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Zoey  18th: Voted out: Back to the film lot














Episode 1: Back to the Film lot

'Chris: Hello viewers! I'm Chris McClean here for another season of Total Drama!! This season we are back at the ol film lot where i will have 18 contestants fight for 1 million dollars! they will have to fight grueling Challanges Based on movies. Not Movie genres! Movies!! 'here come the contestants now!

Welcome Lightning

Lightning: ShaBam! I'ma here to Sha Win! Sha Lightning!

Chris: Alrighty Lightning! Also welcome heather

Heather: *Gets out of limo* "What no applaude?"

Chris: Wasent plannning on it.

Heather: Whatever!

Chris: Also Welcomeing Cody and Noah!

Cody: *Steps Out Limo* "hey Chris great to be here for another season! That Million is as good as mine! (CONF) Dont think of me as a loser this year i am coming to this season with great stratagies! (CONF OUT)

Noah: Oh great here again, Hey heather nice glasses they really bring out your Cruelty!

Heather: Drop Dead Loner

Cody: *High fives noah* nice one

Chris: Okay Also welcome lindsay and leshawna!

Lindsay: Hi, Okay I'm confused this place looks so familiar

Leshawna: you were competing here a few seasons back

Lindsay: ...

Heather: Lindsiot

Chris: Okay Welcome Mike And Duncan

Mike: hey Guys, ummm is zoey gonna be on this season? *Chuckles nervously*

Duncan: *Shoves Mike out of way* Move it toothpick 

Cody: Somebody is in a good mood

Duncan: *Knocks out Cody* yes, yea i am.

Chris: *Laughing* Also Welcome Dawn

Dawn: *Appears out of no wherre* Hello Citizens

  • All freaked out

Chris: Alrighty than. Welcome trent Cameron and Harold

Trent: *Steps out limo, Knocking chris's Head with guitar* hi guys!

Chris: Owww darn it!

Cameron: Oh my gosh look Its Its civilization!!!

Noah: Those are props idiot

Harold: Swweet another place to show off my mad skillsz

Duncan: What a loser

Mike: Duncan and you try to be nice

Duncan: If i feel like it

Chris: Welcome Zoey courtney and gwen

Zoey: Hi chris: *Sees Mike* Hi Mike *holds mikes hand*

Mike: *Chuckles Nervously* Hi Zoey 

Courtney: Oh wow more relationships and we just started the season give it a break

Gwen: Seriously!

Courtney: Dont Agree with me!

gwen: Right

Chris: Lastly Welcome Dakota and Dj!

Dakota: I had daddy get rid of all my mutations! and sued chris!

Dj: Thats harsh man

Dakota: you try being a mutant monster

Dj: No im cool

Chris: Okay Well time to see where you will be staying 

*campers follow chris


Chris: You guys get to stay in motels this season. You get confy beds and a hot tub!

Harold: yes

Leshawna: Sweet that really helps my shawny tude

Chris: Okay Well Time for challange!

heather: Oh Gosh

Cody: Uh oh


Chris: Okay for the first challange the Movie challange is off of...... Tron!

So this challange will decide teams

You will put on this head set and be put into a game of tron vs each other. you will try to use you cars to destroy the others once you die you must take off the headset and sit in the seat of losers

Last 2 remaining are captains and Have Immunity AND get to pick teams! Alrighty Ready Set go

  • All Run to headset and begin

Duncan: Holy cow this is tence But YEEEE HAWWW

Heather: Oh gosh no no no no

Mike: *Drives* Cool! *Starts Chaseing Duncan*

Cameron: *Stands by his car* Umm what?

Zoey: Ahhhhhhhh!

Mike: *Drives in front of Duncan*

Duncan: AHHHHHHH *Disapears into pixles* "Darn it!" *Takes off head set*

Dakota: Here goes nothing! *Drives crazily*

Noah: Ahh No No No *Explodes into Pixles* Drat! *Takes off head set*

Cody: Ha ha Im coming for you Dj

Dj: No Go away!

Dawn: Atleast im not killing anyone! *Drives*

Zoey: *Drives In front of Courtney:

Courtney: Oh Gosh no *Explodes into Pixles* "Curse you zoey!" *Takes off head set*

  • Comercial Break

Chris: Alrighty this has been going on for an hour And Mike Dakota Cody and Gwen are the last Drivers Finish it already!

Mike: *Drives in front of Dakota*

Dakota; NO *Drives around his rays

Mike: *Grunts* *drives in front again*

Dakota: AHHHHHH *Explodes into pixles* *Takes ff head set*

Gwen: Sorry cody *Drives in front of cody

Cody: NOOOOOOOOOOOO *Explides into pixles

Chris: We have our winners! Gwen and Mike Our team captains! So we will have a elimination now you will pick teams tomarrow Okay So Mike and gwen have Immunity


Courtney: (CONF) Hmm i would vote for gwen because shes a boyfriend kisser but I'm going to have to vote off zoey shes weak

Cody: (CONF) I vote Duncan he's always being mean

Dj (CONF) I have to vote off duncan

Dakota: (CONF) Courtney

Noah: (CONF) I vote off red head

Chris: you have casted your votes there are only 17 Rolls of film on this tray if you do not get one you must leave and never return walk the walk of shame get on the LaMO sene and leave

I have a film roll for

GwenMike, Dj, Cameron, Lightning, Noah, Cody, Harold, Trent, Lindsay, Leshawna, Dawn, Dakota, Heather, and Izzy

Dunca Courtney and Zoey there are only 2 left on the tray one of them go to ..... Courtney

Courtney: yes!

Chris: And the last roll goes to.....


Zoey: *Gasps* But i thogut i was nice!

Chris: yes you are k buh bye *shoves zoey in the lamoscene and lamoscene leaves*

Chris: Okay 1 down 17 to go. Who will the captains pick as team members who will be eliminated next? Fine out next time on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION TAKE TWO!

Episode 2: Indiana Bones


*Contestants screama dn run

Chris: ha Folled you dident i!


Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Mike Win
Duncan Low
Noah In
Cody In
Lightning In
Trent In
Cameron In
Harold In
Dj In
Heather In
Gwen Win
Lindsay In
Izzy In
Leshawna In
Dawn In
Courtney In
Dakota In
Zoey OUT

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