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Chris, Chef Hatchet and Camp Wawanakwa are back, baby! Total Drama returns for another season, and this time we're going back to the island! Again, in Total Drama; Reality Gold! Sixteen former contestants return to give it another shot at one million big ones! Don't worry, we have all the action, suspense, challenges, gross food, couples, heartbreaks, and of course, DRAMA, you could possibly need! So come on, don't hit that remote! Stay awhile and watch Total...Drama...Reality Gold!

Reality Gold Cast


Team Awesome

  • Lightning, The Athletic Overachiever(Eliminated in Awake-A-Thon Take 2)
  • Alejandro, The Arch Villain
  • Tyler, The Jock
  • Jo, The Take-No-Prisoners Jock-ette
  • Heather, The Queen Bee(Eliminated in Sweep Or Be Sweeped)
  • Dawn, The Moonchild
  • Beth, The Wannabe
  • Bridgette, The Surfer Girl (Eliminated in Wawanakwa Welcome)
  • Hannah, The Average Guy's Sister (Debuted in The Shortest Episode Ever)

Team Epic

  • Duncan, The Delinquent
  • Sam, The Nice-Guy Gamer
  • Trent, The Cool Guy
  • DJ, The Brickhouse With Heart(Quit in The Shortest Episode Ever)
  • Gwen, The Loner
  • Leshawna, The Sister With 'Tude
  • Courtney, 'The Type-A'
  • Eva, The Female Bully


  1.  TBA
  2.  TBA
  3.  TBA
  4.  TBA
  5.  TBA
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  7.  TBA
  8.  TBA
  9.  TBA
  10.  TBA
  11.  TBA
  12.  TBA
  13.  TBA
  14.  DJ- 14th (Quit)
  15.  Heather- 15th
  16.  Lightning- 16th
  17.  Bridgette- 17th

Photo Gallery!

Episode One; "A Wawanakwa Welcome"

Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet stand on the dock.

Chris begins, "Previously on Total Drama, we went back to Camp Wawanakwa for season four, where we had a brand new cast of thirteen teens who were anxious to win one million dollars! We were down to the final two; Cameron, a nerd and scrawny weakling that somehow managed to make it to the end, and Lightning, a jock who overachieves and, compared to Cameron, he's huge! In the end, Lightning managed to steal victory away from Cameron's tiny, little grasp. Oh well, better luck next time! Anyway, we have sixteen competitors returning to Wawanakwa, which we've cleaned up and had all the mutated animals taken to be studied at top-secret scientific laboratories."

Chef growls, "Get on with it!"

"Just a minute, Chef! Geez!"

Chris walks to the end of the dock, and looks at the horizon.

"They should have been here by now," Chris says to Chef.

"I know, that's why I'm telling you to get on with it. I gotta go boss around the interns."

"Go ahead, I'll wait here for the contestants."

"Whatever," and Chef walks away toward camp, where three interns await anxiously.

Chris sees the yacht approaching, "'Bout time those fools got here!"

The yacht docks, and the contestants get off one-by-one.

Chris announces the first contestant, "Yep! Last season's winner! Lightning!"

Lightning steps off the yacht and glares at Chris, "I guess I'm livin' up to my name, ain't I?"

The host nods, "Yes, Lightning, you sure are. How does it feel to have won last season?"

"For real?"


"Well, it's actually alright! Other than being struck by, you know, 'lightning', it's fine! I do wish that my hair hadn't turned white. Man, that hurt when it happened."

"I'm sure it did, but I have some good news for you, Lightning."


"You're the first team captain!"

Lightning smiles and jumps in the air, "Oh, yeah, baby! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!"

"Yeah," Chris says, "Now go stand over there on that yellow circle."

The yellow circle is painted on the dock, and Lightning walks over to it and stands on it, "Team captain, baby!"

The next contestant steps off the yacht, and Chris's face looks shocked.

"Oh, hi, Alejandro. You're looking...better."

"Whatever, Chris. I got burned by molten hot lava. It hurt! It was like being killed, but having to live the whole time you're being killed!"

"Whatever dude."

"No, Chris, no 'whatever'! I sued you! My father is a diplomat! Do you know what that means?!"

"He has diplomatic immunity. You, however, don't, which means you can file a lawsuit against us, but we will win the case, and in return, your family will owe us a huge sum of cash. Oh, wait, that already happened because we got the best lawyers around now, which means, you...CAN'T...TOUCH US."

Alejandro is silent, he just stares at the host as he says that grimly and leans in closer.

His mood suddenly changes when Chris says, "Well, Alejandro, you and I may not see eye-to-eye, but you were a fierce competitor in season three, and I must congratulate you for that."

Alejandro smiles, "Well, thank you, Chris! That means a lot to..."

He gets cut off, "Lightning!" Chris excites, "Meet your first teammate!"

Lightning waves at Alejandro.

Alejandro just glares, "That's my superior?"

"Of course! I would only give you the best team captain! I'm sure that Lightning will lead your team to victory!"

He grunts, and joins Lightning on the yellow circle.

"Hey, what up?" Lightning asks, "Dude alliance?"

Alejandro thinks silently and deviously, "Sure, bro. Dude alliance."

Lightning high-fives his teammate.

Chris joins the next contestant, "Everyone! Please welcome back Duncan!"

Duncan rolls his eyes, "Let's just get this thing over with."

"You bet! But would you like to be a team captain?"

For once, Duncan actually looks happy, "Seriously? You better not be messin' with me, man."

"I'm dead serious! Duncan is the second and final team captain!"

Duncan jumps in the air, "Yes!"

"Just go stand on that blue circle over there and wait for the others to get off the yacht."

Next is Sam, who is playing on a gaming console, not caring about where he goes.

"Hey, Sam!" Chris excites.

Sam just walks right by Chris, mezmermised by his game, and stands next to Duncan on the blue circle.

"I guess that's...okay," Chris states, kind of freaked out by the dude.

Chris sighs, and pulls out a clipboard, seemingly from nowhere.

He reads down the list of contestants, and then sighs again.

"Well," he begins, "We chose those first teammates for you, Duncan and Lightning. As soon as the rest of the contestants get off, we'll let you choose the rest of your teams."

Duncan shrugs, not caring.

Lightning smiles.

Heather gets off, smiling for once.

"What's with you, Heather?" Chris asks.

"Nothing, I'm just...happy to be back at Camp Wawanakwa."

Her smile turns into a distorted one, and her eye begins to twitch.

Chris looks grossed out as Heather steps out of the way for the next contestant to get off the yacht.

Dawn steps off the yacht gracefully as Leshawna follows.

"Dang girl!" Leshawna excites, "You sure can move like a ballerina."

"Oh," Dawn says, "No, I'm not a ballerina. But would you like me to read your aura?"

Leshawna looks confused, "Aura? What's that?"

"It's sort of like your soul, it can describe your personality, what you like, what you don't, your favorite foods, your darkest secrets."

Leshawna doesn't like the last part of Dawn's sentence, "Um, no thanks."

"Well, I could at least tell you the color of your aura!"

"What is it?"

"Hmmm, your aura is a beautiful yellow!"

"And may I ask what that means?"

"It means that you're cheerful, fun to be around, funny and optimistic."

Leshawna smiles, "I think you just made a new friend, girl."

She raises her arm to high-five Dawn.

Dawn hesitates, but high-fives Leshawna anyway.

"Yep, Leshawna and Dawn are back!"

Courtney steps off, with a cheery smile on her face. Duncan and her meet eyes though, and glare at each other.

The other players and Chris sense the tension in the air.

"Um," Chris says, "Welcome back, Courtney."

"Shut it, Chris!" Courtney shouts.

She walks onto the dock, and turns to face away from Duncan.

"Whatever, Princess," he says.

She just continues to stare away from him.

The next three players step off; Beth, Jo and Bridgette.

Jo and Beth are talking about something.

"I believe women should step up to men and hopefully, someday, the United States could have a female President."

"But," Beth argues, "Why would you be concerned with the United States if you live in Canada?"

Jo shrugs, "It's just about time that they had one."

Beth shrugs back and smiles at Bridgette, who smiles back and waves.

"Good luck," Bridgette says to Beth.

"Good luck to you as well," she and Bridgette high-five each other and stand with Jo and the others.

Tyler steps off the boat, "Hey, guys! You're looking at this season's winner! Whoa!"

He trips and falls, and lands face-first on the dock, "Ouch."

"Oh my gosh!" Beth and Bridgette shout in unison.

They rush over to help Tyler up, "Oh, thanks, guys," he says.

"No prob," Beth replies.

Leshawna watches as the next person gets off the boat.

Her eyes grow wide, "Oh no."

