Hello I am Christ Mclain bringing in 40 cartoon characters.3 teens walk out of the boat one thats tall that wears a green shirt one that wears a sock on his head with a red shirt the last one has a yellow shirt and a blue tounge Ed Edd Eddy. Wow this is great for science Duble Dee said with enthusiazum. Edd this for cash and cash is for jawbreakers Eddy whispered to his fellow Eds.3 characters a boy with a huge head and a red shirt the other is a big blue bob Mac and Bloo hows it doing however being interupped by Edd saying Bloo what are you?A imaganary friend Bloo replied.5 characters Christ looked shocked 6 known teens from TDI Noah,Cody,Zeke,Izzy,Sierra, and Beth come out. I am a winner Zeke bragged but interupped by Izzy who silenced him {you would not want to know how}.11 toons Ash Dawn and Brock came out.Wait Christ said 1 of you are missing.Then a energy ball shot out of the sky.Ash glared at it then shouted Pikachu.15 characters then a outline of a boy geneus showed followed by a girl outline.Dexter Dede welcome.Why high tech device you have fellow Edd said. Made it myself.Eddy frowned and said Dubble dee made friends with a nerd wow.17 characters in a submerine came Numbuh 1,2,3,4,and finnaly 5. hey cruddy mates i had more pain than this already the Numbuh 4 guy said.22 toons heres Spongebob Patrick Squidward and Sandy. Wait wheres Sandy. Then a turble pokered jet came where Sandy was seen Shes smart and amazing Numbuh 2 said.26 heres 30 I mean 29 Eddy said as Chowder Mung and Snitzal walked out.Mung ran to Spongebob You make Krabby Patties I am a big fan of you Mung said.

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