I'm sad to announce this season won't continue due of bitstrips not working anymore. This season was fun because of it strips and it gave more life into this story and because bitstrips died, this story did too. I wanna thank the readers and I hope this page will stay so I can look back at the amazing first episodes. Thank you.

Total Drama: Social Island also known as Total Drama: Battle Of The Sexes will be an competition fanfiction written by Loenev. The cast consists of ten female and ten male players who will compete against each other in the race for one million dollars. They will start in gender tribes, trying to win challenges and voting off their teammates. Twists, idols and blindsides are happening in one of the most dramatic Total Drama seasons.



  • Aurora - The Singing Songbird (21). Living in a small town, Aurora is seen as the songbird of the town. She sings, dances and makes everyone happy. She applied for Total Drama to show the world the kindness of songs just like her niece Ella did.
  • Blaine - The Dramatic Vanity (18). Just finished high school student, Blaine is ready to take the world with his dramatic charms. His dream is to be famous and that's why he applied for Total Drama, hoping the world will see his dramatic personality.
  • Christopher - The Amiable Hippie (31). He loves flowers, necklesses and long hair. Yes, Christopher is undoubted an hippie. He loves animals, children and humans in general. He is an openbook and loves to make new friends. That's why he applied for Total Drama.
  • Dana - The Arrogant Gothic (20). Hating everything that lives, Dana is one of the most hateful people of the season. She applied for Total Drama to leave her parents for a long time since they don't support her in the things she does. With other words, smoking and drinking.
  • Donny - The Handsome Manipulator (19). He has the beauty and the brains. Donny applied for Total Drama to show the world his beautiful body but also his brains how to manipulate the girls. He is ready to take out everyone and to get the million bucks.
  • Edward - The Serious Sourpuss (60). The oldest contestant of this season, Edward, isn't only an annoying grandpa he is also ready to bring the youth of today some lessons on how you should live your life healthy and so he does to the other contestants. That's why he applied.
  • Grace - The Excited Strategist (22). She knows how to play games in a friendly way. Grace is easy to talk to and has many friends. She loves to talk and to strategize since she won trophies in winning chess and dams. Now she is ready to win Total Drama.
  • John - The Ambitious Football-Player (24). Playing football but also studying for school, John knows how to do this in a perfect way. John has a girlfriend and they need money for their new house. Using his psychical skills and his brains might bring him to the top.
  • Katherina - The Confident Captain (22). Born as a wannabe captain, Katherina wants to have it all during her run in a game. The same happens in Total Drama where she will do everything to win. Besides that part of her, Katherina is very friendly but also very strategic.
  • Lola - The Wacky Village-Idiot (20). Her parents doesn't even know how to get her on the right path. Lola is declared insane and crazy. After eating slugs, jumping into a sea full of jellyfishes and trying to eat her own finger, Lola can do everything to win Total Drama.
  • Manuela - The Honest Mother (35). She isn't afraid to say what she wants and the fact she has to live with girls on a island makes her feeling sick but Manuela is ready to win this game and to finally buy a new bath since she wants a new one. Manuela is also full of jokes.
  • Oz - The Living Bin (26). Oz loves to party, travelling and... eating. Oz his mind is about food all day. His parents sent him to Total Drama to eat less and to make social contacts since the only things Oz talks to are his hot dogs before he eats them.
  • Pamela - The Ice Queen (21). Done with her study, Pamela wants to see the world and signed up for Total Drama. She has been very confident about herself and this game will only confirm it. She is strategic, bitchy and very confident. Factors of a real antagonist.
  • Pandora - The Graceful Doll (18). Looking at her, she looks like Barbie. Pandora is the typical popular high school girl who has everyone as her friend. Pandora loves to be in the picture and knows that she has the looks. She applied because she wanted to be more popular.
  • Polina - The Unrealible Beauty (23). Coming from Poland, Polina knows how to play games and to win them. In Poland she played in the Polish version of Total Drama and got second. Now she is ready to take out the threats and to take the million dollars.
  • Rudolph - The Classy Mastermind (24). He watched all the Total Drama seasons over hundred times, made a book about his strategy and took a class about manipulating people. He wants to play Total Drama like nobody else did or does. He is more than ready to start with this game.
  • Samyra - The Ordinary Diva (20). Samyra gets annoyed by two things. Bitches and lying. Two things she has to deal with in this game. Samyra loves to party and to hang with her friends. Her friends challenged her to compete and now she's here, trying to proof she can do this.
  • Tom - The Standard Jock (19). He has the looks but Total Drama is something totally new. After worrying much he signed up. Tom is shy but also outspoken. He says what he wants and is not afraid to make true what he wants. If he has to bully someone to reach that, he will.
  • Victor - The Bullied Hermit (27). After his study, Victor moved to a small town and stayed in his home until now. Thanks to his mother, Victor competes in Total Drama. Seven years thrown away by staying at home every day. Will Total Drama change his life?
  • Xavier - The Eccentric Actor (29). He plays in musicals, sings in theatres and has starred in an movie. Playing in a realityserie is his new wish on his goals-list. He wants to make a big show and using the elements of musical and theatre might bring him far.


Audition Tapes

To get to know the contestants better, the audition tapes will be posted first. There's a special episode, concluding all the audition tapes. So make yourself ready for the audition tapes.

A black skinned girl walks to a garden, where an party is held. She winks at the camera and it follows her inside the house. "Hello, my name is Samyra and I'm applying for Total Drama. I'm showing you this party I'm at tonight to show you I'm a real party animal." Samyra introduces herself.

"The battery is kinda low, Sam." The boy who is filming Samyra says.

"No worries, this doesn't take long. Let's go outside." Samyra suggests as she walks back to the garden and takes place at the air crushion. "My hobbies are partying, dancing, singing - even though I can't sing. I'm just myself and I love to hang with my friends you know." Samyra says.

Two girls are walking to the pool and are greeting Samyra. "Hey Sam! Are you really doing it? We thought we were joking..." One of the girls says while laughing and they are both walking away.

"Yeah, long story to explain. Just take me for this game because I'm fun and I-" Samyra says before falling of the air crushion. Everyone is laughing, included Samyra.

The camera turns on and films a pub, having one boy with long brown hair smiling at the camera, drinking a beer and signing to the waitress for a new one. "I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Xavier Dél Russo Di Amirés. I've played in Grease the musical, sang a lot of ABBA songs in the theatre and starred in the Bold and the Beautiful as a guest role. I know you know me, Chris." Xavier says.

"Your beer, sir." The waitress says as she hands him the beer.

Xavier takes it and nods his head. "Thanks. Anyway, I'm dramatic and I know how to act. I'm going to be a interesting character in this show, so you should take me. I promise you, you won't regret it. Like they say in the musical world; the show must go on! So whatever happens, I'll shine." Xavier states and drinks his beer. "Man this beer is gooooood."

"So I was running and got the last shirt from that collection. Anyway, it's time for the second part of my vlog. My name is Katherina Patricks and I'm auditioning for Total Drama." Katherina introduces herself. "As you can see, this is my bathroom and I have no idea why I'm showing you this but yeah... I'm a honest person. My fans know that I am saying what I want whenever I want. I'm not afraid to show my opinion." Katherina says and looks at the door when someone knocks on it. "Come in but be quiet, I'm vlogging."

A woman walks into the bathroom and giggles. "Goodluck sweetheart." The woman says and walks into the shower.

"Oh yeah right, you have to take a shower right on this moment. That is so annoying!" Katherina yells annoyed at her mother and walks out of the bathroom. "So, I need to be on the show. I want to show people how much of an amazing person I am."

"Kat, could you give me the shampoo? I forgot to take that with me." Her mom asks.

Katherina rolls her eyes. "THANKS FOR RUINING MY CHANCE AT GETTING A MILLION DOLLARS, MOM." She shouts and drops the camera off.

A boy with red hair takes the camera on and takes a sit behind his computer. "How do you start with such things as auditioning for Total Drama. Well my name is Tom and I love to play soccer, playing video games and playing on my guitar. I might show you a bit." Tom introduces himself and grabs his guitar.

"I can't sing so I warn you." Tom says before he plays on his guitar and sings. "I've always looked into this beautiful eyes, wondering how they would look at me. Would they see me the same way as I see you? Or would I just be a random person I never wanted to be." He sings and drops his guitar away. "Yeah, I can show you my videogame collection..."

Tom walks to his videogames and shows some. "I have all FIFA and GTA games. My favorites are 09 and 15 from FIFA and 5 from GTA. I often play old school games too. I love classic games like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot." Tom says. "Why I'm going to audition for Total Drama is very simple. I like to play games and I'm not afraid to play hard games. I have expierences to play hard games so this one will be perfect. Count me in for a hell of a ride, McLean." Tom ends his audition.

"He's on John!" The cameraman shouts.

John looks at the camera and smiles. "The name's John, hello! This is my audition video for Total Drama. I want to be part of the Total Drama family and to get a chance at getting a million dollars. As you can see I'm good at sports." John introduces himself and runs two laps.

"Tell about your trophies." The cameraman suggests.

"Good idea! Since I'm a baseball player since my tenth I know how to be good at psychical tasks in Total Drama. I have trophies and I know this could help me more in Total Drama. If you don't believe me... take me and you'll see it!" John says and plays some baseball. The cameraman puts the camera off.

"Good afternoon. It's Grace Hermit who you're talking with. I've played games like Total Drama my whole life. Online games like Survivor, Big Brother and Utopia were too easy for me. I've applied for this to show the world how much I'm strategic. I'm also very nice to people. I have it all. Kindness, strategic mind and I'm looking good. I may look very confident and egocentric but I'm not. Just in game I am. Besides that I'm very social and nice." Grace introduces herself.

Her dog walks into the room and farts. "Doodles! Damned, just... move!" Grace shouts at him and looks at the camera. "I love animals but my dog always farts in my room. Like is it a sign he doesn't like me? I don't know but he's a slow and boring dog." Grace says. "Doodles, come here!" Grace says. The dog keeps looking at her and farts once again. "That's it." Grace walks to the dog and moves him to the hall.

"Grace, it's your turn to let the dog out." Her mother says.

"I know! Well, I'd like to be accepted for Total Drama. Being in that show would be amazing." Grace says and turns the camera off.

A girl turns the camera on and looks at it. She does a fuckface and looks good in the camera. "Perfect. Hi Chris, I'm accepting your offer to compete in Total Drama. I've played in the Polish version of it, since I'm Polish." Polina says with an Polish accent. "Three things to describe me: Selfish, Arrogant, Confident. I'm not afraid to say that about myself since I know it's true. During my time in the Polish Total Drama, I have been a total b**ch to people. It brought me to the end but because it was a rigging producing team, the other finalist won. This time that won't happen. This time I'm going to win. I'll be a b**ch to anyone I want. I'm Polina and I'll be the winner of the next season of Total Drama." Polina says and looks at her nails. She looks at her boss who comes to her office.

"Polina, go back to work. You don't get paid for looking at yourself twentyfour hours per day in the mirror." Her boss says annoyed and closes the door. Polina nods her head and winks. She turns the camera off.

"Hey hey hey hey! It's Christopher here and I'm waiting for the bus at the moment. As a young kid I always went with the bus and it felt good. Nostalgic feelings. Good." Christopher introduces himself and closes his eyes. He sits and is going to meditate. "Why I'm applying for Total Drama? Simple, I'd like to make new friends. My friends here are so lame. They are not groovy the groovy enough!!! You see what I mean, right?" He says while making fun of himself.

A boy passes him and gives him 50 cents. "I'm not homeless! What's that with the youth of today? Because I have green hair and I look like a hippie means I'm homeless?!?" Christopher asks loud.

"Uhm, you smell and you are talking to yourself..." The boy says while running away.

"WHAT THE... well, that's it. I want to be on Total Drama and meet new, respectful people! Please, take me. Christopher and Chris! Perfect duo, right?" Christopher suggests and looks at the bus who drives to Christopher's direction. "Thanks for taking your time to watch this."

The camera films an old man canoeing with a younger girl. "My name is Edward and I'm auditioning for the realityshow Total Drama. I'm 60 years young and am grandfather of five amazing grandchildren. I'm not only proud on them but also on myself since I am the person who learns them giving respect." Edward tells and introduces himself. "Or not, Lori?" He asks.

"Yes but you're noddy sometimes." Lori answers while canoeing. She looks at the camera and blushes.

Edward laughs. "Me? Never! Why am I signing up for Total Drama? Well, have you took a look at the street these days? The youth of this century has not even enough respect to even wish you a good morning. Few days ago I went to the shop and dropped some apples. A teenage boy looked at me like he saw water burning. I grabbed my apples and thanked the boy with sarcasm. He grabbed his stuff and called me an old jerk. That made me signing up for Total Drama. Showing the world this can't continue and learning the viewers AND the other contestants some respect for older people. I'm the most respectful person who lives at this planet." Edward explains and tries to turn the camera off. He looks at Lori who slowly canoes. "AND JUST CONTINUE CANOEING!!" He shouts at her and the camera falls into the sea.

