This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Maple is here to bring out 32 of his Skype friends into a Total Drama competition at a run down movie studio! Always having been a fan of TDA, he decided to bring them here and do genre challenges and movie type challenges. Welcome to my first fanfic, Total Drama: Skype Member Clash!


































Zander K

Zander P

Chapter 1 - "How'd We Have This Much Room?"

“Zzz..huh..wha..? Oh no, I’m gonna be late!”

Maple rushed out of bed. Today was the day he was going to finally host a series of Total Drama,  which he had wanted to do ever since he was a young child. In a matter of seconds, he had his shirt buttoned up, pants on, teeth brushed and hair straightened. He drove to the movie studio down in downtown Vancouver, and there it was. The camera crew, the movie sets, everything he needed to prepare himself for what he expected to be an amazing season, maybe the best one the world has seen.

“Hey, Maple, you ready to start filming? The cast members are arriving shortly.” said a cameraman.

“Yeah. I’m ready to do this.” replied Maple. The camera pointed on him, the cameraman counted down, and the show finally began.

“Greetings, world! Years ago, we saw many great Total Drama productions. Now I want to bring you all another lovely season! Since we’ve got cast members this time, I’ll be introducing them in groups of 4!”

The first four teens got off the bus. “Here we have Jose, Dusk, Yobar and Dave!”

“So, like, this is legit?” asked Jose. “We’re actually going to be on Total Drama?”

“Indeed, my friend. Now, go over there until the rest get here.” Maple replied, pointing over to an empty part of the backlot. “Here comes Leanne, Seth, Mancha and Adam!”

Those four got off, looking around and high fiving each other.

“We made it, man!” exclaimed Seth.

“I knowwww!” Adam and Mancha replied in unison.

“How come I’m the only girl here?” asked Leanne.

“Well, seeing as you’re the only girl I know on Skype that would be willing to do something like this...yeah.” said Maple. “Oh, here comes Multi, Frenzy, Ticci and Justin!”

“May as well give the prize to me already,” muttered Multi, “I’m most likely going to win.”

“In your dreams, Multi,” said Justin, “wait, what even is the prize?”

“Not saying anything about that until everyone’s here, Justin.” replied Maple.

The next group of teens got off. “Here’s Israel, Clemi, Stoff and Anthony!”

“Wow, Maple, this looks awesome, thanks for bringing us here!” Anthony said excitedly.

“Kinda looks like a bit of a dump..” said Clemi.

“It’s all I can afford, Clemi. Thank you, Anthony!”

The next 8 teens arrived.

“Here’s Zander P, Zander K, Froggy, Skeep, Toon, Matthew, Roland and RJ!” exclaimed Maple. “Wish we had more time for you to talk right now, but I’m on a time constraint for you today! Here’s the last eight, Fel, Zack, William, Johann, Greg, Vincent, John and Jacob!”

The whole cast was now standing on the backlot area, looking at Maple.

“So glad you could all make it. Lemme give you a rundown on this season. Due to my love for Total Drama Action, I thought it would be nice a tribute to the original series to hold my competition at a movie studio.”

“And you couldn’t have found a better one?” asked Matthew, causing some snickers in the group.

“I only have so much money, for god’s sake. Anyways, time for the first challenge!”

“What’s it going to be?” asked Stoff.

“An episode will either have a theme, or a genre of movie. This episode’s theme is treasure. I’ve hidden four golden necklaces around the whole movie studio. The challenge? The four people who find the necklaces will be safe from elimination tonight and get to pick teams tomorrow. Oh, and since I don’t believe in having a show with over 30 people after one episode, tonight will be a quadruple elimination to keep tomorrow’s teams even.”

“Quadruple? Y-You mean four of us are going home?” Zander P asked nervously.

“Indeed. Now, are you guys ready?” asked Maple.

“YEAH!” shouted the cast.

“On your marks, get set, go!” yelled Maple.


Fel and Zack ran towards a set with a fake volcano. Following them was Israel, Clemi, Yobar and Adam.

“Woah, man, looks like a lot of people are coming after us!” exclaimed Fel.

“Yeah, we better keep ahead of the pack.” said Zack, as the two ran up the fake volcano’s slope. Adam and Clemi were up there in a matter of seconds.

“You two wouldn’t happen to see anything up here, hmm?” asked Clemi.

“Not at all, now go away.” said Zack.

“Oooh, don’t you sound so big and tough!” Adam said in a teasing tone. “Get em’.”

However, as Adam approached Fel and Zack, Israel reached the top. “Hey guys I’m here I made it-” he was cut short as he tripped, causing him to bump into Clemi, who bumped into Fel, who bumped into Adam, who bumped into Zack...causing him to fall in the volcano. Zack screamed for a second before realizing it was just a slide. He laughed a bit.

“Hah..hey, what’s this?” He something shining at the end and exit of the slide. It was a necklace. “Yes!” He yelled.

“Zack, everything okay down there?” asked Yobar.

“Everything’s...golden.” replied Zack, snickering to himself as he ran off to Maple.


Meanwhile, in a different area of the studio, Anthony, Roland and Zander P are sitting under a tree, catching their breath.

“, we’ve looked everywhere and still no necklace!” said Anthony in between breaths.

“We gotta..keep’s gotta be here somewhere.” replied Roland.

“Yeah, come on guys...stay positive!” said Zander P.

Anthony got back up. “Here, wait here, I gotta take a leak.” he said. He walked off and to what looked like a trailer. “Maybe there’s one in here!” he said.

