This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.


17 veterans and 3 newcomers battle it out for 1,000,000 dollars! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on Total Drama Action Take Six!


Camper Stereotype Team
Blaineley The Ex-Host Angry Actors
Bridgette The Surfer Girl Dashing Directors
Cindy The Loyal Friend Crazy Critics
Cody The Geek Dashing Directors
Courtney The Type A Angry Actors
Dakota The Fame-Monger Crazy Critics
Dawn The Moonchild Crazy Critics
DJ The Brickhouse With Heart Dashing Directors
Eris The Rude Snob Angry Actors
Geoff The Funniest Guy Around Dashing Directors
Gwen The Loner Crazy Critics
Heather The Queen Bee Crazy Critics


The Psycho Hose Beast

Angry Actors
Katie The Sweet Girl Angry Actors
Leshawna The Sister With 'Tude Dashing Directors
Lindsay The Dumb Princess Dashing Directors
Michelle The Environmentalist Crazy Critics


The Sweet Girl's Friend Angry Actors


The Obsessive Uber-Fan Angry Actors
Tyler The Jock Dashing Directors


Episode 1: The First Day of the Rest of Your Lives

A man with over-gelled hair pops up onto the screen.

"Hey! What's up?" He shouted, "We are coming to you live from Camp Wawanakwa on Total Drama Action Take Six. In the past this crappy little island in the middle of Muskoka started relationships, broke them, and most of all caused DRAMA." He begins to walk towards the end of the dock. "We brought back some of your favorites, along with three you have not seen before. The interns need to test todays challenge before the campers can arrive, so I might as well clear up something. You may be thinking, "If it's a second Total Drama Action, why are you at Wawanakwa?" Well the answer to that is, I loved the season 1 location and season 2 challenges. I just mashed it together." A boat horn sounds and startles Chris. "Well here are the contestants! The first one is Sier--.

Sierra runs off the boat and excitedly hugs Chris, cutting him off. "OMG Chris like I am soooo excited to be back, has Cody arrived yet?"

"No Sierra, you are the first one. Do not even dare try to blow up the island." Chris said recalling what happened back in Season 3. "Next up, Leshawna!"

Leshawna steps off the boat and pulls her leopard bags behind her. "What's up y'all Leshawna is back in the house! Oh, I didn't realize only one other contestant was here..."

There wasn't a boat in site when Dawn arrived, which creeped out even Sierra. "Well, I am glad to see that this island is not a disgusting toxic waste dump anymore." She then introduced herself to the two other contestants.

"Wow, girl, how did you get here so fast?" Leshawna asked the mysterious blonde.

"Well I just used the power of--" Dawn began.

"NEXT up is Katie...or Sadie... well probably both, knowing them." Chris said cutting off Dawn.

"EEEE oh my gosh Katie we are back onto the island!" Sadie said, making the others cringe.

"Oh I knoooww Sadie, we haven't competed for like..." Katie began counting on her fingers "...Five whole seasons! The island doesn't look very different..." The two simultaneously squeeled and took their place at the end of the dock with Dawn, Sierra, and Leshawna.

"Now, everyone's favorite contestant--" Chris started.

"Harold??" Shouted Leshawna.

"Cody!?!" Sierra yelled shortly after.

"B?" Dawn quietly said.

"JUSTENT??!!" Katie said Justin at the same time Sadie said Trent, making "Justent."

"No, iiiits Heather!" Chris corrected all five and smirked.

Heather stomped off the boat and quickly stated "This year I am definitely getting the money deserve!"

"You're gonna be gettin' a smack up side the head before you'll win that million." Leshawna shot her first threat towards Heather. Heather just rolled her eyes and walked over next to Dawn.

"Okay, and now before Sierra has a nervous breakdown, iiiits Cody!" Chris humorously stated.

Cody stepped off the boat and Sierra quickly ran over to hug him. Sighing, Cody says "Hi Sierra..." Sierra barely gave Cody five seconds to get onto the island before she smothered him.

"Anyways" Chris began. "Next is Heather's best friend, Blaineley!" 

"She wishes" Heather chimed in.

Blaineley stepped off and walked over to Chris. "You know, that offer for being your co-host still stands..."

"No Blaineley, just no. You will probably be the worst I have ever even experienced." Chris bluntly says to Blaineley. Feeling dejected, Blaineley walked to the group of castmates. "Anyways, after La Desperata over here, it's you're favorite nut-case, Izzy!"

Izzy did handsprings and various flips off the boat. "Woo! The RCMP has finally given up their search for me!"

Heather then sarcastically replied, "How come, did you tell them you died?"

Izzy answered quite seriously with, "Actually, yeah. They think that plane incident three seasons ago killed me." Heather just awkwardly glared at her.

"Back for even more torture from me is Dakota!" Chris exclaimed. Dakota walks off of the boat, and she is not mutated anymore.

"Yeah, my Daddy bought an antidote, so I'm ready for the paparazzi!" Dakota quickly says.

"Ok, here is the first out of three that may be new to you. Her name is Michelle." As Chris finishes this statement, Michelle walks off the boat and takes a deep breath of fresh air.

"Ahh... Being one with nature is the key to proper health." Michelle said. Dawn instantly walked over to her and the two began disscussing ways to improve the environment. Everyone else thought that Michelle was just completely crazy.

"Alright, I'll let the tree huggers discuss, while the second newcomer is introduced." Chris started. Before Chris could finish, a girl wearing a bright pink dress steps off the boat.

"I am Eris and I will be winning this competition because I am the best." Said this girl.

Leshawna then muttered under her breath, "Oh great, another Heather." Luckily Eris did not overhear.

"Arriving together, will be Geoff and Bridgette. Mr. Jealous-Pants won't let Bridgette compete alone, or even be alone after the whole Alejandro thing." After Chris said this, the couple walked off the boat together.

"Don't worry guys, this year we won't be constantly making out." Bridgette assured the cast.

"Yeah, my little Pookiekinz" Geoff says.

"Awww, Geoffy..." Bridgette replies, which makes everyone groan.

"Please, just stop the love fest! Up next is DJ!"

"Yo man, so happy to be back.  I just hope I don't hurt any animals this year..." What DJ didn't notice was that he actually stepped on a fish when he got off the boat.

"Let's have a Team Victory reunion with Lindsay!" Chris begins again, clearly being excited when he announced her name.

"Oh my god, hi Kyle!"

"It's Chris." Chris impatiently responded.

"Ok Chip, bye." Lindsay then stood besides Leshawna.

"Here is the last of the three newcomers. Her name is Cindy!"

"Oh hi everyone! I am so glad to be here. I'm very nice, and loyal, and--" Cindy began.

"Ok Cindy we didn't even ask for a sentence, yet you're giving us a book." Eris snapped at Cindy.

"Well, no need to be rude." Cindy then took a spot next to Dakota.

"The final three contestants were all involved in some way with the "C+D+G Love Triangle". First up is Tyler the tattletale." Tyler attempted to do handsprings like Izzy, but miserably failed. He was too embarassed to speak and took a spot next to DJ. "Next up is the "New-Heather", Gwen!"

"Ugh, I do not want to be back here again, especially if Courtney is here, I'm the last contestant right?" Gwen asked worriedly.

"To answer you're question, ask her yourself." Chris pointed behind Gwen to show that Courtney was standing there.

"Gwen, I will try to keep calm because last time I got obsessive I was eli--I HATE YOU!" Courtney began to jump towards Gwen but Dawn and Michelle held her back.

"Ok, past the drama, I will explain some things. The first is the confessional. The screen pans to Chris in a dirty outhouse.

Conf: This is the Confessional, a place where campers can just get what they are thinking off their chests. It is "completely private" and no one will "ever find out what you say."

Whenever Chris mentioned the confedentiality of the Confessional, he put air-quotes around them. "At the end of a competition, the loser team may have to vote off a member of their own team. That reminds me, who wants to find out teams?" Almost everyone raised their hands. "Ok, let's begin."

"We are doing three teams again. Katie, you'll be Team 1. Go stand at the designated area. With Katie will be Sadie." When Chris said this, Sadie squealed and joined her BFF in the Team 1 Area. Next will be Eris, then Sierra."

"Is Cody going to be on my team?" Sierra questioned quickly.

"Be patient Sierra. Next on Team 1 is Izzy, followed by Blaineley and Courtney!"

"Ugh I'm stuck with 'Ms. Jealous' I'd rather be with Heather!" Blaineley thought outloud.

Heather and Courtney simultaneously said "Hey!" feeling offended from Blaineley.

Conf: I probably shouldn't have said that outloud. Courtney will have it out for me now. Blaineley was clearly worried about being eliminated.

Conf: Grrr... it's fine Courtney, I'll give her another chance, but if she blows it, she's gone. Courtney already began talking about how much Blaineley annoyed her, and they have only been on the same team for two minutes.

"Ok, well that's it for Team 1." Chris stated.

"WHAT? NO CODY?" Sierra began freaking out and had to breath into a paper bag.

"Umm yeah. let's move on. Team 2 will start with all the guys. Cody, DJ, Geoff, Tyler go stand over there." The guys highfived eachother and walked over to Team 2. "Ok, next will be Bridgette, Lindsay, and Leshawna!" The three girls were happy that they were on the same team again.

"This time we can go far girls!" Leshawna pepped up the other two girls on her team.

"I'm just glad I'm with Geoff." Said Bridgette.

Conf: I'm so glad to be on a team with Tayl- I mean Tyler. I don't think we have ever been together. Lindsay said.

"Ok, now Team 3 will be the rest of you which are Heather, Cindy, Michelle, Dawn, Dakota, and Gwen."

"I'm on a team with her, again?!" Heather and Gwen both said.

"Heather, we might as well become friends and get over it." Gwen tried to make peace with Heather.

"Yeah right, I do not need you as a friend." Heather rudely replied

"I can easily be friends will all of you, you seem like nice people." Cindy says sweetly. Michelle and Dawn were also happy about being on the same team.

"We can help this forest together, Dawn!" Michelle excitedly said.

"I know!!" The two high-fived.

Conf: Hmmmm. Heather is a popular contestant so her just being on my team will bring me popularity. Dakota began to plan a route to her fame.

"Ok, Team 1, you are called the Angry Actors. Team 2 will be called the Dashing Directors, and Team 3, you will be called the "Crazy Critics. I came up with the names all myself, I'm so proud." Chris says with a smug smile.

"Well you shouldn't these names suck." Gwen said, which made Chris frown.

"Anyway... I know I didn't explain the camp that much, but most of you have been here before, so just help out newcomers." Chris quickly wanted to start the challenge. "Ok on the first part of the first challenge of the season, each team will need to find and bring a trailer full of supplies to the stage."

"What do you mean find?" Michelle asks.

"I meeean, you need to find it somewhere on the island. This won't be too bad, considering trailers are huge and easy to spot. The catch is, each of you have a prepicked scene to complete. If you find the wrong supplies, you will have to make it work." Chris replies and laughs. "I can't wait to see how this turns out."

"Well are we going to be finding out our scenes first?" Bridgette asks, looking foward to this challenge having a better outcome.

"Nope, you will all find out when you arrive at the stage, first one there gets an advantage in the next part. Now get to it, I wouldn't want to be stuck looking for the trailers at night." Chris then hopped onto a four-wheeler and rode off to the theater.

Conf: This is outrageous. He expects us to find a trailer that has the right supplies, with no hint? How's that even possible? Bridgette was angry with Chris's horribly unfair challenge.

"Ok girls," Heather says, taking the leadership role on her team, "we need to stay together and carefully look. We can't afford to lose the first part of the first challenge."

"Hmmm, sounds like a good plan Heather, let's go." Cindy agreed with Heather and began to run towards the woods.

"But wait!" Dakota yelled. "What about getting it back to the stage?"

"We can figure that out when we find the trailer. Let's get going now." Dawn said to Dakota. The group started running to the woods. The camera then flashed to the Angry Actors.

"Katie, you are such a good actor!" Sadie said.

"No Sadie, you are such a great actor." Katie replied.

"We are great actors aren't we." Sadie before being startled by a voice.

"Ok girls! We can worry about acting, after we find our trailer." Courtney said, clearly annoyed by the duo. Blaineley then but in.

"We need to split up and look individually. If someone finds it, they can yell some kind of signal and we could all meet up."

"Wow Blaineley, that was actually a good plan." Eris stated, clearly shocked.

"Thanks, now don't underestimate me again. Let's go!" The group began to run, with the exception of Sierra who was whining about being on a seperate team from Cody.

"Sierra, let's GO!" Eris yelled.

"Well we know who to vote off if we lose." Courtney threatened.

"B-but I don't have my Cody!" Sierra cried, but reluctantly got up and followed the group.

"Aww, don't be sad Sierra, if you both make it to the merge, you will be able to stalk him again." Izzy said, trying to cheer up the crying team mate.

Sierra sniffles and says "Thanks Iz. I feel a little better now." The group finally made some progress in making it to the woods. The screen then shifted to the Dashing Directors.

"Well, what should we do, guys?" Lindsay asked her team.

"Well Lindsay, we could have me, you, Bridge, Cody, and Tyler go straight to the stage while DJ and Geoff find the trailer." Leshawna replied.

"But," DJ started "What if we can't find it?"

"Do you have a better plan?" Leshawna said and DJ shook his head. "Well let's get going!" The camera returns to the Crazy Critics and shows that Michelle and Dawn have an idea.

"We've got it!" Dawn and Michelle said at the same time.

"You do? How? Got what?" Dakota asked.

"Dawn and I have become one with nature." Michelle started.

"Yeah, so?" Gwen asked.

"We have noticed some disturbances in the woods." Dawn finished.

"We believe these disturbances are the trailers. The nearest one is about sixty-five paces North-East." Michelle started again.

"Great, c'mon girls!" Cindy said excitedly. As they made their way towards the trailer, the camera began to follow Geoff and DJ.

"Alright dude, where do you think that this trailer is." Geoff asked.

"I don't exactly know, but we should go through the woods in a spiral pattern. We should come across it that way."  DJ said this and was quite proud of himself.

"Ok let's start." Geoff then began leading the way. A sound shot through the woods, which startled most of the cast. This sound was coming from Courtney.

"YESS!!!" Courtney screamed as she found a trailer. "Guys! Come here!" Her team members began to emerge from different areas, but eventually all combined together. "I found one!"

"You did? You really did?" Sierra asked.

"Yippie! Yeahhh!" Izzy began to dance like a rattlesnake.

"There's no time for that, let's get pushing, and by we, I mean everyone but me." Eris said. "I just got my nails manacured before arriving so I am not ready to ruin them."

"Fine, then I guess Sierra will be safe from elimination if we lose." Courtney said, hinting towards who she will eliminate now.

"Oh fiiine." Eris began to push with the others and Courtney tried to pull from the front. The camera quickly flashed to the Critics.

"Oh crap. They must have found a trailer." Heather yelled after gasping. "Dawn, are we almost there?"

"Yes, oh look there it is!" Dawn said and began to run towards it. The rest of the team followed closely behind.

"Ok, I'm not one to brag, but I am pretty strong." Michelle began to say to help her team. "If I pull from the front, with some help, and the rest pushes from the back, we should get there in no time."

"I'll help pull, I love helping." Cindy said and walked towards the front. "On three, One. Two. Three!" The group began pushing, while the two in the front pulled.

"We may make it at least second." Gwen happily said. Geoff and DJ knew that they had to kick it into high gear.

"Geoff, do you see anything?" DJ asked.

"Umm... not this very second- oh wait! There's one!" Geoff pointed the trailer out to DJ and they began running.

"Let's both push it." DJ suggested.

"Alright dude, let's do it." Geoff said and began to push the trailer.

The next shot shown was of the stage. Chris was waiting for the first arriving team.

"Oh look, it seems that we have a winner of the first part!" Chris excitedly yelled. The Angry Actor pushed the trailer close to the stage and ran up to Chris. "The Angry Actors! Good job, you will have some extra time to set up. You will have five extra minutes after the rest of the teams show up."

"Yes!" Courtney yelled happily. "I knew we could do it. Good job Blaineley."

"Thanks Courtney." Blaineley said with a smug smile.

Conf: Well, I should be safe for awhile. Blaineley was happy that her idea let her team win the first challenge.

Conf: I must admit, Blaineley did good. It all depends on her actions for the second part. Courtney was worried for what was yet to come.

"Here comes the second place team!" As Chris said this, the Critics exhaustedly finished pushing their trailer and rested on the ground.

"We. Made. It. That's. All. That matters." Heather said, taking a breath between each word.

"Yeah, but I wish we got here first." Dakota said, having recovered her breathing.

"You girl's did good. You will begin making your sets five minutes after the Angry Actors start." Chris told the team.

"Ok, we will be fine. I think we can handle it, as long as we have the right supplies." Cindy said with a tired smile.

"Where's our team?" Cody said, a bit angry about getting last by default.

"I think that's them now." Tyler said, pointing to an object far in the distance.

"Yeah, that's them." Lindsay said before yelling to them that they can make it. The guys finally arrived and Chris told them the bad news about having to go last.

"Leshawna, I think that plan would have gone better if we had more people helping us."

"Sorry..." Leshawna said.

"Ok, I will now tell each of you guys what your scene is." Chris said. He walks over to the Angry Actors first. "You seven will be performing a scene about a girl who has just gone through a break up. Crack open your trailer and check if you have picked the right one." 

As Courtney opened up the trailer, she was greatly disappointed. "What is this stuff? There's only toy guns, army suits, and a prop letter. How is this supposed to symbolize our scene?!"

"You must've picked the wrong one" Chris said, deviously smiling. "Start contructing your scene." The Actors found their set and began putting their scene together.

"I know what we can do." Eris said. The screen then went back to Chris as he told the Crazy Critics their scene.

"You guys will be performing a woman who has just lost her elderly mother to an illness. Check your trailer."

Heather was the one that decided to open the trailer. "Ok, we have a rotary phone, a dress, and a picture frame of some old lady. Wait, did we pick the right one?"

"It seems you have. Good job, start to assemble your scene. you have 25 minutes."

"Good job for leading us to the right one Michelle and Dawn." Cindy said and high-fived them both. "I think that Dakota should be the woman."

"Why her?" Izzy said "I am a great actor!"

"Izzy, no offense, but you made your team lose the last time you acted." Cindy said, feeling bad about it. "Plus, aren't you on the other team?"

"Oh... right! Sorry to have bothered you guys." Izzy then went back to helping her team.

"Anyways, thanks Cindy! Oh I'm so excited. I'll get into character." Dakota said and ran into the trailer. The camera then focused in on the Dashing Directors.

"Well, you came here last so you have the least amount of time with 20 minutes. You will be an army soldier that has just received a letter stating the war has ended." Chris informed them.

"But the Actors have the army stuff, can we swap?" Bridgette asked.

"Nope, no trading. You will just have to figure it out." Chris said.

Conf: This is so not fair. I thought my team was going to do good this year. Lindsay was disappointed with her team.

"All we have is a skirt, a cellphone, and fake tears." Geoff said. "Well this sucks." The Directors got to work with their limited supplies.

"Time's up!" Chris announced after 20 minutes. "Time is up, everyone stop! The first to present will be the Dashing Directors."

"Why us?" Leshawna said.

"Because you got here last and picked the wrong trailer." Eris rudely replied for Chris.

"Well, we might as well get it over with, Tyler lets go." Leshawna yelled.

"But its so embarassing!" Tyler yelped.

"Ignore it, hurry up." Leshawna replied. Tyler walked out wearing a pink skirt and a track sweatshirt.

Tyler began his scene. "I have been l-living, I mean, battling in this war for ten years. I can't take much more." The cellphone got a text and Tyler pulled it out of the sweatshirt pocket to check it. "I-its... over? It is finally over?" Tyler then took a pause.

"Tyler, finish the scene!" Bridgette whispered.

"I can't, that is way too embarassing." Tyler whispered back, and awkwardly left the scene. Cindy was the only person to clap for the Dashing Directors, which she awkwardly stopped after she noticed that no one else was.

"Tyler, you've ruined us!" Leshawna yelled.

"I'm sorry, I just can't pretend to cry on TV, especially after my elimination in the first season." Tyler tried to justify himself.

Conf: Why Tyler didn't complete the scene is beyond me. He had two more lines! I can't get over this. Leshawna was furious about Tyler decision to leave the stage.

"Ok, after that trainwreck, it is the Angry Actors!" Eris took the stage after the announcement was said. She was wearing an army uniform and was pretending to shoot her gun. Courtney walked on stage dressed similarly to Eris and handed her a letter. Eris proceeded to read it.

"My- my boyfriend has been killed? Nooooo!!!" Eris announced. She then proceeded to cry which shocked everyone. "I am so heartbroken..." Then the curtain closed.

Most of the contestants clapped, with the exception of Heather, Leshawna, and Gwen.

Conf: I have the natural ability to cry on command. I knew that it would eventually benefit me again. Eris was gloating about her crying during the performance.

"Ok, that was good, very good even." Chris said "Can you beat that Crazy Critics?"

"Of course we can." Heather said. "Come on out Dakota!"

Dakota walked onto the stage looking at least thirty years older. "I am so worried about my poor old mother. She has been dealing with this terrible disease for so long." The rotary phone started to ring. "Oh please be good news." She answered the phone and gasped. The phone dropped in what felt like slow motion. Dakota started to sob, which was very shocking to the contestants, but Eris rolled her eyes. Dakota picked up a picture of the old woman and hugged it, still crying. The curtain then closed.

All of the contestants clapped and most of the girls were crying. When Chris walked out, even he had to wipe his eyes and clear his throat before speaking.

"W-well it's clear who the winner is. Congratulations Critics, you are safe from elimination and win a gourmet dinner."

"Woohoo!!" All of the Critics yelled and hugged.

Chris began again "Angry Actors, you are safe, but do not win anything."

"Whatever." Eris said, clearly angry.

"And the big losers of tonight are the Dashing Directors. You will have to sending someone home today. Decide who. I will see you guys later."

Leshawna began to yell at her team. "I do not want to be on the losing team again!"

"Do you think we do?" Cody replied.

"We need to figure out who to eliminate." Lindsay said. The camera then switched to the Crazy Critics who were enjoying their dinner.

"I am so happy that we have won."  Cindy said.

"I would have to agree with you." Said Heather.

Gwen congradulated Dakota. "Good job on your scene, the sob was so realistic."

"I've practiced. I told you I want to become famous." Dakota said.

"Oh look, there's the team who didn't do good enough to win." Heather said, mocking the Actors.

"I hope you choke on your dinner!" Eris yelled back at Heather.

"Hmph. She is so jealous." Heather said. "I do not blame her though, who isn't jealous of us right now. Especially those loser Directors."

After Heather said this, the screen flashed to the campfire where the Dashing Directors were sitting.

"Welcome to the first elimination ceremony of Total Drama Action Take Six." Chris said. "When you are voted out, you have to walk down the dock of shame, board the boat of losers, and can never come back into the competition. Got it? Ok the first marshmellow goes to Lindsay.

"Yay, I'm still in it!" Lindsay cheered.

"Next is Cody, Bridgette, DJ, and Geoff." The four then cheered as they caught the marshmallows and Geoff and Bridgette hugged.

'This marshmallow I have is the last marshmallow of the night. It will determine who stays and who goes. The final marshmallow of tonight will go to...


"Woo! Yes! I'm still in it. Sorry Hon, you messed up really bad." Leshawna said.

"Yes, this means that you are eliminated Tyler. Sorry" Chris stated.

"I thought you all were my friends?" Tyler asked, feeling unliked.

"We are, but you just did really bad today and costed us the loss." Geoff told Tyler. 

"Lindsay...?" Tyler asked.

"Oh, she didn't vote, she must've forgotten how to." Chris said.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Tyler said before kissing Lindsay.

"Bye Tyler, I will miss you!" Lindsay said. Tyler then proceeded to walk down and board the Boat of Losers. As he rode away, he yet again cried on TV.

"And that concludes the first episode. Come back next time to see what I put these teens through. I am Chris McLean and this is Total Drama Action Take Six."

Episode 2: The Sleep of Giant Proportions

Chris is shown standing on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama. Things were a little dramatic, people were a little annoyed, and one person lost from embarassment. After Dakota's heart-string-pulling performance made everyone cry, the Crazy Critics received the first win of the season. The big losers were the Dashing Directors. Tyler ruined the whole skit by not only messing up on his lines, but failing to complete it." Chris is shown holding a book of lullabies before throwing it behind him. "You are going to love today's challenge on Total Drama Action Take Six."

Theme Song Plays

The camera opens up to the Angry Actors who were discussing the loss in their cabin.

"Hmph, did perfect so I do blame you guys for giving me faulty lines." Eris said.

"We gave you faulty lines?!" Courtney yelled "You came up with everything!"

"Pssh, there is no way that I can do anything wrong." Eris said, annoying her team.

Conf: Ok, this Eris girl is worse than Heather. She's not just annoying, mean, and snobby, but she also can never see when she does something wrong! Courtney was fed up with Eris.

"Ladies, ladies, we have to remember that we are on the same team." Blaineley said, trying to calm them down.

"Well if Izzy the idiot helped our team, instead of trying to help that other one, maybe we could have won!" Eris snapped. "I've been on this island one day and I already can't stand her."

Conf: This girl is a complete nut. How did I get stuck with her on my team?! Eris vented more of here hatred towards Izzy in the confessional.

Conf: Izzy doesn't like this new girl. Izzy thinks that she is very mean. Izzy said in the confessional, speaking in third person again.

After Izzy's confessional, the camera switched to the girls of the Dashing Directors.

"Aww. I miss Tyler already, did we really have to eliminate him?" Lindsay said, feeling regret from her team's decision to vote off her boyfriend.

"Well Lindsay," Bridgette started "he did do horrible on the skit and made us lose..."

"Yeah, but he could help us out later..." Lindsay said.

"Well it's too late now girl." Leshawna said. "There's no way he is coming back, you heard Chris." A flashback of Chris stating the rules of elimination then appeared on the screen. When the flashback was over, the camera panned to Lindsay.

"Oh, yeah..."

"It's ok Lindsay..." Bridgette then hugged Lindsay. The camera then panned to the Crazy Critics.

"I never thought I would ever say this, but this is probably my favorite team out of all the ones I have been on." Heather said.

"Wow Heather, I never thought that you could like anything." Gwen said with a smile.

"And why's that Heather?" Cindy asked.

"Well I mean that every team I am on, I have a major conflict with at least one member, but this season everyone is either new, I have never competed with the before, or I have a fixable conflict." Heather said. The fixable conflict she was mentioning was with Gwen.

"Aw that's sweet, and what do you think today's challenge is?" Dakota asked the others.

"Hmmm," Michelle said, thinking, "maybe it will be some kind of building challenge. They always have those."

"But we technically built our sets yesterday." Dawn said.

"Well I mean like, building a vehicle of some sort." Michelle said "An environmentally friendly one of course."

"No, I don't think so, let's just wait and find out." Heather said. Just as Heather finished, a loud voice began to boom from the intercom outside.

"Everyone make your way to the camp's firepit for your next challenge!" Chris said over the intercom.

"Well, that was awfully convenient." Dakota said, "Lets go." The Crazy Critics made it to the firepit along with the Dashing Directors and the Angry Actors.

"Ok, so today your challenge will be running a three mile race around camp to the mess hall. GO!" Chris said.

"Wait are you serious!? I can not run in my new high heels." Eris complained.

"I'd better hurry Eris, your falling far behind." Chris said to Eris, ignoring her complaint. Eris took off her heels and began to run. In front of the line, was Geoff who was running with DJ.

"Woah dude, do you think if we get to the finish first we will win an advantage for our team?" Asked Geoff

"I don't know man, Chris didn't say anything about it. Let's just keep going and we will see." DJ replied. Trailing shortly behind them was Cody. He was running so fast mainly because he was running from Sierra who was getting closer and closer. Behind them was Michelle who was making great time.

At the end of the pack was Eris who was simply walking.

"I hate this stupid show, I don't know why I ever signed up for this." Eris complained. Closer to the middle was Courtney and Blaineley.

"Hey, where is Eris? I haven't seen her at all." Courtney asked.

"Umm I'm pretty sure she was complaining about her shoes when we left." Blaineley said. "She's probably not even trying."

