This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Total Drama Chaos

Total Drama Chaos is the first season in my Total Drama... series. It will feature 16 contestants compete for the grand prize of $1,000,000.


  1. Boomer
  2. Clair
  3. Dana
  4. Dawson
  5. Eliza
  6. Ellen
  7. Hatcher
  8. Jenika
  9. Joe
  10. Kaitlyn
  11. Lucy
  12. Michael
  13. Paul
  14. Teresa
  15. Todd
  16. Wallace


  1. Ellen - Sky High Hawks
  2. Paul - Sky High Hawks
  3. Clair - Raging Raccoons
  4. Dawson - Raging Raccoons
  5. Dana - Sky High Hawks, Warrior Princesses
  6. Eliza - Sky High Hawks, Warrior Princesses (1st Jury Member)
  7. Hatcher - Sky High Hawks, Supermen, Chaotic Fighters (2nd Jury Member)
  8. Jenika - Raging Raccoons, Warrior Princesses, Chaotic Fighters (3rd Jury Member)
  9. Kaitlyn - Raging Raccoons, Warrior Princesses, Chaotic Fighters (4th Jury Member)
  10. Michael - Raging Raccoons, Supermen, Chaotic Fighters (5th Jury Member)
  11. Joe - Raging Raccoons, Supermen, Chaotic Fighters (6th Jury Member)
  12. Boomer - Sky High Hawks, Supermen, Chaotic Fighters (7th Jury Member)
  13. Todd - Raging Raccoons, Supermen, Chaotic Fighters (8th Jury Member)
  14. Lucy - Sky High Hawks, Warrior Princesses, Chaotic Fighters (9th and Final Jury Member)

Final Two

  1. Teresa - Raging Raccoons, Warrior Princesses, Chaotic Fighters (Runner-Up, 4/9 Votes)
  2. Wallace - Sky High Hawks, Supermen, Chaotic Fighters (Winner, 5/9 Votes)


A Whole New Competiton

It's bright and early and Koops turned on a camera and announced, "Hello, people watching me, I'm Koops and this is Season One of my new reality show. The producers and I managed to trick 16 teenagers into coming here, Camp Tajonto, a crappy summer camp where they will be staying at for the next 18 days. They need to survive the challenges, the disgusting camp food, and most importantly, each other. Their fates will be decided at our hangar ceremony where all but one contestant will recieve a marshmallow. That contestant must immediately walk down the Airstrip of Shame and get on the Losercopter and leave Camp Tajonto for good. In the end, only one will remain standing to win the grand prize of one million dollars. 18 days, 16 contestants, 1 winner, this is Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!"

(Theme song plays)

"Welcome back," Koops said to the viewers, "Now let's meet our 16 contestants who we tricked into coming here."

Boomer was the first contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Hello, Boomer," Koops said to him.

Boomer ran up and unintentionally strangled Koops.

"I love this place so much!!!" Boomer screamed.

Koops said, as he gasped for air, "That's great, can you let me go now?"

The second contestant to arrive was Clair.

"Clair, what's up?" Koops asked her.

"What's up," Clair asked Koops, "The wildlife, it's so damp and smelly; if you have pets they can pass out from this environment."

"Sure, I'll keep that in mind," Koops said to Clair.

Koops rolled his eyes to what he heard from Clair.

The third contestant to arrive was Dawson.

"Hey, Dawson, what's up?" Koops asked him, as he walked and cried towards the end of the dock.

"I want to go home!!!" Dawson shouted, crying.

"That's great, Dawson, but you can't go home unless you're eliminated," Koops told Dawson.

"DAWW!!!" Dawson shouted.

Eliza was the fourth contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Hey, Eliza, what's going on?" Koops asked her.

Eliza was too bust texting, she didn't bother answering Koops.

"Hey, Eliza, why is your head bald?" Clair asked her.

"My what?" Eliza annoyingly asked her.

"Did you know that intellectual activity or psychological problems can cause baldness?" Clair informed Eliza.

"Nerd," Eliza told Clair.

"Did you know that nerds are usually more successful than bullies?" Clair informed everybody.

They all shouted, "We don't care!!!"

"Speaking of bullies, here comes Todd," Koops said, as Todd was the fifth contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Yo Koops, what up?" Todd asked Koops as they high-fived each other.

"Just getting ready for Season One to begin," Koops told him.

"Cool," Todd said to him.

The sixth contestant to arrive was Lucy.

"Hello, everyone, I'm so excited to be here!" Lucy shouted.

"Hey, Lucy, welcome to Camp Tajonto," Koops told her.

"This is so awesome, Koops," Lucy said to him, as she walked towards the other five contestants.

"She reminds of me of someone I knew back on another season," Koops thought to himself.

The seventh contestant to arrive was Hatcher.

Hatcher walked towards Koops, completely naked.

"Um, Hatcher, can you put some clothes on?" Koops asked Hatcher.

"I would, if I wanted to," Hatcher told him, as he walked towards the other six contestants.

"I'll have the doctors take a look at him if he ever does that again," Koops thought to himself.

"So boys and girls, are you a little psyched out?" Hatcher asked them.

"More like really psyched out," Lucy replied.

"Why are we looking at Hatcher so awkwardly?" Eliza asked everybody.

"They like me flattered, that's what," Hatcher told Eliza.

"Gross," Eliza said to him.

"Your loss, sweetheart," Hatcher told her.

The eighth contestant to arrive was Teresa.

"Hello, Koops, cool place," Teresa said to the host.

"Thanks, Teresa, go stand by the other seven contestants," Koops told Teresa, "Just don't stand closest to Hatcher."

"I heard that!" Hatcher shouted.

"I think you were supposed to hear that," Teresa told Hatcher.

"Whatever, little gorgeous gal!" Hatcher shouted to Teresa.

Wallace was the ninth contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Well if it isn't Wallace?" Koops rhetorically asked.

"Hey Koops, getting ready for yo' big show to begin?" Wallace asked Koops.

"Sure am," Koops replied.

"That's vanilly dilly!" Wallace shouted.

"Vanilly Dilly?" Boomer asked.

"That's my catchphrase," Wallace told Boomer.

"Oh, okay, then mine can be Boomerific!" Boomer shouted.

"That's wonderful, Boomer," Lucy said to him.

"While they talking about annoying catchphrases, let's welcome our tenth contestant to arrive, Ellen," Koops said, as Ellen walked towards him.

"Hey Ellen," Koops welcomed her.

"I imagined this as a great summer experience," Ellen said.

"Oh it will be, Ellen, it will be," Koops said to her.

"I'll imagine that," Ellen said back to Koops.

Joe was the eleventh contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Joe," Koops said, as Joe simply walked past him and walked towards the other ten contestants without acknowledging them.

"Hey, little boy, how are you doing?" Lucy asked him excited.

Joe solemnly said to Lucy, "I'm doing fine, just fine."

"I guess he's psyched out by my 'rather unique personality', am I right?" Hatcher asked Joe.

"Talk about your personality again and I'll make sure you get some clothes on, you fatass!" Joe shouted to Hatcher.

"Okay, okay, sorry!" Hatcher shouted.

"The twelfth contestant to arrive is Dana," Koops said, as Dana walked towards Koops.

"Oh my God, this is like so awesome, yo!" Dana shouted.

"Oh my God, was this girl dropped on her head?" Joe asked himself.

"I like totally heard that like seriously, yo!" Dana shouted.

"Can someone get this girl away from me before I kill her?" Joe asked annoyed.

"The thirteenth contestant to arrive is Michael," Koops said, as Michael walked towards Koops.

"Hi, Koops, how's it going?" Michael politely asked Koops.

"Doing good, Michael," Koops replied.

"That's nice," Michael said.

Joe muttered to himself, "This guy is going to be tough to beat."

Kaitlyn was the fourteenth contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Hello, Koops, nice place," Kaitlyn said to the host.

"Thanks, Kaitlyn, we're almost ready to start, just two more contestants to introduce," Koops told Kaitlyn.

"Coolio!" Kaitlyn shouted excited.

Paul was the fifteenth contestant to arrive to the camp.

"Well, Koops, you outdid yourself, this place is wonderful!" Paul shouted.

"Really, Paul?" Koops asked.

"No, it's a dump," Paul said annoyed.

"You didn't have to say it that way," Koops said.

The sixteenth and final contestant to arrive was Jenika.

"Hello, Koops, it's a big honor meeting you," Jenika said, shaking Koops' hand.

"Yeah, thanks," Koops responded.

"Just walk towards the other and I'll tell you everything you need to know," Koops said to Jenika.

After getting settled, Koops tells them about Total Drama Chaos.

"Welcome to Camp Tajonto, which will be your home for the next 18 days. These 16 people your all sitting next to will be your teammates, your competition, your enemies, or even your friends. The person who remains on Total Drama Chaos longer than the other 15 of you will win one million dollars," Koops announced.

"Well then you just give me the money right now, because I already know I'm the winner," Hatcher said with a cocky look on his face.

"Hatcher, we didn't even pick teams yet, so save the cockiness until then, okay?" Koops asked Hatcher annoyed.

"Will do, my good man!" Hatcher shouted.

"Now it is time to pick teams, when I call your name, go stand on the dark yellow mat," Koops announced, "Boomer, Dana, Eliza, Ellen, Hatcher, Lucy, Paul, and Wallace; you guys are known as the Sky High Hawks!!!"

"Wow, that's the best team name you can think of?" Paul asked.

"Actually, the producers thought of the names, so don't look at me, wise guy," Koops replied.

"Now this time if I call your name, go stand on the black mat," Koops announced, "Clair, Dawson, Jenika, Joe, Kaitlyn, Michael, Teresa, and Todd; you guys are known as the Raging Raccoons!!!"

"Lovely," Joe said sarcastically.

"Don't be such a downer, Joe," Michael said to Joe.

"Yes, father!" Joe shouted.

"There will also be two cabins, the dark yellow cabin is for the Hawks and the black cabin is for the Raccoons," Koops announced, "You can also use that outhouse as a confessional, just in case you want to get something off your chest."

Joe: I'm going to make this game a living hell for everybody, but I feel like laying low for today, but by tomorrow, I'll put the first step of my plan into action.

Hatcher: I know a lot of people hate my streaking, but their going to have to deal with it for 17 more days.

Kaitlyn: I don't know why, but something about Michael really gets my heart burning with lovely passion.

Meanwhile, in the Hawks cabin.

Hatcher: To make sure I needed to stay close to my teammates, I had to create an alliance with at least three other people, but who can I actually trust?

"This is the best thing to ever happen to me!" Boomer shouted.

"I know right?" Lucy asked, agreeing with Boomer.

"I imagine that you two will be having the time of your lives, I suppose," Ellen said.

"That's vanilly dilly folks, now which bed is Wallace getting?" Wallace asked.

"We don't know whose getting what bed to be honest," Eliza said, as she coughed up blood.

Paul: I can't believe six years ago, Eliza was deemed 'The Sexiest Woman of the Year', that's a title worth taking away from someone like her. God, her music sucked.

"Hey Boomer, Wallace, Lucy; can I have a word with you three?" Hatcher asked them.

"Sure," they simultaneously said.

They all walked to some place where nobody would hear them.

"Look guys, I think we aren't getting along as a group," Hatcher said to them.

"I think we are," Lucy said.

"But we can get along quite well, am I right?" Hatcher asked them.

"I think so," Lucy replied.

"So we need to function together or we fail," Hatcher said.

"So what are we doing?" Wallace asked.

"In my opinion, you're not functioning at all," Hatcher replied.

"I'll align with you, Hatcher!" Boomer shouted.

"I'll align too!" Lucy shouted.

"I guess I'm in too!" Wallace shouted.

"Then it's a deal, my friends, we're BAFs!" Hatcher shouted.

"What's that?" Lucy asked.

"Best Allies Forever," Hatcher replied.

They all laughed and high-fived each other, as they celebrated their new alliance.

Meanwhile, at the Raccoons cabin.

"This is a nice place to live in for 17 more days, do you guys agree?" Teresa asked the other Raccoons.

"I don't mind," Michael agreed.

"I don't mind either," Kaitlyn agreed.

Joe: I'm surrounded by a bunch of morons, but I know it's that kind of attitude that's going to make people hate your guts, so if I need to get my own alliance going, I need to fool people that I'm a kind, gentle, caring person. Which reminds me, my nightmare begins, right now!

Teresa: I think the best person I connect to is Joe, he hates this place as much as I do. The only difference is that he openly hates it, while I keep my hatred of this hellhole a secret. If I'm going to win, I'm going to have to align with someone like me, but I'm pretty sure Joe is just as crafty as I am, so I better watch myself.

Koops then announced on the loudspeaker, "Attention contestants, meet me by the mess hall tomorrow in the morning for your first challenge!"

"This is going to be 18 long days," Joe said to himself.

"What will happen tomorrow to our contestants during their first challenge? Which team will win invincibility? Find out next time on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!" Koops announced to the viewers.

He then signed off and ended the episode.

Don't Drink the Smoothie if you Don't Have the Guts

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, 15 contestants were tricked into coming to this old, crappy camp, as they all compete for one million dollars. Now, they're ready to take on their first challenge. Who will win today's challenge? Who will be sent home tonight? Find out now on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

Both teams were ready to go to bed after their first night at Camp Tajonto.

At the Raging Raccoons girls cabin, all the girls were talking about how to play the game.

"So girls, how are you going to play the game?" Teresa asked the other girls.

"We're not going to tell you, Teresa," Kaitlyn said to her, "That's going to screw up our gameplay."

Teresa: Smart girl, Kaitlyn is. Smart girl she is.

"You shouldn't do something like getting in on each other," Jenika said to Teresa, "It's sick and inhumane."

"Um, okay, sorry," Teresa said.

"That's alright, Teresa, just don't do it again," Jenika told Teresa.

Kaitlyn: Jenika is a sweet girl, but that sweetness can become threatening later on in the game.

Clair: Did you know that most people use the confessional are mostly villains? It may not look like it, but it's true.

At the Sky High Hawks guys cabin, Hatcher, Boomer, and Wallace were having an alliance meeting, while the other guys were sleeping.

"So if we lose, whose going first?" Hatcher asked his two allies.

"How about Paul?" Wallace asked.

"I was thinking Ellen," Hatcher said.

"Oh yeah," Boomer agreed.

"Why Ellen?" Wallace asked Hatcher.

"She looks like too much competition and she's annoying with all her imagining crap," Hatcher explained to Boomer and Wallace.

"I agree, she is annoying and she is pretty strong," Wallace said, agreeing with Hatcher's choice.

"So we're going to tell Lucy in the morning?" Boomer asked Hatcher.

"We sure are, Boomer," Hatcher replied.

Meanwhile, at the Raging Raccoons guys cabin, Joe was getting up from his nap, as he was about to start the first step in his plan.

"The Joe-kster has some work to do," Joe said to himself, as he stole the other guys' shoes.

Joe: I know a lot of people did pretty sick things to get others to trust them, but did anyone try getting the others to trust him or her by dipping their shoes in water and getting them to pee their pants?

Joe took the shoes he stole from the other guys and dipped them all in the lake.

Joe: It's going to be really funny when they figure out they just pissed themselves. Lucky for me, I'm known by many to have the 'cute and innocent' look, so I can use that to my advantage. They will never suspect me of doing this.

Joe snuck back into the cabin and put the shoes on different people other than their original owners.

Joe: The Joe-kster is pleased at his success, now I just wait for morning and then everyone will be at everyone else's heads. It feels so good to be bad.

After night passed, chaos erupted in the Raging Raccoons guys cabin.

"Why are my pants wet?" Michael asked.

"My pants too," Dawson said, as he started to cry again, "What cruel person did this?"

"What's the matter?" Joe asked Dawson.

Dawson replied with tears in his eyes, "Somebody peed our pants!"

"Who would do such a thing?" Joe asked.

Joe: Me.

Who the hell did this?" Todd asked annoyed.

"You want me to tell you?" Joe asked the other guys.

The other guys simultaneously said, "Yes!!!"

"If you must know, it was Clair," Joe explained to the other guys, "She was so annoyed that nobody was listening to her brainy facts, she went crazy and stole all your shoes, dipped them in the lake, and caused you all to pee your pants."

Todd: That nerd is so dead!

Michael: Clair is innocent, I know she is. It was obviously Joe, but I'm not going to tell everyone just yet.

Everyone else soon got out of bed and they went to the mess hall for their first challenge, but they were waiting for Koops to show up so they can start.

"Hey Dawson, Todd, I need to talk to you guys," Joe said to the other two guys.

"Yeah, Joe?" Dawson asked as he cried.

"What do you want, Joe?" Todd asked.

"Michael is onto us, we need to stay together if we're going to outwit and outlast him, so are you both with me?" Joe asked Dawson and Todd.

"Are we going to get Clair off if we lose?" Todd asked Joe.

"Yes we will," Joe replied.

"Then I'm in," Todd said.

Dawson wiped his eyes clean and said," I'm in too."

Joe: Wow, two steps of my plan done in one morning; must be a world record.

Koops came into the mess hall apologizing to everyone, saying," Sorry I'm late, I had this terrible rash on my leg and it took me two hours and a load of ointment to get rid of it, but it was worth it since the rash is gone."

"What about that challenge you told us about?" Hatcher asked Koops.

"I was getting to that, Hatcher!" Koops shouted to him.

"Just tell us!" Todd shouted, as he was getting irritated.

Koops rolled his eyes and then announced today's challenge, "Your first challenge is to eat a very disgusting smoothie that I'm going to make using this blender. One person from each team will come up and roll a ball. Both balls will land on one of the many ingredients that I will blend together. Both people will have 30 seconds to get as much smoothie as they can down. The person with the most drank smoothie wins a point for their team. First team up to three points wins invincibility. Losing team will have the honor of voting the first person out of this game."

"You're sick, Koops!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"Who said I wasn't?" Koops asked Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn just gave an awkward look on her face and turned away.

Kaitlyn: That was pretty embarassing. Note to self, never speak out in front of Koops.

After a few minutes passed, the challenge started.

"First up for the Hawks is Dana and first up for the Raccoons is Joe," Koops announced.

"You know, both of our mouths are going to get really dirty, so maybe we should kiss first," Joe explained to Dana.

"No thanks, yo, I'm like good," Dana said to Joe.

Joe: She so wants me, I mean who doesn't want this ravishing face?"

They both rolled their balls and they landed on two different ingredients.

"Dana's ball landed on horse crap and Joe's ball landed on Koops' Choice, which means I get to add three of anything I want," Koops announced.

Dana: Koops is like so seriously sick yo to have horse crap as one of the ingredients.

Koops: Horse crap was originally going to be cow blood, but I thought that was too boring, so why not make it funny to have somebody drink blended horse crap?

"First, I'm going to get gloves on and put horse crap into the blender," Koops announced, "Now with Koops' Choice, I'm going to add some grass, Chef Hatchet's underwear that Chris generously gave to me for this challenge and let's add water."

"Damn!" Joe shouted in disgust.

Koops blended the ingredients together and poured some of the smoothie into two cups.

"Courtesy of Total Drama Chaos and myself, enjoy," Koops said as he gave the two cups to Dana and Joe.

"Cheers," Joe said with a smooth tone.

"Okay, yo!" Dana shouted.

They both started to drink the smoothie.

"You have 30 seconds to get as much smoothie as you can down to get a point for your team," Koops announced.

Joe stopped drinking to ask Koops, "How many seconds do we have left?"

"You both have 21 seconds left," Koops replied.

Joe nodded and proceeded to drink again.

Dana tried to continue drinking, but began to spit the smoothie back up.

"This is so disgusting like seriously," Dana said as she tried to keep the smoothie down.

"Five, four, three, two, one and time's up!" Koops shouted.

"Finally," Joe said in relief.

"Joe, since you have less smoothie in your cup, you win the first point!" Koops shouted.

"Excellent!" Joe shouted.

"Joe and Dana, take a seat; next two come on up," Koops announced.

The next two stood up and approached Koops.

"For the Hawks is Wallace and for the Raccoons is Teresa," Koops announced.

They both rolled their balls and they landed on two different ingredients.

"Wallace's ball landed on sheep guts and Teresa's ball landed on grass," Koops announced.

Wallace and Teresa looked at the sheep guts and grass with disgusted looks on their faces.

"Let's get some sheep guts and put it in, along with some grass, and I'm in the mood of putting in some lemonade," Koops announced, as he put the ingredients in the blender.

"Wallace thinks yo' a sick man, Koops," Wallace said to the host.

Koops finished blending and poured the smoothie into two cups.

"Here you guys go," Koops said, as he gave Wallace and Teresa their cups.

"We're you dropped on your head, Koops?" Teresa asked curiously.

"No, they dropped me on my leg," Koops replied.

"Wow, your good," Teresa complimented Koops.

"I know I am, now hurry up, you're losing time!" Koops shouted.

Wallace and Teresa drank as much as they could for the next 20 seconds.

"This isn't right," Teresa said, as she felt queasy.

"I don't know what you're talking, Teresa, I'm actually surprised how good this is," Wallace said, as he drank the smoothie with ease.

Wallace soon drank the whole smoothie in less than the remaining 9 seconds.

"Wallace wins the first point for the Hawks!" Koops announced.

Teresa: Wallace creeped me out for a bit when he said he liked it.

Wallace: (Pukes in the toilet) That was the worst thing I ever drank in my entire life. (Continues to puke)

The next two stood up and approached Koops.

"As of now, we're tied with one point each, next up for the Hawks is Eliza and next up for the Raccoons is Todd," Koops announced.

"Let's just get this over with, before I start puke now!" Todd shouted.

Eliza started to cough up blood and said to herself, "Damn, I got to go hack this up."

"Not before this challenge, Eliza," Koops told her.

"Whatevs," Eliza responded.

They both rolled their balls and they landed on the same ingredient.

"It seems that both balls like the mosquitoes," Koops announced, "Let's get these suckers in and pour some soda in and then we blend."

Eliza started to puke at the gruesome looking smoothie.

"Just don't look at her and you'll be okay," Todd repeatedly said to himself, while Koops was blending.

Koops finished blending and poured the smoothie into two cups.

"Bon appetite," Koops said, as he gave the two cups to Eliza and Todd.

"This is freaking gross!" Todd shouted in disgust.

"I think that's the point," Eliza whispered in Todd's ear.

"I'm not an idiot, Eliza!" Todd shouted to her.

Todd was too busy shouting and yelling that he didn't even notice that Eliza was drinking the smoothie with no problems at all.

"Five, four, three, two, one and time's up!" Koops shouted.

"And that's why I think this is the most disgusting thing I would have to drink, but I'm going to do it, watch me!" Todd said, as he began to drink, but Koops stopped him.

"Time's up Todd, while you were busy complaining Eliza won the next point for the Hawks," Koops announced.

Eliza: And my agent says I have zero talent!

The next two stood up and approached Koops.

"The Sky High Hawks only need one point to win this challenge; Raging Raccoons, you got to make a comeback," Koops announced, "Now, next up for the Hawks is Hatcher and next up for the Raccoons is Jenika."

"You had to pair me up with a girl, Koops?" Hatcher asked.

"Are you saying that boys are better than girls, because I'm not going to tolerate that!" Jenika shouted.

"Actually, I wanted to be paired up with a guy, because I'm a homosexual," Hatcher explained to her.

"So you're not sexist?" Jenika asked Hatcher.

"Nope, just gay," Hatcher replied.

"Then I'm sorry for shouting," Jenika said.

"That's cool," Hatcher said back to her.

"Enough with the sex talk!" Koops shouted.

They both rolled their balls and they landed on two different ingredients.

"Hatcher's ball landed on sheep guts and Jenika's ball landed on Chef's former underwear," Koops announced.

"This is going to be painful up the butt!" Hatcher shouted.

Koops finished blending and poured the smoothie into two cups.

"Here's your guts and underwear smoothie; courtesy of Total Drama Chaos and myself, enjoy," Koops said, as he gave the two cups to Hatcher and Jenika.

"In the words of Hatcher, painful up the butt!" Jenika shouted.

Hatcher and Jenika drank equal amounts of the smoothie, but Jenika started to gulp the rest down.

"Since Jenika drank the whole thing, she wins a point for the Raccoons!" Koops shouted.

"Awesome!" Jenika shouted.

"Gross!" Hatcher shouted, as he started to puke all over his shorts.

Hatcher: And this is why I like being naked all the time; now my shorts have Hatcherlicious vomit all over them.

The final two stood up and approached Koops.

"This is the winning round, whoever wins this point wins the challenge and gets to live another day here," Koops announced, "Last up for the Hawks is Ellen and last up for the Raccoons is Dawson."

"But I don't want to drink the smoothie!" Dawson shouted, as he started to cry.

"Shut up, you dumb lard of tears!" Paul shouted.

"That's not nice to say to someone, Paul," Michael said to him.

"Oh, then I'm dearly sorry," Paul said to Dawson, sarcastically.

Paul: Michael gets on my nerves already and this is the first time I talked to him. I hate goody-goodys like him, at least the ones like Michael.

Michael: It's been only two days and I already have two enemies, Joe and Paul. At least one of them is on the other team.

Dawson: (Still crying) Paul gave me an ouchie, in here. (Points to heart and continues crying)

"Okay people, this decides the outcome," Koops announced, "Roll your balls!"

They both rolled their balls and they landed on the same ingredient.

"Well what do you know, they both landed on Koops' Choice, which means I get to add six ingredients instead of three," Koops announced, "Since this is the last round let's add everything in; we have the sheep guts, the grass, the underwear, the horse crap, the mosquitoes, some water, some soda, and finally some lemondade!"

Koops blended everything for 30 seconds then poured the disgusting smoothie into two cups.

"This is for the win, you guys!" Koops shouted, as he gave the two cups to Ellen and Dawson.

"I imagine this as a better smoothie," Ellen said.

"Okay, Ellen," Joe said to her, "Enough with the imagining bullcrap, seriously!"

"I imagine you would be a lot nicer, Joe," Ellen said to him.

Joe: Ellen is so lucky she's not on my team. We only have to put up with that pain in the ass, Clair.

Ellen: I imagine this place with lots of nicer things, too bad that imagination didn't turn into reality.

Ellen drank as much as she can, while Dawson tried his best to gulp it down without puking.

"I imagine I wouldn't puke, but I'm going to!" Ellen shouted, as she puked all over Hatcher.

"That imagining loser is going to get it now!!!" Hatcher screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Oh God, I'm imagining a forfeit, but I am!" Ellen shouted.

"Since Ellen forfeited, that means the Raging Raccoons win the challenge!" Koops shouted.

Hatcher: Ellen is so dead tonight!!!

Ellen: I imagine myself dead on a platter right now.

"Raccoons, you get to live another day here," Koops announced, "Hawks, meet me at the big hangar where one of the eight of you will be kicked off Total Drama Chaos."

The Raging Raccoons cheered, while the Sky High Hawks left the challenge area shamefully.

Meanwhile, Hatcher's Alliance talked about who they're voting off at the hangar ceremony.

"So did you guys choose who were eliminating?" Lucy asked.

"It's Ellen, definitely Ellen!" Hatcher shouted.

"She deserves it for forfeiting and giving Mr. Cryboy the win, not that I have anything against her, nor Dawson, but she deserves to go," Lucy explained.

"Do we have enough numbers?" Wallace asked.

"I think the entire team is gunning for her, so we don't have to worry about numbers," Lucy explained again.

"Good point, Lucy," Hatcher agreed.

"So just to make sure, we're all voting off Ellen?" Boomer asked the alliance.

"Yes, Boomer, we are," Boomer replied.

"Out of curiosity, why are we voting for Ellen?" Lucy asked Hatcher.

"One, she imagines everything, two, she puked on me, and three and most importantly, she forfeited the challenge!" Hatcher shouted.

"Those are good reasons to vote her off," Wallace agreed.

"Then this will be one easy hangar ceremony," Hatcher said to his alliance.

Meanwhile, the Sky High Hawks were at their first hangar ceremony.

"Okay guys, here's how this works," Koops told the Hawks, "If I call out your name, you'll get a marshmallow; however, if you don't get a marshmallow, you must leave through those double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame and get on the Losercopter, which means you're out of the contest and you can't come back! EVER!!!"

"You scare me, Koops!" Boomer shouted.

"I know I do," Koops said to Boomer.

"So who gets marshmallows, yo?" Dana asked curiously.

"I was just about to give them to you guys; the marshmallows go to Boomer, Eliza, Wallace, Dana, Paul, and Lucy," Koops announced, "Hatcher, Ellen, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Hatcher the final marshmallow and said to Ellen, "Sorry Ellen, you're out."

"That's okay," Ellen said to Koops, "I had a fun time here, despite being the first one voted off."

"Wow, the first and last thing Ellen says here, she doesn't imagine anything," Paul said to the other Hawks.

Ellen proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"Congratulations to the rest of you," Koops said to the seven surviving Hawks, "You're all safe, for now!"

"Awesome!" Hatcher shouted.

