This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.
16 teens compete for $1,000,000. Who will win? Find out on TOTAL...DRAMA...BORNEO!

Navara Tribe









Tasua Tribe









Chapter One:"Thanks A lot, Greg!"

Day 1

Jeff Probst smiled at the camera ,”Hello guys, you may know me from the hit show Survivor, but now I’m hosting this crappy show!” He smiles , ”Wanna know why? Because my agent screwed it up! Thanks a lot, Greg!”

“Anyway, we have 16 teens stranded here on Borneo. Only one will win 1,000,000 dollars. Who will it be? 39 days. 16 castaways. 1,000,000 million dollars. This is…TOTAL DRAMA BORNEO!”

Two helicopters landed on the beach.

“Hello guys!”

A boy in a yellow T-shirt and long black hair stared at Jeff, ”Hi,” he throws his bags down angrily.

Next to step off was a girl from the same helicopter walks over, her long black hair flowing from the helicopter’s wind ,”This is ruining my hair!” She exclaimed, shoving it out of her face.

The next girl excitedly ran over, ”Hi guys! I’m Paula! I hope we can all be best friends!”

The boy in the yellow T-shirt rolled his eyes, ”I’m Mick, and I can already tell I hate this show.”

The girl who’s “hair was ruined” said, ”I’m Olivia, nice to meet you.”

The next girl from their tribe walked over, her short orange hair blew in her face, ”Crap,” she muttered.

The next two boys walked side by side.

They had struck a conversation on the helicopter before.

On the left, was a boy with long red hair, and on the right was a boy in a green sweatshirt and boots, with reddish brown hair.

“Oh, hi guys!” The red haired one said, ”I’m Julio and I can’t wait for this to start!”

The one in the sweatshirt waved, ”I’m Brian,” he and Julio put down their bags.

A girl with sandy blonde hair smiled, ”Sup, I’m Brianna and I’m here to relax, dudes.”

A boy with orange hair and an ear piercing threw his bags at Brian, knocking him down, ”I’m Monty, and give me my bags,” he growled at Brian who gave Monty his bags, then hid behind Mick.

“That’s the Tasua tribe, and now to see the Navara tribe,” Jeff said, walking to the other side of the beach, where 8 other teenagers stood.

“Hi guys!” Jeff exclaimed, ”You like this place so far?”

“No,” said a boy who wore red, and his shirt had an “R” on it.

“What’s with the R on your shirt, dude?” asked James, a boy who was tall, and had a red t-shirt on.

“First, I’m Stanley,” the boy said, and they shook hands, ”And it stands for red.”

“Cool,” James replied, a grin on his face.

A muscular boy looked at Stanley, ”Hi, I’m Louie.”

“Oh, hi, Louie,” Stanley said.

Hannah looked at Jeff her blonde hair blowing in and orange haired boys’ face, ”So, what’s our challenge?”

“Uhm, first your hair is in my face,” the orange haired boy said.

“Oh, sorry umm,”


“Sorry Lance.”

“It’s ok.”

“So, to answer your question, Hannah, I’ll let you know later,” Jeff said, ”For now, here’s your maps to your campsites,” he gave a map to Lance and Paula, ”I’ll see you tomorrow for the challenge.”

At the Navara camp, a girl with a hoodie and short blonde hair gasped, ”Woah! Look at this place!”

A girl in glasses nodded, ”It’s huge!”

“Well,” said Lance, ”Let’s build our shelter.”

A girl in an orange shirt looked at Patty as they walked down the beach, ”Hey, I was thinking that maybe we should form an alliance.”

Patty looked at her, ”Sure, Waverly, I trust you.”

In the confessional, Patty shook her head, ”Me? Trust Waverly? Not in a million years! I’d have better chances with that Louie kid.”

Claire started to help make a shelter, ”How does it look, guys?”

It was perfect, there was wood over the bamboo to cover incase of rain.

“Claire, it’s amazing!” exclaimed Louie.

Claire blushed hard, ”T-t-thanks.”

Louie sat in the confessional, ”Me and Claire? No way, Jose!”

Stanley walked down to the beach, Louie right behind him, ”Hey Louie.”

Louie smiled, ”Hey.”

“Look, me and James are in an alliance, you in dude?” Stanley said, Louie looked shocked.



At the Tasua camp, Mick and Monty were lying on the beach.

Monty spoke up, ”Maybe we should vote out Paula first?”

Mick shook his head, ”No, we need to think harder.”

“Well, who would least expect it?”

Mick thought for a long time, then whispered in Monty’s ear.

“That’s brilliant…it just might work.”

Day 2

The contestants walked to the challenge field, looking at a big jungle gym.

“Hello, guys,” Jeff said, ”Ready to hear your challenge?” They nodded, ”Perfect, you each will have ceramic pigs. You must try to throw them through this big mess of a jungle gym, without breaking. Then, someone will be at the other end, and will solve a puzzle. You must get 4 ceramic pigs through before you start to work the puzzle. First team to solve the puzzle, wins immunity.”

“For Tasua, solving the puzzle is Janice, and for Navara, solving the puzzle is Claire. Ready…go!”

Stanley stepped up and got a pig through easily,”Yes!”

So did Paula, “Ha!”

Quickly, Mick and James were up.

James’ made it to about the middle, but broke, ”Damn.”

Mick’s went through, ”Yeah!”

“Tasua with a lead,” Jeff announced.

James threw for a second time, it broke again, ”Come on!”

Brianna walked up, and hers went in, she shrugged and walked away.

James threw again, and it went in, ”That took forever!”

Julio ran up, and threw it way too high, it landed on the ground, ”Crap.”

“Come on Julio!” yelled out Brian.

Hannah threw her pig right through it, ”Bullseye!”

“Navara has caught up!” Jeff announced.

Julio threw his through.

“Tasua, work on your puzzle!” Jeff yelled.

Waverly walked up, and threw one right to Claire, who slipped a bit.

“Navara, work on your puzzle!”

Claire immediately grabbed the puzzle pieces and placed them in carefully.

Janice was confused, and couldn’t solve it, ”Why me, oh why me.”

Claire finished, ”Done!”

Jeff looked at it, ”NAVARA WINS IMMUNITY!”

Janice looked at Claire’s puzzle, then at hers, which only had 4 pieces in it, ”God dang it!”

“Navara, you are safe tonight, while Tasua, see you tomorrow night at Tribal Council.”

In the confessional, Paula sighed, ”I think that even though Janice screwed up the puzzle, it was Brian’s fault for picking her in the first place! He should’ve listened to me when I said for Olivia to do it!”

Mick and Monty went to everyone except Julio and Brian and whispered, ”Brian.”

Day 3

Brian and Julio sat in the water, ”So should we tell everyone about voting off Janice?” Julio asked.

“Yeah, we got to, or we’re gonna have her screwing up each challenge.”

In the confessional, Brian said, ”The way I see it, Janice screwed up yesterday, so she’s got to go. If she doesn’t go, we’re gonna be going on a losing streak, I know that for sure.”

The Tasua tribe walked in, grabbed a torch and dipped it in the fire.

“Hey guys, it’s time to vote, Brianna, you’re up,” Jeff said.

Mick votes for Brian, ”Perfect blindside.”

Brian votes for Janice, ”It’s only fair.”

Paula votes for Brian, ”Unlikeable and screwed it up for us.”

“I’ll read the votes,” Jeff said, grabbing the ballot box.

“First vote…Janice.”

She nodded.

“Second vote…Brian.”

Brian and Julio’s eyes popped.

“Third vote….Brian.”

Brian gulped.

“Fourth vote…..Janice. Two votes Janice, two votes Brian.”

Janice and Brian both looked worried.

“Fifth vote….Julio.”

Julio looked confused.

“Sixth vote…Janice. Three votes Janice, two votes Brian, one vote Julio.”

“Seventh vote…Brian, Brian and Janice have three votes, Julio has one, one vote left.”

“First person voted out of Total Drama Borneo…………..


Brian and Julio gasped.

Brian got up, hugged Julio, ”Good luck, man.”

“Brian, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff said, and the flame from Brian’s torch was gone.

“Well, head back to camp,” Jeff said.

Chapter Two:"Pfft, If Anything, She's Going Down the Second She Turns Her Back"

“Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the sixteen contestants arrived for the challenge of a lifetime! At the Navara camp, Claire built a shelter for her tribe. Stanley, Louie, and James formed an alliance along with Monty and Mick and Julio and Brian. In the immunity challenge, Navara was behind, until Janice screwed up the puzzle, leading Tasua to tribal council. There, they voted off Brian for not being a help to the team. Who will be voted off tonight on Total Drama Borneo!”

Night 3

Julio sat down in the shelter, and let out a sigh, ”What did Brian do?”

Janice looked at Julio, ”Well, he wasn’t exactly a strong kid, you know?”

Julio sighed, “Yeah… he was rich ,too”

Monty’s eyes widened, “He was rich?!?!?! Well, at least he’s gone.”

Mick nodded and went to sleep.

Day 4

Stanley yawned, ”Morning guys.”

“Morning,” replied a barely awake Lance.

“Man, I hardly slept last night,” Waverly said.

“Why?” asked Louie.

“Bugs,” Waverly responded, and right when she said that, Claire started running around screaming, covered in cockroaches.

“Claire!” Louie exclaimed, and ran over to her.

Louie picked off the bugs and asked , “You alright?”

“Y-y-yeah,” Claire said, uneasy.

At the Tasua camp, It was raining.

“Aw, crap,” Paula said, looking up.

“Rain?” asked Olivia, Paula nodded.

Thunder boomed, making Paula and Olivia scream.

“Hey, Olivia, wanna form an alliance?” asked Paula.

“Sure.” Olivia replied.

“Pfft, if anything, she’s going down the second she turns her back,” Olivia said in the confessional.

Olivia walked over to Julio, ”So, if we lose, would you vote with me,” she asked, flirtatiously.

Julio’s tan face turned to bright red, ”S-sure!”

In the confessional Julio smiled, “She’s…wow! Thank god she’s gonna help me get further!”

Day 5

James started cutting open a few coconuts, “You guys want any?”

“Sure,” replied Patty, taking half of a coconut.

“Nah,” Waverly said, ”I’m not hungry.”

“You haven’t eaten in a while Waverly, you have to eat!” James exclaimed.

In the confessional, Waverly said, ”I’m starving! But all there is here are bugs and coconuts, and I hate bugs and coconuts!”

“Well,” Waverly said,” I’m starving, but I hate coconuts.”

“Look, you get what you get, ok? If you don’t eat you could get very sick!” Patty told Waverly.

Hannah looked over at Lance, ”She’s next.”

“Which one?” he asked



At the Tasua tribe, Julio had gotten a fire started.

“Nice, Julio,” replied Olivia, who winked at him.

Julio blushed, ”Well…thanks,” his face was very red now.

“Olivia and Julio sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Mick exclaimed, laughing in the confessional.

Olivia winked at Monty, who smiled.

“My strategy is to get all the boys on my side,” Olivia said in the confessional,” So far I have Julio and Monty…now for Mick.”

Mick was scraping a piece of wood.

“Hi Mick,” Olivia said, walking over.

“Whatever,” Mick replied, continuing to scrape the wood.

“Well, you wanna vote with me, like an alliance?”

Mick looked at her, ”No.”

“Well…fine..then…” Olivia said, marching away from Mick.

Day 6

“Come on in, guys!” Jeff announced, as both tribes walked in.

“Welcome guys, now Navara, look at the new Tasua tribe, Brian, eliminated at tribal council.”

“Well, atleast we know they’re willing to put up a fight,” muttered Stanley.

“Want to hear about the immunity challenge?” asked Jeff, as both tribes nodded,” Good, your challenge will be to haul these crates up that hill. First team to haul 5 crates up wins immunity.”

“Sounds easy enough,” James said.

“Navara, since you have an extra member, who will sit out?”

They conversed for about 15 seconds, then Hannah spoke up,” Lance will sit out.”

“Ok, Lance sit on the bench, and get ready,” Jeff said.

The Navara tribe had an early lead, as they had Louie, Stanley, and James, who were all very athletic and strong.

Suddenly, when they were about halfway up, Claire slipped.

“Claire!” exclaimed Louie, running down to grab her, and as soon as he ran down, the crate slid back, and knocked them down.

“Tasua is now in the lead!” announced Jeff.

“You can do it guys!” exclaimed Lance.

Mick grunted, ”Push guys…push.”

Monty growled, “Don’t overdo yourself, Mick.”

Janice pushed hard, “ We aren’t done yet!”

“Whatever, just chill guys,” Brianna said, hardly pushing.

“Come on Brianna, we need your help!” exclaimed Julio.

“Whatever,” Brianna said.

At this point, the Navara tribe was catching up.

“Navara is closing the gap!” Jeff announced.

“Don’t let them pass us,” Monty said.

“Tasua almost at the top!” Jeff announced, just as they were about to get to the top.

“One more push,” Mick said, and he pushed it to the top.

“TASUA WINS IMMUNITY!” Jeff exclaimed.

They all cheered, ”Nice job, guys,” Julio said.

“Tausa, will not see you guys tonight, but I will see Navara, grab your stuff, head back to camp,” Jeff said.

“It’s just amazing to win today! And, I showed my true potential today,” said Janice in the confessional.

Lance sat down in the shelter, “That was a great effort, guys.”

“Thanks,” Claire said, sitting by him.

“So, we voting for Waverly tonight?” asked Stanley.

“Definitely,” James replied.

“Our plan is to vote off Waverly tonight, and after that, we gotta break up Hannah and Lance, because they ware way to close,” James said in the confessional.

“I hope I stay tonight,” Lance said in the confessional, “I think people see me as weak, and I’m not! I’m just a momma’s boy,” he said, blushing a little, ”Hi mom!”

At Tribal Council, Jeff waited for Navara, “Welcome guys, grab a torch, dip it in the fire,” Jeff said, as they grabbed a torch and dipped it in.

“Well, it is time to vote, Patty, you’re up first.”

Louie votes for Waverly ,”We don’t want you bringing us down.”

Waverly votes for Lance, “You’re a weaker link than anyone else here.”

“Well, I’ll read the votes,” Jeff said.

“First vote….Waverly.”

She seems shocked, but then nods.

“Next vote…Waverly.”

She gulps, and looks at Patty.

Jeff pulls out 2 votes, ”Another for Waverly, one for Lance.”

He hides his face in his shirt.


“Second person voted out of Total Drama Borneo……Waverly.”

She sighs, and grabs her torch, “Bye guys.”

“Waverly, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff snuffs her torch.

“Well, nicely done, you survived your first Tribal Council,” Jeff said.


“Last time on Total Drama Borneo the Navara tribe began to worry about Waverly, as she hardly contributed to the tribe, and hadn’t eaten in days. Then, Olivia got all the guys on her side, to keep herself in the game as long as she could. At the immunity challenge, the Tasua tribe dominated and beat the Navara tribe. Navara voted out Waverly for not helping out. Now that only fourteen remain, who will be out next time?”

Night 6

Louie propped himself in the shelter, “Well, we are definitely a stronger tribe.”

“Agreed,” Patty said, nodding.

“Let’s make our voting decisions as a tribe, ok?” Stanley suggested.

“Agreed,” the rest of the tribe said.

Claire yawned, and looked at the shelter ceiling ,”It’s so peaceful.”

“Uh, yeah,” Louie replied.

In the confessional, Claire giggled ,”I think Louie likes me,” she blushed ,“I kinda like him too, he’s so sweet and caring, and he never turns his back on anyone.”

Day 7

“Morning guys!”,Stanley exclaimed, chirpy as always.

“What day is it again? Seven?” James asked, a little tired and confused.

Claire sat by a tree, took the machete the producers provided them with, and marked another tally mark, she counted them, adding up to seven ,”Yup! Seven days in!”

“Cool,” Lance replied.

In the confessional, Hannah looked very happy ,”Lance and I are ready to crack down and think about the two biggest threats on the tribe, Stanley and James. They are both athletic, nice, and could sway anyone into voting for them to win! They have to go soon.”

James and Stanley walked in the forest, ”Ok, look,” Stanley turned to James,” I found a clue to the immunity idol.”

James gasped,” Seriously?”

Stanley nodded, showing James the clue.

For Words I cannot speak,

Look on top of the highest peak,

In a way to stay alive,

If you find it, you will thrive,” James read aloud.

“Well, it says highest peak, right?” James turned to Stanley, who nodded,” Look in the tallest part of the tallest tree.”

They looked for hours, and then Louie came over,” Hey guys.”

“Louie! Read this!” Stanley yelled, throwing the clue to Louie.

Louie read it,” Look everywhere that’s high up!”

At the Tasua camp, Monty munched on a piece of fruit.

“He’s always taking extras, and not saving any for anyone else!” Janice complained.

“Chill out, dudette,” Brianna said.

“Well, he’s leaving us with hardly any food! It’s a huge deal!” Janice yelled.

Brianna’s eyes widened,” Well, ok, then, chill out.”

“Ugh!” Janice yelled, in more frustration and anger, and burst to the ocean.

In the confessional, Brianna had a calmed face,” Janice needs to chill, ya hear me?”

Monty sat down and layed by the tree, he turned to Paula, who was next to him,” So, you dance?”

She nodded, ”All my life.”


“So, Paula, will you join an alliance with me and Mick?”

Paula looked up,” Sure, but if you’re fooling me, then you’re the fool.”

Monty smiled,” Would I lie to you?”

Monty neared Paula’s face, and grinned, making her blush a bit.

Paula giggled in the confessional,” Ok, I can’t believe I would say this in my whole life, but Monty is cute, I mean he has a sweet smile, and just a perfect charm,” she sighed happily.

Day 8

Looking up, Lance saw the sunrise for the eighth time since they were placed on Borneo,” Wow.”

Stanley nodded, ”Nice way to start day eight.”

“I agree.”

“Ok, dude, I think you and me could be in an alliance…sort of,” Stanley said.

“Sort of?”

“Well, what I mean is that we save you as best we can, but if we can’t we can’t.”

“That is the worst deal I’ve ever heard.” Lance said, looking a little mad at Stanley, and walked away.

“Immediately, Stanley says that he’ll try to save me, unless he can,” Lance said in the confessional,” Really? That’s what he calls an alliance? What a dumb boy.”

Lance walked over to Hannah, and told her what happened.

“Wow. Just wow. What an idiot! When you ask for an alliance, you say you will save them, and not try to save them. Stanley is the next one gone!” Hannah said to Lance, after hearing about it.

James tried to get the fire going,” Crap.”

“Nothing?” Louie asked, looking at James, who nodded dreadfully.

“Come on, you’ve been working on that for like two hours!” yelled Hannah.

James looked up,” Well excuse me, prissy.”

“Prissy? Look at you!” Hannah glared at James,” You big old jocky meathead!”

“Guys! Calm down!” yelled Stanley.

James and Hannah exchanged glances, then went separate ways.

Patty looked up at the shelter ceiling, rain dripping on the floor,” I hate this show.”

“We all do, girly,” Claire said.

“I wish Waverly was still here,” Patty said,” I miss her.”

Claire nodded, ” Tragic.”

James yelled happily, ”WE GOT FIRE PEEPS!”

The guys of the Navara tribe ran around the fire, swinging their shirts around, yelling,“ Whoop whoop whoop!”

At the Tasua camp, it rained.

Monty looked up,” Crap! More rain!”

“Looks like a downpour today,” Mick said.

“Great. Just what we need,” Olivia said sarcastically.

Monty nodded,” Couldn’t agree more, kid.”

Paula watched the palm trees blow, and lightning boomed,” AAAHHH!”

“You ok?” Monty asked.

“Uhhh….yeah,” Paula blushed.

Julio watched from a safe distance,” Alliance I’m guessing.”

“Well, this tribe is not close, at all,” Julio said in the confessional,” It’s everyone against everyone.”

Paula sat on the beach, looked at the ocean and smiled,” Wow. It’s so peaceful.”

Mick climbed a palm tree, and hid,” Just aim…aim…” Then he threw a whole bunch of cocnuts at Paula.

“Ow! Hey!”

Mick laughed, and fell off the tree,” Just having a laugh.”

“Well, I got some bruises, thank you very much,” Paula walked away, annoyed.

Mick smiled, but Monty glared at him,” Not cool, dude.”

“Well, excuse me for having some fun,” Mick turned and walked away.

“Maybe we could try and enjoy ourselves for once,” Mick suggested when everyone was around the fire.

“Well, ok, how?” Olivia responded.

Mick smiled,” Lets catch an animal, that’d be fun.”

“I’m in!” Monty yelled.

“Me too,” Paula said.

The rest of the tribe joined in.

Mick approached a chicken,” Nice and easy...”

Monty smiled,” We got this bird now.”

“Now?” asked Julio, branch in hand.

Mick nodded.

Julio pounced on the chicken,” I got him!”

“Wahoo! Go Julio!” Olivia screamed, then hugged him.

Brianna looked bored,” Can we just eat and get it over with, dudes.”

At the challenge field, Jeff yelled,” Come on in guys!”

Both tribes walked in, more confident than they were at camp.

“Wanna hear something that is gonna change the game?” Jeff asked.

“Change the game?” James asked,” How?”

“Well, today, there will be something called a tribal swap,” Jeff told them.

“Come on! We were getting along so well!” Lance exclaimed.

“That’s why we have to split you up, if I call your name, stand on the orange mat, Janice, Lance, Monty, Patty, Louie, Brianna, and Hannah. You’re the New Navara tribe.”

“The rest of you, on the green mat, Olivia, Paula, Mick, Stanley, Claire, James, and Julio, you’re the New Tasua tribe.”

“Well, what’s the challenge, Jeff?” asked Julio.

