This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Total Drama: Redemption Brawl consists of past contestants who compete in a power struggle for safety, cash prizes, and most importantly - redemption. Like Total Drama: All Stars, the contestants are split into two teams - Heroes & Villains. Each week, they will fight for immunity, and the losing team will have to boot out one of their own, but for this season, there's a new competition - the Safety Competition. The losing team will battle it out for safety, where one team member will receive immunity from elimination that week.

Who's going to win it all?




Episode 1: "Our Second Chance"

Our Second Chance
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge Defeat the other team by knocking all of them out with apple pies while on your tree house.
Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Lord of The Rings"

(The campers/former contestants come in one by one, all surprised to see one another. They’re all mortified to hear that Chris Mclean has returned as the host of the season once again. They are all split into two teams: the Heroes and the Villains. Some are proud to be in their team, while others feel like they do not belong.)

Sugar: *raised eyebrow, glares at Heather* What’s SHE doing here? Isn’t this called TD: Redemption Brawl? She already won her season! She got the darn money!

Heather: I was ROBBED! The MONEY fell into the VOLCANO, BURNED. ALL OF IT.

Jacques: *waves to the camera* Hello, America!

Lindsay: Wait, why am I in the Villains Team?

Noah: *chuckles* I’m a villain.

Owen: Little Noah isn’t a villain! He’s just a misunderstood nerd who has a horrible attitude, but recently found a girlfriend!

Noah: *facepalms*

Trent: Is Gwen here?

Courtney: Shut up, lover boy, she’s over you.

Trent: I didn’t say I was interested in her.

Brick: *waves at Dakota, Zoey, Dawn, Scott, Anne-Maria* TD: Revenge of the Island fam, what up?

Scott: Are you going through a mid-aged crisis?

Brick: What?

Scott: You talk weird.

Brick: What?

Dawn: I sense loneliness in your aura, Brick, what’s wrong?

Brick: N-nothing… get away from me!

Jasmine: I wish Shawn was here…

Amy: You’re still with that freak? Pfft, get a life, please.

Jasmine: The irony! Shawn obssesses over the undead, not the living!

Scarlett: Look, Jasmine, you have problems if you’re into that guy – and that’s coming from me: a girl who tried to destroy the island. *pushes up glasses* I’m surprised they want me back. I guess they want drama!

A purple cloud explodes in front of the cast, and Chris appears after the cloudy mist disappears.

Chris: Drama, indeed! Welcome to Total Drama: S–

Lindsay: Why am I in the Villains Team?

Chris: …Did you just interrupt me?

Lindsay: Wait, don’t I know you?

Chris: Lindsay, it’s Chris.

Lindsay: I don’t know a Chris.

Chris: *rolls eyes*… Chip. Chip Mackitty.


Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, by the way, you’re in the Villains team because we couldn’t get any more female villains to join the show again. Apparently, they’re “traumatized”.

Scott: Wimps.

Chris: So since we couldn’t get anymore female villains, we got you, Lindsay, to join the Villains.

Lindsay: But I’m not a villain!

Chris: I know. Like I was saying before I got interrupted, welcome to Total Drama: Redemption Brawl!

DJ: Oh yeah!

Cody: YEAH!

Chris: All of you have TRIED to win the grand prize, but you all failed…

Owen, Heather, Zoey: I didn’t.

Chris: …so you losers are going to fight for the grand prize once again!

[Confessional Leshawna: I am PUMPED for this season! I’m back in the game, and this time, I ain’t gonna leave broke no more! Your favorite sista’s gonna CRUSH this game!]

[Confessional Topher: *swipes out mirror and starts checkign reflection* I look goooood! *shoves mirror into pocket* Oh yeah, that’s right! The most attractive contestant to ever play the game is back here again, and this time, I’m going to win the million dollars!]

Chris: Why don’t you all get to know each other first, and then we’ll get started on the challenge!

(Topher, Noah, Courtney, Scarlett and Anne-Maria start talking strategy in one of the cabins.)

Topher: Honestly, those three winners out there – they already got money, they don’t need anything more.

Anne-Maria: That was exactly what I was thinking! They already won! Bah-bye, pack your bags, get your rich behind off the island!

Courtney: Let’s make a pact. If our team loses this challenge, we all vote off Heather.

Noah: Heather is a snake, she’s gotta go.

Anne-Maria: And I’m gonna make sure, if we win, Zoey goes home in that team. She’s such a brat, a basic brat. I wanted to tell her to get skinny little red headed –

(A horn blows, and the campers are called outside.)

[Confessional Zoey: I’ve got to the Final 2 in this game before, and that’s going to be very threatening to the other contestants. I need my team to win this challenge to guarantee my safety!]

[Confessional Noah: From what I’ve heard, people are targeting the winners, aka Owen and Heather and Zoey, and that’s sort of fine with me because that keeps the target off of my back. But, Owen is my number one ally in this game, I need to do a little manipulating to make sure he stays and survives this first elimination, but also in the same time, make sure that there’s a possibility Heather’s gonna pack her bags.]

Chris: Welcome to our first challenge! This challenge is called, ‘Apple Pie Kingdom’! Each team must build a stable treehouse! From the treehouse, you must shoot apple pies to the other team’s treehouse! The first team to have all their members knocked out on the ground will face elimination! The other team will receive immunity! The guns for the apple pies are right next to your treehouse materials! GO!

(The two teams scramble to their separate materials. Heather tries to boss her team around.)

Sugar: What do YOU think you’re doing, little Miss Pageant Queen?

Heather: Leading our team to victory! Get to work, PEASANT! After all, I am your queen.

Sugar: *growls and breaks wooden plank*

Heather: Get. To. WORK!

(The Heroes begin building their treehouse, but Dakota faints on their hardwork, destroying it all.)

Zoey: DAKOTA! Oh my gosh! *runs towards Dakota, but zips past her to collect the fallen treehouse materials*

Dakota: I’m sorry, you guys, I just felt a bit nausious… sorry, I don’t feel good.

Zoey: *runs back and forth to try to rebuild the treehouse*

Rodney: Zoey, are you okay? *he seems dreamy, and his pupils transform into little hearts*

Jasmine: Zoey, slow down, you’re making me dizzy!

Zoey: Get on your feet, come on! Get to work, you guys!

[Confessional Dakota: *giggles as she applies pink lipstick* Did it work? Did you fall for it? *rubs stomach, as her face turns a shade of green* Awhh… my stomach hurts. OMG, I don’t feel good… is there a medic? *winks, and seems all fine again* I need my team to lose in order to vote off Zoey. I don’t trust her, and I came to play this season, so I’m gonna do what I gotta do.]

DJ: We need another hammer, immediately!


Brick: Hammer! HAMMER!

(A bear rushes in, scaring the Heroes, but it halts in front of Dawn, and reveals a hammer inside its mouth. It puts the hammer on the ground, and Dawn picks it up with a smile.)

Dawn: *pets the bear* Gooooood boy! Good boy!

(The bear rushes back away, scaring Zoey and making her leap into Rodney’s arms.)

Rodney: *blushes, and drops Zoey* Zoooeeeyyy… *blushes* I’m flattered, but I have a girlfriend!

Zoey: And I have a boyfriend? *scratches head in confusion*

(The Villains build their treehouse while shouting loudly at each other. Anne-Maria and Amy are seen fighting for a hammer. Jacques successfully does a backflip but he lands on Scott and squashes him. Courtney and Topher are having a screaming match while Scarlett hammers in a nail, unimpressed. Lindsay watches from the back and is overwhelmed by all the chaos.)

Lindsay: STOP!!

(The dust settles, and everyone stops.)

Lindsay: This is a CHALLENGE! Not a WRESTLING MATCH! We’re supposed to build a treehouse, not tear each others’ guts out! Get your head in the GAME!! I expected MORE of you!! I am DISAPPOINTED!!

Jacques: I am sorry, madame.

Scott: I am ashamed.

Anne-Maria: I like your hair.

Scarlett: I hate these losers too.

Lindsay: WHY are you just standing there? GET. TO. WORK!!

(Everyone scrambles off, with a nod and a soft ‘Yes, ma’am’ and get to work – silently.)

Lindsay: That’s better.

(The Heroes’ treehouse is complete, but the Villains quickly finish theirs too.)

Jasmine: FIRE!

(Owen fires an apple pie at the Villains’ treehouse.)

Owen: Wow, that looks tasty. *licks his lips* I WANT IT!

(Owen tries to weasel out of the open space in the treehouse, but he is held back by Zoey and Brick.)

Brick: Owen, don’t!

Owen: Apple pieeeee!

[Confessional Cody: It was like freaking Godzilla was there! I was watching, and I was frozen in spot, I was terrified. That’s for sure.]

(Heather fires the Villains’ first apple pie at Owen, which smacks him in the face. He tumbles down and squashes Brick and Zoey. Heather fires another apple pie at Owen, and the pie shoves him right out of the treehouse.)

Jasmine: Oh my…

(Thre is a hole on the wall shaped like Owen.)

Cody: Sweet swiss cheese…

(Noah fires a shot at the Heroes, successfully knocking both Dakota and Cody off the treehouse.)

Sugar: BOO YAH! *high fives Noah*

Zoey: Go big or go home! *fires an apple pie at the Villains*

(The apple pie misses the treehouse.)

Zoey: Oh, crap!

(DJ takes over the pie gun, and he fires an apple pie at Sugar, and knocks her off the treehouse.)

DJ: Score!

Brick: Nice shot!

(Anne-Maria growls, and she marches towards the pie gun.)


Leshawna: Bring it, baby! *bumps DJ away from the pie gun as she takes over*

(Anne-Maria fires an apple pie at Leshawna, but she dodges the attack.)

Leshawna: *growls* Game on.

(Leshawna shoots an apple pie right into Anne-Maria’s hair, and she stumbles off the treehouse.)

Leshawna: Leshawna in the house!

(Time flies by, and both treehouses are painted with apple pies. Three players remain in each team. The Heroes have Leshawna, DJ and Zoey. The Villains have Heather, Jacques and Scott.

Heather: You have the guts to fight?

Zoey: Heck yeah, we do! *fires an apple pie*

(Heather dodges the pie, and fires an apple pie right into Zoey’s face, but Zoey maintains her balance and wipes the pie right off her face.)

Zoey: Is that all you got?

(Zoey fires an apple pie at Heather, but she ducks and the pie slams Scott in the face – Scott tumbles off the treehouse.)

Leshawna: OOH! You messed with the wrong white girl!

DJ: Villains never get a happy ending, accept it! *laughs*

(Heather growls, and she roars as she fires an apple pie at Zoey, but Zoey ducks and the pies slam DJ in the face. As he tumbles off the treehouse, he accidentally pushes Leshawna off the treehouse as well.)

Zoey: *gasps* Oh my gosh!

(Jacques smirks as he takes over the pie gun.)

Jacques: Sweet dreams, flower girl.

(Jacques fires a pie at Zoey, and the pie shoves her in the stomach, pushing her off to the edge of the treehouse. She stumbles and she hangs from the edge of the treehouse, grasping the edges desperately.)

Zoey: ARGH! *slowly climbs up*

(Heather fires one final pie, and it slams the treehouse, shaking it and shaking Zoey off as well – the final Hero is down.)

Heather: And they lived happily ever after, *smirks*.

(After the challenge, Anne-Maria, a Villain, visits Dakota, Leshawna and Jasmine in their cabin.)

Anne-Maria: Who are you planning on voting off?

Jasmine: Not sure, maybe Owen. He seems pretty useless.

Anne-Maria: You ever thought of voting off Zoey?

Dakota: *is too busy putting on make-up* Sounds good to me!

Anne-Maria: She’s so bossy! I saw you people being bossed around by that brat! She doesn’t deserve to reach the Final 2 AGAIN. You’re not going to let that happen again, right?

Dakota: Yeah, yeah. *applies blush*

Jasmine: Those winners, they have to go ASAP.

Dakota: Totes agree.

Leshawna: So, we’re voting Zoey off?

Jasmine: Seems like it. I, personally, don’t really like her. I’m sure she’s nice and all, but I don’t like her as a member of our team.

Anne-Maria: My job here is done. Toodles, ladies!

Leshawna: *rolls eyes* Toodles.

(Chris calls the campers outside, and announce that the losing team, Heroes, will play in another competition – the safety competition. The winner will receive safety from elimination, despite being on the losing team.)

[Confessional Zoey: This competition might save my life in this game! If I win this, there’s a 0% chance I’m going home!]

[Confessional Owen: I’d really like to win this competition because there’s been a lot of talk going on that people are targeting the winners, including me, even though… I never really… got… my money.]

[Confessional Anne-Maria: I really hope that Zoey doesn’t win this competition. Period.]

Chris: This safety competiton is called ‘One Down, Ten More To Go’. Write down on your chalkboard the name of your team member you want knocked out of the competition, that will cast one vote to that specific person. The person that receives the most votes in each round will be eliminated. This will go on until only one person stands.

Chris: Round 1 starts now.

Round 1: Leshawna has been eliminated.

Round 2: Zoey has been eliminated.

Round 3: Owen has been eliminated.

Round 4: Rodney has been eliminated.

Round 5: Trent has been eliminated.

Round 6: Jasmine has been eliminated.

Round 7: Cody has been eliminated.

Round 8: Brick has been eliminated.

Round 9: Dawn has been eliminated.

(In the end, DJ and Dakota are the two remaining. Chris asked the final question; “How many episodes are there in total of all the Total Drama seasons, including the Ridonculous Race season?”)

(Dakota answered 130, DJ answered 150. The correct answer was 120, and Dakota was given safety from elimination.)

[Confessional Dakota: EEE! *squeals* I can’t believe I won that safety comp! EEE!]

(The Heroes hang out in the cafeteria.)

Rodney: Dakota, congratulations on winning the safety comp!

Dakota: Thanks, Cody! You’re literally so sweet! *blows kiss at Cody*

(Cody blushes.)

[Confessional Dakota: Okay, so like, I have a boyfriend – Sam – and I love him with all my heart! But in order to win this game, I need to do a little flirting! I’m sorry, Sam, I love you – you know that!]

Jasmine: Okay, who wants to dare me to chug down two cartons of rotten milk in thirty seconds?

Dawn: *laughs* Isn’t that unhealthy?

Jasmine: Aww, it’s okay! I’ll be fine!

Dawn: Jasmine, you’re hilarious!

Cody: You know what – Jasmine, I dare you to chug down that milk! *laughs*

Jasmine: You got it, mister!

[Confessional Cody: Jasmine is hilarious!]

[Confessional Dawn: I love Jasmine so much, oh my gosh! But I sense something negative in her future VERY SOON! Something like… death… might be all that milk.]

(In the cabin, Owen, Trent, Brick, DJ and Cody begin talking strategy.)

DJ: Us five guys, we’re real good. We can go really far if we stick together, and stay loyal.

Cody: Is this an alliance?

Brick: Goodness, I hope so! I’m all in for an all guys alliance!

Owen: Let’s pink swear on it!

Trent: Sure, big guy! Alliance to the end!

Brick: Okay, serious talk now… who are we voting off? Obviously not Dakota.

DJ: A lot of people are saying they want Zoey out.

Cody: Why not just go with the majority?

Owen: I don’t want Zoey out. That’s why.

Trent: I think Zoey is a fierce competitior, and that’s good for our team. Keep her around a little bit, let her win a few challenges for our team, then get her out right before the merge!

Cody: I like the sound of that! *high fives Trent*

DJ: Dakota was fainting and all that in the challenge, doesn’t seem real to me. I think she’s faking.

Brick: That’s what I was just thinking about! I love Dakota to death outside this island, but she seems so sneaky this season!

Owen: Since we can’t vote off Dakota…

DJ: Why not vote off her closest ally? Jasmine.

Cody: But SO many people want Zoey gone! We’re going to put big targets on our backs! If we’re not in the majority of the votes, we could be in some hot water!

Trent: Then why don’t we GET into the majority? If we vote off Jasmine, we’re automatically in the majority of the votes. Zoey is obviously voting off someone else, not sure if it’s Jasmine, but if we convince her to, then she’ll vote her off!

[Confessional Cody: I am extremely hesisitant to vote Jasmine off… I’ve made a really cool bond and friendship with her. I don’t think I’m ready to let go of her just yet. She can help me throughout this game, while on the other hand, Zoey… oh boy, Zoey and I haven’t really connected these past few days.]

(Zoey, Leshawna and Dawn begin chatting in their cabin.)

Zoey: I know a lot of people are going to vote me off because they see me as a threat and whatever. I just want to get both of your opinions, like are you voting me off? Be honest, please. I just really wanna stay in this game.

Dawn: Actually, Trent, he told me that there were already five solid votes against Jasmine. So, if you vote off Jasmine, you might stay in the game.

Zoey: Are you serious? OMG!

Leshawna: Let me tell you this, I really like you as a person, Zoey. And I love being around you so much!

Zoey: Aww, thanks!

Leshawna: But Dakota, Jasmine and Anne-Maria hate your guts.

Zoey: Dakota?

Leshawna: Not sure about Dakota, she was a bit iffy to me. She was too busy putting on makeup, *laughs*.

Zoey: That’s Dakota for you! So, are you voting me off?

Leshawna: I don’t think so… you know what would be fun? If we flip the votes and blindside Jasmine!

Dawn: How interesting!

Leshawna: Mhm, 5 solid votes are already against her. Why not send three more votes to seal her fate? Zoey, I don’t think you’re going anywhere anytime soon.

(Leshawna and Jasmine have a private talk outside.)

Jasmine: I’ve overheard a lot of people saying they don’t want Zoey gone… and I heard your name pop in as like one of the people who aren’t going to vote her off.

Leshawna: Yeah, no, I’m 100% voting her off, don’t worry. Like, I told her a bunch of stuff like, “Oh you’re safe, don’t worry”, and it’s going to be the biggest blindside of the season!

Jasmine: Me and Dakota could really help you and help each other throughout this game. We can really control this game, and it makes no sense for you to not vote Zoey off since she’s coming after you.

Leshawna: Wait, what?

Jasmine: That’s what she told me, I don’t know if it was like strategy or whatever.

[Confessional Jasmine: I had to lie to Leshawna in order for her to vote Zoey off. I will do anything to win this time, and I’m not afraid to manipulate, backstab and betray.]

Jasmine: So, if we take Zoey off first, one of them all one by one are going to fall. And that’s just because me, you and Dakota! It’s like a power trio!

Leshawna: Mhmm, sounds cool.

Jasmine: We’ll keep each other all safe, all up until the Final 3, and for this season – I really want two strong black women in the Final 2, and I truly believe me and you could fill those spots!

Leshawna: GIRL, YES! Count me on it!

[Confessional Leshawna: I was dead set on voting Jasmine off, but now, she brings up a good offer to the table and I’m a little bit conflicted. I have to rethink my decision.]

(The voting begins in the confessional booth. The way to vote is to write down the name of the contestant you want eliminated on an old piece of cloth. The cloths will be collected by Chris, who will reveal one vote, one by one.)

Leshawna: I’ve been rethinking my decision again and again, I still don’t know if it’s the right thing to do.

Trent: Me and my boys plan on sailing to the Final 5 together, and we all decided on one thing.

Dawn: This game is crazy, and I don’t know what to expect. Zoey’s a threat, but so is Jasmine. It just depends on who I’ve bonded with more and who I feel will bring me to the end more.

Cody: Making this decision sucks, I don’t what to do. I honestly am so confused… my alliance is telling me one thing, but my brain is telling me another. I just have to go with my gut.

Trent: I vote to evict Jasmine.

Dawn: I vote to evict Jasmine.

Cody: I vote to evict Zoey.

(Everyone’s votes are counted, and the elimination ceremony begins.)

Chris: Let’s see the votes. First vote goes to Zoey (casted by Dakota).

(Zoey frowns.)

Chris: Second vote goes to Zoey (Jasmine's vote). Third vote goes to Jasmine (Trent's vote).

(Jasmine raises an eyebrow.)

Chris: Two votes Zoey, one vote Jasmine. Next vote goes to Jasmine (DJ's vote). We’re tied up, two votes Zoey, two votes Jasmine.

(Chris reveals a piece of cloth with the name ‘Jasmine’ scribbled on it.)

Chris: Another vote for Jasmine (Dawn).

(Chris reveals a piece of cloth with the name ‘Jasmine’ written on it.)

Chris: Another vote for Jasmine (Zoey). That’s four votes Jasmine and two votes Zoey.

(Chris reveals a piece of cloth with the name ‘Zoey’ scribbled on it.)

Chris: Zoey (Cody). That’s four votes Jasmine, three votes Zoey.

(Chris reveals a piece of cloth with the name ‘Jasmine’ scribbled on it.)

Chris: Jasmine (Leshawna). Four votes Zoey, five votes Jasmine.

Chris: Next vote goes to…

(Chris reveals a piece of cloth with the name ‘Jasmine’ scribbled on it.)

Chris: Jasmine (Owen). Next vote goes to…

(Chris reveals a piece of cloth with the name ‘Jasmine’ scribbled on it.)

Chris: Jasmine, you are the first camper eliminated from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl.

(Jasmine gasps in shock, as Dakota and Cody sit silently – stunned.)

Jasmine: Wait, what?

Chris: No words, Jasmine! Go board the Boat of Losers, immediately.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, where another camper is sent packing!

Episode 2: "Lord of the Rings"

Lord of The Rings
Season 1, Episode 2
Challenge Each team member must dive deep into the Wawanakwa Lake to retrieve a ring.
Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Second Chances and Apple Pies"
"Sucks To Be You Two"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl – the Villains won their first ever challenge, and Anne-Maria led the charge from the other side to get the former winners out, especially Zoey. Dakota, Jasmine and Anne-Maria began working their magic to manipulate others to get Zoey out and she was the number one target that week. But, an alliance consisting of Cody, Brick, Trent, Owen and DJ flipped the script, and Leshawna pulled in Dawn and Zoey together to blinside Dakota and Jasmine. Dakota won the first safety competition, and the target shifted back and forth between Zoey and Jasmine. Cody betrayed his alliance’s plans and chose to vote off Zoey, but that wasn’t enough to save Jasmine!

Heather, Amy, Sugar, Scarlett, Lindsay and Anne-Maria are in the bathroom.

“Still can’t believe Zoey didn’t go home,” Anne-Maria grumbled. “Freaking Jasmine had to go home instead, like what in the world, people? Those so-called Heroes suck, their heads aren’t in the game.”

“I personally think their heads are exactly where they’re supposed to be,” Scarlett put her two cents in. “They managed to flip the votes and send Jasmine home. They cleverly calculated their blindside plan for that blazing first elimination ceremony of the season and proved each and everyone in their team were here to redempt themselves – all individuals in that supposedly ‘goody two shoes’ team formed a brilliant plan, and united against Dakota and Jasmine. They might go far if they cautiously plan out their dupliticious ideas going forward in the season, and authenticate that they do have a competitive aspect burning in their souls.”

There is an awkward silence in the bathroom, where the girls all stare at Scarlett in confusion.

“Look, I know I’m dumb and all, but I’m pretty sure nobody understood you,” Lindsay said.

“Wait, were you talking, Scarlett?” Sugar asked, raising an eyebrow.

Scarlett sighed, and shook her head. “Those Heroes might not be as heroic as all of us individual supposed ‘villains’ thought.”

Amy shook her head. “What?” she asked, still confused.

Scarlett sighed again. “Heroes – bad, bad!”

The other girls all shared a, “Ohhhh”, in unison.

Cody’s Confessional: I voted off Zoey, and I was in the minority and I might actually have a pretty big target on my back now! I need to push that target off my back, and push it someone else’s back if I can! But, I can use this to my advantage to build trust with Dakota!

Courtney, Scott and Dawn are in the canteen, when Owen and Noah enter laughing. Noah stops talking, and stops dead in his tracks after he spots Scott, Dawn and Courtney.

He chuckles and whispers to Owen, “Love triangle much.”

Owen bursts out laughing, and Courtney turns around after raising an eyebrow.

“What’s so funny?” Courtney grills Owen. Owen turns white and doesn’t reply; scared of Courtney. Courtney growls, “Owen. I asked. What is so funny?”

Noah glares at Courtney. “Mind your own business, type A.”

“Do not call her that!” Scott exclaims. “That’s very rude to say!”

“When did you get all good?” Noah snorts. “Aren’t you the same person who framed Dawn for stealing personal belongings and got her booted off?”

There is an awkwards silence, and Dawn glares at Scott furiously after remembering the event that happened in her first season with Scott.

Noah’s Confessional: *laughs* I absolutely LOVE to make drama, I love to stir the pot up a little bit and I definitely enjoyed creating some tension and drama between Courtney, Scott and Dawn!

Dawn marches out of the canteen, and rests on the Wawanakwa Dock. She sits on the edge and stares into the water gloomily. She is approached by Sugar, who sits beside her and cheerfully shares her french fries with Dawn.

“Want some?” Sugar offered, handing Dawn the box of fries. Dawn pushes the fries away back to Sugar.

Sugar’s Confessional: I really want to work on my social game! I want to make sure that I have a lot of friends, unlike the last time I was here, so I don’t get voted off!

“No, thank you,” Dawn replies, gloomily.

“You okay?” Sugar asks. “You look a little bit… down… Dawn. Down Dawn – ooh, that’s good! That’s hees-taarry-cal!”

Dawn ignores Sugar’s “joke”, and keeps on staring into the Wawanakwa Lake. Sugar bites her lip in regret.

“Sorry,” Sugar apologizes.

“It’s fine.”

Sugar smiles, and hugs Dawn tightly – squeezing the oxygen out of her. Dawn’s face slowly turns a shade of purple as she gasps out the words: “Can’t. Breathe.”

Sugar releases Dawn, and apologizes awkwardly again. Dawn starts panting heavily as she gasps for air. Sugar, feeling too guilty, throws her box of fries at Dawn and runs across the dock and back to her cabin.

“ENJOY THE FRIES!” Sugar cries as she runs. Dawn’s face is painted with confusion, and the box of fries plunges into the water.

Zoey approaches Dawn slowly, and sits beside her. She sighs. “Boy trouble, huh?”

“It’s… complicated,” Dawn answers.

“I can tell,” Zoey says. “The roles have switched, you know? You used to help me with Mike, and now I’m helping you with Noah!”

Dawn raises an eyebrow, as her eyes pop open. She looks at Zoey, bewildered. “NOAH? You think I like NOAH?”

Zoey chuckles. “Right?”

Dawn shakes her head.

“Well, I don’t have magical powers like you,” Zoey rolls her eyes. She pats Dawn on the back. “Boys aren’t worth it, trust me. Wait until the game ends, it’ll just hold you back.”

Lindsay is in her cabin, singing while listening to music with headphones, resting on her bed. Heather is near the mirror, straightening her hair.

“So, Lindsay,” Heather begins. “You and I – I get a really good vibe from you this season! I feel like if we work together, and combine forces, we can take this thing all the way to the end!”

Lindsay is clueless to what Heather is saying, and just bops along to her music. Heather turns around and notices her not listening, and walks to Lindsay to take off her headphones, but Lindsay jumps out of her bed and starts crazily dancing – stretching her arms and legs, and doing a variety of dance moves, then ending it all with a split on the floor, which makes Heather jump backwards.

While in the process of insanely dancing, Lindsay’s headphones slip off. Heather grins, and helps Lindsay up her feet.

“Did you hear a word I said just now?” Heather asks.

“Baby, you got lucky ‘cause you’re rocking with the best!” Lindsay sings, totally ignoring Heather.

“LINDSAY!” Heather roars, and Lindsay freezes. “If us girls stick together, we can ride it all out to the end. If we stay loyal and true to one another, we can make a solid alliance that will fill in the Final 2 spots.”

Lindsay is hesitant but then nods. “But ONLY if you promise to bring me to the Final 2!”

“Pinky swear!”

