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Total Drama: Survivor Circle

Extremely based off the hit TV series, Survivor, the newest Total Drama season takes 21 veterans and one newbie contestant back to Wawanakwa to fight for the million dollars! This season promises huge blindsides, betrayals, romances, strategy and backstabbing - AND some of your favorite Total Drama players are back in action once again - from Ridonculous Race and the original Total Drama series!

The Campfire Ceremony this season is heavily inspired by the Tribal Council that take places in Survivor. If you want to get a little bit more familiar with the process, you might want to check out some videos of a few Tribal Councils from Survivor.
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Total Drama: Survivor Circle

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Total Drama: Survivor Circle brings back legendary players such as Heather, Courtney, Alejandro, Gwen, Duncan, and the infamous Ice Dancers from the Ridonculous Race. But, it also brings back the underrated and not-so-famous contestants from previous seasons such as Katie and Sadie, Mickey and Jay and B.

The contestants must battle it out through gruesome challenges after they are split into two teams: the Grim Cores and the Fatal Flames.

Who will rise on top?


Survivor Circle
Season 1, Episode 1
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Episode 1: Survivor Circle

“Fresh new season!” Chris Mclean announced, as he stood on top of the famous Dock of Shame. “Fresh new challenges! And fresh new drama!”

The screen flashed, as a huge ship zipped across the water. “There are new contestants!” Chris announced, pointing at the ship. “They aren’t exactly new, but most of them haven’t exactly played with one another!”


Jasmine is the first to hop off the ship. She looked around the island. “Whoa! I thought Wawanakwa blew up!” she looked around in shock at the island.

“Yeah, but we sort of fixed it!” Chris answered with a wide grin. “Now it’s all clean, well and new!”

Suddenly, a huge plastic tree collapsed, causing a huge flock of birds to fly across the sky. Jasmine shot Chris an uncertain look. “Yeah, um,” Chris pursed his lips. “Anyway! Jasmine! Welcome! You’re the first person to enter this season and also the ONLY person from Pahkitew Island!”

“WHAT?!” Jasmine gasped. “I thought Shawn was coming! I just saw him on the ship like a few minutes ago! What happened?”

“We had to replace him,” Chris said. “His parents said that he wasn’t ‘stable’ in an environment like… this. Anyways, scoot over for our next contestants!”

Jasmine walked away gloomily, as B and CeCe hopped onto the dock. “Silent B! Nice to see you again!” Chris grinned, and B nodded before examining the island.

“And our new contestant – CeCe!” Chris smiled, which CeCe returned but with more uncertainty in her expression.

“Um, I was told that the newest season would take place in a mansion,” CeCe raised her eyebrow.

“Oops! We lied!” Chris cackled. CeCe glared at him, before sighing.

“Should’ve expected that, I guess,” CeCe rolled her eyes, before B pat her on the back. They both smiled at each other before walking to Jasmine.

“Next up! Dumb and dumber!”

Katie and Sadie hopped off the ship, and giggled in the same time. “OMGee!” Katie squealed. “We’re back on Wawanakwa! This is so ex-CITING!”

The two girls squealed again as Chris covered his ears in irritation. “We’re like soo gonna win this time!” Sadie giggled. “Oh mee gosh! I hope we’re on the same team!”

Chris immediately shoved them away, causing the girls to shriek a little bit. “Next – allergic and allergic-er!” Chris announced, as Mickey and Jay slowly and carefully crossed the dock.

“Hey, dudes!” Chris waved, causing the twins to gasp in shock.

“Oh, hey,” Mickey said softly. “W-will you be more careful with our allergies and fears than Don? B-because we have a lot… especially now that we’re on a tropical island.”

Chris laughed. “Yeah, sure,” he snorted. “Next!”

“Duncan and Gwen!” he announced, as the two approached the host with no energy.

“You say our name like we’re a couple,” Gwen said, raising her eyebrow. “Because, let’s get things straight: we’re not.”

“I still think that our breakup was so dumb,” Duncan rolled his eyes, before shooting Gwen a look. “If you ever need me, call me.”

Gwen rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

“Oookay! Next up – Courtney!”

Courtney strolled cross the dock with a stern glare. “How are you doing on this fine morning?” Chris asked with a light chuckle. Courtney rolled her eyes.

“I came here for the money, and the money ONLY,” Courtney made it clear. Compared to her first season, where she calmly strolled across the dock with a friendly smile for the first time, you could say that Courtney changed or that her true colors came out.

“No funny business, Mclean,” Courtney exclaimed, before walking to the group of contestants who have already arrived. She looks CeCe up and down, as CeCe raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Who are you?” Courtney asked.

“CeCe,” CeCe answered flatly. “I’m a new contestant, I – ”

“Love your hair!” Courtney exclaimed immediately with a fake smile, which CeCe slowly responded to, “Thanks?”

Gwen rolled her eyes. “Courtney’s already trying to fetch new alliance members.”

“Cody! Dude!” Chris greeted, as Cody came. Cody looked around, and then shot a look at the batch of campers who had already arrived.

“Seems like a good batch of people,” Cody smiled, before frantically looking around. “Sierra isn’t here, is she? I-is she? She can’t be here!”

“Whoa, someone’s paranoid,” Chris said.

“It’s just that I saw her with Cameron on All Stars, and I do NOT want a piece of that insanity,” Cody shook his head before walking away and greeting the others.

“Mike! Zoey! Total Drama: All Star’s finalists!” Chris announced, as Mike and Zoey walked together towards the host. The two of them smiled and giggled.

Chris crossed his arms and glared at them. “Are you guys still so lovey dovey? Because, happiness and friendship doesn’t bring good ratings.”

“We’ve been sooo happy together,” Zoey smiled.

“Yeah, and I wouldn’t know what I would do without her,” Mike chuckled, when suddenly Chris blew a loud horn and yelled, “NEXT!”

Jo marched towards Chris, and Chris grinned. “Finally! The entertaining side of Revenge of the Island!”

“Damn right,” Jo grumbled, as she looked around. “Wawanakwa? Didn’t it die like two seasons ago?”

“Yeah, but we sort of resurrected it,” Chris smirked.

“There better not be any funny business,” Jo crossed her arms before looking over at the group of contestants. “Ooh! New girl! Fresh meat!”

Jo immediately ran towards CeCe and smiled. “Hey!” she began, and then paused before continuing, “Girl!”

“Oh, please,” Courtney rolled her eyes.

Then, Jacques and Josee hopped off gracefully in front of Chris before flashing grins and smiles to the camera. “Um,” Chris began. “Okay.”

“If you are feeling uncomfortable around our beauty and grace, it is understandable,” Jacques said with a calm expression painted on his face.

“Our magnificence can be intimidating,” Josee smiled, before the both of them waved at the camera.

“Boy, am I glad I didn’t host Ridonculous Race,” Chris muttered, before clearing his throat. “Alright! Our last pair from Ridonculous Race – please step aside!”

“To let the REAL royalty of Total Drama enter!” a voice said from behind.

Heather and Alejandro strolled towards them, as the ice dancers glared at the couple. The four exchanged glares and loud growls. “Look, as much as I would love to see how this would turn out, we have a schedule, so ba-bye!” Chris said, as he pushed the ice dancers away.

“New season!” Chris grinned.

“Same losers,” Heather rolled her eyes, before catching sight of CeCe. “Oh, but I see fresh meat!”

“Your competitive and aggressive side turns me on,” Alejandro smirks, before Heather rolled her eyes again.

“Oh, please!” Heather exclaimed. “I know we’re like a couple in the outside world or something, but once we step foot on this island – we are ENEMIES. You want the million, I want the million. So, it’s officially WAR, baby.”

The two exchanged looks before walking away.

Then, Izzy can be heard shrieking before falling on the deck. She quickly stood up and readjusted herself. “Oh! Hey, Chris!” Izzy greeted, then started laughing out of nowhere. “Did you see that? I to-TALLY crushed Harold right there! I like, stood on him then like messed up his hair then like shoved him then like pushed him then like punched – ”

“Okay, we get it, crazy lady,” Chris said, then shoved Izzy away. Then, Harold, Cameron and Scott walked in. “Ah! Our last three!”

Harold began to rub his sore head. “I think I just got a black eye from a girl,” Harold muttered.

“A horse beat me up once,” Cameron said softly. “So did Izzy last season. Huh, now that I think of it, I’ve been beaten up a number of times. I do recall – ”

“No one CARES, bubble boy,” Scott grumbled, then looked over at the other contestants. “Huh,” then caught sight of Courtney and his eyes popped open. “HUH.”

Everyone met up in front of the cabins.

“Alright, everyone!” Chris called them together. “I’m sure you’ve all gotten enough time to get to know one another!”

“It has been so exciting!” Sadie squealed. “Especially getting to know Katie!”

Katie squealed, but then paused. “Wait, Sadie, but we already know each other.”

“Oh,” Sadie said. “Really?”

CeCe raised an eyebrow. “Um… okay.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Duncan whispered to CeCe.

“By ‘it’, do you mean their stupidity or?” CeCe joked, which Duncan laughed at as well.

“For your information, we have an IQ of 80,” Sadie said to CeCe. “Combined.”

CeCe nodded. “Yeah! Great job, girls.”

“Thanks!” Sadie giggled.

CONF CECE: Being on Total Drama is a dream come true! This is so surreal – I can’t! Plus, all the girls here are such QUEENS! Like – Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Josee in one season? DAMN!

“Welcome to Total Drama: Survivor Circle! This season will be extraordinary and I promise you that! There will a few twists here and there starting with this one – the Hidden Immunity Idol will be in play this season as well!” Chris announced. “Let’s split you up into groups. The Grim Cores and the Fatal Flames!”

“Better than the Mutant Maggots,” Cameron shrugged, which Zoey nodded her head to.

“Alright! The Fatal Flames are: B, Courtney, Cody, Heather, Scott, Josee, Jacques, Izzy, Mickey, Jay and Gwen!”

Gwen gasped at the names in her team, as the Fatal Flames assembled and came together. “Seriously?” Gwen gasped. She looked around at Courtney, Heather, Scott, Josee and Jacques. “SERIOUSLY?”

“Trust me,” Cody said nervously as he looked around then looked at Gwen. “I feel the same way.”

B nodded his head in agreement as he began to sweat the sight of infamous villains like the ice dancers and Heather.

“That leaves the Grim Cores: CeCe, Katie, Sadie, Harold, Jo, Duncan, Zoey, Mike, Alejandro, Jasmine and Cameron!”

Alejandro looked over at Heather, and the two shared glares. “Looks like we’re officially enemies now, mamacita, huh?” Alejandro said to Heather.

“I-I didn’t catch that, what?” Heather said, then shook her head as her eyes popped.

CONF HEATHER: NO! NOO! I DIDN’T THINK THIS WOULD EVER HAPPEN AGAIN! BUT – BUT! I’m getting distracted by… Alejandro! I blame the fact that we’re on opposing teams!

The scene then flashed to the cabins, where everyone was getting settled in. CeCe was unpacking her bags as Zoey approached her from behind. “Hi! CeCe, right?” Zoey greeted.

CeCe nodded her head. “That’s right. And, Zoey! It’s so cool to actually meet you in person!”

“I’m sure we’re going to get along,” Zoey smiled, before suddenly, bags were thrown at the both of them. The two girls gasped before looking at the door – Jo.

“Sorry,” Jo said, dusting herself off. “Had to put my bags somewhere! Oh, well!”

“Um, how about near your OWN bed?” CeCe said, marching towards Jo as Jo relaxed on her bed. “You can’t just throw a bunch of bags at us!”

“Are you standing up to me?” Jo smirked.

“Why? Not enough people do it?” CeCe glared at Jo.

“No,” Jo grinned. “My intimidating and leader-like attitude usually scares them off,” she brags.

CeCe raised her eyebrow. “Are you sure it isn’t because of your sewer-like smell?”

Jo gasped, as Zoey giggled from behind.

In the Flames’ boys cabin…

“Ew,” Jacques said as he strolled around in the cabin, then gasped at the sight of the beds. “B-Bunk beds? Major major major ew!”

“Dude, didn’t you race around the world?” Cody asked. “In the heat? In the cold? In the sand? In the sweat? That wasn’t ew for you?”

“Not as ew as lower-class guest rooms!” Jacques shook his head.

“Um,” Cody looked a bit confused. “Okay.”

Mickey and Jay slowly and carefully made their way through the cabin. Mickey bumped into Scott, and the twins shrieked as Scott eyed them.

“Which one of you is which?” Scott asked. “Mickey and Minney?”

“Mickey and J-Jay,” Jay said. “I-I’m Jay.”

“So, Mickey’s the one with the hat?” Scott asked.

“It’s not a hat!” Mickey insisted.

“Interesting,” Scott smiled.

CONF SCOTT: These two seem weak and desperate enough for me to pull them into an alliance! *cackles* Last season in All Stars, my leadership reputation disappeared! Well! I’m back and better and braver than ever!

It’s challenge time, and everyone is outside near the cabins. Scott led the twins out of the cabins and continued to attempt to manipulate them to his doing.

“It’s challenge time,” Scott began, “And since I’M the leader, I control what happens – ”

“YOU’RE the leader?” Courtney exclaimed, and Scott shrieked both externally and internally. “That’s the biggest pile of crap I’ve heard all year. Sit down, farm boy.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Scott nodded his head. The adversity twins gave him a look. “What? Courtney’s scary okay?” Scott said, trying to reason his sudden fear.

“I have many fears,” Mickey said. “And women aren’t one of them.”


“Alright! Campers!” Chris announced. “Let’s get to our very first challenge of the season! First, I will give you time to assemble WEAPONS to use later on!”

“I am a black belt in karate,” Harold said to his team. “I should be a champ in this challenge.”

“Shut it, dorksus,” Duncan said.

“One time, I used my kitchen knife to REPEATEDLY stab the living hell out of my cousin!” Izzy cackled, and caught everyone’s attention (and freaked out stares). Izzy looked around with a smile. “Kiiiidding!”

“Or not,” Izzy muttered under her breath.

“The materials for these weapons can be found waaaay over there!” Chris said, pointing nearby. The camera panned to a dump-like place with metal materials cluttered everywhere. “Then! You will battle it out on PLATFORMS in the WATER with these weapons! Last one standing wins for their team! Losing team of the battle will have to meet me in the Campfire Ceremony!”

“This is so gonna match my skills,” Harold said out loud.

“Hey, I said zip it, buckethead,” Duncan threatened.

“Don’t be too aggressive on him,” Zoey said to Duncan.


Jo and Heather were the first to zip to the dump. They both exchanged glares. “Bring it, princess!” Jo yelled at the queen bee.

“Oh, sure will, gym rat!” Heather exclaimed, shoving Jo to the ground. Jo rolled on the ground, as Heather zipped away. “HEY! YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT!”

“It is okay, love,” Alejandro said, as he extended an arm for Jo. “I’m here if you need any help.”

Jo blinked. “What.”

Meanwhile, B and Heather are picking through the dump. B examined the various objects, as Heather just randomly raised objects in the air and looked at them.

“There’s like this weird glass shard thing,” Heather said as she examined it. “I guess we could like use it for – ”, she turned around to face B and she gasped at the sight of B, who had already assembled a loaded gun filled with random old objects. Heather smirked. “Bingo.”

Mike, Cameron, Zoey and Jasmine were picking through the objects as well. “This was what I used to do back in Australia!” Jasmine said. “My dad and I used to LOVE making these!”

“C-Cool?” Cameron said.

CONF CAMERON: Look, don’t get me wrong! Jasmine seems like a great girl, but, I don’t if you can tell, but… I’m not a very outdoorsy person.

Jasmine darted to some other place, leaving the three alone.

“You guys!” Mike said. “We have to stick together! Just like we stuck together in the last two seasons! Our friendship is greater than ANY million dollars!”

“You can say that again,” Zoey smiled.

“You betcha!” Cameron smiled.

“Now let’s get to working!” Zoey said. “What can help our team win the next challenge? Could we make some sort of sword?”

“A really powerful one!” Mike said, then grabbed a tree branch. “This could be helpful!”

“Oh, please!” Duncan said from nearby, then showed off his large metal sword. “Look what I made!”

“WE made!” Alejandro said from behind. “You can’t take ALL of the credit!”

“Oh, whatever!” Duncan rolled his eyes. “Just saying – your tree branch is NOTHING compared to this holy masterpiece!”

“Which I helped make,” Alejandro crossed his arms grumpily.

“Shut it,” Duncan said. “You’re just like my mom nagging me all day.”

“Well, your mom must be very helpful,” Zoey said, approaching the two. “Because that sword is one hell of a weapon. We need more like these, Alejandro!”

Alejandro smiled. “More are coming soon!”

“Hey! I helped too!” Duncan said.

Zoey smirked. “Then fine. We need more like these too, Duncan.”

Duncan smiled. “That’s more like it,” he said, before swinging away. Mike and Cameron huddled near Zoey. “Let’s look for more things!” Cameron suggested. “We should split up!”

Meanwhile, Courtney and Scott are creating some sort of blade made of rather large pegs. “Are you seriously thinking that that could actually win us our challenge?” Courtney asked Scott, glaring at him.

“It’s the best we’ve got,” Scott shrugged.

“OR, we could ask B for help!” Courtney said, pointing at B who was assembling more and more guns with Heather and Cody.

“OOORRR!” Izzy suddenly popped between the two. “You could ask IZZY for help! Look, trust me, I know ALL about this stuff! Come on – hand it over!”

Scott reluctantly handed the peg sword to Izzy, who then turned away and added a bunch of adjustments to it. Scott and Courtney looked at her in confusion, then Izzy pulled out the same exact thing out with no changes whatsoever.

“You didn’t do ANYTHING to it!” Courtney exclaimed.

“OF COURSE I did!” Izzy replied with an ecstatic smile. “I added the power of IZZZZY to it! Now, it has good luck and we are BOUND to win the challenge!”

Izzy wandered off. “Well, at least we know who to vote off if we lose,” Courtney muttered.

Meanwhile, Josee and Jacques were hesitantly strolling around. “This is the most disgusting place I’ve ever been to,” Josee said, as she looked around the place in disgust.

“I agree!” Jacques said, shaking his head. “How COULD we sign up for this show?! On an ISLAND?!”

Josee pulled Jacques’ collar in a grip and pulled him closer to her as she shot him a murderous glare. “I do not CARE if it is on an ISLAND! I do not CARE if it is on the OCEAN! We are here to win a million dollars,” then she roared, “AND WE’RE GOING TO!”

Behind them, CeCe watched them awkwardly. “Yeah, okay, I’m just going to – ”, she turned her heel and walked away with the pieces of metal in her hands.

CONF CECE: TRUST me! You could FEEL the sexual tension burning the ICE between them!

CONF HAROLD: That CeCe girls makes some really weird puns.

“Okay, so!” Mike called a team meeting. “Is everyone prepared with their own weapon?”

Everyone cheered, “Yes!”

“Um,” Mike said, looking at Katie and Sadie nervously. “Is that a – is that a leaf?”

“They’re magical leaves!” Sadie said excitedly. “Izzy gave them to us!”

“Um,” Mike said. “Yeah, how about we just put them aside for a moment?”

He looked over at CeCe who was just holding a metal pipe. “Just a – just a pipe?”

“Look, I would get more but the ice dancers were sort of hoarding the place if you know what I mean,” CeCe explained to Mike.

“Could you at least put in a little more effort?” Mike asked.

“Oh, look who’s talking, Mr. Tree Branch,” CeCe fired back. “What do you think this is? The Wizard of Oz? Are you gonna suddenly be a tree and attack Dorothy? Where’s your apple?”

“Mike, I think you should sort of back off,” Zoey tried to calm Mike down, as Cameron pat him on the back. “CeCe’s weapon is steady and strong enough.”

“I’m just saying, she didn’t even adjust it at all,” Mike said.

“I think it’s fine,” Harold said as he twirled his bow and arrow around.

“You know what I can adjust?” Cece said, glaring at Mike. “Your face. It needs a new arrow in the eye.” She immediately grabbed Harold’s arrow and flung it at Mike, who dodged the attack.

“Okay! Okay!” Mike said. “I get your point!”

CONF HAROLD: That CeCe is sort of a hothead… *smiles* I like it.

“Okay, can we just make way for the REAL leader here?” Jo exclaimed, as the camera panned to her. “CeCe, your weapon’s fine. But my weapons’ BETTER!”

She pulled out her machine gun with bullets made of paper clips.

“Paper clips?” Cameron said.

“Oh, shut it before I punch a hole between your eyes,” Jo growled.

Meanwhile, the Fatal Flames were talking strategy. “Okay!” Courtney said, acting like the leader between the bunch. “Everyone huddle in! We NEED to destroy them in this challenge.”

“Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious,” Heather rolled her eyes.

“Just let her speak,” Scott shushed Heather.

“Ew,” Heather replied.

“Shut it! Both of you!” Courtney exclaimed.


“B!” Courtney points at B. “How many guns?”

B puts up a number of fingers and Courtney nods her head. “Oh goodie,” Josee smirked. “I am sooo gonna enjoy beating those LOSERS up!” she exclaimed.

“YEAH, WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT!” Jo yelled from the other side.

“BRING IT!” Josee roared.

The teams stood on their separate platforms. The Fatal Flames stood in a straight line as they aimed their weapons at the Cores. The two teams glared at each other. Chris blew the whistle, and all hell broke loose.

Izzy was the first to strike as she roared and jumped to the other team’s platform. “IZZY, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT!” Chris yelled from afar.

Izzy landed on Katie and Sadie, and the both of them shrieked as Izzy tackled them to the water.

Chris yelled the score, “THE FATAL FLAMES WITH 10 AND THE GRIM CORES WITH 9!”

“TAKE THIS, SKATER GIRL!” Jo yelled, as she fired a hurl of paper clips at Josee. Josee was not phased by the attack and she growled, as she jumped on top of Jacques and she fired bullets made of wood at Jo. Jo yelled as she was attacked, and she slipped off the platform.

She resurfaced with an angry expression on her face. “NO FAIR!”

“All’s fair in love and war,” Josee smirked, when suddenly Jacques who she was sitting on was suddenly shot in the eye with apple juice. Jacques toppled off the platform, and Josee slipped off him but managed to land on the platform.


“All’s fair in love and war,” Harold chuckled, as he held his apple juice gun.

Gwen and Cody fought side by side as they dodged bullets and arrows everywhere. “B!” Gwen called. “CANNON!”

B pulled out a cannon, which shocked the opposing team, and Gwen put in an apple pie. “FIRE!” she roared, as B fired the cannon and the pie smacked an unexpecting Harold.

Harold was smashed off the platform. “Nice hit!” Cody said, as he, Gwen and B shared a group hug.

“LOOK OUT!” Scott yelled to the three, and the three gasped as CeCe fired a basketball at the three. Gwen and B immediately ran away, but Cody was too shocked to move and he was smacked off the platform. As Cody toppled off, he tripped over Mickey and Jay who were silently hiding behind the cannon trying to avoid the fight. The three of them all fell off.

CONF MICKEY: Shoot! And our invisible plan was JUST starting to work!

Zoey, Mike and Cameron stuck their backs together. “We HAVE to look out for each other!” Mike commanded to the other two, as he fired an arrow at Scott. Scott dodged and growled.

“OH, SCREW FRIENDSHIP!” Cameron screeched at the sight of Scott. “INCOOOMIIING!”

Mike was confused and he looked around. “What? What do you mean?”

Cameron and Zoey dodged away, but Mike stood there as Scott launched a pie at him. Duncan immediately stepped in, grabbed the baseball bat in Mike’s hands, and used it to fire the pie back at Scott. Scott was immediately hit by the pie and he fell off.

“What just happened?” Mike gasped.

“You were blind,” Duncan glared at Mike. “And dumb.”

“Hey! What are you doing with my bat?” Mike exclaimed, and he attempted to pull the bat away from Duncan’s firm grip.

“I was using it to save you!” Duncan exclaimed. “A simple thank you could’ve worked!”

“Well, I don’t NEED your saving!” Mike yelled, then Zoey instantly came to their side and tried to break up the fight as she tried to calm the both of them down.

Suddenly, Courtney fired a wave of bullets at them. CeCe gasped. “ZOEY!” CeCe yelled, and she tried to save Zoey as she pushed Zoey ahead. But the bullets ended up hitting all four of them and they fell into the water.

“HA!” Courtney snickered. “Ammateurs!”

CeCe and Zoey resurfaced. CeCe shot Zoey a look and Zoey chuckled nervously.

“FIRE!” Alejandro commanded, as him, Jasmine and Cameron fired waves of arrows to the opposing team. The arrows hit Gwen, Courtney and B off the platform.

Heather, filled with motivation, growled furiously and whipped a small rock at Cameron. Cameron shrieked and instantly fell off the platform.

Jasmine gasped. “Um, Chris? Is that not a technical foul?”

“THAT WAS A FREAKING ROCK!” Cameron yelled from underwater.

Chris shrugged. “Didn’t see it, don’t care.”

Heather giggled. “Accidents happen,” she grinned before Josee fired their last apple pie to Jasmine and Alejandro, and the Grim Cores were swiped off their platforms.

“AND THE FATAL FLAMES WIN THE CHALLENGE!” Chris announced, which caused the Cores to frown and pout.

The campers walked back to camp. The scene transitioned to the Core girls cabin. Jo is in the edge shaving her legs, while CeCe and Zoey have a talk.

“I’m telling you – Mike led to our downfall in that challenge,” CeCe explained to Zoey, as Zoey frowned. “He was so bitter about Duncan actually helping him, it was so weird.”

CONF CECE: Honestly, like, Mike was so grumpy and just trying to be the boss of everything throughout the whole challenge! He’s getting more annoying by the second! In my opinion, he’s just dead weight to Zoey.

“I know, I know,” Zoey frowned. “That WAS quite weird. I should go talk to him about it.”

“Well! You know where my vote’s landing tonight!” Jo said, then looked at the both of them. “Either Tweedledee or Tweedledum! Just one of their brainless bodies have to leave! I don’t care which one!”

“Katie or Sadie?” Zoey said, which Jo responded with a confident nod.

“Fine by me, I guess,” CeCe shrugged.

Cameron and Mike sat together in a cave secretly. “I don’t know, Jo was sort of annoying, I want to get rid of her sooner than later,” Cameron said to Mike.

“Katie or Sadie needs to leave,” Mike suggested. “They’re useless to be honest.”

“Mike?” Zoey called, and Mike turned around to see her. He smiled, and she called him outside. Cameron shrugged, and just started kicking rocks in the cave.

“Can we talk about what happened in the challenge?” Zoey asked. “Because that was pretty weird. You know Duncan was just trying to help.”

“I mean, I guess, but like, I wanted to play fair and square and – ”

“What does that have to do with you being so petty and actually costing four people from our team the loss from the immunity win we could’ve had?”

“Look, Zoey,” Mike said. “I’m really sorry about what happened. I promise it won’t happen again. It just – Duncan was sort of pissing me off – he acted like he knew everything!”

Zoey frowned.

“We just need to stick together, okay?” Mike said. “You, me and Cam.”

“As friends,” Zoey nodded her head. “Mike, I think… for this competition, I guess, I think we should stop our relationship.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” Mike gasped.

“No…” Zoey said. “Yes…? I don’t know… all I know is that I want to focus on the game and I can’t let a boy hold me back, you know?”

Mike frowned. “Yeah, I guess.”

“We’re always still gonna be friends,” Zoey smiled. “And we might still get back together by the end.”

Katie and Sadie walked through the forest together. “That Jo person is reallllly bossy,” Sadie frowned. “She can be so mean sometimes!”

“I know right!” Katie said, and then smiled and squealed. “But at least we know that we’re always gonna have each other’s backs!”

Sadie squealed in excitement. “Okay! Here’s what I have in mind: WE VOTE JO TONIGHT!”

“OMGEEE!” Katie squealed. “I was just thinking the same thing! She’s like – really mean and annoying!”

“We should tell like the others!” Sadie gasped, and Katie nodded in excitement and agreement.

Alejandro was sitting in the boys cabin silently as he went through his options for the vote in his head. There was a knock on the door, then Duncan popped in.

“Hey, buddy,” Duncan walked in with no emotion.

“First, since when was I your ‘buddy’? And secondly, since when did you start knocking?” Alejandro said.

“Because I’m a gentleman,” Duncan snorted. “Yeah, I laughed at that myself. Anyways, Katie and Sadie are planning on voting off Jo. Do they know we’re voting one of them off?”

Alejandro shook his head, then pulled him outside. “You shut your mouth, and you don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you,” he hissed.

