Total Drama: Revenge of the Pahkitew Tour

Wrriten by: XStaySlay

Chapter 1: "Gawd! I'm here again...."

Chris: Welcome to another season of Total Drama! Now 14 riskers come to be at Pahkitew Island! But with all-stars! Say hello to.... Gwen!

Gwen: Ew, you suck again....

Chris: Ummmm, Thanks! I don't understand emo's..... :/ Next up is.... Owen!

Owen: Chris! You look yummy as ever!

Chris: They are wierd and wierdest.... Btw, say hello to Anne Maria!

Anne Maria: Wazzup gurl!

Chris: I am not gay.... Next Up-

Dakota: *kick Anne Maria to butt* Hey Dakota's here! ;D

Chris: That's so annoying, just give everyone here! Welcome, welcome! You can now relax at my spa hotel!

Everyone: YAAAAAAAAAAS! *runs to in*

Chris: MUAHHAHA!!! *blown up Hotel*

Everyone: Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: I love my job! <3

Now playing: Intro

Everyone: *sitting*

Chris: Your first challenge is to run into the cliff. Easy right.

Owen: Really Chris? Running?



Owen: I will lose some weight....


Everyone: *running*

Chris: Now, give bear please in there!


Chris: I said that, I love my job! <3


Winner of challenge is..... Max & Dawn!



Anne: Yaaaaaaaas! Gurl is in tha house! <3


Dakota: THAT WAS F(beep)NG UNFAIR!!!!


Chris: Max & Dawn, select one people who goes home!

Max: I am evil so.......Scott!

Dawn: Sorry but...... Harold!

Chris: That's it! Stay tuned for next episode! There will be teams, drama or whatever they do! ;)

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