Heather’s Confessional: I’m actually really surprised that Lindsay was so quick to accept my offer! Considering our past, I thought that she would’ve never in a million years want to work with me again, and I thought that I would have to work my words, and start manipulating her! Guess not!

Lindsay’s Confessional: I do NOT trust Heather! She’s a rat, she’s a brat and I don’t wanna be in the Final 2 with her. But, strategically, if I want to go further in this game, I need Heather to trust me and feel like I’m useful to her.

Chris calls the campers outside, and announce the team challenge. One by one, each team member must swim across the lake, and dive deep down to collect a golden ring. They must then swim back to the dock, and the next team member will do so. The first team to have all their members swim back and forth and have one ring on their finger will be safe from elimination.

“Alright, who’s going to go first?” Zoey asks her team.

“Ooh! Meee!” Dakota squeals, cheerfully.

The Villains start discussing their strategy – sabotage the Heroes, and distract them from winning the challenge. After all, they are Villains.

Chris blows the whistle, and Dakota (Heroes) and Jacques (Villains) plunges into the water. They dive across the lake and discover dozens of rings at the bottom of the ocean. Jacques, attempting to sabotage Dakota, begins to panic and screams underwater after pointing at the deep darkness in the edge of the lake. He screams the word, “Shark!”

Dakota looks away from the rings and starts looking around for sharks, scared. When she looks back at the rings, Jacques is already up above the water. Dakota realizes she had just been tricked, and she quickly snatches the ring. When she reaches the surface, she notices Scott is the next Villain to swim, so she plays her own little mind tricks on Scott.

Scott prepares to dive, but Dakota starts screaming at Scott, “OMG! THERE WAS LIKE – A SHARK IN THERE! FANG’S DOWN THERE! OMG, I ALMOST DIED! FANG’S BACK!”

Scott, having dark flashbacks and memories of Fang, squeals in fear and refuses to dive down. After Dakota climbs up the dock, Cody quickly dives down into the lake, and Heather pushes Scott into the water.

Cody is back with his ring, while Scott is still screaming and refusing to dive down to get a ring. Leshawna dives down, for the Heroes, while Topher subs out Scott.

“No shark can face off against THESE good looks!” Topher exclaims, as he dives into the water.

Seven minutes pass, and three members remain on each team that has yet to slip a ring on their finger: Owen, DJ, Zoey (Heroes) & Scott, Courtney, Amy.

“Ew, I worked too hard for my hair to get wet!” Amy says in disgust, but she is pushed by Courtney into the water. Amy attempts to dive down, but every few seconds, she resurfaces to gasp for air.

“OMG, what is this show?” Amy complains. “Why did I come back?”

“MI-LLI-ON DOLLARS!” Courtney screams, and Amy dives deep into the lake. DJ follows her from behind, and the two fight for the rings.

Amy resurfaces with a ring on her finger, while DJ is already climbing up the dock.

“That’s unFAIR!” Amy complains. “He’s like – way more physically built and –”

“HURRY UP!!” Courtney roars, impatiently. Amy groans, and then swims back to the dock. Zoey dives into the water, and Courtney jets down to the ground of the lake.

She scoops up a ring, right after shoving Zoey away from the rings. Courtney hastily swims back to the dock, and climbs back up.

Zoey resurfaces. “Hey! She shoved me! That’s unfair!”

“Deal with it, sweetheart!” Courtney exclaims. Zoey, noticing that Scott is still hesitant about going into the water, quickly swims to the dock. Owen is up next, and he roars a mighty battle roar as he plunges into the lake, making a huge splash.

“Come on, Scott!” Courtney urges, but Scott shakes his head.

“Sh-sh-sh-shaaaark!” Scott whimpers.

“There is no shark!” Courtney yells, and pushes Scott into the water. Scott slowly makes his way to the rings, as Owen tries to slip on a ring, but his floaties are pulling him upward. Owen tries to push his way down, as Scott quickens his speed.

Owen finally rips apart his floaties, as he releases a huge fart that makes the water bubble. Scott shrieks underwater as he gets a little bit of the fart up his nostrils. Owen snatches a ring, as Scott does too, and the two race to the docks.

Chris is excitedly waiting. “And the winner is…!”

Owen jumps on the dock, slamming his feet.

“…the Heroes!”

The Heroes cheer happily, as Courtney growls furiously – pushing Amy and Scott into the water.

Courtney, Sugar and Jacques are outside the cabins. Courtney is full of anger and rage.

“It’s ALL Scott and Amy’s fault!” Courtney yells. “If they didn’t take so long, we would be safe – we would be immune, we wouldn’t be losing a team member!”

“Exactly!” Jacques replies, in his accent. “Scott should leave! He does not deserve ‘redemption’ in my opinion! First, we get Scott then we get Amy!”

“UGHH! I WANT TO PUNCH THEM!” Courtney screams.

“Me too!” Jacques says. “I want to rip them apart! Why don’t we do it together?”

Courtney begins cackling evilly.

Jacques’s Confessional: Courtney reminds me a lot of Josee. The thing is, all I have to do to gain her trust is side with her and support her beliefs, I’ll agree with everything that she says – She likes apples? I like apples! She wants to kiss Duncan? I want to kiss Duncan! She hates Scott? I hate Scott too then! She hates Amy? I hate Amy too then!

Heather approaches Courtney, Jacques and Sugar. “What are you bozos laughing about? We LOST the challenge, and you’re LAUGHING?”

Courtney shifts swiftly to Heather, and she points at Heather’s nose with her index finger. “Mind your own business, would you? This has nothing to DO with you.”

Heather growls.

Elsewhere, Topher, Scott, Amy, Noah and Lindsay are discussing voting. “Courtney is literally the most annoying person I’ve ever met,” Amy says. “She is super bossy, super rude, and super… super… super something bad!”

“She reminds me of Dracula,” Noah adds.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m voting her butt out of here!” Topher exclaims. “She doesn’t deserve to be here in my opinion.”

“You know what we should do?” Scott says.

“Play musical chairs?” Lindsay says.

“No,” Scott rolls his eyes. “We should ALL vote her off! We could send her home! We have five votes right here, and we only need one more vote to kick her off!”

“But the safety competition could destroy our plans,” Topher says.

“Then we’ll make sure it doesn’t,” Amy grins evilly. The five contestants put their hands in the middle, and secretly solidify an alliance.

The safety competition begins shortly after the new alliance was formed. Chris announces that it’s an endurance competition – the Villains have to hang on to a wall, and the last Villain standing will receive safety from elimination.

Seventeen minutes pass, Anne-Maria and Scarlett fall.

“Hey, Courtney, you doing okay?” Amy says.

“I’m doing very fine, thank you,” Courtney snorts.

“Good, good, I thought you would be a little bit distraced, especially because your boyyyfriend, Duncan, isn’t here anymore!” Amy laughs.

Courtney growls. “Be QUIET! And he is NOT my boyfriend, for your information.”

“Oh, right, he’s your secret crush!” Amy cackles. “News flash, darlin’, it’s not so secret!”

Leshawna’s Confessional: I am watching this competition run out, and Amy is pulling a TDI Heather! She’s spilling the beans on Courtney! Dammnn, girl!

“I’m impressed, Amy!” Heather grins. “You’re such a villain! I like it!”

“Aww, you too!” Amy laughs.

“Why don’t you two be quiet?” Jacques exclaims. “Our team should be getting along instead of arguing and fighting! There is no reason to talk to the beautiful and lovely Courtney like that!”

“Oh, sorry, we didn’t mean to offend your psycho girlfriend,” Topher replies.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Jacques growls.

“Why don’t y’all just shut up?” Sugar yells. “I’m trying to hang on to a dang wall here! Shut your mouths and fall, please!”

Five more minutes pass, Noah, Lindsay and Amy fall off. Ten more minutes pass, Topher and Jacques fall off.

“GOSH, my arms are killing me!” Heather complains.

“Then why not just fall?” Courtney says.

“Because I want to be safe, idiot,” Heather rolls her eyes.

Sugar and Heather fall off, leaving only both Courtney and Scott standing.

“And the winner is…!”

Courtney shrieks, and Scott smirks, as Courtney jumps off the wall, panting and sighing.


Scott’s Confessional: Guess who has immunity for the week? This country boy!

Chris grins, and then announces one final thing: “Campers, let me introduce you to the Immunity Idol –”, Chris reveals an immunity idol from his pocket and the contestants gasp, “ – nine Immunity Idols are hidden around the island! That means throughout this season, the Idol can only be used at least nine times! The Immunity Idol will grant you safety if you find it, meaning you cannot get evicted that week! But here’s the twist: if the finder of the Idol chooses to use it, they will be the sole vote to evict that night! Good luck!”

After the competition, Heather and Lindsay start talking.

“So, I found out something really interesting!” Lindsay begins. “Me, Amy, Topher, Scott and Noah formed an alliance, and we’re planning out kicking out Courtney!”

Heather smirks. “What a beautiful plan! But, listen, you know how much I hate Courtney, right?”

Lindsay nods, smiling.

“But what do YOU think about Courtney?” Heather asks. “Do you want to kick her out this week, or not?”

Lindsay is hesitant, and then she bites her lip. “I… I don’t really want to get her out this week. Is that the correct answer?”

Heather nods, grinning evilly.

Lindsay squeals excitedly. “I want to get one of my ‘alliance’ members out! Like, because, if we let them slide through the competition, they’re going to run the game, and that’s bad for us!”

“Exactly!” Heather smiles. “Keeping Courtney in the game is good for our games because she’s a big threat, so we can take her out whenever we want becase everybody hates her.”

“So who do you want to vote off?”

“Since, Scott is immune… why not Topher?”

“Sure!” Lindsay replies, enthusiastically. “This is so exciting! But we need 6 votes to get Topher out! And we only have 2 as of now!”

“Unless we work with Courtney for a little bit!” Heather says. “Courtney’s real tight with Sugar and Jacques, so if we get them three to vote off Topher as well, that’s five votes. And I’m sure I’ll get Scarlett or Anne Maria to vote Topher off too.”

“And if we don’t?”

“Then I guess the Immunity Idol will have to come in to play,” Heather smirks, and reveals an Immunity Idol she had found. Lindsay gasps. Heather continues, “If I use the Immunity Idol, I become the sole vote to evict, and I’ll vote off Topher!”


Lindsay, Heather, Courtney, Jacques and Sugar meet up. Heather discusses the plan to vote off Topher, and the five all agree to vote off Topher and to make a temporary alliance. Courtney smirks, and shakes hands with Heather to seal the deal.

Heather runs off to talk to Anne-Maria to vote off Topher, but Anne-Maria’s hatred for Courtney is too much, and she seems especially hesitant to not vote Courtney off. Heather, nervous, goes to Scarlett about voting off Topher and saving Courtney, and Scarlett is hesitant as well.

Scarlett’s Confessional: Heather, makes some good points, but Courtney might just be too big of a threat to not vote off!

Heather’s Confessional: I am extremely nervous about tonight’s eviction. Anne-Maria and Scarlett are way too hesitant, meaning that Courtney might actually leave, and this plan might come back to bite me in the butt and send me home!

Chris announces the elimination ceremony is about to start, and the campers begin voting.

“Voting off Courtney might be better for my game,” Anne-Maria says. “But, she’s such a huge threat and if I’m in the minority of the votes tonight, that could send me packing the next elimination ceremony!”

“Courtney is my ally, and we’ve formed a strong bond! It would be stupid to send her home, even if I’m not in the majority of the votes!” Jacques says.

“I just… I really hope I can trust Heather,” Courtney says.

“Courtney can kiss her butt goodbye, because she’s going home tonight, and she can’t stop her unfortunate fate,” Scott cackles. “Sorry, girlie, you should’ve played your cards better.”

“Even though I DO have the Immunity Idol, I don’t wanna waste it,” Heather says. “I really hope I have the numbers to send Topher home tonight, because I don’t wanna use my Idol just yet.”

Courtney: I vote to evict Topher.

Scott: I vote to evict Courtney.

Anne-Maria: I vote to evict Courtney.

Chris starts the elimination ceremony, and the campfire cackles brightly. “Alright, if anyone has the Immunity Idol and would like to use it, please do so now before I announce the votes.”

There’s a silence between the Villains.

Chris continues, “I guess not. The person with the most votes tonight WILL be eliminated. Let’s see the votes. First vote tonight (Scott) goes to Courtney.”

Courtney sighs.

“Second vote (Anne-Maria) goes… to Courtney.”

“Third vote (Amy) goes… to Courtney.”

“Fourth vote tonight (Jacques) goes to Topher.”

Topher raises an eyebrow, in shocked confusion.

“Fifth vote (Courtney) goes to Topher. That’s 3 votes Courtney, 2 votes Topher.”

“Sixth vote (Heather) goes to Topher. We’re tied up, 3 votes Courtney, 3 votes Topher.”

“Seventh vote (Sugar) goes to Topher. 4 votes Topher, 3 votes Courtney.”

Chris reveals the next vote written on a piece of cloth that says ‘Courtney’, Topher’s vote.

“We’re tied up once again. Next vote goes to…”

Chris reveals Lindsay’s vote written on a piece of cloth that says ‘Topher’.

“Topher. Five votes Topher, four votes Courtney. Next vote…”

Chris reveals Noah’s vote written on a piece of cloth that says ‘Courtney’.

“Courtney. Second camper evicted from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl is…”

Chris reveals the final vote, Scarlett, and her vote goes to…

“…Topher. Please leave the bonfire ceremony immediately.”

Topher gasps, and he reluctantly stands up and leaves. “Unbelievable.”

Scott and Amy gasps in shock, while Courtney grins and laughs at their faces.

Episode 3: "Sucks To Be You Two"

Sucks To Be You Two
Season 1, Episode 3
Challenge Spell out each member of your team's names with letters hidden in the feast.

Answer trivia questions about past seasons.

Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Lord of The Rings"
"Wawanakwa Hates Us"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl – in a battle between the two teams, the Heroes won their first ever challenge due to Scott’s phobia of sharks, and Amy’s constant complaining. Courtney formed a strong friendship with Sugar and Jacques, and they were ready to send Scott home. Little did they know, Lindsay, Noah, Amy, Scott and Topher formed an alliance to vote off Courtney. The safety competition heated up when the Villains began fighting against each other, making Courtney public enemy number one. Lindsay and Heather’s alliance decided to keep Courtney, and Lindsay ratted out her alliance to Heather. Lindsay, Heather, Courtney, Jacques and Sugar formed an alliance, and with Scarlett’s help, they ran Topher right out of the game. But that week, the Immunity Idol twist was released, and Heather revealed to Lindsay that she had found the first ever Immunity Idol!

Cody, Dakota and Rodney are enjoying their luxurious hot tub from last challenge’s reward.

“It’s so cool that we won the last challenge!” Rodney says, stretching his arms.

“I know right!” Dakota replies. “And I’m sure we got this next challenge in the bag!”

Trent yanks Cody out of the hot tub into one of the cabins. There, Brick, DJ and Owen are waiting patiently.

“So,” Trent says. “We talked and we agreed that we should throw this next team challenge so we can vote off Dakota. How’s that sound?”

“Dakota? Why Dakota?” Cody asks.

“Because we don’t trust her!” Trent says. “Come on, dude! Get your head in the game!”

Cody’s Confessional: Dakota is my friend, and we trust each other so it wouldn’t benefit my game at all to vote off Dakota. In my opinion, Trent is playing the game way too hard way too fast, and that could potentially hurt him.

Chris calls everybody outside; he has a very special announcement: “This week will not only have one elimination, but TWO eliminations –”, the campers gasp, “ – that’s right! There will be TWO team challenges this week, and the team that loses each challenge will have to send someone from their team home! Within the next two days, there will be two campers leaving the island. TWO DAYS. That means challenge today, elimination today, then followed by another challenge tomorrow, and another elimination tomorrow! That also means that there will be no safety competitions!”

Chris continues, “Let’s not waste anytime! Let’s begin our first challenge!”

The campers go to a long dinner table, packed with food across the table. Chris explains that you have to go through each food dish (turkeys, chickens, burgers, etc) to find an alphabet letter, and also many hashtags. The goal of the challenge is to spell out each team member’s name with those letters but also with a hashtag in front of the letter. For example, “#Lindsay” or “#Rodney”. There is a buzzer next to the dinner table, and once a team thinks that they have completed all the names correctly, they must ring the buzzer.

Chris blows the whistle to signal that the challenge has started. Owen licks his lips, and he jumps to the dinner table to begin munching a large turkey. Trent darts towards him and pulls him away and reminds him that they needed to throw the challenge to vote fof Dakota. Owen sighs sadly.

Sugar sticks her hand into a huge cake, and finds an ‘S’. She smiles and places it on the ground, planning on spelling ‘Sugar’. “Time to find a hashtag!” Sugar says.

“Everybody! Find as many letters as you can!” Courtney commands. “Do NOT reject any letters!”

Rodney finds two letters after swallowing two turkeys – ‘D’ and ‘K’. “Dakota!” Rodney calls. “I think we can spell out your name!”

Trent pretends to attempt to find letters, but when he actually does find letters, he puts them back in and announces to his teammates, “Nothing here!”

Seven minutes pass, and the Villains are in the lead – already spelling out ‘#Sugar’, ‘#Noah’ and ‘#Lindsay’. The Heroes have only spelled out ‘#Dakota’ and ‘#Cody’ (which were only found by Dakota, Rodney and Leshawna).

“Come on, guys!” Leshawna exclaims, as she punches her hand through a cake. “Work harder! Y’all are just standing there! COME ON!”

The Villains then correctly spell out ‘#Scott’ and ‘#Amy’. Cody says to himself, “Screw it”, then runs towards the dinner table to search for letters. Cody, all by himself, spells out ‘#Zoey’ and ‘#DJ’.

Zoey karate kicks a huge egg against a tree, but Dawn screams at her not to. The gigantic egg splits in half as it smacks the tree, and a mutant bird flies out of the egg, scaring the teams. The bird messes up the Heroes’ names and letters, scrambling it all over the place.

“Now we have to start all over again!” Dawn gasps. She begins running all over the place to recollect the letters and hashtags. Trent pretends to be overwhelmed by disappointment, while Cody really is disappointed.

The Villains press the buzzer, and Chris announces that they have all spelled their names correctly, and that they are the winners of the first challenge. Courtney celebrates, and sticks her tongue out at the Heroes, “See you later, losers!”

“Boy, do I want to punch her in the face!” Leshawna growls.

Cody, Trent, Brick, DJ and Owen are talking strategy in the cabin, and they also come up with their alliance name: ‘Beast Coast’. All five of them agree to vote off Dakota, even though Cody is very hesitant. Elsewhere, Dakota explores the woods. She gasps and she discovers the new challenge that is prepared for tomorrow.

The challenge consists of trivia questions about previous seasons; Dakota assumes that it’s a mental competition. Soon after that, Dakota and Trent begin talking in the canteen.

“Okay, I know that I’m the target for elimmination,” Dakota says to him. “Don’t lie to me, I know that I am.”

Trent nods his head. “I’m not going to lie to you, that is true.”

“There is another challenge tomorrow and if the Heroes lose it again, we’re going to lose another team member,” Dakota explains. “I am one of the biggest targets here for some odd reason, and if you take me out, the next big target is going to be you – you’re a physical threat, and if people don’t see that now, they’re going to see that tomorrow.”

Trent nods his head silently.

Dakota continues, “If you keep me here until tomorrow, I can help you win the challenge so we don’t lose another team member. If you take me out, the Heroes are going to keep on losing challenges. I know for a fact that tomorrow’s challenge is a mental competition, and it involves trivia questions about previous seasons. Trent, I am a superfan, and I can slay that competition to keep our whole team safe! Why not take out someone dumb and clueless for tonight’s elimination, because if you take me out, there’s no chance you’re winning tomorrow! If you keep me safe tonight, I will protect you all the way to the end – I promise. And if we lose tomorrow’s challenge again, then I deserve to go home.”

Trent’s Confessional: You know, Dakota has a good point. She’s a big threat and if we work together, that’s one more number for me, so it could benefit my game.

That night, Chris begins the bonfire ceremony. Instead of revealing vote by vote, he’s going to pass out marshmallows just like in TDI. He asks if anyone wants to use an Immunity Idol, if they have one, and nobody responds. “Alrighty then,” Chris says First marshmallow goes to Cody. Then Leshawna, Dawn, Trent, Owen, Brick, DJ. Only three campers are left – Zoey, Dakota and Rodney.

“The next marshmallow goes to…”

Chris throws a marshmallow to Dakota. Dakota catches it, and she smiles as she hugs the marshmallow in her arms.

“The final marshmallow goes to…”

The tension grows between Zoey and Rodney. Chris throws the final marshmallow to Zoey, as Rodney gasps in shock.

“Rodney, you are the third person evicted from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl,” Chris announces.

“Wait, what?” Rodney says. “Me? Why me?”

“Sorry, buddy,” Brick says. “We just had to get rid of the people that slow us down for the next challenge! Unfortunately, that was you, sorry, Rodney.”

Rodney sighs, as he walks to the Boat of Losers. “Good luck, you guys! Have fun.”

Dakota’s Confessional: It’s sad to see Rodney go, especially because I’ve been bonding with him lately, but better him than me, you know.

The sun rises, and Scott stretches his arms as he yawns and wakes up. He rubs his belly. “What a good day! Won the challenge, and totally safe! Good day, good day…”

Scott’s eyes pop open and he shrieks and falls off, as Jacques’ hairdryer goes off loudly. Scott growls as he gets back up on his feet. “What in the world are you doing?”

Jacques smiles as he dries his hair. “This perfection doesn’t suddenly become perfect by itself, you know!”

Elsewhere, Scarlett and Heather begin speaking in the canteen. “I feel like us two can really work together perfectly in this game,” Scarlett says. “If we play our cards right, these people are going to be falling one by one by one just because of us villains!”

Heather laughs. “True, true! I trust you, and tonight, if we face eviction, who do you think’s gotta go?”

“Amy,” Scarlett answers. “Duh. She’s a number for Scott, and I think we all know that Scott isn’t really the brightest bulb, and I think Amy is the brains behind Scott.”

“Oh, really?” Heather raises an eyebrow. “Interesting! I wouldn’t mind kicking her off, to be honest.”

Scarlett’s Confessional: Heather is known to be manipulative and evil. She’s the true Total Drama villain. She thinks she’s playing and manipulating people, well I’m manipulating her! I might be all buddy buddy with her NOW, but I’m going to make sure that her pretty little butt is going to be leaving the island today! *evil laugh*

Amy, Scott and Noah discuss throwing the challenge to get Courtney or Heather out.

“Honestly, I cannot stand Courtney,” Noah says. “I say we throw today’s challenge and kick her out.”

“Courtney might be annoying, but Heather’s a snake,” Amy explains. “She’s super intelligent, that’s why Topher left last week instead of Courtney. That’s all Heather, baby. She’s gotta go.”

Noah’s Confessional: I feel so… uncomfortable surrounded by these Villains, to be honest. *chuckles* I don’t know what I’m doing back here for another season. I’m supposed to be watching Survivor back at home.

Chris begins the challenge. Like Dakota said to Trent, it is in fact a trivia about previous seasons. Each question a team member answers correctly, they get to eliminate one of the opposing team’s members out of the competition. “Question One,” Chris begins, “Who won the first non-merge challenge in Total Drama: All Stars?”

“Alejandro!” Leshawna answers, quickly. Chris tells her her answer is correct, and she must now select a member from the opposing team to be eliminated from the challenge. Leshawna responds, “Courtney.”

Courtney rolls her eyes. “Oh, whatever.”

The next question: “Who was eliminated right before Blaineley and Owen were in Total Drama World Tour?”

“Owen!” Heather answers. “Oh, and I choose Cody to be eliminated.”

Many many questions are answered, and only Dakota, Trent and Dawn remain for the Heroes. Amy, Scott, Noah and Jacques remain for the Villains.

“In the Ridonculous Race, what was the Goths’ pet’s name?”

“LOKI!” Jacques calls out. “LOKI! LOKI! LOKI! And, I eliminate Dawn!”

“In Total Drama Island, who won the first non-merge challenge?”

“OOH! Leshawna!” Dakota answers. Chris says she is correct. “YESS! I eliminate Amy.”

Amy raises an eyebrow, and then steps off.

“In Total Drama Action, who did Gwen hit with a shovel?”

“Harold!” Dakota quickly answers. Once again, she is correct. “Um, sorry, but I choose to eliminate Jacques.”

Two more questions pass, one answered correctly by Dakota, one answered correctly by Scott. Dakota eliminated Noah, Scott eliminated Trent. Since Dakota and Scott are the only two remaining, they will both answer the next question.

“Final question: In total, how many episodes did Gwen and Blaineley appear in Total Drama: World Tour?”

Dakota answers 24, Scott answers 16. The correct answer was 26, which means Dakota has won the challenge for the Heroes. “Congratulations, Heroes!” Chris congratulates. “And Villains, that means one of you will be evicted tonight!”

The alliance of Lindsay, Noah, Amy and Scott join up with Scarlett. “I think Heather should go,” Scarlett suggests. “She’s really manipulative and smart, I mean, she managed to flip the script on Topher last week somehow. She’s a huge threat and she needs to go in my opinion.”

“Yeah, yeah, I agree!” Amy adds. “We have ten votes altogether, we need six votes to get Heather out. If all five vote Heather out, and one more person votes her off too, she’s outta here!”

“Bye-bye, Heather,” Scarlett grins. “And I was just talking to Sugar, Courtney and Jacques. Them three are going to vote off Heather. She’s gone for sure.”

Scarlett’s Confessional: My plan is coming full circle! Heather is leaving tonight and I couldn’t be more excited!

After that, Lindsay spills everything out to Heather. “They’re planning on voting you off,” Lindsay says. “Scarlett’s leading the charge. She said that Courtney was on board on getting you out!”

“Courtney, huh?” Heather raises an eyebrow. “So Courtney and co. decided to turn against us?” Heather walks towards her bed, and raises her pillow – revealing a hidden immunity idol. Heather picks it up in her hands, and grins, then looks at Lindsay. “I’m not going anywhere, but they should buckle up.”

The bonfire ceremony begins that night. Everyone has voted. “The votes are in. If anyone wants to use an immunity idol, please do so now.”

Heather stands up and reveals her immunity idol. “Surprise, surprise,” she smiles. “I have chosen to use my immunity idol.”

The campers gasp in shock, knowing that their plan to evict Heather would fail. “Heather, you are the sole vote to evict,” Chris announces. “What is your decision?”

“I’ve heard about a bunch of crap,” Heather says. “A lot of people have chosen to turn on me. Those people are going to pay.” She glares furiously at Courtney. “I vote to evict…”

The bonfire cackles, and Heather continues, “…Scarlett.”

Scarlett gasps. “No! NO, THIS CAN’T BE! This game is RIGGED! RIGGED, I TELL YOU!”

Episode 4: "Wawanakwa Hates Us"

Wawanakwa Hates Us
Season 1, Episode 4
Challenge Collect six golden coins in the woods while spending the night there with your new team members, then race back to camp.

It's a double elimination episode! Last one to reach camp will be automatically eliminated!

Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Sucks To Be You Two"
"Expect The Unexpected"

Owen and Dawn are outside the cabins meditating. Dawn seems relaxed and calm, while Owen occasionally pops an eye open to look at Dawn. “Am I doing this meditation thing right?” Owen asks. Dawn ignores him, and Owen decides to try again and close his eyes. Silence flies in the air, but then suddenly Owen begins humming. “I am one with the nature,” Owen says, his eyes closed. “I am one with the trees. With the sky. With the birds. With the air.”

A loud noise rips through the air, and a horrible green stench flies from Owen’s buttocks. Dawn peeps one eye open to glare at Owen, while Owen just laughs. “Sorry,” he chuckles. “One with the air, huh?”

Chris honks an airhorn to call everyone out. He has a special announcement: “Today, the Heroes and Villains are no more. Those names have been dissolved!”