Koops then turned to the camera and said, "Well that's it for this episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!"

They Be Dropping Meh Bukkit!

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, both teams took on their first challenge. They had to drink the most nastiest, most disgusting, and most vile smoothie ever created in the history of mankind. Some prevailed and some failed, miserably. In the end, it was the Sky High Hawks who lost when Ellen forfeited the challenge, giving the Raging Raccoons invincibility, and in return, Ellen became the first person voted off this show. With one contestant out of the game, who knows what will ensue on today's episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

It was bright and early and all of the Hawks, with the exception of Boomer were fast asleep.

"I guess nobody can hear this; oh well, here it goes," Boomer said to himself, as he started to sing.

"Don't get strung out by the way I look, don't judge a book by its cover, I'm not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I'm one hell of a lover," Boomer sang, "I'm just a sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania!!!"

Paul started to wake up and sarcastically comment on Boomer's singing, "Boomer, that was the best singing I've ever heard; you should go on American Idol and don't stop until you make the top."

"Is that all true?" Boomer asked.

"No it's not," Paul said, as threw one of his books at Boomer to shut him up, "Now shut up, some of us are trying to sleep!"

Boomer: Is Paul insulting my Boomerificness? If so, he's going to get what's coming to him!

Boomer screamed so loud it got all the guy Hawks to fall out of their beds; it also got the girl Hawks to wake up and find out what happened.

"Boomer, what the hell is up yo' crazy butt?" Wallace asked Boomer.

"Payback on Paul," Boomer replied.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me, Boomer," Paul said to him annoyed at his antics.

Paul: We lost one annoying teammate already, and I can't wait to lose another one if we lose again!

"Does anyone want to hear me sing?" Eliza asked, as she coughed but surprisingly didn't cough up blood.

"NO!!!!!" the other Hawks shouted simultaneously.

"Alright, alright!" Eliza shouted, as she now started to cough up mucus.

Eliza: One day, I cough up blood and the next day, I cough up mucus. My mom told me I was prettier than the other girls here, while my agent I wasn't, so whose telling the truth and when will I stop coughing up disgusting crap every freaking minute?

"Why are you girls in our cabin anyway?" Paul asked the female Hawks.

"We heard Boomer's scream, so we came to hear what happened," Lucy replied.

"Like seriously yo, why do you boys cause so much noise?" Dana asked the male Hawks.

"Why don't you ask the 'sweet transvestite', Boomer," Paul told Dana.

"Paul, unless you want to be in this game longer, you better be way more nice to me," Boomer told Paul.

Paul: Not that I really want to be here anyway, but I want the money.

Meanwhile, in the Raccoons guys cabin, Michael was talking to Dawson about strategy.

"Hey Dawson, you know Joe right?" Michael asked him.

"Yeah, why?" Dawson asked Michael with tears in his eyes.

"Can you tell me everything Joe tells you, since you know him and all?" Michael asked Dawson.

"What's in it for me?" Dawson asked Michael, still with tears in his eyes.

"I'll save you from elimination every time we lose a challenge," Michael replied.

"I guess I'll help then," Dawson said.

Michael: Dawson is the best person in Joe's Alliance to ask for a favor, not because he's easy to manipulate, but its because he's the nicest of the three of them. I mean, seriously, Joe's a misanthrope and Todd's a criminal, he's the only one of the bunch I can actually talk to.

"So, what is Joe up to?" Michael asked.

"He wants to get rid of Clair when we lose a challenge," Dawson replied.

"I knew he would try to pull something like that off," Michael said.

"Are you going to try and stop him, Michael?" Dawson asked him.

"Yeah, I'm going to, I just need time to plan my move," Michael replied.

Michael: And by needing time, I mean forming an alliance with Clair, Jenika, Kaitlyn, and Teresa.

It was now time for the challenge to start, as everyone got ready and went over to the challenge area.

"For today's challenge, three people from each team will be handcuffed to a rope that will trigger a giant bucket of water to fall on you. Obviously, if you tug on the rope too hard, you'll get drenched and you're out of the challenge. Last person standing wins invincibility for their team. Also, let me give you fair warning, these ropes are attached to the buckets very fragily, so even the slightest tug will get you drenched," Koops announced.

"So, Koops, who will be the three people?" Michael asked the host.

"Well, since you, Clair, and Kaitlyn, along with Boomer, Lucy, and Paul didn't participate in yesterday's challenge, you'll all be participating in today's challenge," Koops announced, "So all six of you, get to your stations and our unpaid interns will get you all set up."

The unpaid interns handcuffed Boomer, Clair, Kaitlyn, Lucy, Michael, and Paul to a rope attached to a fragile, giant bucket of water.

"Okay, are you six ready?" Koops asked them.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

"Then this challenge is underway," Koops announced.

"Why is this challenge so entertaining, Koops?" Paul sarcastically asked the host.

"Since I know that sarcasm, I'm not going to bother answering that, Paul," Koops replied.

Paul: It was worth a try; its fun to annoy Koops.

"I can be handcuffed all day!" Michael shouted.

"So can I!" Kaitlyn shouted as well.

"Did you know that if you're a master at escaping, handcuffs are one of the easiest to break free from?" Clair informed everyone.

"We know, Clair, so shut up!" Joe shouted.

Wallace: I'm going to sum up Joe very quickly. Joe's a little boy with a big temper.

"One of yo' Hawks better beat dillyless Raccoons!" Wallace shouted, cheering for the Hawks.

"Thanks, Wallace," Lucy said, "We'll keep that in mind."

"Awe and some!" Wallace shouted.

"This is getting tiring, tiring, tiring," Boomer sang to himself, "This is getting tiring, because my arm is sore!"

"I heard that, Boomer!" Eliza shouted.

"I sang it loud enough for anyone with an ear to sing it, Eliza," Boomer said to her irritated.

"You're singing is nothing compared to mine," Eliza boasted.

Koops: Only because of these arguments I'm hearing gives me an idea for tomorrow's challenge.

"Did you know that if you sing too much, you can crack your throat, or even temporarily lose your voice?" Clair informed everyone.

Todd: Unless Clair wants to live another day here, she better stop informing us, and she also better apologize for the peeing pants issue!

"Nobody cares about your info, just don't get wet, Clair!" Todd shouted to her.

"Alrighty then," Clair said to Todd.

Clair: Todd is a criminal and we all know because of his appearence. Seriously, he brought a ski mask; a ski mask!!!

"This is actually pretty easy, guys," Michael said to his fellow, handcuffed Raccoons.

"Once you're handcuffed to this rope for a little while, it isn't so bad," Kaitlyn agreed.

However, Kaitlyn had an itch and she mistakenly used her handcuffed arm to scratch, resulting in the giant bucket to drop the water all over her.

"Kaitlyn, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"Can you uncuff me first?" Kaitlyn asked.

Koops went over to uncuff Kaitlyn and said to her," Take a spot on the empty bench over there, since you're out of this challenge."

Teresa: Well this isn't going as planned.

"Come on you guys, you can do it!" Teresa cheered for Clair and Michael.

"We will do it, won't we Clair?" Michael asked her.

"I hope so," Clair replied.

Paul: Is it me or is Clair the Raccoons' version of Ellen, because they're both annoying, she has the same thing to say every time, well sort of. And she's going to be voted off early if she doesn't get her act straight and from what I'm seeing, she isn't.

"My arm is getting sore!" Boomer shouted.

"Don't worry, Boomer," Michael said, "This challenge will be over soon."

"I hope so, I'm getting hungry," Jenika said.

"Boomer, your arm isn't sore enough to get out of this challenge," Paul said to him.

Boomer: If we lose, I'm definitely telling Hatcher, Wallace, and Lucy to take Paul down!

"I know this sounds delayed, but I'm agreeing with Michael when he said this is easy!" Lucy shouted.

Teresa: Lucy really bugs me with her optimism and I'm so glad she isn't on my team.

"Oh no, I think I'm going to sneeze!" Boomer shouted.

"Boomer, I swear to God that if you do sneeze, we're voting you off," Paul threatened Boomer.

Unfortunately, Boomer couldn't control it and sneezed all over Paul which resulted with both of their giant buckets to drop the water all over them.

"Oh nice, Boomer, really freaking nice!" Paul shouted, covered in Boomer's boogers.

"Well I had to sneeze!" Boomer shouted.

"You could've covered yo' mouth and then sneezed, Boomer," Wallace said to Boomer.

"Well I didn't know at the time, I have one arm that's handcuffed for God's sake!" Boomer shouted.

"Just don't do it again and everything will be hunky dory," Hatcher said to Boomer.

"Fine," Boomer said, "Now someone please uncuff me?"

"Same with me?" Paul asked.

Koops went over to uncuff Boomer and Paul and said to them, "Both of you are out, take a seat next to Kaitlyn."

"I guess I'm the last one standing for the Hawks," Lucy said.

"Yes, yo' are, Lucy," Wallace said to her, "Yes, yo' are!"

"We can take Lucy, right Clair?" Michael asked her.

"Sure, we can," Clair replied.

Unfortunately, Clair slightly moved her handcuffed arm, causing the giant bucket to drop the water all over her.

Koops soon went over to uncuff Clair and said to her, "Clair, you take a spot on the bench."

"Now this is all coming down to the wire," Jenika said.

"This may end soon," Eliza said.

"It's only Michael for the Raccoons and Lucy for the Hawks," Koops announced, "Once one of them loses, the other one will win invincibility for their teams."

"This shizz is getting intense!" Wallace shouted.

Hatcher: To make sure we win, I made up an incredibly genius plan to get the water to drop on Michael!

Hatcher went over to Michael and said to him, "Hey badda-badda-badda-badda!!!"

"Hatcher, I'm handcuffed to a rope attached to a giant bucket of water," Michael said to him, "I don't think that's going to work."

"It was worth a try," Hatcher said, as he walked away.

"Their neck-in-neck," Koops announced, "Who will fall first? Michael or Lucy?"

"Win this for me, Michael!" Kaitlyn shouted to him.

"I'm winning for you and all the other Raccoons!" Michael shouted determined.

Michael: Except for Joe, because he's a misanthropic asshole!

"I think nature is starting to get the best of me," Lucy said.

"Don't give in, woman, you can't let that saint win like that!" Paul shouted to Lucy.

"I'm trying," Lucy said.

Paul: At least it boosted her confidence, sort of.

Lucy tried her hardest to stay in, but she couldn't take it anymore, so she moved her arm to get the giant bucket to drop the water all over her.

"I couldn't take it guys," Lucy said to her team, "I'm sorry."

"Michael wins invincibility for the Raging Raccoons!" Koops shouted, as Michael and the other Raccoons cheered for their second victory in a row.

Koops soon went to uncuff Michael and Lucy and announced, "Since Michael won invincibility for the Raccoons, they won't be voting anyone off; as for Lucy and the Hawks, hangar ceremony tonight and the second person will be voted off this game."

"Sorry if I let you guys down," Lucy disappointingly said to her team.

"Hey, if it were me taking all that pain, I'd do the same thing too," Wallace said to her.

"Thanks, Wallace," Lucy said to him as she gave him a hug.

Lucy: I think I'm falling in love with Wallace.

Wallace: I know that was romantic and all, but still, what the hell happened? I'm so confused right now!

"You did great, Michael, you were very brave," Kaitlyn said to Michael.

"Thanks, you were too," Michael said to Kaitlyn, "At least when you were up there that is."

"Excuse me, I'm going to go throw up now," Joe said as he went over to a nearby bathroom to do just that.

Meanwhile, all the Hawks, excluding Boomer and Paul, gathered around to decided whose getting voted off.

"I think we should eliminate either Boomer or Paul?" Eliza suggested.

"That sounds fair yo, but who will get eliminated, yo?" Dana asked.

"The person who doesn't get voted off tonight goes next time we lose a challenge," Eliza explained to Dana.

"That's like the most clever way to get people eliminated, yo, like seriously!" Dana shouted joyfully.

"Hey, Hatcher, Wallace, Lucy, come over here," Boomer whispered to them.

Hatcher, Wallace, and Lucy went over to see what Boomer wanted.

"Hey, Boomer, what's up?" Lucy asked him.

"We need to get Paul out," Boomer told his alliance, "And we already have the numbers, so let's do it."

"Well we were deciding on either you or Paul, but I guess we can change it to Paul and not tell the others," Hatcher told his alliance.

"So, then its agreed, Paul goes tonight," Boomer said to his alliance.

Boomer: I don't care how smart he is, when you insult me for an entire day, there's no way you're getting away with it; not no way and not no how!

Meanwhile, the Sky High Hawks were at their second hangar ceremony.

"Okay guys, same rules as before, if you don't get a marshmallow, you must leave through those double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame and get on the Losercopter, which means you're out of the contest and you can't come back! EVER!!!" Koops told the Hawks.

"I think we know by now, Koops," Paul said to him.

"Fine, kill the moment, Paul," Koops announced, "The marshmallows go to Lucy, Wallace, Eliza, Hatcher, and Dana."

Boomer and Paul both gulped in fear.

"Boomer, Paul, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Boomer the final marshmallow and said to Paul, "Sorry Paul, you're out."

"Like I need to part of this show anyway," Paul said.

Paul proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"Well, that's it for tonight's hangar ceremony, good night," Koops told the Hawks.

The Hawks left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

A Big Weird Chaotic Moment

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, three contestants competed for their team, where they had to be handcuffed to a rope attached to a fragile, giant bucket of water. Michael won not only the challenge for the Raccoons, but Kaitlyn's heart. Same thing can possibly be said for Wallace and Lucy. Michael made Dawson his spy in order to get info on Joe's plans and at the Hawks' second hangar ceremony, Paul became the second person to be voted off? What challenge will be in store for the fourteen remaining contestant? Will Michael and Wallace start to develop crushes on Kaitlyn and Lucy? Find out now on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

It was another bright and early morning and Kaitlyn and Lucy were talking about what happened after yesterday's challenge.

"Do you think they'll really like us?" Kaitlyn asked Lucy.

"That's a difficult question to answer," Lucy replied.

"Why is it?" Kaitlyn asked her.

"Its just," Lucy said to Kaitlyn, "What if they don't really like us?"

"Michael and Wallace are honest people in my opinion," Kaitlyn told her, "I don't think they will lie to us like that."

"I guess you're right," Lucy agreed.

Michael and Wallace woke up and walked over to Kaitlyn and Lucy.

"What are you girls talking about?" Michael asked Kaitlyn and Lucy.

"Nothing," Kaitlyn replied.

"We're just talking about how beautiful it is this morning, that's all," Lucy added.

Michael: Something's up with Kaitlyn and Lucy and I got to get to the bottom of it.

"Hey Kaitlyn," Michael said to her, "About yesterday, did you mean all that?"

"Of course I did, Michael, I think you're a very brave guy," Kaitlyn told him.

Michael blushed a little and said to her, "You're not the cowardly type either, I should add."

"But you said I was brave yesterday, Michael," Kaitlyn told him.

Michael blushed more as Wallace looked at him with a confused look on his face.

Michael: Okay, I think I got to the bottom of it and the bottom line is that I'm in love with Kaitlyn, and I'll make sure nothing bad happens to her throughout this game!

Wallace: I knew Michael was acting all fishy, unlike me, he doesn't have a poker face if you know what I mean.

"Do you like me, Lucy?" Wallace asked her, curiously.

Lucy started to blush and said to him, "Define like, Wallace."

Wallace: I've come to the conclusion that Lucy is in love with me. Like Michael, I can also read her poker face too.

All of a sudden, Boomer burst out of the Hawks guys cabin singing.

"Sit down at my table, put your minds at ease. If you relax it will enable me to do anything I please. I can read your future, I can change it 'round some, too, I'll look deep into your heart and soul," Boomer sang, "You do have a soul, don't you Wallace? Make your wildest dreams come true! I got voodoo, I got hoodoo, I got things I ain't even tried! And I got friends on the other side."

Wallace threw one of his box of cards at Boomer to shut him up.

"Well, look at that, the next part of the song involved cards too," Boomer said as he chuckled a bit afterwards.

"So who are your friends on the other side?" Lucy asked Boomer.

"You guys obviously," Boomer replied.

They all laughed along with Boomer, while the other Raccoons and Hawks got up and got out of their cabins.

"What is with you guys and friends on the other side?" Teresa asked Boomer, Michael, and Wallace.

"Its a long story," Michael replied.

Lucy: Its true, I'm in love in Wallace, but I'm definitely sure I'm not the only one who is in love!

Meanwhile, Todd walked up to a surprisingly, not crying Dawson to discuss their next move.

"Hey, Dawson, I'm starting to get a little fishy at-," Todd said to him, before Dawson cut him off.

"Yes, I know what we must do," Dawson told Todd.

Todd: That was the easiest talk ever! Normally and strategically!

Koops suddenly came out to announce the next challenge.

"Just what we need today, another challenge," Jenika said to herself.

Jenika: Seriously, why can't Koops give us the day off?

"Today's challenge is a unique one that I came up with myself," Koops announced.

"God, help us all!" Jenika shouted.

"True on that one, Jenika," Wallace agreed.

"Don't worry, it isn't life-threatening, all you have to do as a team is to create the biggest Big Lipped Alligator Moment," Koops announced.

"A what, what, what, moment?" Michael asked.

"I'll explain," Koops announced what a Big Lipped Alligator Moment is to the contestants, "A Big Lipped Alligator Moment is a point in a movie where something totally ridiculous and pointless comes out that has little to no sense or part of the plot and after its over, nobody ever speaks of it again."

"Then how is it a Big Lipped Alligator Moment if you're going to judge it?" Michael asked.

"Actually, the whole thing will be a Big Lipped Alligator Moment, because once the challenge is over, I'll make sure nobody speaks of it again," Koops explained.

"How are you going to do that?" Eliza asked.

"If you mention it, you'll be automatically eliminated from this game," Koops replied.

Eliza: That's a dumb rule.

"That's good for me, because I can't remember that much anyway," Boomer told the host.

"For this challenge, I'll be picking the Big Lipped Alligator Moments for both teams," Koops announced, "Hawks, you'll be reenacting the creepy tunnel scene from Willy Wonka and Raccoons, you'll be doing the pink elephants from Dumbo and I'll be judging both of them on an hour, so better get moving."

Both teams scurried to find some place where they practice reenacting their Big Lipped Alligator Moments.

Wallace: I can't we're reenacting the creepy ass Willy Wonka tunnel scene, that freaked me out as a kid, luckily we have the king of Big Lipped Alligator Moments, Boomer, on our team, so I knew we could win this challenge.

The Hawks were getting ready for their Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

"So how do we make a creepy tunnel if we don't have a tunnel nor a boat?" Lucy asked.

"Maybe we can like build one, yo!" Dana shouted.

"So who are the best at construction?" Lucy asked her team.

Hatcher and Wallace raised their hands.

"You two, start finding planks we can use to build a tunnel, the rest of you, help me build a paper machete boat!" Lucy shouted.

"A paper machete boat?" Eliza asked curiously.

"Boomer, Dana, Eliza, you three go find old magazines and bring them back to me!" Lucy shouted.

Lucy: I think I'm the lady of the hour, I just hope I can tell Wallace how I feel.

Hatcher: I always thought Lucy was a sparkling ball of funshine, and I never knew she can be a leader until now.

Meanwhile, the Raccoons were getting ready for their Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

"This is degrading," Joe said to himself, "I'll look like a prune in this pink jumpsuit."

"You do know prunes are purple, not pink?" Clair informed Joe.

"Who the hell cares what color they are, I'm not doing this challenge and that's that!" Joe shouted.

"That rotten little midget!" Michael shouted.

"You got something to say to my face, superman?" Joe tauntingly asked Michael.

"Why don't you show me more biting than barking?" Michael angrily asked Joe.

"Boys, boy, please stop fighting," Jenika said, trying to break up the feud, "Can we just work together as a team?"

Michael and Joe both looked at each other and shouted, "NO!!!"

Jenika: I hate fighting, because my dad died when he got into a fight with this gangster by our house, and people fighting makes me die a little inside.

"I'll be right back team, I'm going to get a drink," Teresa told her team.

While walking to the mess hall, she tripped on something.

"What the hell," Teresa thought to herself, "What the hell did I trip on?"

Teresa: It looks like bottle containing a note. I know how to get the note out. (Breaks bottle and reads the note) It says, 'Congratulations, you've found the secret clue to a hidden immunity idol hidden somewhere in your camp, you can share this clue with others or keep it to yourself. Here is your clue, its hidden in the bushes by your outhouse confessional.' Then this idol hunt will be a piece of cake and I'll make sure nobody knows about this.

While the Raccoons were getting ready, Teresa looked in the bushes and immediately found the hidden immunity idol.

Teresa: Like I said, piece of cake!

She then went to the mess hall to get a drink, then soon returned.

"How was your drink?" Clair asked Teresa.

"What are you, a cop?" Teresa rhetorically asked Clair.

Meanwhile, the Hawks were continuing to get ready for their Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

"We got our tunnel done, we just need more magazines to complete our paper machete boat!" Lucy shouted.

"We found these, Lucy," Boomer told Lucy as he, Dana, and Eliza gave her magazines they found.

"I think were almost done with the paper machete boat!" Lucy shouted.

"How many more magazines do we need, yo?" Dana asked Lucy.

"About one more," Lucy replied.

"I'll get it!" Boomer shouted.

Boomer went to find one more magazine to complete their paper machete boat.

Boomer: So I just pass the bushes and ask myself, 'Why not use bushes, their tiny trees, which techincally mean they're paper, so why use them?' So I went to the bushes to grab the biggest bush there.

Boomer looked around to find the biggest bush, but he also found a hidden immunity idol too.

Boomer: This is a Boomerific day! Not only did I find a big bush for the boat, but I also found a hidden immunity idol without finding the stupid clue! It's good to be insane!

"I got the last piece of paper!" Boomer shouted.

"But that's like a bush, yo!" Dana shouted.

"Well, technically, bushes are tiny trees pretty much and paper do come from trees, so I guess we can use that," Lucy explained.

They put the giant bush on the boat, which ultimately completed the boat too.

"It stands out a lot, doesn't it?" Hatcher asked his team.

"I think its vanilly dilly," Wallace replied.

"Now who will be Willy Wonka?" Hatcher asked his team.

"ME!!!!!" Boomer screamed.

"That settles that," Lucy said, "The rest of us can be the kids."

"I'll be Grandpa Joe," Hatcher said to his team.

"Then I'm Charlie," Lucy said as well.

"I'll be Veruca, yo!" Dana shouted.

"I'll be Violet," Eliza said while coughing up mucus.

"I guess I'm Mike," Wallace said.

"Now we wait another ten minutes," Lucy said to her team.

Meanwhile, the Raccoons were continuing to get ready for their Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

"This is a disaster!" Michael shouted.

"I know," Kaitlyn agreed, "Nobody really wants to do it and nobody wants to help."

"It's only you, me, Jenika, and Clair," Michael said.

"Joe's group can get no credit if we win," Kaitlyn said.

Joe and Dawson were sleeping, Todd was eating chips, and Teresa kissed her hidden immunity idol while nobody was looking.

After ten minutes passed, it was time for Koops to judge the Big Lipped Alligator Moments.

"Alright, let's have the Raccoons present theirs first," Koops announced.

The Hawks watched as the Raccoons presented theirs.

The curtain rised as only Michael, Kaitlyn, Jenika, and Clair were in pink elephant jumpsuits.

"Hey guys, where are Joe, Dawson, Todd, and Teresa?" Koops asked the four participated Raccoons.

"They all backed out," Jenika replied.

Koops sighed and said to them, "Alright, let's see what you guys got."

"Look out! Look out! Pink elephants on parade! Here they come! Hippety hoppety, they're here and there, Pink elephants everywhere!" Michael sang.

"Look out! Look out! They're walking around the bed! On their head! Clippety cloppety, arrayed in braid, Pink elephants on parade!" Kaitlyn sang.

"What'll I do? What'll I do? What an unusual view! I could stand the sight of worms, and look at microscopic germs, but technicolor pachyderms is really much for me!" Jenika sang.

"I am not the type to faint when things are odd or things are quaint, but seeing things you know that ain't can certainly give you an awful fright! What a sight!" Clair sang.

"Chase 'em away! Chase 'em away! I'm afraid need your aid, Pink elephants on parade! Pink elephants! Pink elephants!" everyone sang.

The curtain closed and Koops and the Hawks applauded.

"Not bad Raccoons, not bad for only four people reenacting, Hawks you're up," Koops judged, then announced.

The Raccoons took their seats as the Hawks presented theirs.

The curtain rised as the Hawks were in their paper machete boat in the creepy tunnel.

"Hey, what's that tunnel up ahead," Hatcher shouted, "Hey Wonka, I want off!"

"Row the world and home again," Boomer said, "That's the Boomer, I mean sailor's way."

Everyone, excluding Boomer started screaming, "We're going too fast!!!!!"

"Faster!!!!!" Boomer screamed.

A bunch of creepy, colorful lights shined above as the boat was in the tunnel still.

"We're going to sink, I know it," Wallace said.

"What is this a freak out?" Eliza asked.

"Yeah, this isn't funny, Boomer!" Hatcher shouted.

"You don't even see where you're like going, yo," Dana said.

"You're right," Boomer agreed, "I can't."

"This is knid of strange," Lucy said to Hatcher.

"Strange, but its fun," Hatcher said to Lucy.

Boomer started to sing a poem.

Boomer sang, "There's no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going. There's no knowing where we're rowing or which way the river's flowing. Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing?"

He then started to say the poem.

Boomer said, "Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing. Are the fires of hell a-glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes! The danger must be growing for the rowers keep on rowing and they're certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing!"

Boomer started screaming, while the others cowered in fear, but they soon made it out of the creepy tunnel.

Boomer then calmly said, "We're here."

The curtain closed and Koops and the Raccoons stood up and cheered.

"You guys win!" Koops shouted.

The Sky High Hawks cheered for their first victory and hugged one another.

"Raging Raccoons, I'll be seeing you at your first hangar ceremony," Koops announced, "As for the Sky High Hawks, enjoy your invincibility because you earned it!"

Meanwhile, Michael, Kaitlyn, Jenika, and Clair talked about who to vote off.

"So who are we getting rid of?" Jenika asked.

"Guys," Michael told the girls, "I have a plan and I need Dawson's help."

"Why, Dawson?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Did you know Dawson hasn't cried much this entire day?" Clair informed the other two girls and Michael.

"Weird," Jenika replied.

"But still, why, Dawson?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Dawson is our spy and he will help us get the goods on Joe," Michael explained.

"But what if we double crosses us?" Clair asked Michael.

"Then he gets the boot," Michael replied.

"So it's Joe?" Jenika asked Michael.

"Yes, yes it is," Michael replied.

Meanwhile, Joe, Dawson, Todd, and Teresa talked about who to vote off.

"So its agreed, we vote for-," Todd said, before Joe cut him off.

"We already know what to do, you don't have to say it," Joe told Todd.

"Alright," Todd said.

"So what did you want to talk about, Teresa," Joe asked her.

"I have a plan that will get one of those goody-goody girls to come onto our side, but I'll tell you after the hangar ceremony," Teresa explained.

"Cool," Joe said, "This makes us a four people alliance as of now!"

Everyone high-fived each other to celebrate the welcoming of Teresa into their alliance.

Meanwhile, the Raging Raccoons were at their first hangar ceremony.

"Okay guys, here's how this works," Koops told the Raccoons, "If I call out your name, you'll get a marshmallow; however, if you don't get a marshmallow, you must leave through those double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame and get on the Losercopter, which means you're out of the contest and you can't come back! EVER!!!"

"The marshmallows go to Michael, Kaitlyn, Dawson, Teresa, Jenika, and Todd," Koops announced, "Clair, Joe, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Joe the final marshmallow and said to Clair, "Sorry Clair, you're out."

"Did you know I felt that was really unpredictable, in my opinion?" Clair informed everybody, including Koops.

"Just go back to the library and inform the geeks there, you annoying, little twit!" Joe shouted.

Clair flipped Joe off, as she proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"That wasn't the most shocking elimination I've seen, but hey, we're at the beginning of the game, so I'm sure you guys will get better," Koops told the remaining Raccoons.

"Um...Okay," Kaitlyn said.

"Well, the rest of you are safe, so head on back to your cabin, good night," Koops told the Raccoons.

The Raccoons left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Total Drama Chaotic Water Brawl

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, their was romance on Camp Tajonto when Michael and Lucy confessed their crushes on Kaitlyn and Wallace. At the challenge, both teams had to reenact 'something' which the Raccoons sucked at with only four of the eight contestants participating. The Hawks made a comeback and destroyed their losing streak. Meanwhile, Boomer and Teresa managed to find the hidden immunity idol and who knows when they'll use them. At the Raccoons' first hangar ceremony, Clair was voted off due to being deemed a threat by Joe's Alliance. When will Michael and Lucy confess their love for Kaitlyn and Wallace? Will Boomer and Teresa share the information about their hidden immunity idols to anyone? Hell, when will they even play them? Maybe these questions will be answered in this episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

It was nighttime and the Raccoons just came back from their first hangar ceremony.

