Episode 1: Heroes vs. Villains

Chris McLean is rotting away in prison after having been arrested for dumping toxic waste last season. However, Chef Hatchet visits him with an envelope from the producers of Total Drama, demanding that he be released to host the next season.

Soon, Chris, Chef, and their new personal assistant, the Drama Machine, are back on Wawanakwa Island, and introduce the cast, a returning group of both new and old contestants he “ hurt”. A helicopter arrives and drops off Owen, Gwen, Lindsay, Sierra, Heather, Duncan, and Courtney from the first generation, and Mike, Zoey, Scott, Cameron, Brick, Jo, Lightning, and Anne Maria from the second generation.

At the last second, Ezekiel is thrown off the helicopter too, having stowed away on it in yet another attempt to return to the show and win the million dollar prize. Chris has the Drama Machine shoot him away from the island.

Once the contestants reach shore, Chris explains the premise of the season - an all-star season with crazy twists on previous challenges, and divides up the teams - Owen, Lindsay, Mike, Zoey, Sierra, Brick, Cameron, and Courtney on the Heroic Hamsters, and Scott, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Anne Maria, Duncan, and Gwen on the Villainous Vultures, much to Gwen’s dismay. When Jo complains that the Hamsters have one more member than the Vultures, Chris assigns the Drama Machine to the team.

Cameron sees the Drama Machine wheel over to the Vultures and expresses a belief in the confessional that Alejandro is inside it, due to having seen the finale of the third season.

Chris explains that the first challenge will be based on a combination of the cliff dive from season one and the race through Central Park from season three. Jo volunteers to be the pusher for the Vultures and Courtney forces Lindsay to do it for the Heroes.

During the challenge, both teams seem to be evenly tied, as both of them struggle to find the keys. However, the Heroes are soon demonstrated to be at a disadvantage, due to Lindsay’s weakness and incompetence when it comes to the cart pushing, greatly annoying Courtney.

However, during the later part of the challenge, the Drama Machine ends up pushed into the water due to Scott’s fear of Fang and the other sharks, and explodes, revealing Alejandro and leaving Cameron feeling justified. Alejandro manages to collect a for the Villains when he lands on shore, but he suddenly falls over, finding himself unable to walk due to his legs being asleep from having been in the robot for so long. Jo wheels him to the mansion and Alejandro’s key proves to be the correct one, winning the challenge for them.

That night, the Villains watch the bonfire from the Peanut Gallery, with Gwen trying (and failing) to redeem herself to Courtney, and the Heroes end up voting off Lindsay due to her incompetence. Indeed, Lindsay even votes for herself, and she’s sent home on the Flush of Shame. Meanwhile, Lightning is the first to volunteer for the “reward” of Exile on Boney Island to search for the Immunity Idol. 

Episode 2: Evil Dread

In the loser cabins, the boy Heroes are awoken by Brick’s alarm. Brick reveals that he convinced Courtney to let he and her be co-captains of the team. Meanwhile, on the girls’ side, Courtney and Zoey are being freaked out by Sierra's constant snapping pictures of them and obsessing over Cody.

In the hotel, the Villains are living it up. Alejandro and Heather argue, with Alejandro saying he still can’t use his legs and Heather not buying it. Scott reveals in the confessional that he planned to throw challenges again this season, but after learning of the Spa Hotel prize, decided against it. On Boney Island, Lightning eats a raw fish, but throws up. When he returns he reveals that he failed to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head.

When the contestants are all gathered and before Chris announces the challenge, Harold arrives and requests to be let into the game, prepared to give Chris a long-winded speech about why he deserves to be let back in. However, Chris has Chef drag former contestant away.

The challenge to dig and assemble the puzzle pieces is announced, and the Villains are given shovels as an advantage for winning the last challenge. During the challenge, the Villains seem to be at an advantage due to their shovels. Heather and Jo attempt to take charge of the team, but end up squabbling. During the challenge, Heather attempts to prove that Alejandro is faking his legs being asleep but is unable to. Alejandro, however, reveals in the confessional that his legs DO work, he’ll just pretend that they don’t for the time being in order to appear as less of a threat. Also, throughout the challenge, Jo is seen taunting and making fun of Brick, causing him to become angry and growl at her behind her back.

In the middle of the challenge, Harold returns, chased by Chef, and once again demands to be let back in to the game. However, Chris rolls his eyes and slaps a bomb onto him, blowing him away and into the woods.