Anthony peeked his head in, then walked into the trailer. There was a chair, in front of a mirror, with a camera attached to it. Anthony sat down in the chair.

“Wha..ohhh, this the confessional! Hmm, can’t wait to tell the others.” He then saw something under the table, and picked it up. “Shiny...wait, this is a necklace!” He exclaimed excitedly. “Screw going to the bathroom, I gotta show Maple!” He burst out of the door, running to Maple.

“Think he’s coming back?” asked Zander P.

“Doubt it.” said Roland. "May as well keep looking.”


Seth and Mancha were walking along a waterfall set, just having a casual chat. “So, if we end up on the same team, we’ve gotta make an alliance, right?” asked Mancha.

“Of course, man. But we’d need to find a couple others to stay strong to the merge.” replied Seth.

They then heard loud footsteps, and turned out to see Multi, Zander K, Frenzy and RJ running in their direction. “Out of the way!” Multi shouted, pushing Seth into the waterfall. Lucky for him, there was still a bridge on the other side.

They passed by, and Mancha walked up to the waterfall. “You okay in there my dude?”

“Yeah, just a little soaked,” replied Seth, “but I’ve got something that the others don’t.”

“Which is?” asked Mancha.

Seth stuck his hand out, producing a necklace. “This.”

“Oh damn, dude, let’s hurry up and go to Maple!” Mancha said excitedly.

They ran off to show Maple the necklace. One more to go.


Toon and Vincent were snickering as they snuck into the kitchen set.

“Can you believe these people? Wasting their time to find a stupid necklace?” giggled Toon.

“I know. I’d rather not do that, I think I can last a single episode without needing a necklace.” replied Vincent.

“However, maybe I have a tinyyyy bit of insurance.” said Toon.

Vincent looked at him, very confused. “Insurance?” he asked.

Toon simply nodded, holding up a necklace. “Heh.”

“Woah. When’d you get that?” asked Vincent.

“I found it when we first ran away. They’re gonna spend all day looking for this.”

“Yeahhh, I don’t think so.” A voice said. Toon and Vincent turned around and saw Matthew, who ran up to them, and before Toon could blink, the necklace was stolen.

“Come back, you dick!” yelled Toon, chasing him. Vincent simply shrugged and walked along.


Maple was relaxing in his chair, sipping lemonade. He heard loud footsteps, and saw four contestants, holding necklaces, being chased by others. “Woah, woah, woah, stop!” yelled Maple, causing all the contestants to freeze in their tracks. “Alright, good, didn’t want there to be a huge fight. Looks like Matthew, Seth, Anthony and Zack won the challenge and have immunity, as they are now team captains. The rest of you? Meet me for a fun elimination ceremony tonight.”


The contestants seat themselves in the audience section of a tv set.

“Welcome to elimination. As you know from other shows, you’ve casted your votes with special PDA’s for who you want to be eliminated. I have to say, I’m a bit surprised with this elimination. Anyways, if you’re safe you get a mini trophy. Zack, Seth, Matthew and Anthony get trophies due to instant immunity.” He threw the trophies to them.

“Johann, John, Vincent, Toon, Jose, Dave, Adam are also all safe.”

“Thank god.” said Johann, catching his trophy.

“Zander P, Zander K, Jacob, Yobar, Stoff, Skeep and RJ are also safe.”

Those eight had trophies tossed to them.

“Dusk, Greg, Frenzy, Leanne, Israel, Justin, Froggy and Mancha are also safe.”

The bottom 6 sit without a trophy.

“Multi, you’re safe.” says Maple, tossing him a trophy. “Roland, William, Ticci, Clemi and Fel, you are in severe danger.”

They all look on nervously.

“The last one safe issss…”

Roland breaks out in a sweat. Fel is shaking.


William catches his trophy.

“Roland, Clemi, Fel, Ticci. You’ve been eliminated. Please head to the Taxi of Shame and return home.”

“Wow, didn’t see that coming.” said Clemi.

The four of them head into the taxi, slamming the door. The wheels squeal and the taxi drives off into the night.

“Wow, what an amazing first episode,” Maple says, “Who will  prove themselves worthy to their teams? What alliances will be formed? What enemies will be made? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Skype Member Clash!”

Chapter 2 - "I'll Show You Real Gangster!"

“Last time, on Total Drama…” started Maple.

“32 teens, all good friends of mine, arrived on the set of a new remake of the Total Drama series, in downtown Vancouver, at a movie and TV studio. The first challenge was to find four golden necklaces, and Seth, Anthony, Zack and Matthew found them, making them the team captains of the season. However, with victory also came loss, as Clemi, Fel, Ticci and Roland were the first four to make an exit this season. What do I have in store for the cast this episode? Will tempers rise? Will the teams succeed? Find out on Total...Drama..Skype Member Clash!”


As morning came, the 28 contestants came out of their trailers, still half asleep for the most part. “God dammit, Maple, 6 AM..?” a very tired Jacob said.

“Yeah, dude, why?” said Froggy.

Zander P CONF: “I would kill for a coffee right now, ugh.”

“Ahh, good morning, lovelies!” a somewhat cheery Maple said, sipping an energy drink. “Did you enjoy your sleep? I know I sure did!”

“Shut up.” said Multi, yawning.

“Well, guys, I woke you up early because we needed time to choose teams.” exclaimed Maple. “Seth, stand on this green mat. Zack, on the red one. Matthew, on the yellow, and Anthony, on the blue.”

The four leaders took their places.