Beth turns around, and shrieks.

Dawn just stares, but Duncan and Lightning's eyes grow wide, and their jaws drop.

Even Courtney opens her eyes to see it.

Jo, actually being afraid for once, stands behind Leshawna.

Eva steps off the boat, fire in her eyes, staring at Bridgette.

"Oh...." Bridgette says, trying to walk away slowly.

Eva jumps up in the air, and lands inches away from Bridgette's face.

"You," she growls, "You!!!"

Bridgette leans away from her, but Eva just leans in closer.

"Yep! Jo, Bridgette, Beth, Tyler and Eva are here!"

Bridgette begins to run around the dock, screaming, as Eva chases her.

"Oh," Chris says, "Isn't this fun, viewing audience?"

The others tell Bridgette to run, and she runs into camp, but Eva just follows her.

Courtney, Dawn, Leshawna and Duncan all stare at the pair as they disappear into the forest.

"Shouldn't, you know, someone help her?" Courtney asks.

"She'll be fine," Dawn says, "Eva has a temper alright, but that will get in her way."

Leshawna stares at her new friend, kind of scared about what she means, but she doesn't ask anymore questions.

Tyler stands next to Jo, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"So, how about us dudes form an alliance? Huh?"

Jo growls, "I'm not a dude."

"But, I thought Jo was a dude's name."

"No, it's not! Did you even watch last season? Lightning thought I was a dude for the longest time, and he found out that I was a girl, and it shocked him! I mean, come ON!"

Tyler backs away...but not before Jo punches him.

He falls on his back this time, and yelps in pain.

Duncan laughs, but Lightning stares at Tyler, "I hear 'ya, brotha. I thought Jo was a dude, too."

He steps off the circle to help Tyler up.

"Thanks," he says.

"No problem. Hey, Alejandro and I have an alliance. You wanna be in it? It's sort of like a dude's alliance."

"Dude's alliance. Cool! Sure!"

"Good. I'll make sure you get on my team."

Gwen steps off the boat next, and looks kind of depressed.

"Whoa," Leshawna says, "What happened to you."

"No sleep for ten days, it's really taking a toll on me."

Leshawna and Dawn catch Gwen as she begins to faint.

"Girl," Leshawna says, "You need some sleep."

She falls out of their arms and onto the dock, asleep.

"Well," Dawn says, "I guess it's better than the beds in the cabins."

Leshawna shrugs as someone else gets off.

Chris speaks, "And here are our last three competitors! Gwen, DJ and Trent!"

DJ high-fives Leshawna, Dawn and Beth as he gets off.

"Hey, y'all!" DJ's voice sounds weird.

"You okay?"

"Just a cold, so, yeah."

Trent steps off.

"Dude," Duncan says, "You still crazy?"

Trent glares at Duncan and walks through the crowd of contestants over to the blue circle.

He punches Duncan, making him fall.

"Dude!" Duncan shouts as he's on the ground, "What's that all about?"

"You took Gwen from me!"

"Technically, I didn't! You were dumped!"

Trent's eyes grow wide as he sees Gwen lying on the dock asleep.


He rushes to her side, "What happened to her?!"

"Nothing," Beth says.

Jo continues where Beth left off, "She hasn't slept in awhile. She fainted."

"Oh, my poor Gwen, here, take this blanket."

Trent pulls out a blanket from his backpack, and covers Gwen up with it.

"Yeah," Chris says, "Well, everyone's here! Right? I think everyone's here."

He checks his clipboard once more, "Yep! Alright, since Bridgette and Eva are somewhere else, I'll put Eva on Duncan's team, and Bridgette on Lightning's team."

"Alright, we got the surfer girl!" Lightning excites.

Alejandro smiles deviously at the thought of having Bridgette on his team.

"Okay, Lightning?"


"Pick your fourth team member."

"I pick," he says, "Tyler."

Tyler whispers the word 'yes' under his breath and walks over to stand on the yellow circle.

It's Duncan's turn, "Trent."

Trent sighs and walks over to stand with Duncan and Sam, who is still playing his videogame.

"Jo," Lightning says.

Jo sighs as well, "Whatever."

"Yo, DJ," Duncan says.

DJ smiles and high-fives Duncan at the blue circle.







The teams stand next to each other.

On Lightning's team are himself, Alejandro, Bridgette, Tyler, Jo, Heather, Dawn and Beth.

On Duncan's team are himself, Sam, Eva, Trent, DJ, Gwen, Leshawna and Courtney.

"Alright," Chris says, "What a combination of players. Anywho, Lightning, your team shall now be known as Team Awesome!"

Team Awesome cheers, and is excited.

"And," he says to Duncan, "Your team shall now be known as Team Epic!"

Team Epic cheers as well.

Chris speaks into a walkie-talkie, "Yeah, Chef, are you done bossing around those interns?"

"Chris? Is that you? Oh, uh, yeah! The interns kind of got into a little...accident at the beach, and um, it's pretty bad here. So, um, could you come help us out? Ah!"

Chef shouts for some reason and it sounds like an explosion happened.

Then, the contestants can see smoke coming from the other side of the island.

They all look shocked.

"I've never heard Chef sound scared," Beth says.

Gwen had to be dragged to stand with her team, but now she's wide awake, as she realizes she's in Trent's arms.

"Ah!" She shouts, realizing that he's holding her.

"Don't worry," he says, "I went to several therapists. Countless times. I'm fine now. My favorite number is zero now."

Gwen gives him a fake smile, but then stares at the smoke coming from the other side of the island.

Chef continues speaking on the walkie, "There are explosions going on at the beach, man! I managed to escape, but those interns have good lawyers! Better than ours, even! If they get hurt, or, you know, worse, than that means we'll be in deep trouble with lawsuits!"

Chris looks genuinely scared as well, and begins to bite his fingernails.

"Um, uh," Chris doesn't know what to say, "Chef! Look for Eva and Bridgette in the forest! Find them and we'll help you clean up the mess at the beach."

"Got it. Bridgette and Eva."

Chris looks at the contestants, "You all know where the cabins, the mess hall, the bonfire pit and bathrooms are, right?"

They all nod.

"Good. Now, the first team to the beach on the other side of the island will, uh, win an advantage in today's challenge."

The teams begin to run.

"Also!" Chris shouts, making the campers stop dead in their tracks, "No shortcuts! You have to go around the island on the beaches!"

An intern picks Chris up in a golf cart, and drives off.

Lightning and Jo appear to be at the front of the pack, when Alejandro and Tyler begin to pick up speed and join them.

"Uh, Jo," Tyler says while he runs, "Could me and the captain talk privately?"

"No way, Tyler! I'm not gonna slow down and risk not getting that advantage for our team!"

Alejandro extends his foot out and trips her.

Jo falls flat on her face. Beth helps her up.

"Thanks," Jo says to Beth, and runs for Alejandro.

"So," Lightning says, "If we have to go to elimination, who are you all considering we vote out?"

Alejandro speaks, "Well, right now we're in teams. I probably just made enemies with Jo, so that's bad. But it appears that our team's weakest link at the moment is either Beth or Dawn. If we think about strategy, we should eliminate them before anyone else. But if it comes to it, we might have to eliminate Jo. That would seriously injure our chances of winning challenges, though."

Tyler adds, "What about Bridgette? I mean, right now, she and Eva are out in the forest. She hasn't done anything, she's not even helping us right now!"

Lightning asks, "Who's Bridgette again?"

Alejandro replies, "The surfer girl."

"Oh! The blond chick!"


"She's nice, but I agree with Tyler. If she doesn't help, well, actually, if that psycho chich doesn't stop chasing her, we'll probably have to get rid of her."

"So it's agreed, Bridgette it is if we go to elimination."

Lightning and Tyler nod.

Jo overhears this.

She slows down to talk to Beth and Dawn, "Hey, guys."

Dawn looks confused, "Oh, hi, Jo. What do you need?"

"Oh, nothing. I just...overheard our team captain talking with Tyler and Alejandro going to elimination tonight."

"What? Are they gonna throw the challenge?" Beth asks.

"No, of course not. But that doesn't mean we won't lose. I realize now that you can't always win. But it's really fun when you do, because you can laugh at the people you have defeated!" She laughs evilly.

Dawn looks at Beth anxiously.

"Well," Dawn says, "Did they say who they would eliminate if we went to the bonfire?"

"Yeah, I might have heard something."

"Who did they say?!" Beth asks.

"They said that there were four possible candidates for elimination: Bridgette, me, you and you."

Beth and Dawn gasp.

"What?!" Dawn excites, "No! No! I can't go home! Oh, it sounds just like last season!"