“You will be given these cars,” Jeff pointed to an orange car, and a green one,” You will drive these cars through a course full of mud, trees, and sharp turns and tunnels!”

“So, who wants to drive?” Paula turned to her tribe.

“You guys don’t pick your drivers, I do!” Jeff said,” For the New Navara tribe, Brianna will drive, and for the New Tasua tribe, Stanley will drive.”

“Sweet!” exclaimed Stanley.

“Well, ok, I won’t let you dudes down!” exclaimed Brianna.


Immediately, Stanley hit the gas pedal, sending them far in the lead.

“Yeah! ” Stanley exclaimed.

Brianna drove slowly,” What are you doing!” exclaimed Janice.

“Driving, so chill!” Brianna responded.

“Go faster! We’re losing them!” exclaimed Monty.

“Fine,” Brianna said, pushing all her weight on the gas pedal.

Within a minute, New Navara tribe had a lead.

“Crap! They’re beating us now!” Mick complained.

“I got an idea, let’s shoot something at them!” Julio suggested.

“Sure, but what?” Stanley responded.

“Here, use my bra,” Claire said, giving it to James, who threw it at the New Navara tribe, which landed on Monty’s head.

Monty had wide eyes,” Is that…”

“Yes…yes it is…” Janice said.

It was completely silent until Lance exclaimed,” YOU GOT A BRA ON YOUR HEAD!”

Brianna laughed,” He’s right.”

“Shut up,” Monty said, taking it off his head.

“Maybe we should speed up, because now they’re beating us,” Janice said, pointing to the leading New Tasua tribe.

“We got them now!” James said, looking back, grinning widely.

Louie looked as the New Tasua tribe, as they took a sharp turn in the mud, spraying it on their car,” Brianna, let me drive.”

“No, Louie,” Lance said,” We’ll be disqualified.”

Louie stopped, then nodded,” Brianna, hurry up!”

“You got it dude!” She stomped on the gas pedal, and rammed the back of the New Tasua’s car.

“Whoa!” Olivia fell to the ground, and slid to Julio’s feet.

“Need some help?” asked Julio.

“Oh yes please,” Olivia said, pretending to be hurt.

Stanley turned the last turn, “ Just a big sprint to the finish now!”

Brianna rammed the side of their car, and sped through the finish line.


“You did it Brianna!” exclaimed Louie.

“Thanks,” she replied.

“Well, tomorrow, I will not see the New Navara tribe with me at Tribal, New Tasua, good luck today and tomorrow,” Jeff replied as the tribes walked to their camps.

Day 9

Stanley looked at James,” Now that we lost Louie, we gotta stay together, ok?”

“Duh, I ain’t leaving you dude!” James fist bumped Stanley.

“Who should go?” asked Stanley.

“Let’s see what the others think,” James said.

“Oh, and by the way, you know how we were searching for the immunity idol,” Stanley turned to James.

“Yeah,” James looked at Stanley awkwardly.

“Well, I got it!” Stanley exclaimed, holding up a piece of wood, shaped like a tiki symbol.

“Awesome!” James high fived Stanley.

Claire sighed in the confessional,” Me and Louie aren’t together anymore, as in on the same team. I miss him so much!”

Stanley walked to Julio,” So, who do you want out?”

Julio thought,” Mick, I want revenge on him for getting rid of Brian.”

James walked to Claire,” Who do you want out?”

She thought for a few minutes,” Mick, he’s mean and evil.”

“Ok,” James said.

Mick sat in the confessional,” I want that retarded skater punk, Julio, out. He does nothing but talk to me all day about some crappy thing called the X Games, whatever that is.”

The New Tasua tribe walked up to Tribal council, with their burning torches.

“Hello New Tasua, nice meeting you here, it’s time to vote, Paula, you’re up first,” Jeff said, as Tribal Council began.

Claire voted for Mick,” Jerk.”

Julio voted for Mick,” This is for Brian.”

Jeff smiled,” I’ll tally the votes.”

“First vote, Mick.”

He nodded.


Julio glared at Mick, who grinned.





“Third person voted out of Total Drama Borneo……Mick,” Jeff smiled,” Sorry dude.”

Julio sighed in relief,” Too close.”

Stanley nodded,” Way too close.”

Mick stepped up with his torch.

“Mick, the tribe has spoken,” and Jeff snuffed his torch.

Mick turned,” Tell Monty I said by, k?”

“Whatever,” Julio replied.

“All of you, head back to camp,” Jeff said, as they grabbed their torches and left.

Chapter Four:”If she doesn’t go next, I’m gonna explode.”

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, our contestants seemed to all get along, except Mick and Paula. Paula revealed her crush on Monty, who decided to get her in his alliance. At the immunity challenge, there was a tribal swap, shocking everyone. The New Tasua tribe was sent to Tribal Council, where Mick was sent home. Thirteen remain, who will be voted off next?

Night 9

James and Julio walked back to camp, and threw their torches against the shelter wall.

“Finally,” Julio said.

“You talking about Mick?” asked James, to which Julio nodded.

Stanley and Claire walked to the beach.

“Listen,” Stanley turned to Claire,” I wanna bring you to the finals with me.”

Claire looked shocked,” Well…thanks…”

“Who do you want out next if we happen to lose?” Stanley asked.

“Maybe Olivia, she can tell the guys to do her bidding all day,” Claire said.

“I agree,” Stanley replied.

“I know I’m the weak link,” Paula said in the confessional,” I miss Monty, his smile is all that could get me smiling now.”

Olivia sat by Julio,” I feel like I might go next.”

Julio looked worried,” Really?”

Olivia nodded,” Do you think you could help me?” She rubbed her hand on his chest, and cuddled up to him.

Julio smiled, his face redder than an apple,” Uhhh, yeah.”

Olivia smiled,” I want James out.”

“Ok,” Julio said.

Day 10

“Ten days people!” exclaimed Patty.

“Yeah! We are true survivors!” exclaimed Louie.

“Not yet, Louie,” Lance said,” There’s twenty-nine days left.”


Everyone gasped.

“Louie…” Brianna said,” That was not cool, dude.”

Louie sighed,” Sorry, I can have…outbursts.”

“It’s ok,” Janice said, patting his shoulder hesitantly.

“I don’t trust Louie at all,” Hannah said in the confessional.

Lance walked to the beach, with a string and stick,” Does anyone have something sharp?”

“How about this?” asked Hannah, holding up a thumbtack.

“Excellent,” Lance took the thumbtack and tied it,” Where’d you get that?”

Hannah smiled,” I always come prepared.”

Lance dove in the water, and came back up a few minutes later,” The ocean is awesome, and I caught a fish!”

Hannah squealed, and hugged Lance,” Now we have food! My hero! ”

Lance blushed,” Thanks…”

Patty gasped at Lance holding the fish,” No way! Lance! You are amazing!”

“All of a sudden I get so much praise,” Lance said in the confessional,” It was awesome, and no, mom, I am not dating them, I love you mommy.”

“What do you think the challenge will be?” asked Janice.

Brianna shrugged,” I just see what happens, and chill…”

“Brianna is on my last nerve,” Janice said in the confessional,” If she doesn’t go next, I’m gonna explode.”

At New Tasua camp, everyone was in the water.

“It’s so nice today,” said Stanley.

“I agree,” James nodded.

“I hope we win today,” Paula said, treading water.

“That’s what we all want,” replied Stanley.

“Who do you think they might vote off if they lose?” asked Claire.

Stanley shrugged,” I can’t tell, maybe Brianna or Olivia.”

“I’d rather have Louie stay,” James said.

Later that day, Stanley and Claire walked through the trees, far from everyone else.

“Before I say this, can I trust you?” Stanley turned to Claire.

Claire nodded,” You got my back.”

“You mean you have my back?” Stanley asked.

“That too,” Claire said.

“Anyway,” Stanley pulled out his idol,” Look.”

“Oh my gosh! You have it!” Claire screamed.

“Quiet!” Stanley barked,” Sorry, just don’t yell.”

‘When will you use it?” Claire asked.

Stanley shrugged,” Soon, I guess.”

Day 11

Julio woke up to the pouring rain,” Ugh, not again.”

“I think the rain has taken up over half our time here,” Paula said, rubbing her eyes lazily.

“Probably more,” James replied.

“We’re gonna be in here all day, aren’t we?” asked Claire.

“Probably,” Julio replied.

Paula sighed,” Well, we should probably think of a strategy for tonight’s challenge.”

“Well,” Stanley said,” What should we do if it’s a running challenge?”

“I’m pretty fast,” James said.

“So am I,” Stanley said.

“Me three,” Paula raised her hand.

“Ok, what about a puzzle challenge?” asked Olivia.

“I’m good at puzzles,” Claire said.

“I am too,” Paula replied.

“This is gonna be way too easy,” Olivia said in the confessional.

Meanwhile, the New Navara tribe sat in their shelter while the rain poured through their roof.

“Aw crap,” said a soaked Monty.

“Rain yet again,” Lance said, his damp hair covering one of his eyes.

Patty sighed,” I wish I was home.”

“Why in the hell did I sign up for this?” Janice asked herself.

“You read my mind, girl,” Hannah turned to Janice.

“I think Hannah could be a good alliance member,” Janice said in the confessional,” She seems easy to persuade.”

At the challenge, it was still pouring down rain.

“Hello New Navara and New Tasua, as New Navara can see, Mick was voted out last Tribal Council,” Jeff said, as both tribes tried to stay warm in the freezing rain.

“Damn,” Monty muttered under his breath.

Jeff turned to Monty,” You seem a little upset that Mick got eliminated, huh?”

“Yeah,” Monty replied.

“Anyway, your challenge is simple, all you need to do is slide on this slide, grab the certain ball number, and run back to the basket to try and make it in,” Jeff explained,” first team to three points wins immunity.”

“Piece of cake,” Paula said, smiling.

“New Navara, who is sitting out?” Jeff turned to them.

“Patty,” Louie said.

“Patty,” Jeff pointed to the bench,” Take a seat, get ready teams.”

Julio and Lance exchanged glances,” Bring it, momma’s boy.”

“First up is Julio vs Lance, going for ball number three, ready….go!” Jeff exclaimed.

Julio sprinted ahead, and slid across the floor, aiming for the ball.

Lance went slowly, but eventually started catching up when shooting.

Julio got to shoot first, but it bounced off the front of the rim,” Crap.”

Lance shot seconds after, and it air balled,” Oops.”

Lance ran over to get his ball, but when he turned to shoot, Julio had made it in.

“Yeah!” exclaimed Julio.

“First point to New Tasua!” exclaimed Jeff.

“Next up, is Paula vs Hannah, going for ball number fifteen…GO!” Jeff exclaimed, raising his arm down, to signal they could go.

Paula slid across the floor,” Weeee!”

Hannah glared at Paula, and shoved her.

“Whoa! Hold on! Hannah! Out of the challenge, no shoving, automatic point to New Tasua!” Jeff said.

Louie and James stepped up.

“Hey Louie, good luck,” James smiled at Louie.

“You too,” They shook hands.

“Going for ball number ten…..GO!” Jeff said.

James and Louie started off neck and neck, and grabbed for the ball at the same time.

“This is gonna be a close one,” Jeff said, watching the former alliance members battle it out.

James got there a split second before Louie, and missed the first shot by a mile,” Dang it.”

Louie’s ball rolled right off the edge of the rim,” Crap.”

James quickly got up and shot, making it in just as Louie shot his, which went in also.

“That was definitely exciting, but NEW TASUA WINS IMMUNITY!” Jeff exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

All the New Tasua members screamed and flung their fists in the air.

“Congratulations New Tasua, but, New Navara, I’ll be seeing you guys at Tribal Council,” Jeff said.

Brianna shrugged,” Whatever.”

Day 12

Brianna yawned,” Morning dudes.”

“Hi,” Janice said coldly.

“I never have. Nor will I ever like Brianna,” Janice said in the confessional,” Either she goes, or I do.”

Janice talked to Patty, Louie, and Monty,” Ok, I want Brianna out, if she doesn’t go, I know I will.”

They nodded.

“I’m with you,” Monty nodded.

Brianna talked to Patty, Lance and Hannah not long after Janice had her talk,” Ok, dudes, I want Janice gone, she’s seriously harshing my mellow.”

Patty sat in the confessional, scared,” What do I do? I said ok to both of them! I can only vote out one! What do I do!”

At Tribal Council, they walked up.

“Well, let’s hurry up, Lance, you’re up first,” Jeff pointed to Lance as he got up.

Janice votes for Brianna,” You or me.”

Brianna votes for Janice,” Sorry dude.”

Louie votes for Brianna,” Janice’s idea, not mine.”

Lance votes for Janice,” You’re going down! Sorry mom, I gotta act tough.”

Monty votes for Brianna,” You annoy the hell out of me.”

Hannah votes for Janice,” Prissy little brat.”

Patty votes,” This is how it goes, sorry guys, and I hope you can forgive me.”

Patty sits down,” I’ll go tally the votes.”

Jeff pulls out the first vote,” First vote… Janice.”


They exchange glances.





“Janice, three votes Janice, three votes Brianna, one vote left,” Jeff grinned.

“Fourth person voted out……….. Brianna.” Jeff smiled.

“Whatever dudes,” Brianna brought up her torch casually, and smiled.

“Brianna… the tribe has spoken,” Jeff snuffed her torch and she left.

“Well, good job you guys, head back to camp,” Jeff instructed them.”

Chapter Five:" I'm back!"

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, Stanley showed his immunity idol to Claire and got her on his side. Meanwhile, Janice and Brianna had a huge argument, and the New Navara got slaughtered by New Tasua in the immunity challenge. Janice and Brianna got people from the tribe to get rid of each other, but, Patty agreed to both of them, and was stuck in the middle. She eventually helped eliminate Brianna in a 4-3 vote. Who will be voted off tonight?

Night 12

New Navara walked to their camp, completely worn out.

“I am so happy that Brianna was finally eliminated!” Janice exclaimed in the confessional,” She was the biggest pain ever!”

“Good job guys,” Janice smiled.

“Yeah, she had to go!” Louie nodded.

Monty smiled, “Another win?”

“You know it,” Patty smiled.

Day 13

“We lasted 13 days! Woohoo!” James woke up his tribe unintentionally, smiling and yelling.

Groaning, Paula opened her eyes,” Come on…it’s so early…”

James smiled,” Come on, wake up Paula!”

Stanley rolled his eyes,” Can we just sleep for a few minutes?”

“Fine, I’ll get fire going,” James walked away, and grabbed some wood to begin a fire.

Stanley opened his eyes, and turned to see a giant red and orange fire glowing tall,” James…”

James laid on the ground, badly burned.

“James!” Stanley exclaimed.

Claire gasped,” James! What happened?”

James opened his eyes,” Get help”

Immediately, medicals ran in, and grabbed him.

James opened his eyes,” What?”

“What happened?” asked a middle aged girl in white.

“I was making fire, and I inhaled the smoke, and fell in,” James responded.

“Well, come with us, you seem really badly burned,” the girl said, getting him on a stretcher.

The medicals looked at James, he had horrible third degree burns.

James groaned,” Can’t…move…”

The medics were luckily able to get him better, but he would have to lay low a bit.

“How could this happen?” Julio asked.

James shrugged,” I can’t believe I’m still in the game! Third degree burns!”

“Well, you are one lucky man,” Julio smiled, giving James a little hit in the shoulder.

Olivia smiled, walking to James,” Does it hurt?”

“Like hell,” James turned to her.

She laughed,” I think you and me could form an alliance,” she rubbed his chest.

“Please don’t do that,” James said,” It really hurts.”

“Sorry,” She pulled her hand away.

She looked like the devil in the confessional,” Nobody…tells me…what…to…do….”

Claire walked to the ocean, and sat down calmly,” This couldn’t have happened…we…just have to win.”

“I agree,” Paula said,” Since James is injured, it’s up to me, Julio, and Stanley if it’s a psychical challenge.”

Meanwhile, New Navara was turning against each other.

Hannah glared at Lance,” We gotta get Janice out. She thinks she’s so great.”

“I agree,” Lance nodded.

“Who should we get?” asked Hannah.

“Louie, definitely Louie,” Lance said.

Louie smashed a fruit to the ground, and picked it up,” Sweet, mangos tonight!”

“Mangos ? Cool!” Monty fist bumped Louie,” Mangos are so awesome!”

In the confessional, Louie rolled his eyes,” Mangos are awesome? Sounds like Monty needs an alliance.”

“You know Louie, it’s a nice day,” Monty said, looking at the sun.

Louie smiled awkwardly,” Um, yeah, it is, uh, nice today.”

“Ok, let’s get down to business, alliance? ” Monty said, sounding very serious.

Patty walked up to the shelter, and spied from where she was,” Huh, an alliance? They got some nerve…”

“Monty and Louie are so going down,” said Patty in the confessional,” They have an alliance, and nobody is with them, easy catch!”

Day 14

Walking to the challenge, both tribes looked at each other, ready to win immunity.

“Welcome,” Jeff smiled,” Last tribal council, Brianna was sent home.”

Julio shrugged,” Saw it coming.”

“And, if you can’t see,” Jeff said,” James was injured in a fire accident yesterday, so he won’t compete in a challenge.”

“Yes!” exclaimed Monty,” Just making it easier for us!”

“Actually, not completely…” Jeff smiled,” Come on in!”

“I’m back!” exclaimed Waverly, smiling.

“Waverly…is…back?” Julio said uneasily.

“Woohoo! New team member!” Claire exclaimed.

“Yes, Waverly is on New Tasua,” Jeff said,” And now for the challenge, you will have these bags to attack the other person, you will have to push them into the mud, and the first team to 4 points wins!”

Stanley walked up, with Monty on the other side,” Good luck, shrimp,” Stanley said to Monty.

Monty growled,” Say go Probst…”

“Go!” Jeff exclaimed.

Monty plowed into Stanley, sending him to the ground.

“It’s on,” Stanley got back up, and smacked Monty across the face, who slipped a little bit, but still stayed on.

Monty went for Stanley’s stomach and hit him right into the mud,” YEAH! TAKE THAT!”

Stanley groaned, and spit the mud out of his mouth,” Ewww.”

“One to zip, New Navara winning,” Jeff announced.

Claire stepped up, along with Hannah, both rearing to go.

“Go!” Jeff yelled.

Claire gulped and turned away, crying as she hopped in the mud, scared to death.

“Well…um…I guess that means another point to New Navara,” Jeff said, holding in laughter.

“Dang it Claire!” exclaimed Paula who was up next.

“Sorry,” Claire looked ashamed, and walked away.

“Paula against Janice….Go!” Jeff announced.

Janice took a hard hit from Paula, but hit her in the legs, flipping her over her.

“Dang,” Paula said, limping to Janice.

Janice charged at Paula, and wacked her off the platform and in the mud.

“Another point for New Navara, another point and they will walk away with immunity!” Jeff said.

Julio stepped up with Louie.

“Julio and Louie…go!”

Julio threw his bag at Louie sending him to his knees.

Louie growled, and wacked Julio multiple times.

“Ow!” Julio exclaimed.

Louie smacked Julio again, and Julio shoved his bag at Louie’s face, who ended up falling off the platform, in the mud.

“Damnit, lost,” Louie said, shaking some mud off.

“Finally, New Tasua is on the board, but New Navara is still winning!” Jeff announced.

Lance stepped up with Waverly.

“Well, this is gonna be good, momma’s boy vs the writer…go!”

Lance gulped,” Don’t hurt me…”

Waverly rolled her eyes,” This is gonna be easy,” She pushed him off with the slightest bit of muscle and he fell.

“Well, three to two, this is heating up!” Jeff exclaimed.

“Next is Julio and Louie again….go!”

Julio took a smash at Louie’s face, who hit his groin.

Julio wheezed,” Too far.”

Louie backed up, and Julio charged at him.

Louie jumped at Julio, and pushed him right off.

“NEW NAVARA IS SAFE!” Jeff exclaimed.

“By the way, why was Waverly brought back anyway?” asked Claire.

“Some crazed fan really liked her,” Jeff replied.

New Tasua walked back to camp, disappointed and humiliated.

“It’s ok guys,” James said,” There will be more challenges.”

Waverly sighed,” It’s not just that, we were beat in a humiliating loss!”

“It was only two points,” Stanley pointed out.

Later, Stanley dragged James and Claire in the forest,” Look, I have a plan, because Paula, Waverly, Julio, and Olivia are sticking together tonight.”

“What’s your plan?” Claire asked, a little confused about his past statement.

Stanley whispered his plan to them, and they smiled.

“Perfect!” exclaimed Claire.

“I’ll talk to them tomorrow, hopefully it won’t be too late,” Stanley replied.

Day 15

Claire woke up,” Morning.”

“Don’t start another fire,” Paula said,” James.”

James laughed,” Don’t worry, I’ll be able to compete in the next challenge, no worries.”

“Good, we need someone else to help us in challenges,” Waverly said.

Later in the day, Stanley walked to the beach with Paula.

“So, who’s going?” He asked.

“James, he’s weak now,” Paula said,” You in?”

Stanley nodded,” James it is. Oh, and is that who Olivia, Julio, and Waverly are getting out?”

“As far as I know,” Paula said,” Why?”

“Just didn’t want to scramble,” Stanley lied.

Stanley walked back to Claire and James right before Tribal Council.

“What did they say?” James asked.

“You’re going, but trust me, I got this,” Stanley replied, grinning.

New Tasua walked to Tribal Council, and Jeff smiled.

“Welcome to tribal council, it’s time to vote,” Jeff said,” Olivia, you’re up first.”

Olivia votes for James,” Good riddance.”

Julio votes for James and shrugs.

Waverly votes for James,” You are going down.”

Paula votes for James,” You are useless!”

Jeff smiled,” I’ll read the votes.”

