(This is not part of my TD: Reimagining canon, it is part of the actual series canon)

This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

This time, 14 contendors, 7 old and 7 new are up for another competition, for one millon dollars! They will be fighting it out Heroes vs. Villains, and who will get the elusive Chris Invincibility Statue? Who is the true Total Drama All Star? Find out!


  • Alejandro - The Manipulative Latino - Villainous Vultures
  • Cameron - The Wide Eyed Bubble Boy - Heroic Hamsters
  • Courtney - The Type A - Villainous Vultures
  • Duncan - The Delinquent - Villainous Vultures
  • Gwen - The Loner - Heroic Hamsters
  • Heather - The Queen Bee - Villainous Vultures
  • Jo - The Take-No-Prisoners-Jockette - Villainous Vultures
  • Lightning - The Athletic Overachiever - Villainous Vultures
  • Lindsay - The Dumb Princess - Heroic Hamsters
  • Mike - The Multiple Personality Disorder - Heroic Hamsters
  • Sam - The Nice Guy Gamer - Heroic Hamsters
  • Scott - The Devious Dirt Farmer - Villainous Vultures
  • Sierra - The Obsessive Uber-Fan- Heroic Hamsters
  • Zoey - The Indie Chick - Heroic Hamsters


CHAPTER 1- Heroes vs Villains

The very familiar face of the evil, nearly crazy host popped up. Chris McLean. "Greetings TV world, I am Chris McLean! After my sentence in prison, I was given a contract to make another season, Total Drama ALL STARS! As you probably can't see, the island is now 100 percent toxic waste free, which is a result of my year-long absence, either way, it's time to get the characters revealed. From the villains!" Chris said. A helicopter was shown over Camp Wawanakwa. "Type A Courtney!" Chris said as the Hispanic-Canadian girl was being pushed out of the chopper.

"THIS IS NOT IN MY CONTRRAAACT!" Courtney screamed as she plunged into the water.

"Turned on by a nerd Jo!!"

"YOU ARE DEAD!" The girl screamed.

"Athletic overachiever, Lightning!"


"Devious previously bald Diva, Heather!"

"I HATE YOU!" The Asian girl screamed.

"Bad Boy Duncan!"

"AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" Duncan screamed.

"And Challenge-throwing, devious dirt farmer, Scott!"

"NO!!! PLEASE NO!" The ginger screamed, being shoved into the water.

"Now for our Heroes!" Chris announced. "Multiple Personality Mike!"

"AAAAH!" Mike screamed.

"AKA, Chester," Chris said.

"EEEERERRRRR!" Chester squealed.


"YAAAAA!!!" Svetlanna shouted cheerfully.

"and Manitoba!"

"CRIKKEEEY!" Manitoba screamed.

"Mike's crush, Sweet as sugar Zoey!"


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