Total Drama : Back In The Action
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Reality TV/Comedy/Animation
The Crimson Eagles, The Supernatural Animals, The Amazon Warriors, The Golden Victory
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This season we are in abandoned film lot. This season will have 24 character whic will be new and old players competing for 1 million dollars. The challenges will be very diffrent. There Will Be 27 Episodes.  The Eliminations will be diffrent in some episodes.

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The Cast

From Left to Right : Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Alejandro, Bridgette, Trent, Geoff, Dawn, Scott, Lightning, Mike, Zoey, B, Cameron, Sam, Jacky, CJ, Vitor, Cindy, Aphrodite, Cher, Jaycee, Willow


The Crimson Eagles The Golden Victory The Amazon Warriors The Supernatural Animals
Alejandro Cindy Courtney CJ
Vitor Lightning Jacky Duncan
Aphrodite Willow Cher Jaycee
Sam B Mike Dawn
Scott Gwen Zoey Cameron
Geoff Trent Heather Bridgette


Number In Series Number In Season Title Date In Latvia
1 1 Welcome Cast August 4th, 2013
2 2 A-Maze-In Adventure August 6th, 2013
3 3 Trivia Questions August 11th, 2013
4 4 Staying Awake Is Better Than Sleeping August 14th, 2013
5 5 They Won But One Of They're Members Don't Know That August 22nd, 2013
6 6 Hide, Seek, Timelimit August 31st, 2013
7 7 Aftermath I September 8th, 2013
8 8 Wreck N Play

September 14th, 2013

9 9 Thats So Brrr September 22nd, 2013
10 10 Find The Code September 29th, 2013
11 11 Aftermath II October 5th, 2013
12 12 Treasure Train October 14th, 2013
13 13 Sub-Danger Marine

October 20th, 2013

14 14 Prison Team-Up October 26th, 2013
15 15 Slender Man Part 1 November 1st, 2013
16 16 Slender Man Part 2 November 10th, 2013
17 17 Slender Man Part 3 November 16th, 2013
18 18 Slender Man Part 4 November 19th, 2013
19 19 Antagonist Rises November 22nd, 2013
20 20 Space And The Smallest Space November 26th, 2013
21 21 The Obstacle Course November 29th, 2013
22 22 Aftermath III November 30th, 2013
23 23 Save The Prince And The Princess December 2nd, 2013
24 24 Monster Chef December 9th, 2013
25 25 Animal Buddy Challenge December 15th, 2013
26 26 Aftermath IV December 16th, 2013
27 27 Season FInale : Zoey Vs Cindy January 5th, 2014

Episode 1 : Welcome Cast

camera fades in

‘’Hi I am Chris McLean and I’m the host of Total Drama Back In The Action. In this season we will have 24 players competing for 1 million dollars. Some challenges wont be based on movie genres but the challenges will be suprising. The elimination will be somehow diffrent in episodes’’.  Chris Explained

‘’Now lets meet our first 8 players from the 1st generation’’. Chris said

Buss arrives

‘’ Lets meet Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Bridgette, Geoff, Alejandro, Heather, Trent! Chris shouted

‘’ I’m back and I am going all the way to the top’’. Courtney said

‘’ Oh man, we are back at this film lot again’’. Duncan said

‘’Yes, but some challenges wont be movie based on genres’’. Chris explained

‘’ Well thats a good thing, I think’’. Gwen said

‘’ I am so happy to be back in the competition with my boyfriend’’. Bridgette said

‘’ I am happy to Bridgey Bear’’. Geoff said and Bridgette started to make out with him.

‘’ Okay’’. Chris said ackwardly

‘’ I am back to win again’’. Alejandro said

‘’ Your not going to win, I am’’. Heather said

Courtney, Duncan and Gwen glared angry at them.

‘’Now lets meet our last 1st generation player, Trent’’. Chris said

‘’ Hey Chris good to be back competing’’. Trent said

‘’ Now lets meet our 2nd generation players’’ Chris said

Buss arrives

‘’Please welcome Dawn, Zoey, Lightning, Scott, Mike,Sam, B, Cameron. Chris introduced

‘’ from the 1st generation players some auras are evil’’. Dawn said

‘’ I am so glad to be back on Total Drama, this is awsome’’. Zoey said out of excitment

‘’ Lightning is here to win again, sha-bam’’. Lightning said

‘’ I cant wait to be in the same team as Zoey’’. Mike said

‘’Thats if you could make it’’. Chris said

‘’ What do you mean’’? Mike asked

‘’ You will see later’’. Chris said

‘’ Yes, I beat Sonic’s story in Sonic Rush, now I have to beat Blaze’s story’’! Sam excited said

B comes out of the buss  and doesnt say anything

‘’ Yes, I am back but I hope I dont get eliminated first’’. Cameron worried said

‘’Finnaly that all of us’’. Courtney said

‘’No not yet’’. Chris said

‘’ Why’’? Courtney asked

‘’ Now I will introduce 8 new characters and some of you might know them’’. Chris said

‘’ What’’ !? Everyone yelled

Everyone looking at the bus shocked and thinking who will come out of the bus.

‘’ Now let’s meet Cher, Jacky, CJ, Vitor, Cindy, Jaycee, Aphrodite and willow’’. Chris said

‘’I am so glad to be here .Cher said

‘’ No not she‘’ . Jacky said

‘’Nice to see you again Jacky‘’ . Courtney said

‘’What Scott to‘’.CJ said

‘’ Your going down CJ‘’. Scott angry said

‘’ So we're in the film lot, will the challenges be based on movie genres‘’? Vitor asked

‘’ Some will be some will not‘’. Chris said

‘’Ok‘’. Vitor said

‘’I am glad to be back competing maybe I will make some new friends‘’. Cindy said

‘’Or enemies‘’. Alejandro said

‘’If me and you are in the same team then you will totaly be eliminated first‘’.Cindy said

‘’I woude like to see you try‘’. Alejandro said

‘’Ok‘’.Cindy said

‘’Shut up! Chris yelled ‘’ We still have 3 players introduced‘’ Chris said

‘’I am glad to be back competing, arent you Aphrodite‘’? Jaycee asked

‘’ No, because there are men and I hate men‘’ Aphrodite said

‘’Here is our last player, Willow‘’! Chris introduced

‘’ Hey‘’. Willow said

‘’You wont show any emotions for being back on the show? Cher asked

‘’I have problems with emotions but mostly I dont have any‘’ Willow said

‘’Ok, stop talking‘’. Chris said

‘’Why‘’? Everyone asked

‘’Because our time for the first episode has ended so your first challenge will be in the next episode‘’. Chris said

‘’ See you next episode of Total Drama Back In The Action‘’ Chris said

Camera fades out

Episode 2 : A-Maze-In Adventure

Camera fade in

‘’Ok cast follow me to the set of our first challenge’’.Chris said

‘’But we arent in teams yet’’.Mike said

‘’I will explain later why you all arent in teams yet’’.Chris said

Everyone walks to the unknow set where will be the first challenge.

‘’Is this the set’’?Cher asked

‘’Yes it is’’.Chris said ‘’Your first and only challenge is to go in to one of thous doors and find the exit, once you find it go outside and wait for players and I almost forgot the challenge will make the teams and there are some traps too’’.Chris explained

‘’So thous 24 doors that are there is one for each of us’’? Vitor asked

‘’Thats right and when you walk in there will be huge maze and in the maze you can meet other players’’Chris said ‘’ 

‘’But you said that each one of us have 1 door’’.Bridgette said

‘’Each one of you start from diffrent places in the same maze’’.Chris explained ‘’Now go’’! Chris said

Everyone walked in and started looking for the exit. After 30 minutes Jacky met Dawn

‘’Hey Dawn, have you seen CJ’’.Jacky asked

‘’No not yet’’.Dawn said

‘’Do you wanna help me find him’’? Jacky asked

‘’Sure’’.Dawn accepted

‘’Lets go’’.Jacky said

Both girls went to find CJ.

Cher walks in the maze when suddenly she fall down in a trap.

‘’Ughh, what I fell in to a trap, Help’’!Cher yelled

Courtney heard some one yelling and went to see.

‘’Are you alright’’Courtney asked

‘’Yeah, can you get me out of here’’.Cher said

Courtney got out Cher from the trap and Cher saw Vitor. Courtney and Cher went to Vitor.

‘’Hey Vitor, wanna team up with me and Courtney to find the exit’’?Cher asked

‘’Sure, lets go’’.Vitor said

Vitor, Cher and Courtney went to find the exit. 

‘’I have walked here for an hour and I havent find the exit or any of the players’’Jaycee said

After another long walk Jaycee met Aphrodite.

‘’Hey Aphrodite’’. Jaycee said

‘’Hey Jaycee, lets stick together’’.Aphrodite said

‘’So we coude be in the same team’’?Jaycee asked

‘’Yes’’.Willow said

‘’Willow’’!?!? Aphrodite and Jaycee said

‘’So do you wanna stay here or look for the exit’’?Willow asked

‘’Look for the exit’’.Jaycee said

‘’Then lets go’’.Willow said

After another hour Alejandro saw somthing

‘’Wait is that, yes the exit’’Alejandro said°

‘’Congratulations Alejandro, your the first one out and you are the leader of team 1’’Chris said

When Alejandro arrived the set changed and some players are lost from they’re friends

‘’What just happened’’?CJ asked

‘’I think somthing changed in the maze’’.Bridgette said ‘’But where is Geoff he was with us’’?Bridgette said

‘’He is on the other side of the maze’’CJ said

‘’Lets go meet him there’’.Bridgette said 

‘’We can’t because we dont know how to get there and because some paths changed’’CJ said

CJ and Bridgette went to find the exit.

‘’Wait is that exit’’?Geoff said ‘’ Yes I am out’’.Geoff said

‘’Congratulations Geoff you are on team 1 with Alejandro’’Chris said

‘’Nooooo, I dont wanna be with him’’Geoff said

‘’Sorry Geoff there wont be a team switch so you will be in the same team as Alejandro until he or you get eliminated’’.Chris said

‘’Yes we made it Scott’’.Sam said

‘’Great’’.Scott said

‘’You both are on team 1’’.Chris said

‘’Cool’’.Sam said

Meanwhile in the maze.

‘’Courtney, Cher where are you’’?Vitor said

‘’Ok Cher since we cant get through that wall lets go right’’Courtney said

‘’Why right’’? Cher asked

‘’Because I am a CIT I know where to go’’.Courtney said

‘’Ok lets go right’’.Cher said

Camera switches to Vitor.

‘’Hey Aphrodite,do you wanna work togeather’’?Vitor asked

Aphrodite slaped Vitor

‘’What was that for’’?Vitor asked

‘’I hate men thats why I slapped you’’.Aphrodite said

‘’But still wanna worl togeather’’? Vitor asked

‘’No, bye’’.Aphrodite said

After 20 minutes Aphrodite came out of the maze and behind her Vitor.

‘’Aphrodite and Vitor your on team 1’’.Chris said

‘’what I am the first girl out, I dont wanna be in a team where there are more males than females,will there be a team switch’’?Aphrodite asked

‘’Sorry Aphrodite but there wont be a team switch’’ Chris said

‘’Fine’’.Aphrodite said

Meanwhile in the maze.

‘’I can feel that we are close to the exit’’Cindy said

‘’How do you know that’’? Gwen asked

‘’I can feel the wind flowing’’ 

‘’Ok show us the way’’.Trent said

‘’Sha-Bam lets go’’.Lightning said

After 30 minutes Trent, B, Cindy, Lightning and Gwen  came out of the maze

‘’Congratulations you 5 are in team 2’’Chris said

‘’Team 2’’? Cindy asked

‘’Yes, this season we will have 4 teams’’.Chris said

After a while Willow came out 

‘’Willow your on team 2’’.Chris said

‘’Fine whatever’’.Willow said

12 players are still in the maze and after a while Courtney and Cher came out.

’’ Yes, we made it’’.Cher said

’’Finnaly’’.Courtney said

’’You both will be in team 3’’.Chris said

After 10 minutes Zoey and Mike made it out.

’’You both are on team 3’’.Chris said

’’Wow Mike we are on the same team again’’.Zoey said

’’Its totaly good’’.Mike said

Meanwhile in the maze.

’’I will never find the exit in this stupid maze’’Heather said

’’Hey Heather did you find CJ’’? Jacky asked

’’No, your the first one that I met’’.Heather said

Suddenly Dawn,Cameron, Bridgette came.

’’Do any of you have seen CJ’’?Jacky asked

’’I saw’’.Cameron said

’’Where’’?Jacky asked

’’He was behind us when suddenly the walls closed behind us’’.Cameron said

’’Hey do you see that light it must be the exit’’.Bridgette said

Everyone one ran to the exit and the first two are out Jacky and Heather and behinf them Dawn, Cameron and Bridgette.

’’Jacky and Heather your on team 3 and your team leader is Courtney’’.Chris said

’’What’’!?Heather said

’’Why’’?Jacky asked

’’Like Alejandro, Trent and Dawn she was the first one out’’.Chris explained

In the maze CJ is walking with Jaycee and Duncan to find the exit.

’’Ok we have 3 paths whic one we shoude take’’?CJ asked

’’I think we shoude take the left path’’.Jaycee said

’’No, we will take the right path’’.Duncan

’’Ok’’.CJ and Jaycee said

After 15 minutes Duncan, CJ and Jaycee came out from the maze.

’’You 3 are on team 4 with Cameron, Dawn and Bridgette’’.Chris said

’’Ok now you will pick your team names and after that we will end the episode’’.Chris said

’’Team 1 what is your team name’’?Chris asked

’’Our team name is The Crimson Eagles’’.Alejandro, Vitor, Aphrodite, Geoff, Sam, Scott said

’’Team 2’’?Chris asked

’’We are The Golden Victory’’.Cindy, B, Lightning, Willow, Gwen, Trent said

’’Team 3’’?Chris asked

’’We are The Amazon Warriors’’. Courtney, Jacky, Cher, Heather, Zoey, Mike said

’’Team 4’’?Chris asked

’’We are The Supernatural Animals’’. Dawn, Bridgette, Duncan, CJ, Cameron, Jaycee said

’’Ok that was the time for Episode 2 we will see you next time on Total Drama Back In The Action’’.Chris singed off

Camera fades out.

Episode 3 : Trivia Questions

Camera fade in

Last time on Total Drama : Back In The Action. We had a maze challenge and there where traps which we didnt see all. While doing the challenge 4 teams whore formed with teams names The Crimson Eagles, The Amazon Warriors, The Supernatural Animals and The Golden Victory.

Everyone is awake and eating breakfast in the craft tent.

‘’I wonder what will be this episodes challenge’’?Zoey asks

‘’Who cares, as long I win the million dollars’’.Heather said

‘’Who says you will win’’.Cher said

‘’I said that you little girl’’.Heather said

‘’Dont talk to my friend like that’’.Courtney said

‘’You two are friends, how lame’’.Heather said

Chris came in to the craft tent to tell everyone somthing.

‘’So did you finish breaksfast’’?Chris asks

‘’No’’.Scott said

‘’Great you all are ready for your 2nd challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Meet me at the game show set’’.Chris said

Everyone walked to the game show set.

‘’Whats our Challenge’’?Jacky asked

‘’You will have to answer trivia questions about Total Drama and the team with most points win immunity and a reward 2nd and 3rd team also gets immunity but with no reward but the 4th loswest score gets to go to the elimination ceremony’’.Chris explained the challenge

‘’For the 1st trivia question will compete Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette and Alejandro’’.Chris said

‘’The first question: Who was the first player that arrived from season 1 and season 4 to the island’’?Chris asked

Bridgette buzzed her button first and said.

‘’It was Beth in season 1 and Dawn in season 4’’.Bridgette said

‘’Thats correct, 1 point for The Supernatural Animals’’.Chris said

‘’For the 2nd question will compete Heather, Trent, Duncan, and Geoff’’.Chris said

‘’Who was eliminated in Total Dram Island episode 8’’.Chris said

‘’Who cares about that’’.Heather said

‘’You dont know, its Izzy’’ Trent said

‘’1 point for The Golden Victory’’.Chris said

‘’For the 3rd question we have competing B, Mike, Dawn and Sam’’. Chris said

‘’Who was the firs player cheated out in Total Drama’’.Chris said

‘’It was Courtney’’.Mike said

‘’Thats correct 1 point for The Amazon Warriors’’.Chris said

‘’For the next question will compete Zoey, Scott, Lightning and Cameron’’.Chris said

‘’Who was the first player to pick who goes home next’’.Chris said

‘’Thats easy it was me’’.Scott said

‘’1 point for The Crimson Eagles’’.Chris said

‘’For the next question will compete Cher, Vitor, CJ and Cindy.’’Chris said

‘’Which player accidently voted them slef off’’.Chris said

‘’It was Lindsay’’. Vitor said

‘’2nd point for The Crimson Eagles’’.Chris said

‘’For the next question will compete Jacky, Jaycee, Aphrodite and Willow’’.Chris said

‘’Who was the 1st player voted off ever’’.Chris said

‘’It was Ezekiel’’.Jacky said

‘’2nd point for The Amazon Warriors’’.Chris said

‘’We have 2 questions left for this one will compete Bridgette, Mike and Scott.’’Chris said

‘’Which female was voted off first twice’’.Chris said

‘’It was me’’.Bridgette said

‘’2nd point for The Supernatural Animals’’.Chris said

‘’For our final question will compete Jacky, Vitor and Trent’’.Chris said

‘’For whic player I was rooting for in Total Drama World Tour’’.Chris said

‘’Was it Heather’’?Jacky asked

‘’Or Lindsay’’?Vitor said

‘’Or Gwen’’?Trent said

‘’The correct answer was Lindsay that means The Crimson Eagles win immunity and reward, and since The Golden Victory only got 1 point they will face they’re first elimination, I will see you at the gilded Chris tonight’’.Chris said

Cindy, Lightning and Willow at the Golden Victorys trailer

‘’I cant believe we lost’’.Cindy said

‘’Lightning will vote off B’’Lightning said

‘’Because he can’t talk’’?Alejandro asked

‘’Yes’’.Lightning said

‘’Ok I will vote with you’’. Willow said

‘’What are you doing any way Alejandro’’?Cindy asked

‘’I want to talk to Lightning alone’’.Alejandro said

Alejandro and Lighting went to talk alone meanwhile Duncan is talking with Gwen, Dawn, Aphrodite, Jaycee, Cameron, Sam, CJ and Geoff.

‘’Who are you voting Gwen’’?Duncan asked

‘’I dont know yet’’.Gwen said

‘’I think you will make the right choice’’.Dawn said

‘’And your choice better be a male player’’.Aphrodite said

‘’Why, do you hate the male players in that team’’?Cameron asked

‘’No, she just hates men thats all’’.Jaycee said

‘’Who woude you vote off CJ if your team lost the challenge’’?Geoff asked

‘’I think I woude vote off the one who lost the challenge’’.CJ said

‘’If Duncan lost the challenge you woude vote him off right’’?Sam asked

‘’Yes’’.CJ said

At The Gilded Chris.

‘’This is your first elimination Golden Victory on your devices you will see your team member touch the screen to vote someone off’’.Chris said

The Golden Victory voted.

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Gwen, Trent, Cindy and Willow’’.Chris said ‘’And the final Gilded Chris goes to..................................................................................’’Chris said

‘’Lighting’’!Chris said

‘’Sorry B you have been voted off now go to the lame-o-shine’’Chris said

B got in the lame-o-shine and left.

‘’What will happen to our cast next find out next time on Total Drama: Back In The Action’’.Chris singed off

Camera fades out.

