This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island
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Reality TV/Comedy/Animation
Pimapotew Kinosewak, Waneyihtam Maskwak
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This season we will have 24 players on Pahkitew island, which will have new and old players competing for one million dollars.No one knows who will take the million dollars home until the final episode drops. The Pahkitew island isnt inoccent as it looks and sounds, there are secrets that have yet to be discovered.



The cast

From left to right: Amy, Beardo, Dave, Eva, Jasmine, Leonard, Max, Rodney, Samey, Scarlett, Sierra, Sky, Topher, Shawn, Sarlote, Linda G, Aivija, Katrina, Austin, Ally, Spike, Boxe, Blaine, Adam


Sarlote, Linda G, Katrina and Aivija belong to Me

Spike, Adam, Austin and Ally belong to OhMyOskarr

Boxe belongs to mustacheskulls

Blaine belongs to carsykawaii


Waneyihtam Maskwak Pimapotew Kinosewak
Beardo Amy
Dave Jasmine
Eva Rodney
Leonard Sierra
Max Shawn
Scarlett Aivija
Samey Katrina
Sky Austin
Topher Ally
Sarlote Boxe
Linda G Blaine
Spike Adam
Aditional Members Aditional Members
Aivija Samey


Number In Series Number In Season Title Date In Latvia
82 1 The Audition Tapes February 7th, 2016
83 2 These Are My Teammates? Part 1 February 20th, 2016
84 3 These Are My Teammates? Part 2 March 6th, 2016
85 4 Key Hunting April 22nd, 2016
86 5 You're Such A Grease Pig April 23rd, 2016
87 6 Hiding Kinosewak And Seeking Maskwak May 22nd, 2016
88 7 Stop Ballooning Around June 4th, 2016
89 8 Aftermath I June 11th, 2016
90 9 You Wanna Get Back September 9th, 2016
91 10 Truth Or Dare September 10th, 2016
92 11 Tag You're It October 29th, 2016
93 12
94 13
95 14
96 15
97 16
98 17
99 18
100 19
101 20
102 21
103 22
104 23
105 24
106 25
107 26
108 27

Episode 1 : The Audition Tapes

Camera fades in.

Last season of Total Drama. The two finalists Roxane and Justin needed to built each other of wood and a pineapple head and then run to the top of a volcano, and make a sacrifice. In the end Roxane made the sacrifice, but Justin won because Roxane throwed Justins sacrifice insted of hers. After that the volcano started to erupt and everyone ran quickly as possible, and the season ended with a disaster.

Chris : Now we are back and on a new island called ‘’Pahkitew’’, and we are going to show every campers audition tape before they get here.

The first audition tape is shown.

Samey: Hi I’m Samey and this is my audition for Total Drama.

Samey: I am really confident and I dont have a sister if thats what your thinking.

Samey: So I really hope you pick me, bye.

The next audition tape is shown.

Amy: Hi I am Amy and I just saw my sisters lame audition tape and its really awful.

Amy: If I was you, I woudn’t pick her, she will just drag the raitings down for the show.

Amy: If you choose me, I will bring the best drama ever.

The next audition tape is shown.

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave and I would like to join the Drama show.

Dave: What was the name?

Dave: Total Drama, yeah, thats it.

Dave: I am very good at competition even I have many alergies.

Dave: So I hope you pick me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Beardo: Hi I am Beardo.

Beardo: I am kinda shy, but I will try my best to on Total Drama.

Beardo : So please pick me and I will drop some sick tunes.

The next audition tape is shown.

Leonard: Hi I am a wizard named Leonard.

Leonard: I know many spells that will help me in the competition.

Leonard: So if you pick me I will put the best magic that you will ever seen.

Leonard uses a spell to make himself invisible.

Leonard: See you can’t see me anymore.

The next audition tape is shown.

Max: I am Max an evil genius.

Max laughs.

Max: I will be the most evil person on the show that you will ever seen, so you better pick me or else.

Max’s mother: Max dear you have to get ready for your babysitting job.

Max: I’m coming mom!

The next audition tape is shown.

Rodney: Hi I’m Rodney and I live on a farm.

Rodney: I would really like to join Total Drama, but I hope I don’t fall in love with other girls, because I have a girlfriend named Becky and also May.

Rodney: I just dont know who to break up with.

The next audition tape is shown.

Scarlett: Hi I’ am Scarlett and I’ am a genius.

Scarlett: I would bring my smarts to the competition and make stratigic moves and win the money so I could go to collage.

Scarlett: So I hope you pick me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Topher: Hi I’m Topher.

Topher: My friends call me ‘’Chris 2.0’’, because I kinda look like Chris and they also tell me that I would be a very great host.

Topher: So I really hope you pick me, bye.

The next audition tape is shown.

Sky: Hi I’m Sky and I would like to join Total Drama.

Sky: I’ am very athletic and I would bring the best competition this show has ever had.

Sky: And I will also miss my boyfriend Keth.

Keth: I hope they choose you.

Sky: Me too.

The next audition tape is shown.

Jasmine: I’m Jasmine and this is my audition tape for Total Drama.

Jasmine: I’ am very great at surviving in the wild and I do very great at challenges.

Jasmine: So pick me if you want a strong competitor.

The next audition tape is shown.

Shawn: Hi I’m Shawn and I would like to join Total Drama.

Shwan: I would be a very great player, but I hope there aren’t any zombies here, couse that would be awful.

The next audition tape is shown.

Eva: 99 and 100, I’m the only girl who can do more than 5 pull-ups.

Eva: If you would like a really strong competitor then choose me.

Eva: And you better choose me or I will kill you.

Eva: By the way my names Eva.

The next audition tape is shown.

Sierra: I’m Sierra.

Sierra: I’ am the biggest fan of Total Drama and especially of Cody.

Sierra: If you pick me that would be awesome and I hope Cody is there.

The next audition tape is shown.

Spike: My name is Spike.

Spike: I would like to be on Total Drama.

Spike: I would be great at this competition because I wont get anyone get in my way.

Spike: So choose me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Boxe: I’m Boxe.

Boxe: I am very strong and winning this competition would be a breez for me.

Boxe: So I hope you choose me, if you want a strong player.

The next audition tape is shown.

Blaine: My name is Blaine.

Blaine: I am very strong and I would bring everything I have to the competition.

Blaine: I will dominate the competition and I will maniuplate everyone to get to the top.

Blaine: So I hope you choose me, if you want that kinda player.

The next audition tape is shown.

Sarlote: My name is Sarlote.

Sarlote: I am a very great dancer and I would like to join Total Drama.

Sarlote: I would make many friends I think if I got on the show.

Sarlote: So please choose me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Adam: Hi I’m Adam.

Adam: I would like to join Total Drama.

Adam: One of my best friends Oskar who was in season 3 of Total Drama, told me to compete, because it was really fun and he had a great experience from the show.

Adam: So choose me please.

The next audition tape is shown.

Aivija: Hi I’m Aivija.

Aivija: This is my audition tape for Total Drama.

Aivija: I heard about Total Drama from my friend Kriss who was in season 2 of Total Drama.

Aivija: So he told me to join, so I started to make this audition tape.

Aivija: so choose me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Katrina: My name is Katrina.

Katrina: Just like Aivija I knew about Total Drama from Kriss.

Katrina: I have been wanting to be on Total Drama ever since, so this is my time to get on the show.

Katrina: I hope you choose me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Linda G: My name is Linda.