It's night and the camera films a cemetry. A girl with white skin and dark red hair walks to the camera. "I'm Dana. I'm nobody and I'm not going lie about why I'm applying for Total Drama. I'm doing it because I hate my parents. They are never talking to me besides 'Dana, finish your school' or 'Dana, get a job'. It's annoys me so much. This is my favorite place. The cemetry. Enjoying the spirit of the dead people." Dana introduces herself in a weird way. "So pick me or I will visit you here next week. I think you know what I mean." Dana threatens Chris as she looks mad at the camera. "Kidding, I might be a bit tricky and weird but I still have some humor inside me. Not much but a bit." She adds as she shows her knife. She puts it at her neck and looks weird at the camera.
"Welcome to my audition for Total Drama." A girl with long black hair says while introducing herself. "My name is Pamela and this is going to be my audition video. I'm champion in cheerleading, being the Queen of 2014 and 2015 of my school and I've been graduated two times. I got it all. And what do I want now? That's right. Be famous. And this is the only way to get on television." Pamela says.

She walks to a wall full of pictures of herself. "I'm smart, strategic, bitchy, mean but perfect in everything I do. I promise you that I will not only make a good show but I will also win this. Those million dollars would be perfect for my new study. Anyway, that's it for now. Wanna see more of me? Then take me for Total Drama." Pamela says and turns the camera off.

The camera gets on and a boy with long blonde hair looks at the camera. He does his hair quickly and smiles. "Heeeeey Chris! It's me, Blaineyyy. But call me Blaine because all my bitches do. You are in mother freaking Blaine's Heart, like THE store every girl and boy dreams of. I'm amazingly social, I got the looks and uhm duhh you should take me because I'm meeeee." Blaine introduces himself.

A woman walks to Blaine and shows a top. "Dear young lady, may I ask you for some advice. I forgot my glasses at home haha." An old woman asks and smiles friendly.

"Wanna know something, old woman? First, I'm a BOY and second NO IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD. NONE OF THEM." Blaine shouts at the old woman and runs away, crying and shaking. "Those old bastards don't even know the difference of genders. Isn't that rasistic? I believe it is. Anyway, it's me the drama queen! Take me for Total Drama and guess what? You'll see a bitch who'll slay all other bitches!" Blaine says and looks very confident. "Angie, turn it off. TURN IT OFF OR YOU GET FIRED." He shouts.

Sun shines, sky is blue and the wheather is amazing. A boy and his dad are golfing while someone holds the camera and is filming the boy. He hits a hole in one. "Boring." He says annoyed and turns to the camera. "Good, my name is Rudolph and that name will be written in history books of the most evil players of Total Drama!" Rudolph introduces himself.

"Rudolph, it's your turn." His dad says while getting a new golf club.

Rudolph rolls his eyes. "Dad, not now. I'm doing an audition video. Cut! Thanks for ruining this, dad. Are you happy now? You can finish your stupid golf in your own." Rudolph shouts at his dad. He looks angry at the camera man. "And you, you're holding the camera way too low. I want to see my WHOLE face when I watch it back not a only a piece of my hair and eyes. Understood? Okay, can I get an latte now?" Rudolph asks and one of his butlers runs to him, giving him a latte.

"There it is, sir." He says and walks away.

As the butler walks away, Rudolph drinks and throws it away. He grabs the camera. "I'm all about evil. Even if this freaking audition is ruined by my useless dad, you see I'm not afraid of anyone." Rudolph says. At that moment an golf ball hits Rudolph's head by accident. "T-Take me..." He says and faints.

A woman stands in the kitchen and is cleaning some things. A thumb is seen in front of the camera, pointing that the woman can start with her audition. "Oh, hey! My name is Manuela and I'd like to do audition for Total Drama. My children are always watching the show and begged me to be on it. Well, there is a big prize for the winner and since my boys have gave me a lot of information of what you have to do and not in a game like this, I do think I might have a chance. Winning million dollars... getting a new bed, bath and living room. Maybe even a new house?" Manuela introduces herself.

The door opens and a boy walks in. He looks at Manuela and then at his brother, holding the camera and filming Manuela. He freezes and looks at the camera. "T-thats for... Total Drama?" He asks.

"Yes, dear. How was school today?" Manuela asks while kissing her son. He doesn't reply and walks away. "Well, I want to wish you the best of luck with picking a cast. Good day!" She says and continues cleaning.

"Helloooooo people! I am Oz and I am so excited to start with Total Drama. My friends are saying it will be good for my weight and things. I just want to have fun with people. Is that weird? Waitress, two fries and burgers please!" Oz introduces himself.

"But that's going to be your seventh and eight burger of today. Are you sure?" The waitress asks.

Oz smiles as he nods. "Yes Yes! I need to get some food before I go to the island. But Chris, I love to play games and to hang with friends. Music and food are my life. Pick me!" He says very happily as he gets his burgers and fries.

The waitress walks to the camera and shakes her head. "Please, take him. As you can see, nobody is here. It's because Oz keeps eating here and after some hours he at all my snacks I had for the day. My customers are slowly dissapearing. TAKE HIM ON THAT SHOW!!!" The waitress shouts.

The music is on and there is a cold feeling in the house where a boy looks at the ground. He's silent and the camera moves around. It shows the house and then it moves back to the boy. He looks at the camera. "Black, smoke, red, blood, end, mystery, hope, sadness..." He whispers and the camera falls on the ground. It shows the boy sitting on the bench. "My name is Victor and with introducing myself with this type of video editing skills I want to show what I can do. You must feel freaked out, right? I hope you do." Victor introduces himself and stands up.

"I like to scare people, be silent and looking at people like I wanna kill them. Being a monster for people is wonderful. I don't like people, I don't like light and happiness. I HATE EVERYTHING." Victor says while crying but then smiling. "There is one thing I love actually. That... is..." The house starts to light up and the camera is shaking. "... DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD" Victor shouts and the camera drops out.

"One Song, I have but one song. One song, only for you. One heart, tenderly beating. Ever entreating, constant and true." A girl who looks familair to Ella sings. "Oh he's on! Welcome to my audition for Total Drama!" The girl says while dancing around with her plumes. "My name is Aurora and I'm wearing Cinderella's skirt and Snow White's hair! I love to sing Disney songs but not only Disney. I'm fan of everything that is related to musical and theatre. I'm going to apply because my niece, Ella, played too! She told me it was amazing and now I want to expierence it too!" Aurora introduces herself.

Two bunnies are hopping to Aurora. She hugs them and gives them a kiss. "I love animals. I spend a lot of time with my two cats at home. I just love animals. I'd never hurt one. I'm also addicted to butterflies. They are fantastic." Aurora states while picking a rose from the woods. She holds it and closes her eyes. "Nananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Aurora sings.

A girl with long blonde hair looks at the camera and smiles. "Hey! I'm Pandora and I'm going to do audition for Total Drama. I have watched the show sometimes and at my school everyone's like 'Oh my gosh that show is the bomb!!!' so yeah, if I play in it I'd be even more popular." Pandora introduces herself.

She stands up and looks at her cat. She grabs him and cuddles him. "This is Cookie. He's afraid for new people so he might not look at the camera. Anyway I am very strong and social. I have the ability to win Total Drama because I have brains, brawn and beauty! I also know how to eat a rock and to e- uhh, one second..." Pandora says and walks to the camera. "Oh no it's spacing." She says and a board with text she just said falls on the ground, with words written by her brother. "Oh no!!! This wasn't supposed to happen..." At that moment her cat jumps at the camera and pees on it. "Cookieeeee no!"

Episode 1: "The Leader Of This Team"

The screen shows Chris McLean, who is drinking his cocktail. "Welcome to a new season of Total Drama. Back to a random island, I don't know the name of, twenty contestants will battle it out against each other for the most wanted million dollars. Only one of them will get this big prize. The camera's will follow these people everywhere they go. This season it's an battle of the sexes season. Boys vs. Girls. That must cause much drama, right? Make yourself ready for this brand new season... Total Drama: Social Island!" Chris announces.

The intro sequence plays. It shows the cast sitting at the island. Xavier sees a bag with food and tries to get a sandwitch, Oz shouts when he sees Lola climbing into an tree. Victor is standing in the woods looking at the people, joined by Dana who is annoyed by everyone. Donny shows his muscles, Blaine is falling in love while Manuela just smiles. John and Samyra are both smiling while looking at Donny. Grace and Katherina are gossiping in the tent. Tom almost makes fire but thanks to Pamela who walks on it the fire is off. She is stalked by Pandora who gets a angry face from Pamela who makes her afraid. Polina looks at the two and continues walking. Behind them, Aurora and Christopher are dancing together while Edward looks weird at them. At the end, everyone sits at campfire and when Tom tries to put some wood on it the fire quits and everyone sighs.

Chris walks to the central place where he has to meet everyone. He thinks everyone has still to arrive but when he arrives at the central place, everyone is arrived already. "There he is, finally." John says while getting his suitcases.

"Oh... didn't expected to see you guys that fast here. Anyway follow me to the beach. You can leave your stuff here." Chris says and brings everyone to the beach.

As everyone is arrived, Chris starts to talk. "Welcome to Total Drama: Social Island where you will compete in gender teams. That's right, this season is battle of the sexes. You need to work together in challenges to earn immunity and rewards. If you lose you need to vote off a team member." Chris explains.

"You could've informed us about this, McLean." Pamela states.

"I'm the host and I make the rules. I decided to make twists for this season and guess what? You got your first twist here. Anyway, to spice things up already it's time for a challenge. Your challenge is to run as fast as you can to the canteen. The first team that arrives there gets an advantage for the second part of the challenge. That one will be... difficult. I promise you. Make yourselves ready." Chris says.


The girls are walking towards each other. "Getting to know each other can come later. We need to make a plan and to win this race so we have a better shot at winning the second part of the challenge." Katherina suggests.

"Agreed. Just run as fast as you can." Samyra adds.

(CONF) "My strategy is to go with the flow and not be on someone's target list. Even though I have to deal with ugly b**ches like I have in my home town, I don't care. I'm here for these million dollars and if those people are getting on my nerves I'll give them a slap with my million dollars then at the end." Samyra says.

The boys are walking to each other and are going to discuss their strategy as well. "Hey mates I'm Oz and I-" Oz tries to introduce himself but gets interrupted by Donny.

"Just go, guys. Those girls don't even have the power to kick a squirrel. Maybe that girl with that long black hair but who cares. Just run!" Donny suggests and majority of the boys agrees while Blaine keeps looking at him.

(CONF) "Look at his body! His face! His beautiful eyes. I think I already fell in love with him. I hope his name is something like Christiano or Alejandro." Blaine says while he's daydreaming about Donny.

(CONF) Donny smiles. "I know I'm looking good. I know I can get all these girls falling in love with me. That'll be my strategy. Time to outlast these girls." Donny shares his strategy while giggling.

As everyone turns back to Chris he gives the sign everyone can start. "GO!" He shouts.

All the contestants are running. John takes the lead but gets followed by Grace and Katherina real quick. John looks behind him and sees three other boys behind the two girls. He sighs in happiness and continues running. Aurora and Polina are running together. "One step left, one step right... keep running before it's getting night!" Aurora sings.

(CONF) "I've watched Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Ella was my least favorite character. And now a girl who is like a 2.0 version of her is playing a game with me. Naive, kind of dumb and easy to manipulate. Someone I have to work with for sure." Polina says.

"Hey, while we're running we should get to know each other. I'm Polina, nice to meet you." Polina says with a fake smile on her face. She reaches her hand to Aurora.

Aurora shakes her hand. "My very first friend in this game! Wonderfull. My name is Aurora, nice to meet you too." Aurora replies.

As the two girls continues running, Oz runs in front of them and gets passed by the two girls and Xavier. Oz falls on the ground and passes out. Lola sees this and screams. "SOMEBODY! HELP HIM!" She shouts.

All the contestants are looking at Oz. Chris, along with the nurses, are running to Oz. "Give him some space. Medical, NOW!" Chris shouts.


"This is our chance to win, let's go." Pamela says while running away.

"Excuse me? Are you insane? That guy is maybe passed out... maybe even dead." Samyra replies angrilly. "Don't you have a heart or what?"

At that moment, some of the group are looking at Samyra and Pamela. "Are you trying to fight me? I guess you want to win this game, right? So if you are sitting here, crying about someone who is too fat to run one meter, you can do that. But don't cry again if you are sent home tonight." Pamela snaps at Samyra. "I'm going to the canteen."

Some of the girls are looking at Samyra but only Pandora runs to Pamela. "Oh my gosh, you totally exposed her! I'm Pandora!" Pandora says and introduces herself to Pamela who doesn't care at all.

(CONF) "I'm always in the popular squad at my school and the only thing I have to do is just walk with them. So if I walk with Pamela I will be popular here too. She could be my new B.F.F!" Pandora says excited.

"I can't believe those two are just finishing the race and leaving him here for dead." Samyra says. Grace nods.

(CONF) "Look, I know it's bad that Oz lies there and no one knows what's wrong with him. But if he stands up and wins the challenge with his team I'd be pretty mad. But yeah, if we have to vote we'll go for Pamela probably." Grace says.