"Grrr, if she is the last person to arrive, I am going to be so mad at her." Courtney responded. Heather was behind the two listening.

"So you have one of the worst contestants known to Total Drama on your team?" Heather mocked.

Courtney, not noticing the mocking tone, replied, "Yeah, not only does she do crappy challenges, but she also is such a brat."

"Sounds like a delight" Heather said before running ahead past the two. The camera then showed a montage of contestants running. When the montage ended, all of the contestants, except Eris, were crammed into the mess hall.

"Ugh, where is she?!" Courtney yelled.

"Umm, I think we see her slowly walking." Katie and Sadie both said.

"Still?! She has been walking the whole time!" Courtney yelled.

Conf: Eris is such an arrogant loser. It is a competition, you are supposed to compete! Courtney was furious with Eris.

"Alright, good job all, I mean most, of you." Chris then look towards the entrance to see Eris walking in ten minutes after everyone else.

"Where were you!?" Courtney whispered angrily at her.

"I am not running. Nope, never." Eris responded.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you." Courtney said, fed up with the blonde.

"This was not a race by the way, so here is everyone's reward." Chris then pulled a string. This string then opened a curtain revealing a gourmet brunch that was similar in quality to the Crazy Critics meal the night before. "Everyone dig in!" Chris then announced. The contestants swarmed the table, the Critics took the turkey, which disappointed the vegetarian Michelle who made a salad, the Actors took a whole rack of baby-back ribs, and the Directors took a large fruit salad to please Bridgette. All the food was gone in a matter of five minutes. Everyone was bloated from the large meal.

"Wow am I stuffed." Katie said.

"OMG me too!" Sadie said.

"I love how stuffed we are together!" Katie said.

"Two awesome meals in a row." Cindy said, wiping leftover food off her face.

"I know, I feel like royalty." Dawn said smiling.

"Thank you guys for picking the fruit in respect for me." Bridgette said. "I appreciate it."

"It's no problem Bridge,"  Leshawna said, "the fruit was actually pretty good." The rest of the team agreed.

Chris then poked his head in the entrance of the mess hall. "Okay so how was everyone's meal?"

Everyone yelled "Good!" in unison.

"Great, because it is time for the second part of the challenge." Chris said with a smirk.

"What? I thought that was the challenge, well the running at least." Cody said.

"Nope, now you guys will have an Awake-a-thon!" Chris said and all the campers groaned.

"First you tire us out by making us run around camp, then you feed us a gourmet dinner, which I bet was packed with melatonin., and now you expect us to stay awake after becoming exhausted." Gwen said, "Wow, you are really devious."

"I know, thank you." Chris said. "The rules are, the person who lasts the longest without sleeping wins the challenge for their team. The losing team will be the team that had their whole team asleep before the others."

"This is torture!" Heather yelled.

"Well it's how this show goes, so now lets meet up back at the firepit." Chris said and made his way to the firepit. 

When everyone was at the firepit, Chris began speaking again. "The timer begins now, begin to get comfortable with having bags under you eyes and constant hallucinations. Now, I am going to take a nap, but you will be under constant surveillance." Chris then walked inside his trailer.

"I need my beauty sleep. I am not doing this challenge." Eris said, and began to make a bed out of grass. Courtney rolled her eyes and just let her do so.

"Ok girls," Courtney said to her team, "we need to stay active so we don't get mentally tired. Our bones may ache and our muscles may burn, but stay moving!" The team nodded in agreement and began to do random actions. The camera panned to Heather.

"So does anyone have a plan?" She asked.

"Well, I have a plan, but it will not apply to everyone. Just let me to it." Dawn said and left the discussion. She then sat down criss-cross and raised her arms. She then made two 'O's' with her thumb and index finger.

"What is she doing?" Dakota asked.

"She is going to meditate. What a great plan." Michelle answered. You could then hear Dawn faintly going "Oummmm" every four seconds. "She will go into a trance like state where she can not feeling tired, hungry, or have bathroom urges."

"Ok, well that solves her staying awake, but what do we do?" Gwen asked.

"Well, I saw on a TV show once that if we stay away from bathroom usage and constantly tense our feet until it hurts, we can stay awake for a long time." Cindy suggested.

"Well... I guess we could try it." Heather said. The team then sat on the log seats. The camera panned to the Dashing Directors.

"Ok, we should balance on our heads until the blood rushes to them. Then when it does, we should stop. Then repeat it." Lindsay suggested.

"Umm, Lindsay, as long as we don't die, I don't really care what we do." Leshawna said. "Let's do her plan, I guess."

At the two hour mark, only Eris was asleep. The Critics were still holding in pee and tensing their toes, Dawn was still meditating, the Actors were still moving about, and the Directors were still doing headstands.

"Courtney, Sadie and I and getting tired." Katie said.

"Yeah, like excerise tired..." Sadie added.

"Well, fine, go take a break, but don't fall asleep like Sleeping Diva over there." Courtney said, mocking Eris. Katie and Sadie proceeded to resting, while Courtney talked strategy. "Ok Blaineley, we need to get Eris out. She is not helping out our team at all." Eris then started to wake up, which Courtney didn't notice. "I say we eliminate her if we lose, and we should purposely lose this week."

"That's a little harsh Courtney, but I agree. Let's tell the Twins and the two Nutties the plan." Blaineley said.

Eris then pretended to go back to sleep and waited for the others to be asleep.

At the 12 hour mark, Eris was out, Courtney, Sadie, Katie, Sierra and Blaineley were sleeping, and the Directors were getting annoyed by Lindsay's plan.

"Ok Lindsay, I am getting a serious headache from this now, I may have to lie down." DJ said this before passing out.

"Well this is great,"  Leshawna said, "we have one less person awake."

"It will be alright, we still have five people awake." Lindsay said. Just then, Chris arrived.

"So, it seems that most of you have resisted the temptations of sleep. Now let's make it interesting." Chris said.

"What do you mean?" Heather asked.

"You will be picking someone from the other team to receive something that will make them tired." Chris answered.

"Leshawna, you pick someone from the Critics to tire, because Izzy is the only one awake on the Actors."

"I pick Heather." Leshawna said. "And I want her to receive a foot massage."

"Oh thank god, my feet are starting to get arthritis." Heather then walked into the Crafts and Service tent to receive her massage.

"Alright, now Dakota, you pick someone on the Directors to do something." Chris said.

"Well, Lindsay looks the most awake, so I pick her." Dakota said. "I want her to listen to a yarn documentary for 2 hours."

"Oooo torturous." Chris said. "Get to it Lindsay." Lindsay sighed and walked into the Crafts and Service tent as well to begin listening.

"Alright, I'll check up on you guys later. Good luck!" Chris then left.

At the 24 hour mark, Heather, Lindsay, Bridgette, and Cindy were also asleep.

Eris made sure that everyone on her team was asleep, except Izzy.

"Perfect, now my plan will unfold." Eris quietly said, then she snuck into Chris's trailer.

She emerged a few minutes later with a devious smile on her face and layed back down on her grass bed.

"Wow," Gwen said, "Dawn is still meditating."

"Yeah," Michelle said and yawned, "I think it is time for me to go to sleep. My nature reading abilities are way out of whack."

"Well alright... I think I can handle it." Gwen said.

Michelle then went to sleep.

On each team, a few were left. Of the six Dashing Directors, only Leshawna, Geoff, and Cody were still awake. Of the six Crazy Critics, only Dawn, Dakota, and Gwen were left. Finally, of the seven Angry Actors, only Izzy was left.

At the 60 hour mark, Chris returned. Geoff, Cody, and Dakota fell asleep.

"Well now that their is only four people left, let's get into the lightning round." Chris said. "Chef will be playing a soft, peaceful, and relaxing song on the harp, while I read this book on the history of staples."

Leshawna, Gwen, and Izzy all sat in a circle where Dawn was. Chris began reading and soon, Izzy passed out.

"Well, the Angry Actors have just lost, but we still don't have a winner." Chris said.

When Chris got to the chapter on staple use today, Leshawna and Gwen both fell asleep at the same time. The sound of the two hitting the ground got Dawn out of her trance state.

"Have I won?" Dawn asked Chris.

"It seems you have, congratulations." Chris said before pulling the trigger of an airhorn to wake up all of the sleeping contestants. When all of the contestants awoke, Chris announced the results.

"Dawn has won for the Crazy Critics!" He yelled. The team cheered and were extremely happy that her plan had succeeded and they won again.

"Good job Dawn!" Cindy yelled, "You did it!"

"In second, the Dashing Directors! Leshawna stayed awake the longest." Chris told the group.

"Way to go Leshawna!" Lindsay yelled and hugged her. "We are safe from elimination!"

"That means we lost? Yes!" Courtney said before realizing it, "I mean... Oh darn..."

"Yes, you will be sending someone home tonight." Chris told them. "Pick someone, vote, and we will see what happens from there."

"Ok, so we are sticking to the plan?" Courtney said, talking to teammates, excluding Eris.

"Yup, I am" Izzy said.

"Ok, let's go vote." Courtney said.

At the campfire, Eris was sitting alone on one stump in the corner while the others were all in one corner.

"Well, it was awfully strange that almost the whole team passed out at one time." Chris said.

"You know, we are just such good friends we have similar sleeping habits." Courtney lied.

"Riiight..." Chris said. "Anyway here are the results."

"The first marshmallow of the night goes to Katie." Chris started.

"EEEeee!!" Katie squealed.

"Next is Sadie!" Chris then threw the duo their marshmallows and Sadie squeeled similarly to Katie.

"Then it is Sierra!" Chris said and threw it to her.

"Yay, I am one step closer to the merge with Cody!"

"Next up is Blaineley, then Courtney." Chris threw the marshmallows to them. Courtney deviously smirked at Eris.

"And the final marshmallow of the night goes to...

"Iz-" Chris started, but was cut off but the sound of a helicopter above. 

"Izzy! We know you are down there! Surrender now with your hands up!" It was the RCMP. "We have been notified by an anonymous source of your location!"

"YOU'LL NEVER GET ME ALIVE!!" Izzy then ran into the woods, instantly eliminating her.

"Well, that just saved you from elimination Eris." Chris said.

Eris deviously smirked back at Courtney.

"Oh great!" Courtney yelled in dismay.

"Well wasn't that a shocker? Come back next time for more thrills, chills, and surprises. Right here on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Conf: The "Anonymous Source" was me, Eris, my team never saw that coming, and they will never see my plans coming. Eris admitted she caused Izzy elimination.

Episode 3: Cool Hand Kate

Chris opened the episode relaxing on the beach. He stands up and faces the camera. "Last time on Total Drama. The campers were pushed to limit of extreme exhaustion. Two sneaky plans were used by two teams. One caused one to lose, one caused one to win. Dawn meditated for 2 and a half days, resulting in her team's second consecutive win. A plan backfired for the Angry Actors where they purposely lost to lose Eris." A flashback of Eris walking into Chris's trailer popped up on the screen. "Eris got rid of her newly found enemy by turning her in to the authorities! How harsh! Let's see what unfolds on this episode of Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Theme Song Plays

After the theme song ends, the camera shows the Crazy Critics discussing their second win in a row.

"I can't believe you were meditating for so long!" Cindy said, amazed by Dawn's win.

"I know! That was amazing!" Heather added.

"Thanks guys, it was really nothing." Dawn said, getting embarassed from the compliments.

"It worked much better then my dumb plan..." Cindy said.

"Come on, don't say that Cindy." Michelle said, "Your plan was working for awhile there."

"Thanks Michelle..." Cindy said, "did you hear about the Actor's elimination?"

"Yeah, that Eris girl is clever." Gwen replied.

"She definitely has some tricks up her sleeve, I am glad she isn't on our team." Dakota added.

The screen panned to the Angry Actors.

"Poor Izzy, she was probably my best friend on this team..." Sierra said.

"Awww, don't worry Sierra, Katie and I will be your friends!" Sadie said happily.

"Yeah! You can be the third member of our BFFFL group!" Katie added, equally as happy.

Eris was sitting alone, styling her hair.

"Well, she's seems to be deceiving." Courtney whispered to Blaineley. "Maybe she could actually benefit our team."

"True, and with Katie and Sadie sharing a brain, it's almost like we have the least amount of players left. We need to give her a chance." Blaineley whispered back.

Conf: Alright, I will try to stay civil with her as long as she doesn't push her luck. Courtney said, reluctantly willing to let her hatred mellow out.

After the screen transitioned through static, it showed the Dashing Directors.

"I'm glad we have only lost one member so far." Cody said.

"Yeah, but it is only the third episode..." DJ pessimistically said as he lowered his head.

"Aw, cheer up big guy. Maybe we can actually win today." Leshawna said and patted DJ's back.

"I don't really mind if we win or lose, I just don't want to lose any more of my friends." Lindsay added.

All of a sudden, the sound of police sirens began, which made everyone jump. The police siren was then masked by the sound of a man shouting through a megaphone.

"EVERYONE OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" The man yelled. Everyone quickly ran out. The man was Chef Hatchet. "Everyone get in the truck!"

The campers noticed that the truck he was talking about was a police inmate transport. They nervously piled into the back of the truck. 

"Where do you think we are going?" Cindy asked the others.

"I don't know, but wherever it is, it will be horrible." Bridgette responded, "I just hope we end up ok."

After a few minutes of driving, the truck began to slow down, and then it felt as if they were backing up.

"I think we're here." Katie said. The doors then opened and the light blinded the contestants.

"Is this a jail?" Heather asked frightened.

"It may look like it, but it's not. It's actually a fake set." Chris said, who was dressed up like a cop.

"Wow Chris, the set is soooo amazing." Sierra said.

"Thank you Sierra. Now, today's challenge is inspired by Izzy's elimination." Chris began. "You are going to be  living one day in jail, exaggerated, of course." All of the contestants groaned. This made Chris laugh from satisfaction. "The first part of the challenge will be eating a delectable meal prepared by the other teams. The Actors will be making a meal for the Directors, Directors for the Critics, and the Critics for the Actors. Everyone understand?"

"This should be fun." Eris stated.

"Well, you can pretty much use any ingredients, specifically disgusting ones, first one to puke loses. Last team standing wins an advantage. Aaaand go!" Chris yelled and the contestants got to work to make a disgusting meal.

"Oh I have an idea!" Cindy said, "this is a little gross, but whatever." She then pulled grabbed some scissors and cut off a lock of her hair. "Everyone do this, we can make like, some nasty hair pasta."

"Ok, that's just freaking gross, perfect!" Heather said before cutting off a single strand of her hair. The scissors were passed down the line and added to the bowl.

"I can call in a maggot or something to use as sauce." Michelle said.

"That's good too!" Dakota said. Michelle called in a group of maggots and crushed them into the "spaghetti." 

"Let's add some dirt too, everyone take off your shoes." Dawn said. Everyone obeyed and Dawn took the shoes and hit them together over the bowl. This added a layer of dirt over the meal.

"It seems we are just about done, I am glad that I'm not eating that." Gwen said, she then spit into the bowl. The whole team laughed deviously.

The camera moved over to the Actors. "We should just put a bunch of inedible crap in a bowl." Courtney said.

"I guess, but we aren't trying to kill the other team." Blaineley said.

"Hmmmm maybe we should a dirty, old, and moldy sandwich." Sadie said.

"Yeah, maybe with raw beef and extremely old cheese." Katie added.

"Wow that's not too bad actually, I like it, let's get to it." Courtney said.

The camera then switched to the Dashing Directors who were almost done with their meal already. It was a bunch of live bugs in a bowl, covered by melted cheese, with toe nail clippings and nose hairs.

"This is so gross!" Lindsay said.

"It's supposed to be, Lindsay." Leshawna said.

"Oooo that's good then." Lindsay said again, happily jumping.

DJ whispered to himself, "Hmm this needs a little something." He then proceeded to add "Mama Spice." He made sure not to let his team know.

"Alright, time is up!" Chris announced, "Each team pick two people to do this challenge. One to eat, one to feed."

"Katie will feed, Sadie will eat." Eris said, before her team could decide.

"Fine, whatever..." Courtney said.

Conf: There she goes taking charge again. What a b****. Courtney said, having the 'b-word' bleeped out.

"Hmmm, I say that Michelle eats, and Cindy feeds." Heather said.

"Well, I am fine with that." Cindy said.

"I guess I am too, I have a pretty strong stomach." Michelle said, also agreeing with Heather's plan.

"Good, get into position." Heather ordered.

"I say Leshawna eats and I serve." Lindsay said.

"And why should I be the one that's eating?" Leshawna defensively asked.

"Well, you just did really good during that first season eating challenge. And now since Omar err- I mean Owen isn't here, you could win."

"Alright Lindsay, fine." Leshawna agreed.

The teams got into their areas and the meals were placed in front of them.

"OMG ewwwwww, is this hair??" Sadie screamed, which made the Critics giggle from satisfaction.

"Are these bugs? Wouldn't be the first time I've eating these." Michelle confidently said.

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked.

"Well I was once stuck in the middle of the woods for one month with no food or wa-" The camera moved away from Michelle when she was in mid sentence.

"This couldn't be much worse than that cockroach smoothie..." Leshawna said, "I think I can handle it."

"Yay! My plan is working!" Lindsay happily shrieked.

"Okay guys, I know you are dying to dig into your delicious meals, but I need to explain the rules." Chris began, "Only the feeder can feed, get it, that's why you are called the feeder. The eater can only give signal, but their only good for their ability to chew. If time runs out before someone pukes, the team with the least eaten will have a disadvantage in the next challenge. Same consequence applies if you are the first to puke. Now, bon appetite, commence eating!" Chris then set up a timer for ten minutes and the contestants began.

"Sadie just pretend it is that totally yummy spaghetti from the mall that time." Katie encouraged Sadie.

"Oh my gosh that was so yummy, I'll try to..." Sadie uneasily said and Katie began feeding. She was dying from the awful flavor and texture, but she was determined. She thought in her head, "I can do this, I can do this."

Katie served her another bite, and Sadie kept eating. It was hard to digest, considering it was hair.

"You can do it Sadie, you're kind of like an eigth of the way done." Katie said to encourage her best friend.

The camera moved to the left a bit and showed Michelle and Cindy.

"I don't know about this Cindy..." Michelle said, scared to eat the meal in front of her. "These bugs may not be completely safe to eat."

"Oh, it'll be fine, just eat it slow... er maybe you should eat it fast to just get it over with." Cindy said, trying to help. Michelle overwhelmed by the texture, but the flavor was actually good.

"Oh my, this flavor is devine." Michelle said.

Conf: Well, Michelle has lost it. She's starting to join Izzy and Sierra on the list of Total Drama Nutcases. Heather was talking about Michelle enjoying the disgusting dish.

"I told you that the bugs would be fine." Cindy said.

"No, it's not the bugs." Michelle said in the middle of chewing, "There is some kind of topping that masks all of the awful taste from this dish. Feed more to me, quickly, I'm almost done."

The camera panned even further to the left to show Leshawna and Lindsay.

"How do I even serve this to you?" Lindsay asked.

"I don't know? Just, like, rip it in half and feed it to me." Leshawna answered.

"F-fine..." Lindsay said, scared to rip it in half. She proceeded to rip it the sandwich and some of the moldy cheese dripped out. "Oh my gosh..." She almost threw up herself, but proceeded to feed it to Leshawna.

Leshawna did not say a word, but her eyes opened from the shock of awful flavors. As Lindsay was about to feed Leshawna, some of the meat and cheese went onto her hands.

"Eww!!!" Lindsay screamed. She then threw up onto Leshawna. This made Leshawna throw up as well, making her team lose.

"Well, the Dashing Directors have the disadvantage, but that doesn't decide the other's fate. Let's keep going." Chris said.

Sadie was almost done, and Michelle was on her last bite.

"C'mon Michelle, we can win this advantage!" Cindy said.

"Ugh, but I'm so full..." Michelle complained as Cindy slowly moved the fork closer. "I just can't..." Next to them, they heard cheering.

"You did it Sadie!" Katie yelled!

"Well it seems the Angry Actors have won the advantage in the next part of the challenge." Chris said. "And... the Critics have just ended up in the middle."

"I guess it is better than last..." Dawn said.

"Why do we always get second in the first challenge?" Dakota asked.

"I don't know, but anyway the next part of the challenge will be breaking out of jail." Chris said, "You're prizes will be the following: Angry Actors, since you won, you will get a map plan of the jail, too bad you need a compass for direction..." Chris said, "Well, Critics, you will be receiving a compass, and it looks like you will be needing a map." Chris then threw the two items to their respected teams. "Finally, the Directors... You will be receiving a GIANT, EXTREMELY HELPFUL, PILE OF NOTHING!" 

"Ughhh... I can't believe this..." Leshawna complained, angry at Lindsay.

"Well, I better start the challenge before Leshawna rips Lindsay's face apart. Get outside of the building without being caught, and you win." Chris said.

"Well this sounds easy." Courtney said.

"You may think that, but you will be trying to avoid the relentless Chef. Sooo... Good luck!" Chris said and began the race.

"Heather, I have an idea, maybe if we ally with the Actors, we can use the compass and map to get out easily." Cindy said.

"Why would you ever want to ally with them, Blaineley and Eris will blow us off for sure and take the compass." Heather replied.

"We have to try." Cindy said, "Dakota, you ask." Dakota sighed, stood up, and walked over to the Actors.

"Hi..." Dakota awkwardly started, "do you mind working with us to get out of here? We will let you use the compass if you share the map."

Conf: I do not want to work with the Crappy Critics, sure they have won every challenge so far, but I do not feel like riding on their coattails. Eris insulted the Critics.

"We would love to." Blaineley said, "you better not be lying about sharing the compass."

"I swear, now let's go. We don't want the Directors following us." Dakota responded and the two teams left, using the map and compass to guide them.

"Great, now we have no guidance and everyone left us behind." Cody said.

"Let's just try to follow them, it is worth a shot." DJ said. The Directors began to follow, but lost their trail.

"Let's go left, it sounds like they are down there." Cody said. The Directors walked down the path and saw something that they really didn't want to. It was Chef and he was holding a tazer.

"RUN!!!" Geoff yelled and Chef began chasing them.

"Let's go right this time!" Leshawna yelled, still running from Chef. Chef grew nearer and nearer and he then shocked DJ, who struggled to keep running.

"OW!!" DJ shreiked.

"Hang in there buddy!" Geoff yelled.

"Just give up now, there is no way you can escape me!" Chef taunted.

"We'll see about that." Leshawna said. She then knocked over a stack of crates which blocked Chef's way.

"I'll be back, don't forget it." Chef angrily said to Leshawna.

"Yeah, whatever, let's go, I think I see the exit." Leshawna said. The team ran out the doors and thought that they were the first ones out. The truth is, they weren't. The other teams were already well on their way to the wall.

"C'mon! We can still catch up!" Bridgette yelled. The camera zoomed in closer to the Actor-Critic combination team.

"We should all climb the wall at the same time so we all will win." Michelle suggested.

"That seems fair." Sierra responded.

"Then it's settled. Have five people from your team climb over, and we will have five on ours. Then the last one can climb over together." Eris said.

"Let's shake on it." Cindy said. Eris surprisingly agreed and shook Cindy's hand.

"Ok! everyone climb!" Heather yelled and the teams started to simulataneously climb the wall.

"It's working so far." Blaineley commented. The teams were half way up and then the Directors arrived and began climbing.

"We can do this!" DJ yelled.

"I don't think so." Eris yelled back to the team. The 6 members on each team reached the top and were then sitting on the wall.

"Now, jump!" Courtney yelled. Heather jumped first, followed by Eris, then Courtney, next it was Sierra, then Cindy, who was followed by Blaineley. After Blaineley, Michelle, and Dawn jumped down. However, when Sadie jumped, she held onto Katie's hand and pulled her down. This made her team instantly win, making the plan ineffective.

"Sadie!" All of the Critics yelled in anger.

"What?" She obliviously asked.

"You just made us lose!" Heather yelled.

"Sorry..." Sadie said.

Conf: I so did that on purpose. So.. so watch out! Sadie said in the confessional.

Dakota jumped down, also angry at Sadie. A few minutes later, the Directors jumped down, landing them in last place once again.

"No!" Leshawna said. "It is all your fault Lindsay!"

"Why me? I didn't even do anything!" Lindsay said.

"Suuurrre you didn't." Leshawna responded.

"Well, there have been two firsts for you right in a row Actors. Last time it was your first lost, now it is your first win." Chris said, "congrats!"

The Actors cheered and Sadie evilly smiled. "That lands the Critics in their first second place victory."

The Critics angrily glared at Sadie. "Aannndd... the losers of tonight again, are the Directors."

The team sighed and looked at Lindsay, who was getting very nervous. "I'll meet you six at the campfire tonight!" Chris said and walked away.

"Lindsay, it might be your time..." Leshawna quietly said to herself.

The camera was pointed towards the night sky and went down to show the campfire ceremony. The Directors were sitting on the logs while Chris was standing with the marshmallows.

"Ok, today I wanted to change things up." Chris began and smirked, "I want to reveal your votes for everyone to see."

The team gasped.

"You can't do that!" Bridgette yelled.

"Oh yes I can, and here they are."

Conf: Well, even though she is my sista' from anotha' mista', Lindsay really messed up today. She made us lose the advantage, which ruined us for the rest of the challenge. Lindsay. Leshawna's recording was shown.

Conf: I vote for Leshawna. She has been really mean to me lately. Leshawna. Lindsay's confessional was shown.

Conf: Hmmm... I can't decide. Considering Lindsay messed us up on the first challenge, I vote her. Lindsay. Bridgette's confessional was shown.

Conf: Well Lindsay is really nice, and I don't really blame her for losing. That food was disgusting! Leshawna. Cody's confessional was shown.

Conf: I vote Lindsay. She isn't bad or anything, she just did terrible today. Lindsay. Geoff's confessional was shown.

Conf: I can't choose anyone to eliminate, I guess I have to choose Lindsay, though. Leshawna seems more useful. Lindsay. DJ's confessional was shown.

"Well, it is pretty clear who tonights big loser is. The person who will be eliminated from Total Drama Action Take Six will be...

No one!" Chris announced.

"What?!" Leshawna yelled as Lindsay squealed in joy.

"Yup, it was just a reward. The Actors are enjoying not only a spa treatment, but also a excellent meal to make up for the disgusting one earlier. Plus I can't eliminate Lindsay, she's hot--er I mean, a fan favorite!" Chris said.

"Lindsay, you better do good next week. I am sorry I was mean to you." Leshawna apologized.

"It's okay Leshawna." Lindsay said and the two hugged.

"Aw, now wasn't that sweet? In weeks to come, more drama will occur, more friendships will be broken, and more will be mended. Come back next time for some more Total Drama Action Take Six!

Episode 4: Dodgebrawl Take Two

"Last time on Total Drama. The campers were put into a realistic jail setting and were forced to eat disgusting food. Some liked their's more than others. Lindsay lost the advantage because she puked, and she wasn't even the one eating!" Chris said, as flashbacks were shown on the screen, "after the delicious meal, the jailbirds were forced to break out. After an unsuccessful plan for a tie, the Angry Actors won. When Lindsay was almost eliminated, I decided to save her, mainly because she is just so-- I mean, her team has not won a single time. This episode should contain lots of pain and welts. Enjoy!"

Theme Song Plays

After the theme song played, the screen opened up to Heather and Cindy discussing, early in the morning.

"I'm starting to think that Sadie purposely went against the plan." Cindy said to Heather.

"I agree, did you see her face? It had to be on purpose." Heather said, "we need to get revenge some how."

"Don't be so rash, Heather, we still got second place. It's not like we took a huge moral hit or anything." Cindy said, "we still haven't lost anyone."

"Well, you might not like the way I do things, so you don't have to be involved." Heather said.


Cindy doesn't like Heather's decision.

Conf: I did not expect something so clever from Sadie. It really means something to beat our team. Cindy discussed Sadie to the confessional camera.

Conf: The 'Awful Actors' only won because we pulled them along for the whole escape challenge. Heather rudely and confidently said in the confessional.

The sun began to rise and Dawn was the first to wake up.

"I feel as if you two have been discussing, about what may I ask?" Dawn politely said.

"Nothing, don't worry about it." Heather said.

Conf: Well that was cryptic, I hope that doesn't mean I'm set to be eliminated next. Dawn had absolutely no idea what they were talking about, and just assumed it was about her.