Linda G: Just like Aivija, Katrina and Sarlote I knew about Total Drama from Kriss.

Linda G: I dont know why didnt Sarlote mention Kriss on her audition tape, but who cares.

Linda G: I just wanna win this competition, so I hope you choose me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Ally: My name is Ally.

Ally: I am very happy to be making this auditon tape.

Ally: I wanna test my strenght how far I will make it on Total Drama.

Ally: So please choose me.

The next audition tape is shown.

Austin: Hi I’m Austin.

Austin:  I’ am really great singer and dancer.

Austin: I would like to be on a reality show for inspiration for to make new music for my fans.

Austin: So I hope you choose me.

Chris: These were all of the auditon tapes, so see you next time on Total Drama.

Camera fades out.

Episode 2 : These Are My Teammates? Part 1

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. We looked at the contastants audition tapes and now they will meet in real life for the first time.

Inside the blimp.

Sky takes a pack of gum and looks back.


Sky offers some gum to Katrina

Sky: Hi you want some gum?

Katrina: Sure, thank you for the offer.

Sky: So whats your name?

Katrina: My name is Katrina and whats yours?

Sky: My name is Sky.

Katrina: Nice to meet you.

Sky: Have you ever watched Total Drama?

Katrina: Yes, I watched with my friend Kriss.

Sky: Is that the same Kriss who competed in Total Drama : Back On The Island?

Katrina: Yes he is.

Sky: Cool and I hope me and you are on the same team.

Katrina: Me too.

Camera switches.

Beardo makes a somekind a sound.

Leonard: Was that Beardo?


Beardo makes a sound

Amy looks disgusted.

Amy: Switch places with me right now.

Samey: Alright, fine.

Amy: Good.

Amy looks back.

Amy: Oh hi Jasmine.

Jasmine: Don’t play nice, we all know you are an awful person.

Amy: Ugh fine and whatever.

Samey: So you wanna switch back?

Amy: Yeah sure, fine.

Camera switches.

Linda G: I am so excited to be here.


Sarlote and Linda G talking

Sarlote: Me too, this will be a great experience.

Aivija comes to Sarlote and Linda G.

Aivija: Hey, I havent seen you in a while.

Linda G: Hi, I know, but now we are in the same competition show, so we can spend time together now.

Sarlote: But what if we are on different teams.

Aivija: Then we can hang out after our elimination ceremony if we are still left in the competition.

Blaine: You all 3 wont last here for 6 episodes.

Sarlote: What makes you think that?

Linda G and Aivija: Yeah!

Blaine: Just look at your self, you arent athletic enough.

Aivija: Even we arent athletic we can still compete and get far in the competition.

Blaine: Whatever.

Blaine leaves.

Boxe: What is wrong with that guy?

Adam: Yeah, what was his deal?

Linda G: He told that we wont last 6 episodes in the competition.

Boxe: Why?

Aivija: Because we arent athletic enough.

Adam: Thats so stupid to think that you cant win because you arent athletic enough.

Camera switches.

Rodney: Why arent you talking to Jasmine?

Shawn: Because we broke up 8 months ago.


Rodney asks Shawn why is he sad

Ally comes with Austin.

Austin: Why are you so sad?

Rodney: He broke up with his girlfriend.

Ally: Thats so awful.

Rodney: And she is that really tall girl over there.

Rodney points to Jasmine.

Ally: Maybe this competition will bring you back together.

Shawn: I hope so too.

The blimp is starting to shake.




Players panicking

Players start to panic.

Chris’s hologram appears.

Topher: What Chris you are here too?

Chris: Nop, this just a hologram.

Spike: Seriusly, you have your own hologram.

Chris: Cool is in it.

Dave: So what are you going to tell us?

Chris: There is a box of parachutes, but be careful half of the parachuts dont have actual parachuts.

Eva: You want us to die?!

Chris: No, I just want awesome rating.

Sierra: You are sick

Chris: Thanks for the compliment.

Everyone picks up a parachute and jumps from the blimp.

Spike opens the parachute and it had nothing in there.

Spike: Great.

Amy and Samey open the parachutes.

Amy: Yes I got the real parachute.

Samey: I didnt.

Samey holds to Amy’s leg and Amy kicks her in the head.


Samey holds to on to Amy's leg

Amy: Bye bye.

Aivija opens the parachute.

Aivija: Yes, Im gonna live.

Sarlote opnes the parachute.

Sarlote: Damn, I didnt get it, I hope I land in the water.

Linda G opens the parachute.

Linda G: No, I also didnt get it.

Jasmine opens the parachute.

Jasmine: Looks like I got the right one.

Leonard opnes the parachute.

Leonard: I didnt get it, time to find a spell to save me.

Topher opens the parachute.

Topher: Why didnt I get a parachute.

Jasmine catches Leonard and Topher, and holds them.


Dave disapointed

Dave opens the parachute.

Dave: This is just great, now Im gonna die.

Austin and Ally open the parachutes.

Austin: Woohoo I got a parachute.

Ally: Me too.

Katrina opens the parachute.

Katrina: I guess this is my lucky day.

Boxe open the parachutes.

Boxe: Yes Im gonna live.

Adam, Blaine and Max open the parachutes.

Adam: Well atleast Im gonna live.

Blaine: I really thought you would hit the ground really hard and you had to be eliminated because of the injury in this episode.

Adam: You are really evil.

Max: Help me, I dont have a parachute.

Blaine: Well atleast he will lose.

Beardo opens the parachute.

Beardo makes a dissapionting song because he didnt get a real parachute.

Rodney and Eva open the parachutes.

Rodney: I got a prachute.

Eva: I didnt. Can I hold on to your leg?

Rodney: Sure.

Sierra opens the parachute.

Sierra: Yeee, I got the parachute.

Sky opens the parachute.

Sky: I really hope I land in the water.

Scarlett opens the parachute.

Scarlett: Well this is awful.

Shawn opens the parachute.

Shawn: Yes, I got the real one.

Everyone landed save and sound.

Chris: Why didnt none of get hurt, this is dissapointing.

Chris: Now I will tell your team names.

Chris: Beardo, Sky, Sarlote, Linda G, Samey, Dave, Eva, Leonard, Spike, Topher, max and Scarlett you are Waneyihtam Maskwak a.k.a The Confused Bears.

Eva: Thats a stupid name for a team.

Chris: Dont care.

Chris: Katrina, Amy, Jasmine, Shawn, Aivija, Blaine, Boxe, Adam, Sierra, Rodney, Austin and Ally you are Pimapotew Kinosewak a.k.a The Floating Salmon.

Katrina: How can a salmon float.

Chris: Dont ask anymore questions and just go with the flow.

Chris: This was the time we had for this episode see you next time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island where we will begin our first challenge.

Camera fades out.

Episode 3 : These Are My Teammates? Part 2

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. The campers finally met each other, some of them knew each other before the show and some now. And all campers were split into two teams with 12 campers each.

Chris: Before I explain the first challenge does anyone has a question?

Topher: Yes, how do I become a great show host just like you?

Chris: It will take years to get to my level.

Amy: Can you explain the challenge already.

Eva: Yeah, I’m getting bored!

Chris: Okay, follow me.

Everyone follows.

Chris: Your first challenge is to collect from this rubish items that will help you in the next challenge.

Dave: That sounds easy.

Chris: Oh you really think so, I forgot to mention that Chef will shot tennis balls at you.


