Fourteen of Total Drama's most memorable contestants from past seasons return to the island, one last final time, to compete in the most daunting season yet. Back at Camp Wawanakwa, the fourteen contestants are divided into two teams, the Scary Squirrels and the Raunchy Raccoons, and will have to square off for the grand prize of one million dollars. One by one, each contestant will be eliminated and sent home on the Boat of Losers, until there is only one contestant left standing. The returnees are...

  • Beardo (TDPI - 14th)
  • Brick (TDRI - 9th)
  • Bridgette (TDI - 10th, TDA - 14th, TDWT - 16th)
  • Courtney (TDI - 14th, TDA - 4th, TDWT - 7th, TDAS - 5th)
  • Dawn (TDRI - 11th)
  • Ezekiel (TDI - 22nd, TDWT - 18th)
  • Gwen (TDI - 2nd, TDA - 12th, TDWT - 9th, TDAS - 4th)
  • Heather (TDI - 3rd, TDA - 9th, TDWT - 1st, TDAS - 10th)
  • Jasmine (TDPI - 4th)
  • Jo (TDRI - 5th, TDAS - 12th)
  • Justin (TDI - 20th, TDA - 7th)
  • Lightning (TDRI - 2nd, TDAS - 13th)
  • Scott (TDRI - 4th, TDAS - 3rd)
  • Topher (TDPI - 8th)

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