Episode 4 : Staying Awake Is Better Than Sleeping

Camera fades in

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Acton. We finnaly had our first elimination challenge. Challenge was about trivia questions in the end The Golden Victory lost and The Crimson Eagles won. At the elimination ceremony B was voted out.

At the craft servece tent.

‘’I still cant belive we lost the challenge’’.Cindy said

‘’I think we will win this challenge if we are lucky’’.Gwen said

‘’Maybe your right Gwen’’.Trent

‘’Lightning doesnt need luck, Lightning needs only strenght’’.Lightning said

‘’Even with your strenght you cant win a challenge’’.Willow said

Chris come in.

‘’Are you ready for your next challenge’’?Chris asked

‘’No’’!Everyone said

‘’Great, your challenge will be one of the past season challenge’’.Chris said

‘’What is the challenge’’?Heather asked

‘’The challenge will be the Awake-A-Thon and the last player standing wins for they’re team’’.Explained

‘’I hated this challenge’’.Courtney said

‘’Because you lost and I won’’.Gwen said

‘’Shut up’’!Courtney said

‘’Where will do the challenge’’?Bridgette asked

‘’Here in the craft servece tent’’.Chris said ‘’Now lets begin the challenge’’.

‘’And I almost forgot, sam give me all your handheld consoles’’.Chris said

‘’Why’’?Sam asked

‘’Because that will make you bored like everyone else in the challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Here’’.Sam said

3 hours have passed and Sam, Bridgette, Cameron, Geoff, Willow, Lightning, Zoey and Mike have passed asleep.

‘’7 player have already fallen asleep’’.Jacky said

‘’I know right this challenge coude be easy for us’’.Cher said

Alejandro and Scott are talking about somthing.

‘’Alejandro I know we are enemies but lets make an alliance’’.Scott said

‘’Why’’?Alejandro asked

‘’Because we are the strongest players in the game we both can totaly dominate the game and make it to the final 2’’.Scott said

Camera switches to Dawn, Jaycee, Aphoridte, CJ, Duncan, Vitor, Jacky, Cher, Cindy.

‘’Ok I am in the alliance’’.Alejandro said

‘’What are you doing Dawn’’?Jaycee asked

‘’I am reading my tea leafs’’.Dawn said

‘’What does it say’’?Aphrodite asked

‘’It says that there will be a great darkness’’.Dawn said

‘’Will during a challenge’’?CJ asked

‘’Yes’’.Dawn said

‘’Do you see anything else’’?Vitor asked

‘’Yes, it says that during that great darkness dont look back’’.Dawn said

‘’Dont look back, why’’?Jacky asked

‘’Oh c’mon she is just making this up’’.Duncan said

‘’Why woude she make this stuff up’’.Cher said

‘’There is no way that she has supernatural powers’’.Duncan said

‘’Actualy she has supernatural powers, didnt you watched Total Drama Revenge Of The Island’’?Cindy asked

‘’No’’.Duncan said

After 10 hours Heather, Courtney, Trent, Vitor, Aphrodite, CJ and Jaycee fall asleep.

‘’You eight are left so I will make it harder to you to stay awake’’Chris said ‘’I will play special sleep music’’.

Music plays.

After 10 minutes Gwen,Duncan,Cher and Alejandro fall asleep.

Another hour passed and Scott has fallen asleep.

‘’We have our losers The Crimson Eagles’’.Chris said

And when Chris said that Dawn and Jacky falled asleep.

‘’Cindy won the challenge for her team’’.Chris said ‘’And since you are the last one stadning at your next elimination ceremony you will have immunity so that means your team members cant vote you out’’.

‘’Yes’’!Cindy excitedly said

Zoey, Mike, Cameron and Geoff wake up.

‘’Who won the challenge’’?Zoey asked

‘’The Golden Victory’’.Chris said

‘’Did we lose’’?Mike asked

‘’No, The Crimson Eagles lost’’.Chris said

‘’Seriusly we lost’’.Geoff said

‘’Well atlest my team didnt lose’’.Cameron said

At the elimination ceremony.

This is your first elimination ceremony and now lets see the votes.

The Crimson Eagles voted.

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Vitor, Aphrodite, Alejandro, Geoff’’.Chris said

‘’The bottom two is Scott and Sam, the last Gilded Chris goes to .....................................................



Scott.’’Chris said

‘’Sam you are voted out’’.Chris said

Sam left and got in the Lame-O-Shine

‘’Our plan worked voting out Sam’’.Scott said

‘’I wonder who was the 3 voter’’.Alejandro said

In the Lame-O-Shine.

‘’Its lame being 2nd voted out but atleast I will be Dakota again’’.Sam said

Camera fades out

Episode 5 : They Won But One Of They're Members Don't Know That

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. We had one of our past challenges the Awake-A-Thon.  In the end The Golden Victory won while The Amazon Warriors and The Supernatural Animals came in 3rd and 4th place but to the elimination ceremony was send The Crimson Eagles. At the elimination ceremony Sam was voted out by Alejandro and Scott and one myster player.

At night time.

‘’Where is Chris, he told us to meet him here at the Lame-O-Sine’’.Jaycee said

‘’Hes Comming’’.Dawn said

Chris arrives.

‘’Are you ready for not so big news’’?Chris asked

‘’Just tell us already’’.Heather annoyed said


Lindsay Cameos

‘’Please welcome our classic Total Drama player, Lindsay’’!Chris introduced

‘’Hey’’!Lindsay said

‘’Will she compete in this season too’’?Jacky asked

‘’No, she will be a judge in tomorrows challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Can you tell us the challenge what will be’’?Vitor asked

‘’The challenge will be a talant challenge’’.Chris said

‘’How many team members can participate in that challenge’’?Cindy asked

‘’Only 1 member’’.Chris said

Everyone looked shocked.

‘’Now go to sleep and Lindsay you will also sleep in the trailer.Chris said

‘’where is the trailer’’?Lindsay asked

‘’Just go where the other girls are going’’.Chris said

Lindsay went to the trailer.

The next moring. Everyone has already waken up and all 4 teams went to discuss who will go on stage.

‘’Who are we going to pick’’?Mike asked

‘’Obviosly me’’.Heather said

‘’No, me, I have more talant then you Heather’’.Courtney said

‘’Wanna bet’’.Heather said

Heather and Courtney are glairing while Zoey interupts.

‘’Both of you stop it’’.Zoey said

‘’Who do you suggest Zoey’’?Heather asked

‘’I think we shoude draw straws the shortes one will go on stage’’.Zoey said

‘’Ok that works’’.Jacky said

The Amazon Warriors draw starws.

‘’What I got the tallest’’.Heather said

‘’Me to’’.Courtney, Zoey, Mike, Jacky said

‘’I got the shortes’’.Cher said

‘’Whats your talant’’?Heather asked

‘’I will dance and my dancing will be cool’’.Cher said

‘’If we lose thanks to you I am so voting you off’’.Heather said

The Supernatural Animals disscus.

‘’Who is going to participate in the challenge’’?Cameron asked

‘’You can take me out of the list’’.Duncan said

‘’I woude like to be in the challenge I can stand on my hand for 20 minutes’’.Bridgette said

‘’I nomminate Bridgette’’.CJ said

‘’Me to’’.Jaycee, Cameron, Dawn said

The Golden Vicotry disscus.

‘’Who goes’’?Cindy asked

‘’I think Lightning shoude go’’.Willow said

‘’Why’’?Cindy asked

‘’Because if we lose I can eliminate him’’.Willow said

‘’Sha-Please Lightning will eliminate you’’.Lightning said

‘’I know who shoude go’’.Gwen said

‘’Who’’?Trent asked

‘’You, because your a great musican and you can sing one your songs and thanks to you we will win’’.Gwen said

‘’Ok’’.Trent said

‘’So does everyone agree’’?Gwen asked

‘’Yes’’.Willow, Cindy, Lightning said

The Crimson Eagles disscus’

‘’Ok I will compete in the challenge’’.Alejandro said

‘’Why you’’?Geoff said

‘’Because I am flexable’’.Alejandro said

‘’What do you think Aphrodite’’?Scott asked

‘’I dont care I hate you all’’.Aphordite said

‘’Ok you Vitor’’?Scott asked

‘’Ok fine’’.

‘’So have you chosen your members’’?Chris asked

‘’Yes’’.Everyone said

‘’The Amazon Warriors who did you pick’’?Chris asked

‘’Cher’’.Courtney said

‘’The Supernatural Animals’’?Chris asked

‘’Bridgette’’CJ said

‘’The Golden Victory’’?Chris asked

‘’Trent’’.Gwen said

‘’And The Crimson Eagle’’?Chris asked

‘’Alejandro’’.Scott said

‘’Ok first up is Trent then Cher, Alejandro and Bridgette’’.Chris said

Trent came up and started to sing his song.

Cher comes up and starts dancing.


Cher Dances

Alejandro comes up and he shows how flexable he is.

Bridgette comes up and stand on her hands for 20 minutes.

‘’Me and Lindsay will now judge and you all will know the results later’’.Chris said

Courtney, Jacky, Mike and Zoey talking.

‘’If we lose we dont vote off Cher’’.Courtney said

‘’Why’’?Jacky asked

‘’Because Heather is evil she will do anything to win or eliminate us’’.Courtney said

‘’Ok’’.Jacky,Mike and Zoey said

Mike, Zoey, Jacky and Courtney form an alliance and they put they’re hands and Cher comes and asked them somthing.

‘’What are you all talking about’’.Cher asked 


Zoey,Jacky,Cher, Courtney and Mike form an alliance

‘’We whore talking about if we lose we will vote off Heather and do you wanna be in our alliance’’?Courtney asked

‘’Sure’’.Cher said

Cher put her hand.

When everyone left Scott put a trap which was for Cher before the talant challenge and Cher triped and fell in to a hole and from that trap she got really bad hurt and Chris took her to the hospital.

After 3 hours.

‘’Ok cast the results are in’’.Chris said

‘’First place goes to The Amazon Warriors’’Lindsay said

‘’Second for The Golden Victory’’.Lindsay said

‘’Third for The Crimson Eagles’’.Lindsay said

‘’So The Supernatural Animals lose’’!Chris said

‘’I will meet you at the elimination ceremony tonight’’.Chris said

Courtney, Mike, Zoey, Jacky went to Chris

‘’Is Cher ok’’?Zoey asked

‘Yes but she is still injured’’.Chris said

‘’But she will be back in the competition right’’?Courtney asked

‘’I dont know yet’’.Chris said

‘’Can you tell us when the doctor will call’’?Jacky asked

‘’The doctor will call like in 1 hour’’.Chris said

‘’When he calls you tell us what he said’’.Mike said

‘’Ok  no go away I have to host the elimination ceremony’’.Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’This is you first elimination now lets see the votes’’.Chris said

‘’Gilded Chris goes to CJ, Dawn and Bridgette’’.Chris said

‘’I am shocked because you didnt vote off Bridgette for losing the challenge’’.


The Elimination and bottom 3

The bottom three are Jaycee, Cameron and Duncan. 

‘’The final 2 Gilded Chris goes to............................................................




‘’Duncan and Jaycee’’.Chris said

‘’Sorry Cameron you are voted out’’.Chris said

Cameron got in the Lame-O-Sine with Lindsay.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Are sad that you lost’’?Lindsay asked

‘’No I already won Revenge Of The Island I am happy’’.Cameron said

Who will win the next challenge and will happen to Cher find out in the next episode of Total Drama Back In The Action.

Camera fades out.

Episode 6 : Hide, Seek, Timelimit

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. 4 teams needed to pick one teammember to compete in a talant challenge. After the challenge Cher was sent to the hospital thanks to Scott In the end The Amazon Warriors won but they’re member Cher doesnt know that. Will Cher come back from the hospital to compete in this season find out in this episode of Total Drama Back In The Action.

‘’Listen up cast,  I have an announcement’’.Chris said

‘’Oh great’’.Heather said

Lame-O-sine’s dooe opens.

‘’Cher is back from the hospital’’.Chris said

‘’Crap’’.Scott said

‘’The one who put the trap last episode will pay’’.Cher said

‘’Enough talking let me explain the challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Your challenge is from a past season hide and seek’’

‘’3 teams will hide and 1 team will seek with a timelimit’’.Chris explained

‘’Whic teams will hide’’?Courtney asked

‘’Since The Supernatural Animals lost they will seek and the others will hide’’.Chris said

‘’All 3 teams will have 15 minutes to find a hiding spot’’.Chris said

‘’Now go and The Supernatural Animals dont look’’.Chris said

15 minutes passed.

‘’The Supernatural Animals you can now go look and you have 1 hour to find them all and if you dont find them all you will lose’’.Chris said

‘’Ok whats our strategy’’?CJ asked

‘’Lets split up to that way we will find all of them faster’’.Bridgette said

‘’Ok lets do that’’.Jaycee said

‘’Whatever I just wanna win this challenge’’.Duncan said

‘’We will win’’.Dawn said

‘’How do you know that’’?Duncan asked

‘’I can read they’re auras so it will be easy to find them’’.Dawn explained


‘’Do you think they will find us here’’?Trent asked

‘’I hope not’’.Gwen said

‘’Wait do you hear that’’.Trent said

‘’Hi looks like I find you both’’.Jaycee said

‘’Oh man’’.Trent said

In the alien movie set.

‘’Look there is Dawn’’.Cher said

‘’Lets go right’’.Courtney said

‘’We cant’’.Jacky said

‘’Why’’?Courtney said

‘’Because there is Duncan’’.Jacky said

‘’Then lets go left’’.Cher said

‘’We cant because there is CJ’’.Courtney said

‘’Hi princess looks like we find all 3 of you’’.Duncan said

‘’Damn’’.Cher said

Dawn walked out from the alien movie set with Bridgette.

‘’I am sensing so pure evil auras’’.Dawn said

‘’Then thats Alejandro and Scott’’.Bridgette said

‘’They are in the pirate movie set’’.Dawn said

Bridgette and Dawn both ran and found Scott and Alejandro.

‘’what, how did you find us’’?Alejandro

‘’I can sense people auras’’.Dawn said

‘’30 minutes left before the challenge ends’’.Chris said from the loud speaker

At Zoey and Mikes hiding place.

‘’Mike I keep forgeting to ask you’’.Zoey said

‘’What do you want to ask me’’?Mike asked

‘’I havent seen any of your personalitys, are you cured’’?Zoey asked

‘’no, the personalitys arent triggered’’.Mike said

‘’Looks like I found you both’’.CJ said

‘’I wonder where Heather is’’.Jaycee said

‘’I know where she is, I think she is in the pirate movie set under the water like Leshawna in Total Drama Island’’.Bridgette said

CJ and Bridgette went to the pirate movie set and found Heather where they tought.

‘’I cant believe you found me’’.Heather said

‘’Your team lost we found all of your teammates’’.CJ said

‘’They will so pay’’.Heather said

‘’20 minutes left’’.Chris said from the loud speaker

‘’Aphrodite I found you’’.Duncan said

‘’Fine now leave me alone’’.Aphrodite said

‘’I am sensing a emontionless aura and also Nice aura’’.Dawn said

‘’Lets go I know where they are’’.Dawn said

Dawn,Bridgette and CJ ran and found Willow and Cindy.

‘’They found us’’.Cindy said

‘’Whatever’’.Willow said

‘’10 minutes left’’.Chris said from the loud speaker said

‘’Look there is Lightning’’.Bridgette said

‘’They will never find Lightning right here’’.Lightning said

‘’Guess again’’.Jaycee said

‘’Oh man’’.Lightning said

‘’And also your team lost’’.Jaycee said


‘’5 minutes left.’’Chris said from the loud speaker

‘’Where are they’’?Jaycee said

‘’Look they there are’’.Bridgette said

‘’Looks like we lost’’.Vitor said

‘’Atlest we wont go to the elimination ceremony’’.Geoff said

‘’Congratulations The Supernatural Animals you won the challenge’’.

‘’Here is the twist that I didnt tell, the first to teams that you found will go in a double elimination’’.Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’I will start off with The Amazon Warriors’’.Chris said

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Zoey, Mike, Jacky, Cher’’.Chris said

‘’The bottom two is Heather and Courtney and the last Gilded Chris goes to..........................



Courtney’’.Chris said

‘’The Golden Victory you cant vote off Cindy because she has immunity from one of the challenges The Gilded Chris goes to Willow, Gwen, Cindy from The Golden Victory’’.Chris said

‘’The bottom two is Trent and Lightning, the last one goes to...........................................



Lightning.’’Chris said

Heather is angry while Trent is shocked.


Heather angry and Trent shocked

Both of them went into the Lame-O-Sine.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’My team will pay for voting me off’’.Hether said

‘’You are mean you know’’.Trent

‘’Shut up’’.Heather said

Camera fades out.

Episode 7 : Aftermath

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. We had a hide and seek challenge with a timelimit. The seekers whore The Supernatural Animals while the other 3 teams whore hiders. In the end The Supernatural Animals won and The Amazon Warriors with The Golden Victory went in a double elimination. Heather was voted out with Trent.

‘’Hi welcome to our first aftermath of the season and I am your host Blaineley’’.Blaineley said

‘’Now lets meet our penut gallery Lindsay, Beth, Anne Maria, Staci, Brick, Cody, Tyler, Owen, Sierra, Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Izzy, Sadie, DJ, Leshawna, Dakota,  and Jo’’.Blaineley introduced

‘’Tonight we will have 5 special guest stars that have been eliminated from Total Drama Back In The Action’’.Blaineley said

‘’Please welcome to B, Sam, Cameron, Heather and Trent’’.Blaineley introduced

‘’Hey look Hannah got voted out’’.Lindsay said

‘’Shut up Lindsiot’’.Heather said

‘’Now I will ask all 5 of you questions that you will have answer’’.Blaineley said

‘’What kind a questions’’?Cameron asked

‘’About the game’’.Blaineley said

‘’What happens if we dont answer one of the questions’’?Sam asked

‘’Then we will show never before seen embarassing clips about you’’.Blaineley said

‘’But B never talks’’.Sam said

‘’The he can take a seat at the penut gallery’’.Blaineley said

‘Ask thous stupid questions I’m getting bored!Eva said

‘’Heather did you know about the alliance that was formed in your team’’?Blaineley asked

‘’What,  an alliance, they will all pay’’.Heather said

‘’I think you need to pay’’.Beth said

‘’Why’’?Heather asked

‘’Because you formed an alliance with Scott, Lightning and Alejandro who are all on the other teams’’.Beth said

‘’How did you know that’’?Heather asked

‘’Blaineley showed us a never before seen clip’’.Beth said

‘’Ok next question is for Trent’’.Blaineley said

‘’Who do you think voted you out’’?Blaineley asked

‘’I know that Lightning and Willow voted me out’’.Trent said

‘’Do you know the third person who voted you out’’?Blaineley asked

‘’No’’.Trent said

‘’The third person who voted you out was Cindy’’.Blaineley said

‘’I totally forgot our conflict’’.Trent said

‘’Do you think that Gwen voted for you aswell’’?Blaineley asked

‘’No but did she voted for me’’?Trent asked

‘’Lets look at this clip where Gwen is voting’’.Blaineley

Gwens voting clip. And She voted for Lightning.