“YES! The merge!” Scott exclaims, grinning.

Chris shakes his head. “No, no. From now on, there will be three teams: Fortune, Zest and Neptune!”

“Such creative names,” Noah says sarcastically, as he rolls his eyes and folds his arms.

“Thank you very much,” Chris replies. “Noah, Cody, DJ, Leshawna, Heather and Dawn – you six are on Team Fortune! Brick, Anne-Maria, Zoey, Sugar, Scott and Owen – you six are on Team Zest! That means Lindsay, Jacques, Courtney, Dakota, Trent and Amy – you six are on Team Neptune!”

Chris continues, “You three teams will be separated – you will be spending the night… in the woods!”

There is a groan and several ‘Come on!’s and ‘Oh, man!’s shared among the group of contestants. Chris continues explaining the instructions, “Also, in the woods, there is a hidden Immunity Idol that can be found by anyone! Also in the woods are hidden golden coins. Each team must collect six golden coins and then when the sun rises – it’s a footrace back to camp! There will only be one winner, because before the challenge ends, there will be two people leaving the island! That’s right – you heard me!”

The campers gasp in shock. “Again? Are you serious?”

Chris cackles sinisterly. “The winning team will celebrate with a nice and beautiful dinner with a side dish of sweet, sweet immunity! The second and third team to arrive back at camp will both lose a member each. The second team to arrive will have to vote out one of their own players, while the third team will not have the same luck. The last member of the final team to arrive will be AUTOMATICALLY booted off!

The crowd of campers, once again, gasps in shock. Chris giggles evilly, “Well, what are you waiting for? Hop to it! You have six golden coins to find!”

The scene quickly cuts to the woods, where Team Fortune are trying to set up a tent. Well, most of them are; Heather and Noah are just looking around the area for golden coins.

“Are you gonna help, or not?” Leshawna growls to Heather.

Heather turns to glare at Leshawna. “Have you ever heard of something called an ‘inside voice’, Leshawna? It’s also called being polite. It’s not good to talk to a fellow team member that can vote you out like that.”

“Oh, but you ain’t gonna vote me out because we’re gonna win this challenge!” Leshawna yaps back at Heather.

“How’s that if you’re going to keep on building a nasty looking tent?” Heather exclaims.

“Girls, girls! Calm down!” DJ says, breaking up the fight. “It’s not healthy for a team to be screaming at each other! We’re supposed to be cooperating and collaberating, not fighting!”

“How about we all take a deeeeep breath?” Dawn suggests, sitting on the ground with her legs crossed and her eyes fully shut peacefully. “Inhale, exhale.”

The camera shifts to Cody, who is sitting right next to Dawn with his legs crossed and his eyes shut peacefully as well. Cody smiles, “You know, this actually works.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t handle too much positive energy,” Noah says, then turns around again to start looking for golden coins.

Heather’s Confessional: I am in the minority in my team. There are 4 former Heroes, and only 2 former Villains aka me and Noah. I’m obviously not going to try to get along with the disgusting rodent they call Leshawna, and Noah’s the only person that I’ve gotten to actually know the past few weeks I’ve been here. So, whether I like it or not, I have to befriend Noah in order to pick off the other Heroes in our team.

Heather and Noah isolate themselves from the rest of the group to search for more golden coins. Behind them, a campfire is cackling wild as Cody, Leshawna, Dawn and DJ all share stories and the moon glimmers through the dark night sky.

Heather takes a glance at Noah, and smiles. “Wow, Noah! Your hair looks magnificent today! What product do you use for it?”

“Shampoo…?” Noah answers, raising an eyebrow.

“You look super handsome!” Heather says, and then clings her arm with Noah’s. “You know, I could help you impress your little girlfriend! What’s her pretty name again – Emma?”

“What kind of disease infected you?” Noah replies, calmly. “Are you sick? I think Cody’s part nurse, part unicorn, he can help you.”

“Silly you, I’m doing just fine!” Heather says, smiling.

Heather’s Confessional: My strategy is to buddy up with Noah so we can be ‘friends’ and hopefully soon: allies! *winks*

Noah’s Confessional: I legitimately think that Heather’s high on drugs.

The scene cuts to Team Zest: Sugar, Anne-Maria, Brick, Scott, Zoey and Owen. Unlike Team Fortune, none of them are attempting to build shelter. Sugar is near a tree, trying to find food, while Owen is resting under her – sweating and defeated as he lays down on the ground, waiting for it to rain so he can drink. Anne Maria is following Zoey around while insulting her physical appearance and her relationship with Mike. Scott and Brick are searching for golden coins around the woods.

Seven minutes pass, and the whole team is separated. Sugar and Owen at home base, Zoey and Anne Maria wandering around, and Scott and Brick exploring for golden coins.

Scott spots two shiny objects hidden up in a tree, and he snatches them both: golden coins. “YES! Two golden coins! Only four more to go!”

“Cool! Good job, man!” Brick says, and then looks around. “…we’re lost, aren’t we?”

“Uh oh.”

Scott’s Confessional: Oh, come on! I’m not that dumb! I didn’t get lost, I PURPOSELY got lost with Brick, so I can have some time to work him and manipulate him to join me in an alliance of some sort! I saw Heather do this with Noah after I passed her team a few… miles away, and it looked like it was working, so I’m gonna do the same thing she did!

Scott glances at Brick. “Wow, Brick! Your hair looks really good today!”

Brick gives Scott a weird expression and a raised eyebrow. “Dude what the – ?”

The scene quickly shifts to Anne-Maria and Zoey. Anne-Maria is yapping on about Zoey and Mike’s relationship. “Plus, he’s totally not my type, and I am totes over him and his mental disorder or whatever,” Anne-Maria rolls her eyes. “Like, totally! I don’t know how you could ever like a cockroach like him, you two are such freaks! No one will ever like you, Zoey, besides that sick cockroach!”

Zoey grits her teeth, and then turns around and shouts, “BE QUIET! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!”

Anne-Maria squeals in fright, but then glares back at Zoey. “I ain’t afraid of you! Bring it on, girlfriend! I’ve been taking karate lessons, hula girl!”

Zoey roars, and punches Anne-Maria down. The two girls roll against the ground as they constantly punch and kick one another. The girls scream at one another as they fight, and the scene quickly shifts to Owen and Sugar. Thunder and lighting cackles in the sky.

Owen hastily wakes up from the ground and his eyes pop open. “Did I hear an ice cream truck?”

Sugar shakes her head. “No, you hearing stuff wrong.” She cracks open a coconut and begins to munch down, suddenly, she stops and begins choking. Owen gasps. “OH, THE HORROR!” he yells. “We need a medic!”

Sugar chokes up a golden coin, that lands right into Owen’s hands. Owen expresses his disgust as Sugar’s saliva drools down from the golden coin. “That’s disgusting,” Owen says.

“Gimme!” Sugar yells, and snatches the golden coin. “How shiny!”

Camera switches to Team Neptune: Courtney, Trent, Jacques, Amy, Dakota and Lindsay. Courtney and Jacques are counting their nine coins with wide grins and smirks on their faces. “Wow!” Jacques says, as he stares at the glimmering stacks of coins. “That is amazing! We must be really talented people!”

“By ‘we’, I assume you mean ‘me’, right?” Courtney asks. “And don’t answer, it was rhetorical.” She ends the statement with a chuckle as she flips one of the golden bright coins.

Jacques’s Confessional: Working with Courtney is like working with a bear when gathering fish to eat. They keep all the fish to themselves, and they’re wild and animals – just like Courtney!

Courtney’s Confessional: I have gathered all six coins, and have even found three extra coins! That way, the other team won’t find them so easily, and that would make sure that we would reach camp first and not them! HAH!

Amy, Trent, Dakota and Lindsay are beside Courtney and Jacques. Dakota is trying to make a fire. “UGH! How do you make this thing light up? This is so stupid!” she says.

Amy is frightened by the sudden spark that Dakota creates. She looks around and suddenly becomes worried and concerned. “Oh my gosh, where is my satchel? WHERE. IS. MY. SATCHEL?!”

“Geez, relax!” Trent says, and then reveals a black satchel hidden behind his back. “I thought someone lost it, so I decided to keep it with me until someone claims it!”

Amy snatches it from Trent. “That is mine! Do not DARE to steal my belongings!”

“I wasn’t stealing, I’m like the Lost and Found!” Trent insists. Amy rolls her eyes and looks away.

Amy’s Confessional: *shows satchel* This satchel is one of the most important things to me in this island. *opens up satchel, and takes out a bottled liquid* This can really help me out, and I need this so much because this could be the item that brings me to the Final 2. *takes out small knife* And this is just something to use if I’m really mad and I wanna kill someone. *

Dakota smacks her rocks against one another, but nothing comes out except for two tiny but extremely bright sparks. She throws the rocks against a tree in frustration, and the rocks slowly turn black.

The following morning, the three teams are racing back to camp, but halfway there, Team Fortune realizes they only have five coins and not six.

“Oh no,” Leshawna says, as she paces back and forth, concerned. “Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh NO! This cannot be happening! This is impossible! How did I let this happen? How did I let this happen? OH MY GOSH!”

“That tree!” Dawn points at a tall tree. “I can see something glimmer! Better go get it – hurry!”

DJ climbs up the tree and grabs a shimmering golden coin. “YES!”

Team Neptune zips past them hastily, and Courtney cackles at their faces. “See you later, losers!” she laughs, and then sprints back to camp along with her team.


It’s a footrace back to camp, and Team Neptune arrives first. Courtney is very happy with the results, and she gloats on and on about it to Chris. Chris, getting tired of Courtney, sends her and her whole team back to the cabins to watch.

Team Zest are falling behind, mainly because of Owen’s hunger and Zoey’s sudden disappearance. When asked about Zoey’s disappearance, Anne-Maria just cackles sinisterly. “It doesn’t matter!” Anne-Maria says. “Because if we’re there last anyways, we’re all still going to be safe and she’s last because she’s last there! NOW, HURRY UP!”

Team Zest and Team Fortune are very close, and out of nowhere, Zoey swings in on a vine and is in front of both teams suddenly. Anne-Maria gasps and screams in frustration, “WHAT?!”

Cody, Sugar and Owen are the slowest of the teams – especially Owen, who is hungry and sweating. He suddenly stops and lays down. “I… can’t,” he pants as he gasps for air. Brick refuses to give up, and he drags Owen to the finish line. Cody is beginning to get tired, and he stops to breathe and take a deep breath.

“We don’t have time to lose, Cody!” Heather yells, still running. Cody manages to catch up, but takes short breaks every few seconds. Soon after that, Zoey – out of frustration – kicks a rock to Heather’s head. Heather shrieks as she tumbles down.

“Come on!” Sugar roars, and Heather finally gets up, growling.

Chris is waiting, and he has a wide smirk painted across his face. “And in second place is…!”

Team Fortune jumps across the finish line, all accidentally hip bumping one another as they sprawl around in the air. Zoey and Scott are first from Team Neptune to reach the finish line. Anne-Maria is next, while Brick follows way behind – dragging Owen while muttering the words, “Never leave a man behind.”

“LEAVE ME!” Owen yells. “I’M HOPELESS!”

Brick refuses to drop Owen, and Sugar races past them. Suddenly, from behind, a huge explosion bursts out, along with a gigantic orange mushroom cloud, and sends Brick, Owen and Sugar flying across the finish line.

Chris laughs. “It’s a photo finish! The first person booted off tonight is…!”

The dust settles, and a polaroid picture flies down from the sky. Chris catches it in his fingers, and it shows that Owen was first across the finish line. Chris continues, “…Sugar!”

The polaroid picture reveals Owen farting on top of Brick, who has his arm across the finish line, and Owen has his whole head across the finish line, where Sugar was the last one behind.

“Nowwww,” Chris says, looking away from Team Zest and back at Team Fortune. “Which one of you will be getting the boot?”

The scene cuts to DJ talking to Leshawna and whispering, saying that they should vote Heather off. Leshawna nods her head. Meanwhile, Noah and Heather are discussing who they should vote off. Heather states that she would be extremely loyal to Noah if he didn’t vote her off, and Noah just nods his head and rolls his eyes – expecting another compliment about the shampoo he uses. Cody and DJ agree to vote off Heather, while Heather attempts to pull Dawn into a deal. When the night sets, the campfire cackles brightly.

“The votes are in,” Chris announces. “The person voted off will have to leave the island immediately through the Boat of Losers with Sugar. If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol they would like to use, please do so now.”

There is a silence shared among the team. Chris nods his head. “Okay, then. Person with the most votes tonight WILL be leaving the island. First vote…”

He reveals a piece of cloth that says Heather; Cody’s vote.

“Heather.” Heather nods her head, with a cold expression painted in her grey eyes. “Next vote…”

He reveals a piece of cloth that says Cody; Heather’s vote.

“Cody. 1 vote Cody, 1 vote Heather. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a piece of cloth that says Leshawna; Noah’s vote.

“Leshawna. 1 vote Cody, 1 vote Heather, 1 vote Leshawna. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a piece of cloth that says Heather; DJ’s vote.

“Heather. That’s 1 vote Cody, 1 vote Leshawna and 2 votes Heather. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a piece of cloth that says Cody; Leshawna’s vote. Cody gasps, as he sees his name.

“Cody. 2 votes Cody, 2 votes Heather and 1 vote Leshawna. Next vote…”

Leshawna takes a deep breath, and gulps as Chris reveals the final vote (Dawn’s vote) that says Leshawna.

“Leshawna. We’re tied up: Cody, Heather and Leshawna with each two votes. That means we’ll have to do a quick tiebreaker.”

Chris pulls out a fancy table with three bottles of gross green liquid. The campers all share an ‘eww’ together. “Yuck, I know. The water was taken from our lovely public toilets! Last person to finish the bottle is OUT!”

“Oh, don’t worry, baby, I got an iron stomach! Mhm!” Leshawna says, as she confidently makes her way to the table. She rubs her belly but then almost pukes when she takes a sniff of the bottle.

“This is disgusting! You people are sick!” Heather complains.

“Yeah, I don’t think I can handle this,” Cody shakes his head, and then takes a deep deep breath as Chris shouts, “GO!”. Cody holds his breath as he begins to chug down the liquid.

Leshawna and Heather are very hesitant to drink, but they drink and drink. After vomiting and puking, Heather puts her bottle on the table and burps; a mosquito flies out of her mouth.

“Dude, that’s sick!” DJ says, in response to Heather’s disgusting burp.

Heather looks extremely sick. “Done,” she says softly, as she drops her empty bottle and passes out on the ground. It’s now a race between Leshawna and Cody. The tension grows, and suddenly, Cody puts his bottle against the table. “I can’t,” he mutters.

Leshawna slams her empty bottle against the table. “DONE!” She glances at Cody, who still hasn’t finished his bottle of nasty liquid. “Sorry, boo.” She burps loudly.

“It’s official,” Chris announces. “Cody, you are the sixth person evicted from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl.”

Leshawna's Confessional: *she sits back and laughs* Oh, boy. A lot of you might be thinking why the heck I voted off Cody. Well one: he's not a very strong competitor. And two: even though I do dislike Heather very much, me and her made the most unsuspecting alliance ever. Ain't nobody gonna defeat the both of us together.

In the canteen, Amy passes Trent a drink. "Here," she says. "To say sorry for all the crap I said to you in the forest. I just... wasn't in a good mood, sorry."

Trent smiles, and drinks the drink. "It's fine, we're cool." His pupils slowly flash pink, and a flirtatious smile slides across his face. "Wow, Amy, have you always been this pretty?"

"Yeah," Amy replies, grinning. "You're really cute! We can like be boyfriend and girlfriend!"

"Yes! Yes!" Trent says, then kneels down to rub Amy's feet. "You're my queen, and I love you to pieces!"

Amy's Confessional: *shows the bottle she took from her satchel* It's a love potion, shhh! Now I have Trent all wrapped around my finger. He'll do anything I say, and anything I want! *blows kiss*

Episode 5: "Courtney vs the World"

Courtney vs The World
Season 1, Episode 5
Challenge An endurance comp between the three teams set in; be the last person hanging from the wall to gain immunity for your team while the eliminated players shoot at you with paintball guns.
Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Wawanakwa Hates Us"
"It's A New World, Baby!"

Trent, DJ, Owen and Brick are in the canteen, eating breakfast together. “We’re down one man, dude,” DJ says, after Cody was evicted the night before. “That’s crazy.”

Owen ignores the conversation, and just eats his breakfast enthusiastically.

“We need to start thinking strategically!” Brick suggests. “Owen and I are in the same team with Anne-Maria, Zoey and Scott. Are you targeting anyone from that group?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Trent says. “I’m cool with getting Anne-Maria or Scott out. They seem like they’d be threats in the future.”

“I’d like Heather or Amy out,” DJ adds. “I just, I don’t trust them.”

“Keep Amy’s name out of your mouth! She’s beautiful!” Trent exclaims. DJ raises an eyebrow, frightened.

“Dude, what’s wrong with you?” DJ exclaims. “You’ve been so defensive and obsessed with Amy! What did you do – drink a love potion?”

“No, I just saw the light!” Trent answers. “I saw the truth! Amy is a good person and she’s good for our games! Don’t ever think of targeting her! EVER!”

DJ’s Confessional: Trent’s acting all funky, man! It’s just creepy! It’s nuts! What’s gotten into him?

“Oh, honeybuckets!” Amy calls Trent, as she enters the canteen. Trent’s eyes light up, as he runs towards Amy and hugs her. They share a kiss, much to his alliance’s disgust, and Trent accompanies her as she eats breakfast. Trent’s alliance members are surprised and confused with his actions.

“Did he hit his head on a rock or something?” Brick says, trying to figure out what in the world happened to Trent (he drank Amy’s love potion).

Amy’s Confessional: The goal of my love potion with Trent is so there’s one more person on my side because right now, I don’t think I have anyone besides Scott. Trent is really cool with the guys, so if I’m dating Trent, I’d be cool with them too – securing my safety. I don’t actually like Trent, he smells like turtles.

Courtney rolls her eyes. “Oh, wow. First Gwen, now the evil twin? His taste in women are as bad as Heather’s soul,” she says, as she passes Trent’s all male alliance. “You’re okay with that girl? Amy’s going to control Trent, you know? She’s going to take her away from you guys. Together, they’re undefeatable and could control who goes and who stays in their team! Are you going to let Amy take control of your little friend? Personally, I wouldn’t.”

The all male alliance are left stunned, and Courtney ends with, “But that’s just my opinion.” She walks away, grinning sinisterly, but Owen then follows her, exclaiming, “YOU SMELL LIKE BACON!”

Courtney’s Confessional: I dislike Amy so much! If I can get Brick, Owen and DJ to turn against Amy, she’s gone!

Meanwhile, in another table, Heather and Noah are sitting together eating breakfast. Noah is looking at Trent and Amy, smooching, with a dead expression on his face. He expressed his disgust of PDA to Heather, and Heather just nodded along. “I don’t know why Trent would go for someone like Amy,” Heather adds. “Like, he can do way better! Amy’s like Cinderella’s step-sister, like come on!”

“I bet she threatened him into a relationship,” Noah joked. Heather laughed, and she secretly handed him a hidden Immunity Idol. Noah raised an eyebrow in curiosity. “Wait, what?” he whispered. “Why are you giving me this? This is crazy!”

“Be quiet,” Heather giggled. She turned around and then looked back at Noah. “I found this under Courtney’s bed. Looks like she found one, but it’s yours now!”

Noah shook his head and quickly rejected the offer. “You keep it! I mean, you found it!” Heather shook her head, and smirked, and quickly revealed that she had already found another one. Noah gasped, and then laughed.

Noah’s Confessional: Me and Heather have bonded the past few days, and I’m really glad we have. We’ve grown really tight, and I’m glad she gave me the Immunity Idol.

Heather’s Confessional: Of course the Idol wasn’t real! It was fake, and I found it in the woods last night! I knew it wasn’t real, I just wanted him to trust me more! Noah’s cool and all, but if I need to manipulate him so things go my way, you know I’m gonna do it! *winks*

The scene cuts to Scott and Jacques in their cabin. Scott is ranting on about how he thinks Courtney doesn’t deserve to be on the island. “She had like four chances and she lost all of them – boo you,” he says. He turns around and sees that Jacques is not listening at all; in fact, he’s painting his nails calmly while humming a sweet tune.

Scott rolls his eyes, and he tries to exit but Dakota bursts in, scaring him. She apologizes for scaring him, and then offers to make an alliance. “I overheard you saying that you dislike Courtney,” Dakota says. “Well, I’m on her team so that means if we lose, I can vote her off! What do you think of that?”

Scott smirks, and gladly accepts the offer and then shakes Dakota’s hand. “You got it!”

They quickly leave the cabin, and just as they step out, Jacques turns around and raises an eyebrow. “I see you, Dakota. I see you.”

Chris calls everyone outside for the first challenge of the day. He announces that this isn’t an immunity challenge, but instead there will be a loser from each team that will have to change to another team, meaning that three players will be switching teams with one another. Everyone nods, and some even smirk.

Chris instructs that each team member must vote someone off their team and onto another team. They all quickly go to the confessional booth to submit their votes. Dawn received the most votes from Team Fortune, Anne-Maria received the most votes from Team Zest, and Trent received the most votes from Team Neptune.

Dawn goes to Team Zest, Anne-Maria switches to Team Neptune, and Trent switches to Team Fortune. DJ high fives Trent as he walks towards his new team.

Soon after that, Chris begins the official immunity challenge. “Once again, immunity is up for grabs! Team Neptune, since you have one extra player than the others, one of you will have to sit out.” Dakota volunteers, and Chris nods his head as Dakota walks to the benches to sit out of the team immunity challenge.

“Alright then! The rules of the challenge are simple. It’s an endurance competition! Take a quick look at the red wall over there!”, the camera shifts to a red wall with different colored ropes hanging down from it, “all of you will hang down from the ropes and the last one standing will win immunity for their team, and they will decide who to send to the bonfire ceremony! And also, if you fall off, you can shoot paintballs at those you want out of the competition. There is no limit of the amount of paintballs you can shoot!”

Leshawna’s Confessional: Me and Heather formed a new alliance, and we plan on bringing this alliance at least to the start of the merge! I definitely plan on winning this challenge for my team and most importantly – me, myself and I!

Everyone gets ready, and they begin holding on tight to the ropes, and their feet are a meter away from the ground surface. Slowly, the wall begins to tilt and the ground begins to shake. Lindsay shrieks and she is the first to slip off. “And Lindsay is out!” Chris announces, as Lindsay gloomily walks to the sidelines. She grips a paintball gun and shoots at Brick.

Brick yells in response to the attack. “Cut it out! Please!”

“Sorrrryyy,” Lindsay giggles. She then continously shoots Brick down, and he shrieks a high pitched scream and slips off the rope. With him, came Anne-Maria.

“I’m not used to this stuff!” Anne-Maria shakes her head, as she walks to get a paintball gun. “I’m used to fixing my beautiful weave – I don’t got time to hang on to a rope or getting pinned down by paintballs!”

Dakota’s Confessional: I’m actually really glad I sat out! Wow! I couldn’t risk these *flips her hair* gorgeous locks getting splattered by paintballs!

Heather gasps, as Anne-Maria shoots a paintball into her mouth. She spits it out as another paintball slams her in the face. “UGH! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!” She takes a look at her team. “Are you guys okay?”

DJ nods. “Solid as a rock.” Leshawna nods as well, “Me too, hun.”

Heather sighs as she releases her grip on the rope. She lands right on the ground with her bottom crashing hard against the ground. “UGH!” she groans, and then walks to bitterly get her hands on a paintball gun.

Owen begins giggling. “Noah, I can see your butt!” Noah gasps, and takes a look at his bottom; his pants are slipping down.

“Holy cow!” Noah yells, and he releases his grip of the rope. His pants completely slip off, and his underwear is no where to be seen. He shrieks and runs off while trying to adjust his shorts.

Owen laughs loudly. “OH WOW! That was HILARIOUS!” He giggles, and then snorts. “Wow.” He looks around. “Does anyone else want french fries?”

After a while, Amy gets pinned down by Lindsay’s paintballs. Amy groans and glares at Lindsay. “WE’RE ON THE SAME TEAM, LINDSAY!”

Lindsay scratches her head. “Ohh, that’s right! Sorry, Amelia!”

“It’s Amy,” Amy growls, as she marches towards Lindsay and snatches her paintball gun. She glares at Lindsay, and then pins down Leshawna with her paintballs. Leshawna slips off, and then grabs another paintball gun, and then fires at Amy.

Amy shrieks as she tumbles down, and Leshawna massacres her with more paintballs. Amy passes out, and Leshawna smirks and then shoots more paintballs at Scott, but he stays solid. Leshawna growls loudly, and then fires at Owen. Owen slips off and lands flat on his back. He begins making ‘paintball angels’ on the ground.

“Zest has three members, while Neptune and Fortune both only have two members!” Chris announces.

“My pretty hands were not made for ropes!” Jacques screams, as he slips off his rope.

“Nevermind, make that only one for Neptune,” Chris continues. “Courtney seems solid, but will she pull out a win for her team?”

“Heck yeah, I will!” Courtney roars.

Trent’s Confessional: I really wanna win this challenge just so I can send Courtney’s team to the bonfire ceremony and well… I just really want Courtney out, truth be told.

Courtney’s Confessional: I need to win this challenge to gain immunity! Because if I don’t, I’m going home! I’m going to be voted off if I don’t win!

Jacques begins firing paintballs at Scott and Zoey. Scott begins shrieking, while Zoey stays solid. “I was born to win this challenge!” she quickly says, as a paintball slams her in the face. Jacques fires another paintball at Scott, but Scott deflects the paintball, and it slams to Dawn. Dawn loses her grip and she falls down.

“Dawn is out!” Chris announces. “Grab a paintball gun, please!” Dawn quickly grabs a paintball gun and glares at Courtney. She begins shooting everywhere and aggressively shooting at Courtney. Courtney accidentally swallows the paint, and she falls off.

Everybody claps, and Dawn smiles gently and bows.

“Team Neptune is out!” Chris announces. “That means that either Team Fortune or Team Zest will take home the gold!”

DJ looks at Scott and Zoey. “Are you willing to make a deal? We keep each other’s teams safe? Deal?” Scott glances at Zoey, and Zoey looks DJ straight in the eyes. She makes him swear on his mom’s life that his team wouldn’t send Team Zest to elimination. DJ promises and nods his head; Trent nods his head as well.

Scott and Zoey exchange glances, and then both drop. Chris announces that Team Fortune are the winners of the challenge. DJ announces that he’d like to send Team Neptune to the elimination ceremony. Scott smirks and exclaims, “Pack your bags, Courtney!”

Courtney replies with a growl, and she lunges at Scott, but Jacques holds her back. Lindsay looks at the two and scratches her head in confusion. “Wait, which one is Courtney?” she mutters softly, thinking to herself.

Anne-Maria laughs. “Face it, Courtney, you’re going home!”


“Be quiet, you lunatic!” Anne-Maria shouts at Courtney. “Nobody likes you here – why don’t you shut your mouth, and get the heck outta here already?”

“Why can’t you just face the facts, Court?” Heather exclaims. “You’re going home. Might as well pack your bags already! Don’t waste your time!”

“If Courtney doesn’t freak out, this week’s going to be simple,” Zoey says to Brick. Dakota quickly joins the conversation.

“For the first time, the elimination’s going to go smooth,” she giggles.

As the scene zooms out, Lindsay’s voice echoes through, “Has anyone seen Tyler?”

Soon after the challenge, Jacques approaches Noah, and catches him staring at his Immunity Idol that was given by Heather. Jacques asks him what he’s doing touching an Immunity Idol, and Noah quickly tries to hide it, and he throws it under his bed (they’re in the cabin). Noah shakes his head and denies any fact of an Immunity Idol.

