So, TDAS isn't the most popular season. Many people hate it, so Icecream18 took it upon herself to rewrite it, with a better cast and better storylines.

NOTE: The general concept/plot of TDAS stays the same: heroes vs villains, Mal, etc. it's just executed much better than it originally was.


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Heroic Hamsters

  • Zoey
  • Mike
  • Cameron
  • Dawn
  • Brick
  • Lindsay
  • Owen
  • Bridgette
  • Izzy
  • Courtney

Villainous Vultures

  • Lightning
  • Jo
  • Anne-Maria
  • Alejandro
  • Scott
  • Heather
  • Duncan
  • Gwen
  • Eva
  • Noah

Opening Sequence/Theme Song


Episode 1: Heroes vs. Villains

  • Chris: Yo! I'm Chris McLean, host of the award-winning television show, Total Drama! We've seen teens flirt, fight, and form friendships. We've battled for a million dollars on an island, a movie set, and around the world. We've met 38... interesting teens that we've grown to love... TO SEE IN PAIN! And now we're taking 20 of those teens and throwing them back onto the island where it all began, for Total! Drama! ALL-STARS!
  • opening sequence*
  • camera shows Chris at the dock of Camp Wawanakwa*
  • Chris: So here we are, at Camp Wawanakwa, a crappy summer camp on a crappy island, which is now toxic-waste free, thanks to some lawsuits from the lovely Milton family. And now, it's time to meet our 20 all-stars!
  • camera shows a plane with an open door, still flying over the ocean*
  • Chris: From our original cast, we have Cranky CIT Courtney...
  • camera shows Chef dangling Courtney from her legs, and he then throws her out of the plane*
  • Courtney: I'm calling my lawyers! *her voice fades as she falls further from the plane, and a splash is then heard in the water*
  • Chris: Ice Queen Heather...
  • Chef is seen holding Heather by her ponytail before dropping her*
  • Heather: I hate Chris! *voice fades as she falls*
  • Chris: Evil Eva!
  • Eva dives off the plane herself*
  • Chris: Know-it-all Noah!
  • Noah looks scared to jump off the plane, but Chef comes up behind him and pushes him, and his scream is heard*
  • Chris: Boyfriend Kisser Gwen!
  • Gwen: It was one time!
  • Chris: Soul-Surfer Bridgette!
  • Bridgette dives off, and a shout of "WOO-HOO!" is heard*
  • Chris: Bad-Boy Duncan!
  • Duncan jumps off the plane, his arms crossed and with a blank expression*
  • Chris: Lovable Lame-Brain, Lindsay!
  • Lindsay: *flaps arms in flying motion* Whee! I'm flying! *looks down and notices she's falling, and a scared look stretches across her face* AHHHHH!!!!
  • Chris: Season One Winner, Owen!
  • Owen is screaming as Chef attempts to get him off the plane, though he is stuck in the door. Chef finally manages to push him out, and he makes a huge splash*
  • Chris: Sexy Spanyard, Alejandro!
  • Alejandro is seen jumping off the plane effortlessly as Heather glares at him from the water below*
  • Chris: And lastly, the Indescribable Izzy!
  • Izzy comes hurdling off the top of the plane rather than from the inside and screams in excitement*
  • Chris: Now from our second-gen cast, we have Mike!
  • Mike is seen falling off*
  • Chris: aka Svetlana *Mike turns into Svetlana*, Chester *Mikes turns into Chester*, Vito *Mike turns into Vito*, and Manitoba Smith *Mike turns into Manitoba*
  • Chris: And of course, everyone's favorite redhead, Zoey!
  • Zoey: *looks concered for Mike* Mike! *dives off plane*
  • Chris: Farm-boy Scott!
  • Chef is seen with Scott clinging onto his leg as he tries to shake him off*
  • Scott: I'm not going down there! *points at water below*
  • Chef: Oh, you're going! *pries Scott off his leg and throws him as he screams*
  • Chris: The Mysterious Dawn! *looks to his right and sees Dawn already there* Wh- Dawn?! How did you get here?!
  • Dawn: Your aura drew me here of course! It's quite... intriguing, to say the least!
  • Chris: Um... o-kay? Well, next we have Bubble-Boy Cameron!
  • Cameron jumps off and screams*
  • Chris: Tan-in-a-can, Anne Maria!
  • Anne Maria is seen struggling with Chef*
  • Anne Maria: I am NOT getting my hair wet!
  • Chef: *kicks Anne Maria off the plane and she screams*
  • Chris: Sha-Lightning!
  • Lightning: Sha-LIGHTNING is in the house! *dives off plane*
  • Chris: His old rival, Jo...
  • Jo: I can dive better than that! *pushed off by Chef* AHHHH!!!!!
  • Chris: And last but... well, probably least, Brick!
  • Brick: Sir, yes sir! *salutes and is pushed off by Chef*
  • Chris: So, campers, are you all glad to be back here? *looks at campers from the dock*
  • Most contestants shake their heads or say no
  • Chris: Well me neither! But most of you won't be here for long, since, as you all know, each week one of you will be picked off until only one remains. The last one who does remain will be crowned Total Drama's Ultimate All-Star, and recieve a small prize of a million dollars!
  • All contestants cheer*
  • Chris: Now, this might just be the toughest season yet, considering the 20 of you guys are Total Drama's roughest, toughest, smartest players! The All-Stars, of course! Well, most of you are. A couple are just fan-favorites in high audience demand... *gestures to Eva, Noah, Dawn, and Brick as they all glare at him*
  • Chris: Now, for our teams... this season, we'll be having a theme of Heroes VS. Villains!
  • Gwen: *in confessional* Well, it looks like me and Duncan won't be on the same team... unless Chris considers Duncan a hero... *stops to think, and after considering it she begins to laugh loudly*
  • Courtney: *in confessional* I know a certain goth girl who's certainly gonna be on the villains team!
  • Heather: *in confessional* Well, it looks like I'll be on the villains team... and I'll be RUNNING IT by lunch!
  • Chris: So... Zoey, Mike, Courtney, Izzy, Cameron, Dawn, Bridgette, Owen, Lindsay, and Brick... you 10 are now the HEROIC HAMSTERS!
  • Courtney: Um, excuse me, how are HAMSTERS heroic?
  • Chris: It was either that or the Heroic Hippos...