“Since we’re going in order of who’s necklace I saw first, Zack chooses first.” Maple said.

Multi CONF: “Zack, Zander K and I made Long story short, he’s trying to pick both of us.”

“I’ll pick Zander K first.” Zack said, still half asleep.

“Ayy, that’s what I’m talking about, buddy.” replied Zander.

“Zander, walk over to Zack’s mat. Seth, you pick next.” said Maple.

Seth yawned, pointing at Mancha. “I’ll pick Mancha.”

“Alright. Matthew, you pick next.”

“I pick...Frenzy,” Matthew said, “He’s strong and can really help the team.”

“Wise choice. Anthony, you’re up.”

“Froggy, since he can definitely help out!” said Anthony.

“Alright. Zack, you’re up again.”

It went on from there, in order as always.









It went on like this over and over, until there was seven people on each team.

“Right,” Maple said, “So we have our teams. Seth, Jose, Mancha, Dave, William, Zander P and Adam, you seven are…” he holds up a microphone logo.”..the Rockin Recorders!”

The Recorders cheer happily, high fiving.

“Zack, Multi, RJ, Zander K, Jacob, John and Johann, you guys are…” He holds up a logo with the Skype symbol. “...the Superstar Skypers!”

“Can we have a revote on the name?” asked John.

“Nope, no time, moving along.” Maple replied.

“Matthew, Frenzy, Greg, Vincent, Toon, Dusk and Justin, you are…” he holds up a logo with a piece of film. “The Evil Editors!”

Matthew CONF: “Meh. I’ll take it.”

“And finally, Anthony, Froggy, Israel, Leanne, Yobar, Stoff and Skeep, I dub thee…” he holds up a logo with a pencil. “...the Wriggling Writers!”

“All right!” Anthony said happily.

“Now then…” started Maple, “Let’s head to the old New York set!”


The teens walked onto a set, full of old apartment buildings and subway stations, alleyways, everything.

“Teams, welcome to what we like to call old New York,” Maple started to say. “Home of the gangster mob movies. And that’s what we’re going for today. The gangster theme!”

“I can be a gangster right now, just watch!” said Dave, starting to pull his jeans down to show off half of his boxers.

“No, Dave, put your pants back on…” said Maple. Jose stood there shaking his head.

Jose CONF: “Yep, just another day in the life of Dave.”

“Oooo...kay..” said Maple. “Anyways, this is a game of hide and seek. When you didn’t pay debt, the mobsters would come after you and break your little legs. However, since I want to avoid lawsuit…”

“We’re getting our arms broken instead?” asked Israel.

“God, you really are an idiot sometimes, aren’t you?” asked Toon.

“Meh, I try.” replied Israel.

“IF you get tagged, you’re out of the challenge.” Maple said. “The first team to lose all the members is up for elimination!”

The teams groan, not wanting to be sent home this early.

“Oh, quit your whining. On your mark, get set, go!” yelled Maple, watching the teams scatter.


The Editors approached what seemed to be a downtown core.

“Alright, guys, let’s not separate too far.” said Matthew.

“Won’t it be easier to find us if we cluster together though?” Dusk asked.

“No,” Matthew replied, “because the mobsters are going to look everywhere, increasing the chances of getting caught.”

“Good idea, Matthew!” Greg stated, “You’re a very smart leader!”

Frenzy CONF: “Kiss ass…”

“Well, where do you want to hide then?” Vincent asked.

“Follow me. There’s a back alley further up ahead.” said Matthew.

“Alright, let’s go then!” said Justin.

The seven of them headed towards a back alley.


“We’ve gotta scatter, right?” asked William. The Recorders were underground, in an old subway set.

“I think we should, yeah.” replied Seth.

“How about a few of us hide out underground, and then a few of us hide nearby up top?” asked Mancha.

Seth nodded. “It would be a good idea. Hmm..Mancha, Jose and Adam, you guys stay here with me, and William, Zander P and Adam can go upstairs.”

“Sounds good then.” Adam said.

Adam, Zander P and William ran out of the station, running in separate directions.

Seth and Mancha took cover on the train tracks, while Dave and Jose hid in tunnels.

William was running down the street, and he turned his head back to make sure no one was following him. What he failed to notice was that there was a mobster in front of him. And before he could slow down, there was a bag over his head, and he was carried away.


The Skypers made it into a restaurant, panting as they shut the door.

“Hey...look..a pizzeria!” RJ said.

“Oooh, this is just like being in Five Nights at Freddy’s!” Zack exclaimed.

“Yeah, but..” Zander K started.

“We’re trying to avoid capture from some paid actors who made themselves look like mobsters.” said Multi.

“You just love to brighten things up, don’t you?” asked John.

“It is what it is.” replied Multi.

“Alright, so Multi, Zander K and myself will hide in the kitchen. The rest of you hide all around here.” said Zack.

Johann hid in a booth, watching as the mobsters, about 3 of them, all passed by the pizzeria. “I think we’re solid, guys.”

In the kitchen, Zander K, Zack and Multi were discussing the competition.

“So, we’re allies then?” asked Multi.

“Yep.” replied Zack and Zander.

“Who should we vote for first if we lose a challenge? I mean, I doubt we will, but it’s a worst case scenario.”

Zack replied, “I think I have a good idea.” The three of them planned out the game from there.


The Writers were hiding in a few alleys. Leanne and Stoff were in one, discussing if they would stay there or not. Skeep was curled up in the corner, making himself look smaller so the mobsters couldn’t see him. Meanwhile, Anthony and Israel were simply talking about Youtube.