Duncan raised an eyebrow. “Oh, you trust me now? Okay.”

“I do NOT,” Alejandro barked. “I just have to get enough numbers to vote someone off.”

“Don’t tell me you want Jo out too,” Duncan said, as the two of them strolled away. “Because even though she might be annoying as heck, Katie and Sadie have the brain size of my toe.”

Alejandro whispered something in Duncan’s ear, and Duncan’s eyes popped open in shock. “Whoa!” Duncan said out loud. CeCe saw them, and popped up near them.

“What are you boys talking about?” CeCe asked, trying to get more information.

Alejandro glared at her, but then chose to reveal the information: “We need enough votes to get a huge threat out tonight. And we need the numbers quick.”

He whispered the name in CeCe’s ear. “Are you down?” he asked CeCe, and she nodded hesitantly.

CONF ALEJANDRO: If I pull this off, I’m OFFICIALLY the best Total Drama player EVER! I just need more people! I have myself, Duncan, CeCe… who else can I pull in?

Alejandro whispered several things in Jo, Harold and Jasmine’s ears separately in different times but all three of them look at Alejandro confused and in suspicion.

CONF JASMINE: I don’t trust a single bone in that man’s body. I’ve rewatched his season like forty times. I know he’s not to be trusted and that he’s a snake in the grass.

CONF JO: I gotta be honest with you – what Alejandro is saying is very tempting, and I would love to vote with him but I don’t know if I can actually trust the serpent.

The scene cut to CeCe talking with Zoey in their cabin. “Zoey, this is what’s best for your game. You have to listen to me, okay?”

“I don’t know,” Zoey frowned. “I’m not sure if I can vote Mike off.”

CONF ZOEY: I’m not sure if I’m actually ready to vote Mike off. I mean, I know we broke up and everything, but I still care about him and he’s still a friend that I can trust! You know what? If Alejandro started all this, then he’s going to have to deeal with the consequences! Alejandro can NOT be trusted, and I’m gonna have to try real hard to get him out.

“Okay, but do you actually trust Alejandro?” Zoey asked CeCe.

CeCe hesitated. “No.”

“Then why would you vote for him?” Zoey asked.

“Because I do believe that Mike is dragging our team down,” CeCe answered. “I feel like this would be good for our team, Zoey. AND good for you too.”

Zoey sighed, and then shook her head.

Cameron and Mike were in the boys cabin. “I’m telling you!” Cameron said to Mike. “Jo needs to go! She’s SO mean! AND she’s a huge threat AND she’s annoying!”

“I don’t know,” Mike said, as both him and Cameron exited the cabin. They bumped into Zoey who was just leaving her cabin. Mike gasped and said shyly, “Oh, uh, hey Zoey!”

“Hi,” Zoey replied. “Just because we broke up, it doesn’t mean we have to be awkward.”

Mike smiled. “Yeah, we’re still friends.”

“Yeah,” Zoey smiled. “So, who are you guys thinking of voting off?”

“Jo,” Cameron said while Mike said, “Katie and Sadie.”

Zoey frowned. “It would be helpful if you guys picked someone.”

They spotted Jo lifting weights with a wooden log near their cabin. “AND 100!” Jo exclaimed, as she dropped the log.

“Fine, we’ll go with Katie and Sadie,” Cameron grumbled.

Katie and Sadie walked past Jo, and she growled, “HEY! YOU TWO BRAINLESS IDIOTS!”

Katie and Sadie gasped and turned around to face Jo. “You two plan on voting me off tonight?” Jo growled, while Katie and Sadie continued to stutter. “YEAH? Well, we’ll see on who boards the Boat of Losers tonight, will we?”

Sadie’s eyebrows tilted in an expression of anger. “Yeah, I guess we WILL.”

The Grim Cores arrived in the Campfire Ceremony. “Grab a marshmallow stick,” Chris said, pointing to a group of marshmallows impaled to a tall wooden stick. As everyone grabbed one, Chris continued and he held a small lit fire torch in his hand, “This marshmallow is like your game. If it is burnt,” he signals to his torch, “then so are you.”

The Cores sat down.

“So,” Chris snickered. “Any drama going on at camp? CeCe – you’re new around here. How is the atmosphere back at camp?”

“Chaotic,” CeCe answered instantly. “You know, you can’t really trust anyone and you never know who’s been talking about you. There are always people whispering here and there.”

“Duncan, CeCe mentioned something about whispering,” Chris said. “Are people REALLY that secretive back at camp? Do they really scheme that much?”

“Hell yeah, they do,” Duncan said flatly. “There’s a lot of drama back at camp too. You never really know what to expect around here. You come in here and you get whatever the heck the island gives you – whether it’s chaos or just pure drama.”

“Jasmine,” Chris called. “Who do you think is in danger right now?”

“Everyone,” Jasmine said. “I – I mean, I really don’t know what to think. All I know is that we have to get rid of the weak if we want to actually excel in our challenges.”

Cameron nodded his head.

“Cameron, you’re agreeing with what Jasmine is saying?” Chris asked.

“Yes,” Cameron said. “Even though I might not be the most… physically suited player on this team, I have a brain that does lots while some people have neither.”

Alejandro rolled his eyes. “That doesn’t seem like a very heroic thing to say, Cameron.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s true,” Cameron said with a squeaky tone.

“Alejandro, what are you basing your votes off on tonight?” Chris asked.

“Strategy,” Alejandro grinned. “Just pure strategy. Whatever benefits me and my team, and will push our team into greater success – you bet your ass I will do that.”

“Huh, Alejandro, I didn’t know you were such a team player,” Mike rolled his eyes. “Last time I checked, you were a selfish demonic little serpent.”

“I do not care if you think of me that way,” Alejandro replied. “After all, if I am in fact a serpent, I wouldn’t mind slithering my way to victory.”

The cold look in Zoey’s eyes hardened.

“Time to vote,” Chris announced. “Jo, you’re up.”

Jo rose, as the tension in the air only grew. Jo walked to the voting booth and wrote down a name. The camera revealed Cameron’s vote: Sadie.

“You’re not helping the team at all, and I’m really sorry,” Cameron said to the camera about his vote. He departed, as the next person voted – Sadie.

“You’re a bully, and no one likes bullies,” Sadie said as she revealed her vote to the camera: Jo.

More and more people voted, as the campfire cackled into the moonlight.

“The weak has to leave,” Harold said as he held up his vote: Sadie.

“I’m really sorry,” Jasmine said about her vote, before putting it away and walking back to her seat.

“I’ll get the votes,” Chris said, before returning a few minutes later with the votes. “If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

There was a long silence and Chris nodded his head. “First vote,” he began.


Sadie frowned, as she held Katie’s hand.


Jo rolled her eyes.



“We’re tied – two votes Sadie, two votes Jo,” Chris said, before revealing the next vote.



Mike raised his eyebrow before rolling his eyes, as a cold expression wavered upon Alejandro’s face.


“That’s four votes Sadie, two votes Jo, one vote Mike.”

Sadie took a deep breath in as Chris revealed the next vote.


“That’s two votes Mike.”

Mike raised an eyebrow in confusion, as he looked around at his teammates around him.


“Three votes Mike.”

Mike gasped in shock at his name again. He was sort of in disbelief.


“Four votes Mike.”

Mike gasped in shock as he shook his head, not believing his eyes.

“That’s four votes Mike, four votes Sadie, two votes Jo. One vote left.”

Jo readjusted herself on her seat, as she fixed her eyes on the votes. CeCe tilted her head, and Zoey just watched the votes in worry and concern.

“First person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle,” Chris said before revealing the final and last vote of the night. “Mike.”

Mike gasped in shock, and then sighed in disappointment.

“You need to bring me your marshmallow, please.”

Mike grabbed his stick and walked across to Chris as the group watched him with focused eyes. Katie and Sadie were watching in shock, as Sadie looked at Katie with a sort of lifeless look in her eyes.

Cameron was watching in complete utter disbelief and shock.

“Hashtag blindside,” Alejandro muttered as he snickered.

Mike placed his marshmallow stick down as he faced Chris. “Mike, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris said, before lighting his marshmallow with the torch. The fire instantly burnt the marshmallow and then died, as the marshmallow turned jet black.

Mike pursed his lips gloomily, then flashed one last look at his team, before walking away. Zoey looked on at him gloomily, as the others stayed silent.

“Holy balls,” Katie said, breaking the silence in the air.

“All of ya freaks, head back to camp,” Chris said. “I have something MONSTROUS planned for you tomorrow!”

“And he calls US the freaks,” Jo rolled her eyes

Cinderama Story
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Guide
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"Episode 3"

Episode 2: Cinderama Story

CONF HAROLD: The Campfire was quite a shocker the other night. Even for ME, and you know, I’ve been to enough magic camps to expect the unexpected. I just need to find my footing in this game reaaally quick.

Cameron sat on his bed during the whole remainder of the night, just thinking as the others went to sleep. He occasionally had his fingers up to count the votes.

CONF CAMERON: I’M SO CONFUSED! WHO FLIPPED? I know Harold didn’t do it, because he swore on his magic camps that he didn’t and that means a lot to him… Jasmine didn’t flip, because I could recognize her handwriting on her vote in the last Campfire… could it be Zoey? No, it can’t be!

CONF ZOEY: I VOTED MIKE OUT! *covers mouth with hand* I feel TERRIBLE, I feel sooo bad about this! What do I say to Cameron? What do I do now?

CONF ALEJANDRO: Last night went exactly as planned! Mike went home, and that’s ALL I wanted! Now, hopefully, I can just sit back and enjoy the drama as it unfolds!

The next morning in the girls Flames’ cabin, Heather and Courtney are having a loud argument.


“Because I don’t want the nasty feeling of knowing that my brush stroked your rat ass hair,” Heather hissed. “Like ew, that’s just disgusting.”

“You were BALD for a season!” Courtney exclaimed.

“And you’ve been wearing trash on your head for over five seasons!” Heather fired back.

Courtney growled viciously. All of a sudden, a pillow was thrown at Courtney’s head. Courtney gasped and turned around and saw Gwen glaring at the both of them from her bed.

“Oh,” Courtney chuckled nervously. “Hi Gwen!”

CONF COURTNEY: I’m trying to get on Gwen’s good side, because I NEED her in this game! I need her vote, I need her loyalty, I need EVERYTHING from her and ever since All Stars, our relationship hasn’t been the, uh… best, so I’m really trying to win her over!

“Hey, Gwen!” Courtney giggled, as she walked slowly towards her. “So, how’s your morning?”

“Despicable,” Gwen glared at her. “Because of the BOTH of you. Can you PLEASE be a bit more considerate and understand that some people are still trying to sleep?”

“Sorry, Gwen!” Courtney said.

“Oh, stop kissing her ass, Courtney,” Heather rolled her eyes. “And yes, goth girl, get your beauty sleep. You obviously need it.”

Gwen threw another pillow but now this time at Heather.

“Oh, you girls are so ridiculous,” Josee said as she exited the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. “Why can’t you be a little bit more elegant at least?”

“No offense,” Heather began, “Actually, please, take this to offense, but you were basically a b____y chihuahua on your season.”

“Did you just call me a dog?” Josee hissed.

“Why? You have a problem with it?” Heather growled back, when suddenly, Josee launched herself at Heather furiously and threw her towel at Gwen.

The chaos continued (for once, without Izzy), as Gwen continued to just sit there. “Great,” she grumbled.

Meanwhile, B and Cody are taking a stroll into the woods. “You know, I just think that it’s a lot more peaceful here without Sierra,” he explained. “I don’t have to worry about random foot rubs in the night or her taking my hair out one by one to clone me, you know?”

B nodded.

“Do you really like don’t talk at all?” Cody asked, then chuckled. “Just wondering.”

B opened his mouth to speak, but a loud horn blew and cut him off. “Campers! Report to the auditorium! STAT! There’s a prize for the first people to get there!”

Off somewhere else, Katie and Sadie’s expressions light up when they hear ‘prize’. “OH EM GEE!” Sadie gasped. “DID YOU HEAR HIM? He said PRIZE!”

“Maybe we could get new accessories!” Katie gasped in excitement.

“COUNT ME IN!” Sadie squealed, but the two were shoved away as Jo zipped past them.

CONF JO: Ha! Bet you didn’t see that THUNDER coming your way, did you? I’M getting that prize no matter WHAT! Plus, those two really DO share a brain, huh? And not a very big one either.

Alejandro and Jo raced to the auditorium but in the end, Alejandro reached there first. “Alejandro is first to get here from the Grim Cores!” Chris announced. Alejandro grinned, while Jo groaned.

“Damn it!” Jo exclaimed. “But you said PEOPLE, which means MORE people will get the prize? Cough cough ME.”

“One person from each team,” Chris grinned, while Jo growled. Then, Josee and Jacques zipped to the auditorium, with Josee jumping gracefully towards them first.

“Hellooo,” Josee greeted.

“Josee is first from the Fatal Flames!” Chris announced, as a huge pack of people finally arrived panting heavily and tired from all the running.

“UGH!” Heather yelled. “I ran all the way here for NOTHING!”

“What are the prizes that Josee and I will be receiving?” Alejandro asked the host.

“And, why are we in an auditorium?” Cameron asked.

“I’ll be answering BOTH of your questions now!” Chris said. “We are going to have the teams make their own play! With lighting, costumes, ALL that!”

Mickey and Jay began to sweat, then shared nervous looks with one another.

CONF JAY: Mickey and I don’t have very good experiences with plays… or stages… or lighting… or costumes… or ‘all that’. One time, a microphone hit Mickey in the head, and one of the lights fell on my head. Then, we both fell off the stage and ripped our costumes… yeah.

“Alejandro and Josee are going to be your teams’ director and will be the one who will do all the casting!” Chris announced, as Josee’s eyes gleamed with sudden excitement.


CONF MICKEY: Josee… as in the ice dancer girl? As in the crazy girl from – from my season? Josee… as our team’s leader…? Yeah… that’s – that’s not a good idea.

“Alright!” Alejandro cleared his throat as he read from a clipboard. “I need all of the Cores on this side of the stage, please! Do not pay attention to the Fatal Flames on the other side! We have to put on the best show EVER so our team can win immunity! As the director, I will decide who will be onstage and offstage!”

“OOH!” Katie shot her hand up in the air. “Can me and Sadie be like the leading roles?”

“Sadie and I,” Harold corrected Katie’s grammar.

“What?” Katie shot Harold a look of confusion. “No, Sadie’s with ME.”

“Yeah, don’t you try to steal her away from me!” Sadie glared at Harold.

“That’s not what I was implying – ” Harold began, before being cut off.

“Alright, let’s get to the auditions!” Alejandro announced. He read the play’s name off the clipboard he held firmly on his hand – “The Cinderella Story.”

Jasmine gasped.

CONF JASMINE: I LOVE CINDERELLA! As a child, I would always LOVE to dress up as her THEN hunt the animals in the forest! It’s sort of a psychology trick – the animals would think I’m just some lovely princess and then BAM! That – that didn’t sound very… right.

“Oh my God, I would love to play the part of Cinderella,” Jasmine smiled in excitement.

“I’ve always wanted to be a fairy!” Zoey chuckled.

“I’ve always wanted to push a fairy off a stage,” Jo said, before receiving a look from Zoey. “I’m kidding, relax,” then went silent for a few seconds before muttering, “Not.”

CONF ZOEY: We really need to win this challenge! Well – I – really need to win this challenge, because I feel like if Cameron finds out that I voted Mike off… I’m not gonna be in a very good spot.

“I’ll be in the props department,” Duncan volunteered. “I could make Cinderella have a sword,” he chuckled.

“No, you can’t,” Alejandro glared at him. “We HAVE to win this challenge, understand? Alright, auditions now, come on!”

Meanwhile at the Fatal Flames, Josee began to boss everyone around. “Wait, but don’t we have to do auditions?” Cody asked.

“No,” Josee shot him a cold glare. “I am well aware of what you idiots are capable of. Alright, so uh, silent guy,” she pointed at B and his eyes popped open instantly as Josee continued, “You’ll do costumes.”

B nodded his head calmly.

“Cockney,” Josee pointed at Courtney. Courtney growled at Josee’s statement. Josee smirked and continued, “You’ll be the wicked step-sister.”

“WHAT?!” Courtney yelled. “Shouldn’t I be Cinderella? I mean – I have the grace and beauty of a princess!”

“Oh please, you have the same amount of grace as the same amount of brain cells Katie and Sadie do,” Josee growled. “I’ll be the other step-sister to cover up Courtney’s ugliness.”

“YOU want to be the stepsister?” Gwen asked. “I thought you liked being in the spotlight as Cinderella.”

“Are you serious?” Josee raised an eyebrow. “Cinderella, the maid girl, not only has to wash windows in the first half of the play but has to kiss someone by the end aka the prince and I don’t want to kiss any of you freaks. So, Cinderella will be portrayed by you, Gwen.”


Josee smirked. “And the prince will be portrayed by Cody.”

Cody blushed and looked at Gwen, then Gwen shrugged. “Better than kissing anyone else here, I guess.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Cody smiled.

“WAIT! JOSEE!” Jacques exclaimed.

“What do you want, you big doofus?” Josee glared at her ice dancer partner.

“Shouldn’t I be the prince?” Jacques exclaimed. “I want the leading role! You’re actually going to give the leading role to the tiny little nerd?”

Cody opened his mouth to speak, but Josee immediately cut him off by saying, “Jacques – you’re going to be the Fairy Godmother.”

Jacques gasped. “WHAT?! BUT I’M A GUY!”

“Today really is the day of ‘what’s isn’t it,” Scott muttered.

“THAT DOESN’T MATTER!” Josee yelled at Jacques. “Put on a wig and a pair of wings then voila!”

“Wait, but I thought you said I was going to be the fairy godmother,” Izzy said.

“You’ll be the, uh, costumes person,” Josee waved her off, as Izzy cackled.

“I’M GONNA MAKE SOME SICK COSTUMES!” Izzy cackled. “Have you ever thought of Cinderella wearing a clown outfit holding a REVOLVER?”

Gwen shot her a glare.

“UP TOP, BUDDY!” Izzy said loudly to B, and he hesitantly high-fived her.

“Prop department,” Josee pointed at Scott, then pointed at Mickey and Jay. “Lighting.”

“You really trust them to work the lights?” Cody asked Josee.

“I don’t trust them with anything,” Josee rolled her eyes, as Jay screamed after spotting a bug in the air.

“Can Jay and I just do something onstage?” Jay asked.

“And let you ruin the play?” Josee scoffed. “Yeah, NO.”

Then she turned to Heather and grinned. “Evil step-mother.”

“Oh, you just want to spite me, do you?” Heather growled. “Well, it’s not gonna work because I will KILL that role and make EVERYONE in the audience clap for me!”

“You mean Chris and Chef?” Josee raised an eyebrow.

Heather’s confidence hesitated. “Y-Yes.”

Back to the Grim Cores, they’re hosting their auditions at the moment. “We should hurry this up, we don’t have the whole day,” Duncan said.

“Alright, Jasmine, you have the role of the Fairy Godmother,” Alejandro nodded his head.

“But I auditioned for Cinderella,” Jasmine protested.

“Yeah, well, you don’t have what it takes, sorry not sorry, this is a challenge,” Alejandro said to Jasmine, as she walked away. “NEXT!”

CeCe walked in with a soft smile. “I’m auditioning for the role of Cinderella!”

“Alright, you’re going to be the step-sister,” Alejandro nodded his head.

“W-What?” CeCe said. “I haven’t even auditioned yet.”

“I know, but I also already know you don’t have the grace and beauty of being Cinderella,” Alejandro said. “Now, move. NEXT!”

CeCe glared at him murderously and crumpled the script in her hand before slamming it at Alejandro’s face. “PAPER CUT! PAPER CUT!” Alejandro screeched, pointing at his cheek.

CONF ALEJANDRO: How DARE she attempt to abuse my beautiful face! She WILL pay for this!

A while later, the whole cast list is prepared. “I’m working on COSTUMES!” Katie squealed in excitement. “You can count on me that Cinderella is going to look UH-MA-ZING!”

“I’m working the lights,” Sadie sighed. “If we were on costumes together, we could like TOTALLY rock it TOGETHER! Ugggh!”

“Hey, sister,” CeCe groaned as she walked towards Jo.

“I guess we’re the villains of the play, huh?” Jo said. “But, just like everything, I’m sure I’ll nail it. It’s a challenge after all and I NAIL my challenges like I NAIL my… my…”

“K,” CeCe said.

“Look, Alejandro,” Harold said as he followed Alejandro around. “PLEASE! I’m begging you – please recast me! I was auditioning for the role of the noble prince! How did I end up with the step-mother?”

“Because I feel like you have what it takes to pull off such a wicked role,” Alejandro lied. “You have a talent, Harold, and I’m sure you can make the theatre legends proud.”

“I do have a talent,” Harold smiled.

CONF ALEJANDRO: I had to lie to the geek so he would shut up. Yeah, I know my way around my words. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get a few friends around here.

CONF CAMERON: YAY! I’m doing the lighting! This is great because not only do I have to perform on stage, but I also get to observe everything backstage from the top, from the lights! Now, hopefully, I get to find the rat who voted out Mike!

CONF ZOEY: I got casted as Cinderella, which was not who I originally auditioned for, and I do NOT want to play as her. It’s a lot of pressure on me to carry the biggest part of the play for my team!

“Rehearsal, everybody!” Josee called. “B! Izzy! Costumes! Now!”

Izzy rolled out a rack of costumes with a wide grin on her face. “Here are the costumes that B and I have PREPAAAARED for you guys!” Izzy announced, and then took one look at the costumes and frowned. “Wait, what?! The Cinderella dress was supposed to have blades stuck to the side and a pair of laser goggles!”

“They look fine now,” Josee rolled her eyes.

“And it was supposed to have sleeves that had laser guns strapped to them,” Izzy rambled on, holding up the dress with its cut off sleeves. “WHO CHANGED THE COSTUMES?!”

B slowly raised his hand. He did a bunch of hand signals, and Cody translated for Izzy: “He said that the laser guns would’ve lost the challenge for us.”

“WHAT?!” Izzy screamed. “THAT’S A PILE OF CRAP!”

“No, B has a point,” Courtney said. “We want Cinderella as our lead not Godzilla.”

Izzy glared at the cast and crossed her arms before looking away from them furiously.

As showtime dawned, it was the Fatal Flames up first. The Grim Cores took a seat in the audience and watched the Flames perform on stage.

The curtains opened, and Gwen was seen onstage mopping the floor with a maid outfit. Jo raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “They made Gwen Cinderella?” Jo snorted. “We got this in the bag, guys.”

“Don’t be so confident, your rat face is still gonna be on stage,” Duncan said.

Suddenly, Heather entered the stage furiously, with Courtney and Josee following behind her.

“Oh, look,” Jo said. “They put the three biggest b_tches together. That must be nice.”

“Your sisters and I are going to a gigantic ball with the Prince,” Heather said to Gwen. “So I want you to,” she then slapped Gwen, “clean the damn house. Got it?”

Gwen growled.

Backstage, Scott watched nervously. “I don’t remember that being a part of the script.”

“Sure thing, mother,” Gwen said, before stomping on Heather’s foot. “Whoops. Accident.”

“Oh shoot, things are about to get bloody,” Cody said backstage.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Jay are adjusting the lights. Mickey played a peaceful song on an iPod, but after witnessing Heather and Gwen, he immediately changed the music into a more scary and dramatic one.

“Why did you do that?” Jay asked his brother.

“Because I know for a fact that those two are about to make World War III,” Mickey softly answered. “It’s a good thing we’re up here so we’re safe.”

Jay nodded his head. “Good point.”

Then, all of a sudden, Jay spotted a rat on one of the lights. Jay immediately screamed, and passed out and fell off and landed on the center of the stage between Heather and Gwen – interrupting their upcoming unscripted fight. Everyone gasped.

Mickey shook his head. “JAY!” he loudly whispered, before shaking his head and panicking. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what do I do?”

He made a loud owl noise, attracting the looks of Scott and Jacques. “Stay on that platform!” Jacques commanded, and Mickey gulped before just staying there.

“Um!” Heather panicked after seeing Mickey fall. “What! I – Um! Look at this – bird!”

“Bird?” Cody said backstage.

“It must’ve fallen through the!” Heather looked up. “Roof!”

“Ah! Yes!” Courtney said. “How did this happen? Maybe Cindy didn’t take care of the house very well! That deserves a punishment!”

“Yes!” Heather continued, before slapping Gwen again. Gwen growled viciously.

“Stay in character!” Cody whispered loudly.

Gwen took a deep breath in before saying, “Just get to the damn ball, already – mom.”

Heather smirked, before she, Josee and Courtney walked away. The curtains closed. B rushed to the stage and picked up Jay, before walking backstage again.

“What in the world just happened?” Courtney exclaimed. “What the HECK happened with Mickey?”

“Jay,” Scott sheepishly corrected.

“No one gives a crap,” Courtney said.

“Look, I’m the leader here,” Josee said. “So don’t try to order people around, that’s MY job.”

“Well, you’re obviously not doing a very good job,” Courtney barked, pointing at Jay who was being carried in B’s arms. B softly sung Jay a lullaby.

“You know he can’t hear you, right?” Heather said. “He’s unconscious. It wouldn’t even matter if you roared metal music in his ears – he’s knocked out.”


B handed Jay’s unconscous body to Scott before rushing away to help Mickey. “O-Okay,” Scott said as he reluctantly took Jay into his arms. B hurriedly made a mechanical device made of little metal objects that made a staircase for Mickey to walk down on.

“What are we gonna do with the lighting?” Gwen asked. “Mickey’s probably too traumatized to do anything now, and Jay obviously can’t do it.”

“Uh, B!” Josee called. “You’re doing the lighting now, got it?”

B nodded his head.

Suddenly, Chris came in from backstage with a gurney and a medical crew. “What’s going on?” Mickey asked, as an overwhelming feeling dawned on him.

The medical crew surrounded Jay, as everyone else backed up. Everyone tried to see what was happening, but when the medical crew split, Jay was already placed on a gurney and wheeled away.


“Jay had to be medically evacuated,” Chris announced, leading everyone to gasp in shock. “He can’t continue on this season, so I’m afraid you’re just going to have to continue without him.”

CONF GWEN: Okay, I know Jay didn’t do a lot of things or whatever, but we ALL just lost a team member and that’s never good. Plus, the kid just got evacuated! I feel terrible for Mickey who has to deal with the loss of his own brother.

“The show MUST go on,” Courtney said.

“You don’t have to be THAT dramatic,” Heather rolled her eyes as she walked to the stage.

“This show is called TOTAL DRAMA!” Courtney exclaimed.

Fast forward to the Grim Cores’ performance. “God, I hope the Cores do way worse than us,” Courtney said, as she took a seat. “We can’t afford to lose another team member.”

“We had someone fall off and get medicall evacuated,” Gwen said. “It can’t get any worse than that.”

The curtains opened, and Harold walked onstage with a large wig and a poofy dress.

“I stand corrected,” Gwen said.

Harold, CeCe and Jo walked on stage next to Zoey, who was mopping the floor.

“Your sisters and I are going to the ball,” Harold announced to Zoey, who continued to mop the floor. “Clean the house, understand?”

“Yes, mother,” Zoey said slowly.

Harold looked at CeCe, since it was her line and waited for her to say her line. He shot her a look, and she sighed. “Yeah, clean everything, you ugly hag,” CeCe said to Zoey with no emotion. “From the roof to the floor to the windows to your ugly outfit.”

She then faked an unenergetic laugh. “Ha. Ha. Ha.”

CONF ALEJANDRO: CeCe is just dying out there! She’s doing TERRIBLE! Put some emotion to it at least!

CONF CECE: I did NOT want to be the step-sister! And I told Alejandro that, and he still casted me as the step-sister like what part of ‘JUST PUT ME BACKSTAGE’ does he not understand?

The Cores put on quite a boring act, as Chef even fell asleep watching them.

“Now, we shall make our dramatic exit,” Harold announced, as him and Jo exited the stage, leaving only CeCe and Zoey on stage.

“Psst,” Zoey whispered to CeCe. “Ex – it.”

Sadie and Cameron worked the lighting from the top and they shined the spotlight to CeCe. “Oh, right,” CeCe pursed her lips. “K, bye.”

CeCe walked away, and the curtains closed.

CONF CHEF: Twinkle Twinkle Star was more interesting than that play! These two teams really suck, huh?

The group gathered backstage quickly. “Alejandro!” Cameron called from the top. “You’re up next! Get ready!”