Michael: I can't believe Clair left, that really hurt the team in my opinion.

Jenika: I can't believe I turned against my own alliance, I'm a terrible person. (Starts to cry) But the only reason I voted for Clair is because she would've been a definite threat, nothing personal though. (Continues crying)

Teresa walked up to Joe, Dawson, and Todd to discuss about her plan.

"Joe, Dawson, Todd, now is the time I told you about my plan," Teresa told them.

"What is it, does it involve Dawson?" Dawson asked Teresa.

"No, it doesn't," Teresa replied.

"DAWW!!!" Dawson exclaimed.

"My plan is to steal something valuable from Jenika, so we can convince her to join our alliance," Teresa said to her alliance.

"What does Jenika have that's valuable?" Todd asked Teresa.

"Obviously, her diary," Teresa replied.

"DAWW!!!" Dawson exclaimed.

"What now, Dawson?" Teresa asked him.

Dawson started to cry as he replied, "I thought we were going to steal her bra."

"Dawson, gross!!!" Todd screamed.

"Sorry," Dawson said crying.

"We steal her diary," Teresa told her alliance.

"Even better," Dawson said as he immediately stopped crying.

"We're going to use anything she wrote against her in the game," Teresa told her alliance.

"When will we steal the diary is what I want to know?" Joe asked.

"I'll steal it from her while she's sleeping, then we'll use it tomorrow," Teresa replied.

"Agreed!" everyone else shouted simultaneously.

Teresa: Those fools won't even see it coming!

Everyone was sleeping and in the Raging Raccoons girls cabin, Teresa put her plan into work, as she snuck out of bed to steal Jenika's diary.

"This is going to be too easy," Teresa quietly said to herself, "Almost as easy as finding that hidden immunity idol."

Teresa managed to steal Jenika's diary without any trouble.

"Have a good night, Jenika, because by tomorrow, my alliance will know all about your strategies," Teresa evilly said to herself as she went back to sleep.

The next day, Jenika screamed so loud, it caused Michael to come out of the Raging Raccoons guys cabin to see what was wrong.

"Jenika, what's the matter?" Michael asked her.

"Someone stole my diary!!!!!" Jenika screamed.

"It was Joe, wasn't it?" Michael asked.

"It couldn't be, he was sleeping in the guys cabin," Jenika replied.

"Oh yeah," Michael said with a chuckle.

"Hello, Michael, fancy seeing you here in the girls cabin," Teresa welcomed him.

Michael didn't say anything. He just gave a glare at Teresa.

Michael: I think Teresa is the only girl here that I don't trust, so I'm pretty sure she took the diary.

The Hawks then got up as Boomer started to sing.

"And there's a creepy doll, that always follows you, it's got a ruined eye that's always open," Boomer sang, "And there's a creepy doll, that always follows you, it's got a pretty mouth to swallow you whole."

Eliza threw a tissue with her blood at Boomer to shut him up, as she shouted, "Shut up, I can sing way better than you, Boomer!"

"No you can't, Eliza, singing is my special-ma-ty!" Boomer shouted.

"Will you two shut yo' mouths?" Wallace asked them irritated.

Boomer and Eliza stopped arguing.

"That's like so much better, yo," Dana said.

"Yeah, totally," Lucy agreed.

Koops then told the thirteen remaining contestants on the loudspeaker about their next challenge, "Listen up, everyone, meet me by the lake in your bathing suits for your next challenge."

Lucy: Sweet! Our first water-related challenge! Luckily, I'm a pro at swimming and won lots of competitions for my swim team, so this should be easy!

Both teams arrived as the next challenge started.

"Welcome to the Total Drama Chaotic Water Brawl, let me tell you all the rules," Koops announced, "One person from each team will be in the water as they try to get the other person out of the fight zone."

"What's the fight zone?" Todd asked.

"The fight zone will be represented by four buoys and both team members will try to get the opposing team member out of the fight zone, like I said before," Koops announced, "You can't choke and you can't punch in the face or kick below the belt, everything else you can do in this challenge and the first team to score five points win. Raccoons, you're sitting a guy out."

The Raccoons talked it over for a second and Michael said to Koops, "Dawson is sitting out."

"Dawson, take a spot on the bench, everyone else, we'll get started," Koops announced.

The first round started.

"Round One, is Hatcher Vs. Michael, ready and GO!!!!!" Koops shouted, as he began round one.

"Let's do it to it, sweetheart," Hatcher said.

"Then spin the wheel, Raggedy Man!" Michael shouted.

Hatcher charged towards Michael, but he punched Hatcher in the stomach.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you?" Hatcher playfully asked.

Hatcher tried charging towards Michael again, but he picked Hatcher up and threw him towards the end of the fight zone.

Hatcher punched Michael in the stomach a few times but it wasn't enough to send him to the other end of the fight zone. Michael picked Hatcher up again and threw him out of the fight zone.

"Michael wins the first point for the Raccoons!" Koops shouted.

Hatcher: If only Michael was gay, we would've made such sweethearts, but I guess I'm getting carried away, if I am, I apologize.

"That was amazing, Michael!" Kaitlyn shouted.

Michael blushed as he said to her, "Thanks, Kaitlyn."

Michael: I hope nothing bad happens to Kaitlyn when she's fighting.

The second round started.

"Round Two, Eliza VS. Kaitlyn, ready and GO!!!!!" Koops shouted, as he began round two.

"Let's get this party started, girl!" Eliza shouted.

"Gladly!" Kaitlyn shouted.

Eliza coughed in Kaitlyn's face, which blinded her. That gave Eliza time to push her to the end of the fight zone.

"Eliza wins a point for the Hawks!" Koops shouted.

"This is better than my last comeback tour!" Eliza shouted.

"Sorry, guys, I tried," Kaitlyn said to the Raccoons.

"You did your best and that's all that matters, Kaitlyn," Michael said to her.

Kaitlyn blushed a little and stood up and hugged Michael as Dawson watched the entire thing.

Dawson: If Michael and Kaitlyn become a couple, they'll be unstoppable. I have to get rid of them when I have the chance. (Starts crying) Even if I feel guilty doing it!

The third round started.

"Round Three, Wallace Vs. Joe, ready and GO!!!!!" Koops shouted, as he began round three.

Wallace immediately started to run towards Joe, while he just stood there.

Joe: I know I was just standing there like a frozen moron, but I made sure I got the surprise element he didn't see coming.

As soon Wallace was near Joe, he picked Wallace up and body slammed him so bad, he severely paralyzed him. He then kicked Wallace to the end of the fight zone like a piece of garbarge.

"Too easy," Joe boasted.

"Help me! I think he broke my back!" Wallace shouted.

"Can I have a medical come over to check out Wallace?" Koops asked the unpaid interns.

The medical team rushed into the water to take Wallace to safety.

Joe: Just goes to show you, never underestimate me!

"Wallace, where does it hurt the most?" one of the medics asked Wallace.

"In the center," Wallace replied, "That's where it hurts the most."

The medical team felt the center of his back, then said to Koops, "Wallace is temporarily paralyzed, he doesn't have to be pulled out of the game entirely, but I strongly recommend he doesn't do any physical challenges for a while."

"Does he need to be in a wheelchair?" Koops asked.

"Yes, he does," one of the medics replied.

"So should I give the point to the Hawks or to the Raccoons?" Koops asked again.

"I'd say to both teams to be fair," one of the medics replied again.

"Alright then," Koops said, as he shouted to everybody, "Both teams will earn a point this round!"

"That's not fair!" Boomer shouted.

"Oh, it most certainly is fair, crazy boy!" Joe shouted.

Wallace came back to his team in a wheelchair as Koops said to the Hawks, "Just to let you guys know, Wallace won't be going, since his back paralysis is only temporary; however, for the next two episodes, he'll have to sit out in any physical challenges and now that we have that taken care of, let the challenge resume."

"Don't worry guys and gals," Wallace told his team, "It's only for today and for two more days, then I'll have a fixed back and I'll be back on my feet."

Lucy hugged him and said to him, "Don't worry Wallace, you'll get back at Joe one day."

Wallace smiled as he hugged her back.

Wallace: If that evil, chicken-legged asshole thinks he's getting away with this, he has another thing coming!

The fourth round started.

"Round Four, Dana VS. Teresa, ready and GO!!!!!" Koops shouted, as he began the fourth round.

Dana and Teresa both charged at each other and started throwing each other around like rag dolls.

"You're like so going down, yo!" Dana shouted.

"Not before you go down, preppy girl!" Teresa shouted.

Dana and Teresa continued to throw each other around, until Teresa started feeling a pain in her back.

"Oh damn, what the hell is wrong with my back?" Teresa asked herself.

While Teresa was checking her back, Dana threw Teresa out of the fight zone.

"She caught me off-guard!" Teresa shouted.

"Who cares, yo?" Dana asked.

"Nobody does, "Koops shouted, "Dana wins the Hawks a third point, they need two more to win!"

Teresa: If you could take someone out when their off-guard, I should've done that sooner then!

Dawson: I got to make sure we lose this challenge, but I can't participate, so who will help me in my plan to take out Michael or Kaitlyn?

Todd was walking near Dawson, but he asked him, "Hey, Todd, can you do a favor for me?"

"Sure," Todd replied, then asked, "What is it?"

"I need you to lose the challenge for us," Dawson told Todd.

"Technically, I can't lose the challenge, but I'll lose my round," Todd told Dawson.

"That's good," Dawson said.

"By the way," Todd asked, "Why do want us to lose?"

"To get Michael or Kaitlyn out," Dawson replied.

"For that, I'll help you with anything, or anyone who wants one of those two!" Todd shouted.

Dawson: DAWW!!! I thought he would just help me! DAWW!!! DAWW!!! DAWW!!! Dang it!

The fifth round started.

"Round Five, Boomer VS. Todd, ready and GO!!!!!" Koops shouted, as he began the fifth round.

Boomer ran as fast as he could, as he charged towards Todd.

Todd: So there I was, just standing still. I don't need to do anything, I just got to wait for Boomer to come near me. Now I know what you're thinking, I'm copying Joe's tactics. Well, when I do what I'm about to do, you won't call me a copycat anymore! That is, if you are!

Boomer came close to Todd, as he grabbed Boomer by the throat and threw him out of the fight zone.

"Todd, I clearly said you can't choke anybody," Koops shouted, "For breaking the rules, the point goes to the Hawks!"

Hatcher: I should thank that silly Todd when the challenge is over for giving us a free point.

Dawson: That point loss should do the trick, now we have to lose the last one, and then one of those lovebirds will be gone! (Starts crying) I'm still going to feel guilty for doing this! (Continues crying) Why do strategic moves have to be so cruel to others?

The sixth and final round began.

"Final Round, Lucy Vs. Jenika, ready and GO!!!!!" Koops shouted, as he began the final round.

Lucy swam towards Jenika, while Jenika ran towards Lucy.

Lucy: I had this challenge all under control.

Jenika: Even if I lose, I feel as if I did a good job.

They both got close to each other, but Lucy stood up and headbutted Jenika very far. She then ran to her and simply pushed her out of the fight zone.

"The Sky High Hawks win!!!" Koops shouted, as they cheered for their second win in a row.

Wallace: I think the tables are starting to turn on the Raccoons, but that's good for us!

"Hawks, once again you're safe," Koops announced, "Raccoons, I'll see you at tonight's hangar ceremony where someone from your team will be voted off."

Meanwhile, Teresa was walking towards Jenika with her diary in her hand.

"Hey, Jenika, I found this by our confessional, you must have dropped it or something," Teresa told her.

"Thanks, Teresa!" Jenika shouted.

"Hey, Jenika, want to form an alliance against the other Raccoons?" Teresa asked Jenika.

"Why?" Jenika asked her.

"I heard that their all going to vote you off tonight at the hangar ceremony," Teresa told her, "If you align with me, I'll make sure to protect you and take you to the final five."

"Who are the other three people you're taking?" Jenika asked.

"I'll take you, Joe, and Todd all the way to the end, what do you say?" Teresa explained, then asked Jenika.

"I guess I'm in," Jenika replied.

Teresa: That went easier than expected.

Jenika: I heard their all gunning for me, but they won't go down without a fight!

Todd walked over to Teresa and Jenika.

"Hey, you guys," Todd said to the two girls.

"What do you want, cheater?" Jenika asked Todd angrily.

"I just want to tell you that it was Dawson who made us lose!" Todd shouted.

"How," Teresa asked, "He sat out today?"

"But he told me to lose the round," Todd replied.

"So you want us to help you vote off Dawson?" Jenika asked Todd.

"Yes," Todd replied, "He's the cheating traitor, not me."

Jenika: Todd is a criminal and all, but I think I believe him.

Todd then walked over to Joe to tell him the news.

"Yo, Joe," Todd said to him, "Vote off Dawson, he made me lose the semi-winning point for you guys."

"I'm in," Joe said.

Joe: Dawson doesn't do crap here anyway, I was going to double cross him tonight either way.

Meanwhile, the Raging Raccoons were at their second hangar ceremony.

"Who wants a treat? A tasty goody that's going to keep your butts in this game for another day?" Koops asked the Raccoons.

"We all do!" Michael shouted.

"Except for one," Joe added.

"Whatever, the marshmallows go to Jenika, Joe, Teresa, Michael, and Kaitlyn," Koops announced, "Todd, Dawson, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Todd the final marshmallow and said to Dawson, "Sorry Dawson, you're out."

"DAWW!!!" Dawson exclaimed.

Dawson continued to 'daww' as he proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"I guess that was a decent blindside," Koops announced, "Way better than last night, in my opinion."

"Are we done?" Teresa asked anxiously.

"Yes, you are done, head back to your cabins," Koops told the Raccoons.

The Raccoons left their second hangar ceremony in a row and headed back to their cabins as the episode ended.

The Supermenace and the Manipulative Princess

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, Teresa stole Jenika's diary in order to convince her to join her alliance. Jenika agreed as she joined the alliance with Teresa, Joe, Todd, and Dawson. At the Total Drama Chaotic Water Brawl, Joe paralyzed Wallace, making him useless in any physical challenges for the next two days. Dawson conspired Todd to get Michael or Kaitlyn voted off and Todd broke a rule in order for Dawson's plan to work. The Hawks ultimately won and Todd told his alliance to vote off Dawson for being the real cause for their loss and at their second hangar ceremony in a row, they voted him off. What will become of Michael and Kaitlyn and Wallace and Lucy? Will Wallace still be useful to his team? Will karma ever get to Joe? Or Teresa for that matter. Let's find out on today's episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

Everyone was asleep in their cabins, except for Wallace who was sitting by the lake in his wheelchair.

Wallace: I wish I can beat that scrawny pain in the ass! Too bad, he broke my back! At least, it wasn't my spine, or I wouldn't be here.

Wallace held up a Joker card to signify Joe and a Queen card to signify Lucy.

"I'm starting to get yo', Lucy," Wallace said to himself.

Wallace then took out a King card to signify himself.

"I promise to take you to the final two, Lucy," Wallace said to himself.

Wallace went back into the cabin and went asleep. It was then morning, and everyone was out as Koops told them something new.

"Final twelve, I have good news!" Koops shouted.

"We're merging?" Boomer asked.

"Nope," Koops replied.

"Then what is it?" Jenika asked.

"New teams," Koops announced, "Until the merge comes, it will be guys against girls."

Jenika: Finally, I get to show those boys some of my girl power!

Joe: So its guys against girls until the merge; at least us guys won't be able to get manipulated by boobs until then.

"Guys, please walk over to the cyan mat and girls, please walk over to the purple mat," Koops announced.

Everyone did just that as the guys walked to the cyan mat and the girls walked to the purple mat.

"From this moment on until the merge the guys will be now known as the Supermen," Koops announced, "And the girls will be now known as the Warrior Princesses."

Kaitlyn: Warrior Princesses; that has a nice ring.

Michael: I think Koops was right when he called us guys, the Supermen, we're all super, except for Joe, he's just evil. Also, I don't know why Todd is still here when he should've left for causing our loss. He should've left instead of Dawson, because not only am I lacking a spy, but he was a cool guy. At least when he wasn't crying or complaining.

Wallace: With an all guys team, I think this is the perfect opportunity to take out Joe!

"Now for new locations," Koops announced, "Supermen will stay in the old Raccoons cabin and Warrior Princesses will stay in the old Hawks cabin."

"What about today's challenge?" Michael asked curiously.

"Oh, there won't be one, instead there will be a double elimination tonight and feel free to talk with anyone, even contestants on the opposing team, if you must," Koops announced.

Michael: Looks like I'm going to get two for the price of one! Not only will Joe be gone, but I can get Teresa gone too! Sweet!!!

Joe and Todd walked over to Teresa and Jenika to talk about who to vote off at tonight's double elimination.

"Hey, Teresa, how about we make a deal?" Joe asked her.

"What is it, Joe?" Teresa asked him.

"Can I use you hidden immunity idol to take out Michael and Kaitlyn?" Joe asked Teresa.

"How do you know I have a hidden immunity idol?" Teresa asked Joe.

"I was walking over to use the confessional and I saw you finding the idol," Joe explained to her.

"Figures," Teresa said.

"So can I use it?" Joe asked her.

"What's in it for me?" Teresa asked him.

"When I find an idol, I'll give it to you when you feel like you're screwed," Joe replied.

"Deal," Teresa said as she handed Joe her hidden immunity idol.

Joe: Michael, I suggest you start packing you bags and kissing Kaitlyn bye-bye, because you'll be going home next. Come to think, don't kiss her bye-bye, because she's going with you.

Meanwhile, Hatcher and his alliance were talking about their plans about who they want to eliminate at tonight's double elimination.

"Guys, we need to vote off Joe!" Wallace shouted.

Wallace: I'm happy there was no challenge today, but I'm going to be happier when Joe leaves!

"I know, Wallace," Lucy agreed, "He hurt you, and he won't get away with this."

"I agree, he's gone, Boomer, you're in?" Hatcher agreed, then asked Boomer.

"You darn skippy, I'm in!" Boomer shouted.

"Then Joe is going to be our next victim," Hatcher told his alliance.

Meanwhile, Michael and Kaitlyn were talking with Dana and Eliza about who they should kick off.

"Who are we kicking off, Michael?" Kaitlyn asked him.

"Teresa," Michael replied.

"I thought we were voting off Joe," Kaitlyn said to him.

"I know, but he might pull a fast one, so just in case, we'll vote her off instead," Michael explained to her.

"Okay, Teresa it is," Kaitlyn said to Michael.

Dana and Eliza just look at each other with clueless looks.

Eliza: I didn't really care what they were talking about to be honest. (Coughs up both blood and mucus) Damn it!

Dana: I don't care if they said to vote off Teresa, because I'm like so voting for Kaitlyn. There's only room for like one awesome chic in this henhouse and that's so me, yo!

Todd and Jenika were then talking alone.

"Todd, should we really do this?" Jenika asked him.

"Why, do you have something against this decision or something?" Todd asked her.

"Its just the Michael is awesome and nice and sweet and stuff," Jenika replied.

"Well, you wanted to be in this alliance, and if you don't vote with us, not only will you be kicked out of the alliance, but I'll have Teresa vote you off," Todd told Jenika.

"I guess you're right," Jenika agreed.

Jenika: I'm sorry, Michael.

Meanwhile, the Supermen and the Warrior Princesses were at tonight's hangar ceremony were two people were going to get eliminated.

"This is a big one, people, because two people will be voted off tonight," Koops announced.

"Hey, Koops, before you give out the marshamllows, I have something to give you," Joe said, as he gave his hidden immunity idol to Koops.

"This is a hidden immunity idol, so that means all votes against Joe will not count," Koops announced.

"I can't believe this!" Wallace shouted.

"Well believe it, you stupid gambler!" Joe shouted.

Everyone, except for Teresa, Todd, Jenika, Dana, and Eliza growled and hissed at the decision.

"The marshmallows go to Joe, Teresa, Todd, Lucy, Boomer, Eliza, Wallace, Jenika, and Hatcher," Koops announced, "Dana, Michael, Kaitlyn, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Kaitlyn the final marshmallow and said to Michael and Dana, "Sorry you two, you're both out."

"What, you like voted off me, yo?" Dana asked everyone.

"How can this be, this must be a mistake!" Michael shouted.

"You're an inhuman monster, you know that, Joe?" Kaitlyn asked him angrily.

"Sorry, I'm too busy enjoying the moment," Joe replied.

"I'll get you for this!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"Good luck with that, stupid twit, you'll just get eliminated anyway," Joe told her.

Michael punched Joe in the face and said to Kaitlyn, "Be strong and have fun, Kaitlyn, I'll be cheering you on back home."

"While you guys have your like moment, I'm so going to like leave, yo!" Dana shouted, as she left Total Drama Chaos.

"Good luck, Kaitlyn," Michael told her as he kissed her on her cheek.

Michael then left Total Drama Chaos.

Jenika: I may have told Todd that I'll vote for Michael, but I'm not going to, so I got Dana out instead and I had Eliza and Lucy help me with my plan too.

Eliza: I was going to take Dana out sooner, but since Jenika convinced to vote for her, I did it sooner than expected. (Coughs up both blood and mucus) Not again!

Lucy: Originally, I was going to vote for Joe, but Jenika wanted me to vote off Dana to save Kaitlyn, so I did. I just hope my alliance understands.

Joe: I may have gotten Michael out, but Kaitlyn still remains, but she's easy to get rid of, so it shouldn't take long the next time her team of ladies lose.

Kaitlyn: (Crying) He just left and I miss him already. I promise to avenge you, I'll take out Joe and Teresa for you, Michael, I promise!

"Tomorrow, you will have your first challenge as guy and girl teams, until then, good night," Koops told the remaining ten contestants.

They all left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Sing it to Win it

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, the Sky High Hawks and the Raging Raccoons dissolved and the guys became the Supermen and the girls became the Warrior Princesses. The new teams were also shocked by a double elimination with no challenge to save anyone. All alliances talked about who to get rid of. Joe's Alliance wanted to get rid of Michael and Kaitlyn, Hatcher's Alliance wanted to get rid of Joe, and Michael and Kaitlyn wanted to get rid of Teresa, leaving Dana and Eliza with no decision on who to vote for. During the talk between Joe and Teresa, Teresa handed Joe her hidden immunity idol in order to take out Michael and Kaitlyn, while Jenika felt the need to protect her friends; however, Todd convinced her otherwise. At the hangar ceremony, Joe played the hidden immunity idol and was safe from elimination, making Michael the next one to go. Unbeknownst to Joe's Alliance, Jenika turned on them and convinced Eliza and Lucy to vote off Dana. We are now down to the final ten and who knows what will happen on today's episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

Hatcher, Boomer, and Wallace were sitting by the lake, thinking of new strategies.

"So, Wallace, only one more day until you're out of that wheelchair," Hatcher told him.

"Thank God, because once I'm out of here, someone is going to pay," Wallace said to Hatcher and Boomer.

Hatcher: Wallace wants Joe's head on a platter, but my instincts are telling me that Todd is up to something, so it's either him or Joe tonight.

"I think we should take out Todd, because he's a criminal and I'm not a big fan of them," Hatcher said to his alliance.

Boomer: Hatcher is in control of the game, but I really want to call the shots! Just once!

"I think it should be Todd tonight, guys!" Boomer shouted.

"If we lose, then he's gone," Hatcher said.

Hatcher: It seems to me that I'm in charge of who is going and that's all that matters to me.

Meanwhile, Teresa was walking around her cabin, as she heard the other girls talking, so she decided to eavesdrop.

"It's definitely Teresa tonight!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"Are you still mad she voted off Michael?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, I'm mad, I'm also mad at Joe and Todd too!" Kaitlyn shouted.

Kaitlyn: I'm also mad at Jenika, but I don't want to tell her that in her face!

Teresa: I wonder if there are any more idols around here, because if I don't have any, I'm screwed and my flirty days will be over!

Jenika: I'm surprised Kaitlyn doesn't know that I'm responsible for Dana's blindside. I also think that her newfound crush on Michael is probably going to get her on bad terms with most of the contestants.

Jenika left the talk and Teresa confronted her.

"Jenika, we need fresh meat," Teresa told her.

"Sorry, but I'm a vegetarian," Jenika said.

"You know what I mean," Teresa said, "Vote someone else off that isn't one of us."

Teresa: Those three girls are like peas in a pod and I can't flirt with anyone, because of this battle of the sexes bullcrap! I need to think of something and fast!

The next challenge started.

"Welcome to our singing contest," Koops announced.

"YES!!!!" Eliza screamed.

"God, help us," Joe said to himself.

"For this challenge, three guys and three girls will sing part of a song of their choice," Koops announced, "I will judge it and the team with the best score overall wins, so both teams, decide on your best singers so you have a fighting chance."

Both teams went to private place to practice.

The Supermen were deciding on who should sing.

"ME! ME! ME! ME!" Boomer shouted repeatedly.

"Would you sing Sweet Transvestite?" Wallace asked.

"Yes," Boomer said guiltly, "But I can sing something else."

"Will it be something sane?" Hatcher asked him.

"Probably," Boomer replied.

"I'll sing, if you guys want me to," Wallace said.

"All this singing talk is making me nauseous," Todd said, "I need to go to the bathroom."

Todd: As I was walking to the bathroom, I decided to do something else, like making a fake hidden immunity idol. Who knows? It may be handy later on in the game.

Todd stayed in his team's confessional, as he made a fake hidden immunity idol.

Todd: Seeing how nobody likes to mope and cry in these confessionals nowadays, I think this fake idol will be done shorter than expected.

After ten more minutes passed, Todd finally finished making his hidden immunity idol.

Todd: Well, here is my little beauty, now the rest of those Supermen can kiss my ass. They think I'm bad just because I'm a criminal, they're going to be in for a treat.

As Todd left the confessional, the Supermen were still picking their people.

"So it's Boomer and Wallace singing, who else wants to sing?" Joe asked.

"I guess I'll sing," Hatcher replied.

Hatcher: There's no way in hell I'd see Joe the demon or Todd the criminal singing. I just don't see it in their personalities, but it doesn't matter anyway, because one of them is going if we lose.

Meanwhile, the Warrior Princesses were fighting over who should be the third singer.

"Why can't you accept the fact that you can't sing?" Kaitlyn asked Eliza.

"I can sing," Eliza replied, "Better than all of you losers combined!"

"So what makes you a better singer than me?" Teresa asked Eliza.

"I'm a pop star and I'm famous," Eliza replied.

"I listened to you and guess what," Teresa asked rhetorically, "You suck worse than that Hannah Montana person!"

"My throat was sore during the recording," Eliza fibbed, "That's why I didn't sing as good as I normally do."

Eliza then began screaming and complaining about why she should sing.

"I know I can win this for you girls," Eliza shouted, "You girls just won't give me a chance and you know what else? I can just win the challenge single-handedly!"

Teresa got fed up with Eliza and screamed, "You know what? I CAN GET LOUD TOO!!!!!"

"What did you say?" Eliza asked annoyed.

"I said, I can get loud too!" Teresa shouted.

"Good, scream all you want, I don't care!" Eliza shouted.

Teresa: Screw, Eliza, because she's an ass! Everything she says is just total bullcrap!

"All you want is the last word, that's all you want!" Eliza shouted.

"Well then shut your slutty mouth so I can finish it," Teresa said.

Eliza: Teresa, she's a pain to deal with, and she thinks she will make it to the end. Yeah right; in fact, I got monster cash in my limo back home that says she won't win.

"So, it's me, Jenika, and Eliza," Kaitlyn asked, "Or should be me, Jenika, and Teresa?"

"It should me, obviously!" Eliza shouted.

"You know what, girls," Teresa said, "Just let her sing."

"Why?" Lucy asked.

"She can't sing to save her life," Jenika said, "I'm being honest, Eliza, so I'm sorry, but you can't sing."

Teresa whispered into Lucy's ear, "We throw the challenge and get rid of her."

Teresa: Normally, I just wanted Eliza to sing just so she can make an ass of herself, but I also want her gone. I was going to use her to get further into the game, but if I'm deemed at my school, 'The Master Flirt', I need to act like it and use the guys instead. So, she's done!

Meanwhile, Todd and Joe talked about their next move.

"Hey, Joe, I have a plan," Todd told him.

"What is it?" Joe asked.

"Do you know anyone gullible here?" Todd asked.

"If I had to say someone, I'd say Boomer would be the most gullible here," Joe replied.

"Great, because I can give him this beauty," Todd said as he revealed his fake hidden immunity idol to Joe.

"This is excellent, it looks real enough to fool anybody," Joe said.

"I know," Todd said, "Anyway, we need to fool Boomer into thinking this is an actual hidden immunity idol."

"If you're telling me to do that, good luck," Joe told Todd, "With me, those guys won't fall for anything."