Dave gets hit by a tennis ball

Chef shots a tennis ball and it hits Dave in the head.

Dave: OW!

Sky: Are you okay?

Dave: Yeah, I think so.

[Conf] Dave: Sky is such a great girl and I think I’ am starting to love her.

[Conf] Sky: I think Dave has a crush on me, but I’ am not here to be in realationship, I’am here to win.

Max: Chef won’t even hit me with a tennis ball.


Max gets hit by a tennis ball

Chef hits Max with a tennis ball.

Samey & Aivija : Are you okay max?

Max: Yeah.

Aivija: I think we haven’t talked to each other yet.

Samey: Your right.

Aivija: Are you Amy or Samey?

Samey: I’m Samey.

Amy comes.

Amy: Aivija stop talking to my lame sister, you should talk to me.

Aivija: Samey is not lame, maybe you are the lame one Amy.

[Conf] Amy: I can’t believe she likes Samey more than me.

[Conf] Samey: I’ am so happy that Aivija stand up for Amy, I think Aivija and I will be great friends even we are on different teams.

Chris: I forgot to mention that the first part of the challenge is only for an hour.

Jasmine: I think that will be plenty for my team.

Blaine: Who the heck made you our team leader?

Jasmine: I think we can vote, who can be the leader.

Blaine: Okay, who votes for Jasmine to be the team leader.

All teammember rise their hand except for Blaine.

Jasmine: Looks like I won.

Blaine: This time.

Jasmine: What was that?

Blaine: Nothing.

[Conf] Blaine: Time to make a plan to eliminate Jasmine.

The challenge started.

Rodney runs to get some items.

Chef shots tennis balls.

Shawn: Rodney, LOOK OUT!

Rodney takes cover.

Rodney: Thanks Shawn for the help.

Camera switches.

Linda G: We need a plan.

Sarlote: Dave, Eva, Topher and Spike you distract Chef while the other take some items.

Scarlett: Thats a nice plan Sarlote.

Sarlote: Thanks.

Spike: Okay, lets distract Chef.

Dave, Eva, Topher and Spike went to distract Chef.

The rest of the team runs to get some items.

Beardo runs in slow-motion while making the slow-motion sound.


Beardo gets hit by a tennis ball

Chef shots a tennis ball and hits Beardo in the croch.

Dave: Seriously.

Spike: C’mon get up Beardo, we need to get some items.

Camera switches.

Boxe is evading all of Chefs shots and picks up a wooden plank.

Chef shots a tennis ball and Boxe used the wooden plank to hit back the tennis ball and it hits Chefs face and knock him out.

Boxe: Take that Chef!

Adam: Nice work, Boxe.

Ally: I hope he will be okay.

Austin: Let’s pick up some items, before he gets up.

Boxe: Alright let’s hurry.

Teams are picking items.


Teams are picking items

Chris: The challenge is over.

Katrina: Finally it’s over.

Chris: Your next challenge is to build a shelter and the best one will win and be saved from elimination.

Camera switches.

Sierra: We have some really great stuff here.

Boxe: Where should we built?

Jasmine: I have an Idea where, follow me.

Camera switches.

Beardo makes some drill sounds.

Spike: Can you stop.

Leonard: Let’s build a wizard tower.

Spike: How about no.

Scarlett: I think we should bult the shelter on one of thouse trees.

Spike: No we are bulding a shelter here on the ground and thats final.

Both teams have built their shelters.

Chris: Thats a great shelter Team Kinosewak and nice that you build it on a tree.

Chris goes to the Team Maskwak.

Chris: This is also great, but will it survive from a stampede.

A horde of Mosses run pass the Team Maskwak shelter and the shelter breaks.

Chris: Team Kinosewak win immunity.

Team Kinosewak cheer while Team Maskwak are disappointed.

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone votes.

Chris: The one who doesn’t get a marshmellow will be eliminated and the marshmellows go to Eva, Samey, Linda G, Dave, Beardo, Topher, Max, Scarlett, Sky and Sarlote.

The bottom two is Spike and Leonard.

Chris: The last marshmellow goes too.........











Spike: What? Why me?

Scarlett: If we hadn’t built the shelter on the ground, we would maybe win, but since you made us built it on the ground, we voted you off.


Spike got eliminated

At the cannon of shame.

Chris: Any last words Spike?

Spike: Yeah, I don’t need this lame show to win money!

Eva: Yeah right.

Chris preses the button and the cannon fires eliminating Spike from the competition.

Camera fades out.

Episode 4 : Key Hunting

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. Both teams needed to make a shelter. In the end Pimapotew Kinosewak won because they had the best shelter and the other team shelter got destroyed. At the elimination Leonard and Spike were the bottom two and Spike got eliminated.

Linda G : That was not a goodnight sleep.

Sarlote : Tell me about it.

Samey comes inside the cave.

Dave : Where were you?

Samey : I was outside sleeping.

Sky : Wasn’t it cold outside to sleep.

Samey : It was kinda warm.

Topher : Why did you slept outside?

Samey : Because it was more comfortable than here.

Camera switches.

Katrina : Do we have any food?

Austin : No we don’t.

Sierra : WHAT!?

Boxe : Don’t worry Sierra, because Jasmine with Ally, Aivija, Rodney and Shawn went to look for berries.

Amy : Can you all keep it down I am trying to SLEEP!

Blaine : Me too so KEEP IT DOWN!




Camera switches.

Scarlett : What are you doing Max?

Max : I am building a helmet that will control people minds and they will become my minions.

Eva comes and destroyes Max invention.

Eva: Stop playing with your toys and lets go.

Max : Where?

Leonard : To the next challenge didn’t you here Chris calling us?

Max : No.

Everyone went to meet Chris.

Chris : Welcome campers to your next challenge.

Sierra : Yes finnaly a challenge.

Beardo makes a congratulations sound for Sierra.

Sierra : Thanks you Beardo.

Chris : Your challenge is to find keys that are somewhere in the sand and the you have to open the five chest then.


Samey trys to understand the challenge

Samey : So the challenge is to get 11 keys to unlock chests?

Chris : Yes and there are over 200 keys and when you unlock the chest and then you will have to use the stuff that is inside the chest for your shelter.

Shawn : Sounds kinda easy.

Ally : I know right.

Everyone started to look for the keys.

Jasmine : We need plan.

Aivija : There is no need for a plan.

Rodney : Why?

Aivija : Becuase these is all based on speed and how you find the keys.

Jasmine : You mean the faster we find the key the faster we will win right?

Aivija : Yes.

[Conf] Aivija : I really hope we win this challenge, because I don’t wanna go home, because of my plan if you can call that.

Sarlote : Yes I found a key.

Linda G : Me too.

Samey : Same here.

Sarlote, Linda G and Samey try to see if the keys work.

Sarlote : Looks like all of our keys work.

Samey : Great let’s go find more.

Linda G : Right behind you.

Chris : Team Maskwak have found 3 keys of 11 while Team Kinosewak has found 0 of 11 keys.

Amy : I found a key.

Amy tries to see if the key works and it doesn’t.

Amy: Damn!

Amy falls down.

Sierra : Are you okay?

Amy : Get away from me weirdo and don’t touch me.


Amy angry at Sierra

[Conf] Sierra : I am starting to hate Amy.

Boxe : I found a key.

Austin : Me too.

Ally : I also found a key.

Jasmine : Me too, now lets hurry and see if they work.

Boxe, Austin, Ally and Jasmine try to see if the keys work.