During the challenge, the Heroes get an upper hand due to Mike finding a fedora and putting in on, turning into Manitoba. Scott attempts to cheat by hiding one of the Heroes’ pieces on the Villains’ side, but Mike catches him. Scott accidentally hits him upside the head and knocks him out, but when he wakes up, Mike feels no ill effects, still being able to access his personalities. The Heroes end up winning the challenge due to Lightning’s incompetence on the Villains’ side. Owen volunteers for Boney Island exile.

That evening, before the elimination ceremony, a mystery contestant, shrouded in shadow, with a voice of indistinguishable gender, approaches Scott and convinces him not to vote for Lightning, saying that despite the fact that he lost the challenge for them, he’s still a powerhouse and an asset for the team, at least in these earlier episodes where the teams are still together. The figure then says that the Villains should eliminate Jo, as it was her bossiness and domineering personality that really delayed them. The figure says they’ve already approached the other villains (with the exception of Jo). When Scott asks if the figure is a Hero or Villain, the figure simply replies, “Both.”

As the figure is slinking away, Harold emerges from the woods and reveals that he saw the figure talking to Scott, asking the figure what they're up to and why they're doing this. In response, the figure beats Harold up and tosses him into Lake Wawanakwa. He swims away quickly, being chased by Fang. The figure laughs evilly.

That evening, at elimination, Lightning is noticeably worried about his chances, but when it comes down to the final two between him and Jo, surprisingly, Jo is eliminated. Jo yells at her team that they have eliminated one of their strongest members too early, but the team doesn’t show remorse, with Gwen calling Jo too bossy for her own good. Jo is flushed, with Brick watching with a grin on his face in the distance.

Episode 3: Saving Private Leechball

In the guy's portion of the loser cabin at night, Alejandro, Scott, Lightning, and Duncan are discussing the possible culprits behind Jo's elimination. Scott blames Lightning, citing that he and Jo have always had grudges against each other. Lightning denies this, and blames Scott right back, suggesting that he threw the challenge for them somehow, like he did all the time last season, which the dirt farmer vehemently denies. Duncan then posits the theory that it could've been Brick, considering how much of a hate-fest they had last season, plus he caught sight of Brick watching Jo get flushed with a satisfied grin on his face that night. The villains all ponder this. Meanwhile, on the girls' side of the cabin, Heather and Anne Maria are arguing over who stole who's conditioner, while Gwen covers her ears and tries to get some sleep. 

The next morning, before the challenge is announced, Owen is brought back from Boney Island, with several large cuts and bruises on him from bear attacks. When Mike inquires if Owen found the immunity idol, Owen says that he was too busy trying to stay alive to look for it. Chris then explains the challenge - collect leechballs and guns in the forest and pick off the other team. When he mentions that it's a homage to the war challenge from TDA, Brick suddenly gets excited, saying that if he's ready to shine in any challenge, it's this one.

The challenge begins and the Heroes get a one minute head start due to winning the last challenge. They race off, splitting into two groups to cover more ground. Courtney takes Owen, Sierra, and Cameron, and Brick takes Zoey and Mike. As Brick's group is running, Mike brings up that he noticed him watching Jo's elimination. Brick denies it too quickly, which makes Mike suspicious in the confessional. Meanwhile, Courtney's team is being significantly slowed down by Owen, due to both his weight and his injuries. Due to Courtney's group's handicap, the Villains manage to arrive at the weapons crates first after waiting out their one-minute penalty. As they're running, Alejandro fakes having trouble walking on his hands, stating that he's still getting used to it, while admitting in the confessional that he's simply making himself look weak so that he'll slip right under the radar to the merge. The villains take the larger crates with the guns and the cannon. The group squabbles over the cannon until Lightning decides to take charge of it. The Heroes, meanwhile, are forced to use the slingshots and buckets.

The Villains instantly begin to open fire as the Heroes flee, with Scott taking out Sierra and Heather taking out Owen, saying that he wasn't hard to miss. However, the Villains' luck begins to change when Lightning accidentally takes out Alejandro with the cannon. In the confessional, as he picks leeches off of himself, Alejandro vows revenge in a low, threatening voice not unsimilar to that of the mysterious, shadowy figure's.