‘’Well atleast she didnt vote for me’’.Trent said

‘’Ok Sam your up next’’.Blaineley said

‘’Can I ask him a question’’?Izzy asked

‘’Fine’’.Blaineley said

‘’Do you think I am crazy’’?Izzy asked

‘’Do I have to answer that’’?Sam asked

‘’No, but then we will show an embarassin clip about you’’.Blaineley said

Sam looked Izzy and said

‘’No your a normal person’’.Sam said

‘’Do you really think that, Sam’’?Dakota whispered

‘’No, she is totally crazy but I didnt tell her that so she doesnt go crazy and kill me or somthing’’.Sam whispered

‘’Ok Cameron your up’’.Blaineley said

‘’Do you think that Courtney will do somthing evil to Gwen and Duncan’’?Blaineley said

‘’I think so’’.Cameron said

‘’And whic players Courtney will ask to join in her alliance if they make it to the merge?Blaineley asked

‘’Maybe Jaycee,Cher, Aphrodite, Vitor, Bridgette, Geoff, Mike, Dawn and Zoey’’.Cameron said

‘’Why not Jacky and CJ’’?Blaineley asked

‘’Because both of them hate her like Duncan and Courtney hates them’’.Cameron said

‘’Ok now I will ask the penut gallery, which player they think will win this season’’.Blaineley said

Lindsay, Beth, Tyler, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie and Dakota think that Bridgette will win.

Leshawna, Cody, Owen, Noah,  Anne Maria and Dj think that Gwen will win.

Staci, Jo, Justin, Noah, Izzy, Eva, Brick and Sierra think that CJ will win.

‘’So 8 people think that CJ will win, 7 think that Bridgette will win and 6 think that Gwen will win’’.Blaineley said

‘’That was the time we had for this aftermath and watch the next episode to find out who will be voted out next on Total Drama Back In The Action’’Blaineley said

Camera fades out.

Episode 8 : Wreck N Play

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. We had a double elimination. At the elimination ceremony Heather from The Amazon Warriors and Trent from The Golden Victory got voted out.

At the craft tent.

‘’We need to win the next challenge’’.Gwen said

‘’I know we are only 4 left while the other 3 teams have 5 members left’’.Cindy said

‘’Everyone know the our team will sha-win’’.Lightning said

Willow comes in.

‘’Are you 3 talking about me’’?Willow asked

‘’No we are talking how we are only 4 left while the other teams have 5 members left’’.Cindy said

‘’Ok I belive you’’.Willow said

[Conf] ‘’I dont think Willow belives us’’.Cindy said

‘’Good morning cast, get ready for your next challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Fallow me’’.Chris said

Everyone fallowed Chris.

‘’Whats the challenge Chris’’?Cher asked

‘’Here to demonstrate one of the classic competitors Beth’’.Chris introduced

‘’Hi its great to be here’’.Beth said

[Conf] ‘’Out of all people Chris brouth Beth’’.Cher said

Demonstrates the challenge by pushing a lamp to break a mirror.


Beth Demostrates the challenge

‘’So our challenge is to wreck the hotel room’’?Vitor asked

‘’Yes and 2 players from all 4 teams who wrecks the hotel room more will move on to the 2nd challenge’’.Chris explained

[Conf] ‘’This challenge is awsome’’!Vitor said

‘’Ready, set, go’’!Chris said

‘’Why arent you wrecking Dawn’’?Bridgette asked

‘’Because I hate wrecking hotel rooms’’.Dawn said

‘’Ok’’.Bridgette said

‘’Bridgette and Dawn c’mon go wreck the hotel’’.Duncan said

‘’Dawn wont wreck because she hates it’’.Bridgette said

‘’Ok fine then Bridgette you go wrecking’’.Duncan said

[Conf] ‘’ If we lose I am voting out Duncan’’.Bridgette said

‘’How much time we have left Chris’’?CJ asked

‘’1 minute’’.Chris said

‘’How much time we have left’’?Jaycee asked

‘’1 minute’’.CJ said

‘’Times up’’.Chris said

‘’And the players who move are............’’Chris said

‘’Just tell us already’’.Aphrodite said

‘’Fine, from The Amazon Warriors are Courtney and Cher, from The Supernatural Animals are Duncan and CJ, from The Golden Victory are Lightning and Willow and from The Crimson Eagles are Alejandro and Vitor’’.Chris said

‘’The players who move on to the 2nd challenge fallow me and the rest of you will be watching from the sidelines’’.Chris said

‘’Whats our 2nd challenge’’?Courtney asked

‘’Your 2nd challenge is to play the guitar and the player who does play a wrong note then they will get shocked while for the remaining players will need to play faster because the screen will show notes faster’’.Chris explained

‘’Atleast I am not in that challenge because I dont  know how to play’’.Jacky said

‘’Me too’’.Zoey said

‘’Do you how to play Mike’’?Zoey asked

‘’No’’.Mike said

‘’Oh man I wanted to participate in that challenge’’.Geoff said

‘’Will there be a reward for the winning team’’?Alejandro asked

‘’Yes’’.Chris said

‘’What is it’’?Scott asked

‘’You will find out after your team win the challenge if your team can win’’.Chris said

‘’Ready, set, play’’!Chris said

After 10 minutes Cher, Lightning, CJ and Vitor got shocked.

[Conf] ‘’ When I get home I am taking guitar lessons’’.Cher said

After 10 minutes Willow got shocked first then after 5 minutes Duncan, then 15 minutes Courtney got shocked.

‘’We have our winner Alejandro’’.Chris said

‘’Whats my reward’’?Alejandro asked

‘’Your reward is you can pick a member from The Golden Victory to get eliminated’’.Chris said°

Everyone looked shocked.


The Golden Victory At The Elimination Ceremony

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Alejandro who are you picking’’?Chris asked

‘’I pick.................................................



Willow’’.Alejandro said

‘’That was a shocker’’.Chris said

‘’Even I was shocked’’.Beth said

Willow went to the lame-o-sine with Beth.

In the lame-o-sine

‘’Are you sad Willow’’?Beth asked

‘’No’’.Willow said

‘’Are you happy’’?Beth asked

‘’No’’.Willow said

Camera fades out.

Episode 9 : Thats So Brrr

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The cast needed to wreck the hotel room. Only some members from hotel wrecking moved to the 2nd part of the challenge. In the 2nd part of the challenge they needed to play the guitar. In the end Alejandro from Crimson Eagles won and his reward was to choose anyone from The Golden Victory and he chossed Willow.

At The Golden Victorys table in the craft service tent.

‘’I can’t Believe 3 members from our team are gone’’.Cindy said

‘’We better win the next challenge’’.Gwen said

‘’The only way we are losing challenge is because of you two’’.Lightning

‘’What’’!?Cindy and Gwen yelled

‘’Thats right you two’’.Lightning said

[Conf] ‘’ Lightning is totally getting on my nervs’’.Cindy said

‘’Hello Cast  meet me by the trailers in 10 minutes’’.Chris said

‘’Why’’?Courtney said

‘’Because thats where will be your challenge’’.Chris said

By the trailers.

‘’Whats our challenge’’?Vitor asked

‘’Your challenge is to stay in these barrels with really cold water for as long as you can’’.Chris explained

‘’Will the last one standing get to pick who they want to be eliminated from the loser team’’?Cher asked

‘’Yes’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ If I win this challenge and if The Amazon Warriors lose I am chossing Courtney or Cher out’’.Scott said


Cher confessional

[Conf] ‘’ I know who set that trap the other episode it was Scott if he loses I am totaly sending him home’’.Cher said

‘’Ready, Set, Go’’!Chris said

Everyone got in the they’re barrels.

‘’This is the stupidist challenge ever’’.Duncan said

‘’I am already cold’’.Jaycee said

‘’Me too’’.Aphrodite said

‘’I am going out’’.Jaycee said

‘’If your going I am going’’.Aphrodite said

‘’2 down 16 left’’.Chris said

Alejandro starts to fall down from the shivering.


Vito Confessional

[Conf] ‘’That was awsome, Alejandro totally desrved that’’.Vitor said

‘’No I lost’’.Alejandro said

‘’Dawn are you ok’’?Bridgette

‘’No’’.Dawn said

‘’If you are cold lets get both out and you coude tell me why arent you ok’’.Bridgette said

Bridgette and Dawn went out from the barrel.

‘’13 players left’’.Chris said

‘’I am done with this challenge’’.Geoff said

‘’12 players left’’.Chris said

‘’CJ I am happy that me and you are still in the challenge’’.Jacky said

‘’Me to, but can you still hold on’’?CJ asked

‘’No I am leaving’’.Jacky said

‘’Me too’’.CJ said

‘’Zoey I am leaving’’.Mike said

‘’I am leaving too’’.Zoey said

‘’8 players left’’.Chris said

‘’Ok Dawn tell us what happened’’?Bridgette asked

‘’This morning I sensed that the great darkness wont be start of the merge’’.Dawn said

‘’Thats good’’.Jacky said

‘’But it will be at final 9 or 7 I think’’.Dawn said

‘’Do you know anything else’’?CJ asked

‘’Yes, the ones who are eliminated from the competiton are save but thous who arent will get hurt or somthing else’’.Dawn said

‘’Gwen and Lightning is out of the barrel’’!Chris said

‘’6 players left’’.Chris said

‘’Dawn I heard all what you told about the great darkness’’.Gwen said

‘’Can you tell us where the great darkness will be’’?Gwen asked

‘’Yes, the great darkness will be at Camp Wawanakwa’’.Dawn said

‘’So the challenge will be at the Camp Wawanakwa’’?Lightning asked

‘’Yes’’.Dawn said


‘’I cant take it anymore’’.Cher said

‘’Me too I am leaving’’.Vitor said

‘’4 players left’’.Chris said

‘’We have our loser team The Golden Victory, they lose again’’.

‘’I am sorry’’.Cindy said

‘’The Supernatural Animals and The Crimson Eagles get 3rd and 2nd place’’.Chris said

‘’The winner is Courtney from The Amazon Warriors’’.Chris said

‘’Yes’’!Courtney said

‘’Since The Golden Victory lost you can choose who gets to be eliminated’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Looks like I am going home thanks to Courtney’’.Gwen said

[Conf] ‘’Yes I am Sha-save’’.Lightning said

At the Elimination by the trailers.


The Elimination

‘’Courtney who do you pick’’?Chris asked

‘’I pick............................




Lightning’’.Courtney said

‘’What I thought you will eliminate Gwen’’!Lightning

‘’I was going to but it was part of my strategy’’.Courtney said

Lightning went to Lame-O-Sine.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Courtney will pay for eliminating me and not Gwen’’.Lightning said

Camera fades out.

Episode 10 : Find The Code

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. Our Cast needed to stay in a barrel with cold water in the end Courtney from The Amazon Warriors won while The Golden Victory lost. At the elimination Courtney picked Lightning to go home.

By the trailers.

‘’Another member gone’’.Gwen said

‘’I am scared that we will lose again and we woude have to go in to a tiebraker’’.Cindy said

‘’How can you both win the next challenge if you dont have enough members’’.Scott said

‘’Maybe the next challenge coulde be where we dont need five members’’.Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’I cant wait to see Cindy eliminated she gets on my nerves’’.Scott said

‘’Leave them alone Scott’’.Bridgette said

‘’Fine’’.Scott said

‘’Thanks Bridgette’’.Gwen said

[Conf] ‘’ If I win the challenge and The Crimson Eagles lose, Scott is going home’’.Bridgette said

Chris comes.

‘’Your challenge will begin shortly and now fallow me’’.Chris said

Everyone fallowed Chris.

‘’Why are we at the Bank Heist’’? Duncan asked

‘’Because here will be your next challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Just explain it’’! Courtney said

‘’Your challenge is to free your two teammates from the safe for each team need to open 2 safes the first team to open both safes first win and there is the big mountain of the codes and you need to pick the right one to open both safes and all safes have different codes’’. Chris explained

‘’But me and Gwen are only two left member on The Golden Victory’’. Cindy said

‘’that’s why you need also open that safe’’. Chris said

‘’Who is in there’’? Gwen asked

‘’it’s a surprise’’. Chris said

‘’Who are going in to safes’’? Vitor asked

‘’From The Amazon Warriors are Jacky and Cher, from The Supernatural Animals are CJ and Dawn, from The Golden Victory is Gwen and from The Crimson Eagles are Vitor and Alejandro’’. Chris said

‘’What why I am with Alejandro’’? Vitor asked

‘’Because I want it like that’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ I think Vitor doesn’t trust me so thats why if we lose hes going next’’. Alejandro said

[Conf] ‘’ I watched Total Drama World Tour he eliminated everyone that’s why I don’t trust him’’. Vitor said

Jacky, Cher, Vitor, Alejandro, Dawn, CJ and Gwen went inside the safe.

‘’Ready, Set, Go’’! Chris said

Everyone ran to the codes.

Cindy got the first code and entered in the safe.

‘’Yes I found the right one’’! Cindy said

‘’Cindy and Gwen take the lead’’. Chris said

Zoey runs to the safe and enters the code.

‘’Not the right one’’. Zoey said

Mike went to the safe.

‘’Yes I found the right code’’! Mike said

‘’Thanks Mike, now we need to get Cher out and we win’’. Jacky said

Jaycee runs to the safe.

‘’Alright one safe open’’. Jaycee said

‘’Thanks Jaycee for your help’’. Dawn said

Aphrodite runs to the safe.

‘’Please be the right one’’. Aphrodite said

‘’ The wrong code’’. Aphrodite said

Geoff runs to the safe.

‘’The wrong code seriusly’’.Geoff said

Scott runs to the safe.

‘’ Yes I found the right one’’! Scott said

‘’Alejandro is free from the safe’’. Chris said

‘’Lets get Vitor out and we win the challenge’’. Alejandro said

Gwen runs to the safe.

‘’Still the wrong code’’. Gwen said

Scott runs to the safe.

‘’ Yes we win’’ ! Scott said

‘’The Crimson Eagles win’’! Chris said

Zoey runs to the safe.

‘’Yes we also win’’. Zoey said

‘’Thanks It was getting boring in there’’. Cher said

Cindy and Jaycee both ran to the safe.

‘’Yes the safe is open’’. Cindy said

‘’ My safe is also open’’. Jaycee said

Cindy looks in side of the safe.

‘’Leshawna, what are you doing here’’? Cindy asked


Leshawna cameo

‘’Chris told me to help one of the teams in the challenge’’. Leshawna said

‘’Hey Leshawna’’. Gwen said°

‘’Hey there girl’’.  Leshawna said

‘’So looks like you find out it was Leshawna’’. Chris said

‘’You will pay Chris for locking me in this stupid safe’’. Leshawna said

After 10 minutes.

‘’now I can finnaly announce who lost and The Supernatural Animals and The Golden Victory lost’’. Chris said

‘’Why we lost’’? CJ asked

‘’Even you tied in the challenge I decide to make a double elimination’’. Chris said

‘’ Meet me by the trailers’’. Chris said

By the trailers.

‘’So Scott who are you picking’’? Chris asked

‘’I pick………………………….




CJ and Gwen’’. Scott said

‘’Bye Cindy’’. Gwen said

‘’Bye Gwen’’. Cindy said

Cindy and Gwen hug.


Gwen & Cindy hug

‘’Bye Jacky I will miss you’’.CJ said

‘’I will miss you too.’’ Jacky said

CJ and Jacky kiss.

CJ and Gwen went to the Lame-O-Sine.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’I cant believe we lost’’. CJ said

‘’I know right’’. Gwen said

‘’As long as Scott gets eliminated its fine’’. CJ said

Camera fades out.

Episode 11 : Aftermath II

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The Teams needed to free from the safe they’re two teammates but since The Golden Victory only had 2 members Chris added one of the classic players Leshawna. In the end The Supernatural Animals and The Golden Victory went in to a double elimination. CJ and Gwen whore picked eliminated by Scott.

‘’Hi welcome to our second aftermath and I am your host Blaineley’’. Blaineley said

‘’Now lets meet our four special guest stars that got eliminated from Total Drama Back In The Action, please welcome Willow, Lightning, CJ and Gwen’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Looks like Goth Girl got eliminated’’. Heather said with a devious smile

‘’ Didnt you watch the episode’’? Gwen asked

‘’No because I wasnt in that episode’’.Heather said

‘’Ok stop talking’’. Blaineley said

‘’Now we will show you never before seen clips where are CJ, Willow, Lightning and Gwen, some will be emberessing some will reaveal somthing’’. Blaineley said

‘’There arent never before seen clips of me’’. Willow said

‘’ Yes there are’’. Blaineley said

‘’Just show them already’’! Eva Yelled angry

Blaineley turns on the never before seen clip.

After losing in episode 3.

[Conf] ‘’ I cant believe we lost’’. Willow said

And she starts braking stuff in the confessional.

The never before seen clip ends.

‘’I never thought Willow will get so angry’’. Heather said

‘’ Shut up’’. Willow said

‘’Lets move on to Lightning’’. Blaineley said

Shows the clip.

Lightning is in the trailer writning a some kind a letter to Jo.

Clip ends.

‘’Where did you get that clip’’? Lightning asked

‘’It was from the ‘Courtney Cam’ ‘’.Blaineley

‘’ ‘ Courtney Cam’ ‘’? Lightning confused said

‘’ Yes, Courtney had a cammera of her own and filmed it and send it to us’’. Blaineley said

‘’What kind a letter was it Lightning’’ ? Jo asked

‘’I am not telling’’. Lightning said

‘’Ok next up its CJ’’. Blaineley said

‘’There arent any clips of me’’.CJ said

‘’Yes there are’’. Blaineley said

Turns on the clip.

‘’The Gilded Chris also goes to CJ’’.Chris said

Chris throws and the Gilded Chris hits CJ on the head.

Clip ends.

‘’I thought that got cut out from the episode’’. CJ said

‘’I was but Chris told me to use as ‘ Thats gonna leave a mark ‘ ‘’.Blaineley said

‘’And finnaly we have Gwen’’. Blaineley said

‘’Dont show any clips of me please’’. Gwen said

‘’I will give you a choice, do you want me to show a emberassing or painful clip’’.Blaineley said

‘’Painful’’.Gwen said

Turns on the clip.

‘’wait is that an electrick eal in may barrel’’. Gwen said

Gwen got shocked.

Clip ends.

‘’That was the time we had for this episode, find out what will happen next in Total Drama Back In The Action’’.Blaineley said

Camera fades out.

Episode 12 : Treasure Train

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The teams needed to free from the  safe they’re two teammates but since The Golden Victory only had 2 members Chris added one of the classic players Leshawna. In the end The Supernatural Animals and The Golden Victory went in a double elimination. CJ and Gwen whore picked eliminated by Scott.

In the craft service tent.

‘’Mike look at Cindy she looks sad’’.Zoey said

‘’Let’s go cheer her up’’.Mike said

Mike and Zoey went to Cindy.

‘’Hey Cindy why are you sad’’? Zoey asked

‘’Because I am the last member of my team and I dont know if I can make it to the merge all by myself’’.Cindy said

‘’Dont worry Cindy we will help you make it to the merge’’.Mike said

[Conf] ‘’ I think my team is losing because of me but if I dont go home then in the other challenges we had bad luck’’.Cindy said

Chris walks in.

‘’Hello cast Your...’’Chris said until Courtney interupted him

‘’Can we finish our breakfast and then do the challenge’’? Courtney asked

‘’Fine’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ Is Chris starting to be nice to us’’. Jaycee said

‘’Are you starting to be nice to us’’? Bridgette asked


‘’But why did you let us finish our breakfast’’? Dawn asked

‘’Because I think the challenge will take a whole day’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ I guess, I was wrong’’. Jaycee said

Everyone finished they’re breakfast.