“Ohhh, is it the one Heather gave you?” Jacques grins sinisterly. “I saw her passing it to you in the canteen. Do I smell some sort of alliance?”

“Okay, first of all, she did not give it to me,” Noah lies, “second of all, I’m not in an alliance with her. Now would you go away, I’m trying to have something called pr-iva-cy: something you ice dancers don’t know about apparently.”

“Okay, good that she didn’t give it to you!” Jacques smirks. “Because if she did, that would be some crazy manipulating. That idol’s not real, buddy! It’s fake. So wherever you found it, or whoever gave it to you, it’s no use! It’s faaaaake!”

Noah gasps. “I can’t believe Heather did this to me,” he thinks to himself silently. “Maybe she didn’t know? Of course she did! It’s freaking Heather!”

“Goodnight!” Jacques says evilly, then turns the lights off with a smirk. Noah raises an eyebrow.

“W-why did you need to turn off the lights?”

“I don’t know, it just looked cool.”

Chris calls Team Neptune out for the Safety Competition. The comp will be played in rounds. First round, Anne-Maria got eliminated.

Second round, Dakota was eliminated.

Third round, Jacques was eliminated.

Courtney’s Confessional: If I win this Safety Competition, the whole entire course of the game will be flipped upside down! Everybody will be left stunned and speechless, and that’s exactly what I want! *evil laugh*

Fourth round, Lindsay was eliminated.

Fifth round, Courtney was eliminated, making Amy the winner of the Safety Competition that week. Amy quickly celebrates, and gloats in front of Courtney’s face. Courtney bites Amy’s finger furiously like an animal. “You’re such a nasty brat!” Amy yells, and slaps Courtney’s face.

Later that night, Team Neptune faces elimination. One by one, each of them casts their votes.

“It’s literally not hard at all for me to decide who to vote off,” Amy says, chuckling.

“I’m in an alliance with Courtney, but tonight, I’m afraid I need to go with the majority of the votes to keep me safe and secure for the next elimination,” Jacques says, sighing.

“Everybody hates me for no reason, like what?” Courtney exclaims. “I hate everybody in here!”

“I have never been excited for an eviction like I am with this one!” Anne-Maria laughs, beaming happily.

“I vote to evict Courtney,” Anne-Maria chuckles.

“I vote to evict Courtney,” Jacques says.

“I vote to evict Courtney,” Dakota says, grinning.

Soon after that, Chris tallied the votes and stood in front of Team Neptune. “The votes are in. If anyone has an Immunity Idol and would like to use it, please do so now.”

A silence spreads between Team Neptune. Chris nods his head. “Alright then, the person with the most votes tonight will –”

“Oh, wait what?” Courtney laughs, sadistically. “I didn’t know it was already time to present our idols.” Courtney reveals a perfect real hidden Immunity Idol to Chris with a wide grin on her sly face.

The rest of the team gasp, shaking their heads. “Oh my gosh,” Amy shakes her head. “Unbelievable…”

“I hate this show so much,” Anne-Maria stomps her feet against the ground.

“Like, I still haven’t found Tyler yet,” Lindsay scratches her head and looks around. She points at Amy. “Tyler, is that you?”

Chris clears his throat. “Courtney, as you have chosen to use your Immunity Idol, you are now the sole and only vote to evict. Please cast your vote to evict.”

Courtney grins, and folds her arms. “I vote to evict…”

Tension grows between the teammates, as Courtney glances at each of her teammates. Courtney finishes her final statement:


Episode 6: "It's A New World, Baby!"

It's A New World, Baby!
Season 1, Episode 6
Challenge Swim across the lake to retrieve five rocks for your team while wearing a cat costume, then go through an obstacle course. Finally, send someone from your team to go across the lake one final time to retrieve your team flag.
Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Expect the Unexpected"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

In the canteen, Heather, Leshawna and Noah begin talking. After a few minutes of strategizing and talking game, the three decide to finalize an alliance. The three smirk, and nod their heads in unison.

Leshawna’s Confessional: Heather and I might not have the best history together, but if we can pull this alliance off and actually work together, we can actually get to the end!

Noah’s Confessional: After Heather gave me that fake Immunity Idol, I really do not trust her at all. She thinks she’s playing me, huh? Well, I’m about to play her! Plus, she’s really all I got. She’s the only ally I have so I have no choice anyway.

Dakota, Scott and Amy are in a cabin. Dakota is humming while painting her nails, while Amy is looking out the window of the cabin. Scott chuckles and asks her “what in the world” is she doing. Amy rolls her eyes and quickly answers, “I’m the look out guard, duh. I have to look out for the bad guys!”

There is an awkward silence between the three as Amy squints her eyes to look out the window. “Amy,” Scott begins. “We’re the bad guys.”

“Wait, OMG, we’re the bad guys?” Dakota gasps. “But, I’ve never been a bad guy before! OMG, what if Sam doesn’t like evil Dakota?”

“Then he’s gonna have to live with it!” Scott exclaims. “Our three person group or alliance or whatever is a solid thing! If we stay loyal to one another, beast it at comps, and do a little manipulating every once in a while, we’re guaranteed final 3!”

Scott’s Confessional: My alliance with Dakota and Amy is probably the best thing that could happen to me right now. The merge is going to come any second now, so it doesn’t matter if they’re in a different team than I am at the moment.

Dawn, Owen and Brick are outside the Zest cabin. They’re playing cards, and at the moment, Brick seems to be winning. Brick laughs and pulls out a win; Dawn and Owen gasp but they laugh it off. “Rematch! Rematch!” Owen exclaims, chuckling. “This is so much more fun than meditating!”

Brick’s Confessional: The Beast Coast alliance was solid, but I’m not feeling it too much now, especially since Cody’s gone, Trent’s awkward attachment to Amy and we’re all on different teams now. So, I need to bond with my teammates more! Dawn and I are really tight, and with the help of Owen – that’s three solid votes on elimination night if our team loses! We get to control who goes home!

“I really want Scott gone if we lose our next challenge,” Dawn suggests, as she reshuffles the deck of cards. “He’s sneaky, and I don’t get a good vibe from him! I’ve never really liked him.”

“Same here!” Brick says, smiling warmly. “He’s a sneaky little rat! Scott the rodent, he’s gotta go! As a trained military – ”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait…” Owen says, examining his cards as Dawn passes it to him. He squints at the king card. “Does the king card remind any of you of Noah?”

The scene cuts to Noah, who is sitting alone in the canteen eating a sandwich. Trent approaches him, and takes a seat next to him.

Trent’s Confessional: I haven’t really gotten a full read on Noah yet, he’s kinda unpredictable to me and that’s very scary, because if our team loses, he could vote me out!

“If our team loses… who are you going to vote out?” Trent asks, softly.

Noah hesitates, and then puts his sandwich down. “Probably Heather… or Leshawna, I’m not sure. Heather… the thing about Heather is that you can’t trust that girl! She’s a lying and deceiving player, and she’s going to be dangerous to us in the future! Especially after the merge.”

Noah’s Confessional: Voting out Heather or Leshawna is what’s best for my game. If Heather really is playing and deceiving me, I want her gone sooner than later. Leshawna is somehow a number for Heather which shocks me because of their previous conflicts before. So if somehow Heather manipulated Leshawna, that just shows how dangerous she really is and I want her gone.

Chris calls everyone for the immunity challenge. Each team member must wear a cat costume and dive into the Wawanakwa Lake where they must retrieve a rock (which represents a small mouse), then run back and go through an obstacle course, and then put the rock into a basket.

Only one team member can go at a time. Once collecting five rocks, one team member must take off their cat costume and then dive and swim across a lake to a wooden platform. On the plaform, there are three different colored flags for each team. The one team member must pick up their team’s colored flag in order to win immunity.

The first two teams to do so will win immunity, and the final team will be sent to the bonfire ceremony where one of them will be booted off.

Courtney gasps and raises an eyebrow. “We have to be wearing cat costumes? Where in the world did THAT bizzare idea come from?”

“My pet cat!” Chris chuckles. Everyone gets dressed up, and Chris blows the whistle to signal that the challenge has started. Dawn, Trent and Amy dive into the water with their cat costumes.

Their teams cheer them on loudly, and Amy is the first to resurface with a rock. She pants, and then whimpers as she looks at the water ahead of her. “I’m already so tired,” Amy sighs.

Trent then resurfaces with a rock, and then speedily swims back to the dock, as Team Fortune loudly cheers him on. Amy then jets back to the dock, as Dawn finally finds her rock and swims back.

Trent switches with Leshawna, and she slams deep into the water, and quickly finds a rock. Amy switches with Jacques, and he spirals through the water but ends up choking on salt water.

He resurfaces and spits out the water, as Zoey dives into the lake. “Stupid American water!” Jacques shakes his head.

Moments later, each team only has two players remaining to swim out to retrieve two more rocks. Team Fortune and Zest are in the lead, while Neptune is falling behind. Heather is zipping through the water like a beast, as DJ fearfully watches his teammate scramble around looking for a rock.

Scott is in the water, looking all over the place for a rock but he can’t seem to find one! Meanwhile, Lindsay is resting on a huge rock; taking deep breaths.

“Hurry up, LINDSAY!” Courtney yells, demanding that her teammate searches for a rock in the water. “We do NOT have time to lose! You should know that if we lose, we’re blaming it on you and you’re going home, do you hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Lindsay nods her head, then cuts through the water with ease. She picks up a water, then resurfaces. Scott raises an eyebrow and eyes Lindsay before jumping on her and snatching her rock.

“OH, HECK NO!” Lindsay yells, and then punches Scott in the face. Scott’s eyes pop as he drops down to the surface of the lake. Lindsay hastily cuts through the lake, and goes through the obstacle course before placing her rock in the basket. “Courtney, GO!”

Courtney jumps into the water, as Heather jumps up the dock, and speeds through the obstacle course and places her team’s fourth. “GO, DJ, GO!”

DJ jumps into the water, but then resurfaces right after only spending a few seconds underwater. “Dude, what is up with this cat costume?”

DJ’s Confessional: Okay, you might be laughing at me right now, but those cat costumes… you do not understand how hard it is to swim with them on your body! It’s overwhelming! My cat would never do such a thing to me!

“Come on, DJ!” Heather yells. DJ swims through the water, just as a dizzy Scott finally awakes and rises up to the water. Team Zest is furious at their delay (caused by Scott), and Brick yells at Scott to quicken his pace and speed; alert that their team is losing.

Scott quickly finds a rock and jumps up the dock, goes through the obstacle course, then drops the rock into the basket before passing out. Brick then jumps into the water, just as Courtney jumps out of the water with her team’s fifth and final rock. She hastily makes it through the obstacle course, but then suddenly trips on a large rock on the ground. She lands face first on the ground.

DJ then hops out of the water, along with Brick, and they make it through their obstacle course, but Courtney stands back up and places her rock in the basket. She then takes off her cat costume, leaving her only with her bathing suit, and goes back through the obstacle course and swims across the lake to the wooden platform.

Dakota (who already has her cat costume off) gasps, as Amy shakes her head.

Dakota’s Confessional: The plan was supposed to be ME that swims to the flag, but whatever, Courtney is Courtney and you just have to accept that.

As DJ places his rock in the basket, Heather instructs him to take off his cat costume and swim to the flag. He nods his head, and makes his way across the obstacle course, and then hastily takes off his cat costume on the dock.

Brick drops his rock into the basket, and his teammates agree that he should also go get the flag. He zips off his cat costume, leaving him only with his swimming trunks – DJ as well.

The two dive into the water, as Courtney arrives on the wooden platform and raises her team’s flag.

“And Team Neptune comes out victorious with an immunity win!” Chris announces, and Team Neptune celebrates happily.

DJ climbs out of the water, and takes a step on the wooden platform, but his trunks slip off and he shrieks as his private parts are exposed on live television.

“Yummy,” Amy grins.

DJ refuses to give up anyway and he slowly makes his way up the platform, as his swimming trunks drop into the lake. Brick climbs up the wooden platform, and the two race towards their flag.

Chris announces, “and the second team with immunity is…”

DJ raises his flag first, shortly followed by Brick.

“…Team Fortune! But DJ, who’s the real loser here?”

DJ quickly covers his private parts, and then cannonballs back into the water to get back his swimming trunks. Chris continues, “That means Team Zest, one of you will be leaving the island tonight.”

Team Zest sighs in disappointment.

Dawn is humming, as she meditates calmly with squirrels and chipmunks surrounding her. Scott bursts in, scaring the little animals away and Dawn peeps an eye open.

Scott grins, “How ya doin’, Dawn?”

“Leave, you’re disturbing my aura,” Dawn quickly says, closing her eyes again.

Scott chuckles. “Look, I know you and I don’t like to… bond a lot, and we did have some… tough history and all that –”

“Tough?” Dawn’s eyes flash open and she raises an eyebrow. “You framed me for stealing the other campers’ belongings which YOU did!”

Scott rolls his eyes. “Forgive and forget! Isn’t that what you earth loving dweebs do?”

“This earth loving dweeb forgives,” Dawn takes a deep breath in, and then closes her eyes to meditate again. “But never forgets.”

DJ and Dakota are chatting, and they open Team Neptune’s cabin door and they gasp when they spot Amy and Trent under the sheets; all snuggled up and making out with each other.

“She’s swallowing his face,” Dakota gags. “That is dis-gusting.”

DJ shakes his head. “Yo, dude, that’s messed up. And with Amy? Why Amy?”

Amy and Trent ignore DJ and Dakota, and continue to kiss and make out on the bed. Trent begins taking his shirt off, and DJ just screams in terror and slams the door shut.

DJ’s Confessional: There is something wrong with Trent, and I don’t like it at all! We need to get that Amy girl out! He’s just gonna stick with her and ditch us guys! Nuh uh, if this continues, it’s safe to say that the guys alliance is dead!

Chris calls Team Zest out for the safety competition. The comp consists of puzzles of the other campers’ faces. Dawn has a jumbled puzzle of Trent, Zoey has a jumbled puzzle of DJ, Scott has a puzzle of Courtney, Brick has a puzzle of Heather and Owen has a puzzle of Jacques.

“First one to correctly finish the puzzle wins immunity and is safe from tonight’s eviction! Buzz in when you think you’ve got it, but warning: if you buzz in and your puzzle is wrong, you’re out!” Chris announces. He blows the whistle to signal that the challenge has started. Zoey begins quickly solving the puzzle, and she smirks as she sees her progress.

Owen and Brick are following behind Zoey, while Dawn and Scott are currently in last place. Brick begins picking up the pace, and he seems like he’s reaching victory very soon.

Zoey sprints towards the buzzer, and buzzes in.

Chris shakes his head. “WRONG! Sorry, Zoey, but you’re out of this competition!”

Zoey’s Confessional: I really wanted to win this comp to ensure my safety, especially because for some reason, I’ve been a target the past few days so it sucks that I’m out so quickly.

Zoey sighs and takes a seat, and then Brick quickly buzzes in after, but then regrets his decision almost immediately. Chris examines Brick’s puzzle and shakes his head, “WRONG! Sorry, Brick, you’re out! That means only Owen, Scott or Dawn can win this competition!”

Brick’s Confessional: I got really worried because Scott could still win the comp, and he’s my number one target. Him winning is my absolute biggest fear!

Scott quickly sprints to the buzzer and buzzes in. He awaits Chris’s response impatiently. Chris smirks, “Your puzzle is correct! That means Scott, you have officially won safety for the week and you are immune from tonight’s eviction!”

Scott cackles, and celebrates on the spot.

Moments later, Brick, Dawn and Owen are attempting to meditate in the woods. Owen peeps one eye open, “Yeah, I need to stop doing this.” He begins farting loudly. The other two stare at him. Owen just giggles and says, “Beans.”

“So, the plan is to vote off Zoey?” Brick asks. “Because… well, I assume that us three are solid. Maybe even an alliance, or something!”

Dawn nods her head. “I am very hesitant to vote Zoey off though… she’s a very close friend of mine and I don’t want to see her go just yet.”

Zoey’s Confessional: I came here for redemption, and that means WINNING! I’m going to survive tonight, and I’m going to pull out a miracle… well, hopefully.

“Psst!” Zoey whispers to Dawn, and the two quickly walk into the cabin then shut the door. Zoey smiles, “So, as we all know, Scott can’t be voted off and that sucks. But, here’s what I’m thinking – we vote off Owen! He’s not a very good competitor, so he won’t do us very good in challenges. If we convince Scott to vote off Owen, he’s for sure gone!”

Dawn nods her head. “True… but, Zoey, I must inform you that…” she stares into Zoey’s eyes, “…I see danger coming soon. Danger, my friend.”

Zoey gasps. “Oh no.”

Dawn looks away. “I feel terrible for not telling you…” she looks back to Zoey. “…Brick and Owen plan on voting you off tonight. That’s two solid votes against you… and if Scott votes you off as well…”

“Oh no.” Zoey shakes her head, then exits the cabin after quickly saying farewell to Dawn.

Dawn turns her head. “Danger in the future.” She turns around and crawls under her bed and reaches out for something dark and wooden. She grabs it and reveals it – a hidden Immunity Idol, for real this time. She hesitates, but then rolls it back under her bed.

Later that night, everyone begins casting their votes.

“Me, Dawn and Owen are solid!” Brick says. “So if we stay loyal to each other, all three of us should survive tonight. That only leaves one other option to vote off.”

“Everyone’s been so skeptical,” Scott rolls his eyes. “Thank the heavens that I won the safety comp – for the second time! Great timing too!”

“I’m a little bit conflicted,” Dawn says softly. “I’m not sure what to do as of now.”

“I really hope I can trust Dawn!” Zoey says. “And I really hope I can trust Scott to vote off Owen!”

“I vote to evict Zoey,” Brick says.

“I vote to evict Brick,” Scott says.

“I vote to evict Owen,” Zoey says.

Chris gathers the team around the blazing campfire. He clears his throat before beginning. “If anyone has an immunity idol and would like to use it, please do so now.”

A silence is shared among the team.

“Alright,” Chris nods his head. “Once the votes are read, the votes are final.”

Chris hands everybody marshmallows. “The person leaving tonight must throw their marshmallow into the fire and permanently leave the game.”

Zoey gulps.

“First vote…”

He reveals a piece of cloth that says ‘Zoey’.

“Zoey. Second vote…”

He reveals a piece of cloth that says ‘Zoey’.

“Zoey. That’s two votes Zoey. Third vote…”

He reveals a piece of cloth that says ‘Brick’.

“Brick. That’s one vote Brick, two votes Zoey.”

Brick shakes his head in silence, as Chris reveas the next vote…

“Owen. One vote Brick, one vote Owen and two votes Zoey. Final vote goes to…”

Chris reveals the final vote that says ‘Owen’.


Owen gasps. Chris continues, “That means we’re going to go to a tie-breaker challenge between Zoey and Owen!”

“WAIT!” Dawn exclaims. She points at a silky small bag. “I’ve seen that bag before! It’s full of rocks, one of the rocks are purple, and the holder of the purple rock immediately goes home. Right?”

“Accurate!” Chris nods his head. “Would you like to use it? It’s a risky move, you know.”

Dawn nods her head. “That means Scott also has to take a rock as well, right?”

Chris nods his head. “Correct. Scott, if you pick the purple rock, you will still be evicted even if you won the safety competition.”

Scott gasps. “WHAT?! That isn’t fair!”

Chris asks the team, “Everybody agree on drawing rocks?”

“Yeah, I agree,” Zoey says. She is later followed by Brick and Owen as well. Owen begins munching on his marshmallow.

“Can we hurry up, I really wanna eat this thing,” Owen giggles.

Chris nods. “Close your eyes, and put your hand in the bag. If you receive a black rock, you are safe. If you  receive a purple rock, you will be leaving tonight.”

“Unfair,” Scott mutters under his breath. Chris hands him the bag, and he closes his eyes then sticks his hand in.

Dawn is next, and she quickly grabs a rock. Followed by Brick, Owen and Zoey. Chris clears his throat as the campfire cackles in the moonlight. Everybody’s rocks are sealed in their hands, away from sight.

“In the same time, everybody reveal your rock…” Chris begins, and continues, “…now!”

Everybody reveals their rocks, and their palms, and everybody gasps at the outcome. One snickers and grins.

“It’s official,” Chris announces. “Dawn, you are the eight person evicted from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl.”

Dawn is left stunned, as she stares at the purple rock resting in her hand. Chris continues, “Please toss your marshmallow into the fire.”

“Bye-bye, birdie!” Scott snickers, as Dawn stands up and tosses her white marshmallow into the orange fire. She walks towards Chris, as he stands there waiting for her.

“Your redemption trip has been cut short,” Chris announces. Dawn nods, and before she leaves, she takes out her Immunity Idol and rolls it towards Zoey. Zoey swiftly grabs the Idol with a gasp of shock.

“Good luck, you guys,” Dawn smiles, and then walks off. Zoey stares at her Idol; bittersweet, but Scott suddenly snatches it and slams it into the campfire. Zoey gasps.

“What the heck, Scott?” Zoey barks. Brick holds her back before she lunges at Scott.

Scott smirks. “It’s a new chapter, baby. It’s a new world.”

Season 1, Episode 7
Challenge Release your teammates from their cages by knocking down glass bottles with the cage's keys inside.

Hang on to your buoy; first one to fall off loses for their team.

Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"It's A New World, Baby!"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Episode 7: "Evictorious"

Jacques is dancing in the woods alone, while animals surround him and watch him gracefully dance. He begins twirling, and the animals all watch in amazement as their eyes twinkle.

Suddenly, Amy and Trent walk in – kissing, and Jacques begins shrieking in horror, and the woodland animals all scream and run away traumatized by the sight of the couple locking lips.

Jacques yells in frustration, but Amy and Trent ignores him and continue kissing. Jacques screams in front of their faces furiously: “That is DISGUSTING!”

Jacques’ Confessional: I think that about everyone is fed up with Trent and Amy, and honestly, if my team loses, I am 100% on board on sending that earthworm they call Amy!

The scene cuts to Zoey in the canteen, sitting with Leshawna and Lindsay. Zoey is expressing to the girls how she feels guity about Dawn’s recent elimination.

“If I would’ve just made her let me compete in the tie-breaker challenge, I’m pretty sure Owen would’ve gone home!” Zoey whines. “It’s so unfortunate, and she was the only ally I had in this game!”

Leshawna’s Confessional: Right now, Zoey is all alone, so it’s good for my game if I cuddle up to her so she becomes another ally for me! And then I’ll be the only ally for her! All I gotta do now is just agree with whatever the heck she’s saying. All I gotta say is, “Mhm, mhm. Oh, really? Mhm, mhm. Wow, that sucks.”

Zoey’s Confessional: I am devastated by Dawn’s eviction, it’s super heartbreaking to know that your only ally in the game is gone!

“You know, Dakota has been talking a lot of smack about you,” Lindsay adds. “At least, that’s what I’ve heard. She’s been talking to Amy and Scott about how she wants you out. If you make the merge, you might wanna keep an eye on her.”

“Wow, another enemy for me,” Zoey sighs. Scott suddenly enters the canteen with a sinister grin.

He zips past Zoey, and pats her on the back. He turns around to face her. “Hope you’re not feeling too depressed after Dawn’s eviction,” he cackles. Zoey frowns, and Scott continues, “Don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t miss her too much, because you’ll see her soon when you reunite with her in Loserville.”

Scott begins laughing, and Leshawna growls and marches towards him. “You know what, Ginger?” Leshawna growls, furiously at Scott. “I’ve had enough of you and your dumb ass remarks! Why don’t you sit down, and shut your big fat ugly mouth? Is that not too hard?”

“Oh, are you fighting Zoey’s battles now?” Scott snickers. “Is Zoey not capable enough of doing it herself? That’s a shame, it really is. Sorry to hear that.” Scott laughs, and then strolls away.

“Ouch,” Lindsay shakes her head.

Leshawna growls, and then marches towards Scott. “Didn’t I tell you to SHUT. YOUR. BIG. FAT. UGLY. MOUTH?” She slaps Scott on the face and then shoves him against the wall.

“Leshawna, that’s enough,” Zoey says softly. Leshawna smiles, and then walks out of the canteen with Zoey and Lindsay by her side.

“See you later, Ginger!”

The scene swiftly cuts to the Immunity Challenge. There are nine cages outside (all in rows; three in each row), and beside each cage is a table with three glass bottles on it. Chris begins, “Alright, first of all, Team Neptune and Fortune – one of each of you have to sit out because Zest only has four players.”

The camera shifts to Zoey, who is frowning and glaring at the ground at the reminder that Dawn is no longer on the island.

“Who’s going to sit out?” Chris asks. Lindsay and Noah raise their hands, and Chris nods. “Take a seat on the bench! Now, let’s get to the challenge!

“Three from each team must be locked in three of the cages! The other remaining member of the team must stay behind the first cage, and await the whistle that signals that the challenge has started. Once the whistle blows, the teammate that isn’t locked inside a cage must grab a sandbag and knock down all three glass bottles on the table beside the cage. Inside those three bottles are three keys that are needed to unlock only one cage. Once you knock down all three bottles, grab the three keys and unlock the first cage to release the first teammate. Then after that, both of you will work together to unlock the second cage, and third cage. First team to have all four members out of the cages and press the buzzer win immunity and also reward!”

“REWARD?” Owen asks, his eyes twinkling in excitement. He whispers to himself, “Please be a turkey dinner… please a be a turkey dinner…”

“Each team member will receive a special phone call from home!” Chris announces, “and also a chocolate feast supplied with fresh cold water, a barbeque grill, and are safe from tonight’s double elimination!”

Everyone gasps. Chris smirks and continues with a devilish smile, “Along with that, the teams will swap once again: that means two or more campers will swap teams. Are you ready?”

Everyone gets into their cages; for Fortune, Leshawna, DJ and Trent are in the cages while Heather is outside. For Zest, Zoey, Scott and Owen are in the cages while Brick is outside. For Neptune, Jacques, Amy and Dakota are in the cages while Courtney is outside. Chris blows the whistle and everybody puts their game faces on.

The three outside swiftly get a sandbag and throw it at their first bottle. Brick hits his first bottle, while both Heather and Courtney miss their shots. Courtney begins to seem frustrated, while both Heather and Brick remain calm. Heather takes her second shot, and slams down her first bottle.

“Yes, baby!” Heather celebrates, and runs to get another sandbag. Courtney slams her sandbag at her first bottle, and it collapses and shatters on the ground.

“YES!” Courtney exclaims, then Brick quickly knocks down two bottles with only one sandbag. Brick laughs, and sprints to retrieve the keys.

Brick’s Confessional: All that military training paid off and I couldn’t be more delighted!

Brick quickly unlocks the first cage, and releases Zoey out of his cage. Heather knocks down her second and third bottles, and unlocks her team’s first cage, releasing DJ. Courtney knocks down all three bottles and unlocks her team’s first cage and releases Jacques.

Team Fortune, consisting of only Heather and DJ so far, knocks down all three bottles and unlocks their third cage – releasing Leshawna.

“Come on, team!” Trent cheers from inside his cage. Team Neptune begins to catch up as Zoey and Brick struggle to knock down any of their glass bottles.

Courtney knocks down all three bottles, and she and Jacques unlocks Amy from her cage. The three quickly all get a sandbag, and all launch it at the next three glass bottles, but Amy slips and falls on Courtney, and all three of their sandbags miss the glass bottles.

“Oops, sorry,” Amy says, as she gets up. Courtney growls and barks at Amy.

Team Zest knocks down their next three bottles and unlocks their third cage – releasing Owen. Owen smiles excitedly, and quickly snatches a sandbag and slams it at one of the glass bottles, shattering and revealing a key.

Heather, Leshawna and DJ all slam a glass bottle in the same time with a sandbag, and all three glass bottles shatter, revealing three shiny keys. Trent celebrates from inside his cage.

“Team Fortune is in the lead!” Chris announces. “All they need to do is unlock Trent’s cage and press the buzzer!”