  • Courtney: Hamsters it is!
  • Chris: Now Duncan, Heather, Jo, Alejandro, Lightning, Anne-Maria, Noah, Eva, Scott, and Gwen... you guys are now the VILLAINOUS VULTURES!
  • Eva: WHY AM I A VILLAIN?!?!?!?!?! *attempts to strangle Chris but is held back by Gwen and Anne-Maria*
  • Chris: Well, Eva, you're a villain because your teams are based on your actions in past seasons! For example, Gwen is on the villains team for being an evil boyfriend kisser, while Courtney is a hero for being an innocent victom who was stabbed in the back by her friend!
  • Gwen: Really, Chris?! THREE SEASONS of niceness and after one episode you're reduced to evil boyfriend-kisser status?
  • Chris: *chuckles* Yep! Now I want you all to meet me at the top of the cliff for your first challenge! *gets on an escelator to take him to the top of the cliff*
  • Mike: *starts to get on escelator but is pushed off by Chris*
  • Chris: Nope! You guys get to walk!
  • camera flashes to the Heroes walking through the woods followed by the Villains*
  • Gwen: Duncan! Courtney keeps glaring at me!
  • Duncan: I'll put a stop to it! *waves at Courtney mockingly*
  • Courtney: *rolls eyes*
  • Duncan: Wh- How?! She's just gonna ignore me?!
  • Gwen: Whatever, Duncan. It's not a big deal. I already feel bad anyway....
  • Duncan: Why, babe? Being bad is cool!
  • Gwen: Well, sure, but... maybe I am a villain. I mean, she was my best friend and then I just kissed her boyfriend and didn't even tell her...
  • Duncan: Stop with the whining, it's like I'm dating Courtney all over again!
  • Gwen: *sighs*
  • camera moves forward to show Dawn and Lindsay walking in the middle of the Heroes pack*
  • Lindsay: OMG, you're that girl-
  • Dawn: It's Dawn, not Dora.
  • Lindsay: OMG! You like, totally knew what I was gonna say! Are you psycho?
  • Dawn: Um, no...
  • Izzy: *comes swinging in on a vine* I am! *laughs maniacally*
  • Lindsay: Hi Iggy!
  • Lindsay: *to Dawn* Hey, can you read my aurora?!
  • Dawn: I can read your AURA, yes.
  • Lindsay: Yeah that would be so cool! *holds out palm towards Dawn*
  • Dawn: *reads Lindsay's palm* Well, I can sense someone special waiting for you back home...
  • Lindsay: Oh yeah! That's Noah!
  • Bridgette: *chuckles* Lindsay, I think you mean Tyler!
  • Lindsay: Oh yeah! Tyler! *waves at camera* Hi Tyler!
  • Dawn: Hmmm.... and I can sense... lipgloss? Lots and lots of lipgloss...
  • Lindsay: That's because I'm wearing, like, nine layers of peach-flavored lipgloss! It smells sooo good!
  • Dawn: Well, that would explain it...
  • campers reach the top of the cliff*
  • Chris: Hello all-stars! Welcome to your first challenge, a reference to Total Drama Island's cliff diving challenge!
  • Mike: If it's cliff-diving, shouldn't we be wearing bathing suits?
  • Owen: Oh yeah! I'll change into mine! *begins unzipping pants*
  • Everyone: NO OWEN!!!
  • Owen: Oh *laughs* sorry...
  • Chris: There's no time for bathing suits! We only have half an hour! But as I was saying, this challenge is a reference to Total Drama Island's cliff-diving challenge and Total Drama World Tour's "Broadway, Baby" challenge. It involves the contestants diving off this cliff into shark-infested waters to find a key, and then getting driven in a baby carriage by another team member to our luxury spa hotel. If they key fits, then that team wins the challenge and gets a papmered night in the spa hotel while the losers sleep in our crappy cabins, complete with bed and breakfast from Chef *laughs evilly* If it doesn't fit, you must go back to the cliff and start over.
  • a golden baby carriage and a red baby carriage are shown*
  • Chris: So, heroes, which of you guys would like to push the baby carriage?
  • Zoey: Cam, you should do it!
  • Cameron: No, I think Mike should do it!
  • Mike: Really? I think Zoey should!
  • Courtney: *rolls eyes* Lindsay will do it! *pushes Lindsay into the gold baby carriage where she gets stuck*
  • Chris: Now, who volunteers for the villains?
  • Lightning: Sha-LIGHTNING will push!
  • Jo: Uh, no! I will!
  • Eva: No! I will!
  • Both Jo and Lightning look intimidated by Eva and let her drive*
  • Chris: Ok! Eva and Lindsay, use the escelator to get back down while the rest of you guys, stay here!
  • Once Eva and Lindsay are on the ground...
  • Chris: 3... 2.... 1... GO!!!
  • Izzy throws herself right off the cliff and into the water*
  • Jo: So, which of you guys wanna go first?
  • Heather: Oh, it's fine! You can go!
  • Jo: Fine! *dives off the cliff*
  • Izzy: *rides shark onto shore* TO THE SPA HOTEL!
  • Lindsay: Wait... which way is it again?
  • Izzy: I don't remember...
  • at the top of cliff...
  • Courtney: WHY AREN'T THEY GOING?!
  • Bridgette: I don't know...
  • Courtney: LINDSAY! GO THAT WAY!
  • Lindsay: Okay! *pushes the carriage*
  • Jo manages to get a key and get onto shore*
  • Jo: Hurry! They're ahead of us!
  • Eva: I know! *pushes carriage*
  • Despite Lindsay leaving first, Eva and Jo arrive at the spa hotel first due to Eva's speed
  • Jo: *puts key in lock* Doesn't fit!
  • Eva: Then get back in the carriage!!!
  • Lindsay and Izzy arrive as Jo and Eva leave*
  • Izzy puts the key in the lock, but it doesn't fit*
  • Izzy: Doesn't work!
  • Lindsay: Oooh! Maybe they left a window open!
  • Izzy: Good idea! *begins to check windows*
  • Eva and Jo get back to the cliff while Izzy and Lindsay are still checking the windows*
  • Heather: Here come Jo and Eva! Someone dive!
  • Lightning: Sha-Lightning will!
  • Noah: Ok, just sha-SHUT UP and dive!
  • Lightning dives off and finds a key, then hops into the carriage*
  • Zoey: Seriously, where are Izzy and Lindsay?
  • Mike: No idea...
  • Cameron: Even with Eva's increased speed on Lindsay, they should be here by now...
  • Courtney: *grabs Chris's megaphone* IZZY AND LINDSAY!! HURRY UP!
  • Lindsay heard Courtney's message and began to drive Izzy back as Lightning and Eva arrived*
  • Lightning: Aw, man! The key doesn't sha-work!