Beth frowns, "Why?"

"Because they're strategizing. It's what you do if you want to win."


"Yeah, it's like a gameplan. So, you all don't want to go home, especially this early, do you?"

They shake their heads.

"That's what I thought. Now, form an alliance with me, and we'll take those bozos down!"

Jo holds out her hand.

Beth puts her hand on top of Jo's.

Dawn hesitates, but does.

In the confessional, Dawn expresses her feelings, "I don't really know if I can trust Jo. Her aura is a very ugly red. But I really do not want to be eliminated."

Duncan runs alongside Trent and Gwen, the rest of his team traililng behind.

"I wonder what's going on at the beach," Gwen says.

"Chef said some of the interns were in an accident, and explosions were happening. Probably just Chris and one of his stupid challenges," Duncan replies.

Trent adds, "I don't know, but I intend to find out. First."

"Yeah," Gwen says, "Our team could really use that advantage."

A scream comes from behind them, making all three of them turn around.

There is DJ, charging at them in pure panic.

A snake is latched onto his nose.

He whooshes past all his teammates and Team Awesome.

"Alright," Duncan says laughing, "This is mean to say, but that was hilarious!"

Gwen laughs, "Poor guy. Oh well, he'll be at the beach before anyone else."

After hours of running, DJ reaches the beach Chris and Chef described.

There is smoke everywhere, and a weak voice cries out, " me."

An intern is trapped underneath a pile of rubble.

"Oh my gosh!" DJ shouts, yanking the snake off his nose and throwing it.

He rushes to the intern's side, "Don't worry. I'm gonna get you out of this."

DJ pulls the rubble off of him one piece at a time until he's free.

"What happened?" DJ asks.

"The explosions...they...were supposed to...The explosives were be used for...the challenge...But, Chef, he....accidentally set them off."

The intern passes out, and DJ drags him away.

"You mean this is all Chris's fault?!"

The intern says nothing due to him being unconsciouss.

Lightning, Tyler and Alejandro arrive at the beach to see DJ already there.

"Oh, come on!" Lightning shouts at the sky, falling to his knees.

Gwen, Duncan and Trent show up, and go up to high-five DJ.

Bridgette comes running out of the trees, screaming, and runs into Alejandro's arms.

Courtney and Sam arrive at the beach, followed by Leshawna.

Jo and her alliance arrive, and are shocked to see that almost all of Team Epic is already at the beach.

Eva runs out of the trees, screaming, "BRIDGETTE!!!!!"

Duncan, Lightning, Gwen, Trent, Beth and Dawn all have to keep Eva back.

"Eva! Stop!" Dawn shouts.

Eva calms herself, and looks disappointed, "I'm sorry, guys. And," she forces herself to say it, and has a distorted smile much like Heather's, "I'm...SoRry...BriDGeTTE."

She collapses from exhaustion, and Bridgette looks deathly afraid.

"Six hours....Six hours...IN THE WOODS!!!"

"I completely forgot," Chris says as his golf cart shows up at the beach, "Bridgette's afraid of the woods."

Eva is fast asleep.

"Oh well, I guess my challenge is ruined now," Chris says.

Just then, Heather arrives, with her face still distorted, with an insane smile on her face.

"What is wrong with her?" Leshawna asks.

Leshawna walks up to Heather and slaps her across the face.

It jogs Heather's memory, and she slaps Leshawna back.

"Cat fight!" Duncan shouts.

Leshawna and Heather begin an all-out brawl on the sand.

"What am I doing here?" Heather asks Chris once their fight is seemingly over.

"Oh, Heather, don't you remember? You signed up for another season of Total Drama. You were acting a little...strange," Chris explains.

Heather sighs, "Stupid stress pills. It's a side-effect. Nothing to worry about."

"You sure? You were whacked out for six hours, 'hon," Leshawna says.

"I'm fine!"

Chris gets out of his cart, and walks over to Sam.

He snatches his videogame, "Thank you!"

Chris throws the console into the water, and Sam runs in after it.

"No!" He shouts as he dives in.

"Oh well, Team Epic! Since Eva managed to get to the beach before Heather, you win an advantage in today's challenge! It was supposed to be that one of you didn't have to walk across the mine field, but I guess that's out of the picture. So, we'll return to a classic Total Drama challenge! Jumping off the 1,000 foot cliff!"

Some contestants look happy, others not so much.

"Seriously?" Courtney asks, "Gosh, Chris, way to be original this season!"

"I know, ain't I great?"

"So, what's our advantage?" Gwen asks.

"Team Awesome has to have at least seven members jump. Team Epic, your advantage is that only five of you have to jump."

Team Epic cheers.

"Alright," Chris says, "Get in your swimwear and meet me at the top of the cliff!"

About twenty minutes later, everyone meets Chris at the very spot where the challenge was held in season one.

"Welcome, contestants!"

Some of the contestants groan.

"I'm pretty sure you all know what to do!"

"I'm not jumping," Courtney says.

"Fine with me," Chris replies, handing her the chicken hat.

"Whatever," she says, putting it on and walking away.

Duncan jumps, "Come on, guys! It's easy!"

Lightning walks up to Chris and says, "I for sure ain't jumpin', man."

Chris hands him a chicken hat.

"Aw, man," Lightning says, walking away.

Eva jumps, glaring at Bridgette.

Heather grabs hold of a still frightened Bridgette and jumps with her.

Beth looks scared, "I'm...I have to do this. I'm no chicken! I'm gonna face my fears!"

She runs toward the edge of the cliff and jumps.

Dawn follows her.

Trent jumps, and Gwen feels compelled to follow after him, so she jumps as well.

"Duncan, Eva, Heather, Bridgette, Beth, Dawn, Trent and Gwen have jumped," Chris says.

Jo jumps after she realizes her alliance members have already jumped.

DJ jumps, screaming like a baby.

Sam jumps, still upset about his gaming console.

"Stop!" Chris shouts just as Alejandro is about to jump.

"Team Epic only needed five people to jump in order to win, and six jumped! That means that our winners are Team Epic!"

The only person from Team Epic who didn't jump is Leshawna, who celebrates by herself at the top of the cliff.

At the bottom in the water, the rest of her team cheers.

Heather struggles to keep a seemingly brain-dead Bridgette afloat.

"Whatever," Heather says, dropping Bridgette.

They all swim to shore to meet Chris and the other players.

Lightning and Courtney wear chicken hats.

"That's a good look on you, Courtney," Duncan shouts.

"Shut up, Duncan!" She shouts back.

"Someone needs to get Bridgette," Leshawna says.

"I got her," Beth says as she swims out to get her friend.

"Well," Chris says, "Team Awesome...I'll see you tonight at the bonfire."

Later, Eva meets up with Lightning's alliance behind the cabin.

"Hey, who are you all gonna vote for?"

"I'm voting Bridgette," Tyler says.

"Me, too," Lightning says.

"And I as well," Alejandro adds.

Eva smiles deviously, "Good."

"Hey," Lightning says, "You wanna be in our alliance?"

Eva seems shocked by his question, "Seriously? I thought it was a dude's alliance."

"It is," Lightning replies.

Alejandro and Tyler roll their eyes.

"Sure," Eva says.

At the bonfire...

Chris stands at the podium.

Beside him is a tray of marshmallows.

"Good evening, Team Awesome. Today, you lost the pre-challenge, and went on to lose the actual challenge. Wow, that sucks. You're all familiar with the bonfire ceremony, but I must explain how it works for the viewing audience. I have seven marshmallows on my tray. There are eight of you. When I call your name, come up to the podium and receive your marshmallow. If I do not call your name, that means that you are the camper who will not receive one tonight. That also means that you will have to walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, where you will be taken home. The eliminated player will not be allowed to return to the island......Ever."

The way Chris says that kind of shocks the campers, and makes their eyes grow wide.

"Today, some of you chickened out, and that cost you the challenge. You also hesitated to jump off the cliff, allowing Team Epic to claim victory. The first marshmallow of the night and of the season goes to.....


Jo catches her marshmallow as Chris throws it, and bites into it.

"The next marshmallow goes to.....Beth."

Beth smiles and catches her marshmallow.



"Heather, Bridgette and Lightning, one of you is going home tonight. As you can see, I only have two more marshmallows on my tray. The next marshmallow goes to...


Heather catches it, and sighs, "Whatever."