DJ darts towards the keys, and gasps when he spots a Hidden Immunity Idol also on the ground (it was in one of the glass bottles, so when the bottle fell and shattered, the Idol revealed itself). DJ quickly snatches it and hides it in his pocket.

“HURRY UP, DJ!” Leshawna yells, and DJ quickly sprints towards Trent’s cage and unlocks his teammate’s cage. Trent then runs towards the buzzer and slams it.

“Team Fortune wins immunity and reward, and is also safe from tonight’s first bonfire ceremony!” Chris announces. “It is neck and neck between Zest and Neptune! Each only has one cage left to unlock!”

Courtney and Jacques knock down two more glass bottles, while Brick knocks down only one. Moments later, Amy slams a sandbag towards the bottle, but it instead slams Dakota who is trapped inside the cage.

“Whoops,” Amy says, biting her lip. “Sorry, D.”

Owen slams two bottles in a row, and retrieves all keys to unlock the final cage – he releases Scott and Scott darts to the buzzer and slams it.

“Team Zest comes in second place!” Chris announces. “The two winning teams are immune, and will share a glorious feast along with phone calls from home! Team Neptune, you’re facing me in the bonfire ceremony first!”

Team Neptune sighs in disappointment.

The scene cuts to Dakota, Courtney and Jacques. Dakota stares at her pink nails. “Wow, my nails are on FLEEK!” she squeals. She glances at Courtney’s nails and shivers. “Girl, you need to get some work done!”

“I don’t have time to look good!” Courtney barks, and Dakota shrieks in fear and takes a step back. Courtney begins glaring at the wall, and Jacques gives her a shoulder massage to calm her down.

“Who are we voting off?” Jacques asks.

“Obviously Amy,” Courtney rolls her eyes. “Who else? Lindsiot? Ohhhh, we’re voting off Amy, alright.”

The scene quickly shifts to Lindsay, Amy and Dakota moments later. Amy begins talking about how they need to stick together. Lindsay nods along, and suggests that they need to vote off Courtney, and Dakota agrees and says that “she’s way too bossy!”

“So, it’s settled?” Amy asks. “Three votes for Courtney; Courtney goes home.”

Dakota’s Confessional: Courtney has been super bossy lately, and she gives out such a negative vibe! She needs to go sooner than later!

Dakota exits, and Lindsay looks at Amy. “So, we’re really voting out Courtney?” Lindsay asks. “I mean, personally, I dislike Courtney but she’s an asset to us in challenges!”

“Oh, yeah, I know,” Amy nods her head, as she focuses on the mirror to straighten her hair. “We’re not voting off Courtney.” She turns around and smirks. “We’re voting off someone else.”

“But if we do, we won’t have the votes anyways,” Lindsay raises an eyebrow. “For example, we vote off Jacques – then there’s going to be a tie between Jacques and probably you.”

“And Jacques goes home,” Amy says. “You and Dakota vote him off in a revote, and that leaves only Courtney voting me off if there is a revote.”

“Why don’t we tell Dakota?”

“Because we’re not going to vote Jacques off.”

Amy’s Confessional: For my plan to properly work, I need to pull some strings but I don’t have enough time so I think I need to pull those strings and become the pupeteer during the bonfire ceremony before everyone votes.

Team Neptune walks to the bonfire ceremony, and they all sit around the campfire and await Chris. Chris finally arrives with a grin, and proceeds with the voting. Courtney is up first.

Amy begins whispering in Jacques’s ear: “Vote Dakota off.”

Jacques raises an eyebrow in confusion. Amy continues very softly, “If you do, you’re going to be in the majority. If you vote me off, Dakota and Lindsay are going to be pissed at you and that gives you two more enemies. If you vote Dakota off, you’re going to be in the majority with me and Lindsay, unless you want to be in the hated side with Courtney.”

Jacques shakes his head. “I’m not convinced.”

“Trust me,” Amy says. “You want to go further in the game, right? Then vote Dakota off. Trust me. Think about it; it’s your best game move.”

Jacques is called to vote, and he stands up and walks away to vote. Amy sighs, and crosses her fingers. Lindsay holds Amy’s hand when Chris comes back with the results of the votes.

“If anyone has an Immunity Idol and would like to use it, please do so now,” Chris announces, and nobody responds. Chris nods his head. “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will be leaving the island and be the first casualty of the double elimination. First vote…”

Chris reveals the first vote that says ‘Courtney’; Dakota’s vote.

“Courtney. Next vote…”

Chris reveals the second vote that says ‘Amy’; Jacques’s vote.

“Amy. 1 vote Amy, 1 vote Courtney. Next vote…”

Chris reveals the third vote that says ‘Dakota’; Amy’s vote. Dakota gasps, and exclaims loudly, “What?”

Chris reveals the fourth vote that says ‘Dakota’; Lindsay’s vote. Dakota shakes her head in disbelief, “That is impossible… what in the world?”

“Next vote…”

Chris reveals the final vote that says ‘Amy’; Courtney’s vote. “We have a tie. 1 vote Courtney, 2 votes Amy aad 2 votes Dakota.” Dakota gasps, and looks at Amy and Lindsay.

“This calls for a revote,” Chris announces. Amy gulps, and glances at Jacques, who is coldy staring at the campfire. Chris continues, “Remember, once you are voted out, you must throw your marshmallow into the campfire. Alright. Time for a revote – Courtney, you’re up first.”

Courtney grins and walks up to vote. Time passes, and Chris has the votes in his hands. He reveals the first vote that says ‘Dakota’; Lindsay’s vote. He then quickly reveals the second vote that says ‘Amy’; Courtney’s vote.

Amy begins to look afraid. Chris reveals the final vote, “Ninth person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl – Dakota.”

Dakota gasps and smiles, then stands up with her marshmallow. “Well played, you guys.” She tosses her marshmallow into the campfire. “Well played.”

She begins walking away to the Dock of Shame, and Amy calls out, “Bye, Dakota!” Dakota quickly responds by flicking her off with the middle finger.

Amy chuckles, and Chris clears his throat. He begins to talk: “By Dakota’s reaction, that vote was a complete blinside to her.”

“Not only to her,” Courtney says, looking furious after knowing that Jacques didn’t vote Amy off and instead voted Dakota off.

“That’s all for tonight,” Chris says, clapping his hands together. “Or maybe it isn’t, we’ll see if you win the next challenge or not. Meet me at Lake Wawanakwa in your bathing suits!”

Everyone are on the dock in their bathing suits, and in the lake, there are three buoys floating in the center. Chris begins to explain the challenge in the middle of the night after the first elimination. “One person must volunteer from each team to compete, because only three people will be participating.”

Amy, Owen and Noah quickly raise their hands to volunteer, and Chris smirk. “Lovely! Not only will you three be the only three participating, you three will swap teams! Noah, you’re on Team Neptune! Owen, you’re on Team Fortune! And Amy, you’re on Team Zest now!”

Noah’s Confessional: I wanted to volunteer to show my team that I’m a competitor, but now I’m on a team with Courtney? Kill me now.

“Get on the buoys!” Chris commands, and Amy, Owen and Noah each get on a buoy.

Owen begins giggling, and points at a dolphin underwater. “Look! There’s a dolphin!” Owen giggles, and the dolphin’s fin begins sticking out and circling Owen’s buoy. Fins also begin circling Amy and Noah’s buoys.

“Those aren’t dolphins!” Noah yells, and a shark lunges out of the water and dives at Noah but he shrieks and dodges the attack. “HOLY COW!”

“The goal of this game is to – ” Chris tosses a fishing rod to Amy, Owen and Noah, then continues, “ – fish out a few big fish! First two to successfully fish out two fish wins immunity for their new teams! If you fall off your buoy, you will be eliminated from the challenge, that means the other two players automatically win immunity for their team!”

Noah silently says a short prayer, while grabbing onto his buoy before the challenge begins. Chris blows the whistle, and thunder strikes across the rocky waves. The lake begins to shake, and huge waves roll up and down across the lake, shaking the buoys.

Owen begins to lose his balance, but he manages to stay on. “WHOA, that was INSANE!” he yells, gripping onto his buoy. He begins sobbing uncontrollably. “I don’t wanna die! I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!”

Amy shrieks as thunder slams across the sky and begins booming. She whips out her fishing rod and sticks it underwater, and so does Noah while Owen just continues gripping his buoy.

Amy and Noah seem to be in the running for immunity, while Owen seems to be sending his team to the bonfire ceremony. “Come on, Owen!” Trent cheers. “You can do it!”

Owen shakes his head, and a wave rolls up and down, and then slams the buoys. Noah begins to lose his balance, and he slips but when he falls, he lands on the buoy and is not in the water.

Amy is struggling, and a shark begins pulling down on her fishing rod. “OH MY GOSH!” she shrieks in terror, and tries to pull up her fishing rod, but she isn’t strong enough, and the shark pulls her off the buoy and drags her down the lake.

“It’s official!” Chris announces, and a wave slams him in the face. “WHOA! WHAT THE – ?! IT’S OFFICIAL! TEAM ZEST WILL BE GOING TO THE BONFIRE CEREMONY AND ONE OF THEM WILL BE VOTED OFF THANKS TO AMY!” Another wave slams him in the face. “SCREW MOTHER NATURE!”

Amy begins drowning and the shark drags her against the surface of the lake. Scott raises an eyebrow and stares at the dark lake. “Should someone go help Amy?”

“No, she seems fine,” Chris says calmly.

“I WILL!” Trent says, spontaneously and rips off his shirt, then dives into the lake to rescue Amy. The majority of the campers respond by rolling their eyes in disgust.

“I actually want to drown myself,” Noah says, watching Trent jump out of the lake with Amy’s body in his arms.

Amy’s Confessional: DAMN! That love potion sure is magic!

“Team Zest, I’ll be seeing you in the bonfire ceremony soon.”

The scene cuts to Brick and Zoey strategizing. Brick says that he trusts Zoey more than anyone else on the team (Amy and Scott), and would like to target Amy because she’s a weaker player than Scott. “Scott can still be useful to us in challenges,” Brick explains. “Amy isn’t.”

Zoey nods her head. “True.”

“If you don’t vote Amy off,” Brick begins, “them two (Amy and Scott) are going to vote you off first!”

Zoey nods her head. “Alright then, Amy’s going home.”

The scene then shifts to Scott and Amy strategizing. Scott is suggesting that they vote Zoey off, since Brick is better at challenges, but Amy shakes her head and refuses to vote Zoey off. “Brick is obviously more of a threat,” Amy says. “Plus, he’s much more… intelligent than Zoey. Zoey is vulnerable,” she looks at the mirror and grins, “I can work her to my advantage.”

Scott raises an eyebrow, and then Amy turns around and continues, “I meant work her to OUR advantage.”

The scene shifts to Amy and Zoey talking. Amy is saying that they should vote Scott off because he is untrustworthy and sneaky. “I honestly don’t trust him at all,” Amy says. “He’s sneaky as heck, and he’s the biggest threat.”

“That’s what I’ve been thinking too!” Zoey agrees.

“Us girls – we need to stick together, seriously, or the boys are going to pick us off one by one,” Amy says. “Scott first. He needs to go.”

Zoey’s Confessional: I don’t trust Amy at all right now! She’s a liar, and she has to go! But she has some interesting points! Scott is a rodent! Buuuuut, Amy’s an earthworm – a weak earthworm.

Scott’s Confessional: Look what I got! *whips out Immunity Idol* I might have to use this to make sure that neither me or Amy go home! But, I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, because I could make a silly mistake.

Everyone begins to vote, and Chris collects the votes and begins the bonfire ceremony that night. “If anyone has an Immunity Idol and would like to use it, now is the time.”

There is a silence, and Chris nods his head. “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will be leaving the island. First vote…”

Chris reveals the first vote that says ‘Amy’; Brick’s vote. Amy sighs, and takes a deep breath.

“Amy,” Chris says. “Next vote…”

The second vote says ‘Brick’; Amy’s vote.

“Brick. That’s 1 vote Amy, 1 vote Brick.” Brick nods his head and begins shaking in fear. “Next vote…”

Third vote says ‘Brick’; Scott’s vote.

“Brick. 2 votes Brick, 1 vote Amy.”

Brick sighs, and then takes a glance at Zoey who is shaking her head in disbelief. Chris reveals the final vote... ‘Scott’; Zoey’s vote.

“1 vote Scott, 1 vote Zoey, 2 votes Brick. Brick, you are the tenth person eliminated from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl.”

Brick sighs and stands up, then hugs Zoey goodbye before tossing his marshmallow into the campfire. He looks back at his team one last time, and Scott waves him goodbye with a wicked grin.

“Toodles,” Scott smirks.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Season 1, Episode 8
Challenge Each team must go into a cave, find a hidden key there, and then unlock a treasure chest that is also hidden in the cave. Once unlocking the chest, grab the map from inside the chest that will lead your team to a bicycle. Each team must ride their bicycle all the way to Chris in order to win immunity.
Episode Guide
"Come Together, My Friends!"

Episode 8: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, the campers had to go through a double elimination and Team Neptune was the first victim of the night. The target zoomed in on Amy's back, but she managed to flip the vote and blindside Dakota, sending the bubbly blonde home. The next elimination consisted of a team swap, and Amy, Owen and Noah all traded teams. Later that night, Team Zest was sent to the bonfire ceremony and Amy yet again seemed to be the target but she manipulated Zoey and once again, things went perfectly for the evil twin and Brick was blindsided in a vote of 2-1-1.

Later that night after the bonfire ceremony, what remains from Team Zest walks back to camp; Zoey, Scott and Amy all stroll silently together. Scott and Amy are relieved that they survived, while Zoey is still stunned and blindsided that Brick went home.

Zoey’s Confessional: Brick being sent home is just another reason why I can’t trust anyone on my team! It’s just like – “Hey, wow! This person seems so genuine and down to earth! Hashtag trustworthy!” – and then the next minute it’s like, “Wow, I’m a complete idiot.”

During the night, Zoey storms through her cabin – awakening Leshawna and Lindsay. Leshawna rubs her eye as she sits up straight on her bed. “Girl, it is in the middle of the night, what is your deal?” she says, then groans, tired and irritated. She repeatedly slams her pillow against the wall and says, “I wanna. Goooo toooo BEEEED!”

“I’m sorry,” Zoey says, then crosses her arms and lays her back against the wall furiously. She sighs as she glares to the ground.

“You okay?” Leshawna asks, standing up and walking towards Zoey to comfort her.

“Who got voted out?” Lindsay asks. “Amy, right?”

Zoey smirks and shakes her head. She begins to laugh, and then fury suddenly flushes down her face once more. “NOPE!” she yells, frightening Leshawna and Lindsay. “It was Brick. Because I was too dumb to realize that I was being manipulated.”

Lindsay is left shook, and her jaw drops instantly. “WHOA!”

“I know!” Zoey exclaims, pursing her lips. “Kudos to Amy.”

Leshawna’s jaw drops. “WHOA!!”

“I KNOW!” Zoey yells.

“Damn! That girl sure can play one heck of a game!” Leshawna chuckles. “We gotta get her out! Before or after the merge, doesn’t matter to me – just get her the heck outta here!”

Leshawna’s Confessional: Amy has proven to be a very dangerous player and she has proven that when she somehow managed to charm Trent into being her faithful servant, and surviving back to back eliminations despite being the main target originally. I got my eye on her. She needs to go.

The scene quickly cuts to Scott, Jacques and Noah in one room. Noah is pretending to sleep, but is secretly eavesdropping on Scott and Jacques’s conversation.

“Amy didn’t go?” Jacques asks, shocked.

Scott replies with a grin and a nod. “Mhm. She’s good, ain’t she?”

Jacques nods his head, still shocked. Scott continues devilishly, “She’s real good. Which is why she needs to get flung soon.”

Scott’s Confessional: Amy is a very manipulative and deceiving player in this game which is why she’s a gigantic threat in this game. She could turn on me to save herself and that scares me. Even though I do trust her, there’s a limit to my trust and if Zest loses another challenge, I’m not afraid to flip on Amy, side with Zoey and send Amy packing.

“She has to leave eventually anyways,” Jacques says. “I’d rather have her leave sooner than later.”

Scott’s Confessional: But the thing about sending Amy home is that she’s a number on my side, and she trusts me a lot, so I need to wait a lot longer before I send her packing.

Noah’s Confessional: So Scott is telling Jacques that he wants to go after Amy and put a knife in her back. You know what would be interesting to see – if I relay that info back to Amy, *laughs*.

The following morning, DJ is putting up a hammock outside the cabins. Several of the campers come out to see, and are very impressed by DJ’s skills.

“What the heck are you doing?” Leshawna asks, laughing.

“Oh, don’t mind me!” DJ says, beaming as he dusts off his shirt and stands up. He looks at the finished result of the hammock and says excitedly, “Now I can sleep in a place where Owen doesn’t snore!”

“It’s nature!” Owen insists about his snoring. “It’s life! It’s normal, DJ!”

“That’s what you said about your farting too,” DJ says.

Owen begins chuckling. “It’s nature!”

Courtney begins eying DJ, and raises an eyebrow and is very quick to suspicion. She looks at the crowd that DJ has gathered, and realizes that they’re all friends with DJ.

Courtney’s Confessional: DJ is a very dangerous competitor and player in this game! He’s physically built, in good shape, and everyone in camp likes him! His social game is on point and if no one tries to stop him, he’s going to reach the end! Come the merge, I need to get rid of him as soon as possible – whether I need to manipulate or lie, or even use an Immunity Idol, I will get rid of him!

“Damn, he’s good,” Courtney whispers to herself, as DJ gets a group hug from Leshawna, Owen, Zoey, Lindsay and Trent.

The scene shifts to later that day when Amy is relaxing on DJ’s hammock. Trent is handing her fresh flowers (obviously, the love potion is still working), when suddenly Noah comes in the scene.

“Move over, lover boy, me and Amy have to talk,” Noah says with no expression whatsoever. He kneels down next to the hammock.

Trent raises an eyebrow. “WHAT did you just say to me? You have no right to speak to me like that! Amy is my woman, and just because some scrawny – ”

Noah rolls his eyes. “Oh my GOSH, your voice is boring me to death,” Noah says in disgust. “Just looking at your face makes me want to puke. Has anyone ever told you that you resemble a hairy piranha?”

Amy begins laughing at Noah’s statement. “Trent, move over,” she commands. “Let Noah speak, everyone has the right to do so anyways.”

Trent nods his head. “Yes, m’lady,” he says, and then takes a swing at Noah but Noah dodges the attack.

“Wow, Duncan wannabe much,” Noah says. “You must really want Gwen back.”

Trent leaves, irritated, while Amy keeps on laughing. She looks at Noah with a soft smile; her red lips begin to curl into a grin. “What do you want, Noah?”

“How about we make a deal?” Noah asks, crossing his legs and getting comfortable as he sits on the fresh green grass.

Amy raises an eyebrow. “What deal?”

“An exchange,” Noah answers. “When the merge comes, you keep me safe, and I’ll give you some very important information.” He chuckles, then continues, “Trust me. You’re going to want to hear it.”

Amy purses her lips as she begins thinking and considering the tempting deal. “How important is this… info?”

Noah smirks. “Real heavy. You are going to be SHOOK once you hear it.”

“Then deal,” Amy says quickly. “Now tell me! What is it?”

Noah takes a deep breath. “Scott wants you out,” he reveals, and Amy’s eyes pop open in shock. Noah continues, “He said this to Jacques last night. He said you were untrustworthy and that you were a very dangerous player. He wants you gone. So does Jacques.”

“Unbelievable,” Amy groans, shaking her head. “Great. My only ally I have in this game wants to take me out. Just great.”

“Well, now you have me as a new ally,” Noah grins. Amy smirks, and shakes Noah’s hand – solidifying that they’re working together as of now.

Amy’s Confessional: I don’t trust Noah a hundred percent, he seems like a snake, but the information that he has given me… it seems legit. I’m, you know, hurt by it because it’s coming from Scott, but now knowing that he’s coming after me, I need to get him out first before he gets me out.

Chris calls everyone out for the immunity challenge. “The losing team will have to vote one of their own out,” he announces. “But there’s also something else on the line! For the winning team – ”, he reveals a golden ticket in his hands. “A one night stay at the luxurious hotel – Hotel Mclean!”

The campers gasp, and Chris smirks then shows another golden ticket says ‘Chocolate Factory’. Everyone begins getting excited and Chris continues, “Each member of the winning team will receive a golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory as well; for the runner up team, you will receive a popcorn booth in your cabin – yours to keep!”

Chris then explains the immunity challenge. Each team must go find a cave on the island; each cave has a treasure chest inside it. In order to open the chest, there is a key hidden inside the cave and you have to find it in order to retrieve a map which is locked inside the treasure chest. After unlocking the chest and grabbing the map, follow the map to a secret location where you will find a bicycle with your team’s name on it. Ride the bike back to Chris, and your team will receive immunity.

Scott’s Confessional: I sort of want to throw this challenge just so I can get Amy out of here.

Amy’s Confessional: I need to throw this challenge so I can get Scott out of here.

Chris blows a whistle to signal the start of the challenge. Heather begins commanding her team and giving out orders, which Leshawna doesn’t agree with. Their team stops midway, and Leshawna begins growling at Heather.

“Who are YOU to be giving out orders, little Ms. Pageant Queen?” Leshawna barks at the queen bee.

Heather raises an eyebrow. “Aren’t we supposed to be getting along now? Why don’t you just shut your mouth so our team can ride our way to VICTORY?”

“You guys! Calm down!” Owen insists, but Heather smacks him on the face. He rubs his cheek and then begins giggling. “IT TICKLES!”

“We don’t have time to argue!” Trent yells, and points at Team Neptune who is sprinting all over the place. “We’re already in last place!”

The scene cuts to Zoey, Scott and Amy running to find a cave. Zoey points at a nearby cave. “That way!” she yells.

Scott then pretends to trip on a rock in order to slow his team down. “Ouch! That hurt!” he exclaims. “I can’t get up! You need to… you need to… wait for me! Wait for me, my friends!”

“Hurry up, Scott!” Zoey shouts, and soon after that, Amy pretends to ‘accidentally’ bump into a tree. She lands on the ground and begins to fake cry.

“I can’t get uuuup!” Amy begins to whine, while rolling across the ground.

Zoey sighs, and then whistles. Suddenly, two eyes pop open out of the lake – a shark’s eyes; it’s Fang the Shark. Scott shrieks at the sight of Fang, and Zoey smirks. “Get up, win the challenge or I’ll get Fang to bite your face off!” she yells.

Scott swiftly jumps up and begins running across the island, also dragging Amy whose head keeps on bumping against rocks and chipmunks. Zoey is sprinting from behind the two, and Scott occasionally looks back and shrieks after seeing Fang’s eyes again.

Courtney is leading her tribe, and they’re the first ones to find a cave. Courtney is the first one to dart through the cave, then followed by Lindsay, Noah and Jacques.

They all hop into the darkness, and Jacques lets out a frightened squeal. “Does anyone have a flashlight?” he asks, trembling in fear.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” Noah chuckles. “That’s kinda pathetic.”

“Oh, be quiet you scrawny loser!” Jacques exclaims.

Noah replies, “Says the male ice dancer.”

Jacques’s Confessional: You know, Noah is really annoying! Superrrr annoying! If our team loses, he needs to go! Plus, he isn’t physically fit too or anything so it wouldn’t really matter if we vote him out!

Lindsay’s Confessional: I feel like I’m slowly just fading into the background! I don’t have an important role in my team – Courtney’s the bossy leader, Jacques is the sidekick and Noah is the smack talker! And what am I? Nothing! I need to start making big moves!

Lindsay slides across the cave grounds, and begins dancing uncontrollably. She begins making ‘big moves’ by doing a disco dance, when she suddenly bumps into a large brown bear. She shrieks, as the bear growls and chases her team around.

“Thankfully, I’m a CIT!” Courtney yells as she runs around in circles from the bear. “So, I know exactly how to deal with a dangerous bear!” She grabs something shiny and tosses it into the bear’s mouth, and the bear swallows it and gulps.

The team halts, and watches the bear just stand there. “What did you do?” Noah asks.

“I threw a rock into its mouth,” Courtney says proudly. She smirks and folds her arms as she watches the bear slowly lose consciousness.

“You killed it?” Jacques yells in shock.

“Oh, don’t worry!” Courtney rolls her eyes. “It’ll be fine! Once he passes out, he’ll burp it out soon enough! Just like Owen does!”

“Um, Courtney,” Lindsay begins, gasping. “You didn’t throw a rock… you threw our KEY into the bear’s mouth!”

Courtney’s eyes pop open in complete shock. “WAIT, WHAT?!”

The scene cuts to Team Fortune finally arriving in a cave. DJ and Heather begin searching everywhere around the cave, while Owen, Leshawna and Trent fend off a pack of furious raccoons.

“Come on, buddy!” Owen pleads to one of the raccoons. “We’re supposed to be friends here! We’re one of the same kind! Come on! PLEASE!”

A raccoon jumps onto Owen’s face, and Owen begins screaming loudly and sprinting around the cave. He bumps into Heather, and she shrieks as she falls on the pack of raccoons. Much to her surprise, all the raccoons carry her, since when they’re all together, they’re all very strong.

“Damn,” Trent says.

“Release me!” Heather yells. “Put me DOWN!” The raccoons throw her out of the cave, and she crawls her way back in with a look of rage painted on her face.

“This ain’t gonna be good,” DJ says, shaking his head. Then, Heather jumps to the raccoons, and in the same time, they jump as well and the both of them crash against one another. Heather begins throwing each raccoon out of the cave, but the raccoons come together and pull her down, scratching her and biting her.

Trent’s Confessional: I can’t believe I just saw Heather and a bunch of raccoons fight! *laughs* That was HILARIOUS!

“Get OFF of me!!” Heather yells, as the raccoons all tumble down on her. She glares at her teammates as she is being defeated by a crowd of raccoons. “Aren’t you all going to even try to HELP me?!”

DJ whips out a key out of the darkness. “Found it!” he exclaims. “Come on, guys! Let’s keep up the winning streak!”

The team, besides Heather, darts through the cave enthusiastically. Heather gasps, as another raccoon farts on her face. She yells at her teammates, “You’re just gonna leave me here? You can’t DO THAT!”

“Bye, Felicia!” Leshawna yells, as the rest of the team disappears into the cave. Heather shouts in fury, as a raccoon swallows her face.

Meanwhile, Team Zest has yet to find a key. Zoey is searching everywhere in the cave, while Amy is just pretending to search. Scott is ‘guarding’ the cave; in reality, he just wants to be prepared to run if Fang returns. Zoey gasps, and snatches a golden key hiding behind a rock.

“YES!” Zoey cheers. “Come on!” She looks at Scott, who is still trembling in fear as he’s ‘guarding’ the cave. She grits her teeth. “I said – COME. ON!”

Scott shrieks, and drags Amy across the cave and Zoey simply walks behind with a satisfied smile. Suddenly, Amy shrieks as she steps into a net trap and she is hung up to the top of the cave. “UGH!” she groans. “Look, net, I am totally not in the mood right now, so would you just – ”, she takes off her tall shoes and begins stabbing the net with it, “ – come on! Get off of me, you creep!”

Zoey rolls her eyes, and quickly karate kicks the net with her heel, slicing it off and releasing Amy. Amy dusts her dress off, and sighs. “Yay, I’m free,” she says, with no enthusiasm at all.

Zoey’s Confessional: You know what would be really SAD? If our team loses and I get sent home again despite me doing all the hard work! All Scott does is whimper, and all Amy does is complain! I hate them so much! I wish I had an… an Idol or something, so I can use it to vote either one of them off!

Suddenly, when the girls look around the cave, Scott is no where to be found. Zoey gasps and shakes her head.