"Good point," Todd said.

While they were talking Boomer and Wallace walked over to them.

"What are yo' guys talking about?" Wallace asked.

"We're just chatting," Joe replied, "What's it to you?"

"We never said that," Boomer said, "Anyway, we just wanted to tell good luck tonight."

"For what, we're not singing," Todd said.

"Not for that, for," Boomer said, before Wallace stepped on his foot to stop him from speaking.

"He just wanted to say hope yo' guys don't get voted off," Wallace said.

"Okay," Todd said, "This is really awkward."

"We're just going to go," Joe said, as him and Todd left Boomer and Wallace.

Wallace then quietly shouted to Boomer, "Never try to reveal our plans, dude!"

"Sorry, I won't do it again, I promise," Boomer said quietly.

"Good," Wallace said quietly, "Let's go, the real challenge is about to begin soon."

Both teams made it to the Sing-Off Stage where Koops was waiting for them.

"Okay," Koops announced, then asked, "Whose singing for the Supermen and whose singing for the Warrior Princesses?"

"Me, Boomer, and Wallace will be singing," Hatcher replied.

"Kaitlyn, Jenika, and Eliza," Teresa replied.

The Supermen started to snicker.

"What are you guys laughing at?" Lucy asked them.

"Nothing," the Supermen said simultaneously.

"Right," Lucy said suspiciously.

"All singers, please go backstage to get ready, the rest of you, take a seat," Koops announced.

As Boomer, Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, and Wallace went backstage, Joe, Lucy, Teresa, and Todd took their seats.

"Supermen and Warrior Princesses! Welcome to our first Total Drama Chaos Sing-Off Showdown! Starting the show is Boomer for the Supermen!" Koops shouted.

Boomer ran to the center of the stage and started to sing.

A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird
B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word
A-well a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word
A-well-a bird, bird, bird, well the bird is the word
A-well-a bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word
A-well-a bird, bird, bird, well the bird is the word
A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word
A-well-a don't you know about the bird
Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word
A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word

The audience got up and threw stuff at Boomer to shut him up.

Lucy: As much as I like Boomer, he sings like a broken record, but in a funny, good way.

"Didn't see this coming!" Boomer shouted.

"Okay, everyone, stop!" Koops shouted.

The audience stopped throwing stuff and sat down.

"Boomer, that wasn't the best singing I've heard, but its definitely not the worst, six points," Koops announced.

"BOOMERIFIC!!!!!" Boomer screamed.

"Vanilly Dilly," Wallace said backstage.

Boomer ran backstage as Joe and Todd cheered.

"Now, here's Jenika for the Warrior Princesses!" Koops shouted.

Jenika walked nervously to the center of the stage and started to sing.

Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out
I'm floating around in ecstasy so
Don't stop me now
Don't stop me
'Cause I'm having a good time
Having a good time
I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go go go there's no stopping me
I'm burning through the skies
Two hundred degrees, that's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man of you
Don't stop me now
I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball
Don't stop me now, if you wanna have a good time just give me a call
Don't stop me now
'Cause I'm having a good time
Don't stop me now
yes I'm having a good time
I don't want to stop at all

The audience stood up and applauded.

"Jenika, if tens were automatic team wins, you would so deserve that automatic win," Koops announced, "But since there are no automatic wins, you just get ten points."

"Thank you," Jenika said.

Jenika walked backstage triumphantly as Lucy and Teresa cheered.

"Next up for the Supermen is Hatcher, take it away!" Koops shouted.

Hatcher walked to the center of the stage, completely naked, as Koops said to himself, "Oh, God."

Hatcher started to sing.

As he came into the window was a sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment he left the bloodstains on the carpet
She was sitting at the table
He could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom she was struck down
It was her doom

As Hatcher was singing, Joe and Todd silently said to themselves, "That should've been our song."

Hatcher continued to sing.

Annie you OK
You OK
You OK Annie
Annie you OK
You OK
Are you OK Annie
Annie you OK
You OK
You OK Annie
You've been hit by
you've been struck by a smooth criminal!"

The audience didn't know that Hatcher finished, since they were looking away, due to his streaking on stage.

"Hatcher, I'd normally give you nine points, but since you're completely naked, you get seven points," Koops announced.

"Whatever," Hatcher said, "I still think that's fantabulous!"

Hatcher walked backstage as everyone kept looking away until he completely left.

Teresa: Ladies and gentleman, Captain Fatso has left the building!

"Next up for the Warrior Princesses is Kaitlyn!" Koops shouted.

Kaitlyn walked to the center of the stage and started to sing.

First I was afraid I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
I grew strong
And I learned how to carry on
And so you're back from outer space
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed my stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second you'd be back to bother me
Go on now go walk out the door
Just turn around now
'Cause you're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye you think I'd crumble
You think I'd lay down and die
Oh no not I
I will survive
As long as I know how to love
I know I will stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my love to give and I'll survive
I will survive!"

Lucy and Teresa stood up and cheered.

"Amazing, not as amazing as Jenika's performance, but still amazing," Koops announced, "You get eight points."

"Sweet!" Kaitlyn shouted.

Todd: Oh yeah, Kaitlyn will survive...(Dramatic pause)...For now!

Kaitlyn walked backstage as Lucy and Teresa cheered again.

"Last up for the Supermen is Wallace!" Koops shouted.

Boomer wheeled Wallace to the center of the stage and started to sing.

Hey do it now
Yeah hey
Hey once I was a funky singer
Playin' in a rock and roll band
I never had no problems
Yeah burnin' down one night stands
And everything around me
Yeah got to stop to feelin' so low and I decided quickly
Yes I did
To disco down and check out the show
Yeah they was dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin'
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music white boy
Play that funky music right
Play that funky music white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die
Till you die

Joe and Todd high-fived each other to celebrate Wallace's performance.

"Wallace, two words, ten points," Koops announced.

"That's vanilly dilly, host dude!" Wallace shouted.

Boomer came to wheel Wallace backstage as Joe and Teresa cheered again.

"Last up for the Warrior Princesses and last one overall to sing is Eliza!" Koops shouted.

Teresa: My amusement begins now!

Eliza walked to the center of the stage coughing up blood and mucus.

"Eliza, do you need a tissue?" Koops asked.

"No, I'm good," Eliza replied.

Eliza cleared her throat and started to sing.

Oops I did blah blah
I played with something got lost blah blah game
Oh blah something
Oops you think blah blah love
That I'm something from something
I'm not that blah blah blah

Koops and the audience started to cry, because they were laughing so hard.

"What?" Eliza asked.

"Eliza, that was so bad, its funny, you get one point, because I'm generous," Koops announced.

Eliza started to cough up blood and mucus and said to herself, "Got to start hacking more crap again."

Eliza walked backstage to cough as Koops announced, "With an amazing comeback score of 23, the Supermen win invincibility."

The Supermen cheered and the Warrior Princesses had disgusted looks on their faces.

"Supermen, safe for another day," Koops announced, "Warrior Princesses, sorry, but one of you ladies will be taking the Losercopter home tonight, find out who it will be, but I bet the choice is obvious."

Teresa: Wow! (Laughing) That was hilarious! (Continues laughing) It was almost too good to be true!

Meanwhile, the Warrior Princesses were talking about who to vote off.

"It's Eliza, no doubt about it!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"She should've gone way earlier," Jenika said.

"I agree," Lucy said, "Why was she even on this show to begin with?"

Eliza: I know I'm finished, I just know it!

Teresa: Kaitlyn says I should be going, but I did want fresh meat, and Eliza is the fresh meat, so dig in, girls!

Meanwhile, the Warrior Princesses were at their first hangar ceremony.

"Alright, ladies, the marshmallows go to Kaitlyn, Lucy, and Jenika," Koops announced, "Eliza, Teresa, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Teresa the final marshmallow and said to Eliza, "Sorry Eliza, you're out."

"I knew it already, Koops," Eliza said, "Oh well, back to my terrible singing career."

Eliza then proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"Well, that had to be the most obvious elimination ever," Koops announced, "Alright, ladies, good night."

The Warrior Princesses left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Mix and Mingle

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, it was Total Drama Chaos' very first Sing-Off last night and three contestants from both teams had to sing a part of a song. Some were good and some were bad. Todd planned to fool Boomer into falling for his fake hidden immunity idol and Teresa duked it out with Eliza, which sealed her fate in this game, as she was voted out by the other females when they lost the Sing-Off. Will Todd be able to fool Boomer? Will Wallace walk normal again? Will Hatcher finally go one episode with clothes on? Tune in now for these answers to be revealed on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

Everyone was up and out of bed, especially Wallace, who was about to get rid of his wheelchair.

Wallace: This is vanilly dilly! My wheelchair finally leaves me and I will walk once again!

"Hey, Wallace, why are you so happy today?" Hatcher asked him.

"Today's the day I get out of this wheelchair, Hatcher, and I couldn't be happier," Wallace replied.

"Did somebody say happier?" Boomer asked as he rushed towards Hatcher and Wallace.

"Hey, Boomer, what's up?" Wallace asked.

"Just enjoying the weather and good stuff that happens at times like this," Boomer replied.

While Boomer, Hatcher, and Wallace were relaxing, Todd came over to intimidate them.

"What's up wussies?" Todd tauntingly asked them.

"Yo' one to talk, criminal," Wallace said.

"Oh please, I don't even have time for you nor Hatcher, but you, Boomer, come with me," Todd said, as he grabbed Boomer's arm and dragged him somewhere private.

"What do you want from me?" Boomer asked.

"I want you to be safe if we lose," Todd replied.

"Oh, so how will we do that?" Boomer asked.

"I found this hidden immunity idol, and I want you to have it, because Joe wants you gone, and I don't know if I trust him," Todd told Boomer.

"Alrighty then, thanks!" Boomer shouted.

"No problem, Boomer, but this also means you have two hidden immunity idols now," Todd said.

"How did you know I have another hidden immunity idol?" Boomer asked Todd curiously.

"Because you just told me," Todd replied.

"Well, either way, thanks again!" Boomer shouted.

"Anytime, Boomer, anytime," Todd said.

Todd: Anytime indeed, Boomer, anytime after your demise!

Boomer: Sweet! Now I have two hidden immunity idols! I'm pretty much unstoppable now!

Todd: The reason I gave Boomer my fake immunity idol is because he'll believe anything; now all I have to do is just take the real immuity idol without him knowing.

Kaitlyn and Lucy were sitting by their cabin, joining them was Jenika.

"That was one crazy challenge yesterday," Jenika said.

"I know, it was a good choice to get rid of Eliza," Lucy said.

"Yeah, I guess," Kaitlyn said.

"Is something wrong, Kaitlyn?" Lucy asked her.

"No, I'm fine, Lucy, trust me," Kaiyln replied.

"Its almost time for the challenge, let's head out!" Jenika shouted.

Kaitlyn: I don't know if I should continue, I'm starting to feel homesick and not only am I worrying about my family, but Michael too.

The Supermen and the Warrior Princesses came in, as Koops began to talk about their next challenge.

"Alright, guys and gals, today's challenge is going to be a fun one," Koops said.

"Are you sure, because the others were'nt fun at all," Teresa proclaimed.

"I'm serious when I say this is going to be a fun one," Koops said, "This is the mixer challenge; the guys will have to guess what's in the girls' boxes and vice versa. The team that gets five items first wins invincibility, but first, Wallace, come with me."

"Um, a lil' help here?" Wallace asked.

Hatcher rolled Wallace over to Koops.

"Today's your big day," Koops said, "Let me get this cast off you and you're out of this wheelchair until someone else breaks your back."

Koops sawed off Wallace's cast and he was able to walk again.

"I'm free to use my legs," Wallace shouted, "This is total vanill'!"

"The bad news is that you have to sit out this challenge," Koops said to Wallace.

"Now that's total dill!" Wallace shouted.

"Now that's taken care, everyone else to your boxes!" Koops shouted.

Everyone went to their stands where they had boxes filled with three random items. They're either a seed, a shell, a coconut, a rock, a branch, a match, flint, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deoderant.

"One more thing, people, there will be a mystery prize for the guy or girl who gets the winning item, alright, let's get this challenge started!" Koops shouted.

"Since I'm not really chivalrous, let's have a guy start," Koops said sadistically.

"Can I start, guys?" Hatcher asked.

They all nodded, as Hatcher began to ask for an item.

"Hey, Lucy, do you have a seed?" Hatcher asked her.

"No, sorry," Lucy replied.

"It's okay, sweetybuns," Hatcher said.

"Hey, midget demon, do you have toothpaste?" Kaitlyn asked him.

"No, but I'll pretend I have it," Joe replied.

Joe gave Kaitlyn toothpaste as Koops announced, "That's one point for the Warrior Princesses."

"Hey, Teresa, you got deoderant, my pits are stinking bad?" Todd asked, as the Supermen laughed at his joke.

"No, I don't, so enjoy your stinky ass pits!" Teresa shouted, as the Warrior Princesses laughed at her response.

"Shot down by another woman," Todd jokingly said, as Koops and the guys laughed.

"Hey, Hatcher, do you have a shell?" Jenika asked.

"Unfortunately, yes," Hatcher replied.

Hatcher gave Jenika a shell as Koops announced, "That's two points for the Warrior Princesses."

"Damn it!" Joe shouted.

"Hey, Joe, since you feel so confident, why don't you go?" Hatcher asked.

"I never said I felt confident, but I'll go anyway," Joe said as he asked Teresa for an item, "Teresa, darling, do you some flint?"

"Yes, yes I do, darling," Teresa replied bittersweet.

Teresa gave Joe flint as Koops announced, "The Supermen are now on the board with one point."

"Hatcher, you got a rock?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Do I look like Charlie Brown on Halloween, sweetheart?" Hatcher asked sarcastically.

"I guess that's a no?" Kaitlyn asked confused.

"Yes, I don't have a rock," Hatcher replied.

"So let me get this straight, I ask for an item from one of the girls?" Boomer asked.

"Yes, that's correct," Todd replied.

"Do I show them what I have?" Boomer asked.

"No, you don't, Boomer," Joe replied.

"Oh, okay, Jenika, got a big, brown coconut?" Boomer asked her.

"Yessidy do!" Jenika shouted.

"Hooray!" Boomer shouted.

Jenika gave Boomer a coconut as Koops announced, "We're tied with two points each."

"Come on, Supermen, this ain't no dill challenge for you guys, you got this!" Wallace shouted.

"Boomer, do you have a toothbrush?" Lucy asked.

"Yep," Boomer replied.

Boomer gave Lucy a toothbrush as Koops announced, "That's three points for the Warrior Princesses."

"Kaitlyn, give up your rock," Joe demanded.

"Alright, here you go, Joe," Kaitlyn said.

Kaitlyn gave Joe a rock as Koops announced, "We're tied again and Joe is all out of items, so he's out."

"Hatcher, do you have deoderant?" Lucy asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do," Hatcher replied.

Hatcher gave Lucy deoderant as Koops announced, "Warrior Princesses are in the lead again, but Lucy is all out of items, so she's out."

"Lucy, do you have a seed?" Todd asked.

"Yes, I do," Lucy replied.

Lucy gave Todd a seed as Koops announced, "Once again, we're tied."

"We only have two matches left, we're looking for the branch and the match, and the Warrior Princesses are one point away from winning," Koops announced.

"You got this guys!" Wallace shouted.

"Jenika, if you get this guess right, not only do you win invincibility for the Warrior Princesses, butg you also get the mystery prize for guessing the winning item," Koops told her.

"So, um, Boomer, do you have a branch?" Jenika asked, crossing her fingers.

"I concede, here you go," Boomer replied.

Boomer gave Jenika a branch as Koops announced, "Despite no match pairing, the Warrior Princesses still win invincibility and Jenika, come on over."

Jenika walked over to Koops and he whispered into her ear, "This is a clue to a hidden immunity idol, you can read it privately or if you want, with a friend."

"Okay," Jenika quietly said as she walked back over to the Warrior Princesses.

"Warrior Princesses, you're safe for another day; Supermen, the opposite for you guys, because you got an appointment with me at the hangar ceremony, alright, you can all head home," Koops announced.

Meanwhile, Joe and Todd were discussing their next step in their fake idol scam.

"Okay, Joe, I gave Boomer the fake idol," Todd said.

"Alright, so then what do we do?" Joe asked.

"Now, I got to convince Boomer that the real one he has is the fake one," Todd explained to Joe.

"How do you know he has another idol?" Joe asked Todd curiously.

"I tricked him into telling me," Todd replied.

"So, how will you be able to trick him," Joe said, "Boomer may be crazy, but he isn't stupid."

"True, true," Todd said, then rhetorically asked, "But then again, they don't call me an expert thief in juvie, don't they?"

"Whose they?" Joe asked.

"My boys back in juvie, who else," Todd replied.

Meanwhile, Hatcher's Alliance were discussing about getting rid of Joe or Todd.

"I don't who should we get rid of," Wallace said, "Joe's an asshole, but if there's a jury involved, he's an easy win and Todd's a criminal, but he's somewhat useful in challenges."

"I think it should be Todd," Hatcher said.

"Why him?" Boomer asked.

"Because if there is a jury involved, anyone can win in a final two vote with Joe, because everyone can't stand his guts," Hatcher explained to Boomer.

"Including Todd and Teresa?" Boomer asked.

"I don't know about them, I guess they can stand his guts," Hatcher replied.

As they were talking about who to get rid of, Todd came over to talk to Boomer.

"Boomer, there's something I have to tell you, it's important you must know!" Todd shouted.

"Sure, Todd," Boomer said.

They went somewhere private as Hatcher said, "It's definitely Todd, becuase I know he's up to something."

Hatcher: I'm not trying to be the hero of this team, despite the fact that I'm practically being treated like one. The thing I'm trying to do is to get the people that can be a physical or mental threat out of this game, and when the merge comes, that will definitely be my time to shine. I'm sure of it!

"Boomer, I need to tell you something," Todd said.

"What is it?" Boomer asked Todd curiously.

"One of those idols you have is a phony," Todd told him.

"Well that sucks!" Boomer shouted.

"I know, so here is my plan, give the fake one to me, and the real one will guarantee your safety at the hangar ceremony," Todd explained to him.

"Okay," Boomer said.

Boomer was about to give the real idol to Todd, but he soon sneezed and then got the two idols mixed up.

"Oh, damn it!" Boomer shouted.

"Come on, just give me one," Todd demanded.

"Alright, alright, here," Boomer said as he gave Todd one of his idols, but both of them didn't know if it was the real one or the fake one.

"Okay, that should do it, you're now safe from the votes," Todd told him.

"Sweet," Boomer shouted, "Thanks, Todd!"

"My pleasure, Boomer," Todd said as he walked away.

Meanwhile, the Supermen were at their first hangar ceremony.

"Alright, guys," Koops told the Supermen, "one of you is going home and you can't come back! EVER!!!"

"Wait a minute, Koops," Todd said.

"What is it, Todd, what do you want?" Koops asked him impatiently.

"I got something for you," Todd told him, as he pulled out the hidden immunity idol and gave it to Koops.

"This is a hidden immuinty idol, so that means all votes against Todd will not count," Koops announced.

"Perfect," Todd said with an evilly happy grin on his face.

"Or so he thinks!" Koops shouted.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Todd asked the host.

"This is a fake hidden immunity idol, I just couldn't resist the urge to mess with you," Koops announced, "Any votes cast against Todd will count."

The rest of the Supermen, even Joe, were laughing at him.

"I can't believe this crap!" Todd shouted.

Boomer: I never really sneezed, I just played along with Todd's scam, so I fake sneezed and got Todd to take the fake idol back, even though he took it from me, so he really messed up, and I'm sitting here, laughing my ass off about it!

"Now that too is taken care, the marshmallows go to Wallace, Hatcher, and Joe," Koops announced, "Boomer, Todd, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Boomer the final marshmallow and said to Todd, "Sorry Todd, you're out."

"I can safely say that all of you haven't seen the last of me, I will get my revenge, and once I do, none of you will stop me," Todd said evilly."

"Quit your whining and go already!" Hatcher shouted.

"I wasn't whining, I was threatening you, but I'll go and plot my revenge as you all celebrate, so start praying that I don't come back, you better all pray!" Todd shouted.

Due to Todd taking so long to leave, two bodyguards dragged him to the Losercopter, as he left Total Drama Chaos for good.

"Now, that was one Boomerific blindside," Boomer said.

"I'll admit that I agree with Boomer on that," Koops announced, "Alright, guys, good night."

The Supermen left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Viva Las Losers

In this special episode of Total Drama Chaos, you've been watching Boomer, Hatcher, Jenika, Joe, Kaitlyn, Lucy, Teresa, and Wallace make their way to the final eight. Since tomorrow is the merger, I decided to give both teams the day off and decided to check on our eight losers. Who knows where these rejects went after getting kicked off of Total Drama Chaos? Well, this question will be answered today as visit these losers today on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

"Welcome to Viva Las Losers!" Koops shouted. "The luxurious casino resort where the losers stay after getting kicked off and at the end we have a special surprise for them that they don't know about, but until that happens, let's check up on them and see how they're doing," he added.

Koops walked over to Ellen who was playing Pokemon on her Nintendo DS.

"Ellen, how are you doing today?" Koops asked her.

"I feel fine," Ellen replied, "I imagined getting kicked off would suck, but I was wrong, I'm actually I was first off."

"Why is that?" Koops asked curiously.

"Because I get to relax here and I imagine myself playing a casino soon and hoping to win some tokens," Ellen replied.

"Isn't that what everyone is thinking?" Koops asked her.

"I think so," Ellen replied.

"Well, I'll see you soon when we reveal our big surprise," Koops told her.

"Alright, I imagine seeing you then," Ellen said.

Koops left Ellen and walked over to Paul who was reading a book.

"Hey, Paul," Koops said.

"If you're going to ask if you like this place, just say it," Paul told him.

"Do you like this place?" Koops asked him.

"No, I hate it!" Paul shouted sarcastically.

"I see someone's in a bad mood," Koops said.

"I see someone who won't leave me alone," Paul proclaimed.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later then, Paul," Koops told him.

"Whatever," Paul said, as he continued to read his book.

Koops left Paul and walked over to Clair, who was giving forced therapy to Dawson.

"Hey, Clair, what are you doing?" Koops asked her.

"Giving Dawson therapy," Clair replied.

"GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!" Dawson screamed and cried.

"Why are you giving him therapy," Koops asked Clair curiously.

"Ever since he got here, he was crying, so I tried to give him therapy, but he would never do it, so I had to tie him up and give him forced therapy," Clair explained.

Koops had a puzzled look on his face, as he said, "Okay, well have fun with that."

"PLEASE CALL THE COPS!!!!!" Dawson screamed and cried. "I BEGGING YOU!!!!!" he added.

Koops ran as fast as he could, away from Clair and Dawson and walked over to Dana.

"Hey, Dana, what's up, girl?" Koops asked her.

"Nothing, yo," Dana replied.

"What have you been doing since you got here, Dana?" Koops asked her.

"Swimming, tanning, eating, tanning, sleeping, tanning, playing in the casino, tanning, and tanning," Dana replied.

"You said tanning five times," Koops told her.

"Did I like really?" Dana asked confused.

"It doesn't matter, did you get a tan?" Koops asked her.

"Hell yeah, yo!" Dana shouted as she lifted a blanket off of her, revealing how tan she became.

"Damn, Dana, the sun hit you like a ton of bricks," Koops told her.

"I know, yo!" Dana shouted.

"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you later then, when we reveal our big surprise," Koops told her.

"Okay, yo, see you then," Dana said.

Koops left Dana and walked over to Michael.

"Hey, Koops, how are you doing?" Michael asked.

"That's the same question I want to ask you," Koops said.

"Well, I'm doing good, what about you?" Koops asked.

"I'm doing fine, I just want Joe out and Kaitlyn to win," Michael told Koops.

"Good enough," Koops said.

"Is there anything you want to add, Michael?" Koops asked him.

"I just want to say that if Kaitlyn is watching this, I miss her," Michael said.

"Corny, but alright, see you later," Koops told him.

"Okay, see you later, Koops," Michael said.

Koops left Michael and walked over to Eliza, Todd, and the old Camp Wawanakwa chef, Chef Hatchet, who were playing Rock Band.

"Hey guys, why is Chef Hatchet here?" Koops asked Eliza and Todd.

"We're the Demons!" Eliza shouted.

"Yeah, we we're all bored, so we decided to play Rock Band," Chef Hatchet explained, "Besides, Chris and I are taking a vacation."

"Alright, then I guess you can stay until your vacation's over," Koops said, then asked, "So whose playing what instrument in Rock Band?"

"I'm the guitarist, Chef's the drummer, and Eliza's the singer, but she's the only one who is getting a bad score," Todd explained as well.

"It's not my fault this microphone isn't good," Eliza told Todd.

"Its not the microphone, its your singing voice," Chef told her.

"Do you guys plan on becoming an actual band?" Koops asked them.

"When Eliza sings better, we'll think about it," Todd replied.

"We're going to be better than those Drama Dorks, that's for sure!" Chef Hatchet shouted. "I can't believe I actually cooked for those wannabe maggots!" he added.

"That 'When I Cry' stuff is phony balogna to us, Koops!" Todd shouted.

"Alrighty then," Koops said, "So, I guess, I'll be seeing you two in a couple of minutes when I reveal the big surprise the viewers are dying to hear."

"Yeah, I guess," Todd said. "Unfortunately," he muttered to himself.

"Okay, Koops, Todd and I will see you soon, but until then, let's play another song," Eliza told Todd and Chef.

"Alright, girl, let's hit it!" Chef shouted, as they began to play another song.

"Well, I'll be seeing you soon," Koops told them.

Koops left Eliza, Todd, and Chef Hatchet and walked to the main entrance of Viva Las Losers.

"And there you have it, now in about two minutes, the eight previously kicked off contestants will participate in one big event soon, so see you guys until then," Koops announced.


"Welcome back, I'm standing in the casino area with our eight losers as we are about to begin the grand event that these rejects were waiting for," Koops announced.

"Oh yeah, we're really excited!" Paul shouted sarcastically.

"Shut up, Paul!" Koops shouted. "Alright, losers, time for the main event," Koops said.

"What are you talking about, yo?" Dana asked.

"I imagine you telling us what this 'main event' is," Ellen told Koops.

"Alright, I'll tell you," Koops announced, "Two of you eight losers will have a chance to return to the game."

"So how do we decide that; do we all give a reason why we should return?" Michael asked.

"No, we're going to bid how much you want to return to the game," Koops announced.

"How do we do that?" Clair asked.

"There are two tickets that allow you to return to the game and each of you will have a wallet that has five hundred dollars in cash. I'm going to split you eight ex-contestants into two groups and the bidding will be in twenty dollar increments. Highest bidder from both groups get to return using the tickets," Koops explained.

"That's an unique way to determine who returns," Clair said.

"Alright, the first group of bidders will be Paul, Clair, Dana, and Todd," Koops announced. "Remember, bidding will be in twenty dollar increments," Koops continued.

"Twenty," Todd said.

"Forty," Clair said.

"Sixty," Paul said.

"Paul leads with sixty, Dana, want to throw in a bid?" Koops asked.

"Actually, Koops, I don't want to return," Dana said, "I like it here, so I won't bother."

"Okay, Dana, if that's what you want," Koops said, "Now back to the bidding."

"Eighty," Clair said.

"One hundred," Paul said.

"Two hundred," Todd said.

"Todd jumps up to two hundred dollars," Koops announced.

"Two sixty," Paul said.

"Three sixty," Clair said.

"Five hundred," Todd said.

"Todd really wants to return," Koops announced, "Going once, going twice, sold to Todd as one of the two people who will return to the game."

"YES!!!!!" Todd screamed, as he obtained the first ticket.

"Next group," Koops announced, "Ellen, Dawson, Michael, and Eliza."

"Five hundred," Michael said.

"Well that was anti-climatic and seeing how you went all the way up to five hundred, the other contestants can't bid, so you win by default," Koops told Michael.

"Awesome!" Michael shouted.

Dawson began to cry, but saw Clair behind him and he turned away fearfully.

"I'm coming Kaitlyn, just hold on," Michael said to himself, as he obtained the second ticket.

"So tomorrow will be the big merge and Michael and Todd will return to the game, who knows what will happen now, so join us next time on another exciting episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!" Koops announced, then shouted.


Last time on the non-loser episode of Total Drama Chaos, Wallace's cast was taken off of him and he was free from his wheelchair. Unfortunately, he couldn't participate in the challenge which was a mix and match challenge. The Warrior Princesses won the challenge and in an attempt to save himself, Todd managed to trick Boomer by giving him his fake hidden immunity diol, then try and get the real hidden immunity idol from him; however, Boomer's sneeze got the two idols mixed up and at the hangar ceremony, Todd played the fake one and was ultimately voted out by Hatcher's Alliance. Now with the big merge coming, who knows if our couples will reunite, if our flirt will flirt, and if Jenika will rebel against Joe and Teresa. Find out now on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

The eight remaining contestants were sitting in the mess hall, as Koops arrived to tell them the big news.

