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16 teenagers battle it out for one million dollars and another ordinary island. But wait.... is this island all that ordinary. When the contestants cross an evil Lamia, will everyone survive? Will Chris be sued? Will the competition go on? Find out here, on Total. Drama. BONEY ISLAND! ((Pahkitew never happened!)) Story can be found, here!:

Total Drama Boney Island is written by mstotaldrama100 on It includes characters made by others on the website. The plotline, is not only the contestants competing for the million, but battling against dangers such as Lamias, Witches, Supernatural beings, Deathbears, Spirits, Curses, and Magic. SO much magic. It consists of 20 chapters at the moment and is completed.

Status Complete
Chapters 22
Winner Astrid/Feline
Aired(Written) Jan 25, 2014

August 18, 2014

The Contestants(Alphabetical order)

Astrid Contraire, Labeled the Mischievous Music Prodigy  

Carrie Johnson, Labeled the Bubbly Musician 

Danika Summers, Labeled the Short-Tempered Australian

Davo Winmar, Labeled the Mechanic

Feline Dove Fallon, Labeled the The Punk Goth

George, Labeled the The Manipulative Evil Mastermind

Jose Grimlock Flores, Labeled the Gentle Giant

Jacqueline Marie McBride, Labeled the Manipulator

Keith McAdams, Labeled the Sociopath

Kayla Veil, Labeled the Friendly Photographer

Niko Hightower, Labeled the Mr. Popular

Natasha Rae Reynolds, Labeled the Silent One

Parker Ridley, Labeled the Timid Nerd

Sapphire Jesse Morris, Labeled the Hopeless Romantic

Sebastian Raven, Labeled the Short-Tempered Musician

Shawn Rexton, Labeled the Dark Jock

This season was made BEFORE Pahkitew Island was aired anywhere so any similarities are purely coincidental... either that or someone's a copycat.

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