  • Eva: Come on!
  • Eva and Lightning arrive just a second before Izzy and Lindsay*
  • Heather: Now who's gonna dive?
  • Alejandro: I will, my fair lady *attempts to kiss Heather's hand but she pulls it away*
  • Heather:  Ok, just go! *under breath* Wish he would jump off cliffs more often...
  • Alejandro dives*
  • Gwen: Why don't you jump, Heather?
  • Heather: Duh! I'll get my hair wet!
  • Anne Maria: I feel that struggle.
  • Gwen: *rolles eyes*
  • Izzy and Lindsay arrive*
  • Courtney: Finally! Ok, now who wants to go?
  • Owen: I will!
  • Bridgette: Uh, Owen. I don't think that's the best *Owen jumps* Oh no...
  • Alejandro gets in the carriage as Owen makes a huge splash*
  • Owen: *gets out of the water* I got a key!
  • Lindsay: Yay Owen! *tries to push carriage* Too... heavy!
  • Owen: Sorry, I had a big breakfast!
  • Eva gets to the spa hotel and Alejandro's key doesn't work. The two get back before Lindsay and Owen even reach the spa hotel*
  • Gwen: Since these two princesses *motions to Anne Maria and Heather* can't get their hair wet, who wants to go?
  • Noah: I will.
  • Gwen: Great!
  • Noah: *jumps off and screams, but gets a key after almost getting attacked by sharks*
  • Owen and Lindsay finally reach the spa hotel, and Lindsay is panting heavily*
  • Owen: Doesn't work... *sniffs air* I can smell hot, fresh cake cooking in there!
  • Lindsay: *moans and falls over*
  • Eva and Noah arrive*
  • Eva: Oh God, you guys are still here... we got this challenge in the bag, Noah!
  • Noah: Whoop-de-do. *key doesn't fit* Nope, doesn't work...
  • Eva: *screams and punches a tree, it falls over*
  • Noah: Easy there, no-gender.
  • Eva: *looks angry but says nothing, just pushes the carriage*
  • Eva and Noah get back to the cliff*
  • Gwen: Ok guys, I'll dive.
  • Heather: Great for you, new-me.
  • Gwen: *scowls before diving*
  • Courtney: Lindsay needs to get back here! They just had their fifth diver and we've only had two!
  • Bridgette: *points at the bottom of the cliff, where Eva drives away with Gwen in the carriage* Aaaand now they've left...
  • Zoey: I really don't blame her, I mean, it's Owen...
  • Lindsay and Owen arrive at the cliff, Lindsay looking exhausted*
  • Courtney: Finally!
  • Zoey: I'll go! *dives into the water*
  • Lindsay: *in confessional* Ok, I wanna win the million so I can buy a lifetime supply of lipgloss, but I didn't think it would be as hard as this!
  • Jo: *in confessional* Lindsay's weakness and Owen's weight combined is basically just handing us the challenge!
  • Courtney: *in confessional* What was I thinking, making Lindsay drive? She probably stopped to look at a flower or something...
  • Zoey: *gets in carriage* Go go go!
  • Gwen's key doesn't fit, and as the two drive back to the cliff Zoey and Lindsay catch up to them, Zoey pushing the carriage with a pole*
  • Zoey: *puts in key, it doesn't fit* Back we go.
  • Eva arrives back at the cliff*
  • Duncan: *to Scott* Dude! Just go! It's your turn!
  • Scott: N-no! There's F-fang!
  • Heather: Who's Fang?
  • Scott: A sh-shark!
  • Heather: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sharks, whatever, just GO! 
  • Scott: No!
  • Anne Maria: Oh, I'll make you go! *picks up Scott and throws him into the water*
  • Fang sees Scott and chases him out of the water, though Scott grabs a key on the way*
  • Scott: Get me away from him!
  • Lindsay and Zoey make it back*
  • Courtney: Brick! Go!
  • Brick: Yes, mam! *salutes Courtney and she blushes*
  • Brick dives into the water and grabs a key*
  • Lindsay: *begins pushing cart, still tired but gaining back energy*
  • At the spa hotel...
  • Scott: *puts key in lock, and the door opens* It works!
  • Eva: WOO-HOO! *high-fives Scott*
  • Lindsay and Brick arrive*
  • Lindsay: Aww...
  • Chris: And the Villainous Vultures win the challenge! Hamsters, time to send someone home!
  • at campfire ceremony...
  • Chris: So, as the saying goes, nice guys finish last. You guys have proven this to be true. Our not-so-nice guys will be watching the elimination ceremony via our new peanut gallery!
  • peanut gallery from the aftermath is shown with the Villains team sitting in it*
  • Chris: So, as you know, you must go into the confessional and place a large red X over the 8x10 photo of the contestant you wanna eliminate. So, get voting!
  • Courtney: *in confessional* *holding up both Lindsay and Owen's pictures* Well, Lindsay was a horrible driver, but Owen made her tired faster....
  • Zoey, Mike, and Cameron are all shown debating between Lindsay and Owen's pictures*
  • Chris: I have nine marshmallows on this platter, and ten of you. Whichever camper does not recieve a marshmallow is eliminated and can never come back, ever!
  • Izzy: I come back all the time!
  • Chris: Whatever! Just take a marshmallow! *throws Izzy a marshmallow* Izzy is now safe, and so is Bridgette, Brick, and Mike. *throws three marshmallows to them* Marshmallows also go to Zoey, Cameron, and Dawn *throws them marshmallows* Now there are two marshmallows on this plate, and three of you. Lindsay, you're on the chopping block for your terrible driving skills. Courtney, you're on the chopping block for making Lindsay drive, and Owen, you're on the chopping block for tiring Lindsay out.
  • Chris: Well, luckily, Courtney, you are safe *throws Courtney a marshmallow* The last marshmallow of the night goes to... Lindsay.
  • Lindsay: Thank goodness! *looks at Owen* Oh, I'm sorry Owen!
  • Owen: It's okay guys! Bye! Can I go the bathroom before I leave? 
  • Chris: You can go to the bathroom WHILE you leave, in our new elimination device, the Flush of Shame!
  • camera flashes to Owen sitting in a giant toilet while the Heroes look grossed out*
  • Owen: Well, bye guys, it's been- *cut off by the flushing toilet*
  • Chris: And then there were 19... who will be the next to be flushed in the giant porcelain bowl? Find out next time on Total! Drama! All-Stars!

