hey, don't be cheering yet, someone is going home and it is the person who flashed in his challenge" Chris said and Owen was going through the Air Runway of Shame and went on the Airplane of Losers knowing he had a good time.

Chapter 14- No Thanks for the Memories (part 1)

"From here to way back in the beginning we've experienced some great memories, like Lindsay jumping from a plane in her underwear, Ezekiel embrasassingly going into a Canyon with his Canadian Hick Gas, Beth shaving away Justin's hair, Trent injuring himself on the mechanical bull, the argument between Duncan and Katie, Duncan bruising a shark, Poisoned by Geese Duncan and Courtney gaining a relationship, Duncan seeing Lindsay topless, DJ fainting from eating bugs, the look on Heather's face when eliminated by the other campers, Lindsay completely wrecking the Drivers Ed car and Owen flashing when being shot by a giant slingshot and others. But now it all up to Leshawna and Gwen to make the most memorable memory in all of Total Drama history, where they will fight in our Obstacle Course of Memories and remember the torture we caused them before. But who will win this awesome competition and get $1,110,000 in this most memorable challenge of... TOTAL DRAMA DAREDEVIL!" Chris said. Chris now goes to the cabin containing the Final 2, "OK, since I've totally run out of ideas on how to rudely wake up the campers, today I'm doing the gentleman approach" Chris said as he later rammed the door down bring in sirens and used megaphones saying "WAKE UP, YOU LAZYHEADS!" "Man, I hate those wake up routine, I mean I trying to grow up into a grown up maverick" Gwen said. "Well, I have no time for you to GROW into anything because today, you'll be competing in the most memorable challenge of your life" Chris said "OK, final 2, come on to the Total Drama Hall of Memories." "A Total Drama Hall of Memories, come on, is this camp some kind of enormous hammerspace" Leshawna said complaining as the Final 2 went to the Total Drama Hall of Memories. "As you look, through the Hall of Memories, you'll see exhibits from past seasons, on your left, you'll see a 11x30 inch replica of Owen jumping off the cliff in our first episode, and two your right you'll see the alien costume Chef wore in the alien-film genre challenge, but where your challenge will take place is in the middle of it all...presenting...the Total Drama Hall of Memories Obstacle Course of Memories, try saying that 5 times fast" Chris said "OK, we start with the rockets where we go up Mount Chris and then down where you will then go on the Psychos on Cycles bicycles where you go through the track with snow, rain, hail and rocks, then you go on our Drivers Ed cars where you'll go through the U-Turns and mine fields, then you go on our lunch table where you'll have a serving of disgusting bugs, and then you would go on your water skis and jump the shark, and finally, you will be slingshotted on our giant slingshot to the finish line, you understand." "So, we're just reliving every single hard challenge that we've faced" Gwen replied in agony. "Yeah, that's right. You got to thank for the memories, even if they weren't so great, huh, You know they should make a song of that" Chris said. "OK, on your mark, get set, GO!" Chris said as Leshawna and Gwen went ready to become champion. Gwen and Leshawna went to the rockets, "I have more experience with this rocket in that episode, so I'm going to get the advantage" Leshawna said, "So I've done dangerous stuff like this before" Gwen said as both sky-rocketed from the top and bottom of Mount Chris and now both were going to the bike race. "OK, both Gwen and Leshawna are neck and neck and are going to the bike race...sponsored by Psychos on Cycles, I repeat sponsored by..." Chris said as Gwen interupted, "Not this again" Gwen said as slipped through the hail and fell to the floor. "Yes, Leshawna's in the lead" she said as suddenly a pack of wild posionous geese appear in the middle of the bike race. "I thought those geese were tranquilized and sent back to Canada" Chris said, "They had one day left on there contract" a staff member said. "Sweet" Chris said. "Oh No, Leshawna going to be geese chow" Leshawna paniced. TO BE CONTINUED...