"Congratulations to the final eight who outlasted the other eight contestants here on Total Drama Chaos," Koops announced, "I'm excited to say that you are now merged."

The merged contestants cheered with excitement.

"You eight are now known as the Chaotic Fighters," Koops announced.

"This is vanilly dilly!" Wallace shouted.

"Oh, I almost forgot, you guys won't be eight merged actually," Koops told the Chaotic Fighters, "You guys will be ten merged, because two past contestants will be returning for another shot at the one million dollars."

"So, who are the two returning?" Teresa asked.

"Good question, come on in, you two!" Koops shouted.

Michael and Todd stepped into the mess hall.

"Michael!" Kaitlyn shouted, as she ran over and hugged him.

"Hey, Kaitlyn, I missed you, and I bet you feel the same way," Michael said.

"I do," Kaitlyn told him.

"What's up dude and dudette?" Todd asked Joe and Teresa, as he high-fived them both.

"Nothing much, but now the merge, I guarantee a lot will happen now," Joe told them.

Teresa: It's about time we merged! Now I can finally do what I do best, flirting! And about time too!

"Looks like our alliance is back in track," Teresa quietly said to Joe and Todd.

"We just need to get Jenika on our side again, and we'll be in the clear," Todd told them, as they nodded in agreement.

"Oh and the best part for them is that they are automatically immune to getting eliminated at your next hangar ceremony," Koops announced.

"Now that's the icing on the cake," Michael said to himself.

"You guys won't be getting a challenge just yet, for now, feel free to interact with one another, since you are merged and probably haven't seen who you wanted to see for a long time," Koops announced.

"What about our cabin arrangement?" Lucy asked.

"Same as before, the guys will sleep in their ex-Supermen cabin, and the girls will sleep in their ex-Warrior Princess cabin," Koops explained.

"That's cool," Jenika said calmly.

"Okay, head out!" Koops shouted as the ten contestants left the mess hall.

Hatcher walked over to Boomer, Lucy, and Wallace, and he shouted to them, "Alliance meeting, now!"

"Okay, Hatcher," Lucy said.

They walked over to a spot by the hangar where nobody would see them.

"Michael and Todd have got to go!" Hatcher shouted.

"But they have automatic immunity," Boomer told them.

"I know, I was talking about tomorrow," Hatcher proclaimed.

"Well, it won't be easy," Boomer explained," Todd is aligned with Joe and Teresa, and Michael is aligned with Kaitlyn and possibly Jenika."

"Then will take out Michael's posse first, since Michael is more of a threat than Todd is," Hatcher said.

"So, do we take out Kaitlyn or Jenika?" Wallace asked.

"Since I'm in a generous mood today, I'm going to let Michael spend more time with his gal pal, so will get rid of Jenika tonight," Hatcher explained.

Lucy: I know I'm in an alliance with Hatcher, Boomer, and Wallace, but I don't want to vote off Jenika, she's a nice girl, and I believe that she could be a good player in this game if the guys kept her for another day or two.

Teresa: I don't really know who to flirt with; Hatcher is gay, Joe and Todd are my alliance partners and they won't even fall for it at all, Michael is with Kaitlyn, and Boomer is a total psycho, but Wallace doesn't look like he has any cons for flirting with him. I guess we have a winner!

While Wallace was walking away after the alliance meeting was over, Teresa unintentionally startled him, when she came up to talk to him.

"Damn, Teresa, you scared the fashizzles outta me!" Wallace shouted.

"Sorry, Wallace, its just that I'm too busy looking where I'm going when I'm too busy looking at your eyes," Teresa flirted.

"Um, thanks, I guess," Wallace awkwardly said.

"I always like a risky man," Teresa continued to flirt, "Someone who will take a gamble or a big move that may cost him big, and you're on of those men, Wallace."

"Well, I am a gambler," Wallace said.

Lucy glared suspiciously at Teresa and Wallace. The two contestants ignored her.

"Which reminds me," Koops said on the loudspeaker, "It's now time for today's challenge, a game of blackjack."

"Now that's what Wallace is talking about!" Wallace shouted.

Wallace: It's about time I get to play with some cards around here!

Teresa: I think Wallace is going to be flirt-ee for the rest of the competition. Thankfully, he has no girlfriend to tell me otherwise.

Lucy: Teresa is going to get it! If I see Teresa with my Wallace one more time, the vote is going to her! Rotten witch, she is!

The blackjack game was about to start and all ten contestants were ready to play.

"Alright, you guys are all sixteen, so you should know how blackjack works," Koops announced.

"I do! I do!" Wallace shouted repeatedly.

"Well, in case you don't know, there will be five blackjack games of two people, one card face up and one card face down, the person whose cards are closer the number, '21', move onto the next round, and it will repeat, until we're down to the final two players. The winner of the blackjack tournament wins invincibility," Koops announced.

"What happens if me or Todd win invincibility?" Michael asked.

"If one of you wins invincibility, you're required to give it to anybody of you're choice, with the exception of Todd if you win or vice-versa," Koops replied.

"So who gets to play first?" Todd asked.

"Let's have our two returning contestants go first, Michael and Todd," Koops announced.

Todd: While I was in juvie, I used to play lots of card games with my boys, so I think I can beat this little loser anyday of the week when it comes to card games, like Blackjack or Poker.

Michael: I hope I can win this and save Kaitlyn from elimination, because I know something is going to happen to her sometime soon and I don't want it to happen.

Michael and Todd's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Michael's face up card was a one and Todd's was a two.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Michael had a one card and a ten card, while Todd had a two card and a six card.

"Michael moves on, Todd, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"Alright!" Michael shouted.

Todd: How the hell did I lose? Whatever, I still have invincibility, so I don't to feel pity for some dumb loser!

"Next round, Hatcher and Kaitlyn," Koops announced.

Hatcher immediately took his shorts off and sat in the chair.

Hatcher just got naked!" Koops shouted.

"Aw, come on," Kaitlyn said, "We're just playing a card game, Hatcher."

"So what, let's just play and get it over with," Hatcher said.

"Fine," Kaitlyn said irritated.

Hatcher and Kaitlyn's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Hatcher's face up card was a ten and Kaitlyn's was a nine.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Hatcher had two ten cards, while Kaitlyn had a nine card and a four card.

"Hatcher moves on, Kaitlyn, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"At least I don't have to sit near a naked dude for the rest of the day," Kaitlyn said.

"We still have a hangar ceremony, sweetums," Hatcher reminded her, as she shivered in both fear and disgust.

"Next round, Lucy and Teresa," Koops announced.

Lucy: I hope I can beat Teresa in this, that way she doesn't live another day here.

Teresa: If I manage to win invincibilty, I can easily have Wallace, along with my alliance, blindside Lucy, so this was an important blackjack game to me, not to mention the only blackjack game I ever played.

Lucy and Teresa's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Lucy's face up card was a seven and Teresa's was an eight.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Lucy had a seven card and a three card, while Teresa had an eight card and a six card.

"Teresa moves on, Lucy, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"I was so close," Lucy said to herself.

"Next round, Jenika and Joe," Koops announced.

"Please go easy on me, Joe, I'm not really good at card games," Jenika told him.

"I can't go easy on you, Jenika, only the cards can," Joe told her, "That is, if they want to."

Jenika and Joe's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Jenika and Joe's face up cards were both tens.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Jenika had a ten card and a two card, while Joe had a ten card and a one card.

"Jenika moves on, Joe, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"Like I care, cards aren't my forte anyway," Joe said.

"Final round of the first part of the tournament, Boomer and Wallace," Koops announced.

"Let's do it to it, psycho man," Wallace said to Boomer.

"Yeah we should," Boomer said, then shouted, "Let's play some whitedwight!"

"It's called blackjack, Boomer," Wallace told him.

"It matters!" Boomer shouted.

Boomer: Blackjack or Whitedwight, whatever you call it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is how the cards are set up!

Wallace: Not that I hate Boomer, but I think he's out of his league when it comes to this stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm still friends with the guy.

Boomer and Wallace's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Boomer's face up card was a one and Wallace's was a four.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Boomer had a one card and a two card, while Wallace had a four card and a nine card.

"Wallace moves on, Boomer, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"I agree with Joe, this whitedwight isn't my forte," Boomer said.

"It's called blackjack!" everyone else shouted, as they corrected Boomer's misnomer.

"It's now time for the second part of the blackjack tournament," Koops announced, "Michael and Hatcher, Teresa and Joe, and Wallace will take on whichever winner of the previous two games that he wants."

"This is fun, this is a fun time," Wallace said.

Michael and Hatcher's game was about to begin.

Michael: I can't believe I'm sitting by a fat, naked, gay strategist. Did I mention he was naked? Tho be honest, that kind of creeps me out.

Hatcher: This is going to be a blast, not because I get to verse Kaitlyn's kinght in shining armor, but its really because I get to beat Kaitlyn's knight in shining armor.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Michael's face up card was a two and Hatcher's was a three.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Michael had a two card and a five card, while Hatcher had a three card and a five card.

"Hatcher moves on, Michael, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"I tried, Kaitlyn, I tried," Michael said to her.

"I know you did," Kaitlyn said to him as she kissed him on his cheek.

"Michael, Kaitlyn, can I talk to you two after the challenge is over?" Jenika asked them.

"Sure," Kaitlyn replied.

"Alright with me," Michael replied as well.

"Next round, Teresa and Jenika," Koops announced.

"Wish me luck," Jenika told Michael and Kaitlyn.

"Let's do this, girl," Teresa said.

Teresa and Jenika's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Teresa's face up card was a six and Jenika's was a nine.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Teresa had a six card and a nine card, while Jenika had a nine card and a two card.

"Teresa moves on, Jenika, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"Since I know what yo' about to ask Koops, I want to take on Teresa," Wallace said.

"Well that didn't take long, final round of the second part, Teresa and Wallace," Koops announced.

"I'm not going to go easy on you, cutie pie, 'kay?" Teresa rhetorically asked Wallace.

Teresa and Wallace's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Teresa's face up card was an eight and Wallace's was a seven.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Teresa had an eight card and a one card, while Wallace had a seven card and a ten card.

"Wallace moves on, Teresa, you're out!" Koops shouted.

"Aw, noodles!" Teresa shouted.

"Invincibility, here I come!" Wallace shouted to himself.

"Now it's time for the first and final round of the final part, this is for invincibility, Hatcher and Wallace, take your seats at the table," Koops announced.

"Let's do this, poker face," Hatcher said to Wallace.

"I should say the same thing to yo' too, streaker," Wallace said, "No offense."

"None taken," Hatcher said.

Hatcher and Wallace's game was about to begin.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Hatcher and Wallace's face up cards were both ones.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Hatcher had a one card and a two card, while Wallace had a one card and a four card.

"And with that, Wallace wins invincibility!" Koops shouted.

"Yeah, baby, alright!" Wallace shouted.

"Nicely played," Hatcher said to him.

"Thanks, Hatcher," Wallace said.

"Alright, for the rest of you, hangar ceremony starts soon where you'll vote out your favorite loser, who isn't Michael, Todd, or Wallace," Koops announced.

After the challenge, Jenika walked over to Michael and Kaitlyn, where they had their talk.

"I need to tell you two something," Jenika said.

"What is it?" Michael asked.

"After the mixer challenge, Koops gave me a clue to a hidden immunity idol, and I need your help to find it," Jenika explained.

"Sure, Jenika, we'll help," Michael said.

"Same here," Kaitlyn said.

"That's nice of both of you," Jenika said, "Now the clue says its by Great Koops Rock."

"What a narcissist," Michael said, referring to Koops.

"Come on, let's go look by there," Kaitlyn said.

The three left to find the idol at Great Koops Rock.

Meanwhile, Joe, Teresa, and Todd talked about something that Todd came up with while he was at Viva Las Losers.

"So guys, I have a foolproof plan that will trick everyone at this silly, little camp," Todd told Joe and Teresa.

"What is it, Mr. Bad Boy?" Teresa asked.

"Well, I don't give you guys the whole rundown right now, but let's just say it will cause one heck of a show," Todd told them.

"Should we talk about it tomorrow?" Joe asked.

"More like do it tomorrow," Todd replied.

"You mean, we're going to try and do your plan?" Teresa asked.

"That's right, Teresa," Todd said, "You're catching on fast."

"So, what should we do now?" Joe asked.

"Let's sleep until its time for the hangar ceremony," Todd replied.

"Good idea," Teresa agreed.

Joe and Todd went to the guys cabin and Teresa went to the girls cabin and they all took a nap.

Todd: I told those Supermorons last hangar ceremony that I was going to get revenge, well guess what? It's coming, so get ready, losers, because the bad boy is back in town!

Meanwhile, at Great Koops Rock, Michael, Kaitlyn, and Jenika we're trying to find the hidden immunity idol.

"Did you guys find it, because I didn't?" Kaitlyn asked Michael and Jenika.

"No, not yet," Michael replied.

"Hold on, guys, I think I found it," Jenika told them.

Jenika dug up what she felt and it was none other than the hidden immunity idol.

"This is it, you guys, we're in business," Michael said to Kaitlyn and Jenika.

Jenika: I can't believe Michael, Kaitlyn, and I found the hidden immunity idol, now the only thing left to do is to think about when we should use it.

"I think we should use it tonight, in case something comes up," Michael said.

"Who knows, maybe it could be saved for later," Jenika said.

Meanwhile, the merged contestants were at their first hangar ceremony as the Chaotic Fighters.

"Alright, let's bring in the first member of our jury, Eliza," Koops announced.

Eliza walked in and sat in the jury bleachers.

"What gives," Teresa asked, then shouted angrily, "You never called Eliza a jury member!"

"Due to Michael and Todd's return to the game, I thought it would be weird saying it before the merge, so I decided to keep it a secret," Koops explained.

"I guess its safe to say, surprise, everyone!" Eliza shouted.

"Okay, since you guys merged, I think you know how this works," Koops announced, "So let's just get to the marshmallows."

"Pardon me, Koops, but I want to give you something," Jenika told him, as she pulled out the hidden immunity idol and gave it to Koops.

"This is a hidden immunity idol, so that means all votes cast against Jenika will not count," Koops announced.

Jenika: I know Michael, Kaitlyn, and I were planning to use the idol later on, but I just felt some really bad vibes, so I had to play it tonight.

"Yes," Jenika said to Michael and Kaitlyn.

"No," Hatcher said to Boomer, Lucy, and Wallace.

"Now let's get to the marshmallows, for real this time; they go to Wallace, Jenika, Boomer, Kaitlyn, Joe, and Teresa," Koops announced, "Hatcher, Lucy, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Lucy the final marshmallow and said to Hatcher, "Sorry Hatcher, you're out."

"I'VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED!!!!!" Hatcher screamed.

Everyone chuckled at Hatcher's comment.

"But on the bright side, Hatcher, you'll be our second jury member," Koops told him.

"I guess that's good enough," Hatcher said to the host, as he began to leave streaking, "Bye everyone, I'll see you all at the finale!"

Hatcher proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"We're now down to the final nine," Koops said to the remaining merged contestants, "Not to mention you're all on your own from this day forward. Alright, I'll see you all tomorrow, good night."

The nine remaining Chaotic Fighters left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended. Or did it?

Wallace: I smell a death of an alliance right now, so I guess Boomer, Lucy, and I are going to be with Michael, Kaitlyn, and Jenika all the way and hopefully we can get Joe, Teresa, and Todd out of this game.

Jenika: I knew I was going to be on the chopping block and since I'm on good terms with both alliances, I told them to vote against Hatcher, that way we'll have one less threatening alliance to deal with.

Now the episode ended.

Crossing Too Many Paths

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, the big merge finally hit our remaining eight contestants, as they became the Chaotic Fighters, unfortunately, this didn't prevent Michael and Todd from returning to the game. They were both given automatic invincibility at the next hangar ceremony. In the blackjack challenge, Wallace took home invincibility, and at the hangar ceremony, Hatcher was blindsided by Jenika, who convinced both alliances to vote him off. With only nine left in this game, who knows what will happen on this episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

After the hangar ceremony, Jenika was quietly writing in her diary. She wrote, as she said to herself:

Dear Diary,

Hatcher's blindside was fantastic, it went just as I planned. Now with his alliance dead, or at least without a leader, I'll be able to manipulate that psycho, the 'Mike Tyson of gambling', and the manliest of the three. I just have to keep this pacifist, along with my goody-goody girl charades going, until I have everyone's trust. I think I plan on getting rid of Michael and Kaitlyn, but I'm gonna need help from my 'allies'. Well, its been a long, satisfying day, now I shall get to bed, and I hope the next day goes my way as well.

Jenika: The reason I told Koops I was a 'pacifist' was because nobody would be suspicious of me doing things to others, and I think I have enough trust from both alliances that are alive at the moment, but just to be safe, I'm still going to kiss up to them to make sure my next move doesn't become a bust.

Jenika went to sleep, meanwhile, Kaitlyn and Lucy had a talk behind the confessional.

"Hey, Kaitlyn, can I ask you something," Lucy asked, "It's pretty important, so can you hear me out?"

"What was it you want to tell me, Lucy?" Kaitlyn asked her.

"How do you get a guy to notice you?" Lucy asked.

"Um...I don't think I can answer that question," Kaitlyn replied.

"But why?" Lucy asked.

"Well, besides from flirting, there's no real way to get the boy to come to you, but let the boy come to you on his own," Kaitlyn told Lucy.

"There's no way I'm flirting, especially with Teresa on Wallace's tail too," Lucy said.

"Trust me," Kaitlyn told her, "I knew a girl that went through a similar problem with a boy she liked."

"Well, as of now, I got to find out how to get rid of Teresa," Lucy said, "She's not only my biggest threat out here, but also Wallace's if he doesn't see through her soon."

"Well, if you need more advice, you know where to find me, because right now, I'm getting sleepy, so see you in the morning," Kaitlyn said to Lucy.

"Okay, good night," Lucy said to Kaitlyn.

Lucy: If Teresa doesn't win invincibility tomorrow, she's definitely going home! That flirty girl should be taught a lesson!

It was the next day and Koops was immediately on the loudspeaker.

"Rise and shine, final nine!" Koops shouted.

Boomer woke up rapidly and hit his head on the top of the bed and he shouted to Koops, "Damn it, my nyquil and high sugar levels were just about to wear off soon!"

"Boomer, does it matter, you always have high sugar levels?" Koops asked.

"Good point," Boomer replied.

Everyone got out of bed, still with their pajamas on, as Koops told them about their next challenge.

"Okay, final nine-" Koops said, until Joe interrupted him.

"Are you going to keep final, insert number of us here left, for the rest of the game?" Joe asked annoyed.

"Yes, yes I will," Koops replied, with an evil grin on his face.

"Tell us the challenge already!" Boomer shouted demandingly.

"Alright, alright, gosh," Koops said.

Koops hesitated for a moment, but he soon began to tell the challenge to the nine remaining Chaotic Fighters.

"Okay, today's challenge is a difficult one," Koops announced, "You'll be divided into three teams, there are many bags of sand, two people from each team will put two bags of sand on the other person who will be holding a long pole over their heads. If they drop the pole, the entire team is out. Last person standing wins invincibility, but not only for them, but the entire team wins it as well."

"That sounds easy for me," Wallace said.

"You're so strong, Wallace, it's like if Chuck Norris and Samuel L. Jackson fused together and you were the result," Teresa said, flirting with Wallace.

Everybody stared at her, because of her seemingly awkward comment towards Wallace.

"Um, thanks, I think?" Wallace asked confused.

"Okay, thanks for that bit of nonsense, Teresa," Koops announced, "Anyway, let's get to the challenge."

After a few minutes of team selecting and setting up, the challenge was now about to begin.

"Alright, holding the pole for team one is Michael, for team two, Wallace, and for team three, Todd," Koops announced, "People putting the bags on for team one are Joe and Jenika, for team two, Lucy and Teresa, and for team three, Boomer and Kaitlyn."

"Team one, who do you want to put weight on?" Koops asked Joe and Jenika.

"Wallace," Joe said.

"Sorry, Wallace," Lucy said.

"Forgive us if we break those big, juicy muscles of yours," Teresa said.

Lucy made puke gestures towards Teresa.

"Um, ladies, the bags?" Koops reminded them.

"Sorry, we forgot for a second," Lucy said.

Lucy and Teresa took two bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

"Team two, who do you want to put weight on?" Koops asked Lucy and Teresa.

"I'm telling him," Teresa told Lucy quietly.

"Then tell him," Lucy said to Teresa quietly.

"Let's get Michael to put some weight on," Teresa said.

Joe and Jenika took two bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

Joe: I find it funny how Michael doesn't suspect of any shenanigans I might try to pull, since I'm on his team. But since I just want to see him in so much pain, I got Todd to bribe Boomer and Kaitlyn with sugar, spice, and everything nice, so they would pick Michael everytime. It won't be long until I watch him suffer.

"Team three, who do you want to put weight on?" Koops asked Boomer and Kaitlyn.

"Sorry, Michael, but we just have to," Kaitlyn told him.

"I understand," Michael told her.

Joe and Jenika took two more bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

"Alright, back to you, team one," Koops told them.

"Todd," Jenika said.

Boomer and Kaitlyn took two bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

"Everyone now on the board with twenty pounds for Wallace and Todd, and forty pounds for Michael," Koops announced.

"Team two, your choice?" Koops asked Lucy and Teresa.

"We want Todd," Lucy said.

Teresa: I would've defended Todd, but that would screw up my future flirting plans with Wallace, so I was forced to go with who that creature wanted weight on.

"Let's do it," Teresa agreed.

Boomer and Kaitlyn took two more bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

"Your turn, team three," Koops told them.

"Michael again! Michael again!" Boomer shouted repeatedly.

Michael gulped as Joe and Jenika took another two bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

"This is getting painful," Michael said to himself.

"Michael has sixty pounds, Todd has forty pounds, and Wallace has twenty pounds," Koops announced.

"We pick Wallace," Joe said.

"Team one doesn't even need to be asked," Koops announced.

Lucy and Teresa took two more bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

"Team two, your choice," Koops told them.

"Let's go with Michael," Teresa said.

Lucy: Normally I'd defend Michael from getting some more weight, but Ter-beast-a just wants to see that poor kid suffer; she's such a pain in the butt.

"I guess we pick Michael," Lucy agreed.

Joe and Jenika took another two bags and placed them on both ends of the pole.

Joe: I'm enjoying this! After he reaches his limit, I might reach mine with holding in my laughter.

"Next choice is yours, team three," Koops announced.

"Once again, we choose Michael," Kaitlyn said.

Joe and Jenika took another two bags and placed them both on the pole.

Michael: So I was up there with all these bags of sand on my pole and I felt as if a giant bear and a whale were on there. It was that painful for me.

"Michael has one hundred pounds now, followed by Todd and Wallace who both have forty pounds," Koops announced.

Michael was struggling to keep the pole, as Koops announced, "I think Michael reached his limit."

Michael kept struggling as Joe was watching him with a small, slick smile.

"I can't do this anymore!" Michael shouted as he threw the pole off his back and hit Joe in the face with it.

"Oh, damn it!" Joe shouted.

Michael: Just because I'm a good kid doesn't mean I can't fight back against a bully.

Joe: I think I have a bloody nose and it hurts! IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey, I knew this one guy who got bit by a stingray and he reacted the same way he did," Boomer said.

"But he just got a pole in the face," Kaitlyn told Boomer.

"So, that pole had one hundred pounds of sandbags on it," Teresa said, "I think that would be enough to give someone a bit of pain; I'm just saying."

"Michael, along with Joe and Jenika are now out of this challenge," Koops announced, "Its now down to team two and team three."

"So I guess that means we're just choosing the opposing person, right?" Lucy asked.

"That's correct," Koops replied, then announced, "Since it's only down to Todd and Wallace, Lucy and Teresa will automatically choose Todd, and Boomer and Kaitlyn will automatically choose Wallace for the remainder of this challenge."

Lucy and Teresa, and Boomer and Kaitlyn both gave Todd and Wallace one hundred pounds of sandbags for their poles.

"Todd and Wallace are at one hundred pounds, where Michael dropped out," Koops announced.

A few minutes later, Todd and Wallace were at one hundred fifty pounds each.

"Todd and Wallace are now at one hundred fifty pounds," Koops announced, "Since they have enough bags on their poles, let's just see who can last longer now."

As soon as Koops finished his sentence, Todd dropped out.

"Well that was anti-climatic, I guess that means invincibility goes to the team of Wallace, Lucy, and Teresa.

"Vanilly dilly!" Wallace shouted.

"We did it," Teresa said, as she hugged Wallace, "My hero."

Wallace blushed, as Lucy glared at Teresa angrily.

Lucy: That's MY hero she's hugging, and if there's any girl here that doesn't deserve to hug Wallace or any other guy here in general, it's definitely Teresa. Too bad she has invincibility, so she can't go, but that also means Wallace and I can't go home either. Yay for me!

Meanwhile, Joe, Teresa, and Todd continued talking about the plan Todd came up with yesterday.

"So what's that plan you came up with yesterday?" Teresa asked.

"It's going to be the answer to our problem of goody-goodys, girlfriends, gamblers, and psychopaths," Todd replied.

"Actually, I think we should get rid of Jenika," Joe suggested.

"Why, Jenika?" Todd asked.

"Think about it, Jenika's on good terms with not only us, but with the remaining members of Hatcher's Ex-Alliance, and Michael and Kaitlyn, she could betray us at any moment," Joe explained.

"I agree with Joe on this one," Teresa said, "She can be a huge threat to have around."

"Well, we can't vote her out with just our three votes, we need to come up with something," Todd said.

A lightbulb went on in Joe's head, as he said to Teresa and Todd, "I have a plan."

"What is it?" Todd asked.

"You know that attempt to steal Boomer's hidden immunity idol?" Joe asked, hoping Todd would remember.

"Yeah?" Todd answered.

"Well, go find Jenika and tell her that Boomer did something 'bad'," Joe said, "She'll have to believe it and have Michael and Kaitlyn, and possibly Wallace and Lucy vote him off. Then we'll tell Boomer that Jenika and the rest of her gang are voting for him, so we tell him to play his idol and BAM! Jenika is gone! With only our votes and Boomer's vote cast against her!"

"Also, Wallace and Lucy might vote Jenika if they don't believe the lie," Todd added.

"Wait a minute, you guys," Teresa said.

"What? What?" Todd asked.

"I just remembered something," Teresa said, "I heard Jenika saying stuff in her diary while I was sleeping."

"Well go get her diary," Joe demanded.

Teresa rushed into the girls' cabin and got Jenika's diary. She then rushed back to Joe and Todd.

"So, let's see what she wrote," Joe said.

He flipped to the currently written page and he and Todd were surprised.

"Holy crap!" Todd shouted.

"Jenika's a traitor," Joe said, "But from the sidelines."

"That girl is going down, do you guys agree?" Joe asked Teresa and Todd.

"Yes!" Teresa and Todd shouted simultaneously.

"Todd, go tell Jenika that Boomer is onto her," Joe ordered, "Teresa, go tell Boomer that Jenika is onto him."

"What will you do?" Teresa asked.

"Just wait until the hangar ceremony," Joe replied.

Todd ran off to find Jenika, while Teresa ran off to find Boomer.

"Jenika, I need to talk to you," Todd told her.

"Sure, Todd, what do you want to talk about?" Jenika asked him.

"Boomer's after you," Todd replied.

"He is?" Jenika asked.

"He says that you're the biggest threat here and he wants you gone," Todd lied to her.

"Not on my watch!" Jenika shouted. "I'm going to find Michael and Kaitlyn and tell them about this," she added.

"You do that," Todd said.

"Thanks for the news, Todd," Jenika said to him.

"Anytime, Jenika," Todd said, as he then muttered under his breath, "Sucker."

"Boomer, I'm glad I caught you," Teresa told him.

"What do you want, little lady?" Boomer asked her.

Teresa: Even though my main flirt-ee is Wallace, why not flirt with Boomer, I mean he's crazy, but he's manipulate.

"Boomer, darling, I never thought I'd see you in such a calm state like this," Teresa flirted, "Especially when tragedy is about to strike upon you."

"What do you mean?" Boomer asked.

"This witch wants to cast a spell on you which will get you out of this game," Teresa flirted.

Teresa: Okay, maybe that wasn't my best work, but hey, it got Boomer to catch my drift.

"So she wants Boomer bye-bye?" Boomer asked.

"Yes she does, but I heard that you have a miracle up your sleeve," Teresa flirted, "You know what I'm talking about."

"My idol?" Boomer suggested.

"That's correct," Teresa said, "Play it and you'll be protected by the evil witch's spell and it will send her home instead."

"Well, when my butt's on the line, I guess that's enough motivation for me to play it tonight," Boomer told her.