Jeff sat the ballot down,” Anything before I read the votes?”

Stanley stood up,” Yes Jeffrey, I would like to play this immunity idol to save James.”

Waverly’s alliance all gasped.

“Well, this is the immunity idol, so James is safe,” Jeff said.

James grinned.

“First vote…James, doesn’t count.”

“James, doesn’t count, no votes for anybody.”


Julio’s eyes got wider.


“James, doesn’t count, James, doesn’t count. Guess Julio is out, cause he got the next vote too,” Jeff said.

Julio sighed, and brought his torch up.

“Julio, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff snuffed his torch.

Julio turned,” Olivia…I love you!”

Olivia rolled her eyes.

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Six:" I'm controlling this game! And I don't have to be evil to do it."

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, our contestants seemed to be very relaxed, and not even worrying about the challenge ahead. Until, James fell into the fire, and was almost removed from the game. At the challenge, it was announced Waverly returned to the game, and she proved herself worthy by almost winning the challenge. At Tribal Council, Waverly’s alliance were set on James going, but, Stanley played his immunity idol to save James, and send Julio away. Who will be voted off tonight?

Night 15

Stanley set down his torch by the shelter.

James looked at Stanley, who looked back, and they eventually laughed.

“That was awesome!”James exclaimed.

Stanley nodded,” Probably a smart move, too.”

“Probably? I would’ve been gone without that idol dude!” James smiled.

“I owe you one, dude,” James told Stanley,” But not yet, I won’t fully heal till tomorrow.”

Day 16

“It’s been a long sixteen days,” said Louie in the confessional,” But, I’m glad to be here."

Lance stared at the fire,” We got a while to go, and I’m already ready to give up.”

Monty said in the confessional,” I wanted to push Lance in that fire so badly….every nerve urged me not to.”

Monty walked over to Louie, Janice, and Patty.

“We gotta kick off Lance,” Monty said,” He’s slowing us down, and I’m annoyed by it.”

Louie and Janice left, no words spoken.

Patty smiled," I’m in.”

Monty nodded,” Then help me do this…”

Lance sat by the beach with Hannah,” I think that we might be on the outs.”

“I know,” she replied,” What should we do?”

“Get rid of Patty,” Lance said,” She’s too athletic, and could become a threat in the merge.

“What about Janice?” Hannah said.

“She’s fine, and easy to persuade,” Lance replied.

Hannah nodded,” I agree,” and shockingly gave Lance a peck on the cheek.

Lance grinned in the confessional,” That’s right mommy! I got a girlfriend! You can’t control me! I own my own life!”

Meanwhile, New Tasua was talking strategy by the fire.

“Well, if we have to sit out anyone, who would it be?” asked Paula.

“Maybe Claire,” Olivia said.

“I’m fine sitting out,” Claire shrugged.

“Good,” Stanley replied.

In the confessional, Olivia relaxed,” We can so win this that team has those losers, and they got me, the best player in Total Drama Borneo.”

Stanley walked on the beach with Paula at his side,” I need your help if I want this plan to work.”

Paula turned her head,” Plan?”

“I want Waverly out, and I want you in on it,” Stanley replied.

“Well, ok,” Paula said, a little unsure.

“Thanks,” Stanley said.

“Now I got four, well five if you count Louie on the other team, people in my alliance,” Stanley said in the confessional,” I’m controlling this game! And I don’t have to be evil to do it.”

Waverly sat in the shelter with her notebook and pen.

“What are you doing?” Claire asked.

“Trying to write,” Waverly replied, annoyed with the nerd.

“Oh, cool,” Claire smiled.

“Well not if I can’t write anything!” Waverly exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry,” Claire said, walking away.

“Claire is so stupid,” Waverly said in the confessional,” I got her with me, though, which is the funny thing, because no matter how bad I treat her, she treats me like a goddess.”

Day 17

“Jeez, look at that,” Monty said, waking up his tribe.

“What is it?” asked Patty, yawning.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake.

“AAAHHH!” Patty shrieked, and grabbed onto Monty.

“The girls all want me,” Monty said in his cocky voice.

Patty shoved Monty away,” Gross!”

“Can’t deny it, babe,” Monty winked.

Suddenly, a tree collapsed, and Patty couldn’t get away from it.

“Oh god! Oh god oh god!” Monty screamed at the sight of Patty being hit by the tree.

“I’ll get help,” Louie said, running as fast as he could.

Within minutes, medics came in.

“What happened?” asked one of the medics.

“There was an earthquake,” Monty explained,” Then that tree just fell on top of her and, yeah.”

The medics pulled Patty out from under the tree, where she had many cuts, and her arm was badly hurt.

“Can you hear us?” asked a tall, younger female medic.

Patty groaned,” It hurts…”

“Where?” asked the younger medic.

“Mainly my arm,” Patty replied.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” asked Monty, holding up three fingers.

“Um, six?” Patty said, confused and dizzy.

“Yeah, she needs help,” the older medic replied.

“Will she be removed?” asked Jeff.

“Yes, she has too much damage to her arm and the rest of her body, it’s for the best,” the younger one said.

“We’ll miss you Patty,” Louie waved.

Patty smiled weakly,” Good luck guys.”

“Great,” Monty said in the confessional,” Now I’m screwed.”

At New Tasua, a letter came in.

“Because of something horrible,” James read aloud,” You must pick one person from your tribe to go to the other tribe.”

“What’s stupid is that it doesn’t rhyme,” Stanley said.

“I say Olivia,” Claire said.

“So do I,” Stanley said.

Waverly and James nodded in agreement.

“Fine, I’ll go,” Olivia rolled her eyes,” Goodbye New Tasua! HELLO NEW NAVARA!”

“That didn’t make sense,” said Stanley,” Won’t they just have an extra member?”

“Well, yeah,” said James, puzzled.

Day 18

Jeff smiled at the two tribes walking in.

“Good morning!” Jeff exclaimed,” Ready to start the challenge?”

“Sure,” Claire smiled.

Jeff rolled his eyes,” So, I guess we’re familiar about a few things, first, Julio and Patty are out, and Olivia is a member of New Navara.”

“What’s the point of the challenge anyway?” asked Stanley,” If they win, we only have four people.”

“Well, guess what,” Jeff said smiling.

Olivia crossed her fingers,” Merge merge merge…”

“It is not the merge,” Jeff winked at Olivia.

“Damn,” Olivia sighed.

“It’s this!” Jeff exclaimed, revealing a table of food.

“If your team wins you not only get immunity, but this feast of pizza, chocolate, soda, and fried chicken,” Jeff smiled.

“WE HAVE TO WIN!” James exclaimed.

“New Navara, who’s sitting out?” Jeff asked.

“Me,” Olivia said immediately.

“Ok, your challenge is to climb through this jungle gym, get a flag, and get back, where you must open a treasure chest full of puzzle pieces, where the tribe will all try to make a puzzle, spelling out your tribe name,” Jeff said.

Jeff got everyone lined up.

“First is Lance and Stanley….Go!” Jeff exclaimed.

Stanley sprinted out to the jungle gym, and climbed through part of it easily.

“Stanley with a lead,” Jeff announced.

Lance started catching up as they got closer to the flag, and by the time they got out of the gym, they were tied.

“It’s neck and neck,” Jeff said as Waverly and Janice ran out.

“Come on Janice!” exclaimed Monty.

Waverly got stuck in one of the bars,” Augh! I’m stuck!”

Janice quickly climbed through, and had the flag.

“Waverly losing valuable time,” Jeff said.

Waverly eventually got out, and grabbed the flag.

Hannah ran out, and started getting a quick pace.

Waverly got back, and Claire ran out, where she caught up to Hannah.

Hannah then got her foot stuck.

“Damn,” Hannah said, twisting her foot to try and get it out.

Claire grabbed the flag and quickly ran to James, who sprinted out.

Hannah grabbed the flag just as James got in, and she ran back fairly quickly, and Louie jogged out to the jungle gym, and climbed through quickly.

James and Louie eventually got back near the same time, and Paula and Monty ran out.

Monty looked at Paula,” Long time no see sweet cheeks.”

Paula blushed,” Yeah.”

“Hurry up!” exclaimed Olivia.

Paula grabbed the flag right before Monty, and got to the box right before Monty.

Claire put the pieces in certain spots.

“What do we do?” asked Stanley.

“I’ll take care of it,” Claire said, starting to work on it.

New Navara started working together, but were falling behind.

Claire smiled, obviously done,” I got it Jeffy!”

Jeff looked at it,” And she does. Congratulations New Tasua on winning immunity and reward!”

James ran over to the table,” CHICKEN!”

Waverly laughed,” You’re such a goof.”

James shrugged,” I know.”

“New Navara, see you at Tribal Council tonight,” Jeff said,” Head back to camp.”

At the reward, Stanley and James chowed down and ate half of the pizza.

“Slow down,” Waverly said,” There won’t be any left for us!”

James groaned, and gave Waverly a piece,’ Happy?”

“Yes, I am very happy,” Waverly said, biting out of it.

“Waverly is such a bitch about everything,” James said in the confessional.

Suddenly, while eating, Paula found a piece of paper.

“Better hide this,” Paula muttered to herself, and put it in her pocket.

“I found the clue to the immunity idol!” Paula exclaimed in the confessional,” I own Borneo now!”

“Well, I’m just assuming that the merge is soon, so hopefully this will help us and form an alliance?” Stanley said awkwardly during the feast.

James smiled,” Woo!”

“Whatever,” Waverly said.

At the New Navara campsite, everyone seemed calm.

“This could end up being the worst tribal yet,” said Monty in the confessional,” What I mean is I’ll probably go and I won’t see Paula again.”

Monty sighed, and walked through the forest, until he found a tiki doll,” No freaking way…”

Monty walked over to Olivia,” Could you see who everyone is voting tonight?”

Olivia rolled her eyes,” What do I get in return?”

“This,” Monty smiled, and showed her his idol.

Olivia gasped,” No way!”

“I knew what to do, just tell them to vote out Monty, tell him they want Lance out, then I get his idol!” Olivia said in the confessional.

Olivia whispered to everyone,” Monty’s going, he has the idol, but I’m telling him you’re voting off Lance.”

Lance shrugged,” I just don’t wanna go.”

Olivia smiled,” You won’t.”

Later, Olivia ran to Monty,” They want Lance off, ok?”

Monty smiled,” A deal’s a deal then.”

He handed her the tiki doll, and smiled.

The New Navara tribe walked up to Tribal Council, and sat down.

“Well, it’s time to vote, Hannah, you’re up first,” Jeff said.

Olivia votes for Monty,” See ya later.”

Monty votes,” I know my way around.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Jeff said.

“First vote…Monty.”

He nodded.

Olivia looked at the tiki doll in her pocket.

“Lance. One vote Lance, one vote Monty.”

“Janice. One vote Janice, one vote Monty, one vote Lance.”

Janice looked around, and gulped.

“Janice. Two votes Janice.”

“Seventh person eliminated… Janice, that is three and that is enough.”

Janice had wide eyes, and turned to Olivia,” Traitor.”

“It wasn’t me,” Olivia said.

“Janice, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff snuffed her torch,” Time to go.”

“Whoever betrayed me is dead!” Janice barked, then left.

“That was probably the best blindside so far, all of you, head back to camp,” Jeff said.

Chapter Seven:" All better".

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the final 12 woke up to a normal day, until, disaster struck. An earthquake shook the earth, hard, causing a tree to collapse on Patty, and she had to be evacuated from the game. In a random twist, Olivia was switched to New Navara tribe. At the challenge, the contestants were not only fighting for immunity, but for a feast of chocolate, fried chicken, soda, and pizza. In a close fight, New Tasua proved to be dominant. Meanwhile, Monty found an idol, and asked Olivia to ask everyone who they wanted out, but, little did he know, she was gonna scheme against him. At the feast, Paula found an immunity idol clue, and hid it from everyone else. At Tribal Council, Olivia was set on Monty going, but, it was Janice who was shockingly blindsided. Ten remain, who will be eliminated next?

Night 18

Monty walked to camp.

“I’m really happy that I stayed in the game, and I didn’t need my idol,” Monty said in the confessional,” Hopefully everyone thinks positively of me.”

“I have no clue what just happened.” Said Olivia in the confessional, puzzled,” I was set that Monty would go, but he didn’t? What happened?”

“It was all my doing,” Lance said in the confessional,” I was gonna get Olivia eliminated, but I knew Monty would give her the idol, so I gunned for Janice, and got Hannah and Louie’s votes. Oh, and by the way, mama, I’m not a bully.”

Hannah sat in the shelter,” That could’ve been a smart move, or a dumb move.”

“Hopefully it was a smart move,” Lance said,” Or we’re in trouble.”

Monty looked up at the shelter ceiling, no words, nothing.

Day 19

Stanley woke up and walked down to the beach.

He stepped in the water, and laid back.

“It’s so nice to relax and not worry about the game,” Stanley said to himself.

“Yeah, isn’t it great?” said a voice.

Stanley’s eyes were wide,” Who is it?”

“Claire,” Claire popped up from the water,” HI!!!!!”

Stanley smiled awkwardly,” Um, hi, Claire.”

Claire smiled,” HIIIIII!!!!!!”

Stanley stepped out of the water,” I’m gonna go get some more sleep, and hope this was just a dream.”

“BYE!!!!!!!!!!” Claire waved.

“As annoying as Claire can be,” Stanley said in the confessional,” I need to keep her locked in my alliance, or I’ll be vulnerable.”

Waverly sat in the shelter, and turned to Paula,” Do you think one of us could be next?”

Paula shrugged,” I hope not, and besides, there’s ten people left, it should be the merge today.”

“I hope Paula knows that no matter what, merge or not, I’m writing her name down tonight.” Waverly said in the confessional,” I hate her guts.”

James smiled in the confessional,” There’s five of us left, on our team, and five on theirs, it’s even fire burning, right?”

Claire sat in the shelter, completely quiet.

James walked in the shelter.

“HIIII!” Claire exclaimed.

James was so scared that he nearly peed his pants,” Uh…hi?”

“HIIII!!!!” Claire said again.

“Something is wrong with Claire,” James said in the confessional.

At New Navara’s camp, everyone was starved.

“Can someone just get some coconuts?!” Monty yelled.

“Sure,” Lance said, and he tried to climb the tree, but his hand hit a thorn.

Lance was silent, and then screamed in pain,” OWWWW! MOMMY! KISS MY BOOBOO!”

“When I said Lance was my hero a few days ago,” Olivia said in the confessional,” I take that back.”


Hannah sighed,” Let me see it, Lance.”

“YOU AREN’T MY MOMMY!” Lance cried.

“Just let me see it,” Hannah said.

“No,” Lance said in a whiny baby voice

“Lance, I wanna help you,” Hannah said,” Now let me see the cut.”

“No! I want my mommy!” Lance whined.

“Look, I can get the medics to help you,” Louie said.

“No! Get my mommy instead!” Lance said.

Louie walked over to the medics,” Lance has a bit of a cut on his thumb, and to get him to shut up, we have to get his mom.”

“Well, call his mom,” Jeff told one of the medics as she dialed the numbers.

After about twelve hours, Lance’s mom arrived.

She was plump, had on a flowery pink dress and had brown curled up hair.

“What’s wrong, honey?” asked Lance’s mom.

“I got a booboo,” Lance looked up at his mom, teary eyed.

“Well let me kiss it,” Lance’s mom bent down and kissed his thumb,” All better.”

Lance smiled,” All better.”

“Seriously? Lance just needs a kiss on the thumb!” Olivia said in the confessional,” What a loser!”

Day 20

Jeff waited at the challenge field,” Morning final ten!”

“HIIIIIIIIII!!!” Claire exclaimed.

Immediately, Jeff noticed that New Tasua brought all their stuff, including their fire making materials.

“New Tasua, why did you bring everything?” Jeff asked.

“Well, merge anyone?” Waverly said.

Jeff laughed,” Well, I do have some news. First, no merge today, and second, if your team wins, then you will pick one person from the opposing team to win immunity.”

“Seriously? That is so cool!” Olivia said.

“Now, onto the challenge,” Jeff said,” You will all be fighting eachother!”

“We did a challenge like that,” James replied.

“True, but on pedestals! Let’s see, both teams sit out someone, New Tasua, sit out a girl, New Navara, sit out a boy,” Jeff said.

“We sit out Lance,” said Olivia.

“And we chose Waverly to sit out,” Stanley said.

“First up will be Monty vs James!” Jeff exclaimed.

Jeff handed them their staffs,” And…GO!”

James swung at Monty, who ducked and hit James in the head.

“Ouch!” James rubbed his head and swung back at Monty.

Monty grabbed the staff and pulled James down.

“Point to New Navara!” exclaimed Jeff.

Paula and Olivia climbed up next.

“Good luck Paula!” exclaimed Stanley.

“GO!” Jeff said.

Paula swung her staff at Olivia, who fell immediately.

“Point New Tasua!” Jeff exclaimed.

“Good job Paula!” exclaimed Monty.

“What are you doing with the enemy?” Olivia asked.

“Just congratulating them,” Monty smiled.

“Well, don’t, got it?” Olivia said.


“Next on deck, Stanley and Louie!” exclaimed Jeff.

Stanley climbed up with Louie.

“Good luck, Lou,” Stanley smiled.

“You too,” Louie smiled.

“GO!” Jeff exclaimed.

Louie jabbed at Stanley’s chest.

“Sorry,” Louie said.

“It’s cool,” Stanley hit Louie back.

“Ouch!” Louie laughed.

Stanley hit Louie in the head, and Louie hit Stanley’s legs, knocking him off.

“New Navara has 2, New Tasua has 1, if New Navara wins, then they get immunity!” Jeff exclaimed.

Climbing up, Claire looked scared as she looked at Hannah, who looked vicious.

“HIIIIII!” Claire exclaimed.

“Shut up,” Hannah glared.

“GO!” Jeff exclaimed.

Hannah swung as hard as she could at Claire, who ducked.

The force of how hard she swung caused Hannah to fall off.

“Yes!” Claire exclaimed.

“And now Lance and Waverly have to go!” Jeff said.

“Why did we sit out again?” asked Lance.

“Cause we wanted boy vs boy and girl vs girl,” Jeff said,” But, we need a tiebreaker.”

Lance got up and stared Waverly deep in the eyes.


“AAAAHHH!” Lance screamed

Waverly kept swinging, but she kept missing.

Lance smiled,” This is for mommy!” He swung, and Waverly toppled over.


“Nice job Lance!” Louie said.

“Now, before you head back to camp, who from New Tasua will be immune?” Jeff asked, holding an immunity necklace.

“Paula!” exclaimed Monty.

“No! We were supposed to say Stanley, dope!” Olivia said, glaring at Monty.

“Paula was the first answer, therefore, she is safe tonight,” Jeff smiled.

“Monty is so lucky we won tonight, or his ass would be mine!” Olivia said.

Monty sighed happily in the confessional,” Paula…..” He then started to drool.

“Well, congratulations, Paula,” said James.

“Thanks,” Paula said.

“Monty is so awesome!” Paula said in the confessional.

Day 21

“So, it’s day 21, and I’m surprised to be here,” said Claire in the confessional.

“Well, our only choice tonight is Waverly,” said James.

“Yeah,” Stanley nodded,” Unless Paula gives up immunity, but I hope she doesn’t.”

“Yeah, cause Waverly is a bitch,” James nodded.

“I agree,” Stanley nodded.

“Claire is with us, right?” James asked.

“Duh,” Stanley said.

Stanley walked over to Claire.

“HIIII!!!!” Claire waved.

“Yeah, hi, anyway, we need you to vote off Waverly,” Stanley said.

“Ok,” Claire said.

“Ok, good,” Stanley walked away.


“I don’t get Claire at all,” Stanley said in the confessional.

“Is she with us?” asked James.


“I think that everyone is just going into Tribal Council without a plan,” said Waverly in the confessional,” Cause I know I am.”

Waverly walked over to Paula, fake crying.

“What happened?” asked Paula.

“Claire, James, and Stanley a-are g-g-onna v-vot-te m-m-me o-o-off.” Waverly said, fake crying.

“Oh,” Paula said,” Well, I could give you immunity at Tribal.”

“R-really?” Waverly said.

“Of course,” Paula smiled.


“Maybe I do have a plan,” Waverly said in the confessional.

The New Tasua tribe walked up to Tribal Council.

“HI!!!!!!” Claire exclaimed.

“Ok….On that note, Paula, would you like to give immunity to someone else?” Jeff asked.

Paula shook her head.

Waverly gasped.

“It’s time to vote, Waverly, you’re up first.”

Waverly votes for Claire,” Paula is so lucky to have that immunity necklace.”

Paula votes for Waverly,” I knew you were playing me.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Jeff said.

“If anyone has the immunity idol, now would be the time to play it,” Jeff said, and no one stood up. “Ok, first vote….Waverly.”

Waverly sighed.

“Waverly. Two votes Waverly.”

“Claire, two votes Waverly, one vote Claire.”

“Eighth person voted out…Waverly, hand me your torch.”

“Paula, go to hell,” Waverly said, going to get her torch.

“Waverly, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff snuffed her torch.

“Well, that was a great elimination, now head back to camp,” Jeff said.

Chapter Eight," Way too dangerous".

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, Olivia scrambled to find out what happened with Janice being eliminated the night before. And Claire scared the crap out of everyone with her new way of saying “Hi.” At New Navara, Lance got a cut and cried for his mommy. So, we got her, and she made him feel better. Then, at the immunity challenge, the winning team got to pick someone from the other team to have immunity, and New Navara won, picking Paula, well, Monty picked Paula, when they meant Stanley, to be immune. Stanley’s alliance ultimately was forced to vote out Waverly, which wasn’t a problem for them. Waverly, knowing she was in trouble, fake cried to get Paula to give her immunity that night. At Tribal Council, Paula knew Waverly was playing her, and kept immunity for herself, sending Waverly home in a unanimous vote. Nine remain, and in this special episode, what could happen? Find out!

