Total Drama Camp is part of a series of "Total Drama Remakes", with three seasons in all. It takes place at Camp Wawanakwa, with all of the original contestants.

Currently going through a rewrite and re-planning.


  • Chris McLean: The host of the show, he is cynical and narcissistic, and constantly tries to embarrass the campers or stir up drama.
  • Chef Hatchet: Chris's sidekick, he is a horrible cook and a war veteran, who harshly reprimands the campers for little things. He and Duncan have a lasting rivalry.

Screaming Gophers

  • Duncan: A delinquent straight from juvie, he is a bully, and not known for his kindness.
  • Courtney: A Type-A student who despises Duncan, apparently. She is always trying to keep her teammates in order.
  • Tyler: A would-be jock with no talent, he's all-mouth, and thinks himself somewhat of a ladies' man.
  • Noah: A scheming little prep kid, he always has a plan.
  • Owen: The fat and lovable oaf, he is always hungry.
  • Eva: A bulky and strong girl who can easily dominate anyone in a physical match-up.
  • Izzy: A crazy girl with an odd past.
  • Harold: A nerdy boy who thinks he has skills, he is bullied a lot by Duncan. In 22nd Place.
  • DJ: An animal-loving jock, he is loved by everyone.
  • Katie: A ditzy girl who never goes anywhere without Sadie.
  • Sadie: Sadie's fat best friend who is a complete ditz.

Killer Bass

  • Heather: A manipulative queen bee who is determined to win no matter what.
  • Lindsay: A spoiled "princess" who is being tricked by Heather.
  • Beth: A geeky girl seeking to fit in.
  • Trent: A cool and calm guy who plays the guitar.
  • Gwen: A loner girl, she is emotionally distant.
  • Geoff: A party animal who is both irritating and fun to be around at times.
  • Cody: A nerdy boy who has trouble trying to be cool.
  • Justin: A handsome young man who seems not to like Heather.
  • Ezekiel: A home-schooled boy who doesn't fit in.
  • Bridgette: A vegan surfer chick who is environmentally-minded.


  • Noah's Alliance: Formed in Episode 3 under the condition that they split the money when one of them wins. Consists of Noah, Duncan, Eva, and Izzy. Noah has confessed to manipulating them because they can be easily tricked, though he does express fear that they might betray or seriously injure him.
  • Heather's Alliance: Formed in Episode 3 after Heather noticed Noah make an alliance. It consists of Heather, Lindsay, Beth, and Justin. None of them seem to really like each other, and Heather and Justin have a rivalry going.


  1. Welcome to Wawanakwa
  2. Water, Water Everywhere...
  3. Keep Your Alliances Close


22. Harold: Was deemed as useless by his teammates.

21. Tyler: His team realized that his lack of actual sports skills was a liability.


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