Okay, so I have this series of Total Drama I'd like to release. Total Drama Reunion! was just a little sample of my fanfic seasons. This is the first season of my version of Total Drama.There are twenty-eight brand-new contestants in the first season and I know there are a lot of contestants introduced by users on the wiki. In my defense, I have not read any fanfictions so if one of my contestants shares the name of another chracter on a fanfiction, I apologize in advance. There are more boys than girls, because I couldn't think of enough female characters for the show so I am sorry if anyone is offended by the surplus of males. In addition, I hope that nobody thinks this is a rip-off of another season of a fanfic. It is supposed to be original, but if it is similar, I can assure you it is a coincidence. Also, there are two Hannahs, Ninas, and Sophiyas. I ran out of names. Sorry. Please enjoy the twenty-six episodes that is Total Drama - On a Brand New Island.

Episode 1-Build, Destroy, Build

On a brand new island, Chris is staring at the camera. "What's up, everyone watching the show? I'm the host, Chris. I'm also going to show you twenty-eight teens who are clueless enough to audition for Total Drama. After previously being put in a hospital by a former foe who will be nameless for reasons unknown, I really need to be back on the big screen. So, I was given a whole series to focus on twenty-eight teens and how they use any means to not get voted out, but win one. Million dollars! Oop. Here they come now. Tune in to find out who gets the boot on Total. Drama. Brand-New Island!"

  • intro

A yacht full of teenagers pulls in. "Yo, MikEEEY! What's up?" A scrawny kid comes onto the dock. "I'm Michael. Yay." "Uh-huh. Well, because of time I'm going to introduce everyone else as quick as crap. William. Andrew. Sophiya M. Charlie. Amelia. Ainsley. Nicholas. Giovanni. Espen. Sophiya L. Nina G. Daniel. Emily. Steve. Luca. Ester. Sebby. Rowan. Riley. Alice. Hannah T. Ben. Tyson. Hannah W. Summer. Nathan, and Nina Y. Get a move on! We've only got 22 minutes to send one of you into the black pit of elimination and failure. Okay, the brand-new island: Icky, Dangerous, Island Of Terror. Or... I.D.I.O.T. for short. Huh. No wonder the dang island was so cheap." Sophiya L. laughs in a pathetic way. "Ugh. Save it for later, Sophiya," Chris says. "The first out of the four teams are, the Dimwitted Idiots & Millionare Wannabees In Total Stupidity. Once, again a stupid name. Team D.I.M.W.I.T.S. *laughs*. Nicholas, Andrew, Nina Y., Alice, Charlie, Luca, and Giovanni." The seven players who heard their name walked over to a sign that said, "D.I.M.W.I.T.S." "The next seven contestants are on the Stupidity That's Unfortunately Pathetic In Drama. Or, S.T.U.P.I.D. Riley, Rowan, Summer, Espen, Sophiya M., Ben, and Emily, welcome to your new team for the season. *sound of seven teens walking over to the S.T.U.P.I.D. sign* Our third team, the Cruddy & Really Are Pathetic, or C.R.A.P. is William, Daniel, Nina G., Ester, Sebby, Emilia, and Hannah T." Emilia, William, Hannah T., Daniel, Ester, Sebby, and Nina G. all walked over to the C.R.A.P. sign while Chris called out of the last seven players. "Sophiya L., Steve, Nathan, Michael, Hannah W., Tyson, and Ainsley. You're the Lot Of Stupid Excuses Regarding Selves. And, you can figure it out yourself what it means." "What does it mean? OXSE?" asks Sophiya L. "Not even close, Sophiya L. Not even close." "It's freaking L.O.S.E.R.S.!" William calls out from his team's side. "Huh? That doesn't sound right." William rolls his eyes. "*laughs loud and long* Y-You're kidding me, right?"

  • confessional

William: This is gonna be a long season.

  • end confessional

"Alright, your first challenge is to build a house to sleep in. We were going to have cabins for you to sleep in, but budget cuts. This island wasn't cheap," Chris explains. "You literally said you got it cheap because it was called I.D.I.O.T.," Andrew points out. "QUIET! Just build a house! First place get you bedsheets, pillows, and a dinner from me and Chef Hatchet's craft-services tent. Every challenge, at the end, a craft-services dinner is given to the winning team. And tonight, pillows and blankets are included! Second place gets less comfortable blankets, and no pillows. Third place, nothing. You just sleep in the house no matter what. And fourth place, *laughs* you will boot the first camper and a little surprise for the losing team, too. And...BEGIN!" As Chris blows the air horn, at that second, a mountain of crud is dropped on the contestants.