Night 21

The New Tasua tribe sat in the shelter, and talked.

“So, there has to be a merge about tomorrow, right?” Stanley said.

“No doubt,” replied James.

“I need a merge before next Tribal Council,” said Paula in the confessional,” because I know Stanley has James and Claire with him 100%.”

“Look, when we get to the merge, we gotta get Louie back with us,” Stanley said to James.

“I know, but, what if it’s not the merge?” He asked.

“Then, we’re screwed,” Stanley replied.

Day 22

Lance woke up, with a note on his head.

“Whoa, what is this?” He said, opening the folded note.

“Here is a map not to the mall,

“Or a big brick wall,

“But to a new campsite,

“Good luck, and watch out for a snake bite.”

“Cool,” Hannah said, glancing at the note.

“This is so awesome! We’re gonna merge!” said Hannah in the confessional.

“Let’s wake up everyone,” Lance turned to Hannah, and they shook everyone awake.

Monty groaned,” What is it, four eyes?”

Lance showed him the note, and Monty’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god! We’re merging!” Monty smiled, laughed, and danced.

Meanwhile, ay New Tasua camp, Stanley read the note aloud.

“Woohoo!” Paula exclaimed in the confessional,” It’s a dream come true! We are finally merging!”

“Well, grab everything and lets go,” James said, moving everything out of the shelter.”

“Wait,” Paula stopped,” Let’s burn the shelter, to honor it.”

“Good idea,” Stanley said.

“Ok, let’s make a quick fire, and burn this thing to hell!” James exclaimed.

Within thirty minutes, Stanley had a fire, and he broke off a branch to make it like a torch, and lit their shelter.

“Well, goodbye mighty shelter,” Stanley saluted, and walked off.

New Navara reached the new camp first, and relaxed.

“This is great!” Monty exclaimed,” A fresh start!”

“Wonder where New Tasua is?” Lance asked.

A few moments later, the whole New Tasua tribe marched in.

“Who’s gone?” asked Monty, starting to get a fire going.

“Looks like Waverly,” said Louie.

“Smart choice,” Monty grinned, as he saw sparks,” Come on baby!”

Paula looked over Monty’s shoulder,” Hi.”

Monty blushed,” Oh, hi there.”

Olivia walked over to Stanley,” Ok, I know you got an alliance with Claire, James, and Louie, but, before you think about voting me off, let me tell you that Paula and Monty are voting together the whole way, so why don’t we vote them off?”

Stanley smiled,” I agree, but, I think that since Lance is the mastermind, he should go.”

“Yeah, I know I’m pretty much controlling the game,” Stanley said in the confessional,” but, shouldn’t I listen to Olivia? She makes some good points.”

“Yeah, but, he can’t win immunity as easily as Paula and Monty could,” Olivia said.

“Ok, how about Hannah?” Stanley said,” She is very smart, slightly athletic, and I think that she can easily become a threat.”

“We’ll see how the challenge plays out,” Olivia said.

“Wait, how do we know we’re merging yet?” asked Louie,” I mean, we haven’t gotten a note saying we merged, nothing to prove it!”

Suddenly, James found Red bandannas,” Look! Merge bandannas!”

“Ok, proof enough for me,” Louie shrugged.

Meanwhile, Lance and Hannah were talking.

“Ok, I think that Stanley and Olivia are now in an alliance, and they want Monty or Paula out,” Hannah said.

“That’s probably true,” Lance nodded.

“So, we should just go with their plan, right?” Hannah said, turning to lance for an answer.

“Totally,” Lance agreed.

“Good,” Hannah kissed Lance’s cheek,” Now, let’s find something to eat, I’m starved.”

Day 23

Jeff smiled at the new tribe walking in.

“Hello, red team,” Jeff said,” So, what’s your tribe name?”

Stanley raised his hand,” The Coconuts!”

“The coconuts it is,” Jeff smiled.

“Ok, Jeffrey, what’s the challenge?” asked Lance, rearing to go.

“Today, it’s a reward challenge, your immunity challenge will be tomorrow, and for your reward, well, I’ll show you,” Jeff smiled.

“Ok, first up… Monty, could you step up?” Jeff said.

Monty stepped up,” What is it, Probst?”

“Here’s your Uncle Dan,” Jeff said, surprising everyone.

Monty’s Uncle Dan was tall, had short jet black hair, and his arms were covered in tattoos.

“This is the guy who taught me all I know,” Monty said, hugging his Uncle Dan.

“Ok, James, step up,” Jeff said.

“It could only be one person,” James said, smiling.

“Here comes your girlfriend, Jane,” Jeff said, as a girl with long blonde hair and a pink top came out.

James hugged her.

“You did it,” Jane said, tearing up.

James smiled,” I know, for you,” he kissed her, and then started crying a little.

“Ok, Olivia, here comes your friend Cassidy.” Jeff smiled as a girl in a cyan tank top and long brown curly hair ran in.

“Ew, ew, ew!” exclaimed Cassidy, stepping around the mud.

Olivia smiled,” Cassidy!”

“Olivia! Hi!” Cassidy hugged Olivia.

“Ok, next up, Paula, your mom Tanya is here,” Jeff said.

“Mom!” Paula exclaimed, hugging her mom who had golden brown shoulder length hair and wore a nice T-shirt.

“Oh, Paula!” Her mom hugged her.

“Next is Lance, who else but your mom, who was here a few days ago!” Jeff smiled,” Lorene is basically a cast member.”

Lance’s mom ran in, and hugged Lance.

“I missed you baby!” she said, hugging him tight.

“I missed you too, mommy,” Lance sobbed.

“Ok, Hannah, here’s your brother, Luke.” Jeff said as a guy with short blonde hair and a suit came in, smiling.

“This better be worth it, because I missed an important case today,” Luke said in his horrible threatening voice.

Hannah smiled,” Hi Luke.”

“HI Hannah!” They hugged.

“Stanley, here’s your cousin Mitch,” Jeff said.

A young muscular boy with dark brown hair walked in, and hugged Stanley.

“Good luck Stan, you’ve gotta win,” Mitch smiled at his older cousin, and patted his back.


“Claire, here’s your sister Malory,” Jeff smiled, and saw a girl in black clothing and long black hair covering her left eye walk in.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Malory! It’s so awesome to see you!” Claire said, crying.

Malory ignored her,” Whatever, just get to the challenge.”

“And finally, Louie, your friend from the orphanage Scott is here,” Jeff smiled.

Louie broke into tears as a young boy about 12 walked in, he had a nice smile and long orange hair.

“Hey Lou,” Scott smiled, fist bumping Louie.

Louie cried,” Hi Scotty boy,” he smiled weakly, and then hugged him tight.

“Ok, time for your reward challenge,” Jeff said,” Each of you will be tied up with your loved one by your legs, where you must run through this obstacle course where you start by running 100 meters to this jungle gym, where you move to the rock wall, and you finish by crawling under these thorns. Now, if you win, you and your loved one will get a feast of tacos and get to watch a movie together, while the others do get to keep their loved ones with them at camp, but, only for 3 hours.”

“So, if we lose, we get to bring them to camp with us for 3 hours?” asked Stanley.

“Yep,” Jeff nodded, “Let’s tie you up, and get started.”

“For a movie with your loved one…ready….GO!”

James and Jane took a slight lead in running.

Louie and Scott were slowing down, and were in last.

Claire was being dragged in the mud by Malory, who was catching up to James and Jane.

Stanley and Mitch started to gain a lead while climbing through the jungle gym.

“It’s currently between Stanley and Mitch, Claire and Malory, James and Jane, and Hannah and Luke!” exclaimed Jeff.

Lance and Lorene were taking it slow, and just got to the jungle gym.

Hannah and Luke started to catch up to Stanley and Mitch when climbing, and were tied.

“Hannah and Luke are tied with Stanley and Mitch.” Jeff announced.

Luke quickly dragged Hannah over the wall and ran to the thorns.

“Luke and Hannah are almost done, but Stanley and Mitch are gaining on them!” Jeff announced.

James and Jane just got to the wall, and quickly got over it.

“James and Jane are starting to gain ground,” Jeff said,” Louie and Scott! Let’s go!”

Louie and Scott just finished the running, and now started climbing.

Monty and Dan started climbing.

“Come on Dan!” Monty exclaimed.

Hannah and Luke started to gain more ground and were way ahead now.

“Ouch!” Hannah exclaimed.

“No time, we’re about to win,” Luke said.

James and Jane started to get closer, and passed Stanley and Mitch.

Luke and Hannah got out of the thorns and stepped on the mat.

“HANNAH WINS REWARD!” exclaimed Jeff.

Hannah hugged Luke, who ignored her and screamed,” Yes! This wasn’t a waste! Tacos tonight!”

“Hannah and Luke stay here,” Jeff said,” The rest of you, head back to camp.

When walking back, everyone was talking.

“Did you see how much of a jerk Luke was?” Stanley said.

“Seriously, he didn’t even care about her,” Claire said, smiling at Malory.

“Shut up,” Malory glared at her.

Monty sat with his Uncle Dan in the shelter.

“This is where you live?” Dan asked.

“Yep, it sucks,” Monty laughed.

“Yeah,” Dan grinned.

Meanwhile, at the movie, Luke chowed down on the tacos.

“Uhm, Luke, can I have one?” Hannah asked.

Luke looked up at her, and then went back to his taco.

Back at camp, everyone was happy.

James sat by the ocean with Jane.

“I wish you could stay longer,” James turned to Jane, then hugged her.

“I know, I don’t wanna go back home,” Jane smiled.

Stanley turned to Mitch, and they watched the fire.

“So, how is everyone at home?” Stanley asked.

“They’re good,” Mitch said,” You’re friends are ready to watch the season.”

“Yeah, it sucks it just can’t be broadcast live,” Stanley smiled.

Louie hugged Scott,” I really miss you, dude.”

“Yeah,” Scott smiled.

“How is the place?” asked Louie.

“Well, it was burned down by some evil construction company about a week after you left,” Scott said.

Louie started tearing up,” So, what happened to you?”

“I live on the streets with all the other orphans,” he said.

“So, when I get home, I’m gonna be living on the streets?” Louie asked.

“Yeah, but you’ll be with us, because we all stayed together. Won’t that be better?” Scott asked.

“I’m perfect with that,” Louie smiled.

“Ok, Jeff said,” Say goodbye to the loved ones, cause they’re leaving.”

They all hugged and said goodbye, then left.

Claire sat by Louie,” Hey, so, maybe we could reform our broken relationship?”

Louie looked puzzled,” What?”

“Well, when tribes switched, it kinda broke our relationship,” Claire said.

“Relationship?” Louie seemed shocked.

“Yeah,” Claire smiled.

“Well, ok,” Louie smiled.

“Yay!” Claire hugged him.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Luke just finished watching the movie.

“Well, goodbye Luke,” Hannah smiled, holding out her arms.

Luke ignored her, and left.

“What has happened to the old peppy Luke I once knew?” Hannah asked herself in the confessional.

Day 24

At the challenge field, Jeff and Hannah awaited everyone.

“Hello guys,” said Jeff.

Hannah walked over to them, and smiled.

“How was the movie?” asked Claire.

“It was ok,” Hannah replied.

“Ready for today’s immunity challenge?” asked Jeff.

Everyone nodded.

“You will be separated into three teams, and you will all run out, grab wheel pieces, run back, put it together, and if it’s right, turn it and the flag will rise up, signifying you’re immune, we’ll draw for teams,” Jeff said.

“For the green team, is Paula, Monty, and Louie,” Jeff said,” For the red team is Olivia, James, and Claire, and for the blue team is Stanley, Hannah, and Lance, for immunity…GO!”

The green team and blue team already started off getting far, but Claire slowed down the red team.

“Claire slows down the red team,” Jeff announced.

The green team already had all their wheel pieces and ran back.

“The green team has a huge lead!” Jeff exclaimed.

The blue team grabbed their pieces and started running through the grass.

“Blue team is gaining ground! Red team! Hurry up!” Jeff exclaimed

James ran through the grass, and handed his teammates pieces, but they were way behind.

The green team was already at the puzzle building area, and started working the puzzle.

“Green team with a huge advantage,” Jeff said.

The blue team started getting faster, and made it.

“Blue team is at the puzzle, but green team has about half of it done!” Jeff exclaimed.

The red team finally got to the area, and was not getting very far in it to start.

The green team turned the wheels, and the flag flew up.


“Nice job,” Monty hugged Paula.

“Come grab your immunity necklaces,” Jeff said,” These three are safe tonight, grab your stuff, and head on back to camp.”

Immediately, Stanley, Olivia, Louie, Claire, and James met up.

“Ok, so the people we wanted out are safe, so what do we do?” asked Louie.

“Well, I think Hannah should go,” James said.

“Yeah, we talked about her earlier,” Stanley said to Olivia,” She’s way too dangerous.”

“I think it’s the best choice,” Claire said.

At Tribal, everyone seemed confident.

“Ok, Louie, Paula, Monty, any of you wanna give immunity to someone?” asked Jeff.

They shook their heads in unison.

“It’s time to vote, Claire, you’re up first,” Jeff said.

James votes for Hannah,” Sorry.”

Hannah votes for James,” Way too dangerous.”

Lance votes for James,” Sorry buddy.”

“Ok, I’ll read the votes,” Jeff said.

“First vote…Hannah.”

Hannah glared at Olivia.

“James. One vote James, one vote Hannah.”

“James. Two votes James, one vote Hannah.”

“Hannah. Hannah. Three votes Hannah, two votes James.”

“Hannah. One more for Hannah and she will be eliminated.”

Lance held Hannah’s hand tight.

“Ninth person voted off and the first member of our jury…Hannah.”

Hannah sighed,” Good luck guys, especially you Lance.”

“Hannah, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff snuffed her torch.

Hannah waved,” Bye Lance.”

“As the game goes on, the power begins to shift to the jury like Hannah, and soon the winner will be in their hands, and eventually, one of the eight of you will be the winner, head back to camp,” Jeff said.

Chapter Nine:"Dude, how did that happen?"

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the nine remaining contestants were given a merge, much to their pleasure. Stanley immediately hooked Olivia and Louie into his alliance of James and Claire. Meanwhile, Lance and Hannah planned out their strategy. And Monty and Paula reunited, along with Claire and Louie. At the reward challenge, loved ones came. Hannah and her brother Luke won and got to see a movie together. At the immunity challenge, Louie, Monty, and Paula won, causing some changes in plans. Including voting off Hannah, who became the first jury member. Eight remain, Stanley, the guy who has the game in the palm of his hands, Paula, the girl who doesn’t play the game, Lance, the guy by himself, Monty, the bad boy, Olivia, the girl who knows what to do, James, the goofball, Claire, the nerd, and Louie, the guy with a sad life. Who will win? Well, find out who won’t tonight!

Night 24

Louie smiled at Stanley,” That was so awesome.”

“I know! She had no idea!” Stanley laughed.

“I feel like I’ve turned from the nice guy to the evil villain.” Stanley said in the confessional,” I hope my friends won’t hate on me when this airs.”

“Dude, how did that happen?” asked Lance.

“Well,” James said,” We knew Hannah was a threat, and we booted her. ‘Nuff said dude.”

‘What idiots,” Lance said in the confessional,” I know I’m going next, but, now James gave me every bit of information I needed! I have to find an immunity idol!”

Olivia sat in the shelter and smiled at Stanley,” The Stan man strikes again,” she giggled.

Stanley smiled,” Yep. We got this game in our hands!”

Day 25

“Day twenty-five! Woohoo!” Louie exclaimed.

“Let me sleep,” Olivia moaned, trying to fall asleep.

“Sorry,” Louie said.

Olivia yawned on the confessional,” Jerk.”

Lance saw a tiki doll next to Olivia’s bag.

“Sweet,” he whispered, grabbing it and putting it deep in his bag.

“I got an idol!” Lance exclaimed in the confessional.

James and Claire sat in the ocean.

“Do you think Stanley will cut our throats in the final five?” James asked.

“I don’t think so.” Said Claire,” He’d probably bring us to the final three.”

James nodded,” Yeah, he would do that.”

Claire nodded, relaxing in the warm ocean waters.

Stanley watched the clouds, munching on fruit.

Suddenly, he heard clucking.

“A chicken?” he asked himself.

“FOOD!!!” Monty exclaimed, diving at the chicken.

The chicken ran away.

James ran in front of it, and grabbed it by its neck.

“Get the machete!” exclaimed James.

Monty gave the machete to James and in a single slice, the chicken was alive no more.


“Excuse me?” Paula said.

“And queens…” James muttered.

Claire cuddled up to Louie,” Hi Louie.”

Louie had wide eyes,” Ummm, well, hi.”

“Claire is a little annoying, but she’s nice enough,” Louie said in the confessional.

Claire suddenly began approaching Louie’s cheek, and kissed it.

Louie gagged, and ran away.

“Are you ok?” asked Claire.

Louie didn’t answer, and walked to the beach.

James sat in the shelter, and talked to Olivia.

“So, who should we get rid of?” He asked.

Olivia looked around,” We gotta get rid of Paula and Monty.

Lance looked for the idol in his bag.

“What happened to it? It was just here! Oh crap…” Lance got worried.

“Someone stole my idol! I knew it! I have to find out who!” Lance hypervenalated in the confessional.

Olivia went to get her idol, but it was gone.

“Crap!” she exclaimed.

“What?” asked James.

“Oh…nothing,” Olivia smiled.

“Ok,” James shrugged, and took a mid day nap.

“Someone is about to be very sorry,” Olivia said in the confessional.

“So, who do you think is gonna go?” Lance asked Monty by the beach.

‘Me or Paula,” Monty said.

“Oh,” Lance said.

“Monty must’ve taken it,” Lance said in the confessional.

Monty sat by Paula.

“One of us is going next,” Monty told her.

“Yeah,” Paula nodded.

“But,” Monty said,” I have a plan.”

Meanwhile, Stanley and James were cooking the chicken.

“This is gonna taste awesome!” exclaimed James.

“I’ll call over everyone,” Stanley said.

The sun was setting, and there was a beautiful sunset of purple, orange, and red.

“Perfect time for dinner,” Lance said, staring at the sun setting.

Paula smiled at Monty, who grinned back.

“This is some good chicken,” Olivia said.

“No kidding, this is awesome!” Louie said, scarfing down his chicken.

The sun fell behind the hills, and it was dark.

“Well, that was good,” Monty said,” I think I’m gonna rest now.”

“Me too,” said Paula.

Day 26

“When do you think the challenge is?’ asked James.

“Probably in a few hours,” Louie replied.

“We got to make sure Paula and Monty lose, ok?” Stanley said.

“Got it,” James nodded.

“Yeah, I got it,” Louie replied.

“I hope Paula and Monty lose, because Paula is too strong, and Monty is strong and strategic.” Said Stanley in the confessional,” They have to go down.”

James and Claire were swimming in the ocean.

“You know who we want out next, right?” James asked.

“Yeppers,” Claire nodded,” It’s Paula.”

“And our back up?” James asked.

“Monty.” Claire said, as if memorized.

“Good,” James replied.

“Claire is probably gonna flip in the final six, she’s just not very smart,” James said in the confessional.

Paula and Olivia were walking in the forest.

“Ok, so I know you’re with Stanley, but, be strategic, would he bring you with him over James and Claire?” Paula reasoned with Olivia.

“Well, probably not.” Olivia admitted,” But, trust me, I have a plan.”

“Really?” Paula asked,” Do tell.”

“Well, I know that he won’t bring me, so next Tribal Council, at the final seven, I get Claire to join me and you guys to vote him out,” Olivia lied.

“That sounds like a good idea, but, who’s going next?” asked Paula.

“Lance.” Olivia lied.

“Ok.” Paula shrugged nonchalantly.

“I am now the best liar in this game.” Olivia said in the confessional,” How did she buy that?”

At the challenge, Jeff watched the final eight walk in.

“Ready for today’s challenge?” asked Jeff.

“You know it,” Monty said.

“Each person will have two poles staying on the back of your hands in between your hands and that top layer,” Jeff explained,” you will try to keep it balanced, and after a while, it gets harder to balance. If one of your poles falls off, you’re out. Last one standing wins. Now, Paula, Louie, Monty, bring up your immunity necklaces.”

They walked up and gave them to him.

“Immunity is once again back up for grabs. We’ll draw for spots, and let’s go.”

“This challenge is on!”

James and Louie immediately started struggling.

“Jeff, this isn’t my challenge,” James said, laughing a little.

At the five minute mark, James’ first pole was on the edge.

“James, about to lose,” Jeff said.

James’ red pole slipped off.

“Whatever,” James said,” immunity isn’t important to me.”

“Seriously?” Jeff said.

About twenty minutes later, Monty felt himself slipping.

“Monty losing focus.”

Monty then watched his hand move off along with his purple pole.

“Monty is out.”

It was forty-five minutes before someone else got out.

By then, the sun was so warm if an egg was cracked and dropped on the ground, it’d be overcooked in about five seconds.

Claire groaned,” This hurts my arms.”

Olivia nodded,” Mine too.”

Olivia dropped her arms, and her orange poles fell, along with Claire who dropped her arms, and her gray poles plummeted.

“Olivia and Claire give up the challenge,” Jeff said.

At the seventy-five minute mark, Stanley’s arm moved too much to the side and his blue poles dropped.

“Dang it,” he muttered.

“Stanley is out.”

“We’re down to Louie, Lance, and Paula,” Jeff announced.

At the 90 minute mark, Lance gave up.