“..PeanutButterGamer is nice, yeah.”

“Oh, yes,yes.”

Yobar and Froggy hid in a couple empty trash cans.

Skeep then stood up, all alone in his alley, and poked his head out of the alley. “Guys? Anyone there?” he called out.

A bag was then put over his head and he got carried away.

“Did you hear a scream?” asked Stoff.

“No, even if it was, it probably wasn’t anyone on our team.” replied Leanne.

“Meh. Reassuring enough.”


Adam made it to a bus stop, stopping to catch his breath.

Adam CONF: “I’d take the bus home right now and quit this stupid game...if I wasn’t enjoying myself so much. I’m gonna take this thing!”

“Yep, I’m golden!” yelled Adam, in a cocky tone.

“Or are you?” a voice said.

Adam turned around, seeing a mobster with a bag.

“...Ah, shit.”


Taking a break from their Youtube discussion, Anthony and Israel, stood up, stretching.

“So, uh..would you like to make an alliance, Anthony?” asked Israel.

“Uh, I don’t know. Maybe?” replied Anthony in question.

“We’re both smart. You’re the captain, you have power to win this whole thing!" said Israel.

“Yeah, you’re right. You know what? Sure, let’s become allies!” yelled Anthony happily.

They high-fived just as they were grabbed by mobsters.


The Editors were all sitting together in a cramped alley, trying to keep quiet.

“I still don’t know if this is the best idea..” Toon whispered.

“Shh, it’s fine.” Matthew replied.

“It better be.” said Frenzy.

“Uh...guys..” said Dusk, sniffling a little.

“What’s up Dusk?” replied Greg.

“The dust..” he started, “it’s tickling..” he then brought up a huge sneeze. “ nos-AH-CHOO!”

Within seconds of the loud sneeze, four mobsters appeared.

“Hey look, it’s all seven of them.” said one mobster.

“Yep. You guys lost.” said another.

“Ughhh…” The whole team groaned.


“Well, what a stupid move on your part to all be hiding together,” Maple said, “it cost you this time. Since the Skypers lost no members...they win the challenge!”

This was followed by the team cheering.

“Writers and Recorders, you guys are the secondary teams, you didn’t do good, or bad. Editors…” He turns to face them. “I’ll see you at elimination.”


Matthew was sitting alone on the bench, when Vincent and Toon approached him.

“Well, this bites.” Vincent said.

“Yeah, and I’m probably gonna be eliminated because of this.” Matthew replied.

“Well…” Toon started, “We have other plans.”

Matthew sat up a bit. “I’m listening.


The Editors sat at the TV audience bench, and Maple approached them, with an intern holding six trophies.

“You’ve all cast your votes and made the decision. If you’re eliminated, then you must take the Taxi of Shame and leave for good. The first one safe is...Vincent.”

“Whew!” Vincent said, catching a trophy.

“Frenzy and Justin, you two are safe as well.”

They caught their trophies.

Frenzy CONF: “I live to see another day, and to win this whole damn thing!”

Justin CONF: “They wouldn’t boot me first anyways.”

“Greg, you are safe, along with Toon.”

“That scared me for a second.” said Greg, catching his trophy.

“Matthew, Dusk you are in the bottom 2. Matthew, you put everyone in one place, which was an ill-advised move. Dusk, you blew the whole thing for your team with a sneeze.”

“Don’t remind me..” said Dusk.

“I know, I feel bad.” Matthew replied.

Maple narrowed his eyes. “The last one safe is…”








Matthew sighed in relief, catching a trophy.

“Dusk, I’m sorry, but you’ve been eliminated. It took one sneeze to blow your chance of winning the game. Please head to the Taxi of Shame.”

“...Well, it was fun for the time being.” Dusk said, stepping into the taxi, slamming the door, as the taxi drove off into the night.

“And with that, only 27 remain. What will be in store for the teams next episode? Find out next time on Total Drama...Skype Member Clash!” Maple said, ending the episode.

Chapter 3 - "This is The Haunting Hour"

“Last time, on Total Drama…” started Maple.

“32 contestants, then 28, finally formed into 4 teams of 7. I took them to their first team challenge, which was a mobster challenge of hide and seek. Multi, Zack and Zander K formed an alliance, as well as Seth and Mancha, trying to go for others to join. In the end, The Superstar Skypers won the challenge, and Dusk proved to his team that blowing your nose after a sneeze is the perfect way to blow your chances of winning a competition. 5 down, 27 to go. Who will take this episode’s challenge? Find out on..Total...Drama..Skype Member Clash..!”


Seth sat up in his trailer’s bunk, rubbing his eyes. It was about five in the morning.

Seth CONF: “It’s really hard to sleep when all you can think about is strategy. I mean, really, one false move and you can screw yourself over.”

Seth peered down at Mancha, who was sleeping beneath his bed. “Psst. Psst, Mancha..” he began to whisper, but was cut off by the sound of an airhorn, which scared him enough to make him fall out of bed with a loud thud.

Just as RJ was rolling over, he heard the horn, causing him to hit his head on the roof. “Ow, god damn that hurt!” he yelled, making the others wake up.

“My god, RJ, could you be any louder?” asked Zander K.

"Don't blame me, blame the horn!" replied RJ.

"Whatever, let's see what Maple wants..." Multi said groggily.

The contestants, awake, angry and wanting answers, stumbled out of their trailers, heading to the backlot where Maple was waiting for them.