"Excellent," Teresa said, "Unfortunately, I must now depart, farewell."

Teresa ran off, leaving Boomer with a confused look on his face.

Boomer: Is she trying to take the Disney Princess approach or something, because that what it sounds like.

Joe: This will teach Jenika not to screw around with me!

Meanwhile, the Chaotic Fighters went to their second hangar ceremony.

"Alright, let's bring in the members of our jury, Eliza and Hatcher," Koops announced.

Eliza and Hatcher walked in and sat in the jury bleachers.

"Alright, kiddies, time for your beddy-bye, but first how about some marshmallows to help you get to sleep?" Koops rhetorically asked.

"HEY KOOPS, CATCH THIS!!!!!" Boomer screamed, as he threw his hidden immunity idol to Koops.

"Thanks, Boomer, why not put it in a catapult next time and fling it to my face?" Koops rhetorically asked Boomer.

"Sorry, I'm just hyped!" Boomer shouted.

"Alrighty then, so this happens to be a hidden immunity idol, so that means all votes cast against Boomer will not count," Koops announced.

Jenika: I know Michael, Kaitlyn, and I were planning to use the idol later on, but I just felt some really bad vibes, so I had to play it tonight.

"LOCK AND LOAD!!!!! LOCK AND LOAD!!!!!" Boomer screamed repeatedly.

"SHUT UP, BOOMER!!!!!" everyone else screamed, as they shut Boomer up.

"Now where was I, oh yeah, the marshmallows, they go to Wallace, Lucy, Teresa, Boomer, Kaitlyn, Michael, and Joe," Koops announced, "Jenika, Todd, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Todd the final marshmallow and said to Jenika, "Jenika, you're now the third member of the jury."

"I can care less," Jenika said.

Jenika: I was so close, all I had to do was get rid of Michael and Kaitlyn and I would've made myself a free pass to the final two, but no, backstabbing is apparently against the law here. But it doesn't matter, because I'll get my revenge when I speak to those final two traitors, until then, peace out.

Jenika proceeded to leave through the double doors, walk the Airstrip of Shame, went on the Losercopter and left.

"We're almost done with this game," Koops said to the remaining merged contestants, "With only you eight remaining, who knows what can happen now, but we'll just have to wait until tomorrow, but for now, good night and I'll see you all tomorrow for another great and dramatic day."

The eight remaining Chaotic Fighters left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Couple Up

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, Jenika revealed her diabolical ways while writing in her diary, keeping it private from the other girls. Lucy and Teresa continue to fight over Wallace, especially when they get put on the same team with Wallace for today's challenge. Speaking of which, today's challenge involved holding a long pole as long as you can as it gets filled up with sandbags on each end. Michael and Tod tried their best, but it was Wallace who won invincibility, along with his two lovers. Joe, Teresa, and Todd saw through Jenika's sweetness, courtesy of good ol' fashion diary stealing. Todd tricked Jenika into voting for Boomer, while Teresa tricked Boomer into playing his idol, which he did at the hangar ceremony and with four votes cast against her, Jenika the ex-sweet girl goes home. With eight people left, this show is starting to come to a close, but won't stop me from torturing them for six more days. With that said, let's see who wins and who loses on today's episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

The final eight came back from the hangar ceremony and Boomer, Wallace, and Lucy had talk about the vote.

"Boomer, you never told us you had an idol," Wallace said, then asked, "What gives?"

"I heard that Jenika was voting me off, so I had to play it and I can't believe you voted with her," Boomer said.

"Hey," Wallace proclaimed, "She told us this, we never would vote you off if it was our choice; besides, you're still here."

"I guess you have a point there," Boomer said.

"Awww, do you guys want to group hug?" Lucy asked.

"What the heck?" Wallace rhetorically asked.

"I'm in!" Boomer shouted.

The three former Hawks hugged as Teresa approached them.

"How dare you hug my Wallace, Lucy, you're so going to pay!" Teresa shouted.

"Your Wallace?" Lucy asked. "You only knew him since the merge you idiot!" Lucy continued, shouting.

Teresa: It won't be long now! Once I eliminate Lucy, Wallace will be all mine!

"Lucy, you're so stupid, you didn't even know Jenika was a traitor, only me and my boys knew it," Teresa proclaimed.

"I can care less what you say, I'm going to bed!" Lucy shouted.

"Whatever you say," Teresa said to her, then muttered, "You miserable piece of baggage."

"I think I'm going to bed too, come on, Boomer," Wallace said.

"But...but," Boomer said, until Wallace grabbed his arm and forced him to the cabin with him.

Wallace: This whole fight between Lucy and Teresa is getting way out of hand, I need to do something to calm those two down and get them out of my big afro. Not that I don't like them, I just want to be alone for some time, but with these two, I can't be alone for just a second. It annoys me to tell you the truth.

Meanwhile, Joe and Todd celebrated Jenika's demise by drinking beer and playing video games.

"I can't believe she actually we were outsmarted by her," Todd told Joe.

"Just goes to show you, you can't really trust anyone in these types of situations," Joe told Todd.

As they were talking Joe and Todd were playing "Super Smash Bros. Brawl", and Joe was playing as Ganondorf who was beating Todd, who was playing as Bowser.

"Damn, dude, your getting your ass handed to you," Joe exclaimed.

"Bowser may move slow, he can't jump high, but this turtle is-" Todd said, as Joe interrupted him.

"I know what you're about to say, just stop singing that stupid rap!" Joe shouted.

"I was going to this turtle is going to smack you down once I get the smash ball, but whatever makes you happy, I guess," Todd explained.

"Oh," Joe said with a confused look on his face, "How awkwardly delightful."

"Yes! I have the smash ball! Prepare to die, Joe!" Todd shouted.

Bowser turned into Giga Bowser and defeated Ganondorf, making Todd the winner.

"Consider yourself lucky," Joe said.

"I guess its now time for me to hit the hay," Todd yawned.

"Me too," Joe agreed.

The two antagonists went to bed and after a night of sleeping, the next challenge began.

Boomer burst out of bed and sang, "Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang, Walla walla, bing bang!Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang, Walla walla, bing bang!"

"Boomer, shut up!" Todd shouted.

"But I'm so excited!" Boomer shouted.

"Aren't you always?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, so?" Boomer asked.

"Just saying," Michael replied.

Michael: Boomer is a goofball, a goofball that can get really annoying after a while.

Koops came out of nowhere and shouted via bullhorn, "Wake up, final eight!"

"Koops, why did you do that?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Half of you were sleeping," Koops explained, "So I had to wake you all up for our romantic extravaganza."

"A romantic..." Michael asked. "Extravaganza?" Kaitlyn asked too, finishing the question.

"That's right," Koops replied.

"Wait a second," Joe asked, "Why are you wearing a diaper?"

Everyone started to laugh at the insane question.

"Because I'm Cupid, stupid!" Koops shouted.

"Whatever you say, baby boy," Joe insulted.

Todd and Teresa chuckled at Joe's insult towards the host.

"Teehee, very funny," Koops sarcastically said.

"Can you just tell us what our romantic extravaganza is?" Lucy asked.

"Well, you'll be paired with the one you love most, so I'll give you guys about two minutes to decide that," Koops explained.

"Want to be with me, Kaitlyn?" Michael asked, holding her hand.

"Sure, Michael," Kaitlyn replied, she then blushed.

"Let's be a couple, Wally," Lucy told Wallace.

"Not so fast, girl, Wallace is my dream boy," Teresa told Lucy.

"You take that back, witch!" Lucy shouted to Teresa.

"What's going on here?" Koops asked.

"Both these girls want to be with me," Wallace replied.

"Alright, I know how to settle this," Koops said, then asked, "Who was on Wallace's team from the start?"

"Me!" the two girls shouted.

"Let me be with Wallace!" Teresa shouted.

"I'm with Wally and that's that!" Lucy shouted.

"Oh my God, we're going to be here all day," Koops said, "Wallace, you choose."

"Lucy, want to be with me?" Wallace asked.

"Yes, yes I will," Lucy said, with little hearts in her eyes.

"No fair!" Teresa shouted.

"In your face, Teresa!" Lucy shouted.

Teresa: Wallace will be mine! Not that I want him, I just want to flirt him up and so far, I think it's working!

"Then who will I be with?" Teresa asked.

"You can be with Boomer," Koops suggested.

"I don't mind that one bit," Boomer said.

"I do!" Teresa shouted.

Teresa: Boomer is the last person I want to be paired up with in this challenge!

"Just be a couple with Boomer," Koops said, "Besides, I got something else in mind for Joe and Todd."

"Fine," Teresa said in disgust. She then turned to Boomer and threateningly asked him, "If we don't win this challenge, you'll be going next, you got that?" Boomer nodded with a fearful look on his face. "Good," Teresa delightfully said to him.

Boomer: (In fetal position) Teresa scares me! (Starts crying) Make her go away!

"Alright, we have our couples," Koops announced, "Michael and Kaitlyn, Wallace and Lucy, and Boomer and Teresa."

"What about us?" Todd asked.

"You guys come with me," Koops said.

They followed Koops to a bush and he said to them, "Since these will be love-related challenges, I want you two to screw things up for everyone, and I didn't tell any of the couples this, but the couple in dead last at the end of the romance extravaganza will be broken up."

"Broken up?" Joe asked.

"Let me explain, both of you will get to choose one of the two lovers from the couple in dead last to be automatically eliminated from the game," Koops told them.

"Okay, we get it now," Joe and Todd said simultaneously.

"Alright, here's the plan," Koops whispered to them.

After Koops' talk with Joe and Todd, the first romantic challenge was about to begin.

"Alright, for this challenge, the female will be in these towers, they will have to jump from them, bounce on the trampoline, and hope the male will catch them," Koops announced, "The first male to successfully catch their female wins."

Joe: Koops told us to loosen the bolts on the trampolines, so when one of the girls bounces over at least two times, the trampoline will break and they will fall flat on their face.

Todd: This is going to be sweet!

Joe: Totally, now let's watch the action!

"Alright, start falling!" Koops shouted.

Kaitlyn, Lucy, and Teresa started falling, hoping Michael, Wallace, and Boomer would catch them.

All three guys failed to catch their girls the first time.

"You girls got to go try again," Koops announced.

They did just that and something happened.

"Ow! The trampolin broke!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"Then you and Michael are out," Koops told her.

"Darn," Kaitlyn said.

"My trampoline broke two!" Teresa shouted.

"Then I guess that makes Wallace and Lucy the winners of the first challenge," Koops announced.

"I didn't even have to catch you," Wallace told her.

"Weird," Lucy added.

"Well this challenge didn't take too long," Boomer said.

The second romantic challenge was about to begin.

"For your second challenge, it will be a lovey-dovey bike ride, or as I like to call it, The Romantic Ride of Doom," Koops announced.

"That doesn't seem romantic," Lucy said.

"For this challenge, each couple will be riding a bike built for two as you try to get to the finish line first, while avoiding many obstacles, like oil spills, piranha-infested pools you have to jump over, and lots and lots of turns, and some other surprises," Koops announced.

"Why not just have us avoid heart-shaped axes or something?" Teresa asked.

"Because that would be dangerous," Koops replied.

The three couples then facepalmed at Koops' ridiculous reason.

Todd: For this ride, we planted some landmines.

Joe: That should knock them out of this race.

Todd: It will knock them onto a hospital bed, that's for sure.

Joe: Good call!

"On your marks, get set, go!" Koops shouted.

The three couples pedaled as fast as they could in order to reach the finish line first.

Michael and Kaitlyn avoided some of the obstacles, but something happened.

"Do you hear something, Michael?" Kaitlyn asked him.

"What are you talking-" Michael asked, before he was interrupted by the landmine's explosion.

The explosion blew up Michael and Kaitlyn's bike, as Koops said, "Once again, you two are first out, its just Wallace and Lucy and Boomer and Teresa now."

They were both neck-in-neck as another landmine was about to explode, but both couples manage to avoid it.

"Your going to pay for taking away my Wallace!" Teresa shouted to Lucy.

"Why don't do you make me, Teresa?" Lucy rhetorically asked.

"We'll settle this in the next challenge," Teresa told her.

"Agreed," Lucy added.

They were still rushing to get to the finish place, but ultimately it was an unexpected couple.

"Boomer and Teresa are the winners of the second challenge," Koops announced.

"We did it, my crazy sweetie!" Teresa shouted.

"I guess we did," Boomer awkardly said.

"At least we won the last challenge," Wallace said, trying to console Lucy.

"And we'll win this upcoming challenge too, so get your game face on, Wallace, we're going into the next challenge full warrior mode!" Lucy shouted.

"Lucy, I'm an experienced gambler, I always have a game face on," Wallace told her.

Meanwhile, Joe and Todd were frustrated about their failures.

"Forget this mischief making, Todd!" Joe shouted.

"Why?" Todd asked.

"Because we're not going anywhere with this," Joe replied, "If Koops wants a couple broken up, we'll give him one the old fashion way."

"So how do we do that?" Todd asked.

"To start with, let's not be sneaky during the final challenge and secondly, I'll tell you the plan soon," Joe said, until he realized something, "Wait a second, Todd, what's the second step in your plan, the first step was eliminating Jenika, so what's the second step?"

"I didn't consider breaking up a couple as a second step, or any step for that matter, but I guess I can make an exception, and like you said, I'll tell you soon," Todd explained.

"I guess we can wait until the time is right," Joe said, "Until then, let's watch the final challenge."

"Then let's go!" Todd shouted.

The final romantic challenge was about to begin.

"Okay, boys and girls, for your final challenge, we will have a romantic smashdown," Koops announced," Each couple will pick them or the other person to square off against two other people, and the last person standing wins, also if Wallace and Lucy or if Boomer and Teresa win this, they'll be immune, and if Michael and Kaitlyn win this, there will be no automatic elimination and instead, there will be a hangar ceremony where all of you are vulnerable."

"I'm fighting," Michael said.

"I'll fight, Wallace," Lucy said.

"Leave this to me, Boomer," Teresa said.

"So whose fighting?" Koops asked.

"We are," Michael, Lucy, and Teresa replied simultaneously.

"Then all three of you, get into the pink cage of destruction," Koops told them.

"You couldn't pick red at least," Teresa said.

"I thought it would be funny and ironic for the battle cage to be pink," Koops told them.

The three participants walked into the battle cage, waiting to fight.

"Actually, I have an idea," Koops told the three fighters, "Joe and Todd, which one of you wants to fight, if whoever fights wins, you both get invincibility."

"That's no fair, they didn't do anything up until now!" Michael shouted.

"Shut up, Michael!" Joe shouted.

"So I'm guessing you want to go, Joe?" Todd asked.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Joe replied.

"Then get in there, Joe," Koops told them.

"Whatever, Joe responded as he ran into the battle cage.

"Alright, Michael, Lucy, Teresa, Joe, battle!!!!!" Koops screamed.

The fight was on.

Michael was fighting Joe, while Lucy was fighting Teresa,

"You're going down, Joe!" Michael shouted to Joe.

"Bite me, loser!" Joe shouted to Michael.

"Wallace will be mine, Lucy, so give up now," Teresa told Lucy, "That way, I don't have to do a lot of damage to that ugly face of yours."

"Never," Lucy shouted, "You can't have Wallace, you're only using him and I know it!"

"So you saw me, you want a cookie, Lucy?" Teresa asked her tauntingly.

Lucy flipped Teresa around like a rag doll, but Teresa also did some damage to Lucy.

Meanwhile, Michael and Joe were horseplaying in the cage, completely ignoring the fight between Lucy and Teresa.

"I know what you're up to, Joe, and I'm going to put a stop to it!" Michael shouted.

"Hope you can do that before you get eliminated, my good man!" Joe shouted.

Joe then caught Michael's arm and swung him around and threw him across the battle cage, where he was immediately knocked out.

"Michael is out," Koops shouted, "It's down to Joe, Lucy, and Teresa now!"

Joe then swooped into Lucy and Teresa's fight and did quick work of both of them, immediately knocking them out as well.

"You can't hit girls, Joe!" Lucy shouted.

"Do I care," Joe asked himself, "No, I don't."

"Joe wins invincibility!" Koops shouted.

"What about me?" Todd asked.

"Oh yeah, I lied about you winning it, sorry," Koops told him.

Todd: On a positive note, there's always next challenge, but on a negative note, I want to kill that guy!

Joe: This has got to be the easiest win in reality history, doing absolutely nothing the first two challenges, then winning the last challenge, that was too easy, even for me!

"Since Michael and Kaitlyn didn't cause a tie, or have won a challenge, that puts them in dead last, so you and Todd get to choose which one of them gets automatically sent home," Koops told Joe.

Todd then whispered into Joe's ear, "I guess we don't have to do step two of the plan after all."

"I know, its awesome," Joe whispered back into Todd's ear.

"Anyday now, guys," Koops told them impatiently.

"Oh yeah," Todd said. "We went off-topic there for a second," Joe added.

Joe and Todd then simultaneously screamed, "We want...


"Alright, Kaitlyn, I'll escort you to the Losercopter now," Koops told her.

"Wait! I don't want to be tortured by these two psychos anymore as well, take me away too!" Michael begged.

"Are you sure, because even if you do, Kaitlyn will still be eliminated, so do you want to quit?" Koops asked Michael.

"I do," Michael replied.

"Alright then, that means Kaitlyn will be our fourth jury member, while you'll be our fifth jury member, even if you're the first person to ever quit my show, now come on, I'll escort you and Kaitlyn to the Losercopter," Koops told Michael, then announced to the others, "As for the rest of you six, head back to your cabins, you survived another day here."

The remaining six contestants left the battle cage and went back to their cabins.

As sad music played, Michael and Kaitlyn were escorted by Koops to the Losercopter where they left Total Drama Chaos.

"Okay you can turn off the sad music now, you're making me cry," Koops said, then announced, "And with that, another episode comes to an end, what challenge will await our final six, find out next time on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!"

Are You Smarter Than The Jury?

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, it was a romance extravaganza for our final eight, but Joe and Todd were doing something else rather than being in love. Michael and Kaitlyn were a couple, Wallace and Lucy were another one, and the final one was Boomer and Teresa, much to her dismay. Wallace and Lucy technically won the first challenge, while Boomer and Teresa won the second challenge. In the final challenge, Joe and Todd were able to pick who would get to participate and it was Joe who not only fought, but came out victorious, he was given the privilege, along with Todd, despite him not having invincibility like Joe, to pick one person from the dead last couple to be automatically eliminated, they chose Kaitlyn, but Michael decided to quit the game as well. It's now down to six sorry finalists and another adventure for them begins this episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

It was midnight and everyone was sleeping, until loud noises started to occur.

"What is that," Wallace asked, then said, "Whoever is doing that better stop it, or I'll make it stop."

The two remaining girls heard the noise and came into the guys' cabin to sleep with them.

"I'm serious, I'll go over and kick the person whose doing that's butt!" Wallace shouted.

Teresa giggled and said to Wallace, "You're cute when you get serious."

Lucy rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Who are you staring at?" Teresa asked annoyed.

"Oh nothing," Teresa replied. She soon muttered under her breath, "Boyfriend stealer."

"I heard that!" Teresa shouted.

"As if I cared!" Lucy shouted.

"Girls, girls, stop fighting," Boomer said, trying to calm down the girls, "Can we talk this over with some nyquil?"

"What? No!" Teresa shouted.

"Boomer, we all know you're crazy, but that question sounded crazier," Lucy told him.

"Just trying to help," Boomer said.

"We know, Boomer, or at least, I know," Lucy told him.

Teresa: If Lucy doesn't win invincibility, I can finally kick her optimistic ass out of this hellhole!

Lucy: When will Teresa ever learn that she won't vote me off, Wallace will always keep me over her. What, you don't believe me? Go ask him yourself, jerk!

The loud noises continued outside.

"Alright, that's it!" Wallace shouted. "I'm coming over there to whoop yo' butt!" he continued.

Wallace stormed off to see what the noise was, but it was none other than Koops and his unimportant interns.

"Koops, what yo' deal, dude?" Wallace asked.

"Dude, my deal is that I'm getting ready for tomorrow's challenge, yo'," Koops told Wallace.

"Oh, um, okay," Wallace said, as he awkwardly went back to the cabins.

"So who was it?" Boomer asked.

"It was Koops and his interns which I didn't know he had," Wallace replied.

"He had interns?" Boomer stupidly asked.

Wallace and the girls facepalmed at Boomer's dumb remark.

"What?" Boomer cluelessly asked.

Boomer: What was up with those people, all I just said is that he had interns; what's so stupid about that question?

It was morning and it was a rainy day at Total Drama Chaos.

"Good morning, final six, meet me by the six big podiums for your next challenge," Koops said via loudspeaker.

"But it's rainy outside," Lucy told Koops, "We'll get pnuemonia."

"That only happens when you're old," Koops told him.

"Then this show will be canceled after this challenge," Todd insulted Koops.

"Oh, I won't have to worry, I got the umbrella, while you six dummies have to stand in the cold, wet rain, and I'll get the last laugh, ha!" Koops told the final six again via loudspeaker.

Todd: I can't stand this guy anymore, I can't believe I actually wanted to come back here. I feel like a total idiot now!

The final six were at their podiums and Koops came to greet them with an umbrella in his hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

"Koops, what up with the podiums?" Joe asked.

"I'm glad you asked, this is your next challenge and it's called, Are You Smarter Than The Jury, also I'd like to point out your not competing for invincibility this time," Koops announced.

"What's yo' catch?" Wallace asked.

"This challenge is only for reward, so nobody will get kicked off, but the person who does best gets the reward which I'll reveal after this challenge is over, besides, seeing how you guys made it to the final six, I decided to give you guys a break," Koops continued announcing.

Wallace: Well that was nice of him.

Teresa: Once again, something has to prevent me from voting Lucy off. Stupid show!

"Like it says in the jury, you'll be going up against the first five jury members, so let's bring them out right now," Koops continued to announce, "Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, and Michael."

Eliza coughed up blood, Hatcher had nothing on, Jenika gave the final six a cutthroat gesture, Kaitlyn waved at them, and Michael flipped Joe and Todd off.

"Well that's a weird way to enter something," Koops said.

"Who cares," Joe said, "Just tell us how this, so Michael can leave with his stupid girlfriend."

"Don't call my girlfriend stupid, midget," Michael told Joe.

"Okay, seeing how I don't care how the normal version of this game works, I'll just have the jury ask questions to you guys about the game," Koops explained, then asked, "Michael, since you're the latest member of the jury, why don't you start?"

"I'll be happy to," Michael replied, "Joe, what does Boomer normally put in all his meals?"

"Sugar, duh?" Joe replied.

"That's correct," Koops announced.

"Darn it!" Michael shouted.

"Better luck next time, loser," Joe told him.

"I'll go next," Eliza said, as she coughed, "Teresa, during the sing-off, what song did I sing?"

"Was it," Teresa thought, then answered, "Don't Stop Believing?"

"Wrong," Koops announced, "It was Oops, I Did It Again."

"Does this mean I'm out?" Teresa asked.

Koops nodded as Teresa took a spot on the bench.

"Hatcher, you're up," Koops told him.

"Alrighty then, Wallace, at the first, as well as last Supermen hangar ceremony, were there any idols played?" Hatcher asked him.

"Nope," Wallace replied.

"Wrong," Koops announced, "While the idol was fake, it technically counts as an idol played, Wallace, you're out, go sit next to Teresa."

"Not dill at all, dude," Wallace said.

"Whatever you say, dude," Koops told Wallace.

Wallace sat on the bench next to Teresa.

"We're now down to four," Koops announced, "Kaitlyn, you're up."

"Sweet!" Kaitlyn shouted.

"Can you just tell us the question?" Joe asked.

"What's the magic word?" Kaitlyn asked.

Joe sighed and replied, "Please."

"Okay then, Joe, what was the reason Michael quit last episode?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Because he wanted to be with you," Joe replied, "That was easy."

"Wrong," Koops announced.

"How?" Joe asked. "That's the right answer!" he shouted.

"He quit because he couldn't stand you and Todd, take a seat on the bench with Teresa and Wallace," Koops explained.

Joe sat on the bench next to Teresa and Wallace.

"With just one question wrong again, we quickly got down to three contestants; Boomer, Lucy, and Todd," Koops announced, "Jenika, it's your turn."

"Lucy, who took my diary, which caused my blindside?" Jenika asked her.

Teresa: Jenika found out? Crap!

"Knowing Teresa, she would probably take it, so I say, Teresa," Lucy replied.

"That's correct," Koops announced.

"Thanks, Lucy, now I know whose butt I'm going to kick when this challenge is over," Jenika said.

"Your welcome," Lucy said with an evil grin on her face.

"My turn again," Michael said, "Boomer, what happened to Wallace's leg in the Total Drama Chaotic Water Brawl?"

"Joe broke it!" Boomer shouted.

"That's correct," Koops shouted.

"Todd," Eliza said, "What did Hatcher sing during the sing-off?"

"Smooth Criminal," Todd replied.

"That's correct," Koops announced.

"I'm so glad I was able to entertain with my music that day," Hatcher bragged.

"Can you just ask a question?" Todd asked.

"Lucy, who was the last contestant eliminated before the jury formed?" Hatcher asked.

"Dana," Lucy replied.

"Wrong," Koops announced, "It was technically Michael, since he left after Dana, so he's technically the last contestant eliminated before the jury formed, even if he did return."

Lucy sat on the bench next to Teresa, Wallace, and Joe.

"Okay, Todd, how much money did Michael bid at the auction?" Kaitlyn asked him.

"Enough to get his goody-goody ass back in the game," Todd insultingly replied.

"Wrong," Koops announced, "All five hundred."

"Whatever, it still counts," Todd said.

"Actually it doesn't," Koops told him, "You could've just said all his money and you could've got it right, but you didn't, so you're out."

Todd sat on the bench next to Teresa, Wallace, Joe, and Lucy.

"Boomer wins reward!" Koops shouted.

The others cheered for him, as Koops ran up to him and congratulated him.

"Congratulations, Boomer, you win the reward!" Koops shouted.

"Cool!" Boomer shouted. "So what do I win?" he asked.

"The reward was a visit from your loved ones and since you won the challenge, Boomer, here comes your mother, Dyna," Koops told him.

Dyna came running out of nowhere to see her son, Boomer.

"MOMMY!!!!!" Boomer screamed, as the two hugged.

"Son, I have great news," Dyna told Boomer.

"What is it?" Boomer asked.

"I'm getting married!" Dyna shouted.

"To who?" Boomer asked.

"Hatcher's father," Dyna replied.

Boomer and Hatcher looked at each other with their jaws dropped.

"We're going to be brothers?" they both asked.

"That's right," Dyna replied.

"When did you first meet my dad?" Hatcher asked.

"Well, it actually happened a week ago," Dyna said.

(Begin flashback)

Dyna was in the grocery store, looking for some brownie mix, oreo cookies, lunchables, and nyquil, when she bumped into another person.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir," Dyna said.

"That's okay," Hatcher's father said, "I don't want to destroy your shopping especially when it looks like you're in a hurry."

(Cut flashback)

"There's no way my dad said that, he's more arrogant around the house," Hatcher said.

"Shush," Boomer said, "I love flashbacks."

(Continue flashback)

"Hey, I'm going to have a summer party this Saturday night, do you want to come?" Hatcher's father asked Dyna.

"I'd love to, with Boomer out of my hair for 18 days, I think I can party for a day or two," Dyna said, then asked, "By the way, what's your name?"

"My name is Richard," Hatcher's father said.

"Well nice to meet you, Richard," Dyna said.

"A pleasure to meet you, Dyna," Richard said.

"So I'll see you Saturday, but at what time?" Dyna asked.

"You can come at around 7:30," Richard replied, "That's when the real party starts."

"Okay, I'll see you then," Dyna told Richard.

"Okay, bye," Richard said to Dyna.

(End flashback)

"I'm I the only one who finds that creepy?" Teresa asked herself.

"You're not alone," Lucy admitted.

"Oh crap, the episode is almost over," Koops said, "Well, Boomer, other than being with Dyna, you get to go on a weekend cruise with her."

"No way," Boomer shouted, then asked, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am," Koops replied, "Now hurry, the cruise is waiting."

"Bye guys," Boomer said, "See you in two days."

"Bye, Boomer," Lucy said, "Have a fun time with Momma Dyna."

"It should be Wife Dyna in a matter of days," Hatcher added.

"Good point," Lucy agreed,

Boomer and Dyna got on the cruise and left.

"As for the rest of you, head back to your cabins, except for you losers," Koops said to the five jury members, "You guys will take the Losercopter and head back to your spot where one of these final six competitors will be heading tomorrow."

"Bye y'all!" Hatcher shouted.

"It was nice while it lasted," Kaitlyn said.

"At least we'll have more company tomorrow," Michael said.

"I guess you're right," Jenika agreed.

"See you peeps at the finale!" Eliza shouted.

The five jury members got on the Losercopter and left.