“Good luck.” Lance said and his black poles dropped.

“Lance is out, leaving Paula and Louie,” Jeff said.

Paula seemed focused, but Louie was struggling.

When both reached two and a half hours, Louie’s green pole slipped.

“PAULA WINS IMMUNITY!” exclaimed Jeff.

Paula smiled.

“Woohoo!” Paula exclaimed and Monty ran over and hugged her.

“Paula, you are safe at Tribal Council, and come up and grab your immunity necklace,” Jeff said.

“Yay!” exclaimed Paula.

“Paula is safe from Tribal Council, you have a good amount of time to decide who to eliminate before then, head back to camp.” Jeff said.

“Good job.” James high fived Paula when they got back to camp.

“Now we’re gonna get Monty voted off, which isn’t so bad.” James said in the confessional.

Stanley gathered up his alliance.

“It’s Monty,” he said.

“We know,” James replied.

“Well, Tribal Council tomorrow should be easy,” said Olivia.

“Yeah, Monty will go.” Said Stanley.

Day 27

“I feel like without my immunity idol, I’m vulnerable.” Said Lance in the confessional,” But, I know Monty is gonna go home tonight.”

“I’m prepared to go tonight,” Monty sighed in the confessional,” Nah, I’m definitely staying!”

‘You’re staying true to us, right?” asked Paula.

“Totally.” Olivia lied.

“Ok, so Lance should go, right?” Paula asked.

“Yeah, we’re voting for him right?” Olivia said.

“But it’s only three votes,” Paula said.

“Well, I got Claire with us, which is four to four, then I’ll get Louie to vote off Stanley.” Olivia lied.

“Thanks Olivia,” Paula smiled.

“Yeah, sure.” Olivia said uneasily.

“She’s so dumb.” Said Olivia in the confessional.

“I know Paula and Monty are going to vote me off tonight, but Stanley’s alliance is voting off Monty tonight, so, I should be safe for now.” Lance said in the confessional,” The only way for me to be eliminated is if they make some last second change in their plans, but, why would they do that? I’m not a threat.”

“I hope she stays true to her word,” Paula said worriedly to Monty.

“I wouldn’t worry, cause I have a plan, remember?” Monty said.

“Yeah.” Paula smiled.

That night, the final eight walked up to Tribal Council.

“We’ll now bring in the member of our jury,” Jeff said,” Hannah, voted out at the last Tribal Council.”

Hannah walked in, her blonde hair a little longer, almost covering her left eye, and had on a red dress.

“It’s time to vote, unless Paula wants to give up immunity,” said Jeff.

“Nope, it’s mine,” Paula replied.

“Ok, it’s time to vote, James, you’re up first.” Jeff said.

Stanley votes for Monty,” It’s nothing personal dude, sorry.”

Monty votes for Lance,” See you.”

Olivia votes for Monty,” Goodbye you little punk.”

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Jeff said, walking to get the ballot box.

“If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to play it.” Jeff said.

Monty stood up.

“Crap.” Muttered Stanley.

“I’ve heard a few things, but, just in case, I wanna play this idol to save myself,” Monty said.

“That’s where my idol went!” exclaimed Olivia and Lance at the same time.

“The rules state if someone plays an immunity idol, they are safe and no votes cast against them count and this is an immunity idol, so Monty is safe.” Jeff announced.

Paula smiled at Monty, who smiled back.

“First vote…Monty, doesn’t count.”

“Monty, also doesn’t count, still no votes for anyone.”

“Monty, that doesn’t count. No votes for anyone.”

“Lance, one vote Lance.”

Lance sighed.

“Monty. One vote Lance, no votes anyone else.”

“Tenth person voted out and the second member of our jury… Lance, that’s two, and tonight, that’s enough.”

Lance winked to Hannah.

“Good game guys.” Lance said, and he brought up his torch.

“Lance, the tribe is spoken.” Jeff snuffed Lance’s torch.

“This was fun, but for me it ends, good luck guys.” Lance smiled at everyone else, then left.

“Well, that was a game changing move, and it’s surely going to be an exciting night at camp, grab your torches and head back to camp.” Jeff said.

Chapter Ten:"Seeing Paula cry broke my heart."

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the eight remaining contestants returned to camp after the blindside of Hannah, leaving Lance puzzled. The next day, Lance found Olivia’s immunity idol, and kept it for himself. Then, James and Monty found a chicken, and made it their dinner. Stanley’s alliance of Olivia, Louie, James, and Claire decided to vote off Paula or Monty next, as they stuck together and are both strong in challenges. Suddenly, Lancee couldn’t find his immunity idol, and had no idea who stole it. At the immunity challenge, Paula won immunity and Monty hatched a secret plan for Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Monty’s plan worked, as he played the idol he secretly found in Lance’s bag, and he saved himself, causing Lance to be voted off. Only seven remain, and tonight, it will only be six. Who will it be? Find out.

Night 27

“That may have been the greatest move of the whole game.” Monty said in the confessional, laughing.”I am the king of Borneo!”

“What Monty did seriously screwed up the game.” Stanley said in the confessional.

Paula kissed Monty on the cheek,” You did it Monty!”

Monty laughed,” I know.”

“Monty has to go next.” Olivia said to Stanley.

“I know, but I think Paula is a bigger threat.” Stanley said.

“Right now, we’re not sure who the bigger threat is, Monty or Paula.” Stanley said in the confessional.

Day 28

“Dang, has it really been twenty-eight days? It feels like way more than that.” Louie said.

Olivia rolled her eyes,” Whatever.”

“What’s for breaky?” asked James, barely awake.

Monty shrugged,” I don’t know.”

“We need a plan for Tribal Council, Paula or Monty?” Stanley asked Claire.

“Monty is a jerk, I want him out.” Claire responded.

“Well, I’ll talk to James, Louie, and Olivia then, ok?” Stanley said.

“Ok.” Claire nodded.

In the confessional, Claire said,” I know that Monty goes next, Paula has to be right after him though, or we’ll be screwed.”

Olivia and James sat by the beach.

“Look, what we have to do is get rid of Paula, she wins too many challenges, and is becoming a major threat.” Olivia said.

James nodded,” Well, Stanley told me that Claire wants Monty out, and I’m not too sure who we’re voting off.”

“We’ll all discuss it later.” Olivia said,” The important thing is that we are the final five.”

James nodded.

“Olivia is really smart when it comes to game play.” James said in the confessional,” I know I’m being dragged along by Stanley but when my time comes, I’m gonna start making my own alliance, and dragging people behind me.”

Monty and Paula sat by eachother.

“It’s useless,” Paula sighed,” one of us is going.”

“No, trust me.” Monty said,” I got this.”

“Monty is one crazy little dumbass, but, I love him!” Paula said in the confessional.

“I think Paula is playing Monty.” Louie said in the confessional. “It’s probably just an act to get his jury vote. If you ask me, Paula does not deserve the million at all.”

“Do you think it should be Paula?” Louie asked Olivia.

“Yeah.” Olivia nodded,” She has won too many times.”

“Well, let’s tell Stanley and James.” Louie said.

“Why not Claire?” asked Olivia.

“Stanley talked to her already, plus, we can do it later.” Louie said.

“We have to get rid of Paula at Tribal, or she might end up costing us the final five.” Olivia said in the confessional.

Day 29

The contestants walked to Jeff in the challenge field.

“Ready for today’s reward challenge?” asked Jeff.

“Bring it Jeffy!” exclaimed Olivia.

Jeff laughed,” Well for today’s challenge you will have to cross bridges with very thin planks, then step down on the beach and run to the puzzle, assemble the puzzle to find a combination for the lock in front of you. First person to open the lock wins reward. Want to hear what you’re playing for?”

Everyone nodded, and Jeff revealed a television.

“You will win a resort with showers, a hot tub, pool, and enjoy a lovely dinner.” Jeff said, as the tape showed everything, one by one,” Including getting a massage. Winner picks one person to go with them. Worth playing for?”

“Hell yeah!” exclaimed Monty, causing everyone to laugh.

“Let’s get started.” Jeff said.

“For that nice house and a massage….ready…GO!”

Stanley, James, and Paula started off leading.

Stanley started losing balance, but regained it quickly.

“Stanley almost falls.” Jeff announced.

Suddenly, Claire face planted into the sand.

“Ouch.” Claire said, spitting out sand.

James started to get farther on his bridge, and was almost across.

Louie slipped, and hit the board in between his legs.

“Ouch! Louie takes a hard hit, but stays on.” Jeff announced.

Claire, who had just recovered from falling, started picking up the pace.

Stanley quickly stepped off his bridge and rushed to the puzzle.

Paula was right behind him, along with James.

“Stanley, James, and Paula are all fighting for this reward.” Jeff announced.

James tried figuring out the puzzle, but muttered to himself,” Why does it have to be a puzzle.”

Stanley quickly got a quick start on the puzzle, then figured out the first number: Twenty-five.

Paula was right behind him, and was halfway done with the second number.

Olivia rushed to the puzzle, and Monty slipped off the bridge, hitting his head on the way.

Paula had the second number: Nineteen.

Stanley was confused with the second number, but soon realized it and was right on Paula’s tail.

Paula had the third and final number: Fifty-nine.

Paula grabbed the lock, and began rummaging through the numbers, and moments after, Stanley was on it.

There was a click of a lock opening, and Jeff announced the winner to be Stanley.

Stanley cheered.

Stanley, James, and Louie high fived.

“Ok, Stanley, who are you bringing with you?” asked Jeff.

“Well, this is hard since I feel we’re all friends, but, I think I’ll bring Louie.” Stanley smiled.

Louie high fived Stanley,” That’s what I’m talking about.”

“Well, Louie, Stanley, there’s a boat over there to take you away, head on over there.” Jeff said,” The rest of you, head back to camp.”

At camp, James sighed and lay in the shelter.

“I’m not mad that Stanley brought Louie instead of me.” James said in the confessional. “I just really need a shower.” James then smelled himself and fainted.

Olivia walked by an unconscious James and kicked him awake.

James got up, and rubbed where she kicked him,” What was that for?”

“To wake you up.” Olivia replied. “We need to get rid of Paula tomorrow, make sure she loses immunity, ok?”

James nodded,” Yes ma’am.”

Paula sat by Monty.

“Look, I know one of us has to win immunity, but what about the other one?” Paula asked.

Monty looked Paula deep in the eyes, knowing he couldn’t lie to her, he sighed sadly,” I don’t know, babe. I don’t know.”

Paula hugged him,” You mean…..”

“I guess it’s the end of the road. None of them are going to flip.” Monty said.

“Oh Monty.” Paula clinged to him, and cried.

“Seeing Paula cry broke my heart.” Monty said in the confessional, tearing up, and then he realized he was on TV. “I err; mean that I kind of felt bad….I’m not some kind of weak softie guy if that’s what you think.” He then laughed uneasily.

Meanwhile, Louie and Stanley had arrived at the house.

Louie smiled,” I like it here already.”

Stanley laughed,” Me too.”

Stanley ran to the shower,” Me first!”

Louie muttered under his breath,” Damn.”

Later, the boys enjoyed a massage and a nice lobster dinner.

“Holy crap this lobster is awesome!” exclaimed Louie, mouth full.

Stanley laughed,” I know! This is the best dinner I’ve had in a long time.”

“I wish I could’ve brought everyone, though.” Stanley said, swallowing the lobster.

Louie nodded,” Sucks for them.”

Stanley nodded, then kept eating.

Back at camp, Paula sat in the water, and Monty watched her.

“I wish there was some way to save Paula, but I can’t find a clue to an immunity idol or anything.” Monty said in the confessional.

Olivia sat in the shelter and watched the fire.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Claire.

“Thinking about how I need a shower, and Stanley and Louie get one.” Olivia mumbled.

“I know.” Claire said,” But it isn’t so bad.”

“How?” asked Olivia.

“You got me!” Claire grabbed Olivia and bear hugged her.

Olivia snapped at her,” Get off me right now…”

Olivia eventually pried her way out of the tight bear hug and went to sleep.

Day 30

The contestants walked to the challenge field, where Jeff was standing.

“Now Louie and Stanley, returning from their reward.” Jeff announced, as Louie and Stanley walked over, smiling.

“Paula, come on over.” Jeff said, as Paula, with the immunity necklace around her neck, walked over to give it back.

Paula walked back, grinning.

“Immunity is once again back up for grabs. You will all have to run through a maze, where you will reach a small idol. Grab it, and then try and make it back here without being caught by a guard. If you are caught, you must give back the idol you have and start the maze over again. If you don’t have an idol and are caught, you start over. Let’s get going.” Jeff explained.

Everyone lined up at the starting line.

“Survivors ready…GO!” Jeff exclaimed, and everyone ran into the maze.

Stanley rushed in the maze, and searched for where an idol might be.

James ran into a wall,” Ouch. Watch where you’re going wall.”

Claire walked around, completely clueless.

Paula eventually found an idol,” I’m staying tonight.”

Stanley ran through the maze, looking for an idol.

James picked up an idol,” There we go.”

James ran through the maze, but was caught by a big guy dressed in Indian clothes and war paint covering his face.

“Crap, I gotta start over, huh?” James said, and the guy nodded.

Paula rushed through the maze, and was getting close to the finish line.

Claire saw Paula with an idol and jumped in front of her.

Claire started to do some kung fu moves to distract her, but Paula pushed Claire away.

When Paula turned the corner, she was caught by a guy who looked like an Indian.

Paula sighed, gave the idol back, and walked back to the start.

Monty rushed through, and eventually found an idol.

Monty smiled, then started running, until he found Paula.

“Hey, take this.” Monty said, giving Paula the idol he had,” Now run.”

Paula gasped,” But…Monty…”

“I know, now go.” Monty said as Paula rushed away.

Paula walked carefully this time, looking for any guards.

Stanley picked up an idol,” Finally!”

Stanley rushed through the maze, and soon enough he and Paula were racing to the finish.

“Paula and Stanley are racing head to head!’ Jeff announced.

Paula stepped over the line before Stanley and cheered,” Immunity baby!”


Stanley high fived Paula and muttered,” Good job.”

“Tonight, Paula is safe from Tribal Council, meaning Claire, Monty, James, Stanley, Olivia, and Louie, one of you is going tonight.” Jeff said,” Head back to camp and make a decision.”

“To see Paula win immunity made it obvious Monty is going.” Said Stanley in the confessional,” I’m gonna miss the little guy.”

Monty sighed in the confessional,” Goodbye Total Drama Borneo.”

“Everyone is set, Monty is going.” Stanley said while his alliance gathered up.

“God riddance.” Claire said,” He’s a jerk.”

Olivia nodded,” Then next time we vote out Paula, and we’re the final five!”

“Then tonight should be easy.” Stanley said.

The final seven walked up to Tribal Council, torches in hands, and sat down.

“Now bringing in the members of our jury, Hannah, and Lance, voted out at the last Tribal Council.”

Lance had on a suit and smiled at everyone.

“Well without delay, it’s time to-,“ Jeff began.

“Excuse me Jeff, can I give up immunity?” asked Paula, leaving everyone stunned.

“Well, sure.” Jeff said.

Lance looked at Hannah, who was laughing.

“Monty, here you go.” Paula said, kissing his cheek.

“Can I give it back?” asked Monty.

“Nope.” Jeff said,” Well, it’s time to vote, Stanley, you’re up.”

Stanley votes for Paula,” It had to be you.”

Paula votes for Stanley,” Good luck kiddo.”

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Jeff said.

Everyone looked at each other, and Monty looked down.

“First vote…Paula.”

Paula nodded and Monty shed a tear.

“Paula, two votes Paula.”

Monty sighed, and looked at Paula.

Paula looked back, and whispered,” Go win.”

“Paula, three votes Paula, another vote and Paula is out.”

“Stanley. Three votes Paula and one vote Stanley.”

“Stanley. Two votes Stanley, three votes Paula.”

“Eleventh person voted out and the third member of our jury….Paula. Paula, bring me your torch.” Jeff said.

Paula turned to Monty,” Good luck.”

“Paula, the tribe has spoken.” Jeff said, snuffing her torch.

Paula blew a kiss to Monty and walked away.

“Well that may have been the biggest blunder of the season, grab your torches and head back to camp.” Jeff said.

Chapter Eleven:" That is a brilliant plan".

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, after Tribal, Monty called himself the “King of Borneo”. While Stanley’s alliance figured out to eliminate Monty or Paula, and it was debated for a long time, until they decided on Paula. When Paula asked Monty about their plan, he first told her not to worry, but then told her he couldn’t do anything about it, and Paula cried. Monty revealed to have a mushy gushy baby side of him, and tried to find a hidden immunity idol. At the reward challenge, Stanley won and brought Louie with him for a relaxing shower, massage, and dinner. At the immunity challenge, Paula won immunity for the third straight time, and at Tribal Council did something nobody expected, she gave immunity to Monty, and Paula was voted off. Six remain, only one will win, who will be eliminated tonight?

Night 30

“Without Paula, I’m a goner.” Monty said in the confessional,” I need an immunity idol because I need to win for Paula!”

James sat in the shelter,” Final six guys!”

“Woo!” Stanley exclaimed.

“Now is my time to shine.” Claire said in the confessional,” I’ve made it this far, and I’m not just going to lose.”

Monty and Olivia in the shelter, and it suddenly started raining.

“I know I’m gone next, so don’t pull anything on me, I won’t try at the challenge, I won’t do anything, I know I’m gone.” Monty said, holding back tears.

Day 31

It was thundering, and the shelter barely held up in the morning, well, it didn’t look much like morning, just gray clouds and thunder.

“Ugh this is the worst weather possible.” Olivia said in the confessional,” It’s only eight more days though till I win, so this is worth it.”

“No one left shelter all day.” Monty said in the confessional,” It just kept raining and raining. We couldn’t even eat!”

It kept raining, and Claire shivered,” I’m cold, Louie.”

Louie sighed,” I know.”

Olivia watched the rain drip on the side of the shelter, and hoped it would stop.

“I wish I was home now,” James said in the confessional,” this rain sucks.”

Monty and Stanley walked down to the beach.

“Look, I know I’m the next to go.” Monty said,” So, could you just turn against them and vote with me against Olivia?”

Stanley smiled,” Look, I respect you, and everyone here, but, I don’t turn on my friends, and besides, James and Louie are bigger threats.”

“That was my only shot.” Monty said in the confessional,” Now I’m dead.”

The sun was just peaking from the clouds, until it seemed to glow like a shiny piece of gold.

“The rain stopped! Yeah!” James cheered.

“It was such a miracle that I don’t think that anyone wanted to do anything else but be in the sun.” James said in the confessional,” Thank you sun!”

“The rain was like the most depressing part of this whole experience, but the sun was like heaven!” exclaimed Claire in the confessional,” I hated the rain.”

“I know if I lose immunity, I’m gone, but, I can make a fake idol and give it to Claire, gain her trust, then make them think I got the idol.” Monty said in the confessional,” It’s the most brilliant plan ever.”

“I’m pretty sure Monty is up to something.” Olivia whispered in Stanley’s ear.

Stanley nodded,” Well, don’t trust him, whatever it is, ok?”

Olivia nodded.

“What the hell was that?” Olivia said in the confessional,” Is Stanley treating me like some three year old? I’m not a little girl anymore. Jeez, I wanted to spit in his face!”

Monty walked to Claire, and motioned her to follow her.

“What?” asked Claire.

“I want to show you something.” Monty said, reaching in his pocket.

Claire gasped at the amazingly real-looking idol Monty had made.

Monty smiled,” I have the idol.”

Claire nodded,” So, what about it?

Monty smiled,” I want you on my side, and to get everyone to vote off Louie tonight, got it?”

“B-b-but…I like Louie…” Claire struggled to say.

Monty sighed,” Then get them to vote off James.”

Claire nodded,” Ok.”

“Monty is a really smart player, but I don’t know whether I should trust him or not.” Claire said in the confessional.

Claire gathered up Stanley and Louie by the beach.

“Monty has the idol, meaning we have to vote off James, ok?” Claire said.

Stanley looked at Claire and said,” Are you nuts? How does he have an idol?”

“I don’t know.” Claire said,” He showed it to me.”

“I don’t trust Monty.” Stanley said.

“But he has the idol!” Claire exclaimed.

“I’ll talk to him.” Stanley said.

“You believe me, right?” Claire asked Louie.

“No.” Louie said.

“Louie is so caring!” Claire said in the confessional.

Monty sat in the shelter, drinking some water.

“I think that my only chance is to win immunity or if Claire kept her word to me.” Monty said in the confessional.

“Monty!” Stanley exclaimed, shocking Monty a bit.

Monty walked over to him,” Keep it down, reddy.”

Stanley growled at him,” Show me the idol.”

Monty pulled it out of his pocket, and smiled,” There ya go.”

Stanley smiled to himself,” Ok, Claire wasn’t lying.”

“Monty is a smart guy.” Stanley said in the confessional,” But, I got a trick up my sleeve.”

“So, what’s our move?” Olivia asked.

“James. Monty has the idol.” Stanley replied.

“He does? Dang.” Olivia said.

“I know. It ruins our whole game!” Stanley said.

Monty smiled in the confessional,” I got this game.”

Day 32

The final six walked to the challenge field, seeing a giant track in front of them.

“Ready for today’s immunity challenge?” Jeff asked.

“Bring it Jeff.” Said Monty.

“Each of you will have a bike, and you will race it around this track six times. First person to finish wins immunity and will get a letter from home.” Jeff said.

“Seems easy enough.” James shrugged.

“But, with a twist.” Jeff said,” You have to pump up your bike’s tires before you get going, and when you finish, you must put the bike in its correct slot in a garage a half mile that way.”

Stanley smiled,” Easy.”