"Lightning and Bridgette, today you both displayed pitiful performances. Bridgette, you were chased through the woods for six hours by Little Miss Eva, and were unable to participate in the pre-challenge. And at the challenge, you were so whacked out that Heather had to drag you off the cliff. Lightning, you are the captain of Team Awesome. But, today you refused to jump off the cliff, and that meant that you refused to participate in the challenge. You let your team down, dude. Anyway, I only have one marshmallow left on my plate. It will go to the person who is safe from elimination. The camper who does not receive this marshmallow will have to board the Boat of Losers after walking down the Dock of Shame, and be taken home. You will never be allowed to return. Ever...The final marshmallow goes to.....


"Yes!" Lightning catches the marshmallow in his mouth and swallows it whole, "In your face, surfer girl!"

Bridgette is still so afraid that she's shaking.

"Uh, would someone mind helping her?" Chris asks.

Two interns come into the bonfire pit, and pick Bridgette up.

She's carried down the Dock of Shame and is thrown onto the Boat of Losers.

It pulls away, and Bridgette's gone.

Chris appears in front of the camera, "Well that's it for this episode! Eva got her wish! Bridgette is gone, baby! Well, what will happen next time? Will we see more of Heather's side effects from her stress pills? Will Trent and Gwen get back together? Will Lightning ever find out that Eva's a girl? Will the alliances stay strong, or crumble like houses made of cards? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Reality; Gold!"

Episode 2; "Wake-A-Thon Take Two"

The screen fades-in to reveal Chris standing on the Dock of Shame, staring at the camera, "Last time on Total Drama; Reality Gold, we met our sixteen contestants, who were ready to give it their all for a chance to win one million dollars! An old rivalry was rekindled when surfer-girl Bridgette was chased through the woods by big girl Eva. Trent got into a conflict with Duncan over Gwen, and then two alliances were made. Lightning created a dude's alliance which consists of himself, Alejandro, Tyler and later-on Eva. Dude really can't tell dudes from chicks can he? Team Epic won an advantage in the pre-challenge by getting all of their team members to the beach first where they helped clean up an 'accident' of mine."

Chris laughs, "Uh, yeah...Well, we returned to the very first challenge ever in Total Drama history, where the contestants had to jump off the one-thousand foot cliff. Team Epic needed less players to jump due to their advantage, but they exceeded the required amount and won. This whole time, poor Bridgette was in a comatose state after emerging from the woods. In the end, for not helping in the challenges at all, Bridgette was sent packing. What will happen on this episode? What will happen between Trent and Duncan? Who will Gwen choose, if she's into either of them? Now that Bridgette's gone, how will Eva react? What's up with Dawn? FInd out on this episode of Totall...Drama...Reality Gold!

Trent lay under the stars, looking up, feeling very alone and sad.

He sighed, "I'm sorry, Gwen...I'm so sorry."

Unknown to Trent, a figure was watching from a distance, hidden by the trees.

Trent laughed half-heartedly, "It's like that night we were so tired that we could hardly stand it,'re not here."

The figure took one last look at Trent and walked away slowly.

It was early morning, and Leshawna woke to the sound of birds chirping outside the cabin windows.

Yawning, she spoke to the other girls on her team, "Mornin', y' all. Rise and shine."

Gwen stretched her arms, "Ugh...I almost forgot how much I hate this place."

"Whatever," Courtney snapped, "You'll just be here until you get voted-off, then you'll be out of the million and you won't ever have to see this crummy place ever again!"

Gwen glared at Courtney, "Can't we just start over, Courtney? I haven't done anything to you this season."

Courtney huffed, "No. Let's see how you perform over these next few days, and I'll see if I even want to consider you as a valuable asset for the team."

In the confessional, Gwen spoke, "'s really being a jerk. I mean...she always has been, but I haven't done anything to upset her yet. She really knows how to hold a grudge."

The next confessional is Courtney's, "UGH! Gwen is really peeving me off right now! This whole Duncan drama has got me all stirred-up! I might give her another chance, but probably not anytime soon!"

Duncan got a rude-awakening.

Sam's snoring was too loud for the other guys to handle.

"That's it," Duncan said, "I'm sleeping outside for the rest of the season."

He grabbed his pillow and walked outside.

DJ yawned.

Sam continued to snore.

"Hey, Sam, man, your snorin's got us all awake," DJ said.

Sam jostled awake, "Uh...what?"

"You think you could stop your snorin'?" DJ asked.

"Oh...uh...I'll try."

"Thanks, man."

"Where's Duncan?" Sam asked as he looked around the cabin, "Trent's gone, too."

"Duncan's outside, I don't know where Trent is."


In the other cabin, the girls from Team Awesome were already awake.

Heather was doing her nails and taking some stress pills.

Beth was brushing her hair, next to Dawn who was meditating.

Jo was doing some push-ups, and acted really out-of place.

"Why do you have to take those pills?" Jo asked Heather, who was still preoccupied with her nails.

"Because," Heather replied, "All of this reality tv has gotten me so stressed out that I feel like I'm going to explode!"

"Uh-huh, then why did you sign-up for another season if you knew it would just make you feel worse?"

"That's just it! I don't remember signing-up for this season at all! Chris said I did, but I can't remember even getting an application!"

"Oooh!" Beth chimed-in, "Suspicious!"

Heather rolled her eyes, "Yeah."

Dawn smiled, "Something's changed inside you, Heather. You're...different."


"You're different!"

Jo felt weirded-out by Dawn's sudden and unexpected remark, but knew not to show it visibly, or she would be risking the security of their alliance.

Alejandro spoke to Tyler privately shortly before everyone was awake.

"Listen, Tyler," he said, "We need to talk about Lightning."

"What about him?"

"I don't trust him, lots of us don't."

"What's your point?"

"I know that he's our team captain and everything, but he's unfit for the job! I don't even know how that bufoon managed to win last season! Something needs to be done, and I think the two of us and Eva are just the two to do that."

"Is Eva even part of our alliance? I mean, it's a dudes' alliance, and she's a girl."

"I guess," Alejandro sighed, "Lightning's intelligence is not the best. Anyone could tell that Eva's a girl."

"I can."

"Well, he needs to go. We can't get too far in this game if Lightning is in our way. Besides, I can see him betraying us."


"So it's settled? We're getting rid of Lightning whenever we get a chance?"


"Good deal."

And with that, Alejandro and Tyler returned to their cabin.

At the mess hall, Chris was there already, waiting for the campers to arrive.

"They always come together," Chef said, "In a big 'ol group, ready to eat whatever slop I have ready for 'em."

"Remind me again why we don't serve them the good stuff again?" Chris told Chef.

"Because it's fun to watch them be mortally scarred by the bad stuff. Besides, the good stuff's what we eat."

"Oh, yeah!" Chris laughs, "That's right!"

The doors swung open and the campers walked inside.

"Morning, campers!" Chris said.

Several of them groaned at the host, causing him to frown.

"Well, I can see that you all woke-up on the wrong side of the bed."

"Get on with it," Duncan said, "So we can eat."

"No breakfast today," Chris said, his maniacal smile returning to his face once more, "But you will have plenty of time to eat."

"No breakfast?" Sam asked, his jaw dropping.

"Will we at least get to have lunch?" Leshawna asked.

"Yes," Chris said, "But first, we're having another throwback challenge! The first part of this challenge requires another run!"

The campers groaned again, all of them.

"Seriously?" Gwen asked.

"Yep!" Chris examined the campers, "Hey! Where's Trent?"

The campers exchanged confused glances.

"He wasn't in the cabin this morning," DJ explained, "Sam and I were wondering the same thing."

"Well, we can't start the challenge without Trent, so...I guess instead of running, the first part of today's challenge will be to find and locate Gwen's former lover boy."

Gwen rolled her eyes.

Duncan did, too.

"Get movin'!" Chef shouted, causing the campers to run out of the mess hall.

The search began, but in reality, Trent was heading-back to the cabins.

He had fallen asleep the night before, out under the stars, bored, alone and upset.

When he woke up, there had been a rabbit sitting on his chest.

It reminded him a lot of Bunny, but he couldn't remember what had happened to that little critter.

"Hey, little guy or gal," Trent said as he pet the rabbit, "You remind me of a rabbit I knew once."

The rabbit said nothing because it was a rabbit.

"Well, you wanna come back to my cabin with me?"

The rabbit said nothing because it was a rabbit.

"Come on, let's go," Trent said, reaching for the rabbit.

The rabbit hopped away because that's what rabbits do.

"Aww..." Trent said, "Why does everyone run away from me?"

So he was walking through the woods in the direction of the cabins, hoping that he hadn't missed breakfast, and more importantly, the challenge.

"I'm sorry I freaked out, Gwen...I'm sorry that you were so freaked-out by me that I caused us both to be eliminated. I'm sorry."

He reached his team's cabin and walked inside, only to find that nobody was there.

"Duncan? DJ? Sam? Guys? Hello!"