"Well that wraps up this episode," Koops announced, "Find out who gets kicked off and joins the jury on our next episode of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!"

Tiny Terrors on the Farm Today

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, it was an all-reward showdown where our final six were given questions to answer by our five jury members, Boomer won the reward, and his mother, Dyna, came to visit. He found she was getting married to Richard, Hatcher's father, which left Boomer and Hatcher in shock. Boomer also got to go on a weekend cruise with Dyna as part of his reward. Now its back to invincibility and eliminations, who will become the sixth jury member? Find out now on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

The final six, excluding Boomer, were still sleeping, until Wallace woke up and was shocked.

"What the dill," Wallace asked himself, "Where are we?"

"Well it smells like poo and sweat," Joe said.

"For once, I agree with Joe," Lucy said.

"Happy to see you folk are up," Koops said to the final six, excluding Boomer.

"Koops, where are we?" Todd asked.

"You guys are on a farm," Koops said, "This is where your next challenge takes place."

Joe: Out of all the places Koops could've taken us to for a challenge, he took us to a farm? Why not take us to a graveyard where we have to look at tombstones, until we all crack from exhaustion!

Lucy: Yay! We're on a farm! I was actually raised on a farm, so I know a lot with animals, especially horses. I always wanted a horse and if I win this game, I'm going to get one.

Wallace: As long as this ain't a poop-cleaning challenge, I'm happy.

Teresa: I've been thinking, Wallace doesn't seem thrilled to be with me, so I guess I have to take it up a notch; however, Joe looks like he can be manipulated too. If Wallace doesn't see the hotness that I try to provide him, maybe I can give it to Joe.

Todd: They could've done better.

A few minutes later, five of the six contestants stood near Koops by a barn.

"We'll now bring in Boomer, returning from his reward," Koops said.

Boomer rushed back to join the other five contestants.

"Alright, final six, your challenge is ging to involve a lot of running around and good eyesight," Koops announced, "Because you'll be finding keys in the animal pens."

"Is that the best you can come up with?" Teresa asked.

"At the time, yes, and the first one with their key who returns and opens this chest first wins invincibility, once I hand out which pen your key is in, you can start searching there," Koops announced.

"I wonder where my key is," Lucy thought.

"Lucy, your key is in the horse pen," Koops told her.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lucy squealed with excitement.

"Damn it, girl, you squeal like a freaking dolphin, so cut it out!" Teresa shouted.

"Teresa, your key is in the cow pen," Koops told her.

"Why does that sound not surprising?" Teresa asked.

Lucy tried to hold in her laughter after hearing Teresa's key location.

Lucy: It's funny because it's true; Teresa is a cow! (Laughs)

"Wallace, your key is in the sheep pen," Koops told him.

"Sounds tight," Wallace said.

"Boomer, your key is in the pig pen," Koops told him.

"Awesome! Now I get to play in the mud once I win!" Boomer shouted.

"That's a ten on the Messed Up-O-Scale," Teresa said.

"Todd, your key is in the chicken pen," Koops told him.

"Whatever," Todd said.

"Joe, your key is in the goat pen," Koops told him.

Joe's blood started to boil, as he got nervous over his key location.

Joe: Goats! Why did it have to be goats?

Meanwhile, Lucy was trying to find her key.

"Whose a good horsey," Lucy asked, "You are."

The horse whinnied at Lucy's comments.

"Here's some sugar," Lucy said, as she gave the horse a sugar cube.

The horse gleefully ate the cube, as Lucy enjoyed the time with the horse, and didn't bother trying to find the key.

Meanwhile, Teresa was trying to find her key.

"That key has to be around here somewhere," Teresa said to herself.

She then came across a bunch of cows waiting to be milked.

A farmer soon walked by, as she asked him, "Sir, have you seen a key around here?"

"So that's the thing that magicly popped up in the milk jar," the farmer said.

Teresa: Koops, you're a sick, sick man!

"Are you telling me my key is in the jar full of milk from actual cow utters?" Teresa asked.

"That's right," the farmer replied.

"Then I'm not getting it," Teresa said.

"I'll get it for you, just wait here," the farmer said.

The farmer went over to the milk jar and easily got the key.

"Here you go, madam," the farmer said, handing the key to Teresa.

"As much as I don't want to touch that key right now, I'm going to have to," Teresa said, as she took the key from the farmer's hand and ran back to the chest.

"That was one hot piece o' work," the farmer said to himself.

Meanwhile, Wallace was trying to find his key.

"Key, where are you, key?" Wallace asked himself.

A bunch of sheep start getting in his way and Wallace starts to get annoyed.

"Okay, you guys, you really aren't helping," Wallace said, "If you guys can just let me get the pick, I'll go, come on."

The sheeps didn't listen.

"Forget it, you guys suck!" Wallace shouted.

A sheep then pushed him down in order to tell him something.

"What the hell, sheep?" Wallace asked.

The sheep pointed left of where Wallace was and it was the key.

"Oh, there it is," Wallace said, holding the key, "Well, this is awkward."

Wallace then left the sheep pen, as he raced back to the chest.

Wallace: I'm not going to like sheep after today, or at least the annoying sheep.

Meanwhile, Boomer was trying to find his key, but he was too busy playing in the mud.

"This is way better than the challenge!" Boomer shouted.

As Boomer was rolling around in the mud with the pigs, he came across his key.

"Hey, it's my key," Boomer said, "I wasn't even planning on finding this, but whatever."

Boomer quickly ran back to the chest with his key.

Meanwhile, Todd was sleeping in the chicken pen, not even trying to find his key.

Todd: I could care less about winning to tell you the truth. I'm just going to sleep, until this challenge is all over.

As Todd was sleeping in the chicken pen, Joe nervously entered the goat pen, trying to find his key.

"I'm just getting this key and then I'm leaving," Joe said to himself.

He then saw the key on the biggest goat's tail; Joe gulped with fear at the challenge he had to overcome in order to win.

"For invincibilty," Joe said to himself.

He ran up to the goat and took the key right off his tail, but he wasn't pleased at all.

The big goat, along with some of the other goats glared angrily at Joe.

"What?" Joe asked.

They all began to charge at him.

"I think I'm going to soil myself," Joe said to himself.

Joe started to scream so loud, everyone heard it, including Todd, who was sleeping.

They all rushed to see what was going on.

"Wow, this is a sight to see," Lucy said.

"The so-called, great Joe just got his wimpy ass handed to him by goats," Wallace said.

"Wait a minute, I don't think the beating's over," Todd said.

The big goat, along with two baby goats charge up to him and started to beat him up again with their feet.

"OW! OW! GET OFF OF ME! GET OFF OF ME NOW!!!" Joe shouted repeatedly.

"There's no way those goats are getting off you, Joe," Boomer said.

Everyone, including Koops, started to laugh at his misery and how he got beaten up by baby goats as well.

Todd: Looks like Joe ain't so tough after all.

"You know, guys, I have the chest with me, so whoever has a key can just open it now," Koops told them.

Lucy, Teresa, Wallace, and Boomer rushed towards the chest, but only one was able to open it and prevail.

"Boomer wins invincibility!" Koops shouted.

"THIS IS AWESOMER!!!!!" Boomer screamed.

"Way to go, Boombox," Wallace congratulated.

"That wasn't bad for a crazy guy like you," Lucy said, also congratulating him, "No offense."

"None taken," Boomer responded.

Joe, who survived the goat stampede, was finally able to get up and exit the pen.

"Don't say a word!" Joe shouted to the host and to the other five remaining contestants.

"I don't think a word has to be said," Wallace said, "Goats, including baby ones, just whooped your devil ass."

Everyone, including Koops, tried to hold in their laughter.

"Anyways, Boomer is safe at the hangar ceremony, but as for you five: Joe, Lucy, Teresa, Todd, Wallace, day fourteen will be your last and one of you will become the sixth member of the jury," Koops announced.

Lucy: I think I can hold off on taking out Teresa, because Joe is the one that needs to go, after fourteen days out here, I think he overstayed his welcome.

Teresa: The question still remains, should I flirt with Joe or not?

"NO!!!!!" voices outside the confessional screamed.

Teresa: I guess that answers my question.

After they left the farm, Todd and Teresa decided to talk afterwards.

"You know what, Todd?" Teresa asked.

"Were you going to ask me to help you blindside Joe?" Todd asked.

"Yeah," Teresa replied, "How did you know?"

"Because everyone wants to take him out tonight after the 'event' with the goats," Todd explained.

"Remember that plan you were talking about a few days ago?" Teresa asked Todd.

"I decided to forget about that plan, because what I wanted to accomplish with that plan, pretty much happened already," Todd replied.

"Good point," Teresa agreed,

Joe then rushed over to Todd and Teresa covered in goat footprints and mud, as he shouted to them, "We're getting rid of Wallace! I hate him! We're voting him out tonight and I don't want to hear anything about it!"

"Whatever you say, Joe," Todd said, with a drone look on his face.

"Yeah, Joe, we'll help you vote him off," Teresa said.

"Good, because I don't want to hear any stupid excuses!" Joe shouted.

He stormed off shouting, "I'm taking a shower!"

Meanwhile, the Chaotic Fighters went to their third hangar ceremony.

"Alright, let's bring in the members of our jury, Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, and Michael," Koops announced.

The five jury members walked in and sat in the jury bleachers.

"Farmboys and farmbabes, tonight, your adventure will end for one of you, with the exception of Boomer, since he won invincibility, so let's get onto the marshmallows," Koops announced, "However, I just want to point out that tomorrow is the last day you can use a hidden immunity idol, now onto the marshmallows. I have four marshmallows for Boomer, Lucy, Todd, and Teresa. Wallace, Joe, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


"Wallace, it's time to go," Koops announced.

"That's not fair, we all voted for Joe!" Teresa shouted.

"I know, I know, I was just kidding, Joe is the one whose actually been eliminated," Koops announced.

Koops threw Wallace the final marshmallow and said to Joe, "Joe, you're now the sixth member of the jury."

"So you two were in on this?" Joe asked.

"Yep," Todd replied.

"You became a pain in our asses, so we voted with the ex-Hawks," Teresa said to Joe.

"That and you shout like that mother on Malcolm in the Middle most of the time," Todd told Joe.

"I do not!" Joe shouted.

"Yeah, you do!" everyone else shouted back at him.

"Whatever, you losers may have won this battle, but the war is far from over, so I'll see you guys at the finale and we'll see who gets the last laugh!" Joe shouted.

"Boomer, sing a tune to get Joe out of here, so we can finally leave this place," Wallace told him.

"Nananana, nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye," Boomer sang to Joe, as he left the hangar ceremony.

He then got on the Losercopter and left.

"Well that wraps up a rather amusing episode of Total Drama Chaos, and I'd like to say congrats to you five for making it to this point in the game, so head back to your cabins, because you guys are done for tonight," Koops announced, then said to the final five, "Good night."

The final five left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Survey Says

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, our final six contestants went to a farm to look for keys that they will use to open a chest and win invincibility. Boomer won it and Joe was completely humiliated when he got attacked by the goats, even the baby ones. Despite Joe's demands to vote off Wallace, Todd and Teresa went against and voted Joe out, along with the majority, making him our sixth jury member. As you've been watching this show, you saw Boomer, Lucy, Teresa, Todd, and Wallace make their way to the final five. That means there are only three challenges left, three losers to complete the jury, and the final two will go up against them for a chance to win the million dollar prize. Who will join the jury? Who will survive another day? Find out now on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

The remaining contestants were partying in the guys' cabin, as they celebrated their accomplishment of making it to the final five.

"Celebrate good times, come on," Boomer obnoxiously sang.

"You're wrecking the song, Boombox," Wallace told him.

"Sorry," Boomer said, "I'm just excited, I never thought I'd make it this far."

"That goes for all of us, dude," Todd said.

"Todd, you returned to the game, but can I blame you?" Teresa said, then rhetorically asked him.

"I know, I get voted out, then I immediately return to the game," Todd said.

"I think you should be happy you're back," Lucy told Todd.

"But I am," Todd responded, "If I wasn't, I wouldn't be partying right now."

"That's true, I guess," Lucy said.

Todd: With both big pain in the asses out of the way, both of which start with the letter 'J', I can finally take over this contest. I just need to get the last pain in the ass out of this game and his name is Boomer.

Boomer: I trust everyone at this point, nobody seems to have the traitor-like personality in this group.

Wallace: One small step for a contestant in the final five, one giant leap for a million bucks!

Lucy: This is great! My boyfriend is with me in the final five, and a lively time bomb of insanity, but in a good way. Unfortunately, a criminal and a boyfriend stealer is here too. I want them gone soon! But other than, this is great!

Teresa: I just glad nobody voted my ass of this place.

The final five have a drink, as they continue their celebration of getting to the position they're in now.

"To us, the final five," Lucy said.

"The final five," the others said.

They all drank and continued to talk.

It was late and everyone started to go to sleep, except for Wallace and Lucy.

"You think, we're now boyfriend and girlfriend?" Lucy asked.

"Do you want to be?" Wallace asked.

Wallace: I knew Lucy had a thing for me, but I didn't know I meant a lot to her. I guess that's how romance works.

"Can I be the girlfriend though?" Lucy asked.

"Only if I get to be the boyfriend," Wallace playfully replied.

Lucy: I can't believe it! Even though I already Wallace liked me, it's actually confirmed, we're now officially boyfriend and girlfriend! BOOYAH!!!

"Well I better get to bed," Wallace said to Lucy, "See you, tomorrow, girlfriend."

"Tomorrow, boyfriend," Lucy responded.

They both blushed as they went back to their separate cabins.

The next morning, everyone was ready for their next challenge.

"I see you guys are excited about today's challenge," Koops said to the final five contestants.

"Actually, we're just ready to win," Teresa said.

"Well, we got the challenge all set up, so follow me," Koops said.

They followed Koops to a place where five masks were hanging from ropes and above them were five logs. They then saw an ax and five boards with their names on them.

"For this challenge, you'll be given questions about your peers. You guys will have to guess what the majority said, if you do, you get to step up and take a chop at someone's mask. Two strikes to your mask and you're out. Last person standing with their mask alive and well win invincibility. So go by your boards and we'll get this challenge started," Koops announced.

They got to their boards and Koops began to ask questions.

"First question, which person is least deserving of the million dollars?" Koops asked.

They flipped to the name of the person they think is least deserving.

"Reveal," Koops announced, "We have three Teresa's and two Lucy's; the correct answer is Teresa. Wallace got it right, Lucy got it right, and Boomer got it right, so you three can step forward and take a chop at whoever you like."

"Me go first!" Boomer shouted.

He took the ax and chopped Teresa's rope.

"Ladies first," Wallace said.

"You're so sweet," Lucy said.

She took the ax and chopped Teresa's rope too.

The log charged into Teresa's mask and smashed it, as Koops announced, "Like that, Teresa is out of this game."

"This challenge sucked anyway," Teresa responded.

"Let's give this chop to Todd," Wallace said.

"Say what?" Todd rhetorically asked.

He took the ax and chopped Todd's rope.

"Next question, which person would be most likely to sacrifice themself for another person to continue?" Koops asked.

They flipped to the name of the person they think would sacrifice themself.

"Reveal," Koops announced, "All four of you said Lucy, all of you are right, so step forward."

"Since I'm the most selfless of you all, I think it's fitting if I go first," Lucy said, "Sorry if that sounded offensive or cocky.

"Nothing taken," Wallace said.

"Of course, you would say that," Todd said.

She took the ax and chopped Todd's rope.

The log charged into Todd's mask and smashed it, as Koops announced, "Todd's now out of this challenge."

"But I still got it right," Todd said.

"Alright, since you got it right, you get one last chop," Koops told him.

"Cool," Todd said.

"Move it, losers!" Todd shouted.

"You're out," Lucy said.

"I get one last chop," Todd said.

He took the ax and chopped Boomer's mask.

"Oh, dude, really?" Boomer rhetorically asked.

"Sorry, Boomer, I just want to win," Wallace told him.

"I understand," Boomer responded.

He took the ax and chopped Boomer's mask too.

The log charged into Boomer's mask and smashed it, as Koops announced, "Boomer's out of this challenge, but like Todd, he gets to have one last chop."

"Sorry Wallace, but I just want payback," Boomer told him.

"Just do what yo' got to do," Wallace said.

He took the ax and chopped Wallace's mask.

"Final question, which contestant never shuts up?" Koops asked.

They flipped to the name of the person they think doesn't shut up.

"Reveal," Koops announced, "Both of you say Boomer, that is right, but Wallace, your hit doesn't matter, Lucy, take him out."

She took the ax and chopped Wallace's mask too.

The log charged into Wallace's mask and smashed it, as Koops shouted, "Lucy wins invincibility!"

"We're screwed," Teresa whispered to Todd.

"Lucy, you're safe at the hangar ceremony, as for you four, one of you will have their fate sealed tonight, head back to your cabins," Koops announced.

At their cabins, the ex-Hawks talked about getting rid of Teresa or Todd.

"I definitely want Teresa out!" Lucy shouted.

"Me too!" Boomer shouted.

"If Boomer's in, then count me in too," Wallace agreed.

"Then Todd goes tomorrow if he doesn't win invincibility," Lucy said.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Little did they know that Teresa was eavesdropping on them the whole time.

"Well two can play at this game," Teresa said to herself.

Teresa: Apparently, they want to get rid of me. I can safely say that won't be the case tonight. I guess its time to my flirting skills to good use, and by good, I mean excellent!

As the ex-Hawks walked away from each other, Wallace heard something.

"What is that?" Wallace asked himself. "I think it came from the bushes," he continued.

Wallace looked in the bushes and saw Teresa crying.

"Teresa, what's the matter?" Wallace asked her.

"You don't need to say anything, I know I'm going home," Teresa said crying.

"It wasn't my decision," Wallace said, trying to console her.

"You don't understand, I need the money," Teresa said.

"Why?" Wallace asked.

"My mother isn't doing so well, she got shot by some gangsters, and she's in critical condition," Teresa explained to Wallace.

"That's sad, but I don't get why you need the money for that reason," Wallace proclaimed.

"I didn't get to that part yet," Teresa said, then continued explaining to Wallace, "My mother needs to go into surgery, but my family doesn't have the money, that's why I signed up for this show, to get the money she needs to undergo that surgery, but I can't get it if I don't win, because I know I can't win, because you guys are going to vote me off tonight."

"With a reason, I think you should continue in this game," Wallace said.

"I know, so can you please vote for Boomer instead of me?" Teresa asked Wallace, as she still cried.

"I'll have to think about it," Wallace replied.

"Please do the right thing," Teresa said, as she continued crying.

"I'll try," Wallace said.

He left Teresa, as she wiped the remaining tears off her face.

She walked back to her cabin, as she muttered under her breath, "Bullseye."

Meanwhile, the Chaotic Fighters went to their fourth hangar ceremony.

"Alright, let's bring in the members of our jury, Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, Michael, and Joe," Koops announced.

The six jury members walked in and sat in the jury bleachers.

"Okay, final five, for four of you, your adventure continues, but for one of you, it ends tonight, so let's get to it. The marshmallows go to Lucy, Wallace, and Todd," Koops announced, "Boomer, Teresa, this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Boomer and Lucy were shocked, Wallace felt guilty, and Teresa and Todd high-fived each other.

Wallace: I had to do what's right. If you're watching this, Boomer, I'm sorry it had to be this way.

Koops threw Teresa the final marshmallow and said to Boomer, "Boomer, you're now the seventh member of the jury."

"Well I guess we all have to go sometime!" Boomer shouted.

"Bye, Boomer," Lucy said.

"Later, Boombox," Wallace said.

"Good night, everybody, enjoy a dip in the taste of new glory!" Boomer shouted, as he suddenly vanished.

"I have no comment, just go back to your cabins," Koops announced.

The final four left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

Don't Tempt Me

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, our final five celebrated their victory over the eleven kicked off contestants by having a party. Wallace and Lucy became an official couple and Lucy psyched out about it. We had a survey the next day to determine who wins invincibility, and Lucy was the one who prevailed. Teresa knew about her being the one going home, so she flirted Wallace and got him to change his vote to send Bombastic Boomer home. Four are left, who will be eliminated tonight? Find out now on Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

The final four were sitting in the mess hall having breakfast and Wallace and Lucy were talking to each other.

"Wallace, how was Teresa able to survive?" Lucy asked him. "She didn't have an idol, or an extra vote, so how did Boomer go instead of Teresa?" she continued.

"To be honest, Lucy, I kind of switched my vote," Wallace told her.

"What, why?" Lucy asked.

"Teresa told me some sad story about her mother needing surgery, so I had to save her," Wallace explained.

"She's a liar, don't fall for it," Lucy told Wallace.

"Alright, alright, I won't, I promise," Wallace said.

"Even though its a lie, I resect what you had to do," Lucy said.

She kissed Wallace on the cheek and he blushed.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Todd were celebrating their victory over the ex-Hawks quietly.

"I can't believe that lie worked," Todd whispered to Teresa.

"It takes the skill to pull it off though, luckily I have it," Teresa whispered to Todd.

"Thankfully, we have it," Todd whispered to Teresa.

"I know, or else that lie would've been a bust," Teresa whispered to Todd.

Koops walked into the mess hall saying, "Hello, final four, ready for your next challenge?"

"No!" they simultaneously shouted.

"Good," Koops said to the final four, "Follow me to your next challenge."

Todd: At least this stupid game is over soon.

The final four followed Koops to four poles in the lake.

"This challenge is very simple, the person who can stand on the pole the longest wins invincibility, but to make it interesting, I'll be tempting you guys with food."

Teresa: I've been waiting for good food for quite some time, but that won't stop me from winning invincibility.

The four contestants got onto their poles and the challenge began.

"Okay, guys, this challenge is on," Koops announced.

"This shouldn't be too hard," Teresa said.

"I hope its too hard for you to handle," Lucy said to Teresa.

"I know its going to be hard for you to handle, sister," Todd said to Lucy.

"Shut up, juvie boy!" Wallace shouted.

"Make me!" Todd shouted.

"First item, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich," Koops announced.

"Any takers?" Teresa asked. "Lucy?" she suggested.

"Yeah, Lucy, go get that sandwich!" Todd shouted.

"Never in a million years would I lose invincibility in order to eat a stupid sandwich, I pass," Lucy said to Teresa and Todd.

"Me too," Wallace added.

"Alright then," Koops said, as he put the sandwich away.

"Just give Lucy the next item, she knows she wants it," Teresa said to Lucy.

"Just shut your mouth, I've been dealing with that mouth of yours for the previous 15 days we were here, so how about shutting it for the rest of the day!" Lucy shouted.

"Just like the bad guys from Lethal Weapon 2, I have diplomatic immunity, so you can't do a damn thing about it," Teresa said.

"Why not use that diplomatic immunity to shut that trap of yours?" Wallace insultingly asked Teresa.

"OH SNAP!" Koops shouted.

Everyone, except Teresa, laughed at Wallace's insult towards Teresa.

"Next item, whose willing to give up invincibility for chocolate and peanut butter?" Koops asked.

"I'll take my clothes off for chocolate and peanut butter," Wallace said.

"I'm in if you're going to do it," Todd agreed.

"Alright, Wallace, Todd, two plates of big, tasty chocolate bars, one jar of peanut butter, and for a bonus, two glasses of milk," Koops told them.

"Let's do it!" Wallace shouted.

"Right!" Todd shouted.

"I'm watching this," Lucy said excitedly.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Teresa said, as she watched too.

Wallace and Todd took off all their clothes and got off their poles, as they swam towards Koops, where their food awaited them.

Koops: I totally wished that the girls would strip! Wow, I have issues!

"We're now down to the two girls, Lucy and Teresa," Koops announced.

"This shouldn't be long," Lucy bragged.

"Now whose the one with big mouth?" Teresa insultingly asked Lucy.

"You tell me," Lucy replied.

"I am, you stupid ass," Teresa said.

"Stop flirting with Wallace, he's my boyfriend, not yours, so get over it!" Lucy shouted.

"I bet he only said he would be your girlfriend just to shut you up," Teresa inusltingly said to Lucy.

"You take that back right now!" Lucy shouted.

"Does diplomatic immunity give you a clue on why I don't have to take it back?" Teresa tauntingly asked Lucy.

Lucy clenched her fists in anger, but started to wobble.

"Lucy, yo' starting to shake, hang in there!" Wallace shouted to Lucy.

"She's slipping, you can beat her!" Todd shouted to Teresa.

Lucy tried to get her balance back, but she fell into the lake.

"Teresa wins invincibility!" Koops shouted.

"Whose laughing now, guys!!!!!" Teresa tauntingly screamed.

"Just get down from there!" Lucy shouted.

"Fine, I won anyway," Teresa said. She then jumped off the pole and swam towards surface.

Teresa: I just got a ticket to the final three. Take that, odd couple! I don't need to manipulate Wallace anymore, because I know this game is in my grasp now. I know I can win, and I know I can without anyone's help, even Todd's!

"Teresa, you're safe tonight, the rest of you, this will be your last hangar ceremony where one of the three of you will be going home tonight," Koops announced.

After the challenge, Wallace and Lucy were relaxing by their cabins.

"It's going to be your or me tonight," Wallace told Lucy.

"Not if we get Todd out," Lucy told Wallace.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about him," Wallace said to himself.

Wallace: Wow, I epicly failed, since I just stripteased with him in the challenge! Wow, epic fail!

Lucy: Since Teresa won invincibility, Todd's the one leaving tonight! No ands, ifs, or buts, that kid has no guts!

Koops: We got to stop making references in this episode.

Meanwhile, the Chaotic Fighters went to their fifth and final hangar ceremony.

"Alright, let's bring in the members of our jury, Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, Michael, Joe, and Boomer," Koops announced.

The seven jury members walked in and sat in the jury bleachers.

"Before we get to the marshmallows, I just want to say that this has got to be the most messed up final four ever. We have a criminal, an optimist, a gambler, and a flirt, and I got to tell you, there's a lot of hate going on in this group, which makes for great television. But now, this is your last hangar ceremony, and the last time you'll be seeing the jury until the finale, so get ready, because you voted for the last time. The marshmallows go to, wait a minute, it seems that we have a tie," Koops announced.

"Well that's just great!" Todd shouted.

"Can yo' just give those marshies to the people who are safe?" Wallace asked.

"I guess I can," Koops announced, "Teresa and Wallace, both of you are safe tonight, which means Lucy and Todd are in for a tiebreaker."

"Does this mean we have to draw rocks or something stupid like that?" Todd asked.

"Hope not," Lucy replied.

"Nope, Teresa and Wallace will re-vote, so you guys do that now," Koops said to the two safe contestants.

They both voted and another contestant was about to join the jury.

"The votes are cast and the final marshmallow goes to...

(Dramatic music plays)


Koops threw Lucy the final marshmallow and said to Todd, "Todd, you're now the eighth member of the jury."

"Thanks, guys, I hope a bear comes and eats your internal organs," Todd said to the final three.

"Whatever, man," Wallace said to him.

Todd left the hangar ceremony and got on the Losercopter and left Total Drama Chaos for the second time.

Teresa: I may have stuck with Todd for the first vote, but the second vote, I knew I had to betray him. Tough luck for him.

"We have our final three, stay tuned to see what happens in our semifinals, until then, good night, viewers, and good night, final three," Koops announced.

The final three left the hangar ceremony as the episode ended.

The Good, The Gambler, and The Flirt

Last time on Total Drama Chaos, our final four were forced to stay on a pole or give in to temptation. Wallace and Todd gave in, but in a rather odd way. Lucy and Teresa had an all-out war during the challenge, but the war cost Lucy dearly when she fell off her pole. With Teresa winning invincibility, she was once again unable to vote her off, so she and Wallace went for the next best victim, Todd. At the hangar ceremony, we had our very first tie, but it was easily broken when Teresa betrayed her long-time ally, Todd. Our final three is revealed, they will face one more challenge, and one contestant becomes the final jury member. Who will it be? Lucy? Teresa? Or Wallace? All these questions will be answered on our semifinals for Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

The final three contestants were outside their cabins. Wallace and Lucy were making out, and Teresa was clipping her nails.

"Can you two get a room?" Teresa insultingly asked Wallace and Lucy.

"Why don't you go in the cabin if you're grossed out," Lucy suggested.

"I would, but its so nice out here, you don't need to suck faces outside anyway," Teresa said.

"Well yo' don't have to clip those nails of yours outside too," Wallace responded.

Teresa hesitated, but then said, "Good point."

She went to her cabin to do what she was doing.

"Wallace, can I ask you something?" Lucy asked.

"Sure, what is it?" Wallace replied, then asked.

"Would you betray me?" Lucy asked.

"Um...I would-" Wallace said, until he was interrupted by Koops.

"Hello and congratulations, final three," Koops said to them.

"Thank you very much, Koops," Lucy said.

Teresa shouted from the window, "Bite me!"

"What do yo' want, Koopster?" Wallace asked.