"C'mon Heather, I think she can know." Cindy said.

"Fine, we are talking about how Sadie won for her team." Heather said.

"Phew, that's a relief..." Dawn said and sighed.

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, n-nothing..." Dawn said, embarassed by her false accusation.

Conf: Well I guess I was wrong. Okay, I feel safe now. Dawn said and nervously smiled.

The camera was aimed towards the sun after Dawn's confessional, and it showed a time lapsed sunrise. The camera then flashed into the Directors cabin.

"Leshawna, I promise that I will do my best today." Lindsay said.

Conf: After last time, I feel like everyone is against me. Lindsay said sadly.

"Alright, try to redeem yourself, girl." Leshawna said with a smile.

"Wanna use my new lipgloss?" Lindsay asked and held it out.

"No thanks Lindsay." Leshawna said. Just then, a gym class whistle could be heard outside. This ended up waking the still asleep contestants. It was obvious that this symbolized the latest challenge was about to begin so all of the campers met up outside.

Gwen, who was still asleep when the whistle sounded, groggily said, "What's the big idea?!"

"The big idea is... Today's challenge!" Chris announced loudly. Like usual, the contestants groaned.

"Chris it's 6:10 in the morning!" Courtney yelled.

"On my show." Chris taunted. Courtney angrily frowned. "Anyways, complaining aside, today's challenge will be a nice old-fashioned-playground-fun-game-that-may-be-banned-in-your-school game of dodgeball!"

"Woo-hoo! I love dodgeball!" Cody shouted happily.

"Yeah... Anyway, I have something interesting in mind." Chris said.

"Oh great." All of the contestants said in unison.

"No, no, don't worry. You may, or may not, like this decision." Chris began, "You may be asking yourself, "how do we play dodgeball with three teams?" The answer is, you aren't."

The contestants were confused.

"Because the teams are all equal, I will just be splitting the Directors evenly and placing them onto the other teams." Chris said.

"I like this plan already." Leshawna said.

"Ok, the girls of this team will be joining the Critics, while the boys are joining the Actors. Just for today, maybe..." Chris said.

The team split and joined the other two.

"Take some time to get settled with your temporary teams." Chris said.

"Well, I guess I'm on your team again for today, Gwen." Leshawna said with a smile.

"Yeah, me, you and Bridgette. This should be fun." Gwen said, also smiling. Heather walked over.

"Alright ladies, it's not social hour. This is valuable time for strategy."

"Heather, it's dodgeball. We aren't planning a suprise attack in the Trojan War, or anything." Bridgette said.

"Pshh, whatever, the rest of my team actually likes me." Heather said.

"Wow, what did you do, pay them?" Leshawna said. Heather just rolled her eyes and walked towards the other girls in her team.

Conf: This is going to be a horrible day with those three, or should I say four. We even have Lindsiot. I'm so glad it is just temporary. Heather said, talking about Bridgette, Lindsay, Leshawna, and Gwen.

Cindy was then shown in the confessional, listening to music with her eyes closed.

Conf: Don't speak, I know what you're thinkin',  I don't need your reasons, don't tell me 'cause it hurts. She then opened her eyes and realized the confessional was recording her. Uhhh... Awkward... She turn bright red before exiting the confessional.

"I can tell that you just had a very embarassing moment Cindy." Michelle said, "I don't want to know, don't worry." Cindy smiled, still beet red.

"Okay, we have some new recruits." Dakota said.

"For today." Dawn added.

"Yeah, for today." Dakota said, "Anyways, we need to make sure that they don't bring this team down."

"Exactly what I was about to talk to you guys about." Heather said, "We need to reclaim victory."

"But how?" Dawn asked.

"That's the problem." Heather responded. "With no cooperation or following of directions of those four," Heather then pointed to the team's newcomers and Gwen, "we have no way to ensure victory."

As the Critics discussed, the camera panned over to the Actors with their new members.

"Maybe this is what we need to balance out Eris's anger." Courtney said to Blaineley.

"Yeah, more members for her to rule over." Blaineley responded. "She will stop annoying the crap out of us."

The two snickered and the camera focused in on Eris.

"I know that was on purpose Sadie."

"What was?" Sadie said, pretending to be oblivious.

"Don't act innocent, you should take pride on it actually." Eris said, "it led to our first win of the season."

"Well... thanks." Sadie said.

"I have a proposition." Eris said, "we should have an alliance together. With your clearly underestimated cleverness and deviousness and my obvious negativity and leadership skills no one would see it coming, or see you at least."

"Well, can Katie be in it too?" Sadie asked.

"Of course, the more the merrier." Eris said with a fake smile.

"Oh and Sierra?" Sadie asked again.

"No, I mean err- we have enough members right now." Eris said.

"But you just said--" Sadie began.

"Well! We should prepare for the challenge." Eris cut her off.

Conf: Perfect now that I have a little alliance, I am of equal power with Courtney, Blaineley, and even the crazy Sierra. Eris said, and followed it with an evil laugh in the confessional.

"OMG CODY!!!!" Sierra yelled, "I never thought you'd be on my team this early!" She then hugged Cody close to her.

Muffled, Cody managed to say, "It's just for today Sierra, calm down please." Sierra then happily squealed, ignoring Cody's request.

"Well!" Chris announced. "Have you guys gotten aquainted yet?"

"No!" Heather yelled.

"Perfect." Chris said. "Well, follow me to the court." The two teams followed behind, and were shocked to see an actually good quality court for the challenge to take place.

"Wow Chris, this court is beautiful!" Bridgette said, stunned.

"I know, Chef had some overtime hours, which led to this being updated." Chris said.

"Overtime hours my a-" Chef began, sitting in the referee tower before the camera moved away from him.

"Well I believe it is time to start the challenge." Chris said,"Cheeeff!" Chef then blew the whistle and the teams took their sides of the court.

"Just try your hardest, girls!" Cindy yelled enthusiastically.

"We will CRUSH THEM!!!!" Courtney yelled at her team, which made them quiver from intimidation, except Eris, of course.

Chef blew the whistle one more time and the game began. Each team frantically ran to the center line which was lined with dodgeballs.

Heather came up with the plan to just push the balls to her side so the other team had no access.

"C'mon! That's not fair!" Eris yelled to Heather.

"There isn't any rule against it, right Chef?" Heather asked.

Chef nodded and Heather raised her head, smug.

Everyone on the Critics majority team grabbed a ball and was preparing to throw.

"Wait!" Chris yelled suddenly.

"What?!" Heather yelled back.

"I forgot to say that if you are hit, you will have to wait until the next round to play again."

"Yeah, whatever. Now, throw!" Heather commanded.

Cindy's throw hit Sadie, Lindsay's hit Katie, Heather's hit Eris, Michelle's missed, Dawn's hit Geoff, Leshawna's almost hit Courtney, but she avoided it, Dakota's hit Blaineley, Bridgette's hit Cody, which enraged Sierra and made her purposely get hit by Gwen's ball to go comfort Cody, and no one aimed for DJ.

"Well, there is, so far, a 7-way tie between Cindy, Lindsay, Heather, Dawn, Dakota, Bridgette, and Gwen!" Chris announced to the participants, "Also, only Courtney and DJ are still in the game right now for the Actor's extended team."

"Time to end this!" Courtney yelled, "All the balls are over here now!"

"Oh no!" All of the opposing team yelled at the same time, knowing of Courtney's competitive nature.

Courtney picked up one of the balls and threw it as hard as she could. It hit Dakota, bounced off and hit Cindy in the face.

"Ow!!!!" Cindy whined. The two then took a seat on the spectating bleachers to wait for their 2 minutes to be up.

"Well, now Courtney is in the lead." Chris said. Courtney grinned.

DJ proceeded to pick up the ball and throw it. It ended up hitting Michelle.

"Meh, it didn't hurt too bad." Michelle said as she was walking over to the bleachers to join Cindy and Dakota.

"And the 7-way tie for second place increases to an 8-way. This is still anyone's game with this round and 2 more to go." Chris said.

Courtney grabbed another ball and furiously threw it at Gwen. It hit her square in the face and knocked her out.

Cindy stood up in the bleachers, "Chris you have to help her!"

"Don't worry, the trained medical staff here on Camp Wawanakwa will be caring for her momentarily. More importantly, Courtney is 2 ahead of the pack." Chris said.

Heather quickly grabbed a ball and threw it at Courtney, at the same time, Courtney threw one at Heather. Both collided with who they were intended to and they both got out.

"That's another point for Courtney, and Heather's second point." Chris said, "Only DJ is left for the Directors, and Dawn, Lindsay, Leshawna, Gwen, and Bridgette are in for the Critics."

"C'mon dude, you can still win!" Geoff yelled to encourage DJ.

DJ kicked his dodgeball abilities into high gear. He picked up a ball and threw it at Leshawna. Before it could hit her, Lindsay jumped in the way.

"Lindsay! Are you ok?" Leshawna asked.

"Y-yeah..." Lindsay said as she crawled to the bleachers.

"Thanks for stopping the ball." Leshawna said.

"It was nothing." Lindsay said and layed down on the bleachers. Michelle began to start a healing ritual to relieve pain.

"Aw man, I feel really bad. Leshawna, get me out." DJ said, and looked down sadly.

"DJ! What are you doing!?" Eris yelled.

DJ didn't answer.

Conf: Are you kidding me? DJ could've easily taken out those wimps, but he purposely loses. So glad this day is almost over. Eris talked about DJ in the confessional.

Leshawna threw the ball at DJ, rendering him out.

"Because Leshawna got the last person out," Chris began, "she get's two points for that shot. The current score is Courtney in first with four points, Heather and Leshawna are tied in second with two points, and DJ, Cindy, Gwen, Dawn, Dakota, Lindsay, and Bridgette with one point. Everyone else, you better get some points."

Everyone stood up and returned to the court. Chef blew the whistle initiating the second round.

Eris ran over to the ball and aimlessly threw it, not caring who she hit. The ball flew and hit Leshawna.

"Yes!" Eris yelled. Leshawna angrily mumbled on her way over to the bleachers.

Conf: Who does this Eris girl think she is? She almost messed up my mascara. Girl's gonna get it. Leshawna was angry with Eris.

Lindsay picked up a ball and began to throw, but Courtney threw a ball at her before she could. Lindsay took a seat next to Leshawna.

"Time for my special throws." Cody said and began charging electricity onto the ball. He then threw it and it began chasing Dawn. She ran back and forth past the screen with the ball trailing closely behind. Without realizing it, she crossed the center line.

Chef blew his whistle to tell Dawn she was out, but the whistle startled her which let the ball hit her. This got her out anyway.

"Wow, impressive, Cody." Dawn said before sitting on the bleachers.

Michelle threw a ball. It missed Courtney, but ended up hitting DJ who was standing behind her. DJ took a seat on his team's bleacher.

"Yes! I'm safe from elimination so far." Michelle said. While she was cheering for herself, though, Sadie took advantage and threw a ball at her, getting her out. Michelle sighed and took a seat next to Dawn.

It was now Katie's turn to earn a point. She picked up Sadie's ball that bounced back to her side. She threw it and it hit Cindy.

"Sadie! You and I are safe now!" Katie squealed.

"I really need to work on my avoiding skills..." Cindy said as she was walking over to the bleachers.

"Quick update. Courtney is still in the lead with five points, Heather is still tied with Leshawna in second with two points, Eris, Michelle, Cody, Katie, Sadie, DJ, Cindy, Gwen, Dakota, Dawn, Bridgette, and Lindsay are all tied in third with one point, and Sierra, Blaineley, and Geoff are at risk of elimination at the moment. Pick up the pace!" Chris said.

"Now it's my turn to encourage you, man, all you need is one point to be safe." DJ said to Geoff.

"Alright, dude, I can do it." Geoff then picked up the ball and threw it. The ball hit Gwen and then bounced off to hit Bridgette. "Noo!!!! Babe I'm sorry!" Geoff yelled because he hit Bridgette.

"It's alright Geoffy." Bridgette said as she and Gwen walked to the bleachers.

"Well this is great, just you and me left, Dakota." Heather said.

"I'll aim for Eris, you aim for Courtney." Dakota said quietly to Heather.

They both picked up a ball and got into throwing position.

Heather threw her's simultaneously with Dakota's. Their plan succeeded. Courtney and Eris angrily stormed off the court.

"Well, now it's four to two." Dakota said.

"Just give up now." Blaineley said and threw the ball. It hit Heather.

"Nice, just great. Try to win Dakota." Heather said and took a seat next to Cindy.

"Dakota picked up the ball." Chris began narrating dramatically, which made the campers look at him. He quickly stopped, embarassed. "Wow, I was just trying to make is more interesting."

As Chris narrated, Dakota did pick up the ball. She threw it and it hit Sierra.

"Wow, I didn't even have a chance to throw in this round! GO CODY!" Sierra yelled before leaving the court.

Cody threw the ball and it hit Dakota, earning him two points and causing his team to win that round.

"Woohoo! I did it!" Cody cheered.

"Alright, wow a lot has happened. Courtney is still sticking in first place with five points, Heather is tied in second with Cody as both have 3 points each, Leshawna and Dakota are in third with two points, Michelle, Eris, Sadie, Katie, DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Cindy, Gwen, Dawn, Lindsay, and Blaineley all are in fourth with one point, and Sierra still has zip." Chris said and looked at Sierra. "One last round to get it together."

"I know..." Sierra said.

Chef blew his whistle for the third and final time to initiate the final round.

Once again the teams took their sides and readied for the starting round.

"Alright, this is the last round. Right now you're in the lead Courtney." Blaineley said.

"I know, and it makes me worried. I will be a prime target from everyone on that side." Courtney said.

"Take advantage of that, distract the other teams." Blaineley said. Courtney nodded.

The two teams rushed to the balls again and this time the Actors stole Heather's idea.

"Are you kidding me?" Heather yelled.

"No one ever said we couldn't." Courtney mocked. Courtney made an attempt to throw her ball at Heather, but it missed. "Crap."

Heather laughed at her.

Elsewhere, as Heather was distracted, Blaineley took advantage and threw a ball at her team. It ended up hitting Dakota.

Dakota took her seat, once again. She pouted but decided to waste time by reapplying her makeup.

As revenge, Cindy threw a ball that ended up hitting not only Blaineley, but also Katie.

"Yes! Woohoo, I got two out!" Cindy yelled. Blainley and Katie walked over to the bleachers.

Heather and Courtney were still fighting in the center of the court, while the team played the game.

Sadie got angry at Cindy for getting her best female friend out and threw a ball at Cindy. It hit and got her out.

Cindy decided to be the team cheerleader.

"G-W-E-N uhh... what rhymes with Gwen..."

Conf: Ok, so I'm not a good cheerleader... Cindy said in the confessional.

"God this cheering sucks. Someone please get me out." Gwen said.

"Gladly." Courtney said before throwing the ball at her. She was out for the last time.

Heather used this as her chance to get Courtney out and quickly threw the ball at her.

"Heather!" Courtney yelled angrily and stomped over to the bleachers for her final time as well.

Lindsay tried to get someone else again. She picked up a ball and threw it at Geoff.

"Lindsay!" Bridgette yelled.

"Sorry... But he's on the other team..." Lindsay said.

Geoff took a seat on the bleachers. DJ then wanted to get revenge and threw the ball at Lindsay. This got her out and she walked over to the bleachers with her head down.

"Five people left on each team." Chef yelled.

The teams really were determined now. Sadie got her game face on and threw a ball in Leshawna's direction. At the same time, Michelle decided to aim for Sadie. Sadie's hit Leshawna and Michelle's hit Sadie. The both went and took a seat at their team's benches.

Eris turned around and started yelling at her team. "We need to seize this game! All we need to do is--." Suddently a ball hit her right in the back of the head. The ball was from the hands of Bridgette.

"Hahaha nice shot Bridgette." Heather said.

Eris stumbled over to the bleachers and fell onto them dramatically.

"Cody, we need to throw some at the same time. Maybe we can get a few out."

"Alright girls, we need to get those guys out first, Sierra isn't too much to worry about." Heather said to her team.

Cody and DJ picked up two dodgeballs and whipped them to the other team's side as hard as they could. Cody's hit Michelle and DJ's hit Heather. Heather angrily pouted and took a seat on her bleacher with Michelle.

"I have to take them out alone, I guess." Bridgette said and began to focus her sight. She took a few seconds, but threw it and it hit DJ it then bounced high in the air and Cody had enough time to throw another ball at her. She was hit, and then her ball came down and hit Cody, getting him out as well. This left just Dawn and Sierra left.

"I want to change something. Because like a million people are tied for almost last, the person who gets out now is instantly eliminated." Chris said.

Dawn gulped nervously. She closed her eyes and began to quietly chant.

"Dawn what in the heck are you doing?!" Heather yelled.

"Shhh Heather, she knows what she is doing." Michelle said.

"She better."

Sierra picked up a ball and threw it towards Dawn. It felt as if the world was in slow motion as the ball flew towards Dawn. Just as it was about to hit her, Dawn quickly opened her eyes and a shockwave shot from her. This launched the ball back at Sierra, getting her out and instantly eliminating her.

The Critics cheered. But that doesn't mean that Dawn won. The person who received the most points was Courtney. She will be spending the night receiving a deep tissue massage to heal the dodgeball welts. And still, Sierra is the big loser.

"Awww... B-but I only was with Cody for one day..." Sierra said before sobbing. She quickly ran up to Cody and hugged him before leaving the gym.

"Now we have lost two of the nuttiest players ever in the history of Total Drama. How will next time play out? Will Eris ever make genuine friends?" Chris said, and Eris could be heard complaining when he said this. "Find out next time on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Episode 5: Suddenly, Last Summer

"Last time on Total Drama. Campers were hit with not only nostalgia, but also dodgeballs. Courtney's powerful performance led her to take the win. She got a solo award, which she didn't even try to share. Ironically, the big loser was also on the Actors. It was Sierra, who not only didn't get a single point, but was instantly eliminated when she lost the sudden death round to Dawn." Chris is then seen wearing a medical mask and male-nurse outfit. "Today, campers should be prepared to see a lot of white, be examined, and... almost die. You probably understand where I'm going with this, but let's go see anyway, on Total Drama Action Take Six."

Theme Song Plays

The screen opened up to a late night shot of the cabins before flashing into the Dashing Directors. It was showing Bridgette, restless.

She whispered, "I just can't sleep..." She got out of bed and began to walk towards the door. "I need a late night surf to make me tired..." She walked out onto the dock and grabbed her surf board. "The waves are weak, but I can try." She began surfing and after a few hours, she fell asleep on the beach.

The sunrose and the camera flashed into the Actors cabin.

"Ugh... I am just not feeling good today..." Courtney said.

"Ohhh... Me neither." Sadie complained.

"Let's go see Chris, maybe we can go to the infirmary." Blaineley said.

"I doubt it, Chris is a jerk. He will just tell us to make a herbal thing out of dead leaves and lake water." Eris remarked.

"It's worth a try." Katie said.

The team walked outside and knocked on Chris' trailer. Chris poked his head out with a towel on his head after a few minutes, showing that he was taking a shower.

"What do you want!?" He yelled at the five.

"We are all not feeling well and we don't know why." Courtney said.

"Oh yeah... that reminds me. Get everyone to meet me at the campfire in five minutes." Chris said, "now leave me alone, I need to get dressed."

The five girls then proceeded to go and get the others, starting with the Directors.

"Guys! Chris told us to tell you to go to the campfire." Courtney yelled into the door, waking up everyone.

"You could've woken me up a little more peacefully," Leshawna yelled, "now my head is killing me."

"Yeah, I don't feel too well either..." Lindsay said.

"Yup, neither do any of us, so stop complaining." Eris snapped at them.

Conf: Why is everyone feeling sick all of a sudden? This is suspicious... Blaineley said, skeptical about the illnesses.

"Hey, where's Bridgette?" Geoff asked.

"I don't know, maybe she's already at the firepit." Cody responded.

The two teams left the cabin and walked into the Critics.

"GET UP EVERYONE" Leshawna, Courtney, and Eris yelled at the same time.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" Heather yelled angrily.

"You are messing with my aura-reading abilities." Dawn said softly.

"Chris said we have to meet at the firepit, probably to learned about the challenge." Katie said.

"Still no sign of Bridgette." Leshawna said.

As the campers walked out of the Critics' cabin, Geoff spotted a figure on the beach.

"Is that Bridgette?!" Geoff yelled and ran over. "Bridge, baby, are you ok?" 

Bridgette awoke and said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"Well we didn't know where you were all morning." Geoff said.

"Oh, well I went night-surfing because I couldn't get to sleep. I guess I just passed out on the beach. Hey, you don't sound too well." Bridgette said.

"Yeah, none of us are feeling very well. How about you?" He asked her.

"I feel fine..." Bridgette said.

"Let's get to the campfire now before Courtney has a conniption fit." Leshawna butted in, not trying to be rude.

The three groups were then shown impatiently waiting at the campfire. Chris then walked over drinking from a coconut.

"Whatever happened to five minutes!?" Courtney yelled.

"Hey, it takes time to get hair this perfect." Chris said and flipped his hair, which made Courtney roll her eyes in disgust. "Oh, and by the way... We are going to a different location!" Chris said, "trust me everything will make sense when we get there."

The campers began on their journey. Just as Geoff, the person last in line, left the screen, the screen flashed to them walking into a mock hospital scene.

"I must say, another beautiful set." Bridgette said, making Chris smile.

"Ok, well I know that you are all feeling a little sick, and I am hear to tell you why." Chris said. Everyone was confused by the way he said this. "What I mean is, early this morning, about 1 AM, Chef and I sprayed a variety of different sicknesses into your cabins making you all feel different."

Everyone gasped, except Dawn and Dakota who glared at him angrily.


Dawn and Dakota are angrily glaring at Chris because he purposely gave the campers dangerous illnesses.

Conf: This would be the perfect time to have stunt doubles on this show. Hello? This is dangerous you idiot producers! Blaineley said towards the producers in a derogatory manner.

"Chris, what the heck is wrong with you?" Heather yelled.

"Oh, and don't get even more mad, but this is most likely deadly." Everyone gasped even louder and Lindsay screamed.

Conf: What is wrong with show? Not only is this life-threatening to us, but the trees and animals could absorb these toxins and it could completely affect the ecosystems astablished... Michelle said and looked down sadly.

"Let me finish, there is still hope. Do you really think that I would let 17 teenagers die on television?" Chris said, "that would kill the ratings too!"

"Can you please shut up about ratings and tell us how to survive?!" Eris screamed at Chris.

"Fine! Geez, there are three antidotes scattered throughout this hospital set. The full one will have enough for every contestant, half-filled will have enough for half of a team, and one will be empty. Either the first team, or first team member to find the full bottle of antidote takes the win. They will also be responsible for saving the other contestants. Don't worry, if you guys take too long, Chef will have enough to save all of you."

Everyone then sighed from relief due to Chef being able to save them.

Leshawna turned around to Bridgette and whispered, "Wait, didn't you say that you left the cabin late last night and never returned?"

Bridgette nodded.

"Perfect! That means you weren't affected at all."

Bridgette smiled, "I guess this means that I will be the nurse for today?"

"Exactly, we just need to find the antidote, or stall the other teams until they are too exhausted to go and search." Leshawna said.

"That's a little dangerous..." Bridgette said.

"Fine, do it however you want, you are the team leader for today." Leshawna said.

Then Eris asked Chris a question, making the camera focus in on her. "Is this antidote even safe for us to consume?"

"Oh yeah, its just some herbal thing made up out of dried leaves and lake water." Chris said.

"Well, I should have seen that coming." Eris said.

"I wouldn't waste this precious time for whining about safety, go find that antidote!" Chris said, "GO!"

Michelle was shown talking to Dawn. "I still can't get over how he let those toxic fumes into the air. We are in the woods! That could have affected anything!"

"Yes, I know Michelle, but right now our lives are more important." Dawn said.

"Ok, considering I have experienced Chris the longest amount of time, I have a feeling that he has it hidden in this dark... creepy... empty..." Heather said and gulped.

"...Hallway." Cindy finished for her.

"Yeah, hallway. Now Michelle or Dawn, any creepy-power guidance?" Heather said.

"Nope, our ailments affect our abilities. Also, fear kind of ruins it too." Dawn said.

"Great, its worth a shot." Heather said.

Dakota seemed to have the most extreme ailment at the moment. She was very paranoid and skeptical. "I-is that a red light at the end of the hallway? They are conspiring against us, CONSPIRING!!" 

"Eeee-yeah... someone needs to watch her to make sure she doesn't take an axe to our heads." Heather remarked.

Conf: CAMERAS EVERYWHERE! Dakota screamed in the confessional.

After the confessional, it showed the Directors. It was clear that Cody was not feeling too well.

"S-so... Tired..." Cody moaned and hit the floor.

"Oh my god!" Lindsay yelled.

"DJ, do you think you can carry him until we find that antidote?" Leshawna said.

"I can try, at least until my illness worsens." DJ responded.

"Oh look! Maps!" Bridgette excitedly said and pointed to a rack on the wall.

"This give me an idea." DJ said, "maybe we can mark a room in the hospital that we all rest in when we get really sick. Because Bridgette will be fine, she can come back and save us."

"I can handle that." Bridgette said. "Which room?"

"Hmm, C113 seems like a room that is able to fit us all comfortably, along with it being relatively close to here." Leshawna said.

"It is the pediatric ward too, so it can't be too creepy." DJ said with a smile.

"Yeah... Whateva' Deej." Leshawna said and they went on to that room.

"Set Cody there so he can rest." Lindsay said. DJ followed instructions and set Cody down.

"Should we just leave him here?" Geoff asked.

"Is that even safe?" Bridgette asked.

"It's an empty, fake, hospital on TV. It can't be too bad. He will be fine guys." Leshawna said and started to walk out of the room. The camera was then looking up at the contestants who were looking down at it with unsure looks on their faces. "C'mon guys, we don't have all day!"

After Leshawna said that line, the camera flashed to the Actors.

"Well, we woke up the earliest, so that means our sicknesses will get worse earlier." Sadie said.

"I don't think it works that way Sadie." Katie said.

"Alright, because we all know that you are just so much smarter than me." Sadie said.

"Are you calling me dumb?" Katie responded, offended.

"Well I'm not calling you Albert Ein-" Sadie began.

"GIRLS SHUT UP! Alright. Now, I might have to agree with Sadie just to be safe. We need to hurry and go even faster than the other teams." Courtney said

Conf: Now... Now... Would be a stunt double time for greats... Blaineley said in the confessional, clearly being affected by the illness sprayed into the cabins by Chef and Chris.

Courtney turned around to see Blaineley tipsy and clearly in another state of mind. "...Wha...? Oh no, they're starting to kick in, let's go!"

"What about Blaineley?" Katie asked, worried about her.

"We can get her later! Come on!" Courtney then began running with Eris following, but Sadie and Katie were a bit more hesitant.

"Girls, come on! Now." Eris said to the two.

"What about Blaineley, though?" Sadie said.

"Too bad for Blaineley. Leave her there." Eris said and left.

"Sadie, we can't just leave her here. Let's try to carry her along with us." Katie said and they did so. Just then a loud scream could be heard from the other side of the set. It echoed through the halls frightening everyone, other than the Critics who made this sound.

"Cindy what's the matter?" Heather asked.

"Its like a painful mixture of shingles and the chicken pox." Cindy said as she winced and scratched her neck.

"Are you in good enough condition to continue on?" Heather asked.

"I think so." Cindy said. Dakota began to but in with more extreme nonsense now.

"When I was a teenage robot in the year 1632 I saw a Montague marry a gooseberry."

Dawn stared at her. "I think she has some sort of dimentia. That's what it seems like at least."

"Well two out of the six of us are sick. How are you doing Gwen?" Heather said.

"At the moment I am okay. I can only imagine what disease I am forced to suffer with." Gwen said.

"Stupid Chris, how horrible is this?" Cindy said.

"Very." The rest of the team, except Dakota, responded.

"Poor Dakota over there doesn't even know what year it is." Dawn said.

"I hope we last long." Heather said.

The camera flashed to the Directors once again.

"So how is everyone at the moment?" Leshawna asked.

"Fine." Said Lindsay.

"Still great." Bridgette said.

"I'm good." DJ said.