"Morning, guys!" Maple said.

"I hate you so much right now." an angry Vincent replied.

"Man, one of these days I'll let you sleep in. Funnily enough.."

"What's funny about this?!" Stoff yelled.

"I could've let you sleep in since the competition isn't until about 7 PM today."

Frenzy's eye twitched. "...So lemme get this straight," he began, "You wake us up at 5 in the morning, then tell us that the challenge is later?"

"...Yeah." Maple replied.

"I'm gonna kill you." said Justin.

"Well," Maple said, "I needed to explain what you'll be doing today. Today is the Horror theme challenge. You're going to be walking through the murderous-haunted-house as a team today."

Yobar CONF: "Nothing to fear."

"This will be unlike any other haunted house you may have experienced before. Yes, you can try to run straight through, but it's a bit of a maze. Not to mention if any of your teammates get dragged away, you have to find them before continuing to the finish. No group, no 1st place. Last team to arrive will be up for elimination tonight. Go back to bed now, you've got a long night ahead."


Time passes. We reach 7 PM.


"Uh, Maple?" Jacob began to ask as the teams were walking with the host to the Haunted House set.

"Yes, Jacob?" Maple replied.

"How big is the haunted house?"

"See for yourself." Maple said, as they approached the massive building. The teams gasped, looking at the size of the structure.

"This..clearly wasn't here this morning..." said Anthony.

"Wow, Captain Obvious saves the day again." said Zander P.

"Right. So , you know the drill. This may take you guys a while to get out of." Maple said, opening the door. "Are you guys ready to win this thing?"

"YEAH!" yelled the cast.

"On your mark...get set...GO!" said Maple.

The Skypers made it in first, followed by the Editors, followed by Writers, and finally the Recorders.


The Skypers were taking their time with the maze, carefully checking every corner.

"Doesn't Maple realize this isn't scary?" said John.

"I know." replied Multi.

"Psst, Johann," RJ said, pulling him back.

"What now, RJ?"

"Well, since this is gonna be easy, watch this. I can go anywhere and I won't be caught! Watch!" said RJ.

"Wait RJ-" Johann began to say.

"Too late, meet you guys at the end!" RJ said, running off.

He kept running around corners, and squeezing through other items, whistling to himself.

"C'mon, Maple, this ain't bad." he said.

It wasn't until then that he heard a creak about a foot away from him. He slowly approached it...

...and felt a hand grab the collar of his shirt, yanking him to a seperate room.


"Okay, maybe sticking together wasn't a great idea last time..." Matthew started, "But this time it's a good idea since we have to stick together!"

"I actually agree this time." said Toon.

"So how are we gonna do this then?" asked Justin.

"...What if.." said Frenzy, "What if we attached all our belts or something together like a rope?"

"Dude, that's a great idea!" said Greg.

A few moments later, the 6 of them were walking through the maze, attached by the belts.

"This is working well, right?" asked Vinny.

"Yeah, but it's almost a little too close for comfort." Matthew replied, as they wandered forth.


"It's kinda spooky in here.." said Leanne.

"Oh, relax, we'll be fine, just don't wander anywhere." replied Yobar.

"Yeah, and I'm sure Anthony would agree." said Stoff.

They turned around to look at Anthony.

But he wasn't there...

"..Did anyone else see him..?" asked Skeep.

"No.." replied Leanne.

All of a sudden she was grabbed and dragged away. The other 5 screamed, running away.

"Wait, wait!" said Israel, and they stopped in their tracks.

"W-What?" said Skeep.

"We have to go back and find them," said Yobar, "it's the only way we can escape elimination."

"Yeah, you're right." said Froggy. "Let's go."

And so they turned around, looking for Leanne and Anthony.


"This is working fine, right?" Seth said as they shuffled along thorugh another corner in the maze. Fake spiders rained down onto the team's shoulders, sparking a couple screams.

"Guys, shut up!" said Jose. "The people will know we're here!"

"True." William simply replied.

"Uhh..guys.." Zander P stammered.

"What is it, Peers?" Dave answered.

"Who's hand is on my shoulder?"

Seth counted everyone in front of him. "The other 6 of us are here, which means.."

But when he turned back around, Zander P was gone.

Gasping, the team charged through a curtain to go look for him.


After what felt like froever, the Skypers reached the end, seeing a door.

"Guys, look the exit! We won!" cheered Zack, running outside, followed by cheers from his teammates.

Maple turned around, seeing the team run to him.

"Woah, what's this?" asked Maple.

"We made it out, Maple, we win!" exclaimed John.


"Well, what?" Multi asked, frowing slightly.

"You say you made it out, but I only see six of you. Where's RJ?"

"...Are you kidding me." Zander K said.

"Go back and get him!" said Maple.

They groaned, heading back inside. However, the Editors, still tied together came out.

Maple was mumbling to himself. "Lesssseeee...two..four..six...Yep, you guys are all here! The Evil Editors win the challenge!"

"Yes! WE did it!" "Alright!" "Wooo!" the team was celebrating.


Seth walked up to a curtain, where he and the others could hear mumbling.

"I think he may be in there..." said Adam.

Mancha nodded, ripping open the curtain. "Peers!"

Zander P was sitting in a chair, tied up and gagged. Jose took the gag off of him and William untied him.

"Oh, thank god you guys are here! The exit is nearby!"

They booked it out of that room as fast as they could, reaching the door and bursting it open, sighing in relief as they approached Maple, gasping for fresh air.