“I know what I’m doing,” Alejandro said, before walking towards the stage. He bumped into CeCe, and he glared at her furiously. “WHAT were you doing up there? Did you call that ACTING?”

“Look, I told you I didn’t want to be the step-sister!” CeCe growled.

“SEE! THIS is the type of fury and anger you need to have onstage!” Alejandro exclaimed.

“Can’t I just work the lights or something?” CeCe said.

“NO! We have 2 professionals already working the lights,” Alejandro said, pointing at Sadie and Cameron. Just then, Sadie dropped one of the lights on the stage, right in front of Jasmine who was preparing on stage.

“Holy cowbells, that scared me,” Jasmine said.

“SORRY!” Sadie yelled.

“Professionals?” CeCe raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, whatever,” Alejandro said. “All I’m saying is that you SUCKED out there! You need to have PASSION eif you want our team to actually win this!”

“Hey, don’t be so harsh on her,” Jasmine said, walking towards them.

“Jasmine, just put on your stupid outfit,” Alejandro waved her off.

“After you put on your stupid personality,” Jasmine glared at him. “Oh wait, you already did.”

She then walked away, high-fiving CeCe on the way. “You’re going home if we lose this challenge,” Alejandro said to CeCe. “You know that right?”

“That’s not a guarantee,” CeCe hissed. “After all, who even PUT me on this play?”

“Places, everyone!” Cameron announced from the top, then Sadie dropped another light.

“SORRY!” she yelled again.

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to do Cinderella In The Dark,” Cameron said to the others from the platform above. “Maybe instead of going to a ball, they could go to a haunted house.”

Alejandro growled. “We’ll figure something out!”

Alejandro, Zoey and Jasmine walked to the stage. CeCe rolled her eyes as she walked away.

A few moments later, CeCe, Jo and Harold entered stage. Meanwhile, Zoey was walking around in circles backstage just thinking and thinking. Jasmine approached her with a friendly smile.

“Hey, you okay?” Jasmine asked the redhead.

“Yeah,” Zoey said softly. “No. I – I don’t know.”

“Stressed out?”

“And confused!” Zoey said. “I voted Mike out, and he’s my friend, and I just – ”

“Whoa, back up,” Jasmine said. “You voted Mike out?”

“Yeah, I feel terrible because I do love him as a friend,” Zoey sighed. “And I just – ”\

“WAIT!” Cameron yelled from the top, before slowly climbing down a ladder. Everyone awkwardly waited for him to reach the bottom before he continued, “YOU VOTED MIKE OUT?”

“I’m sorry!” Zoey said sheepishly. “I had to do it for my game! I’m really sorry, Cameron!”

Cameron shook his head. “I… I can’t believe this. You value money more than your relationship with Mike? You value money more than OUR friendship, Zoey?”

“No, Cameron, it’s not like that!” Zoey insisted.

“I have to deal with the lights,” Cameron shook his head, before climbing back up the ladder.

“Well,” Jasmine said awkwardly. “Looks like you have some problems to deal with. I’m always here if you want to talk.”

Zoey sighed, and nodded her head.


“Alright, Cores and Flames!” Chris called them together. “Chef and I had a… long talk about the winner. The winning team will be the team that put on the best performance. Grim Cores, your play was as boring as bread while the Fatal Flames, you got someone medically evacuated.”

Gwen frowned.

“Nonetheless,” Chris began, “Fatal Flames, your play was MUCH more entertaining SO for the second time in a row, you have won immunity!”

The Fatal Flames celebrated, except for Mickey who was on the ground just sitting there with his eyes in a gigantic frantic expression.

Alejandro glared at CeCe who yawned. “That means Grim Cores,” Chris began, “I’ll be seeing you tonight in the Campfire Ceremony where one of you WILL go home.”

“Yipee,” Duncan rolled his eyes.

CONF DUNCAN: Things aren’t looking good for my team! We need to step our game up if we actually plan on getting to the end – like these people need a reality check!

Back at camp, Alejandro gathered his troops: Duncan, Jo and Harold only so far. “Do you know why we lost that challenge?” Alejandro said. “CECE! We need to get her out before she loses more of our challenges!”

“Look, I know she basically was a zombie up there,” Duncan began, “But she’s gonna be a lot more better at physical challenges than people like Cameron and Katie and Sadie.”

“He has a point,” Harold shrugged. “Maybe theatre’s just not her thing.”

“Are you NOT listening to me?” Alejandro barked. “CeCe NEEDS to go!

CONF HAROLD: In my opinion, we need to keep the stronger players from our team in right now because we need them for challenges and even though CeCe might have screwed us during this challenge, she’s physically stronger than a lot of people here.

Meanwhile, CeCe, Jasmine and Zoey are in their cabin talking strategy when all of a sudden, Harold knocked on the door. “Come in!” Jasmine called.

Harold creaked the door open. “This is weird since, you know, it’s the girls’ cabin,” he said.

“Just get in,” Jasmine said. Harold entered slowly, before looking at CeCe.

“Alejandro’s trying to make everyone vote you off,” Harold said.

“Sort of figured,” CeCe pursed her lips. “We need to get him out. IMMEDIATELY. Do you know how big of a threat he is? Like, we can’t have him around! He can’t be trusted!”

“Hate to break it to you, girls,” Duncan said, popping suddenly in the doorway. “But Alejandro’s gonna help us a lot in challenges. He’s great in challenges, you know that, right? We have to get the weaker ones out first.”

“He,” CeCe pointed out the door, “is coming for me. He wants me out next, do you think I’m not gonna come after him too? I will make it my mission for that lying son of a gun to wheel his ass out of this island.”

CONF DUNCAN: Nobody right now is listening to me – the only person that actually agrees with me is Harold! How did my life come to this?

“Alejandro needs to go,” CeCe told Katie and Sadie outside while they were alone. Katie and Sadie nodded in approval and agreement.

“He can be like so mean sometimes,” Katie said.

“Even though he’s SOOO hot!” Sadie giggled.

CeCe raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, so will his marshmallow be tonight when it’s burnt.”

CONF DUNCAN: If I want to pull this off, I need to do it quick because CeCe and Alejandro are currently gathering their troops for World War III.

“She’s annoying as hell,” Alejandro told Jo and Cameron. “She needs to go. She’s so uncooperative! Imagine how she would act in future challenges!”

CONF CAMERON: Everyone is saying Alejandro and CeCe while I’m secretly thinking Zoey! I really don’t know what’s going to happen tonight.

“Understand?” Duncan told Zoey and Jasmine with Harold next to him (they were in the canteen). “It’s what’s best for our team. We have to do this.”

Jasmine frowned. “I’m still sort of leaning on Alejandro though.”

“Jasmine, FOCUS,” Duncan said. “FO-CUS.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jasmine said. “I’ll try to get the word around.”

Cameron then walked into the room, and everything went silent. “C-Cameron!” Zoey called nervously.

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Cameron looked away and walked away instantly.

“Awkward,” Harold said softly, but Jasmine kicked him in the crotch to shut him up.

Later that night, the Grim Cores walked into the Campfire Ceremony with their marshmallows that were impaled through a long wooden pole. They placed their marshmallow poles down, before taking a seat.

“Cameron,” Chris said. “Three days ago, you were blindsided by Mike’s vote-off – correct?”

“Correct,” Cameron said gloomily.

“Why blindsided?” Chris asked. “Did you expect someone else to go home?”

“I thought I had the numbers to you know, at least keep Mike,” Cameron said. “And as far as I know, Mike’s name never came up so I thought he was safe, but as usual, something unexpected happens, and someone from my side flips and votes Mike out.”

“Did you ever find out who flipped?”

“Zoey,” Cameron said flatly. Zoey gulped and frowned sadly.

“What was the feeling around at camp after you lost the challenge, Alejandro?” Chris asked.

“I would say absolutely terrible,” Alejandro answered. “No one likes losing, and a certain someone cost us the win so now we have to vote someone off instead of cruising in luxurious immunity.”

“If you want to talk crap about me, just say my name, you big wuss,” CeCe barked, turning around to face him.

“Okay,” Alejandro exclaimed, “CeCe lost us the challenge today.”

“He’s blaming me for the disaster that we call the Grim Cores,” CeCe pointed aggressively at Alejandro. “I repeatedly asked him to NOT cast me as the step-sister but he STILL casted me and that pissed me off! Plus, a lot more happened on stage that absolutely sucked rather than just my ‘acting’! Jo had no emotion too!”

“Hey! I told you I wasn’t a theatre person!” Jo exclaimed.

“And I told HIM I didn’t want to play the step-sister!” CeCe pointed at Alejandro. “And all the lights broke thanks to the light crew! Not EVERYTHING is my fault but yet SOMEHOW, just because of my boring and plain ass acting, I’M going home tonight.”

“Alejandro, is that true?” Chris said. “You want her to go home tonight?”

“Of course,” Alejandro said. “She blew it at the challenge today,” CeCe rolled her eyes as Alejandro continued, “and her nasty attitude is just too much for EVERYONE to deal with!”

“By everyone, you mean the team?” Chris said.

Alejandro nodded.

“Harold,” Chris said. “Is CeCe’s attitude just too terrible to deal with?”

“I don’t think so,” Harold said. “I don’t think Alejandro should speak on the behalf for everyone on the team, you know, it’s his opinion. I’m cool with CeCe.”

“If Alejandro wants to come after me, then let it be,” CeCe said. “Because I swear to you, that I WILL get his ass before he gets me. If he wants to fight, then I’ll fight. He’s prepared for a battle, I’m prepared for a war.”

“Time to vote,” Chris announced. “Harold, you’re up.”

Harold rose from his seat and walked to the voting booth. The tension grew as more and more people voted. Jo wrote down CeCe’s name and revealed it to the camera in the voting booth.

“Say hi to Mike for me,” Jo said, before putting the vote in the urn and walking back.

CeCe wrote down Alejandro’s name and revealed it to the camera. “If you think that you own the game right now, and that everyone’s just your little personal slaves,” she began, “you’re in for a rude awakening.”

Alejandro wrote down CeCe’s name and showed it to the camera. “If you want a war, you’ll get a war. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Once everyone finished, Chris collected the votes and said, “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

There was a long silence, and Chris nodded. “First vote…”


Alejandro rolled his eyes.




CeCe pursed her lips, and took a deep breath in. “2 votes Alejandro, 2 votes CeCe,” Chris announced.


“That’s 3 votes Alejandro.”

Alejandro maintained his cold stare.


Sadie gasped. “What?”


“That’s 2 votes Sadie.”

“What the heck?” Sadie said softly.


“That’s 3 votes Alejandro, 3 votes Sadie and 2 votes CeCe.”

Sadie held Katie’s hand firmly as she waited nervously for the votes to come. Katie watched nervously as well, fearful that she would lose her best friend.

CeCe tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. She looked at Duncan and then at Harold, and they both nodded their heads as CeCe looked on at the votes in shock and confusion.


Chris opened the last vote. “Second person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle.”


Sadie gasped, as CeCe and Alejandro’s eyes wavered an expression of confusion and a little shock. Katie gasped loudly at the sight of the last vote.

“WHAT?” Katie gasped. “NO! THAT CAN’T BE! NO! SADIE!”

“What happened?” Sadie gasped, and then frowned and stood back up. She took her marshmallow pole, as Katie covered her face with her hands in tears.

Sadie placed her marshmallow in front of Chris.

“Sadie, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Chris lit her marshmallow with his torch, and it turned black. Katie sobbed loudly, and Sadie turned around one final time. “I’LL MISS YOU, KATIE!” Sadie cried.


Sadie sobbed as she walked across the Dock of Shame. Back at the Campfire Ceremony, Katie sobbed loudly. Jasmine put an arm around her and pat her on the back.

“Back to camp,” Chris said, and everyone stood up except for Katie who took a long time to get up on her feet. They all returned to camp.

Welcome To Total Drama
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Guide
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"Episode 4"

Episode 3: Welcome To Total Drama

Gwen yawned, and woke up in her bed. “What a peaceful morning,” she said softly, only for Izzy to scream loudly from the bunk above and swing down.


“Yes, you should,” Gwen said. “Might want to check the asylum too while you’re at it.”

“Morning, losers,” Heather said, stepping out of the shower. She walked out into the cabin, but then slipped on a tiny water puddle on the floor.

“Whoops,” Courtney said. “I might have spilled that just now.”

“Whoops?” Heather growled, raising to her feet. “I could’ve DIED!”

“Oh please, you’re being dramatic,” Josee said from her bed, then yawned.

“Oh, look who’s TALKING,” Heather hissed. “You’re basically all the roles of a Shakespeare play combined!”

“If you’re implying that I am a talented individual, I am not complaining,” Josee said as she glanced at her nails.

“I’m IMPLYING that you should put that hole in your face you call a mouth right up your – ” Heather roared, but she was cut off by Gwen.

“Guys! Guys!” Gwen yelled. “We’re a team! We’re not supposed to be ARGUING! We’re supposed to be cooperating and bonding! Look at us! We’re a mess!”

The girls looked around, and stopped when they saw Izzy hanging from a tree outside their cabin. “Mess is accurate,” Courtney said.

Outside, Izzy continued to swing around in the tree gleefully.

CONF IZZY: OOOkay, let me just be real for a second! Those girls in the cabin were all ‘blah blah blah blah!’ ‘No you’re blah blah blah blah!’ and I honestly couldn’t take it anymore. So I went outside and played with EARTHWORM BUDDIES!

B approached Izzy but upon seeing her rolling in the dirt, an expression of confusion and fear rose in his face. “I AM ONE WITH THE EARTH!” Izzy yelled into the air before cackling.

CONF B: *silence*

CONF IZZY: I am only ONE of Mother Nature’s children! *whispers* I’M HER FAVORITE!

Mickey approached the two of them but after seeing Izzy, he immediately fainted.

CONF MICKEY: It’s getting harder and harder to be here without my brother. I really would like to have him back and I really miss him *mosquito passes by* *Mickey screams* AAAH! SPIDER!

Far off, Scott was sitting on a tree with a pair of binoculars which he saw through. He saw B, Izzy and Mickey then put his binoculars down. “Odd specimens,” he snorted.

Then, he shifted his binoculars to a different direction – to the Lake where CeCe was swimming.

“Oh, CeCe’s taking a swim,” Scott said with a grin. “Interesting.”

Scott began giggling as he watched her swim, but all of a sudden, a tree branch was thrown at Scott. Scott fell out of the tree to find Courtney glaring at him furiously.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Courtney yelled at him.

“Uh – what are YOU doing?” Scott said rather hesitantly. Then he raised to his feet. “I mean, you suddenly throw a tree branch at me? What’s your problem?!”

“You’re lucky I didn’t throw a rock,” Courtney hissed.

“Why are you suddenly attacking me?!”

“Because you were staring at that CeCe girl!”

“Why would you care? We BROKE UP.”

Courtney hesitated. “Y-Yeah. I know that! I just – I want you to focus on the competition! Not a girl from the opposing team in her BATHING SUIT!”

CONF SCOTT: I’m getting really odd vibes from Courtney. She’s SO jealous!

CONF COURTNEY: Me? Jealous? PFFT! Pfft! Pfffft! Pffffft! *thinks for a few seconds* Pffft!

“Grim Cores, Fatal Flames,” Chris said in front of both teams in the beginning of the challenge where the two teams stood on the bottom of a tall cliff. “Welcome to your next challenge! For this challenge, you must assemble a large statue of yours truly!”

“Narcissist,” Gwen muttered.

“There are crates just waiting to be opened!” Chris pointed to a few crates lined up near them. “Inside them are materials that you will need to assemble the statue! However, those are only a FEW materials! MORE AND MORE materials can be found – ”, he pointed at the edge of the water at the bottom of the cliff; at the beach/shore, “ – over there! You’re going to have to compete for THOSE crates!”

“I’m confused,” Cody said.

“Of course you are,” Chris said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cody asked.

“Mooooving on!” Chris laughed. “Okay, so here’s how this challenge will work: some from each team will break open THOSE crates,” he pointed to the crates near them, “and put the materials from the crate onto wheelbarrows which you will wheel to the top of the cliff in order to build the statue!

“More materials can be found on the shore,” he pointed at a dozen crates near the shore. “Here’s how to get one of those crates: one member from a team will volunteer to duel against a member from the opposing team on small platforms on the water! One person on each separate platforms to compete in a game of tug of war! The winner of that tug of war will receive the prize of one crate which they will wheel back up to the top! The first team who correctly assembles ME wins!”

“And, an extra note,” Chris added.

“Oh boy,” Cody sighed.

“The losing team will receive a special little gift,” Chris smirked, before holding up a tiny little box in his hand. “There is something veeery special in this box that will only be rewarded to the losing team!”

CONF JASMINE: That box was driving me nuts! What was in there? What would it do? What kind of gift was in there? Maybe a ticket to a spa! Oh, how I would LOVE to go to a spa. Oh gosh, if only this was rewarded to the winning team as well. Maybe this would be the first time losing wouldn’t be so bad?

CONF HEATHER: I heard gift! I heard reward! I heard SPECIAL! You BET that if my team loses, I’ll be the first one to snatch the gold! Why should I let the rest of my team aka losers have it?


The teams scrambled to the crates. Jo began to force one crate to open furiously. “LET’S GO, TEAM!” Jo commanded loudly, as she carried a huge pile of materials from the crate to a wheelbarrow. “KATIE! TAKE THE DAMN WHEELBARROW!”

Jo dropped the wheelbarrow on Katie’s arms, and she shrieked as she plunged onto the ground along with the wheelbarrow filled with heavy materials.

CONF JO: SOMEONE had to take charge! And obviously, the only person that is actually capable of being a leader is ME! We can’t lose another challenge! We already lost TWO players! Well, they weren’t very useful anyway, but still – we lost two challenges!

Jacques gracefully attempted to open a crate, but it wouldn’t open. He raised an eyebrow, put on a smile, and then tried to open it again with grace and ‘beauty’. But after it wouldn’t open again, he got frustrated, and basically just tore it apart. “WHEELBARROW!” he yelled, and Izzy threw a wheelbarrow at him, knocking him down to the ground.



CeCe began wheeling up one full wheelbarrow up the cliff, along with Jacques right beside her as the two raced to the top. Behind them where Jo and Scott with their own wheelbarrows.

“Where are the rest?!” Jo yelled, waiting for someone to catch up with her. “WE NEED MORE PEOPLE! GET YOUR ASSES UP HERE, CORES! PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!”

“HAYAAH!” Izzy suddenly yelled, as she jumped on Jo’s shoulders. Jo yelped in shock, as Izzy suddenly began to strangle her with an insane grin on her face. Jo released her grip on the wheelbarrow, and the two girls and the wheelbarrow came tumbling down.

CONF JO: That b –


“We need some people to stay down here to compete the tug of war for more materials,” Alejandro said to his team. “Anyone ready to volunteer?”

Zoey raised her hand. “I’ll do it!”

“I’m not one to… fight,” Cameron said.

Jasmine raised her hand. “I’ll do it! Why not give it a shot, eh?”

“Hey! Jasmine!” Courtney called. “Let’s do this thing then.”

Jasmine cracked her knuckles before walking with Courtney to the edge of the water. They got on boats and got on their small platforms ready to fight for their team. They grabbed each end of the rope and began to start pulling while some others watched them.

“YOU’RE GOING DOWN, COWGIRL!” Courtney yelled.

“JUST BECAUSE I’M FROM AUSTRALIA,” Jasmine roared, “DOESN’T MEAN I’M A – ”, she fiercely pulled the rope, leading Courtney to fall off her small platform, “ – COWGIRL!”

Jasmine grinned.

“Jasmine, you may now take a crate!” Chris announced.

“Cool!” Jasmine smiled, hopping on a boat and riding to the shore. She hurriedly grabbed a bunch of materials from the crate and placed them into the wheelbarrow, then proceeded to wheel them up the cliff.

Courtey resurfaced in the water, gasping for air, then glared at Jasmine. She spotted Duncan cackling at her. “Good luck, princess,” he snickered, and she growled, splashing the water in fury.

Up at the top of the cliff, CeCe, Alejandro and Cameron began to assemble the statue. “Okay, I buitl the head,” Cameron said. “But it’s missing one of its eyeballs.”

“Did someone say eyeball?” Jasmine said, wheeling up her wheelbarrow towards them. She picked up one particular marble circle with an eye pupil-like thing sculpted into it.

“Perfect!” Cameron smiled.

“Be careful, CeCe!” Alejandro said. “These marble objects and materials fit perfectly together. There might be some decoy materials here and there that won’t fit with the other pieces.”

“Yeah, I know what a puzzle is,” CeCe hissed at him.

“I’m just trying to help you out,” Alejandro glared at her.

“Do you expect us to be brainless zombies or something?” CeCe snapped. “We have our minds too, you know? We can actually think without you having to boss us around all the time!”

Then, immediately, Harold ran to them and then tripped on a rock before proceeding to fall off the cliff and into the water below. Alejandro crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow as he looked at CeCe.

“Fuck off,” CeCe glared back.

Meanwhile, Jacques, B, Cody, Scott and Heather were assembling their statue. “Oh my gosh, why are you here?” Heather asked Cody.

“Well, I’m not gonna go duel someone down there,” Cody shrugged. “Fighting is not my expertise.”

B began to wrap his hands everywhere around the statue, and he created a huge dust tornado. Once the dust settled, and B stepped aside, half of the statue was already assembled.

“Holy balls,” Scott gasped.

CONF JACQUES: I am telling you! That B is a wizard!

Courtney walked up, soaking wet, with a glare painted on her face. Duncan could be heard laughing at her loudly. Courtney growled at him, picked up a marble piece, and threw it at his direction.


Courtney sighed. “Sorry.”

Heather growled, and marched towards Courtney, barking, “Get your – ”, then smacked her in the head, “ – HEAD in the GAME!”

Down below, Jo finally got back up her feet. She glared at Izzy viciously. “HEY WEED FOR BRAINS!” she yelled at the redhead. “I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!”

Izzy shrugged. “Cool with me!”

Jo and Izzy prepared themselves for their duel, as they stood on each platform and held each end of the rope. When the duel began, Jo began to pull extremely fiercely, but Izzy persisted and pulled Jo into the water – scoring a crate of materials for her team.

Jo resurfaced to see Izzy wheeling the crate away with a rather insane gleeful expression on her face. Jo growled.

Then, came the next duel: Katie and Josee. Josee grinned evilly as she gripped the rope. When the duel began, Josee quickly gained a lead, tugging the rope much more harder than Katie.

“DO IT FOR SADIE!” CeCe yelled from the top.

Katie’s eyes narrowed furiously, then roared as she pulled the rope fiercely, pulling Josee into the water. Katie got to shore, and then high-fived CeCe once she got to the top with her wheelbarrow.


CONF JACQUES: *bursts out laughing* And Josee calls ME the weak one!

Josee furiously marched to the top of the cliff, soaking wet. Jacques met her eyes, then immediately burst out laughing. “Did you have a fun trip down into the pool, Josee?” he snorted, then laughed loudly.

Josee slapped him across his cheek, before furiously marching off.

“I think we have enough materials,” Heather told her team loudly. Cody tried to put one piece in, but Heather shoved him away as she tried to examine the statue carefully.

Izzy shrieked as she tripped on a rock, and then fell on the statue. Heather gasped loudly, as the statue collapsed. Izzy landed on the ground, and she rubbed her head in pain. “OUCH!” she exclaimed.

“Ouch THIS!” Heather yelled, before kicking Izzy in the stomach. Izzy made a loud, “oof”, before rolling slowly away from Heather.

“Heather, maybe we should try to take a more calmer approach,” Cody said softly to Heather, but Heather furiously slapped him in the face without even looking at him.


“CHRIS!” Duncan called Chris to his team’s statue. “CHRIS! CHRIS!”

“Shut up!” Chris exclaimed. “You don’t have to say my name more than ONCE.”

“We completed our statue!” Duncan told the host. Chris got on his cart, then slowly rode up the cliff. The Cores rolled their eyes and waited impatiently as the Flames attempted to catch up. Chris’ cart hit a huge bump, and Chris gasped as the cart shook.

“Wonder what that was,” Chris said. The camera panned away and zoomed in on Mickey, who was laying unconsciously on the ground after the cart rolled over him.

CONF MICKEY: *stuttering* I – I…

“Alright! Let’s see this statue!” Chris said, walking towards the Grim Cores. He examined the statue carefully as the Cores watched him nervously. “You got a piece wrong,” Chris said.

The team frowned, but then CeCe stepped up. “May I say, your hair looks absolutely stunning today!” CeCe gasped, smiling. “What kind of hair conditioner do you use? Spill the beans, please! It looks HEAVENLY!”

Chris smiled. “Well! I’ll share that secret with you LATER, but for now, I guess one piece won’t matter! Just a piece, after all, haha! The Grim Cores win immunity for the first time! Sending the Fatal Flames to the Campfire!”

The Fatal Flames groaned, as their statue collapsed again.

CONF HEATHER: This is the FIRST time we lost a challenge and you BET that I. Am. FURIOUS!

“And, don’t forget this little gem,” Chris smirked, before tossing the little box towards Scott. Scott caught it, and admired its shiny exterior.

He frowned.

“It’s locked!” he said.

“Of course it is, airhead,” Chris said. “There’s a surprise in it that can only be opened after you vote someone off tonight! Then, I will give you the key, and your GIFT will reveal itself!”

CONF SCOTT: I’m starting to feel that this ‘gift’ is a little baby python.

The teams both walked back to camp.

“Well, that was a complete fail,” Heather groaned, as she then immediately flopped onto her bunk bed. “I wonder who we’re going to vote out tonight – that must be a toughie,” she said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. She then signaled to Izzy, who was above her playing with an earthworm in her hand.

Gwen pursed her lips.

CONF GWEN: Heather and I have very different ways to think. She goes west, I go east. That’s just how it’s always been. She wants Izzy out, I want Mickey out.

“I say we vote the she-devil out herself,” Josee rolled her eyes, as her, Gwen and Courtney had a private chat. Josee glanced at Heather, who was past asleep on her bed. “She’s a witch.”

“You’re saying that like you’re some sort of saint,” Gwen said.

“I’d like to think I am,” Josee smirked.

“Yeah, well you need a reality check, Madame Lucifer,” Gwen glared at Josee.

“I’m not against the Heather plan,” Courtney shrugged. “Why not get her out? She’s been a real pain in the butt to be honest. I can hardly stand her anymore.”

“Exactly,” Josee grinned. “There are 10 votes. Us 3 vote Heather, then we can reel in Cody – that’ll be easy as she’s smacked him in the face a hundred times today. If Cody votes with us, then B will vote with us too. That’s already five. Plus, Jacques will be with me too. That’s SIX, and that’s enough to get the witch out tonight.”

“I say we burn her at the stake,” Courtney smirked. “It’s time for her to go.”

Gwen stayed silent as the two girls cackled to themselves.

Later, outside the cabins, Gwen was sitting on the stairs just thinking as Cody approached her slowly from behind. “You smell amazing today,” Cody sniffed her, before taking a seat next to her.

“Oh,” Gwen said, a little surprised by his entrance. “Um, thanks?”

“Your welcome,” Cody smiled. “So, whatcha thinking about?”

Gwen sighed. “The vote.”

“What about it? I thought we already decided on Izzy.”

“I haven’t made up my mind at all,” Gwen frowned.

“Izzy’s sort of nut,” Cody added. “No offense. Wouldn’t it be good to take her out?”

“Yes,” Gwen said in a squeaky tone. “No?” she burried her face in her hands. “I don’t know.”

She sat back up. “All I know is that… I can trust you. And, in my opinion, we need to keep the stronger ones like Izzy in right now to win challenges. I mean, even though she might be a nut, she’s hella active.”

“Can’t argue with that, I guess,” Cody said. “So, who are you planning on voting off?”

Gwen frowned again. “The girls want Heather gone. I want Mickey gone.”

“Whoa,” Cody gasped. “You want to KEEP Heather?”

“I know, crazy, right?” Gwen said. “This game does crazy things to you. Heather’s strong, we all know that, and keeping a strong member from our team is vital for our team.”

Cody nodded in agreement. “Alright. I’m in. Wherever you decide to go, I’m right there with you.”

Gwen smiled. “Mickey,” she revealed to Cody. “He doesn’t help out in challenges. He’s not very helpful around camp either and he doesn’t talk to a lot of people either. Wouldn’t mind him going, you know?”

Cody nodded again.

“We need numbers, though,” Gwen sighed. “Right now, we only have two. You think B would join us?” she asked, and Cody nodded, then she continued, “Okay. 3 votes Mickey. Heather though has Courtney, Scott, Josee and Jacques – that’s 4.”