Ally : YES! They all work.

Chris : Team Maskwak have found 3 keys of 11 while Team Kinosewak have found 4 of 11 keys.

Leonard : I think I have spell in my book that will help us find the keys faster.

Eva : Stop playing around with your stupid book and help us look.

Leonard : My book is not stupid, you are.

Eva : What did you call me?

Blaine : He called you stupid.

Eva : Thats it you are getting a beat down.

[Conf] Blaine : What? I just wanna see the drama not somekind a friendship.

Sky : Eva stop chasing after Leonard and help us.

Eva : Fine but I will hurt you next time.

Both teams have found almost the same amount of keys.

Chris : Team Maskwak have found 9 keys of 11 while Team Kinosewak have found 8 of 11 keys.

Chris : And looks like Team Kinosewak have found all 11 keys while Team Maskwak only need 1 key.

Katrina : Whats our next challenge Chris.

Chris : Your challenge is to decorate your shelter as it was a party and the best decorated wins.

Katrina : C’mon lets go decorating.

Chris : Team Maskwak has found all 11 keys.

Chris : Your challenge is to decorate your shelter as it was a party and the best decorated wins.

Dave : This will be easy I hope.

Both teams are decorating their shelters.

Chris : So did you all finished?

Everyone : YES!

Chris looks at at both of the shelters.

Chris : The winners are Pimapotew Kinosewak.

Team Kinosewak cheered.

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marsh mellows go too Sarlote, Linda G, Sky, Samey, Beardo, Max, Scarlett, Topher and Dave.

The bottom two is Eva and Leonard.

Chris : The last marshmellow goes too.............










Leonard : What, why me?

Eva : Because you used your stupid fake book which doesnt work.

Leonard : It does work, I’ll show you. Now I gonna reverse this incident.

Leonard : Revers-o-reverse.

At the cannon of shame.


Leonard eliminated

Leonard : Why didnt it work?

Chris : Bye Leonard we wont miss you.

Chris fires the cannon.

Camera fades out.

Episode 5 : You're Such A Grease Pig

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. Teams needed to find 11 keys in the sand and open the 5 chests that will help them decorate their shelters. In the end Pimapotew Kinosewak won. At the elimination ceremony Leonard and Eva were the bottom two and Leonard got eliminated.

Max : I can’t believe we already lost 2 times in a row.

Scarlett : I know we need to step up our game.

Eva : Well atleast Leonard isn’t here, he was kinda usless to the team.

Samey : HEY! Don’t talk about Leonard like that.

Eva : Why he thinks his spells actually work.

Linda G : I have to agree with Eva.

Sarlote : Me too.

[Conf] Sarlote : I know it’s bad to talk about people, but Eva is right he was kinda usless.

[Conf] Eva : Atleas some people agree with me.

Boxe : We won again WOO HOO!

Austin : Let’s just keep the winning streak.

Ally : That is if we can keep it.

Shawn : What do you mean?

Ally : Look the other team lost 2 members, they will try to work harder now for the win.

Katrina : But still even they try harder that won’t mean anything, it’s all about how good you work with your team.

Camera swithes.

Chris through the loudspeaker : Campers go to the east for your next challenge.

Sky : Yes finally.

Dave : I really hope we win this.


Topher thanks Samey for the berries

Topher : Thanks Samey for giving us these berries that you picked up.

Samey : No problem.

[Conf] Samey : Does Topher like me or something?

[Conf] Topher : I think I like Samey, don’t tell her that.

Chris : Your challenge is to complete the obstacle course.

Jasmine : But we are a team of twelve and there are only 6 courses.

Chris : 2 members for 1 course and the first team to finish will win and you will have finish all 6 parts with these pigs.

Aivija : What are the pairs?

Rodney : I can do the slide part.

Shawn : Okay I will do it with you Rodney.

Blaine : I want to do the zip-line.

Adam : Okay I will do it with you.

Katrina : Aivij do you wanna do the part with the pipes?

Aivija : Sure

Katrina : Aivija and I will do the pipe part.

Ally : Austin I think we should do the tires.

Austin : Okay.

Jasmine : Me and Boxe will do the climbing wall.

Boxe : That sounds a great idea.

Amy : What wait? That means I am with Sierra?

Sierra : Yes you are.

Amy : And which obstacle course are we doing?

Sierra : The grease pit.

Amy : C’mon, I hate this challenge already.

Camera switches.

Scarlett : We are a team of 10 currently that means there will be 2 members all alone doing the course.

Eva : I will do the last one.

Sky : I will do the first one and Beardo I think you should do the last one with Eva, because I think you are one of the strongest boys in our team I think.

Beardo gives a thumb up.

Topher : Me and Dave will do the grease pit.

Dave : Grease pit?

Topher : Is there a problem

Dave : Not at all.

[Conf] Dave : I really dont like to get dirty.

Samey : I will do the zip-line alone.

Linda G : Me and Sarlote on the pipes.

Max : So that leaves me and Scarlett for the tires.

Chris : Are you ready, set GO!

Challenge started.

Sky : I cant hold on to the pig.

The pig runs off.

Shawn : Okay Rodney lets go.

Rodney : I will go to the middle and slide the big to you and you will take it to Blaine and Adam.

Shawn : Okay.

Rodney makes it to the middle and slides the pig to Shawn.


Rodney is about to push the pig down to Shawn

Shawan runs to Blaine and Adam.

Sky is pushing the pig and slides it up and then down and takes it to Samey.

Shawn gives the pig to Blaine and Adam.

Chris : Shawn and Rodney are the first one to complete their obstacle course.

Chris : And Sky also completes with some seconds behind them.

Samey : I hope you dont run off piggie.

Samey runs and passes Blaine and Adam.

Adam : How did she pass us?

Blaine : Dont care just run to the zip-line.

Samey takes the zip-line first while Blaine and Adam are right behind her.

Chris : Samey finishes first.

Samey gives the pig to Sarlote and Linda G.

Linda G : Lets go inside the pipes.

Sarlote : Its really dark in there.

Chris : Blaine and Adam just finished their obstacle.

They give the pig to Katrina and Aivija.

Linda G : It smells really bad.

Chris : Linda G and Sarlote make it out of the pipes first.

Sarlote and Linda G gave the pig to Scarlett and Max.

Scarlett : Okay lets hurry.

Max : Dont have to tell me twice.

Scarlett and Max run through the tires and makes it first.

Chris : Scarlett and Max made just finished and made huge lead for their team.

Chris : Looks like Katrina and Aivija finally finished.

Katrina and Aivija gave the pig to Austin and Ally.


Chris : Austin and Ally finished the tires.

Austin and Ally gave the pig to Sierra and Amy.

Amy : Sierra you take the pig and I will run behind you.

Sierra : Sure.

Chris : Dave and Topher finished.


The pig is about to hit Beardo

Dave gave Beardo the pig but Dave accidently hit Beardo with a pig when he tried to stop and Topher was falling behind.

Chris : Sierra and Amy finished.

Sierra and Amy gave the pig to Boxe and Jasmine.


Jasmine : We are almost in the lead Boxe.

Boxe : Lets hurry before Beardo gets up.

Chris : Both teams are neck and neck.

Jasmine makes over the climbing wall.


Jasmine climbs over the wall

Chris : And the winners are PIMAPOTEW KINOSEWAK!

Team Kinosewak cheered while Team Maskwak looked disappointed.