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Thoughts on Owen's elimination?

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Episode 2: Evil Dread

  • Chris: Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Total Drama All-Stars! Last time, we were introduced to the top 20 all-stars of Total Drama, and watched them scramble to find a key to the spa hotel and score a win for their teams, the Heroes and the Villains. In the end, the Villainous Vultures won the challenge and Owen was flushed, literally! Who will be next? Find out now on Total. Drama. All-Stars!
  • opening sequence plays*
  • camera pans into the girls' side of the Heroic Hamsters cabin*
  • Bridgette: Man, it feels so nostalgic being back in these cabins! *looks at wall, revealing a carving that says "G and B forever" with a heart written around it* Ah... this is where Geoff carved our names into the wall when we started dating...
  • Courtney: *giggles* I can see the little chunk of wood missing where Duncan carved out a wooden skull to give to me... before HAROLD tampered with the votes and sent me home! Ohhhh, I'm so glad he's not back! *looks at camera* How's that feel, Harold?! I'M an all-star and you're not, you *bleep*!
  • Bridgette: *laughs* Woah, Courtney!
  • Courtney: *chuckles* Yeah, maybe I should calm down juust a little bit.
  • Bridgette: Yeah, good idea *laughs with Courtney* I'm so glad we're friends again like we were in the first season.
  • Courtney: Me too *hugs Bridgette*
  • Dawn: You two have such a lovely bond, it's very pastel!
  • Bridgette: Um, thanks?
  • Courtney: What do you mean "pastel bond"?
  • Dawn: It's just that your friendship gives off such a pastel aura... it's quite refreshing to be around, considering all the drama that happens on the show...
  • Courtney: Well, yeah! It's Total DRAMA, not Total Friendship! *looks over to Dawn, only to see she's missing* Where'd she go?
  • Bridgette: Beats me...
  • Chef: *bursts in through the door* BREAKFAST TIME! *blasts all the girls with maroon-colored gunk*
  • Lindsay: Eeewww!! It got my new pajamas dirty!!
  • Zoey: Oh, gosh, this is disugsting!
  • Courtney: They probably don't have to eat THIS at the spa hotel!
  • Zoey: DEFINITELY not!
  • Courtney: Which is why we need to win this challenge! Get ourselves into the spa hotel!
  • Zoey: Oh yeah! We're gonna ROCK this next challenge! CRUSH the Vultures!
  • Bridgette: And get into the spa hotel!
  • Lindsay: Where we can get mani-pedis!
  • Courtney: And mouth-watering food!
  • All girls smile and sigh as they think of the spa hotel*
  • Bridgette: Wait, where's Izzy?
  • Courtney: I don't know, she said she had to use the restroom last night and never came back...
  • Izzy: *comes swinging in on a vine* Hey guys!
  • Lindsay: Where were you?
  • Izzy: I was in the spa hotel!
  • Courtney: How'd you get in there?
  • Izzy: Turns out, they left a window open!
  • Lindsay: Told you!
  • camera pans over to the boys side, and they are all covered in the maroon gunk too*
  • Mike: Oh, this is so gross!
  • Cameron: Thank goodness I'm so small, it didn't get on me at all.
  • Brick: My father always told me to eat what you're given with no complaints! *licks the "food" off his arm*
  • Mike: How do you do that without gagging?
  • Brick: The food at my military school is MUCH worse than this, and I eat every last bit.
  • Mike: Oh wow...
  • Cameron: What do you think the next challenge is gonna be?
  • Mike: Hopefully something acrobatic, where I can use Svetlana to get us this win, and the SPA HOTEL!
  • Cameron: Oh, we need to get into that spa hotel...
  • camera flashes to the Villains eating breakfast in the spa hotel*
  • Heather: This is the LIFE!
  • Scott: You can say that again! Last night, I slept on an actual pillow!
  • Noah: *sarcastically* Wow, what an accomplishment!
  • Scott: I know, right! But I do wish we got Chef's speciality from last season instead of this...
  • Jo: What? This is the best food I've ever had!
  • Scott: Pfft! Chef's speciality is my favorite, I even looked up dupe recipes online.
  • Gwen: *surprised* And you found some?
  • Scott: Oh, yeah, that girl Sierra had a DIY video on how to make it. It wasn't AS good as the original, but it was still delicious.
  • Eva is seen not eating, simply gazing off into the distance and smiling*
  • Heather: Why aren't you eating? Wouldn't you be, like, all over those weird protein shake things?
  • Eva: Oh, uh... I'm not hungry.
  • Jo: What are you looking at?
  • Eva: Nothing...
  • Heather: Are you looking at...
  • Heather and Jo: *shocked* NOAH?!
  • Eva: *bashfully* Oh, uh, no! *blushes*
  • Heather: Aww, the man-girl has a crush!
  • Eva: No I don't! *smashes fork into table*
  • Heather: Ah, denial, what a common symptom!
  • Eva: Just like you and Alejandro, huh?!
  • Heather: What?! No! Nothing like that!
  • Alejandro winks at Heather from across the table*
  • Heather: Ugh! That handsome jerk!
  • Chris: *over loudspeaker* Get to the beach, maggots! It's challenge time!
  • camera flashes to the beach*
  • Chris: Today's challenge is a reference to the "What's Not to Louvre" challenge from Total Drama World Tour. There are two sides of the beach, clearly marked with a line in the sand.  You will each begin the challenge on the pedestals, and jump down to dig for pieces of a scuplture. Once all eight pieces are found, you will assemble your statue on your pedestals. Whichever team's statue is assembled first wins the luxurious life at the spa hotel, and the losers will have to flush someone! Oh, and today, the winners get an EXTRA reward, revealed at the bonfire ceremony! Now get on the pedestals!
  • camera flashes to when all campers are on their pedestals, shovels in hand*
  • Chris: Ready! Set! GO!
  • Anne Maria: How are we supposed to get down?
  • Lighting: Sha-easy! *jumps down, but falls into the hidden moat and is attacked by crabs*
  • Chris: *laughs* And, oh yeah, watch for booby traps!
  • Anne Maria: Oh, nuh-uh! Annie ain't fallin' into a pit! I'll get my shoes dirty!
  • Eva: Then let me assist you, princess! *throws Anne Maria onto the ground!
  • Anne Maria: Oh, you and your crusty man nails did NOT just throw Annie off that pedestal! *holds shovel up, ready to smack Eva*
  • Eva: Oh, so you wanna fight me now, huh?!
  • Gwen: Guys, guys! Just because we're labeled villains doesn't mean we have to ACT like villains! We need to work as a team!
  • Eva: Hmph! Whatever!
  • Gwen: Seriously, we need teamwork! Look at the heroes! They already found a piece! *points at the Heroes team, showing Brick putting a piece of a marble statue on the pedestal*
  • Heather: Ok fine, then I'll make a plan!
  • Jo: No, I'LL make a plan!
  • Heather: Woah there, newbie! I've WON a season! I think I have enough experiene to make a lousy game plan!
  • Jo: Yeah, you won after you pushed someone into a volcano! That certainly makes ME trust you to help our team!
  • Heather: *rolls eyes* Whatever! *pushes Jo into crab moat, where she is attacked*
  • Gwen: SERIOUSLY! We need to work as a team! Lightning, Jo, Noah, and Eva, go work over there! Heather, Scott, and Anne Maria, go work there! And me, Alejandro, and Duncan will stay here, and look for pieces on the ground surrounding the pedestal! Now let's go!
  • camera pans over to the Heroes team*
  • Dawn: *putting fingers on her temples, thinking deeply* I'm getting a strong vibration from over there...
  • Courtney: Brick, you go dig over there!
  • Brick: *salutes* Yes, mam!
  • Courtney: *in confessional* It's nice to have Brick around. FINALLY a guy here who gives me the respect I deserve!