“Survivors ready….GO!” Jeff announced.

Stanley and James immediately made progress with the air pump.

“James and Stanley are getting air in their tires very quickly.” Jeff announced.

Claire started pumping, but hardly any air was going through.

“Claire struggles.” Jeff announced.

James quickly pumped, and he and Stanley had the lead.

“Stanley and James are getting very close.” Jeff announced.

Stanley squeezed his tires to see if they were full of air and hopped on his blue bike.

“Stanley is already going.” Jeff said.

James quickly got on his, along with Monty.

“Monty comes out of nowhere and follows Stanley and James.” Jeff announced.

James pedaled and Monty tried getting around him.

Stanley had a lead of a full turn, and was making it look easy.

Olivia hopped on her bike, along with Louie.

“Louie and Olivia need some ground to make up, while Claire needs to get going.” Jeff said.

James and Monty pedaled up to Stanley, who had just finished his first lap.

“Monty James and Stanley are on the second lap, while Olivia and Louie are on their first.”

Stanley looked at Monty gaining on him, and slowed down, while James slowed way down, ready to attack.

Olivia and Louie finished their first lap evenly, and Louie started catching up to the three guys.

James started catching up, and passed Stanley and Monty.

“James takes the lead.” Jeff said,” Claire! Hurry up!”

Claire was still pumping, and had finished,” Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Probst.”

Louie sped up, and was on James’ tail.

Stanley jerked on the turn, and his bike hit Monty’s and they fell down.

“Watch it, reddy.” Monty growled.

Stanley got up,” Shut up.”

James and Louie started their third lap, and Claire started her second, nice and slowly.

Louie started to gain on James, and passed him.

James pedaled a little quicker, and he and Louie were side by side.

Claire was going nice and easy, and everyone was soon lapping her.

Monty looked up and saw Louie and James, just feet ahead of him.

Monty saw his big chance, but since his bike was damaged in the crash with Stanley, it broke.

“Dang it!”

“Monty is out of the challenge for his bike breaking.” Jeff said.

Monty trudged over to Jeff.

James smiled at Louie, and quickly passed him, getting a nice lead by the end of the fourth lap.

Stanley slowly pedaled his bike, and it eventually broke down.

“Stanley is out.” Jeff said.

Stanley walked over,” Good luck guys.”

Louie and James entered the sixth and final lap, neck and neck.

“Louie and James are really close.” Jeff said.

James quickly sprinted through and rode to the garage.

Louie started slowing down, but still went to the garage.

James was there, and he set his bike in the correct spot,” So, do I win?”


James smiled and walked over,” Thank you, Jeff.”

“James is safe at Tribal tomorrow night, you have until then to decide whose going next, head back to camp.” Jeff said.

“Now that James won, I don’t know who to vote for.” Stanley said in the confessional.

Claire walked to Monty,” Who?”

“Stanley.” He replied.

Claire nodded,” Ok.”

“As long as Claire is on my side, I should be good, and we can easily get Olivia.” Monty said in the confessional,” Stanley’s alliance is permanently broken.”

Claire walked over to Stanley.

“Who does Monty want out?” Stanley asked.

“You.” Claire said.

“Well, then I guess we’re voting for Monty.” Stanley said.

“At the beginning of the day, my alliance was secretly broken, but now, it’s like we got back together. This has been the craziest day of the whole game.” Stanley said in the confessional.

Day 33

“We got Tribal tonight, and I’m safe.” James said in the confessional,” According to Stanley, Monty is going, so, no biggie.”

Monty smiled,” Stanley has to go tonight, Claire told Olivia and got Louie to vote for me, and Stanley and James to vote for Olivia. I once again rule Borneo.”

“Does Monty have a clue he’s being eliminated?” Stanley asked Claire.

“Not the slightest clue.” She replied,” I told him me, Olivia, and him were voting for you, you and James were voting for Olivia and Louie was voting for him. So he thinks that you get three votes, Olivia gets two, and he gets one.”

“That is a brilliant plan.” Stanley grinned.

The final six walked up to Tribal Council.

“Now bringing in the members of our jury.” Jeff said,” Hannah, Lance, and Paula, voted out at the last Tribal Council.”

Paula blew a kiss to Monty, and he smiled back.

“Alright, it’s time to vote, Stanley, you’re up first.” Jeff said.

Monty votes for Stanley,” It had to happen.”

Stanley votes for Monty,” Nice try.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Jeff said.

Monty smiled at Claire, who fake smiled back.

“If someone has the hidden immunity idol and they want to play it, now would be the time to do so.” Jeff said, as everyone turned to Monty, who smiled at the fake idol in his pocket.

“Ok, first vote…. Monty.”

Monty shrugged.


Monty’s jaw suddenly dropped, but then got calm again.


Monty smiled at Claire.

“Monty. Three votes Monty, one vote Stanley.”

Monty seemed confused, and then glared at Claire.

“Twelfth person voted out and the fourth member of the jury…Monty. That’s four, and that’s enough.” Jeff said.

“The power alliance won.” Paula muttered.

Monty smiled,” Good luck.”

“Monty, the tribe has spoken.” Jeff snuffed Monty’s torch.

“Well, this was fun guys, see you later.” Monty waved, and everyone waved back.

“Telling by his face, Monty did not see that coming. Grab you stuff and head back to camp.” Jeff said.

Chapter Twelve:"This game is heating up, and I'm not about to back down."

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the six remaining contestants returned from Tribal Council, and Monty knew he was next. On Day 31, a huge storm hit, and no one left the shelter, until it finally cleared up. To save himself, Monty made a fake immunity idol, showed it to Claire, and got her to talk to Stanley’s alliance about voting off James. When Stanley heard of it, he decided that it was the right thing to do, and made sure James didn’t know he would be eliminated. To gain their trust, Monty showed the “idol” to the others, minus James, and they all agreed on James going. At the immunity challenge, James won, meaning Monty’s plans were almost foiled. He got Claire to get Olivia to vote off Stanley with him and her, while she got Louie to vote for Monty, and get James and Stanley to vote for Olivia, so Stanley would be going that night. But, Claire told Stanley and they got Monty voted out. The five remaining contestants only have a few days left, who will win? Will it be Stanley, the nice strategist, Louie, the orphan, Olivia, the flirt, Claire, the nerd, or James, the goofball. Find out tonight!

Night 33

“We made it!” James exclaimed.

“Yeah.” Stanley smiled,” It was actually pretty easy.”

“To be in the final five really means a lot because I’ve played this game hard, and I’ve never quit.” Stanley said in the confessional,” For all my friends back home, I’m winning for you!”

“Do you think things might get personal now?” James asked.

“It’s a game, dude,” Stanley replied, getting to sleep.

Day 34

“Well, we only have five days left.” James said.

“It’s so weird.” Claire replied,” It’s been so fun.”

“I agree.” Stanley said,” It’s going to be said when it ends.”

“Let’s just relax while we can.” James suggested.

“When the immunity challenge comes, I know I need to win, because it’s any one of us going tonight, and I don’t know who.” Louie said in the confessional,” Hopefully it’s Claire, because she gets on my nerves.”

“What’s the plan?” James asked Stanley,” I’m thinking Louie, he’s a big threat.”

“It depends on the immunity challenge.” Stanley shrugged.

“From what I understand, a basic elimination would be Louie.” James said in the confessional,” He’s really strong and kinda likable. I don’t wanna take my chances against him if I make it to the finals.”

“If we’re the final three,” Olivia said to Claire and Stanley,” I’ll give up immunity to one of you if you give me immunity if one of you wins any challenge from now on, and if you win the final 3 challenge, I’ll vote for you.”

Claire smiled,” Oh boy!”

Stanley looked puzzled,” Huh?”

Olivia said,” Look, I want us to be in the final three.”

Stanley shrugged,” Why didn’t you say so.”

Olivia walked to the beach.

“This is so relaxing.” She muttered to herself in the sun.

Olivia fell asleep.

James walked to Claire,” Who do you want out?”

Claire shrugged,” I think everyone is my friend, I wish I could vote for myself.”

“Don’t say that.” James replied,” Think more positive!”

Claire sighed,” I think Stanley should go.”

James shrugged,” Ok.”

“I think Claire is starting to play the game now.” James said in the confessional,” She’s really nice, and she’s turning into a strategist, but, she’s not a threat, though.”

“Dude, I’m just making sure of this, but we’re voting off Louie, aren’t we?” James asked.

Stanley nodded,” Yeah. He’s a major threat to win challenges and the game.”

James nodded,” Gotcha.”

‘We have to get Olivia on board, or we’re doomed at Tribal Council.” James said in the confessional.

Day 35

Stanley woke up, and so did Olivia.

“I know that Stanley wants Louie out, and I do too, he has to go down, or I will.” Olivia said in the confessional.

“This game is heating up right now, and I’m not about to back down.” Louie said in the confessional.

“What should we do about Claire?” James asked Stanley.

“Just leave it, as long as we have three, we’re good.” Stanley replied.

James shrugged,” Ok.”

“We’re gonna be the final two, right?” James asked.

“Hopefully.” Stanley smiled back.

“I do hope James can go to the final two with me, but, he’d probably win.” Stanley said in the confessional.

At the challenge, Jeff smiled,” Final five.”

James waved,” Jefferey! What’s up?”

Jeff grinned,” Good day, final five, ready for your immunity challenge?”

All nodded.

“Ok, this is pretty simple, it’s basically all out war! You try to stay in the ring while trying to get people out as well. Last one standing wins immunity.” Jeff said,” Any questions?”

Claire raised her hand.

“Ok, let’s get started.” Jeff said.

Louie growled,” Bring it!”

“Ready…GO!” Jeff exclaimed.

James and Stanley charged at Louie, and tried pushing him out.

Louie shoved Stanley on the ground, and flipped James over.

“James takes a huge hit from Louie.” Jeff announced.

James went for Louie’s legs, and threw him out,” YEAAAAAH!”

“Louie is out.” Jeff said.

Louie coughed,” Damn.”

Olivia lunged at Claire, but fell short.

Claire saw Stanley rushing at her, and jumped out with a yelp.

“Claire just jumps out.” Jeff said, trying not to laugh.

Stanley tackled Olivia, who screamed.

“Get off me!” She exclaimed, punching his back.

“Olivia and Stanley going at it.” Jeff said.

James sat back, and watched as the two fought each other.

Olivia tried to push Stanley off her, but he shoved her to the ground.

James then ran over, but tripped on the way, so he sat back and watched again.

“SOMEONE KILL SOMEONE!” Louie exclaimed.

“That’s why I love you.” Claire snuggled on Louie, who seemed to not return the gester.

Olivia shoved Stanley off her, and pushed James to the ground.

James screamed,” Your nails are freaking sharp, girl!”

Olivia grinned, and Stanley climbed on top of the two.

“This is a blood bath!” Jeff said.

“I’m glad I’m out.” Claire whimpered, holding Louie’s arm.

James pushed Olivia off him, and threw Stanley on her.

Stanley picked up Olivia, and threw her as hard as he could, but she still landed short of the boundary line.

“Ouch! My foot!” Olivia said, sniffling.

Olivia got up, and pounced on Stanley.

James watched the two fight a little, then picked them both up and threw them out of the ring,” Why didn’t I do that earlier?” He then chuckled.

“James wins immunity!’ Jeff exclaimed.

Stanley high fived James,” Well played, man.”

James smiled,” You were epic, man.”

“James is safe at tomorrow night’s Tribal Council, which should be interesting. Grab your stuff, see ya tomorrow night.” Jeff said.

Day 36

“Well, tonight, I’m sorry to the one of you going home.” James said in front of everyone.

“We made it far, and besides, we’re all shoo-ins for All-Stars.” Stanley laughed.

Olivia smiled evilly as she lied,” Yeah, it wouldn’t be All-Stars without all of us.”

“Louie is going tonight, and there’s no doubt about it.” Olivia said in the confessional,” People may think Stanley or maybe even Monty was the main villain, but it’s all me, baby.”

James sat in the shelter,” I think out of all of us, we could all rack up some jury votes.” He turned to Claire,” We’re all likable, and we played the game, we’re probably the best final five ever.”

Claire smiled,” You’re so nice.”

James smiled,” Don’t get too flirty with me, I got a girl back home.” They both laughed.

“James and I became really good friends today, I think that I’d take him to the finals with me.” Claire said in the confessional.

The final five marched up to Tribal Council.

“Now bringing in the members of our jury, Hannah, Lance, Paula, and Monty, voted out at the last Tribal Council.” Jeff said, as Monty walked in with a leather jacket and denim jeans.

“Is there anything anyone would like to say before you vote?” Jeff asked, and no one said anything. “Then it’s time to vote, Claire, you’re up first.”

James votes for Louie,” Sorry bud.”

Louie votes for Stanley,” I hate doing this, but you’re a prime target.”

“I’ll read the votes.” Jeff said.

Monty smiled at Paula next to him, who blushed.

Monty whispered in her ear,” I’ll bet all the money you got they vote out Olivia.”

Paula smiled,” Ok.”

Jeff looked at them,” Shush! Anyway, does anyone have a hidden immunity idol? Today’s your last chance.”

Nobody spoke up.

James looked at Stanley, then at Louie.

“First vote, Stanley.”

Stanley nodded, as Claire cried a little.

“Louie. One vote Stanley, one vote Louie.”

Claire gasped, then cried more.

“Louie. Two votes Louie, one vote Stanley.”

Stanley patted Louie’s back, who nodded back.

“Stanley. That’s two votes for Stanley and Louie, one vote left.”

“Thirteenth person voted off and the fifth member of our jury, Louie.”

Louie smiled at Stanley and James,” Nicely played guys.”

“I’m so sorry dude, but you were a huge threat.” James said, as they hugged.

Stanley stood up,” I’m really sorry, but if I win, you’ll get a lot of the money.”

Louie grinned,” You’re the best.”

Claire smiled,” Doesn’t you’re girlfriend get any love?”

At this point, Monty bursted out laughing, and whispered to Paula,” Boyfriend?”

Paula turned to Monty,” You owe me sixteen bucks and thirty-four cents.”

Claire hugged Louie, crying her eyes out,” I-I-I’m gonna m-m-miss yo-oou.”

Louie smiled,” Me too, babe.”

“Get over here, Louie.” Jeff said.

Louie waved to everyone, and blew a kiss to Claire.

“Louie, the tribe has spoken.” Jeff said, as he snuffed Louie’s torch out.

“Love ya!” Claire exclaimed.

“Me too!” Louie yelled back, as he walked away.

“The four best competitors, Stanley, Olivia, Claire, and James, congratulations, head back to camp.” Jeff said.

Chapter Thirteen:"While everyone else wants to relax, I wanna play a game here."

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the final five were all excited they made it that far, and celebrated. James and Stanley decided to vote off Louie next, and brought in Olivia to get the numbers. Claire and James bonded, and became good friends. Olivia figured out a strategy the whole day, and made a final three alliance with Stanley and Claire. At the immunity challenge, Louie was double teamed by James and Stanley, and Claire gave up quickly. Then Stanley and Olivia fought a bit, until James threw both of them out and won immunity for himself. Stanley’s plan with James to vote out Louie worked, and Louie became the fifth member of the jury. Only four remain, who will be voted out next?

Night 36

Stanley high fived James,” We did it!”

James smiled,” Yeah. I feel bad for Louie, though, he needed the money more than anyone.”

Stanley nodded,” He was a nice guy too, I hope he does ok in the real world.”

“We all do.” James said, feeling sad for Louie,” Well, I think I’ll call it a night.”

“Well I’m gonna get a last snack for the day.” Stanley said, cooking a fish they caught a few days ago over the fire.

Olivia sat in the shelter, and faked a sad look,” Sorry about that Claire, we had to.”

Claire tried not to cry,” It’s ok Olivia. I just miss him a lot.”

Olivia nodded,” It was hard to vote him off.”

Claire sniffled,” Well, I hope he’s ok.”

“Yeah, me too.” Olivia lied, putting her arm around Claire.

“At this rate, I can make anyone believe anything I say.” Olivia said in the confessional,” I’m basically the villain, and I’m running this show!”

“I think the jury will notice me as the nice guy.” James said in the confessional,” I might’ve lied a bit, but it’s the game! I hate hurting people’s feelings, like Louie’s. If someone brings me to the final two, their screwed cause I am gonna win this thing!”

“I hope the jury votes for me because I played the game, and I wasn’t very evil about it. I wish all of us could win this now, but, it’s a game.” Stanley said in the confessional.

Day 37

“Thirty-seven days down, two to go!” James exclaimed, waking everyone up.

Stanley chuckled,” It’s been a long thirty-seven days, I tell you what.”

Claire nodded,” I just wanna relax today.”

James sat by the beach,” Dang, I’ll miss this place.”

Olivia nodded,” Yeah, I will too.”

“While everyone else wants to relax, I wanna play a game here!” Olivia exclaimed in the confessional,” I’ve come this far, and I’m not about to lose! These people can relax all they want, but they’ll regret it when I win the million dollars.”

“I feel I haven’t really played the game much at all this season.” Claire said in the confessional,” I think people think of me as non deserving and not a true player of the game. If I make it to the finals that will be my downfall for sure.”

Stanley chopped open a coconut, and took a bite out of it,” Oh, yummy. These coconuts get better every time I have them.”

James nodded, and ate one,” Hell yeah.”

“So, I was thinking, do you wanna go to the finals with me?” Stanley asked, looking at him.

“I’d like to, but, I don’t know who I’d really want.” James said,” I have no clue what could happen, so I don’t wanna make any promises to anybody.”

Stanley nodded,” Ok, I respect that.”

Olivia walked up to Stanley,” James should go tonight, he’s a huge threat. He could win the game, and he’s a strong guy.”

Stanley nodded a little uneasily,” Yeah, I guess he’d be the smartest choice.”

Olivia turned to him,” Well good, now we need Claire in with us.”

“Can we just relax a bit.” Stanley said,” I wanna rest, and enjoy this a bit.”

“Suit yourself.” Olivia hissed, as they walked away from each other.

“I hope Stanley doesn’t flip.” Olivia said in the confessional,” I need a tight alliance, and I can’t afford a flip vote.”

“What Olivia told me made sense, but I don’t want to vote out James since he’s my friend.” Stanley said in the confessional,” I would hate to vote him off, but I want to win the game as well.”

Claire sat in the water,” I wish everyday was this peaceful.”

“Look, Stanley and I want James out, he’s the biggest threat here, are you in?” Olivia said, cutting straight to her strategy.

Claire sighed,” I don’t know, it’s hard to vote someone out at this point.”

“Ugh! I just wanna leave right now!” Olivia exclaimed in the confessional,” Claire is so stupid, so undeceive, and so didn’t have a strategy! I can’t take her anymore!”

“Huh, I feel a bit of rain.” James said, holding out his hand, as rain began pouring.

“Let’s get in the shelter.” Stanley said, rushing to the shelter.

James ran right behind, and sat down.

“Guys… The rain is breaking the shelter.” Claire said, as the shelter fell on top of them.

Stanley moaned,” I wish there was a cave nearby.”

“Tell me about it.” Olivia said, as the rain kept coming down.

As the final four went to the challenge, it was still pouring.

“Well, welcome final four.” Jeff said, as rain kept falling. “Wanna hear your immunity challenge?”

All nodded, just wanting to get out of the rain.

“Ok, well you will all swim out to the ocean, then grab one bag of puzzle pieces, and repeat that until you have all ten, then you must construct the puzzle, and if it is correct, it will show a combination. The combination will be used on the lock next to the puzzle, where you must pull out a stick, which you will use to smash a tile, and raise a flag. First to raise their flag wins immunity.” Jeff said,” Let’s get started.”

“Survivors ready….GO!”

James and Stanley started off ahead, and swam out.

“James and Stanley doing pretty good to start.” Jeff said.

Claire tried to catch up, but was pretty far behind.

Olivia dove down, and looked for her bag.

Stanley burst from the water with a bag, and coughed up a bit of water,” Yes.”

“Stanley has his first bag!”

James emerged soon after, with a bag in hand.

“James has his first bag!”

Stanley ran out quickly, and set the bag down.

James jogged, and ran back to the ocean.

Olivia popped up, and swam to the shore with her bag.

“Olivia has her first bag. Claire is the only one without a bag.”

Claire dove down, and had no luck, then tried again, no luck,” Man.”

Stanley and James emerged with their second bags at just about the same time.

“James and Stanley have their second bags.”

Stanley and James rushed back to the ocean, side by side.

Olivia swam back with her second bag, and started gaining speed.

“Olivia has her second bag.”

Olivia ran back, and was caught up with Stanley and James.

James emerged from the water mere seconds before Stanley, as he got his third bag.

Stanley was right behind, and rushed to catch him.

“Stanley is chasing James, trying to catch up to him.”

Olivia burst out with her third bag, and tried to catch up.

“Olivia now in on it!”

James dived down, followed by Stanley and Olivia.

Stanley quickly got up, and held up his fourth bag.

“Stanley has his fourth bag.”

James emerged with his, and Olivia not long after.

“This is a race between James, Olivia, and Stanley, who all have four bags.”

Stanley dived in with James, as they went to get their next bags.

Olivia dived in after, hoping to find hers.

Stanley and James came up with their fifth bags, and raced to set them down, and Olivia was not far behind.

“Stanley, James, and Olivia are now heading out for their sixth bags.”

Olivia looked tired, but shook it off and dived down.

James dived down, and quickly got his next bag.

Stanley dived, and burst up with his bag.

Olivia found hers and raced to catch them.

James dived deep down in the water and grabbed his seventh bag.

Stanley grabbed his, and ran to set it down.

Olivia rose up and got hers.

By the time they went to get their eighth bags, it was all tied up.

“I can’t even tell who’s winning.” Jeff said, laughing.

