You all know the story of how the TDI contestants competed for 1,000,000, but do you know the story where they competed for their lives. Join us in this thrilling, mystery, and adventure competition, on Total Drama: The Mystery

Elimination Table

Sneak Preview

All your favorite contestants are back for anther season, but what they don't know what they just got themselves into. They will be stalked, killed, and put to the test. But, Who can you Trust?

Theme Song

Coming Soon


In 1940 a hotel opened for business, and for the grand-opening they through a big party. It had 12 floors. The guest of honor, Sally Sunshine (a famous child celebrity), attended the party along with her Mother, Father, 2 Brothers, Sister, and Nanny. But when the famous family got into the elevator in the lobby, there worlds changed forever. When they were passing past the 6th floor lighting struck the Elevator, and it fell. They were never seen again. Since Chris is running out of Camp ideas, he choose that hotel. But what he doesn't even know that it is haunted, and that they are not alone in the hotel. They then find out that someone is stalking them, with there biggest secrets. Who could it be. Find out on Total Drama: The Mystery!

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