“Then we’ll get more,” Cody smiled. “I’m sure we can do it.”

Later, Gwen approached Heather in their cabin alone, as the other girls have left. Heather was doing her nails, when Gwen walked towards her with an unenergetic look on her face.

“What do you want?” Heather shot Gwen a glare.

“The girls are voting you out,” Gwen said flatly.

Heather raised an eyebrow. “What? WHY? I’m the only one that actually helps out during challenges around here! Those idiotic imbeciles! I swear, I will – ”

“Yeah, shut the hell up,” Gwen commanded. “I’m trying to SAVE you right now. Right now, we have Cody, B and myself voting to keep you – ”

“Wait, you’re trying to SAVE me? Why should I even believe you?”

“Because if you don’t, then your ass is going home tonight.”

“You’re actually trying to propose some sort of alliance with me right now?”

Gwen pulled out her hand for Heather to shake.

Heather took a deep breath. “Fine,” she said, then shook Gwen’s hand.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Scott were strolling across the dock. “So, I was thinking,” Scott smirked. “For our next date, we should go take a swim, you know what I mean?”

“Shut up,” Courtney glared at Scott. “First of all, I know what you mean and I want you to ZIP IT. Second of all, we’re not even DATING! We’re not TOGETHER, Scott!”

Scott whipped out a small bouquet of flowers. “I would like to change that,” he smiled.

CONF SCOTT: Yes, yes, I know! Courtney is not to be trusted, but she’s just SO desperately still in love with me! So, I thought, why not give the Scott and Courtney train another chance, eh?

Courtney crumpled the flowers and slammed them into the water, before marching off, leaving a shocked and confused Scott just standing there on the dock alone.


The Fatal Flames then walked to the Campfire Trial of the night. They settled their marshmallow torches on the ground, before taking their seats. Chris sat before them, as the campfire cackled in the moonlight.

“Heather,” Chris said. “First time losing. First time having to go to the Campfire. How does it feel?”

“Absolutely dreadful,” Heather answered, as the camera switched to Josee who was watching attentively with a sinister look in her eyes. Heather continued, “I really didn’t want to lose! I really wanted to see one of those Grim Cores get picked off again! But my sucky teammates had to blow it!”

“Why do you have to blame EVERYTHING on EVERYONE?” Courtney growled.

“Because it’s TRUE!” Heather roared, then crossed her arms. “I didn’t do anything wrong during the challenge! I assembled the pieces, I did EVERYTHING!”

“Have you ever thought that maybe that’s why we LOST?” Josee barked. “You didn’t let me help at all! Maybe with my help, we could’ve been relaxing back at CAMP instead of being HERE!”

“Trust me, Josee, you couldn’t help at all,” Heather glared at her. “All you can do is talk bad about other people. You can’t be trusted! You cheat! You lie! You sabotage! Cough cough – the Ridonculous Race! Do you not REMEMBER the kind of untrustworthy villain you were?”

Josee growled.

“And who knows? Maybe you still are?” Heather smirked. “No printer, just fax.”

“It is time to vote,” Chris announced. “Izzy, you’re up.”

Izzy licked her lips, and then handed the tiny box in her hands to Scott, before hopping away to the voting booth excitedly. She scribbled a name down, before walking back.

Josee revealed her vote to the camera: Heather. “Bye-bye, bitch. You’re not going to be missed.” Josee stuffed her vote in the urn.

Heather wrote down Mickey’s name, then revealed it to the camera. “Sorry not sorry, even though I would absolutely love to write little miss ice dancer cold ass bitch, you don’t do anything in challenges. Say hi to your brother for me in the hospital.”

Heather walked back, as Gwen then marched to the voting booth and scribbled Mickey’s name down. Then, Cody, who did the same. “As long as we stick to the plan,” he said softly as he held up his vote. “The Queen Bee stays tonight.”

The tension grew, as Cody took his seat. Courtney tilted her head as she squinted in the firelight. “I’ll get the votes,” Chris said, before going to collect the votes. He returned with the urn. “If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

There was a long silence between the group, and Chris nodded his head. “I’ll read the votes. First vote,” he began.


Izzy raised an eyebrow. “What the heck,” she muttered.


Mickey frowned.


Heather rolled her eyes. “Peasants,” she muttered, before glancing at Courtney and Josee. Chris said loudly, “1 vote Heather. 1 vote Mickey. 1 vote Izzy.”


“That’s 2 votes Heather.”

Heather took a deep breath in.



“That’s 3 votes Mickey. 2 votes Heather. 1 vote Izzy.”

Mickey frowned again, as he fearfully and attentively watched the votes go down. Heather had a murderous look in her eyes as she watched the votes.


Mickey gasped a little.

“That’s 4 votes Mickey.”


Heather rolled her eyes.


“We are tied – 4 votes Mickey, 4 votes Heather. One vote left.”

Chris opened the last vote. “Fourth person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle.”


Mickey gasped, and then sighed gloomily. Courtney and Josee had completely puzzled looks on their faces. Heather shot them a wicked grin, before watching Mickey slowly rise to his feet and place his marshmallow torch in front of Chris.

“Mickey, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Chris burnt the white marshmallow. Mickey had his head low, and then immediately but slowly walked off away from the others. Chris looked back at the campers.

“Glad that’s over with,” Scott muttered. He nudged B in the arm with his elbow, but B raised his eyebrow and pulled back his arm. Scott frowned then looked away.

“The night is not complete,” Chris smirked, then pointed at the tiny box in Scott’s hand.

“Oh, yipee,” Scott said sarcastically. Chris tossed him the key, and Scott slowly unlocked the box to find a message inside the small box.

“A message,” Chris laughed. “Oh, this’ll be fun. Read it.”

Scott sighed, and opened the note, then read out loud, “You have just voted out one member from your team,” he said loudly and clearly for everyone around him to hear.

Chris grinned.

The others watched him closely with stone cold facial expressions on their faces, but only Scott could read the note. Scott’s eyes changed into an expression of shock as he continued, “You will now vote out another.”

The whole team gasped in shock as Chris began cackling in delight. “In one night?” Courtney gasped, before proceeding to shake her head. “Unbelievable.”

“This isn’t a very fun day,” Gwen said.

“Gwen, grab the urn, you’re up first,” Chris said.

“Oh? We’re actually doing this?” Gwen said. “Wow, okay.” She rose to her feet, and grabbed the voting urn before proceeding to walk towards the voting booth.

She put her hands on her head as she tried to think. “Oh God, I really don’t know who to vote.”

Meanwhile, Heather was fuming on her seat. She had just barely survived a vote, and now she’s supposed to survive another without any preparation. She scrambled for desperate measures.

“I think I’m going to have to play my idol now,” Heather whispered to Jacques. Jacques looked at her with shock and confusion. Heather continued to lie, “I’m feeling really nervous. Good thing I have that idol right at my back pocket, huh?”

Jacques gasped then turned to Josee. “Heather has an idol!” he whispered to Josee.

Josee raised an eyebrow. “That’s impossible!” she whispered back. “She could never have an idol. If she had one, she would’ve played it just now. Be quiet, you fool! Don’t fall for such idiotic lies!”

Jacques shook his head. “I have a feeling she’s telling the truth. Vote for her new little friend. Gwen or Cody. Do it, Josee. I’m telling you!”

The camera switched to Cody, who was nervously sitting in his seat, and then to Gwen who was still having trouble voting in the voting booth.

Josee shook her head. “Jacques, you must not fall for such bull! Get your act together!”

“I’m voting either Gwen or Cody out,” Jacques said to Josee. “You cannot change my mind! Vote with me, or one of US will be voted off. Just do it, Josee!”

Josee growled at him.

Gwen finally walked back from the voting booth, and Josee rose to her feet before marching towards the booth with pride and fury. She sighed, then scribbled down a name, before hastily stuffing it into the urn. Heather watched her carefully as the ice dancer made her way back to her seat.

Heather then walked to the booth, and wrote down Josee’s name. She revealed it to the camera, “If you actually fell for my little idol lie, it shows how bad of a player you are – you AND Jacques. Stay on the Ridonculous Race where all you do is run and play. This is a whole new ball game. Welcome to Total Drama.”

Heather marched back after putting her vote in. Then, more and more people walked to the booth. B scribbled down a unknown name, before revealing it to the camera. He shrugged.

Then Scott came, and wrote down a name. He held it up to the camera, then said softly, “For the better good of the Flames. I’m just making sure MY flame doesn’t get extinguished tonight.”

He sat back down, and Chris collected the votes. “If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, and would like to play it, now is the time to do so,” he announced.

There was a silence. Jacques and Josee shot Heather looks, but she continued to stay silent until finally she smirked. But still, no voice came out of her. “I’ll read the votes,” Chris nodded his head.

Jacques gasped, and Josee glared murderously at him as Heather smiled. “First vote.”


Josee sighed, and then glared at Jacques coldly.


Gwen raised an eyebrow in confusion.



“We’re tied. 2 votes Gwen. 2 votes Josee.”

Gwen looked back at Cody, who was carefully observing the votes.


Izzy pursed her lips.


“2 votes Izzy.”

Izzy raised an eyebrow in confusion. “Wha?”


“Well, f*ck,” Heather rolled her eyes. Josee took a deep breath in.


Cody gasped, and looked on in confusion. “The messiest vote of the season,” Scott whispered to B. B shot him a look, and Scott sighed. “When are you actually going to speak?” Scott groaned.

“2 votes Gwen. 2 votes Josee. 2 votes Izzy. 1 vote Cody. 1 vote Heather.”

Heather sighed.

Chris opened the last vote. “Fifth person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle.”


Izzy looked at the votes with a bewildered look in her eyes. “Wow,” she shook her head. “All of you are really dumb, huh?” she then broke into laughter. “Oh well!”

She grabbed her marshmallow torch, then placed it in front of Chris.

“Izzy, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Chris burnt her white marshmallow, and Izzy still kept a smile on her face. “WELL! Adios, FLAMES!” Izzy announced, before throwing a smoke bomb and disappearing into thin air.

“What the actual hell just happened,” Heather said.

“Head back to camp,” Chris said, and the team stood up before walking slowly back to camp.

Don't Let The Island Get To You
Season 1, Episode 4
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"Episode 5"

Episode 4: Don't Let The Island Get To You

Alejandro was holding a Grim Cores meeting in the canteen. He was lecturing them, and demonstrating random poses for things like swimming, jumping and running.

The camera panned to CeCe, who rolled her eyes at the sight of Alejandro.

CONF CECE: Alejandro annoys the hell out of me. First of all, he wakes ALL of us up at six in the morning to “teach” us on how to perform better in challenges. He says we have to do this, this, this and that, and I just wanna be like ‘you can shove this, this, this and that up your ass, thank you very much’.

CONF ALEJANDRO: Our team has lost TWO challenges! We have only won ONCE, and I want to make sure we continue to do so! It’s obvious our team needs… help in the physical challenge department and I’m here to make these losers into more physically capable losers!

“Hey, yeah, um, ‘leader’, I have a question,” Jo said, raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

“Thank you for addressing me as the rightful leader of the team,” Alejandro said. “And yes, of course. Feel free to ask anything you like.”

“In that swimming course you taught us on the ground,” Jo began, “what was step 1 again?”

“Ah, yes,” Alejandro nodded his head. “The most important step is – shove Harold out of the way so we can actually win something.”

“Makes sense to me,” Duncan shrugged.

Harold frowned, and Katie pat him on the back.

CONF HAROLD: I really don’t appreciate Alejandro belittling me like I’m some sort of bafoon. I’m an intelligent individual, and if he doesn’t know that, then he – *a bug flies past him* – *Harold shrieks loudly* [In the background, Jo: “Shut it, Sherly!”]

Meanwhile, with the Fatal Flames, Jacques and Josee are cackling loudly as they walk through the forest. “THEY ARE SUCH FOOLS!” Jacques cacked.


CONF JACQUES/JOSEE: (Jacques) Heather and her little ugly minion crew voted out MICKEY and IZZY! What idiots! (Josee) They voted out TWO people that could’ve potentially been on their side! *both cacke loudly* (Jacques) NOW this game is OURS!

The Grim Cores sit around the unlit campfire in the daylight with Chris in front of them as they wait for their instructions. Chris had a glare, and he checked his watch occasionally.

“What is TAKING so long?” Chris hissed. “The Flames are supposed to be HERE. NOW. Where in the world ARE they?! Maybe I should just grant the Cores immunity immediately.”

“Yes!” Cameron squeaked. “YES! PLEASE! I-I think your hair is FANTASTIC today, Chris!”

Suddenly, the Fatal Flames begin walking towards them, and Chris crosses his arms. “I guess your flattery won’t work today, Cameron,” Chris said as he watched the Flames settle in. “Here comes the Fatal Flames; Mickey and Izzy voted out in the last Campfire Trial.”

The Grim Cores gasped at the sight of two of their members missing.

“Sorry we’re late,” Courtney said. “SOMEONE had to go ‘tinkle’ in the woods,” she glared at Cody, “and SOMEONE insisted that ‘nobody’ is left behind,” she then glared at Gwen.

Gwen frowned. “We’re supposed to be team! We can’t leave anyone behind!”

“SHUT IT!” Chris yelled.

“What happened to Mickey and Izzy?” Jasmine asked. “Did one of them get medically evacuated or something?”

“No,” Chris said. “The tiny box was actually the game’s newest twist! A double elimination! First, Mickey was voted out, then Izzy.”

“Damn,” Duncan said.

CONF DUNCAN: TWO players out in one night? That’s some crazy stuff, man. Imagine if that happened to US. We would be down to only SIX players.

“Time to go to today’s challenge!” Chris began, then cackled. “AND tomorrow’s!”

The teams errupted in confused murmurs. Chris signaled to a bunch of canoes. “Does anyone miss Boney Island?”

The teams all groaned.

“You are going to spend a night in Boney Island!” Chris explained. “Then, the next morning by 12 AM, your team will set a journey to a secret location in one of the infamous mountains of Boney Island! The first one to reach there will win immunity for their team!”

“Ew, walking,” Heather stated. “Yuck.”

CONF SCOTT: I was raised in a farm, learned how to walk at three months old, and learned how to think at the age of 15! This challenge is PERFECT for me!

B was calmly and silently, as usual, walking towards his canoe alone when all of a sudden, Scott wrapped his arm around him, and grinned at him. B shot him a confused look.

“Want to be my canoe partner?” Scott asked.

CONF SCOTT: I’m in a need of allies right now, and I thought it wouldn’t be so bad if I burried the hatchet with B! So, when I was picking my canoe partner, I thought ‘why not pick the guy I purposely sabotaged in his season so he would go home’?

Scott and B were silently rowing their canoe. Scott had a happy look on his face while B had a nervous facial expression painted on his face.

CONF B: *mouthing silently* Don’t blame me for feeling a little anxious around the guy who cheated me out on my season. *shrugs* [However, the caption interprets this as “Baloney tore peeling little monkeys mountain fly who heated me in my oven”.]

“Do you think it’s going to be cloudy in Boney Island?” Katie asked Jo, as they rowed their canoe. She looked around the sky, as Jo shot her a dirty look.

“Is it cloudy at camp?” Jo said.

“No,” Katie replied.

“Then what do you think Boney Island’s going to be?” Jo glared at Katie.

Katie stayed silent, then started thinking. “Rainy.”

They reached Boney Island. “We should make camp!” Jo announced to her team as she examined the darkness of the island. A large black bird soared in the sky.

“This island is sooo spooky,” Zoey whimpered.

“Toughen up!” Jo barked, then the large black bird landed on the ground and glared at the team. Everyone on the team gasped in shock except for Jo who glared back at the bird.

Jo then roared loudly, but the bird did not flinch. “Crap,” Jo muttered, then the bird roared and chased Jo through the island.

“Should we try to help her?” Cameron asked his team.

“We should respect her last words and make camp,” Duncan snickered.

“Come on, we have to look for her,” Zoey said to Duncan. “There’s still some little heroic-ness in you, right? We should go look for Jo. It’s the right thing to do.”

“Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t do right things,” Duncan rolled his eyes, then walked in towards the island. Zoey looked around at her team for support, but they all just shrugged and followed Duncan.

Meanwhile, all the Fatal Flames were already making their way through Boney Island. “The fog here is BLINDING!” Jacques screeched.

“It is ruining my eyesight!” Josee complained.

“It’s just a little smoke, deal with it,” Courtney said, as she led the group through the island. “I think we should build camp over THERE!” she pointed at a nearby distance to the front.

“You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about,” Heather rolled her eyes. “I swear I heard a bear there, like ugh, if you think I’m going ANYWHERE near there, then you are out of your MIND!”

“Why can’t you just COOPERATE for once?” Courtney hissed. “If you’re not even going to LISTEN and CONSIDER my ideas, we might as well just go to the Campfire RIGHT. NOW!”

“LET’S GO!” Heather growled. “Then we can finally rid you of your dumb ass!”

Suddenly, 2 bears growled, and circled them after jumping out of the shadows. “I suggest we just go underground,” Cody whimpered, then gulped.

Later that night, the Grim Cores sat around a fire. Jo sat far away from them near a tent, slouching and glaring at all of her teammates.


“Alright, here’s what I suggest,” Alejandro began.

“Here we go again,” CeCe muttered while rolling her eyes.

“CeCe, Harold and Cameron will stay up at night until midnight where they will wake us up when the time comes for us to race to the secret destination,” Alejandro explained.

“Why do WE have to stay up?” Harold said.

“Because you three are the weakest three in the team so it wouldn’t really make a difference if you were weak in the morning,” Alejandro shrugged.

CeCe simply just flipped him off with the finger, before going back to focusing to the fire. “It’s cool, I’ll just stay up at night,” Duncan volunteered. “It’d be cool to defeat the creatures of Boney Island!”

“You’re not going anywhere near those creatures,” Alejandro glared at him. “You’re staying HERE.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Duncan rolled his eyes.

“You do know that if you anywhere near those animals, you will die in two seconds,” CeCe said flatly to Duncan.

“Trust me, they stand no chance against ME,” Duncan scoffed.

“Mhm,” CeCe rolled her eyes.

The camera switched to Cameron and Katie who were trying to get warm near the fire. “So,” Cameron began, “Is this your first time being near a campfire?” he asked, trying to start a conversation.

Katie stayed silent, then started thinking about the two times she’s been to the Campfire Trial this season. Then answered, “Yes.”

Cameron stayed silent for a few seconds, then awkwardly said, “Cool.”

CONF CAMERON: I really want to make new friends out here but it’s quite uncomfortable to do that when there’s nothing to talk about.

Zoey approached Cameron slowly. “Hey, Cam,” she said awkwardly, and Cameron looked back to glance at her, and then looked back at the fire.

“Oh,” Cameron said. “Hey, Zoey,” he said without any energy.

CONF ZOEY: The only person that I feel like I can actually trust in this team is CeCe, and I want to change that by finding more allies! Hopefully, Cameron has already forgiven me by now.

“I need to go,” Cameron immediately said, then walked off.

CONF ZOEY: Guess not?

“I think he’ll forgive and forget eventually,” Katie smiled. “It’s a game after all. Once the game is over, I’m sure both of you will be the best of buddies again.”

Zoey sighed. “I hope so.”

Meanwhile with the Fatal Flames, they have built tents and made a fire, but they sit very far away from them as the bears have surrounded their tents and the campfire.

“What do we do?” Cody whispered loudly to his team.

“We shut up and we stay here ‘til the morning,” Josee commanded softly with an angry expression on her face. She then glared at Courtney and Heather. “If you two bimbos weren’t too busy BARKING at each other, we could’ve found an at least decent camp WITHOUT bears!”

“ME?!” Heather exclaimed. “It was COURTNEY who was trying to lead us all into a death trap!”

“I think we can safely say we already ARE in a death trap,” Courtney glared at Heather, then signaled at the bears who were chomping on their tents.

B suddenly rose to his feet, then calmly approached the bears. The rest of his team gasped at the sight of B walking towards the bears. “B!” Gwen called. “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!”

B glared at the bears, before dropping and standing on his two feet and two hands like an animal. He then made a mighty roar to the bears, and the bears immediately ran away.

The whole team gasped in shock, then most of them scurried towards him and gave him a big hug before celebrating and praising B. “WOO! GO B!” Cody cheered.

“LIFESAVER!” Scott proclaimed, before holding up his fist for B to fist-bump, which B eventally did.

B smiled at the sight of his teammates altogether, and most of them came together to form a huge group hug. Josee and Jacques watched them far away with their arms crossed.

“Blah, blah, he shooed some bears away,” Josee said. “Big deal,” she rolled her eyes.

“You’re saying that like YOU could’ve gotten those bears away yourself,” Gwen said.

“Oh, trust me,” Jacques smirked. “We could’ve. I just don’t like to use my strength on such foul creatures.”

“Then why do you use your strength to keep up with Josee all the time?” Scott asked, almost bursting into laughter. Josee attempted to launch at Scott, but Jacques pulled her back.

Back at the Grim Cores, CeCe (who was supposed to be staying up until midnight by Alejandro’s orders) began to fall asleep. Alejandro caught sight of this and marched towards her.

“CECE,” he barked, waking CeCe up immediately. “Look, I have tried to be nice with you – I even used my nice voice and my nice facial expressions – ”

“Is that what you call your wrinkly Satanic look you have on your face all the time?” CeCe said, yawning.

“Let the girl sleep,” Duncan said to Alejandro.

“Don’t you dare stick up for her,” Alejandro glared at the punk. “CeCe, you are staying up until tomorrow comes. If I catch you ONE more time – ”

“Why can’t YOU just stay up?” CeCe exclaimed to Alejandro, rising to her feet.

“Because I can’t be sleepy and weak in the morning!” Alejandro claimed, then kissed his biceps. “Have you seen me? My legs can run a hundred meters in two seconds. This team NEEDS me. You’re expandable. And trust me, if we lose, YOU’RE going home.”

“I can be strong too!” CeCe yelled. “I’m a GREAT athlete!”

“Oh, please,” Alejandro rolled his eyes. “The only thing you’re strong at is being a lazy bitch.”

A murderous look glazed upon CeCe’s eyes. She slapped Alejandro in the face, leaving a slight red mark on his cheek. “Was THAT strong?” CeCe glared at him.

She marched off. The camera switched to Jasmine, who couldn’t help but laugh at the whole thing softly.

CONF JASMINE: I’m sorry for laughing! It was just HYSTERICAL! Watching Alejandro get a piece of his own medicine was like watching the kangaroos back at home beat up old Mr. Cartersfield!

CONF CAMERON: That was brutal! CeCe’s got some sort of fire in her!

CONF ALEJANDRO: *swears loudly in Spanish* If we go to the Campfire tonight, the only thing that will be on fire is her marshmallow.

The scene switched to the Fatal Flames. Josee and Heather were getting into a loud argument. Everyone was already getting sick of it. Everyone sat back and watched the two yell at each other.

CONF COURTNEY: To be honest, I used to find these two entertaining to watch as they rip each other’s hair out, but now it’s just getting old. As team leader, these two are extremely dangerous for our team’s cooperation. We need to work properly if we actually want to win challenges!

“Why can’t these two just kiss and make up already?” Cody said to Gwen, Courtney, B and Scott who were huddled around the fire.

“Trust me, the only thing that Heather’ll be kissing is Alejandro,” Gwen said.

“Do you think we should try to stop them?” Cody asked them.

The other four glanced at Heather and Josee who were at each other’s throats loudly. The birds scattered at the sight of them. “No,” Scott, Gwen and Courtney said in unison.

“You know what’ll be fun though?” Scott asked. “If we add more fuel to the fire.”

“No!” Courtney said. “I am SO tired of listening to those sociopaths! I just need them to shut up!”

“Gwen, B, Cody?” Scott said. “Up for a little fun?”

B, Courtney, Gwen and Cody all immediately stood up and walked away. Scott pursed his lips. “Guess it’s all on me then,” Scott said unenergetically.

Later on, Scott sneaked into Josee’s tent silently. He snatched her good luck charm which was near her pillow, and then sneakily went outside and threw it into the fire.

CONF SCOTT: Ah, how I’ve missed causing mayhem.

Later that night, Josee was heard gasping inside her tent. She stormed outside, marched to Heather’s tent and kicked it fiercely. Heather shrieked from inside, before storming out as well to face the ice dancer.

“YOU burnt my good luck charm!” Josee roared, pointing at the campfire.

“Can you keep it DOWN?” Gwen said from inside the tent. “Some of us are actually trying to sleep!”

“I did NOT burn my good luck charm!” Heather exclaimed. “BUT I WISH I DID! I could never stoop so low as to damaging someone else’s belonging!”

“YOU KISSED TRENT!” Josee yelled.

“Do not need to be reminded of that!” Gwen yelled from inside the tent.


“I WILL GET MY JUSTICE!” Josee roared, until suddenly, Jacques came from behind her and snuffed her mouth with a napkin. She immediately fell unconscious and collapsed into his arms.

“I just really needed to sleep,” Jacques said, as he dragged her into his tent.

CONF SCOTT: If anyone finds out that I did that, boy, would I be in big trouble!

The next day finally came. Harold was the first one to notice this from the Grim Cores team. He rose to his feet, when all of a sudden, he spotted a bottle with a message in it on the ground.

He picked it up, and took out the message – it was a map with a few words written on it: “Congratulations on surviving another day. Here is your map to your secret destination where you will venture out to.”

In the Fatal Flames, it was B who was reading it. “What’s it say?” Courtney asked with a bossy-like tone. B revealed the map to her.

“We have to get there FAST if we want to win this challenge,” Courtney commanded. Heather sleepily looked up – she was laying down on the ground.

“Did you get ANY sleep?” Courtney asked Heather.

“What do you THINK?” Heather hissed, signaling at the dark circles under her eyes. “I couldn’t sleep at all. I didn’t even want to! The bugs here are DISGUSTING! Why would I sacrifice myself and risk my beautiful skin to these hideous insects!”

With the Grim Cores, Harold examined the map closely, when all of a sudden, Duncan snatched it from him. “Hey!” Harold exclaimed, and Duncan only snickered.

“I need to read it too, dweeb,” Duncan said, while observing the map closely. “We have to climb a mountain?!”

“I don’t think my legs are fit for this,” Harold said.

“You’re not fit for anything, get used to it, dork,” Duncan rolled his eyes before walking away.

Harold growled. “GOSH.”

CONF HAROLD: Duncan can be such a jerk sometimes. Actually, my mistake, he’s ALWAYS a jerk! Idiot!

“The mountains?!” Zoey gasped while reading the map. “That’s insane!”

“If we want to actually win the challenge,” Duncan began, “we might actually have to start walking.”

“Quickly,” Alejandro urged.

Back at the Fatal Flames, they have already started their journey up the mountains. “Ugh, for a place named Boney Island,” Josee began, “you’d think it would be less hot in here.”

“It’s already been like two hours,” Jacques groaned. “How long does it take to actually reach the mountains?”

Gwen shot Jacques a look. “It’s only been ten minutes.”

“It feels like an eternity,” Jacques groaned again.

“Come on, people!” Courtney commanded, as the team reached the bottom of the mountains. She took a look at the map in her hands. “According to this, we have to climb THIS mountain.” She looked up.

“That’s a big ass mountain,” Scott said.

“Up!” Courtney urged, and the team groaned before lazily walking up the mountain.

CONF COURTNEY: These people can barely do anything right! What kind of team is this?!

“If we lose,” Josee said as she continued to hastily walk up the mountain. “We know who to blame it on,” she then glared at Heather.

“WHY ME?” Heather exclaimed.

“YOU burnt my good luck charm!” Josee barked. “You took away our good luck!”

“Your stupid good luck charm is complete BULL!” Heather yelled. “AND I DIDN’T EVEN BURN IT!”

Courtney slapped both of them immediately. “FOCUS ON THE GAME!”


CONF CODY: Courtney slapping Heather and Josee is my new aesthetic.

The Grim Cores weren’t having the most fun either. “I can barely see anything through this ugly smoke,” Jo said. “What’s the matter with Chris? Why would he even put us here in this death trap hell?”

“I think in the beginning, he said Welcome To Total Drama,” CeCe said, as she continued to walk up the mountain.

“How long will it be until we actually get to the top of the mountain?” Jasmine asked.

“Yeah, my skin is getting like really oily for some reason,” Katie groaned.

“Approximately seventeen more minutes,” Cameron answered. “We have taken approximately seventeen minutes already, and due to the height and length of the mountain, the correct measurement is approximately seven minutes – ”

Suddenly, they gasped as they realized they had already reached the top.

“Or seven seconds,” Cameron corrected himself.

