After Total Drama World Tour, Chris decides to take the setting back to the island but with new contestants.

NOTE: This takes place AFTER TDWT meaning TDRI-TDPI are NOT canon



  • Chris McLean - The Host with the Most
  • Chef Hatchet - The Chef


  • Amy - The Evil Twin
  • Brick - The Cadet
  • Cameron - The Bubble Boy 
  • Dakota - The Famemonger
  • Dave - The Germaphobe
  • Dawn - The Aura Whisperer
  • Ella - The Fairytale Princess
  • Jasmine - The Outback Survivalist
  • Jo - The Jockette
  • Lightning - The Jock
  • Max - The Wannabe Villain 
  • Rodney - The Rosy-Cheeked, Very Shy, Handsome, Cute, and Muscular Farmboy
  • Sam - The Gamer
  • Sammy - The Nice Twin
  • Scarlett - The Nerdette
  • Scott - The Devious
  • Shawn - The Paronoid Doomsdayer
  • Sky - The Gymnast
  • Sugar - The Pageant Queen
  • Topher - The Junior Host



Amy TwinningIsntEverything

Amy is your typical cheerleader, She has no respect for anyone or anything, Especially her twin sister Sammy who she refers to as "Samey" or "The Second Amy". Amy is not only disrespectful she is majorly lazy, She relies on "Samey" to do all her work. Amy thinks that she is the older twin (By 17 minutes) she is automatically the better twin. Amy is often favored by all of her family members and friends. Amy can be seen to be a little childish and often whines and complains about little things. Amy also abuses her twin sister and takes credit for what she does, Amy is not actually a bad person at heart. Amy is actually just as insecure as Sammy, But Amy would never let anyone in the world know that.


Brick is a cadet, But despite looking a little intimidating Brick is one of the most caring and lovable people out there. Brick goes by the code "Leave no man behind!" And if he ever fails at doing so, He gets really dissapointed in himself. Not even that Brick is also very competitive and considers himself very strong, But he does not let his competitivness get in the way of teamwork. Brick does not like people who put themselves over other people, Or people who are rude. Despite this it takes Bricka  long time to realize if you are playing him because of his naivety. Brick sees the good in everyone no matter how they act. Brick came to Total Drama to make his mother proud which he plans on doing. 


Cameron is a bubble boy, He has never had real exposure to the outside worl because of his overprotective mother. Despite this Cameron adores the outsde world and always wondered what it was like, So Cameron signed up in secret to get to know more people his age and see what it is like on the outside world. Cameron may be smart but he is not socially smart, And is very niave. Cameron has never had a real life friend before, And can latch on to the wrong people. Cameron can also be very clumsy and cause damage to thing despite that not being his intention. Cameron also can immediately turn his back on you if you do something to break his trust in you.


Dakota is a rich daddy's girl. She has money to burn. So why did she sign up for the show you ask? Simple. So she can get her own spin-off show. Dakota dreams of being a model, actress, and pop singer (If she has the time). Despite looking like a brat Dakota is actually a very sweet girl, Dakota may think she is prettier then everyone else but does not act rude torwards them at all. Dakota gets annoyed very easily, Especially if you stop her from getting her close ups. Dakota is not really concentrated on the game and will step out of challlenges to take photos for the paparazzi (Who she calls herself). And Dakota is not the smartest or strogest person out there either.


Dave tdpi
Dave considers himself one of the only "normal" people considering himself to be smart and sophisticated. Dave can not STAND delusional people and refuses to go along with their acts. Dave also is a germaphobe and hates getting dirty even if he gets a little dust on his sweater vest he immediatly gets a panic attack. Dave is also very fragile and can snap and do something rude or insane to someone despite not wanting to. Dave also is attracted to sporty girls and values their strength. However Dave sometimes says things to blunt causing some girls to turn away from him despite it not being Dave's intention. Dave also has trouble competiing in challenges including: Dirt, Mud, Grease, Water, Any kind of thing that can stain his shirt. Dave is also incapable of doing well in physical challenges.