Geoff didn't answer.

"Geoff?" Lindsay asked.

Geoff just made baby noises and began to crawl away.

"Strangest thing I've seen anything do. Obviously he is reverting into a baby. DJ, bring the 17 year old going on 2 back to C113." Leshawna said.

"We will wait here for you DJ, just make sure Geoffy is alright." Bridgette said.

DJ nodded, picked up Geoff and began walking to the room where Cody is resting.

"I have a good feeling about today." Leshawna says.

"Yeah, so do I." Bridgette said.

"Me three!" Lindsay said.

"Even though there is a large chance we could be dying this very second, it's still a good day." Leshawna said.

"We should've just told DJ to stay with Geoff and Cody. He didn't look too good when he left." Bridgette said.

"Yeah, but whatever, he will probably just go right back." Leshawna said. The girls waited for about five minutes and DJ never returned.

"Do you think he is ok?" Bridgette asked.

"He must've just been blindsided by the disease, he is probably resting himself." Leshawna said.

"Let's go guys," Lindsay said, "I don't think we have much time left Leshawna."

"I agree, c'mon." Leshawna said and began to jog through the halls. The camera checked back in with DJ in C113.

DJ was extremely hot and was profusely sweating. The heat he was unexplainably experiencing made him weak and tired. He was also lying down in a bed like Cody and Geoff were. After the camera was shown in the Director's resting room, it showed the Actors.

"Guys, we have been wandering around in this hallway for like twenty minutes now." Courtney said.

"I know, but none of us have any idea where to go, especially Blaineley." Eris said.

All of a sudden, Katie and Sadie both began to uncontrollably sob.

"Girls, what is wrong?" Courtney asked.

"I-I don't know I just can't stop crying!" Sadie said through tears.

"I think it's our turn to be sick!" Katie said, barely audible from crying.

"Wait, what is their sickness, uncontrollable sobs?" Courtney asked Eris.

"I guess, it's more annoying than it is dangerous." Eris said.

"Yeah, but there is no way they can do anything sobbing like this." Courtney said.

"So I guess it is just you and me." Eris said.

"Yeah, guess so." Courtney said.

"I think we can trust Katie and Sadie to watch Blaineley. Let's leave them all here." Eris said.

"Well... alright. It should be ok for now at least." Courtney said and walked further down the hall with Eris.

Conf: Great, now I'm stuck with Eris. This should be fun. Courtney sarcastically said this and rolled her eyes.

The camera flashed back to the Critics again.

"Cindy, how are you holding up?" Dawn asked.

"It's getting much worse, its making it hard to walk now, honestly." Cindy said.

"That's fine, I suppose, there is still four of us. Right girls?" Heather asked and turned around. She looked at Gwen and saw that something was wrong. Gwen was bug-eyed and looking in a lot of different directions, it was like when she was in the Amazon two seasons ago.

"Energy, a lot! I can't focus! So much energy!" Gwen said before standing up and spinning around.

"Umm, yeah. Gwen you need to stay with the other two. That leaves us with three people left." Heather said.

Michelle was staring at Dakota with a worried look, "I think she is getting worse."

"What do you mean?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know, she just seems like... Ugh... I just don't know. It seems she is suffering from some sort of schizophrenia along with the dimentia." Michelle said.

"Oh no, we need to hurry. Let's go Heather." Dawn said and set off into a room to search. After hearing the sounds of stuff being thrown to the floor and pushed around, Dawn yelled, "nothing in here!"

"We need to keep looking, Dakota is one of those people that can actually die from it." Heather said.

Just then, Michelle became full of rage. She punched the wall and broke right through it. On the other side was the half full bottle of antidote.

"Yes! Good job Michelle, give some of this to Dakota quick." Heather said and grabbed the antidote. She gave it to Dawn.

Michelle yelled angrily and began to throw equipment all over the place.

"Watch out!" Heather yelled as Michelle threw a gurney at Dawn. Dawn jumped out of the way and ran towards Heather.

"I think her disease is a VERY extreme case of anger. It wont necessarily kill her, but it could end up killing us." Dawn said. Just then, she quickly ran up to Michelle and made her drink some of the antidote.

Michelle quickly calmed down and smiled. "Thanks for giving me that Dawn." Dawn just nodded and ran over to Dakota.

"Antidotes are the cause of mosquitos in the colder-months!" Dakota yelled as Dawn handed her the antidote.

"No Dakota, antidotes will make you better." Dawn said. Dakota looked suspicious, but drank some of the antidote, leaving a little bit left.

Dakota regained her sanity and spoke the first rational sentence in awhile. "Thanks guys. I honestly have no idea what has happened over the past hour."

"Yeah, we won't catch you up on it either. It was pretty embarassing." Heather said.

"Now, who do we give this little bit left to. Gwen or Cindy?" Dakota said.

"But what about us? We are going to be affected too." Heather said, looking at Dawn.

"The fact is, we aren't right now. We need to help those in need. We will have to wait until the winners return with the full bottle." Dawn said.

"Alright... Now, I think Cindy should receive the last bit because she is actually in pain. Gwen is just extremely hyper." Heather said.

"I agree. She will be much more relieved of pain than Gwen." Dawn said and handed Cindy the last of the antidote.

Cindy drank it and the small dots of chicken pox receeded. "Thanks guys, that pain was unbearable. Now we should go back to the entrance. Maybe the full bottle will be there for you guys."

The whole team, besides Gwen. nodded. 

"C'mon Gwen." Michelle said. Gwen stood up and began to follow her team.

The camera flashed to the Directors.

Leshawna was having trouble walking.

"Leshawna, are you ok?" Lindsay asked.

"No, I'm not." Leshawna said, "my legs are killing me."

"Oh no, you definitely wont be able to make it back to the room." Bridgette said, "do you think you will be able to rest here for a bit until we find the antidote?"

"I can try. You two can handle it. Good luck." Leshawna said.

Lindsay looked back at Leshawna, worried, but continued on with Bridgette.

"We can't be too far from at least one of the antidotes." Bridgette said.

"Yeah, but where could it be?" Lindsay asked.

Leshawna was heard yelling in the distance, "I hope you find it soon! My legs are feeling worse!"

"Let's hurry. We desperately need to. I don't know how long you are going to last either Lindsay." Bridgette said.

"Yeah..." Lindsay said, before making a gesture that looked like she came up with a great idea. "I have structured a most-definitely fool-proof hypothesis."

Bridgette looked at her, shocked and confused. She said quietly to herself, "is Lindsay's disease extreme intelligence?"

"I have just used a quadratic formula to discover the circumcenter of the three adjacent hallways that form a triangle." Lindsay said, "I believe that this will be the location of the antidote."

Conf: It feels quite esquisite, indeed, to have cells in my cranium that correctly function for once. The issue is, I do not believe that my chaps will be completely supportive of my new ability to actually calculate trigonomic and biological problems. Lindsay blabbed on in the confessional using obnoxious jargon.

"Now, if we just walk exactly 29.12532 paces into the door that we first see if we look counterclockwise, it should be there. Follow me, my assosiate." Lindsay said and began to walk into the room and count.

"1. 2. 3. 4. 5..." Lindsay said and continued counting. "...28.5, 28.66, 28.99, 29.1---"

"Lindsay! Alright, we already are at the antidote, and it looks like the full one!" Bridgette yelled and hugged Lindsay. "Let's take care of your annoying intelligence."

"Excuse me, but I absolutely do find that quite rude---" Bridgette then handed Lindsay the antidote, which Lindsay reluctantly drank, not wanting to lose her superior-intellect so soon. "Oh my gosh, we won our first challenge!" Lindsay yelled and squealed, "Let's go help the others!"

Bridgette ran down the hall and came across Leshawna.

"Leshawna! We won! We found the full antidote!" Bridgette happily told her.

"Well finally! Give me the antidote, I feel like I really do have thunder-thighs." Leshawna said and laughed.

Bridgette handed over the antidote and Leshawna took a sip. She quickly stood up and the three began running into their rest room. The screen transitioned to the last two Actors left unifected, Eris and Courtney.

"We have been in this hospital for probably six hours now and havent seen anything!" Eris yelled.

"Yeah, yeah, you've been complaining for the last six hours too." Courtney said.

Eris pouted and looked to the left. Right there, in the fire extinguisher glass was the final bottle of antidote, the empty one.

"Look! The antidote!" Eris said and used the provided metal to break the glass. She grabbed the antidote bottle and realized it was empty.

"Oh great, now we have no way to heal ourselves. Luckily we haven't had any affects take place." Courtney said.

"Oh, and now you probably jinxed us. Thanks a lot Courtney." Eris said angrily and rolled her eyes.

"Let's try to make it back to the rest of our team, if we are going down, we should at least be all together." Courtney said.

"Sure whatever, but if I go down, you better carry me." Eris said. Courtney just rolled her eyes and began running. "Hey! Wait for me, I don't want to be stuck in this creepy set all alone!" Eris yelled and followed her teammate.

As they were running, trying to make it back before they too were prevented from doing so by medical impairment , Courtney staggered and fell.

"What happened?" Eris asked, slowly down her pace.

"Egh.. My... Back it's... Hurting so bad." Courtney said.

"Just get up, it will go away." Eris said.

"No, I think... It's my illness." Courtney said, "Eris... Help me up..." She held out her hand desperately.

"Sorry, I need to make it back before I fall just like you. Try LifeAlert." Eris snickered and continued running.

Courtney rested her head on the floor in pain.

Eris continued running and saw Sadie, Katie, and Blaineley.

"Sorry! No antidote!" She yelled and kept going. She seemed to twist both of her ankles from running in heels, but this was actually her illness. Extreme imbalance.

"Oh crap, no way." Eris took off her shoes and rubbed her extremely painful ankles. She got back up and tried to continue on without shoes on, hoping this would help. She was wrong. She was stuck at the dark hallway where the Critics previously were, alone. She cried out in fear, but no one heard her. The screen cut to the Critics sitting in the main entrance. Heather was huddled in a chair shiverring.

"S-s-soo c-c-cold." She was stuttering from her illness, which was experiencing extreme cold.

Conf: A-alright. I'v-v-ve been c-called and Ice Q-queen before, b-but this is r-ridiculous! Heather said in the confessional, still shivering.

"I wish we still had some more antidote." Cindy said.

"Yeah..." Michelle said.

"I'm so nervous to find out my sickness, my stomach is in knots." Dawn said.

"We all were Dawn." Dakota said, "But, considering we have to sit and wait for the other teams, I would be scared too."

Dawn looked down nervously. Just then, the Directors ran in with the antidote.

"Yes! Thank you for getting here so quickly!" Michelle said, "Heather and Gwen need the antidote, Dawn does too, but it hasn't taken affect yet."

"Oh great, we need to share with Heather." Leshawna said, "Gwen, you first." Leshawna held out the antidote and was about to give it to Gwen.

"Oh g-give me that." Heather said and swiped the tube from her hand. She took a sip and her body temperature returned to normal. "Here Dawn." Heather said and handed to her.

Dawn took a sip, and actually did feel a difference. "Oh... My sickness must have been power depletion, I have been affected this whole time." Dawn said and smiled.

"Now it's Gwen's turn!" Leshawna said and grabbed the antidote out of Dawn's hands, giving it to Gwen.

Gwen took a sip and finally calmed down. "I never want to feel like that again. Being mellow is so much better."

Chris walked in shortly after. "So, you all look nice and healthy."

"Don't push it Chris." Heather said.

"But look, there is still some of the antidote left. Where are the Actors?" Chris asked.

Everyone shrugged.

"Oh crap... CHEF! GO HUNTING!" Chris yelled, "we won't be needing this anymore." Chris said and threw the antidote outside, which made Michelle glare at him. "So... By monitoring you guys, I see that the Directors won. Congrats!" The Directors cheered for themselves again. "Also, I see that the Critics got second place, for like the third time in a row." The Critics simply said 'Yay' before quieting down. "That means that the Actors lost, again. Too bad they aren't here to whine."

After Chris finished this sentence, Chef walked through a set of double doors with the Actors trailing behind them.

"They were mainly close together, but Eris was in this dark area all by herself." Chef said.

"Aww so sad, poor Eris." Chris unsympathetically said. "Guess what, you guys lost."

The team groaned. "There we go." Chris said with a smirk, "I'll see you tonight. Decide, ehh... You know the drill." Chris walked out of the set and the camera flashed to the campfire ceremony.

"Welcome back to the firepit." Chris said. "Today, you guys had sucky teamwork, which really ruined you. Also, with Blaineley being the only person who can almost stand Eris gone first, you were fighting throughout the whole challenge."

Eris and Courtney glared at eachother.

"So the first marshmallow of the night goes to....

Blaineley." Chris said and threw the marshmallow.

"Next will be...


Sadie." Chris said and threw the duo their marshmallows simultaneously.

"The last marshmallow of the night goes to..."

"Wait!" A voice yelled in the distance. As the figure came closer, the team and Chris saw it was Michelle.

"Michelle? What do you want." Chris said.

"I want to make a complaint." She began, which made Chris roll his eyes. "Today you really affected the environment, and my friends."

"Yeah, so what?" Chris asked.

"Well, I want to leave the competition. What you did today was appauling and I do not want to be a part of a show that does something so inhumane." Michelle said.

"Well, alright, I guess." Chris said and threw the plate with the final marshmallow behind him.

"See that's what I mean!" Michelle yelled.

Chris walked Michelle to the Dock of Shame and she boarded the Boat of Losers herself.

Chris walked back over to the firepit. "Well, it was three votes for Courtney, and two for Eris. So... Consider yourself lucky Courtney." Chris said.

"So, Michelle quits even though her team hasn't lost a single time? Over the environment?! What a baby. Anyways, I will be trying something new next time, so what will it be? Will it come out good? Why is Michelle so obsessed with the environment? You choose, on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Conf: What?! She quit?! Now our team is down a member for no reason! Why Michelle, why?! Heather was furious with Michelle in the confessional.

Episode 6: The Astonishing Pursuit

The camera opened to show Chris wearing a new outfit at a different scenery. "Last time on Total Drama. Teams were put into a life or death situation. They were pretty heated when they found out that they had to find their own antidote while being sick. While the Directors finally prospered, it was the Actors who were back at the firepit. Surprisingly, Michelle's emotions got the best of her and she quit the competition. Her team didn't even lose! You know, a million dollars could have saved a rain forest... But, she blew that chance. I mentioned a new twist today, and be prepared to see it on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Theme Song Plays

The screen opened up to an aerial view of the camp. It slowly zoomed in and showed that the campers were already all lined up and Chris began explaining things.

"Alright campers, so you may have been wondering, 'Chris, what is the new thing you are going to try today?' This will be answered momentarily." Chris said.

"Actually, I really don't give a crap." Courtney said.

"Alright fine, I was going to let you all pick partners, but now Courtney, you and Gwen are a team." Chris said.

"What?! No! C'mon Chris, that's not even fair." Courtney said.

"Yeah, why do I get an awful punishment for no reason." Gwen shrieked at him.

"Hey, blame your new partner." Chris said, "so, as you might have noticed, the teams will be temporarily merged once again!" Chris said and made dramatic hand motions to accompany the last two words.

"So we are going to be picking partners?" Cindy asked and quickly darted her eyes towards Dawn, meaning she wanted to be her partner.

"Yes, actually, I wanted this challenge to begin fun for you." He answered, surprisingly no one really cared to notice that he said 'begin fun,' so they just began frantically running to pick their partner.

"Me and you will be a team, surfer girl." Blaineley said and grabbed Bridgette's arm before she could ask Leshawna.

"Why me Blaineley? I thought you hated me." Bridgette asked.

"Well, I do, but you won for your team during the last challenge, I feel that we could win also." Blaineley said.

"But we don't even know the challenge." Bridgette said.

"So what, your sport abilities or whatever will perfectly accompany my leadership skills, beauty, talent..." Blaineley droned on and the camera switched to Dawn and Cindy.

"Now with Michelle gone, I thought that you might've wanted me to be your partner." Cindy said.

"Yeah, thanks Cindy. Do you think we have a good chance to win, whatever the challenge is?" Dawn stated, and then asked.

"Of course, we are a part of the Critics, nothing can break our stride." Cindy said triumphantly. The screen quickly jumped to Eris.

"Yeah, your 'impressive' second place stride." She quietly mocked. "Now, who can be my partner..." Eris scoped the remaining campers and had her eyes set on Cody. "Perfect, easy to manipulate, but not a complete idiot. He will follow all of my instructions." She then walked over to him. "Hey... Strong.... Competitor." Eris said, trying not to gag from saying compliments of any sort. "Wanna team up?"

"Why would I, I have only spoken to you... Wait, I have never spoken to you other than this time." Cody said.

"Good point, now let's take this opprotunity to become better friends." Eris said and did the most transparent, fakest, cheesiest smile ever in the existence of mankind.

"Well... I guess I could work with you, but I did want to work with DJ." Cody said.

"But look," Eris said and pointed to DJ, "he is already working with Geoff."

"Oh, he is? Well, I guess I am going to have to work with you then." Cody said and sighed.

Conf: Little brat sighing about working with me. He is lucky someone so great even took notice of him. Eris said, insulting Cody and praising herself.

The camera's area of vision moved to the most obvious team.

"OMG Katie do you want to be my partner?!" Sadie happily yelled.

"Yes! Of course I do Sadie!" Katie also happily yelled.

The two hugged and squealed.

"Hey Lindsay." Leshawna said.

"Yeah?" Lindsay asked.

"Wanna work together? I think we can do pretty good together." Leshawna said.

"Alright, but can Tyler be in our group?" Lindsay asked.

"Oh of course, but he will join us at the end." Leshawna lied, to play along with Lindsay.

"Ok!" Lindsay said and smiled.

"And that means we are together." Heather said to Dakota.

"Actually, I was going to ask you anyway." Dakota said.

"Then it worked out great, now let's go tell Chris that we are all ready." Heather said and led the pack back over to Chris.

"So, let me FINALLY tell you today's challenge." Chris began, "You and your teammate will be racing across the island!"

"Yes!" Cindy yelled and raised her hand to give a high five to Dawn. She returned the gesture.

Eris rolled her eyes.

Conf: Maybe I chose a bad partner. He does do good when tagging along someone though, Sierra, season three, anyone? Eris complained about picking Cody.

"Starting as of now, just for today, you will be using a new confessional." Chris said, "It will be just your team talking to a cameraman, with a fake sunset backdrop behind you."

"Oh yippie doo." Courtney mocked.

"Is it operating now?" Heather said?

"I guess you could try it." Chris said.

"Let's go Dakota." Heather said an they walked away from the crowd.

A new confessional was shown: (Look at photo's caption for confessional)


Dakota: Me and Heather, here, seem to be the strongest team right now. Heather: Yeah! We are so gonna win.

The duo returned and Chris, somehow, patiently waited.

"Alright, I wanted to give you two a fair start." Chris said.

"Wow Chris, I didn't expect that, thanks." Heather said and Dakota and she took there spot on the line.

"There will be boxes with hints and challenges. You need to locate these in order, for if you don't, you will be forced to return back to the challenge you missed." Chris said.

The teams nodded at the same time to show that they understood.

"Alright everyone. On your mark...

Get set....

Race!" Chris yelled and the teams took off. The teams ran to a line of bags with necessary, yet pretty much pointless, items such as passports and Monopoly money.

"Look! The clue box!" Sadie yelled and ran towards it with the whole crowd chasing after her. The ripping of the clue envelope was then heard before multiple characters each flashed onto the screen saying short bits of the clue.

"Head to," Katie and Sadie began.

"The lakeshore," Cody said.

"And board the," Bridgette said.

"Boat of Losers." Leshawna said.

"Then dive underwater," DJ said, sounding a little scared.

"And harvest pearls." Dakota said.

Each team is in the place that they read these clues. Continuing in order was Cindy and Dawn followed by Gwen and Courtney in last.

The camera flashed to Chris explaining the challenge to the audience. "On this challenge, teams have to dive in the wonderful Lake Wawanakwa to find pearls. First team to crack open their oysters and find the three pearls will receive their next clue." The screen flashed back to each team getting in wetsuits. DJ was squeezing on his water wings before he nervously spoke to Geoff.

"Man, I don't think I can handle this diving thing." He said.

"C'mon dude, hey I have an idea." Geoff said.

"What is it?" DJ asked.

"Well, why don't you stay on the boat. I'll pass the shells to you and you crack them open."

"Hey, that's pretty good. Don't let any of the other teams hear." DJ said.

Conf: Too bad I already heard it. Eris said in the confessional with Cody who grinned.

Everyone jumped into the water with the exception of DJ and Eris.

Conf: Did she overhear? Aw man I thought we had this one. DJ said sadly.

"So, why aren't you jumping in?" DJ asked slyly.

"Hey, hair like this isn't going to be getting wet anytime soon." Eris lied which made DJ take a sigh of relief.

Gwen and Courtney were shown.

"With your sheer agression, I think you should crack open the shells." Gwen said.

"Yeah, thanks, but how is that possible in the water?" Courtney said.

"Find a way." Gwen said which made Courtney angrily moan.

"Deej!" Geoff yelled and threw a group of shells to DJ.

DJ got them and got cracking. Soon after, Cody did the same to Eris.

Eris began cracking.

Conf: Oh so she did overhear, we need to get this done before her for sure. DJ said.

"Oh look our first pearl!" Lindsay yelled in the water. "This would make a great necklace."

"Yeah sure it would, but we still need to find two more! C'mon girl!" Leshawna said to encourage Lindsay.

"Aw crap, none of these shells had pearls." DJ said and threw the shells back into the water.

Eris found a pearl but decided to keep quiet to make sure DJ didn't kick his actions into high gear after hearing she found one.

"Hey Surfer Girl, be useful and get diving." Blaineley said.

"You do know you are just as much a part of this team as I am." Bridgette said.

"Yes, I will be the shell cracker. I have the strength don't you worry."

Katie and Sadie were having trouble maneuvering in the water.

"Katie, you're too buoyant." Sadie said, "how are you going to dive down and get these shells?"

"I guess I won't be able to. I can try to crack them I guess." Katie responded.

The camera then zoomed in onto Cindy and Dawn.

Conf: Yeah, I knew I would have an advantage on luck challenges with Dawn. Cindy said while Dawn smiled.

Cindy whispers to Dawn, "So, can you sense three shells?"

"I can try, give me a second to concentrate." She replied.

The camera moved over to Gwen and Courtney.

"Well how's cracking coming along?" She asked, trying to spark Courtney's rage.

"Don't even talk to me, I need to focus." Courtney said.

"Why not, I need updates, I am your partner." Gwen continued.

"Gwen, I'm serious." 

"But you're making me look like I am not helping at all."

"You AREN'T!" Courtney screamed and snapped the shell in half. A pearl shot out and landed in Gwen's snorkle.

Gwen started coughing until the pearl made it into her hand.

Courtney laughed bitterly at Gwen.

"Heather I found one!" Dakota yelled happily.

"Good, because I can't find any." Heather replied.

Geoff threw two sets of shells to DJ.

"Crack them DJ, we haven't found any." Geoff said sounding worried.

DJ got to work and found his first pearl. "I got one dude!" DJ said and Geoff gave a thumbs up before diving down again.

The obnoxious sound of Katie and Sadie squeeling was then heard. 

"We got one!" Katie said.

"Our first pearl!" Sadie said.

"EEEEEEEEEEE" They both squeeled.

Conf: Well that was uncalled for. Heather said.

The camera panned to Dawn and Cindy.

"Alright, I will go and get the shells which I believe have pearls. You can crack after." Dawn said as Cindy nodded. Dawn then dove underwater.

She came back up holding three shells. "Here, crack them and we can get going."

Conf: We are not ones you should underestimate. Dawn said.

Eris found her second pearl. She quickly nodded to Cody and put it in her pocket. 

"Come on! I still haven't found one!" Eris lied out loud.

"Yes." DJ whispered happily, "We so have this." He then found his second pearl which made him quietly cheer again.

"Woohoo!" Cindy yelled and her and Dawn cheered. "All three pearls!"

"WHAT?" Everyone yelled.

The two girls smiled and climbed onto the boat. Chef handed them their next clue.

"Build-a-Boat... Hmmm..." Cindy read the challenge name.

"It says we need to swim inland and make a boat out of old driftwood." Dawn said.

"Let's get going!" Cindy enthusiastically yelled before diving into the water. Dawn followed. Soon after, Eris found her final pearl. She made sure to not alert DJ as she nodded a few times to Cody. Cody swam onto the boat and they received their next clue.

"Build-a-boat? How original." Cody said and laughed. The scene of them reading the clue was skipped over.

"Can you build at all?" Eris asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty good at building." Cody said, flexing his lack of muscles.

"Oh god..." Eris said and dove into the water.

"Hey wait!" Cody said and dove in after her.

"Wait," DJ began, "she found all three? How?" He cracked open another one of the shells that Geoff threw to him. In it, was the final pearl.

"Yes! Let's go Geoff!" DJ yelled and Geoff boarded the ship.

"Oh no, we need to swim? Swim all the way back to camp?" DJ said nervously.

"DJ you'll be fine, put the water wings back on and jump in." Geoff said and jumped in. DJ listened and followed.

The screen showed Chris again, this time he explained the second challenge more in depth for the audience. "In Build-a-Boat, teams will have to use old driftwood lying around to build a boat solid enough to hold them as they travel to their next location. First team to finish their boats will be allowed to grab their next clue which tells them where they are going."

The screen came back to show Katie and Sadie.

Sadie finally managed to grabs some more shells which Katie proceeded to crack open.

"Look Sadie! A second one!" Katie yelled and the duo squeeled.

"C'mon Blaineley, we are falling behind now!" Bridgette yelled.

"Hey, I'm waiting for you to get diving, now move!" Blaineley yelled back as the screen moved over to Heather and Dakota.

"Heather, I just found our second one! One more!" Dakota happily said.

"Yeah, but we need to move it, we are tied in 4th with the Screeching Idiot Twins." Heather retorted.

Dakota frowned.

Conf: This is tough, it's not easy to open up shells in the water. Dakota said with Heather glaring at her.

Bridgette handed Blaineley the first few shells she found. "Here, now hurry! We haven't found a single one!"

"Finally." Blaineley said. She began cracking while the screen quickly jumped to Leshawna and Lindsay.

"Leshawna! It's our second! We really should make necklaces out of these." Lindsay said.

"Alright! One more, and they are part of the challenge Lindsay."

"Oh yeah..."

The camera checked in on the three teams performing the Build-a-Boat challenge. 

Conf: Ok, we came into this challenge with a good attitude, but it is hard to make a boat. Especially out of driftwood! Cindy said with Dawn nodding in agreement.

"Do we use, like, rope or something?" Cindy said.

"I'm pretty sure. I'm not really the building type." Dawn sadly said.

Geoff and DJ were busy making a pile of supplies.

"Maybe something useful is in our bags..?" Cindy desperately asked.

Dawn began checking. "Sadly, no. Just these stupid fake dollars."

Cindy sighed from frustration.

As Cody and Eris arrived, the screen went back to the pearl challenge.

"Heather! The last pearl!" Dakota yelled.

"Oh my God, finally!" Heather said, "let's get out of this place." The duo received their clue and just the clue being ripped was shown. The two girls jumped into the water and began swimming.

"I wish we didn't have to carry these stupid backpacks." Dakota complained.

"I know, nothing is useful in them anyway." Heather said.

Lindsay's happy cheer was heard from behind.

"They must've finished, faster!" Heather said and began power-swimming.

The camera returned once again to show Lindsay and Leshawna receiving their clue. The jumped in the water to get to the next challenge.

The camera zoomed far out to show an aerial view of everything. Three teams were at the pearl challenge, two were traversing in between, and three were building boats.

Conf: Sitting in the hot sun trying to build a boat is not fun. Eris complained. 

Same Conf: Yeah, I'm going to be as red as a lobster by the end of today. Cody said and sighed.

"Cody, go find some wood. It's too much work for me." Eris said.

"But, I'm going to be building too." Cody said.

"Do you want to win, or not? Now go." Eris threatened. Cody backed off and left to find wood.

"Time to antagonize..." Eris snickered.

"Hey ladies," Eris said to Cindy and Dawn who were already red with frustration.

"Yeah?" Cindy asked.

"You look like you guys are having some real trouble." Eris said.