"Rockin Recorders, welcome. You came second. You're still safe for the episode." Maple explained.

Just then, the Writers appeared, with Stoff carrying Leanne and Yobar carrying Anthony.

"We found them!" Skeep exclaimed.

"Yeah, they were locked up in another room. We made sure to keep a tight grip on them once we found them." said Stoff.

"..Can you put us down now?!" Anthony and Leanne shouted.

They were put down, and they smiled.

"Wriggling're the third team to complete this challenge. You're still safe."

Maple whistled, and just like that, the house was torn right down. The Skypers looked at the other teams, then at each other, and sighed.

"Looks like this is gonna be a bad night..." Jacob mumbled.


The Skypers sat in the audience bench. Maple approached them with six trophies.

"Well, this sucks, eh? A costly cocky move and someone not saying anything cost you guys the win."

"We know, just move on with the ceremony." said Zack.

"Alright. Zander K, you're safe."

Zander caught his trophy and grinned.

"Multi, John. You two are safe."

John CONF: "Pleaseeee tell me that this isn't obvious that I did nothing wrong."

"Jacob, you and...Johann are safe."

The team gasped, not expecting Zack to be in the bottom 2.

"Wait, what?" Zack asked.

"Yeah, how about that. It was a 5-2 vote. The last one safe is..."

RJ and Zack both looked at Maple nervously.







"..Zack. RJ, you pulled a stunt that cost your team a victory. Clearly, you deserved this." He tosses Zack a trophy.

"Please head to the Taxi of Shame, where you'll be taken home, for good."

RJ sighs, walking to the taxi. "I'm sorry, guys." He said. "Hopefully next time I'll know better." He slams the door, and the taxi drives off.

"Well, what an unsurprising elimination. Will the team learn to not let others out of their sight? Will this alliance bond ever be broken? What hell will the teens go through soon? Find out next time on Total...Drama..Skype Member Clash!" Maple says, closing the episode.

Chapter 4 - "Master Space Race"

“Last time, on Total Drama..” started Maple.

“It was a very spooky night on the set as the four teams set out to make it through a haunted house. There were laughs, scares, and really stupid decision making. RJ learned that cockiness is not the way to go when your team actually needs to stick together, getting him booted off the show. We started with 32 on day one, now we’ve reached 26! Who’ll make it or break it on this episode of..Total..Drama...Skype Member Clash!”


Johann CONF: “I’m still shaken up by RJ leaving. Even though I didn’t vote for Zack, I wonder who else did?”

At the crack of dawn, the teams made it out of their trailers. Seth yawned, stretching his arms.

Seth CONF: “It seriously feels like I’m sleeping on a bag of bricks, we need better mattresses…”

“So, Maple,” Jose started, “What’s on the agenda for today?”

“Yeah,” said Frenzy, “I wanna be closer to winning the whole thing!”

Dave CONF: “...He’s not gonna.”

“Well, who here is a fan of space?” asked Maple. No one raised their hands.

“Wow, popular crowd.” said Justin.

“Too bad for you guys then, because today’s a space themed challenge!”

“You just love to try and rip off TDA, don’t you?” asked Skeep.

“Shut up, it’s gonna be different this time.” said Maple. “Follow me.”

Anthony CONF: “It shouldn’t be too bad, right?”


“And here we are!” exclaimed Maple.

The teams approached a large chamber, which seemed to be nearly pitch black on the inside, save for a few fake stars and a few prop spaceships.

“We’re going on a space walk today!”

“...Really?” asked Greg.

“Yeah, spacewalk? What is this chamber?” William asked.

“This, my friends, is a zero gravity chamber…” said Maple.

“Your challenge today is to make it from one ship to the other in the quickest amount of time. Zero gravity isn't easy to get through, so you guys better pick the best 3 from your team to do this.

"Dibs...not!" said Seth.

The team looked at him with a blank expression.

"Uh..I mean...I'll do it..." he said, correcting himself.

"You guys have 10 minutes to choose, and then suit up!" Maple said, holding up a space suit. "Get to it!"


Seth was holding the suits in his hands, looking at his teammates.

"Aight, so I'll go first," he said, "Who wants to go as well?"

"I can try, man." said Dave.

"I'll do it as well." said Adam.

He handed them the suits, and they went to go change.

Meanwhile, Zack handed suits to Multi and Zander K.

"Us 3 can do this, you 3 just sit and watch for now." said Zack.

"Sure, captain..." Jacob L mumbled to himself.

Multi CONF: "I have a feeling I know who wants Zack gone."

"Well, good luck then, guys." said Johann.

Matthew looked at his teammates, holding the space suits.

“I really don’t want to do this, guys,” he said, “anyone volunteer?”

Vincent and Greg raised their hands, and has the suits tossed to them.

“..Fine, I guess I can do it too, hah.” Frenzy said, taking the suit.

Matthew CONF: “One thing Frenzy needs to learn is that he’s not gonna make it far. I’ll make sure of that soon enough.”

Anthony suited up right away, also handing a suit to Stoff and a suit to Skeep. “I think you guys have the potential to do great in this challenge!” he exclaimed.

Stoff and Skeep looked at each other, then back at Anthony.

“Fine.” they replied.


The 12 competitors for the challenge walked up to the chamber, all suited up and ready for action.

“Ready!” said Greg.

“You guys, good luck. Best team time wins the challenge. Slowest is up for elimination tonight.” Maple said, opening the door.

“Evil Editors, you’re up first! Greg, Vincent and Frenzy, head in there.”