No response.

He checked the girls' side, only to find that they were all gone as well.

"Where is everyone?!" He asked no one in particular.

He didn't get a response, but when he turned around to go down the porch steps, he saw the rabbit again.

"Oh," he was surprised, "It's just you. Do you know where everybody went?"

The rabbit said nothing because it was a rabbit.

But, the rabbit blinked, because that's what rabbits do."

" that a yes?"

The rabbit hopped away, but Trent felt inclined to follow it, so he did.

He followed it all the way to the mess hall, where Chris and Chef were.

"Whoa!" Chris said when he saw Trent, "Where'd you come from?"

"The cabins, where's everyone else?"

"Dude," Chris explained, "You just missed them. They were here less than a minute ago, but I just sent them all out to find you. I'll get them back. I'll text the camera crew to bring them back here."

"Man," Chef said, "That challenge was pointless."

"It was not the challenge," Chris snapped at his friend, "It was just a part of it. Anyway, it's ruined, just like the last challenge, but we still have the other two parts to do."

After everyone was back at the mess hall, they all glared at Trent.

They had gone on a wild-goose-chase just to find him, and he ended-up right back where they had left.

They could have gotten lost.

Trent could sense the tension, but remained calm and collected about the situation.

Chris spoke to the campers, "Alright, folks. Eat up!"

He pulled a white sheet off a table to reveal a glorious buffet.

The campers stared at it in pure delight, they had been longing for a meal such as this.

In the confessional, Sam spoke, "It was like looking at a mountain of gems and gold, only it was made of food and you could eat it!"

Jo spoke in the confessional as well, "Man, I thought I'd never see good food ever again!"

The contestants ate all of the food, not wasting even a single crumb.

They even licked all the platters and bowls clean, that was how much they ate.

"Owen would have loved this," Heather said, rubbing her stomach.

Beth sat down, her stomach full and hurting, "Man, I'm so full that it hurts, but it feels good at the same time."

"Same here," Dawn said, "I hope the challenge gives us an oppurtunity to work-off the meal we just ingested."

"It won't," Chris said, "The buffet was part two of the challenge. Part one was a bust, but the next part is the most important of the three. I bet some of you are guessing where I've been going with all this, anyone want to take a shot at it?"

"Letting us go home?" Heather asked.

"Not even close."

"Paintball?" Beth asked.


"Football?" Lightning asked.

"NO!" Chris said, "It's the Awake-A-Thon!"

Gwen groaned.

In the confessional, Gwen spoke, "Not again. I managed to stay awake for over eighty hours the first time we did this challenge. That's a long time! I might have won it the first time around, but this time, there's just no way. Last time was when Trent and I bonded. It was the first time I actually felt comfortable with someone, but now that we're not together anymore, will it be the same?"

Chris showed all of the campers to the bonfire pit where the elimination ceremonies were held, and told them all about the Awake-A-Thon.

"May of you are familiar with this challenge, we even have the winner of the first time we had you all do this here with us today!"

Gwen groaned again.

"The Awake-A-Thon is very similar to other challenges that we have in store for you all this season. The challenge is that you all have to stay awake as long as possible. Each time someone goes to sleep or give-out due to exhaustion, your team will have one less chance of winning. The last person standing, or in some cases, sitting or laying, will be crowned the winner. You think you can remain champion of the Awake-A-Thon, Gwen?"

"Nope," Gwen said swiftly.

Twenty-four hours into the challenge, DJ couldn't take it anymore.

He fell asleep.

Shortly after, Sam fell asleep.

Sam spoke in the confessional, "If Chris hadn't ruined my handheld console, I would have been able to stay awake for the whole challenge easily. But since I didn't have it, well, I lost."

"Team Epic, you're down two men," Chris stated as he took a sip of coffee.

"Whatever," Duncan replied, "We got this."

Dawn spoke to Beth, "Maybe we should meditate. It might clear our minds and help us to stay awake!"

"I'll try," Beth said, sitting down next to Beth.

Soon both of the girls were in a state of deep meditation.

Heather spoke to Alejandro, "Hey, long time no see, huh?"

Alejandro glared at her, "You talk to me after what you did to me?"

"Oh, please," she replied, "You're the one to talk. You know what you did to Bridgette and Leshawna and all those other girls."

"I admit I was a bit...unruly...but I was just looking out for myself. It seems to me that you have done that as well, Heather."

Heather rolled her eyes, "Well...if we lose this challenge, who are you going to vote for?"

Alejandro looked over to their team captain, Lightning, who was already asleep and snoring blissfully.

"Who do you think?" He asked her sarcastically.

"Well," Heather's sentece was cut-short as Courtney dropped to the ground.

"There goes another one," she said.

It was another twelve hours before the next person fell asleep.

This time it was Tyler, who despite his best efforts, couldn't keep his eyelids from closing.

Beth had tried meditating, but she fell shortly after Tyler did.

Trent sat alone, staring at the ground.

Gwen came over and sat next to him, "Hey."

He almost thought that he was imagining it, so he didn't say anything.

"Hey, Trent, I'm talking to you," Gwen said with a shy smile.

"Hi," Trent replied quietly.

"'s it goin'?"


"Really? That's cool...uh...," she sighed, "Alright, listen, Trent. I can't take this anymore. I'm willing to give you another shot."

Trent's eyes grew wide, "Really?"

Gwen nodded, "Yeah, but you have to promise me something."


"Promise me that you'll win this challenge for me. I have to sleep."

With that, Gwen's eyes closed, and she was gone.

"I will, Trent said in a whispery voice.

Heather fell asleep approximately seventy-two hours into the challenge.

Leshawna went next.

Eva went several hours later.

Chris was surprised, "There are five of you left. Hurry up and fall asleep already!"

"The meditation must not be working," Dawn said as she fell over.

"That makes four of you, two on each team."

Duncan dropped a second later.


Alejandro, Jo and Trent were all that remained awake.

Jo walked over to Alejandro, "Win this for me, okay?"

They pounded fists and then Jo fell asleep.

Alejandro stared at Trent.

They were the only two left in the challenge.

The only two.

"I'm winning this," Trent told him with a determined look on his face.

Alejandro was surprised by Trent's astounding determination.

The hours passed, and soon they were over five days into the challenge.

Alejandro wanted to win, but he just couldn't take it anymore, and dozed-off.

Chris himself was asleep, but a female intern shook him awake.

"Huh?...What? Oh! He did it! Trent has won the challenge! That means that Team Epic wins!"

The campers were all awaken by Chris' excitement, and those on Team Epic cheered lazily.

"Team Epic," Chris yawned, "You all can go take a well-deserved rest. As for you, Team Awesome, I'll see you at the bonfire ceremony tonight."

At the bonfire ceremony....

Chris stood at the podium, drinking coffee, trying himself to stay awake, "Evening, campers! Team Awesome, you all just couldn't stay awake, could you? Well, that's too bad, because you lost the challenge. Anyway, I have here on my tray six marshmallows. There are seven members on your team tonight. Tonight, one of your team members will be sent home and will be sent home. They will never be allowed to come back to the island...ever...if they do not receive one of these six marshamallows. The first marshmallow goes to Alejandro."

"Nice," Alejandro said as he walked up to the podium and took his marshmallow.





Lightning looked around.

He and Heather were the only two people remaining who had not received a marshmallow yet.

"For real?" He asked.

Heather just sat there, not caring if she went home or not.

"Heather and Lightning, this is the final marshmallow of the evening. There are two of you. That means that one of you is going to go home tonight. The final marshmallow of the evening goes too...


"Whatever," Heather said as she received her marshmallow.

"WHAT?!" Lightning says as he jumps up, "NO! I can't go home!"

"Sorry, Lightning, you have been voted-off," Chris says.

"No, no, no, no, NO!!!" Lightning says as Chef comes over to him and grabs him by the waist.

Chef throws Lightning over his shoulders, and begins to walk down the Dock of Shame toward the Boat of Losers.

"Lightning will be back!" Lightning shouts, waving his fists in the air, "He will! And he'll be ready to beat all of you losers! You'll see!"

Chef throws Lightning onto the boat, "Quit your whinin'."

Chris looks at the camera and smiles, "Well, that's all the time we have. We'll see you next time on Total Drama; Reality Gold!"

The screen fades to black.

Episode 3: "Sweep Or Be Sweeped"

Chris appears before the screen, looking as he always does, smiling wide, "Last time on Total Drama; Reality Gold...I brought back another classic Total Drama Island challenge and introduced some of the campers to the Awake-A-Thon! When Trent caused some trouble, my plans for the challenge were a little...changed-up, but we continued on anyway! Speaking of Trent, Gwen gave him another chance at love when he ended-up winning the challenge! Poor guy's been asleep ever since!"