Oz opens his eyes and looks at everyone. "Oh, hello! How are you all?" Oz asks happily as he gets hugged by Lola.

"You are alright!!!" She shouts and jumps happily. Grace and Katherina are winking at each other and are running. While the others are following them.

"Since Oz is fine, Pamela and Pandora made a good decision and are on the lead for their team. But then again, the first team that arrives at the canteen will win the advantage." Chris says.


Everyone is running. Edward is running as last. "The youth of today has not even respect for adults. They don't even check if I'm alright instead of checking a dude who eats burgers for breakfast, lunch and diner all day." Edward mutters.

Pamela and Pandora are arrived at the canteen. Pamela looks around. "See, we are first. Our team is so dumb. We need to work together to get far in this game. But you need to promise me, you have to shut up to anyone." Pamela snaps at Pandora.

"I promise! Yaaaaay a alliance!" Pandora cheers.

Pamela growls at Pandora. "If you keep cheering about it you can find someone else for a alliance. Understood? Thanks." Pamela says annoyed and takes place at a table while Pandora looks offended.

(CONF) "She's just honest and I totally respect that!" Pandora says while she smiles.


John, Grace, Katherina, Donny, Oz, Lola and Samyra are arrived at the canteen. "Oh the boy is alive. Next time, listen to me before almost getting eliminated." Pamela says to Samyra while winking at her.

Blaine, Tom, Victor, Dana, Manuela, Polina, Aurora and Xavier are arrived. The last three boys who enters are Christopher, Edward and Rudolph who is weat. "I fell into the sea because 'someone' couldn't watch out." Rudolph says while looking mad at Cristopher.

"The girls wins the advantage. You get a canoe while the boys get wood to make a raft. Yes, you need to bring your team flag to me. You can find it at the other island. Team that gives me the flag as first wins. Now, go!!!" Chris announces and the teams are running.

There are four canoes so everyone has to jump in one of these. The girls are canoeing away while the boys are making the raft. "Christopher could I get more wood?" John asks while making a raft together with Tom and Donny.

(CONF) "Me, Tom and Donny are the three strong guys and I think they'll see us as threats. I need to watch out for that." John states.

Xavier walks with some wood and hands it to Donny. "Edward, you could help us too?" He asks annoyed.

"How dare you to ask that to an old man. I still need to revive from that first challenge." Edward says who looks very tired.

"You could've not signed up for this show if you knew you'd be tired after one challenge already." Xavier answers.

Tom sighs. "Both, stop. You two look like girls. Just bring us some wood and make yourself useful." Tom commands. Blaine laughs about it. "You're only watching us either so you don't have the right to laugh at them."

"Oh my gosh." Blaine reacts dramatic. "You are un-be-liev-able. I'm doing as much as I can and now you're telling me I'm just looking at you. Uhm nah-ahh. Just shush." Blaine snaps as he walks away.

The boys are laughing about him. "You are un-be-liev-able." Donny immitates Blaine while making the raft.

(CONF) "I can't believe they're making fun of me." Blaine says while crying.

The girls are canoeing. Lola, Aurora and Polina are together. Grace, Katherina and Manuela are together. Pandora and Pamela are together and Samyra and Dana are in the last canoe. "So do you have hobbies?" Samyra asks to Dana.

"No." Dana replies.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Samyra asks one again.

"No." Dana replies.

(CONF) "Tanisha and Layla... if you two are watching right now... I did it. I just tried to start a conversation with a goth." Samyra says while laughing.

Samyra nods. "Okay that's clear. Do you have friends?" She asks.

"No." Dana replies once again.

Grace, Katherina and Manuela are canoeing. "I've never met Justin Bieber but I went to his concert for like twenty times!!!" Grace says to Katherina.

"Wow, twenty times! I actually never went to Justin Bieber. I'm more fan of Marina and the Diamonds or Melanie Martinez." Katherina replies. "Or..."

"Lana Del Ray!" They both say at the exact same time.

Manuela looks at them. "Shouldn't we try to canoe. I'm okay with talking but we need to move one to win this challenge." Manuela suggests.

"Sure, whatever you want." Grace answers.

"It's not what I want but we should win this challenge so we don't have to vote someone out." Manuela answers.

Grace rolls her eyes. "We understand, okay?!?" She replies Manuela kind of angrilly.

(CONF) "I'm not a bad person at all and if someone loves to talk, it's me. But now I'm just annoyed by the fact they are not trying to win but they are talking about Justin Bieber and Lara Den Laray or whatever her name is." Manuela states.


The girls are almost arrived at the island while the boys are jumping at the raft. "Everyone sits on the raft?" Donny asks and everyone confirms. At the place where Oz sits, the raft almost breaks. "Oh no... we have a problem."

"I can't do anything about this guys." Oz says while he's farting.

"Oh no! Oh no! We're sinking with our raft. Oh no! Oh no! I don't want to die already!" Xavier sings in panic and has a panic attack.

(CONF) "Come on, I stole the show with my heartbreaking drama scene." Xavier says.

Christopher looks at the island. "We can reach the island. If some of us repare the raft the others can look for the flag." He suggests.

"Perfect idea! Come on, guys." Tom says and the boys are diving to the island while the girls are looking for the flag. The boys arrived at the island. Tom, Donny, Christopher, Blaine and Xavier are working on the raft while the others are looking for the flag.

Rudolph walks slowly to the canoes of the girls and kicks them away. He giggles and sees some of the girls running back. He runs away and jumps into the woods. "The canoes, they float away!" Lola screams.

(CONF) "Oops. Someone had to do that or we'd lose." Rudolph says while laughing malicious.

Manuela looks at the canoes. "If we swim to them fast we can get in it. We're still in the lead, guys! Uhh- ohh...- I mean girls." Manuela stutters.

The girls are jumping into the water and are swimming to the canoes except for Pamela. "Pandora take our canoe to this island so I can walk dry into it." Pamela commands.

"Why?" Pandora asks.

Pamela rolls her eyes. "Just do it. You remember the..." Pamela says and signs that she means the alliance. Pandora nods her head and swims to the canoe.


As the girls managed to get their canoes they canoe away while the boys are all on the raft again and are sailing away. It's getting close but the raft breaks and the boys falls into the water. "I can't swiiiiiiim!" Xavier screams.

"Not my hair, please!" Blaine shouts.

Donny looks at the boys. "Fast, we need to make the raft again. Just do it!" Donny commands and everyone helps.

(CONF) "It annoys me I have to be the leader of this team every time. Like, do your best and try to win as well." Donny says.

"I think we're going to win!" Aurora yells in happiness while the other girls are looking happy too. They arrive at the island where they started and hands Chris the flag. All girls are standing next to Chris.

"The girls are the winners of this challenge! That means they are safe tonight. Boys, you are going to elimination. Time to go to your cabins." Chris announces and everyone goes their own way.

As the girls are walking into the cabins, Aurora, Grace and Katherina are staying outside. "Is it smart we stay outside? Maybe we get the worst bedrooms now." Katherina says.

"I will try to get one for us!" Aurora replies excited and hops inside the cabin.

Grace and Katherina are looking at each other. "I think we both have the same opinion about each other. We should start a alliance. Us two, going to the end. I'd really like that." Grace suggests.

"I'd really love that!" Katherina replies.

(CONF) "Grace and I bonded since the very start. I feel okay with her and I think duo's like Lola & Oz and Pandora & Pamela are more obvious than us two. I'm ready to start this game." Katherina states.

Polina puts her stuff on the biggest bed but gets pushed away by Pamela. "I don't know if you already saw it but this one is mine." Pamela says and lies on it.

"I see nowhere your name on this bed. So this is anyone's bed from now." Polina says. Samyra and Pandora are walking to the two girls.

Pamela stands up and looks at Polina. "So, you wanna fight for that bed? Are you sure, girl?" She asks shirty.

"Just give her the bed, she isn't worth the attention at all." Samyra says and tries to calm down Polina.

"It's unfair. Daddy's princess can't get anything." Polina replies.

Pamela smiles. "I don't see my dad here? I'm not even acting as a princess. I got that bed since I put my stuff under my bed already." Pamela says as she shows her stuff. "Before you start a discussion, follow the facts." She adds while smiling. She turns back to her bed and lies on it. "I'd like to read something. Pandora, there are magazines in my suitcase. You can get one for yourself too."

"Oh yay, present time. You should be so happy with a friend like her." Samyra says sarcastic to Pandora while walking away.

Pandora rolls her eyes and gets two magazines. "I could join you on your bed so we could read together like real B.F.F's!" Pandora suggests.

"We are allies, not 'B.F.F's'. And then again, I need some time for myself. This all is new to me, you see." Pamela says but then realises she might lose Pandora when she looks sad. "Forget what I said, join me!"

"Amazing!" Pandora cheers and jumps on Pamela's bed.

(CONF) "I need to keep her close for now. I already made enemies. I need some stupid naive girl to work for me like icon Heather did. But for some reason Pandora doesn't look stupid." Pamela says.

At the boys cabin, Donny, John and Tom are talking outside. "I think the vote is between Edward and Xavier." Donny starts.

"And Blaine. One of those three has to go since they all did nothing. We are with nine so-" Tom starts but gets interrupted by John.

"Ten... we are with ten, Tom." John corrects him.

"Us three, Blaine, Edward, Xavier, Christopher, Rudolph and Oz?" Tom says.

"We also have that gothic dude!" Donny notices.

Victor looks out of the window and looks at the three. "Yes, I'm the gothic dude. And if you want to know who I'm voting, you have to call me Victor instead of the gothic dude. You think bullying is funny, do you?" Victor says while feeling bullied and attacked.

"I didn't meant to offent you. Sorry, Victor." Donny says.

"Apologies accepted. Me and Edward are voting for Xavier." Victor says.


Donny nods and looks at the other window. He got scared when he sees Blaine looking at him. When Blaine realises Donny is looking weird at him he just looks around. "Blaine is weird." Donny states.

"Yeah he is just looking at us and does nothing." Tom replies.

The evening falls and the boys are taking place at campfire. "Good evening, tonight is your first elimination ceremony. You all will vote for someone and the person with the most votes will leave. Voted out means you never return to the island. Never." Chris explains. "It's time to vote."

(CONF) "The youth of today is disgusting. You should learn how to respect older people." Edward says and votes off Xavier.

(CONF) Oz looks at the parchment. "It's difficult to vote someone out. I barely know anyone so far." He says and votes.

(CONF) "Oh pleaaaase, go home and sit on your old moody ass. You are annoying and ruining my chance to win. Targeting me, how dare you!" Xavier says kinda angry and votes off Edward.

(CONF) "The alliance has decided." John said and votes.

(CONF) Blaine plays with his hair. "If I'm going home I will be so mad. O-M-G. My vote is Edward since he's nasty and old. I don't like people who are just moody af." He explains his vote and votes for Edward.

(CONF) "Goodbye." Victor says and votes off Xavier.

As everyone has voted, Chris walks back with the voting urn. He grabs the parchments one by one and reads the votes. "When the votes are read the person who is voted out has to leave immediately." Chris announces. "First vote.......... Edward. Next vote, Xavier. Third vote is for Edward. Next vote, Xavier. It's two versus two for now." Chris says. The next four votes are two for Edward and two for Xavier again. "Four votes each. Next vote, Xavier. First person voted out of Total Drama: Social Island................................................................ Xavier." Chris announces.

"NO! You can't vote me out. You can't!!! I was the shining star." Xavier shouts at the boys and has to walk with Chris away.

Donny, Tom and John and looking at each other. "That's the first time I saw a falling star then, hahahaha." John jokes and the whole team laughs.


Chris and Xavier are walking to the beach where a boat waits. "Thanks for playing, you were... interesting. Goodbye!" Chris says and pushes Xavier onto the boat.

"THAT WAS RUDE, MCLEAN!" Xavier shouts while the boat sails.

Chris looks at Xavier, shaking his head and turns back to the camera. "With that, we have met our first boot of the season. Xavier had to leave the game. Poor him but someone had to leave tonight. Can't you get enough of Total Drama and you want to see more then don't forget to look at the strips who come out after the episode is aired. They show some fun scenes! That's it for this episode, what will happen next? Who is going to be voted off and will the boys win next challenge? You'll see it all in Total Drama: Social Island!" Chris says and ends the show.

~ Xavier's Thoughts On The Boat

"I don't know how I feel. Betrayed, robbed, begrudged. I can't describe how I feel right now. I had so many plans to steal the show. I had so much potential to be an amazing character. But I'm leaving and I can't do anything about that. Besides... I DON'T WANNA GO HOME. I'M TOO YOUNG TO GO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Xavier shouts.

The outro plays.