Greg stepped into the chamber, and was instantly taken off of his feet by the weightlessness.

“Woah!” he yelled, floating up to the first spaceship.

Vincent and Frenzy followed behind, until all 3 of them reached the spaceship prop, which was nailed into the wall.

“Basically, I have the timer set out here. Once all 3 of you reach the finish, which is a nice twenty feet away, I’ll stop the timer.” said Maple into a speaker.

“Got it.” said Vincent, preparing himself to push off.

“Ready…” said Maple, “Set...goooo..!”

The 3 Editors pushed off, slowly sailing through the air to the purple light in the distance, the other spaceship. Frenzy was laughing, doing a somersault on the way there. Vincent did a Superman pose, and Greg was doggy paddling.



After what seemed like a while, Vincent finally touched the other spaceship, reaching for Frenzy, who was close to him. He yanked his arm and brought him to the finish. A few seconds later, Greg finally caught up, making it to the finish.

“2 minutes, 20 seconds!” Maple said into the speaker. “Not bad at all. Skypers, you’re up.”

Multi, Zack and Zander K stepped into the chamber, floating up to the starting point.

“Ready?” asked Maple.

“Wait, I think we need to plan-” Zack started.

“No time for that. Go!” yelled Maple.

“Well, what are we gonna do?” asked Multi.

“Swim for it?” said Zander.

“May as well, we’re losing enough time anyways!” replied Zack.



Panicking, the 3 of them moved as fast as their legs could. But due to the time they wasted, they were way too late to get to the finish before the Editors.

“Whew...we made it.” said Zander K.

“Too little, too late,” said Maple, “You guys hit 5 minutes, which is terrible.”

The Writers went next, and the moment Maple told them to start, they were off very quick.

“Kick guys, kick!” said Stoff, as he was the first to reach.



Anthony and Skeep reached it soon enough, cheering through the suits and slowly high fiving.

“We did it, man!” said Anthony.

“1 minute and 10 seconds! You guys have done the best so far!” Maple said excitedly.

Shaking nervously, the Recorders, with Adam, Seth and Dave, stepped in.

Within a few second countdown, they raced off.




“Grab my hand!” said Adam, reaching out to Seth, who reached to Dave.

“Good to go!” said Dave.

With arms linked , they soared to the finish.




After a little while, they hit the other end, cheering.

“1 minute, 45 seconds, so close…” said Maple.

“However, looks like the poor planning on the Skypers part has caused them to lose once again. I’ll see you at elimination!”


Multi CONF: “Found the rat, now to exterminate it.”

The contestants sat at the TV audience bench, and Maple approached them, with trophies in hand.

“I have 5 trophies, there are 6 of you. Whoever does not recieve a trophy much head to the Taxi of Shame and leave for good.”

“Kk.” said Zander K.

“The first one safe is...John.”

John caught his trophy, sighing in relief.

“Johann, and...Zander K are safe.”

They received their trophies.

“...Zack, you’re safe.” said Maple, tossing him a trophy.

“What am I doing in the bottom 2?” asked Multi.

“I could ask the same…” said Jacob L.

“I don’t know, guys, I just follow the votes. The last one safe is…






...Multi.” said Maple, throwing him the trophy.

Jacob could only look on in disbelief. “Wait, I’m out? What did I even do?”

“You tried to take me out,” said Zack, “So I returned the favour.”

Jacob got up, heading to the Taxi of Shame silently. He got in, slammed the door and the taxi drove off into the night.
“What a thrilling elimination...but, who knows what I have planned for the contestants next! See what happens in the next episode of...Total...Drama...Skype Member Clash!” said Maple, ending the episode.

Chapter 5 - "Plushy Playhouse"

(I’m terribly sorry guys, but I was unable to finish this chapter due to severe writers block. Hopefully I’ll come out with a new chapter soon, in ful swing! Hope you all understand! ^^)

"Last time, on Total Drama..." Maple started.

"We decided to have some fun by taking the contestants on a spacewalk.." he chuckles to himself. "Actually, it was just a cheap zero gravity chamber that helped us learn a few things in this episode. One: Pulling each other along to the finish proves effective. Two: Plan before you act. Three? Jacob L specifically learned that trying to eliminate your captain in a previous episode proves useless. See you later, my friend. 7 down, 25 to go in this episode of...Total..Drama...Skype Member Clash!"


It was about 7 AM. The majority of the contestants were still snoozing away. However, Vincent was outside, sitting against his trailer. He sighed a bit.

Vincent CONF: "It's great to see that we didn't lose anyone, but...I'm worried that we're gonna slip up again soon."

Maple walked up to Vincent, airhorn in hand. "How's it going, man?" he asked Vincent.

"Meh. Just a little nervous about the game." Vincent replied.

"No need to worry, Vinny, you guys are gonna do great." said Maple. "Now plug your ears."

Vincent did this, and Maple blasted the airhorn, much to the screams and groans of the competitors.

William CONF: "He's going to destroy our eardrums one of these days."

Froggy CONF: "Does he ever get tired of disturbing our sleep? Ugh..."

"Morning, my little rays of sunshine!" said Maple.

"Shut up." said Multi.

The contestants were gathered around at the empty backlot.

"Ahh, nice to see you too. Look at you all, still here for another day! Now, who wants to hear about today's challenge?" said Maple.

Everyone just looked at him angrily.

“Riggggggght. Forgot you’re all in a pissy mood because lack of sleep. Anyways, today’s theme is...Puppets!”