Chris laughs, " was Team Awesome who was sent to the bonfire ceremony for a second time in a row, and they sent Lightning packing due to his annoying nature and his proneness to confusing genders. This time, will Duncan react violently to the news of Gwen and Trent's rekindled relationship? Will Dawn and Beth leave Jo's alliance? Will Team Epic once again defeat Team Awesome at the challenge? Find out on another awesome episode of Total...Drama...Reality Gold!"

Jo had told Beth and Dawn to meet her in the lodge ten minutes earlier, and they were now approximately one minute and three seconds late.

"Where are they?" She asked no one in particular, tapping her foot hastily.

Just then, the doors opened and her two alliance members walked-in, rubbing their tired eyes and taking seats across the table from her.

"'Bout time you two showed-up!" Jo barked.

"We're sorry," Beth said, her eyes droopy and appearing as if they would fall shut any moment.

"We are still very tired from the previous challenge," Dawn explained, "We are sorry that we're late."

Jo took their excuse into consideration, "It's alright, I guess. I'm a little sleepy, too, but champions should be able to keep going on mere fumes of energy!"

Beth and Dawn exchanged glances.

"Anyway, let's get down to business. We need to talk about something that is essential to our team's success."

"What?" Beth asked.

Dawn thought she knew what Jo was going to say.


She was right.

Beth gasped, "Seriously?!"

Jo nodded, "The other team's already lost the challenge twice already. That means that our team is bound to lose at some point soon! We need to prevent that from happening!"

Dawn spoke, "I understand that winning is necessary for keeping our team together, but sabotage is not something that we should take part of!"

Jo glared at Dawn, "Are you saying that you want Team Epic to lose the next challenge, Dawn?"

Dawn's eyes grew wide, "Of course not! I'm just saying that we should focus our energy and thoughts on winning fairly, not by deliberately causing the other team to lose!"

Beth stayed quiet.

She had been in alliances before, and both of them had not ended very well.

So, she listened to Dawn and Jo quarrel.

"I'm the leader of this alliance," Jo said, "I think it should be up to me what we do and what we don't do!"

"Our alliance might as well be a dictatorship!" Dawn shouted, "One person deciding what should be done for multiple individuals without their consent is wrong and immoral!"

Jo glared even harder at her.

Dawn glared back and spoke once more, "I will continue to be in this alliance because I wish not to be eliminated, but that does not mean that I agree with your judgement, Jo."

Jo turned her attention to Beth, "What do you think, Beth? Do you think we should rig the next challenge?"

"Uhh...," Beth said, trying to remain calm and say what she thought would not ruin her chances at being in the final three, "I don't know..."

Jo scoffed, "She doesn't know. Come on, you must have your own opinion on this matter!"

Beth spoke, "I think we should do whatever necessary."

"There!" Jo said to Dawn, "Beth has spoken! I'm going to see what we can do to rig the next challenge to make our chances of winning even greater!"

Dawn was the first person to use the confessional that morning, "Normally, I would not speak ill of someone because I always try to see the good in them, but I am having a very hard time finding the good in Jo. The only reason I stay in the alliance is so that I can have a shot at winning this competition, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate her ways. Now, Beth is siding with Jo, and she's going to try to sabotage the other team! I will not take part in it! Jo is a devious, manipulative, victory-craving fiend!"

Beth used it next, shortly after her friend, "I think I've just made Dawn my temporary enemy! But...I think I've also gained Jo as a temporary friend. I'm really confused and I don't know what to do!"

Gwen woke and took a shower.

She was a mess from the Awake-A-Thon, and was happy knowing that she would never have to endure another challenge like it ever again.

Gwen allowed the lukewarm water to soak her, and ran her fingers through her hair.

Closing her eyes, she tried to relax.

Before long, they would be in another challenge, and she wanted to savor any moment of relaxation she could get.

Her mind wandered, thoughts coming-in and leaving just as fast.

She thought of her little brother back home, going through the things in her room, being annoying as usual.

Then she thought of her mother, missing her.

Why did her mom have to miss her so much?

Why did she have to care about her?

It didn't matter.

The next thought was of Trent, and the night they had under the stars in the first season.

The thought made her smile.

It was the first time she had ever connected to someone like that before.

Sure, she had had boyfriends before the show, but they didn't last too long and she was always searching for someone she could be herself with.

Then Trent came along, and she felt complete.

But then, they were seperated, and she gained feelings for another boy, Duncan.

Things hit-off with him as well, but then they, too, were seperated.

Now, she wasn't friends with Courtney and Leshawna wasn't too fond of her indecisiveness.

She had just given Trent another chance. If he could somehow prove that he would not be selfless, that he would not throw himself and the team under the bus just to save her, then maybe, MAYBE, she and him would be able to live the way that she had wanted them to.

The way she had imagined it that first night of being with him.

When the water turned cold, Gwen turned the shower off and got dressed.

The shower was just what she had needed to make her feel good about the day, what she needed to know which one of them she wanted to spend the rest of her life with...if they didn't screw everything up.

Heather popped another pill into her mouth.

She hated the taste of the stress medicine, but it kept her sane and prevented her from strangling that awful Chris McLean.

Being on so many seasons of this wacky show had taken a toll on her mental health, and now she was struggling just to make it from day-to-day.

Her parents had taken her to see a specialist right after the second season to address her 'condition'.

It got significantly worse after season three.

Although, she had to admit, she was pretty proud of herself for winning, even though she didn't get to spend any of the money.

She swallowed the pill and allowed it to go into effect before leaving the cabin for a morning stroll.

Most of her enemies were on the other team, although she did not like being on the same team as Alejandro.

He was a lying, cheating monster in her eyes, and he deserved every bit of pain that had come-upon him after he tried to kiss her on the summit of that volcano.

She was actually surprised that he had survived his injuries.

It wasn't everyday that you heard someone surviving being burned by scorching-hot lava.

So, she guessed that was one thing she could be impressed with.

Walking through the forest, Heather found her way to the mess hall shortly before the sun was high-in-the-sky.

Sam was sneaky.

He liked to think of himself as a ninja, because he had went to some class or something, but he was just really clever and sneaky.

The night before, he had snuck into the mess hall while Chef was sleeping in the kitchen, and stole the keys to his private trailer.

He used the keys to get inside and found all sorts of treasures.

He took only two objects, however.

A GameGuy and a coconut that had a face painted-onto it.

Then, he returned the keys, all while Chef was sound asleep.

He knew that he had been caught on camera performing the act, but Chef very rarely checked the footage.

Of course, Sam was afraid that he might get caught, but he tried to ignore the fact that he had broken-into Chef's living space.

Besides, he had his game back, and he would only play it in the cabin from that point on.

Chris greeted the contestants that morning after they were all present in the mess hall, "Good morning, campers!"

Again, more groans.

"Got a little treat for you all today!" Chris said as an intern wheeled-in a cart.

The male intern placed the cart in the middle of the room where all of the contestants could see it.

On the cart was a large, cardboard box containing enough protective helmets for each of them.

"Helmets?" Eva asked, pulling one out.

"Yep!" Chris replied, "Everyone take one! You'll probably need it!"

The intern passed a helmet out to all of the contestants, then left the mess hall.

As they placed them on their heads, DJ, Leshawna and Courtney learned that their helmets did not quite fit their heads.

In fact, they were at least one size too small.

"Um, Chris?" Courtney asked.


"My helmet doesn't seem to fit me!"

"Me, either," Leshawna said.

"Me, three," DJ added.

"Oh yeah," Chris said with a laugh, "The warehouse we bought the helmets from only had enough helmets for eleven of you, so we had to get some from a paintball place, but they only had sizes available for children! looks like that's what you're stuck with!"

Courtney rolled her eyes.

"For real?" Leshawna asked.

Chris nodded.

Courtney used the confessional shortly after, "Chris thinks that he can just get away with anything, doesn't he?"

Chris used it next, surprisingly, "Yes, Courtney, I do. I can get away with ANYthing. Trust me."

"Today's challenge involves heading-over to Lake Wawanakwa to participate in a challenge of epic proportions! You will all have to climb fifty feet in the air where you will all stand on a pedistal. Once you all reach that point, a rotating arm will try to sweep you all off your feet, knocking you into the water below. Oh, by the way, the sharks are back this season!"

Several contestants gasped.

"The arm will continue to rotate, gaining speed and it will become harder for you to stay aloft. To avoid being hit, you must either jump or go underneath the arm, but if you fail to do so, you'll find yourself in the water! We will have one round, and the team that remains standing will win! The losers will be sending someone home tonight!"