The Vultures split, deciding to leave the cannon behind. As the Heroes run off, they split back up into their groups that they were in before. Brick's group ends up chased by Anne Maria, shouting about how she's going to get Zoey out so she can have Vito to herself. The Heroes fire at Anne Maria, but every leech just bounces off her poof. As they run, Mike inquires about Jo's elimination, saying to Brick in a suspicious tone that despite the fact that Lightning was the obvious pick to go home, Jo ended up going home for some reason. Zoey then adds on that Jo and Brick have had a rivalry ever since last season. Brick denies having had anything to do with it, but Mike and Zoey remain suspicious.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Cameron run off together, pursued by Scott and Heather, with Courtney threatening to cream Cameron should anything happen to her, telling him he better protect her since she's his team leader. When he begins to say that Brick is her co-leader, she threatens to shoot him with a leechball, shutting him up.

At that moment, Duncan and Gwen emerge from some bushes. Courtney screams and throws Cameron in front of her as a meat shield, and Duncan's leechball hits him, knocking him to the ground. Duncan reloads and aims at Courtney, but Gwen hits Duncan's gun with hers, causing him to fire wildly into the air and miss Courtney. Courtney runs off and Duncan asks Gwen why she did that. Gwen says that she only came back to the show for two reasons - to be with him and to patch things up with Courtney, and him shooting her would not help Gwen's case. Duncan says that despite the fact that he hates Courtney, he loves Gwen more and says that he'll try to help her win back Courtney. The two begin to make out, and just then, Scott and Heather emerge from the treeline and fire at the two, mistaking them for Cameron and Courtney from a distance. Duncan and Gwen turn angrily and blast their teammates with leeches.

Brick, Mike and Zoey have lost Anne Maria by hiding behind some bushes, with the Jersey Shore Reject calling that "Red" can only hide Vito from her for so long. Brick suggests that they circle back to the cannon to try and use the Villains' own weapon against them. While Zoey says that this is a good idea, Mike remains suspicious. Brick says that if he's so suspicious, he can man the cannon.

When the Heroes circle back to the cannon, it turns out Courtney had the same idea, as she meets them there. Mike gets behind the cannon and begins reloading it. Just then, Anne Maria bursts from the treeline, shouting, "A-HA! THERE YOU ARE, VITO!" This startles Mike and he fires the cannon at Anne Maria, realizing too late that his teammates were between her and the cannon. The giant ball of leeches takes out Brick, Courtney, Zoey, and Anne Maria in one fell swoop. Mike runs to Zoey's side, mortified, to make sure she's okay. Zoey says it's okay, as she thinks Mike has just won the challenge for them, as even though he took them out, he also took out Anne Maria, who she presumes to be the last remaining Vulture. However, Lightning, the true last Vulture standing, suddenly leaps down from a tree, hitting Mike with a leech and winning the challenge for the Vultures. 

Chris descends on his jetpack and declares the Vultures the winners of the challenge. The other leech-covered competitors emerge from the trees and Scott quickly volunteers for Boney Island exile. Mike changes into Chester and complains about being hit with the leeches, as Courtney looks at him angrily and Zoey and Brick both look at him with worried looks on their faces.

That evening, before the bonfire ceremony, the mysterious figure, still shrouded in shadow approaches Zoey, saying that Mike is obviously the main target to go home that night as he took out half his own team on his own. However, the figure says that they will smooth-talk the other villains into not voting for Mike and instead voting for someone else, if Zoey agrees to owe the figure a favor. Zoey agrees, desperate to save Mike.

That night at the bonfire ceremony, Chris tells the competitors to vote. The Heroes' voting confessionals are shown, with Zoey and Mike voting for Brick (though they feel bad about it), Courtney and Sierra voting for Mike, and Cameron voting for Courtney. Brick is also seen voting, though he doesn't show who he voted for to the camera. The Final Two comes down to Mike and Brick. After drawing out the suspense a bit, Chris gives the final marshmallow to Mike. Mike and Zoey embrace happily, before realizing they're doing it right in front of Brick. However, Brick stands up and salutes his team, saying that he voted himself off, saying that he felt it was only right. He tells Courtney that she'll be a better team leader than he ever could be, before valiantly marching down the Dock of Shame.