  • Gwen: *in confessional* I'm really worried about our team, they're always distracted! Jo and Heather are in a constant power struggle, Lightning only thinks about himself, Duncan's always thinking about Courtney, Noah's just so cynical, and Eva's...Eva! We need help!
  • Lindsay: *in confessional* That girl Dawn is, like, SO cool! She can always like, sense stuff!
  • Noah: *in confessional* I've noticed Eva's been staring at me a lot lately... should I be scared?
  • Izzy: *20 feet deep in the ground* Found one! *shoots out* Woo-hoo!
  • Bridgette: Nice job, Iz!
  • Izzy: *throws piece onto pedestal where Zoey catches it*
  • Zoey: Hey, I think I know what our statue is!
  • Bridgette: What is it?
  • Zoey: Well, the one Brick found was an arm, and Izzy's is a hand holding a torch... they fight together perfectly! I think it's the Statue of Liberty!
  • Cameron: Nice job, Zoey!
  • Mike: Yeah! I think this deserves a kiss! *leans in to kiss Zoey until he hears a growling noise*
  • Anne Maria: *glaring at Mike and Zoey*
  • Anne Maria: *in confessional* Oh, that Zoey! It's always "Mike this" and "Mike that"! Yeah, newsflah, honey, HE'S NOT REAL! His name is Vito, and he loves me!
  • Zoey: *in confessional* I try to be friends with everybody, but Anne Maria really doesn't like me... I wish I could patch things up with her...
  • camera flashes to the Villains, where Alejandro digs up a piece*
  • Alejandro: Ah, what a beauty!
  • Gwen: Nice job, Alejandro! Duncan, put it on the pedestal! *hands it to Duncan, who runs up to place it on the pedestal*
  • Scott: *digging right at the edge of the Heroes half of the beach, and digs up a piece, Lady Liberty's crown, then buries it on his side*
  • Zoey: Woah, that's cheating!
  • Mike: *walks over* What's going on here? *glares at Scott*
  • Scott: Umm... no! I didn't do anything!
  • Zoey: He stole our piece!
  • Mike: Give it back!
  • Scott: Fine! *goes to give it to Zoey, but accidentally triggers a booby trap, a bag of bees which swarm to chase him*
  • As Scott is getting chases by bees, he hits Mike in the head with his shovel*
  • camera flashes to the inside of Mike's brain*
  • Svetlana: Go vith ze fishing!
  • Vito: Ayye, it's go fish, not FISHING!
  • rumbling noise is heard*
  • a maniacal laugh is heard
  • Manitoba: Mal...
  • Chester: Oh, darned wippersnapper!
  • Svetlana is cowering in fear under a table*
  • Suddenly, Mike's portrait is replaced with Mal's*
  • camera flashes back to the challenge*
  • Zoey: Mike! Mike! Are you okay?
  • Mike: What? Oh... yeah... I'm fine.
  • Zoey: Thank goodness! I was so worried! *hugs Mike*
  • Mike: How's the challenge going?
  • Zoey: We have six pieces, and the Villains have five.
  • Mike: Then I've gotta go find another one!
  • Zoey: No, you're injured! Go to the infirmary!
  • Mike: I'm fine, Zoey... *transforms into Mal briefly* But pretty soon, you won't be... *transforms back to Mike*
  • Zoey: Huh?
  • Mike: I said I'm fine...
  • Zoey: I thought you said something after that?
  • Mike: Uh, nope.
  • Zoey: Oh...
  • Cameron: *runs over with a hat* Mike, put this on! We could really use Manitoba Smith's skills right now!
  • Mike: *puts on hat* Manitoba? You there? Huh, it's not working...
  • Cameron: weird...
  • Mike: *in confessional* None of my alternate personalities are coming anymore... look! *tears off shirt* Vito! Come on! *puts on hat* Manitoba? *in fear* Anybody?!
  • Zoey: *in confessional* I'm so glad Mike's not hurt...
  • camera flashes back to the Heroes team*
  • Lindsay: *holds up piece* I've got one!
  • Bridgette: Nice job, Lindsay! *throws it onto pedestal*
  • camera pans over to Villains side*
  • Lightning: *digs up piece* Eight outta eight pieces! Sha-Lightning gets the last piece, I'm a hero!
  • Gwen: Nice job guys! *climbs onto pedestal, and the other Vultures follow*
  • The Villainous Vultures begin to assemble their statue*
  • camera pans over to the Heroic Hamsters*
  • Courtney: Come on guys! They already started on their statue! Hurry up!
  • Zoey: Lindsay, you were really good at statue builfing in France during Season Three. Come up and help me while the others find the last piece!
  • Lindsay climbs onto the pedestal*
  • Lindsay: Ok, well this one goes here, and then you connect these two...
  • pretty soon, the whole statue is finished except one piece*
  • Zoey: Nice job, Lindsay!
  • Dawn: My senses are telling me the last piece is over there! *points at moat*
  • Courtney: Dig, dig, dig!
  • camera pans to the Villains*
  • Jo: And we've built our statue!
  • Heather: Why is there a huge whole in the middle?
  • Gwen: I thought it was supposed to be the Big Ben! But there's no clock!
  • Eva: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... SEVEN! Nice going, Brightning, you cost us the challenge!
  • Lightning: *puts crab into the whole* Oh, just finish it and let us sha-WIN!
  • Jo: We need all eight pieces!
  • Gwen: Then let's GET DIGGING! *the team urgently hops off the pedestal to look for the last piece*
  • camera pans to Heroes*
  • Courtney: *holds up piece* I found the last piece!
  • Zoey: Give it here Courtney!
  • Courtney: *gives Zoey the piece*
  • Zoey: *inserts piece onto the statue, and we see a completed Statue of Liberty*
  • Chris: And the Heroic Hamsters win! Vultures, this means you'll be sending someone home!
  • camera flashes to the contestants walking back*
  • Gwen: Uh, Courtney. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about what I did.
  • Courtney: *glares at Gwen*
  • Gwen: But I picked you these! *hands Courtney a bouqet of flowers*
  • Courtney: *sneezes*
  • Gwen: What? You're allergic?
  • Courtney: *sneezes* Told you you were a villain!
  • Gwen: It was an accident!
  • Bridgette: Wow Gwen, I thought you were better than this!
  • Gwen: *starts to cry as everyone passes her*
  • Duncan: Oh man Babe, that was so funny! You pretended to be sorry, then you snuck up behind her like that! Priceless! *laughs*
  • Gwen: *through sobs* It really WAS an accident!
  • Chris: Wow Gwen, I knew we made the right team placement for you! How villainous!
  • camera flashes to the campfire ceremony*
  • Chris: There are nine marshmallows on this platter, and ten of you. Whichever one of you does not recieve a marshmallow... is... FLUSHED!
  • Heather: *in confessional* So I know there's a target on Lightning's back for costing us the challenge, but he's a strong player. We need him. So I convinced our team to vote off Alejandro. It wasn't hard.
  • Chris: So the first marshmallow goes to... Noah. *throws marshmallow* Marshmallows also go to Heather, Scott, Jo, Duncan, Gwen, and Anne Maria *throws marshmallows* A marshmallow also goes to Eva *throws one to Eva* Lightning, you're on the chopping block for your terrible counting. Alejandro, you're on the chopping block because Heather told everyone to vote for you.
  • Alejandro: Typical Heather. *glares at Heather*
  • Chris: But the last marshmallow of the night goes to.................... Lightning.
  • Lightning: Sha-BOO YA!
  • Courtney: Wait! Where's the winning team's additional reward!
  • Chris: Would you like a reward?
  • Courtney: YES!
  • Chris: You get to spend the night in exile on Boney Island!
  • Courtney: AW, CMON! You could've specified the reward first!
  • Chris: Now, at least there's a hidden invincibility idol hidden somewhere on Boney Island!
  • Courtney: *rolls eyes* Whatever.
  • Chris: But now, it's time for AL to get in the big ol' procelain bowl of shame!
  • camera flashes to Alejandro in the giant toilet*
  • Chris: Any last words?
  • Alejandro: I HATE HEATHER! *voice fades as he is flushed*
  • Chris: Two down, eighteen to go. Who will be next? Find out next time on Total. Drama. ALL-STARS!
Are you sad to see Alejandro go?