Stanley and James rose, and Olivia followed.

“Now they’re running to get their ninth bags.”

Stanley dived far, and so did James, while Olivia stayed short, and grabbed hers.

“Olivia now takes the lead.”

James and Stanley grabbed theirs and ran to catch Olivia.

“Stanley and James are making a comeback and now they’re heading for their final bag.”

James dived in first, and stayed underwater a long time to retrieve it.

Stanley emerged seconds before Olivia and James, and ran to start the puzzle.

James was quick to act and started his, followed by Olivia.

James switched the pieces around, and tried to get them to fit,” Damn it.”

Stanley was doing pretty good at the puzzle, and was getting far.

James then realized what he was doing wrong and switched it up.

Stanley finished the puzzle, and memorized the numbers.

James finished right after, and repeated them in his head.

They quickly worked on the combination, and tried to get it to open.

Stanley tried it first, but it didn’t work,” Come on!”

James was slowly working, but was getting close.

Stanley pulled out his stick, and James did right after.

“Stanley and James are racing to raise their flags.” Jeff said.

Stanley and James both smashed their tiles, but one flag rose milliseconds before the other…

“The winner of the challenge is….

STANLEY!” Jeff announced.

Stanley smiled, and high fived James.

“Stanley is safe at Tribal Council tonight, you have a while to decide who’s going until then.” Jeff said.

When they returned to camp, James smiled,” That was awesome, man.”

Stanley grinned,” You kicked ass too.”

“Well, I didn’t win.”

Both smiled, as Stanley walked away to Olivia and Claire.

“We’re voting James off.” Stanley said.

Claire nodded,” I guess so.”

Stanley nodded,” Well, see you at tribal, then.”

At Tribal Council, the final four sat down.

“Now bringing in the members of our jury.” Jeff said,” Hannah, Lance, Paula, Monty, and Louie, voted out at the last Tribal Council.”

Louie waved to Claire, who smiled back.

“Well, unless anyone has something to say, it’s time to vote.” Jeff said.

Everyone was silent.

“Well, it’s time to vote,” Jeff said,” Claire, you’re up.”

Stanley votes for James,” I hate to do this, but it had to be done.”

James votes,” You guys were awesome this whole experience.”

“I’ll tally the votes.” Jeff said.

“First vote, James.”

James’ eyes opened wide, then nodded.

“Olivia. One vote James, one vote Olivia.”

James looked at Olivia, then turned away.

“James. Two votes James, one vote Olivia.”

James nodded.

“Fourteenth person voted out and the sixth member of our jury… James.”

James nodded, and hugged everyone,” Well played.”

James brought his torch up.

“James, the tribe has spoken.” Jeff said, snuffing his torch.

“You guys deserve it.” James said, walking away.

“Well, we are now down to three, only one of you will be the winner, head back to camp you guys.”

Chapter Fourteen:"Am I scared? Yeah!"

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the final four all returned from Tribal Council, feeling sorry for Louie, all except for Olivia, who was plotting her strategy in the confessional. The next day, everyone but Olivia wanted to just relax, so Olivia broke up the peaceful time to talk to Stanley and Claire about voting James off that night, and they both agreed. At the immunity challenge, Claire was far behind, and had no chance of winning, but, James, Olivia, and Stanley had bit of a battle going on, until they reached the puzzle, where Olivia fell behind and by just milliseconds, James lost to Stanley. At Tribal Council, Olivia received a vote, but James got all the rest and was voted off. Now, only three remain, find out who will move on to the final two on the second to last episode of Total Drama Borneo!

Night 37

“We sure have outlasted a bunch of people.” Stanley said, putting his torch down.

“Yeah. We have.” Claire said, as she crawled in the shelter.

“Well, I did what I said I’d do. I made it to the final three.” Olivia smiled evily in the confessional,” I think that I have the best shot at winning right now, cause either way, they have to bring me. Then, I spill the dirt on them, and when they realize how bad of a person Stanley is, cause let’s face it, he’ll win the challenge, I’ll get like everyone’s vote!”

“It kinda sucks to be in the final three cause I feel like I’ve been a villain this whole time.” Stanley said in the confessional,” I need to redeem myself today, or I’ll go down as a villain.”

“Oh my gosh! Final three! Yay!” Claire squealed in the confessional,” I wonder who will win. I think it will be Stanley, cause people like him. I’d be glad if he won, too, cause he would be so deserving!”

“Well night guys.” Stanley said.

“Night.” Olivia and Claire said in unison.

Day 38

“Only one more day after this.” Stanley said in the confessional,” This is where I got to show I want to win!”

Claire sat in the ocean,” I can’t wait.”

“For the challenge?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah.” Claire replied.

“Oh. Well, I wonder what we do next, do we just wait around for a while?”

Claire shrugged,” Probably.”

“So, what do you think was the greatest part of this experience?” Stanley asked.

“Well, it’s not over yet. But, if I win, the million bucks for sure.” Olivia said,” but, for now, being on TV.”

“I liked the strategy.” Stanley smiled,” Mainly because mine was the best.”

“I liked talking with everyone, basically.” Claire said.

“We kinda chatted this morning about what we liked and didn’t like about the game.” Claire said in the confessional,” And we had way more bad then good.” Claire laughed.

“This game sure brought a lot of crap on me.” Stanley said in the confessional,” But I met some epic people and I think this was the greatest experience of my whole life.”

Stanley walked with Claire through the forest.

“Who would you take to the finals if you won the challenge?” Claire asked.

“I don’t know.” Stanley said,” I don’t think Olivia would deserve it, but you could easily beat me. I don’t know who I’d bring.”

Claire nodded,” Sounds fair.”

“Sounds fair? Did that even make any sense at all?” Stanley asked in the confessional,” Sometimes, I question how Claire played the game.”

“Well, who are you going to take if you win?” Olivia asked Stanley.

“Why is everyone assuming I’m going to win the challenge?” Stanley asked in the confessional,” Anyone could win!”

“Well, I’m not sure yet.” Stanley replied casually.

“Ok.” Olivia said, trying not to seem mad.

“He better choose me, or his ass is mine!” Olivia exclaimed in the confessional.

Suddenly, they saw a boat driving in, with someone standing on it.

“Is that Jeff?” Stanley asked.

“Yeah. It’s Jeff.” Claire said.

“Good afternoon, guys.” Jeff said, stepping off the boat.

“Hi Jeff.” Olivia said,” What are you here for? A challenge?”

“Well, here’s a map to the torches of your fallen comrades, you will follow them, and take them with you, where you will throw it in the pit of fire, and walk to the final immunity challenge.” Jeff said, giving Stanley the map.

“So, we take them to honor them?” Stanley asked.

“Well, stop and say how the effected the game or yourself basically.” Jeff said.

“Ok.” Claire said,” Let’s start walking!”

The three walked through the island, and found the first torch, with the name “Brian” engraved on it.

“I think Brian had some potential to be a merge contestant, but he definitely wasn’t that great of a competitor.” Olivia said.

“He was a nice guy, but he was rich! Did he expect to win?” Stanley said.

“He seemed ok, I wish he went further.” Claire said.

It started showing a montage of Brian’s best moments, as he said,” I think my downfall was not allying with more than one person. I should have played harder and not just assumed everyone wanted out who I wanted out.”

They then walked a little further to find Mick’s torch.

“He was aggressive, mean, and definitely strong.” Stanley said.

“He kinda scared me.” Claire said.

“He was such a jerk, but he kinda needed the money.” Olivia said.

“I feel like I accomplished a lot this whole time.” Mick said,” The thing that screwed me over though was that swap.”

They walked over to Brianna’s torch.

“Well, she was not a competitor at all.” Olivia said.

“I didn’t know her, but I don’t wanna be mean, so I won’t say anything.” Claire said.

“She was annoying for when I knew her, she needed to think about the game more.” Stanley said.

“Man, I was out early. Oh well.” Brianna said, in her usual calm tone.

They walked up to Julio’s torch.

“If it weren’t for me playing that idol to save James, Julio would probably be up here.” Stanley said.

“He was so nice, but I easily manipulated him.” Olivia said.

“He was nice, but cocky. Overall fun to be around, though.” Claire smiled at his torch.

“I knew that when Stanley played that idol, me or Waverly would’ve gone. I’m proud of myself, though, and I’m glad I made some friends that will last me a lifetime.” Julio said.

Patty’s torch was next.

“Oh, Patty, she was so sweet, and was eliminated so unfairly.” Claire said.

“Yeah, she was nice and all, and if it weren’t for that accident, she’d have gone far for sure.” Stanley said,” She was also kinda hot, too.”

“I think that she should’ve been here.” Olivia said.

“To be out for medical reasons sucks.” Patty said,” But, I made great friends, and had a blast! I will never forget Total Drama Borneo, and all those nights where I struggled and couldn’t bear the crap, will make for some good stories to my grandchildren.”

“Well, looky here, Waverly!” Stanley said.

“She was a good friend to me, but not to everyone else.” Claire said, not aware of how bad she treated her.

“I hated her the most out of anyone here.” Olivia said.

“I think she was a true fighter, and she wanted to win, but she was such a jerk doing it, I can’t respect her.” Stanley said.

“I played this game tough, and I did my best.” Waverly said,” Overall, I’m proud of what I did, and I just wish I went further.”

They walked up to Hannah’s torch.

“Hannah, she was nice, smart, and a good player.” Claire said.

“She was so dangerous.” Olivia said,” But I do have some respect for her.”

“She was a great girl, and if she stayed longer, the game would have changed completely.” Stanley said.

“I think my downfall was that me and Lance were on the outs.” Hannah said,” But I’m glad I’m a jury member and I think that this game was really fun! I just wish I could’ve won, you know?”

“Oh god, it’s Lance, the momma’s boy.” Stanley smiled,” I think Lance was a true player, when he didn’t think about his mommy.”

“He was so funny!” Claire exclaimed.

“He was a smart guy, and I think he was interesting to play with.” Olivia said.

“I think I could’ve done better, but, these people know I’m a smart guy so they got me out. I respect everyone in the game and I wish them good luck.” Lance said.

Paula’s torch appeared next.

“Paula!” Olivia produced a fake smile,” She was the most dangerous one out here after winning immunity so many times.”

“She had to go.” Stanley said.

“She was so sweet to me, I think she deserved to go this far.” Claire said.

“My strategy was to play tough and make good alliances.” Paula said,” My downfall was thinking about other people’s game instead of my own, but, I’m glad I did that, cause I think that giving immunity up was stupid, but proved I’m not some mean jackass.”

“Here’s Monty!” Stanley laughed,” What a season he’s had.”

“He was so funny, but cocky and rude, too.” Olivia said.

“Well, I kinda liked him, even though he could be a bit mean.” Claire said.

“Monty was a good guy, on the inside. Deep on the inside.” Stanley said.

“Well, I made it that far. I’m proud. I think Paula shouldn’t have given me her immunity, though. But, it was her choice. I think my bond with her was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and I’m so grateful.” Monty said.

“Louie!” Stanley exclaimed as they reached the next torch.

“Louie was the greatest guy I’ve ever met.” Claire said, starting to tear up.

“Well, he was a player, and a strong one at that.” Olivia said.

“I miss Louie, he was a great guy, and I wish we hadn’t got rid of him. But, we had to.” Stanley said.

“I went into this game, fired up. But, I had no clue how tough it would be. The people that were there were great people, and I’m glad I met them. I hope Claire wins, cause I came to realize, she’s my dream girl.” Louie said.

They finally walked up to James’ torch.

“There’s a lot to say about James.” Stanley said,” But I think he was such a great friend, he was kinda crazy, but he was my best friend in the game.”

“James was so sweet, I wish he could’ve been here.” Claire said.

“James was a nice kid, and he always put others before himself.” Olivia said.

“I wish I could’ve won, but, fourth place isn’t bad.” James said,” I’m proud of myself and I hope this experience only helps me more through life. I wish everyone good luck, and it’s an honor to have played with such wonderful people.”

They took everyone’s torch and dropped them by the fire.

“So long guys.” Stanley said, throwing the torches in, as the three watched them burn.

They then proceeded to walk to the final immunity challenge.

“Welcome guys.” Jeff said,” I hope you had fun honoring everyone.”

“It was good.” Claire said.

“Whatever. This challenge will be for you to hold a marble on this long wobbly stick the longest. Whoever does that, is safe and will be in the final two, guaranteed.” Jeff said.

The three immediately started the challenge calmly, not moving a muscle.

“This challenge is moving slowly so far.” Jeff said,” Get it, moving?”

“Shut up.” Stanley said.

Suddenly, Claire wobbled a bit, but regained herself,” Oh god.”

“Claire barely stays safe.” Jeff said.

About a half hour passed since the challenge started now, and everyone was still in.

Nothing was happening until the one hour mark when the wind picked up.

“The wind is going to make it hard to balance your marble.” Jeff said.

Suddenly, Olivia lost her marble and set her stick down,” Dang it!”

“Olivia is out now.” Jeff said.

There was about a minute and half montage of Stanley and Claire balancing their marbles when it showed the two and a half hour mark.

“Come on someone give up!” Jeff said.

Claire focused her eyes on her ball, and wouldn’t budge.

Stanley looked as if his life depended on looking at the ball, and was looking at it.

It showed another minute montage, as it skipped to four hour mark.

Claire and Stanley both started letting their ball slip, and both their’s was next to the edges, and Claire’s fell right off.

“Stanley has won the final immunity challenge.” Jeff said.

Claire hugged Stanley,” Good job Stanley!”

Stanley laughed,” Thanks.”

“You have about two hours to make your decision Stanley.” Jeff said,” Head back to camp.”

“Now I got to pick, Claire or Olivia?” Stanley said in the confessional,” I’m gonna need to think hard.” When they got back, Stanley immediately told them he wanted to think alone, so Claire and Olivia sat by the beach.

“Am I scared? Yeah!” Claire said in the confessional,” If Stanley picks Olivia over me, I’ll be ok, and I’ll probably vote for him to win.”

“I’m not worried that much, Stanley is a smart guy, he’d bring me to the end.” Olivia said in the confessional.

“I know exactly what I’m going to do tonight, and it might be one of the biggest moves of the whole game.” Stanley said in the confessional.

The final three walked up to Tribal Council.

“Welcome guys.” Jeff said.

They all smiled, and sat down.

“Now bringing in the members of our jury, Hannah, Lance, Paula, Monty, Louie, and James, voted out at the last Tribal Council.” Jeff said.

James had on a brown T- shirt and baggy ripped up jeans, he smiled as he sat down.

“Well, if anyone would like to say anything before Stanley votes, go ahead.” Jeff said.

“Jeff, I have something important I have to say,” Stanley said,” I have decided to do something that might become the stupidest move of the whole game.

The jury and Jeff all had wide eyes.

“Go on…” Jeff said.

“I’d like to redeem myself for all the bad things I’ve done to everyone by giving immunity to Claire.” Stanley said,” I feel like I’ve done bad things, and I wanna do good.”

Everyone gasped, while Monty and Lance both laughed.

Claire accepted the necklace,” Oh my gosh!”

“Well, now Claire has to vote out someone.” Jeff said.

Stanley nodded.

“Well, Claire, make your decision.” Jeff said.

Claire nodded, and walked up to vote.

Claire votes,” I feel bad for doing this to you, but when it came down to our alliance, it just happened this way. I’m so sorry.”

“I’ll get the vote.” Jeff said.

Olivia angrily looked at Stanley who shrugged.

“Well, I’ll read the final vote.” Jeff said, as everyone watched.

“Fifteenth person voted out and the seventh and final member of the jury is….


“Oh my god.” Stanley muttered.

“He got lucky.” Monty whispered to himself.

Olivia brought her torch up, and angrily looked back.

“Olivia, the tribe has spoken.” Jeff snuffed her torch as she angrily left.

“Would you have picked me?” Claire asked.

“Yeah. I would’ve brought you.” Stanley said, hugging Claire.

“And then there were two.” Jeff said,” Stanley and Claire, only one will win, and that winner will be decided by Lance, Louie, Paula, Hannah, Olivia, James, and Monty. See you guys at the final Tribal Council.”

Chapter Fifteen:"I'm not going to be a villain, I'm going to keep my integrity intact."

Last time on Total Drama Borneo, the final three were eager to make it so far in the game, and celebrated. Then they proceded to honor the thirteen contestants who were eliminated from the game. At the immunity challenge, Stanley and Claire held in for a long time, until Claire’s marble slipped, meaning Stanley was safe. At camp, Stanley struggled to figure out who he would bring with him to the finals, and at Tribal Council did what may have been the most risky and stupid moves of the game. He gave up immunity to Claire, and risked himself being voted out. Claire, who felt Olivia was not as deserving, voted her out, and Stanley was barely spared. We are now down to two, Stanley and Claire. Who will be the ultimate survivor? Find out tonight in the finale of Total Drama Borneo!

Night 38

Stanley smiled at Claire, and sat by their shelter,” So, why did you bring me?”

“Well, I felt Olivia wasn’t as deserving.” Claire said,” Plus, you gave me immunity, and you played the game super hard!”

Grinning, Stanley hugged Claire,” Thanks a lot.”

“No problem.” Claire smiled.

“So, how do you think the jury will vote?” Stanley asked.

“I don’t wanna worry about it.” Claire said, laying in the shelter.

Stanley shrugged and drifted to sleep.

Day 39

“The last day!” Claire exclaimed in the confessional,” I thought I’d be gone way earlier than this!”

“So, what was your favorite moment?” Stanley asked, turning to Claire.

Claire shrugged,” I liked being with Louie, a lot. And meeting everyone.”

Stanley nodded,” I liked the strategic outlook.”

Claire smiled,” I knew you’d say something like that.”

“Claire is a nice girl, and I’m glad I’m with her at the final two.” Stanley said,” I kinda hope she wins tonight, only because she was a nicer player.”

Claire sat by the beach, relaxing.

“I got to think strategy a bit, like who’s going to vote for who, and how I can change their minds.” Stanley said in the confessional,” Well, I know Louie is voting for Claire 100%, so I can’t change that vote.”

“I think I have a pretty good chance against the jury.” Claire said in the confessional,” But, I’m not going to be a villain, I’m going to keep my integrity intact.”

“Well, this would be the perfect time to burn the shelter.” Stanley said, as the sun began to lower into the darkness.

“Well, let’s get going.” Claire smiled, as Stanley got a fire going.

Stanley then took some wood and put it in the fire, as a flame struck on it, and Stanley burned the shelter down.

“Woo hoo!” Claire laughed, and the shelter continued to burn.

“Well, let’s go to the final Tribal Council.” Stanley said, as he and Claire gathered their things.

The two hiked up to Tribal, both with the same goal; to gain the votes from the jury, and get a million dollars.

“Oh, a hiking we will go, a hiking we will go!” Claire sang, as Stanley laughed.

The two found Tribal Council, and sat down.

Claire smiled at the jury, and waved at them.

Monty glared at Claire with an evil look in his eyes, making her jump back, as Monty laughed maniacally, getting a punch in the arm from Paula.

Jeff smiled,” Welcome jury, and finalists. This is how it will work, the final two will give opening statements on how they feel like they should win, then one by one, you will make a speech about the final two, or ask them a question. Then you will vote for a winner. Let’s start with opening statements, Stanley.”

“I feel like I owned this game from the beginning.” Stanley said,” I made good alliances, good friends, and didn’t betray them.” At that statement, Monty rolled his eyes,” Anyway, I think that out of anyone, I played the best game because I never stopped playing the game.”

“Claire.” Jeff said.

“What?” Claire asked.

“Give your opening statement.” Jeff said.

“About what?’ Claire asked, as the jury laughed,” Really, what?”

Jeff sighed,” Talk about why you deserve to win a million dollars.”

Claire, dumbfounded, then nodded,” Ok. I deserve a million bucks because I was kind the whole time.”

“Is that all?” Jeff asked.

“Yep.” Claire grinned.

“Ok, Paula, start us off.” Jeff said.

Paula smiled as she walked up in an Abercrombie T-shirt and cut up jeans,” Well, congratulations, I would like to know, what were you thinking when you were the final two?”

“Well, I was happy, cause I thought I’d be an early out.” Claire said,” I was excited, and I thank everyone for making it possible.”

“I just was shocked. I was so ecstatic that I just wanted to explode. It was the greatest feeling of my whole life.” Stanley smiled.

“Well, thanks guys.” Paula smiled.

“Come on up, Lance.” Jeff said.

Lance walked up wearing a blue hoodie, and dark green sweatpants.

“Ok, I’d like to know why you guys voted me off before Monty.” Lance said, with a serious look on his face.

Claire looked a little scared,” Umm... well… You…”

Lance frowned,” I heard enough. Stanley.”

“We found you a bigger threat, as you could sway people over, and we didn’t want that to happen.” Stanley said.

“But Monty did that to you guys to get rid of James at the final six.” Lance said.

Stanley frowned,” Sit down, Lance.”

Lance glared at the two,” You’re lucky I have to vote for one of you.”

Jeff smiled,” Olivia, come on up, girl.”

Olivia walked up in a long purple dress, as she frowned at the two,” Hello.”

The finalists waved.

“I’d like to know why you gave up immunity, Stanley, when we made a pact to go to the finals.” Olivia said.

“Well, I realized some things, and remembered how hard Claire wanted this, and how much abuse she took from you, Waverly, and others, so I gave it to her.” Stanley said.

“Now, Claire, why is Stanley less deserving than you?” Olivia asked.

“I think Stanley is more deserving than me.” Claire said.

Olivia frowned,” Well, I would say good luck, but then I’d be lying.”

“You’ve lied so much in the game.” James said, as Olivia shot him a death glare.

“James, come on up.” Jeff said.

