In the wake of The Ridonculous Race's ratings going up, Chris McLean gets into a civil war-like season with the show's host, Don, bringing in 32 contestants from Total Drama Island, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama Pahkitew Island to better combat Don's Ridonculous Race cast.

Premiere Date:

January 7, 2017 (10th Anniversary of the show's beginning)


  • Chris McLean (Christian Portenza) - brings in 32 of his contestants to better combat Don's cast, he is the "Tony Stark" of the season
  • Don (Terry McGurrin) - he is the "Steve Rogers" of the season
  • Chef Hatchet (Clé Bennett)

Total Drama Ducks:

  • Alejandro (Alex House) - combats against Noah
  • Amy (Bryn McAuley) - combats against Lorenzo
  • Anne Maria (Athena Karkanas) - combats against Jen
  • B (Clé Bennett) - combats against Mary
  • Beardo (Clé Bennett) - combats against Spud
  • Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) - combats friendly against Kitty, he is the main protagonist, he seems to wonder that Kitty might've gone to his cousin's school with the schoolgirl uniforms she wore, he doesn't like Emma at first, but feeling remorseful for saying her butt was huge, he makes amends with her, he also befriends Dawn, knowing she has magic powers, he connects with Gwen, since his cousin, Gwendolyn is a schoolaholic, he notices the problem with Sky's "winning is everything" tactic, so he has Ella (seeing that Dave rejected her for Sky) befriend her after Sky almost told Dave that she had a boyfriend in A Blast From The Past, he has a rough rivalry with Duncan, knowing he swiped Gwen from Trent and he asks why, Duncan reveals Courtney betrayed him for the C$1,000,000, knowing she's always greedy for money
  • Brick (Jon Cor) - combats against Sanders
  • Bridgette (Kristin Fairlie) - combats against Brody
  • Cameron (Kevin Duhaney) - combats against Mickey
  • Cody (Peter Oldring) - combats against Junior
  • Courtney (Emilie-Claire Barlow) - combats against Emma
  • Dakota (Carleigh Beverly) - combats against Kelly
  • Dave (Daniel DeSanto) - combats against Jay
  • Dawn (Caitlynne Medrek) - combats against Miles
  • DJ (Clé Bennett) - combats against Laurie
  • Duncan (Drew Nelson) - combats against MacArthur
  • Ella (Sunday Muse) - combats friendly against Tammy
  • Eva (Julia Chantry) - combats against Gerry
  • Gwen (Megan Fahlenbock) - combats against Crimson
  • Harold (Brian Froud) - combats against Ryan
  • Heather (Rachel Wilson) - combats against Taylor
  • Jasmine (Katie Bergin) - combats against Brody
  • Jo (Laurie Elliott) - combats against Pete
  • Justin (Adam Reid) - combats against Tom
  • Leshawna (Novie Edwards) - combats against Stephanie
  • Lindsay (Stephanie Anne Mills) - combats against Carrie
  • Mike (Carter Hayden) - combats Jacques
  • Sam (Brian Froud) - combats against Leonard
  • Samantha (Bryn McAuley) - combats against Chet
  • Scarlett (Kristi Friday) - combats against Ellody
  • Sierra (Annick Obinsawin) - combats against Dwayne
  • Sky (Sarah Podemski) - combats against Josee
  • Sugar (Rochelle Wilson) - combats against Owen
  • Trent (Scott McCord) - combats against Rock
  • Tyler (Peter Oldring) - combats against Devin
  • Zoey (Barbara Mamabolo) - combats against Crimson

Ridonculous Donkies:

  • Brody (Scott McCord) - combats friendly against Bridgette
  • Carrie (Kristin Fairlie) - combats against Lindsay
  • Chet (Darren Frost) - combats against Samantha
  • Crimson (Stacey DePass) - combats against Gwen
  • Devin (Jeff Geddis) - combats against Tyler
  • Dwayne (Neil Crone) - combats against Sierra
  • Ellody (Emilie-Claire Barlow) - combats against Scarlett
  • Emma (Stacey DePass) - combats against Courtney
  • Ennui (Carter Hayden) - combats against Zoey
  • Geoff (Dan Petronijevic) - combats against Jasmine
  • Gerry (David Huband) - combats against Eva
  • Jay (Lyon Smith) - combats against Dave
  • Jacques (Scott McCord) - combats against Mike
  • Jen (Ashley Botting) - combats against Anne Maria, with Emma hanging with Noah, Jen gets Kitty to help her with her fashion blog, with her phone, much to Ben's suspicion, that she's trying to use Kitty
  • Josee (Julie Lemieux) - combats against Sky
  • Junior (Jacob Ewaniuk) - combats against Cody
  • Kelly (Julie Lemieux) - combats against Dakota
  • Kitty (Stephanie Anne Mills) - combats friendly against Ben, becomes a pawn in Jen's game when she is tricked into helping her give her fashion blog more views with her phone
  • Laurie (Emilie-Claire Barlow) - combats against DJ
  • Leonard (Clé Bennett) - combats against Sam
  • Lorenzo (Carlos Diaz) - combats against Amy
  • MacArthur (Evany Rosen) - combats against Duncan
  • Mary (Katie Griffin) - combats against B
  • Mickey (Lyon Smith) - combats against Cameron
  • Miles (Katie Griffin) - combats against Dawn
  • Noah (Carter Hayden) - combats against Alejandro
  • Owen (Scott McCord) - combats against Sugar
  • Pete (Adrian Truss) - combats against Jo
  • Rock (Carlos Diaz) - combats against Trent
  • Ryan (Joseph Motiki) - combats against Harold
  • Sanders (Nicole Stamp) - combats against Brick
  • Spud (Carter Hayden) - combats against Beardo
  • Stephanie (Nicki Burke) - combats against Leshawna
  • Tammy (Nicki Burke) - combats friendly against Ella
  • Taylor (Bryn McAuley) - combats against Heather
  • Tom (Jeff Geddis) - combats against Justin


