Total Drama Adventure on Tropic
Type: Reality - Show
Country of production: Poland
Episodes: 26
Created by: DarkBlood123
Station: TBA
Years emissions: 2013 - ???
Release date: xx.xx.13
Preceded by: Total Drama All-Stars

Total Drama Adventure on Tropic - This is a continuation Cadnadian series such as Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. This season 22 players (including 11 old and 11 new). This time the action moves to the new island, in which players with each other to win the one million dollars. Participants will be divided into three teams. Leading program will be Chris McLean, and a cook will be none other than himself Chef Hatchet Tuck. Who can handle the new island and win a million? And who can not help themselves? To find out invite to read sections.


  • This is the first series of the author.
  • The author does not know who will win.
  • There will be two returns and one debut.



  • Brick
  • Bridgette
  • Dawn
  • Duncan
  • Heathet
  • Jo
  • Lindsay
  • Mike
  • Noah
  • Sam
  • Zoey


  • Alvaro
  • Cathrine
  • Charles
  • Daphne
  • Loren
  • Lucas
  • Nicola
  • Patrick
  • Steven
  • Taylor
  • Xavier


  • Chris McLean - Host
  • Chef Tuck Hatchet - Chef
  • Intern
  • Cameramen...


Episode 1: Back in the game!


Episode 1 - ???





Reason for elimination

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