This series takes place after Pahkitew Island. This title was shortened. Before the Ridonculous Race.

Chris: Hey, welcome to Cikewin Island. 13 Contestants are showing up here today for a chance at one million dollars, again! So, we shortened the title. It's Cree for "failure" which I hope to see lots of. The original Cree word is ponipayihcikewin. There were two options for the title. Cikewin or Payiwin. Cikewin just sounds more devilish. Anyways, let's play Total..... Drama..... Cikewin (cik-a-win) ISLAND!!

  • Intro*

Episode 1: "Psych-a-win Island"

Chris: Here comes our first contestant. Ally, welcome!

Ally: I watched this show, are we gonna be tortured?

Chris: Eeehhh.. Yeeeaaahhhhh...

Ally: UGH!

Chris: Whoa! A boatload containing 6 of the contestants are coming!!

Hey, Sarah, Corey, Jake, Alexis, Jimmy, Sean. Welcome

Sarah: I'M EXCITED!!!

Corey: I hate this place.


Alexis: I really don't care Jake.

Jimmy: I have blond hair.

Sean: Good for you!

Chris: Yeah, all of you, shut up.

Chris: Here come the other 6. Ryan, Jade, Kat, Andrew, Ethan, Zoey (not TDRI,TDAS, Zoey. A new Zoey)

Chris: Are you gonna say anything.

Ryan, Jade, Kat, Andrew, Ethan, Zoey: No.

Chris: Ok, well you're first challenge: Race to the cabins.

Chris: Go!!!!

  • They all run, Sarah trips, and gets delayed.*
  • At the cabins*

Chris: Welcome, Zoey, you're the first to arrive.

Chris: There comes Ethan and Ryan. Welcome Ethan, you're second. Welcome, Ryan, you're the third.

  • 5 minutes later*

Chris: Welcome Jade, Kat, Andrew, and Jimmy. Jade's fourth, Andrew's fifth, Jimmy's sixth, Kat's seventh.

Chris: Alexis, Sean, Jake, Corey. Good job, Alexis and Sean tied for eighth. Corey's ninth. Jake's tenth.

Chris: Sarah and Ally. Ally.... you're eleventh! Sarah... you're twelfth meaning last.

Sarah: Aren't there 13 people?

Chris: Two people tied for eighth. So only 12 places. Which brings us to team time!

Alexis, Sean, Jimmy, Corey, Sarah, Ally, and Ethan. You are the Cold Crabs.

Jake, Kat, Andrew, Jade, Zoey, Ryan. You are the Super Starfishes.


Chris: Yes, but Sarah lost, so one of them is heading to elimination. They'll have six by tomorrow.

Jake: Fine.

    • At Elimination**

Chris: Crabs, I have 6 marshmallows....

And they go to, Alexis!

Alexis: Yes!

Chris: Corey, Ally.

Corey: Sweet.

Ally: Whatever.

Chris: Ethan...

Ethan: Woo-hoo!

Chris: Sarah, Jimmy. This is the last marshmallow. Sarah, you could be going home, because you lost the challenge for your team. Jimmy, you could be going home because, well... um... FINE! Jimmy, you're safe.

Jimmy: Whew!

Chris: Sarah. The Explosion of Failure awaits.


Chris: Yup. Our elimination method is TNT.

Sarah: Nooo!!!

Chris: Let me know when.

Sarah: Ok, on the count of 5.

Chris: *presses button*

Sarah: AGHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Psych! Yup. 1 down, 12 to go. Join us for more stupidity, affairs, and most of all, EXPLOSIONS!!!!

Next time, on Total... Drama.... CIKEWIN ISLAND!!!

Episode 2: "The Cike-ing Continues"

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