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marshmellows goes too Max, Scarlett, Samey, Sky, Topher, Linda G, Dave and Sarlote.

The bottom two is Eva and Beardo.

Eva : Again? Seriusly?

Chris : The last marshmellow goes too................













Beardo eliminated

At the cannon of shame.

Chris : Any final word before you get shot out of the cannon?

Beardo makes a sound that sounds like a cannon shooting.

Chris fires the cannon.

Beardo : It was really nice to meet you all!

Camera fades out. 

Episode 6 : Hiding Kinosewak And Seeking Maskwak

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. Both teams needed to take a pig through a obsticle course. In the end Pimapotew Kinosewak won for the 3rd time in a row. At the elimination ceremony Beardo got voted off.

Team Kinosewak are eating.

Austin : These berries are so good.

Ally : Yeah, where do you find these Jasmine?

Jasmine : I found them very deep in the forest, but they are everywhere you go so you can’t miss them.

Ally : Okay I’m gonna go get more.

Rodney : I’m gonna go get more too.

Camera switches.

Linda G : I am so hungry, I haven’t eaten like for 4 days.

Max : Well atleast you are losing weight.

Linda G : Say that one more time and I will kill you.

Max is leaving slowley away from Linda G.

Eva : Nice Linda. I totally love your anger.

[Conf] Eva : Linda is tough so I am going to make an alliance with her and then get rid of her when I don’t need her.

Chris through the loudspeaker : Campers you challeng will be starting now when I explain the rules.

Chris : Your challenge is hide and seek. Team Kinosewak will hide while Team Maskwak will seek and thouse campers who are already in the wood dont bother go back to your teammates and also this challenge is for 3 hours.

Chris : NOW GO!

[Conf ] Katrina : I always wanted to do this challenge when I was watching at home.

Sky : Whats our strategy?

Sarlote : Lets spilt up and look for one of the opposit teams members.

Scarlett : And since we are 9 and they are 12 one will have to find two.

Dave : Okay lets go no time to lose.

Camera switches.

Ally : So Rodney do you think they will find us here?

Rodney : No I hope so.

Rodney touches Ally’s shoulder and falls in love.


Ally with Rodney

Rodney : I like it when your eyes make my heart beat.

Ally : Okay, that was weird.

Topher : I found you love birds.

Ally : Dang it!

Ally : And dont call us that.

Topher : Okay sorry.

Chris through loudspeaker : 2 hours left.

Camera switches.

Dave : Hey Sky!

Sky : What are you doing here?

Dave : I’m here to help you.


Sky with Dave

Sky : We agreed we are spliting up.

Dave : Yeah, but I saw you and I had to go to you.

Sky sees someting.

Sky : Dave look is that?

Dave : It cant be.

Sky and Dave : Ezekiel.

Camera switches.

Aivija : This is a really nice view right Austin.

Austin : Totally.

Aivija : Look there’s Samey, lets hide.

Samey : I saw you Aivija and Austin.

Austin : Seriusly, we were doing so good.

Samey : I have to tell you something.

Austin : What?


Samey with Aivija and Austin

Samey : Be careful, Amy is evil she will do anything to eliminate you from the competition.

Aivija : Thanks for the help.

Camera switches.

Katrina : Do you think that we have a shot a winning?

Boxe : Of course I think that, why woudnt I?

Katrina : I dont know because I think everyone hates mostly Amy and Blaine.

Boxe : Dont worry we will get rid of them.

Katrina : Look there is something in front of us.

Boxe : Lets go check it out.

Camera switches.

Sky : Look something scared Ezekiel away.

Dave : It’s Katrina and Boxe.

Sky and Dave : We found you both.

Katrina and Boxe : Damn it!

Camera switches.

Blaine : Okay Amy we are far enough from the other lets talk about our plan.

[Conf] Blaine : I made an alliane with Amy so I could eliminate some people and then eliminate Amy.

Amy : Okay I think we should eliminate Rodney, he is totally useless.

Blaine : Not as useless as Austin.

Amy : Austin isnt useless he is a great singer and a dancer which will help in the future challenges if there are dancing and singing challenges.

Sarlote is listening the conversation.

Sarlote : Are they planning to eliminate Austin and Rodney? No it cant be I think its someone else.

Sarlote : I found you!

Blaine and Amy : AHHHHH!

Sarlote : Did I scare you?

Amy : Yeah.

Blaine : How much did you heard?

Sarlote : Heard what?

Amy : Nothing.

[Conf] Sarlote : I will just pretend I didnt hear that.

Sarlote : What are you looking at?

Sarlote turns around and sees Jasmine.

Sarlote : I found you Jasmine.

Jasmine : How did you know I was behind you.°

[Conf] Sarlote : I will now tell Jasmine thats its because of Amy and Blaine.

Sarlote : Amy and Blaine were looking at you very weirdly so I turned around.

Jasmine : Thanks teammates.

Chris through the loudspeaker : 30 minutes left.

Camera swithces.

Scarlett : Look theres Adam.

Max : Lets go.

Scarlett : We found you Adam.

Adam : Fine whatever leave me alone.

Max : You dont have to be so emo to us.

Adam : I dont really care about you two.

Chris through the loudspeaker : 20 minutes left.

Camera switches.

Shawn : Have you seen Jasmine?

Linda G : No I haven’t, but do you wanna hear something?

Shawn : Like what?

Linda G : You are out of the challenge.

Shawn : What why?

Linda G : I am from the other team.

Shawn : Dang it, I thought you’re Aivija.

Chris through the loudspeaker : 10 minutes left.

Camera switches

Aivija : I hope Sierra wins this for us.

Austin : Me too.

Camera switches.

Eva : Looks you are done Sierra.

Sierra : Really?

Eva : Yes and your team lost.

Sierra : Our first elimination really? This will be though.

Chris : Waneyihtam Maskwak finally won a challenge and I also forgot to mention that today was a double elimination.

Team Kinosewak is shocked.

At the elimination ceremony.

Chris : This is your first elimination ceremony now get voting.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marshmellows goes too Sierra, Shawn, Jasmine, Katrina, Boxe, Adam, Ally, Amy and Blaine.

The bottom 3 are Rodney, Aivija and Austin.

Chris : The last marshmellow goes too .......................












Aivja cheered.

Rodney and Austin : WHAT!?

Ally : Why Austin?

Austin : Its okay Ally, you have to win this for both us.

Rodney : And for me too.

Ally : Okay thats weird.

Austin and Ally kissed.

At the cannon of shame.


Rodney and Austin taking the cannon of shame

Chris : Any final words?

Rodney : Ally I –

Chris fires the cannon and interupted Rodney.

Chris : Guess we will never know.


Aivija and Samey switch teams

Chris : Since I want more drama I’m gonna switch Aivija and Samey with teams.

Samey : What no, I dont want to be with Amy.

Aivija : Please dont do this.

Chris : Too late you both are switched.

Camera fades out.

Episode 7 : Stop Ballooning Around

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. The challenge was hide and seek. Team Maskwak was seeking Team Kinosewak and in the end Team Maskwak won. At the elimination ceremony the bottom 3 was Aivija, Austin and Rodney, and Austin and Rodney got voted out due to being this a double elimination.

Aivija : Where are you guys going?

Sky : We are going to look for some food.


Aivija telling where the berries are

Aivija : When I was with Team Kinosewak we found berries right over there.

Dave : Aivija lead the way.

Aivija : Okay lets go.

Camera switches.