Episode 1: Total Drama: Civil War

The cast of Total Drama go against the cast of The Ridonculous Race in a civil war-like season with Chris making Owen, Noah, Geoff and Leonard pay for doing the other show than his. They now compete in the unearthed Camp Wawanakwa (now renamed Waternakwa), ruled by sea creatures, who enjoyed owning the island, and the team that loses, there will officially be a double elimination, where two of the contestants of each team will take the Plank of Shame and jump into Sub of Losers.

Winning Team: Total Drama Ducks (Alejandro, Amy, Anne Maria, B, Beardo, Ben, Brick, Bridgette, Cameron, Cody, Courtney, Dakota, Dave, Dawn, DJ, Duncan, Ella, Eva, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Jasmine, Jo, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Samantha, Scarlett, Sierra, Sky, Sugar, Trent, Tyler and Zoey)

Losing Team: Ridonculous Donkies (Brody, Carrie, Chet, Crimson, Devin, Dwayne, Ellody, Emma, Ennui, Geoff, Gerry, Jacques, Jay, Jen, Josee, Junior, Kelly, Kitty, Laurie, Leonard, Lorenzo, MacArthur, Mary, Mickey, Miles, Noah, Owen, Pete, Rock, Ryan, Sanders, Spud, Stephanie, Tammy, Taylor and Tom)

Eliminated: Owen and Noah, Reason: because they were seen using grease to increase their styles in battle.

Low: Tom and Spud

Episode 2: Love Shattered

The teams are to begin the next challenge on Waternakwa, battle on the docks with batons in their bathing suits. Meanwhile, Tyler, having not gone well after his break-up with Lindsay, remembers his first crush, Amy, who happens to be on the same team he is on, and starts to fall in love with her.

Winning Team: Ridonculous Donkies

Losing Team: Total Drama Ducks

Eliminated: Tyler and Lindsey, Reason: because they were distracting each other.

Low: Sierra and Zoey

Episode 3: Devotion Ball of Heart

The teams compete in another Dodgeball challenge with the some rules from Don, no betraying your teammates, no cheating and make it more safe. Meanwhile, Ben seems to know Kitty from Bellwood, and has seen Emma, as well, who doesn't approve of Ben, of how stubborn and cocky he is, while a Ben remarks to Emma, "Your butt is huge!, Duncan seems to laugh at this and states, "Who else has a big butt?", and Samantha knows Amy might break Tyler's heart and warns him.

Winning Team:Total Drama Ducks

Losing Team: Ridonculous Donkies

Eliminated: ??? and ???, Reason: ???

Low: Ben and Duncan

Episode 4: ???

The teams are in a put-put tournament of golfing, while accidentally encountering a Gopher, who causes mischief on the challenge, and Chris and Don put the gopher down. Meanwhile, Tyler reveals to Devin and Carrie that the reason he and Lindsay broke-up is because she accidentally forgot his name when they had dinner with his parents.

Winning Team: Total Drama Ducks

Losing Team: Ridonculous Donkies

Eliminated: ??? and ???, Reason: ???

Low: ??? and ???

Episode 5: ???

The teams have to survive a wilderness challenge to begin training against each other. Tyler, meanwhile, is heart broken after Amy reveals she doesn't love him and that it was Samantha acting like her due to the fact that they were twin-siblings, and Rock and Spud give him advice on the "Seven Stages of Heartbreak", and Dawn and Laurie begin a conflict, when Dawn learns there is darkness in Laurie, as she cannot control it, and Ben teams up with her.

Winning Team: ???

Losing Team: ???

Eliminated: ??? and ???, Reason: ???

Low: ??? and ???

Episode 6: Total Drama: The Ridonculous Aftermath

Topher and Blaineley take Geoff and Bridgette's places to host the Aftermath show with the Peanut Gallery, while torturing them with painful questions. Meanwhile, Scott starts to be suspicious of Rodney "stealing his identity", believing him to be an imposter, Scott starts to bully Rodney for answers.

Truth or Lion: If you are asked a question, you speak the truth, if not, you will be eaten by a lion.

Hosts: Topher and Blaineley

Peanut Gallery: Beth, Izzy, Jo, Katie, Lightning, Max, Rodney, Sadie, Scott, Shawn and Staci

Contenders: Noah and Owen, ??? and ???, ??? and ???, ??? and ???, ??? and ???

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