Dawn is a whispy girl who has a special connection with animals and mother earth. Dawn is a very peaceful and kind girl. Dawn sometimes comes off as mean or creepy because of her aura whispering but she always has good intentions. Dawn is a wiccan, But refuses to tell anyone. Dawn is very sensitive when it comes to her religion fearing she will be an outcast. Dawn is very straightforward and will tell you what you did behind someone's back or if you did something misheveous. Dawn has trouble making friends because of her creepiness but Dawn does not really care. Dawn cares for animals more then anything else and refuses to eat meat or harm animals in any kind of way.


She is trash
Ella is a friendly and optimistic girl. She believes she is a fairytale princess and acts like one too. She believes that everyone deserves kindess, And will go above and beyond to be friends with them. Ella also loves to sing and will sing to animals and it causes trouble because Chris does not want any singing in the season. Ella believes in love at first sight and refers to it as a "True fairytale momment". Ella can be seen as weird by many people but most people appreciate her sincereness and treat her seriously. However Ella is very niave and gullible and can put trust in someone to quick. 


Jasmine is a survivalist from the outback. She is very tall and maybe a bit intimidating but she has a heart of gold. Jasmine is a born survivalist who can make even the oddest scraps useful, can find water in unlikely places, and make shelter at a moments notice. If you're on her team, you WILL live through the night! She tells it like it is and has no problem giving orders, although her outback lingo often cause much confusion. She is intimidating due to her lack of social grace and bluntness but is actually quite sweet and loyal. Jasmine does not tolerate bullying and will immediately stand up for the one getting bullied.


Jo is a tough as nails jockette, Jo sees brawn superior to brains. And Jo likes to pick on people who are not as strong as her. Jo refuses to wear make-up and other "girly" things, Because believe it or not Jo is very insecure about her looks. Jo is very brutal and be willing to leave you to die if you are "Dead Weight". Jo does not believe in teamwork and says that winning is more important then anything else. Jo is willing to backstab, manipulate, and lie to win. Jo does not value friendship at all and thinks it is for losers. Jo is not someone who will stand lazy people and will yell at them and call them names. Jo does not respect anyone or anything either.


Lightning is a arrogant, self-centered, and egotistical teen. Lightning believes that he is better then anyone else. Lightning is very strong and athletic however he is extremely incompetant. Not even knowing to count to 4, Lightning relies on his pyshical ability to get far in life. Lightning gets on many people's nerves mainly because of his ego or because of him constantly saying "SHA" before everythig he says. Lightning also believes he is all that with the ladies, And will try to hit on them, But Lightning's attitude usually drives them away. 


The misfit Emo wannabe Super-villain. He so wants to be a villain. Darkly sarcastic and contrary; hates whatever others love. He desperately tries to be bad but is just horribly bad at BEING bad. He's psychic but he can only see 3 seconds into the future. If something comes flying at him, he can always dodge in time, but he has a much harder time warning his teammates because by the time he finishes warning them somethings coming, it's already too late -- "My senses are telling me you're about to get <SLAM> - oh, never mind..." He works hard to sound like a super-villain and often practices his evil laugh and catchphrases in the confessional. He looks down upon people and refers to them as "Idiot" and if your his partner "Sidekick".


Rodney is a muscular farm-boy who is very shy, quiet, cute, and handsome. At first glance he seems tough because he's so big, muscular and brawny, but in reality he's very sweet and gentle. Rodney grew up with his dad and 7 brothers on a farm. As a result he's very shy around girls, but poetic and eloquent when he's alone in the confessional. We later discover his eloquence stems from extensive reading of romance novels. He's a serial monogamist and falls hard for any girl who's sweet to him, and as soon as another girl is sweet to him he falls for her and the feels like he has to "break up" with the first girl. Since he babble incoherantly whenever he talks to girls none of them ever understand they were ever in a relationship or that they're being dumped. Rodney's immediate attraction to girls is actually a mental problem, But he never went to a therapist to see what they could do for him.  