"Yeah, we are. Do you mind maybe helping us a little?" Cindy said.

"Psshh, yeah right. I'm barely going to work on my own. You're on your own." Eris laughed and view became the pearl challenge.

Bridgette handed Blaineley another handful of shells. 

"These ones were the heaviest, so I figured they had pearls." Bridgette said.

"Let's hope." Blaineley said and got cracking.

"Gwen this one had a pearl!" Courtney yelled.

"Yes, we are finally catching up." Gwen said.

"Bridgette, guess what!" Blaineley happily said.


"I finally found a way to keep my makeup from running!"

"Blaineley that's not important!" Bridgette yelled.

"Oh yeah, and I found our last two pearls." Blaineley said.

"You did?! Let's go quick!" Bridgette said and swam towards the boat. They received their next clue and began their decent.

"Ugh, are you serious? More teams are leaving we are still stuck here with the twins." Courtney said.

Conf: I do not like the feeling of fighting for last. I'm glad this is the first challenge. Courtney said.

After the confessional, Katie was shown cracking the final shell of the bunch given to her. It had a pearl.

"OMG Sadie, I found the last pearl!"

"Yayyy! Let's go go go!" Sadie happily cheered. The two received their clue and was off.

"Oh my good God, how are we in last!?" Courtney yelled in frustration. Courtney's frustration was then slowed down as a sound affect played to make it more dramatic.

The camera jumped back over to the boat challenge where Leshawna and Lindsay, Heather and Dakota, and Bridgette and Blaineley were just starting. There we no major leads as the first arrivals just had wood piles.

"This looks easy." Heather taunted, "let's shave our time by both finding wood." She looked at Eris after saying this.

Eris smiled at Heather, not saying a word.

"Pshh, whatever." Heather said and looked away. "So, where do you think this wood is?"

"It seems that everyone is running into the woods. Not really driftwood if you ask me, but whatever." Dakota answered.

"Alright, let's take the lead!" Heather said and ran off into the woods.

"There is no way I am leaving this challenge 6th again." Blaineley said, "let's go quick, maybe we can finish before Heather."

Bridgette nodded and the two ran into the woods.

Cody walked in the camera's view with a large stack of wood in his hands.

"Great job Cody!" Eris yelled, surprised he could actually accomplish the task.

"Now let's get building." Cody said, determined.

Katie and Sadie arrived at the shore, much to the teams' annoyance.

"Let's go get the wood!" Sadie yelled.

"Yeah!" Katie agreed. The two also ran into the woods.

The camera went back to show Gwen and Courtney receiving their clue.

"Finally we are out of here." Gwen said and jumped in the water. Courtney followed.

Conf: Well that wasn't fun. We really need to pick up the pace if we hope to stay in the competition. Gwen said.

After the confessional, the boat challenge was shown again.

"Gwen we can't s*** around, let's go." Courtney said, having the s-word bleeped out. She then ran into the woods with Gwen following her.

DJ and Geoff already began building, but were having some trouble like Dawn and Cindy.

"There is no way this boat will hold us two." DJ said.

"Yeah, man, I know. We need to go find more wood, reinforce it a little." Geoff said.

"Are you sure? That could really hurt our time." DJ said.

"Sinking in the middle of the lake will slow us down too." Geoff said.

DJ looked down before nodding in agreement. The two left for the woods again.

Heather and Eris walked out of the woods and quickly began building. The camera, for the first time, went into the woods to see the contestants. Katie and Sadie were no where to be found.

Leshawna was stacking a pile of wood onto a net she found. "This will make it easier to pull a load of wood back to the shore."

Conf: Good thing we found that net, Lindsay would never've been able to carry all that wood. Leshawna said.

"Let's go Linds!" Leshawna said and began pulling on the net.

The net ripped. Leshawna angrily yelled.

Conf: Well, it was too good to be true. Leshawna said.

"Let's just carry small piles to the shore!" Lindsay chimed in her idea.

"That will be time consuming, but I guess it is less physical work. Alright Lindsay, grab a pile." Leshawna said and grabbed wood for herself. Lindsay also grabbed wood and they set off.

The cameras flashed to Katie and Sadie, far away from the challenge.

"Ummm, were we looking for a specific kind of wood?" Katie said.

"Driftwood, or something, I think. Why?" Sadie asked.

"Well, we are in the middle of camp. This seems a little far away." Katie said.

"Oh great, now how do we get back?" Sadie said.

"Let's just walk the other way until something better comes along." Katie said.

Sadie sighed and turned around.

The camera returned to Heather and Dakota.

"Heather, we are so close to done, I can almost taste it." Dakota said.

"I know, just a few more pieces and we are off." Heather said.

"Hear that Cody, they are almost done. Good thing we are too." Eris said.

Cody began to work faster, trying to beat Heather and Dakota in this challenge.

"Aaaanndddd..... Done!" Heather said and high-fived Dakota.

Eris angrily groaned as she watched the two pull their boat into the water, receive their clue, and sail off.

"Eris, I just finished, let's catch up!" Cody yelled and the two were off.

Cody grabbed the clue and read it. "Sand Castle Scavenger. Pick one team member for this challenge." 

Eris nominated herself. They rest of the clue was not shown and they sailed off.

Just as the two left, Blaineley and Bridgette came back with their wood.

"Two teams left already? Wow, this can't be too hard." Blaineley said.

"Trust me, it is." Cindy said to her.

"Maybe for you, but it won't be for us." Blaineley flashed a smug smile towards Cindy and got to work.

Lindsay and Leshawna were still walking back and forth from the pile to the woods.

"This is really wearin' me out Linds." Leshawna said.

"Yeah, me too. I feel like my arms are jelly or something." Lindsay said.

"Let's just get this over with." Leshawna said and kept walking.

Bridgette and Blaineley were nearly done already.

Cindy looked over at their work in progress to see their technique.

"Oh, I see! That's what we need to do." Cindy said. Her and Dawn finally got to work.

Chris appeared on the screen for the third time to explain the third challenge.

"In this challenge, teams will pick one member to dig under 120 sandcastles and find their next clue buried underneath. The catch is, each sandcastle they knock over, they must rebuild. When teams complete this challenge, they will receive their next clue for the final challenge."

Conf: I decided to let Dakota do this challenge. I mean, how hard can digging in sand be. It sounds kind of fun actually. Heather said and both smiled.

Blaineley and Bridgette finished their boat and received their clue. Blaineley chose Bridgette to do the challenge.

Soon after, Cindy and Dawn finally finished their boat. Cindy screamed with joy after finally finishing the exhausting task. Dawn was picked to complete the challenge.

Katie and Sadie heard Cindy's scream.

"That way Katie!" Sadie yelled and began running towards the scream. They still had not collected any wood.

The screen was back at DJ and Geoff.

"Alright, dude, this looks like enough wood." Geoff said.

"Fifth place isnt so bad on the second challenge, let's try to accomplish that." DJ said.

The two continued building.

Lindsay and Leshawna finally finished their pile of wood and began building.

"Whew, I am beat from all that walking back and forth." Leshawna said.

"Yeah... Me too..." Lindsay said.

"Let's rest a little before getting to work." Leshawna suggested.

Lindsay nodded in agreement. Soon after Gwen and Courtney ran out with their wood.

"Oh god, have Katie and Sadie left already?" Courtney asked, not knowing that they were lost.

"Great, we are going to get last, AGAIN." Gwen said.

Conf: This is NOT fun. Gwen said

The two began working as fast as they could.

Leshawna and Lindsay were still resting until they realized something.

"Lindsay! They're ahead now. What a stupid idea I came up with." Leshawna said.

The two started assembling their boat, moments behind Courtney and Gwen.

Katie and Sadie emerged from the woods.

"Look Sadie, three teams are still here!" Katie happily yelled.

"But we still don't have wood..." Sadie said.

"Oh my..." Katie said before turning around and going back into the woods. "I'll try to be quick!"

Sadie sat down sadly.

Geoff and DJ could then be heard cheering.

"Woohoo! Let's go man. We can still catch up." Geoff said as he grabbed the clue.

They read it and were off to join the other teams.

The camera then checked up on the other teams searching through sand castles.

"This is tougher than it looks." Dakota said.

"Oh great." Heather said and stomped her foot.

"Oh please, we are just digging through sand castles. Big-whoop." Eris taunted.

"Don't even start Eris, I don't really need your mouth yapping every freaking second." Heather said.

"Ladies!" Cindy yelled, "alright, just be calm. No need to be screaming like idiots. Especially on TV."

Eris just rolled her eyes at Cindy's butting in and continued her search for the clue.

DJ and Geoff arrived. DJ ran over to the sandcastles.

"Alright, let's get started." He said and knocked over his first sandcastle.

Dawn walked over to Cindy, "All of this noise is making it quite hard to focus on which are the right castles."

"It's fine, just try your best." Cindy said with an uneasy smile.

Cody overheard them.

Conf: Do they just cheat their way through this competition? Cody said angrily.

The screen flashed to the boat challenge where teams were finally finishing up. 

"Finally!" Courtney yelled, relieved, "let's get the heck out of here." The two finally set sail and they could be heard bickering as the boat grew farther.

Leshawna and Lindsay were hot on their tails. "I think we are ready, Lindsay. Let's go, maybe we can catch up."

"Woohoo, one step closer to seeing Tyler!" Lindsay yelled and hopped onto the boat.

"Yup!" Leshawna said out loud before quietly whispering, "the only way we are gonna see him again is if we get eliminated."

"What?" Lindsay asked.

"Oh! Just that the lake looks gorgeous today. Start rowing!" Leshawna stuttered, making up a lie. The duo sailed leaving Katie and Sadie alone.

By this time Katie and Sadie at least had a pile to work with, but minimal progress was done on the boat itself.

"Ok Katie, stay positive we can do this." Katie said to herself.

"We can totally do it, we will crush the others!" Sadie said.

Conf: Everyone here underestimates us. I just hope they aren't right... Katie sulked. Sadie sympathetically looked at her.

The sand castle challenge was shown again. Everyone has yet to find the clue.

Courtney and Gwen arrived. "You deal with the digging." Courtney said and pushed Gwen ahead.

"I hope the next challenge is much worse." Gwen replied, trying to keep her balance from the push.

She began digging.

"Ughhhh... It's so hot!" Heather complained, fanning herself.

"You don't even know the half of it, it's worse when you're digging." Dakota replied, wiping sweat off her forehead.

"Is there anything at all that is useful in this stupid bag?" Heather said and began searching through it. "Ah ha!"

She pulled a small battery power self fan. She clicked a button and it began working.

"Yes! Finally Chris does something right!" She cheered. The fan quickly began to slow-down and stop working entirely. Heather angrily screamed and threw the fan behind her.

Eris smirked without Heather noticing.

Conf: Sorry Queenie, everything isn't going to go your way all the time. Eris said, mocking Heather.

Lindsay and Leshawna arrived, soaked from tipping over in the boat.

"I'll handle this one, girl. Digging seems great about now." Leshawna said and staggered over to the sand castles. Lindsay sat down next to Cindy.

All were having a hard time finding a clue, mostly due to improperly reading the clue. Instead of looking under the sand castles, they were looking in them. This made them miss out on a lot of hidden clues.

The sun was starting to set and the final boat scraped against the sand. Katie and Sadie ran out and everyone ignored them, mostly due to mental and physical exhaustion. Sadie was the one who searched through the sand castles. Katie sat on the sidelines.

Eris walked over to Cody. "Ok, I must be doing something wrong. I have search through all freaking 120 of those sand castles and have not seen a single clue."

"Yeah, well the clue said to look under the sandcastles." Cody said, reading the clue.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Everyone digging, except Sadie, yelled.

Cody nodded.

Everyone facepalmed due to being completely embarassed with their actions.

Eris quickly got to work. She knew that the challenge was much easier due to the clarification. She dug through about six before finally coming across a clue. "I've done it! YES! YES YES YES! Let's get the heck out of this place. I think I've been turned red as a lobster."

Cody laughed at this and the two read the clue.

"Oh my God. This name just sucks. It just sucks so bad." Eris said.

"What is it?" Cody asked.

"It's called, 'I'm Walkin' on Wood-Stilts Whoa-Oh.'" Eris said.

Cody started to crack up laughing and Eris joined in. She quickly stopped though. "Enough laughing, let's take advantage of this lead." Cody read the clue and Chris appeared on the screen to explain it.

"In this challenge, the person who did not dig for sand castles will be walking on five foot wooden stilts. Not only will they have to balance on these stilts in the sand, they will also have to kick a coconut completely across the designated area. After this teams will race to the finish line. The last team to step on the mat, may be eliminated."

"Wow this challenge is literally right around the corner." Eris said as she walked toward the final challenge.

"Do you mind helping me put on these stilts?" Cody asked.

"I guess, if it helps our chance of winning." Eris said and began to help him get situated with the stilts.

"I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish this one." Cody said nervously. Eris just glared at him and Cody could understand that it meant "You better find a way or I'll rip your arms off."

The screen returned to the sand castles. Leshawna was shown digging.

"Is this the clue? It is! Woohoo! We are back in this game Linds. C'mon!" Leshawna said as she ran over to her partner.

"Well, I guess I'll be doing this challenge." Lindsay said, "It can't be that hard, I've walked in 10 inch heels before."

Leshawna smiled as she realized that they actually have a chance at winning this challenge.

Dawn walked over to Cindy. Ok, now that Eris and her negative aura has been gone for awhile, I can finally focus."

"Good, great. If you find it we can go into the final challenge third. That's not too bad, right?" Cindy said and smiled.

Dawn began focusing and the screen went back to Lindsay and Leshawna at the stilts challenge.

"I was wrong, it can be that hard..." Lindsay said as she struggled to walk, let alone kick a coconut with the stilts.

"You can do it girl, just stay positive!" Leshawna yelled to encourage her.

Lindsay smiled weakly and went back to trying.

Cody was having some trouble as well, but he at least managed to push his coconut a bit closer to the other side. Eris, of course, was not impressed but decided it was best to not yell at him.

The screen panned back over to the sand castles challenge where Dawn had her eyes set on a certain sand castle. Cindy knew that this meant she located the next clue. Dawn quickly dug it up.

"Alriiight! Onto the last challenge!" Cindy yelled. Dawn nodded and they read the clue. The screen transitioned with a white flash to show Cindy getting the stilts on.

"You got this Cindy." Dawn calmly began, "All we need is this last challenge and we'll win."

Cindy eagerly nodded and stood up with the stilts. The camera returned, once again, to the sand castles.

DJ was shouting, "Hey man, I think I just felt something in this sand castle!" He pulled it out and saw he was holding a clue in his hand. He brushed off the sand and brought it over to Geoff to read it with him.

"So I get to have fun with the stilts. That's cool, let's do this!" Geoff said and ran to the next challenge. Before he got there, he quickly turned around and told Bridgette, "Good luck," before taking off again.

Bridgette began digging quicker to catch up with her boyfriend. She reached the last sandcastle in the 12th row. Under it was the clue.

"Oh thank God!" Bridgette said as she held her hands together like a prayer.

"Meh, 5th isn't the worst we've done. Let's try to catch up." Blaineley said.

Heather groaned as she was fed up with waiting. "Dakota! What is taking you so long?"

"Sorry Heather, but I'm baking in this heat, have a 3rd degree sun burn, and I cut my hand on a rock that was under a castle." Dakota replied, hoping for some sympathy.

Heather rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well we are in second to last because of you. We can fix your ailments later."

Dakota returned to digging and the sun began to set.

The screen showed a ground close up of a coconut crossing the other side. The screen panned up to show that it was Geoff who kicked coconut across.

"Yes! I can't believe I did it!" Geoff yelled as he jumped from the stilts.

"Let's go before someone else finishes!" DJ replied, equally as excited.

Chris standing on a mat with Chef standing next to him wearing a hula dancer outfit was shown. Chris was smiling, but Chef did not look happy. Geoff and DJ ran onto the mat.

"Welcome to an island near Camp Wawanakwa." Chef grumbled.

Geoff and DJ just nodded and smiled.

"DJ and Geoff..." Chris began, "I am pleased to tell you that you are team number one!"

The two cheered.

"For coming in first place, you have one not only definite invincibility from today's instant elimination, but also a trip for two from to Playa Des Losers. Don't worry though, it's just for three days. You are not being eliminated."

The two cheered again, happy that they won these prizes.

"Aw man, that sand castle challenge was hard. I'm surprised I got done so quickly." DJ said to the group at the mat.

"I'm surprised that I got that last one done before anyone else." Geoff said.

"Yeah, after you came into the final challenge in 4th, I was a little shocked that you made it out first, but congrats." Chris said.

Soon after, Cody and Eris were shown running up to the mat.

"Welcome to an island near Camp Wawanakwa." Chef said once again, already getting sick of repeating it.

"Cody and Eris..." Chris monotonously began, "You are team number two, congrats! You are safe from elimination."

"Oh how wonderful, second place." Eris said, disappointed.

"I know that I'm happy!" Cody said cheering.

"At least you are in a good mood." Chris said as he frowned in Eris' direction.

The screen returned to the stilt challenge where three teams remained.

"Bridgette, I am pretty sure I can get that coconut across the line in one more go." Blaineley said as she dropped from her stilts.

"That's fine Blaineley, I can see that it is pretty tough." Bridgette said, trying to be as nice as possible near the end.

Lindsay fell from her stilts once again. "C'mon..." Lindsay whined as she jumped back onto them.

"We are still in good shape Linds, don't give up now!" Leshawna said.

Just as Blaineley said, she kicked the coconut across the line. She cheered and jumped off of them before running to the mat.

"Third isn't bad!" Bridgette yelled before sprinting to catch up with Blaineley.

They showed up on the mat and Chef said his line once again, equally unhappy.

"Blaineley and Bridgette..." Chris began, "You are team number three. Enjoy your immunity."

"You know, I am really surprised that we actually worked together." Bridgette said.

"Hey, I told you that with our combined skills it would be easy. Too bad it wasn't first place." Blaineley replied.

Once again, the stilt challenge was shown.

A coconut was shown crossing the line. The coconut was kicked by Lindsay and she happily screamed.

"Woohoo! I did it! I did it!"

"Yup, you did girl." Leshawna said, smiling.

The two hugged and began their decent to the mat.

Cindy was upset because she didn't realize she was actually in 5th and not in last.

"We just went so far... And now I ruined it for both of us because I can't kick a coconut." She said while crying.

"Cindy." Dawn tried to but in.

"I mean, it's just so hard. Who ever thought to do this stupid thing anyway."

"Cindy!" Dawn yelled.


"Let's just try to finish strong. You can do it." Dawn said even though she knew that they were not in last. The screen went to the mat to show Lindsay and Leshawna standing in front of Chris.

After Chef's line was said, Chris began.

"Lindsay and Leshawna. You are team number four!" Chris said, clearly happy that Lindsay was still in the game.

"That was so tough Chip." Lindsay said and Chris' smile quickly turned into a frown. "I have blisters from those stupid wood stilts." She looked down at her feet.

"You'll be fine, I see the other team running up, get going!" Chris said and pushed them along.

Dawn and Cindy stepped onto the mat and Cindy was wiping her eyes.

"Dawn and Cindy..." Chris began, "You are team number five! You are still in the game."

Cindy was clearly shocked. "What? Where are the other teams?" 

"They are all still stuck searching though the castles." Chris replied.

Dawn was just smiling as Cindy looked at her.

"Why didn't you tell me we were fine?" Cindy said.

"Just to see your reaction when he said we were in fifth." Dawn replied.

"Yeah, save your tears for when you are actually eliminated." Chris said, smirking.

Cindy glared at him and left the mat with Dawn.

The screen transitioned into the sand castle challenge where all of the remaining teams were.

The sun was almost completely set and it was quickly growing darker.

Heather was just lying on the sand looking at the sky, waiting for Dakota to finish.

"Gwen! We need to hurry! Come on!" Courtney yelled.

"If I could don't you think I would?" Gwen angrily replied.

Sadie was calmly looking under each sandcastle, ignoring the others.

The camera was showing Dakota. Her hand emerged from the sand and in it was the clue.

"YES! I can finally get out of here." Dakota yelled as she sprinted past Heather.

"Ugh, you got sand all over me!" Heather said brushing herself off, she caught up to Dakota at the final challenge.

The screen only showed them showing up before flashing to show Heather finishing. The other two teams had still not finished and it was very dark. By this time they had to be given headlamps to see.

Heather and Dakota ran up to the mat where Chris was standing alone illuminated by tiki torches, Chef had gotten fed up with waiting and left.

"Thank God this is all over." Heather said.

"Heather and Dakota..." Chris began, "You are team number six. Yeah I won't sugar coat it, you know that's bad. But you are still safe."

Dakota just nodded once because she was happy about still being in the competition.

Back at the sand castle challenge, the two remaining teams were trying to go as fast as they could. They were sick of this challenge.

"KATIE!" Sadie yelled. "The clue, the clue!"

Like always, the two hugged and squealed before running to the next challenge.

"NO!" Courtney yelled, very angry.

Gwen then pulled a clue out from under a sand castle.

"No time to read it, let's just go!" Gwen said and ran to catch up to Katie and Sadie.

Courtney quickly jumped onto the stilts and Katie has a slight lead.

"There is no way I am losing to these two." Courtney said and tried hard to kick the coconut across. Her trying too hard resulted in distance, but she constantly lost balance. Katie was taking her time and almost had the coconut across.

"I almost got it!" Katie happily shrieked to Sadie.

After saying this, she did kick the coconut over, shortly followed by Courtney.

The two teams took off in a hurry, trying to pass eachother to get on the mat first.

The camera only was showing Chris, smiling. A team could be heard stepping foot on the mat. That team was...

Gwen and Courtney.

Katie and Sadie stepped on the mat almost instantly after.

Courtney had a smug grin as Chris began speaking.

"Courtney and Gwen, you are team number seven. You are safe from elimination."

Gwen just sighed from exhaustion, but it was clear she was happy. Courtney full out cheered before leaving the mat, Gwen followed.

"And Katie and Sadie I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from Total Drama Action Take Six."

Katie and Sadie began crying.

"Pack up your things and board the Boat of Losers."

"I-it's alright, I still have my BFFFFL Katie." Sadie said, sniffling.

"Y-yeah, and I have my BFFFFL Sadie." Katie replied, also sniffling.

They two hugged and walked off the mat. The camera showed the two walking away in slow motion before showing Chris again.

"So, in the end it is Katie and Sadie who lost by a hair to Gwen and Courtney. How will the Actors survive with only three remaining team members? What will I be doing next to torture these teens? Find out next time on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Episode 7: The Wawanakwan Baking Competition

The camera opened and showed Chef standing in the Mess Hall. "Last time on Total Drama. Chris temporarily split the teams up again. He let them pair up and race through various challenges." He walked behind the counter and continued talking. "Geoff and DJ ended up coming in first, while the race for 7th was a close one." He pulled out ingredients from the counter and began to mix them. "Gwen and Courtney apparently got to the mat just before Katie and Sadie, but hey, I left long before they got there." The camera panned to him putting batter into the oven. "So now with those two gone, the Actors are now left with just three people." He chuckled. "Oh, it's gonna be fun seeing that team last. Join me in watching them on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Theme Song Plays

The camera opened to the Actors waking up early to talk strategy.

"Okay," Eris began, "I know that none of us get along, but desperate times call for desperate measures."

"Yeah, It's just us. We need to at least try to stick together." Courtney added.

"Too bad the rest of our team was useless. That double elimination was killer!" Blaineley complained.

Conf: I'm surprised Blaineley is still even here. Courtney said, confused at how Blaineley has lasted.

"Well, challenges can't be too tough, because there are only three of us, could they?" Eris asked.

Courtney just stared at her with a "yeah right" expression.

"Doubt it." Blaineley dejectedly said.

Eris gasped. "I have a brilliant plan! We just need to sabotage the other teams, I will come up with something once we find out what this challenge is."

The screen flashed white and was shown in the Critics cabin. Dawn was quietly meditating while the rest slept.

Suddenly Chef Hatchet kicked the door open and yelled into a megaphone. "EVERYONE GET YOUR BUTTS UP NOW!"

Cindy jumped awake and hit her head on the bunk above her. "Ow!" She cried out in pain while rubbing her head.

"Oh great, Chris let this nut in charge again." Heather tried to quietly say.

"What was that Princess? Do you not like when I am in charge?" Chef said.

Heather cringed.

"Well, GET OVER IT!" Chef said and stomped out of the cabin. He did the same routine for each cabin, each camper eventually stumbled out, frazzled by the rude awakening.

"Ugh, if we are doing some stupid boot camp challenge again, I am quitting now." Leshawna said.

Her team nodded in agreement.

"So, for all you wondering what the challenge for today is..." Chef began, "Chris told me not to do military style challenges after that last challenge."

"Who knew the guy had a heart." Courtney said.

"I AM NOT DONE TALKING!" Chef yelled.

Cindy whispered to Courtney, "He doesn't have a heart if he is letting this jerk run the challenge."

"Alright, interruptions aside. Today's challenge is a cooking challenge." Chef said.

"No flambés this time." Heather stated and sternly pointed at her team.

Gwen laughed, remembering when Heather burned off her eyebrows.

"It's not funny!" Heather yelled.

"I'm sorry," Chef began, "is what your saying more important than the challenge details?"

"No...?" Heather said.

"I thought so. Now, the challenge will be this. Each of you will be assigned something to cook. Each can do variants of this recipe to make it more unique. For example, I can say bake a cake and you can make a chocolate or vanilla or really whatever." Chef said.

Cody raised his hand.

"Yes...?" Chef said apathetically.

"How are we being judged?" He asked.

"I'll explain that when the time comes. First we need to go to the mess hall and begin the first challenge." Chef said.

The camera flashed to the mess hall where everyone was seated at their respective table.

"Because giving you your supplies would be too easy, I have decided to make it a bit more challenging." Chef said with a grin. "All the necessary supplies are in that box over there." He extended a finger towards the back corner. The box itself was in rough shape, and the materials inside were not much better.

Conf: Just when I thought Chef couldn't get any worse, he gets even worse. Eris voiced her displeasure in the confessional.

"Now, I have provided all the ingredients, but they are hidden away in each kitchen for you to find." Chef said. "When I say go, you have 20 seconds to grab as much supplies as possible, and don't even think about carrying the whole box into your kitchen."

"On your mark,

get set,

go!" Chef yelled as the teams ran to the box. Heather bumped Eris, trying to make her trip in her high heels.

Eris yelled angrily, but did not want to waste her time. Chef could be heard counting down in the background.

"18, 17"

Cindy was taking spoons and spatulas and shoving them into her sweatshirt pocket. Lindsay was stacking mixing bowls on her head, and Courtney grabbed as many cookie trays as she could.

Not listening to Chef's instruction, Leshawna tried to lift the whole box.

Soon after the box completely ripped, spilling all the kitchen supplies onto the floor with the clang of metal.

Chef just laughed between counting, "13, 12, 11, 10" when he said ten he began getting louder to catch the teams attention. 

"Oh crap!" Heather yelled as she scrambled to grab the remaining supplies.

"TIME IS UP!" Chef yelled and the teams groaned. "Now go sit back down and sort out supplies. I am willing to let trades happen, but that's up to the other teams."

"Ok let's see what we got." Blaineley said as she spaced out each item.

"So basically we got a wooden spoon, a pastry blender, like 7 cookie sheets, and 2 mixing bowls." Eris said.

"Too bad Lindsay took like all of the bowls." Courtney said.

"Stupid idiot, she won't even need all of those." Eris angrily said.

"Oh Directors!" Blaineley said, feigning kindness, "Do you mind sharing some of your supplies with us?"

"Ehh, I don't know Blaineley. Nothing you have really interests me." Leshawna answered for her team.

"Fine then, have fun mixing with your hands." Courtney yelled to them.

"What are you talking about, you have one spoon!" Leshawna yelled back, "You're gonna be wasting all your time passing it around!"

"Ladies, Ladies," Heather butt in, "if you're fighting over spoons, we should really be involved."

"Yeah, why don't you guys share those spoons, you literally have twelve." Cody joined in on the conversation.

"It's better to have more than you need just in case, instead just what you need." Heather said and smirked, "I think we'll be keeping our spoons to ourselves."

