Total Drama is back, and better than ever. Chris McLean will be bringing twenty past contestants from both the Ridonculous Race and previous Total Drama seasons to Wanisin Island, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario for another brutal round of fierce challenges, and insane drama. They will be split into two teams, and battle for immunity, and the losing team will go to the dreaded Bonfire Ceremony, and lose one of their own. Who will prove they have what it takes to win the million dollars? And who will, once again, leave the competition in a blaze of glory?


  • Brick - The Cadet
  • Bridgette - The Surfer Girl
  • DJ - The Brickhouse With Heart
  • Ennui - The Emotionless Goth
  • Izzy - The Psycho Hose Beast
  • Jacques - The Ice Dancer
  • Jo - The Jockette
  • Justin - The Eye Candy
  • Katie - The Sweet Girl
  • Kitty - The Optimist
  • Leshawna - The Sister With 'Tude
  • Miles - The Vegan
  • Rock - The Rocker
  • Rodney - The Muscular Farm Boy
  • Sadie - The Sweet Girl's Friend
  • Samey - The Cheerleader
  • Taylor - The Spoiled Brat
  • Tom - The Fashion Blogger
  • Trent - The Cool Guy
  • Tyler - The Jock


Episode One: New Island, Old Rules - Part 1

Standing on the dock of an unfamiliar island, Chris McLean brushed his hair back behind his ears as the cameras turned on, and filming had just started for the latest installment in the Total Drama franchise. "It's been a while since you've seen me, Canada, and all of our international viewers. Incase you forgot, which you shouldn't have since it's moi, I am Chris McLean, and this is Total Drama: Wanisin Island. Here's the deal. We've brought back twenty contestants who have never made the final two from both classic Total Drama, and that Ridonculous spin-off, hosted by that has-been Don."

"No offence, dude." Chris chuckled at his own joke, and got back to seriously hosting. "Anywho, they will be split into two different teams and battle in life-threatening challenges as per usual, and the losing team will go to the dreaded Bonfire Ceremony and vote out one of their own. Whoever does not receive a marshmallow will leave the island, walk down the Dock of Shame and take the refurbished Boat of Losers back to wherever the heck they came from."

He paused, and looked directly into the camera. "Who will win the million dollars? And how much colossal drama will be caused this summer? Tune in and find out on Total... Drama... Wanisin Island!" The camera faded to black, as the theme song rolled.

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Wanisin Island, and I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris continued, as he noticed a small speedboat pulling up onto the dock, containing the first contestant. "Oh look, we've got an eager beaver rocking up onto shore. Let's begin."

A familiar face walked onto the dock, and looked over to Chris. She had blonde hair tied into a loose ponytail, a blue jumper and shorts, and held an orange surfboard around her arms. "Hey. It's, uh, certainly something being back... another island?"

"You're welcome, Bridgette, for me giving you another shot at getting your petty fifteen minutes of fame." Chris folded his arms, and glanced at her.

"Oh, right. Thanks for this life-threatening opportunity again?" She nervously chuckled, as she walked to the other side of the dock. "Well, at least it isn't Wawanakwa. That place was a total dump." She set down her surfboard, and looked out to the lake, waiting for the next competitor.

Chris rolled his eyes. "You know, I remembered you being much more nice than this, but whatever. Anyway, here comes our second contestant!"

The second speedboat pulled up against the dock, and the contestant held her luggage and walked onto the dock, with a disappointed smirk. She had dark skin, and a curvy body, and wore her black hair in a ponytail, and had a khaki shirt and blue pants. Putting her hand against her hip, she looked over to Chris. "Hm. I'm surprised they let your crazy behind out of bars so quickly."

"Welcome, Leshawna." Chris gave them all a disappointed glare. "You know, I thought you would all be a tad more excited to see me, since I'm basically giving one of you a million dollars."

"So long as you don't nearly kill us this season, I think we'll be all good." Leshawna scoffed, and walked down the dock to Bridgette, whom she was excited to see. "Yo', Bridgette, give me some sugar girl. Man, has it been a while since I've seen you."

Bridgette smiled, as the two embraced a short hug, and pulled away. "Hey Leshawna! It's certainly nice seeing you back here."

"Mhm." Leshawna replied, as suddenly their conversation was cut short as the next speedboat pulled up against the dock, containing the third contestant. He had dark olive skin, wavy brown hair, and was incredibly attractive. "Oh boy, not you."

"Oh yes! Welcome back Justin." Chris chuckled, as the eye candy walked onto the dock.

"Yes, welcome back." Justin slipped on his sunglasses, and looked down at Bridgette and Leshawna, who did their best not to look at him. "I see you ladies are trying to resist my good looks, well, try again!" He chuckled, as he tore off his shirt, and they couldn't help but look.

"I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend..." Bridgette helplessly muttered under her breath, but ultimately gave up. "Oh what the heck, he'd look too." She gazed at his pecks, which he juggled to show off to the two girls.

Leshawna fanned herself. "You are still fine."

"I know." Justin smirked.

"Yeah, yeah, we don't have time for this." Chris shoved Justin forcefully into the lake, and the spell was broken as the two girls shook their heads and returned back to normal. "You're welcome, I just saved your lives? You gonna' start treating the best host in the world with some respect now?"

The two looked at each other and shrugged, as the next boat rocked up to the dock. Instead of one contestant, stood two girls, one skinny with tanned skin, and the other more pudgy with white skin, both wearing white and black striped tops and pink shorts. The two linked arms in joy, as they jumped onto the dock, squealing in excitement as the others blocked their ears.

Justin spat water out as he crawled out of the lake, and frowned. "Oh no."

"Oh my gosh, Sadie, we're back on the island! Eee!" The skinnier one squealed, tugging at the other ones arm.

"I know right, Katie? But this isn't like, Wawanakwa, this is like, not it! I'm still super excited though, eeeee!" The other cheered, as Chris gave them annoyed glares.

"I'd never thought I'd say this, but Sadie, you're right. This isn't Wawanakwa, it's Wanisin Island. Cree for lost, I think... that is if we used the dictionary right..." McLean corrected them, as the girls continued cheering in excitement.

The two girls looked down the dock, and noticed the other three contestants. "O.M.G. Justin!" They squealed in unison, and dashed down the dock, latching onto each of his arms, but then pulled away.

"Wait, we don't want to hurt his beautiful arms..." Sadie came to a realisation.

"Yeah, they're like, way too perfect." Katie nodded in agreement.

Justin sighed, and tried his best to get the girls away from him. "Did you know that even looking at them can stunt their growth? I think you ladies should take a break for now, before you ruin them for good, right?" He gave them a smile, and they nodded in agreement.

"So, hi Bridgette!" Katie spoke.

"Hi Leshawna!" Sadie added.

"Hey." The two replied in unison.

"So, uh..." Bridgette attempted to break the awkward silence, "what's new with you two?"

The two looked at each other, attempting to think. "Um..." Katie mumbled.

"Um, well, like, we've just been chilling all summer. What about you, Bridgette? How's it going with Geoff?" Sadie added onto the conversation. "Oooh, and Leshawna, you and Harold? Soooooo cute!"

"Yeah, super cute." Katie agreed.

Leshawna nervously chuckled. "Harold and I haven't talked in weeks. I don't know what's going on with that scrawny, strange white boy, probably locked in his basement. But Harold, give me a call, boo. I can't keep lying and say that I don't miss you sometimes, y'know?"

"Adorable, really." Chris scoffed, as the next boat began to pull up. "Can we get some drama over here and not some silly high school reunion crud?"

Episode Two: New Island, Old Rules - Part 2

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

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