James nodded, as he got up. He had on a red hoodie, with the sleeves rolled up, and had baggy ripped up jeans and a Red Sox cap.

“Hey guys, congratulations.” James smiled.

Stanley and Claire grinned.

“Well, I’d like to know why you guys didn’t confront me when voting me out at the final four.” James asked.

“Well, why would we? Then you’d know you’d be going and all.” Stanley said calmly.

“Well, I’d be ok if you told me, I’d be happy, I just want to know. You know what, change of question, Claire, what do you think about the book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief?”

“Oh, excellent book.” Claire grinned,” I liked the beginning.”

James nodded,” So did I. Now, Stanley, Do you think that voting me off was the right decision?”

Stanley sighed,” Not at first, but you were strong and likable, so, I think it was right.”

James nodded,” Well, thanks guys.”

“Hannah.” Jeff said.

Hannah had her blonde hair in a pony tail, and she had on a nice green shirt and a light blue skirt.

“Well, hey guys, congratulations.” Hannah smiled sweetly.

“Thanks,” Stanley said,” Nice to see you.”

Hannah smiled,” Well, I have to ask, Stanley, why did you vote me off first, when we merged?”

“We originally wanted Monty or Paula out, but they won that immunity, so we narrowed it down to you and Lance.” Stanley said,” We decided that since you won that reward challenge, you could have just as easily won the immunity challenge, plus you were smart. So, yeah.”

“Well, Claire, out of everyone on the jury, who would you considered played the best game?” Hannah asked.

“Well, I have to say Monty, cause he played a smart game.” Claire said,” So did Lance, too.”

“Well, that’s it. Thanks.” Hannah smiled as she walked to sit down.

“Louie.” Jeff said.

Louie wore the same orange T- shirt and same cyan pants and flip flops he wore on the show.

“Hey guys, good to see you. I only have to say one thing.” Louie said,” Stanley, you backstabbed, lied, and pretended to be on people’s sides, do you deserve a million dollars? No. I think Claire deserves it because of her honest and kind game. I hope you guys realize that.”

“Ok, thanks Louie.” Jeff said,” Now, Monty, finish us off.”

Monty grinned,” I’d be happy to, Probst.”

Jeff grinned.

Monty walked up with his black leather jacket with a red shirt underneath, his hair was spiked up, he had grown a goatee, and he had on dark, baggy jeans.

“Ok, I have a question for Claire, did you ever think about having a strategy? At all? Because you hardly played the game. You sat in the shadows while Stanley worked his ass off to keep you in the game!

Claire gulped, and whimpered,” I…I thought that I didn’t need a strategy.”

“One more time, please.” Monty smiled.

“I thought I didn’t need a strategy.” Claire said, scared out of her wits.

“Didn’t need a strategy? How stupid are you!?” Monty yelled.

Claire looked away.

“Well, Stanley, do you think that bringing Claire was a good idea?” Monty asked.

“I just gave her immunity…” Stanley said.

“Why did you save her all those times?” Monty asked.

“She’s my friend, and I wanted my alliance to be strong.” Stanley said.

“Well, you two have definitely played differently.” Monty growled as he sat down.

Jeff nodded,” Well, you’ve heard the jury members talk. I’ll let you guys take a minute to think about all that was said, and we’ll vote.”

The jury members looked around at each other for a little bit, and each of them thought about who they’d vote for.

“Everyone ready?” Jeff said, after a little bit.

The jury nodded.

Jefff smiled,” Ok, remember, vote for who you want to win, let’s start this, Hannah, you’re up.”

James votes for Stanley,” Good luck, buddy.”

Louie votes for Claire,” Well, you had my vote all the way.”

“Well, I’ll got tally the votes.” Jeff smiled, walking away to get the votes.

The jury, Stanley, and Claire watched as Jeff brought back the votes.

“Well, it’s been a fantastic season, but, it’s coming to an end.” Jeff said.

“Woo!” James exclaimed.

“Zip it.” Jeff said.

Claire smiled at Stanley, who smiled back.

“I know you wanna know who wins, but……..

…I’m not going to read the votes yet.”

Everyone gasped.

“What?” exclaimed Claire.

“I’ll read them live, see you in California!” Jeff said, walking away.

“Get him! He’s taking the votes!” James exclaimed, as the jury tackled Jeff.

The ballot slipped out of Jeff’s hands and tumbled down the stairs of Tribal Council.

Monty ran to get it, but Jeff pushed him and sprinted to it.

He grabbed it and ran to the helicopter,” DRIVE STEVE DRIVE!”

“What do we do now?” asked Stanley.

Reunion:"And so, the dramatic season ends."

Last time on what was supposed to be the finale of Total Drama Borneo, the final two, Stanley and Claire were excited. Stanley thought of the possible ways to get the jury to sway to his side, while Claire relaxed the whole day. At the final Tribal Council, Olivia and Monty lashed out at them, while others were pleased. When the votes were about to be read, it was announced that they’d have to wait until this episode to hear them, and the votes barely escaped. Now, here’s the real finale, we swear.

Jeff walked onto a huge stage, where the jury, and the final two sat in nice seats.

Stanley had on a red coat, and his hair was a little longer.

Claire’s hair was still in pigtails, and she wore an orange dress.

“Good evening guys.” Jeff flashed a smiled,” It’s time to finally read the votes for the winner of Total Drama Borneo.”

The audience roared, as Jeff paused, waiting for them to quiet down.

“Ok, so, here we are guys. Let’s get to the votes.” Jeff grinned as he opened the ballot,” First vote… Claire.”

Claire blushed as the audience applauded her.

“Stanley,” Jeff said,” We’re tied one Stanley, one Claire.”

Claire smiled at Stanley, who nodded.

“Stanley. Two votes Stanley, one vote Claire.” Jeff said.

“We got one for Claire.” Jeff pulled out the vote, as Claire giggled.

“This next one has Stanley’s name on it.” Jeff said, showing the vote as the audience roared once more,” Here’s where we stand, three votes Stanley, two votes Claire, if Stanley gets another vote, he wins.”

Jeff opened up the next vote and said,” The winner of Total Drama Borneo is………………. Not revealed yet because this vote is for Claire!”

Claire gasped,” We’re tied! It comes down to the last vote!” Claire put her hand on Stanley’s knee.

“Thanks for doing my job, Claire.” Jeff said sarcastically.

“No problem.” Claire grinned.

Jeff smiled as he opened the vote,” This time, this vote is for the real winner….. The winner of Total Drama Borneo is……………….


The audience exploded in applause and cheers as Claire gasped and hugged Stanley.

“Great job, Claire.” Stanley said.

Claire looked at the jury as they walked over,” Thanks for making this possible, guys.”

Then, the other contestants walked in, Waverly, Janice, Patty, Julio, Brianna, Mick, and Brian.

“Well, she was told she hardly played the game, but her honesty was barely valued over how great of a strategist Stanley was. We’ll talk to the sixteen contestants right now at the Total Drama Borneo reunion!” Jeff said as the audience clapped.

The Total Drama Borneo cast was seated in the order they were eliminated in.

“Well, hello guys, and Claire, congratulations.” Jeff said.

“Thank you Jeff.” Claire blushed.

“Ok, let’s start with Brian,” Jeff said,” I gotta give you props for coming out here. You were rich, not very experienced, and hated dirt and bugs, why did you do it?”

Brian was wearing a nice polo shirt, his hair was shorter, and he had on nice tan pants.

“Well, I really wanted to escape my terrible life, but, I obviously had a pretty crappy time out there,” Brian laughed,” But, I became good friends with Paula and Julio. So, I don’t have any regrets.”

“Do you wish you could have a second chance?”

“Absolutely.” Brian nodded,” I think about it every night of how I should’ve made my alliance bigger, and not just assume I was safe, and that was my downfall.”

“Well, sorry you were out so early.” Jeff smiled.

“Whatever.” Brian said jokingly.

“Mick, you were screwed by a twist basically, and did it suck?” Jeff asked.

Mick was wearing a tattered gray long sleeve shirt, and torn up jeans.

“Jeff, that’s like asking a bird if they can fly.” Mick said, smiling just a little,” I was doing great the first six days, and then there’s a tribe mix up, which screwed me up.”

“And you told us about your brothers being lost, well, they’re here in the audience.” Jeff said as the camera showed a boy with shaggy blonde hair and a boy with short black hair.

Mick smiled at them and yelled,” Kyle! Eddy! Where were you guys all those years?” Mick then began to cry a little.

The blonde one said,” Well me and Eddy were lost, so we moved to an orphanage, and we haven’t been adopted yet.”

Mick cried more,” You have no clue how relieved I am that they’re alive and healthy.”

Jeff smiled,” Glad you’re reunited with your family, Mick.”

Mick nodded happily.

“Brianna, you were probably one of the quietest contestant there, what do you think lasted you so long out there?”

Brianna had on a pink short sleeved top and long purple pants.

“I lasted long?” She asked

“Well, past the first couple eliminations.” Jeff said.

“I don’t know, I guess cause I was kinda athletic.” Brianna shrugged.

“Well, were you shocked that Patty flipped to Janice’s side?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah, a little, but I wasn’t surprised I was eliminated.” Brianna said.

“Well, up next is Julio, the guy eliminated because of the immunity idol.” Jeff said.

Julio smiled as the audience cheered.

Julio had his hair longer, he wore a cap with an ‘X’ on it, his black shirt was spotted with white, and he had on baggy jean shorts.

“Well, Julio, you had a couple of fans out there.” Jeff said,” What’s the reaction when people see you?”

“They, uh, say like ‘hey daddy, it’s that stupid fool from TV’!” Julio laughed,” So, yeah, quite a few people recognize me.”

“Well, why did you fall so quickly for Olivia?” Jeff asked.

“Cause she’s smoking dude!” Julio exclaimed, as the audience laughed and Olivia blushed.

“Well Julio, what was your reaction when Stanley played the idol for James?”

“I was like, god dang it.” Julio laughed,” I knew it’d be me or Waverly going then.”

“Sorry you went so early, Julio.” Jeff smiled.

“It’s cool.” Julio smiled.

“Ok, Patty, you were eliminated because of that earthquake, were you saddened that you couldn’t have played the game any longer?”

Patty was wearing a red velvet dress.

“Oh yeah, I was very disappointed.” She said,” But, I’ll always be known as the first one in the show’s history to leave without being voted off.”

Jeff smiled,” And when you voted off Brianna instead of Janice, why did you make that move?”

“Well, I thought Janice was stronger, and Brianna was just not very interested in the game,” Patty replied,” I think my decision was my best decision of the game.”

“Well, good.” Jeff said,” Now, we have Janice, who was kinda a villain to start off.”

Janice had on a blue dress as she waved.

“Janice, you were kinda quiet most of the time, and all I have to say is that you were probably blindsided the best, besides Louie, then anyone this season! Did you ever expect that?”

“Never.” Janice grinned,” I had no clue what happened.”

“We’ll talk to Monty about blindsiding you later.” Jeff said,” Now we have another villain, and the only person to return, Waverly!”

Waverly had on a purple dress, and she smiled.

“Waverly, why did you act so mean out there? Because looking at some interviews before the show, you seemed kinda nice.” Jeff said.

“Well, I knew it was a game, and I wanted to win, so, yeah, I played the only way I knew how, and that was to lie and deceive, and I was very lucky to have returned.” Waverly said.

“Well, that made for good TV.” Jeff said,” Also, did you think that when you asked Paula for immunity, it would work?”

“I had my doubts, but I had a pretty good chance she’d give it.” Waverly said,” And eventually in the season she gave it to she wrong person.”

The audience laughed a little.

“We’ll talk to her about that.” Jeff said as Paula giggled.

“Next up is the first jury member, Hannah!” Jeff said.

Hannah was wearing jeans and a green short sleeved shirt.

“Well, Hannah, a lot of people want to know why you’re brother was such a jerk that one episode. Is he like that all the time?”

“Actually, he’s usually very kind and can be goofy.” Hannah said,” I was very surprised with him, and I don’t know why he acted that way.”

“So, let’s talk about you and Lance.” Jeff smiled as the audience made kissy noises,” Was it strategy, or was it romance?”

“I kinda wanted to flirt with him as strategy at first, but then, I realized how amazing Lance is, and it become more than strategy.” Hannah smiled at Lance, who blushed.

“Is there anything going on now?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah.” Hannah blushed,” We’re really close, and I hope we never break up!”

“Lance, when you caught fish that one day, I remember being so shocked that I couldn’t even say a word.” Jeff said,” How could someone like you catch a fish?”

Lance was wearing a long sleeved tan button up shirt and black pants.

“What do you mean someone like me?” Lance asked.

“Like, you’re the momma’s boy.” Jeff laughed.

“Well, I’m a smart kid, so I know quite a lot of stuff. And I’ve read a lot about fish, too.” Lance said.

“Lance, you will always be known for us having to call in your mother that one day you hurt your finger.” Jeff laughed,” Let’s roll that clip again.”

A big screen popped up, as it showed the full scene of Lance hurting himself and his mom kissing his finger.

Lance blushed,” I really do love my mom.”

The audience laughed a little.

“Lance, do you feel like people underestimated you? Cause you seemed kinda weak and not very strategic, but you really proved yourself out there!” Jeff said.

“Thanks. I feel like people definitely underestimated me,” Lance said,” I really think I proved myself to be a strong and valuable player out there, and I was even seen as a threat! That shocked me.”

“Ok, Paula, we have one thing first to ask you,” Jeff smiled,” Why did you give immunity to Monty? That was the dumbest move this season! You were guaranteed final six and you give up immunity and get voted off!”

Paula had on a yellow short sleeved shirt and a green and blue colored skirt.

“Well, I really wanted Monty to be safe, and I thought the only way to do that was to give him immunity.” Paula said.

“But you pretty much knew you’d be voted off, right?” Jeff asked.

“Pretty much.” Paula smiled.

“Now, let’s talk about the deal you made with Waverly.” Jeff said,” How did you know she was playing you?”

“Because I know Waverly lies and deceives.” Paula said.

“Did you consider it at all?”

“For a very short time, but then I realized it.” Paula replied.

“Well, next is who was probably the greatest villain this season, only rivaled by Olivia, here’s Monty!” Jeff said as Monty waved.

Monty had on a black shirt with torn sleeves, and jean shorts.

“Monty, Monty, Monty, you had a very memorable time there.” Jeff said,” Now, first, when you eliminated Janice, how did it happen?”

“Well, I was hiding in a tree, listening to Olivia talking to everyone about voting me out, and so, I still gave her the idol but I got everyone I could to turn against her and vote off Janice.” Monty grinned proudly,” It was a very good move.”

“Yes it was.” Jeff grinned,” Now, how about you and Paula? Are you still together?”

“Well, I’ve not heard anything about a breakup…” Monty said as the audience laughed a little.

“Next question, why did you lash out at Claire so much?” Jeff asked,” Real quick, let’s roll a clip of that.”

The screen went to static a bit until the clip of Monty showed up, as he yelled at Claire.

The audience clapped as Monty smiled.

“Even when you are such a jerk, people love you.” Jeff said as Monty chuckled.

“Well, to answer your question, I was just pissed cause I played the game hard, and instead of someone who played a good game and played strategically, Claire was there,” Monty said,” I think her only strategic move was following Stanley the whole way.”

“Don’t get started with another fight.” Jeff said as Monty chuckled.

“Ok, let’s talk with Louie a bit.” Jeff said,” Louie, has life changed since you came home?”

Louie was wearing a green polo shirt and jeans.

“Actually, it changed a lot.” Louie replied,” I was actually adopted….. by Claire’s family.”

The audience gasped, but then cheered.

“Well, we’ll talk to Claire about that.” Jeff said,” Also, Louie, you were told to have temper issues, but I think that only happened once.”

“Yeah. I was just more calm out there, and my temper has really quieted down.” Louie said.

“Well, good. Next is one of the goofiest and maybe strangest contestant here, James.” Jeff said.

James was wearing an orange t- shirt and jean shorts.

“James, I have to ask about you’re friendship with Stanley.” Jeff said,” What made you guys such good friends out there?”

“Well, Stanley and I talked the first day and got to know each other a bit and once we got to talking, he and I became really great friends.” James said.

“Now, how come you weren’t mad at Stanley when you were eliminated?”

“Well, I’m the kind of guy that forgives people,” James said,” and I didn’t want to just hold that against him forever, so I let it go.”

“Another thing, why are you so goofy and strange?” Jeff asked.

James laughed,” I love making myself and others laugh, and that’s how I’ve been my whole life, a goofball. I just wanted to entertain everyone.”

“Well, good.” Jeff said,” Up next is one of the greatest and nastiest villains, Olivia!”

Olivia giggled. She was wearing an elegant purple dress, and looked like she was one of the richest girls in the world.

“Olivia, why were you so nasty out there?” Jeff asked.

“Well, I basically couldn’t stand some people out there.” Olivia said,” So I lashed out at them in that confessional, and I was able to keep cool.”

“Do you think you should’ve played the game differently?”

“Nope. Not at all.” Olivia said.

“Now, is there anything going on between you and Julio now?” Jeff asked.

“No. I never thought of us as a real couple, he was just a guy I flirted with as strategy.” Olivia smirked.

“Well, ok, moving on to our runner- up! Stanley!” Jeff said.

Stanley laughed and said,” Well, hello Jeff.”

Jeff smiled,” Ok, now we’re serious. Why did you play so strategically? It seemed as if you played the perfect game, would you describe it like that?”

“Actually, I’d describe it as a ‘dang good game’ but not the ‘perfect’ game.” Stanley said,” Because I was going to betray my ally, James, until he won immunity, and I gave up immunity at the final three! The final three!”

The audience laughed as Jeff smiled,” Well Stanley, you did play greatly though.”

“Yes I did.” Stanley smiled.

“Now, let’s talk about you almost betraying James, why did you go with Monty’s plan?” Jeff asked,” Well, at first.”

“Well, I thought it’d be best for my game if I got rid of the biggest threat to win everything, so, I just found that a good move for me.” Stanley said.

“How about giving James the idol?” Jeff asked.

“That was a major move, and without that I’d probably be a jury member, like eighth or something.” Stanley said.

“What was your key move?” Jeff asked.

“Probably getting the numbers in the merge and having everything work out perfectly.” Stanley said.

“Now, we’re at the end, our winner Claire.” Jeff said as the audience clapped.

Claire giggled,” Thank you Jeff.”

“Now Claire, you’re smart, but, you didn’t really make a strategic move on your own.” Jeff said.

“Actually, I felt by letting Stanley being blamed for everyone’s eliminations, it’d hold off from me, and I could just be nice and honest to people, and it worked.” Claire said.

“Do you think you could have done anything differently?”

“Yeah. I could’ve played harder, made more people eliminated, and not let everyone else control the game, but, I’m proud of myself and of what I did.” Claire said.

“Now just a little bit ago, Louie said you adopted him? Is that true?” Jeff asked.

“Yes. I told my parents all about how sad Louie’s life was, and we eventually found the orphanage, well, atleast the kids, and adopted Louie and that kid Scott that was on for the family episode.” Claire smiled as the audience clapped,” Oh, and also, we aren’t a couple anymore as a result of us being siblings.”

The audience laughed a little.

“Ok, now we’re gonna do something quickly,” Jeff said,” where I ask everyone if they kept in touch with anyone after the show, and they answer, Brian, we’ll start with you.”

“I keep in touch with Julio only.” Brian said.

“I don’t talk to anyone.” Mick said.

“I don’t keep in touch with anyone.” Brianna shrugged.

“I talk to Brian, James, and Stanley.” Julio said.

“I talk to Paula frequently.” Janice said.

“I talk to Claire a little.” Waverly said.

“I talk to Lance only.” Hannah said.

“Only Hannah.” Lance smiled.

“I talk to Janice and Monty a lot, I also talk to Claire, James, and Stanley.” Paula said.

“I talk to Paula and James.” Monty said.

“I talk to James and Stanley.” Louie said.

“I talk to Monty, Paula, Louie, Julio, Stanley, and Claire.” James said.

“I talk to Claire.” Olivia said.

“I talk to James and Claire a lot, along with Monty, Louie, Paula, and Julio.” Stanley said.

“I stay in very close contact with James, Stanley, and Olivia, but, I also talk to Paula and Waverly a little.” Claire said.

“Well, now it’s time for a surprise.” Jeff announced.

“Oh my god! A surprise!” James exclaimed happily.

“We asked the fans to vote for the player of the season.” Jeff said,” I will now randomly announce the top three vote getters… Monty was one.” The audience roared as Monty held his hand up.

“Next, is James.” Jeff said as the audience roared once more.

James laughed and waved,” Hey guys!”

“And finally in the top three, Stanley!”

The audience exploded as Stanley smiled.

“Now, out of the three of you, Monty…. You’re not it.” Jeff said.

Monty slapped his knee,” Oh man!”

“Now, we’re down to Stanley, and James.” Jeff said.

The audience exploded into a fit of cheering and yelling while Jeff was about to announce the winner.

“The winner was…… James.” Jeff announce as the audience cheered.

Stanley patted James’ back,” Great job.”

James laughed,” Yeah boy!”

“And so, the dramatic season ends.” Jeff said,” Stay tuned for our next season, where I won’t host!”

Suddenly, a young man with shaggy brown hair pushed Jeff aside,” We’ll see you next time on TOTAL DRAMA COSTA RICA!”

“You’re not hosting yet! Get off!” Jeff exclaimed.


  • Stanley was not an original contestant, until Reddude sent him in.
  • Julio was originally going to get third, but it was changed before writing.


  • Thanks to Reddude for making amazing fanart, letting me use Stanley, helping me kill my writers block, and trying to make an elimination chart.
  • Thanks to Bocaj for making amazing fanart.

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