"Hey there audience!Im Chris Mclain. Dropping an all new

season of Total Drama!!

Ok,so here's the deal. We've paired up people from TDI and TDROTI pair up. And we have a lot of good couples!!" Chris chuckled.

"We have newbies coming!!" Chris said. As a boat dropping off a girl with blonde hair with a bun, icy blue eyes, and a red velvet dress along with Justin arrived.

"Hello Samantha and Justin." Chris said happily."Whatever."Samantha said. "Jeez." Chris thought. Justin and Samantha were looking them selves in mirrors

"And here come Kristlynn and Trent." Chris said like he had just won a lottery.A girl with pumpkin curly hair, a leopard printed jacket smiled sweetly at Chris and Trent and then said, "Hi Chris.It's nice to meet you" she said in a sweet voice. Trent has never seen her this happy.

" Ok that makes two couples twenty more go. "Chris said." And here come Noah and Kaylie.".A girl with shoulder length brown hair,big brown eyes and a red belly tank top jumped off the boat and said,"Ok,I know your little show is called total drama couples but that doesnt mean that were a couple. Were just friends. "Kaylie said in an irritated voice." Yeah right. You two couldn't last a day without each other!"Chris said in a dramatic voice. "Shut up." Noah said while they both blushed. Kristlynn helped her her mind off of it by talking to her.

"Ladies and Gentleman,Bridgette and Geoff." Kaylie smiled. Bridgette was one of her favorite campers. She looked up to Bridgette a lot.

When Bridgette and Geoff stopped making out,Bridgette said,"Finally some new faces I could get used to on this show."Bridgette giggled.

To be continued.....

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