“Oh, heck no,” Zoey gasps, and sprints around to search for Scott. “SCOTT? SCOTT? WHERE ARE YOU?”

Scott chuckles and comes out of the darkness with a grin. “Relax, dork,” he snorts. “I’m right here, and guess what I spotted too – ”, he reveals a treasure chest behind him, “ – ta daaaa!”

Zoey gasps in delight, and rushes to the chest. She nods her head, and then looks back at her fellow teammates. “We got this challenge in the bag!” she cheers, then unlocks the wooden chest.

“Yipee,” Amy rolls her eyes.

Zoey grabs the map from inside the chest, and points outside the cave. “THAT WAY!”

Scott’s Confessional: I figured I could try to win the challenge because I still need Amy in this game because she’s one of the only allies I probably have and I need her to go further before I stab the knife in her back. She’s going to be useful before she leaves.

Team Zest is in the lead, while Team Fortune finally unlocks their chest and runs out of the cave with their map. Team Neptune is still trying to get the key out of the bear.

Jacques is hugging the bear tightly, in hopes of squeezing the key out of the bear’s mouth, and the wet key shoots out of the mouth, and slams Noah in the face. The wet drool splatters against Noah’s face, and he has a dead expression painted on his face.

“Lovely,” Noah says sarcastically.

Lindsay snatches the key, and sprints through the dark cave. Her teammates wait for her, and suddenly there’s a CLICK sound, and Lindsay comes back out the darkness with a smile on her face and the map in her hands. “Come on, you guys!” she says enthusiastically as she darts out of the cave.

Courtney runs towards her, and grabs the map from Lindsay and Lindsay gasps. “You’re obviously not responsible enough to be trusted with the map!” Courtney says.

Lindsay raises an eyebrow furiously. “EXCUSE me?” she exclaims. “I am tooootally responsible! And you can’t just do that!”

She snatches the map, and Courtney grabs it back, and the two have a tug of war with the map while Jacques tries to break up the fight. The two girls are launched backwards as they pull too hard and the map is ripped into two.

Courtney gets up on her feet and gasps. “Now LOOK at what you’ve done!” Courtney yells in frustration. “This is all your fault! If you would’ve just let me take the map, THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!”

“YOU were the one that snatched the map from me – the person that actually found the map!” Lindsay shouts back. “I’m the person that actually helped the team in the challenge, unlike YOU who slowed us down by throwing the key into the bear’s mouth! IMAGINE HOW FAR WE COULD’VE GOTTEN IF YOU HADN’T SLOWED US DOWN!”

Courtney gasps. “I –”, but Lindsay cuts her off.

“If we LOSE, you’re going HOME!” Lindsay shouts, and then takes one step closer to Courtney. “HOME!”

Courtney’s eye begins twitching, and she roars at Lindsay’s face and begins ranting on about Lindsay’s stupidity. The others watch in horror, as Courtney goes off on her fellow teammate. She sighs, and then calms down.

Lindsay hesitates, but then shuts her eyes before saying, “You smell like Duncan’s butthole.”

Meanwhile, Team Fortune (excluding Heather) reaches their bike first. One by one, they all get on but Owen has some trouble. He glances a the super tight and squeezy space he has to sit in. DJ and Trent are looking at him with an expression that says ‘Dude, come on’.

“Uhm,” Owen begins, nervously. He squeezes his bottom on the bike, but he begins sweating immediately. “Um… you guys, you should start the bike now! LIKE – NOW!”

“Chill, dude, what’s the problem?” DJ asks.

“You okay?” Leshawna asks, concerned. “Is there any way we could help?”

Owen’s cheeks turn pink. “JUST GO! GO!” he yells, and then screams. “BEFORE IT COMES!”

“What comes?” Trent asks, his eyes popping open.

“…the fart.”

The team shrieks in fear, and they all begin pedalling as quick as possible. Team Zest sprints towards their bike, and Team Fortune is having trouble biking. Team Zest quickly catches up and zips past them.

Scott’s Confessional: Sometimes, having only three people in your team helps. *chuckles* Team Fortune still has five to four people; I pity the weak!

“See ya later, losers!” Scott laughs at the team’s faces. Suddenly, Team Neptune darts towards their bike and they all speedily get on.

Courtney’s Confessional: Thankfully, because I’m a CIT, I pieced the map back together and we successfully reached the bike. We might be losing now, but WATCH OUT!

Leshawna gasps, and continues to pedal as her team’s bike slowly makes it way through the woods. “They’re gaining on us!” she warns, looking back at Team Neptune, led by Courtney, who is zipping swiftly behind them.

Jacques cackles. “We are coming for that prize, baby!”

A fart suddenly rips through Owen’s buttcheeks and the poisonous gas flies towards the other team and their bike. Courtney begins to get dizzy, and even before five seconds are up, Lindsay and Noah drop on the ground, and Courtney stops pedalling to cover her nose and mouth with her hands.

“Yo, Owen’s fart killed them!” Trent laughs, as he continues pedalling hard.

Owen begins giggling. “Sorry, guys!” he apologizes to the falling team behind him.

Courtney roars in anger, as the two teams all race across the finish line and reach Chris. Chris announces the results with a smile, “First place for the first time – Team Zest!”

Scott and Zoey celebrate genuinely as they drop their bikes and high five. Amy tags along and pretends to be happy and excited, “Go team.”

The members of Team Neptune finally arrive on their bike with a disgusted look on their faces. Courtney glares at Owen, while Owen just cracks a smile.

“Second place – Team Neptune!” Chris announces, pointing at Courtney, Lindsay, Jacques and Noah.

Leshawna’s face falls. “WHAT?” she shouts, and then shakes her head and waves her finger in the air. “No, no, no, no. Our team name is Team FOR-TU-NE – not Neptune, I don’t know her!”

“Sorry, Fortune, but you’re missing one member,” Chris replies. “Heather’s not here. Your whole team needs to be here if you wish to claim immunity and the prizes. Speaking of the prizes… Zest: you will receive a one night stay in Hotel Mclean and a ticket to the chocolate factory to escape the wildness of Camp Wawanakwa!”

Team Zest celebrates their victory.

“Team Neptune: you will receive your very own popcorn booth!” Chris announces.

“Wait,” Amy interrupts. “Popcorn booth? Since Zest is the winning team, can we just decide on another prize? I want the popcorn booth,” she declares.


“We need to think long term, and I’m tired of eating Chef’s disgusting slop,” Amy says in disgust. “I. Want. The. Popcorn. Booth.”

Chris nods his head. “Fair enough. Zest, you have the popcorn booth, and Neptune, you get to stay in the luxurious Hotel Mclean and you also get a ticket to the chocolate factory!”

Team Neptune celebrates. Scott glares at Amy. “Thanks a lot, Amy,” he says coldly. “They get to stay in a beautiful hotel and get to visit a chocolate factory, and we get a chunk of popcorn. Thanks.”

“Your welcome,” Amy shrugs, and smirks.

Heather begins marching towards the contestants with scratch marks all over her face and body. The campers all share a, “Oooooh”.

“You left me to DIE in there!” Heather yells at her team. “You know what? You deserve to go to the bonfire ceremony tonight! One of you deserve to go home!”

“And one of you will go home tonight!” Chris announces. “Team Fortune, tonight, bonfire ceremony. Be there. Don’t forget to expect the unexpected.”

Heather folds her arms as she glares at her fellow teammates. “I never want to see another freaking raccoon in my entire life again.”

Leshawna’s Confessional: Remember my alliance with Heather quite a long time ago? POOF – gone! That girl needs to go, she annoys the heck out of me. Nuh uh, I don’t deal with that crap.

The scene cuts to the safety competition. “It’s been so long!” Chris laughs, as he brings out Team Fortune for the safety competition. “This safety competition is crucial if you wish to stay in this game! This competition may be very hard for some of you! The objective of this game is to first make a fire, then throw something very precious to you into the fire. Then after that – ”, Chris points at a tramboline and a tall block of wood in front of the tramboline with a key on the block of wood, “ – bounce on the tramboline to jump really high, high enough to snatch the key and give the key back to me. First one to do so wins safety from tonight’s bonfire ceremony. On your marks, get set, GO!”

Owen is the first one to successfully make a fire and he laughs at his victory. “YES, BABY!”

He is then followed by Heather and Trent who also swiftly make a fire. Heather kisses her teddy bear before throwing it into the blazing fire while Trent hesitates to throw his lucky charm into the fire.

“Huh,” Owen says, wandering around camp. “What’s so precious to me?”

Owen’s Confessional: You know, I don’t think I have a lot of things on this island that mean a lot to me! *laughs* Well… except for Izzy who I’ve hidden in my cabin this whole time! *there’s a loud bang on the wall and Izzy can be heard yelling* Oops, that was supposed to be a secret.

Owen reluctantly throws his bag of potato chips into the fire. He falls to his knees as he cries in agony, mourning the death of his potato chips.

Leshawna quickens up her pace, as DJ throws his cherrished belongings into the burning fire. Heather begins bouncing on the tramboline but she isn’t high enough yet to grab the key. Owen begins jumping, so does Leshawna. Trent and DJ make their ways to the trambolines.

Leshawna takes a swing at the key, but she misses by an inch. “Aw, crap!” she says in frustration.

Trent snatches his key, and he jumps back down but he trips on a rock. Heather snatches her key and she swiftly jumps down, and her and Trent dart towards Chris. It’s a close race between the two, but finally Heather passes her key to Chris, and Chris gladly receives it. “And Heather wins safety!” he announces. “She is not illegible to vote off tonight!”

Trent’s Confessional: Damn, I was so close to the win! So close to that safety! I really wanted Heather out, if only I didn’t trip then she still would’ve been illegible to vote off!

Owen’s Confessional: *sheds tear* I sacrificed my marshmallows… for nothing.

The scene cuts to what remains of the original Beast Coast alliance: Trent, DJ and Owen all huddled up in one of the cabins. Trent leads the plan to blindside oblivious Leshawna that night.

“She’s not too good with challenges either, so it won’t be too much of a loss for our team,” Trent explains. “Plus, if the merge is soon, she could be a potential threat! She’s really good with the other girls I think! Lindsay and Zoey are like her new best friends.”

“But I like Leshawna!” Owen insists.

“It’s a game, bro!” Trent says. “Plus, if it isn’t Leshawna, it’s gotta be one of us!”

Owen sighs. “Fine.”

Suddenly, Amy knocks on the door and enters the room. “Hey, sugar buns!” Amy grins, looking at Trent. Trent gasps and quickly leaps towards Amy and hugs her tightly. The two quickly leave the cabin.

“Damn, that was quick,” DJ shakes his head. “We need to get Trent’s mind off of that girl! She’s a sneaky little witch, and I don’t like her at all.”

“So, we’re voting out Leshawna tonight?” Owen asks to confirm.

DJ nods his head. “I guess so.”

The scene cuts to Leshawna resting peacefully on the hammock. DJ approaches her and kneels down next to her. “Hey, can I talk to you for a bit?” DJ asks.

“You’re ruining my ‘me’ time!” Leshawna groans, but then faces DJ. “But, it’s okay, baby. What’s up?”

“You’re going home tonight,” DJ reveals and Leshawna’s eyes pop open. “I’m… sorry, I just… I didn’t want to shock you tonight and leave you stunned. I want you to know this earlier.”

DJ’s Confessional: My goal in talking to Leshawna is to inform her of the upcoming vote because… you know, Leshawna’s a great person and I love her, and I don’t want to leave her blindsided tonight. I would never want to do that to her, so I’m telling her before the vote.

“You know I don’t want to vote you out, but it’s just the way it has to be,” DJ sighs. Leshawna nods and purses her lips.

“Why not Trent or Owen?” Leshawna asks. “Why does it gotta be me?”

DJ sighs and then slowly says, “Me, Trent and Owen are in an alliance.” Leshawna raises an eyebrow.

Leshawna’s Confessional: OOOOF course! I get voted out by some all male alliance! They all wanna stick together – ride it out to the end: penis buddies!

“So, we plan on staying loyal and since Heather’s safe, you’re next to go,” DJ admits to Leshawna. “I’m really sorry, boo.”

Leshawna’s Confessional: I hate the situation that I’m in right now… it just sucks. I need to do something about it. I need to start planting some seeds.

“I know y’all three want to stick together, but Trent’s not going to stay loyal to you a hundred percent,” Leshawna says to DJ. “He’s gonna stay true to Amy, and not you boys. He’s going to bring Amy to the finals with him and not you. It’s stupid to bring him further in the game because he has decided to partner himself up with a villainous and deceitful devil child, and if that doesn’t tell you that he’s not to be trusted, then I don’t know what will convince you. I will swear up and down on my life that I will not vote you out. I promise you, but Trent… not so sure about that.”

Leshawna’s Confessional: If I’m going out, I’m going out with a bang. Sh*t will be blown up.

Leshawna approaches Heather in the girls cabin, and Heather is laying down on her bed. “Hey, you okay?” Leshawna asks, and sits down next to Heather.

Heather snorts. “Why wouldn’t I be? I mean, I’m safe, so yeah, duh.”

“Would you mind not voting me off?” Leshawna suggests, smirking. Heather faces Leshawna and raises an eyebrow. She grins, and the two girls get to talking. They begin strategizing and discussing their plan. The two agree to vote the same way in hopes that their target will leave.

“Them boys have an alliance,” Leshawna reveals to Heather.

Heather raises an eyebrow. “Shocker.”

“And they’re planning on voting me off,” Leshawna rolls her eyes. “Whatever. I’ll expose them before I go home anyways. Gosh, I hate them so much!”

Elsewhere, Owen and Zoey are making pancakes together. Owen giggles. “Wow! I never thought I’d be such a good chef!” he says in delight.

Zoey laughs, and takes a bite of Owen’s pancake and then her eyes pop open. She collapses on the ground and is unconscious. Owen gasps, and then looks at his pancake. “Oops,” he says.

Meanwhile, DJ and Trent are talking in their cabin. Trent is making sure that Leshawna goes home; he mentions that he talked to Heather moments ago and she agreed to vote Leshawna off. DJ nods his head.

Leshawna knocks on the door and enters the cabin. “Hey, Trent, can I talk to you for a bit?” she asks, and Trent nods his head and follows her outside. Leshawna folds her arms and looks at Trent.

“Tell me, Trent, who are you most loyal to in this game?” Leshawna asks Trent. Trent smiles, and DJ slowly eavesdrops as he peeks out the cabin.

Trent answers quickly, “Amy! Obviously!”

“So, not your little boys in your little alliance?” Leshawna chuckles. “Not DJ and Owen?”

“How did you know about our alliance?”

Zoey, Lindsay, Courtney, Noah, Scott and Owen walk out into the scene. “What’s going on?” Lindsay asks. “Is there something going on?”

“Them three – ”, Leshawna points at Owen, DJ and Trent, “ – are in an alliance! THEY’RE IN AN ALLIANCE! And you know what? I might not be here by the merge, but you people will be and I want you to take them out one by one because if you don’t, YOU WILL GO HOME TOO! But, you know what’s funny?”

DJ raises an eyebrow as he steps into the scene.

“Trent, over here, is not even going to stay loyal to his alliance!” Leshawna continues, laughing. “OH, NO! No, no, no… he’s only going to stay loyal to Amy, his one true love that he will unite with in the merge! There goes another power duo, am I right?”

She points at DJ, “He ain’t loyal to YOU!”, she points at Owen, “And he ain’t loyal you YOU either!”

Trent’s Confessional: Leshawna goes around trying to blow my game up, and I’m quite confused! But it doesn’t matter anyway! She’s going home tonight, and that’s all that matters!

DJ’s Confessional: I mean, I love Leshawna and all that, but she’s getting WAY too out of control! She’s a  ticking time bomb, and I think that’s the reason why she should go home!

“Last chance, baby,” Leshawna claps her hands as she looks at DJ. “Last chance.”

That night, Team Fortune walks to the bonfire ceremony with cold expressions on their faces. One by one, they go to the confessional booth to cast their votes.

“Leshawna’s dangerous, very dangerous!” DJ says before casting his vote. “She’s very risky to keep in this game, but I have to admit, I did let the thought of flipping on Trent cross my mind.”

“I hope what I said out there was enough to blow up Trent’s game,” Leshawna says, sighing. “I really hope me and Heather can pull this out.”

“Obviously, me and Leshawna used to hate each other,” Heather says before casting her vote. “But she seems like a great person to keep in this game! I mean, especially after that little rant she did out there!”

“I vote to evict Leshawna,” Owen says, sighing. “Sorry, Leshawna.”

Later, Chris collects and tallies the votes. He stands up in front of the team, who are sitting silently behind the blazing campfire with white marshmallows in their hands.

“If anyone has an immunity idol and would like to use it, please do so now,” Chris announces. He waits, as the team exchange glances. Trent worriedly looks at Leshawna, but not a single word comes out of her. Chris continues, “Alright, then. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will be leaving the island tonight. First vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Leshawna’; Owen’s vote. Leshawna nods her head, sighing.

“Leshawna. Second vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Trent’; Leshawna’s vote.

“Trent. 1 vote Leshawna, 1 vote Trent. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Trent’; Heather’s vote.

“Trent. That’s 2 votes Trent, 1 vote Leshawna.”

Trent sighs at the sight of seeing his name the second time. He glances at Heather, and she just grins devilishly.

“Fourth vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Leshawna’; Trent’s vote.

“Leshawna. We’re tied up: 2 votes Leshawna, 2 votes Trent.” Leshawna and Trent both await the final vote anxiously.

Chris reads the final vote. “Eleventh person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…”

He reveals the final vote, DJ’s vote, that says ‘Trent’. Trent gasps in shock, as Leshawna just chuckles. Trent glances at DJ, but DJ refuses to make eye contact after feeling too guilty for betraying his friend and ally.

“Trent,” Chris announces. “Please toss your marshmallow into the fire.”

Trent shakes his head, and stands up. He tosses his marshmallow into the fire then looks back at DJ, “Bro, that’s messed up.”

He walks off, and disappears as Chris smiles. “What another amazing bonfire ceremony. Alright, Fortune, get back to camp! Goodnight!”

Come Together, My Friends!
Season 1, Episode 9
Challenge Along with your loved one/partner, find the combination to the lock then find your way back to the cafeteria and snatch the immunity necklace.

This is the beginning of the merge.

Reward Immunity, $5,000
Winner(s) Courtney
Episode Guide
"Smells Like The Teen Spirit"

Episode 9: "Come Together, My Friends!"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, Scott began plotting his fellow ally Amy’s demise but when Amy caught wind of it, thanks to Noah, she attempted to throw the challenge to get Scott out. In the challenge, a bear sprung up, Lindsay and Courtney had a massive blow up, Heather got into a fight with a pack of raccoons and Owen led his team to victory… or so he thought! Because Team Fortune left Heather behind with the raccoons, Team Fortune was sent to the bonfire ceremony. Trent led the charge to vote off Leshawna to his alliance after Heather won her first safety competition, but when DJ kind-heartedly informed Leshawna of what was about to come, Leshawna teamed up with Heather to blow up Trent’s game. After Leshawna screamed at Trent and exposed him to DJ and Owen, DJ turned against his alliance and Trent was blindsided in a 3-2 vote.

What remains of Team Fortune walks back to camp after their very first bonfire ceremony. Amy and Noah examine the team’s facial expressions from outside their cabins, and Amy gasps when she realizes which team member of Team Fortune is missing.

“Where’s Trent?” Amy asks, shocked. “W-Where is he? Did he go to the bathroom or something?”

“Poor guy tossed his marshmallow into the fire,” Owen shakes his head.

Owen’s Confessional: I can’t trust anyone on this island! It justs sucks because I really thought I could trust Trent and DJ; Trent went home and DJ turned on me! I don’t know what to do anymore!

“Trent is no more, sweetheart,” Leshawna cracks a smile. “But, hey, I’m still here!”

Amy raises an eyebrow. “Yay?”

Amy’s Confessional: I think the main reason why Trent was booted off was because of his connection to me, and I feel… I feel terrible because that’s going to ruin my game! Now they know that I charmed him and manipulated him, they know how big of a threat I am now! Trent was my only ally that I could trust. Buuuuut, Owen seemed pretty distraught out there, maybe I can use him to my advantage!

Leshawna’s Confessional: Oh, MAN! That bonfire ceremony was one rollercoaster ride! I thought I was going home for a bit, but turns out my little shouting stunt paid off and I managed to turn DJ on his own alliance! Praise Jesus!

DJ’s Confessional: I am very confident in the move that I made. It might hurt my game a little bit because  now Owen won’t trust me as much as he did before, but what I did definitely will get me further into the game.

Heather’s Confessional: Trent going home? Oh, please, I never cared for that dork. Wow, yet again, I put a hand in Trent’s eliminaton once again! Wow, that’s incredible.

Later the next morning, Zoey, Leshawna, Owen, Noah and Lindsay are in the canteen. They’re playing ‘Master Chef’: who can make the best meal. Owen is the judge, and he impatiently waits as the four campers being cooking their specific dishes.

“HURRY IT UP! I’M SO HUNGRY!” Owen exclaims. He looks at Leshawna’s dish – a tasty apple pie – and he licks his lips in excitement. “Come ON!”

Owen looks at the clock, and looks at Zoey, Leshawna, Noah and Lindsay. “TIME!” he yells. “Contestants, present me your dishes!”

“Oh, mighty Owen, I present to you – ”, Lindsay reveals her salmon pasta, “ – my beauuuutiful dish!”

Owen gasps in excitement, and beings munching down Lindsay’s dish. He tosses the plate against the wall and licks his lips. “BOY! That was good! I’d give it… a 6/10!”

“Oh, big O’, I present to you – ”, Leshawna reveals her delicious apple pie, “ – my heavenly apple pie!”

Owen smashes his face against the pie, and eats every single part of it. “YUMMY! I WANT MORE! I’d give it… an 8.5/10!”

Zoey and Noah both present their dishes in the same time. “I call my dish ‘Monday Magic’!” Zoey says, as she reveals her tall creamy cake with a tiny wizard hat on top of the cake.

Noah reveals his dish, “I call my dish ‘Grain of Salt’!” Noah says, as he passes his bowl of smoking rice with pepper and salt rained on top of it. He also reveals a chocolate cupcake that says ‘U SUCK’. He chuckles in delight.

Owen licks his lips before swallowing Zoey’s entire cake, and then pouring down Noah’s bowl into his mouth. He then begins slips Noah’s cupcake into his mouth. “Zoey – I’d give you… a 9/10!” Owen announces.

Zoey celebrates, and high fives Leshawna. Owen continues, “Noah – I’d give you… a… 10/10! Congratulations, Noah! You are the ultimate Master Chef!”

Owen hands Noah a wet maccaroni necklace, but Noah quickly rejects it. “Yeah, no thanks,” he says.

Jacques and Scott are talking in their cabin. “Do you ever just get that feeling that something big is about to happen?” Scott asks. “Like… something…” He rushes towards the window, and looks out. He spots the others chatting.

“What?” Jacques asks. “Is there something going on? What is wrong?”

“Nothing,” Scott answers, softly. He examines the crowd in front of the cabin. “But something’s about to happen. Something real big – I can feel it! I can… I can smell it!” He cracks open the window and begins sniffing the fresh air outside.

Jacques’s Confessional: *hysterically laughing* Oh my – Scott – that guy - *twirls his finger in a circular motion above his ear repeatedly* Crazy boy!

“I can feel it!” Scott says, smelling the fresh air. He gasps and twirls his arms as he falls out the open window. He then pops back up with a chipmunk on his head. He shoves the chipmunk off his head, “Get off me!”

“You know, you’re acting a lot like Dawn,” Jacques laughs. “Like, ‘Oh – I can sense it! I can feel it’, I think you got infected by her psycho-ness.”

“DAWN!” Scott exclaims, as he jumps back inside the cabin through the open window. “THAT’S IT! DAWN!”


Leshawna, Lindsay and Zoey begin giggling in their cabin and the three girls solidify an alliance. “We can take this thing all the way to the end!” Leshawna says.

“GIRL PARTY!” Lindsay celebrates, jumping on the bed and shaking Leshawna and Zoey off.

Chris calls everyone outside for a very special announcement. They all gather around, and await the important announcement. Chris smirks and reveals that all eleven of the remaining campers have reached the merge.

The eleven celebrate in happiness. “BUT! There’s also another thing I have to mention,” Chris says, and then begins chuckling mischeviously. “Oh, it’s amazing. Perfectly amazing! Well, by popular demand, we have decided to bring one of the eliminated contestants back!”

The campers gasp. Chris continues, “In fact – she’s already here!”


“Come on in!” Chris calls. Two large blue eyes slowly rise from the water, and the campers gasp as Dawn walks out of the lake with a beautiful smile on her face.

Dawn’s Confessional: Being back on the island feels amazing! You know, it’s really just a dream come true to have another shot at a million big ones!

“Dawn!” Zoey gasps in excitement. The two friends hug happily. “I’m so happy you’re back! This is literally the best thing that could happen right now!”

Zoey’s Confessional: Having Dawn back in the game is the best thing that could happen to me and my game! I completely trust her, and she’s a huge ally for me!

Jacques’s Confessional: Zoey and Dawn are all ‘YIPEE’ ‘YIPOO’ but just wait! Just wait! *evil laugh* I wish you the best of luck before one of you will be voted off tonight!

Chris leads the unsuspecting crowd of campers to a large wooden shelter hidden behind one of the cabins. Chris begins cackling sinisterly as he guides the contestants one by one inside the shelter.

“Why haven’t I seen this before?” Lindsay asks, carefully walking down the staircase inside the shelter. She examines the dark area ahead of her, and she hears Owen trip on the staircase and tumble down to the ground.

“Because we’ve hidden it from you kids for a long damn time,” Chef says, suddenly appearing and shocking the campers. “Y’all were too dangerous to be around here, but there’s a storm coming so this is the only place where you can hide!”

“There’s a storm?” Noah says, raising an eyebrow. “So, that means no challenge for the day?”

“Nope!” Chris begins laughing. “We couldn’t risk your lives just for an immunity challenge! Of course not! Who do you think we are? Animals?”

“Wow, that’s awfully nice!” DJ cracks a smile, but then his smile quickly fades as he spots several dark hooded figures standing in the middle of the shelter. “W-W-Who are they?”

“TAKE COVER!” Chris yells, and the door is slammed shut and the campers begin shrieking. One by one, they all fall off the staircase and everything turns black after the storm arrives.

The campers slowly open their eyes, and they all gasp after realizing that they’re strapped to a hospital bed. Courtney shrieks and tries to wiggle herself out of the bed but she’s stuck. “UGH! WHAT IN THE WORLD?”

“Calm down, princess,” a voice echoes through the darkness of the shelter. Courtney gasps as she sees Duncan step out of the shadows. Duncan smirks and continues: “Everything’s going to be perfectly fine.”

“What’s going on?” Leshawna asks, and tries to free herself out of the hospital bed. “SOMEBODY! HELP! GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

“Do not scream, my lady,” a familiar voice replies, and Harold steps into the light with a genuine smile. “For your knight in shining armor is here to save you!”

“Oh no,” Scott shakes his head. “T-T-This is the challenge, isn’t it? All of our friends and whatever are here? This is the challenge… right?”

“Yes, correct,” a voice answers. “You’re accurate about the challenge part, but you’re wrong about the friends part.” Cameron steps into the light, and Scott gasps. Cameron continues: “Your biggest enemies are also here.”

“Biggest enemies?” Amy gasps. “What do you m-mean? Biggest ENEMIES?”

“Hello, sister,” Samey grins as she steps into the light. Amy gasps when she sees her blonde twin appear in front of her eyes. “Good to see you again,” Samey continues. “I’ve had a blast watching your devious ways on television back at home!”

“I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not,” Amy replies.

Gwen enters the scene, and shuffles towards Heather with a cold expression in her eyes. Heather gasps, and shrieks, “NO!”