Chris stood at the top of the mountain, holding a flag. “OVER HERE!” Chris yelled, when all of a sudden, the Fatal Flames reached the top as well but just from the otherside. Chris stood in the center. “First team to grab the flag wins immunity!”

“IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE, YA RATS!” Jo roared, before launching at the flag. Courtney growled, and sprinted towards the flag as well.

The two girls tumbled onto one another. The teams gasped, seeing that the flag had disappeared. Courtney rose from her fall, and raised her hand with the flag in it. The Fatal Flames erupted into applause and cheers, as the Grim Cores groaned.


“What do we have planned for tonight?” Katie asked CeCe, as they walked to the cabins. “I mean, that is if we actually have anything planned. Are you thinking Alejandro?”

“Well, duh,” CeCe chuckled, walking into the cabin. Katie flopped onto the bed. “He’s one bossy ass. AND an ass. It’s either him or someone weak, I guess. Or me.”

“Sucks that you’re on the chopping block just because of him,” Katie said, frowning.

“I know, ugh,” CeCe groaned. “Him and Jo are like Lucifer and Luciferette.”

Zoey walked into the cabin with a friendly smile. “What are you girls talking about?” she asked with a friendly tone. Jasmine joined her from behind, waving with a smile on her face as well.

“I’m thinking we take the weak ones out,” Zoey shrugged.

“Or at least just one of the guys,” Jasmine suggested, as she sat on her bed. “Us girls need to stick together, you know what I mean? The last solid female winner we had was HEATHER.”

“True,” CeCe pursed her lips.

Katie slept on her side and began licking a lollipop. “Does the lollipop match my outfit?” she asked the other girls. The girls glanced at her pink lollipop.

“I guess?” Zoey said.

Alejando, Jo, Harold and Duncan were in the canteen. Harold and Duncan were there for the new vending machine that Chef purchased for the campers. The campers assumed it was because Chef was too lazy to cook anything decent everyday for them.

“Snicker bars,” Duncan smirked. “Nice.”

“If only we had some coins,” Harold sighed.

“I don’t need coins,” Duncan rolled his eyes, before kicking the machine. Immediately, a snicker bar hopped out from the bottom of the machine. Duncan grinned, then picked up the bar.

“Could you get one for me too?” Harold asked weakly.

Duncan began cackling, then walked away towards Alejandro and Jo who were sitting in one of the tables. Harold growled, and glared at Duncan from the back. “GOSH!”

“What do you hobos want to talk about?” Duncan asked Jo and Alejandro. He took a bite out of his chocolate in his hands. “Cause if it’s about strategy, I don’t want to hear it. I already know who I’m voting tonight.”

“No, you do not,” Alejandro glared at Duncan. “We have to think critically. CeCe is a threat to all of our games. If she does not leave tonight, more damage will be done.”

“Okay, listen up, okay?” Duncan said to Alejandro, as Harold sat beside him with a snicker bar as well. Duncan continued, “CeCe seems like a cool chick to me, so I don’t know why you’re even targeting her.”

“BECAUSE SHE’S A THREAT,” Alejandro glared at Duncan.

“Or is it because you’re still salty that she slapped you?” Duncan said, then took a huge munch of out his chocolate bar. Jo laughed, and slapped the table with her palm.

“You got beat up by a girl!” Jo cackled at Alejandro.

“She didn’t ‘beat’ me up!” Alejandro yelled. “She barely even touched me! It was NOTHING! She’s as weak as a bird!”

“Then why is she a threat to us right now?” Duncan said.

Alejandro grunted. “You don’t understand! Vote with me tonight, and you’ll see why.”

“My vote’s already locked in,” Jo shrugged. “Look, Al – ”

“Don’t call me Al,” Alejandro hissed.

“Look, AL,” Jo repeated. “You’re not changing my mind. I know who to vote off tonight. Good luck with your little plan, though, I guess. We might have a tiny alliance between us – TINY – but I’m not with you tonight. Sorry, AL.”

Jo rose to her feet, then heavily slapped Alejandro in the back. Alejandro rolled his eyes, as Jo walked out of the canteen. Duncan and Harold shrugged, before following Jo exit.

CONF ALEJANDRO: I don’t need those bafoons! I’ll construct my victory on my own then.

The Grim Cores walked to the Campfire Trial. They placed their marshmallow torches on the ground, before calmly and slowly taking their seats. Chris sat before them, behind the cackling campfire.

“Katie,” Chris said, and Katie’s eyes immediately popped open in shock. Chris chuckled. “You immediately had a reaction to me saying your name.”

“I’m extremely jumpy tonight,” Katie said with a friendly smile. “There’s just a lot of tension around camp, and I don’t know what to…” she started to find the word to accurately explain her feelings “… think.”


“One person tells me to do one thing, and another person tells me to do another,” Katie said in a weak and squeaky tone. “That’s just what the show does to you, I guess, it’s insane. Especially without Sadie, this rollercoaster is just a lot harder to ride.”

“Alejandro, things obviously got a little insane as well between you and CeCe back at Boney Island.”

“Oh, Chris,” Alejandro said, “you and your sayings that accidentally sound dirty. But yes, Boney Island was crazy and the psycho in CeCe was birthed on that island.”

“And the asshole in him made an appearance for the seven-hundredth time,” CeCe said, with a grin. “He’s clearly intimidated by me so he continues to target me and blame me for random crap.”

“So, it’s safe to assume that both of you aren’t the best of friends?”

“It’s safe to assume that CeCe’s getting a vote tonight,” Alejandro announced to the rest of his team. CeCe replied with a long eyeroll.

“Harold. As a member of the Grim Cores, does the feud between Alejandro and CeCe bug you?”

Harold stayed silent for a few seconds. “Not really,” he said calmly. “I mean, I don’t really care. I think both of them are strong individuals. I’m interested in how it’ll turn out.”

“Cameron, same with you?”

“I think their feud slows our team down,” Cameron answered flatly. “I mean, it’s not really good to have fights around camp, especially during challenges as well.”

“It makes good TV,” Alejandro shrugged. CeCe glared at him murderously.

“Jasmine. What is the plan for tonight?”

“To get rid of the weaker ones from our team,” Jasmine answered. “We don’t want to pay another visit here for a very long time. We don’t want to lose another challenge.”

“Okay. Time to vote. CeCe, you’re up first.”

CeCe nodded her head, as she rose to her feet and made her way to the voting booth. She scribbled down a name, then sighed before stuffing it into the voting urn. She made her way back calmly.

Alejandro wrote down CeCe’s name, and then revealed it to the camera in the booth. “You’re a spoiled little princess. No one wants you here. Go. Home.”

Zoey wrote down Alejandro’s name, and then revealed it to the camera in the voting booth. “Because I don’t want to betray another ally.”

The camera flashed to CeCe, who had a lot of fear and tension in her eyes, as the last person – Jasmine – got back to her seat. Chris nodded his head. “I’ll go tally the votes,” he said, before walking away to the urn and collecting the votes.

Chris returned with the urn. “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so,” he announced. There was a moment of silence, and Chris nodded. “First vote.”


Alejandro was not phased. He kept a stone cold look on his face.


CeCe took a deep breath in.


“Two votes Alejandro, one vote CeCe.”

Alejandro glanced at Jo who was attentively watching the votes.


Cameron pursed his lips.


“Two votes Cameron, two votes Alejandro, one vote CeCe.”


“Three votes Cameron.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, then glanced at Zoey, and Zoey shook her head with a frown painted on her face. Cameron looked back at the votes, as Alejandro continued to glare at the votes.

“Sixth person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle.”


Cameron sighed, and stood up from his seat slowly. He looked at Zoey, and Zoey shook her head. Cameron bit his lip, then approached his marshmallow torch.

Zoey looked gloomily as Cameron placed his marshmallow torch in front of Chris.

“Cameron, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris said, and burnt his white marshmallow, turning it black. Cameron frowned, and looked at the ground sadly.

Cameron turned around to look at his team, before walking off. CeCe watched with a frown on her face.

“Head back to camp,” Chris said.

If You Wanna Be My Lover
Season 1, Episode 5
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"Episode 4"
"Episode 6"

Episode 5: If You Want To Be My Lover

Previously, on Total Drama: Survivor Circle! The campers were sent to Boney Island where they had to fight the wickedness of the island… and each other! CeCe had enough of Alejandro treating her poorly, and slapped him on the face! Boy, was that fun to watch from my trailer! More mayhem was caused when Scott pit Heather and Josee against each other even more by burning Josee’s good luck charm and framing Heather for it! In the end of the challenge, Courtney pulled out the win for the Fatal Flames, and despite Alejandro’s efforts to take out CeCe, the majority of the Grim Cores decided to vote out the weak which ended up being Cameron – “Cameron, the Boat of Losers await you.” – what will happen next? Find out here! Now! On Total – Drama – Survivor – CIRCLE!

“Go fish,” Cody said, with a pile of cards in his hands. He was playing cards with Scott on the dock of shame. Scott grinned, and then jumped into the Wawanakwa Lake.

Scott resurfaced, holding a large fish up in his hands.

“Cool!” Cody smiled.

CONF CODY: Scott and I played a different version of Go Fish. Since all we really eat is the vomit that Chef gives to us, we decided to go fishing! Literally! It was fun!

It was time for Cody to ‘go fish’, but a crowd of piranhas bit him from below, and he shrieked in pain. He jumped up back to the dock, but realized a little too late that the piranhas tore off his shorts leaving him naked. Scott raised his eyebrow, then slowly left.

CONF CODY: Until that happened.

Both teams were called in front of the cabins. “We’re having a challenge already?” Katie said. “I didn’t even get to pick out my outfit for the day!”

“You wear the same damn thing everyday,” Heather said to her.

Katie frowned. “True.”

Cody and Scott awkwardly joined them. Cody covered his parts with only his hands. The rest of the campers looked away in disgust. “I didn’t have enough time to change!” Cody insisted. “I just got back from the lake!”

“Nobody wants to hear it,” Jo said.

Cody frowned, then rushed to the cabins to change. “Okay then, guess we’re gonna have to start without Cody,” Chris announced, then smiled. “We are going to do a team swap!”

The campers erupted into murmurs of confusion. “We’re changing the teams up! Everyone, please pick a random tiny little box,” Chris said, as he revealed to them a basket filled with sixteen boxes. “In those boxes are colors that will determine whether you will join the Fatal Flames or the Grim Cores.”

“Oh my gosh,” Jasmine gasped.

CONF GWEN: The team swap wasn’t really the best thing that could happen to me. In my opinion, I was in a pretty good spot, but I guess fate has a different plan for me?

Cody rushed to join them, as one by one, everyone picked a box. “Alright, you may now open them,” Chris announced, once everyone had picked a random box. Some campers drew red cloths, others drew blue cloths.

“If you drew a red cloth, you are now a Fatal Flame,” Chris announced. “If you drew a blue cloth, you are now a Grim Core. If you are a Flame, stand to my left, if you are a Core, stand to my right.”

The campers gasped, as they shuffled around to their new teams. “The new Fatal Flames – B, Katie, Jo, Courtney, Cody, Zoey, Josee and Jacques. The new Grim Cores – CeCe, Harold, Duncan, Scott, Heather, Alejandro, Jasmine and Gwen.”

The new teams examined one another.

Chris then grinned sinisterly. “But, I also have something else for you!”

“Oh, boy, here comes another one,” Zoey sighed.

“I think he’s going to throw a train at us,” Katie said.

“Was that supposed to be a metaphor?” Zoey asked Katie.

Katie looked at her. She blinked. “What’s a metaphor?”

Chris continued, “Once we hit the merge, there will be a never before seen twist that will light the game ON FIRE!”

“I suddenly have a fear of lights,” Katie gulped.

Chris continued again, “And, once we hit the merge, the JURY will also start. Just like in Total Drama Action, the losers will crown the winner! These losers will be in the jury!”

“Wait, so when does the merge start?” Zoey asked.

“THAT is a secret!” Chris laughed, and then glared at her. “And you will never pry a secret out of Christopher Mclean,” he then broke into laughter again. The campers stared at him in confusion.

“Okay!” Chris announced. “Let’s finally get to our challenge with our new teams! Here’s what we’re going to do! We are going to to a dunk-tank challenge! I will say a riddle about one eliminated camper. Inside the tank, there are keys labeled with eliminated contestants’ names. One member from each team will sit on the dunk tank, then another member will dunk them in. The dunked camper must find a key that they think suits the riddle that I said.

“Then, hop out of the tank, and run to a treasure chest which will unlock a bag of puzzle pieces. If the key fits in the treasure chest, it means that you picked the right key/person. Then, assemble the puzzle in the treasure chest that resembles the eliminated contestant you picked.

“This will go on for THREE rounds. The winning team will send the losing team to the Campfire Trial for the first time after our team swap. Pick a member to be dunked and to assemble the puzzle!”

CONF KATIE: OH MY GOSH! This tooootally reminds me of this one Valentine’s Day thing I went with Sadie! EEE! It was soooo fun! We went there on like… *thinks* it was either Valentine’s Day… or Christmas.

“Anyone good with puzzles?” Alejandro asked his new team.

Heather grinned. “Me!”

“Alright, you’re going to be the one on the dunk tank,” Alejandro nodded his head firmly.

Heather raised an eyebrow and gave a look of disgust-disapproval. “What? Are you SERIOUS? I might be good at puzzles, but have you SEEN my hair? Do you think I’m going to get it WET just for a stupid challenge?”

“You’re doing it or you’re going home,” Gwen told her.

Heather immediately lightened up and a wide grin came up on her face. “You know what – I heard that water can really do wonders to your hair! I’ll do it because after all, I AM a team player!”

She twirled her hair with a grin, as the rest of the team looked at her in confusion.

“Kay,” Scott said, immediately trying to change the subject.

Harold raised his hand. “I’ll do the second round,” he volunteered. “I’m great at puzzles and I don’t mind being thrown into a tank filled with potentially dangerously harmful metal keys.”

“I can do the third one,” Jasmine nodded her head.

Meanwhile at the Fatal Flames: Jo raised her hand. “I can do the first round!” Jo said proudly, then chuckled. “I’m FANTASTIC at puzzles! And water’s never been an enemy to me before!”

“I can’t see underwater,” Katie shrugged. “Whenever I do, my eyes suddenly feel all WABLSJALJFDKFJLAJSKDFJSDKFAJDLFK,” she continued to spurt out random letters as the others watched her in confusion.

B volunteered and raised his hand.

“Great!” Zoey smiled. “We just need one more person for the third round!” she looked at the Ice Dancers. “Josee? Jacques? You want to head into the water?”

“Um, no,” Jacques said. “I prefer to stay dry.”

“And puzzles make him dizzy,” Josee added. Jacques nodded at her statement. Josee continued, “But, you know, if any of you losers can’t do it, I suppose I can join in.”

“I can do it!” Cody beamed.

“If the only other option is him,” Josee looked at Cody in disgust. Cody gasped. “I think it’s safe to see our chances of winning is deceased. I can do it then,” she smiled pridefully, crossing her arms.

CONF CODY: A lot of people underestimate me! They don’t know how good I actually am! *chuckles* Like, have you seen my SKILLS? *makes gun noises and mimics explosion noises* Yeah, I’m a badass!

Heather and Jo settled themselves on the seat on the dunk tank. Heather began to put her hair back.

CONF HEATHER: I can’t believe I was actually about to sacrifice my beautiful gorgeous long silky locks right there. Wow. I am such a role model.

“Give it all you got!” Jo yelled to her teammates.

Chris cleared his throat, then announced the riddle, “The double swept my life in this game away, I was named after a famous character. I would love to come back in the game if I may, but at least now my brother and I are as tight as ever.”

Chris blew the whistle to signal the start of the challenge. “Come on, Cody!” Jo yelled, as Cody prepared to launch a ball at the red circle to dunk Jo.

Cody looked at Gwen. “Hey, Gwen! Watch THIS!”

Cody hurled the ball, but it no where near the target, and instead hit Jo right in the face. Jo almost toppled off, but she regained her balance. “YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!” Jo roared at Cody.

“Okay, wait,” Heather told her teammates. “Let me just like prepare for the fall and everything like my hair has to be in the right position and I need to take a deep – ”

Gwen hurled the ball right at the target, sending Heather into the tank. Heather resurfaced with a loud gasp. “GWEN!” she yelled. “YOU LITTLE – ”

“Whoops!” Gwen giggled. “My bad!”

“Find the key!” Duncan instructed, and Heather took a deep breath in before plunging herself back into the water. She scrambled to look for the right key.

CONF HEATHER: First of all, that was the most lame ass riddle I have ever heard. But I did manage to catch ‘my brother and I’ so I immediately start thinking one of the twins.

Heather snatched the Mickey key, and she climbed out of the tank. Cody continued to fail to hit Jo’s target and she groaned. “I’m trying!” Cody insisted, as he missed for the seventh time.

B grabbed another ball and hit the target on his first try. Cody looked on in shock, and then B just shrugged when Cody looked at him. Jo grabbed the Jay key, and hopped out of the tank.

Heather was first to reach the treasure chest, and she quickly unlocked it, then grabbed the bag of puzzle pieces as well. Jo attempted to unlock the chest, but it wouldn’t work. “Damn it!” she yelled, as she ran back to the tank. “Wrong key!” she yelled as she settled back onto her seat.

“SOMEBODY THROW A DAMN BALL!” she roared, and B hastily launched another ball at the target. Jo was plunged back into the tank, and grabbed the Mickey key.

“Wait, which one is Mickey?” Heather asked her team, as she attempted to assemble the puzzle.

“I think he’s the one with the hat,” Scott suggested.

“It’s not a hat,” Harold corrected him.

Jo finally got to her chest drippping wet, and she unlocked her chest and eventually opened up her bag of puzzle pieces. “Jo, we’re losing!” Zoey said.

“Do you think I don’t know that?” Jo exclaimed. “Shut your yappers before I shut it FOR you!” she began to slide puzzle pieces around randomly to try to find the bigger picture. “Damn it, which one is Mickey again?”

“If you lose this for us, you BET that we WILL light you on fire tonight,” Josee growled. The others stared at her after her comment, and then Josee corrected herself, “Then vote you off.”

“CHRIS!” Heather called, and Chris instantly came over to her. Heather showed him her finished puzzle.

“That is CORRECT!” Chris announced, which caused Jo to groan and kick her puzzle. Chris continued, “Heather wins the first round for the Grim Cores!”

“Yesss!” Heather grinned, then blew a kiss at Jo, who growled. She walked towards Alejandro, who had a calm, subtle and gentle smile on his face.

“Marvellous job, mamacita,” she smiled.

“I know, you don’t have to tell me,” Heather smirked, as she walked past him. Alejandro began to chuckle softly, as Heather strolled past him.

“I’ve missed you,” Alejandro said to Heather softly.

“I haven’t,” Heather shrugged, then waved goodbye before walking away.

CONF ALEJANDRO: The people in my old team were frankly just sociopaths. It’s refreshing to be reunited with people I actually know like Heather! Boy, is it going to be fun to be back with her again!

CONF HEATHER: Alejandro thinks he’s the MASTERMIND of every single season that he’s on! Well, except for that All Stars season with Mal and his bull. We’ll see who the REAL mastermind is when I have him wrapped around my finger!

“You’re going home,” Josee hissed at Jo as she returned to her team. “You’re RISKING our lives in this game – do you know how incredibly TERRIBLE that is?!”

“Possibly almost as terrible as your face,” Jo strolled off, leaving Josee speechless.

CONF KATIE: She was shook.

CONF JOSEE: What I absolutely hate about this game is that I am leaving my fate up to these random losers! They could easily just lose a challenge and then BAM – I am out of here! Do you not know why I joined the Ridonculous Race? It is because I relied on my physical abilities to perform well in challenges! In here, I have to trust a bunch of imbeciles to do my work for me!

B stepped up to do the second round, but Josee growled and shoved him away. “I am not risking us losing another round after Jo’s hideous performance in the first,” Josee hissed, and Jo rolled her eyes. “I am taking this round.”

Harold and Josee settled themselves on each of their dunk tanks. “Don’t let Cody throw again!” Josee yelled at her team, and Cody frowned gloomily. B pat him on the back to comfort him.

Chris announced the riddle, “Another victim of the double, an asylum is my only true home. Boy, was I a lot of trouble, it would be dangerous to keep me on this island and let me roam.”

Chris blew the whistle, and B launched a ball at Josee’s target. She instantly fell into the tank.

“Yeah, well, if she does win this round, it’s because she got the advantage!” Jo tried to say. “I lost because I had CODY trying to dunk me!”

“Hey!” Cody exclaimed.

Duncan threw a ball at Harold’s target, and he instantly fell into the tank as well. “Gosh, I just wish I could throw one at his face too,” Duncan snickered.

Josee was the first to come out of the tank with an Izzy key soaking wet. She hastily walked towards the treasure chest where she unlocked the chest hurriedly and took out the bag of puzzle pieces.

Harold then came out of his tank as well with an Izzy key and eventually got working on his puzzle as well. Jo snorted. “Yeah, we’ll see how good she is with puzzles!” Jo said about Josee to her team. “She might be good at TALKING but I’m sure she doesn’t have enough brains to – ”

“DONE!” Josee announced, and Chris came over to examine her puzzle.

“Josee is CORRECT!” Chris announced. “The Grim Cores get their first point! We’re tied now!”

“Pffft,” Jo rolled her eyes. “Beginner’s luck.”

Josee high-fived Jacques pridefully, as she returned to her team. Jacques tossed her a towel, and Josee quickly wrapped it around herself before blowing a kiss to Jo.


“We’re tied!” Jasmine gasped. “Now they could easily win by just one point!”

“Thanks, Captain Obvious,” Scott smiled.

“Screw it!” Courtney exclaimed, shoving B and Cody away. “I’m taking this round! I – AM – TA – KING – THIS – ROUND! I’m not going to risk my safety!”

“Do you mean OUR safety?” Cody asked.

“No!” Courtney exclaimed, accidentally smacking B in the face.

CONF B: *opens mouth to speak* *frowns* *speechless*

Courtney and Jasmine both settled down on the seats in their own separate dunk tanks. Chris announced the riddle, “Going to winner to first loser is a hard pill to swallow, why Zoey why – I thought our friendship was our motto.”

“What?” Courtney raised her eyebrow, before suddenly B smashed a ball at the target which instantly dunked Courtney into the tank even though she was completely unprepared.

CONF B: *shrugs while smiling*

Scott hurled a ball at Jasmine’s target but missedon his first try. “Come on, Scott!” Jasmine cheered loudly, clapping. “You can do this! Let’s do this!”

“Can you shut up for like two seconds,” Scott said, before hurling another ball at Jasmine’s target but this time actually hitting it which dunked Jasmine into the water tank instantly.

Courtney resurfaced out of the tank with a Cameron key, and then hurriedly raced towards the treasure chest. Her teammates nervously watched her; Josee had a furious look on her face as she was forced to trust Courtney for winning the challenge for the whole team.

Jasmine then resurfaced with a Mike key, and then hastily zipped towards the treasure chest. Courtney jammed her key into her treasure chest but it wouldn’t open. She smacked the side of the treasure chest. “Damn it!” she yelled. “WHY WON’T YOU OPEN?!”

Josee glared at the former CIT, and then started talking very calmly with a gentle tone, “Maybe it’s because,” and then instantly raised the tone of her voice and a look of fury flushed upon her face, “YOU GOT THE WRONG KEY!!!”

Courtney panicked, and then ran back to the dunk tank. “It’s okay, Courtney,” she said to herself softly as she ran to her seat in the dunk tank. “It’s going to be fine, it’s going to be – ”

B slammed a ball at the target, dunking Courtney instantly for the second time while she was unprepared as well. Courtney plunged into the water; her muffled screams echoing through the water. Her teammates watched in confusion as a trail of bubbles exited her mouth.

“Huh,” Jo said.

Jasmine began to work on her puzzle steadily, with the rest of her team cheering for her in the background. She moved puzzle pieces here and there but she couldn’t really get the picture.

CONF JASMINE: I’m an outdoor-sy type of girl, okay? You can ask me to swim aa kilometer and I’ll do it in a matter of seconds. You can ask me to handle a boomerang, and I’ll whip it like a professional! But puzzles? NO.

Jasmine continued to try to put together the puzzle.

CONF JASMINE: Didn’t stop me from trying though!

The water from her hair slowly turned into beads of sweat coming from all the stress and pressure on her back. Courtney finally returned with the Mike key, then unlocked the treasure chest. She began working on her puzzles too, and immediately had a boost of confidence as she, herself, knew that she was excellent with puzzles.

“I was a CIT!” she would say if she wasn’t in a hurry and soaking wet.

“DONE!” Courtney announced; Jasmine saying the same thing only a second after her. The two girls exchanged shocked and nervous looks.

The camera switched to Scott who had beads of sweat all over his pale peachy face. “I don’t why I’m suddenly the nervous one,” he said softly, then chuckled lightly and nervously. Heather raised her eyebrow as she glanced at him.

Chris came to Courtney first, then examined her puzzle carefully and slowly. Courtney began to grow impatient, and yelled, “COME ON!”, and Chris waved her off.

“Courtney is INCORRECT,” Chris announced, and Courtney gasped in shock.

“WHAT?!” Courtney roared, then looked back at her puzzle. “I swear I had all the right pieces! Everything here! Everything there! How could that – ”, she gasped loudly as she spotted one piece that was upside down, and she flipped the whole table.

“Oof,” Duncan shook his head.

Chris walked to Jasmine, as she nervously waited for the results that would come out of Chris’ mouth verbally. Chris announced, “Jasmine is CORRECT! The Grim Cores WIN immunity!”

The Grim Cores instantly erupted into a celebration. Jasmine ran over to them and joined them, as they all did a group hug, which Heather quickly weaseled out of. “Yeah, no,” Heather shook her head.

“Fatal Flames,” Chris began, as a furious Courtney began to take deep breaths in and out, “you will be heading to the Campfire Trial where one of you WILL go home and be voted out of this game.”

CONF COURTNEY: I can’t believe I just did that! NOW I’M IN DANGER! The whole team is probably really upset with me now! This is the worst thing that could EVER happen!

The campers returned to camp after the challenge. In the girls’ cabin, Josee was headed for the shower, but Courtney was heading there too. The two exchanged furious glares, which caused Katie who was also in the cabin to quickly hop away to avoid the incoming drama.

“I was here FIRST!” Courtney growled.

“No you WEREN’T!” Josee growled back with a sense of rage in her eyes. “You cost us the challenge today! If you think I’m actually going to let you take a shower before me, you are out of your damn mind!”

“It’s not my fault we lost!”

“YES it is!” Josee roared, shoving Courtney away. “If you didn’t insist on going on that last round, we still could’ve won the damn challenge! You are going HOME tonight – do you understand?!”

CONF JOSEE: The whole game is wrapped around my finger; that is just a fact. Courtney will never get away with costing us that challenge – she put my life in this game in danger! I will not allow that to just ‘slip’! She will pay!

Courtney stomped out of the cabin. Katie walked over towards her to attempt to comfort her, but Courtney pushed her away. Katie frowned, and then walked back into the cabin.

CONF KATIE: It is so hard to make friends now that Sadie is gone! I feel like everyone just hates me! It is SOOOO rude! Like, why can’t people just be nice aorund here?

Courtney marched to the dock, where she attempted to dry out her hair. All of a sudden, Scott popped up behind her with a charming smile. Courtney gasped in shock at the sight of Scott.

“What do you want?” Courtney hissed.

“How about you and I go on a little picnic date today?” Scott offered. “It’ll be the best thing ever! There’ll be flowers! Food! The nature! Food! Have I mentioned food?”

“Scott, I have told you this a countless number of times,” Courtney glared at the farm boy. “I will NEVER date you. EVER. When will you understand that?”

Courtney attempted to march off, but Scott persisted, “Come on, Courtney! Just give me a chance! It’ll be SO AWESOME! Just wait and see! And, Chris said the merge might be coming soon and you need an ally! W-Why not me?”

Courtney sighed, then turned around to face Scott. “Fine,” she said, and Scott bursted into a happy celebration. “I’ll see you later,” she said weakly. “I guess.”

CONF SCOTT: BOO-YAH! This farm boy just SCORED!

Cody, Zoey and B were hanging out near the cabins. Cody and Zoey were lying in a hammock together, while just staring up at the sky while B was sitting on a rock writing in a journal.

“Josee said that she was going to vote Courtney out,” Zoey said to the two of them. “Did you hear? What are we going to do? Do you guys want Courtney out?”

B stayed silent, as usual, but had an unsure look painted on his face as he looked up from his journal. Cody shrugged. “I mean, yeah, she’s quite annoying,” Cody said.