‘’Ok you all finished breakfast lets begin your first part of the challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Your first part of the challenge is to make it to the train’’.Chris said

‘’You mean that real train from the episode ‘’Get A Clue’’ ‘’. Duncan said

‘’Yes’’. Chris said

‘’And the 5 people who make it to the train will be in the 2nd part of the challenge’’.Chris said

‘’But what happens if non of the members from the same team dont get to the train’’? Cher asked

‘’Then the team will go into a elimination ceremony’’.Chris said

‘’You all ready’’? Chris asked

‘’Yes’’! Everyone said

‘’Ready, Set, Go’’! Chris said

Everyone started to run to the train.

Scene switches to The Amazon Warriors

‘’Where is the train’’. Cher asked

‘’You dont know where it is’’? Jacky asked

‘’No I didnt watch that episode on Total Drama Action’’.Cher said

‘’Are you both done talking because we need to get to the train’’! Courtney annoyed said

Scene switches to Alejandro and Scott.

‘’Alejandro we need to get rid of Geoff or Vitor’’.Scott said

‘’I know they are big threats’’.Alejandro said

‘’So if we lose lets convince Aphrodite to vote one of them off’’.Scott said

‘’I dont think we will lose’’.Alejandro said

‘’Why do you think that’’? Scott asked

‘’Because Cindy is the last member of her team, so if she loses she is out’’.Alejandro said

Scene switches to Chris.

‘’After 30 minutes Cindy, Cher, Jacky, Duncan and Vitor made it to the train’’.Chris said

‘’So we 5 will be in the train right’’? Vitor asked

‘’Right, so all aboard’’.Chris said

All 5 players went insied and the remaining players arrive.

‘’We are here’’. Geoff said

‘’Your too late geoff 5 players already made it’’.Chris said

‘’Who made it‘’? Aphrodite asked

‘’Cher, Cindy, Jacky, Vitor and Duncan’’. Chris said

Scene switches to the inside of the train.

‘’So this train hasnt change’’.Duncan said

‘’I know right’’. Jacky said

‘’Where is Chris’’? Vitor asked

‘’Here I am ‘’.Chris said

‘’What our 2nd challenge’’?Cher asked

‘’Your challenge is to find a small treasure chest but there isnt just 1 treasure chest but a totaly 4 treasure chests’’. Chris said

‘’Whats inside of thouse chests’’? Vitor asked

‘’In 3 of thouse chest say that your are safe from elimination but in one treasuere chest it says that you need to go to the elimination ceremony’’.Chris said

‘’Now start looking’’.Chris said

‘’Oh before I forget the train will be moving’’.Chris said

‘’You will not stay with us’’?Vitor asked

‘’No’’.Chris said

Everyone started to look  for the treasure chests except for Vitor and Cher.

Cher is standing next to Vitor and is smiling at him.


Cher and Vitor

[Conf] ‘’ I wonder why Cher is smiling at me, is she in love with me’’ . Vitor said

[Conf] ‘’ I am not in love with him.... .’’She pauses for a second,  ‘’Ok fine I am in love with him from that maze challenge’’.Cher said

‘’Cher can you start looking for the treasure chest’’.Jacky asked

‘’Ok I am looking’’.Cher said

Scene switches to Duncan, Vitor and Cindy.

‘’So what are you and Cher are up too’’? Duncan asked

‘’What do you mean’’?Vitor asked

‘’We both saw how she was looking at you’’.Cindy said

‘’Oh that, I think she loves me’’.Vitor said

‘’Thats so cute’’.Cindy said

Scene switches to Cher and Jacky.

‘’So you and Vitor, you too make a really great couple’’.Jacky said

‘’What you saw me smiling at Vitor like I was in love’’? Cher asked

‘’Yes and I could tell that you really are in love with him’’.Jacky said

‘’Ok fine I am in love with him just dont tell anyone yet’’.Cher said

‘’Ok’’.Jacky said

[Conf] ‘’I wonder why Cher doesnt want to tell the other Amazons about her crush’’.Jacky said

Scene switches to Cindy and Vitor.

‘’I found the treasure chest’’!Cindy said out of excitment

‘’Congratulations Cindy’’.Vitor said

‘’Did you find your chest’’?Cindy said

‘’Yes I did’’. Vitor said

Scene switches to Cher and Jacky.

‘’Did you find the treasure chest Jacky’’?Cher asked

‘’Not yet, wait yes I found it’’.Jacky said


After Duncan falled down

Cindy, Vitor, Cher and Jacky went to see if Duncan found his treasure chest and Duncan falls from the roof inside in the train.

‘’What happened to you Duncan’’?Cindy asked

‘’I was on the top of the train’’.Duncan said

‘’Why’’? Cher asked

‘’Because I found a treasure chest hanging around there’’.Duncan said

‘’You look kind a beat down’’. Vitor said

‘’I know’’.Duncan said

‘’Did you hit a tunnel’’? Jacky asked

‘’Yes the same tunnel just like last time I was in this train’’.Duncan said

Train finnaly stopped.

‘’So you all can now open your treasure chests to see whats inside’’.Chris said

Jacky and Cher Open they’re treasure chest.

‘’Its says that we are safe’’.Jacky said

‘’yes’’!Cher said

Duncan opens his treasure chest.

‘’Yes, my team is safe’’! Duncan said

Vitor and Cindy opened they’re chest at the same time.

‘’Yes I am safe’’! Cindy said

‘’No, my team lost’’.Vitor said

‘’Thats too bad Crimson Eagles you will have to face the elimination ceremony’’.Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’So did you convince Aphrodite’’?Scott asked

‘’Yes and I told her to vote for....’’Alejandro said and the interupted him

‘’Now cast your votes’’.Chris said

The Crimson Eagles voted.

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Aphrodite, Scott, Alejandro’’.Chris said and threw them Gilded Chris

Bottom two is Vitor and Geoff.

‘’Last Gilded Chris goes too.........................................




Vitor’’! Chris said

‘’What you voted me out’’.Geoff said and went to the Lame-O-Sine

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’I cant believe that they voted me out’’.Geoff said

‘’But atleast Bridgette has a chance to win’’.Geoff said

Camera fades out.

Episode 13 : Sub-Danger Marine

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action.  The teams raced to the train and Jacky, Cher, Vitor, Duncan and Cindy all made it to the second part of the challenge. In the second part of the challenge they needed to find a treasure chest . In the end Vitor found the wrong one and got his team  lose the challenge. At the elimination ceremony Geoff got voted out even Vitor lost challenge.

In the girls trailer.

Jaycee talks on her phone.

‘’Thats terrible I will call the neighbors and ask them if they can help you’’.Jaycee said

Dawn wakes up.

‘’Whats wrong Jaycee’’? Dawn asked

‘’My mom is very sick and I will call the neighbors to help her’’.Jayce explained

‘’Thats so nice’’.Dawn said

After 30 minutes.

‘’Get ready for your next challenge it will begin now’’.Chris said

‘’whats the challenge’’? Vitor asked

‘’Your challenge is to escape from a submarine who is field with water and the longer you stay in the submarine more water level will rise’’.Chris explained

‘’But I am all alone cant I just switch to The Crimson Eagles or The Supernatural Animals’’? Cindy asked

‘’No, because one of the classic competitors will help you in the challenge’’.Chris said

‘’Which one’’? Cindy asked

‘’Please welcome Total Drama classic competitor Harold’’! Chris introduced

‘’What why Harold, he did very great in that challenge during Total Drama Action’’. Courtney said

‘’How do you know that, you didnt even appear on that episode’’. Mike said

‘’Because I watched Total Drama Action’’. Courtney said

‘’Ok stop talking and get into the submarine’’. Chris said

Everyone got in to the submarine.

Chris turns on the switch and water started to rise in to the submarine.

[Conf] ‘’ I am gonna win this challenge thanks to Harold, so the losing streek will end I think’’. Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’I‘ts nice to help Cindy to win the challenge  because if she loses then The Golden Victory will become the second team to lose in Non-Merge’’. Harold said

[Conf] ‘’Why did Chris bring the lame Harold I would rather see Stacy even she is annoying’’. Aphrodite said

In The Amazon Warriors submarine.

‘’Does anyone know the code’’? Cher asked

‘’Non of us know the code because non of us didnt appear or competed on that episode even Courtney and Heather whore in Total Drama Action but only Heather was in that episode but she is gone now’’. Jacky said

‘’Lets try different codes maybe it will open’’.Zoey said

Camera switches to The Crimson Eagles.

‘’Alejandro come here’’. Scott said

‘’What’’? Alejandro asked

‘’I will tell you who to vote out next if we lose, if we lose we vote off Vitor’’. Scott said

‘’Ok that great’’. Alejandro said

[Conf] ‘’ I lied if we lose I will convince Vitor and Aphrodite to vote out Alejandro’’ . Scott said

‘’Can you idiots help us with the code’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Fine we are comming’’.Scott said

‘’So will they help us’’? Vitor asked

‘’Yes’’. Aphrodite said

Camera switches to The Golden Victory.

‘’Can you open the door Harold like last time’’? Cindy asked


Harold helps Cindy in the challenge

‘’Yes I only need like 10 minutes and it will be open’’. Harold said

10 mintues passed.

‘’Yes it opened’’! Harold said

‘’Thanks Harold’’. Cindy said

‘’And The Golden Victory win only 3 teams left’’.Chris said

Camera swtiches to The Supernatural Animals.

‘’The water level is rising’’ Bridgette said

‘’We need to find out what the code is’’.Jaycee said

‘’Duncan you whore in this episode dont you remeber’’? Bridgette asked

‘’ I was but Harold was the one who helped us win’’.Duncan said

‘’Guys be quit Chris is saying somthing’’. Dawn said


The Supernatural Animals listening to Chris

The Supernatural Animals start to listen.

‘’And The Amazon Warriors make it out’’.Chris said

‘’Only 2 teams are left’’. Jaycee said

‘’Lets move quickly’’. Bridgette said

Camera switches to Chris.

‘’Another team has made it out but witch one’’.Chris said

‘’And its..............





The Supernatural Animals’’.Chris said

Camera switches to The Crimson Eagles.

‘’What we lost again second time in a row’’. Vitor said

Camera switches to Chris.

‘’The Crimson Eagles you will have to go to the elimination ceremony again’’. Chris said

‘’I hope Vitor doesnt get voted out’’. Cher said

‘’Why do you care’’? Courtney asked

‘’Because I love him’’. Cher attmited

‘’You love him since when’’? Courtney asked

‘’Since the Maze challenge’’. Cher said

‘’Well atleast its Vitor not Duncan or Alejandro because they will cheat with an other girl like Duncan did to me’’.Courtney said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’The Crimson Eagles cast you votes’’.Chris said

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Scott and Aphrodite’’.Chris said

The bottom two is Alejandro and Vitor.

‘’The final Gilded Chris goes to................





........................’’. Chris said and got interupted

‘’Wait’’! Jaycee said

‘’What now’’? Chris asked

‘’I am quiting the competition’’! Jaycee said

Everyone except Jaycee looked suprised.

‘’Why are you quiting Jaycee’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’Because my mother is very sick and I need to go home and take care of her’’.Jaycee explained

‘’But you called all your neighbors’’.Dawn said

‘’Yes but they said all that they whore all busy that why I need to quit to help my mother’’.Jaycee said

‘’Are you sure’’? Chris asked

‘’Yes’’. Jaycee said

‘’Ok non of The Crimson Eagles member leave but The Supernatural Animals one member leaves, thats means Vitor and Alejandro you are safe for now’’. Chris said


Jaycee quits the show

Jaycee went to the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Bye everyone I will miss you’’. Jaycee said

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Its sad to leave the competition when you are this far but I did the right thing to quit’’.Jaycee said

Camera fades out

Episode 14 : Prison Team-Up

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The Cast needed to get out of a flooded submarine. First team that was out was The Golden Victory thanks to Harold. In the end The Crimson Eagles lost but non of they’re members left but from The Supernatural Animals Jaycee quit the show.

In the craft service tent by The Supernatural Animals tabel.

‘’This table is so empty with out Jaycee’’. Bridgette said

‘’I know, I wish she was still here’’.Dawn said

Chris comes in the craft service tent.

‘’Hi cast ready for your challenge’’? Chris asked

‘’Fine whatever’’.Duncan said bored

‘’Whats our challenge’’? Vitor asked

‘’If you all watched Total Drama Action then you may know this challenge will be the prison challenge but with a suprising twist and meet me on that prison set’’.Chris said

Everyone arrived to the prison set.

‘’Your first challenge is to eat disgusting meal while locked in the cage’’.Chris explained the first part of the challenge

‘’What is the twist for the challenge’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’The twist is ONLY for this episode that  there will be two teams competing’’. Chris said

‘’So which teams will be with the other team’’? Cindy asked

‘’The Golden Victory is with The Amazon warriors while The Crimson Eagles is with The Supernatural Animals’’.Chris said

‘’So its like 2 teams merge in to one’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’Yes, but its only for this episode’’.Chris said

‘’So that means there will be a double elimination’’.Scott said

‘’No, for example if The Golden Victory and The Amazon Warriors lose to you they will have to do the first challenge and the team who loses will have to face the elimination’’.Chris explained

‘’That sounded confused’’.Zoey said

‘’I know’’.Chris said

‘’For the first challenge you need to pick two players form both teams who will be eating and the team players who puke first will lose and the winners will get an advanteg in the next challenge’’.Chris said

The Amazon Warriors and The Golden Victory are deciding who are the eaters.

‘’Who is going to eat’’? Zoey asked

‘’I will’’. Mike said

‘’Who is the other player’’? Mike asked

‘’Fine I will eat the disgusting food’’.Jakcy said

The Supernatural Animals and The Crimson Eagles are deciding who are the eaters.

‘’I will eat’’.Scott said

‘’Me too’’.Vitor said

‘’Well thats great since its not me’’.Alejandro said

‘’Because you cant eat disgusting food’’.Aphrodite said

[Conf] ’’ I saw Total Drama World Tour eating challenge in that challenge Alejandro was slipping his food to Courtney so I know he will do anything to not eat disgusting food’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Ok the two players from both teams go in to the cage and start eating dusscusting food that Chef made’’.Chris said

Vitor, Scott, Jacky and Mike went in to they’re cages.

The 4 players started to eat.

‘’This is so gross’’.Jacky said

‘’Your not gonna puke are you’’. Mike said

‘’I hope not’’.Jacky said

Jacky feels sick from the food and pukes.

Scene switches to Vitor and Scott.

‘’I dont feel so good’’. Vitor said

‘’Me too’’.Scott said

Both of them puke and The Golden Victory and The Amazon Warriors win the first challenge.

‘’Your second part of the challenge is to race trough a trap infested yard in a laundry cart with one member pushing the cart and the first team who get to the ‘’X’’ mark gets an advantage’’.Chris explained

‘’Whats our advantage’’?Courtney asked

‘’For your team only 2 players need to be in the laundry cart while the other team 3 players’’.Chris said

The Golden Victory and The Amazon Warriors are deciding who will push and who will be in a laundry cart.

‘’Me and Courtney will be in the laundry cart’’. Cher said

‘’Who will push the laundry cart’’? Zoey asked

‘’I will’’. Cindy said

The Supernatural Animals and The Crimson Eagles are deciding who will push and who will be in a laundry cart.


Duncan volunters to push

‘’Who will be in the laundry cart’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’You, Bridgette and Dawn’’. Alejandro said

‘’Whos gonna push’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’I will push’’.Duncan said 

At the Sarting line.


Cher talks to Cindy

‘’You better not mess this up Cindy’’. Cher said

‘’I wont, I hope’’.Cindy said

‘’Ready, set, go’’.Chris said

Camera switches to Cher, Courtney and Cindy.

‘’Hurry’’! Courtney said

‘’Push faster’’! Cher said

‘’ I am pushing fast as I can’’. Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’ Since I am friends with Courtney maybe I can be friends with Cher even she is bossy’’.Cindy said

Camera switches to Duncan, Aphrodite, Bridgette and Dawn.

‘’We are in the lead’’. Aphrodite said

‘’I know’’.Bridgette said

‘’Duncan can you still run because it looks you are really tired’’? Dawn asked

‘’Yes I can still run’’.Duncan said

Camera switches to Chris.

‘’And the second challenge winners are Duncan, Aphrodite, Bridgette and Dawn’’. Chris said

‘’Whats our advantage’’? Duncan asked

‘’Since Zoey and Alejandro are the only one who havent competed in one of the challenges they will need to dig a tunnel to the box cart of freedom’’.Chris explained

‘’And Alejandro gets a golden showle while Zoey will need to dig with her hands or with this spoon’’.Chris said

‘’Ready, set, go’’! Chris said

Both of them started to dig.

[Conf] ‘’ This will be easy thanks to that golden showle’’. Alejandro said

Alejandro is almost at the finish line but he cant dig up because somthing is his way.

Camera switches to Chris.

‘’And the winners are The Golden Victory and The Amazon Warriors.

‘’How did I make it faster than Alejandro’’? Zoey asked

‘’Yes I made it’’.Alejandro said

‘’Yeah but you lost the challenge’’.Scott said

‘’Where whore you’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’I coudnt dig up because somthing was in the way’’.Alejandro said

‘’Since The Supernatural Animals and The Crimson Eagles lost they will be in a tiebraker and the team who loses will face elimination’’.Chris said

‘’Whats the challenge’’? Alejandro asked

‘’All members from both teams will eat disgusting food and the team where all members puke will face elimination’’.Chris said

Both teams started to eat disgusting food.

‘’ I think I will puke’’.Alejandro said

Alejandro pukes and after him Aphrodite puke.

‘’This is so bad’’.Bridgette said

Bridgette gets a little sick and pukes.

‘’I cant eat anymore’’.Vitor said

‘’Me too’’.Dawn said

Vitor and Dawn puke.

After 5 minutes Scott pukes.

‘’And the winners are The Supernatural Animals’’. Chris said

‘’I will see The Crimson Eagles at the elimination tonight again’’.Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Welcome to you third elimination ceremony and now cast your votes’’.Chris said

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Scott and Aphrodite’’.Chris said


The Bottom Two

‘’The bottom two is Alejandro and Vitor and the last Gilded Chris goes to...









Vitor’’! Chris announced

‘’What, you are a traitor Scott’’. Alejandro said

‘’So what’’.Scott said

Alejandro went to the Lame-O-Sine.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Scott will pay what he did to me’’.Alejandro said

Scene switches to Vitor and Cher.

‘’Its great that you didnt get voted out’’.Cher said

‘’I know’’.Vitor said

Vitor took Chers both hands and Cher started to blush.

Both of them stared at each other and Kissed.

Camera fades out.

Episode 15 : Slender Man Part 1

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. There was a challenge team up. The Cast needed to eat digusting food, avoid abstocols and get to the box cart of freedom. In the end The Supernatural Animals won the tiebraker aginst The Crimson Eagles. At the elimination ceremony bottom two was Vitor and Alejandro and Alejandro got voted out.

Cher and Cindy talking at the table in the craft service tent.


Cher & Cindy talk

‘’So how was your kiss with Vitor’’? Cindy asked

‘’It was amazing’’.Cher said

‘’But wait how do you know me and Vitor kissed’’? Cher asked

‘’I saw you both kissing when I was leaving the craft service tent’’.Cindy said

Chris comes in the craft service tent.

‘’Hi cast today is a special day because all 4 teams are merging’’.Chris said

‘’Yes’’! Cher said out of excitment

‘’And meet me by the film lots gate in 1 hour’’.Chris said

Chris leaves the craft service tent

Vitor comes to the tabel.

‘’Finally merge I cant believe it’’.Vitor said

Cindy looks at him and starts to blush.