Anthony looked up for a second. “Wait..” he started. “You mean like plushies?”

“Uh...yeah.” replied Maple, nodding his head.

“Yesssss!” cheered Anthony, dancing around everyone. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Anthony CONF: “Finally, I challenge I can exceed at!”

“Alright, Anthony, we get it, you’re excited.” said Johann.

“Yeah, calm down.” chimed in Adam.

“If I could get to explaining the challenge without being interrupted…” Maple started. The cast went silent.

“Thank you. Anyways, you guys have to put together a puppet show for me, about 2 minutes long or so. Best show out of 10 wins.”

Multi CONF: “We better not lose this again.”

Zander K CONF: “I’m gonna punt Zack out of here if he causes us to lose.”

Adam CONF: “Puppets? Does Maple think we’re 5?”

“Are you guys ready?” asked Maple.

“YEAH!” shouted the cast.

“You guys have an hour to prepare your show. On your mark...get set...go!”

The cast ran off to go prepare.


“Should we do a simple princess and dragon story?” asked Zander P, holding up two puppets.

“Nah, man, there’s simple, and then there’s TOO simple.” replied Dave, shaking his head.

“Wait, wait.” said Seth. “How about we do a knight duel?”

“Dude, yes.” replied Adam. “Dibs on being a knight!”

“Alright, so Adam and myself will be the knights, and Dave will be a narrator.” said Seth.

Dave began to speak with his Cleveland impression. “Like thi-”

“NO.” said the rest of the team.

“Jeez, alright.”

They went from there, planning out the skit.


Multi CONF: “Since I seriously don’t trust Zack’s leadership skills on this, I’ll take charge this time.”

“Alright, team, here’s what we’re gonna do.” Multi began. “We’re gonna have a comedy skit, of a guy eating a banana, then slipping on the peel.”



Stoff CONF: “You blew it big time, dude.”

Maple walked onto the set, staring up at the Writers, who were sitting in the audience bench. He shook his head. “Tsk, tsk.” he said.

“You guys put on a very poor performance, and it seems that your own captain ditched you. But, Yobar and Stoff, you two had very minimal acting skills in this. It could contribute to your potential elimination.”

“Wasn’t our fault, really.” said Yobar.

“Whatever.” Stoff said.

Maple held up the 6 trophies. “You’ve all cast your votes. The person who does not receive a trophy must head to the Taxi of Shame and leave this battle for good. Leanne, you’re safe. “ He tossed her a trophy.

Leanne CONF: “Woo! I live to fight another day!”

“Israel, Froggy, you guys are safe as well.” said Maple, tossing them their trophies.

“Please tell me I’m safe…” said Stoff.

“Not yet, you’re not,” said Maple. “Skeep is!” he tossed a trophy to Skeep.

“Yobar, Anthony, Stoff, you are the bottom 3.”

“Wait, what?” asked Anthony. “I’m your leader! You can’t do this!”

“They might, dude, since Yobar is also safe.” Yobar caught his trophy, grinning.

“Stoff, Anthony. You are the bottom 2. The final one safe is…”












“...Stoff.” Stoff sighed in relief, catching the trophy.

Anthony’s eye twitched. “Wh...What..?”

“Sorry, my dude, the team just didn't appreciate your leadership. Sorry to see you go.” said Maple.

“Yeah, yeah...back to making my plushy vids I guess..” said Anthony, stepping into the taxi. He slammed the door and the taxi drove off into the night.

Chapter 6 - "Cookin' Up a Storm"

Work in Progress, I write the stories on Google Docs and post them here.

Chapter 7 - "Frenzy in the Streets"

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Chapter 8 - "Purge-riffic!"

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Chapter 9 - "Sit-com Down"

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Chapter 10 - "Blown Away"

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Chapter 11 - "Wild, Wild West"

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Chapter 12 - "Braiiiiiins!"

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Chapter 13 - "Kung F-U"

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Chapter 14 - "Sports Fans Unite!"

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Chapter 15 - "Vengeance in Wonderland"

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Chapter 16 - "Back to School"

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Chapter 17 - "Ian Fleming's Turning Over in His Grave"

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Chapter 18 - "Game of Bones (Trouble is Afoot)"

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Chapter 19 - "Rocky...Who?"

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Chapter 20 - "Joust in Time"

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Chapter 21 - "Learn to Love the Bomb"

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Chapter 22 - "Mr.MapleSyrup's Fun-house of Pain"

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Chapter 23 - "Batter Up!"

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Chapter 24 - "This is Why I Don't Travel"

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Chapter 25 - "How Do I Shoot?"

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Chapter 26 - "Costume Party"

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Chapter 27 - "The Real Fear Factor"

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Chapter 28 - "Stranded"

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Chapter 29 - "Earthquake!"

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Chapter 30 - "A Very Not So Lovey Dovey Finale"

Work in Progress, I write the stories on Google Docs and post them here.


Work in Progress, I write the stories on Google Docs and post them here.

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
25th Anthony WIN SEC SEC WIN OUT
28th Dusk SAFE OUT
32nd/31st/30th/29th Clemi OUT
32nd/31st/30th/29th Ticci OUT
32nd/31st/30th/29th Fel OUT
32nd/31st/30th/29th Roland OUT


WIN - This person or team won the challenge.

SAFE - This person survived the elimination ceremony.

LOW - This person was in the bottom 2.

SEC - This person or team didn't win or lose the challenge, making them secondary.

OUT - This person was eliminated at the elimination ceremony.

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