Amy : I cant believe you are our team now.

Samey : What it wasn’t my choice to be here.

Amy : And now thanks to you we will lose this next challenge too.

Samey : SHUT UP!  I will vote you off the first chance I get.


Samey mad at Amy

Amy : You and what army.

Samey : I atleast have friends who like me and who do not like you.

Amy : Whatever.

Chris through the loudspeaker : Campers meet by the junkyard.

Everyone at the junkyard.

Chris : Your challenge is to take many balloons as you can and throw at the other team, and friendly fire counts.

Shawn : This will be easy thanks to my hiding skills.

Eva : I will break your neck when I find you.

Topher : A little too far Eva.

Eva : Sorry.

Chris : Now go.

In the forest.


Dave & Sky

Dave : Hey Sky we should stick together.

Sky : Why?

Dave : I will look from behind you in the front.

Sky : Thats a great idea lets do it.

Camera switches.

Sierra : There’s Topher.

Sierra hits Topher.

Sierra : Got you.

Topher : Seriusly.

Sierra : Dont worry you can wash that out.

Sierra gets hit.

Sierra : Who was that?

Eva : It was me.

Sierra : How did you found me?

Eva : I followed the crazy sound.

Sierra : What was that supposed to mean?

Eva : Nothing.

Camera switches.

Katrina : Are you still sad about Austin?

Ally : Yes, I just wished that he could be here with me more.

Katrina : Dont worry maybe he will come back.

Ally : I doubt it.

Behind a bush.

Linda G : Look theres Ally and Katrina

Sarlote : Lets throw the balloons.

Linda G and Sarlote throw the balloons.

Katrina : What hit us.

Sarlote : We did

Linda G : Wait I heard something.

Linda G throws the balloon and hits Shawn.

Shawn : How did you know?

Linda G : I just heard you when you jumped from tree to tree.

Camera switches.

Boxe : Take this!

Sky : Seriusly we are out.

Adam : Of course you cant beat us.

Dave : Why would any one put itching powder.

Sky : Because Chris likes that stuff.

Boxe : Lets go find the other members.

Camera switches.

Max and Scarlett are hiding behind a bush.

Scarlett : Look there is Boxe and Adam.

Max : Lets throw the balloons.


Max & Scarlett

Scarlett : No wait. We should pop their balloons on them, but we need something that will pop them and tho shoot them.

Max : I have this bambo.

Scarlett : Where did you found this?

Max : On the island.

Scarlett : Thats very strange that its here.

Max shoots something sharp to pop the balloons.

Boxe : WHAT, who popped our balloons?


Adam & Boxe got hit by their own balloons

Adam : Who ever did this will pay.

Camera swithces.

Sarlote : Where is everyone?

Linda G : I know right.

Blaine throws two balloons.

Blaine : Got you both.

Linda G : Damn it.

Eva : Take this Blaine!

Eva hits Blaine with a balloons.

Blaine : There is no way Im out

Eva : Yes you are.

Aivja : I just ran here and thought you needed some help.

Eva : No I dont need help.

Jasmine, Samey and Amy throw balloons at Aivija and Eva.

Eva and Aivija : WHAT!?

Jasmine : We got you from above.

Eva : I hate losing.

Camera swithces.

Jasmine : Who is left?

Samey : I think Max and Scarlett.

Amy : Look they there are.

Jasmine throws the balloon and it hits only Max.

Max : We are getting shot from above.

Scarlett : I see them I will throw the balloon.

Scarlett missed and she is out of balloons.

Jasmine : Samey why dont you hit Scarlett.

Samey : Okay.

Amy : No I wanna do it.

Amy and Samey are fighting over the balloon and it pops on all 3 of them

Jasmine, Samey and Amy : NOOO!!!


Balloon popped

Amy : Samey I will get you eliminated at the elimination ceremony.

Chris through the loudspeaker : Team Maskwak win! Since Scarlett was the only one left she will have special reward that she can use during any future challenges.

Scarlett recieves her reward.

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marshmellows goes too Blaine, Boxe, Adam, Sierra, Shawn, Katrina, Ally and Jasmine.

The bottom two is Amy and Samey.

Chris : The last marshmellow goes too.........................











Amy : WHAT!? You all are traitors I was a better member than Samey.

At the cannon of shame.

Chris : Any final words?


Amy Eliminated

Amy : Yes I would like say that there is a backstabber on the team and—

Chris fires the cannon.

Chris : Guess we will never know.

Camera fades out.

Episode 8 : Aftermath I

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. Teams were given balloons to throw at the other team. In the end Waneyihtam Maskwak won. The bottom two was Amy and Samey, and in the end Amy was voted off.

Bridgette : Hi welcome to the aftermath. Im Bridgette.

Geoff : And Im Geoff.

Bridgette : And today we will have 6 special guests.

Geoff : And by special we mean the ones who got voted out from the show.

Cody : I really hope it’s not Sierra.

Gwen : Sierra didnt get voted off, dont you watch the show?

Cody : I have only watched the first two episodes I just currently dont have time.

Eris : Even I watched it and Im not even in that season.

Geoff : Okay stop talking its time to introduce our guest.

Bridgette : Our first guest is Spike.

Spike waves to the audience.

Bridgette : So Spike did you enjoy your time on Total Drama?

Spike : No.

Geoff : Why?

Spike : I was voted off first whats there to enjoy.

Jason : He is right, I was voted off first previous season  and that was very enjoying.

Geoff : Do you know why you got eliminated?

Spike : No and I dont care, are we done here?

Geoff : Yeah, sure take a seat now.

Jo : Bring out the next loser.

Noah (S3) : I have to say Jo that was kinda funny.

Ella : That was mean.

Nestor : This is not a fairytale Ella, so you better get use to it.

Geoff : Our next guest is Leonard.

Leonard waves to the audience.

Bridgette : So Leonard did you like being on Total Drama?

Leonard : Yes of course.

Geoff : What did you like?

Leonard : I liked that I tryed some new spells which helped.

Geoff : Okay.... Thanks Leonard.

Sugar : I love you wizard!

Anne Maria : You seriusly love him?

Sugar : Yeah, whats wrong with that?

Anne Maria : Well I rather love someone with a great body like Alejandro, Lightning or Justin.

Sugar : Whatever I dont need thouse losers.

Bridgette : Our next guest is Beardo.

Beardo waves to the audience.

Geoff : So Beardo why didnt you talk during your time on the island?

Beardo : It’s because im shy.

Scott : Atleast we know that Beardo does talk unlike B.

B looks disappointed.

Bridgette : Did you make any friends?

Beardo : I think so, I dont know.

Geoff : You can now take seat Beardo.

Bridgette : Our next guest is—

Blaineley : Austin and Rodney!

Bridgette : What are you doing here?

Blaineley : Im here to host show with you.

Bridgette : Fine whatever.

Blaineley : So did you enjoy your time?

Austin : Yeah, but Im miss Ally, I hope she wins.

Rodney : I miss her too and also Jasmine, Samey, Aivija.

Geoff : Did you think you could got further in the competition?

Austin : Yes, but its sad to be eliminated so fast from the competiton.

Geoff : You can now take a seat.

Blaineley : Our next guest it Amy.

Lightning : Yo thats the girl who got voted off over her twin sister.

Amy : Shut up muscle head.

Blaineley : Do you think you didnt desirve your elimination?

Amy : Of course I dont desirve I needed to stay.

Alejandro : I agree she needed to stay more.