[Conf] ‘’Can it be, Cindy blushed I think she likes me’’.Vitor said

[Conf] ‘’Yes I like Vitor and I am thinking about him all the time’’.Cindy said

‘’Cindy know we kissed’’.Cher said

‘’How did you find out Cindy’’? Vitor asked

‘’I saw you both kissing when I was leaving craft service tent’’.Cindy said

‘’But why whore you at the craft service tent after the elimination ceremony’’? Vitor asked

‘’I was getting a drink’’.Cindy said

Scene switches to Duncan and Scott.

‘’Listen up we need to make an alliance’’.Duncan said

‘’Why’’? Scott asked

‘’Because there are 8 girls and 4 guys and Vitor and Mike wont side with us because they dont trust us’’.Duncan said

‘’Ok I will be in the alliance’’. Scott said

‘’We need more alliance members because we 2 wont rule the game’’.Scott said

‘’Ok but who shoude we take in the alliance’’? Scott asked

‘’I know Courtney because she likes you and you like her’’.Duncan said

‘’But Courtney wont join because you will be in the alliance’’.Scott said

‘’Thats why dont tell her that I am in the alliance’’.Duncan said

Scene switches to Dawn, Zoey, Bridgette, Jacky, Aphrodite and Mike.

‘’Oh no’’!Dawn said

‘’Whats wrong Dawn’’? Zoey said

‘’The great darkness it will be in this challenge’’.Dawn said

‘’ Didnt you tell us that the great darkness will be at the final 9 or 7’’.Mike said

‘’Yes I did but Chris changed the challenge from final 9 or 7 to final 12’’. Dawn said

‘’Are you sure that the challenge will be today’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Yes’’.Dawn said

‘’I wonder what will be the challenge’’. Jacky said

‘’Me too but I dont want to participate in the challenge because of the great darkness’’.Aphrodite said

Scene switches to Courtney and Scott.

‘’Hey Courtney’’.Scott said

‘’What’’? Courtney asked

‘’Do you want to be in alliance with me’’? Scott asked

‘’Fine but I am the leader and we need more members’’.Courtney said

‘’Who will you ask’’? Scott asked

‘’I will ask Cher and since she is togeather with Vitor, he will follow her and maybe Bridgette will join too’’.Courtney said

[Conf] ‘’ That many alliance members thats great looks like I will be safe from getting voted out’’. Scott said

1 hour passed.

‘’Great you are all here now go inside the bus’’.Chris said

‘’Why’’? Cindy asked

‘’Becasue we are going to Camp Wawanakwa to do the challenge’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Dawn was right’’. Cindy shocked said

Everyone got inside the bus.

Everyone arrived to Camp Wawanakwa.

‘’So whats our challenge’’? Duncan asked

‘’The challlenge will only start at night’’. Chris said

‘’Seriusly’’.Duncan said

At night.

‘’Are you ready for your  horror-themed challenge’’? Chris asked

‘’Finally’’.Courtney said

‘’Wait did you say horror-themed challenge’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’Yes’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’After many episodes we finally have a horror challenge, I wonder why so late’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Your challenge is to collect the 8 pages that are from a video game named’’ Slender Man: The Arrival’’ ‘’. Chris said

‘’So we only need to collect the 8 pages’’? Vitor asked

‘’Yes but Chef is dressed up as Slender Man and if he sees you, you are out of the challenge’’. Chris explained

‘’So there are ONLY 8 pages right’’? Mike asked

‘’Yes and since there are 8 pages there can be 1 or 8 winners in the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Now run and find the 8 pages’’.Chris said

Everyone ran to look for the 8 pages.

Scene switches to Cher, Vitor, Courtney and Cindy.

‘’Lets team up to find the 8 pages’’.Cindy said

‘’Ok I will team up’’.Cher said

‘’I will team up too’’.Vitor said

‘’Will you Courtney team up with us’’? Cindy asked

‘’Fine’’.Courtney said

Scene switches to Zoey, Mike, Dawn, Bridgette, Jacky and Aphrodite.

‘’Where shoude we start looking’’? Jacky asked

‘’Lets start with the campfire’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Ok lets go’’. Zoey said

After 15 minutes.

‘’Has anyone find one of the pages’’? Bridgette asked

‘’No not yet’’.Mike said

‘’What about you Dawn’’? Bridgette asked

‘’No, wait, yes I find the first page’’.Dawn said

‘’What does it say’’? Mike asked°

‘’It says ‘’Help Me’’ ‘’.Dawn said

Scene switches to Duncan and Scott.

‘’Why are we looking by the trees’’? Scott asked

‘’Because I played this game and one of the trees have one of the pages’’. Duncan said

‘’You mean this page’’? Scott asked

‘’Yes you found it, what does it say’’? Duncan asked

‘’ It says ‘’Can’t Run’’ ‘’. Scott said

Scene switches to Courtney, Cher, Cindy and Vitor.

‘’have any of you found one of the pages’’? Vitor asked

‘’No not me’’. Cindy said

‘’Me too’’. Cher said

‘’Yes I found one of the pages’’. Courtney said

‘’what does it say’’? Cher asked

‘’It says ‘’ Leave Me Alone’’ ‘’. Courtney said

‘’I found page too’’. Cher said

‘’what does it say’’? Cindy asked

‘’It says ‘’ No No No No No No No No No No No No’’ ‘’ Cher said

‘’Thats so creepy’’. Vitor said

Scene switches to Scott and Duncan.

‘’Yes I found the page’’! Duncan said

‘’What does it say’’? Scott asked

‘’There arent any words on that page’’. Duncan said

‘’Thats so wierd’’. Scott said

Chris talks through the lound speaker.

‘’5 pages have been found and no one has been out of the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Spoke too soon Jacky, Bridgette, Aphrodite and Mike have been cought by Chef The Slender Man’’. Chris said

‘’Lets go to Chris we dont need mor pages’’. Duncan said

‘’Ok’’ .Scott said

Scene switches to Zoey, Dawn , Courtney, Cher, Vitor and Cindy.

‘’Dawn you look by the trees I will go look inside the girls cabin’’. Zoey said

‘’You are here too’’. Courtney said

‘’Ok lets hurry and find the 3 remaining pages’’.Cher said

‘’I will look by the trees where Dawn is’’ . Vitor said

‘’Me too’’. Cindy said

‘’I will look in the boys cabin’’.Cher said

‘’Ok I will go inside the girls cabin’’.Courtney said

Scene switches to Vitor, Cindy and Dawn.

‘’Have you found the page Cindy’’? Vitor asked

‘’No’’.Cindy said

‘’I found another page’’.Dawn said

‘’What another’’?! Vitor said

‘’What does it say’’? Cindy asked

‘’It says ‘’ Don’t Look Or It Takes You’’ ‘’. Dawn said

Dawn ran to Chris who is at the dock.

‘’Wait do you here that’’? Vitor asked

‘’Yes it sounded from behind’’. Cindy said

Cindy and Vitor looked back and they lost the challenge.

Scene switches to Zoey, Courtney and Cher.

‘’ Courtney I found another page and I am going to Chris’’ . Cher said

‘’Cher wait’’. Courtney said

‘’What’’? Cher asked

‘’What does the page say’’? Courtney asked

‘’It says ‘’Follows’’ ‘’. Cher said

‘’Ok I am going to Chris’’. Cher said

Chris speakes from the loud speaker.

‘’There is only 1 page left and Cindy, and Vitor lost the challenge, and Duncan and Scott arrived with 1 page each while Dawn and Cher arrived 2 pages each’’ . Chris said

‘’I need to find the page’’. Zoey said

‘’You dont have luck’’. Courtney said

‘’Why’’? Zoey asked

‘’Because I have the last page and it says ‘’ Always Wathces, No Eyes’’ ‘’. Courtney said

‘’Courtney wait’’. Zoey said

‘’What now’’? Courtney asked

‘’Look there is another page’’. Zoey said and picked up the page

‘’ Chris said that there are only 8 pages’’.Courtney said

When Zoey picked up the page it started to thunder.

‘’Did you hear that it started to thunder’’. Zoey said


Zoey & Courtney scream when they found out that there is a real Slender Man on the island

‘’Not only that look thorugh the window thers Chef’’. Courtney said

Courtney and Zoey opened the door and saw somthing tall with a white face with no eyes and a suit in the distance

‘’Wait if thats Chef whos that’’? Courtney asked

‘’ I think thats the real Slender Man’’ . Zoey said

Both of them started to Scream.

Episode 16 : Slender Man Part 2

At the dock.

Everyone heard two screams.


Duncan & Dawn

‘’What was that’’? Duncan asked

‘’I think that was Zoey and Courtney’’. Dawn said worried

Camera switches to Zoey and Courtney.

‘’What shoude we do’’? Zoey asked

‘’Lets go sneak through the window’’. Courtney said

‘’Ok that way we can get away from the real Slender Man’’. Zoey

Zoey opened the window and both girls sneaked throught and got a way .

Camer switches to the docks.

‘’We need to save them’’. Mike said

‘’Where were they last time’’?  Aphrodite asked

‘’They were in the girls cabin’’. Cher said

‘’Then lets go’’. Vitor said

When the cast started to run to the girls cabin.

‘’Where are you all going’’? Chris asked

‘’We are going to the girls cabin to see if Zoey and Courtney are okay’’. Cindy said

‘’Ok fine go’’. Chris said

The cast ran to the cabins.

‘’Where are they’’? Scott asked

‘’It looks like they sneaked through the window’’. Jacky said

‘’Lets split up into 2 groups of 5 people’’. Bridgette said

‘’Me, Cher, Duncan, Mike and Dawn are the first group and the rest of you are group 2’’. Cindy said

‘’Ok lets go’’. Vitor said

Group 1 in the forest.

‘’Hey look there is a page’’. Cher said

Cher picked up the page.

‘’Do you hear that its thundering more now’’. Cindy said

‘’Its just a thunder and what does the page say Cher’’? Duncan asked

‘’It says ‘’Always Watches, No Eyes’’ ‘’. Cher said

‘’We dont have time , we need to go find Zoey and Courtney’’. Dawn said

‘’I hope Zoey is alright’’. Mike said

Camera switches to Group 2.

At the mine.

‘’This mine is creepy’’. Bridgette said

‘’ I know’’. Jacky said

‘’Look there is a page’’. Vitor said

Vitor picked up the page

‘’What does it say’’? Scott asked

‘’It says ’’Follows’’ ‘’. Vitor said

‘’What follows’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’We dont know but it cant be good’’. Bridgette said

‘’And also it started to thunder more’’. Jacky said

Camera switches to Zoey and Courtney.

‘’Its so wierd that the thundering is now worse’’. Zoey said

‘’I know but look there are 5 people’’. Courtney said

‘’Lets go’’. Zoey said

Both girls ran.

‘’MIKE’’! Zoey yelled

‘’Zoey you found us’’. Mike said

‘’Ok stop with the lovefest, have you found one of these pages’’? Courtney asked

‘’Yes I found one of these’’. Cher said

‘’Ok I think thats great’’. Courtney said

‘’Why’’? Cindy asked

‘’Because we saw the real Slender Man’’. Courtney said

‘’And if we get all 8 pages he will be gone I think’’. Zoey said

‘’So we have 2 pages that leaves 6 more to find’’. Mike said

‘’Ok lets go’’. Duncan said

‘’I dont like where this is going’’. Dawn said

Camera switches to group 2.

‘’Its kind a creepy that there is a full moon and it thunders’’. Aphrodite

‘’I know’’ Bridgette said

‘’Hey I see somthing white by the rocks’’. Jacky said

‘’Lets go see what it is’’. Vitor said

Group 2 went to the big rock that are next to a hill.

‘’Its just another stupid page’’. Scott said

Jacky picked up the page.

‘’What does the page say’’? Vitor asked

‘’ ‘’Dont Look Or It Takes You’’ ‘’ Jacky said

‘’Dont look where’’? Scott asked

‘’But how come with every page we pick up the thunder becomes more worse’’. Jacky said

‘’So we have 2 pages that leaves only 6’’. Vitor said

‘’This is getting scary’’. Bridgette said


Aphrodite, Scott, Vitor, Jacky & Bridgette are frightened

Aphrodite, Scott, Vitor, Jacky and Bridgette are frightened from the wierd thundering.

And A tall man is on the top of the hill following them.


Episode 17 : Slender Man Part 3

Where the episode left off.

Jacky looks back and sees something up in the hill.

‘’Look there is something on top of that hill ’’. Jacky said

‘’I think thats the real Slender Man’’! Vitor said

‘’Lets run’’! Bridgette yelled

Camera swtiches to group 1.

‘’Did you hear that’’? Cindy asked

‘’I didnt hear anything’’. Cher said

‘’It sounded like Bridgette’’. Zoey said

‘’Lets go find them’’. Dawn said

When start to run off Chris says somthing from the loudspeaker.

‘’Listen up Cast if you all dont return to the dock in 2 hours I will leave with or with out you’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

‘’Thats not fair’’. Courtney angry said

[Conf] ‘’ When we leave from this disgusting island Chris will pay for  trying to leave us here’’. Courtney said

‘’I dont care’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

‘’We dont have time to argue we need to get to the dock’’. Mike said

‘’Ok lets roll’’. Duncan said

Camera swtiches to group 2.

‘’Come on Scott hurry’’! Aphrodite yelled

‘’I cant I am to tired’’. Scott said

‘’ you heard what Chris said we need to be at the dock in 2 hours’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Yeah I heard but I am to tired’’. Scott said

‘’Vitor and Bridgette you will need to cary Scott to the dock’’. Aphrodite said

‘’But what will you and Jacky do’’? Vitor asked

‘’Me and Jacky will look around while running to see if the Slender Man isnt around’’. Aphrodite said

‘’C’mon lets go’’. Jacky said

‘’Jacky is right lets go’’. Bridgette said

Camera switches to group 1.

While running Zoey triped.

‘’Zoey are you ok’’. Mike said

‘’Yes’’. Zoey said

‘’Are you sure’’? Mike asked

‘’Yes I am sure’’. Zoey said

Mike helps Zoey get up and Zoey sees somthing on the ground.

‘’Mike look its another page’’. Zoey said

‘’What does it say’’? Mike asked

‘’It says ‘’ No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No,No, No’’ ‘’. Zoey said

‘’Dont tell me you found another page’’? Cindy asked

‘’Yes we found’’. Zoey said

‘’That leaves onl to find 5 pages’’. Duncan said

‘’Are you all done chatting Cuz we need to get to the dock so lets hurry’’. Cher bossed Duncan, Mike, Zoey and Cindy

Camera switches to group 2.

‘’Lets stop’’. Scott said

‘’Why’’? Vitor asked

‘’Becaus there is a page on that tree’’. Scott said

Scott picked up the page.

‘’What does it say’’? Jacky asked

‘’ It says ‘’ Can’t Run’’ ‘’. Scott said

‘’ Who cant run us or Slender Man’’? Vitor asked

‘’Who cares we need to go’’. Aphrodite said

Both groups are running and suddenly they ran into each other.

‘’Ow that hurt’’. Courtney said

‘’My head hurts’’. Dawn said


Slender Man

All the players stand up and saw Slender Man.

Everyone yelled and ran in different ways.

And Slender Man followed the players who had a page.


Episode 18 : Slender Man Part 4

Camera fades in.

After when everyone ran in different ways.

‘’I hope we lost him’’. Mike said

‘’That was scarry’’ . Zoey said

‘’Where is everyone else’’? Mike asked

‘’It looks like we got separated’’. Zoey said

Camera switches to Jakcy and Duncan.

‘’So we have found 5 pages that only leaves 3 to find, I wonder where ar thous 3’’. Duncan said

‘’Acctualy we have 6 pages Scott found one on the tree when we whore in groups’’. Jacky said

‘’Do you know who has the pages’’? Duncan asked

‘’Yes, I have 1 page Cher, Vitor, Scott also have 1 page and Zoey has 2 pages’’. Jacky said

‘’Ok lets go find them’’. Duncan said

Camera switches to Courtney and Cher.

‘’I think we got away from him’’. Cher said

‘’I hope so’’. Courtney said

After 10 seconds Courtney noticed somthing.

‘’Cher, have you seen my camera’’? Courtney asked

‘’ No, I think you droped it when we hit our heads’’. Cher said

‘’By the way do you like Vitor’’? Courtney asked

‘’Yes’’. Cher said

‘’Have you kissed’’? Courtney asked

‘’ Yes and it was great’’. Cher said

‘’Are you and Scott still togeather’’? Cher asked

‘’Yes and I hope you make it to the finale with me’’. Courtney said

‘’Me too’’. Cher said

Camera switches to Vitor and Cindy.

‘’That was close’’. Vitor said

‘’I know’’. Cindy said

Both of them started to blush.

‘’You and Cher are friends’’. Vitor said

‘’Yeah’’. Cindy said

‘’Thats cool’’. Vitor said

Scott is hiding behind a bush and he is using Courtney camera to film Cindy and Vitor.

Cindy and Vitor both stared at each other and they kissed.

[Conf] ‘’ I thought Vitor was with Cher and now he is with Cindy this will be great cuz if I show this video to Cher where Vitor and Cindy are kissing, Cher will totally trust me and vote them out in elimination ceremonys’’. Scott said

[Conf] ‘’What have I done, I was friends with Cher and now I kissed her boyfriend’’. disapointed Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’ The kiss was great with Cindy but if Cher found out she will kill me and Cindy’’. Vitor said

Camera switches to Aphrodite, Dawn and Bridgette.

‘’I am so tired’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Atleast we got away from Slender Man’’. Bridgette said

‘’But still he will keep looking for us because took the pages’’. Dawn said

‘’How many do we have’’? Bridgette asked

‘’I think we have 5’’. Dawn said

‘’We have 6 because Scott found 1 page’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Lets find the remaing two pages’’. Bridgette said

‘’But first we need to find the other’’. Dawn said

All 3 girls left to find the other.

Camera switches to Zoey and Mike.

‘’Look Zoey there is a page’’. Mike said


Mike picks up the page while Zoey looks shocked

Mike picks up the page and Zoey looks behind and sees Slender Man.

‘’MIKE RUN’’ ! Zoey yelled

Both ran away.

Camera switchers to Duncan and Jacky.

‘’Did you hear that’’? Jacky asked

‘’Yes but look there is a page’’.

‘’What does it say’’? Jacky asked

‘’ it says ‘’ Leave Me Alone’’ ‘’. Duncan said

‘’Now we have to find only 1 page and Slender Man will be gone’’ Jacky said

Chris from the loundspeaker speaks.

‘’Cast you only have 1 hour to get to the docks’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Duncan and Jacky ran and met up with Zoey and Mike.

‘’Zoey, Mike I am glad we found you’’. Jacky said

‘’How many pages you have’’? Jacky asked

‘’We have 3 pages’’ . Zoey said

‘’And you’’? Mike asked

‘’We have 2 pages and that makes 5 only 3 left’’. Duncan said

‘’Look there is Slender Man lets RUN’’! Jacky yelled

All 4 ran away.

Camera swithces to Courtney and Cher.

‘’Courtney look there is Vitor and Cindy’’. Cher said

‘’Lets go’’. Courtney said

Cher and Courtney met up with Cindy and Vitor, and Scott arrives.

‘’Hey I finally found you’’. Scott said

‘’Scott’’! Courtney said out of excitment and kissed him on the cheak

Aphrodite, Bridgette and Dawn arrived.

‘’We found you’’. Aphrodite said

‘’ Lets go find Zoey, Mike, Jacky and Duncan’’. Dawn said

‘’But we dont know where they are’’. Vitor said

‘’I heard them screaming so I know where they are’’. Dawn said

All 8 ran to Zoey, Mike, Jacky and Duncan.

All the players met up.

‘’Do we have all 8 pages’’? Cindy asked

‘’Yes and look there is Slender Man’’. Dawn said

All players start to scream.

