Eighteen new teenagers are taken to a remote island in the Phllipines (because the show's budget was too low to create an entirely new island) to compete for one million dollars. Chris McLean, the show's previous host, was fired due to his over-sadistic nature, and he was replaced with a female (for gender representation!) host. The new hostess, artist Maria Sapphirus, divides the cast into three cliques: the Off-Beats, the Brains and the Populars. Which clique will come out on top despite the drama and hardships? 


Heila (Brains)

  • Audrey - The Techie
  • Opal - The Geeky Hipster
  • Teresa - The Talkative Tattletale
  • Blake - The Sarcastic Prep
  • Silas - The Wise Naturalist
  • Luke - The Drama Kid

Prasidha (Populars)

  • Cali - The Beach Girl
  • Felicity - The Rich Brat
  • Syren - The Go-with-the-Flow Swimmer
  • Jude - The Manipulative Jock
  • Maverick - The Polite Gentleman
  • Vincent - The Chick Magnet

Fora-Batida (Off-Beats)

  • Dana - The Adrenaline Junkie
  • Kat - The Hot-Headed Fangirl
  • Noelle - The Shy Artist
  • Grant - The Skater Boy
  • Harley - The Unruly Joker
  • Zachary - The Isolated Musician

Chapter One: Are You Starstrukk?



  • The character Blake is based off of the author, Blake Megido.
  • Maria Sapphirus is based off of the Welsh artist Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds.
  • Heila is Icelandic for "brain".
  • Prasidha is Punjabi for "popular".
  • Fora-Batida is Portugese for "off-beat".

Chapter One

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