All Stars-0


It is the second time that Chris decides to make a season mixing Revenge of the Island and Total Drama Island.


Chapter 1 - I doubt you jump there!

Chris - Hello boys and girls! This time I'm here for my second season of All Stars! This time the participants came falling! Literally!

* Squeeze a button * 

Chris - Hahaha!


* Cody appears falling from the plane that exploded *

Cody - Help! AHHHH! 

* Sierra appear soon after * 

Sierra - CODYYYYYY! Let me hug you! 



*Courtiney appears falling*

Courtney - I do not pay lawyers for that Chris McLean! 

Eve - Not me girl! * Sierra fists * 

Courtiney: Scott! 

* Scott appears and takes a lot of punches * 

Scott - Hehehehe! Where's my mommy?


*Katie appears falling*

Katie - Ahhhhh! 

Sadie: Ahhhhh! 

Staci - They knew my tátátátátátaravô invented the explosion? Before, people had to dig without dynamite! 

Katie - Ahhhh! 

Sadie - Ahhhh! The liar Staci! 


*Lightning appears falling*

Lightning - The Lightning will here give Sha-Punch at all! 

Duncan - Someone asked you? 

Gwen - I did not sign a contract for it. 

* A hologram appears ade Chris falling * 

Chris - Signed yeah!


*Heather appears falling*

Heather - Urgh! Idiots program! 

Alejandro - But you're my best beauty! 

Jo - Get out of your losers! 

* Jo stepping on the head of the two * 

Alejandro - disrespectful! 


*Zoey appears falling*

Zoey - Mike! I need your help! 

Mike - Vira * Svetlana * Zoey! Mike's girlfriend! 

* Cameron also appears fall * 

Cameron - AHHH! Can not hurt me more than it gives back! 

Sevetlana - Cameron and Zoey! Mike's best friend! The mike has good taste!


*Sam appears falling*

Sam - Help! 

Brick - Never leave a soldier behind! 

Dawn - What kind aura Brick is today! 

Brick - Really? 

Sam - Can anyone help me?


Duncan: Hehehe! This season're easy for me to win!

Lindsay: Yay! But where our fenders? 

Duncan - È Parachute! And we have! 

Lindsay - Wow! Chris is bad! 

Duncan: That's right baby! 

Lindsay: I'm not a cat! I am a human! Same to you! Or I'm an alien?


* Opening *

Chris - Hello participants who love ... to torture! 

Courtney: Chris! Same as always! 

The confessional Courtiney: At least we're on the island Pahkitew. A small sprout. 

Gwen: Where are the cabins? 

Chris - Who said I will have cabanas? Hehehe! You should turn to sleep! 

Katie - Chris! You are bad! 

Sadie: Very! 

Chris - I've been trying hard ... hahaha! I am with great jokes today! 

Duncan: Great ... 

Jo - But then what? Or not to submit the island? And the teams? 

Chris - Let's go first challenge! And this season I decided to renew! No teams! 

Lightning - Sha-what? 

Chris - That's right! At the end of the day only one person leads to immunity! It is not exciting? 

All: No! 

Chris - Wow! Okay .. the challenge today! Jump that ravine! 

* All ese correme impress with height * 

Jo - But skip here and not die ... it's impossible! 

Chris - Exactly! But relax! Will fall on something soft! 

* Shows a whole flat mattress with springs and jumping * 

Gwen: I do not seem very safe! 

Chris - What was supposed to be? 

All: Oh no! 

Chris - Remembering that can give up, but immunity is like playing outside! Cody! 

Cody - I do not! I will never jump out! 

Chris - Really? But it can take the cannon! 

Cody - Glup! Okay .. 

* He prepares to jump but gives up * 

Cody: I can not! 

Sierra - At Cody! 

* Chris holds her * 

Chris - First Eve!

Eva - Easy!

Chris - So go! 

* Eva jumps and breaks the floor * 

Heather - Like this? 

Chris - I do not know! 

Sierra - Can I go now? 

Chris - NOT! Sadie and Katie! 

Katie - Oh ... do not know if I will ... 

* Sadie jumps and pulls her * 

Katie - Help! Help! 

* They fall to the ground * 

Chris - Ui! It hurt to me! 

Sadie - Ouch! 

Katie - Sadie, you gone mad? 

Sadie - I do not know what got into me! 

Sierra - Can I go now? 

Chris - Now you can! 

Sierra - For Co. .. * looks down * Er ... that Medão that beat now! 

Chris - Really? Seriously? 

Sierra: Yeah true .. true! I swear by Cody! 

Chris - Why do I still care? 

Chris - More finally turn Courtiney! 

Courtiney: Come on Chris! This challenge is deadly! 

Chris - An intern did it 38 times! OK, so at the Thirty-Eighth lung it broke in half, but no biggie! 

Courtiney: Glup! Here I go! 

* Courtiney would jump, but came back * 

Couritney: Er ... I'm not jumping ... because of my disease? 

Chris - I know ... but that's okay! I can not deny! Lightning! 

Lightning: The Lightning here will be sha-sha play here and go sha-sha win immunity! 

Chris - And if you do not shut your mouth will bring the cannon! 

Lightning: Here I go! 

* If playing * 

Lightning - Uhu! Easy!

* All were invited to jump, but only Gwen, Alexander, Dawn, Brick and Jo jumped *

Jo - And now McLean? 

Chris - The losers can expect me sitting in the elimination ceremony! Eva, John, Alexander, Brick, Dawn and Gwen are immune! 

Jo - Uhu! 


Chris - Today one of you will be strictly eliminated from Total Drama: All Stars 2! And who takes the cannon is today ... 

. Chris - Staci! 

Staci: Again? Ain ... 


* Staci was in Cannon * 

Chris - Any last words? 

Staci: It was my tatatatatatatatatatatatatatataravó who invented the guns! And my tatatatatatatatatatatatatataravô invented shame! 

Heather - boring girl! 

* Chis pressed a button and Staci was thrown * 

Staci - Help! 

Chris - And thats it! Sierra grab Cody? Eva be strong to overcome? And Duncanw regained Gwen? Do not miss the next Drama! Total! All Stars! 2!

Next episode: Speak Portuguese and Brazilian like Lindsay!

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