‘’Lets show him the pages so he could go away’’. Cindy said

The players who had pages showed him and Slender Man saw the pages and dissapeard.

‘’That was wierd’’. Duncan said

‘’We dont have time to talk we need to get to the dock lets hurry’’. Cher said bossy

Everyone arrived to the dock.

‘’Congratulations Cast you made it and lets have our elimination ceremony at the campfire’’. Chris said

Before the elimination ceremony.

‘’Courtney, Bridgette, Cher, and Vitor, lets vote out Duncan he is the biggest threat of all’’. Scott said

‘’Ok’’. Courtney, Bridgette, Cher and Vitor said

‘’Cher wait’’. Scott said

‘’What’’? Cher asked

‘’I have to show you somthing’’. Scott said

Scott show a video to Cher where Cindy and Vitor are kissing.


[Conf] ‘’ I finally became friends with Cindy and she kissed my boyfriend she is so gone’’. Cher said

At the campfire.

Cher glares at Cindy.

‘’Are you ok’’? Cindy asked

Cher didnt respond.

‘’This is your first elimination ceremony of the merge now vote’’. Chris said

Everyone voted.

‘’Since we are on the island I will give you marshmellows and marshmellows goes to Zoey, Mike, Courtney, Jacky, Cher, Vitor, Scott, Aphrodite, Bridgette and Dawn’’. Chris said


Cindy & Duncan are the bottom two

Bottom two is Cindy and Duncan.

‘’What I am in the bottom two ‘’. Cindy said worried

‘’And the final marshmellow goes too......................






CINDY’’! Chris announced

Duncan looks shocked.

‘’Seriusly me and Scott you will pay for backstabbing me’’. Duncan said

After elimination ceremony.

‘’Here Courtney I found you camera and you might wanna look at the video’’. Scott said

‘’Ok but I will do it tomorrow’’. Courtney said

[Conf] ‘’ I wonder whats wrong with Cher, wait, did she somehow found out that I kissed her boyrfriend’’. Cindy said

Camera fades out.

Episode 19 : Antagonist Rises

Camera fades in.

Last time on Back In The Action. The final 12 needed to find the 8 pages from a famous video game ‘’Slender Man The Eight Pages’’ Chef was dressed up as Slender Man but when Zoey picked up a real page the real Slender Man appeard and after 4 episodes of Slender Man at the elimination ceremony the bottom two was Cindy and Duncan, and Duncan got eliminated.

Inside the girls trailer.

Courtney wakes up.

Courtney goes to wake up Cher.

‘’Cher wake up’’. Courtney said

Cher wakes up.

‘’What’’? Cher asked

‘’Scott told me to watch a video on my camera, do you want to see it too’’? Courtney asked

‘’No I already saw it’’. Cher said

Courtney plays the video.

‘’Seriusly she kissed Vitor’’? Courtney asked

‘’Yes and I will eliminate Cindy from the competition, and do you wanna help me eliminate her’’.?Cher said

‘’Gladly’’. Courtney said

[Conf] ‘’ Yes, Courtney agreed to vote out Cindy, now I need to get Scott on my side’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’ I heard everyting what Courtney and Cher are planning to do, I was just pretending to sleep’’. Cindy said

After when they finished eating breakfast.

The cast is waiting for Chris.

‘’Where is Chris’’? Zoey asked

‘’Who care I am going back in the trailer’’. Aphrodite said

Aphrodite touches the doorknob and a spy camera scanns her face.

‘’Intruder alert’’! Spy Camera said

And then Aphrodite fall down in a pit.

Everyone gasped.

Mike ran to see if she is ok.

And Mike get hit by a dart.

‘’What’’.Mike said while he started to feel sleepy

‘’MIKE’’! Zoey yelled

She looked and got hit by a bowler hat.

Scott, Cindy, Vitor, Dawn, Bridgette, Jacky , Courtney and Cher went inside the boys trailer who wasnt locked.

Then someone threw sleeping gas inside and they all fell asleep.

‘’Where are we’’? Jacky asked

‘’I think we are in cave’’. Dawn said


Vitor & Cindy listening to Chris

Chris appears on a TV screen.

‘’Welcome Cast your challenge is beging now’’. Chris said

‘’Whats our challenges’’? Vitor asked

‘’Your challenges are retrieve a laser guarded package then escape an exploding building and then defuse a stink bomb’’. Chris explained the challenge

[Conf] ‘’I remember this challenge and the reward was a trip to local cheese factory I hated this challenge so much’’. Courtney said

‘’Does anyone know where is the exit’’? Bridgette asked

‘’I found it’’. Scott said

Everyone went to the exit.

‘’Look there is the package which is guarded by the lasers’’. Zoey said

Everyone goes to get the package.

Camera switches to Aphrodite, Mike,  Jacky, Dawn and Zoey.

‘’Jacky can you help me, I cant get throught the lasers’’? Aphrodite asked

‘’Sorry I cant I am stuck too’’. Jacky said

‘’I will help you, Aphrodite’’. Mike said

‘’No, I wont let a male player touch me’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Zoey why doesnt she want me to help her’’? Mike asked

‘’Because she hates male people’’. Zoey said

‘’I will help you Aphrodite’’. Dawn said

‘’Thanks Dawn’’. Aphrodite said

Camera switches to Courtney and Cher.

‘’Yes I am almost there’’. Courtney said

‘’YES I GOT THE PACKAGE’’! Cher said out of excitment

A TV appears.

‘’Congradulations Cher you got the package now all of you need to get out of this bulding befor it explodes’’. Chris said

Camera switches to Cher and Scott.

‘’Scott I want to ask you somthing’’. Cher said

‘’What’’? Scott asked

‘Can you vote off  one special person today’’? Cher asked

‘’Like who’’?Scott asked

‘’Her’’. Cher said


Cher points with the cutter at Cindy

Cher points with the cutter at Cindy.

[Conf] ‘’If I can get Cindy of this show, Vitor will be a piece of cake’’. Scott said

‘’Ok’’. Scott agreed

Camera switches to Cindy and Vitor.

‘’Did you hear that Cindy’’? Vitor asked

‘’No’’. Cindy said

‘’Cher convinced Scott to vote you off if you dont win the immunity’’. Vitor said

‘’ I knew she will try to convince Scott to vote me out’’. Cindy said

Camera switches to Bridgette and Cher.

‘’Everyone look I found the exit where we can excape’’. Bridgette said

‘’Cher use your grappling hook to save us’’. Bridgette said

‘’Ok’’. Cher said

Cher used the grappling hook.

When they are sliding down, Aphrodite hit a wall really badly where whor the the bombs.

‘’Chris we need a ambulance’’. Zoey said

After ambulance left.

‘’Is she going to be ok’’? Zoey asked

‘’I dont know, they will tell me if she ok in like 5 hours’’. Chris said

The cast continued with the challenge.

‘’Now you need to defuese these bombs the players who cut the right wire wins immunity’’. Chris said

‘’I know whic wire is the correct’’. Cher said

Cher cuts the blue wire and its the correct one.

‘’Cher get immunity but who will win the next immunity’’. Chris said

Everyone except Cher cuts the wire and Vitor, Courtney and Scott also win immunity while the other smell really bad.

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Do you remember who to vote for’’? Cher asked

‘’Yes’’. Scott said

Everyone voted.

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Cher, Vitor, Courtney, Scott, Jacky, Bridgette, Zoey and Dawn’’. Chris said

The bottom two is Mike and Cindy.

‘’The final Gilded Chris goes to.............................







‘’MIKE’’! Chris announced

‘’I knew this will happen’’. Cindy said

Cindy starts to leave.

Chris got a phone call.

‘’Cindy, since Aphrodite is injured and will not return to the competition then YOU are not eliminated’’. Chris said

‘’What seriusly’’! Cindy said out of excitment

‘’Thats right Cindy you are still in the competition’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ I cant believe I am still in the competition’’! Cindy said out of excitment

[Conf] ‘’Oh c’mon this was the best chance to get rid of Cindy’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’I am glad that Cindy stayed but I cant believe that Aphrodite will not return’’. Jacky said

Camera fades out.

Episode 20 : Space And The Smalest Space

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The Cast needed to get a package which was proceted by lasers then they needed to escape from an exploding building.  When the whore escaping Aphrodite got injured. Then they needed to deactivate stink bombs and in the end Courtney, Cher, Vitor and Scott won the challenge. At the Cindy and Mike whore the bottom two and Cindy got eliminated but since Aphrodite got injured, Cindy got saved from elimination.

In the boys trailer.

‘’Mike we need to make an alliance to vote off the biggest threats’’. Vitor said

‘’To vote off Courtney and Scott I agree’’. Mike said

‘’We need to also vote off Cher too’’. Vitor said

‘’Why Cher’’? Mike asked

‘’Because she is evil’’.  Vitor said

‘’Ok’’. Mike said

[Conf] ‘’ I dont want to vote off Cher because she is my friend’’. Mike said

In the craft service tent.

‘’One us need to win todays challenge so we could vote off Cindy’’. Cher said

‘’After Cindy who is next’’? Scott asked

‘’Vitor, I totally hate him’’. Courtney said


Chers showing her elimination chart in the confessional

[Conf] ‘’This elimination list that I made shows who is going after Vitor and its Dawn, and I am taking Courtney to the finals Cuz she is my best friend’’. Cher said

Cindy, Vitor, Mike, Jacky, Dawn, Bridgette, Zoey arrived at the craft service tent.

‘’Where is Chris’’? Jacky asked

‘’He shoude have been here’’. Dawn said

‘’Maybe he got fired’’. Cindy said

‘’For all the danger he coused, I would like that’’. Jacky said

‘’Look here he comes’’. Zoey said

Chris arrived.

‘’Whats our challenge Chris’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Your first challenge is to Endure the night on a roller coaster space simulation’’. Chris explained the first challenge

Everyone arrived at the roller coaster space simulator.

‘’Everyone get in now’’. Chris said

‘’Do we get pillows’’? Dawn asked

‘’Yes’’. Chris said and gave them pillows

After 15 minutes.

‘’Has anyone seen my pillow’’? Cher asked

‘’Did it float somewhere off’’? Dawn asked

‘’Yes’’. Cher said

Camera switches to Cindy, Zoey, Vitor and Mike.

‘’So do you both agree to vote off Scott, Courtney or Cher’’? Vitor asked

‘’Yes, but who’’? Zoey said

‘’I think Scott’’. Mike said

‘’Me too even Cher wants me out so bad’’. Cindy said

‘’Lets convince Dawn, Bridgette and Jacky to vote off Scott too’’. Vitor said

‘’Ok’’. Zoey, Cindy and Mike said

After 1 night.

The window breaks.

‘’Look the window breaked’’. Dawn said

‘’Lets use all our pillows to seal it’’. Cindy said

The roller coaster space simulator stopped and everyone got out.

‘’Congrats Cindy thanks to your quick thinking you can choose the order for the next challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Your next challenge is to ride the longest  on a ride called "The Vomit Comet." Chris said

‘’And Cindy what is your order’’? Chris asked

[Conf] ‘’ I saw this challenge in Total Drama Action, so I know who is going last’’. Cindy said

‘’The order is me, Vitor, Jacky, Bridgette, Dawn, Mike, Zoey, Courtney, Scott and Cher’’. Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’She picked me last on purpos’’! Angry Cher said

‘’And the lowest time will get automatically eliminated’’. Chris said

Everyone looked shocked.

Cindy gets in.

And ‘’The Vomit Comet starts to spin.

‘’STOP, STOP, PLEASE STOP’’! Cindy said

‘’Next’’. Chris said

Vitor gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’I  THINK I AM GOING TO PUKE’’. Vitor said

Jacky gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’LET ME OUT’’! Jacky said

Bridgette gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’I WANNA GET OUT’’! Bridgette yelled

Dawn gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’THIS ISNT GOOD FOR ME’’! Dawn said

Mike gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’NO, NO, NO’’! Mike said

Zoey gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’THIS IS BAD’’. Zoey said

Courtney gets in.

And starts to spin.


Scott gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’I AM GOING TO PUKE’’. Scott said and pukes inside

Cher gets in.

And starts to spin.

‘’THIS IS SO GROSSE ‘’. Cher said

Cher got out cover in Scott puke.

‘’I will meet you all at the elimination ceremony and I wll tell you who is eliminated’’. Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Gilded Chris goes to Cindy, Courtney, Mike, Vitor, Scott, Zoey, Cher, Jacky’’. Chris said

The Bottom two is Dawn and Bridgette.

‘’Last Gilded Chris goes too……………………..







BRIDGETTE’’! Chris announced

‘’Dawn you have been eliminated since you have th lowest time’’. Chris said


Dawn shocked and eliminated from the competition

Dawn looks shocked.

Dawn goes to the Lame-O-Sine.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Losing the competiton wasnt so bad atleast I made it to the merge’’. Dawn said 

Camera fades out.

Episode 21 : The Obstacle Course

Camera fades in.

Last time on Back In The Action. The first challenge was to endure the night on a roller coaster space simmulation  and Cindy won. The second challenge was called ‘’The Vomit Comet’’ and the players with the quickest time won and the longest time got eliminated automaticaly and the player was Dawn.

In the craft service tent.

‘’Why are you still here’’. Courtney said to Vitor


Courtney & Vitor talking

‘’Because I havent been eliminated yet and I wont be eliminated’’. Vitor said

‘’You cant get to the finals with only 1 ally’’. Courtney said

‘’Who said I have 1 ally, you dont know how many allys I have’’. Vitor said

[Conf] ‘’Vitor said that he has more than 1 ally, I wonder who they are’’. Courtney said

Camera switches to Zoey and Mike.

‘’Are you excited for this days challenge’’? Zoey asked

‘’Yes, I wonder what will it be’’. Mike said

Cindy comes to the tabel.

‘’Have you heard somthing from Chris since the last challenge’’? Cindy asked

‘’No’’. Zoey said

‘’By the way are we still voting out Scott at the elimination ceremony if he doesnt get immunity’’? Mike asked

‘’Yes’’. Cindy said

Camera switches to Scott and Cher.

‘’Did you hear that Scott’’? Cher asked

‘’No’’. Scott said

‘’Mike, Zoey, Cindy and Vitor will vote you out if you dont win immunity’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’ I need find somthing that will be hated by everyone left in the game’’, maybe there is another elimination list made by Courtney’’. Scott said

Camera switches to Bridgette and Jacky.

‘’Jacky, who do you think will be eliminated’’? Bridgette asked

‘’I think Scott or Courtney since they are the biggest threats’’. Jacky said

‘’But if one of them  dont win immunity I will vote of Scott since me and Courtney are friends’’. Bridgette said

‘’Me too’’. Jacky said

Chris walks in.

‘’Cast are you ready for your challenge’’? Chris asked

‘’Yes’’! Everyone said

‘’That was the first I heard from all of you and follow me’’. Chris said

Everyone follows him.

‘’Whats our challenge’’? Jacky asked

‘’Your  challenge is to finish the disastrous obstacle course’’. Chris explained

‘’Thats it’’? Cher asked

‘’No’’. Chris said

‘’What else’’? Scott asked

‘’And the last two players  who finish the obstacle course will be eliminated automatically. Chris said

Everyone looks shocked.

[Conf] ‘’I cant let Vitor and Cindy finish the obstacle course’’. Cher said

‘’But thouse whore the old rules’’.Chri said

‘’What are the new ones’’? Bridgette asked

‘’The two players who have the longest time will be eliminated automatically’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ I hate Chris for changing the rules’’. Cher said

‘’Who wants to be first’’? Chris asked

No one answers.

‘’Fine I will do it first’’. Mike said

Everyone finished the challenge.

‘’The elimination ceremony will be in 2 hours and it will happen here’’. Chris said

Camera switches to Cher and Cindy.

‘’I hope you get eliminated with Vitor, you boyfriend stealer’’. Cher said

‘’I wont get eliminated’’. Cindy said

‘’How do you know that’’? Cher asked

‘’Because I was faster than you in that challenge’’. Cindy said

2 hours passed.

‘’ Welcome cast now I will tell you the results’’. Chris said


The Cast is waiting for results

‘’ 1st place goes too Scott, 2nd place goes too Cindy, 3rd place goes too Cher, 4th place goes too Bridgette, 5th place goes too Jacky, 6th place goes too Vitor’’. Chris said

‘’3 players left which are Courtney, Zoey and Mike’’. Chri said

‘’The 7th place goes too..........







ZOEY’’! Chris announced

‘’Courtney you got 8th place and Mike you have 9th place’’. Chris said


‘’Bye Zoey I hope you win this season’’. Mike said

Courtney and Mike got in the Lame-O-Sine.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’UGHH, I cant beleive I lost’’. Courtney said

‘’ Me too’’. Mike said

‘’Who do you think will win’’? Mike asked

‘’Scott, Cher or Bridgette’’. Courtney said

‘’I think Zoey will win’’. Mike said

Camera fades out.

Episode 22 : Aftermath III

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The Cast needed to complete  the obstacle course and the two longest times got eliminated which whore Mike and Courtney.

‘’Hi I am your host Blaineley’’. Blaineley said

‘’And this is Total Drama Back In The Action Aftermath’’. Blaineley said

‘’Today we have 8 speacial guest stars which are eliminated from Total Drama Back In The Action’’. Blaineley said

‘’Please welcome our first guest, Geoff’’! Blaineley introduced

Geoff waves at the audiance.

‘’So Geoff why do you think you whore voted out’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Because I arrived last in the challenge’’. Geoff said

‘’Thats also correct’’. Blaineley said

‘’Wait there is a different reason for my elimination’’? Geoff asked

‘’Yes’’.Blaineley said

‘’Is it because Alejandros and Scotts alliance’’? Geoff asked

‘’Yes and also Aphrodite voted for you too’’. Blaineley said

‘’Why’’? Geoff asked

‘’Because she hates men’’. Blaineley said

Blaineley done interviewing geoff.

‘’Now lets introduce the next player’’. Blaineley said

‘’Shes blond and a quiter, and her name starts with a ‘’J’’, please welcome Jaycee’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Hey everyone I am happy to be here’’. Jaycee said

‘’So Jaycee whore you sad when you had to quit’’? Blaineley asked

‘’At first yes, but then not so much’’. Jaycee said

‘’After your elimination why whorent you sad’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Because there was Slender Man in the next 4 episodes after Alejandros elimination’’. Jaycee said

‘’Thous episodes whore scarry’’. Katie said

‘’I know right’’. Sadie said

‘’Did you think that some of them could die from that challenge’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes and I was worried about Aphrodite a lot’’.Jaycee said

Blaineley done interviewing Jaycee.

‘’The next players is evil and hot, please welcome Alejandro’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’So Alejandro whore you nervous when you and Vitor whore in the bottom two, two episodes in a row’’? Blaineley asked

‘’In both eliminations I wasnt but Vitor was’’.Alejandro said

‘’Whore you shocked about your elimination’’? Blaineley asked

‘’At first I knew I woudnt get eliminated since Scott was in my alliance but when the backstabbed me, I was really shocked’’. Alejandro said

‘’Do you think that Scotts strategy was good’’? Blaineley asked

‘’The strategy was good but he will pay for his actions’’. Alejandro said

‘’Can I ask a question for Alephanjo’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Sure Lindsay’’. Blaineley said

‘’Who do you think will be eliminated next’’? Lindsay asked

‘’I think Scott or Cher, since they are the biggest threats’’. Alejandro said

Blaineley had done interviewing Alejandro.