"Well, seeing how you made it to the final three, I thought it would be nice if you went on a journey to mourn the thirteen contestants that were voted out. You will go into the woods, along a path, where you find pictures of the thirteen eliminated contestants. SAy something nice about them, then take the mask below the picture with you. After collecting all the masks, you'll head to a fire pit we set up, where you will burn the masks in their honor. After that's done and over with, you'll proceed to your final invincibility challenge," Koops announced.

"How do we get to the woods?" Lucy asked.

"Here's a map that will lead you to the woods and the path you need to follow, you'll then get to the pit and use the map to get to your final invincibility challenge, where I will be waiting for you," Koops announced again.

"Thanks, Koopster," Wallace said, then shouted, "Teresa, come on, we're going to go mourn people!"

"Alright, I'm coming!" Teresa shouted.

Teresa came out of the girls' cabin and the three contestants followed the map to the woods.

Wallace: I never liked funerals or memorials, but then again, these guys aren't dead, their just eliminated, so I guess its satisfying for me to deal with.

They followed the path and came across a mask and a picture of Ellen.

"Ellen, she was a sweetheart," Lucy said.

"But a bit of a quitter too," Wallace added, "I'm just saying."

"I never knew her that well, so I really can't say anything about her," Teresa said.

Teresa: Even though I don't want to say anything about her anyway.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Ellen said to the viewers, "I imagined my time here being a little longer, but I guess I wasn't cut our for it."

They took the first mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the second mask and a picture of Paul.

Lucy ripped the picture up and said, "Not even worth it."

"Agreed," Wallace said.

"Don't care," Teresa said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Paul said to the viewers, "I think coming into this game, I knew I was going to dominate, but my sarcastic personality got the best of me, unfortunately."

They took the second mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the third mask and a picture of Clair.

"Can't really say anything about Clair," Wallace said.

"Same, we barely knew her," Lucy added.

"She was pretty smart, I'll give her that," Teresa said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Clair said to the viewers, "I know I'm not the strongest, but I'm one of the smartest, and I think being one of the smartest was the reason for my early downfall."

They took the third mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the fourth mask and a picture of Dawson.

"Dawson was a character," Wallace said.

"I don't know why, but he always made me laugh when he was in a challenge," Lucy added.

"He was cool, except when he wasn't crying or complaining about ridiculous things half of the time," Teresa said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Dawson shouted to the viewers, "DAWW!!!"

They took the fourth mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the fifth mask and a picture of Dana.

"Dana was so-so," Lucy said.

"I never really knew her," Teresa said.

"Same here, even if I was on the same original team as Dana, I still don't know her well," Wallace said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Dana said to the viewers, "So, I was like totally not ready for this game, but its like alright, yo. If I'm like the given the chance to return to play again, I'd be so ready next time, yo."

They took the fifth mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the sixth mask and a picture of Eliza.

"Gross, Eliza!" Teresa shouted.

She then took the picture and ripped it off. She then shouted, "Next!"

Flashbacks started to happen, as Eliza said to the viewers, "I knew I wasn't going to win, but I never expected to make the jury, so I guess I feel pretty proud of my accomplishment."

They took the sixth mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the seventh mask and a picture of Hatcher.

"Oh, Hatcher, my first ally," Lucy said.

"He was great, even when he was streaking," Wallace said.

"But he was a threat," Teresa said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Hatcher said to the viewers, "Even though I thought I was going to make it far, I didn't know I was going to be voted off so early. But on the bright side, I did become the second jury member, and I get to streak when I want to now."

They took the seventh mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the eighth mask and a picture of Jenika.

Teresa ripped the picture the same way she did with Eliza's picture.

"You really got to control that temper of yours," Wallace told Teresa.

"Well, she did betray my alliance, so she deserved it," Teresa said, trying to defend herself.

"Whatever," Wallace said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Jenika said to the viewers, "I can't believe they saw through me and my plans rather quickly. I got to give them credit, but they better hope they get my vote too."

They took the eighth mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the ninth and tenth masks and pictures of Kaitlyn and Michael.

"Michael and Kaitlyn," Wallace said.

"The happy couple," Lucy added.

"I hope they're still happy," Wallace said.

"I don't hope that," Teresa said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Kaitlyn said to the viewers, "I can't believe I found my boyfriend while playing this game, so I have to thank you, Koops, for helping me get my true love."

The flashbacks continued, as Michael said to the viewers, "I agree, you guys at Total Drama Chaos get my thanks too. But still, this game changes you, and not only did it change my love life, but it changed me as a whole too."

They took the ninth and tenth masks and continued to follow the path.

They came across the eleventh mask and a picture of Joe.

Wallace ripped the picture, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it numerous time. He then shouted, "That's for breaking my back, you little twit!"

"And I'm the one that needs to control my temper?" Teresa asked, taunting Wallace.

"Shut up, Teresa," Wallace replied.

"I feel your pain, Wallace," Lucy said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Joe said to the viewers, "I come into this game, knowing everybody would fear me, and most of them did from my perspective. I did some things in this game that I'm proud of, one of the things being the blindside of Jenika, but I'm getting ahead of myself. To cut it short, I'd dominate this game if I had the chance to play again."

They took the eleventh mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the twelvth mask and a picture of Boomer.

"Oh, Boomer, he was the character, not Dawson," Lucy said.

"He always knew how to cheer someone up," Wallace said.

"He also saved my alliance's ass with that idol play during the hangar ceremony where Jenika was voted out," Teresa said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Boomer shouted to the viewers, "Final five ain't so bad! In fact, I'm proud of getting to that point, because the other eleven contestants voted out before me couldn't make it there, so go me!"

They took the twelvth mask and continued to follow the path.

They came across the final mask and a picture of Todd.

"Here is the last fallen contestant, Todd," Teresa said.

"He was alright, I guess," Wallace said.

"He's ballsy, I'll give him that," Lucy said.

Flashbacks started to happen, as Todd said to the viewers, "This was not really a lifechanging thing for me to be honest. I guess I'll just go back to robbing stuff and escaping juvie like I used to. At least that was more exciting for me, in my opinion."

They took the final mask and continued to follow the path.

They made it to firepit where they began to throw the masks in the fire.

"To their respects," Lucy said.

"To their undead, but eliminated respects," Wallace said.

"No comment," Teresa said.

The final three had to their final invincibility challenge.

Wallace: With this memorial thingy done, its time for me to win a challenge; final two, here I come!

"Hello, guys, welcome to your final invincibility challenge," Koops said to the final three.

"So, what's the challenge?" Wallace asked.

"You'll be doing challenges from episode's past," Koops announced.

"All of them?" Lucy asked.

"Nope, just the fun ones," Koops replied.

Koops: And by fun, I mean dangerously interesting.

"What's the first challenge we're doing?" Teresa asked.

"For the first part of the challenge, all three of you will drink a smoothie filled blood, milk, cheese, and spinach," Koops told them.

"That's like vomit in a cup," Wallace said.

"Exactly," Koops responded.

"Can we start drinking?" Teresa asked.

"You can start drinking when you want to; also, the first person to get up to three points wins invincibility and the power to choose someone to bring to the final two with them and the power to choose someone to become the final member of the jury, so if you three are ready, go drink your smoothies and we'll see who gets the first point," Koops announced.

The final three looked at each other and then they ran towards the smoothies, as they drank them as fast as they could.

"I think Teresa is going to finish it first," Koops announced.

Despite Koops' predictions, Lucy was the first to finish the smoothie.

"Lucy wins the first point!" Koops shouted.

"Sweet!" Lucy shouted.

"Next portion is to knock each other into the water, last person standing wins the point," Koops announced.

The final three went to the circular arena, as Koops shouted, "Ready and go!"

Wallace, Lucy, and Teresa started to attack each other.

Teresa quickly fell off, as Koops said, "It's down to Wallace and Lucy now."

"I know you're my girlfriend, Lucy, but I need this point more than you do," Wallace told her.

"I know," Lucy said.

They both went at each other and Wallace made quick work of Lucy, as he picked her up and simply threw her into the water.

"Wallace wins his first point!" Koops shouted.

"Vanilly dilly!" Wallace shouted.

"Next portion is to play blackjack, the pair closest to the number, '21', gets the point," Koops announced.

The final three sat at the table and played a brief blackjack game.

"Start blackjack-ing!" Koops shouted.

Wallace's face up card was a nine, Lucy's was a six, and Teresa's was a two.

"Reveal," Koops announced.

Wallace had a nine card and a one card, Lucy had a six card and a five card, and Teresa had a two card and a ten card.

"Teresa wins her first point!" Koops shouted.

"I just defeated a gambler!" Teresa shouted.

"Does it matter?" Wallace rhetorically asked.

"YES!!!!!" Teresa screamed.

"Next portion!" Koops shouted.

Lucy: It's everybody's game now; I just hope it isn't Teresa's game.

"For this portion, you'll be driving go-karts like in the second romance challenge, except you're driving alone, first one to the finish wins," Koops announced.

The three contestants got into their go-karts, as this portion started to begin.

"Ready, set, go!" Koops shouted.

The three contestants quickly drove through the first and second sets of obstacles, but then caught up at each other and they were all neck-in-neck during the final set of obstacles.

"I'm-a-going to-a-make it to the finish line-a-first-a," Wallace said, in his Italian accent.

"We're fighting for invincibility, not playing Mario Kart," Teresa said.

"Screw-a you," Wallace told Teresa in his Italian accent.

Wallace managed to get in the lead of Lucy and Teresa and made it to the finish line.

"Wallace wins his second point," Koops shouted, "If he gets one more point, he wins invincibility!"

Teresa: Guess I got to kick it up a notch.

"For this portion, you'll be answering this one question," Koops announced, "The person who gets the answer correctly wins the point."

"What's the question?" Lucy asked.

"I was just about to ask you it," Koops replied, then asked, "Here's your question, what was the song Joe sang during the sing-off?"

"When You're Evil?" Teresa asked.

"Wrong," Koops announced.

"Be Prepared?" Wallace said.

"Wrong," Koops announced.

"Joe didn't sing a song," Lucy said.

"Lucy wins her second point!" Koops shouted.

"That was tricky," Teresa said.

"Teresa, bad news, since Wallace and Lucy have only one point left to win and were almost done with the entire challenge, there's no way you can make a comeback, so you're out," Koops told her.

"Whatever, my legs need a rest anyway," Teresa responded.

"Wallace, Lucy, time for the final portion of this challenge," Koops announced, "We're redoing the farm challenge this time."

"Do we have to find a key?" Wallace asked.

"No, that would be too predictable, instead, you'll be outrunning a goat stampede, and luckily, we got some goats for the stampede, first one to get trampled loses the point," Koops told Wallace and Lucy.

They both gulped their throats in fear.

Teresa: If Joe was here right now, he would be having a heart attack right now.

Wallace and Lucy stood by each other, as Koops shouted, opening the goats' gate, "Start running now!"

They both ran as fast as they could, but the goats were on their tails.

"Even though I'm not afraid of goats, I still think this is torture!" Lucy shouted.

"Yo' don't have to tell me that twice!" Wallace shouted.

As they were running, the goats started to speed up.

"The goats are coming! The goats are coming!" Wallace shouted repeatedly.

"Their evil goats!" Lucy shouted.

The goats soon trampled one of the two contestants and another prevailed.

"Wallace wins his third point and invincibility!" Koops announced.

"Vanilly dilly!!!!!" Wallace screamed.

Teresa walked over to Koops, Wallace, and a beaten Lucy.

"I'm okay," Lucy said with a weak tone.

"No, you're not," Teresa said, laughing at Lucy.

"Wallace, you now have the decision to pick Lucy or Teresa to sit with you in the final two, the person you don't pick joins the jury as the ninth and final member, so who will it be, Wallace?" Koops announced, then asked him.

Wallace: This was a hard choice; Lucy's my girlfriend, but everybody hates Teresa, and I can win easily against her, but I still had to choose.

"The person I want joining me in the final two is...

"TERESA!!!!!" Wallace screamed.

Teresa smiled evilly, while Lucy looked disappointed at Wallace for his decision.

"Lucy, the Wallace has spoken," Koops told her, "You'll be our ninth and final jury member."

Lucy gave the 'if looks can kill' stare at both Wallace and Teresa and turned away.

"Wallace, Teresa, the final two, tomorrow you'll both be going up against Lucy and the other eight jury members for a chance to win one million dollars, since they hold your fate in their hands. You two can go back to your cabins, Lucy come with me to the Losercopter, as for you viewers, tune in for the epic conclusion of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!" Koops explained to the final two, then Lucy, as he then shouted to the viewers afterwards. "Koops, signing off," he added.

He then signed off and ended the episode.

The Chaotic Conclusion

Hello, faithful viewers, it's me, Koops, bringing you the epic conclusion to Total Drama Chaos. As you watched this season, you saw Ellen, Paul, Clair, Dawson, Dana, Michael, Eliza, Todd, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, Michael again, Joe, Boomer, Todd again, and Lucy get eliminated one by one. It then revealed our final two, Teresa, the flirt and Wallace, the gambler. In this season finale, these two sorry finalists will go up against our nine jury members, as they hold the final two's fate in their hands. Who will win? Who will lose? Will there be a next season? Yes, for the third question, but you'll have to find the answer to the first two questions yourself right now on the finale of Total...Drama...CHAOS!!!

(Theme song plays)

Its nighttime and Teresa and Wallace were in their separate cabins, as they were getting ready to go to sleep.

Teresa was in her own cabin gloating to herself, "I can't believe I've outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted them all, except for one, but he'll be going down soon, and I'll take the million home for myself."

Teresa: This is going to be so exciting! I can't wait to humiliate Wallace tomorrow, I hope he cries and if he doesn't I'll get a hose!

Wallace was in his own cabin saying to himself, "I can't believe I voted out Lucy, she was my girlfriend, but Teresa is hated by most of the jury members, even Joe. I know I can win with her by my side, because there's no way she can get a vote. Besides, voting out Lucy and Boomer were the only deceitful things I ever done, Teresa, I can go all day naming deceitful things she done."

"Perhaps you should shut up and go to sleep!" Teresa shouted from next door.

"I will in a minute!" Wallace shouted back.

Wallace: Like I said, there's no way she can win.

Morning came and both finalists were up and ready for the big showdown.

"Morning, finalists!" Koops shouted. "I was told by the producers to tell you that you have to tell the viewers your thoughts about this show and your accomplishment of getting to the final two in the confessional," he continued.

The final two went to the confessionals to do just that.

Wallace: At least I made it this far; to be honest, I had no idea I would be here.

Teresa: This game was almost too easy for me.

Wallace: I feel kind of guilty about eliminating Lucy and Boomer; they were my best friends here, but I made my fair share of gambles and risky moves and those are the things that got me here, so I'm ready for this, along with the check that comes with it when I win.

Teresa: I don't feel guilty about anything. Ever since I got rid of Joe, it was nothing but smooth sailing for me. Once I win this check for the money, my ship will finally come in.

Wallace: The challenges were okay, I won three of them.

Teresa: The challenges were stupid and pointless. They should have just give us invincibility for guessing the number Koops is thinking of. At least that would've been more easy!

Wallace: The food was pretty bad, but then again, I don't recall eating on-screen most of the time, but the food was still bad nonetheless.

Teresa: That food was the most disgusting thing I've ever had in my entire life! If I ever ate that slop again, I'd get my stomach pumped! It's that bad!

Wallace: The one thing I'll be remembered for is definitely going to be my great personality.

Teresa: The thing I'll be remembered for is my awesome flirting techniques. Okay, I'm done here!

A few hours later, the sun started to set, and the final two were at the hangar, as Koops announced, "Let's bring in our jury; Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, Michael, Joe, Boomer, Todd, and Lucy."

The jury took their seats, as well as the final two, as Koops said to them, "Welcome to the final two hangar jury showdown."

"So what are we going to do?" Hatcher asked.

"Since we don't have the time for you both to make opening statements, we're just going to jump right in and have the jury address you, Eliza, why don't you start us off?" Koops explained, then asked.

"I'll be happy to," Eliza replied.

Eliza got up from her seat and said to the final two, "First of all, I like to say congratulations to both of you for making it to the final two, now for my question. This question is for both of you; describe with only one word the way you played this game."

"Strategically," Teresa replied.

"What about you, Wallace?" Eliza asked.

"Risky," Wallace replied.

"Okay, thanks," Eliza said, as she coughed up blood and mucus. "Gross." she added.

"Hatcher, you're up," Koops told him.

Hatcher got up from his seat and said to the final two, "Teresa, I want to speak to you only."

"Speak on," Teresa said.

"To be a honest, caring strategist in this game is pretty hard, but to be an evil, cold-hearted, flirtatious strategist is very easy, especially for you. So give me a reason why I should vote for you instead of Wallace?" Hatcher said, then asked Teresa.

"Because I played the game," Teresa replied.

"Are you sure," Hatcher asked, then said, "Because I'm pretty sure you mostly rode Joe and Todd's coattails until they were both voted off, if that's playing the game, what isn't? Alright, I'm done."

"Thanks, Hatcher," Koops said, "Jenika, you're up."

Jenika got up from her seat and said to the final two, "I'm going to say things to the two of you, rather than ask you pointless questions."

"Just say what yo' got to say, darlin'," Wallace told Jenika.

"Both of you are evil, rotten, lying, stupid snakes; you think making it to the final two makes you the best players ever, well you're wrong, it only makes you the best if you play the best, and I didn't see both of you playing the best as far as I know, so this vote is completely undecided for me, so I'm going to have to hear everybody else in order to make a decision," Jenika addressed.

"Thanks, Jenika," Koops said, "Kaitlyn, you're up."

Kaitlyn got up from her seat and said to the final two, "Let's get down to business, guys; first of all, I respect both of you for playing different games, but will it help you get my vote? Wallace, if there's one thing you did playing your game that you're not proud of, what is it?"

"Voting out Lucy and Boomer," Wallace replied.

"Same question, Teresa," Kaitlyn said to her.

"Voting out Todd, but then again, I was forced to because of the tiebreaker," Teresa replied.

Teresa: These stupid jury members eat out of my hands with these answers; you can give them any bullcrap answer and they'll buy it like a chocolate bar.

"Alrighty then, thanks guys," Kaitlyn said.

"Michael, you're up," Koops told him.

Michael got up from his seat and said to the final two, "I'm going to make this short and simple for both of you; what do you guys do outside of the game and do you have loyalty to that as well?"

"I don't have a job, unless you count flirting, which I take great loyalty from," Teresa replied.

"Reasonable answer," Michael said, "Wallace, same question."

"I'm a gambler, and I don't think gamblers have much loyalty in playing games unless its something serious, like my relationship with Lucy," Wallace replied.

"That's all I need to hear," Michael said.

"Thanks, Michael," Koops said, "Joe, you're up."

"This is going to be entertaining," Todd whispered to Lucy.

"I know, let's watch," Lucy whispered back.

Joe got up from his seat and said to the final two, "Screw you both, screw you both right in the ass. Do you think this was a great experience to you guys, or was this whole thing just one giant middle finger to every person you took part in voting out, whether it be directly or indirectly. I honestly can't decide whose the rat and whose the snake, and I honestly can't decide who to vote for as well. However, I'm going to be nice for once and give you both a chance to get my vote, Wallace, Teresa, both of you give me a reason why you shouldn't win."

"I was too traitorous, but it was strategy when I voted Lucy, but I was traitorous nonetheless," Wallace replied.

"I guess I didn't play the game that much before the merge," Teresa replied.

"I guess I appreciate you both for being honest, even if those are the only honest things you'll both say throughout this entire game," Joe said.

"Thanks, Joe, I think," Koops said, "Boomer, you're up."

Boomer got up from his seat and said to the final two, "Wallace, I'm going to speak to you only."

"Just do what yo' got to do," Wallace said.

"From what I heard, you betrayed me, which I forgive you for, but I still need to know this, why did you betray me?" Boomer asked.

"I betrayed you, because Teresa told me about her sick mother, so I had to help her," Wallace replied.

Teresa glared devilishly at Wallace as he gave his reply to Boomer.

Teresa: Wallace is so stupid; he still doesn't know that was just a trick to get his vote! I wouldn't be surprised if Lucy dumped him one day, that's for sure!

"Just wanted to know," Boomer said.

"Todd, you're up," Koops told him.

Todd got up from his seat and said to the final two, "Like Boomer forgave Wallace for voting him out, I forgive you, Teresa, for voting me out, but here's what I want to know; did you want to vote me out, or was it because of the tiebreaker?"

"It was the because of the tiebreaker," Teresa replied.

Teresa: Not! I would've voted him out sooner if I had help from the odd couple!

"Now, Wallace, different question; did you want to vote Lucy out?" Todd asked.

"Yes, I wanted to vote her out, but it was because of strategy and I apologize if I offended you, Lucy," Wallace replied, then said to his girlfriend.

"Its okay, I understand," Lucy said.

"Lucy, close us out," Koops said.

Lucy got up from her seat and said to the final two, "Wallace, simple question, why didn't you want to take me to the next level?"

"The reason I didn't want to take you is because I knew I wouldn't win, since you made less enemies than I did and you would've rocked at this jury showdown thing more than I would," Wallace replied.

"Okay, thank you, Wallace," Lucy said, then asked her arch-enemy, "Teresa, simpler question, did you know Wallace was my boyfriend, or at least my love interest at that time, before you started to flirt with him?"

"To be honest, I didn't know," Teresa replied.

Teresa: And I'm actually being serious; I didn't know Wallace was Lucy's love interest at that time.

"Well, with all sincerity, I congratulate you both for being in the final two, and whoever wins, another congratulations from me," Lucy said to the final two.

"Thanks, Lucy," Koops said, "Jury, you spoke with Wallace and Teresa, so it is now time to choose a winner, Eliza, you're up."

Eliza went up to the voting booth and voted for Teresa to win, as she said, "We may have hated each other, but in my opinion, you did play a better game."

Hatcher voted, followed by Jenika, Kaitlyn, and Michael.

Joe went up to the voting booth and voted for Teresa to win, as he said, "You may have betrayed me, but that's the point of the game, so props to you."

Boomer went up to the voting booth and voted for Wallace to win, as he said, "I don't care if you betrayed me, I would've done the same thing to be honest, but that's beside the point, so good luck, and I hope you win it."

Todd then voted.

Lucy went up to the voting booth and voted for Wallace to win, as she said, "You voted me off, but I'm voting you on, if you know what I mean."

"I'll go get the votes," Koops said.

He went to get the jar of votes, as he said to the final two and the jury, "Wallace, Teresa, Jury, this was a great season and I thank you all for making it one, so without further delay, let's find out who won.

Koops reached into the jar and began to pull out votes for the winner.


"Wallace. That's one vote Teresa, one vote Wallace."

"Wallace. That's two votes Wallace, one vote Teresa."

"Wallace. That's three votes Wallace, one vote Teresa."

"Teresa. That's three votes Wallace, two votes Teresa."

"Teresa. That's three votes Wallace, three votes Wallace."

"Teresa. That's four votes Teresa, three votes Wallace."

"Wallace. That's four votes Wallace, four votes Teresa, this vote will decide the winner."

Wallace and Teresa both crosses their fingers, hoping they would win.

Koops pulled out the deciding vote slip.

Koops then announced, "The winner of Total Drama Chaos is...


"I did it! I did it! I won! I won!" Wallace shouted repeatedly.

"You did it, congratulations!" Lucy shouted, kissing Wallace on the lips.

"Yeah, good job, Wallace," Hatcher said.

"Nice work, dude," Boomer said.

"Thanks you guys," Wallace said to his friends. He then looked at Teresa, who had a depressed look on her face.

He then walked over to her, saying, "Hey, Teresa."

"What is it, gambler?" Teresa asked.

He took out his hand and said to her, "Good game."

"Um...thanks, Wallace, I'm happy to hear that from you," Teresa said, shaking his hand.

"I'm glad to hear you say that!" Wallace shouted.

"Wallace, Lucy, can I say something to both of you?" Teresa asked them.

"Sure," Wallace replied.

"I'm sorry for making your lives here a living hell, will you both forgive me?" Teresa said, then asked Wallace and Lucy.

They both looked each other and then nodded.

"Teresa, even though that was the most non-subtle apology I've ever heard, I forgive you," Lucy told her.

"Same here," Wallace said.

"Thanks, guys, and if we us three go for an all-stars season or something like that, I promise I won't be a bitch next time," Teresa said.

"Then that's good news for both you and Wallace, since both of you are winner and runner-up, you two, along with six other contestants will be participating in the all-stars season, but until then, stayed tuned for my new season, Total...Drama...HAVOC!!! Koops OUT!!!" Koops explained, then shouted, as he signed off.

The finale then ended, as Total Drama Havoc was introduced to the viewing public and was just around the corner.

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 91 10 11 12 134 14 15 16 17 18
13th Dawson WIN WIN SAFE OUT
14th Clair WIN WIN OUT
15th Paul SAFE OUT
16th Ellen OUT

1 The remaining eight contestants were given the day off, due to Episode 9 being a loser episode.

2 Due to Michael and Todd returning to the game, they are automatically immune to elimination at the next hangar ceremony.

3 Although Todd didn't win invincibility along with Joe, he was still able to pick the contestant who would get eliminated along with him.

4 Nobody was voted off, due to it being a reward challenge episode.


Don't Drink the Smoothie if you Don't Have the Guts

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Ellen
Dana Ellen
Eliza Ellen
Ellen Hatcher
Hatcher Ellen
Lucy Ellen
Paul Ellen
Wallace Ellen

They Be Dropping Meh Bukkit!

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Paul
Dana Boomer
Eliza Boomer
Hatcher Paul
Lucy Paul
Paul Boomer
Wallace Paul

A Big Weird Chaotic Moment

Contestant Voted For
Clair Joe
Dawson Clair
Jenika Clair
Joe Clair
Kaitlyn Joe
Michael Joe
Teresa Clair
Todd Clair

Total Drama Chaotic Water Brawl

Contestant Voted For
Dawson Michael
Jenika Dawson
Joe Dawson
Kaitlyn Todd
Michael Todd
Teresa Dawson
Todd Dawson

The Supermenace and the Manipulative Princess

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Joe
Dana Kaitlyn
Eliza Dana
Hatcher Joe
Jenika Dana
Joe Michael
Kaitlyn Teresa
Lucy Dana
Michael Teresa
Teresa Michael
Todd Michael
Wallace Joe

Sing it to Win it

Contestant Voted For
Eliza Teresa
Jenika Eliza
Kaitlyn Eliza
Lucy Eliza
Teresa Eliza

Mix and Mingle

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Todd
Hatcher Todd
Joe Boomer
Todd Boomer
Wallace Todd


Contestant Voted For
Boomer Jenika
Hatcher Jenika
Jenika Hatcher
Joe Hatcher
Kaitlyn Hatcher
Lucy Jenika
Michael Hatcher
Teresa Hatcher
Todd Hatcher
Wallace Jenika

Crossing Too Many Paths

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Jenika
Jenika Boomer
Joe Jenika
Kaitlyn Boomer
Lucy Boomer
Michael Boomer
Teresa Jenika
Todd Jenika
Wallace Boomer

Couple Up

Contestant Voted For
Boomer N/A
Joe Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn N/A
Lucy N/A
Michael N/A
Teresa N/A
Todd Kaitlyn
Wallace N/A

Tiny Terrors on the Farm Today

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Joe
Joe Wallace
Lucy Joe
Teresa Joe
Todd Joe
Wallace Joe

Survey Says

Contestant Voted For
Boomer Teresa
Lucy Teresa
Teresa Boomer
Todd Boomer
Wallace Boomer

Don't Tempt Me

Contestant Voted For
Lucy Todd, N/A
Teresa Lucy, Todd
Todd Lucy, N/A
Wallace Todd, Todd

The Good, The Gambler, and The Flirt

Contestant Voted For
Lucy N/A
Teresa N/A
Wallace Lucy

The Chaotic Conclusion

Jury Voted For
Boomer Wallace
Eliza Teresa
Hatcher Wallace
Jenika Teresa
Joe Teresa
Kaitlyn Wallace
Lucy Wallace
Michael Wallace
Todd Teresa


  • The Raging Raccoons were the first team to win invincibility.
  • Ellen was the first contestant eliminated from Total Drama Chaos.
  • Todd was the last contest eliminated before the merge.
  • Michael and Todd returned to Total Drama Chaos at the merge.
  • Wallace was the first contestant to win solo-invincibility.
  • Hatcher was the first contestant eliminated after the merge.
  • Michael was the first and the only contestant to quit Total Drama Chaos.
  • Todd was the last contestant voted off and Lucy was the last contestant officially eliminated.
  • The jury consisted of Eliza, Hatcher, Jenika, Kaitlyn, Michael, Joe, Boomer, Todd, and Lucy.
  • Teresa was the runner-up of Total Drama Chaos.
  • Wallace was the winner of Total Drama Chaos.
  • The original final two was going to be Boomer and Jenika.
    • Boomer would've won and Jenika would've been the runner-up.