In a separate confessional, Brick admits that he was approached by the mysterious figure, who convinced him to vote himself off, citing the fact that it was his idea in the first place to go use the cannon and therefore not Mike's fault, and that Brick was more guilty as he was Mike's "C.O.". Brick then adds on that the figure told him a real military man wouldn't hesitate to take one for the team, which he does by voting for himself. The confessional ends and cuts to the Flush of Shame, with Brick inside of it. Brick gives his team one final salute before being flushed. The camera then cuts to the mysterious shadowy figure using the confessional. They talk about how they plan to work things entirely behind the scenes, as they've learned from the past that doing things overtly is the wrong approach. He then calls the cast "Total Drama Nerds" and says, "One by one they'll all go down", similar to a statement made by Alejandro in the Season 2 special.

Episode 4: Food Fright

In the loser cabin, Chef gives the Hamsters their gruel breakfast. In sharp contrast, in the McLean Spa Hotel, the Vultures are eating like kings and queens, hungrily stuffing their faces - except Alejandro, he wants to maintain his perfect physique. 

Chris summons the contestants in order to announce the challenge, but before he does, Scott returns from Boney Island, claiming that he was unsuccessful in finding the Immunity Idol. As the contestants walk to the challenge, the shadowy figure pulls Scott deep into the woods to talk strategy. The figure says to Scott that two Heroes and one Villain have been eliminated so far, so they should eliminate a Villain just to even it out so as not to seem suspicious. Scott asks which Villain should be eliminated, and the figure says not to worry, and that the day’s challenge will determine that. 

The challenge is then announced - eat a giant stack of pancakes and complete an obstacle course without vomiting. Chris says that he needs one member of the Vultures to sit out the challenge due to the uneven number of players, and chooses Scott to sit out due to the fact that he was the most recent Boney Island exile. In the confessional, Scott celebrates about this, as this gives him an opportunity to study the challenge and figure out who to eliminate, then rig their elimination.

Owen quickly volunteers to go first for the Heroes, but Chris requires him to go last since he’s such a big eater. Mike then volunteers to go first for the Heroes and Lightning volunteers to go first for the Villains. The challenge begins and Lightning begins to voraciously devour the pancakes. However, he quickly finds himself unable to eat anymore due to the Vultures’ giant breakfast that morning. Meanwhile, a starving Mike chows through the pancakes like nobody’s business, quickly making a lot of headway on Lightning. 

Lightning more than makes up for his inability to eat by, due to his athleticism, effortlessly completing the obstacle course and salad spinner, however, while Mike struggles to do so. While he is attempting to cross the spinning logs, Courtney screams at him to hurry up, startling him and causing him to lose his balance and fall off the logs, turning into Chester and complaining when he hits the ground. The other Heroes glare at Courtney.

Up next are Zoey and Anne Maria. Anne Maria, furious at Zoey for “keeping Vito from her”, furiously eats through the pancakes with all her might. When it comes time to do the obstacle course, Anne Maria attempts to knock Zoey off-balance from the spinning logs with her poof, but she misses Zoey and the weight of her solid hair pulls her down and to the ground, disqualifying her. 

Next are Cameron and Alejandro. While Cameron doesn’t eat that much due to being a skinny bubble boy, Alejandro eats even less due to worrying about it fattening his physique, similarly to at breakfast. Just then, a bee bomb goes off inside Alejandro’s pancake and bees begin to swarm him, stinging him all over and ruining his appearance anyway. Cameron meanwhile manages to make it through the obstacle course.

Heather and Courtney are up next, and are exchanging verbal blows between bites. Both of them make it through the obstacle course, but when it comes to the salad spinner, Courtney barely manages to make it through the salad spinner. After she exits it, the mysterious figure approaches the salad spinner and sabotages it, increasing its speed tenfold. When Heather lands in the spinner, it spins much quicker than before, causing Heather to barf almost immediately. As she crawls out of the spinner, covered in barf, she thinks she hears a sinister chuckle, but dismisses it as her mind playing tricks on her, and goes to sit in the loser section with Anne Maria, Alejandro, and Mike.

The next pair to go up is Duncan and Sierra. While they eat, Sierra tells Duncan how much her blog viewers love “Gwuncan” and compares them to herself and Cody, mentioning that she texts Cody everyday, revealing her phone. Duncan nervously eyes Courtney, who is glaring at him the whole time. He’s too distracted by Courtney’s glares to hear the bell ring to mark the Villains’ turn to go, allowing Sierra a head start. Duncan rushes off after her to catch up.

While this is happening, the final two contestants who haven’t done the challenge yet, Owen and Gwen, take the stage. Chris tells them they are to wait for Duncan and Sierra to clear the course before eating. However, Owen is so hungry that he cannot wait and instantly begins devouring the pancakes. Instantly, his extra weight begins causing the boards beneath him and Gwen to bend and creak.