Heather : Why do you agree, do you like her?

Alejandro : No, if she stayed a little longer there would be some big drama.

Heather : Your right.

Amy : See even Heather and Alejandro are saying that I needed to stay.

Bridgette : What are you looking forward to.

Amy : Getting Samey eliminated next.

Katie : Why do they hate each other?

Sadie : I know right, they are sisters they should be friends.

Debbie : Maybe something happened in their childhood.

DJ : Maybe it did.

Harold : But would it be their friendship would be fixed after all this time?

Leshawna : Harold baby dont look into their past what happened them thats their problem for now.

Heidi : Leshawnas right its not our buisness what happened.

Bridgette : That was the time we had for this aftermath, join us next time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island.

Camera fades out.

Episode 9 : You Wanna Get Back

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. Teams Were given balloons to throw at the other team. In the end Waneyihtam Maskwak won. The bottom two was Amy and Samey, and in the end Amy got voted off.

In the woods.

Samey : I can’t believe Amy is gone, Im so happy.

Jasmine : Now you can do what you want since Amy is gone.

Samey : I think we have enough berries for everyone.

Jasmine : You can go I will still look for more.

Samey leavs and Shawn arrives.

Shawn : Hey Jasmine.

Jasmine : What do you want?

Shawn : Jasmine, look, I am sorry what happened between us. I wish I could go back in time to fix everything.

Jasmine: Really?

Shawn: Yeah.

Jasmine: Okay, Shawn, I will forgive you this time, but if ever happens again then you better run.

Shawn: Okay.

[Conf] Shawn : YES!! Jasmine forgave me, I can’t believe this, Im so happy.

Both teams are eating berries and sudenlly Chef throws sleep gas and takes both teams are seperated into 3 teams 3 players each and taken to diffrent locations.

Max : Where are we?

Topher : What happened?

Scarlett : I think someone throwed sleep gas on us.

Chris (through loudspeaker) : Your challenge is to get back to your shelter and all members of the team need to get there. Good luck.

Camera switches.

Sky : Eva and Dave lets run. That way we can quicker and maybe win.

Eva : If we run than it will be easy since we both are atheletic except for Dave.

Dave : HEY! I may not be atheletic but I can still run really fast.

Sky : Okay lets run.

Camera switches.

Katrina : Okay, which way do we go?

Ally : I don’t know, maybe left?

Sierra: Sure lets go left, nothing can go wrong, I think

Katrina: Let’s hope you didnt jinx us.

Camera switches.

Linda G : This looks familiar.

Sarlote : What do you mean?

Aivija : I see what you mean.

Sarlote: Can you tell me already.

Aivija : Remeber in the first challenge we needed to collect junk to make a shelter?

Sarlote : Yeah.

Linda G : So this is this place, but only in the forest.

Sarlote: You’re right.

Aivija: Look there is even the tennis ball machine.

Sarlote: How can it be?

Linda G : I know right, these trees weren’t here before.

Aivija : This is so confusing.

Camera switches.

Blaine : This challenge is so stupid.

Adam : I know right.

Boxe : Are you guys coming? We have to be quick

Blaine and Adam : Yes we are.

Camera switches.


Sarlote : That was easy.

Aivija : And also short.

Chris (through loudspeaker) : Linda G, Sarlote and Aivija from Whaneyihtam Maskwak have made it to the shelter.

15 minutes later.

Katrina : We made it.

Sierra : I hope we aren’t last.

Chris (through loudspeaker) : Katrina, Sierra and Ally from Pimapotew Kinosewak have made it ot the shelter, and also Sky, Eva and Dave from Whaneyihtam Maskwak have also made it.

Camera switches.

Samey : Look there is the shelter.

Jasmine : Lets hurry

Shawn : Right behind you.

Chris (through loudspeaker) : Samey, Jasmine and Shawn from Pimapotew Kinosewak have made it ot the shelter and right behind them are also Boxe, Adam and Blaine, and that makes Pimapotew kinosewak the winners of this challenge.

Camera switches.

Max: This was riged, It was both of your foult that we lost.


At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marshmellows goes too Linda G, Sarlote, Aivija, Sky, Eva and Dave

The bottom three are Scarlett, Max and Topher.

Chris : The last two marshmellows goes too......................










Max : You will all pay for voting me off, mark my words, I will get my revenge

At the cannon of shame.

Chris : Max any last words.

Max : Have fun losing.

Chris fires the cannon.

Camera fades out.

Episode 10 : Truth Or Dare

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. Team needed to get back to their shelter. In the end Pimapotew Kinosewak won. At the elimination ceremony Scarlett, Max and Topher were the bottom 3, and Max got voted off.

Sky : Are you serious?

Linda G : Yes, the junk yard was in the same place but there were now trees.

Dave : Maybe there were trees and we didn’t noticed it.

Aivija : Maybe.

[Conf] Scarlett : It’s very interesting that something changed, I will have to research more about this.

Sierra : Look what I found.

Jasmine : DON’T EAT IT!

Jasmine knock out of Sierras hand.

Sierra : Why?

Jasmine : Its poisonus.

Sierra : How can you tell?

Samey : Umm... Sierra look at your hand.

Sierra : It’s red!? And it’s starts to itch.

Jasmine : I wonder why it’s even here, it shoudn’t be here at all.

Samey : That’s really strange is in it.

Chris (though the loud speaker) : Campers come to the two logs and you will begin your challenge.

1 hour later.

Chris : What took you so long?

Dave : You didn’t tell us where excatly were the two logs.

Chris : Again with the excuses.

Eva : Im gonna—

Sarlote : Eva keep your temper.

Eva : Fine.

Boxe : What’s our challenge Chris?

Chris : Your challenge is truth or dare and who ever doesn’t tell the truth or doesn’t complete challenge the whole team will be electrecuted.

Topher : WHAT, NO! It will ruin my hair.

Ally : Will it be high voltage?

Chris : I don’t know.

Chris laughs.

Katrina : I really don’t wanna die like this.

Blaine : Why you all are so weak? Pathetic.

Chris : On the screen you will see who is doing the truth or dare.

Screen shows Shawn.

Chris : Shawn you get a truth.

Shawn : Bring it on.

Chris : Who do you love?

Shawn : Jasmine of course.

Chris : Shawn gets a 1 point.

Jasmine : Aww, that’s sweet of you Shawn.

Screen shows Sky.

Chris : Sky you get a dare.

Sky : Alright, it coudn’t be that bad, right?

Chris : Sky you must kiss a person to your left.

Sky turns to see who that is and it’s Dave.

Dave : Okay let’s do this.


Sky and Dave are about to kiss

Sky and Dave are about to kiss, and sudenlly Sky burps.

Sky : Sorry Dave I burp when I get nervous.

Chris electrecuted Waneyihtam Maskwak.

Topher : MY HAIR, NO!

Eva : Stop being a baby, you loser.

Chris : Pimapotew Kinosewak lead the competition with 1 point.

Jasmine does her dare.


Jasmine does her dare

Dave tells the truth.

Sierra fails to do her dare.

Sarlote does her dare.

Boxe Does his dare.

Linda G tells the truth.

Adam fails his truth.


Scarlett does her dare

Scarlett does her dare.

After many rounds.

Chris : Since you both teams are tied up, we gonna do the final dare.

Adam : What’s the dare?

Chris : The player which will be chosen to participate will have to untie a knot from a bag and then will have to shock the other team to win.