“Trust me,” Gwen rolls her eyes. “I didn’t want to come here either. They kidnapped me and put me in the back of a truck.”

Trent marches towards DJ and DJ squeals in fright at the sight of his former ally. “You know what’s funny?” Trent says, glaring at DJ. “My life was in the palm of YOUR hands and you chose to send me home. Well, guess what – YOUR life are in my hands now!”

Beth jumps out of the darkness with an excited smile and she looks around the room for Lindsay. “LINDSAY!” she calls, jumping in excitement. “LINDSAY! MY BFF! I’M HERE!”

Lindsay squeals excitedly. “BETH! OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE HERE!”

Beth begins squealing as she runs towards Lindsay. “LIDNSAY! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I can’t believe I’m actually HERE with you!”

Izzy swings down, hanging on a vine, and lands on Owen’s stomach, making him go, “OOF!”

“Hey, big O’! How ya’ doing, cutie?” Izzy laughs, as she squishes Owen’s cheeks. “Did you miss me at all, you big sicko?”

“IZZY!” Owen exclaims in excitement, and makes a kissy face but he can’t reach Izzy’s face and lips.

Mike and Emma step out of the darkness, much to Noah and Zoey’s delight.

“EMMA!” Noah calls, trying to free himself from the straps. “I’M OVER HERE!”

Emma runs towards Noah, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “I’ve been rooting for you the whole way back home! Me and Kitty are so proud of how far you’ve come! You made the merge!”

Mike awkwardly tries to hug Zoey, but then releases her. “Yeah, I can’t do that,” Mike chuckles, and Zoey replies with a laugh.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Zoey says, smiling.

Josee surprises Jacques from the back, and begins tickling him, and he starts giggling uncontrollably. “Did you come here to win, baby?” Josee asks Jacques, having a sinister grin on her face.

“YES, MA’AM!” Jacques answers, nodding his head.

“Well then, you’re going to win,” Josee smirks.

B steps out of the darkness, and Dawn reacts with a happy smile. As B walks towards his friend’s side, Dawn examines him carefully. “Is that a new hat, friend?” Dawn asks.

B nods his head silently. Dawn smiles and replies, “Looks great on you!”

Chris clears his throat as he enters the scene. “Alright then!” he says, smiling. “Now that you’ve all reunited with your fellow friends and enemies, it’s time to explain the challenge!”

“So there IS a challenge!” DJ says, furiously.

“Duuuh!” Chris begins laughing. “Obviously! Did you really think I was telling the truth? I mean, come on! My name is Chris Mclean! You’ve known me for years, you should know!”

“Screw you, Chris Mclean!” Heather yells.

“In this challenge, your friends and enemies MUST help you out!” Chris announces. “In order to win this challenge, you have to be freed from your hospital bed. Take a look at your strap; there’s a lock there and in order to be freed, your partner must find the four digit lock combination. Clues to it are hidden all over the room. After being freed, run out of this shelter and find a map that will lead you to a pit stop. Once you reach the pit stop, Chef will be waiting there and he will give you another map that will lead you to the cafeteria. First person to reach the cafeteria then snatch the immunity necklace wins immunity, and also wins $5,000 for themselves and their partner as well!”

Cameron’s Confessional: Why in the world would I help Scott win immunity? I hate his guts! Even for $5,000! I don’t need that money, I already won Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! I’m going to try to sabotage Scott as much as I can!

“BUT, there’s another thing!” Chris announces. “The first four people to reach Chef will receive the ‘Boomerang Advantage’! If you hold the ‘Boomerang Advantage’, you can send another pair back to the shelter to start all over again! So, for example, Owen and Izzy win the ‘Boomerang Advantage’ – ”

“WHOO YEAH!” Owen celebrates, and high fives Izzy.

“You know you haven’t won it yet, right?” Gwen raises an eyebrow.

Chris continues, “ – so they can send whoever they want back to the shelter and back to the strapped hospital bed. If they choose to pick Amy and Samey, once Amy and Samey reach Chef, they have to restart all over again! Understand?”

The campers nod, and Chris blows his whistle to signal that the challenge has started. Everyone begins scrambling around the room to find the lock combination except for Cameron who’s laying his back against the wall just looking around the room.


“Cameron, what are you doing?” Chris begins laughing.

“Throwing this challenge out the window!” Cameron replies. “I don’t want Scott to win at all. I don’t want him to be immune from tonight’s bonfire ceremony.”

“Gwen, are you trying to win?” Chris asks.

“Heck yeah!” Gwen answers as she ransacks a box of medical equipment. “I want that $5,000 dollars!”

“Harold, many people are just fighting for the $5,000, what are you fighting for?” Chris asks Harold.

“I’m here to fight for Leshawna,” Harold answers calmly, as he throws a box across the air. “She’s my one true love, and she needs immunity!”

“Yes, I do, baby!” Leshawna says.

Emma gasps, as she finds a riddle hidden under a box. “I am your first clue, hello, aloha,” Emma reads, “You might need this clue or you’ll be heading to Ponderosa. Now, tell me, how many campers will be left in Wawanakwa?”

“GIVE ME THAT!” Josee yells, as she jumps on Emma’s shoulders and snatches the clue. Emma begins growling in rage, and she shakes the ice dancer off and runs towards Noah and enters the first two digits in Noah’s lock as ‘12’.

Emma’s Confessional: I’m a pretty smart person, and I’m glad I was selected to play for Noah! In fact, I was the first person to find the clue! ‘12’ for the remaining campers left on Wawanakwa as of now!

“12!” Josee exclaims, as she reads the clue but Beth quickly darts past her and steals the clue.

“How many campers will be left in Wawanakwa,” Beth says, reading the clue as she continues running but she bumps into Duncan and she falls on the floor with an ‘OOF’.

Duncan picks up the fallen clue. “I’ll take that,” he chuckles, then sprints towards Courtney and enters ‘11’ as the first two digits in the lock combination.

Duncan’s Confessional: I paid very close attention to the clue and it says ‘How many campers WILL be left in Wawanakwa’ – ‘WILL’ – that means in the future! I assumed it meant after tonight’s bonfire ceremony so 12 – 1 = 11, so I put down 11.

Samey and B each find a different clue. Samey reads her first, “Win this challenge and it’ll give one of your greatest enemies a scar, how many doubles did we have so far?”

Samey’s Confessional: Let me make this clear: I am not playing for Amy to win immunity! I am playing for MYSELF! I. Want. $5,000. That’s it, I’m not here to make Amy proud and happy! I’m here for the money!

Samey sprints towards Amy and puts in a ‘3’ as the first digit of the combination. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Amy asks, worried and nervous. “Because if I don’t win immunity, I could get booted off!”

“Stop yapping, would ya?” Samey growls, then sprints back to the chaos behind her.

B reads his clue very carefully and silently: “Immunity will keep you safe, out of danger and you won’t be able to crumble. In order to win, count how many have departed in the doubles.”

B then silently watches the chaos unfold as people scream the combinations everywhere, “11!”, “12!”, “3!”, “2!”, “6!”. He squints his eyes, and notices another clue fallen on the ground and he swiftly picks it up and reads the clue silently: “I am your first clue, hello, aloha… how many campers will be left in Wawanakwa?”

He then hears somebody yell ‘3’, then watches as Izzy swing across the room and drop a clue. B races towards it, and manages to bump Josee out of his way with his butt. He then silently reads the clue again: “…how many doubles did we have so far?”

Josee begins screaming in anger, and she jumps on B’s back, but she then drops to the ground as Harold accidentally throws a dead rat on to her face.

“Oops,” he says, then darts towards Leshawna and enters the four digit combination. He tries to unlock it, but it wouldn’t work. “GAH! IT’S WRONG!”

“Try reshuffling the numbers!” Leshawna urges.

Gwen is entering her four digit code in Heather’s lock, but it wouldn’t work. Heather begins to get impatient. “Hurry!” Heather exclaims. “You’re wasting so much time!”

“I’m TRYING!” Gwen growls, and then reshuffles the digits.

B enters his four digit combination in Dawn’s lock. “You’re close, B!” Dawn says. “You have a very hopeful aura! Keep it that way! You’re close to the win! I can sense it!”

B then unlocks the lock, and frees Dawn. The two friends dart out of the shelter, and scramble around for the map. “West!” Dawn instructs, and B hops to the direction that Dawn is pointing at.

Duncan raises an eyebrow as he watches Dawn and B escape the shelter. “You’re taking so long!” Courtney complains. “We don’t have all day!”

“Shut it for a sec,” Duncan says, as he runs towards Dawn’s hospital bed. He picks up the fallen lock with the proper combination digits. He smirks, then runs towards Courtney and enters the same exact combination. He unlocks the strap, and frees Courtney.

“FINALLY!” Courtney rolls her eyes as she hops out of her bed. Duncan throws the two locks against the wall, and it cracks, and the combination is reshuffled. “Come on, let’s get out of here!”

Izzy excitedly puts in a combination, only to find out that it’s the wrong one. “Oh, crap!” she exclaims, repeatedly trying to unlock the lock. “DANG IT! Something’s wrong! I put in the correct combination!”

“Try putting it in a different order!” Owen suggests, but Izzy spots Gwen and Heather running out of the shelter, freed, and Izzy begins to get extremely impatient.

“AGH! I’M SICK OF THIS!” Izzy yells, then breaks open the strap – releasing Owen without even putting in the correct lock combination. “COME ON, BIG O’! WE HAVE A JOB TO DO!”

“WOO HOO!” Owen celebrates, as he and Izzy run out of the shelter. “That’s my girl!”

Owen’s Confessional: Izzy and I have a bond like no other! *camera zooms out to reveal Izzy drawing on Owen’s face with markers* It’s really special!

“In order, Dawn & B, Courtney & Duncan, Heather & Gwen, and Owen & Izzy have managed to escape and are now searching for a map!” Chris announces.

“Did you find the correct combination?” Zoey asks her partner, Mike.

“NO!” Mike answers, desperately looking for a clue. He begins sweating nervously. “This is impossible! I can’t even find another clue! This is IMPOSSIBLE!”

“Mike, look at me!” Zoey exclaims, and Mike shifts his head to face his girlfriend. “You can do this! You can win this! You can win this for the both of us!”

Mike nods his head, and begins crying a mighty battle cry, then bumps into Trent. The two guys clash and they both fall to the ground.

“Sorry, dude,” Trent apologizes, then runs back to DJ repeating the combination ‘1163’ to himself. He quickly puts in the combination into the lock but it won’t unlock. “SHOOT! It’s wrong!”

“Try putting it in another order!” DJ suggests, and Trent quickly does and it’s correct. He unlocks DJ and releases him. The two sprint out of the shelter.

“Now DJ and Trent are out of here!” Chris announces.

Emma repeatedly tries to unlock Noah but she continues to fail every single time she does. “THIS IS CRAZY!” she exclaims, running her fingers through her hair in frustration. “IMPOSSIBLE! WHAT IS THIS?”

“What did you put in?” Noah asks.

“3126,” Emma answers, handing Noah all three clues. Noah quickly reads over the clues, then looks at Emma with an expression that says ‘Are you serious?’

“What is the 12 for?” Noah asks.

“For the amount of campers on Wawanakwa!” Emma answers.

Noah replies with another look that says ‘Are you freaKING serious?’

Emma shakes her head. “I don’t have time to deal with your bad attitude, what did I do wrong? Just tell me!”

“Change 12 with 11!” Noah commands, and Emma quickly does then unlocks the lock. There’s a silence as Emma accepts that she was wrong, and she just stands there. “Let’s go!” Noah urges.

“Noah and Emma are freed now!” Chris announces, then watches as Josee & Jacques and Harold & Leshawna sprint out of the shelter as well. “And so are Josee & Jacques, and Harold & Leshawna! Meaning only Cameron & Scott, Mike & Zoey, Beth & Lindsay and Samey & Amy are yet to find the correct combination!”

“Oh, shoot, I just realized what I did wrong!” Beth says, panicking. She quickly puts in the correct combination and frees Lindsay.

“Come on, Beth! We’re falling behind!” Lindsay says, and the two girls squeal as they run out of the shelter. “By the way, nice hair! What did you use for it?”

Beth chuckles and smiles, “Thanks! I use shampoo!”

“Are you seriously not gonna do anything?” Scott yells at Cameron. “I really NEED this immunity!”

“Which is exactly why I’m not gonna give it to you!” Cameron folds his arms. “I don’t want you to win immunity, why else do you think I’m relaxing right now?”

Mike enters the correct combination, and him and Zoey run out of the shelter.

“We’re running out of time! Almost everybody’s already out of here!” Scott shouts.

“Cool!” Cameron says, smiling. Scott begins growling, and Cameron just smiles. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“What feels good?”

“How you made other people feel,” Cameron answers. “Get a taste of your own medicine, Scott. You’re not going to win. I’m going to let you.”

Chris gasps, as the shelter’s ceiling begins to collapse. “What’s going on?” he asks Chef through a walkie talkie. “I thought the storm was fake! What’s going on?”

Suddenly, a blade drops from the ceiling and it plunges towards Scott. Scott shrieks as the blade slices off his strap, freeing him. He gasps in shock and disbelief, then examines the area around him. He looks at Cameron, who’s even more shocked, and then just cackles.

“Bye, bubble boy!” Scott waves his hand as he sprints out of the shelter.

“Samey & Amy are the final pair that have yet to find the correct combination!” Chris announces, laughing. “Dang! You two are taking FOR-EVER!”

Amy growls. “Hurry up, would you?!” she barks at her sister.

“I’m trying!” Samey squeals, then enters another wrong combination. “Oh, shoot.”

“Are you PURPOSELY throwing this challenge?” Amy yells.

“NO!” Samey exclaims. “I want that $5,000! Helloooo!”

The scene cuts to Duncan & Courtney who are racing towards Chef with their maps in their hands. Behind them, Jacques and Josee are quietly tailing them.

Jacques and Josee’s Confessional: We were totally taking too long in the shelter [Mhm.], so we had a major step back, so our strategy was just to follow other pairs who have maps! [Aren’t we smart?]

They spot Chef waiting for them impatiently. “What took y’all so dang long?” Chef barks, and Courtney lunges at Chef, and snatches the first map.

“I blame Duncan,” Courtney rolls her eyes. “Anyways, I get the ‘Boomerang Advantage’ right? I do, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Chef replies. “Who’d you like to use it on?”

“DAWN AND B!” Courtney exclaims. “They need to be sent back to where they came from!”

“Alright then,” Chef nods his head. “Now go away! I’m getting tired of your voice!”

Courtney and Duncan sprint away, following their map. Jacques and Josee arrive with smug smirks on their faces. “Our map, please?” Jacques demands from Chef, and Chef sighs before giving him the map.

“You also get the ‘Boomerang Advantage’,” Chef sighs. “Who’d you like to use it on?”

“Heather and Gwen,” Josee answers, grinning. Chef nods his head, and the ice dancers dart away.

The scene cuts to Samey and Amy who are still in the shelter. Chris begins yawning, and he takes a seat on the ground. “Are you done yet?” Chris asks, tired. “I’m getting bored – like, really bored!”

“ME TOO!” Amy yells, furiously. She tries to free herself, but the straps hold her back. “UGH! YOU’RE GETTING SUPER ANNOYING! COME ON, SAMEY! I KNEW YOU WERE DUMB, BUT I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE THIS DUMB!”

Samey quickly puts in a different combination and finally frees Amy. Amy jumps out of the hospital bed, and does a carthweel – slapping Samey in the face with her heel – and then sprinting out of the shelter.

The scene cuts to Dawn and B reaching Chef with bright smiles on their faces, but Dawn halts and gasps. She slowly approaches Chef. “Are you feeling alright, Chef?” Dawn asks. “I feel… sadness in your aura.”

Chef sheds a tear, and shakes his head. “I don’t want to be here. I was supposed to be at my sister’s wedding… but Chris forced me to attend this challenge and threatened to fire me!”

Dawn frowns, and gives Chef a warm hug. “I’m sorry, friend,” Dawn says, and Chef begins crying on Dawn’s shoulder. “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay…”

Chef sheds another tear. “I’m really sorry I have to say this, but,” Chef says, “you have been Boomerang-ed, and you must restart to the shelter.”

Dawn gasps, and frowns as she looks at B. “Okay, then,” she sighs. “Come on, buddy. Let’s start all over.”

As Dawn and B go back to the shelter, Izzy and Owen sprint by and reach Chef. “WOO HOO!” Owen exclaims, fist bumping the air.

“Okay, your ‘Woo-hoo’ is getting really annoying now,” Izzy says, she then faces Chef. “Where’s our map?” she demands.

Chef rolls his eyes and hands Izzy the map. “You also get the ‘Boomerang Advantage’, so which pair are you sending back?”

“Gwen and Heather!” Izzy exclaims, then pulls Owen away to where the map shows.

Behind Izzy and Owen, Gwen and Heather finally arrive Chef. “Oh my gosh, I’m tiiiired!” Heather groans, stretching. “Anyways, where’s our map?”

“You don’t get one!” Chef barks. “You two have been Boomerang-ed! Y’all have to restart back to the shelter! Now go away! I hate seeing your face!”

Heather groans, then her and Gwen quickly run back to the shelter.

Heather’s Confessional: It’s so frustrating to know that all the work that you’ve managed to accomplish are all gone like *snaps fingers*

Samey & Amy, and Harold & Leshawna race to Chef for the final ‘Boomerang Advantage’. Leshawna glances at Amy rocketing at Chef, and Leshawna grits her teeth.

“Not on my watch!” Leshawna exclaims, and she launches towards Chef in the air and cannonballs down and snatches the map from Chef’s hands. “Boomerang Advantage, right?”

Chef nods his head. “Yes, yes, yes.”

“I’m Boomerang-ing Amy & Samey!” Leshawna quickly says, then pulls Harold away as she follows the direction her map tells her to go to.

Amy groans and stomps her feet against the ground. “This wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve found my lock combination quicker!”

“Oh, don’t blame everything on me!” Samey rolls her eyes.

The scene cuts to Duncan & Courtney scrambling to find the cafeteria. “Literally, in the mornings, it isn’t this hard to find the darn canteen,” Courtney complains while reading her map.

“Well maybe it’s because we started off from the shelter, and that’s behind the cabins,” Duncan says. “Chef was way behind the cabin, so now we’re basically trying to get to the other side of the cabins.”

“But I haven’t seen any sign of a cabin ANYWHERE!” Courtney exclaims, then squints at the area ahead of her. “Oh, wow, the view is truly amazing from here.”

“Hey, sweetheart,” Duncan calls, with a dead look on his face. “You’re looking at the map the wrong way.”

“What? What do you mean?” Courtney exclaims.

“You’re holding it upside down, Ms. CIT,” Duncan rolls his eyes. “Now, come on! We’re going the wrong way!”

The scene cuts to Heather & Gwen who once again arrive next to Chef. “Can we finally get our map now?” Gwen sighs. “I’m really tired.”

“No can do!” Chef chuckles. “You’ve been Boomerang-ed again for the second time!”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Heather yells.

The scene cuts to Jacques and Josee running around the camp and they gasp when they see the cafeteria area in front of them. “THERE IT IS!” Josee squeals in excitement. “I can taste the victory!”

“DON’T GET TOO ATTACHED!” Courtney yells, as her and Duncan zips past the ice dancers. The ice dancers gasp in shock, as they see Courtney and Duncan sprinting towards the canteen.

“Get them!” Jacques shouts, and the ice dancers begin darting towards the entrance of the canteen. The two pairs squeeze into the entrance, and the four all tumble down. They gasp as they see the immunity necklace hanging on a frying pan in another room in the canteen.

“THERE IT IS!” Duncan yells, and he tries to stand up but Josee yanks him down to the ground, as Jacques sprints across the canteen.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Courtney yells, and jumps on Jacques’s back. She begins messing up his hair, and he begins shrieking at the thought of looking terribly messy on live television.

“MY HAIR!” Jacques shrieks, and Courtney quickly grabs a soda can and smashes it against Jacques’s face. “HA! NOBODY CAN DEFEAT ME!”

Suddenly, Beth slams open the window and her and Lindsay roll down into the canteen. Courtney gasps, and she shrieks as Leshawna and Harold come through another window.

“I’m coming for that immunity, baby!” Leshawna exclaims.

“That’s mine!” Courtney roars, but Beth throws a tomato at her face.

“Go, Lindsay! Go!” Beth commands, and Lindsay sprints towards the immunity necklace but Duncan throws a ball of cabbage at the back of Lindsay’s head. Lindsay drops to the ground, and begins groaning in pain. She rubs her jaw, and her drive to win slowly disappears.

Courtney jumps over Lindsay and grabs the immunity necklace with a prideful smile painted on her face. “YES! I WIN IMMUNITY!” she cheers, as she puts on her immunity necklace. “I’m safe! I am safe! Boo yah!”

B suddenly shatters a window, and him and Dawn enter the room posing like street fighters. Courtney is left speechless at the new pair’s sudden entrance. There is a long silence.

“Are we late?” B says, and a frying pan drops.

Chris suddenly marches into the room, scaring Courtney yet again. He announces Courtney’s victory as Courtney shrieks in fear at his sudden appearance.

Chris begins chuckling. “Oh, that was a good scare!”

Courtney’s Confessional: I won the first ever individual immunity this season! HAH! Take that, suckers! With this baby around my neck *shows off her immunity necklace*, I’m safe for the whole night!

Jacques, Scott and Amy officially form an alliance. Amy suggests the name ‘The Villains’ since each member of the alliance was a part of the original Villains team. Scott suggests voting out Dawn; “I think she’s really likeable, plus she’s good with challenges. She’s kind of threatening to me and having her around is just yuck.”

“You’re scared of a tiny little blonde girl?” Amy laughs. “What another impressive quality of yours.”

Scott rolls his eyes. “Says the girl who made up the creative alliance name ‘The Villains’.”

Amy’s Confessional: Let’s get things straight – I still do not trust Scott. He’s a rat and I know that very well now, but I don’t think it’s the time to get rid of him just yet. But he does need to go soon. Very soon.

“I was thinking of voting out Zoey,” Jacques suggests, as he chugs down a bottle of soda. “I mean, she’s better at comps and I think she’s formed more stronger relationships with other people here.”

Elsewhere, Leshawna, Zoey, Dawn and Lindsay gather in one of the girls’ cabins. “Okay, so, while you were gone, us four created an alliance,” Zoey reveals to Dawn with a smile on her face.

Dawn nods her head. “Sounds about right!”

“And we’d like you to be the newest member of our team!” Lindsay squeals, as she gives Dawn a tight hug.

Dawn replies with a smile. “I truly am flattered! I’ll gladly accept the offer!”

“We were thinking about voting out Scott,” Leshawna says. “What do you think about that? I mean, he’s a rodent and I despise him soooo much! Can’t wait ‘til he goes! Hopefully, that night will be tonight!”

Courtney suddenly barges into the room, and the four girls all turn to look at the intruder. Courtney raises an eyebrow. “Wrong cabin,” she quickly says, then exits the cabin after closing the door. She strolls towards the boys’ cabins then glances around to make sure nobody sees her. She opens the door, and tries to find for…

“Aha!” Courtney exclaims, pointing at DJ’s pillow. She raises it it, and smiles as she grabs an immunity idol that was hidden under the pillow. She gasps when she hears DJ and Noah’s voices, and when the boys enter, she quickly hides herself under DJ’s bed.

DJ sits on his bed, and enganges in conversation with Noah. “I heard that the plan is to vote out Dawn tonight,” DJ says to Noah. “Are you going along with it?”

“I guess,” Noah says. “I kinda want to vote out Scott, but… y’know, I don’t know what to do.”

“Me neither, dude,” DJ replies. Courtney accidentally bumps her head on top of the bed, and DJ raises an eyebrow. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Noah turns around to face DJ while taking a bite of an orange.

“N-Nevermind,” DJ shakes his head.

Courtney’s Confessional: It was so funny because I was hiding right there *laughs* with DJ’s hidden immunity idol *bursts out laughing* and they didn’t even notice!

The scene cuts to Heather and Lindsay talking in the canteen. Ever since the team swap, the two girls haven’t gotten the chance to bond and talk game like they used to before. Heather raises an eyebrow and smirks as she faces her ally, Lindsay: “What’s the update?”

“Soooo, the plan is to vote out Scott,” Lindsay answers, nodding her head. “I’m down with it, because I just really don’t like him! Like, he sounds so evil! Plus, he’s great at comps!”

Heather’s Confessional: I’m kind of on the fence about voting Scott off. He’s a big threat and keeping a big threat around could beneficial to my own game; I don’t have to care about Lindsay’s game or anyone else’s game. Scott could be an asset to me, and at the end of the day, I came here to win a million dollars so if keeping Scott would be better for my game, I’m going to do it.

“Do you really want to vote out Scott?” Heather raises an eyebrow as she faces Lindsay. Lindsay gives Heather a confused facial expression that basically says ‘Wait, what?’

Heather’s Confessional: Last time, I convinced Lindsay to do whatever I want. I convinced her to keep Courtney in the game before, so I think I can convince her to keep Scott in the game as well.

“Um, yeah, I want him out,” Lindsay answers slowly. Heather sits silently as she stares into Lindsay’s eyes. There’s an awkward silence between the two female allies.

“Try again,” Heather says.

“…I want him… gone, I want him out of here!” Lindsay answers. “I really do, like come on, he sucks the living soul out of my body!”

Heather’s Confessional: *purses lips* But I’m just really tired so I just gave up. Bye, Scott.

Lindsay’s Confessional: My original plan and strategy was to work with Heather so I could make her feel like she could use me and manipulate me easily, so then she’d bring me to the end with her but then halfway through the game, I’ll *punches wall repeatedly with a furious expression on her face*! And, I’m still sticking to my strategy.

Later that night, everybody walked to the bonfire ceremony. One by one, they were all called to the confessional booth to cast their votes. Courtney grinned in satisfaction as she showed off her immunity necklace.

“The votes are in,” Chris announces. “If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, and would like to use it, please do so now.”

There is a silence shared among the group, and nobody replies to Chris. Chris nods his head. “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will be leaving the island and tossing their marshmallow into the fire.”

The camera zooms to the cackling fire. Chris clears his throat. “First vote…”

He reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Dawn’s vote.

“Scott. Second vote…”

He reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Leshawna’s vote.

“Scott. That’s two votes Scott.” Scott sighs, and smirks. “Third vote…”

He reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Heather’s vote.

“Scott. That’s three votes Scott. Fourth vote…”

He reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Lindsay’s vote.

“Scott. That’s four votes Scott.” Scott takes a deep breath before Chris reveals the fifth vote. “Fifth vote…”

“Zoey.” Zoey gasps as she sees her name, and then glances at Scott who has a smug smirk on his face. “Sixth vote…”

“Scott. That’s 5 votes Scott, 1 vote Zoey. Seventh vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Zoey’.

“Zoey. 5 votes Scott, 2 votes Zoey. Eight vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Zoey’. Zoey sighs and her heart begins pounding against her chest.

“Zoey. 5 votes Scott, 3 votes Zoey... Ninth vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Zoey’.

“Zoey. 5 votes Scott, 4 votes Zoey. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Zoey’.

“Zoey. We're tied - 5 votes Scott, 5 votes Zoey.” Chris reads the vote and faces the campers. "Eleventh vote..."

Chris reveals a vote that says 'Zoey'.

Chris reads the final vote then faces the crowd in front of him. “12th person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…”

Zoey and Scott wait as the final vote reveals itself: ‘Zoey’. Zoey gasps and then sighs, accepting her fate. She stands up, and spots a stunned Dawn. She tosses her white marshmallow into the orange campfire, and turns around to blow a kiss to her friends before leaving for the Boat of Losers.

“Judging by the look on her face, that was a total blindside,” Chris says. Scott begins snickering, and Leshawna glares at him coldly. Chris continues, “Alright, campers, head back to camp. Goodnight!”