Episode 2: "This Game Will Be Hard"

"Last time on Total Drama. We introduced our twenty contestants. All of them interacted with each other. Some of them started friendships, some of them made enemies. One thing is sure, majority of this cast knows how to play a good game. In a challenge about psychical skills, Oz passed out. After some help he continued but lost for the boys. At the second part of the challenge Rudolph tried to sabotate the girls but thanks to Manuela's plan and the help from all the girls minus Pamela, the girls managed to finish first. Their good mood dissapeared soon as some of them got into a fight at the cabins. The boys discussed the vote, which was between Edward and Xavier. Xavier went home after an extremly close vote. Are Donny, John and Tom dominating the boys team? Are Grace and Katherina really going to work together and are Samyra and Polina working together because they defended each other against Pamela? You'll see it all this episode of Total Drama: Social Island!" Chris announces.

Intro sequence plays.

The camera films the boys cabin. Oz snores and it makes Blaine angry. "I'm going to scream if he doesn't stop. Uhm, hello... I need to get at least eight hour sleep." Blaine snaps at the boys while going back to sleep.

"We all want to continue with our sleep. But that's not a reason to randomly snap at us, dude." Tom replied.

Blaine looks at Tom. "Ok, sorry." He apologies.

(CONF) "I can't fight one of the pretty boys. One of them has to be my prince and honestly I hope it's Donny. Oh before twitter starts about #IsHeGay or #WhyDoesHeLikeBoys well, yes. I'm mother freaking gay." Blaine says confident and smiles.

Rudolph is walking around outside and walks into the forest. He sees some water and takes a sit next to it. He looks at the water and sees on his left Victor sitting. "Victor?" He asks.

"Oh, hey." Victor says and walks to Rudolph. "This is such an peaceful place."

Rudolph nods. "Yeah, it is. Anyway, you voted for Edward last night, did you?" Rudolph asked and looks at the water.

"No, I didn't. I voted Xavier. I know, Edward is old and maybe annoying but he's a good person while Xavier was only here to make drama and enemies." Victor explains.

"Sounds understandable. I just thought I got majority. But I failed." Rudolph says and breaks some wood. "I'm going back to the cabin. I'll talk to you later."

(CONF) "It annoys me that people are making moves behind my back. Like... I should've been the one who controlled the first vote. They always say, the person who controls the first vote wins the game..." Rudolph says.


At the girls cabin, some of the girls are having troubles again. "I never asked you to show your ugly face that near to me." Pamela shouts at Polina.

"I don't care, you should quit with having an opinion about everyone and everything. It doesn't only annoy me but it annoys others too." Polina shouts back.

Manuela wakes up because of the fight and looks pissed. "You two are BOTH annoying. Just leave each other. If you didn't care about each other you wouldn't discuss everything with each other." She says annoyed and goes back to sleep.

At that moment, Lola walks in and shows some blueberries. "Got them for us! I stole them from a squirrel. They were so mad at me." Lola tells the girls while everyone looks at her blue eye.

"Have they done... that?" Dana asks while pointing at her eye.

"Oh no, hahaha! I ran against a tree hahaha. I wasn't looking forward because the squirrels were following me hahaha." Lola laughs while the other girls are frowning.

(CONF) "Uhm, I respect everyone here but that chick isn't 100% alright." Samyra says.

"Good I think we have a challenge soon so I'll take a shower, girls!" Grace says while getting stuff to take with her.

Katherina looks at her. "I join you!" She says excited. "I mean, not together in the shower of course. I just want to shower too..." Katherina adds and looks around her, seeing Grace shaking her head.

(CONF) "Katherina is wonderful and I love her but she's kind of dumb in my opinion. Going to the shower together? How suspicious is that?!?" Grace asks to the camera.

The two girls are walking out of the cabin. "We have to be careful since they might find out we're working together, Kat." Grace says while walking to the bathroom.

"I understand, sorry. I just thought - we could talk about the game. I think that if we lose it's either Pamela or Polina." Katherina answers.

Grace nods. "I'm going first." She says, looking serious at Katherina.

"No! You can't go home..." Katherina replies shocked but she sees Grace laughing. "Oh you meant taking a shower as first haha. You got me!" Katherina laughs and pushes Grace who drops her shampoo by accident.

She grabs it and sees something shining in the woods. "You can take a shower as first, Kat." Grace says while focussed on the item in the woods.

"Alright!" Katherina replies and walks into the bathroom.

Grace walks to the woods and grabs the item. There's a note. "Congratulations, you found the hidden immunity idol. You can play this idol before a elimination ceremony, negating all the votes that are written against you." Grace reads.

(CONF) Grace shows her hidden immunity idol. "I found it, I got the hidden immunity idol! I'm soooooooooo happy right now. Nobody will know about this." Grace says excited.

(CONF) "Hidden immunity idols will be hidden, yes. How many? That's the secret. Are they real? That's a question too." Chris says.

Katherina's ready from her shower and walks to Grace. "Your turn!" Katherina says which scares Grace.

"Oh, yeah. I'll take a shower tonight! Let's go back to the cabin." Grace suggests and they are both walking back to the cabin.


When they are arrived, Aurora walks outside and dances a bit. Pamela and Pandora are walking out of the cabin. "I'm going to the toilet, alone." Pamela says while walking away.

"Why are you even trying to be friends with someone like her?" Grace asks to Pandora.

Pandora looks kinda offended. "I can choose my own friends!" She replies.

"It was just a question because it doesn't look you're friends with her at all. All you do is being her slave. I hope you get that." Grace tells and walks with Katherina inside the cabin.

(CONF) "Why can't they just accept I'm friends with the popular girl? I know how to handle this. Because Grace and Katherina are just jealous." Pandora says.

Aurora hops to Pandora. "Would you like to look for some butterflies?" Aurora asks to Pandora.

"Sorry, I have to wait for Pamela here." Pandora responds kinda dissapointed.

Aurora looks at Pandora and grabs her hand. "Let's have some fun, girl. You can't keep walking after Pamela like you're her dog!" She says and walks with Pandora away.

(CONF) "I don't like it when people are sad or being used as slave. So I felt this was the right thing to do." Aurora explains.

In the woods, Victor walks back and sees Pandora and Aurora giggling. He walks slowly to them and looks at them. "Are there even pink butterflies?" Pandora asks.

"Yes, yes! Of course they are. But they don't live here..." Aurora answers.

"PANDORA. WHERE ARE YOU?" Pamela shouts in anger at the cabin while Pandora and Aurora are in the woods.

"Oh no! I need to go back, sorry!" Pandora apologies and runs back. Aurora shug. Aurora shrugs.

Victor walks to Aurora. Until Lola runs to Aurora. "Come, come! Challengeeee!" Lola says excited. Victor walks back to his cabin where everyone waits.

"Where have you been?" Tom asks while laughing.

Victor looks around. "Just enjoying the sillence..." Victor responds.

Pamela looks angry at Pandora while Polina looks mad at Pamela. Manuela and Dana are looking at the three and are rolling their eyes. "I wish I was part of the boys team." Manuela whispers in Dana's ear who smiles.

"I have the exact same feeling." Dana whispers back.

"So, for today's challenge..." Chris starts as he walks to the cast. "I need one sit out from the girls team. She will stay here at the cabin, being bored by boredom for the rest of this day. You got one minute to decide who you pick. And believe me, you don't wanna miss this challenge!" Chris jokes.

The girls are looking at each other. "Before we f-" Samyra starts but gets interrupted by Pamela and Polina who are shouting at each other. Samyra rolls her eyes.

(CONF) "This... is getting pretty annoying." Samyra says. "I'm okay if people don't like each other but if we're catfighting every time those two will be best friends right before elimination and one of us will be eliminated instead."

"I'll stay here. Thanks for the help, ladies." Samyra states and looks annoyed at Polina and Pamela.


(CONF) "What is her problem? Because I'm defending myself against a random girl named Polina, she is acting like a victim. Don't make so much drama about it. These people are annoying me. The snoop, the poser, the stalker, the creep, the bighead, the gothic, the annoying singer and then we have soggy and bands who are always together." Pamela says.

Chris nods. "Good, let's go to central place." Chris says and walks with the contestants minus Samyra to central place. "Today's challenge is all about endurance. You all have to grab this stone. Every ten minutes another stone will be placed on the stone you're holding already. If you give up you are eliminated from the challenge. Last person standing wins for his or her team. Questions? No? Brilliant, I'm an amazing host. Get a stone, everyone." Chris says and looks at everyone who are grabbing a stone. "Three, two - GO!" He shouts and everyone keeps the stone up.

"Go girls!" Katherina shouts which lets Aurora almost dropping her stone. "Oops..." She says while blushing.

Edward is struggling with the stone. His arms are sour. "Guys, it sucks to do this but I have to give up." He says while dropping his stone. "I'm sorry."

(CONF) "They have to respect my choice. I'm 60+ and I even tried to do the challenge." Edward states, proud on himself.

(CONF) "Are you kidding me? What's this dude his problem? He should've gone home last round." Rudolph says angrilly.

Ten minutes are passed and Chris places a stone on everyone's stone. This happens after twenty minutes. Both Aurora and Lola are having a bad time. "Keep calm, keep calm." Aurora slowly sings which makes Lola feeling relaxed. "Keep caaaaaaaaaaaaaalm!" Aurora sings loud and finishing her song, scaring Lola and letting her dropping her stones.

"Oh no!!" Lola shouts which is scaring Aurora and drops her stones by accident.

Majority of the girls are rolling their eyes. "Aurora and Lola are both out. It's 8-7 for the boys." Chris announces.

In the following hour, nobody drops their stones until Christopher, Blaine, Victor, Dana, Pandora and Grace are dropping all their stones. "Well it was fun guys, but no way I'm going to have blisters on my hands." Blaine says while walking away.

"With those eliminations, it's 5-4. The boys are still leading." Chris announces and looks at everyone.

(CONF) "I always got the power in my arms. This challenge is mine!" Manuela says excited.

It starts to blow and the wind blows Pamela's hair into Polina's face causing Polina to drop her stones. "What are you doing, girl? You made me lose and now we are most likely going to lose. Good job, Pamela. Very good job." Polina shouts at Pamela.

"Uhm, I can't do anything about that. If the wind blows my hair into your face, it's not my problem. But don't worry... we're still with three." Pamela says while winking.

(CONF) "One word from her again and she's dead." Pamela says.

Another hour is passed, Oz and Rudolph dropped their stones. It's John, Tom and Donny vs. Katherina, Manuela and Pamela. "Good, you six are doing a great job. From now you will not get any stones anymore. It's just trying to keep holding those stones. But promise me, your arms will be sour soon... you'll be hungry and sleepy. This is going to be HARD." Chris says.

"Thanks, Chris. That gave me energy to fight for this." Pamela answers and smiles at the boys.

Tom and Donny are laughing. "Well, pretty girl. We are top sporters. Us three will beat you." Tom says while laughing.

"You three? I only see two of you?" Pamela replies arrogant and looks at John who passed out.

"Someone check if he's alright. Anyway it's 2-3 now. Girls took the lead." Chris says.

Pamela smiles while Manuela is having trouble with holding the stones. "I think I'm going to lose my balance, girls." Manuela says in panic.

"Deep breath, closing your eyes and just think about how awesome it will be to win this challenge." Katherina helps Manuela which helps a lot.

(CONF) "I'm so proud that I'm doing amazing in this challenge. Manuela and I are a good team along with Pamela who is making the boys mad. I feel we can win this challenge." Katherina says excited.

Pamela gasps. "Tom, do you have a girlfriend?" Pamela asks bored.

"No, I don't have one. Do you have a boyfriend, then?" Tom asks back.

"I'm not. But I'm actually looking for one. It'd be amazing to start a showmance with the most good looking boy from this show. I was actually thinking about Donny." Pamela states. She looks at Manuela and winks.

(CONF) "She pisses me off but then again, that chick is amazing. She's amazing with these things." Manuela says.

"Oh, really? Don't you wanna see my muscles? They're looking good, babe." Tom says.

Donny frowns. "Sure, dude. You're trying to get the girls but the only hot dude here is me." Donny reacts on Tom.

"Show your muscles then, Donny." Manuela commands Donny.

As Donny slowly tries to turn and to show his arms he drops a stone and the others are following. At that moment Chris walks back from having a diner. "Oh finally, someone's out. Too bad Donny. Anyway the others are eating already." Chris says and walks with Donny away.

"Good one." Tom compliments Manuela and Pamela.

Katherina feels a bit forgotten and looks at Tom. "Tom... I think you are the hottest boy from the cast." Katherina lies.

"Yeah sure, I'm just going to stay calm an... and... oh damn there I go." Tom says before falling on the ground, getting dizzy.

Manuela drops her stones and walks to Tom and looks if he's alright. "MANUELA! Are you stupid? What if we all dropped our stones because of you? Then Tom could make an act and lie that he won. Get Chris for us before he will cheat!" Pamela commands Manuela.

"Listen good. We are a team and I want to win as much as you want. But first, I want to check if he was alright and then second, I'm not Pandora or anyone else of your sad slaves. I'm doing what I want." Manuela fights back and looks at Chris who just came to watch.

"Well, I wanted to inform you guys that John is alright and... do I need to get medical help for him?" Chris asks.

Manuela shakes her head. "He's awake but he is just dizzy." Manuela says.