‘’He is a bad boy and in the first 3 episodes on Total Drama All Stars he was a villain but then a hero, please welcome Duncan’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Dont call me a HERO’’! Duncan yelled at Blaineley

‘’So Duncan did you think that you will not be voted out in the 4 Slender Man episodes’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes’’. Duncan said

‘’You made an alliance with Scott right’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes’’. Duncan said

‘’But did you know he voted for you at the elimination ceremony’’. Blaineley said

‘’What that traitor’’! Duncan said

‘’He also convinced Courtney, Cher and some other players’’. Blaineley said

‘’I know Courtney hates me but why did Cher voted for me’’? Duncan asked

‘’She didnt vote for you even Scott told her’’.Blaineley said

‘’Who did she vote for’’? Duncan asked

‘’She voted for Cindy’’. Blaineley said

‘’Why’’? Duncan asked

‘’You didnt know’’? Blaineley asked

‘’No’’. Duncan said

‘’You did know that Cher and Vitor whore a couple’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes’’. Duncan said

‘’But did you know that Vitor and Cindy kissed during the Slender Man episodes’’. Blaineley said

‘’Seriusly he cheated on Cher’’.Duncan said

‘’Yes just like you cheated on Courtney’’. Blaineley said

Blaineley had done interviewing Duncan.

‘’Shes a girl who hates men, please welcome Aphrodite’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’ It was awful that you got injured and didnt return’’. Blaineley asked

‘’I know’’. Aphrodite said

‘’Did you know even you stayed you still wont be voted out’’? Blaineley asked

‘’No’’. Aphrodite said

‘’At the elimination ceremony the bottom two was Mike and Cindy, and Cindy got eliminated’’. Blaineley said

‘’Mike needed to be eliminated insted’’. Aphrodite said

‘’But Cindy didnt get eliminated since you got injured, which makes that YOU saved Cindy from elimination’’. Blaineley said

‘’Really I didnt even know that’’. Aphrodite said

Blaineley had done interviewing Aphrodite.

‘’Shes is wierd but she has many fans and I mean many, please welcome Dawn’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’So Dawn whore you sad that you got eliminated’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes but not much’’. Dawn said

‘’If you win this season what would you do with the money’’?

‘’I would use for animal protection’’. Dawn said

Blaineley had done interviewing Dawn.

‘’He has multiple personalitys and hes girlfriend is still in the competition, and her got eliminated in a double elimination with Type A who may sue the show after her elimination, please welcome Mike and Courtney’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Whore you both shocked that you got eliminated’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes’’. Mike said

‘’ I was really shocked’’. Courtney said

‘’Courtney why did you wanted to vote with Cher to eliminate Cindy’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Because I like Cher more than Cindy and Cher like Bridgette is my closest friend’’. Courtney said

‘’Have you all seen Chers list’’? Blaineley asked

‘’What list’’? Mike asked

‘’The elimination list that she made ‘’. Gwen said

‘’No’’. Mike said

‘’And you Courtney’’? Blaineley asked

‘’No’’. Courtney said

Blaineley shows Cher confessional where she is showing her elimination list.

‘’Cindy is at the bottom but in that episode Dawn was eliminated’’. Blaineley said

‘’ She picked me to go to the finals’’. Courtney said

‘’And I was gonna get 3rd place’’. Mike said

‘’But did you notice that you both are at the top of the list and you got eliminated in the next episode’’. Blaineley said

‘’ I didnt even notice until you told us’’. Courtney said

Blaineley had done interviewing Mike and Courtney.

‘’Now I will ask the players who whore interviewd in this episode’’. Blaineley said

‘’Who do you want to win’’? Blaineley asked

‘’I want my honey Bridgette to win’’. Geoff said

‘’I want Jacky’’. Jaycee said

‘’ I want no one to win’’. Alejandro said

‘’I want also no one’’. Duncan said

‘’I want Jacky’’. Aphrodite said

‘’ I want Zoey’’. Dawn said

‘’I want Zoey too’’. Mike said

‘’I want Cher’’. Courtney said

‘’This is the end of the 3rd aftermath see you next time’’. Blaineley said

Camera fades out.

Episode 23 : Save The Prince And The Princess

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The Cast needed to complete the obstacle course and the two longest times got eliminated which whore Mike and Courtney.

Chris blows a blow horn.

‘’Wake up cast’’. Chris said

‘’Why did you wake us up so early’’? Jacky asked

‘’Because today we will start the challenge early’’. Chris said

‘’Now all of you go dress up and go eat breakfast’’.Chri said

[Conf] ‘’I have had it with Chris waking us up so early, when I win this season I am going to sue him’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’ Currently me and Cher are the biggest threats so I need to somehow make Cher the biggest threat’’. Scott siad

Scott goes to the girls trailer and knock.

Scott opens the door and notices that all the girls left.

‘’Perfect no one isnt here’’.Scott said

Scott looks through Chers stuff.

‘’Whats this, Chers elimination list, perfect’’. Scott said

[Conf] ‘’This will be great to show everyone and all of them will be mad even her firends Zoey, Bridgette and Jacky’’. Scott said

In the craft service tent.

‘’I cant beleive that Mike got eliminated’’. Zoey said

‘’Dont worry Zoey, you can still make it to the finale with or whitout Mike and besides you will see Mike after the season like I will see Geoff’’. Bridgette said

[Conf] ‘’Bridgette is right, I have to win this for Mike’’. Zoey said

Cher comes in.

‘’Hey Bridgette, is Zoey still sad about Mikes elimination’’? Cher asked

‘’Yes but she will continue to compete’’. Bridgette said

Camera switches to Jacky, Vitor, Cindy.

‘’Look whos coming to our tabel’’. Jacky said

‘’Hey’’. Scott said

‘’What do you want’’? Cindy asked

‘’I just wanted to show you someting all’’.Scott said

‘’Like what’’? Vitor asked

Scott shows Jacky, Vitor and Cindy the elimination list.

‘’Who made this’’? Jacky asked

‘’Cher’’. Scott said

‘’What’’?! Jacky said

‘’She gave me 12th place’’.Cindy said

‘’She gave me 11th place’’. Vitor said

‘’She gave me 4th place’’. Jacky said

Chris comes in.

‘’Cast follow me to your challenge’’. Chris said

Everyone follows.

‘’You are going down Cher’’. Jacky said

‘’What did I do to you’’? Cher asked

‘’You made this elimination list’’. Jacky said

‘’Where did you get it’’? Cher asked

‘’Scott gave it’’. Jacky said

[Conf] ‘’Thanks Scott for showing the list but I wont leave to night’’. Cher said

‘’Arent you both mad at Cher for making the list’’? Scott asked Bridgette and Zoey

‘’No we already saw it this morning’’. Zoey said

‘’How’’? Scott asked

‘’When she left we saw the list’’. Bridgette said

[Conf] ‘’This is great now Cher is the target not me’’. Scott said

‘’Whats our challenge Chris’’? Vitor asked

‘’In this challenge Girls will save a prince while the guys will save a princess’’.Chris said

‘’And the one girl and guy who saves the prince and princess both win immunity’’? Cindy asked

‘’Yes’’. Chris said

‘’But where are they’’? Cher asked

‘’Please welcome Total Drama classic players Dakota and Justin’’. Chris introduced

Chris gave them wooden swords to battle each other in the challenge.

‘’Ready, set, GO’’! Chris said

‘’Jacky takes the lead but Cindy and Cher is right behind her’’.Chris said

Camera switchers to Jacky, Cher and Cindy.

‘’I wont let you win Cher’’. Jacky said

‘’I would like to see you try’’. Cher said

Cindy swings her sword at Cher but Cher doges and accidently hit Jacky.

Jacky falls down and while falling down she hit Bridgette and Zoey accidently.

‘’Sorry Zoey and Bridgette’’.Jacky said

‘’Its ok’’. Zoey said

Camera switches to Vitor and Scott.

‘’Take this Vitor’’. Scott said as he swinged his sword at him

‘’Vitor you have to win, I dont want Scott to win’’. Dakota said

‘’I am coming Dakota’’. Scott said

‘’Please Vitor get up’’. Dakota said

Vitor gets up and starts to climb again.

Camera switches to Cher, Cindy and Justin.

‘’Take this Cindy’’! Cher said

Cindy blocked and she swings her sword but Cher also blocks it.

‘’Ladies can any of you already save me’’. Justin said

‘’SHUT UP JUSTIN”! Cindy and Cher said at the same time

‘’Whats are your problems’’? Justin asked

‘’WE SAID SHUT UP’’! Cindy and Cher said

Cher and Cindy keep battle.

Camera switches to Scott, Vitor and Dakota.

‘’I am almost there’’. Scott said

Vitor grabs Scotts leg but he kicks Vitor in the head and he falls down again.

‘’Yes I made it’’! Scott said

‘’Chris’’! Dakota yelled

‘’What’’? Chris asked

‘’Scott saved me’’. Dakota said

‘’Scott wins immunity’’! Chris announced

Camera switches to Jacky, Zoey and Bridgette.

‘’They have battling there like 15 minutes’’. Jacky said

‘’I am suprised they arent tired yet’’. Zoey said

‘’I know but If you look closly you can see that Cher will fall’’. Bridgette said

Jacky looks closly.

‘’Your right Bridgette’’. Jacky said

Camera switches to Cindy, Cher and Justin

‘’How long are you gonna battle’’? Justin asked

‘’AS LONG AS WE CAN’’! Cindy and Cher said at the same time

While battling Cher sliped and fall down.

‘’Yes I win’’! Cindy said out of excitment

‘’Did you Chris see that’’? Justin asked

‘’What’’? Chris asked

‘’Cindy won’’. Justin said

‘’Cindy wins immunity’’ ! Chris announced

‘’Meet me at the elimination ceremony in 2 hours ’’. Chris said

‘’What about me and Justin’’? Dakota asked

‘’You will be at the ceremony too’’. Chris said

‘’Why’’? Dakota asked

‘’So you could see who leaves’’.Chris said

Camera switches to Jacky, Cindy and Vitor.

‘’You both know who to vote for’’? Jacky asked

‘’Yes’’. Cindy and Vitor said

‘’After we eliminate Cher, we will eliminate Scott’’.Jacky said

‘’Ok’’. Cindy and Vitor said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Scott and Cindy have immunity’’. Chris said

‘’We know that already’’. Cher annoyed said

‘’But here is the twist’’.Chris said

‘’What twist’’? Jacky asked

‘’The two winner will pick to players to be eliminated’’. Chris said

Everyone looks shocked even Dakota and Justin.

‘’Scott since you won first, you are picking first and then Cindy’’. Chris said

‘’I pick ......................







JACKY’’! Scott said

Zoey looks disapointed.


Jacky got eliminated by Scott

‘’What why did you pick me’’ ? Jacky asked

‘’Because I hate you more than Vitor or the other players’’. Scott said

‘’And Cindy who do you pick’’? Chris asked

‘’I pick..........................







CHER’’! Cindy said

Jacky and Cher are going to the Lame-O-Sine.

Cher get in and says something to Cindy.

‘’Cindy you will pay for this, I will get my REVENGE’’! Cher said


Cher got eliminated by Cindy

Jacky gets in the Lame-O-Sine with Dakota and Justin.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’Ugh, Cindy will totaly pay’’. Cher said

‘’You whore the one who made the elimination list’’. Jacky said

‘’But she was the one who kissed my boyfriend’’. Cher said

‘’She kissed your boyfriend’’? Dakota asked

‘’Yes’’. Cher said

‘’Didnt you watch that episode’’? Justin asked

‘’I didnt have time’’.Dakota said

Camera fades out.

Episode 24 : Monster Chef

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action. The Final 7 needed to save a prince and a princes. Scott showed everyone Chers elimination list but not all of them whore mad. In the end Scott and Cindy won immunity and they got a chance who they want to eliminate. Scott choosed Jacky while Cindy choosed Cher.

In the craft service tent.

‘’Cindy you look alot happier than usual’’. Bridgette said

‘’Because Cher is finaly gone ‘’. Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’Since Cher is gone the only real threat left in the competition is Scott and if he doesnt win immunity he is totaly going home’’. Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’Cindy ruind everything for me now I am the biggest threat’’. Scott said

‘’This is the first time I made it to the final 5’’. Bridgette said

‘’Now that you mention it, it really is your first time’’. Vitor said

‘’In season 2 and 3 you whore eliminated early while in season 1 you made it to the final 10’’. Zoey said

[Conf] ‘’ Geoff if you watching this, I will win for the both of us’’. Bridgette said

‘’Where is Chris’’? Vitor asked

‘’I know, the challenge shoude have been started now’’. Cindy said

Scott sees a note.

‘’Look on this note it says ‘’ Go to the elimination ceremony and I will explain the challenge’’ ‘’. Scott said

The Final 5 goes to the elimination ceremony.

‘’Hi Cast’’. Chris said

‘’Ok just tell us the challenge so one of us could win’’. Scott said

‘’I am not finished’’. Chris said

‘’Go on Chris’’. Vitor said

‘’Today we will have a monster challenge’’. Chris said

‘’You mean the monster from Total Drama Action will be here’’?  Zoey asked

‘’Nice to hear that you watched Total Drama Action and yes’’. Chris said

‘’So what are the rules’’? Bridgette asked

‘’The rules are simple,  you cant get cought by the monster which is controled by chef and the last one standing will win immunity’’. Chris explained

The monster roars.

‘’Oh, look here he comes and now RUN’’! Chris said

Everyone runs and Cindy and Vitor team up.

‘’We need to find a hiding spot’’. Cindy said

Vitor looks around.

‘’How about that house’’. Vitor said

Cindy and Vitor ran and are hiding.

Camera swithes to Zoey and Bridgette.

‘’I think we lost him’’. Zoey said

Both of them are looking around.

‘’Look there is a house’’. Bridgette said

Both of them went to the house.

‘’I think we will be save here’’. Bridgette said

Somthing fell down.

‘’What was that’’? Zoey said

Vitor and Cindy came out from theyre hiding spot.

‘’Zoey, Bridgette what are you doing here’’? Cindy asked

‘’We are hiding from the monster’’. Bridgette said

Monster takes off the roof.

‘’RUN’’! Vitor yelled

Vitor and Cindy got away while Zoey and Bridgette got cought by the monster.

‘’3 players left’’. Chris said from the loud speaker

Camera switches to Scott.

‘’I wonder who got cought’’. Scott said

‘’It was Zoey and Bridgette’’. Chris said from the loud speaker

‘’Thouse losers desirved it’’. Scott said

Scott starts to run and after a while he met up with Cindy and Vitor.

‘’Scott go away’’. Cindy said

‘’What, I cant run this way’’. Scott said

‘’You can but not with us’’. Vitor said

Scott goes inside a house to hide.


Vitor & Cindy

‘’I am so happy to be here with you’’. Cindy said

‘’Me too, I hope one of us win this challenge’’. Vitor said

‘’Cindy look out in front of you there is a monster’’. Vitor said

As Cindy starts to run back she gets cought by the monster.

‘’Vitor you have to win this’’. Cindy said

‘’Dont worry I will’’. Vitor said

Vitor runs and again met up with Scott.

‘’Where is Cindy’’? Scott asked

‘’She got cought by the monster’’. Vitor said

‘’What a loser’’. Scott said

‘’She is not a loser’’. Vitor said

‘’Yes she is’’. Scott said

‘’No she isnt’’. Vitor said

While Vitor and Scott are arrguing, the monster comes.

‘’Why there is big shadow’’? Scott asked

‘’Because while we whore arrgiung the monster found us’’. Vitor explained to Scott

Both of them ran and one of them got cought.

‘’And the winner is....................







VITOR’’! Chris announced from the loud speaker

‘’Congratulations Vitor’’! Zoey, Bridgette and Cindy said out of excitment

‘’Now go to the elimination ceremony’’. Chris said from the loud speaker

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Vitor has immunity so you cant vote him off, now vote’’. Chris said

Everyone votes.

‘’There is alot of hate here’’. Chris said

‘’The Gilded Chris goes to Vitor, Bridgette, Zoey’’. Chris said

The bottom two is Scott and Cindy.

‘’The final marshmellow goes too..........................







CINDY’’! Chris announced

‘’I knew this would happen and good luck to no one’’. Scott said and got inside the Lame-O-Sine

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’So close to the finals and I got voted out’’. Scott said

‘’I better win the next season’’. Scott said

Camera fades out.

Episode 25 : Animal Buddy Challenge

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Action. The Cast needed to hide from the monster. In the end Vitor won immunity. Scott and Cindy whore in the bottom two. In the end Scott got voted out by everyone except him.

In the craft service tent.

‘’ I cant believe its the final 4’’. Bridgette said

‘’ I know right’’. Cindy said

‘’Now that Scott is gone its a friendship final 4’’. Zoey said

‘’And also in the final 2 it will be a friendship finale’’. Vitor said

‘’Atleast it an friendship finale not a evil finale’’. Cindy said and kissed Vitor

[Conf] ‘’ I really hope I am in the finale with Cindy’’. Vitor said

‘’Has any one know how many episodes left till the finale’’? Cindy asked

‘’I think its 3 episodes’’. Bridgette said

‘’And in this and the next episode there will be a elimination’’. Zoey said

Chris comes in.

‘’Hello final 4 ready to here the messages’’. Chris said

‘’ What messages’’? Vitor asked

‘’The messages that they left in the confessional in the aftermath’’. Chris said

‘’Lets go to the elimination ceremony to hear them’’. Chris said

Everyone goes to the elimination ceremony.

[Conf]  B doesnt say anything, he just gives a thumbs up.

[Conf] ‘’Good job guys’’. Sam said

[Conf] ‘’I am rooting for you Zoey’’. Cameron said

[Conf] ‘’I hate everyone from the final 4 except Cindy’’. Heather said

[Conf] ‘’ You 4 made it far congrats’’. Trent said

[Conf] ‘’ Good job for making it to the final 4’’. Willow said with out any emotions

[Conf] ‘’ I needed to be in the final 4 not one of you’’. Lightning said

[Conf] ‘’ I dont know who to root for so I will be rooting for you all’’. CJ said

[Conf] ‘’ I hope you win Zoey and Bridgette’’. Gwen said

[Conf] ‘’ I miss you Bridgette win this for us’’ Geoff said

[Conf] ‘’ So happy that you made it to the final 4 and not Scott or Alejandro’’. Jaycee said

[Conf] ‘’ I hate you all and I hope you get what you desirve’’. Alejandro said

[Conf] ‘’ I dont care who wins or who gets eliminated I just want this season to end’’. Duncan said

[Conf] ‘’I am rooting for all girls that are left in the show and Vitor I hope you get eliminated’’. Aphrodite said

[Conf] ‘’ I am rooting for all of you and great job for making it to the final 4’’. Dawn said

[Conf] ‘’ I miss you Zoey and I hope you win’’. Mike said

[Conf] ‘’ Since Bridgette is the only friend of mine in the final 4 I hope she wins and not Zoey’’. Courtney said

[Conf] ‘’ I dont know who to root for, but If I had to pick who I want the most to win it would be Cindy’’. Jacky said

[Conf] ‘’I hate Vitor and Cindy, I hope they get eaten by a shark during they’re challenge and I hope Zoey or Bridgette win not one of thous losers’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’ I was so close to the finale and you all voted me out, so I hope you all get hurt’’. Scott said

‘’Thouse whore the confessionals’’. Chris said

‘’Can you explain the challenge’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Your challenge is an animal buddy’’. Chris said

‘’What are the rules’’? Vitor asked

‘’There are no rules but your challenge is to make your animal buddy to do tricks’’. Chris explained

‘’And you will pick a small paper that says which is your animal’’. Chris said

Vitor picks first and gets an racoon.

