Terrible Tikis
Number of Members 8
Highest Ranking Member Julia, 1st place
Lowest Ranking Member Amanda, 15th place
Team Selected By


The Terrible Tikis is one of the two teams in Total Drama: Tiki Jungle. It consisted of Alex, Amanda, Carson, Devin, Elena, Julia, Nic and Sharissa.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Amanda Female 1st 2nd "White-Water Ranting" The team still hated her from last season, and didn't want her to be in a relationship with Carson.
Alex Male 2nd 3rd "We Gon' Dig it Up, Like it's Dino Bones!" He was lazy and not very helpful.
Sharissa Female 3rd 4th "A Flag to Capture" She quit to be with Alex.
Elena Female 4th 5th "Drum, Bass and Tiki" For some reason, she acted strangely bossy and evil in the challenge.
Carson Male 5th 6th "War and Puzzle Piece" The team thought he was a threat.
Devin Male 6th 9th "Caught in a Dysfunctional Romance" Trey voted him out because he overheard his confessional.
Nic Male 7th 13th "Crabby Road" The girls didn't like him and thought he was creepy.

Julia did not get voted off, because she won the season.


  • This team is the team with the worst luck in the Toad-al Drama series. All but three of its members were voted out in a row before the merge.
  • However, the winner also came from this team.
    • This team is also similar to Matsing from Survivor: Philippines (it was a coincidence, though, because the season of Survivor came out a while after I wrote this) because the team had a terrible losing streak and was dwindled down to a few members, while a female member eventually won the season.

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