  • confessional

Hannah W.: WOW! I can't beleive I actually am in the Total Drama confessional! I'm fast, smart, strong, friendly, and I LOVE horses. So this Total Drama season is gonna be good.

  • end confessional, go to next confessional

Sophiya L.: It's pretty obvious I'm going to win this season of Total Drama because, I'm really smart. I can outsmart almost every competitor in Total Drama! I guess you might've already known from the footage of me so far. I'm anything BUT incompetent.

  • end confessional

Hannah W. climbs out first, followed by Ainsley and Nathan. "OOH! A horse statue! *gasp* We should build a horse-themed house!" Hannah W. says. With help from everyone else on her team, Sophiya L. climbs out and says they should have a cat-themed house instead. Meanwhile, the other three teams aren't doing well. Giovanni wants a Five Nights at Freddy's house. Nicholas wants a Youtuber house. At Team Stupid, Summer attempts to take the leadership role of her team. "We need to build a good house. Emily, get that wood! Rowan, fight Luca for that hammer! And Ben, grab that First-Aid kit while it's still usable!" No one wants to listen to Summer, and at Team Crap, Daniel is righteously arguing with everyone.

  • confessional

Daniel: I don't care what happens. I am SO going to win this season, even if I have to singlehandedly directly eliminate twenty-seven people off this stinking island!

  • end confessional

Thirty minutes later, everyone has their materials and starts building. Except for Team Stupid, who haven't managed to get anything but a rock. Riley smiles, and starts rapidly digging with her hands. Minutes later, she has hollowed out a one-room house and jumps out. "How did you do that?" Sophiya M. asks. Riley just says, "I know how to get things done." In the end, the final result is: a giant Youtuber button and a statue of Foxy fused together for Team Dimwit. Team Stupid has a giant hole. A crappy house for Team Crap. And a house statue for Team Loser. Sophiya L. is sitting on a rock, grumpily pouting that the cat statue got outvoted six to one. "Seriously? *sigh* Team Stupid wins the challenge!" "Yes!" they all shout at once. "FIRST PLACE!" "Despite the terrible house, second place to Team Crap. Now, who to judge for third and fourth place? A fusion of Foxy and a Youtuber button, or a freaking horse statue? Well, I'd have to say the horse wi..." Before Chris finished his sentence, a huge tree fell down and destroyed the whole horse statue! Hannah W. fell to the ground on her knees. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

  • confessional

Hannah W.: *crying* Rest in pieces.

  • end confessional

"Never mind. Fusion Foxy wins third place!" Gio wipes his sweaty forehead. "Unfortunately, somebody from Team Loser (literally) is getting off the island. Meet me at the campfire, losers. One of you is going home. And just a little spoiler for the viewers. I don't think it's Tyson." At the campfire ceremony, Hannah W., Nathan, Tyson, Ainsley, Michael, Sophiya L., and Steve sit around the campfire. "Campers. Twenty-one contestants made it to the top three in this challenge, and will compete in day two. However, all seven of you are in danger of being voted out first. You've all cast your votes, and one of you racked up a lot of votes. Sophiya L., you pouted and whined and you're the reason why Lindsay is now the second-dumbest player on this show. Guess who's number one?" Chris taunts. "Who?" Sophiya L. asks. "Hannah W.," Chris says, ignoring Sophiya L.,"you're at stake of getting voted off because you made your team build a house statue! A freaking horse statue! That got destroyed, so my interns were forced to rebuild it." "So we still get to sleep in it?" Hannah W. asks joyfully. "Nope. I promised an extra surprise for fourth place," says Chris. He pulls out a large gun. "Isn't that a bazuka?" Michael notices. "Yup," Chris says as he aims it at the horse statue. Then, he fires it at the shelter. It blows up in a collosal explosion, leaving bits of fire in its place. Hannah W. faints, and is then waken up by Chris kicking at her. "The very first freaking person to get voted out is..." Chris announces as the girls' eyes widen.

"Sophiya L. Duh." Hannah W. happily catches her marshmallow as Chris throws it to her. Sophiya L. starts crying. "It's not fair at all! I deserve to win!" Sophiya L. complains. When she is crying, Chris presses the button on a remote and a trapdoor in her seat opens and water comes shooting out! She is lifted into the sky and flies away. "We just lost our first contestant, and I am as glad as can be from that elimination. Who will go next, via our Geyser of Shame? Find out on Total. Drama. Brand-New Island!"

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