Hi! I'm Transformersprimefan! And this is my version of (as Chris would say) Total... Drama.... Aaaaction.

Episode 1: Super Duper Teamwork

Chris Mclean stood on the tip of a peak. "Welcome one and all, to Total Drama Action!" he said. "I'm your host, Chris Mclean. As my contract states, the winner of the challenges by the end of the show wins five million dollars. As always. And here come our competitors now. Meet, Multiple Mike, Zoey, Duncan, Lightning, Jo, Anne Maria, Dawn, Cameron, Izzy, Courtney, Gwen, Sam, Heather, Alejandro, Sierra, Lindsay, Scott, Harold, Geoff, Cody, Beth, Dakota, and Stacie! They will be the costestants in this week's show." He continued. The contestants landed one by one on a soft pillow. "Yes. Soft landing for once." Said Duncan. "Welcome contestants. Today's challenge is all about superheroes. And it is gonna be awesome. And by awesome, I mean very dangerous." Chris said. "Superheroes? Awesome!" Said Mike.


Mike: I used to play superheroes when I was a kid. And I haven't lost my love for superheroes since.

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