Just then, the pancakes’ added weight to Owen causes the boards beneath the two contestants to crack and shatter. Owen instantly falls to the ground below them, but Gwen is left teetering on the edge, having managed to grab onto the giant pancake plate in time. She’s left dangling over the scary drop to the ground. She begins screaming for help. 

Duncan is just about to close the gap between him and Sierra when he hears Gwen screaming. He turns around and contemplates in his mind whether to close the gap between him and Sierra and take the challenge or go rescue his girlfriend but lose the challenge. Predictably, he decides to save Gwen, and rushes back just in time to pull her back up to the platform right as she’s about to fall. She thanks him and they kiss. 

However, by now, Sierra has already entered the salad spinner, and due to its increased speed, she actually shoots out of it and lands in a tree. Every contestant holds their breath to see if she’s going to barf, and she narrowly manages to swallow it down. Since she didn’t barf, though, Chris announces that the Hamsters have won the challenge, considering every Vulture except Lightning either barfed or fell off the course. Chris then tells the Vultures that everyone except Scott is fair game for elimination, because since he made Scott sit out the challenge he’s also giving him immunity.

Prior to the Bonfire, the mysterious figure appears again to Scott to tell him that they have made a decision as to who’s going to be eliminated, and Scott says that he has as well. The figure says that Heather should be eliminated, due to being the first to throw up in the spinner, though the don’t mention they sabotaged it. However, Scott says it should be Duncan, since he went soft and decided to save Gwen instead of completing the challenge, and that could prove to be a future weakness for him. The figure contemplates it for a second, before telling Scott that he makes a good point, and defers to him, telling him that they’ll “make the necessary arrangements”, before slipping away. 

In the confessional, Scott grins and brags about how this proves that he’s smarter than the figure, before admitting that even he doesn’t actually know who it is, admitting that they’re doing a good job meeting with him in areas that conceal their identity. 

The Vultures’ confessionals are then shown, showing that Scott, Alejandro, Heather, Anne Maria, and Lightning all voted for Duncan, while Gwen and Duncan voted for Heather. Chris tallies up the votes and tells Duncan he’s out, before revealing a twist - this was just a reward challenge. He tosses the Hamsters their rewards - pre-made pancakes in bags for breakfast the next time they’re in the Loser Cabin. Then, Chris throws in another twist - Duncan and Courtney are switching teams. Courtney asks why, and Chris says because Courtney distracting Mike and causing him to fall off the obstacle course was pretty evil. Courtney nervously glances at Mike, who gives her a death glare. Duncan then asks why he’s going to the “Heroic Hippies”, as he calls them. Chris says it’s because he saved Gwen from falling, which he considered pretty heroic.

So Courtney and Duncan switch teams, Scott curses in the confessional that his plans have failed and that “he’ll win next time”, Sierra volunteers for exile, and Chris signs off the episode.

Episode 5: Moon Madness

The Villainous Vultures sit outside the loser cabin, eating gruel for dinner, Courtney complaining the entire time about how she would be “living the high life” if she hadn’t been switched to the Vultures. However, Scott, tired of her complaining, reminds her that she caused it by distracting Mike, and she snaps back. It quickly escalates into a shouting match. In the confessional, Scott admits that he likes Courtney’s spunk.

Heather also yells at Alejandro for his loud breathing through his nose, but he ignores her, calling her “typical”, which flabbergasts her. In the confessional, Alejandro admits that he’s doing this to distract her and throw her off her game, making her an easy target for elimination, while Heather worriedly rants in the confessional about Alejandro not paying attention to her.

Meanwhile, in the Spa Hotel, the Heroic Hamsters are living it up, especially Owen, who’s eating plate after plate after plate of beans, while also farting like crazy, disgusting the other Heroes. Everyone’s having a great time except Duncan, who sneaks out the back of the Hotel to talk to Gwen. Gwen asks how they’re going to make their relationship work while being on opposing teams, but Duncan says “they’ll jump off that bridge when they get to it”. In the confessional, Duncan privately worries about being seen as weak now that he’s on the Heroes team, and says he needs to assert his still-villainous status by proving he’s still a bad boy.