“But don’t you think Josee and Jacques are just so mean?” Zoey said. “They’re so rude and arrogant.”

“So is Courtney?” Cody added.

“I say we vote out one of the Ice Dancers,” Zoey suggested. “Because, in my opinion, Courtney can be a mean girl sometimes, but Josee and Jacques are complete sociopaths.”

“D-Did you see Courtney flip that table?” Cody asked.

CONF ZOEY: Courtney is a friend of mine and I genuinely trust her! We had a special connection in All Stars, and our relationship this season is still okay! Meanwhile, with Josee, I don’t really know what to expect from that woman!

“Hey, Katie,” Jo smirked, as she saw Katie walk into the canteen. Jo was sitting on one of the seats, and Katie froze after seeing and hearing the jock.

“Hi?” Katie replied awkwardly, before walking over to the vending machine. “Oh, dang it, I don’t have a quarter!”

Jo immediately slid towards her and handed her a quarter. “Here you go!”

“Oh,” Katie said awkwardly, as she took the quarter from Jo’s hand. “Thanks?” she said before slipping it into the machine. A second later, a chocolate bar hopped out of the machine.

“How about you and I make an alliance, huh?” Jo offered, smiling. “Don’t you think it’d be completely awesome? The Jock and The Idiot!”

“The what?” Katie asked.

“The Jock and The Fashionista!” Jo corrected herself quickly, laughing nervously as Katie shot her a look of complete confusion.

CONF JO: I don’t really have anyone on my side, and even though Katie might be a complete IDIOT, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone on your side! Better a moron than no one, am I right? Plus, I can totally control her every move! She’s basically my minion now!

CONF KATIE: I’ve never been more confused than I am right now.

Scott was in the forest with a suit and tie and everything, as he admired the beautiful picnic that he had assembled. “PERFECT!” he said, looking at the different variations of food scattered across the picnic mat.

He then whistled as he waited. A few seconds passed and he already got bored. “I’ll just find Courtney,” he shrugged, as he wandered through the forest.

Meanwhile, Courtney was in the forest as well, but she had completely forgotten about her picnic date with Scott. In fact, she was in the forest looking for an idol. She looked through the trees, in the little streams, around the rocks but she couldn’t find a single thing.

CONF COURTNEY: I am in danger of going home! So I – NEEDED – to find that idol! That idol was the only thing that could save me from me being voted off by those filthy Ice Dancers!

She then flipped over another rock, but still no idol. She sighed, before staring up at the sky. She found herself looking up at a beehive. She squinted, then gasped at the sight of an Immunity Idol hidden in that beehive.

“UGH, CHRIS, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE EVERYTHING SO HARD?!” Courtney groaned. She began to climb the tree slowly and slowly. She tore off a tree branch, which she used to poke the beehive gently. Tired and growing impatient, she smacked the beehive with the treebranch which caused the hive to collapse on the ground. The swarm of bees began to cloud the beehive, but the idol rolled right out of it.

Courtney gasped in delight, before slowly climbing down from the tree. She picked up the Immunity Idol and admired its beauty, before slipping it into one of her pockets.

CONF COURTNEY: This is one of the most AMAZING moments of my life! Now I know that I’m going to be safe! This is AMAZING!

She tripped on a rock, and fell into the arms of a guy. The both of them fell, and she ended up kissing the guy on his lips. The kiss lasted longer than expected, and after a few more seconds, she pulled away from the kiss and gasped in horror.

“What are you doin’ there, princess?” Duncan said, as Courtney pulled away from their kiss. “Why are you suddenly falling in love with me again?”

Nearby, a heartbroken Scott watched the two and watched their kiss as well. A gloomy expression fell upon his face, as he dropped the bouquet of roses in his hands that he was planning on giving to Courtney. He trailed off absolutely heartbroken.

“I just fell!” Courtney tried to reason with Duncan. “That was not me purposely kissing you! That was not me falling in love with you! I just FELL!”

Courtney pulled back her hair, as she turned around to not face Duncan. Duncan shook his head. “Wow, I can’t believe you still have feelings for me,” Duncan chuckled.

“I DO NOT!” Courtney growled, turning to face him.

“Right, right,” Duncan laughed.

Courtney glared at him murderously, and Duncan laughed more. “I was just messin’ with you, I know you fell, okay?” Duncan said. “No need to get so worked up about it… unless you actually are still in love with me.”

“Walk away,” Courtney shook her head, pointing her finger forward. “Just. Walk away. Like now.”

CONF DUNCAN: She’s still in love with me. *chuckles*

Scott was cleaning up his picnic, when all of a sudden, the Ice Dancers strolled past him. “Hey, hey!” Josee said. “Easy, farm boy! Why would you waste such good food?”

She knelt down beside him and snapped her fingers. “Jacques, hand me that croissant.”

Jacques nodded his head, and handed Josee one of the many croissants. She took a bite out of it as Scott continued to stay silent. Josee frowned, “What’s the matter, Scotty?”

CONF JOSEE/JACQUES: (Josee) Pretending to care is one of the many abilities that I own. (Jacques) That is true. One time, in my grandmother’s funeral, she pretended to cry but when we got back home she said that she was ‘happy because that bitch dropped dead’. (Josee) Her croissants were terrible.

“I saw Courtney kiss Duncan,” Scott sighed.

CONF JOSEE/JACQUES: (Josee) With Scott all depressed, I can play into his emotions and even receive an ally from the other team! (Jacques) Our manipulative skills are OUT OF THIS WORLD! (Josee) That is a fact.

“Oh, no!” Jacques shook his head, pretending to care as well as he took a bite out of a burger. He silently celebrated the delicious taste of the burger through his facial expressions before pretending to care for Scott again. “Was this picnic originally for her?”

Scott nodded his head in silence, then both the ice dancers said dramatically and slowly, “Oh no!”, then took a loud bite from each of their croissants.

“How did it happen?” Jacques asked.

“Well, at first, I saw Courtney stuffing some old tiny statue that you know what oddly looked a lot like Chris in her pocket,” Scott began, which instantly caught Josee and Jacques’ attention, then he continued, “then after that she tripped and fell and landed on Duncan and the two of them kissed for a looong time, and it hurts more because that was originally how Courtney and I had our first kis – ”

“Slow down!” Jacques exclaimed.

“Go back to the beginning!” Josee commanded.

“You mean when I saw her falling?” Scott said.

“No!” Josee exclaimed. “I mean about the tiny statue thing you saw her put in her pocket!”

“Oh, yeah?” Scott said. “I just saw her grab it from the ground, that was all. I didn’t really get a good look, it was just some old statue, I think. Maybe… maybe a sign to represent her love for DUNCAN!”

Scott began to burst into tears, and then rose to his feet. “I’M TOO DEPRESSED TO EAT!” he bawled, before running away quickly.

Josee and Jacques still had stunned facial expressions on their faces.

“Some old STATUE that looked like CHRIS?” Jacques said, seeming completely mindblown and shocked.

“That could only mean one thing,” Josee gasped, covering her mouth with her hand in absolute shock. “Courtney has the Hidden Immunity Idol.”

“We cannot let her play that idol tonight!” Jaques gasped, shaking his head. “No no no no nooo! She could send one of us packing! One of us could be voted off!”

“We shall not let this happen!” Josee exclaimed.

A few moments later, Jo and Katie were having milkshakes in the canteen as Jo began to bark orders to Katie which Jo dubbed ‘friendly advice’, when all of a sudden, Josee and Jacques slid towards their table and instantly sat down in front of them.

“Holy cow,” Jo said in shock. “What do you want?”

“Look, I know you hate me,” Josee began, “but you have to admit I absolutely KILLED that challenge,” she began to say that pridefully, smirking and chuckling while admiring herself.

“Is this just you talking about how good you are?” Katie asked. “Because I swear to God, I just had the same session with Jo where she was bragging about her mad ‘skills’.”

Josee raised an eyebrow.

“Courtney lost us the challenge,” Jacques filled in for Josee. He continued, “while Josee won the only round for us. Us, ice dancers, are brilliant in challenges – which cannot be denied, it is just a fact – while Courtney messed everything up! We vote her off tonight!”

“Why should I?” Jo raised an eyebrow.

“Because unless you want to keep on losing challenges, she has got to be the one to go, kapeesh?” Josee hissed. Jo glared at the ice dancers for a while, before sighing.

“Yeah, whatever,” Jo rolled her eyes.

“But we have a theory that Courtney has an idol,” Jacques said.

“DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!” Josee yelled at Jacques, slapping him in the face. Katie watched in horror as the realization that she was sitting in a table with villains dawned on her. Josee continued, “We have a theory that Courtney has an idol. Scott saw her put it in one of her pockets just now. That means if we vote her off, she could easily send one of US packing with her idol.”

“So are we voting Courtney or NOT?” Jo barked.

Josee began discussing a new plan between the four of them. Her loud strategy talk turned into soft whispers after the paranoia kicked in.

“How do we even know that Courtney has an idol a hundred percent?” Katie asked.

The other three stared at her. “Why is she talking?” Josee said. “Who is this? Who are you?”

Katie’s mouth opened slightly to speak, “I – ”, but she was cut off again by Josee who continued to discuss the plan. Josee and Jacques brought up the possibility of Zoey, Courtney, Cody and B coming together to counter the four of them, but Jo immediately waved off the idea of “four losers coming together”.

Meanwhile, Zoey, B and Cody attempted to create a temporary alliance until the merge which would solidify at least one of the Ice Dancers going home that night. “I say Jacques,” Zoey suggested. “Josee’s better than him in our challenges, so she’d be more helpful.”

Cody and B nodded in agreement.

CONF ZOEY: The plan tonight is to hopefully get one of the ice dancers gone. Hopefully, Courtney will be saved tonight. All that needs to happen is just for people to stick to the plan.

The day dissolved as the night finally came, and the Fatal Flames marched to the Campfire Trial. They placed down their marshmallow torches, then took their seats.

“Courtney,” Chris began, “how was it like back at camp knowing that you had to vote someone out from this team?”

“I didn’t really care,” Courtney answered flatly, as Josee rolled her eyes. Courtney continued, “I mean, I don’t have many friends here. Josee treated me like crap after the challenge!”

“That was because you LOST the challenge!” Josee exclaimed. “We wouldn’t be sitting here if it weren’t for YOU! We wouldn't have to vote someone out if it weren’t for YOU!”

Courtney rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’m over it.”

“Cody. The last time you went to the Campfire, a huge twist came and almost screwed you over. Are you expecting any more surprises tonight?”

“Always,” Cody smiled. “You can never be sure on what’s going to happen on Total Drama. There’s no 100% chance that your plan will come together, and you’re going to get what you want. I mean, it’s Total Drama for crying out loud!”

“Katie. Speaking of surprises, are there any talk about idols back at camp?”

Katie pursed her lips. “Yeah,” she answered. “We’ve gone for like five – six eliminations without any idols, so, in my opinion, I think someone has the idol. Something might screw all of us up. I-I’m prepared for the worst,” she chuckled.

Courtney raised an eyebrow. She looked back at Josee and Jacques, who once they caught Courtney looking at them, instantly glared at her. Courtney looked back at Chris, as she began to feel the idol in her pocket.

“B. We haven’t even started voting yet and there’s already tension between you guys!”

B smiled and shrugged.

“Zoey. Do you think things are going to go your way tonight?”

“I think there’s a fifty-fifty,” Zoey answered. “I do think that there’s a good chance that things go my way tonight. But you never know.”

“Jacques. You?”

“Hopefully,” Jacques shrugged. “As long as people stick to the plan,” Courtney raised an eyebrow, then Jacques continued, “Everything is going to be fine.”

Chris nodded. “Alright, it’s time to vote. Zoey, you’re up.”

Zoey rose to her feet as she made her way to the voting booth. Jacques began whispering in Josee’s ear, and Josee pursed her lips as she closely listened to what Jacques had to say. Courtney, beginning to feel a little suspicious, whispered something to Cody. Cody replied to Courtney by shaking his head slowly.

Zoey wrote down Jacques’ name, and stared at it for a few seconds contemplating her vote, before putting it into the voting urn and making her way back to the group.

“Buh-bye, honey,” Josee said, as she showed her vote to the camera, “but you gotta go. Sorry not sorry, it’s all just part of the game.”

Katie walked to the voting booth, and began to write her vote down, but stopped before she could even finish the first letter. She began thinking, and pursed her lips as different scenarious played out in her head.

Katie returned to her seat after making her vote. Chris nodded his head. “I’ll go tally the votes,” he announced, before going away to collect the votes.

The group of campers exchanged glances. “Who did you vote for?” Courtney whispered to Zoey, and Zoey mouthed Jacques’ name. Courtney continued, “Do you know who they’re voting for?” signaling towards the ice dancers.

Zoey shrugged. “Not a hundred percent,” she whispered back. Courtney looked away from the redhead as Chris returned with the votes.

“Alright,” Chris announced. “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

There was a long silence. A few heads turned to look at Courtney, who at first kept extremely silent; the thoughts in her head began to scramble. She looked up from the ground to look at Chris, but still, no words came out of her.

“Once the votes are read, the decision is final, person voted out must leave the Campfire Trial immediately,” Chris announced, nodding his head. “I’ll read the votes. First vote.”


“Damn it,” Jacques muttered, then looked at Josee. Josee turned around to face him, and she whispered softly, “She didn’t play her idol.”

“Yeah, I know, I saw that!” he whispered loudly back, with a sense of fury in his eyes.


Jacques sighed.


Josee raised an eyebrow.


Zoey bit her lip.

“Two votes Jacques, one vote Josee, one vote Zoey.”


“That’s three votes Jacques.”

“Damn it,” Jacques shook his head.

Chris opened the vote.


Zoey looked on at the votes nervously, then took a deep breath in.


“We’re tied.”

Zoey gasped in shock.

“3 votes Jacques, 3 votes Zoey. One vote left.”

Josee and Jacques glanced at Katie. Zoey continued to just watch the votes nervously.

Chris opened the last and final vote. “Seventh person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle.”


Zoey gasped, and then frowned. She rose to her feet, as she walked to grab her marshmallow torch. Cody and B watched gloomily as Zoey placed her marshmallow torch on the ground in front of Chris.

“Zoey, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Zoey watched as Chris burnt her marshmallow, turning it coal black. Zoey frowned, turned around, and waved goodbye to her former teammates. Cody and B weakly waved back, before Zoey trailed off towards the Dock of Shame.

“Alright, head back to camp,” Chris told the remaining campers. They stood up, grabbed their torches, and began to walk back to camp.

Dear Diary
Season 1, Episode 6
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Episode 6: Dear Diary

Previously, on Total Drama: Survivor Circle! The teams had to compete in a dunk tank challenge where they not only had to complete a super hard puzzle, but dunk their own members into a water tank! Courtney ultimately lost the challenge for her team, but, it wasn’t such a bad day for her as she found an idol and ended up kissing Duncan! Scott, however, saw this and got suuuper heartbroken and accidentally let the ice dancers know about Courtney’s idol! The majority alliance, including the Ice Dancers, targeted Courtney but upon hearing about her idol, shifted the target to her closest ally Zoey – “Zoey, the Boat of Losers await you.” – fifteen people remain in this game! What will happen next? Find out next time on! Total! Drama! Survivor! CIRCLE!

“Scott!” Duncan called, as he pounded on the bathroom door inside the cabins. “SCOTT! Would you hurry up? You’re not the only one that needs to use the bathroom!”

Scott swung open the door, and murderously glared at Duncan. “Took you long enough,” Duncan rolled his eyes. “What were you doing in there? Baking cupcakes for Chris?”

Scott continued to just glare at Duncan fiercely.

“Now would you move?” Duncan barked. “You’re not the only one with a dick.”

“But clearly, you’re the only dick here,” Scott said, maintaining his cold glare, before walking away from Duncan. Duncan looked a bit stunned and shocked, but he rolled his eyes once Scott walked off, muttering, “Whatever.”

CONF DUNCAN: Scott is acting like such a weiner. He’s been shooting me glares all day, like, what’s his problem? It’s like he peed his diapers or something.

CONF SCOTT: I caught Duncan smooching MY woman! So, I am trying to let both of them know that I will be giving the cold shoulder to BOTH of them!

Scott was walking towards the canteen, and Courtney was too. Scott continued to glare coldly at the former CIT. Courtney, however, did not notice, and she continued to just walk in a straight line towards the canteen. Scott then made a loud, “HMPH!”, and crossed his arms before looking away from Courtney.

“Can I help you?” Courtney raised her eyebrow.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Scott immediately then marched towards the canteen hastily, leaving Courtney in confusion behind him as she froze in her spot.

CONF COURTNEY: What is the matter with him? He’s acting like such a fool, not like he wasn’t already a fool - *breaks into laughter* - whatever, it’s just Scott.

Courtney entered the canteen, to see: Josee, Jacques and Jo on one table, Katie and B on another, and Heather, Alejandro and Scott sitting on another table.

“There she comes,” Josee whispered to the people in her table. She then rolled her eyes as she stated, “The girl with the hidden immunity idol.”

“Okay, not to be offensive or anything,” Jo began, “but how do we actually know she even HAS the idol? We haven’t actually seen her hold it or something.”

“But Scott saw her hold it,” Jacques protested, as Courtney took a seat next to Katie and B. “He described it as a ‘Chris-like’ statue – what else could it be, hello?”

“Scott had a feud with a shark in our season,” Jo rolled her eyes. “How could you just instantly believe something that came out of his mouth? Maybe he just imagined it.”

“But she KNEW she was in danger the other night,” Josee whispered loudly. “How come she didn’t use her idol? That’s so weird.”

“Maybe because she doesn’t HAVE an idol?” Jo suggested, then groaned and rolled her eyes. “You can’t just believe what SCOTT says.”

“Or maybe she had an INSECT that she wasn’t going home the other night?” Jacques suggested, as the two girls looked at him in confusion. Jacques continued, “Maybe she had an insect that we were voting out her number one ally instead because we already knew she had an idol?”

“Insect?” Josee raised an eyebrow. Jacques nodded.

“An insect told her she wasn’t going home?” Jo asked in confusion. “What? Who do you think she is – Dawn?”

“No! Insect!” Jacques insisted, smacking the table with his fists. “Do you not know the English language? Do you know? Insect – like the gut feeling you have?”

“Do you mean instinct?” Jo said.

Jacques gasped. “Ohhhhh.”

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Courtney asked B and Katie, signaling towards the table with Ice Dancers and Jo, as Courtney took a seat with her tray of food.

Katie shrugged. “Probably unicorns!”

CONF COURTNEY: The reason why I didn’t play my idol last night was because I had a feeling that they were going to vote someone else out like Zoey or Cody, which actually turned out to be true. What can I say? I am a genius!

Cody lazily took a seat next to Courtney, as he rubbed his eyes sleepily. The dark circles under his eyes were extremely noticeable. “Oh my gosh, what happened to your eyes?” Katie gasped. “Did you apply too much eyeliner? Because sometimes, that happens to me.”

“Just didn’t get enough sleep,” Cody yawned.

CONF CODY: I had a pretty rough night. The whole night, I was just so stressed after that last vote! Because, it’s clear that now I’m in the bottom and in the minority of my team! T-This is crazy!

CONF COURTNEY: Zoey going home was just meh to be honest. Everyone acts like it’s a big deal, and like it’s supposed to be a big deal for ME, but I really don’t care. As long as it isn’t me, I really don’t care.

The camera switched to Jo, Josee and Jacques. “Here’s what I think we should do,” Josee began telling Jacques and Jo, “we have to assemble a majority alliance that could actually make an impact in the merge.”

“What?” Jo said.

“Us three and Katie is NOT good enough,” Josee explained in a harsh tone to the both of them. “There might be like what ten, eleven people in the merge? We need a MAJORITY. We need a six or a five.”

“What are you saying?” Jo asked.

“Us three, Courtney and Cody come together to become the majority alliance,” Josee grinned sinisterly. Jo and Jacques began questioning her as she included Courtney in her alliance plan and Josee continued, “Shut up!” she hissed when Jo and Jacques began complaining. The ice dancer continued, “We just need Courtney to trust us because she has people like Scott on the other side who she can control. Then, once we get far enough in the merge, we CUT her loose!”

“Still confused, but whatever,” Jo said, before drinking her bottle of water. She swallowed, then looked at Josee, “What about Katie though? She’s as dumb as a tin can, we can easily manipulate her.”

“She sucks at challenges,” Josee groaned, rolling her eyes. “If we go to the Campfire again, she needs to go. ASAP. And B, well, he’s excellent at challenges, but he’s also a strategical threat which is why them two,” she points subtly at B and Katie behind them, “needs to go.”

CeCe, Jasmine and Gwen walked into the canteen. Gwen began yawning as she made her way in. The three girls sat down on a separate table together.

“Do you think,” Jasmine said softly, then signaled at the table behind them, Scott, Heather and Alejandro, “Do you think those three are working together?”

Gwen shrugged, as she took a huge bite from a pickle. “Anything’s possible,” the goth answered. “Plus, they’re all villains,” she joked, then snorted.

CONF CECE: Jasmine, Alejandro and Harold are the only people from the old Grim Cores team that are still in this team. My history with Alejandro is bleh, and my relationship with Harold is meh, so really, the only person that I feel that I can trust is Jasmine right now. Hopefully, Gwen will be an ally to me too!

“Watch, watch,” Gwen began chuckling, before launching a spoon of old rotten porridge at the top of Heather’s head. Heather gasped in shock, and she immediately rose to her feet.

“Do you want to fight?” Heather exclaimed, making her way towards Gwen’s table. “Because if you want to duke it out, we can DUKE it out right here, right now!”

“Chill, it’s just a joke,” Gwen laughed.

“You ruining my hair is NOT a joke!” Heather exclaimed. “UGH!” before she stomped out of the canteen furiously. Alejandro glared at the goth, before he also walked towards her.

“What kind of sick person would do such a thing?” Alejandro hissed at Gwen, and Gwen glared back at him.

“What kind of sick person would leave Bridgette stuck to a pole?” Gwen fired back, as she stood up to match his level.

Alejandro growled.

CONF ALEJANDRO: Here’s where I think the lines in the sand in my team are: me, Heather, Scott on one side. Probably Harold too because I can make him do whatever I want. Then, CeCe, Jasmine and Gwen on the other side. Duncan’s lying in the middle somewhere, hopefully in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So, I hold all the power in my team!

The campers were brought out to the center of the forest. “Welcome to your next immunity challenge!” Chris announced with the same old sinister grin on his face. “This challenge will consist of a huge water balloon fight! But, instead of water, it will be paint inside the balloons! The Fatal Flames will launch red paint balloons while the Grim Cores will launch blue ones! If you are hit with paint, you are eliminated from the challenge! Last person standing from their team wins the challenge for their team!

“Grim Cores, your home base with your crate of paint balloons is to my right! Flames, your base is to my left! On your marks! Get set! GO!”

The teams immediately darted to their separate crates. Alejandro halted to a stop when he was the first one to reach his team’s crate. He threw it open, and instantly grabbed several paint balloons out of the crate.

CONF HEATHER: Okay, so first, I get PORRIDGE in my hair, and then NOW, I’m going to get PAINT in my hair?! Oh, HELL, no. You BET I’m winning this challenge.

Heather launched a paint balloon fiercely at Cody, who was racing towards the Flames’ home base. Cody collapsed on the ground, as the red paint splashed across his face.

“INCOMING!” Gwen yelled, warning her team, as B fired a wave of paint balloons towards them. Everyone but Scott ducked out of the way, leaving him splattered in blue paint.

“And just like that Cody and Scott are the first ones out!” Chris announced through a speaker.

Scott licked his blue finger, and smiled. “Delicious!”

Meanwhile elsewhere, Courtney was leading Katie and B through the forest carefully. She was carrying three paint balloons in her hand. Katie had one, and B had two. Katie was carrying a tree branch in her hands as well.

“I have to ask,” Courtney glared at Katie, “why are you carrying a tree branch?”

“For defense!” Katie answered gleefully with a radiant smile. She then pretended to be a warrior, and she swung her branch around while making loud sound effects.

“We have to be extremely silent,” Courtney told the other two. “Because if we even make one single sound,” she began, before Harold out of nowhere jumped up and fired paint balloons at the three of them. Katie shrieked, as the balloons headed her way, but while she was panicking, she swung her tree branch around which sent the wave of paint balloons swinging at a tree instead.

Katie gasped in shock, and then squealed in excitement once she realized what she had done.

CONF HAROLD: That was so weird. I usually never miss my targets. I’m a professional water balloon thrower and attacker and defenser and hitter and blocker and swinger and – *static*

Harold then ran away, bumping into Jasmine. “Oof!” Jasmine gasped, when the two of them collided. “I almost dropped my balloon there! Wouldn’t want that happening, eh?”

Harold blinked. “I only speak English,” he said, regarding Jasmine’s Australian accent.

B examined the location, and he closed one eye to measure the throwing range. Courtney saw this and looked utterly confused. “What are you doing?”

“Just let him do this MAGIC!” Katie squealed excitedly. She started loudly clapping then.

B threw his paint balloon at a tree branch that was hanging right above Jasmine and Harold. The balloon slid through the branch, allowing the paint to splatter right under it which caused Jasmine and Harold to be ambushed by the red paint.

CONF HAROLD: Talk about a blindside.

“Whooo!” Katie cheered, as she high-fived B.

CeCe and Gwen were stalking through the forest. “You see anyone?” Gwen asked. CeCe looked around carefully, observing the environment around them, then shook her head silently.

“Wait a sec,” Gwen held her ear out to the air.

“Wha - ?”

“Just listen,” Gwen shushed CeCe. CeCe grew silent, and the two of them listened closely. They could hear Jo barking out a bunch of orders.

“Then we go LEFT!” Jo commanded Jacques and Josee. “Understood?”

“Wait,” Jacques said. “Can you explain that one last part again?”

“Which part?” Jo sighed.

“Everything,” Jacques said.

“Look, we don’t need things to be EXPLAINED to us,” Josee rolled her eyes. “It’s not like we’re a bunch of idiots, okay? We know how to shut up and how to see. Now, if you dimwits don’t mind, I’ll be on my way.”

“What?!” Jo exclaimed. “You didn’t even get to hear the final part! It’s where I assassinate Heather!”

Josee and Jacques walked away from Jo, and she rolled her eyes. “Whatever,” she groaned. “Their loss.” She walked off too. While Josee and Jacques were walking, they heard a rustle in the bushes.

“Did you hear that?” Josee asked. Jacques nodded.

“Be very careful,” Josee whispered, when all of a sudden, CeCe and Gwen sprang up from the bushes and fired their paint balloons at the two of them. The ice dancers, however, also fired their balloons at the two of them. Jacques shrieked as he was splattered by blue paint, while Josee dodged the attack.

Gwen got splattered by red paint, while CeCe dodged the attack. Josee fleed the scene, while Jacques continued to pout around at the sight of his hair and outfit being ruined. “This is a disaster!” he whined.

“Whatever, I had a good run,” Gwen chuckled, before high-fiving CeCe. “Go get ‘em, soldier,” she smiled, as she walked off covered in paint.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Courtney, B and Katie continued to walk together as they carefully looked out for their opponents. “We have to be EXTREMELY silent,” Courtney told them.

“Then you might try shutting up,” Katie whispered. Courtney glared at her, and she just shrugged. “What? That’s true though.”

“Don’t mess with the queen, peasants!” Heather yelled from behind, as she fired a paint balloon at the three. However, the three of them all ducked, leading the balloon to hit a tree.

“UGH!” Heather groaned, before firing another one at B, but he dodged it and fired a paint balloon at Heather. Heather gasped, then ducked, then sprang back up.

“Haha! You missed me!” Heather exclaimed, before Katie easily threw a paint balloon at the queen bee’s face. Heather had her mouth open, and some of the paint had accidentally enter her mouth. She began choking on the red paint, when suddenly, Katie threw another paint balloon at her.

Katie shrugged. “Sorry. Just had to.”

“Heather, Jacques and Gwen are out!” Chris announced through the speaker. Heather then passed out on the ground. Chris continued, “And Heather will be going IN to a hospital soon!”

“Oh em gee, I love hospitals!” Katie squealed, before tripping on a rock and bumping into Courtney. Courtney gasped, and she was bumped into a tree where her paint balloons splattered against her stomach.

“And Courtney is out as well!” Chris announced.

Courtney growled at Katie. “Great! Cause you’re going to a hospital soon YOU FILTHY [CENSORED]!” she went off at Katie. More swear words continued to loudly exit her mouth, as she continued to go off at her. Katie watched Courtney in fear, as B covered her ears with his hands.