Sam is a extreme gamer, He loves playing video games no matter what genre. Sam may be good at video games, But he lacks in pyshical and mental challenges. Sam is a very nice and down to earth guy, And is very nice even when he gets slapped or disrespected. He tends to use language and terms related to video games, Like "You guys are expert level awesome!" and stuff like that. Sam has a hard time concentrating when it comes to compting in challenges because of his video games. When low on energy Sam tends to hallucinate believing that the world is a pixelized game. 

Sammy "Samey"

Samey TwinningIsntEverything
Samey is your un-typical cheerleader, She is a very down to earth and compassionate girl. Despite this she can never let her true spirit show because of her twin sister's torment torwards her. Samey is often humiliated by her twin and despite being the more helpful one she never gets the credit because Amy always takes it from her. Samey is often always considered the "Inferior Twin" from her family to her friends. Samey has a hard time making friends because in the rare chance she does Amy usually takes them from her. Samey is on the cheer-squad but only for one reason: So Amy can humilate her more. Samey goes through physical and mental abuse everyday. But Samey knows there is hope for her and she just needs to look to find it. Samey went on Total Drama to prove to Amy she is not worthless. Samey still wonders why Amy hates her but she never found out why. 


She's nerdy, polite and super smart. She wears glasses but half way through its revealed they aren't real, they're just glass. She turns out to be more then what people expected when she reveals to be a super evil genius. She is often sarcastic and dismisses people's idiocy but behind close doors she is a monster. She wishes for world domination and too make everyone her slave. She is one of the only people to take Max (somewhat) seriously, Despite him getting on her nerves the majority of the time. Scarlett believes that if she waits long enough she can capture the million and take over the world. 


TDAS Scott
Scott is your idiot country boy, Scott lives to scheme and manipulate and takes joy at others bad fortune. Scott can be referred to as a pain magnet because some way or another he always seems to be getting hurt. Scott is very disgusting and eats things like Dirt and Moldy bread. Causing discomfort to the other campers. Scott hates the upper-class snobs saying they do not know how to live life. Scott likes to mess with people's minds and make them do things that they would not do. Scott's strategy is too ally with someone and eliminate the people who are threats even if it means throwing the challenge.


Shawn tdpi
The paranoid doomsayer. Shawn isn't one of those crazy guys that believe the Zombie apocalypse will come, he believes its already here! He came to Total Drama because he thought an isolated island would drastically lower the chances of mass Zombie attack. He drinks coffee 24/7 to stay alert and warns his team of the impending attack.  At the first hint of danger he abandons his team to hide, terrified. If he wins the money he's going to build a Zombie-proof shelter. He's addicted to horror movies and horror video games and is obsessed with many known conspiracy theories and keeps coming up with crazier and crazier theories of his own.


The super sweet athletic girl. Sky may be tiny but she's got a huge heart, a megawatt smile and stunning athletic skills. She has Olympic dreams and believes strongly in teamwork and sportsman-like behavior. Her sense of right and wrong is very black and white. Sky values compeition more then anything else but she does not believe that she should not make friendships along the way. Sky tries to be as nice to everyone as she can but she is not afraid to scold you for bad behavior or if you lied to her face. 


Sugar vending machine
A wannabe pageant Queen with a heart of gold. Sugar hails from a farm outside of Lloydminster, Alberta. Or Saskatchewan.  A sweet and seriously cute dumbbell who signs up because she thought Total Drama was a pageant, and it takes her several episodes to realize it isn't. When she hits the dock in her bathing suit, she struts like she's on a runway for the swimsuit portion of a pageant. She speechifies like a pageant competitor, repeating every question she's asked before launching into her answers with pageant-isms. She has an intense regimen for always looking gorgeous, goes to sleep in curlers - but eventually it all falls apart and she reverts to her true self, and only makes half attempts to clean up for the on-camera portions of the show. She's a little big-boned and isn't shy about loudly sharing her opinions and bizarre family expressions. Sugar may have a heart of gold but she is willing to get a little blood on her hands.