"Alright, anyway. Congratulations, girls. You've won your second immunity challenge!" Chris announces loud. Some of the contestants are walking to the group. Donny helps Tom and walks with him to the cabin. "The boys will have two hours to discuss the vote. Then it's elimination time. Girls, your just immune for today." Chris says. Everyone walks back to the cabins.

At the boys cabin, all the boys are looking at Donny and Tom. It's quiet and nobody talks. "We can sit here, blaming each other but everyone has dropped their stones." Christopher says.

"He's more then right." John replies.

Oz stands up. "I say we will drink something together. Enjoying our time together until we have to vote someone out. Who's in?" Oz suggests and everyone agrees with him.

(CONF) "A party is always right!" Oz says happily.

Everyone talks and is having fun except for Rudolph. He looks disgusted at Edward who is telling people to keep it quiet. He takes Donny's arm and shows what Eddie does. "So, you want to keep that old weirdo for a second time?" Rudolph asks to Donny.

"Actually, I haven't decided what I wanna do yet. I have to talk with more people about it but I'll keep it in mind, kid!" Donny replies and winks at Rudolph.

(CONF) "Kid? Has he ever heard of my name? It's because I can't take him out already or he would've been gone home. Because he looks good doesn't mean he has to control this team." Rudolph states annoyed.

At the girls cabin, it's more quiet than last night. Samyra, Polina and Dana are talking. "Do you think we will be in these teams for the rest of the game? I mean... until we merge?" Samyra asks.

"Hopefully not. Spending time with Pamela for a week is enough for me." Polina replies, making the other two girls laughing.

"I have talked with Manuela and she has the same thought as me. We could make an alliance of four?" Dana suggests.

Samyra and Polina are looking at each other and are smiling. "Deal!" They both say and are giving a high five to Dana.

"What are they doing now?" Pamela asks to Pandora who spies for Pamela.

"They are high fiving each other. Oh no, Dana comes!" Pandora says.

Pamela looks in panic. "Try to get information. Do it!!!" Pamela shouts.

"Hey Dana! I like your hair!" Pandora made up and smiles at Dana.

Dana looks confused and nods her head. She looks behind her and sees Samyra and Polina getting ready to take a shower. She turns back to Pandora. "So what do you want from me? Has Pamela asked you something or what?" Dana asks arrogant.

"No, why would she? I'm here to finally get to meet you! How's life here?" Pandora asks.

"It sucks. I'm stalked by a weird girl who keeps asking me weird questions while she acts very suspicious." Dana tells Pandora.

"Oohh, who's your stalker then?" Pandora asks completly confused.

Dana rolls her eyes. "You, dimwit. Now move." Dana says and pushes Pandora away. "Pamela, why are you here?" She asks.

"Hey Dana! I was just searching for a book I was reading. I gave it to Lola but she probably lost it somewhere. Time to find the crazy chick. By the way, you look way better. Did you get some sleep?" Pamela made up and walks away with Pandora.

"Can you tell me what you were doing there, Pam?" Pandora asks.

Pamela looks around. "Okay, if you ever tell this to anyone you will wake up at the other side of the island. Naked." Pamela threatens. Pandora nods her head. "Good. I got Dana's magazines about gothic stuff." Pamela explains.

"But why?" Pandora asks.

"Why? She will be mad. You heard that I told Dana about my book I gave to Lola. Simple, putting these magazines under Lola's bed and the fire will be started. I already put them under her bed. I got two to keep. I can always use that for later, don't you think. Anyway we should take a shower. It's time to relax." Pamela suggests.

(CONF) "It's easy to play people against each other. The only task you have to do is to stay out of the trouble when it starts." Pamela explains.

Grace puts her idol in her bag and hides it under her bed. She puts her suitcase in front of it. She has no clue Katherina is watching her. As Grace turns she sees Katherina and scares. "Bad conscience?" Katherina asks while looking under her bed. "What are you hiding there? I thought we told each other everything..."

"Okay. Come with me." Grace says and grabs Katherina's hand. She's walking with her outside and sees Lola running around. "She is so... strange. Anyway..." Grace starts to whisper. "I found a hidden immunity idol!" Grace whispers.

"What!! Congrats, where did you find it? And when?" Katherina asks quietly.

"This morning. Wanna know what I made up? What if Chris tells everyone about the idol and everyone will search for it? I might come of suspicious when they find out it's found already. So I decided to make a fake hidden immunity idol. I will hide it on the same place." Grace explains.

Katherina smiles. "Oohh, I see. And when someone wants to play it..." Katherina starts.

"... the votes will still count and the fake idol will be removed. Someone will be eliminated because of that! Even if he or she doesn't go... the fact someone is hiding a idol is suspicious." Grace ends.

(CONF) "Grace found the idol which makes us a strong duo. But if I didn't saw her hiding it away she wouldn't have told me this. For now I have to trust Grace. The fact she told me everything is amazing. This game is starting to be hard. This game will be hard." Katherina states.


Back at the boys cabin, everyone is making themselves ready to go to the elimination ceremony. While walking, Rudolph looks at Edward and shares a smile while Edward looks mad. As everyone is arrived, Chris shakes his head. "Defeated by the girls for a second time in a row. You guys should be ashamed. Before you vote, I have some questions for you. Oz, how do you feel in this team?" Chris asks.

"I feel amazing. These boys are like my friends, they're cool and I can hang with them. We've partied this evening and I forgot we were in a game!" Oz states honest.

Chris nods his head. "Rudolph, what's the most important part of a vote?" Chris asks.

"Easy, you have to look at the options and they make a list of people you want out the most..." Rudolph states while looking at Edward "... and the people you want out the least."

"And Edward, why should you stay?" Chris asks.

"I never did anything wrong to anyone. I'm just the grandpa of the show who cares about everyone." Edward says.

Chris frowns. "Sure, it's time to vote." Chris announces.

(CONF) "Time to go, old jerk." Rudolph says and votes off Edward. "Please go home this time, you don't deserve to be here."

(CONF) Edward shakes his head. "The fact you are targeting a old man who can't defend himself is sad." Edward says while voting off Rudolph.

(CONF) "We are playing a game. It's not all about parties. Sorry but you're not only annoying but also strange. I can't trust you." Donny says and votes off Oz.

(CONF) "Easy, goodbye to the lying bitch!" Blaine says and votes.

(CONF) Tom votes and looks at the camera. "Wasn't the most easiest vote to be honest." He says.

(CONF) "I heard Edward was the vote by some but there is no way I will vote for him. I saved him last week and this will be the second week." Victor says while voting.

Chris walks back with the votes. "Good, one of you will be going home. When I've read the votes the eliminated contestant has to leave directly." Chris announces. "I'll read the votes... Edward. Next vote... Rudolph. Next vote... Oz!" Chris says, shocking a few people.

Oz looks at the others. "Oh no..." He mutters sad.

"Rudolph! ......... Edward! .......... Oz! It's 2-2-2. Anyone can still go home. Next vote's for Edward. Another vote for........ Rudolph!" Chris says and grabs the last parchment. "Second person voted out of Total Drama: Social Island................................ Edward." Chris announces.

Edward stands up, dissapointed and disgusted. "How can you send -" Edward wants to say but gets interrupted.

"A good, sweet, respectful old grandpa home? Well we just did that." Rudolph interrupts angrilly.

Donny, Tom and John are looking at each other. "You've got some explaining to do tonight." Tom whispers in John's ear.

"Edward, it's time to go." Chris says.

Edward looks back and shakes his head. "The world has seen the youth of today. Disrespectful, rude and very dumb. Goodluck in this game and look out for Rudolph, he's a little nasty child who tries to vote off the good people. So people who voted for me, don't worry. You're all okay." Edward states and walks to the boat at the beach.

"Thanks for playing, Edward. It wasn't a long ride but you got what you want. You showed the viewers some respect for adults!" Chris says. Edward smiles and takes place on the boat. "Haven't said him they did something with that though." Chris says to the camera. - "Anyway, I hope ...-know- you liked this episode. So don't miss anything else next time on Total Drama: Social Island!" Chris says and ends the show.


~ Edward's Thoughts On The Boat

"Like I said already; it's okay. I'm happy the viewers learned something from me. Rudolph will not win this game. I hope Donny or anyone else of the people who didn't voted me will win. Donny was the one who told me about Rudolph and asked me to vote Oz while I heard from Victor to vote off Rudolph. I probably made the wrong decision. I'm still happy I got accepted for this. So next time, a grandma has to play and to do this game better than me!" Edward jokes, finally showing his good side.

The outro plays.

Episode 3: "One Plan Will Work"

"Last time on Total Drama. Grace found the hidden immunity idol and after trying to keep it a secret, Katherina found out Grace tried to hide it. She told everything to Katherina. That's a burn, Grace! Trying to get Katherina's trust, Grace and her will make a fake idol. Sneaky! But not only Grace is planning something. Pamela continued being sneaky and stole Dana's magazines with help from Pandora. Her goal? Trying to let it look like Lola stole it. How evil? Polina, Samyra, Dana and Manuela made an alliance, trying to get Pamela out as soon as possible while the boys have voted messy in their second elimination ceremony. Because of misunderstanding and lies, Oz received two votes, Rudolph three and Edward four, letting him leaving this game. And guess what? He was finally 'happy'. There's a lot to announce this episode. Make yourself ready for this episode of Total Drama: Social Island!" Chris says.

Intro sequence plays.

"WHERE ARE MY MAGAZINES!!!" Dana shouts in anger, waking up everyone of both teams.

Donny wakes up and looks at John who wakes up at the same moment. "Wow, did you hear that too?" He asks while looking at John's sleepy face.

"Hell yeah, do you think a girl is getting killed by a bear or something?" John asks.

Donny shakes his head. "Probably one of the girls broke their nailes or something." Donny replies.

At the girls cabin, everyone looks scared at each other. "I want a team meeting in ten minutes." Dana commands angrilly. "One of you will be in so much trouble. Trust me, one of you will be dead." She adds. "DEAD" Dana screams in Aurora's ears.

"Uhm, gothic girl. We can talk about this but first I need to take a shower and th-" Pamela answers but gets interrupted by Dana.

"NO ONE GOES ANYWHERE!" Dana shouts at Pamela.

Pamela looks at Dana. "Alright, but make it quick then." She replies.

(CONF) "Just about time until the whole cabin explodes in a big fight. I'm excited to see this all." Pamela says proud.

After ten minutes all girls minus Dana are standing in a row. Dana checks the beds of Pamela and Pandora first. "Good, I see nothing here. Pamela, have you found your book already? And Pandora, have you found Pamela's book already?" Dana asks arrogant.

"I can answer this!" Pandora whispers to Pamela. "I haven't found it and Pamela didn't either. It's probably stolen like your magazine!" Pandora lies getting an elbow of Pamela in her stomach. "Ouch, Pam!"

Dana frowns. "Ok, whatever. Samyra, Polina and Manuela... I trust you three with my whole heart so please be honest with me." Dana asks.

"May I ask you something, Dana? Why are you so freaking out about a magazine?" Katherina asks.

"Because, Katherina, someone here is stealing things. Someone is trying to make trouble here for no reason. We need to take action." Dana says.

Katherina nods and looks at Polina who looks under Lola's bed. "Uhm, what's that over there?" Polina asks while pointing at Lola's bed.

While Dana and the other girls are walking to Lola's bed, Pamela is smiling evilly. Dana grabs her magazine and Pamela's book. "Pamela!!! Your book!!!" Pandora shouts.

"Can you explain this?" Dana asks furious at Lola who looks afraid at her.

"I-I h-h..-have no-o idea?" Lola stutters while looking at the magazine. "I hav-v-vent stolen it!"

Dana frowns and looks mad at Lola. Samyra looks at Pamela, who is smiling a bit. Dana shakes her head. "Lola, I'm a man of my word. You are dead, I swear. You are lying, stealing... what are you doing? Your crazy character is just a fake act." Dana states while walking away. All girls are walking away. Samyra keeps looking at Pamela.


(CONF) "Is it just me or everything I see from Pamela is sneaky and nasty. And the fact that Pandora keeps walking behind Pamela looks so weird. Also the Katherina-Grace duo is looking so weird. Hopefully the alliance of me, Polina, Dana and Manuela will work." Samyra states.

Grace walks outside and looks at the woods. When she looks at the window of the cabin she nods. Katherina walks out of the cabin and runs to Grace. Grace shows the fake idol and they are hiding it away. They are high fiving and are running away when Lola, Manuela and Aurora are walking outside. "It isn't my fault, I haven't done anything." Lola says while crying.

"I don't even understand this situation. I don't think you have done this all. Why would you put in under your bed? What is the reason you stole it? There is no reason. So don't worry, I believe you." Manuela states honestly.

Aurora nods. "Yes, don't drop the light already. Smile, shine and make the world better with your crazyness! You were the happy one of our team. Let's have fun!" Aurora states while hugging Lola.

(CONF) "I feel so so bad for Lola. She is accused of something she didn't do. But I believe her. Manuela does too! We can help her. I believe in it!" Aurora says excited.

"Let's catch some butterflies and give them some berries!" Aurora suggests. "Would you like to join us, Manuela?" She asks.