CONF KATIE: Courtney can be really scary.

CONF COURTNEY: Maybe Josee was right! Katie is an IDIOT! The next time we go to the Campfire, her ass is going HOME!

CONF B: *giggling*

Chris narrated the challenge through the speakers, “There are still FOUR Fatal Flames standing: B, Katie, Josee and Jo while there are only THREE Grim Cores left: CeCe, Duncan and Alejandro.”

CeCe wandered through the forest alone until all of a sudden, Duncan sprang up in front of her. CeCe screamed, at first thinking he was the enemy, but Duncan began snickering.

“Relax!” he laughed. “It’s just me!”

“Does that mean I can hit you with a balloon then?” CeCe glared at him.

“I was just testing you!” Duncan insisted. “I was testing whether you’d attack if an opponent was to come up and shock you all of a sudden. Clearly, you failed because I don’t see any paint on me.”

“You want to see paint on your face?” CeCe asked, raising her arm to throw her balloon.

“Easy, eeeasy,” Duncan said.

CONF DUNCAN: CeCe’s a pretty cool girl! Having an ally like her wouldn’t hurt.

“Okay, let’s look out for the other team,” Duncan told CeCe, and she nodded silently. The two of them walked slowly through the forest while their eyes moved everywhere to search for an enemy.

All of a sudden, Katie could be heard shrieking. CeCe gasped. “That’s Katie’s voice,” she said, and the two of them immediately ran towards where they heard the shriek. Katie was seen lying on the ground with a spider on her face. B was next to her and upon seeing CeCe and B approaching them, B immediately went into hiding.

CeCe and Duncan arrived, and Duncan couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Katie on the ground with a spider on her face. “Alrighty, then,” Duncan said as he prepared his paint balloon. “Might as well put you out of your misery!”

He prepared to launch a paint balloon at Katie, but B came out of the bushes and threw one at Duncan first. Duncan was ambushed in the face, and he accidentally dropped his paint balloon on Katie which eliminated both of them.

CeCe was startled at the sight of B but she prepared to throw her paint balloon. B slowly came out of the bushes with a paint balloon of his own in his hand as well.

CONF CECE: It was like one of those cowboy fights and the two cowboys would just circle around holding their guns and all that. It was pretty cool. *shrugs*

When the two of them prepared to throw each of their balloons, Josee suddenly appeared next to CeCe and held a paint balloon next to her head, and then Alejandro appeared next to B and held his paint balloon next to his head.

“If you strike, I strike,” Josee said in a low and raspy voice.

CONF CECE: Now, it was REALLY like one of those cowboy movies!

“Alejandro,” CeCe said, “this is like the first time we’re on the same side.”

“CeCe, we’ve been on the same team for the whole game,” Alejandro replied.

“Oh, you get what I mean!” CeCe shook her head, before suddenly turning around and smacking Josee in the cheek with her paint balloon. Josee was overwhelmed as the blue paint splattered across her face. B saw this as a time to strike, but also knowing Alejandro was about to strike, B ducked. Alejandro threw the paint balloon, not knowing B was about to duck, which let the balloon hit CeCe all over her chest.

“CeCe and Josee are out!” Chris announced.

“Damn it, Alejandro!” CeCe exclaimed, and Alejandro simply just shrugged.

“Did you forget about me?” Jo yelled, as she jumped down from a tree. Alejandro’s eyes popped open in shock, as B and Jo both turned towards him and slammed their paint balloons at him.

“Woo-hoo!” Jo cheered, as Alejandro fell down after the two balloons hit him. She high-fived B, and then made another loud “woo-hoo”. “BOOM! Josee! Look who won the challenge NOOOW?”, regarding the last challenge where Josee blamed Jo for losing the first half of the challenge.

Josee folded her arms as she looked Jo in the eyes. “B did.”

Jo’s eyes melted into a stone cold glare as she said to Josee, “I swear to God, I will – ”

“And the Fatal Flames win immunity!” Chris announced. “Sending the Grim Cores to the Campfire Trial where they will have to vote out one of their own!”

CONF ALEJANDRO: So, our team loses ANOTHER challenge! Now, I need to start thinking critically with my brain and not with my heart who wants to peel off CeCe’s head.

“Well, that was a complete fail,” Heather groaned, as she made her way into the cabin with her bags. Since she was a new Grim Core, she had to move all her stuff in. She settled her bags on a bed on the top.

“Um, actually,” Gwen said, as she walked in. “That’s my bed.”

Heather shook her head. “No it’s not.”

“Yes, it is, actually,” Gwen walked towards the bed, and then lifted the pillow on the bed revealing a diary. “You see? That’s my diary.”

Gwen glared at the Queen Bee. “Now would you move? I want to get some quality sleep.”

“That’s your diary?” Heather raised an eyebrow, and then her eyes shifted around the room. She grinned. “Whoops! My bad! Didn’t know it was taken!”

CONF HEATHER: All I was trying to do was to scare her into giving me her bed, but now that I know where her DIARY is! Ha! That changes EVERYTHING! This’ll show her not to mess with me!

CONF GWEN: She managed to find my diary back in season one. If you think I’m going to let her just know where my diary is NOW, you must be out of your damn mind. I am not letting that snake wrap her filthy hands around MY diary.

“Would you ladies like some fresh beverages?” Harold said as he approached CeCe and Jasmine by the dock with a bottle of water. The girls looked back at him, and nodded their heads.

“Sure!” Jasmine smiled, as she took the bottle into her hands.

Harold then looked at CeCe. “I only had one.”

“O-kay then,” CeCe said as she looked away from Harold and back at the lake.

“So,” Harold said, as he took off his shirt. “What are you two lovely ladies doing here alone?”

“We were planning on going swimming,” Jasmine shrugged, “until we found out that Izzy had actually peed here before. So, we’re just hanging out here, you know?”

Harold attempted to take a seat next to CeCe, but he ended up slipping and falling into the water. The girls gasped and began giggling. Once Harold resurfaced, Jasmine pulled him up with a friendly smile.

Harold admired Jasmine’s eyes, as she pulled him up from the water.

CONF HAROLD: I think I have a thing for women who are… large.

CeCe left to go get a snack, leaving only Jasmine and Harold left on the dock. Harold continued to attempt to flirt with the Australian, completely forgetting that she was already in a relationship with Shawn.

“And then, I punched the hell out of him,” Harold boasted to Jasmine, attempting to impress her.

Jasmine nodded slowly. “Sure thing.”

Off elsewhere in the canteen, Duncan and Scott bumped into one another. Scott growled viciously at the punk. “Don’t you DARE to come even near me!” Scott hissed, and Duncan rolled his eyes.

“Oh, wow, I’m so afraid of you,” Duncan said sarcastically, and Scott shoved him out of the way.

Duncan glared at the farm boy. “Did you just shove me?”

“Yeah, you got a problem with it?” Scott fired back, and Duncan shoved him against the vending machine which caused a bunch of chocolate bars to come pouring out of the machine. Duncan chuckled, and then picked up a few of the chocolate bars.

“Thanks, dumbass,” Duncan laughed, before walking away slowly. Scott growled, and then jumped at Duncan. Duncan was caught offguard, and the two boys erupted into a fight. CeCe, who was just entering the canteen, spotted this and gasped before running over to them and trying to stop the two from fighting.

CeCe came in between the two, and pulled them apart. The two boys attempted to jump at each other again, but CeCe glared murderously at the both of them which scared them enough for them to grow silent.

“We are supposed to be a TEAM,” CeCe said, before putting her arms down. “Now tell me, why are you fighting?”

CONF CECE: You know what, I can actually be a really good mom! And a scary one!

“I don’t know! The farm boy’s just on his period or something!” Duncan exclaimed. “He suddenly started fighting with me for no reason!”

“I have my reasons!” Scott exclaimed.

“And what are they?” CeCe asked.

Scott sighed, and then glared at Duncan. “I saw him smooching Courtney in the forest.”

CeCe gasped loudly and dramatically. “Oh my God, we have soap opera potential.”

“I’m serious!” Scott exclaimed. “I planned a whole picnic for Courtney and I in the forest but when I went off to look for Courtney, I saw her and Duncan KISSING!”

“Hey! It’s not my fault the girl’s in love with me!” Duncan protested, before Scott growled and shoved against him and exited the canteen.

Duncan rolled his eyes. “What a dweeb.”

“Do you kiss a different girl every season?” CeCe asked him, raising her eyebrow.

“Why? You jealous?” Duncan joked, laughing. “You want a piece of thiiis, do you?”

“I want you to have a piece of THIS,” CeCe said, before slapping him on the face. “Goodbye now.” She marched out of the canteen, while Duncan still grinned at her leaving.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ cabin, Heather found Gwen’s diary once again, and instead of reading it, she began writing in it. There was a knock on the door, and Heather gasped in shock, and hurriedly hid the diary behind her. Then, the door swung slowly open, and Alejandro’s head popped in.

“Oh my God, what are you doing here?” Heather glared at him. “You’re not supposed to be here!”

“That’s why I knocked,” Alejandro smiled, before making his way in. “What are you holding that you don’t want me to see?”

Heather gasped. “Um, nothing!”

Alejandro raised an eyebrow, and Heather groaned. “Ugh, fine, I’ll show you,” she revealed the diary, and Alejandro laughed, asking if that was her diary and Heather instantly denied it. “Are you kidding me? I would never be so weak to have to write out all my ‘feelings’ in a dumb book! No, this is Gwen’s! And I plan on exposing it to the whole team!”

“Let me see,” Alejandro said, grabbing the diary to read it. The two read it together, and Alejandro gasped. “Oh, wow, mamacita. I cannot believe Gwen has such a cruel heart.”

“Oh, no, she didn’t write that,” Heather smirked, before slapping the diary shut. “I did. And I’m going to make it seem like SHE did!”

Alejandro laughed. “That is a marvellous plan.”

“I know!” Heather grinned. “But you need to go before one of the girls come back and beat the hell out of you. And maybe, that girl is going to be me so. Get. Out.”

Later on, Heather sneakily brought the diary outside while Gwen, Jasmine and Harold were still hanging around the dock. She dropped the diary on the ground, and then immediately ran back to the cabin. To make it seem less suspicious, she pretended to be sleeping so when people found the diary, it would seem like she had nothing to do with it.

Gwen, Jasmine and Harold returned from the dock. Harold was the only one that was wet, as he was the only one that went into the water. Gwen and Harold returned to their separate cabins, while Jasmine was the last one to return. She stumbled upon the diary on the ground, and she picked it up in curiosity.

She read through it slowly to figure out what exactly was the book. When she realized it was a diary, she stopped reading it as she didn’t want to destroy anyone else’s privacy, but she was shocked to read in the diary that the person who wrote on it wanted her out.

CONF JASMINE: *shows diary to camera* It says, “Jasmine is an ugly lying brat. I’m pretending to be her friend for now because I need allies, but to be honest, she looks like an ogre, she smells like the sewer, and I can’t wait for that ugly rat to be voted out.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? And then, I flip it to the front page, and it says that it’s GWEN’S diary! She’s been lying to me this whole TIME?!

Jasmine continued to read it with an open jaw in shock. Harold made his way out of his cabin and when he saw Jasmine’s facial expression, he ran over to see what all the fuss was about.

“Does it say anything bad about me?” Harold asked, and Jasmine handed him the diary. He read through it, and he gasped in shock. “ ‘Harold is an ugly geek, his stench is even worse than his fashion sense and personality combined! He is such a loser, he’s totally pathetic, and him and Leshawna are the worst couple in Total Drama history – they’re both hideously ugly, and they both smell like rotten bananas! Good thing I’m voting him off tonight.’ WHAT? I didn’t know Gwen was such a mean person!”

CONF HAROLD: You can call me a geek, you can call me ugly, you can say I smell bad, but don’t you dare say anything about my Leshawna!

Gwen was folding her clothes, when she heard Heather snoring all of a sudden. Gwen rolled her eyes. “Wow, I didn’t know the Queen Bee was a snorer,” she muttered to herself.

Heather then ‘woke up’, and began yawning. “Oh my God, what time is it?” she groaned. She looked around, and then saw Gwen. “Where all the others?”

Outside the cabin, Duncan, Jo, Courtney, and Scott crowded around Jasmine and Harold were holding the diary. “She called Jo a pathetic ass who’s in love with Brick,” Harold read from the diary.


“She also called Scott a pussy ass child who can’t get a girl if his life depended on it,” Harold read. “And that he has a brain the size of a thumb, and that he smells just like the lunch lady from middle school.”

Scott sniffed his pits. “It’s true. I don’t really care to be honest.”

“What does it say about me?” Duncan asked.

Jasmine scanned through it. “Oddly enough, it doesn’t say anything about you!”

“Maybe because she’s still in love with me,” Duncan chuckled. Scott glared at him.

CONF SCOTT: Does Gwen mean a lot to him? Well then, I can’t wait to see the reaction on his face when she gets voted off tonight!

Heather continued to sleep on her bed, while Gwen began relaxing on her own bed. CeCe was also there too, and slowly approached Gwen. “What’s up?” Gwen asked softly.

CeCe looked around first, and then looked back at Gwen before whispering, “Somebody did something to your diary.”

Gwen raised an eyebrow before sitting back up with a look of confusion and rage on her face. “What do you mean?” she asked softly.

CeCe pointed to the group outside surrounding a book.

CONF CECE: I got my hands on that diary, and I read that thing as fast as possible, and I instantly knew that that wasn’t Gwen who wrote on that. I’m betting that Heather did something to it to screw up Gwen’s game, but if you still see me standing on this island, I will try my hardest to not let some lie mess up a friend’s game.

Gwen and CeCe exited the cabin, and the group outside immediately glared at Gwen. “Hand me that,” Gwen said, as she approached the group.

“No!” Jo exclaimed.

“Jo, what are you even doing here?” CeCe glared at the gym rat. “You’re not even a part of the Grim Cores anymore. Scram. Courtney, you too, boo, if you’re not a part of this team, you have no business here.”

CeCe glared at the two, before Courtney and Jo left. “Let me see that,” Gwen said, snatching her diary. She scanned through it and gasped. She shook her head.

“I didn’t write all this!” Gwen insisted.

“Well, I’ll be writing your name down tonight, that’s for sure,” Scott said.

“No! You have to listen to me!” Gwen exclaimed. “Someone is trying to make me look like the bad guy!”

“I think you already are the bad guy,” Harold said.

Harold and Scott left, leaving only Jasmine, Gwen, CeCe and Duncan. Duncan winked at Gwen. “I believe you didn’t write all those things.”

“Duncan, scram,” CeCe said, and Duncan chuckled before leaving as well. Heather watched from the cabin door as the chaos she created spread throughout the camp.

CONF HEATHER: This is AMAZING! My evil genius plan is actually WORKING! People are actually turning on Gwen! This is the best thing I’ve seen all season!

The day continued, and the day eventually turned into the night. The Grim Cores marched into the Campfire Trial. They settled their marshmallow torches before taking their seats.

“Alejandro,” Chris called. “How was it like back at camp?”

“Completely chaotic,” he chuckled. Gwen pursed her lips, then looked down on the ground. Alejandro continued, “There was so much drama and so many lies. So much betrayal, it was completely crazy.”

“Heather. Do you know what he’s talking about?”

“Of course!” Heather answered with a grin. “So, a few people found Gwen’s diary just lying on the ground! And when people read through it, it turns out that she literally hates EVERYONE here and has been saying some nasty things behind their backs! She’s been lying to everyone on this team! It’s insane!”

“I did not write those things!” Gwen protested, defending herself from Heather’s lies. “I swear on my LIFE, that I did not write any of those nasty things about these people who are actually my FRIENDS!”

Harold raised an eyebrow.

“Scott. Do you have anything to add to this drama?”

Scott shrugged. “I actually don’t really care about the things that Gwen wrote in her diary.”

“I did not write that,” Gwen corrected him.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Scott said. “But what I do care is – to get DUNCAN out!”

Duncan rolled his eyes. “Here we go again.”

Chris began, “Why is that, Scott?”

“BECAUSE I CAUGHT HIM SMACKING HIS LIPS ON MY WOMAN!” Scott yelled, pointing at Duncan. Duncan rolled his eyes.

“I DID NOT KISS COURTNEY!” Duncan yelled back. “First of all, she FELL on me! THAT’S how we ended up kissing! It was just an accident!”

“My first kiss with Courtney went exactly the same way!” Scott said, crossing his arms. “I can’t believe she would cheat on me. Especially with a guy like HIM – ”, he pointed at Duncan. Scott continued, “So, if I can’t get Duncan out tonight, then might as well take out someone he actually cares about.”

“Alright. It’s time to vote. Heather, you’re up.”

Heather grinned sinisterly, and then rose to her feet as she marched to the voting booth. As she wrote down her vote, Gwen began whispering in Jasmine’s ear: “Trust me, please. I did not write those things.”

Jasmine sighed, then whispered back, “I believe you.”

Gwen gasped in relief. “Who are you voting for? I will vote with you 100%. I’m your friend, Jasmine.”

Jasmine nodded her head. “I know, I know.”

Heather wrote down Gwen’s name, and then revealed it to the camera in the booth. “Have fun in Playas Des Losers, honey. Don’t ever mess with me again.” She blew a kiss, before folding the vote into the voting urn.

Then, Jasmine got up next. She walked to the voting booth, and sighed. She hesitated, and then wrote down Alejandro’s name. She revealed it to the camera, “I have never trusted you.”

Harold got up to the voting booth, and scribbled down a name. He stuffed it into the voting urn slowly, before returning back to his seat. One by one, everyone voted. CeCe was the last person to vote. Once she returned to her seat, Chris went off to collect the votes. Gwen glanced at CeCe, and CeCe nodded her head. Gwen sighed, and took a deep breath in.

Chris returned. “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.” There was a silence between the group, and Chris nodded his head. “First vote.”


Gwen sighed, glancing at Heather.


Scott glared at Duncan.


Alejandro maintained a stone cold look on his face.

“One vote Gwen. One vote Scott. One vote Alejandro.”


Gwen sighed.




Gwen tilted her head.

“We are tied. 3 votes Gwen, 3 votes Alejandro. One vote left.”

Chris opened the last and final vote. “Eighth person voted out of Total Drama: Survivor Circle.”


Gwen shook her head, as CeCe gasped. Gwen burried her face in her hands, before finally standing back up. She walked towards her marshmallow torch and picked it up.

“Sh*theads,” CeCe muttered to Jasmine, shaking her head, referring to the people who voted Gwen off.

Gwen placed her marshmallow torch in front of Chris.

“Gwen, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Chris burnt Gwen’s white marshmallow, as Gwen hung her head low. Gwen turned around, and waved goodbye. CeCe slowly waved back, before Gwen turned around and left.

"That's all for tonight," Chris said. "Head back to camp."

The remaining campers stood to their feet, grabbed their marshmallow torches, and headed back to camp.

Hell's Kitchen
Season 1, Episode 7
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Episode 7: Hell's Kitchen

Previously on Total Drama: Survivor Circle! In a waterballoon challenge, B and Jo brought home the win for the Fatal Flames! Back at camp, things weren’t looking good for the Grim Cores! Duncan and Scott had it out for each other after Scott caught Duncney’s little smoochfest in the forest, and things got even MORE heated when Heather stole Gwen’s diary! And no! She didn’t read it out loud again! This time around, she wrote terrible comments about the whole team, and framed Gwen for them! Which made half of her team against her and sent her home in a vote of 4-3-1 – “Gwen, the Boat of Losers await you.” – fourteen remain! What will happen next? Find out now! On Total! Drama! Survivor! CIRCLE!

Josee and Jacques were in the canteen, up and early for breakfast. They were later joined by Jo, and then Courtney walked into the canteen. Courtney spotted the three whispering together, and rolled her eyes before walking away. However, she was caught offguard, when Josee called her.

“Psst!” Josee called the former CIT to her table.

“What?” Courtney gasped. “Me?”

“Yeah, you!” Josee glared at her. “Who else do you think? Chef Hatchet?”

Courtney raised her eyebrow in confusion and in suspicion, but she walked to their table slowly. Josee, growing impatient, just pulled her down to the seat.

“What do you want?” Courtney said.

“An alliance,” Jo whispered, which instantly shocked Courtney. “Just think about it, okay? You, me, Jacques and Cody. BOOM.”

“What’s boom?” Courtney asked. “Is it you blowing up? Because I’d like to see that.”

Josee shoved Courtney lightly. “Get your head in the game! I’ve already talked to Cody, and he’s honestly desperate enough to join us. Now, do you want to be a part of the minority with Katie and B? Or do you want to roll with the big kids?”

Courtney began giggling. “Big kids?” she started giggling hysterically. “Oh my, you guys are hysterical!”

Josee slapped Courtney on the face. “Get your head in the GAME! Do you want to stay on this island to compete for the million dollars, or do you want to be voted out next?”

Courtney sighed, then rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’ll join you guys.”

“Greaaat!” Jacques said. “Second generation of Axis of Evil!”

“And Cody,” Jo added.

“Second generation of Axis of Evil with CODY!” Jacques said pridefully, flashing his white teeth.

CONF JOSEE/JACQUES: (Josee) This alliance is SO amazing for our games! (Jacques) All we have to do is get rid of Katie and B, and we’ll be safely sliding into the merge! (Josee) We are evil MASTERMINDS! *both of them begin cackling loudly*

In the kitchen, B and Katie were helping out Chef cook the meals. Katie was attempting to make a salad, which according to her, consisted a bunch of leaves and a single raspberry.

“All I need now is a raspberry,” Katie said, and then began thinking. “Hmmm. Now, where do I get a raspberry?”

B then immediately handed her a raspberry, and she gasped in delight. “Perfect!” she said excitedly, before planting the raspberry on the leaves on the plate. She then hugged B tightly, as a smile slowly formed on B’s face.

CONF KATIE: Ever since that last vote with our team, Jo had began treating me like dirt again. Her and the ice dancers are getting really close, and everyone is sort of just leaving B and I out of the circle. If we go to the Campfire anytime soon, it’s probably going to be one of us going home, so I try to have as much fun as I can with him before we’re separated.

B accidentally poured a bowl of flour all over Katie, and she gasped. B began giggling, and Katie began laughing loudly as well. She then picked up a bottle of ketchup, twirled it open, and then squirted it all over B. At first, it was all fun but then it hit B’s eye and he silently shrieked as he collapsed on the ground.

Katie gasped. “I’m so sorry!”

CONF KATIE: *giggles and shrugs* Yeah, sometimes, one of us get really seriously injured or poisoned.

Cody joined the ‘Axis of Evil’ table, and Heather and Alejandro sat in another table. CeCe and Jasmine sat in a table at the far edge together when all of a sudden, Scott joined them with one of Katie’s ‘salads’ on his tray.

“What are you doing here?” CeCe asked him.

“Eating?” Scott answered, before sticking his fork into his salad, and then putting it into his mouth. He stuck out his tongue in disgust. “Is this a leaf?” he then stared at it, “with ketchup on it?!”

“I thought you were with the Satanists,” Jasmine pointed subtly at Heather and Alejandro.

“Just because I voted with them, doesn’t mean I’m suddenly in an alliance with them,” Scott said. “Plus, they’re really scary. Like, Courtney-level scary.”

“She’s not that scary,” Jasmine replied.

“Oh, you haven’t seen her talk in her sleep then,” Scott shook his head, as chills went up his spine, and he made a ‘brr’ sound effect. “One time, in All Stars, we were in the mansion because our team won, and she started screaming for no reason! AND THEN STARTED YELLING MY NAME!”

“Yeah, I think she was having some, uh,” CeCe nudged Jasmine with her elbow, and then the two girls snorted in laughter, “very special dream.”

Scott seemed to be clueless. “What?”

Jasmine and CeCe then burst into laughter.

CONF SCOTT: Those girls can be so weird. ‘Special’ dream? What are they even – ohhhhhhh. *suddenly smiles and is happy* OH!

Katie served another plate of her ‘salad’ to Heather’s table. She put on a smile, as she slid it in front of Heather. Heather looked at it with disgust. “Voila!” Katie said, before rushing away to the kitchen, but then slipping and falling on the ground with a loud, “Ooof!”

Heather stared at her plate. “Oh my gosh, I think that stupid raspberry just moved,” she said, as she nervously and creepily watched her plate.

Alejandro stared at the salad. “Heather, that is a ladybug.”

“Ew!” Heather exclaimed, before immediately sliding the plate away from her. She rolled her eyes. “Okay, we need to get to talking about strategy. We need to make a huge alliance.”

“Huge?” Alejandro raised his eyebrow.

Heather nodded her head. “Duh! You need a huge alliance when the merge comes, duh. Ugh. I thought you were smart or something. Ugh, anyways, I was thinking – us, Scott, Harold, Duncan.”

“They’re all disgusting,” Alejandro stated. “But we do need numbers. If we go to the Campfire next, we’re taking out CeCe. Okay?”

Heather nodded. “Obviously. She’s a threat, and super annoying. Ugh. Maybe we should get Jasmine to join us,” she grinned sinisterly. “Our alliance will totally dominate the merge.”

“And then, we’ll backstab them one by one,” Alejandro smirked, and raised his glass. The two of them clinked their glasses together.

CONF HEATHER: As if I’m going to trust that serpent! He’s such a rat, you can never trust a single word that comes out of his mouth! The merge might be the start of a huge alliance, but it’ll also be the end of Alejandro’s game this season.

CONF ALEJANDRO: Heather is a complete snake in the grass! I cannot trust her for once second! On the outside, I might seem like I treat her like my number one ally, but on the inside, I am ready to backstab her any moment!

Heather and Alejandro both fake smiles as they look at one another, before both looking away and rolling their eyes.

Chris called everyone out for the challenge into the canteen. Harold was the last one to arrive. He entered the cafeteria, and approached the group, when all of a sudden, Duncan began snickering loudly.

“Looks like somebody had a little fun,” Duncan laughed, pointing at Harold’s wet pants.

Harold gasped. “GOSH!”

“Welcome to your newest challenge!” Chris announced. “This is a little throwback to Total Drama Island! For this challenge, you’re going to have to cook three different meals and serve them to moi! And Chef!”

Katie gasped, and began clapping. “Eee! I’m an expert chef!”

B looked at her nervously, with a look that underestimated and did not have faith in Katie’s cooking skills.

Chris continued, “Here’s how it’s going to work: there is a truck in the back filled with different kind of ingredients that you may use to make your meal. There are going to be THREE rounds. For each round, you must make a meal that will match with the theme of the round. Round One’s theme will be CLASSICAL! Round Two’s theme will be TROPICAL! And Round Three’s theme will be PARADISE!”

CONF HEATHER: Those are some lame ass themes.

“If Chef and I think your team’s meal is better than the other team’s, you win the round!” Chris explained. “First team to win two rounds win the challenge!”

CONF CECE: This is extremely important for my team to win this challenge, because quite frankly, I don’t trust ANYONE on my team and I could go home next!

“Okay, people, ingredients! Ingredients!” Alejandro commanded, as the teams flooded towards the truck filled with food.

CONF HEATHER: Last time we did this challenge, I was Head Chef and I think we all remember how that went. So, I’m going to sit back this time, and try to not be so stressed about everything!

Heather hopped out of the truck carrying a box filled with different variations of fruits, when suddenly Scott tripped from the truck and collapsed onto her. She shrieked, as the two fell together on the ground.

“Let’s go, people!” Alejandro continued to lead the team. “We don’t have much time!”

He sighed, and extended a hand towards Heather. Heather reluctantly accepted his hand, and he pulled her up. Heather dusted herself off. “I could’ve stood up without your help,” she said.

“Sure thing,” Alejandro muttered sarcastically, as Heather walked off.

The scene flashed to the kitchens where the teams were attempting to prepare their separate meals. “Okay,” Harold said to his team, “for the first theme, Classical, I was thinking like a steak or something.”

“The only thing I can cook is mac and cheese,” Duncan shrugged, as he twirled a knife in the air. Harold dodged away from the knife, which then landed in the grip of Duncan’s firm hands.

“Steak it is,” Alejandro nodded.

“I can also make oatmeal,” Scott added, but Alejandro waved him off saying that the team doesn’t need oatmeal.

“Wait, you can make oatmeal?” Jasmine asked Scott.

Scott smiled and nodded his head. “Of course! All you need to do is pour some oats into a bowl, pur some fresh liquid water, then stir it up, then VOILA!”

Jasmine stayed silent for a few moments, before simply walking away from him.

The scene switched to the Fatal Flames. “Okay, any ideas for the first theme?” Courtney asked her team, taking on the leadership role. “Think CLASSICAL people! CLASSICAL!”

