This story is rated DC-13.
This story does include swears, and some of them are censored. However, there are still many words that they would not say on Total Drama that are not censored. I do not recommend this story for people under 13 years of age. This story also involves some topics that some people may be sensitive to and are highly controversial. Parental discretion is advised.
This story is a Real-World Story.
This story, unlike parallel universe stories, takes place in the same universe as Total Drama, so the events of Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour have occurred, and the story will be written accordingly. The main characters may have a cameo appearance in the story, but their appearance will not have a large effect on the outcome.
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Total Drama Art is an art-themed FanFiction, created by Dakota of the official Total Drama Island Wiki.


Chris McLean, host of the hit reality TV show, Total Drama, has decided to create the fourth season with the original 24 contestants! After the horrifying events of the Total Drama World Tour finale, many of the original contestants were harmed or injured. He felt that if he just let the show hang there, he would lose many viewers and possibly his job, so after they finished recovering, he decided to take them to the McLean Museum of Art and beyond, participating in art-themed challenges chronologically throughout art history. They will participate in 4 teams of 6, where the winning team will win a hotel room for the night, another reward, and immunity. The second place team will only win a reward and immunity. The third place team will win only immunity, and the losing team will be forced to go to the dreaded Art Show of Shame ceremony where one of the team members will be eliminated. This will continue up until the merge, where the teams will be dissolved, and it will be every competitor for themself. The challenges will begin in Prehistoric art, and will continue up until present day, where the two remaining contestants will battle it off in front of real art judges, who will determine the winner of Total... Drama...... ART!


(PLEASE NOTE: The characters' labels have changed since TDWT.)

  • Alejandro: The Two-Faced Mexican
  • Beth: The Sweet Girl
  • Bridgette: The Heartbroken Surfer Girl
  • Cody: The Scrawny "Ladies Man"
  • Courtney: The C.I.T.
  • DJ: The Kind-Hearted Brickhouse
  • Duncan: The Deliquent
  • Eva: The Angry Jockette
  • Ezekiel: The Homeschooled Shut-in
  • Geoff: The Party Loving Famemonger
  • Gwen: The Goth Loner
  • Harold: The Sci-Fi Nerd
  • Heather: The Remorseful Antagonist
  • Izzy: The Schizophrenic Psychopath
  • Justin: The Hottie McHottie
  • Katie: The Talkative Fashionista
  • Leshawna: The Ghetto Sista'
  • Lindsay: The Ditzy Leader
  • Noah: The Cynical Genius
  • Owen: The Disgusting Gas Bomb
  • Sadie: The Devious Gossiper
  • Sierra: The Total-Drama Superfan
  • Trent: The Passionate Musician
  • Tyler: The Unathletic Athlete



Elimination Table

Place Name Teams Episodes TDDDDA
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
TBA Alejandro Conquistadors
TBA Beth Aces
TBA Blaineley Aces
TBA Bridgette Fatales
TBA Cody Conquistadors
TBA Courtney Fatales
TBA DJ Conquistadors
TBA Duncan Screams
TBA Eva Screams
TBA Ezekiel Conquistadors
TBA Geoff Aces
TBA Gwen Screams
TBA Harold Aces
TBA Heather Fatales
TBA Izzy Aces
TBA Justin Conquistadors
TBA Katie Fatales
TBA Leshawna Aces
TBA Lindsay Fatales
TBA Noah Conquistadors
TBA Owen Screams
TBA Sadie Fatales
TBA Sierra Aces
TBA Trent Screams
TBA Tyler Screams


Section Box Description
Winners 1st This camper won first place and $1,000,000.
2nd This camper was the runner-up.
Genders Name This camper's gender is male.
Name This camper's gender is female.
Teams Fatales This camper was picked by TBA to be on the team of The Femme Fatales.
Conquistadors This camper was picked by TBA to be on the team of The Conquistadors.
Aces This camper was picked by TBA to be on the team of The Smokin' Aces.
Screams This camper was picked by TBA to be on the team of The Supreme Screams.
Challenges WIN This camper won the episode's challenge for themselves only.
WIN This camper was on the winning team, i.e. The team that won immunity, a reward, and a hotel room.
WIN This camper was on the 2nd place team, i.e. The team that won immunity and a reward only.
IN This camper was on the 3rd place team, i.e. The team that won immunity only.
Art Show of Shame Ceremony IN This camper is still competing as of that episode, and had their name called at the Show of Shame ceremony.
LOW This camper is still competing as of that episode, but had their name called last at the Show of Shame ceremony.
Eliminations OUT This camper was voted off.
OUT This camper was eliminated.
OUT This camper was not voted off, but was eliminated from the show via the challenge.
OUT This camper was unintentionally voted off by unwarranted circumstances.
LEFT This camper was not voted off, but left the show.
TDA Qualifiers PASS This camper met the qualifications in Total Drama Art to advance to the next season and become a cast-mate of Total Drama TBA.
FAIL This camper did not meet the qualifications in Total Drama Art to advance to the next season, Total Drama TBA.
Other N/A This camper was inactive during the episode.



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