Total Drama Center will be my first season.


Felicity-17 Years Old

Richard-19 Years Old

Joseph-17 Years Old

Brett-18 Years Old

Amber-20 Years Old

Anna H.-17 Years Old

Charlotte-17 Years Old

George-16 Years Old

Karen-23 Years Old

Simon-23 Years Old

Stanley-16 Years Old

Norman-17 Years Old

Pump-17 Years Old

Anna W.-16 Years Old

Benjy-16 Years Old

Molly-18 Years Old


. The Raging Fireballs

.Norman-The Lone Wolf .Benjy-The Big Mouth .George-The Fast One .Stanley-The Rescue One .Amber-The Nice/Mean Girl .Charlotte-The Country Girl .Anna W.-The Farm Girl .Molly-The Berette Girl

. The Crazy Daisies

.Simon-The Orphan One .Brett-The Skateboard Owner .Joseph-The Baseball Fan .Richard-The Alien Obssessed One .Felicity-The Sassy Girl .Anna H.-The Pony Pal .Karen-The Babysitter .Pump-The Ununderstandable Girl


Episode 1: Chris McLean,Life Ruiner

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