(Note: This will once occur if my homework doesn't become too much to happen).

After the end of the 6th season of Total Drama, Chris invited the cast of Season 6 to play once more. However, to spice this round up a little, he includes two new Contestants.

Welcome to... Total... Drama... Tech Life!


Anabel, new contestant.
Amy, previously 12th place.
Beardo, previously 14th place.
Dave, previously 7th place.
Ella, previously 9th place.
Jasmine, previously 4th place.
Leonard, previously 13th place.
Max, previously 5th place.
Miquel, new contestant.
Rodney, previously 11th place.
Sammy, previously 10th place.
Scarlett, previously 6th place.
Shawn, previously 1st place.
Sky, previously 2nd place.
Sugar, previously 3rd place.
Topher, previously 8th place.

Chapter 1: Previously On...

(Note: Occurs 1 month after the final of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island).

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