Zoey picks second and gets an Chameleon.

Bridgette picks third and gets an shark.

And Cindy picks fourth and gets an Bear.

‘’How will I make a shark do tricks’’. Bridgette said

‘’And how I will teach a bear’’. Cindy said

‘’Is there another animal’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Nope’’. Chris said with a smile

Camera switches to Vitor.

‘’C’mon little buddy do some tricks’’. Vitor said

Racoon growls and starts to attack Vitor.

‘’Dont attack ME’’! Vitor yelled

Camera switches to Zoey.

‘’Turn invisible’’. Zoey said

And chameleon turned invisible.

‘’Turn visible’’. Zoey said

Chameleon turns visible.

‘’Change your color like m hair’’. Zoey said

The chameleon turns red.

‘’If you keep listening to me I am for sure I will win’’. Zoey said

Camera switches to Bridgette.

‘’Can you do some trick’’. Bridgette said

The sharks jumps up and spins around.

‘’Do some other tricks’’. Bridgette said

As she waits and knows that the shark doesnt know any more tricks.

Camera switches to Cindy.

‘’Can you do some tricks’’. Cindy said

The Bear does one cool trick.

‘’Can you do any other tricks’’. Cindy said

The Bear show many cool tricks.

‘’Cool with thouse tricks we will win’’. Cindy said

‘’Times up now show your animal tricks’’. Chris said

Zoey shows first and gets 6 points.

Bridgette shows next and gets 3 points.

[Conf] ‘’That was really bad’’. Bridgette said

Cindy shows next and gets 9 points.

‘’Where is Vitor’’? Chris asked

‘’Here I am’’. Vitor said

‘’Show me your racoons tricks’’. Chris said

‘’Sorry Chris I coudnt teach any tricks because he was attacking me’’. Vitor said

‘’ Zero points’’. Chris said

‘’The immunity winner is Cindy so you cant vote her off’’. Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

‘’First Gilded Chris goes too Cindy and Zoey’’. Chris said

The bottom two is Vitor and Bridgette.

‘’Since both of you have the same votes you both are eliminated’’. Chris said

Everyone looks shocked.

‘’Well bye guys I will miss you’’. Bridgette said

‘’I hope you win Cindy’’. Vitor said

Vitor gets in the Lame-O-Sine first and then Bridgette.

In the Lame-O-Sine.

‘’We whore so close to the finale’’. Vitor said

‘’I know but atleast one of our friends will win’’. Bridgette said

Camera fades out.

Episode 26 : Aftermath IV

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back In The Action.  The challenge was an animal buddy. Cindy won immunity for getting the most points. At the elimination ceremony The bottom two was Vitor and Bridgette. They both had the same votes but insted of a tiebraker, they went into a double elimination.

‘’ Hi welcome to another Total Drama aftermath’’. Blaineley said

‘’Today we will interview 5 eliminated players’’. Blaineley said

‘’I wonder who they are’’. Lindsay said

‘’Didnt you watch the show’’? Tyler asked

‘’I would have watched it but the screen was black’’. Lindsay said

‘’You needed to turn on the TV’’. Tyler said

‘’Enough talking lets meet our first guest’’. Blaineley said

‘’Shes fierce , has brown hair and her boyfriend got eliminated with Gwen, please welcome Jacky’’! Blaineley introduced

Jacky waves and sits down.

‘’Whore you suprised that Scott choosed you to be eliminated’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes, I thought he will pick Cher or Vitor’’. Jacky said

‘’If you had a chance who to pick eliminated who will it be’’? Blaineley asked

‘’I would pick Scott’’. Jacky said

‘’Why’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Because he is a bigger threat than Cher’’. Jacky said

Blaineley has done interviewing Jacky.

‘’Shes blond and she hates Cindy, Please welcome Cher’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Will you forgive Cindy for kissing Vitor and eliminating you’’? Blaineley said

‘’Never not in a million years’’. Cher said

‘’Who do you think will win Zoey or Cindy’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Obviusly Zoey’’. Cher said

‘’Why’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Because Zoey has greater skills than Cindy that boyfriend stealer’’. Cher said

‘’Do you have a nickname for Cindy’’? Blaineley asked

‘’What do you mean’’? Cher asked

‘’You did watch Total Drama World Tour’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes’’. Cher said

‘’ Do you remeber when Courtney called Gwen the New Heather’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes’’. Cher said

‘’So have you given her a nickname’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes I am calling her Cindy the loser boyfriend stealer’’. Cher said

Blainleley has done interviewing Cher.

‘’He was voted out by everyone that whore left on the show and he backstabbed Alejandro, please welcome Scott’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Dont mention that’’. Scott said

‘’Who are you rooting for Zoey or Cindy’’? Blaineley asked

‘’No one both of them are losers’’. Scott said

‘’Why did you pick Jacky to be eliminated’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Because I hate her’’. Scott said

Blaineley has done interviewing Scott.

‘’He had dark hair and his girlfriend is in the finale, please welcome Vitor’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Are you happy that Cindy is in the finale’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes of course but I wish I was in the finale with her’’. Vitor said

‘’Whore you shocked that there wasnt a tiebraker’’? Blainleley asked

‘’Yes’’. Vitor said

Blaineley has done interviewing Vitor.

‘’She is blond and loves surfing, please welcome Bridgette’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’So this was the first time on Total Drama that you have made it to the final 4 or this far’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Yes of course’’. Bridgette said

‘’Whore you happy for making it this far’’? Blaineley said

‘’Yes but  I wish I had made it to the finale and win for me and Geoff’’. Bridgette said

Blaineley has done interviewing Bridgette.

‘’ That was all the time we had, watch the next episode of Back In The Action to see who will win the million dollors Cindy or Zoey’’. Blaineley said

Camera fades out.

Episode 27 : Season Finale : Zoey Vs Cindy

Camera fades in.

Last time on Back In The Action. The challenge was an animal buddy. Cindy won immunity for getting the most points. At the elimination ceremony the bottom two was Vitor and Bridgette. They both had the same votes but insted of a tiebraker, they went into a double elimination.

In the girls trailer at night.

‘’I cant believe we both are in the finals’’. Cindy said

‘’I know and this is the first time in Total Drama that the final 2 are both girls’’. Zoey said

‘’I wonder what wil be the final challenge’’. Cindy said

‘’I hope its not dangerous’’. Zoey said

Suddenly someone threw sleeping gas in the trailer and both girls fell asleep.

At the mornig on a pirate ship.

Zoey wakes up.

‘’Cindy wake up’’. Zoey said

‘’I dont want too’’. Cindy said while she was sleepy

Zoey is trying to wake up Cindy and Chris comes.

‘’Welcome finalist’’. Chris said

‘’Can you wake up Cindy’’? Zoey asked

‘’I thought you will never ask’’.Chris said and he blow a airhorn

‘’WHAT WAS THAT’’? Cindy said

‘’It was Chris’’. Zoey said

‘’Why did you did that’’? Cindy asked

‘’I told him to do that’’. Zoey said

‘’Why’’? Cindy asked

‘’So you’ll wake up’’. Zoey said

‘’Stop talking and I will explain your first challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Your first challenge is to clean the bathrooms with little cotton swabs, once you done with that next is to pump an aircannon which will take you to the next challenge’’. Chris explained

‘’Ready,Set,GO’’! Chris said

Cindy and Zoey both ran in the bathroom at the same time.

‘’This is so grose’’. Cindy said

‘’I think I am gonna puke’’. Zoey said

‘’And Cindy completes the challenge first’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’ That was really grose’’. Cindy said and she puked in the confessional

Cindy starts to pump the aircannon, while Zoey just finished cleaning.

[Conf] ‘’That was the most grosed challenge ever’’. Zoey said

Cindy finished to pump the aircannon.

‘’Chris press the button’’. Cindy said

Chris pressed the button  and Cindy was flying to the next challenge.

Zoey also finished to pump the aircannon and she also went flying to the next challenge.

‘’Are you ok Zoey’’? Mike asked

‘’Yes and Chris why is everyone here’’? Zoey asked

‘’Because they are rooting who they want to win’’.Chris said


Team Cindy

‘’For team Cindy we have Alejandro, Heather, Geoff, Bridgette, Willow, Jaycee, B, Jacky, CJ, Aphrodite and Lightning’’. Chris said

‘’You can win this Cindy’’. Vitor said

‘’Thanks’’. Cindy said

‘’And for team Zoey we have Cher, Scott, Courtney, Gwen, Sam, Duncan, Dawn, Mike, Cameron and Trent’’. Chris said


Team Zoey

‘’And two of them will be also your helpers’’. Chris said

‘’Do we get to pick’’? Cindy asked

‘’Nop, you will pick two names from these two hats and which one you pick will be your helper’’. Chris said

‘’Cindy since you go first’’. Chris said

Cindy pick.


Cindy with CJ and Vitor

‘’I picked CJ and Vitor’’. Cindy said

Zoey picks.

‘’I picked Gwen and Courtney’’. Zoey said

‘’And what shoude we do’’? Cher asked

‘’You all be watching from the sidelines’’. Chris said

‘’Why cant we follow them’’?  Trent asked

‘’Because I said so’’. Chirs said

‘’Whats our next challenge’’? Zoey asked

‘’Your next challenge run around the film lot to look for 5 pieces of a map to the finish line’’.Chris explained

‘’How do we get the pieces’’? Cindy asked

‘’You get them by aswering trivia questions about the eliminated players’’. Chris said

‘’Now go’’! Chris said

Camera switches to Zoey.

‘’Where shoude we go first’’? Zoey asked Gwen and Courtney

‘’Lets go to the animal buddy challenge’’. Gwen said

‘’No, lets go to the challenges where me and Gwen got eliminated’’. Courtney said

‘’Why’’? Zoey asked

‘’Because the trivia questions will be about me and Gwen’’. Courtney said

‘’Ok lets go’’. Zoey said

Camera switches to Cindy.

‘’Where shoude we go first’’? Cindy asked

‘’I think we shoude go to the maze challenge’’. Vitor said

‘’No, we shoude go to the prince and the princes challenge, its much closer to us’’. CJ said

‘’Ok lets go’’. Cindy said

Camera switches to Team Zoey.

‘’ Who is closer to their destonation’’? Mike asked

‘’I think its Cindy’’. Cameron said

‘’No, its Zoey’’. Dawn said

‘’How do you know that’’? Duncan asked

‘’I can read peoples auras’’. Dawn said

‘’ Thats creepy, is that why you eliminated her in season 4 of Total Drama, Scott’’? Duncan asked

‘’Yes, she started to creep me out when she said that I wasnt held enough as a child’’. Scott said

‘’But you needed to be eliminated in episode 3 or 2 of season 4’’. Sam said

‘’Why’’? Scott asked

‘’Because you were purposly losing challenges for us’’. Sam said

‘’It was part of my strategy’’. Scott said

Camera switches to Zoey.

‘’Yes we made it’’. Zoey said

‘’Chris ask us a question’’. Courtney said

‘’Who was eliminated in this challenge and with who’’? Chris asked

‘’It was Gwen with CJ’’. Zoey said

‘’Thats correct here is your first piece of the map’’. Chris said

Camera switches to Cindy.

‘’Chef what are you doing here’’? Cindy asked

‘’I will ask you a question because Chris is asking Zoey’’. Chef said

‘’ Who was eliminated by Scott and who diagnosed with dislexya’’? Chef asked

‘’Jacky and.........’’. Cindy said

‘’Who was the other player eliminated with Jacky’’? Cindy asked Vitor and CJ

‘’I am sure that it wasnt Aphrodite, Dawn and Bridgette’’. CJ said

‘’I think it was Courtney’’. Vitor said

‘’It was Courtney’’. Cindy said

‘’Thats wrong since Courtney isnt diagnosed with dislexya’’.Chef said

‘’Who is’’? CJ asked

‘’Its Cher’’. Chef said

‘’I never tought that Cher was diagnosed with dislexya’’. Cindy said

‘’Now you have to do the challenge all over again’’. Chef said

‘’Why’’? Cindy asked

‘’Because you didnt answer the question correctly’’. Chef said

Camera switches to Team Cindy.

‘’Cindy didnt get the question right’’. Jacky said

‘’ How didnt she know that’’? Heather asked

‘’Because she wasnt in the same team with Cher’’. Bridgette said

‘’I didnt ask you’’. Heather said

‘’How didnt you know that Heather since you WERE in the same team as her’’. Jaycee said

‘’Why shoude I know that’’? Heather asked

‘’If you were in the finale, he would ask you the same question’’. Aphoridte said

‘’What ever’’. Heather said

‘’Dont worry they are just jelous that you are more stronger than them and more beautiful’’. Alejandro said and both of them stated to make out

Willow looks at the TV.

‘’Look Cindy made it to the next trivia question’’. Willow said

‘’Sha-please she wont answer the question correctly’’. Lighting said

‘’She is more smarter than you’’. Geoff said

Camera switches to Cindy.

‘’Finaly we made it to the maze’’. Cindy said

‘’ Who was eliminated in this challenge’’? Chris asked

‘’It was no one since this challenge made the teams’’. Cindy said

‘’Correct’’! Chris said

Camera switches to Zoey.

‘’Ok we answerd Courtney questions and now we have two pieces, where shoude we go next’’? Zoey asked

‘’Lets go to the cold water challenge’’. Courtney said

‘’No, lets go to the talant challenge’’. Gwen said

‘’But........’’ Courtney said

‘’Its much closer’’. Zoey said

‘’Fine’’. Courtney said

After many trivia questions Zoey and Cindy have 4 pieces and one is left for each of them.

‘’Look there is Chef’’. Zoey said

‘’Who got eliminated in the prison challenge’’? Chef asked

‘’It was.....’’. Zoey was about to say when she heard voices

Zoey, Gwen and Courtney look back to see who is it.


Chef with Zoey, Gwen and Courtney

Cindy, Vitor and CJ arrived to the prison challenge.

‘’Looks like both finalist are at the same  challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Chef to answer you question it was Alejandro’’. Zoey said

‘’Correct’’. Chef said

‘’Zoey now you must leave you helpers and go to the obstacle course’’. Chris said

‘’Chris what is my question’’? Cindy asked

‘’From which team was Alejandro voted out’’? Chris asked

‘’Do one of you know’’? Cindy asked

‘’I know he was voted out from The Cirmson Eagles’’. Vitor said

Cindy starts to run to catch up with Zoey.

‘’This is your final challenge you must complete this obstacle course then slide down with the T-bar and the run to the finish line’’. Chris explained

Cindy and Zoey ran.

‘’Look out Cindy’’. Zoey said as she saved her from a flying sink

‘’That was close thanks for saving me’’. Cindy said

‘’Lets work togeather to get to the T-bar’’. Zoey said

‘’Ok’’. Cindy said

Both of them made it to the T-bar and slide down.

Zoey and Cindy ran to the Aftermath where the finish line is.

‘’And the winner is........









CINDY’’! Blaineley announced

The audiance started clapping.

‘’Yes I won’’. Cindy said

‘’Congradulations Cindy I am so happy for you’’. Zoey said

The eliminated players came to congradulate Cindy except Cher, Scott and Alejandro.

‘’Here is your money Cindy’’. Chris said

‘’Thanks’’. Cindy said

‘’I am happy for you Cindy’’. Vitor said

Cindy and Vitor kissed.

‘’I cant believe Cindy won’’. Cher said

‘’Me too’’. Scott said

‘’Same here’’. Alejandro said

Chris gets a phone call.

‘’Yes of course, I will tell them all’’. Chris said

‘’Listen up cast the producers have renewed Total Drama for another season’’. Chris said

‘’Everyone will be in that season’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Nop’’. Chris said

‘’Why’’? Cindy asked

‘’Because in the next season there will be a brand new cast’’. Chris said

‘’Thats not fair’’. Cher said

‘’Yes it is’’.Chris said

‘’But dont worry some of you might return to another season to compete but its not gonna be the next one’’. Chris said

‘’You heard that right folks, Total Drama will return with a brand new cast’’. Blaineley said

‘’To find out who will be in the cast, watch the next episode of Total Drama’’. Blaineley said

Camera fades out.


Rank Name Team Episode Eliminated In Team Status
24th B The Golden Victory

1st voted out in

Episode 3

23rd Sam The Crimson Eagles

2nd voted out in

Episode 4

22nd Cameron The Supernatural Animals

3rd voted out in

Episode 5

20th/21st Heather The Amazon Warriors

4th/5th voted out in

Episode 6

20th/21st Trent The Golden Victory

4th/5th voted out in

Episode 6

19th Willow The Golden Victory

6th cheated out in

Episode 8

18th Lightning The Golden Victory

7th cheated out in

Episode 9

16th/17th CJ The Supernatural Animals

8th/9th cheated out in

Episode 10

16th/17th Gwen The Golden Victory

8th/9th cheated out in

Episode 10

15th Geoff The Crimson Eagles

10th voted out in

Episode 12

14th Jaycee The Supernatural Animals

11th quit in

Episode 13

13th Alejandro The Crimson Eagles

12th voted out in

Episode 14

12th Duncan The Supernatural Animals

13th voted out in

Episode 18

11th Aphrodite The Crimson Eagles

14th injured in

Episode 19

10th Dawn The Supernatural Animals

15th eliminated in

Episode 20

8th/9th Mike The Amazon Warriors

16th/17th eliminated in

Episode 21

8th/9th Courtney The Amazon Warriors

16th/17th eliminated in

Episode 21

6th/7th Jacky The Amazon Warriors

18th/19th cheated out in

Episode 23

6th/7th Cher The Amazon Warriors

18th/19th cheated out in

Episode 23

5th Scott The Crimson Eagles

20th voted out in

Episode 24

3rd/4th Vitor The Crimson Eagles

21st/22nd voted out in

Episode 25

3rd/4th Bridgette The Supernatural Animals

21st/22nd voted out in

Episode 25

2nd Zoey The Amazon Warriors

Runner-up in

Episode 27

1st Cindy The Golden Victory

Winner in

Episode 27


Episode Winners
Episode 1 Non
Episode 2 Non
Episode 3 The Crimson Eagles
Episode 4 The Golden Victory
Episode 5 The Amazon Warriors
Episode 6 The Supernatural Animals
Episode 7 Non
Episode 8 The Crimson Eagles
Episode 9 The Amazon Warriors
Episode 10 The Crimson Eagles
Episode 11 Non
Episode 12 The Amazon Warriors
Episode 12 The Golden Victory
Episode 12 The Supernatural Animals
Episode 13 The Golden Victory
Episode 14 The Amazon Warriors
Episode 14 The Golden Victory
Episode 15 Non
Episode 16 Non
Episode 17 Non
Episode 18 Non
Episode 19 Cher, Courtney
Episode 19 Vitor, Scott
Episode 20 Cindy
Episode 21 Scott
Episode 22 Non
Episode 23 Scott
Episode 23 Cindy
Episode 24 Vitor
Episode 25 Cindy
Episode 26 Non
Episode 27 Cindy


Episode Cameo
Episode 1 Non
Episode 2 Non
Episode 3 Non
Episode 4 Non
Episode 5 Lindsay
Episode 6 Non
Episode 7 Non
Episode 8 Beth
Episode 9 Non
Episode 10 Leshawna
Episode 11 Non
Episode 12 Non
Episode 13 Harold
Episode 14 Non
Episode 15 Non
Episode 16 Non
Episode 17 Non
Episode 18 Non
Episode 19 Non
Episode 20 Non
Episode 21 Non
Episode 22 Non
Episode 23 Dakota
Episode 23 Justin
Episode 24 Non
Episode 25 Non
Episode 26 Non
Episode 27 Non

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