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Episode 3: Saving Private Leechball

  • Chris: Welcome back to our third episode of Total Drama All-Stars! Last time, our 19 campers had to assemble a statue from one of the locations we visited in Total Drama World Tour, and during the challenge, a new evil emerged! While Lightning lost it for the Villains team, Heather convinced everyone to vote for Alejandro, sending him on the Flush of Shame! Will Gwen ever make it up to Courtney? Will Eva get friendly with Noah? Find out all this and more, on Total! Drama! All-Stars!
  • opening sequence plays*
  • camera flashes to the Heroes in the spa hotel*
  • Zoey: Oh man, these are the fluffiest pancakes ever! They're SO good!
  • Brick: Oh, yeah! We never eat food this good at military school!
  • Bridgette: This spa hotel really is amazing, isn't it? I wish Courtney were here to enjoy it...
  • Zoey: I know! It's totally not fair how she was forced into exile on Boney Island, when Chris didn't even tell her what the reward was...
  • Mike: I know, and I can tell Courtney would enjoy it here more than all of us, except maybe Lindsay...
  • Lindsay walks in*
  • Lindsay: Oh my gosh, this is THE LIFE! There's no mani-pedis this good at home! *admires her manicure*
  • Cameron: You should try some of the food! It's amazing!
  • Lindsay: I don't know, I'm kind of on a diet... *face lights up* OMG, ARE THOSE CHOCOLATE-CHIP PANCAKES?! 
  • Dawn: Try some, they taste great!
  • Bridgette: How do you know? All you've had is eggs.
  • Dawn: Oh, I can sense their delicious aroma!
  • Lindsay: *mouth full of pancakes* Omg, Deliliah was right! These ARE delicious!
  • Izzy: Do you think we should bring some food for Courtney?
  • Zoey: Great idea, Izzy!
  • The Heroes all put food in their pockets. Lindsay puts in chocolate-chip pancakes, Dawn brings eggs, Zoey brings French Toast, Mike brings cinnamon rolls, Cameron brings juice, Brick brings a protein bar, Bridgette brings granola, and Izzy brings bacon*
  • camera flashes to the male side of the Vultures cabin*
  • Chef: BREAKFAST TIME! *covers all the campers in his maroon-covered glop*
  • Scott: Mmm! This is delicious!
  • Noah: *sarcastically* Yep! As scrumptious as a triple-layer molten fudge cake, with a fraction of the calories!
  • Scott: You can say that again!
  • Duncan: I wonder how the Heroes are doing...
  • Noah: Are you wondering about the Heroes, or Courtney?
  • Duncan: Cour-I mean, the Heroes, nimrod!
  • Noah: Mhm.
  • Scott: Where's Lightning?
  • Lightning enters*
  • Duncan: Where were you?
  • Lightning: Lightning was gathering ingredients to make the ultimate sha-PROTEIN SHAKE!
  • the protein shake is a mess of mud, twigs, leaves, etc. inside of Mr. Coconut with a straw in it*
  • Noah: Appetizing.
  • Lightning: It's sha-delicious AND sha-nutritious!
  • Noah: Cute, do you corner people to talk about yoga too?
  • Lightning: HA! Yoga? Lightning doesn't do no sha-YOGA! Lightning is a strong warriorr, not a princess!
  • Duncan: Princess... *looks sad*
  • Scott: Get over it, she's not into you!
  • Noah: *in confessional* Lightning is getting on my sha-nerves...
  • Duncan: *in confessional* Me, into Courtney? Ha! As if!  She was always yelling at me! With her beautiful voice and her hands on her sexy hips, with that angry but loving look in her eyes... Oh, Courtney... Oh, uh... see! Not into her! Me and Courtney are completely, totally, 100% over!
  • camera pans over to the girls side of the cabin*
  • Anne Maria is putting on hairspray, as all the other girls gag*
  • Heather: Do you mind?!
  • Anne Maria: Mind what?
  • Heather: Ugh! Nothing! I'm going outside!
  • Gwen: I never thought I'd say this, but I'm joining Heather...
  • Jo: And I'm joining New-Heather.
  • Gwen: *rolls eyes*
  • Eva: *leaves the cabin*
  • Jo: As our team's leader, I propose a no-hairspray rule in the cabin! Little Miss Prissy can excuse herself to the outhouse if she needs it!
  • Heather: Okay, um, you are NOT the leader!
  • Jo: Let's consider our options... Eva's Eva *Eva hears this and punches a tree in a fit of rage, knocking it over*, Gwen's always talking about her sappy friendship stuff *Gwen is heard saying "hey!"*, Scott's a dirty farm boy, Duncan's an escaped prisoner, Lightning has the brains of Mr. Coconut, all Noah ever does is make sarcastic comments, Anne Maria's too prissy, YOU push people in volcanoes, and all that leaves is me! All in favor of Jo raise your hands!
  • Gwen: *raises hand* Well, you're better than Heather...
  • Eva: You're both evil backstabbing snakes!
  • Heather: Whatever! The sad truth is, I'M our team's only hope!
  • Gwen: I'd rather be cut open by Courtney than rely on Heather as my only hope. I'm going for a walk.
  • Jo: I'm going with you!
  • both girls go into the woods*
  • Heather: So, Eva, how are things going with Noah?
  • Eva: I told you, I don't like Noah! He's so scrawny and weak!
  • Heather: It's obvious! You're always staring at him and trying to talk to him!
  • Eva: I- ok, I mean... I guess he's kinda cute... but still! He's so sacrastic and tiny and... weird.
  • Heather: Just talk to him! Trust me, you have NOTHING to lose!
  • Eva: What's that supposed to mean?!
  • Heather: Nothing, Evil Eva!
  • Heather: Thanks for proving my point!
  • Eva: *lets Heather go and sighs* But... how am I supposed to get Noah to like me?
  • Heather: Well, calm your temper, first of all! And you have to build a friendship, talk to him, be nice, don't lash out, but don't friendzone him.
  • Eva: But... GRRR!! I'm supposed to "be nice to him" but I can't let him friendzone me?! How the HECK am I supposed to do that?!