The junior sadist Topher is enamored with Chris and is overly complimentary of his hosting skills. Topher begins offering suggestions on how to make the challenges extra painful  (his teammates hate him but Chris takes a shine to him.) It all changes when Topher starts to dress like Chris take over Chris' hosting duties every chance he gets. Chris starts to worry that Topher is angling to be his replacement, and that the network might be looking for a new younger version of Chris. So Chris starts acting young to prove he doesn't need to be replaced​. Topher is very manipulative and puts himself to high standards. Topher is also really sensitive about his hair.

Chapter 1: Bigger, Badder, Brutal'er!

A tall, Somewhat lean host stood upon a rock smirking before beginning his introduction to the season "We are back! After a 1 year hiatus we are ready to get back in action!" Said the host enthusiastically "This time not only we will have a new island, But we have a new cast! Ranging from weird to weirder! Let's meet our first contestant" Chris paused for dramatic effect "Amy!"

Amy appears in a yacht heading torwards the island. Amy snarled at the host and immediately started whining "Oh my god! You can NOT be serious! I am not staying on a crummy island! You said that the setting will take place at a hotel!" She shouted.

Chris smiled deviously and questioned "Oh did I?" 

Amy rolled her eyes "Um YES, YES you DID." she said losing her patience.

Chris smirked "Well I don't remember." Chris smiled "Throw her off Chef."

Chef threw off Amy into the water and she splashed.

Amy screamed "UGH! You can not be SERIOUS!" Amy complained "Now I will be all wet! I should have never-" Amy was cut off.

"No one cares." said Chris, He continued to announce the next contestant. "Here is... Brick! The cadet!" he said.

Brick appears in a yacht heading torwards the island. 

Brick saluted Chris "It's a pleasure sir! Brick MacAurther is reporting for duty!" Brick was about to say more but Chef threw him into the water and he landed on Amy.

Amy shoouted and pushed him off "NEVER Touch me AGAIN! I swear you should be arrested for assault." She seethed. 

Brick apologized "Oh, My apologies m'am I certainly did not mean to hurt you." He said geniunely.

Amy was suprised "Oh... Well.. uh... Just don't do it again. Okay?" she said trying to keep her stern tone.

Chris was annoyed "Seriously? YOUR SUPPOSED TO HATE EACHOTHER! Whatever," he said trying not to lose is cool "Let's welcome the bubble boy.... Cameron!" 

Cameron appears in a yacht heading torwards the island.

Cameron started curiously "Woah! An island... With real birds! And real people!" Cameron said enthusiastically.

Amy rolled her eyes and whispered to Brick "He won't last a day."

Chris said halfheartedly "Yeah, Yeah, I know I am amazing. Just jump already!" he commanded

Cameron was confused "Wait wha-" He shouted as he was thrown into the water. "HELP! HELP! I AM DROWING!" Cameron kicked his feet and splashed the water like a maniac. 

Brick took this time to show his heroicness and picked up Cameron. "There you go Soldier!"  

Cameron sighed in relief "Oh thanks!" 

"Whatever." said Amy as she rolled her eyes. 

Chris smiled as he introduced the next contestant "Here is... The one... The only.... Dakota Milton!"

Dakota appears in a yacht heading torwards the island.

"Hey everyone!" She continued "I am Dakota Milton!" She gushed "Soon to be supermodel, actress, and pop star! Eee!" Chef sneaked behind her and was about to throw her off "Like oh my gosh! I am on tele-" Chef threw her off the boat smirking and Dakota screamed before she clutched the boat "UGH! Rude!" 

Chris smirked and said "You know that yacht is gonna leave right, And if you don't jump in the water you will probally end up in the motor..." said Chris

Dakota screamed and let go and belly flopped in the water "UGH! Seriously?" Dakota looked at the camera and giggled "Hehe... Root for me!"

Rodney appears in a boat, cuddling with a kitten. He said, "What a cute kitty!" The kitten meowed softly.

Chris said, "Hopeless Romance Farmer, Rodney!"

"It's nice to meet you Chris!" Rodney cried.

"Nice to meet you too!" smiled Chris.

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