'Wait," Alejandro said, "Isn't this challenge from another gameshow?"

Chris put his hand over Alejandro's mouth, "Shut it! If they get word of this, we're all cooked!"

They followed Chris to the beach, where they all swam out into the lake and picked a pedistal.

From there, each of them climbed a ladder fifty feet to where they would stand for the challenge.

"I don't like this," DJ said.

"I don't, either," Sam said, looking down at the waves below.

Chef was on the Boat of Losers now, awaiting Chris' instructions.

"Alright, Chef!" Chris said with the aid of a megaphone, "Release the sharks!"

Chef pressed a button on a remote control, thus releasing the sharks from their containing cells on the boat and into the water.

The contestants all looked down as the sharks eyes them all hungrily.

DJ gulped nervously.

The rotating arm was still for the moment, but Chris soon put an end to that by pressing another button, and then it slowly started its way around.

Courtney was the first to encounter the arm.

It was slow, so she was able to jump over it with ease, "It's not so bad, guys! We can do it!"

Beth was next to her, and she ducked below it.

Jo was next to her, and she jumped-over the arm easily as well, and then glared at Dawn.

Dawn tried to pay her no attention.

In the confessional, Jo revealed something, "I found the blueprints for this challenge a while ago. I made it to where some of the pedistals tilt, and from what I can tell, mostly the other team are on those pedistals! Ha! Sabotage!"

Leshawna was next, but she experienced the sensation of the pedistal coming out from under her feet as it tilted, "Whoa!"

The arm came by but she managed to maintain her balance and duck beneath it.

Duncan jumped over the arm as it began to gain more speed.

DJ jumped.

The arm continued its way around, and with its first rotation, everyone managed to avoid being knocked-off their pedistals, even the contestants who were being bucked-about by the shaking ones.

Then, Courtney was knocked-off.

Chris laughed as she hit the water.

Beth avoided it once more.

Leshawna wasn't so lucky, and was knocked-off.

DJ was the next to fall victim to the sweeper.

Trent stood next to Gwen.

He yelled out to Gwen as the arm approached her, "Gwen! Look out!"

She turned just in time to react and avoided it.

Trent did the same and Gwen was able to thank him, "Thanks, Trent!"

Trent smiled.

Duncan noticed this, and felt a surge of anger inside him.

He jumped and avoided being swept-off his feet.

Heather was thrown off, seemingly unaware of the challenge.

Probably a side-effect.

Tyler was hit next, and he screamed as he fell to the water below.

Chris watched as those who were in the water swam to shore, trying to evade the hungry sharks that he had made Chef release.

Beth was hit int he gut, but held onto the arm as it continued on its way.

"OH MY GOSH!" Beth exclaimed as she hit Jo, knocking them both into the water.

Jo was angered by Beth's accidental actions.

Dawn and Alejandro were the only two remaining players for Team Awesome in the challenge.

Duncan, Sam, Trent, Gwen and Eva were still in it for Team Epic.

But just then, Sam was knocked-off.

Gwen jumped, but the arm caught her feet and she was thrown off her pedistal.

Distracted by this, Trent yelled, "Gwen!"

And he was thrown off as well.

Alejandro was excited by the two opposing team members losing the challenge, "Yes!"

But as the arm once more increased its speed, going way too fast than Chris had intended, he was thrown off.

Eva didn't last too long after that.

She tried to duck, but it hit her helmet and made her skid over the edge.

Duncan and Dawn were all that remained.

They continued to jump for several more minutes, until Dawn just didn't care anymore and allowed the arm to hit her at full-speed.

"That's it!" Chris said, just as Dawn splashed-down in the water, "Team Epic wins the challenge for a third time! Team Awesome, you know what that means."

The members of Team Awesome at the beach, excluding Heather who still seemed oblivious to everything, groaned.

"However," Chris said, "You all know me. I would just hate to see the winning team go without some sort of punishment. So, you will all have to vote for one person on your team to be exiled to the Creepy Shack by the Dock of Shame for one night."

Team Epic groaned as well.

At the bonfire ceremony...

Both teams were present, as Team Epic had to vote for someone to be exiled.

Chris spoke, "We'll do the elimination ceremony first, and then we'll exile someone."

The campers looked at him, wanting to get-on with it.

"I have five marshmallows on this tray. Team Awesome, you stand with six members tonight. You have lost to Team Epic every challenge so far this season. What's the deal? Seriously. You all need to step-up your game or somethin'.The person who does not receive a marshmallow tonight will have to walk down the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, where they will be taken home, and they can never come back to the island....ever."

The teammates exchanged glances with each other.

"The first marshmallow of the evening goes to...Tyler."

"Yes!" Tyler said as he caught his marshmallow.




...Alejandro and Heather, only one marshmallow remains on my tray. One of you will receive this marshmallow tonight, and one of you will be going home. The final marshmallow goes to...


Alejandro smiled as he caught the marshmallow with one hand and placed-it in his mouth.

Heather's eyes were blank, as if she was completely unaware of everything.

"Uh..." Chris said, "She alright?"

Chef came into view and lifted Heather up, carrying her over his shoulder, and walked her down the Dock of Shame.

Then, Chef placed Heather on the Boat of Losers, and it pulled-away slowly.

"Alright, then," Chris said, "Well, Team Awesome, you all should go get some sleep. Team Epic, have you all decided who will be exiled tonight?"

Duncan nodded, and tallied the votes, "We choose Gwen."

Gwen was shocked, "Me?!"

"No," Trent said, "Let me do it. Let me be exiled tonight, Chris."

Chris looked at them, "Uh...alright. Chef, take Trent to the Creepy Shack."

Chef nodded and walked over to Trent, picking him up much like he had Heather and placed-him over his shoulders and carried him away to spend the night in the Shack.

"Alright, everyone, that wraps-up this episode," Chris said, "Stay tuned for the next episode of Total...Drama...Reality Gold!"

The screen fades to black.

Episode 4: "The Shortest Episode Ever"

Chris appears, "Previously on Total Drama: Reality Gold! Tension grew even more between Dawn and Jo as their alliance was almost pushed to a breaking-point when Jo wanted Dawn and Beth to help her sabotage the other team. Dawn refused to help in any way. Beth, on the other hand, was willing to do whatever necessary to earn her a spot in the final three. Gwen finally chose the boy she wanted to be with: Trent, causing Duncan to become freaking furious! Dude's nuts, but he hasn't done anything drastic yet. Hopin' he will! Sam broke-into Chef's trailer and stole his GameGuy. Yeah, Sam, we saw that. Don't worry, Chef doesn't know a thing! Jo found the blueprints to the challenge and made some...alterations to it. The challenge was for the contestants to try and not get hit by a rotating arm while they stood atop pedistals that were fifty feet above the surface of Lake Wawanakwa. Jo's changes caused the pedistals the other team was standing on to tilt, which might have been the cause of Team Awesome's third consecutive loss. In the end, Heather got the boot, and I don't think the girl even knew that she had been voted-out. The girl was so drugged-out that Chef had to carry her down the Dock of Shame! Anyway, will Beth choose her friends over winning? Will Duncan beat Trent to a pulp? How will the notorious love square fare? Will Chef find out what Sam did? Find out on another drama-packed episode of Total...Drama...Reality Gold!"

Katie bumped her head on Sadie's bunk when she rose.

"OW!" Katie yelled.

Her commotion woke Sadie, who had been snoring, "Katie? What is it?"

"I hit my head," she said.

The two girls were having to wake early to get to work, and they were not too thrilled about that.

Chris had hired them onto the show as interns, working for no pay and getting little to no screentime.

"Are you okay?" Sadie asked.

"Yeah," Katie replied, "Cedric? Hannah? Brady? Are you awake?"

The other interns were woken by Katie.

"Is it time to get up?" Cedric asked from underneath his pillow, his voice muffled.


Hannah groaned, "Why do we have to get-up so early? It's not like Chris is doing anything at this time of the day."

Brady checked the schedule, "It looks like it's my turn to wake-up the contestants today."

"Good," Hannah said, "I did that yesterday."

Brady examined the schedule again, "Uh-oh."

"Uh-oh what?" Sadie asked.

"Oh, nothing, Sadie. Hannah, it looks like your job is to be Chris' personal assistant for the day."

Hannah groaned even louder, "Seriously?! Gosh, I wish Luke hadn't quit, then he could be doing the job."

"You're brother quit the first day," Katie said, "Right?"

Hannah nodded, "I hate this job. We don't even get paid or the slightest bit of appreciation for our work."

"It's called being interns," Cedric said, getting up and out of his bunk to get dressed.