  • Heather: Just... be nice, but don't tell him how he's such a great friend. That's basically telling him you're not interested, and then he develops "nice guy syndrome".
  • Eva: Ok so... I'll be his friend, but I don't tell him we're friends?
  • Heather: Exactly! I should've expected that you'd understand the whole guy thing pretty fast, since you pretty much are one already!
  • Eva: *scowls*
  • camera flashes to Jo and Gwen walking in the woods*
  • Jo: So, Gwen, just to make things clear, you ARE voting me for Villainous Vultures' leader, right?
  • Gwen: Yes, Jo! But I'm really re-thinking my answer...
  • Jo: Why? I'm strong, quick, smart, everything a leader needs! And Heather on the other hand...
  • Gwen: Well, Jo, she DID win a season!
  • Jo: And she stabbed everyone in the back while doing it!
  • Gwen: True...
  • Jo: Exactly, so, I'm the best leader!
  • Gwen: *in confessional* God, Jo is REALLY getting on my nerves! She's so... pushy!
  • Jo: *in confessional* I CLEARLY have Gwen on my side, and now I just need the boys!
  • Chris: *in loudspeaker* Campers! Proceed to the woods for your third challenge!
  • camera flashes to all the campers, except Courtney, in the woods*
  • Zoey: Um, Chris, when do we get Courtney back?
  • Chris: Hold your horses, Chef's bringing her!
  • Chef comes in with an exhausted Courtney swung over his shoulder*
  • Chef: *drops Courtney and walks away*
  • Courtney: *groans*
  • Bridgette: Courtney! We brought you this!
  • all the Heroic Hamsters hold out their offerings to Courtney*
  • Courtney: *takes Zoey's toast and begins eating it* Wow, thanks guys!
  • Cameron: How'd the night go on Boney Island?
  • Courtney: Quite good! I demanded the respect of those filthy animals, and I got it!
  • camera flashes to Boney Island*
  • Courtney: You will give me respe-  AHHHHHH!!!! *gets chased by a tiger*
  • camera flashes to the present*
  • Courtney: Yep! Quite good!
  • Gwen: *to her team* See guys! This is the kind of teamwork we need! They won the last challenge, and this is why!
  • Heather: I agree with Gwen whole-heartedly!
  • Jo: As do I!
  • Gwen: Wow, thanks guys!
  • Gwen: *in confessional* I know they're both trying to play me, but it's SO DARN FUNNY!
  • Heather: *in confessional* Gwen knows we're playing her, but hey, playing people is my forte.
  • Chris: Ahem! Enough with the teamwork! It's time for the challenge!
  • Noah: Yay! Another poorly thought-out reference to some crappy challenge we already did because Chris is so unoriginal and the budget is so tight he can't hire people to brainstorm challenge ideas, fun!
  • Chris: Yep! This challenge is a reference to Season One's "Paintball Deer Hunter" Challenge
  • Heather groans*
  • Chris: There's two crates of weapons in the heart of the forest, one is filled with large paintball guns, and the other is filled with crappy slingshots. Whichever team gets to their crate first can take its supplies! The first team to have all of its players get hit, loses! Oh, and since I'm not allowed to be around firearms as part of parol, instead of paintballs you'll find a little surprise instead!
  • the campers all groan*
  • Chris: Ready, Set, GO!
  • Jo: Go for the big crates!
  • Heather: Why?! Don't you know Chris would OBVIOUSLY trick us by putting the crappy weapons in the big crates and the good ones in the small crates!
  • Gwen: Quit arguing and just go for a crate!
  • the Heroes all race past*
  • Courtney: The big one! Go for the big one!
  • all the Heroes reach the big crate and open it, revealing all the good weapons*
  • Gwen: See! We spent so much time arguing that - ah! *gets hit by a leach
  • Courtney: Ah, just so rewarding!
  • Heather: Oh God, Chris! This is low! LEACH paintball?!
  • Chris: *laughs evilly* Have fun!
  • Eva: Get the crates before they shoot us all!
  • the Villains all open the crate and run off with its contents, a few buckets of leaches and some slingshots*
  • Chris: Oh, and if you get hit, come sit on the bleachers of shame! Gwen!
  • Gwen shamefully walks over to the bleachers and sits down*
  • camera flashes to the Heroes, except Izzy, walking through the woods. Izzy then shows up wildly firing her gun*
  • Courtney: *leach flies past her head* Gah! Izzy, you could've gotten YOUR OWN TEAMMATE out!
  • Izzy: Well I didn't! *laughs crazily*
  • suddenly the sound of "sha-GAH!" is heard, revealing Lightning to be hiding in the bushes waiting to strike, though he was hit by Izzy*
  • Lightning: Aw, man! Crazy girl got the invincible Sha-LIGHTNING out!
  • Zoey: Way to go, Izzy!
  • Brick: Wow, what a beauty - oh! Uh... er... *salutes* I commend you for doing a great service to our team!
  • Izzy looks confused, before getting hit by a leach in the back of her head*
  • Heather: *laughs* Sucker!
  • Zoey, Bridgette, and Mike begin firing on Heather, though she dodges and runs away*
  • Chris: *through loudspeaker* So far, that's two villains down, and one hero!
  • camera flashes to the Villains*
  • Jo: Hear that! They have one more player! We're losing! We need to step up our game!
  • Duncan: Well what can we do?! They have guns and a whole freaking CANNON and we have slingshots and buckets!
  • Heather: We can still win! We just need teamwork! Right, Anne Maria?
  • Anne Maria: Whatever!
  • Heather: *confessional* This is so hard! I'm trying to win over my team but they literally don't care! At all!
  • Scott: Hey? Is that the other team?
  • Eva: Where?
  • Scott: Over there! *points to the distance, where you can see the sillhoutes of the Heroic Hamsters*
  • Jo: We should ambush them!
  • Noah: Wow! What a plan, genius! Definitely wouldn't have though of that myself!