"C'mon Heather, do we really need all these spoons just for us?" Cindy asked.

"Do you think the Actors need twelve spoons for three people?" Heather answered with another question.

"No... But that's not what I m--" Cindy began.

"Exactly. Now let's figure out our supplies." Heather cut off Cindy.

"So what did everyone grab?" Dakota asked, "Personally, I got a whisk and two mixing bowls."

"Well I got a bunch of spoons and spatulas, as we have already addressed." Cindy said while emptying the rest of her pockets.

"Well I got some parchment paper and a cake tin." Dawn answered with a smile.

"I got a rolling pin and cookie cutters designs." Heather said, "What about you Gwen?"

"Yeah, I wasn't able to get anything..." Gwen answered.

Heather shook her head disapprovingly, but knew that her team had gotten a good amount of supplies anyway.

Next the camera was showing the Directors as they counted mixing bowls.

"...4, 5, 6, 7! We have seven mixing bowls!" Lindsay happily yelled.

"Yeah... But we actually have 5." Cody said.

Lindsay still was happily smiling.

"After the whole box mishap, I only managed to grab two wooden spoons and a cookie sheet." Leshawna said.

"Don't worry, I got three more cookie sheets." DJ said.

"And I got two whisks and a pastry blender." Bridgette said as she placed them down.

"Okay, it's looking good so far, what do you have Cody?" Leshawna asked.

"Well I got a hand mixer, which is basically just a faster whisk." Cody answered.

"That could be useful, I guess." Leshawna said.

"I grabbed two frying pans." Geoff said.

"Ooo that's great, I don't think anyone else has those." Leshawna happily said.

"All right, so does everyone have their supplies sorted out, no more trades?" Chef asked.

"I guess not..." Eris said, disappointed by her lack of supplies.

"Good, now let me explain what you must cook for me." Chef said and took a big breath, "I would like you to make me a.." he began speaking very fast to throw off the contestants, "tripledeckerneapolitanlightandfluffycakethatrequiresadesigntobecreatedontheinsideofatleastonofthelayers. In 4 hours."

Conf: WHAT? Dakota asked in the confessional, very confused by Chef's request.

"Oh and by the way, there are supplies in the kitchen, but they are strictly off limits. If I see you using it, you are disqualified." Chef finished his explanation.

"Did anyone get any of that?" Blaineley asked.

"Luckily, I just so happened to." Eris said and whispered what it was to her team. Her team grinned.

"Now get to it!" Chef yelled and the teams ran into their kitchens. The kitchens were a mess, but no one bothered to clean up because, hey, it is for Chef who has been torturing them. The teams placed down their supplies and evened them out for easier access.

"Cake? Cake?! How do we use cookie sheets to bake a cake?!" Courtney yelled.

"Hey, can you please, like, shut up? Just let me figure something out." Eris said as she put her hand to her chin. The screened flashed to show the Directors, also affected by the cake dilemma.

"I actually have an idea, but I'm not sure it will work." Cody said.

"Well c'mon then, tell us." Leshawna said intensely.

"If we could somehow put an upside-down mixing bowl full of batter onto a cookie sheet, it might actually cook into a dome-shaped cake." He answered.

Leshawna strange look, but decided it was worth a try.

The screen flashed to show Cindy tying up her long hair. She was the only person to actually do this.

"Well, obviously we are at an upper hand due to the cake tin." Cindy said.

"So... Are all the spoons-" Gwen began

"Necessary? Yes, yes they most certainly are." Heather said. "What if I drop one on the floor?"

"You can easily wash it." Gwen responded.

"Well clearly you are not going to cooperate if I don't share these." Heather said after sighing. She threw two spoons to Dakota. "Pass these out to whoever you want."

The camera was zoomed into Cindy and Heather.

"Aw Heather, that's so nice!" Cindy said and opened her arms to hug Heather.

"Yeeaahh, but it really isn't that nice..." Heather said and rejected the hug.

"At least Chef was nice enough to provide some ingredients." Dawn said with a smile.

"Yeah, but don't forget that they are hidden around the kitchens." Gwen said.

Dawn sighed, "So much for him being kind."

Dakota left to hand out the two spoons. When Heather had her back turned, Gwen quickly grabbed five of the remaining spoons and slipped out of the kitchen.

Dakota was in the Actors' kitchen giving them their spoon when Eris noticed something. She saw Gwen with the spoons walk past her kitchen's serving counter. Then the sound of the Directors' kitchen door opening and closing was heard.

Conf: Gwen, Gwen, Gwen... You really have to be more sneaky than that pathetic attempt. Eris said and chuckled.

"Thanks Gwen!" Bridgette said as she was handed a spoon.

"This will help us out a lot!" Lindsay said.

"How did you manage to do this? Did Heather come around to being nice?" DJ asked.

"Well... Yeah, I guess she did. I better get back now" Gwen said and ran out. When she ran past the Actors' kitchen again, she saw Eris grinning at her, but thought nothing of it. She slipped back into the Critics' kitchen, and somehow Heather did not notice her absense.

Dakota was shown walking into the Directors' kitchen.

"Hey guys, I have some good news!" Dakota began happily.

"What is it?" Leshawna asked.

"Heather let you guys have a spoon!" Dakota said and handed it to them.

"Uhh, thanks but we already have enough spoons." Leshawna said, confused, and handed it back to Dakota.

"Oh... Alright then, I thought you needed some." Dakota then left and went back into the Actors' kitchen. "The Directors didn't need one, I guess, so here."

Courtney just nodded and Dakota went back to her team's kitchen.

Conf: What is Gwen's plan anyway? She is basically putting her own team on equal footing with the rest of us. Eris was confused with Gwen's thinking.

"I have an interesting idea." Dawn started as she held a spatula, "Considering you don't really need spatulas to make cake, we could use these to make a couple pancakes."

"But what would we do with the pancakes?" Dakota asked.

"We can place it in between each layer. It is still only like eight AM." Dawn answered.

"That seems cool, you do the batter for that. Dakota and I will do the cake batter." Cindy said.

"Sure that's fine. We can also use the cookie cutter for decorations. I'll do the frosting." Heather stated her idea.

"Well I have nothing assigned, I'll help Dawn." Gwen said.

The screen flashed to the Actors' kitchen again.

"Alright, I have an idea." Eris said as her team circled around her. "You know how we only have like two mixing bowls right?"

"Yeah... So?" Courtney said.

Eris grabbed a cookie sheet off of the counter. "Stand back."

"Why?" Blaineley asked.

"Just-... Can you follow directions?" Eris said and Blaineley decided to step back.

Eris held the cookie sheet tight, lowered it closer to the floor, and lifted up her foot. She kicked into the sheet multiple times, creating a crater-like dent the could hold batter.

"Phew!" Eris said and dropped the make-shift mixing bowl onto the counter. Now you two make the other ones, "I'll start making a little batter in mine. Make sure two cookie sheets are left over."

Conf: So maybe we do have a chance, who knows, but at least we can mix up some more batter. Courtney said, unsure if her team was adequate.

The Directors were shown in good shape, planning out their cake.

"Alright, now that we know we are making a cake, how would a frying pan help us?" Leshawna asked.

"Well, maybe we can fry up some bacon and sprinkle it on as a topping." Geoff said.

"Geoff, you will be doing that then because I am not touching meat." Bridgette said.

"That's fine babe, you can do the cake batter." Geoff responded and smiled.

"Lindsay, do you think you can handle the frosting?" Leshawna asked.

"Oh totally! In eigth grade I helped my sister make cupcakes for her class. I did the frosting." Lindsay answered with a smug smile.

"Good, good. So we got the batter, frosting, topping..." Leshawna began, "But how are we supposed to a design on the inside?"

"Oh that can't be too hard, my momma probably did something like that before. I can handle it." DJ answered.

"I may be able to help him. I think I'll be smart enough to figure out a way to do it." Cody said.

"Sweet! So we are all set. Everyone let's start!" Leshawna said as everyone searched for their ingredients.

The camera flashed and showed the Critics' kitchen.

"Great, just great. Just when I think we are all set, I realize we are stuck with two mixing bowls!" Heather yelled.

"Don't worry Heather, this mixing bowl is pretty big. It may be just big enough to make our cake, plus we have the smaller one." Cindy said.

"Whatever, did anyone find ingredients?" Heather asked.

"Yeah, I have enough to start the cake batter, nothing really on the frosting though." Dakota said.

"I'll look for the rest of the ingredients. Dakota, you're fine working alone for a second, right?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, I should be. Don't worry, the ingredients are more important." Dakota responded.

Cindy preheated the ovens. "Ok everyone, watch out. I don't think these are very safe, I can already tell it hasn't been touched in forever."

"Ok, thanks Cindy." Dawn said.

"Do you mind using your weird-magical-searchy-powers, or whatever, to help Gwen?" Heather asked.

Dawn sighed, "I don't really like using my powers to jump ahead in the game all the time, you know."

"Yeah, yeah, but can sense an elimination in your future." Heather threatened Dawn.


Conf: I wonder what this team would look like without my powers. Dawn said, referring to how she always has to use her powers to gain an edge.

After the confessional, the Actors' kitchen was shown.

"Wow!" Courtney said while wiping sweat off her forehead. "Smashing these stupid things are really a work out." She threw the final dented try onto the table.

"So I guess we can start mixing?" Blaineley said.

"Yeah, too bad we haven't found anything to mix." Eris sarcastically answered.

Courtney and Blaineley angrily groaned before searching for ingredients. Eris just sat on the counter with her legs crossed.

"Hey, it would help a lot if you tried looking too!" Courtney yelled to Eris.

"I did help. We would still only have two mixing bowls if not for my idea." Eris calmly responded.

"You're lucky we are a three-girl team. I can't even afford to knock you out right now." Courtney said, before resuming search.

Eris smirked at Courtney's comment.

Conf: Ooo, I'm so scared of Courtney. Please don't hurt me, I'm so scared! Hahaha, what an idiot. Eris insulted Courtney and her threat in the confessional.

The Directors' kitchen was shown again. Leshawna and Bridgette were mixing the cake batter.

"So, uh, Bridge." Leshawna said with a confused look.

"Yeah, Leshawna?" Bridgette responded.

"Wasn't it kind of weird that Dakota tried to give us a spoon? I mean, Gwen had just given us a bunch."

"Yes, it kind of was." Bridgette answered. "Did Dakota not know that Gwen was doing that?"

"That's what I was thinking. I mean, Gwen does seem to be a bit of an outcast on that team. Maybe she went against her own team to help us." Leshawna thought.

Conf: If this is true, I better not say anything. Gwen went out of her way to help us out and it just wouldn't be right to tell anyone. Leshawna supported Gwen's decision to go against her team.

Conf: Hahaha, if Heather found out, she would flip! Bridgette laughed in the confessional. Oh, but I swear to not say a word.

"Hey, Leshawna!" Geoff yelled, "should we start the bacon?"

"No, wait until the cake is almost done cooking. We aren't even done with the batter." Leshawna answered while using the hand mixer.

"The frosting is almost ready, hurry Leshawna!" Lindsay said, trying to push her friend along.

"THREE MORE HOURS!" Chef could be heard shouting from the dining area.

"Oh crap! Do we have everything now?" Cindy yelled while trying to quickly finish the batter.

"Yeah, here, Heather!" Dakota slid the ingredients down to Heather who began combining the ingredients.

"Wow this is a lot of batter!" Cindy said, trying hard to finish the mixture.

"But what about the design in the middle?" Dawn asked.

"Ugh, this challenge is so hard." Cindy whined.

The clock was shown in a time lapse. One hour was remaining and the teams were putting their cakes in the oven.

"As you guys can see, there are only two hours left. MAKE SURE THESE CAKES ARE PERFECT, I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR FAR TOO LONG!" Chef, who made the time limit, was getting very impatient with it.

Conf: So we are down to two hours. Time to sabotage. Eris maniacally laughed in the confessional.

After the confessional, Eris was shown walking into the Critics' kitchen.

"Alright! It's baking!" Cindy said as she turned away from the oven.

Eris casually walked over to Cindy and began to distract her. "Hey Cindy! How's your team doing?" She slipped in between the oven and Cindy.

"Oh, um, yeah. It's alright..?" She thought was confused by Eris having any interest in her.

"WEEEELP" Eris said loudly as she turned up the oven and broke the knob off. "My team is doing fine, our cake should be pretty good. I better go back to them." She quickly left the kitchen before Cindy noticed what she did.

"What did she want?" Heather asked.

"She was just checking up on us, I guess. Maybe we should start the panca-" Before Cindy could finish, the oven burst into flames. She screamed and jumped foward. Eris was watching from the window on the door.

"PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!" Dakota yelled.

"I AM NOT LOSING MY HAIR AGAIN!" Heather yelled as she grabbed the extinguisher. She quickly put out the flames and wiped her forehead.

"Great, just freaking great. LOOK AT OUR CAKE CINDY, LOOK AT IT!" Heather pulled the cake out of the oven. It was just a pile of ash.

"W-well... We can still make pancakes... I swear I have no idea what happened!" Cindy tried to justify herself.

Conf: What the heck was that?! There is no way we can catch up now... Dawn sadly lowered her head in the confessional.

"Well all my hard work went to waste, I am done for today, goodbye." Gwen said and left the kitchen.

"This team is falling apart! Do we have any left over batter?" Dakota asked.

"Well we have a little bit, but no way is it going to meet the challenge requirements." Dawn said.

"Here, leave it all to me. Let me redeem myself." Cindy said and quickly got to work to at least have something on the plate.

Conf: At the moment, Cindy is so gone. But I mean, at least she is trying to make up for it. Gwen just ditched the team. Hmmm... Heather was thinking about who she would send home tonight, if she lost.

Eris was laughing in her kitchen. "I have that team in the palm of my hand. I have dirt on Gwen, and I made Cindy's whole team turn on her."

"Really? Is that what that noise was? What did you do to them?" Courtney asked.

"I just decided to turn up the heat. Ahaha. No harm done with that, right?" Eris answered.

Blaineley stared at her, clearly intimidated.

Eris grinned at her and the camera switched to the Directors' kitchen who were making their bacon.

"This challenge was not bad at all, we are almost done and have had no trouble." Bridgette said.

"Yeah, I'm surprised. This is great. Now we wait." DJ said.

The clock was shown lapsing once again. This time an hour was left remaining and the teams were taking their cakes out of the oven.

Each kitchen was shown with a team member commenting on the cake.

"Wow, it looks so good!" Cody said.

"Time to start putting frosting on!" Courtney said excitedly and grabbed the bowl.

"I guess it's better than nothing..." Cindy unenthusiastically stated as she took the cake out of the remaining oven.

Cindy stacked the cake on top of five pancakes. She carefully covered it in frosting and made a picture of Chef's face in the middle to gain any sort of bonus point.

The camera flashed into the Actors' kitchen to show a very tall cake. It was at least four feet high. Eris stood on a stool to put frosting on the stop layer. The rest of her team was frosting the lower layers. After putting on the frosting, she stuck four sparkles into the top for some pizzazz.

Finally, the Directors were shown putting on the frosting. DJ was able to reach the top of their equally tall cake and poke the bacon into it.

"Perfect, this is going to be great." Leshawna said. "Let's bring it out!"

Chef was not in the mess hall, which allowed the teams to anonymously place their cakes down. Each team placed it on a pedestal in front of Chef's dining table.

Eris scoffed at Cindy's sad attempt at the challenge.

Lindsay looked at it sympathetically. The teams converged and moved away from their cakes. Chef entered the mess hall and quickly examined all three cakes.

"Some of these cakes look good while others greatly disappoint me. But I don't care, I can't wait to try these, I'm so hungry!" Chef took a seat and an intern gave him a slice of the Critics' cake. "So I see the design, but it is very simple. Nice and fluffy, disappointed by the neopolitan though." He took a bite. "It is very good though. Also, thank you for making me out of frosting on the top. That's real cute. I give it a seven out of ten."

He wiped his mouth and the intern handed him a slice of the Actors' cake. "Wow, I am impressed with the frosting work. Very good, the design on the inside is creative. The cake could be fluffier, but overall pretty good. Eight and a half out of ten."

Once again, he wiped his mouth and pushed the plate away. The intern gave him a slice of the final cake, the Directors'. He was clearly excited.

"Bacon! Oh I'm so glad someone did this. Not to mention the frosting looks and tastes great, the inside design is beautiful, neopolitan is captured, multiple layers, and very fluffy. I am extremely impressed. TEN OUT OF TEN!" Chef yelled before chomping down more of the cake.

"Now, who's sad little pancake-cake is this?" Chef asked. The Critics stepped foward. "Girls, what happened?"

"Well, our original cake burned in the oven when it unexpectedly caught on fire." Dakota said.

"Yeah, so I decided to take the last two hours to remake it." Cindy said.

"Well, I'm glad you made an attempt, but I'm sorry it wasn't enough. You have lost." Chef said and the Critics frowned and drooped their heads.

"And who made this impressive, wonderful, awesome, errr, well, the winning cake." Chef said and the Directors stepped foward.

"Bravo, bravo to you guys. You have definitely won and deserved the win. For winning, you have won a hot tub that is going to be made outside of your cabin right now!" Chef praised the team and nudged the intern to begin making the hot tub. The Directors happily cheered. Lindsay and Bridgette hugged.

"So that means you made this cake, didn't you." Chef said as he looked at the Actors. They nodded. "Good job, your team of three lasts another day. You haven't won anything though. The elimination ceramony is later tonight, I will be seeing the Critics there."

All the teams left the mess hall.

Conf: Now, should I tell them about Gwen's betrayal, or let them take out Cindy... Well, Gwen's story may only work today, but Cindy will be seen as a weak teammate probably until the end... Eris thought about who to get the Critics to eliminate.

Heather was full of rage. As she walked by Eris, Eris simply taunted with:

"Hmph, nice job today. Can't wait to see who goes home."

Heather was not amused. "You better watch your back Eris, look around you, this is not your game. You only have two other teammates! You are in no place to insult my team!"

"Yup, you're right Heather. You guys are much better competitors than me."

Heather nodded triumphantly, but Eris was not done talking.

"But none of that is going to matter. I'm going to destroy your team as you know it."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Heather questioned, with very little nervousness.

"This game is changing, your team's high pedestal is starting to topple over. Nobody gives a crap about being social, clever, or whatever else you thought you learned from Survivor and Big Brother. The storm is coming Heather, I am bringing to Total Drama a force that will change this game forever. Those who are strong, will be weakened, and those who are weak will triumph over all."

"Seriously, what the heck are you talking about?" Heather asked again.

"Oh it's nothing... But to start, Gwen betrayed your team in today's challenge and can't be trusted. Once again, I cannot wait to see who goes home tonight."

Heather stared at Eris in disbelief while Eris simply walked away.

Conf: Wow, who does she think she is? And on another note, what does she mean Gwen betrayed the team? Tonight will take some thought. Heather tried to shake off Eris' threat in the confessional, but was confused on her comment about Gwen.

The confessional ended and the Directors were shown celebrating their victory in the hot tub. Gwen walked by and the Directors invited her to join them.

"Hey Gwen!" DJ shouted, "come enjoy the hot tub with all of us!"

"I'll go over their, but I'm not taking the time to change into my bathing suit." Gwen responded, not wanting to go into the tub itself.

"It was soooo nice of you to give us those spoons. It really helped our team finish the batter fast!" Lindsay thanked Gwen.

"Yeah... Can we keep that a secret, just between us?" Gwen nervously said as she glanced behind to see if anyone was listening.

"What do you mean?" Leshawna asked.

"Come with me to the confessional and I'll tell you." Gwen answered.

In the confessional, Gwen was explaining the situation to Leshawna and you could hear her laughing about her disobeying Heather.

Heather noticed them enter the confessional together and eavesdropped while this was happening. She overheard what Gwen did to betray the team and gasped.

After the two left, she used the confessional again.

Conf: So Eris was telling the truth, but how did she know? By the way, this is exactly why I kept all those extra spoons. It was so the other teams didn't have any sort of edge! Heather shook her head and returned to her cabin to tell the news. The Actors were shown in their own cabin.

"I'm glad we aren't turning into a duo tonight." Courtney said.

"Yeah, by a stroke of luck, having less people didn't give us a disadvantage." Blaineley said.

"I had a nice talk with Heather about her team and I am expecting to not be disappointed." Eris said.

"So who is it going to be?" Blaineley asked.

"Either that sugar-sprinkled-nicey-nice-makes-me-want-to-vomit Cindy, or the apathetic bore that has horrid social skills with her team, but shines in the limelight with their rivals AKA Gwen." Eris snickered at her own humor and sighed. "That team is on their last leg."

"If they are on their last leg, we are on our last toe." Blaineley said, referring to being the smallest team left.

"Hey, so Blaineley, I never asked. How does it feel to be the only adult in the game?" Eris asked.

"Well you see---" Blaineley began.

The screen changed to the Directors again. Leshawna jumped back into the hot tub and Gwen decided to continue sitting along the outside of it.

"Ahhh... It feels good to be in the warmth again." Leshawna said.

Cody nodded in agreement. "It feels good to be the winner again. Last time their wasn't even an award besides life."

Geoff laughed, "Yeah, that was a rip off."

"Let's try to stay on a winning streak, you know, it would make this competition enjoyable for awhile." Cody said. He held up a soda can. "Let's toast to victory!"

Everyone clinked cans and the screen flashed to the elimination ceremony.

"Ah yes, the team that decided to make the tiny pancake-cake." Chef said.

Cindy smiled with embarassment.

"Okay, elimination is still the same. Just because Chris aint here doesn't mean I'm saving anyone. Go into the confessional and vote."

The screen flashed white and Heather was sitting down.

"All right, actually, let's read these out one by one." Chef said and chuckled.

"First vote is vote Cindy. Aw, how cute theres a little bunny drawn on it." Chef crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. "People that do that just rub me the wrong way. Next vote is for Cindy. Wow, two votes Cindy."

Cindy was shown nervously pulling on the collar of her sweatshirt.

Chef read another vote. "This one is for Gwen. One vote Gwen, two votes Cindy."

Gwen began getting nervous.

Another was drawn. "Oh look, another for Gwen. It's all tied up and come down to one more vote."

Cindy was crossing her fingers and biting her lip.

"And the seventh person voted out of Total Drama Action Take Six is...

Gwen. I'm sorry but your time is up."

"YES!" Cindy jumped up and cheered that she is still in. "Oh um, I'm sorry Gwen..."

"...So I'm guessing you found out about me giving the spoons to the Directors."

"Mmhmm." Heather hummed.

"And I'm also guessing you overheard me talking about it with Leshawna."

"Oh yeah." Heather said.

"Well, I guess it's my fault. It was alright while it lasted. See you guys." Gwen calmly boarded the Boat of Losers and was driven into the distance.

"Thank you so so much for keeping me in. I promise anything like the stove incident wont happen again." Cindy said.

"Yeah, it's alright. You will be under strict surveillance for some time now, though." Heather responded sternly.

"So that's that. The Critics just lost their second member who happened to be Gwen! I would have gotten rid of Cindy for making me that cake, but it's not my decision. Anyway, what will happen next time on Total Drama when Chris is in charge again, what did Eris mean, when am I going to get a pay raise? Find out this and more, next time on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Episode 8: The Zeppelin Adventure

The episode opened to show Chris wearing his old pilot gear from season three. "Last time on Total Drama. I had Chef take over when I decided to go for week long spa treatment, 'cause, you know standing for eight hours waiting for teams to show up really messes up the legs." Chris lifted his leg a bit while saying this. "Anyway, Chef had the teams cooking him cake. After Eris tampered with the Critics' oven, Cindy was put on the bottom of the totem pole. Luckily, Eris had other plans for their team as she tattled on Gwen. At the Critics' first ceremony all season, it was Gwen who boarded the boat of losers." Chris laughed, "high tension between players is about to get higher." Chris said while pointing up. "You probably get where I'm going with this, but if you don't, you'll find out right now on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Theme Song Plays

The camera opens with the Critics still complaining about their loss.

"Even though it was our first lost and we don't have the least amount of team members, I still feel at a disadvantage." Dawn said.

Dakota answered while brushing her hair. "Just a morale hit, I guess." The blonde put her brush down and spoke to Cindy, "How long did it take you to make that cake afterwards?"

"Well, the whole time remaining really. It was baking for like and hour or so, and then I had to cool it so the frosting wouldn't just melt off, and then I applied the frosting. So yeah, I barely got it out there." Cindy responded.

"Well, thanks for trying to help us win in the end." Dakota replied.

"Yeah, but it was my fault to begin with. This talk is bumming me out, let's change the subject." Cindy said.

Conf: Okay, I know that I have a big target on my back from that last challenge. I need to either make up for it, or try to get them to forget about it. Cindy worriedly tried to think of a way to remove the target placed on her by Eris.

The confessional ended to show the guys on the Directors talking.

"So, man, do you think Gwen was eliminated for helping us out?" DJ asked.

"I'm guessing, but how did her team find out? Leshawna didn't say anything to her team about it." Cody answered.

"Yeah, and she didn't tell any of us, well except Bridge, but she wouldn't say anything." Geoff said, voicing his thought.

"Strange..." Cody was shown in thought before the camera swapped to the girls of the same team discussing Gwen as well.

"So do you think Gwen told her team, and that's why she got out?" Bridgette asked Leshawna.

"No, no she would never do that. Putting a target on your own back is the dumbest thing you can ever do on here. Gwen isn't stupid enough to do that." Leshawna answered Bridgette while putting in her earrings. She began to apply mascara before speaking again, "Gwen did say something about that Eris she-devil."

"That's weird, how was she involved?" Bridgette asked.

Leshawna quickly summed it up before the intercom sounded with Chris' voice.

"Okay campers, today will be a pretty easy day. Everyone meet on the beach!" The announcement ended with a screech.

"Well, here comes another challenge." Blaineley said as she walked out of her team's cabin.

"Chris did say it is going to be a pretty easy day, but that's never true... But hey, maybe it will be another challenge where team size doesn't matter!" Courtney began to think pessimistically, but decided to think optimistically.

Eris got close to her teammates and began quietly speaking, "actually, before anything happens, I propose we make an alliance."

"But Eris, aren't we technically already one? We are a trio that is on the same team." Courtney questioned Eris.

"Yup sure, good point, but let's make it an official one." Eris held out her hand, "are you in?"

Both of her teammates nodded and put their hands in the center. Eris thought that shouting something and raising them not only would be suspicious, but also look idiotic.

Conf: After those stupid pseudo-twins got eliminated in a double elimination, I need some more 'coats to drop on puddles' when the merge comes. Eris was in the confessional saying that Courtney and Blaineley are just liabilities.

Conf: Yeah, it's pretty clear Eris just wants me and Blaineley to shield her from votes. I wonder why she's starting on us so early, to gain our trust? But doesn't she think we already trust her? Courtney could see through Eris' sham alliance.

After the confessional ended, Chris was shown, still wearing his outfit from the intro.

"Good moooorning!" Chris happily shouted to everyone.

The campers simultaneously groaned, except Cindy who responded politely.

"Today actually isn't a challenge. After that relaxing spa treatment I had, I thought, 'hey why not be nice for once.'"

The contestants stared at him shocked and confused.

"No I'm not lying. Everyone board the zeppelin! We managed to salvage the one that Heather crashed two seasons ago."

Heather rolled her eyes at Chris exaggerating the circumstance.

The screen flashed to show the contestants enjoying the flight.

Cindy and Dawn were eating cake, Dakota and Heather were gossiping.

"Wow did Chef make this food? Who knew he could cook?" Cindy said after taking a bite.

"Hmmm, maybe he's repaying us for making him cakes." Dawn said.

"But would he really be rewarding us on our cake?" Cindy asked sarcastically. The two started to laugh.

Conf: I trust Dawn, I mean she's probably my best friend in the competition. She wont mention it again to anyone.

The screen flashed through static to the Directors who were on the other end of the buffet table.

"Wow this is very unlike Chris." Bridgette said while stacking deserts onto her plate..

"Yeah, it is a little weird, but hey, I'd rather enjoy the break now than worry about what's in store." Leshawna said while sipping some punch.

"Wow luxury just keeps lining up for us." Cody said while eating some candy, "first the hot tub, now this flight?"

"Yeah, I guess this game isn't all bad after all." Lindsay said happily.