"Whatever," Hannah said, going to do her job.

She hated her job.

She hated it.

DJ woke screaming.

He had been having the best dream ever, but it had taken a drastic turn and had become a stomach-churning nightmare.

He had been running through a wide field of flowers.

Then, he found his old friend Bunny and they froliced through the flowers together.

It had been so long since he had seen Bunny.

Then, the sunny sky was filled with dark, ominous storm clouds.

It began to pour down searing-hot blood.

He had wanted to save Bunny, to shelter him from the downpour of bodily fluids, but when he turned, he saw that the blood had melted Bunny.

It had melted through his skin and had begun to eat away at his innards, and now he had been reduced to a rapidly decomposing corpse.

That's when he forced himself to wake, rising-up quickly.

He sat on his bunk, shaking, his entire body covered in goosebumps.

His screams of terror had waken Sam, who had been trying to work-out his snoring problem.

"Dude," Sam asked, "Are you alright? You sound as though you've just seen a ghost."

DJ nodded, "Yeah, man...I...I'm fine. Just fine....I just...had a really bad nightmare."

"You sure you're alright?"

He nodded again, "Yeah, don't worry about it."

Sam then decided that he couldn't go back to sleep, so he removed the stolen GameGuy from under his pillow and he started playing it.

There was a game cartidge inside, but it was one Sam had multiple copies of back home and he could easily beat the whole game in under an hour.

DJ noticed the console and wondered where on Earth he had managed to get it, "Hey, man, where did you get that?"

Sam was startled by the question, "This? Oh...uh...I, um...stole it from Chef's trailer."

DJ's jaw dropped, "You stole something...from CHEF?!"

"Yeah," Sam said with a nervous chuckle, "Um, please don't tell no one. I don't want to get in trouble, and I certainly don't want to be marked as a thief."

"I hear 'ya, man. I won't tell anybody. I've kept secrets before. LOTS of 'em."

"Thanks, DJ."

"No problem."

But DJ was not alright.

He could feel that something was very wrong.

He wanted to be with his Momma.

Courtney realized in the bathroom that she had no friends.

The realization had hit her like a brick wall, and at full-force.

She burst into tears, unable to hold it back, as though a dam had burst and was now flooding.

She had tried to be nice to everyone in season one, but she had come-off to the others as quite annoying and bossy.

The girl longed for friends, to be liked, to be surrounded by like-minded people who were as nice as could be.

But, she wasn't well-liked.

She couldn't name a single friend among everyone at Camp Wawanakwa.

It was hard for her to go-on knowing that she was just living and not living the way she wanted to.

Leshawna walked-in to the bathroom wearing nothing but purple towels that encompassed her body like blankets.

She noticed the sobbing girl, and though she didn't see Courtney as a friend, she decided that it would be the right thing to do to see what was troubling her.

"Hey, girl," Leshawna said as she put a hand on her shoulder, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Courtney continued to cry as she spilled her guts to Leshawna, "Oh...I'm just...having some really confusing and difficult emotional problems right now."

Leshawna was quiet for a minute as she thought about the problem for a moment, "Is this about Duncan?"

Courtney momentarily quit her wailing as Leshawna mentioned the true cause for her distress, "...Yes..."

"Girl, you need to stop living in the past. You and Duncan are split, and I don't think that there's anything that you could do to change that."

"I just feel like I could have done something different, Leshawna. Like I could have...saved our relationship somehow. Like I was the reason we split...Like I wasn't good enough."

"That is not true," Leshawna said, "You and Duncan are seperated because you two don't see eye-to-eye. Like Harold and I. Trust me, Courtney, I know that you must feel heartbroken. I know the feeling. But if you keep letting your break-up haunt you, you'll never be able to live your life."

"But...I still have feelings for him...I think I...I love him...There's just something about that stupid bad boy thing that turns me on...makes my motor run."

"And that will probably never change," Leshawna said, "Let me give you some advice, girl. If you really love'll let him go."

Leshawna left Courtney to get in the shower and Courtney was left pondering over what she and the other girl had just talked about.

She would soon have a lot fo thinking to do.

Chris was being carried by Hannah on her shoulders.

Although Chris was riding like he was a king, Hannah was in awful pain and wanted more than anything to drop him.

"Come on, Hannah," Chris said, "We've still got a hundred yards until we're at the mess hall! Move it!"

Hannah couldn't take another minute of stupid work.

She said, "No. No more."

And with that, Hannah dropped Chris.

He landed wrong, she could tell that.

There was a crunching sound when he hit the ground, and then Chris let out a scream.


Chris let out a string of obscenities on national television before Chef showed-up.

"What happened?!" Chef asked.

"I quit," Hannah told him with her arms crossed, "That's what happened."

Chef looked at the intern, "You did this?!"

"Chef," Chris said weakly, "It's alright. You can quit. But you can't leave."

"What?!" Hannah asked angrily.

"You're going to pay for this," Chris said, "You're gonna have to join the game as your punishment."

Chris laughed, "Oh, yeah. That ought to be enough punishment for you. You're on Team Awesome, by the way. They could use an extra player. Chef, get me to a hospital, then tell Team Epic that they lost the challenge because they didn't get Hannah as a new team member. They're going to elimination tonight."

Chef nodded, and carried Chris toward the dock, leaving Hannah with her mouth agape.

Hannah used the confessional for the first time after changing clothes, "Is Chris serious?! Gosh, I thought I would be off this island just like my brother. He's probably sitting at home laughing at me right now. Luke, if you're laughing, I will seriously tear your head off!"

She sighed, "Oh well, at least I don't have to wear those stupid intern outfits anymore."

The members of Team Epic were shocked to hear that they were going to elimination.

After all, there hadn't been a challenge at all.

At the bonfire ceremony...

Chef stood at the podium with the tray of marshmallows.

"Listen up, maggots!" Chef shouted, "Chris is in the hospital, so I'm gonna be handin' out the marshmallows tonight! The first one goes to Duncan!"







Sam and DJ eyed each other nervously.

"Chubby and DJ, I only have one marshmallow left! One of you is going home tonight! This marshmallow goes to....

DJ had that awful feeling in his gut again.

He wanted his Momma.

He wanted Bunny.

Just as Chef was about to call out the last name, he spoke up, "I QUIT!"

His team looked at him, some of them gasping.

Chef glared at him, then nodded.

Chef pointed to the Dock of Shame.

"But why?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, dude," Trent said, "Why are you quitting?"

DJ shrugged, "I just think that something bad is going to happen here really soon. And it's gonna happen to all of you."

The eyes of his team members grew wide as DJ walked toward the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers.

Chef then walked over to Team Awesome, who were patiently waiting for Chef to acknowledge them.

"Alright, you maggots need to nominate someone for exile. Have you decided?"

Alejandro spoke for his team, "We have, Chef. And we have nominated Dawn for exile."

Dawn looked Alejandro in the eyes, "What?!"

"Come on, shorty," Chef said, pulling Dawn off toward the Creepy Shack and throwing her inside.

Chef spoke to the camera, "That's it for this episode. Tune in next time! Man...I hate this job."


  1. Lightning, Alejandro, Tyler and Eva
  2. Jo, Beth and Dawn

Elimination Table



























































Debuts Ep. 4







































































































HIGH- This person was the first to receive a marshmallow at that elimination ceremony.

LOW- This person was the last to receive a marshmallow at that elimination ceremony, and was in the bottom two.

SAFE- This person received a marshmallow at that elimination ceremony and was not in the bottom two nor the first person to recieve a marshmallow.

OUT- This person was eliminated from the competition that episode.

QUIT- This person quit the competition that episode.

IN- This person was not sent to elimination and remained in the competition.

WIN- This person was on the team that won the challenge. This cell will only appear before the merging of the teams.

IMM.- This person won, received or gained individual immunity for that episode. This cell will only appear after the merging of the teams.

AWESOME- This person was a member of Team Awesome.

EPIC- This person was a member of Team Epic.

NO- This person was eliminated, quit or removed from the game before the merging of the teams.

YES- This person stayed in the competition at least to the point of the merging of the teams.

  • Asterisk 1- Hannah was placed on Team Awesome by Chris after she quit her internship and she was forced to join the competition.
  • Asterisk 2- In "Sweep Or Be Sweeped", Gwen was nominated to be exiled to the Creepy Shack for one night by her teammates, but escaped it when Trent volunteered to be exiled in her place.
  • Asterisk 3- It is unclear who was supposed to go home in "The Shortest Episode Ever", as DJ quit before Chris gave-out the last marshmallow. It is assumed that the person intended to be eliminated was Sam, therefore it is assumed that DJ prevented Sam's elimination.

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