Chapter 15- No Thanks for the Memories (part 2)

"Previously on...Total Drama Daredevil, memories was remembered as the Final 2 contestants would face in a Previous Challenges Challenge, while the game between the loner goth, Gwen, and the sassy girl, Leshawna, became the left off in the event where Gwen had fallen off here bike and Leshawna heading towards "Lucy-Goosey" trap, get it? Well, anyway who will win this most memorable episode of...Total...Drama...Daredevil" Chris said. Leshawna is rowing down on her bike going to the pile of ducks when suddenly a piece of bread was thrown and the geese went to it saving Leshawana's life, "Who threw the bread?" Chris said as a staff member with a shirt saying "Go Leshawna!" was whistling suspiciously. Leshawna then stood up and raced the rest of the way out of the bike obstacle course. Now, Gwen and Leshawna were both at the Drivers Ed cars. "Hey, you caught up" said Gwen. "Hey, what are you doing laying around here for, GET GOING!" Chris said as Leshawna and Gwen went along in their cars. Gwen and Leshawna were neck and neck passing through U-Turns and mine-fields, although Leshawna's car crashed in the U-Turn and Gwen's was destroyed by the mine field, so they did the rest of the way on foot, to the disgusting display of bugs, "What is this, bug" said Gwen as the bug shoot something out of his end into Gwen's face. "Blast ended skrewts" Chris said as comedic drums played by Chef. After eating the bugs and barfing...they went to Lake Chris to water skis while jumping the shark. So the two rushed through the skis, as they reached a ramp and both jumped over a shark while Leshawna's pants were biten off. But finally, when the two of them were out of the water (and wearing pants), they both were fighting to the slingshot. "It's mine $1,110,000, girl" said Leshawna, "No it's mine" said Gwen, when suddenly the slingshot shot the both of them through the finish line. "Wait, who won?" said Chris, "I have a photo" said Chef, and then Chris was ready to proclaim the winner, "I see so the winner of Total Drama Daredevil and the $1,110,000 is going to be shown through this picture. Leshawna and Gwen looked shocked to see the winner, and one of them sort of proud...THE END?

Chapter 16- Photo Finish

"Previously on Total Drama Daredevil, we had a cliffhanger in our finale episode and our now having a photo finish to decide the winner, so watch" said Chris as he went into the football field on a podium with bench seats in the rows showing the eliminated campers and the final two on the podium next to Chris, "Now the moment you all've been waiting for...the winner of Total Drama Daredevil shooting through the slingshot 1st is...GWEN! Then the crowd cheered for Gwen as she went to the podium to make a speech, "Thank you, thank you, I, Gwen, the winner of Total Drama Daredevil would..." said Gwen, "Wait, a second, wait, a second" Chris said as Chef whispered something in Chris's ear. "Another one" Chris said and Chef nodded. "Well, I'd like to say, that we are having another season and the winner, Gwen, is going to be one of our contestants" said Chris to Gwen's horror. "NO! Not another f#$%ing season, NO!" said Gwen, "To bad, it's in your contract" said Chris to Gwen's angry. "And not just her, but 5 other contestants, will go to Total Drama C...wait it's a surprise, and I've got the online votes for the other 5 and they are...Harold, Ezekiel, DJ, avoid lawsuit, and Duncan" said Chris as Harold and Ezekiel high fived, DJ smiled and Courtney and Duncan made out. "Well, it's over for Total Drama Daredevil and time for Total Drama Circus" said Chris as Gwen screamed and circus music played.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 16*
13 Harold** IN IN ELIM
14 Ezekiel** IN ELIM
15 Sadie ELIM

Color Code:

Green Names: Did not qualify for a team

Maroon Names: Screaming Psychos

Skyblue Names: Killer Swashbucklers

Yellow with Black Text: Did not win invincibility but is still competing

Red with Black Text: Eliminated

Black with White Text: Won invincibility

Pink with Black Text: Was the last person to recieve a bike model

Purple with Black Text: Final 5

* We aren't current whose the winner until Episode 16

** Going to Total Drama Circus.

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Theme Song

(To the tune of "I Wanna Be Famous")

Dear Mom and Dad, Camp's doing fine, (Owen flies through the sky and farts make an eagle nearby faint)

I'm trying to survive, (Ezekiel is shoot in a robot-powered wagon)

Making trouble with cannons and sharks, (Duncan is in a straightjacket underwater)

And trees to debark, (Harold and Beth in a bicycle-built-for two crash into a tree)

But I am a Rissssk-taker! (Sadie and Katie fall out of a plane)

See be going down a cliff, (Lindsay's bra is detached by rocks)

going through a straightjacket in a riveriff, (DJ covers her eyes)

Be not succedding, through a foolish suck (Leshawna, Courtney and Gwen look at Justin)

But live through a lot of luck (Trent feels chagrin)

'Cause I am a Risssk-taker! (Heather is caught in a net)

NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA1NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NA!NAHHHH! I am a, I am a, a risk-taker, yeah, I am a, I am a, risk-taker! (whistling) (The whole contestants are chased by geese and Chris is throwing motorcycle models to people except Harold, Courtney and Duncan about to kiss but everyone watches)