The other Hamsters wonder how Sierra’s doing on Boney Island, without her phone to text Cody. While everyone’s outside talking, the mysterious malevolent figure sleeps into Sierra’s room while she’s gone and breaks her phone, cutting off her communication to Cody. The figure laughs evilly before slipping away.

Just then, all the teams are ordered to line up outside and Sierra is brought back from Boney Island, seemingly unharmed and fine. When Cameron questions her how she didn’t get mauled by the wild animals, she admits she just thought of Cody the whole time. She then remembers her phone and runs inside, before coming outside, screaming and crying, holding the broken remains of her phone.

While Zoey, Mike, Cameron, and Owen are shocked, everyone else is amused, particularly Alejandro. Scott takes note of this, and mentions in the confessional that he thinks Alejandro found that a little too funny, contemplating the possibility that Alejandro could be the mysterious figure he’s been planning with, before dismissing it as Alejandro can’t walk (not knowing that Alejandro is still pretending to be crippled).

With everyone assembled outside, Chris explains the challenge - Make it to the finish line during a Blue Harvest Moon. When Zoey asks what a Blue Harvest Moon is, Chris brings out Dawn to explain what a Blue Harvest Moon is and its effects on the animals.

When she is finished explaining, Mike calls the challenge “fun”, causing incredulous reactions from the other contestants, with him sheepishly admitting that that was Manitoba talking. Zoey seems skeptical, and in the confessional, she says that Manitoba is never active without Mike putting on a hat. Chris then tries to shoo Dawn off, but she begins to talk about how she senses a “great evil” within the cast. An annoyed Chris signals for Chef, who grabs her and hauls her away.

Chris then gives the meat apparel to the Vultures and orders the two teams to begin the challenge. While running, Cameron asks Sierra if she managed to find the idol, but she is too dejected with her broken phone to answer him. He comforts her and tells her that Cody is his favorite original contestant because he reminds him of himself - short, nerdy, wimpy, and weak. Sierra admits that they are similar, and cheers up a bit.

Meanwhile, throughout the challenge, farts are beginning to leak out of Owen due to all the beans he ate, but the other Heroes force him to hold them back because they don’t want to be killed by the toxic smell.

As the Villains are running along, Courtney begins yelling at Gwen about how their having to wear the meat gear is all her fault due to her losing the last challenge for the Villains by falling through the platform, despite Gwen bringing up the fact that mathematically, the Villains had lost anyways. Just then, the Villains are attacked by rabid bunnies, with several leaping at Courtney in particular. Gwen pulls them off her but Courtney refuses to thank her. Scott gushes in the confessional about how much Courtney’s assertiveness is a turn-on.

At the same time, Heather begins acting incredibly happy and nice, with the Villains deducing that she, too must’ve been affected by the Blue Harvest Moon. Heather runs up and hugs Alejandro, grabbing onto him and kissing him on the cheek. Grossed out, Alejandro goes over to a nearby stream, jumping back onto his feet to walk when out of eyesight of the other Villains. In the confessional, he admits that maybe walking on his hands to appear weak is more trouble than it’s worth.

Just as he begins to wash off his face with water from the stream, Fang jumps out of it. Alejandro begins to back up in fear from the ferocious mutant shark, but Fang immediately grabs onto and hugs Alejandro with a big smile on his face. Alejandro realizes that Fang must’ve been affected by the Blue Harvest Moon and quickly takes advantage of his now-cheerful personality to strike a deal with Fang - to help him in the competition in exchange for Alejandro handing Scott over to him if he wins. Fang agrees and Alejandro returns to the rest of the Villains.

Soon, the Heroes make it to the bridge, with the Villains being held back by animals attacking them due to their meat apparel. They conclude they should probably go one at a time due to the weak condition of the bridge. Duncan volunteers to go first, in order to prove he’s still tough, but the bridge creaks and wobbles loudly under him, causing him to scream and leap back onto solid ground, holding onto Owen.

Sierra then volunteers Cameron to cross the bridge, though she calls him Cody, which slightly weirds him out. He has to remind her he’s Cameron, not Cody, but she says, “Sure, Cody.” Freaked out, Cameron tiptoes across the bridge, followed by Zoey, Sierra, and Mike. However, as Mike finishes crossing the bridge, his foot catches and he trips against one of the ropes, leaving the bridge suspended precariously from the one remaining rope. Duncan glares at Mike across the gap and he sheepishly apologizes, saying he doesn’t know what came over him.