  • Eva: *laughs* You're so funny, Noah! So glad we're frie- uh... teammates! We're teammates! Not, y'know, friends or anything!
  • Noah looks confused while Heather facepalms*
  • Eva: *whisperes to Heather* Was that good?
  • Heather: *whispers* No! You don't say you're NOT friends, you just - argh!
  • Jo: Ok guys! Me and Duncan will hide in the bushes on the left side, Heather and Anne Maria on the right side's bushes, Eva and Noah, hide in the trees on the left side, and Scott, hide in the trees on the right side! Then, we attack! All clear?
  • All the Villains nod, except Heather who rolls her eyes*
  • camera flashes to the Heroes, where all the Villains are hiding around them*
  • Zoey: Ok guys, we need to find the Villains! We may habe our weapons, but they have brute -
  • Courtney: Look out!
  • pure chaos ensues as Anne Maria takes out Zoey, but is shot by Bridgette, then Courtney shoots Duncan, though he takes her out too. Jo tries to take out Brick, but she has no leaches so Lindsay is able to shoot her*
  • Chris: *laughs over loudspeaker* Ok! Zoey, Anne Maria, Duncan, Courtney, and Jo! To the bleachers of shame you go! Now the Villains have four teammates, and the Heroes have six! 
  • the camera flashes to the Villains, once again, walking. Eva, Noah, Heather, and Scott are the only ones left*
  • Heather: We are doing SO terrible right now! 
  • Eva: We can NOT lose another challenge! I am NOT going to be on the losing team!
  • Noah: Calm yourself, Courtney!
  • Eva: Wow, Noah! That was... er... funny! You're such a good joke-teller!
  • Noah: *rolls eyes*
  • Heather's scream is heard all of a sudden as the camera turns to show her with leaches on her*
  • Noah: Wh- *gets hit by a leach*
  • the remaining Heroes: Lindsay, Mike, Cameron, Bridgette, Brick, and Dawn ambush the Villains team*
  • Eva: NO ONE HITS NOAH WITH LEACHES ON MY WATCH!!!! *goes on a rampage, grabbing Mike's gun and shooting Lindsay, Cameron, Mike, and Brick with it*
  • Dawn runs away, and Bridgette shoots Eva*
  • Chris: *over loudspeaker* Heather, Noah, Mike, Lindsay, Cameron, Brick, and Eva, to the bleachers you go! Now the Heroes have two teammates left and the Villains have only one!
  • Bridgette tries to shoot Scott but he dodges and runs away*
  • Scott later finds Dawn, with her back turned. He lifts up his slingshot to shoot, but she turns around just in the nick of time and they both shoot each other*
  • Chris: *over loudspeaker* Well, well! Looks like you're BOTH out! The Heroic Hamsters win!
  • All the Heroes on the Bleachers of Shame cheer and chant Bridgette's name*
  • Heroic Hamsters: *lift up Bridgette* BRIDGETTE! BRIDGETTE! BRIDGETTE!
  • the Villainous Vultures are shown, looking bummed*
  • Eva: If only I had shot Bridgette too...
  • all the Villains look somewhat scared by Eva, though she doesn't notice*
  • Noah: *in confessional* I know Eva has some weird animal-like crush on me, but after what happened today.. yeah, no.
  • Jo: *in confessional* Well, I know my first plan as the Vultures offical team leader!
  • camera flashes to Jo sitting in the Mess Hall with Noah, Scott, Duncan, Anne Maria, and Gwen*
  • Jo: So, guys, I have a plan, as our team's official leader!
  • the Vultures groan*
  • Jo: So you saw how Eva lashed out today right? She's dangerous! We can't have her on our team, she could pounce at any moment! We should vote her off!
  • Gwen: But we need her, she's strong!
  • Jo: And so am I, so is Duncan, so is Lightning! We could easily make up for her strength!
  • Duncan: She has a point...
  • Gwen: I guess...
  • camera flashes to campfire ceremony*
  • Chris: So, campers, welcome back to our third elimination ceremony! On this plate, there are eight marshmallows. There are nine of you. Once all eight marshmallows have been given out, one of you will be left empty-handed and will have to take the dreaded Flush of Shame! So who will it be? Well, not Gwen *throws Gwen marshmallow* nor Heather, Lightning, Scott, Duncan, Anne Maria, or Noah *throws marshmallows* Now there are two of you left with no marshmallows. Eva, you're on the chopping block for your fit of rage earlier.
  • Eva: *hangs head in shame*
  • Chris: And Jo, you're on the chopping block for your annoyingly pushy campaign to send Eva home, and for constantly begging to be the team's leader.
  • Eva: You did WHAT?!
  • Chris: And the camper going home tonight is................ Jo.
  • Jo: What? But you guys need me! I'm the strongest player!
  • Heather: We don't need you, we have me!
  • Jo: Oh, this is not over! Mark my words, Villainous Vultures! You haven't seen the last of me! *thrown into Flush of Shame by Chef* This isn't over! *her words fade away as she is flushed*
  • Chris: Now which one of you lucky Hamsters volunteers for exile?
  • Brick: I will! I need to take one for the team.
  • Courtney: Are you sure? It's dangerous, and scary!
  • Brick: I'll be fine, m'am!
  • Chris: Well then, take 'em away, Chef!
  • Chris: Will the Villainous Vultures' losing streak continue? Will Eva win back her teammates' trust? How will the Vultures fair without Jo? Find out all this and more next time on Total! Drama! All-Stars!

Thanks for reading! I'm not quite as proud of this chapter, but I still think it's fine. Comment your thoughts on the talk page!

Are you sad to see Jo go?

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I'm so sorry for not updating. I have had writer's block for a while, and while working on an episode I noticed it was just not good, so I'm starting the episode over. I'll update soon!

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