Manuela shakes her head. "No thanks, I'm not the type who feeds butterflies with... berries..." Manuela replies. "But thanks for the offer."

Lola and Aurora are walking away together. "Thanks for everything!" She yells happily at Manuela while hopping away with Aurora.

"Your welcome..." Manuela whispers to herself while looking at the woods. She sees something shining. Slowly, she walks to the item and grabs it. There's a note. "Congratulations, you found a hidden immunity idol..." She says and continues reading.


(CONF) Manuela looks at her idol. "I have no idea what this thing means but it should mean something good!" Manuela says while laughing.

While all girls are doing their own thing, the boys have actually a meeting too. This one is organized by Oz who doesn't feel right about last vote. When everyone is done with showering, Oz starts. "I feel like we're all friends. We can be honest to each other, right. What's the reason some of you voted for me? I just want to know." Oz says honestly and looks at all boys.

"Easy. SOME of them saw you as a threat and wanted to get rid off you. But no worries, I voted for the person who should've gone home episode one. With other words, I voted for Edward." Rudolph stated while looking at Donny. "Don't be a doodoo. Just go with it and tell him the truth. We are all friends, remember."

(CONF) "This is my chance to take one of the big boys out!!!" Rudolph screams.

Donny and Tom are looking at each other. "Yeah Oz, we thought you were too great for this game. That's why we voted you. But we are happy you stayed. Tom and I made the wrong move and we want to apologise." Donny states.

"Exactly, we did a bad thing." Tom adds.

Oz starts to cry. "Thank you so much for telling me the truth. Hug me brothaars!!!" Oz says and hugs Donny, Tom and Rudolph who looks extremly annoyed.

"What about another party for the Ozzy boy?!?" Christopher suggests and majority of the guys are agreeing. Oz starts the music but gets turned off by Chris who walks into the cabin.

He looks at the boys. "Well, I came here to say you have to follow me to the canteen for the next challenge." Chris announces.

Donny stands up but stands on Blaine's foot by accident. "Oh sorry, bro!" He apologizes as he puts his hand on Blaine's shoulder which letting him faint. "Ehh... boys?"

(CONF) "How romantic! I fainted in front of him and he cared about me. I'm the happiest guy in this world! Oh my gosh, Donny is so hot." Blaine says.

As Blaine opens his eyes, all boys are looking at him. Victor raises his hand to help Blaine but Blaine shakes his head. "I'm a boy, I can stand up by myself. But thanks, I guess." Blaine says while walking to Chris.


"Good... let's go." Chris suggests.

Chris walks with the boys to the canteen where the girls are sitting already. "I've brought you here for two things today. First thing, the challenge. Second.... it's time for a twist. It's no longer battle of the sexes since the teams will be swapped! That's right, two teams of nine players. We have the green team which will be Team South and there will be a red team which will be Team North. The question is, how will we get to know the teams? You all get a present and in that present you will get a green or red color card. That will decide your team." Chris announces.

Everyone picks a present and opens it.

Team North consists of: Aurora, Blaine, Dana, Donny, Grace, Katherina, Manuela, Rudolph & Tom
Team South consists of: Christopher, John, Lola, Oz, Pamela, Pandora, Polina, Samyra & Victor.


"And before you get to know your new team mates, we will play a fun challenge. Contestants it's time for a old classic game, dodgeball!!!!" Chris announces.

"Yeah, a good old game! I love that!" Christopher shouts in excitement.

(CONF) "For some reason I'm very happy with my team! They're looking very nice. I think we can win some challenges." Christopher says.

Everyone walks to the gym. "We are in the same team!" Pandora whispers excited in Pamela's ear.

"Yeah! But we're also stucked with Polina and Samyra. We need to make some allies, Pandora. And I have the perfect two to help us." Pamela says while looking at Lola and Oz.

Lola jumps on Oz. "I'm so happy we are in the same team and I'm happy Dana is away!" She says.

Oz smiles. "My team tried to vote me out..." Oz states looking sad at the ground.

"What?!?" Lola answers in shock. "That's ridiculous! No worries, that won't happen anymore with me in this team!" Lola says and hugs Oz.

(CONF) "Lola is amazing. We have been a though day and now we are together. I'm feeling safe!" Oz says.

Donny, Tom and John are walking together and are looking at each other. "I'm in a different team..." John says dissapointed.

"So? You didn't voted with us last vote so you didn't thought we were still together a group, right?" Tom asks kinda annoyed.

As the two boys are looking a bit arrogant at John he sighs and walks away. "I don't think we should've been so mean to him..." Donny says.

"Ofcourse we had to be. Now he'll beg to rejoin us at merge." Tom answers proud.

When everyone's at the gym, Chris explains the game. "Today we will play dodgeball. 9 vs 9. Your goal is to take out the other team before they take you out. How do you get eliminated from the challenge? Well, if you get hit or the ball you throw gets captured by a player of the other team, you are eliminated. There is no way you can get back in this game. Good luck." Chris explains.

(CONF) "I'm good at basketball so this is easy game." Donny says.

The two teams are taking place at the field. Chris throws the ball to the field and Oz takes it. He throws it at Rudolph who dodges. He grabs it but Tom steals it and throws it at Pandora who is eliminated. "Hey, that one was for me!!!" Rudolph shouts at Tom.

"Poor you, I just eliminated the blonde girl of the other team." Tom says while dodging Samyra's ball.

(CONF) "I get sick of the annoying 'basktetball' talk of the boys." Rudolph states annoyed.

As Pandora sits at the bench next to the field, Grace grabs the ball and throws it at John who captures it, making Grace getting eliminated. "Jesus!!!" Grace shouts in anger and takes place at the other bench.

"One out of each teams. John has the ball at the moment, who's out next? Let's continue this exciting game." Chris says.

John looks at Tom and Donny. He shakes his head and throws the ball at Blaine his face. He falls on the ground and screams. "MEDICAL!!!" He shouts.

Chris runs to Blaine and looks at Blaine's face. "Come on, be a man. It's only a black eye. Continue the game guys." Chris says while walking away with Blaine.

Rudolph grabs the ball and throws it at Christopher who dodges. "Good job... Rudolph." Tom says with sarcasm, not paying attention to the ball and gets hit by it. Christopher threw the ball at Tom's face.

"Same to you!" Rudolph jokes.

Manuela rolls her eyes. "Are we having a catfight or are we going to play dodgeball?" Manuela asks while throwing the ball at Victor, hitting him and scoring a point for her team. She high fives Donny and Katherina.

"We want a break." Pamela shouts.

"Good, five minutes." Chris says.

Team South which is still consisted of Lola, Pamela, Polina, Samyra, Christopher, John and Oz is talking about a strategy while Team North which is still consisted of Aurora, Dana, Katherina, Manuela, Donny and Rudolph are looking at them. "Maybe we need to make a plan too." Dana suggests.

"What do you want to do then besides trying to take them out?" Donny asks.

"Well, what if four of us try to catch the balls and the others are trying to take the other team out?" Dana suggests.

Team North agrees while Pamela looks at them. She turns back at the group. "We need to make sure they will not get to know what our strategy is." John says.

"Don't worry about that. I know their strategy. Four of them will catch the balls while the other three will throw the balls." Pamela states.


"FIVE MINUTES ARE DONE." Chris shouts.

Everyone makes themselves ready. Chris throws two balls. Katherina and Christopher both got one and throws it at each other. Katherina's hit by Christopher's ball while he dodged Katherina's.

(CONF) "I love to play dodgeball!" Christopher shouts in excitement.

Christopher is seen at the bench next to Pandora. "I was a bit too excited I guess..." He says to Pandora while Victor looks at him.

"FIGHT!!!!" Lola shouts while throwing a ball at Dana who is hit by it.

Dana stands up and walks to Lola, slapping her in the face and walking angrilly away. Oz looks mad and grabs the ball. He throws it at Dana once again. She falls on the ground and looks furious at them while others are enjoying it. "How dare you..." She says, looking nasty at Oz.

While the three are discussing, Pamela managed to get the two balls on their side. She and Samyra both throws them at Donny who gets hit. He falls on the ground. "Oh no, is he alright???" Blaine asks afraid.

"Yes, I'm fine." Donny replies and stands up. He walks to the bench, joining Dana, Katherina, Blaine, Tom and Grace. At the other bench, Christopher, Pandora and Victor are looking at Donny.

Manuela, Rudolph and Aurora are looking at each other. There are two balls lying next to Aurora. "I can't... I can't hit anyone with those balls." Aurora says, almost crying.

"Grab a ball and just throw it at a random person. That's not difficult. You're not hurting anyone." Manuela says, trying to cheer up Aurora and making her throwing the ball.

Aurora grabs the ball and throws it slowly at Pamela who doesn't even reach her. Pamela grabs the ball and throws it at Aurora's face, hitting her. Manuela grabs the ball and throws it back at Pamela who falls on the ground. "That felt pretty good actually." She whispers to herself.

Both Pamela and Aurora are going to sit at the benches. Oz and Rudolph are both holding a ball in their hands. Rudolph throws it at Oz who gets hit while Oz hits Manuela with his ball. Both are going to sit at the bench. "The excitement is real now. It's Rudolph vs. Lola, Polina, Samyra and John. This is getting fun." Chris says.

"Come on, Rudolph!!!" Manuela shouts and cheering for her team mate.

Rudolph sighs. "Shush, I need my concentration." Rudolph snaps, making his team getting annoyed by his attitude.

Lola throws the ball at Rudolph and he captures it while dodging Polina's ball. Lola's out and Rudolph grabs a other ball, throwing it at Polina and hitting her. "Wow! Rudolph took out Lola and Polina cold! Good, we're down to one vs. two. Everything can still happen." Chris announces.

Samyra and John are both getting a ball and are winking at each other. At the same time they throw it at Rudolph. Rudolph manages to captures Samyra's ball but gets hit by John's ball which means he is eliminated. "And with that, TEAM SOUTH HAS WON!" Chris shouts.

Whole Team South runs to John and Samyra and are having a group hug while Team North is looking dissapointed. "You can't blame me! I took three people out. In my own!" Rudolph says.

"We know you were 'amazing'. But we lost so could we just focus about that instead of giving you reasons to love yourself even more?" Manuela snaps at Rudolph.

(CONF) "First elimination time of the game and I might know who I will vote." Manuela says.

(CONF) Grace looks at her hidden immunity idol. "It might be early but hey, if I am in trouble there is no way I'm going home." She says.

Chris walks to Team South and hands them a card. He smiles and walks away. Pamela looks at it and opens the card. "To find the hidden immunity idol you have to test your eyes in the hardest challenge. Find it and you are the lucky owner of your present which might take you to the end." Pamela reads and looks at everyone. She runs away to find it, getting followed by everyone except for Pandora.

"Testing your eyes? Like glasses? I'm confused now!" Pandora says to herself, realising she's the only one left in the gym.

While Team South is running around and trying to find the hidden immunity idol, Team North took time to rest and to think about the upcoming elimination. Grace and Katherina are walking to the place where they placed their fake idol and find out that it's gone. "Oh my gosh it worked..." Grace says.

(CONF) "Guess what! The fake idol I made is found by someone. That means my plan is freaking working. I can't wait until something happens." Grace says excited.

Tom and Donny are talking about the vote. "Look as much as I want to take out Blaine or Rudolph out at the moment we can't let the girls dominate this game. They are in the majority already and the way how Grace and Katherina are acting together is just strange. I was thinking, we could ask Dana who is on the outs and from there we could work with her to take one out?" Tom suggests.

"Sure, sounds ok." Donny responds.

(CONF) "I honestly wanted to vote for Rudolph but hey, voting one of the girls out is still good right?" Donny asks to the camera.

Donny and Tom are walking to Dana who is talking with Manuela. "Hey." Donny starts.

"Uhm, hey..." Dana responds while looking at Manuela.

"What if we vote together this round? Do you have idea's of people who could be voted out this round? We were thinking someone of the outs." Tom says.

Dana frowns. "We are going to vote for Blaine he acts like a drama queen." Dana replies.

"No!" Donny shouts. "- I mean, no. He like totally loves me and he does what I want from him. He's a number on our side. I promise you girls, we will work together." Donny explains.

Aurora passes the group and smiles at them. Dana looks in disgust. "Okay. You want to work together with us? Vote out Aurora." Dana says.

"Aurora? Why?" Manuela asks while she's confused.

"She's friends with Lola, the stupid girl who stole my stuff and lied in my face. When I get the chance I will vote out Lola but now I want Aurora out. Are you in or not? I want a answer." Dana asks while Manuela looks sad.

(CONF) "Voting out Aurora would fuck things up so hard but I'm in a alliance with Dana. Should I be a goat or should I risk my game?" Manuela asks to herself.

At the other side of the island, Team South is still looking for the idol. Pamela looks for the hidden immunity idol. "Have you found it already?" Pandora asks when she arrives.

"No and if I found it I would never tell it to anyone. So I wouldn't tell it to you anyway." Pamela snaps while continue looking for it.