Owen and Duncan then decide to just gun it across the bridge and they quickly run across the perilous bridge. They make it halfway across before it snaps, sending them falling into the ravine below. Owen curses and says it’s hopeless, before Duncan has an idea. He tells Owen to let rip all the farts from the beans he’s been holding back before he grabs onto him. Owen does, and a giant fart cloud propels them up like a rocket boost and onto the other side of the cliff, where all the other Heroes are holding their noses. Owen giggles while Duncan gasps for air, and the Heroes continue on.

The Villains arrive at the destroyed bridge, and all but Heather were distraught that the shortest possible route was destroyed. Lightning, being a dumb athlete, suggests they simply jump across, and climbs a tree before easily leaping the gap onto the other side, gesturing for his teammates to join him. Heather, in her new cheeriness, agrees, and she runs backwards to get a headstart. She begins running towards the edge of the cliff, however she trips on a root and falls off the edge of the cliff, holding onto it with one hand, which begins to slip.

Quickly, Alejandro hand-walks up and saves her, though with much difficulty. As soon as she is safe, Heather laughs in Alejandro’s face and admits that it was all an act to prove that Alejandro did care for her after all. In the confessional, Alejandro compliments Heather’s cunning, but says that now he must get her back for her trickery, tenfold.

Courtney takes charge and tells the Villains their only choice is to go the long way across the canyon, and Scott compliments her on her leadership skills. However, she insults him and they begin their run around the canyon, with Lightning yelling at them for being weak on the other side. As they’re running they come across an extension of the stream Alejandro washed off in before. He secretly breaks off from the group and summons Fang, telling him to go distract the Heroes to allow the Villains to gain the advantage, and Fang agrees eagerly.

The Heroes are running through the forest and are coming up on the finish line, when suddenly, Fang leaps out of the treeline and blocks their past. He aggressively pulls all of them, except Sierra, into a group hug, as he is still nice and doesn’t want to actually hurt them. Angry that Fang has grabbed Cameron, Sierra yells at him to let go of “her Cody” and kicks him in the nads.

Fang screeches and drops the contestants, including Cameron. Cameron yells at Sierra that he’s not Cody, however he’s too distracted doing this to notice Fang backing up in pain right towards him. Fang ends up walking right into and crushing Cameron. Sierra runs over to him, screaming if he’s okay and still calling him Cody.

This distraction allows the Villains to slip past the Heroes and rejoin with Lightning, with Alejandro secretly throwing his meat apparel to Fang as a thank-you. Just then, the Vultures cross the finish line and win the challenge. Chris tells them they can start taking off their meat apparel, and just then, the Blue Harvest Moon turns normal again.

Fang turns feral again and begins stalking towards the Villains. Scott screams and runs to climb up a tree. With Scott out of his reach, Fang starts approaching a fearful Courtney, who is the only one who hasn’t taken off her meat gear yet. Just as Fang is about to eat Courtney, Gwen jumps in and kicks Fang in the nose, causing him to fly into the woods and hit the tree Scott’s in. Both of them tumble to the ground and Fang begins to chase Scott, with the farmboy screaming and running in terror.

The Heroes cross the finish line, dragging the wounded Cameron with them, and Chris tells them they’ve lost. He declares the Vultures the winners, and Scott hurriedly volunteers for Boney Island exile in a panicked tone just to get away from Fang. A helicopter swoops in and picks him up just as Fang’s about to grab him, causing Fang to growl in anger.

Shortly before elimination that night, the figure approaches Zoey, telling her that Mike is on the chopping block for elimination, due to accidentally breaking the rope bridge, but the figure says they can save him. Zoey pleads with the figure to do so, and the figure says that Zoey’s gonna have to owe him in the future for this, before disappearing.

At the Bonfire, the bottom two came down to Mike and Sierra, and Sierra is eliminated, due to her insanity over cell phone withdrawal and causing Cameron (whose arm is in a sling and whose head is all bandaged up) to be injured. Chef puts Sierra in the Flush of Shame, and Cameron tells her that at least now she’ll be able to be with the real Cody.

In the confessional, Mike admits to being glad that he escaped elimination when he was a clear target, and Zoey, in her own confessional, thanks the figure, “Whoever you are,” for saving Mike as well. Scott also does a confessional, saying that he can’t help his growing attraction to Courtney, while Courtney, in her subsequent confessional, says that she noticed  Scott crushing on her and that maybe he actually wouldn’t be too bad of an ally to make.

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