The team sat in the comfortable seats on the plane and relaxed. 

The Courtney and Eris were distanced from the group, as they did not get along with the majority of the remaining players.

"Where did Blaineley go?" Eris asked.

"I think she went off to see Chef flying this thing." Courtney said, "she always tries to make deals with him."

"Well, I am impressed she is thinking about helping us gain the advantage." Eris said.

"Yeah, well she hasn't succeeded yet." Courtney said and blew a hair out of her face.

Eris sighed. "I think a challenge is needed. We need to start evening out these teams."

Courtney nodded in agreement. "I hate being on the inferior team. It makes this show even less enjoyable."

"Yeah, it's really a great way to start off your first season." Eris said sarcastically.

Conf: All this boring small talk should make Courtney trust me a bit more. I think she is a better alliance member than Blaineley, so it's better if she's with me, not agaisnt me. Eris set alliance priorities, with Blaineley being the weakest link.

The confessional ended and Blaineley was shown trying to persuade Chef Hatchet to convince Chris to let her team win by default.

"C'mon Chef, I know people who can get you that cooking show you've always wanted." Blaineley said, with her pitch increasing to sound persuasive.

"Yeah, whatever Blaineley." Chef grumbled.

Blaineley turned around but was still talking, "all you need to do is tell Chris that--" Blaineley turned around to see Chef was gone and in place was a decoy-balloon like Chef.


Blaineley screams as she realizes no one is piloting the zeppelin.

Blaineley screamed and the zeppelin began going lower. She frantically grabbed the microphone to alert the others.


Conf: No makeup could cover the fear I had when the zeppelin was going down. Blaineley talked about her scary experience in the confessional.

Everyone was in sudden panic.


All the contestants huddled together in the corner of the room and prepared for impact, Blaineley hid under the pilot's chair.

Chris came running out and into the room with the contestants. "WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?!"

"CHEF STOPPED PILOTING!" Lindsay yelled.

"YOU DIDN'T PLAN THIS?" Heather yelled with extreme fear.

"OF COURSE NOT, I WOULDN'T BE ON IT IF I DID!" Chris started freaking out and decided to huddle with everyone else.

Everyone could feel the altitude and the angle of zeppelin shifting, they knew that it wasn't going to end well. All that could be heard was crying and fearful shouts coming from the competitors and Chris, fearing the end.

With a large splash, the aircraft crash landed into a lake. It fell apart and began to slowly sink.

A familiar face emerges from the forest surrounding the lake to investigate what had just occured.

Heather emerged from the water gasping for air.

"Oh crap, it's them!" The girl said to herself, "should I help?"

Each contestant began appearing from under the water, one by one.

Blaineley was last to make it out, but was overall okay.

The contestants swam to shore, coughing, trying to catch their breath.

Chris was arguing with Chef.

"What was that?! You could have kill us all!" Chris yelled at Chef while making crazy arm motions.

"I couldn't take Blaineley anymore and I swear I pressed auto-pilot!" Chef tried to justify himself.

Chris just glared at him, "I'm not going to fire you, but you will definitely need some type of punishment to make up for this.

Chef sighed, disappointed with himself.

The camera was showing the contestants. Cindy was trying to dry off her sweatshirt while everyone else was just laying on the beach.

The girl approached the cast, concerned of their well being.

"Guys! Are you all okay?" She called out, hoping for a reply from everyone.

"Yeah, I think we are okay... Just shaken up." Courtney said with her arms crossed, shivering.

"Wait a minute..." Dawn said, "I know that voice."

"Yeah, me too. It's...

Izzy!" Leshawna informed everyone.

"Izzy?!" Chris yelled with a surprised tone. He said to himself, "She must know how to get back to camp."

"Everyone! I think a challenge is in order!" Chris announced.

Everyone could not believe what they were hearing.

"No, no it's just make your way back to camp. First team back wins immunity. We would have had to do this anyway." Chris said, "I'm sure you need some rest before you start, so go whenever. Oh, and Izzy, you are back in the game. Join the Angry Actors again."

Izzy nodded and went to her team. "Don't worry, I think I know how to get back but it will take some time."

An area away from the group was shown as the confessional.

Conf: Great, I thought I got rid of this loon once, but now she's back! At least she knows her way back to camp. Eris angrily complained in the confessional.

Conf: I'm so glad I'm back, after that RCMP scare I had to hid out here for soooo long. Well like a week, but it was long to me! Izzy talked about her leaving the competition earlier in the game.

Dakota was whispering to her team,

"Guys, apparently Izzy knows her way back to camp. I say we just follow her team and take the win right from under them!"

"Hmmm, yeah, yeah it seems pretty good. The problem is, how are we supposed to stay quiet that entire time." Heather thought of the faults the plan had.

"Wanna just team up with them, just for today? We have done it in the past." Cindy said.

"It would show those Directors to not get friendly with our team... Sure." Heather answered.

Izzy was shown in the confessional again, implying she never originally stopped talking, 

Conf: ...Now that I think about it, how did the RCMP find me again...? Think, Izzy, think!


Izzy pokes her head with each time she says "think."

The confessional ended with static and on the screen were the Directors leaving early, hoping for the lead.

"That was crazy!" Cody said.

"I thought that I was so dead!" Lindsay responded.

"How irresponsible can Chef be?" Bridgette asked.

"Umm, guys?" Geoff said.

"Girl, we are so lucky that we landed in the lake." Leshawna laughed.

"Imagine if we actually did crash..." DJ said.

"GUYS!" Geoff yelled, interrupting the conversation again.

"What?!" Leshawna impatiently questioned.

"Didn't Izzy say she knew how to get back?" He answered.

"Yeah..? So what?" Leshawna shrugged and went back to talking.

"I mean, shouldn't we follow them?" Geoff spoke aloud, but no one listened. He looked back at the Actors with a worried expression, but kept following his team.

The camera returned to the beach where the remaining teams were.

"Hi guys!" Cindy said and waved.

"Oh here we go, what do you want?" Eris asked, already sick of the conversation.

"Well, I was wondering if we could team up for today. Those Directors are getting too powerful and should be knocked down a peg."

Conf: As much as I hate Cindy and her team, she does have a point. Even though it is obvious they just want to team up with us because of Izzy, I guess I can go along with it for now... Eris shrugged.

"Fine, but just keep quiet and don't annoy me." Eris said.

"Wait, did the Directors already leave?" Dawn said.

"Hahaha! Yeah they already have, they are definitely going to get lost." Courtney said. The two teams laughed at their rivals' misfortune.

"Let's head out!" Izzy said and began acting like a tour guide, "Okay everybody, welcome to Izzy's Bus Tour, I am your guide Izzy and if you look on your left, you'll see uhh... Well, trees." She was walking backwords as she said this and accidently backed into a tree in the middle of a fork in the path.

"Well, tour guide Izzy, which way do we go?" Eris said, making quotes with her fingers when referring to Izzy.

"Oo-oo-oo! Umm..." Izzy thought.

Eris tapped her foot impatiently.

"Left! I know for sure because I hid behind this tree from the RCMP when they were on foot."

"The Directors went right..." Cindy said.

Blaineley tried to hold back laughter.

"Wow..." Heather said and began walking down the left path, the rest followed and Izzy ran ahead to lead again.

The screen transitioned to the Directors.

"Still no sign of the other teams..." Geoff said, still trying to convince his team to turn around.

"Well maybe they just went the wrong way, I promise we will get there first." Leshawna said.

Geoff looked at Bridgette who didn't seem to believe her either.

"Even though I definitely do not believe that is the truth, it is too late to go back now." Bridgette said to the group.

Conf: There is no way that we are going the wrong way. I mean, all paths must converge somewhere right? DJ tried to believe he was going the right way.

"Awwww, look! It's a little squirrel! Maybe he knows the way back to camp!" Lindsay said happily while clapping.

Leshawna looked at her like she had a thousand heads.

Lindsay began chasing the squirrel and her team ran after her trying to stop her.

"Lindsay stop! That stupid rodent is not going to help us!" Cody said.

"Hey, rodents are not stupid!" DJ yelled.

The screen returned to the beach once more to show Chris and Chef.

"Where are the producers? They must know we are here by now." Chris said while looking up.

"I think I see a helicopter! Yes time to get far away from here!" Chef cheered.

The helicopter landed blowing sand all around. Chris boarded. just as Chef was about to get on, the helicopter began its decent.

Chris yelled out of the copter, "TIME FOR YOUR PUNISHMENT, FIND YOUR WAY BACK!"

Conf: I'm getting real sick of your s*** Chris... Chef swore in the confessional.

The Critics-Actors team was shown again. They were taking a break, making impressions.

"Ok, ok, try to guess who I am." Cindy said. She tied her hair into the smallest pigtails she possibly could. She cleared her throat, "MIKE HELP ME PLEASE, HELP ME WHILE I GODPLAY CHALLENGES!"

The contestants were laughing, not bothering to answer who it was.

"Hand me your headband thing." Eris said to Cindy. Cindy handed it over and Eris put it on her head, bandana style. "Uhhhhhhhhhh, Chip? What is air? Like, is that a new mascara brand?" While saying this, Eris crossed her eyes trying to make herself look stupid.

"Clearly it's that idiot Lindsay." Heather said. "Here, my turn." Heather stood up and popped out her hip to be standing like a diva. "MMmm gurl, you bettah not be talkin' to me like that. I'll smack the brat right off yah face. Me and mah thundah-thighs will be on our way now."

"Oh my gosh that's so mean!" Dakota said between laughs, "Leshawna."

Heather nodded.

Eris clapped twice, "Alright enough fun and games, let's go."

"Welcome back to Izzy's Bus Tour, on your right you will see where I ate lunch with my dear friend Señor Skunk." Izzy began her tour again.

"You had lunch with a skunk?" Dawn asked.

"Oh, did I say skunk? I meant rock."

Courtney stared at her, creeped out.

Conf: Wow... Just... Wow. Courtney was shocked by Izzy's odd activities.

The contestants could hear Chris flying by in the helicopter.

They began yelling, "WE'RE SAVED, WOOHOO!"

Chris hovered over them and called out, "Sorry, You're still assigned a challenge, see you back at camp!" He flew off without even giving them any help.

"Follow that copter!" Courtney yelled and they all began running and yelling after the helicopter.

Chris purposely took a u-turn to throw them off, knowing that if he continued, he would lead them right to the campground.

"Ugh, it's clear he is going the wrong way..." Blaineley said.

"Stupid Chris, he couldn't even give us any food." Heather said,

"Yeah," Cindy's stomach growled, "food..."

"Don't worry guys! I'll find us food!"

"Izzy wait!" Eris yelled, but Izzy cartwheeled off of the path in search of food.

The screen flashed to show the Directors again, also complaining about food.

"There has to be something in this freaking Canadian forest that we can eat, that isn't meat." Leshawna said while glaring at Bridgette and Geoff for being vegetarians.

"Hey sorry, why don't we just eat some berries or something, there has to be some around." Bridgette tried to give a suggestion.

"Oh yeah, GREAT!" Leshawna yelled, "berries that would most likely be poisonous and kill us. Is that what you want Bridgette, us dead?"

"Of course not! I'm just trying to come up with something to eat!"

"I have some leftover chips from our reward last time." Cody said and the girls stopped arguing.

"Give them to me." Leshawna said.

"No, we need to share them." Cody answered.

"Give them to me!" Leshawna said and grabbed the bag of chips.

"NO!" Cody said, still holding the bag

"Give. Me. Them. Now. Cody." Leshawna demanded.

"I'm not letting you have all of them!" Cody yelled.

"GIVE ME THEM!" Leshawna said and yanked on the bag, causing Cody to fall to the ground and the bag to rip.

The chips were sent flying and landed all over the ground.

"Well, it looks like none of us are eating them now." Geoff said.

"UGH, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST HAND THEM OVER CODY!" Leshawna screamed at Cody.


"Guys! Be quiet!" Lindsay said, "you might attract a bear!"

DJ was shown very frightened.

"What's the matter DJ?" Bridgette asked. DJ pointed ahead of him.

"BEAR!" Bridgette yelled and the team took off screaming.

The screen returned to the Actor-Critics team once again.

They could hear screaming in the distance. Eris, Heather, and Courtney laughed, but no one else dared to laugh.

"They could be in a lot of danger!" Dawn said.

"We can't worry about them, we just have to stay put for Izzy so we don't lose her." Dakota said.

Izzy came in swinging on a vine, hollering like Tarzan. "Izzy has arrived!"

The team cheered.

"What'cha get Izzy?" Cindy asked, her mouth drooling from hunger already.

"Fish! Don't worry, I took so long because I already cooked'em!" Izzy happily said and handed each person some fish.

Conf: Maybe I shouldn't have eliminated her before, she definitely is resourceful. Eris regretted originally getting rid of Izzy.

Now with their full bellies, the group began walking again.

"Oh! I know where we are!" Izzy excitedly yelled.

"Well where are we?" Blaineley asked.

"Izzy's Tree Toilet." Izzy responded.

"Ok, ew. That's disgusting." Eris plugged her nose, anticipating bad smells.

They quickly ran through this section.

The screen flashed to the base of a tree. It slowly moved up to show all of the Directors huddled around the trunk at different heights on the tree.

"We are going to die!" Lindsay yelled. She frantically was shaking her legs which caused her boot to fly off. It happened to hit the bear right in the forehead, knocking it out.

"Good job Linds!" Leshawna congratulated her teammate.

Each member jumped down from the tree. Lindsay slid her boot back on.

"Let's get the heck out of here!" Geoff yelled and began running, his team followed.

The sun began to set and each team was worried about making a fire and shelter.

"Oh, I have something that could help with a fire." Dakota said.

"What, matches?" Cindy asked.

"No," Dakota said and showed her a hairspray can, she shook it a few times, "extra flammable. I just need a flame to start with.

"Ooo! Leave that to me!" Izzy jumped up and grabbed two rocks. "Here take these." She said to Cindy and shoved them into her hands.

"Okay...?" Cindy responded.

Izzy made a pile of dry leaves and asked for the rocks back. She cracked them together a few times and the leaves began to catch fire. "Now for the best part. EVERYONE WATCH OUT!"

The whole team jumped away from Izzy and hid behind trees. She hid behind a large rock and threw the spray can over it.


Chris was shown back at camp.

"Whelp, they're dead. Better prepare for the lawsuits."

The Directors were shown, terrified by the noise.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Lindsay shouted, scared to death.

"It sounded like an explosion!" Cody replied, equally as scared.

"It sounded like it was pretty far away though, so we should be ok." Leshawna tried to calm her team down, "Let's just try to build a shelter.

The aftermath of the explosion was shown. A small crater was in the center of the area and a fire was roaring in the middle of it.

"Woohoo! Yeaaaah!" Izzy said as she jumped out from behind the rock. She began circling the fire.

Conf: That could have killed us! At least we have fire... Dawn faintly smiled at the fact that they have a strong fire.

"Ummm... So we better make a fort now, even though I'm sure we just scared everything out of the forest." Heather said.

The group was shown making a small fort out of sticks and leaves. Izzy was too busy still in a trance from the fire, but no one minded, considering she provided the fire.

A time lapse transition was shown and the shelter was finished.

"Alright! It looks done." Eris said.

"Now we need to rest. I'm so tired." Dakota said.

Eris nodded and everyone squeezed into the shelter. Izzy later enterned and fell asleep.

The surprisingly dysfunctional Directors were shown again with a sad little twig fort.

"Wow... Nice fort Geoff." Leshawna sarcastically said.

"It's the best I can do, we might as well use it just for tonight. How's the fire coming."

DJ hit the two rocks together and the fire started, "Check!" He gave Geoff a thumbs up.

"Now let's try to get some sleep. It was a loooong day." Lindsay said before laying down in the twig and leaf shelter. Her team followed, barely fitting.

After a few hours of sleep, the wind picked up. The Directors fort stood no chance and fell on the team, waking them all up.

"Awww c'mon!!" Geoff yelled.

Lindsay stood up, staggering from exhaustion. "This challenge is so dumb, I got like two hours of sleep."

"Yeah, maybe we would have gotten a full night of sleep if Geoff made a good fort." Leshawna pinned the blame on her teammate.

"Hey! Sorry for trying, no one even helped me!" Geoff protested.

Conf: Wow, I don't know what is going on with this team today? Tonight? Whatever, but this team really needs to start working together. Geoff was confused at why the team was doing so bad.

"Let's just try walking again, there is no way we are making another fort at this hour." Bridgette said.

The sun was shown rising above the trees providing light.

The Critics and Actors woke up. The fire had depleted and the fort had stayed up in good condition. All were fully rested.

"Ahh... I think that was a better night sleep than at the camp." Blaineley said as she stretched.

"Yeah, the ground is more comfortable than those beds. How surprising." Courtney said and crawled out of the shelter.

The team eventually all emerged from the shelter, ready to continue their journey back to camp.

"Let's head out!" Izzy said and galloped ahead.

The Directors were shown, slowly limping from extreme hunger, exhaustion, and thirst.

"We... Desperately... Need... To make it back to camp..." Bridgette dryly said.

"Wait a minute..." DJ said as he slowly lifted his arm to point, "is that a stream?"

The whole team got a burst of energy from noticing fresh water and ran to where DJ pointed.

They all drank the water, which was surprisingly clean.

Conf: Well that was a stroke of luck, I'm still so tired though... Lindsay yawned and fell asleep in the confessional.

Leshawna went to use the confessional. 

Conf: Lindsay? What the heck, girl, wake up!

Lindsay woke up,

Conf: Oh sorry Laquisha... She yawned again, I am just so tired... She left the confessional

Leshawna began talking again.

Conf: Anyway, my team has had a lot of bad luck this challenge. Maybe this stream thing will turn that around.

"We should just start walking again. It seems good things sometimes happen when we do that." Bridgette said. She rubbed her stomach from hunger, "hopefully we find some food along the way."

The camera was shown following Chef.

"Luckily my past war experience has provided me with survival skills." He said as he walked through the woods.

He heard a loud growl and turned to see Sasquatchanakwa standing tall.

"NO WAR TRAINING COULD HAVE PREPARED ME FOR THIS!" Chef yelled as he ran as fast as he could down the path.

Chef ran into the Critics and Actors, "RUN GIRLS RUN, HURRY!"

They all took off screaming and running for their lives.

"Oh crap!" Geoff said, "we better start running, something must be after the other team!"

The Directors mustered up all their energy and began running.

Chef was shown running into camp followed by the Actors and then the Critics.

"You guys are alive? Wait why are you guys so scared?!" Chris quickly asked. 

Everyone pointed to the beast chasing them.

"He has been following us long enough." Izzy angrily said and jumped up towards him. She began to punch him very fast and he was not able to block the hits. She jumped up in slow motion and kicked him in the face.

Sasquatchanakwa fell to the ground before standing up and running away crying.

"Well then," Chris said, "it seems that the Actors have won and the Critics have came in second."

The Directors emerged from the woods, staggering around like zombies. "And the Directors have come in last. Today's reward is for everyone. The Directors still have to send someone home tonight, but at least everyone gets a nice feast in honor of surviving that challenge."

Everyone cheered happily for being able to eat.

"After the meal, Directors meet me around the campfire to send another one of you home." Chris said.

The teams were shown enjoying the meal. The Actors and Critics ate at a moderate pace due to already having a little bit of food in their systems, but the Directors were shoveling food into their mouths.

"You guys disgust me." Eris said while sipping some water.

The Directors were eating too loud to even hear her.

"Ugh, I'm out of here." Eris said and left.

"Yeah me too, you are making me nauseous." Courtney left the mess hall and eventually Blaineley and the Critics left too.

The screen flashed to show the Directors at the elimination ceremony.

"So, a lot of things to think about." Chris said, "Lindsay falling asleep in the confessional, Geoff building a crappy shelter, Leshawna breaking the chip bag, Cody not being able to share the chips... Ahhh, dysfunction how I love you."

In the confessional, each member of the team was shown slipping their vote into the ballot box, but no names were revealed.

"Ok, well, this was a strange one." Chris said, "first marshmallow goes to Bridgette."

Bridgette happily ate her marshmallow.

"Next is Lindsay." Chris said and tossed her the marshmallow.

"Woohoo!" Lindsay happily yelled.

"The third marshmallow goes to DJ." Chris tossed him his marshmallow. "And now there is a tie for first to last, so I will just say who is out." Chris said, "the person going home tonight, with four votes is...


"What!?" Geoff yelled, shocked and hurt.

Chris threw marshmallows to Leshawna and Cody.

"Geoffy! I promise I didn't vote for you!" Bridgette said and hugged him.

"I know you didn't, babe. It's just a little sad assuming who did." Geoff said as he looked at DJ. "Well, I'll probably see you all on Playa Des Losers eventually." Geoff kissed Bridgette and boarded the Boat of Losers.

Bridgette sadly took a seat and Lindsay put her hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

"Well, that concludes the eighth episode. I think we will stay away from flying considering the contestants almost died like four times. Now, what will happen next time? Will the Critics and Actors continue working together? Will the Directors keep their numbers? Will Chef ever quit the show? Find out this and more on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Episode 9: The Zed Factor

The episode opened showing Chris sitting in a large chair. "Last time, the contestants were given a treat while I was in a good mood, but it went so, so, horribly wrong. Luckily everyone lived."

A chair of the same size rotated, revealing Chef. He began narrating, "The person that people seem to like for some reason, Izzy, returned to the competition and led her team to victory." Chef face palmed as if he were stressed out, "I hate that girl..."

"Yeah... Anyway, it was the Dysfunctional Directors, I mean, Dashing Directors that sent someone home. The lucky one was Geoff, I guess Leshawna's growing arrogant nature was something to overlook. Prepare to be serenated by your favorite contestants, right now on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

Theme Song Plays

The theme ended and the screen opened to show Beth with a microphone in her hand.

"Welcome to today's show." She began, "As you may know, I'm Beth. Now that I wasn't picked to be on the show, Chris decided to let me return as one of this episode's cohosts."

The camera's view zoomed out to show the teams standing near her. Beth walked up to the Directors to interview them.

"Hey guys! Welcome to today's challenge!"

Heather could be heard in the background, "Oh God, not Beth..."

Conf: If her and her horse legs join this competition, I'm quitting. Heather insulted Beth in the confessional. 

The screen flashed and returned to Lindsay and Beth talking. Lindsay was in mid sentence.

"---so excited to do the challenge today!"

"You should, it's going to be really fun!" Beth happily agreed.

"I for one don't really think singing is too fun." Leshawna said staring at microphones on the stage behind Beth, "World Tour was enough singing for me."

"Just because you suck at singing doesn't mean it wont be fun!" Courtney excitedly, and rudely, said, as she loves to sing.

"Girl, don't you make me slap the vocal chords out'cha throat." Leshawna threatened Courtney.

The screen was then zoomed far out showing Chris flying above the contestants with a jetpack.

"I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS!" He shouted into a bullhorn. He landed and then removed the pack. "Today you guys are officially merged!"

The whole cast, with the exception of the Actors, cheered.

Conf: Wonderful, the Directors are obviously going to destroy us. Eris was annoyed entering the merge.

"...Into two teams!" Chris finished.

Now the Actors were very excited, while the rest of the cast simply shrugged. Chris pulled a box off of the jetpack and walked over to the contestants. "Reach into this box and pull out a color. Blue means your on the new Dashing Directors and yellow means your on the new Angry Actors."

"What about the Critics?" Dakota asked.

"Well, because you were tied for the fewest remaining members, and you had a QUITTER, we deemed you more deserving of dismantlement." Chris answered, putting emphasis on Michelle quitting earlier in the season.

"But we only lost one chal-" Dakota tried to defend her team but was cut off by Chris.

"Yes I know, but I really don't care. Time to pick the new teams!"

Chris walked to each contestant who each grabbed a consealed piece of colored fabric that denoted their new team. "Alright everyone, reveal your new team."

Lindsay and Leshawna both revealed that they were now Actors. The smiled happily at eachother. Izzy was holding blue, she nervously looked around to see who was on her tribe. Next to reveal their new tribe was Heather. She was on the new Angry Actors, which she was clearly not happy about. After Heather was Eris. Eris looked at her color and actually was somewhat happy as she had a fellow Actor on her side. DJ revealed that he had yellow. He walked over to Leshawna and Lindsay, happy to be with them again. Dawn was shown holding blue. This made her very nervous as she was the only former Critic on the team so far. Dakota revealed her color and stood next to Heather, joining the Actors. Courtney had blue. She was in disbelief that her whole team was still intact. Cindy was next. She revealed that she also had blue. She smiled at Dawn, but was fearful about being in the minority. Bridgette revealed that she had blue. She would be the only Director to remain a Director. This made her feel very threatened. Blaineley was next. She was holding yellow and was the only Actor to remain an Actor. She felt similar to Bridgette. Finally, Cody revealed his.

"What is this?" Cody asked, confused, "am I supposed to have black?"

"Oh yeah," Chris said, "you are very lucky!"

"Do I get to pick my team?" Cody excitedly asked.

"Nope! You get to skip this challenge and join whatever team loses it!" Chris answered.

"Aw man..." Cody sadly said, "well, at least I don't have to sing."

"Yeah because you sang so much in World Tour." Chris said and glared at Cody.

A long string of confessionals was shown with each contestant discussing their tribe.

Conf: Well this is actually very good. The former Actors are definitely in control of this team. Bridgette may be volatile, but I should not be worried. Those Critics are going down. Eris was happy with the new teams.

Conf: Alright, I am really hoping that my team wins immunity. How am I supposed to sway the votes in my favor if I'm all alone? Blaineley was very concerned with her situation.

Conf: So, I'm glad that I'm still with my friend Dawn, but that 3-2-1 former Actor majority really concerns me. Maybe I need to buddy up to Bridgette. Cindy was discussing the new Directors numbers.

Conf: Heather and I will definitely take over this team. I mean really, what's our competition? An outsider, an arrogant girl who's own team is turning on her, a bimbo, and the only guy on the team. Heather and I are the only level-headed ones! Dakota mocked her other tribe members.

Conf: Izzy likes! Izzy simply said, not providing any insight.

Conf: So me, LaQuisha, and JT should be okay for awhile. I really don't like being on bossy Heather's team again! Lindsay complained about being with Heather.

Conf: Well, well, well. Heather, how are you gonna get out of this one. Maybe I could pull in Lindsay? Or Blaineley? Possibly make a girl's alliance against DJ? Heather assessed her options to further herself in the game.

Conf: Poor Cody, I hope he gets put onto our team. Oh, but I don't want to lose this challenge. Hmmm, maybe it would be good for him to go with Bridgette on the other side. That would also mean my team wins! DJ was worried about the former Directors that were not now Actors.

Conf: I don't enjoy the fact that I have to deal with Eris more than I did previously. Maybe things will work out. Dawn was concerned about working with Eris.

Conf: My girl Linds and my homie DJ will stick together to take out that snobby little brat Heather and her latest follower. But wait, I shouldn't forget about Blaineley who was clearly friends with Eris... Leshawna discussed her alliances plan.

Conf: Okay, I am freaking out! I am stuck with Eris and I'm REALLY in the minority. I guess I do have some power though, I could side with the former Actors to take out the Critics, or I could side with the former Critics to intiate a tie at the elimination ceremony. Bridgette tried to figure out her plan from here on out.

Conf: Well, bye bye Blaineley, I guess. It is refreshing to see the former Actors pretty much together. Maybe our game will turn around for the better! Courtney was happy to have her remaining tribe members.

The final confessional ended with static and returned to the game at hand.

The contestants, minus Cody, were all shown standing on a large stage separated by their new teams.

"Alright, as you all know, we are singing." Beth began, "Chris is telling me to inform you that you now have only ONE HOUR to decide on a song, practice the song, and prepare for your performance!"

"Surely he is joking, right Beth?" Dawn asked, hoping for a time extension.

Beth was seen listening to her earpiece. "Nope, nope he is definitely not joking. He also told me to mention that this is cutting into your prep-time."

The teams scrambled to backstage to begin planning for their performance. The Directors were shown first. Eris was pitching her idea to the team.

"I say that we do Fancy."

Cindy grimaced, "Ugh, no taste in music I see."

Conf: How dare that wench insult my taste in music, what does she like, that nutcase Lady Gaga? Eris insulted Cindy and assumed her favorite artist is Lady Gaga.