Pandora looks offended and rolls her eyes. "Okay then I will search for it too!" Pandora says and walks into the forest. She falls over some wood and sees something shining in the woods. When she walks to it she sees the hidden immunity idol.

(CONF) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Pandora screams in happiness.

"Oh my gosh it's real!" Pandora says while kissing the hidden immunity idol.

"Pandora, are you there?" Pamela asks.

Pandora looks around her and thinks. "Should I tell her I found it or not?" She thinks and hides the idol in her pocket. "Yes, Pamela?" She shouts.

"I wanted to apologise about my attitude. I was wrong and I won't shout again at you. I'm sorry." Pamela says and hugs Pandora.

(CONF) "And still I'm not telling her anything! Or should I tell her it? Hard decision but for now I want to be the smart girl and to control things! I'm not dumb and not a dog. I'm Pandora!" Pandora says.

Oz walks back to the cabin, followed by Lola. "Ozzyy!! Why are you sad?" Lola asks while looking at Oz.

"I just miss something. I need food. Is that wrong?" Oz asks, making drama about nothing.

"No, we all miss the things we used to do daily. Right? I miss my snake too. And I miss my clothespins too." Lola says kinda depressed.

"Clothespins?" Oz asks.

"Yes! I love to put them on my face and after a halve hour I take them off. It feels gooooood." Lola answers while jumping on the bench. Oz frowns a bit.

Back at Team North, Chris asks everyone to come to elimination ceremony. Rudolph grabs Blaine and Aurora's arms. "What are you doing in hell?" Blaine asks while looking mad at Rudolph.

"I found out that Tom and Donny are trying to take you out, Blaine. Your love! It's really happening. And you, Aurora, they want you out too. They are going to split the votes." Rudolph made up and looks at Grace and Katherina. "You two please come here, fast!!!"

Grace and Katherina are walking to Rudolph. "Donny and Tom are trying to control the game. They want Blaine out now then Aurora and then they are after you. We need to stop this. NOW!" Rudolph shouts.

(CONF) "I had to do something. This game has to be mine. They have a plan. I have a plan. One plan will work. But which one? Hopefully it'll be mine. And I'm sure it will." Rudolph says.

"Good, who is our target?" Grace asks.

"....... Donny." Rudolph replies.


At elimination ceremony, Chris looks at the cast. "Good, one of you will be going home. First I'd like to welcome Aurora, Dana, Grace, Katherina and Manuela at their first elimination ceremony. Blaine, Donny, Rudolph and Tom... your third elimination ceremony in a row. How does it feel?" Chris asks.

"It sucks. It really does." Blaine answers.

"Yeah, whatever. Just vote someone out." Chris says.

(CONF) "Time to leave 'mastermind'. You tried to control the game since the start. Too big too fast, boy." Rudolph states while voting off Donny.

(CONF) Grace looks at the parchment. "This is going to be a thing but I won't use my idol this first time. Nope, it will stay in my pocket. My vote is going to be Donny. Haven't spoken to him at all and since I did with the other targets, Donny is getting my vote." Grace says while voting off Donny.

(CONF) "It's just the move we need to take, girl. You are on the outs and the only possible way to survive this game is to take you out and get the trust of those girls." Donny states while voting off Aurora.

(CONF) "Stick to the plan!" Tom says while voting off Aurora.

(CONF) Dana looks at her parchment and writes Aurora on it. "Oh this feels gooooooood. REVENGE IS SWEET." Dana shouts.

(CONF) "I hope it's not me, I'm not ready to go!" Aurora says while voting for Donny.

Chris walks back with the urn. He reads the votes. "Good, since there are hidden immunity idols in play... if anyone wants to play one it's now the time to do it." Chris announces.

Grace looks around. "Looks like the mess has began." Grace whispers in Katherina's ear.

"Good, when the decision is final the player who received the most votes will be going home immediately. The first vote.... Aurora." Chris announces.

Aurora looks at Rudolph who nods at Aurora, pointing it'll be okay. "Second vote.... Donny." Chris continues. "Aurora....... Aurora..... Donny...... Donny....." Chris says, counting three votes for each Aurora and Donny. Donny looks more nervous. "Aurora, this next vote is for you. Eight vote............ Donny." Chris announces and everyone is in shock.

"Oh hell..." Donny says. He puts his hands on his face and shakes his head. Rudolph smiles at him and looks at Chris.

Chris looks at the cast. "The final vote... and third person voted out of Total Drama: Social Island................................................... Aurora." Chris announces.

"WHAT! THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!" Rudolph shouts in anger and looks at Blaine. "You disgusting flipper. How dare you??!!!"

Aurora stands up and looks very sad. She looks at the camera and blows a kiss. "I won't annoy you anymore guys. I have no idea why I got voted out but still, I'm happy I got to meet you and the fact that I got to play in this was amazing. Thanks for everything." Aurora says. She walks to the beach.

"Thanks for playing, Aurora. You were a lot better than your niece to be honest, ghehehe." Chris says and pushes Aurora on the boat.

(CONF) "I'm proud I flipped. Not for Aurora, she was amazingly sweet. But I saved Donny. If he doesn't love me now I will kill myself or something. Like, uhm, sweetie I saved your life. Maybe I gave you a million dollars?" Blaine says.


"And another player got voted off the island. What will happen at Team North? Are Blaine and Donny going to work together or will we finally have a showmance? What's Rudolph's new plan and is Dana going to continue being mean? And what about Team South? Will Pamela find out about Pandora's idol and will Lola be the victim of Dana's revenge too? All your questions will be answered in the next episode of... Total... Drama... Social Island!" Chris says and ends the show.

~ Aurora's Thoughts On The Boat

"I haven't done what I wanted. I wanted to actually play this game and to have fun. I promise you all, I did have fun but was it enough to be happy about it? I don't think so. I have no idea why I got voted out and maybe it's better to not know about that. I don't wanna sound mean but I think most of the people I've met there are not 100% alright. Specially Rudolph, I think he's playing a nasty game. But I don't know. It's anyone's game. And I can't wait until I see Lola or Manuela winning this game." Aurora says, leaving a tear on her cheek.

Outro plays.

Episode 4: "Stuff They Need To Know"

"Last time on Total Drama. Because Grace found her hidden immunity idol, she chose to make a fake one and to rehide it so anyone else would find it and screw themselves with it. Manuela found it, thinking it's the real one. Pamela's plan worked. Dana became furious at Lola and because of that, Lola is hated by the alliance of Dana, Samyra, Polina and Manuela. The teams got switched, Pandora found the South idol and kept it a secret for everyone. After that the challenge started which was won by Team South. Team North went to elimination ceremony. In a close battle between Aurora and Donny, Aurora went home. It looks like things are about to get interesting but also getting messy. Three idols, new teams and a brunch of alliances. It's really a social island. What will happen more this new episode? Just watch!" Chris announces.

Intro sequence plays.

Rudolph walks around outside, looking mad at the group who is sitting inside of the cabin. Katherina and Grace are walking back from their walk in the forest. Rudolph frowns. "Goodmorning." He says.

(CONF) "Since the very first start those two are never seen without each other. This concerns me a bit since they are probably in an tight alliance. Have to keep an eye on that." Rudolph states.

"Hey, Rudolph. Why are you standing here alone?" Grace asks while giving the bag full of blueberries to Katherina who walks inside.

Rudolph follows Katherina with his eyes. "Well, I'm not in the mood to stay with those jerks for the rest of the day." Rudolph mutters.

"I understand." Grace replies. "But sitting here by yourself is making you only a bigger target for the next vote. I hope you do realise that. I'm going to the others, I'm starving." Grace says while walking inside.

As Grace closes the door Rudolph walks into the forest. He looks around. "Let's find this hidden immunity idol if it isn't found already." Rudolph says to himself while looking at Dana who walks out of the cabin and walks to the forest.

Dana looks at the woods and grabs a card out of her pocket. Rudolph slowly walks near Dana and reads the card. It says 'Take it in at the right time for a better taste.' Rudolph reads and remembers the direction where Katherina and Grace came from. He runs away at the time Dana continues walking.

(CONF) "Dana is a weirdo it's obvious the idol is somewhere to the blueberries." Rudolph says excited.

Rudolph runs to the blueberry bush and looks around. He sees a package lying in the bush. He grabs it and opens it. He smiles when he sees the idol. "Darkness is borned." Rudolph whispers while kissing his idol.


The members of team South are enjoying their breakfast. "This is a lot better than just blueberries." Samyra says while eating some bread with peanut butter on it.

"I know right. What kind of challenge do you think we will get today?" Polina asks as she eats a bit of her apple fritter.

"Probably a impossible one." Samyra jokes.

While the girls are eating, John joins them and grabs Samyra's apple. "You don't mind do you?" John asks while winking at Samyra.

"Do you always steal apples from girls?" Polina asks while laughing.

"Yes, only from pretty girls." John says and walks away.

"What a lickspittle." Polina says.

Samyra blushes. "You think?" She answers.

(CONF) "I don't know, John is cool and nice. He's very amiable. But it's a game. Need to think straight and not let my feelings play for some random boy even if he's amazingly handsome and cute and sweet and... oh gosh." Samyra says.

Christopher, Oz, Lola, Pandora and Pamela are eating at the other table. Pamela looks at her cup and sighs. "Pandora could you get some new HOT coffee for me?" Pamela asks while eating her sandwich.

"Sure!" Pandora says excited while walking to the bar.

"Isn't it mean to let her do everything?" Christopher asks while looking at Pandora.

Pamela frowns. "I just asked it? And she could've said no. And mind your own business." Pamela shouts while she grabs her tray. "Pandora come, we're going to eat at that table." Pamela commands while pointing at the table where Victor and John are eating.

(CONF) Pamela looks at her nails. "It's ridiculous that a green haired old man talks to me like that. He must be happy I didn't threw my food on him. But I stay at my high level and I wanted to eat my sandwich so yeah. Christopher if you watch this, you're a sucker." Pamela says.

Christopher sighs. "I'm not hungry anymore..." He says while pushing his tray to Oz.

"Don't let her make you sad. She doesn't deserve that. Come on Chris, be happy please." Oz says while giving Christopher a hug.

Lola smiles. "Exactly! Let's eat so we can win the next challenge!" Lola suggests.

(CONF) "Lola and Oz are so friendly! I'm happy to have friends here." Christopher says.


Chris walks to the cabin with Team North. "It's challenge time!" Chris announces. Everyone stands up and are walking to Chris. "For today's challenge I need two people of each team who are good at a quiz. And I need two people who have a big tolerance for pain." Chris says.

"I am good at those! I can do this." Rudolph states but gets interrupted by Tom.

"So, how are we going to choose the people?" Tom asks.

Grace looks at Rudolph and then at Tom. "Uhm, Rudolph already said he wanted to do it and I'm going to join him." She says while winking at Rudolph.

(CONF) "I'm the bitch who makes the final decision in this team. If they wanna vote me out, do it. I will play my idol and one of those bitches will go home. I probably swear too much but I don't care. I'm literally so annoyed by Tom and Donny who are thinking they are controlling this game. Goodmorning, you're not." Grace beeps annoyed.

"That's clear..." Donny says, looking a bit shocked.

"It looks like you two could be the two with the high tolerance for pain." Manuela suggests while looking at Tom and Donny.

The two boys are looking at each other. "Let's do it!" They say together.

"I'm going to do this quiz with Pandora, not you!!!" Pamela shouts at Polina in anger.

"Who says you can determine that? Maybe I want to do it with Samyra?" Polina shouts back.

"SHUT UP!!!" Victor shouts.

"You talk?" Everyone answers in shock.

"Yes I do. You both won't do the quiz. I will together with Oz. And Pandora along with Samyra will be the high tolerance in pain girls. Understood???" Victor shouts.

Pamela and Polina are looking at each other and are nodding their heads. Pandora walks to Victor. "I don't have a big tolerance for pain..." Pandora says.

"We've made a decision." Victor says while touching Pandora's head slowly.

"Ouch..." Pandora whispers.

(CONF) "First Pamela commands everything and now Victor does! Hello, does anyone wants to hear my opinion?!?" Pandora shouts as the camera falls on the ground. "Oh ofcourse even the camera doesn't care about my opinion."

Chris looks at the teams. "Okay, let's explain me the challenge. Today will be a quiz about the history of Total Drama. Both teams can press the button if they know a answer. The team that has the correct answer will see how the other team will get a electrocution. So if Victor and Oz got an answer right, Tom and Donny will get a electrocution. This continues untill a team quits. So can't you take the pain anymore? Leave and lose for your team. Samyra, Pandora, Tom and Donny... your faith is in Rudolph, Grace, Oz and Victor's hands. Let the game begin!" Chris explains.

Everyone takes place and are looking at Chris. "First question..." Chris starts. "Name the six first boots." He asks.

Rudolph presses the button. "Ezekiel, Bridgette and Geoff, Ezekiel because Duncan returned, Staci, Lindsay and Beardo." Rudolph says.

Chris looks at his card. "That's correct!" Chris announces and electrocutes Samyra and Pandora.

"Ouuuch okay I q-" Pandora starts but gets interrupted by Samyra.

