Total Drama Camps: All Stars is a story about 14 OC's that are made by users from the Total Drama Camps wikia. They will compete in two teams. The Heroic Hamsters (The Yellow side) and the Villainous Vultures (The red side). With much drama, friendships, relationships and conflicts! So we'll see ya in Total Drama Camps: All Stars with your host Chris McLean!

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Heroic Hamsters

Nemo, The Heroic Gamer.

Chloe, The Sweet BFF.

Liam, The Sarcastic Tech Geek.

Amber, The Dumb Princess.

Linda, The Girly Boy.

Robin, The Misunderstood Small Town Reject. Henry, The Direct Guy.

Villainous Vultures

Azuna, Pure Evil.

Zoey, The Mean BFF.

Harry, The Devil's Son.

Rosalina, The Perky Scientist.

Lamey, The Ying and Yang.

Brent, The Quiet Calculating Guy.

Lana, The Ex Girlfriend.


Episode O1 ~ "Heroes vs. Villains"

Written by: Rosalie

Aired: 9 August 2014

Chris: Fourteen teenagers, two teams ... and one island. Yes, that's right. In a few minutes, the 14 all stars from the fansite Total Drama Camps Wiki will arrive at this island. It's named Owyka Island. It means, drama. In a language. 7 girls and 7 boys will face each other in challenges, eliminations and there will be a rude twist! I will tell about it later! Let's meet the contestants!

' The boat with all contestants on it is driving to the island.


In progress..

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