"I think that we should sing Lady Gaga" Cindy said.

Conf: -Eris rolls her eyes-

"Oh yeah of course you choose her, both you and her are completely idio-"

"Well she's pretty vulgar, what song do you have in mind though?" Dawn asked, cutting Eris off.

"I'm pretty much fine with anything, unless it is rap." Courtney said.

"Well this song is not vulgar, and doesn't contain any rapping." Cindy said.

"Alright, well what is it?" Bridgette asked.

The screen flashed to the Actors who were in mid-argument.

"Well you know what, we only have forty-five more minutes and you have yet to agree on any of our suggestions!" Heather yelled at Blaineley.

"Well maybe if your suggestions weren't utter garbage, I could decide!" Blaineley yelled back.

"Hey! Queen Beyonce is NOT garbage!" Leshawna but in.

"Yeah, Baylawnsay is such a good singer." Lindsay added.

"We need to do something popular, but not by a well-known artist." Blaineley said.

"What? What the heck does that even mean?" Dakota asked, confused by Blaineley's suggestion.

"Yeah, that's stupid." Heather shut down Blaineley's idea.

Conf: Ugh, this is so frustrating. I have no one supporting me. I wish I knew how to explain what I mean better. Blaineley voiced her frustration with her new team in the confessional.

The screen returned to the Directors where Beth was seen asking questions. The girls, without Eris, were practicing their singing.

"Now that there is only twenty minutes left I thought I should ask, why Gaga?" Beth asks Eris.

"Don't ask me, ask the former Critics, it was all their stupid idea."

Beth walked up to Cindy who was in the middle of singing the chorus.

"-lly over it, you know!" Cindy sang before Beth stopped her.

"Alright Eris told me to ask you. So why Gaga?" Beth asked.

"Well, I dunno really. I just like her music and this song was never formally released so I thought it would be cool to show it." Cindy responded.

"That's cool, good luck you guys, you all sound pretty good!"

"Yeah, Eris sounded pretty good too, when she actually was singing." Cindy called to Beth while she was walking away, trying to entice Eris into singing with them again.

Eris' head perked up, surprised.

Conf: Was that a compliment? Well I'm sold.

Eris walked over to the rest of her team and the group resumed singing.

The screen then flashed to the Actors and Beth was asking her BFF Lindsay questions.

"Lindsay, so what are you guys singing?"

"I don't know what it's called Beth, something about sunbathing on moons or something. That would be so cool!" Lindsay excitedly shreiked.

"OMG it would be so cool." Beth responded, and then said to herself, "Too bad you either wouldn't get a tan in a spacesuit or you would die if you took it off."

"What?" Lindsay asked.

"Oh nothing." Beth answered.

Beth walked up to DJ. "Hey DJ."

"Hey Beth, what's up?" DJ asked.

"Nothing really, now, who came up with the song idea?"

"Well after a lot of debate, it was actually Blaineley who came up with the idea. Leshawna, Lindsay, Dakota, and I agreed, but Heather was pretty tough to budge. She eventually did though."

"Yeah Heather is really pleasant, isn't she?" Beth asked, jokngly making fun of Heather.

"Well, I mean, she could be worse." DJ answered.

"Oh, okay..." Beth responded, disappointed with DJ's answer.

A timer was shown counting down from five. Heather, Leshawna, Cindy, Izzy, Dawn, and DJ's eyes were shown quickly darting towards the clock. 

"Time is up!" Beth could be heard from the stage, yelling into a blowhorn similar to Chris'.

The screen flashed to show all of the contestants on the stage, as before. This time three large chairs were shown in front of the stage. The first one spun around to reveal Chris.

"Welcome everyone! As you obviously know, I am the wonderful Chris McLean. I am your first judge in today's challenge!"

All the contestants gave a sarcastic 'yay' to Chris.

The second chair spun around to reveal Cody as a judge.

"Hey guys, this is gonna be so cool!" Cody happily said.

The original Directors cheered when they saw that their former teammate was a judge.

"Oh you shouldn't be so excited, if Cody unfairly judges just because of who is performing, he gets the boot immediately." Chris glared at Cody and then smiled. Cody cringed fearfully.

The final chair spun around to reveal Chef Hatchet.

"I'm not going to do some stupid introduction, let's just get to it." Chef grumpily said.

"You will all be based on your coordination, song choice, and overall singing voice. Each of us will rank your team on a scale out of ten. So the highest a team could possibly get is thirty points." Chris said.

"So who wants to go first?" Beth asked.

"We will! We are singing Brooklyn Nights." Courtney excitedly nominated her team to perform first.

Eris angrily glared at Courtney for doing this. The Actors left the stage and the Directors got into position.

The lights above Cindy turned on.

Cindy: I always thought it was you,

The lights above Courtney turned on.

Courtney: You always thought it was me.

Cindy and Courtney: We always thought we were it,

Seemed like a real perfect fit,

Those Brooklyn Nights set us free.

The lights above Dawn brightened.

Dawn: I always thought even though,

We were so young we could grow.

A spotlight followed Eris who walked toward Dawn.

Eris: Up in the end it'd be us,

We'd take the F by the bus,

Where Brooklyn Nights set us free.

Lights began flashing all over the stage, revealing everyone.

Bridgette: It's not that I don't wanna love you,

Izzy: It's not that I'm really over it, you know,

Cindy and Courtney: You know,

Eris: It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death,

Dawn: When we used to be,

Brooklyn Nights happy.

Izzy: I miss our cheap chandelier,

Bridgette: Remember when dad hung it there?

Cindy: And we would watch Rocky IV,

Courtney: The one where the Russian scored,

Cindy: I loved Brigitte Nielsen's hair.

Cody was seen gazing at Cindy.

Eris: I'd call you my champion,

Thought we had already won,

Cindy: And cracked open-

Conf: Wow, I never really noticed that Cindy is actually kinda pretty. Cody's face was red in the confessional, which cut into the Directors performance.

Dawn: -Nights set us free,

Cindy and Courtney: It's not that I don't wanna love you,

Dawn and Eris: It's not that I'm really over it, you know,

Cindy and Courtney: You know,

Bridgette and Izzy: It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death

All: When we used to be

Brooklyn Nights happy.

Eris: I found an old pair of

Keys in my purse that opened,

The lockup we shared,

How did they get there, jerk?

Izzy: I wanna see you there,

I wanna make it work.

Bridgette: I didn't brush my hair,

And my lashes are falling

Off of seven years,

Of our bad luck dating.

Cindy: I want one last night there,

A Brooklyn Night affair.

All: It's not that I don't wanna love you,

It's not that I'm really over it, you know, you know,

It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death,

When we used to be,

Brooklyn Nights happy.

Courtney: Its not that I don't want to love you,

Cause I really tried, and I

Just wanna hang with the old you

For just one Brooklyn-

Conf: Why does Cody keep staring at me? Cindy asked in the confessional, cutting off part of the performance.

Cindy: -your former self,

We both won't act like someone else,

Maybe then we'd both tell the truth,

For this one Brooklyn Night I do...

The lights went black and the judges clapped. Cody stood up and clapped enthusiastically.

The lights returned to normal lighting to reveal the Directors. They awaited their judging.

Chris began speaking first, "Interesting song choice, I've actually never heard that song before."

Cindy smiled and nodded.

"Well it was executed nicely, pretty good singing voices from everyone, good harmonies. Pretty good you guys."

Cody began speaking, "I agree with Chris, very very good. I think that one person's singing ability stood out the most." He looked at Cindy, by Courtney assumed the compliment was for her and smugly smiled.

Finally, Chef gave his thoughts, "I don't like that Lady GooGoo woman or whatever, song was weird, but as Chris said it was sung pretty well."

Chris held up his sign: 8

Cody held up his sign: 9

Chef Hatchet held up his sign: 9, but then he flipped it around and made it a 6.

"Alright so you have scored a 23 out of 30." Chris said, "Now get off the stage, it's the Actors' time to perform, uhhh, Boom Clap?"

The lights went out again and the sound of the Actors getting into position could be heard.

"Move it! I am supposed to be here!" Heather said in a hushed yell.

Various "Shhhh's" could be heard to quiet her.

The music began.

A light shown above DJ.

DJ: Boom!

The light above Blaineley lit up.

Blaineley and DJ: Boom!

The light above Dakota lit up.

Blaineley, Dakota, and DJ: Boom!

All the lights above the team lit up.

All: Clap!

The lights flashed in sync with the background music.

Lindsay: You're picture perfect blue,

Sunbathing on the moon,

Blaineley: Stars shining as your bones illuminate,

Dakota: First kiss just like a drug,

Under your influence,

Heather: You take me over you're the magic in my veins

This must be love,

All: Boom clap!

All the Actors simultaneously clapped when they said "clap". They do this each time this is sung.

Leshawna: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Heather: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now

All: Boom clap!

Dakota: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Blaineley: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now.

Lindsay: No silver or no gold,

Could dress me up so good,

You're the glitter in the darkness of my world,

DJ: Just tell me what to do,

I'll fall right into you,

Heather: Going under, cast a spell just say the word,

I feel your love,

All: Boom clap!

Blaineley: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Dakota: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now,

All: Boom clap!

Lindsay: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Leshawna: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now,

Heather: You are the light and I will follow,

You let me lose my shadow,

Dakota: You are the sun the glowing halo,

Dakota and Heather: And you keep burning me up with all of your love,

All: Boom clap!

Blaineley: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Blaineley: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now,

All: Boom clap!

Heather: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Heather: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now,

All: Boom clap!

Leshawna: The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

All: Boom clap!

Leshawna: You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now,

All: Boom clap!

The sound of my heart,

The beat goes on and on and on and on and,

Boom clap!

You make me feel good,

Come on to me come on to me now.

The lights faded out and left the stage in darkness. The lights returned to show the Actors waiting for their scores.

Chef began speaking, "Another weird song, this time the singing talent is pretty terrible. Why would you ever have Lindsay sing that much?" He shook his head disappointedly, "and DJ barely sang at all."

Cody talked next, "Wow pretty harsh, Chef. Well I agree that the singing wasn't that great, but Blaineley may also be to blame. Also, it's not DJ's fault that the song basically had no part for him to take seriously. I did think that the coordination of claps was cool though, so pretty good job."

Chris spoke last this time, "There's not much else to say, song choice that didn't fit everyone, bad singing, and sure the coordinated claps, but overall decent."

Chef Hatchet held up his score: 5

Cody held up his score: 8

Chris held up his score: 6

"Ooo, I am so sorry Actors, but 19 out of 30 points sends you to the campfire pit." Chris said, "Also, Cody, after they send someone home, you get to join them in sulking over the loss."

"Aw man, I lost again?" DJ said, referring to his previous loss as a Director.

The screen flashed to the beach were everyone was hanging out as the challenge concluded early.

Conf: Okay so I know that I said I was happy about the Actors still being together after the swap, but now I'm thinking that maybe it is time to branch out away from Eris. Courtney discussed forming new bonds and potentially creating a new alliance.

"Hey girls!" Courtney said, walking over to Bridgette, Dawn, and Cindy.

"Hey Courtney!" The three girls said, almost simultaneously.

"These new team arrangements are pretty great, right?" Courtney asked.

"Yeah! I do miss my old teamates though." Cindy said, then sadly looked over at Dakota and Heather with the New Crazy Critics team. Bridgette was giving a look to Courtney as if she was looking through the facade.

"Oh really? I don't really miss my old team" Courtney said, shrugging as the camera showed Blaineley.

"Yeah... Is there something you wanted, Courtney? Sorry if that came acrossed as a little rude." Bridgette said, cutting into the conversation.

Conf: Maybe I should have approached that a bit better, either way, I think I know what Courtney wants and me being kinda rude wont change that. Bridgette thought about whether or not being somewhat rude to Courtney was a smart move.

Conf: Bridgette is right to assume I want something from them, I understand her questioning that. Courtney was fine with how Bridgette handled the situation.

"Yeah, actually, I was wondering if-" Courtney began.

"Alliance" Bridgette cut her off.

"Yeah! I think we need to-" Courtney began once again.

"Get rid of Eris the next time we lose." Cindy finished Courtney's sentence.

"Exactly." Courtney stated, happy with the result.

"Consider it done." Dawn said and put her hand in the middle of them as if to seal the deal. 

All the girls then put their hands in the middle to affirm the alliance being created.

Conf: Well that was easier than I expected. I learned from my mistakes in World Tour that throwing challenges is NOT a sound strategy. I know there is no way we will continue to win until the merge, throwing or not. This has simply become a waiting game. I know when I talk to Izzy, she will be down with getting rid of Eris as well. Time to take the game into my own hands instead of being pushed around by Eris. Courtney discussed her plan for the future and how she does not plan to throw challenges to get Eris out.

Conf: I am happy that I found myself in the majority of this team, I was so scared that I would be done for based simply on me being the only person on this team that is a Dashing Director. Looks like now it's Eris that needs to be careful. Bridgette voiced her pleasure with the new situation she found herself in on this team.

Conf: This is pretty freakin' cool, excuse my language. I hope Courtney is being genuine, though, like what if she is just doing this so at the next vote she can scramble our votes so she, Eris, and Izzy have a majority. OO OO! Or what if Eris has an idol or something! I've seen that on TV before. Cindy was happy to be in an alliance, but was discussing whether or not Courtney was being genuine.

The camera showed Eris looking at the group of girls laughing together.

Conf: Strange... Very strange seeing those four together. Knowing Courtney would never be dumb enough to jeopardize her position, I do not think she would dare align with them against me or Izzy. I will keep my eye on her and if I find out she is plotting to take ME out, she will be DONE. Mark my words. Eris was not happy seeing a potential alliance being made on her team that she is not a part of.

The camera returned to Cindy and someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Conf: So I decided that I should try talking to Cindy. Maybe she's interested in me, I mean who isn't. Cody gave a look to the camera, trying to act as though he is a ladies man.

Cindy spun around to see Cody standing in front of her.

"H-Hey Cindy!" Cody nervously stuttered.

"Uh.. Hi Cody!" Cindy said, weirded out by his clear nervousness.

"Um.... Uh..... I just wanted to let you know that I think you are really pretty and if you ever wanna talk sometime I am almost always available." Cody managed to say a cohesive sentence to her.

"Aw that's really sweet, I'll keep that in mind." Cindy responded nicely and Cody quickly nodded and ran off, face bright red.

Conf: She digs me. Cody was acting as though he had completely swoon Cindy.

Conf: Well that was awkward... I mean he is cute, but like we just met? He probably wants to be a showmance or something. Not yet. Cindy was against the idea of a relationship with Cody.

The screen flashed to show the new Critics playing volleyball on the beach, Heather chose to sit on the sidelines. DJ, Lindsay, and Leshawna were facing Dakota and Blaineley.

Conf: So, SO! I see how this game will play out from here. Just look at them, on the same team in volleyball and all that crap! Those Directors are clearly tight knit, and after this elimination they will just have another member! Blaineley is extremely annoying but I think Dakota and I need to stick with her if we want to see the merge. Heather was over-analyzing the teams in volleyball, but decided that it may be best to stick with Blaineley even though she doesn't like her.

DJ scores a point for his team.

"WOOHOO, IN YOUR FACES!" Leshawna playfully yelled to Blaineley and Dakota.

"Aw come on, you guys have an extra player of course you are going to win!" Dakota said and laughed. She looked over at Heather, "Come play with us, Heather, make the teams even."

"I don't really want to play." Heather said.

"Oh alright, then send DJ over here so he can be on our team." Dakota said to Leshawna.

"Okay, I'll play!" Heather quickly jumped up and joined the game, still over-analyzing the game and thinking that it would mean DJ replaced her in the alliance.

Conf: Heather... That girl is some kind of CRAZY. This new arrangement just got so much more stuff in my weave, I mean hair, to deal with. DJ, love the guy, and Lindsay, my GIRL, but the other three? Oh Lord, I'm gonna need to take a pill to deal with them. Leshawna talked about her new tribe.

The Critics' volleyball game had just ended and Leshawna approached Blaineley to discuss things. 

"So Blaineley, what was it like dealing with that Victoria's Secret wannabe lookin' toothpick pain in my behind?" Leshawna asked.

"What...? Oh Eris?" Blaineley was confused by the question, but figured it out, "it was a bit hard, she is pretty bossy, but..." Blaineley stopped herself from continuing.

"But....?" Leshawna questioned.

"Oh nothing. So how are you liking the new team?" Blaineley tried to change the subject.

"Girl, I would like it more if you answered my question!" Leshawna yelled at Blaineley, "I know your failed TV host, run of the mill infomercial host a** is still working with Eris!"

"What?? I never said that!" Blaineley tried to argue back.

"No, you didn't, but you IMPLIED it. I'd watch your back coming into this ceremony." Leshawna threatened Blaineley.

Conf: What the heck was that?? Leshawna is crazy, but now I have confirmation that I am on the block. I need to make sure I have Dakota and Heather on my side so I do not go home. Blaineley was scared by Leshawna's threat and now needs to kick her game into high gear.

She quickly approached Dakota and Heather.

"Guys, I really am pleading here with you, we need to stick together at this vote. I will be a tie if you guys are with me and we should vote Leshawna." Blaineley laid out her plan to Heather and Dakota.

"I'm listening..." Heather said.

"Leshawna is clearly the leader of the Directors and if we don't strike now and take her out, all three of us will be taken out one after another." Blaineley continued to elaborate on why they should vote with her.

"But I'm worried about how they will perceive us after this vote if we do not vote with them and you still go home." Heather expressed her concern and Dakota nodded in agreement.

"Yeah but do you really think they will vote with you anyway?"

"Okay, true, we will let you know." Dakota said.

Conf: I think I made a pretty good argument in my favor, I just really hope Dakota and Heather listen. Blaineley was nervous for the upcoming vote.

Conf: Yes, Blaineley is a pain in my... Yes, Blaineley did suck at the challenge. Yes, Blaineley is working with Eris who I hate, but very importantly, yes the Directors will stick together and vote me out next. I think it may be the smartest thing right now to vote with Blaineley, both of these situations SUCK. I am really nervous for the upcoming days. Heather was thinking about who to vote with.

The screen flashed to show the campfire ceremony. Cody was sitting on the sidelines watching the team he will be joining shortly. Chris began,

"So here we are, the newly formed Crazy Critics team. Before we start, I have a few questions for you."

"Blaineley, do you feel responsible for the loss at today's challenge" Chris asked Blaineley.

"Yes, honestly I do. My inner diva came out and got the best of me." Blaineley answered.

"Not to mention her terrible singing skills..." Leshawna but in.

"Excuse me, but that was MY question. I do not recall anyone asking for your opinion." Blaineley responded.

"Girl do NOT even try me today." Leshawna snapped back.

"Oooo I love the tension, what might be the cause of this?" Chris excitedly asked.

"This woman right here is a washed up, attention seeking piece of garbage that made a deal with the devil and is now being punished for it." Leshawna answered Chris. Heather and Chris laughed at Leshawna's insults of Blaineley.

"Deal with the devil??? You mean Eris? As in one of my very few remaining tribe mates? Yeah of course I am going to be aligned with her, what do you expect?" Blaineley argued.

"I expect you to be your own person and not align with a WITCH like Eris!" Leshawna continued to fight.

"Leshawna please stop arguing with her, it isn't going to go anywhere" DJ tried to stop the situation.

"Shut your mouth DJ." Leshawna yelled at him.

The rest of the tribe was stunned that Leshawna said that to DJ of all people.

"Alright, though I love fighting I am going to have to agree with DJ. No more time for questions or fighting, we need to get to the vote." Chris said, stopping the fighting.

Everyone voted and Blaineley was shown nervously sitting back down after voting.

Chris began to read the votes "First vote was for.......... Leshawna."

Leshawna angrily glared at Blaineley, assuming it was her vote.

"Next vote is for Blaineley!"

"Another for Blaineley!"

"Oh look, yet another for Blaineley!"

Blaineley looked down sadly, assuming she was definitely going home.

"Next vote is for.....


Blaineley excited shot up and looked at Heather and Dakota who were smiling at her.

"And the final vote goes to.... Leshawna. We have a tie."

"YES!!!" Blaineley hugged Heather, "Thank you guys!"

"You girls are DONE." Leshawna angrily yelled.

Chris began to lay out the rules of the tiebreaker, "You two will be tasked with making a fire. First person to get their flames high enough to break this rope above will win and stay in the game, everyone understand?" Leshawna and Blaineley nodded their heads. "Begin."

The two competitors quickly began using different technques to get their fire started. Blaineley quickly tried to make fire while Leshawna built up a stack of wood. Blaineley was first to get fire but it quickly burned all of the material she had placed. Leshawna eventually got fire as Blaineley watched, trying hard to build up a flame again. Leshawna's wood burned and continued to get higher. Blaineley scrambled to win as the fire had just touched Leshawna's rope. Leshawna looked over at Blaineley and shouted, "Bye bye honey, have fun taking Extra roles in D-List movies!" just as the rope broke and a flag shot up, confirming her victory over Blaineley.

"Well... Heather and Dakota, good luck and thanks again for voting with me." Blaineley said sadly as Leshawna continued to mock and laugh at her.

"Sorry Blaineley, but your time is up. This also means that Cody is not officially a member of your team!" Chris announced.

Cody ran up to this team and the former Directors hugged him, Leshawna smiled at Heather and Dakota, hinting that they are in trouble.

"Well, that's it for this episode. Pretty tense way to end things, am I right? What will happen next time? Will Heather and Dakota save themselves?" Leshawna can be heard yelling "HELL NO" in the background. "Will Courtney's plan to get rid of Eris work out? Will Eris EVER find a lasting friend? Find out this and more on Total Drama Action Take Six!"

The camera flashed to show Cindy in her cabin about to go to sleep, she moved her pillow to reveal a letter from Cody. She read it and smiled, putting the letter in her hung up sweatshirt pocket.


  • All of the characters competing are some of the author's favorites.
    • This makes it hard to decide eliminations.
    • Also, it was not intentional to have so many females competing. The ratio is 4:1.
  • All of the past Team Victory members that are competing this season are on the same team again.
  • Gwen and Heather being on the same team has continued their tendency to always be on the same team.
  • The challenges will be a mix of Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, even though the Author's favorite season was Total Drama World Tour.
  • The author is trying to stay away from having one terrible team that loses most of their players very quickly.
  • This is the first fanfiction created by CindyTDITDATDWT.
  • This season is called "Take Six" because it will be the 6th season of the series, after Total Drama All-Stars.
  • The name of the episode "Cool Hand Kate" is based off the 1967 prison movie "Cool Hand Luke."
  • The title of episode five, "Suddenly, Last Summer", is from the 1959 Medical Mystery/Thriller/Mystery movie of the same name.
  • Room C113 is a reference to the room that the author had their favorite English class.
  • The Pediactric Ward is a reference to where the author stayed when faced with awful complications of appendicitis.
  • The title of episode six, "The Astonishing Pursuit", is based off the show "The Amazing Race."
    • This episode was much longer than originally anticipated.
  • The title of episode seven, "The Wawanakwan Baking Competition", is based off the show "The American Baking Competition."
  • The Wawanakwan Baking Competition is the first time that the Critics have lost and attended an elimination ceremony.
  • The title of chapter eight, "The Zeppelin Adventure," is based off of the disaster movie called, "The Poseidon Adventure."
  • Blaineley is the first contestant that was not a member of The Crazy Critics to appear in an episode image.
  • Episode eight is the first episode to have more than one image.
  • The title of Episode 9, "The Zed Factor", is based off of the Singing Competition show, "X Factor."
    • The challenge and elements used in the episode are from the X Factor, the Voice, and American Idol.
    • It is spelled "Zed" instead of Z to stress the pronunciation.

Character Gallery


Who do you want to win TDATS?

The poll was created at 22:10 on February 17, 2013, and so far 117 people voted.
Who is your favorite team?

The poll was created at 03:35 on February 23, 2013, and so far 62 people voted.
What was your favorite episode so far?

The poll was created at 23:16 on March 15, 2013, and so far 42 people voted.
Least Favorite Character?

The poll was created at 02:43 on March 15, 2013, and so far 74 people voted.
Do you like the fanfiction?

The poll was created at 05:09 on May 4, 2013, and so far 47 people voted.
Should I write more TV show parodies, or TDA type movie genre challenges.

The poll was created at 23:39 on November 13, 2013, and so far 25 people voted.
Which Post-Swap team do you like more?

The poll was created at 21:17 on May 1, 2014, and so far 12 people voted.

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 31 42 5 62,3 7 8 9
TBA Izzy IN LEFT Returns in The Zeppelin Adventure WIN WIN
13th Blaineley IN IN WIN IN IN IN/3rd IN WIN OUT
14th Geoff IN IN IN IN WIN WIN/1st WIN OUT
15th Gwen WIN WIN IN IN IN LOW/7th OUT
17th-16th Katie IN IN WIN IN IN OUT/8th
17th-16th Sadie IN IN WIN IN IN OUT/8th
18th Michelle WIN WIN IN IN QUIT
19th Sierra IN IN WIN OUT
20th Tyler OUT


1 This was a non-elimination episode.

2 The teams were temporarily merged for this episode.

3 On episode 6, the teams raced. Winning/Losing will be on the chart along with their final placements.

4 Cody was excused from the challenge due to not officially being given a team after the swap.

Color Significance

     TBA: To Be Announced.

     WIN: Was on the winning team.

     WIN: Won individual challenge or won for their team.

     IN: Was on the team that neither won nor lost.

     IN: Had their name called at the Elimination Ceremony.

     LOW: Received the last marshmallow at the Elimination Ceremony.

     LOW: Was supposed to be eliminated in this episode, but something else happened that made him/her safe.

     LEFT/OUT/QUIT: Voted out, eliminated, or voluntarily quit in this episode.

     RUNNER-UP: Came in second place in Total Drama Action Take Six.

     WINNER: Winner of Total Drama Action Take Six.


Contestant Original Team Team Swap Status Placement Elimination
Tyler Dashing Directors 1st Voted Out 20th

Tyler was too embarassed to complete the challenge and lost for the team.

Izzy Angry Actors


2nd Left


Eris reported her to the RCMP out of hatred. Izzy then left the competition to hide from authority.

Sierra Angry Actors 3rd Eliminated 19th

Sierra lost the final round of the dodgeball tournament to Dawn, instantly eliminating her.

Michelle Crazy Critics 4th Quit 18th

After getting upset over Chris' mistreatment of the island, Michelle quit so she was not associated with the show.

Sadie Angry Actors 6th/5th Eliminated 17th/16th

Sadie and her partner Katie were at the bottom of the pack the entire time and barely lost to Gwen and Courtney.

Katie Angry Actors 6th/5th Eliminated 17th/16th

After generally placing low in every challenge in the race, her and Sadie ended up barely losing to Gwen and Courtney in the end.

Gwen Crazy Critics


Voted Out


Gwen went against her team and provided the Directors with supplies. She was caught and then eliminated for betraying her team.

Geoff Dashing Directors


Voted Out


He created a very mediocre fort for his team to sleep in, which fell in the middle of the night and caused his team to receive no sleep and lose the race back to camp.

Blaineley Angry Actors Angry Actors 9th Voted Out 13th She performed very poorly in the immunity challenge and then fought with Leshawna over being aligned with Eris. Though Heather and Dakota voted with her, she lost the tiebreaker challenge against Leshawna, sending her home.
Bridgette Dashing Directors Dashing Directors TBA TBA TBA
Cindy Crazy Critics Dashing Directors TBA TBA TBA
Cody Dashing Directors Angry Actors TBA TBA TBA
Courtney Angry Actors Dashing Directors TBA TBA TBA
Dakota Crazy Critics Angry Actors TBA TBA TBA
Dawn Crazy Critics Dashing Directors TBA TBA TBA
DJ Dashing Directors Angry Actors TBA TBA TBA
Eris Angry Actors Dashing Directors TBA TBA TBA
Heather Crazy Critics Angry Actors TBA TBA TBA
Izzy Angry Actors Dashing Directors TBA TBA TBA
Leshawna Dashing Directors Angry Actors TBA TBA TBA
Lindsay Dashing Directors Angry Actors TBA TBA TBA


Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Tyler MORM3

Character Pages

The author will slowly be creating character pages, usually after the person is eliminated.






















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