"Do you want to lose this game? Just be a big girl. We can do this." The ordinary diva says while looking at Chris. "Next question?"

Chris nods. "Alright. What's the name of episode three of Total Drama Island?" Chris asks.

Oz presses the button. "The Big Sleep! Right?" Oz gambles.

"That's correct." Chris answers while he electrocutes Danny and Tom.

"Holy... that's a big slap in the face." Donny says while touching his body. "I don't even feel my toes!!!"

Tom rolls his eyes. "Come on drama queen even Samyra didn't complain." Tom says.

"How many episodes counted season one?" Chris asks.

"26!" Oz shouts after pressing the button.

Chris laughs. "Wrong. There were 27 actually. I counted the special one too." Chris announces.

"That is unfair you-" Samya shouts while getting electrocuted. "DAMNED!"

Some of the people of Team North are laughing. "Next question is... who got voted out in the episode Full Metal Drama?" Chris asks.

Victor presses the button. "Izzy!" Victor says confident.

"And that's 100% correct." Chris announces while electrocuting Donny and Tom.

The next five questions are all won by Victor and Oz who are doing really well in this challenge. Tom and Donny are looking dizzy while Samyra and Pandora are ready for a new question. "Still don't wanna give up?" Chris asks to Tom and Donny.

"No way. We are boys, we won't give up!" Donny answers.

"Alright. Next question... how many contestants participated in Revenge of the Island?" Chris asks.

"Fourteen!" Grace shouts after pressing on the button.

Chris looks at his card and shakes his head. "Nope, thirteen." Chris says.


He electrocutes Donny and Tom once again. Donny falls at the ground. "Grace... you... are... dead." He whispers before passing out.

"Oh crap!" Tom shouts.

"Somebody drag him away. We are going to continue. It's 2 vs 1. Looks like Team North will visit me at elimination ceremony once again." Chris says.

Grace looks at her team who are kinda pissed off.

(CONF) "If we lose... then I have to use my hidden immunity idol since I will probably getting the boot. If we win, people will finally get some respect for me." Grace states.

"Give me the names of the final three of Total Drama: World Tour." Chris asks.

Grace presses the button once again. "Heather, Alejandro and Cody!" She quickly says.

"That's correct!" Chris says.

He electrocutes Samyra and Pandora. "And now I'm sick of this!" Pandora shouts while walking away.

"What are you doing, we are in the lead. PANDORA!" Samyra shouts.

Pandora turns to Samyra. "You can't tell what I do." She says annoyed and turns at Victor. "Same to you. I'm not going to suffer pain anymore."

Some of the members of Team South are looking shocked. "Haven't you heard her? I think she made herself clear." Pamela says arrogant while walking to Pandora. "If she doesn't want to get electrocuted anymore, she will stop. That's part of the challenge. And then again, she was not the one who choses herself to compete." Pamela snaps at everyone while looking annoyed at Victor.

"Uhm you are the one who uses Pandora every minute of the day?" Samyra fights back.

Pamela frowns. "You don't have proof. Girl what are you even. You have literally done nothing but eating, sleeping and making alliances. Yes it's true people, Polina, Dana and Samyra are all in ONE alliance." Pamela says, making some people confused.

(CONF) "So I created some drama. Stuff they need to know. Because if we lose, one of these girls will go home for sure." Pamela says while looking at her nails.

(CONF) Manuela looks around. "I feel bad I wasn't included in that alliance since I am actually part of it. But as long as they don't know I feel a lot more safe. I still have the idol who could safe me." Manuela says.

"You are so sad. Isn't it obvious you have also an alliance with Oz, Lola and Christopher?" Samyra says.

Pamela laughs. "Don't try to change the topic. Polina and Samyra are having a final two deal. And it's about time when they will take us out one by one." Pamela chuckles and smiles at Samyra.

"Oh my gosh you're done." Samyra shouts and runs at Pamela. Lola and Polina are taking her away.

"Don't even try to touch a pig like her, Sam. Let it go." Polina calms down Samyra.

Pamela giggles. "Oh, there are two reasons to vote you out now. You just made us lose the challenge." Pamela states, getting everyone realising it's true.

Chris laughs. "Thanks to Samyra's stupidity, Team North has won the challenge! Team South I'll meet you tonight at elimination ceremony." Chris announces.

Team North jumps and shouts in happiness. "Amazing job guys!!!" Manuela says.

"We can finally relax. Good recall, Grace!" Dana compliments Grace.

"Thanks!" Grace answers.

(CONF) "Thank god." Grace sighs relieved.


At Team North, everyone takes place at the chairs and bench. Donny lies on the bench and looks broken. Blaine hops to him. "Do you mind if I give you a back rub?" Blaine asks while blushing.

"Uh... sure?" Donny responds.

Blaine jumps on Donny and takes his shirt off. He stares at his muscles. "Are you going to start then?" Donny asks.

"Yes!" Blaine says excited. He starts and Donny seems to enjoy it.

(CONF) "Best moment of my entire life. I am literally so happy right now! I won't wash my hands anymore. Wait, ewww... ofcourse I will!" Blaine states.

While Blaine is giving Donny a back rub, Donny falls asleep and Blaine is blushing more and more. Katherina and Grace are taking place at the chairs and are looking at Blaine. "What are you doing?" Grace asks.

"Giving him a back rub. He wanted it!" Blaine answers.

The girls nods and are turning at each other. "Do you still have that idol?" Katherina whispers.

"Ofcourse I have! Why?" Grace whispers back.

"Just checking. We really need to take care of that thing before it is... yeah... stolen." She says.

Grace looks at Blaine who is only having attention for Donny. "I have it hidden under my bed. It's not going anywhere. Believe me, there is no way someone is getting it." Grace says and believes in herself.

"Okay!" Katherina answers and the girls are walking away. Katherina turns back to watch Blaine and sees him kissing Donny's back. She frowns and continues walking.

(CONF) "Okay... did I just imagine that? L-O-L. Nothing against gays but... Donny is gay? That will dissapoint Grace. Have you seen her face when Donny was lying there? I bet she wished to be the one giving him a back rub." Katherina jokes.

At Team South, everyone is doing something for themselves and they are talking about the vote. "You have spoken well today." Pamela says to Pandora.

"Thank you!" Pandora says excited. "It means a lot you say that!"

(CONF) "Everyone was soooo wrong about Pamela! She's like one of my besties at High School. She is mean to the losers and the other mean people but she is sweet to her friends! I love Pam!" Pandora yells in excitement.

(CONF) "Pandora is so easy to manipulate. I gained her trust by defending her in public, while, she might get herself in trouble for me. If anyone fights me now, she will defend me. Trust me." Pamela says while winking.

"Who should we vote?" Pandora asks.

Pamela stands up and looks at the window. She walks a bit around. "Samyra, Victor and Polina are obvious choices. They will most likely vote for me or you. The only way to dodge that is to side with the weirdo's. Lola, Oz and Christopher." Pamela states.

The two girls are walking to Christopher. "Where are Lola and Oz?" Pamela asks.

"They were outside, I guess they come back soon!" Christopher answers.

"Good." Pamela sighs while she sits down. "We need to take out Polina." Pamela states. At that moment Polina walks in and hides behind the wall. "She's too dangerous and she is alligned with many people. She has to go."

Christopher nods. "Alright, I'll tell Oz and Lola to vote her." Christopher says, which makes Polina really angry.

"Awesome. I'll see you at elimination!" Pamela says.

"Byee!" Pandora says while walking away with Pamela.

(CONF) "Pamela, Pandora, Oz, Lola and myself are voting for Polina. I agree with Pamela, the blonde chick is dangerous." Christopher says.

Christopher stands up and runs to the hall where Polina is standing. She stretches her leg where Christopher struggles over. He falls on the ground and looks dizzy. Polina jumps on him and gives him a slap in his neck which makes him knocked out. Polina grabs his feet and drags him into the cellar. She closes the door and looks around.

(CONF) "Polish trick I've learned. Easily done. You may think I'm crazy or insane but if I didn't locked Christopher in, I would be voted out. I won't let that happen. It's me or Pamela at this moment." Polina says.


Polina walks to Samyra and John who are enjoying the good weather. "Let's change the plan." Polina says, being sure about her decision. Samyra frowns and looks at John.

The camera moves to elimination ceremony where it became night. Everyone walks to elimination ceremony. Christopher walks as last and doesn't know what happened to him today. He looks around. Samyra and Polina are looking at each other while John walks to him. "Everything alright?" He asks.

"I'm dizzy... and I don't feel right." Christopher says.

John nods. "Oh well, hope you'll do okay! Do you think Pamela has an idol?" John asks.

"Pamela... idol... what? No, yes, no! I am... yes!!!" Christopher says while almost fainting. John grabs Christopher.

"Thanks..." John says.

Everyone takes a sit. Some players are whispering with each other. 'Sillence. It's time for elimination. One of you will leave this island for good. He or she will never return. Never." Chris says. "With that, it's time to vote."

(CONF) "Believe me girl, you need to go. Since day one I dislike you a lot. That feeling never changed. So writing your name down is something I love to do. Go home girl." Pamela says and votes off Polina.

(CONF) "I had no idea who to vote for!" Oz says and votes.

(CONF) Polina grabs her parchment. "Part of our plan. Hopefully it works." Polina says while voting.

(CONF) "Hahahahahaha! Idol! Yes! Pamela! No! Yes!" Christopher laughs while voting.

Chris walks back with the voting urn. He looks confused. "Good, I will read the votes. The person who receives the most votes will take the boat back to home and will never return. Good, let's start. First vote................. Polina." Chris announces.

Polina sighs. "I knew it." She whispers.

".... next vote.... Victor." Chris announces. Some of the contestants are shocked. Victor looks cool. "Third vote..... Christopher." Chris says. "Fourth vote........ Pamela."

Pamela smiles. "This is going to be intense." Pamela whispers to Pandora.

"The next votes are for...............Polina...................Christopher............Pamela........ and............ Victor." Chris announces. Everyone looks excited. "2-2-2-2 and there is only one vote left." Chris says.


The four contestants on the bottom four are looking at each other. "Fourth person voted out of Total Drama: Social Island........................................... is....................... Christopher." Chris announces.

Polina, Samyra and John are looking at each other and are smiling while Pamela looks disgusted. "Something's not right here. I thought you'd ask Lola and Oz to vote with us?" Pamela asks to Christopher.

"Yes! No! Yes!" Christopher makes fun about Pamela.

Pamela looks annoyed. "If I lose the million dollars because of you then you are dead." Pamela says while she slaps Christopher in his face. She walks angry away.

Christopher rolls with his eyes and shakes his head. "Where am I?" He asks.

"It's time to leave Christopher." Chris says.

Lola and Oz are hugging Christopher and are looking sad. Christopher walks with Chris and looks confused. "Am I voted out? Who did I vote then? Chris, this is not right." Christopher looks more confused.

"You are voted out yes. Goodbye." Chris says while pushing Christopher on the boat. "And another loser got the boot. What will happen next? It looks like whole Team South is about to get one big fight. Well, I can't wait! I'll see you next time in Total Drama: Social Island!" Chris says and ends the show.


~ Christopher's Thoughts On The Boat

Christopher looks sad. "I have no idea what happened. The last thing I can remember is that I needed to ask Lola and Oz to vote for Polina. But I walked to the hall and... OH MY LORD! Polina was standing there and I struggled over her leg! And then I woke up in the cellar. She has knocked me out! She... that... WOW! That is MEAN. I WANT MY REVENGE!!!!" Christopher sounds in anger.

Outro plays.


This page contains plot-specific information about a story written on this wiki. Read at your own risk.

Elimination order

Participant Team Status Placing  
Xavier Pre Teams 1st Voted Out
in "The Leader Of This Team"
20th Place Non-Merged
Edward 2nd Voted Out
in "This Game Will Be Hard"
19th Place
Aurora Team North 3rd Voted Out
in "One Plan Will Work"
18th Place
Christopher Team South 4th Voted Out
in "Stuff They Need To Know"
17th Place

Elimination table

Rank Contestant 1 2 3 4
TBA ♀ Katherina WIN WIN IN WIN
17th ♂ Christopher IN IN WIN OUT
18th ♀ Aurora WIN WIN OUT
19th ♂ Edward LOW OUT
20th ♂ Xavier OUT

Voting table


  • This season is an Battle Of The Sexes theme season. In the first phase of the game the contestants will battle it out against each other in gender teams.
  • Hidden immunity idols will be in play.
  • Every episode is titled by someone's quote.
    • Episode 1 was said by Donny.
    • Episode 2 was said by Katherine.
    • Episode 3 was said by Rudolph.
    • Episode 4 was said by Pamela.
  • The author's first succesfull story Total Drama Isle of Terror who was written along with Conker, was the inspiration of this story.
  • Aurora has appeared in every extra comic until she got eliminated.
    • She's the first female to be eliminated.
  • The team colors are similair to the colors of Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action.
  • Since episode 4 every contestant has attent elimination ceremony atleast once.

Extra comics

Every episode a strip with deleted scenes will be shown in comic format. This is to entertain the reader.
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4


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