The screen shows Eva and Sierra.

Chris gave them bags.

Chris : Now begin.

Sierra : This is really hard.

Eva : Tell me about it.

Sierra : I’m almost there.

Eva : YES! I got it open.

Eva shocks the other team.

Chris : Waneyihtam Maskwak win the challenge.

Waneyihtam Maskwak cheer.

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marshmellows goes too Shawn, Jasmine, Boxe, Katrina, Ally, Samey and Adam.

The bottom two is Sierra and Blaine.

Chris : The last marshmellow goes too...........................










Sierra : Looks like my time is up.


Sierra voted off

At the cannon of shame.

Chris : Any final words, Sierra?

Sierra : My time might me short but atleast I gonna be wit Cody again.

Chris fires the cannon.

Camera fades out.

Episode 11 : Tag You're It

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Pahkitew Island. The challenges was a truth or dare. In the end Waneyihtam Maskwak won. At the elimination cremony the bottom two was Blain and Sierra, and Sierra got voted off.

[Conf] Blain: It was so easy to convince the whole team to vote off Sierra, if they keep voting who I tell them then I will win this for sure.

Ally : It’s kinda sad without Sierra.

Katrina : I know right, now there isn’t who will know all the facts about Total Drama.

[Conf] Boxe: I know Sierra was great at challenges, but she kinda annoyed me with all the Total Drama facts.

Sky : Guys wake up, I brought you berrries to eat.

Dave : Thanks Sky, we appreciate it.

Chris (trough loudspeaker) : Listen up campers your challenge will begin in 1 minute.

Eva: WHAT!? We haven’t eaten yet.

Blaine : Yeah, whats the big idea?

Chris (trough loudspeaker) : Shut up! The challenge is tag, the last teammember to get cought by Chef will win immunity for their team. Now go!

Everyone starts to run away from Chef.

Sarlote : I think we need a plan.

Sky : Why don’t we run to the mountain?

Sarlote : Okay let’s go.

Aivija looks back.

Aivija : Look there’s Chef, let’s run.

[Conf] Linda G : I wonder why didn’t Sarlote run with me? Is Sky trying to make an alliance with her without me? I have to know.

Samey : Hi, Linda G.

Linda G : Hi Samey.

Samey : What’s wrong?

Linda G : It’s nothing.

Samey : I can see something is wrong.

Linda G : Okay, I think Sky is trying to steal my best friend Sarlote.

Samey : I’m sure it’s nothing that personal, I think it’s just in your head to think that.

Linda G : Maybe.

[Conf] Linda G : I will still keep an eye on Sky.

Chef : I got you Eva.

Eva : Damn it, I thought you won’t keep on with me.

Behind a bush.

Scarlett : So Eva got cought, so I know who I will vote for.

Chef coughts Scarlett.

Scarlett : NO!

[Conf] Scarlett : It’s all part of my plan to get rid of Eva, thanks to my reward from the balloon challenge. HA HA HA HA!

Shawn : I will hide in the trash, I doubt he will look for me here.

[Conf] Blaine : So Shawn is hidding in the trash, this will be fun. HA HA HA HA!

Blaine knocks over the trash can and run away.

Shawn : What the hell?

Shawn sees Chef and runs away from him.


Chef : I cought you dirt boy.

Shawn : I’m not a dirt boy and Scott from the first season is a dirt boy, that’s how Courtney named him.

Chef : Why do you know this?

Shawn : I don’t know.

[Conf] Shawn : Am I turining into Sierra?

Samey : I think we are safe.

Linda G : I hope so.

Chef : Not really.

Linda G and Samey : DANG IT!

Camera switches.

Boxe : Adam look is that Chef or Jasmine?

Adam : I don’t know.

???? : It’s Jasmine.

Boxe and Adam turned around.

Chef : I cought you.

Chris (trough loudspeaker) : Team Kinosewak has 4 members left while Team Maskwak has 5 members left.

Camera switches.

Jasmine : What we are losing? How?

Chef : Like this.

Jasmine : Seriusly.

Camera switches.

Aivija : We finally made it.

Sky : That was a long walk

Sarlote : I am really tired, can we rest?

Chef : Sure because I just cought you.

Aivija, Sky and Sarlote : NO!!!

Sky : How did you get up here so fast?

Chef : I took the escalator.

[Conf] Sky : Escalator, how does it work, something smells fishy.

Topher : Look Dave there’s Chef.

Dave : But something looks odd about him.

Topher : Like what?

Chef : That I just cought you and you lost the challenge.

Dave : Aw man.

Chris (trough loudspeaker) : Team Kinosewak win the challenge.

Katrina and Ally : YES!!

Back at the Team Maskwak shelter.

Sarlote : Who are we voting?

Linda G : Maybe Scarlett.

Sky : Why?

Dave : Yeah why?

Eva : Because she isn’t fit as all of us?

Aivija : That’s right.

Sky : Okay let’s vote off Scarlett

[Conf] Scarlett : I heard everything and now they will pay thanks to my reward. HAHAHAHAHAH!

At the elimination ceremony.

Chris : Campers go cast your votes.

Everyone voted.

Chris : Marshmellows goes too Topher, Dave, Aivija, Linda G, Sky and Sarlote

The bottom two is Scarlett and Eva

Chris : The last marshmellow goes too..................











Scarlett : I dont think so.

Eva : Why?

Scarlett : Chris I would like to use my reward that I earned.

Sky : What’s her reward?

Chris : Her reward is that she can save herself from elimination in exchange for two memebers that will be eliminated insted.


Chris : So Scarlett who are you going to pick?

Scarlett : I pick..........................









At the cannon of shame.


Chris : Any last words?

Eva : You will pay for choosing me

Aivija : I still don’t get why you choose meeeeeeeeeeee

Chris fired the cannon.

Camera fades out.


Rank Name Team Episode Eliminated In Team Status
24th Spike Waneyihtam Maskwak

1st voted out in

Episode 3

23rd Leonard Waneyihtam Maskwak

2nd voted out in

Episode 4

22nd Beardo Waneyihtam Maskwak

3rd voted out in

Episode 5

20th/21st Rodney Pimapotew Kinosewak

4th/5th voted out in

Episode 6

20th/21st Austin Pimapotew Kinosewak

4th/5th voted out in

Episode 6

19th Amy Pimapotew Kinosewak

6th voted out in

Episode 7

18th Max Waneyihtam Maskwak

7th voted out in

Episode 9

17th Sierra Pimapotew Kinosewak

8th voted out in

Episode 10

15th/16th Eva Waneyihtam Maskwak

9th/10th eliminated in

Episode 11

15th/16th Aivija Waneyihtam Maskwak

9th/10th eliminated in

Episode 11


Episode  Winners
Episode 1 None
Episode 2 None
Episode 3 Pimapotew Kinosewak
Episode 4 Pimapotew Kinosewak
Episode 5 Pimapotew Kinosewak
Episode 6 Waneyihtam Maskwak
Episode 7 Waneyihtam Maskwak
Episode 8 None
Episode 9 Pimapotew Kinosewak
Episode 10 Waneyihtam Maskwak
Episode 11 Pimapotew Kinosewak


Episode Cameo
Episode 1 None
Episode 2 None
Episode 3 None
Episode 4 None
Episode 5 None
Episode 6 Ezekiel
Episode 7 None
Episode 8 Everyone from the previous 3 seasons
Episode 9 None
Episode 10 None
Episode 11 None

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