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Courtney couldn't bring herself to sleep tonight. She would be returning to that crappy excuse of a reality show. If she had the choice, she would rather stay at school to finish her studies, but the thing is, it remains an if. Her contract allows no way out, not even her battalion of lawyers could squeeze through the cracks. According to the memo, she would be seeing that goth girl again. Gwen, the one who stole what was hers, and the one who ruined her. True enough, Courtney had forgiven her after TDWT, but she would think twice before giver her trust back. After all, the memory still played back and forth in her mind. The memory of losing her boyfriend. Duncan had fault to. She can't put the image of him throwing her away like that.

"How could I have been so stupid! I should have known! I should have known!" Courtney said. Her tears had lulled her to sleep.

It has been a year since Alejandro's disappearance. When everyone got to shore, everyone was all present and accounted for, all but that Latino. Sure, Heather cheated him out on the million, but she planned to use what was left of it, for them. Unfortunately, the volcano had other plans. Surely he must be dead, knowing Chris Mclean cares little for their safety. "That sadistic jerk..." Heather muttered. The only guy who truly learned to love him, gone. The queen bee decided to call it a night, she has to come back to Total Drama tomorrow, and her gut tells her it won't be pretty.

Chapter # 1 - The Fault in Our Game

A familiar grin makes contact with the telivision screen. You recognize the grin as Chris Mclean's, the lead role in Badminton: The Movie, hair gel endorser, and best known as the sadistic host of Total Drama.

"Welcome to a very special season of Total Drama. " He says in a tone of voice that suggests he has a surprise in store.

"But before that, let's take a little trip down memory lane." Flashbacks play as Chris talks. He continues walking down the dock.

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