If you thought touring would be done with, well think again! Twenty players have been chosen to compete all` across the world for one million dollars! They will deal with different cultures, difficult challenges, and worst off themselves! Are you wanting to see the action? Well come here to Total Drama Back On Tour!!! Created By DegrassiFan2015!

Important Dates

Ash, Bryce, Mikah, Trey, and Nick Character Pages- 4/20

Daniel, Stephano, J.T., Colton, and Hiro Character Pages- 4/25

Lilly, Rachel, Zirah, Emmaleigh, and Penelope Character Pages- 4/30

Olivia, Inez, Georgia, Kaci, and Xandra Character Pages- 5/5

Pictures of Characters- To Be Announced

Let The Touring Begin- May 5

I Hope To See You Guys View!! :D



Ash- The Goth

Bryce- The Southerner

Mikah- The Tool

Trey- The Jokester

Nick- The Nerd

Daniel- The Model

Stephano- The Chilled One

J.T.- The Musician

Colton- The Rich Snob

Hiro- The Jock


Lilly- The Hippie

Rachel- The Punk Rock Girl

Zirah- The Sweetie

Emmaleigh- The Prep

Penelope- The Bossy Girl

Olivia- The Fashionista

Inez- The Latin Beauty

Georgia- The Carefree Girl

Kaci- The Manga Girl

Xandra- The Tomboy

Episode 1- "Let The Touring Begin!"- May 10, 2012

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