“Is a salad classical?” Katie asked.

“Don’t even think about it, dimwit,” Courtney said, which caused Katie to frown.

“That wasn’t very classy of you,” Katie muttered gloomily.

“Jacques and I know exactly what to make!” Josee said with a wide grin. “And all the ingredients we need are right here! Come on, Jacques! Let’s work our magic!”

Josee and Jacques made their way to the ingredients. “I, also know what I’m going to make,” Courtney stated pridefully.

“No one cares,” Cody replied to her flatly. Courtney glared at him.

CONF CODY: Courtney and I don’t have the best relationship. She treats me like dirt, and can be very bossy all the time. She’s always acting like the leader, and it sort of annoys me.

The Fatal Flames begin getting to work. B was preparing a masterpiece of his own, and when Courtney looked at him in progress, she approved immediately. Katie and Cody had nothing to do, so Courtney assigned them jobs to help with another dish that she wanted to serve for the theme.

“Understand?” Courtney said.

“EEEE!” Katie squealed in excitement.

CONF KATIE: Courtney assigned Cody and I to bake cakes and I am sooo excited! I am like an expert at making cakes! I make them just almost as good as my salads!

“Do you know how to bake a cake?” Cody asked Katie, as they went over to their station. “Quite frankly, I don’t even know what a tiramissu is,” he chuckled, then shrugged.

“I’ll show you!” Katie nodded her head, before preparing the ingredients. She smiled at the set of ingredients, and then took a deep breath in, but then, all of a sudden, Josee and Jacques darted behind them and accidentally knocked Katie over.

Katie gasped, and her face was knocked into a bowl of flour. Cody gasped in shock, and went over to help Katie. “Are you okay?” Cody asked nervously.

“Yeah, just a bit of flour in my eye,” Katie said, as she made a lot of “poof” noises to spit the flour out of her mouth. Then, all of a sudden, Jo burst in through the door.

“I brought the peanuts!” Jo announced, carrying a huge bag of peanuts in her hands.

“We can see,” Josee replied, unimpressed before going back to work with Jacques.

“Jo, we don’t NEED peanuts!” Courtney exclaimed, approaching Jo. “That’s why there were no peanuts in the truck! We don’t NEED a bag of peanuts!”

“Yes we do!” Jo said, popping a hole in the bag of peanuts with a pen. She tossed the pen away, as a bunch of peanuts began pouring out of the bag. It began flooding the ground. Jo noticed this, and calmly just put her hand over the hole so the peanuts would just land in her hand instead. “See? Look at how great this is! This is like the Niagara Falls but its like the… the… the Nut Falls!”

Courtney raised an eyebrow. Jo took a bunch of peanuts and shoved them into her mouth. She began chewing them really loudly. “Yeah, okay, I’ll go take them back to the cabin.”

“Yeah,” Courtney nodded her head, then Jo exited the cabin as the peanuts continued to pour out of the bag. Jo slammed the door shut, as Courtney rolled her eyes. She groaned in frustration, before walking over to Katie and Cody.

“What’s up with her face?!” Courtney exclaimed, pointing at Katie’s flour-covered face. “Did you just WASTE a bunch of flour?! SERIOUSLY?!”

“Look, Courtney, I – ” Katie began.

“SERIOUSLY CODY?!” Courtney exclaimed.

Cody gasped and shot her a look of confusion. “Are you serious? WHY ME?”

“Because I expect you to take better care of her!” Courtney yelled. “Her brain is as small as a thumb! I don’t expect her to take care of herself!”

“She didn’t even do this to herself, okay?” Cody said. “It was the ice dancers!”

“You and your EXCUSES!” Courtney said, before walking away. Cody’s jaw dropped in confusion; he was clearly stunned.

CONF COURTNEY: This team cannot run itself. There has to be a leader somewhere, and I’m sorry, but if I have to take on the role of-of grumpy or-or strict leader, I will.

CONF JO: Courtney walks around here like she practically OWNS the place. Yeah, I’m not here for it. Everybody knows if there’s going to be a leader – that leader – is ME.

“Jo, what are you doing?” Courtney exclaimed, marching towards Jo’s station.

“Makin’ some sushi!” Jo said pridefully, as she adored the dish she made.

“Sushi is NOT classical!” Courtney said. “I thought I told you to go make a red velvet!”

“Pshhh, I told Katie to do that, relax,” Jo rolled her eyes. “This Dragon Roll I made is to DIE for, seriously! I’m making it for the second round – TROPICAL!”

“That’s not the point!” Courtney exclaimed. “You disobeyed my commands!”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry, oh Lord Courtney,” Jo said sarcastically, waving her hands in the air. “Please forgive me, your highness! I will never disobey you again!”

She then sliced her finger into a bunch of whipcream, and then wiped it across Courtney’s face. Jo fake gasped, and then began laughing. “Man! That cream looks wonderful on you, huh, Court!” Jo laughed.

Courtney growled, before proceeding to slam a garden salad on Jo’s face. Courtney took back the plate, as the salad just dripped off Jo’s face. Jo glared at her furiously, as Courtney giggled. “Oops!” Courtney giggled. “My bad!”

Jo growled, until suddenly Josee and Jacques came in the middle and attempted to break up the fight. Jo and Courtney attempted to claw at one another, but the Ice Dancers tore them apart.

“Enough is ENOUGH!” Josee roared, pulling Courtney away from Jo but tearing her away too hard, which ended up launching Courtney into the huge wedding-like chocolate cake B had prepared.

Everyone gasped in shock, as Courtney was cannonballed into the wedding cake.

There was a moment of silence between the group, as Courtney attempted to regain her consciousness.

“Look, I’m not even sorry,” Josee laughed.

CONF JOSEE: Obviously, if anyone’s the leader, honey, that’s me.

Back at the Grim Cores’ kitchen, Heather and CeCe continued to bicker about the ingredients.

“We don’t need a stupid leaf ensamble!” CeCe yelled at Heather.

“It’s traditional and classy!” Heather exclaimed, trying to defend her case. “You take a stick, put it through a bunch of leaves, sprinkle some sauce, and VOILA!”

“What? You get the movie Moana thrown into a blender?” CeCe exclaimed.

Heather glared at CeCe, when suddenly, Alejandro came in between the two. “Okay, you guys, we need to focus on the challenge,” Alejandro said in a calming and soothing tone. “Let’s put our attention into what’s really important here, okay?”

“That’s what I was TRYING to DO!” Heather yelled.

“Emphasis on TRYING,” CeCe glared at the Queen Bee.

Heather growled, and squeezed a bottle of ketchup onto CeCe but CeCe hastily dodged it which caused the ketchup to hit Scott in the face. Scott was just walking towards his counter when the ketchup splattered all over his face.

Scott frowned.

Heather and CeCe gasped.

Scott froze for a minute, and then licked the ketchup on his face. “Mmm!” he said with a smile. “Tasty!”

“Whoa,” Harold said in awe as he approached Jasmine’s station in the kitchen. She prepared a whole tray of colorful cupcakes. Jasmine smiled, and pput her hands on her waist.

“Yeah, I’m quite proud of it too!” Jasmine said gleefully. “It’s for the third theme – PARADISE! What’s more paradise-like besides a bunch of cupcakes?”

“A bunch of ice cream cones!” Duncan joked, showing off the ice cream cones he made with tons of different variations of flavours.

“Oh yeah, cool!” Jasmine said cheerfully, before high-fiving Duncan. Scott then rushed in between the two, and pulled them together for a hug. Scott smiled.

“Group hug!” Scott said ecstatically.

Duncan raised an eyebrow in confusion. Then, Harold went in too and joined the hug, awkwardly wrapping his arms around the three.

CONF SCOTT: I’m really trying to make new friends! Even though Duncan can be a JERK, Jasmine’s pretty cool! So, why not be the peacemaker around here, right?

Scott then shoved Duncan off. Duncan almost tripped as he stumbled black. Scott then continued to have a group hug with Jasmine and Harold.

CONF SCOTT: *shrugs and smiles*

“Can anyone go get a few more ingredients?” Alejandro called out. He checked his clipboard, and then nodded his head continously as he checked off a bunch of things. “We need pineapples! Anyone willing to go get pineapples in the truck?”

There was a long silence.

Alejandro sighed, and rolled his eyes. “Scott, go get pineapples.”

Scott frowned. “Fine.”

The scene flashed to Scott lazily walking to the back of the truck. He approached the box of pineapples slowly, and picked them up. When he picked the box up, he was shocked to see an Immunity Idol lying underneath it. Scott gasped in shock. He was so shocked, he dropped the box on his feet. He gasped in pain, and attempted to hold back his screams.

CONF SCOTT: I might have a foot injury now, but at least I have this bad boy! *shows off immunity idol*

The scene flashed to the main canteen, where Chris and Chef are waiting for the team’s meals. “Fatal Flames!” Chris called. “You’re up first for CLASSICAL!”

Courtney kicked the door open quickly, as she carried in a huge cake that seemed to have been destroyed. As she was carrying the huge cake, she couldn’t properly take control of the door which led to the door being slammed back at her. “Ow!” she shrieked, before pushing the door open again.

She revealed the cake to the both of them, as Josee, B and Cody came in with dishes of their own as well. Chris admired Josee, B and Cody’s dishes, but once catching sight of the tall cake he looked at it with shock and disgust.

“YIKES!” he said. “That cake looks like a person fell on it!”

Chris shook his head, and then looked back at Courtney who still had a bunch of chocolate in her hair. Chris nodded his head. “Ah,” he said, before gently pushing the cake away. “I see.”

Then, the Grim Cores came with their separate dishes. Josee glared at the opposing team dangerously, as they placed their plates in front of Chris.

“Why did you stab a bunch of leaves with a stick?” Chris asked, eyeing it nervously.

CeCe smirked, and Heather growled, saying, “It’s EXQUISITE.”

Chris ate a few of the dishes, so did Chef, and he nodded his head. “Tastes like feet,” he said, “but still better than the Fatal Flames’ dishes.”

Josee growled, and tried to attack the other team viciously, but Jacques pulled her back nervously.

The scene flashed to the aftermath of the challenge. Both teams were outside, waiting for the results. Chris walked out of the canteen, and approached them. “I have good news and bad news,” he announced, “as always. One team will win the challenge, and another will have to vote someone out!”

He waited.

“And the winning team IS!” he announced. “THE GRIM CORES!”

The Cores gasped, and celebrated their win, while the Fatal Flames groaned. “Flames,” Chris said, “you and I are going to have a meeting in the Campfire!”

CONF JOSEE/JACQUES: *Josee punching the walls* (Jacques) Josee doesn’t take losing very well. (Josee) This is the THIRD time we’ve lost a challenge! UNBELIEVABLE! THOSE IDIOTS –

CONF SCOTT: Today’s been a great day! We won the challenge AAAAAAAND, *shows off immunity idol*, BINGO!

CONF JOSEE: The Axis of Evil WILL dominate tonight. I need MY alliance to stay strong! If I have to smack both Jo and Courtney to make them work together, I – WILL! FOR THE SAKE OF THE ALLIANCE!

“Get in here!” Josee hissed, yanking Courtney and Jo by the ears into the cabin. The two girls kept on squawking “ow! ow!”. Josee settled Courtney and Jo onto the beds of the girls’ cabin, and then glared at the both of them. “We have an ALLIANCE. Both of you have to work together, because if you don’t, I will barbeque you in the campfire tonight.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” Jo rolled her eyes, and then Josee instantly growled and glared murderously into the jock’s eyes. Jo gulped, as fear set into her eyes.

“Fine,” Courtney crossed her arms. “The alliance will stick together. What’s happening tonight? Who are we voting off? B or Katie?”

“Katie first,” Josee nodded her head. “BUT. Just in case if she has an idol, we split the votes. Got it? Courtney, Cody and myself will vote for Katie. Jo, you and Jacques will vote for B. If Katie plays an idol, there’s a tie between whoever they vote vs. B. We go into the revote, B goes home. BUT, if she doesn’t play an idol, Katie goes home. Got it?”

The three girls exit the cabin. Cody strolled past them, and Jo shoved him off. “Move, dork,” she said, as she shoved him to the ground.

The bathroom door in the cabin slowly opened, and Katie’s head popped in. She gasped.

CONF KATIE: I sort of expected them to vote me off, but now it’s actually OFFICIAL! And CONFIRMED! WHAT DO I DO?! *burries face in hands* Okay, okay… just think! – WWSD! What would Sadie do?

CONF JOSEE/JACQUES: (Jacques) WE control this game! *sinister grin* (Josee) This game is in OUR hands! *evil laugh* (Jacques) And NOW, we will win and take out all these pathetic lab rats!

B and Katie sat in a cave in the forest. B’s eyes popped open, and then pointed at Katie and himself. Katie nodded quickly. “Yes! You and I!” Katie said. “They’re voting both of us out?”

B made a lot of hand signals.

“Yeah, they said something about splitting the votes,” Katie said, nodding her head. B raised an eyebrow, and Katie gasped. “Oh my GOSH! Brilliant idea! All we need to do is get one of them on our side and then we’re both saved! Great idea!”

Katie clapped ecstatically, and then jumped at B and hugged him tightly. She smiled, and B slowly smiled as well.

CONF B: *mouthing silently* Jo and Courtney treat Cody terribly, so it will be easier to turn him against all of them.

“Okay,” Katie began speaking, pulling her hair back over her ear, “I think we should split up the Ice Dancers! Maybe get Josee out? Or Jacques? I’m fine with either of them going home, really!”

B nodded his head with a smile, and Katie high-fived him. Cody and Jo approached them slowly. Cody looked uneasy with Jo. “What are you bimbos talking about?” Jo asked the two, as she shoved Cody against the cave walls.

Cody rubbed his head in pain, as B walked over to him to help him. Katie smiled to Jo, as Jo sat in front of her. “Just unicorns,” Katie smiled sweetly.

Jo rolled her eyes. “Losers.”

CONF CODY: Jo can really be such a bully! I think it’s about time somebody teaches her a lesson!

“Hey, Jo!” Cody said, walking towards her with a glare.

“What?” Jo said, turning around and then accidentally smacking Cody in the face. Cody fell to the ground again. Jo just laughed, and then walked away.

“Oof,” B shaked his head, before running over to Cody’s side.

“Does he have a pulse?” Katie asked.

B shook his head slowly.

The night came, and the members of the Fatal Flames marched into the Campfire Trial. They placed their marshmallow torches aside, and took their seats. Chris sat across from them.

“Josee,” Chris said. “You have proven to obviously not like losing.”

Josee shook her head, and began laughing. “Oh no, no, Chris. NO.”

“So how was it like back at camp knowing that you’ve LOST?”

Josee attempted to control her temper. “I would say it wasn’t my fault that we lost.”

“Ahem,” Courtney said, “you literally PUSHED me into the cake!”

“Like I said before, I’m not sorry!” Josee exclaimed. “I’m not apologizing for that, it was great.”

Katie leaned over to whisper in Cody’s ear, “Vote with B and I.”

Cody looked over at Katie and raised an eyebrow. Katie nodded her head quickly. “Trust me. Just vote with us. It’s better for your game,” she whispered softly.

Cody leaned over to whisper in Katie’s ear.

Chris continued, “So, if anyone’s to blame for the loss, Josee, it’s you?”

Josee gasped. “Well,” she began, “I mean…”

“I wanna vote Jo,” Cody whispered in Katie’s ear. Katie raised an eyebrow, and then shook her head, before whispering into his ear to vote one of the Ice Dancers out.

Cody shook his head. “I’m voting for Jo,” he repeated softly with a stern look in his eyes. “You’re either voting with me or not at all. I’m voting for Jo.”

Katie began to panic on the inside, so she leaned over to B, who was beside her. “He wants to vote Jo out,” she whispered to him, and B had a frantic look in his eyes as he shook his head.

“I know!” she whispered loudly. “That’s what I was trying to say to him!”

“Jacques,” Chris called, “is there a particular target set in between the group?”

“Yes,” Jacques answered. “We think we should get the weak and the idiotic out first,” Cody rolled his eyes, Jacques continued, “so, that’s the plan tonight. And, if we want it to succeed,” he glared at Cody, Courtney and Jo, “we HAVE to stick to the plan.”

“Katie,” Chris called, drawing Katie’s attention from B quickly. “Do you feel like you’re in any kind of danger tonight?”

“Hundred percent,” Katie nodded her head. “B and I have been… excluded from the group a lot.”

Josee rolled her eyes.

Katie continued, “So, I guess it’s clear who the targets are.”

“Did you try anything to stop that from happening?” Chris asked.

Katie stayed silent for a few seconds. “I’m trying,” she nodded her head as she said that softly. “Yeah, I-I’m trying. All the time.”

“Courtney. Do you feel like the chemistry in this team is well? Do you feel that you guys work well together?”

Courtney began laughing. “Sometimes we do,” she nodded her head, “but sometimes we’re also a trainwreck. And that sometimes could apply to TODAY when Josee slammed me into the cake!”

“If you are looking for an apology, you are not going to hear it from me!” Josee exclaimed.

“You’re not going to hear it from her,” Jacques said, shaking his head.

Katie whispered in B’s ear, “Do you want to just go with Jo or make a big move?”

B sighed.

“Do you want to save our lives, or change the game?” Katie asked B softly. The two locked eyes. B nodded his head, and Katie nodded hers.

“It’s time to vote. B, you’re up.”

B looked at him in shock, as he was then forced to stand up and end his conversation with Katie. He walked to the voting booth hastily, as Katie sighed nervously. B scribbled a name down on his vote: Jo. He revealed it to the camera, and then just weakly shrugged before putting it into the voting urn.

Josee took out the pen, and wrote down, “Katie”, on her vote. She revealed it to the camera, “Nothing personal. You are just as dumb as a jar.”

Josee made her way back to her seat, as Jo walked to the voting booth. She began writing down ‘B’, and then hesitated. She looked back at Josee and Courtney, and then pursed her lips.

Katie was the last person to walk to the voting booth. She picked up the pen, and sighed. She stayed silent, and then covered her face with her hands. She was too nervous to properly think, and then sighed as she wrote down a name. She began to write, “Jo.”

She walked back to her seat, and Chris nodded. He went off to collect the votes, as the tension in the group began to grow even more. Chris returned with the voting urn. “If anyone has a Hiddenn Immunity Idol, and would like to play it, now is the time to do so,” Chris said.

There was a silence. The camera centered around Courtney, who grew very silent.

Chris nodded his head. “First vote.”


Katie sighed.


Jo raised an eyebrow.


“1 vote Katie, 1 vote Jo, 1 vote B.”


Katie frowned.



Jo shook her head, as she looked over at Katie and B. She then looked over at Cody, who was attentively still watching the votes play out.

“We are tied again. 2 votes Katie, 2 votes Jo, 2 votes B. One vote left.”

Jo watched Cody’s eye movements nervously, as she then looked over at Chris.

Chris opened the last vote.


Josee raised an eyebrow in confusion. “What the hell?!” she exclaimed, looking at Cody, Courtney and Jo. “Which one of you idiots turned on us and BETRAYED us?!”

There was a silence, and Josee growled in frustration.

“We have a tie,” Chris announced. “2 votes Katie, 2 votes Jo, 2 votes B. We are going to go into a revote. Everyone except for Katie, Jo and B will vote and you may ONLY vote for Katie, Jo or B. Courtney, take the urn, you’re up first.”

Courtney rose to her feet and grabbed the urn, before walking to the voting booth.

Katie whispered something in B’s ear, and B nodded his head gently. Katie leaned over to Cody and whispered, “Vote B,” very softly. Cody raised his eyebrow in confusion.

“Cody, you have to trust me,” Katie whispered softly. “You have to trust me in this. Vote B.” She whispered in Cody’s ear softly, “Tell Jacques there’s a change of plans.”

Cody listened attentively very closely, and then after waiting for a few moments, he bent over to Jacques and whispered something in his ear. Jacques listened closely with a raised eyebrow in confusion and a little bit of suspicion. Cody met Jacques’ eyes, and Cody nodded his head. Cody then was called to the voting booth, and he stood up and walked to the voting booth.

Once everyone voted, Chris went back again to the voting booth to collect the votes, and then returned once again with the voting urn. “I’ll read the votes,” he announced, “first vote.”



B frowned.


“2 votes Katie. 1 vote B. One. Vote. Left.”

Katie took a deep breath in, as she was very nervous. Chris opened the last vote.


The Axis of Evil except for Cody gasped loudly. Cody looked at Katie nervously, and Katie frowned. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” Chris announced. “As you all know, after the revote, if we are still deadlocked, we are going to go to rocks.”

Courtney gasped. “Oh my God, no.”

“UNLESS,” Chris announced, “you, Josee, Jacques, Courtney and Cody can come to a unanimous decision to vote out either Katie or B.”

“Who are we voting?” Courtney turned to the other three. “We’re still doing Katie, right?”

“Of course,” Josee nodded her head. “Katie. Katie it is.”

The four looked to Chris. “Chris,” Josee said loudly, “we have come to a unanimous decision.”

Katie frowned, as B held her hand. Cody sighed, and covered half of his face with his hand.

“You have?” Chris said, “okay. Courtney, who are you voting?”


“Josee, who are you voting?”


Katie watched with a frown in fear.

“Jacques, who are you voting?”


There was a gap of silence, as Chris turned to Cody. “Cody, who are you voting for?”

Cody opened his mouth to speak, as he shook his head and sighed.

“Cody, please,” Katie said softly.

“Katie will only be voted out if you guys come to a unanimous decision,” Chris said, “If not, you four will go to rocks.”

“Oh my God,” Cody sighed, shaking his head.

“Cody,” Katie frowned.

Cody sighed, and then turned to Chris. “I’m voting for B.”

Josee, Courtney and Jacques turned to him with bewildered looks on their faces. “Well, this is going to be fun,” Jo laughed, sitting back knowing that at least she’s safe.

“I’m sorry, you guys,” Cody shook his head, turning to Courtney and the Ice Dancers.

“You DO realize you’re putting your own self in danger, right?” Josee exclaimed, and Cody nodded slowly.

“Here’s what is going to happen,” Chris began, “we’re going to draw rocks. If you draw a black rock, it means you are safe. If you draw a white rock, you are automatically eliminated.”

“Oh my God,” Courtney shook her head. “This cannot be happening.”

Chris approached the four with a bag of rocks. “Stick your hand in, grab a rock.”

“I am literally going to freak,” Josee shook her head, as she stuck her arm into the bag and grabbed a rock. Jacques’ teeth chattered in fear, and then squealed in fear before putting his arm in, then Courtney and then finally, Cody. The four of them held each rock in their hand, and waited for further instructions nervously.

“Now,” Chris began, “open your hands.”

The four of them slowly opened their hands, to reveal each rock that was in their hand. Courtney had a black rock. Cody had a black rock. Josee had a black rock. Jacques gasped in shock, and then immediately dropped his rock onto the ground. “Aaaah!” he shrieked, shaking his head.

“No! JACQUES!” Josee gasped.

“I am a fallen knight,” Jacques said dramatically, as he gasped again.

“I don’t know, you seem more like a flamingo to me,” Katie shrugged.

Jacques and Josee glared at her, and she nodded her head. “Sorry, I’ll shut up,” Katie peeped.

Jacques sighed loudly and dramatically, and then rose to his feet. Josee glared at Katie and Cody furiously. Jacques placed his marshmallow torch in front of Chris.

“Jacques, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Chris burnt Jacques’ marshmallow. Jacques turned around to wave one last time to Josee, before walking off towards the dock. “That,” Chris began laughing, “was probably the craziest Campfire we’ve ever had!

Everyone, head back to camp!”<center>

Elimination Table

# Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
17th Cameron IN IN WIN WIN OUT
19th Mickey WIN WIN OUT
20th Sadie LOW OUT
21st Jay WIN EVC
22nd Mike OUT

Voting Table

# Player Mike Sadie Mickey Izzy Cameron Zoey Gwen Jacques
TBA Alejandro Mike CeCe CeCe Gwen
TBA B Mickey Izzy Jacques Jo -
TBA CeCe Mike Alejandro Cameron Alejandro
TBA Cody Mickey Izzy Jacques Jo B
TBA Courtney Heather Heather Josee Katie Katie
TBA Duncan Mike Sadie Cameron Scott
TBA Harold Sadie Sadie Cameron Gwen
TBA Heather Mickey Josee Gwen
TBA Jasmine Sadie Sadie Cameron Alejandro
TBA Jo Mike CeCe Cameron Zoey B -
TBA Josee Heather Gwen Zoey Katie Katie
TBA Katie Jo Alejandro Cameron Zoey Josee -
TBA Scott Heather Izzy Gwen
14th Jacques1 Heather Gwen Zoey B B
15th Gwen Mickey Josee Alejandro
16th Zoey Mike Sadie Alejandro Jacques
17th Cameron Sadie Sadie Alejandro
18th Izzy Mickey Cody
19th Mickey Izzy
20th Sadie Jo Alejandro
21st Jay EVC
22nd Mike Sadie

Behind The Elimination

  • Mike was seen as a liability in challenges after he cost the team the loss. Despite him and Cameron rallying the troops to vote out Sadie/Jo, he was blindsided after Zoey turned on him and sent him packing.
  • Jay collapsed during the challenge and had to be medically evacuated.
  • Behind the obvious CeCe and Alejandro feud, Harold and Duncan wanted to keep the team strong and not rid of strong players such as CeCe/Alejandro, which led them to lead the charge of Sadie's blindside.
  • The girls targeted Heather for being too bossy, but Gwen wanted to save Heather and instead eliminate the weaker players. Gwen spear-headed the first blindside of the night: Mickey.
  • Although Heather was the primary target, she managed to create a bluff about owning an idol, which led the majority alliance to spiral into chaos and sent Izzy home in the process.
  • CeCe attempted to target Alejandro again for his manipulative and bossy attitude, but the girls alliance had other plans, and with the exception of Zoey, the girls alliance blindsided Cameron.
  • The Ice Dancers targeted Courtney after she lost the challenge for their team, but after Scott claimed that he saw Courtney find an idol (which she did), the majority alliance shifted the target to one of Courtney's remaining allies and blindsided Zoey in a vote of 4-3-1.
  • Heather stole Gwen's diary, and wrote down many cruel comments about the others to make it seem like it was Gwen who wrote all the mean things. Half of the team turned against her, and she was voted out in a 4-3-1 vote with only CeCe and Jasmine voting to keep her.
  • Katie and B devised a plan to go into a rock draw, as the majority alliance were splitting the votes. They convinced Cody to vote Jo, and then convinced Jacques to change his vote which eventually led to two ties in a row. Katie convinced Cody to turn against his alliance, which then led to a rock draw between Courtney, Josee, Jacques and Cody. Jacques drew the odd rock, and was eliminated.


  • Sierra was supposed to be on this season, but she was scrapped last minute and replaced with Zoey in order for plot reasons; Mike and Cameron were also last additions.
  • This season was originally going to be called Champion Circle.
  • The merge will mark the beginning of a Total Drama era you have never seen before.
  • Jay is the fourth person in Total Drama history to be eliminated (medically evacuated) following Izzy, Cameron and Devin and the second person from Ridonculous Race to be medically evacuated.
  • This is the first time that a team swap (inspired by Survivor's famous 'tribe swaps') appears in Total Drama history.
  • This is the first time that the winner will be decided by a jury that didn't consist all of the losers, and that there was a specific mark that the jury phase will begin.
  • Katie is the first contestant to outlast her previous placement (19th), however, if you count it by first/second/third elimination, B is the first to outlast his previous placement as he was the second boot from his previous season.
  • This is the second time that Duncan had accidentally caused Gwen's elimination. The first time was when he injured Cody in Total Drama: World Tour, which led Cody to accidentally vote for Sierra as he was too dizzy to actually function properly. On this season, Duncan voted for Scott where he could've actually voted off Alejandro, which would've caused a tie between Gwen and Alejandro and could've given Gwen a better chance at staying.
  • Heather framing Gwen for the mean things written in the diary could parallel the "Burn Book" in the film Mean Girls, where the same thing happens except the diary is actually a book meant to make insults.
  • Gwen's elimination could be the first elimination of the season that would not be considered a blindside, as she had already known of the others targeting her.
  • Jacques is the first person to be rocked out in Total Drama history, and it is the first time that a rock draw have been applied to a Total Drama season.

Author's Trivia

  • Episode 3 is my least favorite episode that I have written. In my opinion, the episode was filled with too much strategizing and 'boring game-bots'. The normal drama and funny scenes around camp were taken away this episode, primarily because of the double elimination that episode.

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