In The Spotlight
Season 1, Episode 10
Challenge Present your talent (Top 6 advance) then go through an obstacle course.
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Courtney
Episode Guide
"Come Together, My Friends!"

Episode 10: "In The Spotlight"

The remaining campers walk back to camp later that night; some settle into bed, while some others stay up later than others. The camera zooms into Leshawna, who is just rocking back and forth on the hammock. Dawn slowly approaches her with a defeated expression on her face.

Leshawna begins chuckling. “Oooh, girl, we got played.”

Leshawna’s Confessional: I think that was the first blindside of the season for me! *claps hands and laughs* It breaks my heart to see Zoey go, but you know, hats off to them for pulling a fast one on me!

“We’re not in the majority,” Dawn tells Leshawna. “We don’t have much control over the votes. If we don’t do anything about it, one of us could leave again right after Zoey.”

“That’s true,” Leshawna nods her head, and then looks up to Dawn. “We need to rally the troops. We need people on our side.”

Dawn nods her head slowly. “It’s harder than it sounds.”

The scene cuts to Owen and Noah, who are alone in their cabin eavesdropping on the other cabin’s conversation. They can hear Courtney and Jacques talking clearly: “I have an immunity idol!” Courtney screeches. “I can’t be voted off even if I don’t win immunity. How cool is THAT?”

Owen raises an eyebrow. “She has an immunity idol?” Owen gasps, and then faces his best friend. “That’s weird! How did she get one?”

“She probably went hunting,” Noah says, rubbing his chin. His eyes light up as he looks at Owen deviously.

Owen begins laughing. “HEY! I KNOW THAT LOOK! That’s the look you get before you do something super evil! Like – suuuuper evil!”

Noah smirks, and Owen gasps again. Noah continues: “How do you feel about stealing Courtney’s immunity idol?”

Owen replies with a laugh. “I LIKE IT, BUDDY!” He runs to his bed and takes out a pair of shades from under his pillow. He puts it on, and acts all cool and stylish. He then takes them off and begins giggling. “LET’S DO IT! NOAH AND OWEN – SPY CLUB!”

Noah rolls his eyes. “Yay, I can be Blossom and you can be Bubbles,” he says sarcastically.

The scene flashes to Noah and Owen, both having shades on, sneaking into Courtney’s cabin. They gasp when they see Lindsay inside having her own puppet show with a few socks.

“Oh no, Lindsays’s there!” Owen says softly, worried.

“Thanks, Captain Obvious,” Noah rolls his eyes. He then takes off his shades and walks into the cabin. Lindsay gasps and she quickly hides her hands and the sock puppets on her hands behind her back. Noah continues: “Lindsay, your hair looks – ”

“Please don’t tell Courtney!” Lindsay pleads, falling to her knees. “PLEASE! SHE’LL KILL ME IF SHE FOUND OUT THAT I TOOK HER RED SOCKS! PLEASE!”

Noah raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, it’s okay. Can you just… Owen wants to talk to you. If you talk to him, later, um… Courtney won’t ever find out.”

Lindsay nods her head and smiles before rushing outside and greeting Owen. Owen is surprised at her sudden appearance. “Well, hello there!” Owen greets, smiling kindly.

“Hello!” Lindsay smiles, and then shows off her pink finger nails. “Do you think my nails look good? Like, I spent a whole two hours working on them!”

“Distract her!” Noah mouths to Owen. Owen nods his head, and hurriedly closes the door before continuing his conversation with the ditzy blonde. Noah begins searching everywhere around the cabin for the Idol. He stops for a moment and just stands there. “If I was an Immunity Idol… where would I hide?”

He then gasps when he sees a box labeled ‘LADY STUFF’. He raises an eyebrow, but then hesitates. “Yeah, I don’t wanna go there.”

“What’s going on?” Courtney yells from outside the cabin. Noah gasps, and Lindsay begins panicking.

“What socks?” Lindsay exclaims. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Socks? What socks?”

“LINDSAY! Did you take my lawyer socks?” Courtney shouts.

“NOPE!” Lindsay lies.

Noah quickly sticks his hand into the box and cheers silently when he can feel a wooden carved object in his hands. He takes it out and shoves it into his pants without looking, right before Courtney storms through the cabin. She raises an eyebrow in suspicion.

“And what are YOU doing here?” Courtney demands, and folds her arms as she awaits and expects a snarky remark from Noah.

Noah begins going through a list of excuses, and one pops up in his mind quickly: “Lindsay invited me to her sock puppet show.”

Noah smiles, Lindsay gasps while Courtney begins fuming in anger. She turns around and roars at Lindsay. Lindsay shrieks, and then scurries off. Noah and Owen quickly exit the cabin as well, closing the door behind them, right before Courtney raises an eyebrow and eyes her ‘LADY STUFF’ box.

“Huh, why is it so messy all of a sudden?” Courtney says to herself as she marches to the box. She shakes her head, “This box is so messy! IT’S SO UNORGANIZED!”

She turns around and eyes the door, and then marches towards a painting in the wall right above the shelf. She smirks as she stares at the painting that Courtney herself painted. She hops on her bed, and reaches out for the painting, and knocks it over – revealing a secret hole in the wall with the hidden Immunity Idol inside it. “My precious,” she grins.

The scene flashes to Owen and Noah who are in their cabin. Noah takes out the object out of his pants, and he gasps when he sees that it’s an…

“EW!” Owen shrieks, as he grabs the object and proceeds to slam it out the open door. “WHY WOULD YOU EVER EVEN - ?”

“I thought it was the Idol!” Noah exclaims, wiping his hands on Owen’s shirt.

The scene cuts to Chris and the immunity challenge. They’re out in the stage set. “Welcome to our second individual immunity challenge!” Chris announces, wearing a magician outfit that doesn’t get a very good response from the cast.

“What in the world are you wearing?” Heather raises an eyebrow.

“It’s what us legends wear,” Chris nods his head, and tips his top hat while Heather replies with a gross expression. “This challenge is sort of a talent show!”

Amy smirks. “I’m like really talented – like, really talented! In fact, my mother said that I was the most talented person in our whole entire – ”

“Will you shut your mouth?” Jacques hisses. “Chris is attempting to explain the challenge.”

“Well, thank you very much, Jacques,” Chris smiles. “Alright, like I was saying before Amy interrupted me,” he shoots Amy a death glare before continuing, “today’s challenge is a talent show! Each of you must perform a talent to us judges, and you will be rated from a scale of 0-10! The top six deemed most talented will go through the next round where you will have to go through an obstacle course and many many more that will be explained later. For now, let’s meet the judges!”

“Judge number one – our very lovely and talented, Chef Hatchet!” Chris announces, and a spotlight shifts to Chef who is sitting in the judge panel. “Judge number two – you’ve met her, and you love her… well, some of you do, meet Dakota!”

The spotlight shifts to Dakota, who is sitting in the judge panel and waving her fingers at the remaining campers. “Hey, you guys! It’s sooo nice to be back here!”

“And finally, the best of all,” Chris begins, then runs to the judge panel and poses. “ME!”

Leshawna rolls her eyes. “How unexpected,” she mutters sarcastically.

“You all have ten minutes to prepare before the show begins!” Chris tells the campers.

Everyone goes to a different spot to rehearse their ‘talent’. Amy, Scott, Noah and Owen are in one cabin. Owen is eating seventeen hamburgers in only one minute (while Noah times him), Amy is singing (but terribly failing) and Scott and Noah are observing.

Scott’s Confessional: What I’ve learned about Owen is that he’s quite an emotional guy. If I can pull his heart strings, he might do what I say and BOOM – another ally for me!

“Wow, Owen, you’ve got some impressive skills,” Scott says as he walks towards Owen. Owen burps in his face and giggles before apologizing. Scott continues: “You know, you’re one of a kind. You’re really special, and I think you have what it takes to win this talent show thing!”

“Awww, thanks dude!” Owen says, tearing up. “It means a lot,” he sobs.

Noah’s Confessional: Scott is a rat, he’s a rodent, he’s… HE’S THE NEW ALEJANDRO! Last time I played with Alejandro, he got to me first before I got to him and that’s exactly why Scott needs to go.

Amy begins singing even louder, much to the three boys’ irritation. She laughs and looks at them. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she says. “Did my beautiful voice distract you guys from performing your talents?”

“Beautiful voice?” Owen says.

“Yeah!” Amy smirks. “It’s my talent, if you couldn’t tell.”

“Talent my ass,” Noah mutters to himself. “Your talent should be to shut up. Would help the world a lot more.”

The scene flashes to Heather and Lindsay in another cabin. Heather is practicing her ballet skills, while Lindsay just stands there applauding Heather. “Wow, you’re doing really good!” Lindsay says as she cheers on her friend.

“I know,” Heather says as she twirls around. She hops into the air and does a perfect split on the floor.

Heather’s Confessional: Last time I did a talent show on Total Drama, it didn’t go so well for my little teammates, especially for oddball Gwen and her ex-beau Trent. *winks* I don’t think I’m going to be pulling that big of a stunt again. Well, we’ll just have to find out.

Elsewhere, Courtney and Dawn are outside the cabins practicing their talents. Courtney is singing while Dawn is trying to tame a tiny cute bunny that hopped out of the forest.

“Shake my hand,” Dawn smiles as she sticks out her hand for the bunny. The bunny shakes her hand, and Dawn pets her softly. “Good bunny!”

Courtney glares at Dawn, as she stops singing, and marches towards the bunny and picks it up. “Your talent is to train random animals that come out of the forest?”

“Isn’t he cute?” Dawn giggles as she pets the bunny. “Who’s a good bunny? You are! Yes, you are!”

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Courtney says.

The scene cuts to the stage. Lindsay is wearing swimming goggles and a pelican floatie as she walks up to the stage first to perform her talent. The three judges watch in horror as she waddles around the stage quacking.

“I’m a duck! Get it?” Lindsay laughs, and then trips on a stage wire and falls flat on her face.

Chef gives her a 0, Chris gives her a 0, and Dakota gives her a 3. “I thought it was cute!” Dakota chuckles.

The scene flashes to several other contestants performing their talents – Leshawna dancing and receiving an overall score of 12, Courtney belting out a song but then getting hit by a tomato thrown by Amy, Owen eating his hamburgers, Dawn taming her new pet bunny and doing tricks with it, and DJ cooking a few dishes right on the spot with a barbeque grill.

The scene cuts to Chef still tasting DJ’s salad, while Chris and Dakota discuss the results. Chris clears his throat before making an announcement: “The top six with the highest scores are… DJ with an overall score of 28, Heather with an overall score of 24, Dawn with an overall score of 21, Courtney with an overall score of 19, Jacques with an overall score of 19, and Owen with an overall score of 15.

“Damn, I got lower than Owen,” Leshawna says in disappointment as she folds her arms.

“You six will be presented to…” Chris says, and then pulls back a curtain to reveal an obstacle course involving swinging axes and hanging hula hoops. “…the ultimate obstacle course! The first one to complete this challenge will be given immunity from tonight’s bonfire ceremony!”

“Once I blow my whistle, each of you will climb through the obstacle course. First, climb up the grey wall pierced with spikes, then carefully step through a row of swinging axes. After that, jump through a hula hoop and finally, smash and run through a large wall with a bullseye on it and retrieve the immunity necklace. Everyone understand?”

Chris blows a whistle, and the six all begin climbing up the wall of spikes. Jacques shrieks as he slips off the wall, and so does Owen. Dawn is in the lead, and she hops down from the wall of spikes and faces the swinging axes.

Courtney and DJ follow from behind, while Heather slowly tails them. DJ squeals in fear as he carefully steps through the line of axes. Courtney zips past Dawn and quickly gains the lead.

Jacques and Owen finally reach them but Owen faints when he sees the line of axes. “Ooh, mama,” Jacques says as he hops through the line of axes.

It’s a race between Dawn, Courtney and Jacques for the lead. The three all gracefully hop through the hula hoops but Jacques hesitates when he sees the wall with the bullseye on it.

“But my hair will be ruined!” Jacques shrieks, as he watches Dawn and Courtney prepare to run through the wall. The two girls run through bullseye wall, but Dawn gets a bit dizzy after smashing the wall. She looks behind at the body-like hole she has just created on the wooden wall behind her.

Courtney begins walking slowly and slowly begins to lose consciousness, but she snatches the immunity necklace and holds it up into the air.

“And for the second time in a row, Courtney wins individual immunity!” Chris announces. “She is safe from the bonfire ceremony’s vote and will live to see another day on Wawanakwa Island!”

Courtney celebrates her win, and Dawn congratulates her with a hug. “You earned it!” Dawn says as she hugs Courtney tightly.

“Aw, thanks,” Courtney replies.

Courtney’s Confessional: YES! I am safe once again and I cannot be voted out! It feels a-mazing! It feels even more amazing that I built a strong ally and friend in Dawn, so even though she’s nutty as heck, I still trust her! The only thing that I’m worried about is that the other campers will see me as a challenge threat and that one moment when I don’t win immunity, I’m sent home.

The campers are all asked to go the confessional one by one to answer who they think is their closest ally.

Heather’s Confessional: I would say… well, Lindsay, and you know, that says a lot, *laughs*, I need to get some stronger and smarter people on my side, honestly.

DJ’s Confessional: My closest ally would be… I’m not sure, maybe Noah?

Leshawna’s Confessional: My closest ally would probably be Lindsay or Dawn. Those two girls are my girls! *laughs*

Owen’s Confessional: Noah is my ride or die! *giggles* I mean, he’s so cool and funny – how could he not be my closest ally? He’s my final 2!

Scott’s Confessional: Possibly Amy or Jacques, although I plan on pulling the trigger on Amy soon. She needs to go!

Amy’s Confessional: Gosh, I don’t have anyone on my side! Everyone just hates me but they think I’m weak so they’re keeping me around. I literally don’t have anyone by my side that’s loyal. Maybe Noah.

Courtney’s Confessional: Dawn, definitely Dawn. I trust her a lot and I’ve grown to befriend her the past few days. Jacques is number two on my list.

Jacques’s Confessional: Courtney! Courtney is my closest ally, and I think that would work to my advantage because she’s a comp beast!

Noah’s Confessional: Um… Owen, I suppose. *rolls eyes* He’s the only person I trust in this camp full of snakes and rats.

Lindsay’s Confessional: Probably Heather or Leshawna! Heather’s sorta my buddy, and Leshawna’s definitely my buddy. Plus, Leshawna is sooo helpful with make-up tips! Like, the other day, she gave me this red lipstick and I accidentally choked –

Dawn’s Confessional: Although I do love Lindsay and Leshawna, I would have to say that my number one ally in this game is Courtney.

Soon after that, Scott and Amy meet up in the canteen. “What do you want?” Amy groans. “I’m like waiting for an omelette made by the – ”, she looks back at the kitchen and sings, “ – beauuuutiful Chef Hatchet!”

“Will you shut your mouth?” Chef barks from the kitchen. “I ain’t giving you anything so will you SHUT. UP?”

Amy rolls her eyes. “Somebody’s in a bad mood. Like, dude, take a chill pill.”

Chef slams a nasty rotten egg on Amy’s face and she replies with a disgusted expression. “That is disssgusting! EW! What in the WORLD is WRONG with you?!”

“Will you pay attention to me now?” Scott hisses.

“Wow, somebody’s a little bit needy,” Amy shakes her head as she stares at her finger nails.

Scott growls, and begins mimicking Amy: “Somebody’s a little bit neeeedy.”





“Be QUIET!” Scott exclaims, and Amy jumps in fright. He sighs and continues: “Look, we’re allies, and we have to stick together whether you like it or not. You’re the only person here that I trust.”

Amy pretends to buy his lie. “Yes, sure, yes, of course, Scott. Yes.”

“I think Heather’s going to the woods to look for an idol,” Scott whispers to Amy. “Go distract her so she doesn’t find it!”

“Heather’s looking for an idol?” Amy gasps, and then zooms out of the canteen.

Scott cackles mischieviously at the sight of his ‘ally’ running out. “Did you hear that?” Scott calls to a mysterious figure hiding in the kitchen. Heather walks out of the kitchen with a furious look on her face.

“Heck yeah, I did,” Heather nods her head.

“She’s targeting you – what did I tell you?” Scott chuckles sinisterly. “Vote her off tonight and everything will come out just the way you want and you’re going to be one step closer to the million bucks. I hope you know that you’re a big target in this game, Heather, and Amy’s just a little brat who’s trying to stop you from winning.”

Heather nods her head. “So we vote her off tonight?”


“Alright then.” The two villains shake hands and agree on voting out Amy.

Heather’s Confessional: If Amy thinks that she can pull a fast one on me, she’s got it all wrong! She needs to go before she can actually take a swing at me. Bye-bye, Amy!

Scott’s Confessional: YES! *cackles loudly* It worked! Y’know, I thought it would be much more harder to convince the infamous Queen Bee but turns out she’s as dumb as a rock.

Elsewhere, Amy is creeping up into the woods when she gasps at the sight of Jacques finding a Hidden Immunity Idol that was sealed in a beehive. She hides behind a tree as Jacques silently celebrates his new discovery.

“I can’t be voted off!” Jacques whispers to himself. “YES! I can’t be voted off! I’m gonna be here forever! Gonna be here foreeeever!” He quietly dances as Amy raises an eyebrow.

The scene cuts to Jacques coming out of the shower with a towel on. He looks at the mirror and grins. “Wow, I look fabulous today!” he says happily.

Amy busts through the door and Jacques shrieks and grips his towel. “What do you want from me, you devious rodent?” he hisses.

“We need to talk,” Amy says calmly with no emotion. She takes a seat on one of the bunk beds. “You know, why is it that whenever I come here there’s literally only one person in here?”

“I do not know,” Jacques says. “But what I do know is that I’m trying to dry my HAIR! So would you please get your nasty feet off my bed and then walk out of this cabin?”

“I’m trying to help you,” Amy hisses. “If you don’t want my help then fine, I’ll go away.” Jacques stops and there’s a silence in the room. Amy nods her head, “That’s what I thought. Now, look at it this way… Scott wants you out and he has the numbers.”

“Scott wants me out?” Jacques gasps in disbelief. “No! I do not believe it! I cannot believe it, no! That is impossible!”

“It’s possible,” Amy says. “He has the votes! He has Heather, Leshawna, DJ, Noah and Lindsay to vote along with him! Including himself, that’s six votes, and because Noah’s voting you out, his little buddy Owen’s going to do the same thing! Dawn’s probably going to hop on the train as well. Courtney’s not voting you out, and I’m not voting you out either but if you can’t work the votes and turn the tables on Scott, you’re going home.”

Amy’s Confessional: My plan is to get Jacques to use his Immunity Idol even when there’s no votes against him. I lied about that, I don’t think anybody’s voting him out so he can chill but I’m not making him chill – he needs to vote out Scott and also so I can flush out his new Idol! *laughs* This is sooo fun, like OMG.

“Got any ideas on how to save yourself?” Amy asks. “I’m voting Scott, you should too and hopefully Courtney is too. We need three more votes to save you.”

“AH! THIS IS TERRIBLE!” Jacques yells in frustration. “Just… give me a moment to think.”

“Have an Idol you can possibly use?” Amy asks, smirking. “An idol can wipe out all of those eight votes casted against you and the remaining votes will be sent to Scott, the rodent himself.”

Jacques nods his head and grins. “Wonderful.”

The scene cuts to Lindsay jamming out to ‘Give Your Heart A Break’. Leshawna is trying to sleep but constantly wakes up due to how loud Lindsay is. “Will you keep it down?!” Leshawna barks.

Leshawna’s Confessional: *laughs* I love Lindsay to death, but she gotta stop listening to white girl music when I’m trying to SLEEEEEP! It’s soo annoying! *laughs*

“By the way, I haven’t asked you yet, who are you voting for?” Lindsay asks, glancing at Leshawna who finally sits up on her bed.

“I don’t know,” Leshawna sighs. “I was thinking of splitting up Courtney and Jacques… or splitting up Scott and Amy. Just, I want the Villains out of here. Whatever happens tonight, Villains gotta go.”

“Heather told me she was voting for Scott or Amy,” Lindsay says.

“Okay then,” Leshawna nods her head. “And next week Courtney. That girl is a beast which is exactly why she needs to get the heck outta here.”

The scene quickly cuts to Amy and Owen talking in a cave. Owen is teaching Amy how to train a bear. “My uncle taught me how to do it a few months ago,” Owen giggles. “The trick is… you just need to – ”

A loud roar echoes through the cave and the two shriek and immediately sprint out of the dark cave. “That was stressful!” Owen yells, and wipes off sweat from his forehead. “CRAP! I need a cheeseburger!”

“How about I make you the best cheeseburger in the world and you do what I tell you to?” Amy smirks.

“YES!” Owen exclaims. “That’s what’s good friendships are made of!” Amy whispers something in his ear, and Owen nods his head enthusiastically. “Heck yeah I will!”

Owen’s Confessional: I want to win this season SUPER bad! In the beginning, I want everyone to think that I’m just this goofy idiot who likes to eat – which I do *giggles* - but then out of nowhere, BAM BAM BAM PEW PEW PEW – everyone’s going down!

The scene cuts to the bonfire ceremony. One by one, everyone goes to the confessional to cast their vote to evict. Once they all return, Chris clears his throat. “If anyone has an Immunity Idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.”

The camera pans to Courtney and Jacques’s faces; Courtney is sitting there calmly without even thinking of using her Idol, but Jacques hesitates and then glances at Amy and Scott. “Chris Mclean,” Jacques says, and then swiping out his Immunity Idol from his pocket.

The campers react by gasping and raising their eyebrows in confusion. Amy just laughs, as Jacques grins with pride. He hands Chris the Immunity Idol and then takes a seat as he fist bumps Amy. Amy just laughs again and faces Chris as he announces the results.

“This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol,” Chris announces. “Any votes cast against Jacques will not count tonight.”

Courtney raises an eyebrow in confusion with a look that says ‘Why the heck would he use the Idol when there aren’t even any votes against him?’

“Aren’t I a genius?” Jacques nods his head and looks to the crowd behind him. “All of you thought you could get me out! Not today, suckers!”

“What the heck, bro?” DJ says.

Chris faces the remaining campers in the bonfire ceremony. “DJ, that got a reaction from you quick!” Chris says. “What’s your opinion on Jacques’s idol play?”

“I think it was a stupid move,” DJ answers. “I don’t think anybody here voted him off.”

“You never know!” Jacques says, trying to defend his clearly idiotic move. Amy chuckles in delight.

“Amy, you seem quite happy,” Chris says. “Do you think Jacques made the right move? Do you think he’s going to go home?”

“I do not think he’s going to go home,” Amy answers, smiling. “He’s not going to go home tonight – simple as that. In my opinion, he’s not in the spotlight.”

“In the spotlight?” Chris replies.

“Yes,” Amy says, nodding her head. “In the spotlight.”

“Who do you think is in the spotlight?” Chris asks.

Amy giggles. “Secret,” she grins.

“Let’s get to the votes,” Chris says. “First vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Amy’s vote. “Scott. That’s one vote Scott. Second vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Amy’; Scott’s vote. “Amy. One vote Scott, one vote Amy. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Owen’s vote. “Scott. That’s 2 votes Scott, 1 vote Amy. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Amy’; DJ’s vote. “Amy. We’re tied – 2 votes Scott, 2 votes Amy.”

Amy sighs as she glances at Scott who replies with a mischievious grin. “Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Noah’s vote. “Scott. Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Jacques’s vote. “Scott. That’s 4 votes Scott.”

Scott raises an eyebrow. “Next vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Scott’; Courtney’s vote. “Scott. That’s 5 votes Scott, 2 votes Amy.”

Scott’s heart begins pounding against his chest as Chris reads the final vote – “Twelfth person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…”

Chris reveals the vote that sends Scott packing – ‘Scott’; Heather’s vote. “Scott. That’s six, that’s enough.”

Heather smirks as she watches Scott stand up. “Don’t try to fool me again, rat,” she says to Scott as he walks towards Chris. “Bye, boo!”

Scott stands in front of Chris, as he hands the host his white marshmallow. Chris tosses Scott’s marshmallow into the fire. “Scott, the Boat of Losers await you.”

Amy sighs and shakes her head. “I trusted you,” she says to Scott, catching his attention. He turns around and glares at Amy. Amy continues: “You didn’t have to do me so dirty.”

Scott ignores her and walks off, as Owen hugs Amy tightly. Amy watches Scott coldly as he walks off, as Owen pets her like a puppy. “You can have my cheeseburger,” Owen says softly.

“That’s all for tonight,” Chris announces. “Get back to camp, goodnight!”

Season 1, Episode 11
Challenge Climb up a tower to the third floor, then answer a series of truths and do a series of dares.
Episode Guide
"In The Spotlight"
"Take Five"

Episode 11: "Cutthroat" 

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, Scott and Amy turned against one another and the two close allies became each other’s darkest enemies. After Courtney’s second immunity win in a row, she got extremely close to Dawn as the trio of Lindsay, Leshawna and Dawn slowly began to fade into the background. Scott pitted Heather against Amy, and Amy pitted Jacques and Courtney against Scott right after Jacques found his first Immunity Idol. During the bonfire ceremony, Jacques was manipulated by Amy to use his Immunity Idol and it was completely wasted because he had no votes against him. In the end, it seemed like Amy was the better villain and she blindsided Scott in a vote of 9-2.

The birds fly by DJ’s cabin, He yawns and stretches out his arms as he steps out of his cabin. He gasps in joy when he sees a teddy bear on the ground with a note attached to it. He picks it up and reads the note enthusiastically – ‘GUYS MEETING: 9AM, CAVE! BE THERE!’

DJ’s Confessional: My strategy is to sort of just blend into the background for a little bit. I wanna just be cool with everybody, be friends with everyone ‘cause that’s one of the most important factors of the game – your social game! Plus, I make killer pancakes! Why would you vote someone off who can make amazing pancakes?

DJ slowly enters the bear cave, cautiously looking around. “Anybody here?” he asks, fear bouncing around in his throat. “If this is a prank… it ain’t funny, you guys know that I don’t like pranks! I don’t like being – ”

“MY NAME IS AGENT MCBUN!” Owen exclaims, rushing into the scene and taking off a pair of dark shades. DJ squeals in fright at the sudden sight of Owen.

“I told you not to scare me!” DJ exclaims, and he shrieks again when Noah slides into the scene.

“My name is…” Noah begins, and then takes off his shades and sighs. He rolls his eyes and says, “Agent Snarkle.”

“AND MY NAME IS – ”, Jacques jumps out of the darkness and DJ shrieks again, “ – AGENT HAIRSPRAY!” He takes off his black shades. “My name’s the coolest,” he smirks, and then winks at the camera.

“What do you guys want?” DJ says, still a little bit scared and waiting for another person to pop out. “I should’ve brought my teddy bear with me… oh, sweet mama, please help me.”

“We want to form a guys alliance!” Owen explains, clapping in excitement. “Isn’t it exciting? Us four guys? Together? We’re going to rule the game! WOO-HOO!”

“Plus, the girls outnumber us,” Jacques adds. “There are 6 girls and only 4 guys. One of us need to win immunity and take one of them out.”

“Who do you have your sights on?” DJ asks the three other guys.

“Heather,” Noah says. “Me and her, we used to be close and all but I don’t trust her at all. She’s wronged me, and she’s a manipulator. She needs to go.”

“What about Courtney?” Owen suggests. “Unless she wins today’s challenge, she doesn’t have immunity and she’s won all two individual immunity challenges! That’s crazy – she’s a beast! Plus, she’s quite annoying.”

“Courtney?” Jacques gasps, and quickly shakes his head in disagreement. “No, no, no. Keeping her in is better for our games. She can help us out, plus, she’s a huge physical threat so people will target her more than us.”

“Good point,” Noah says, folding his arms.

Jacques’s Confessional: Courtney is my number 1 ally and keeping her in this game would obviously benefit me and my game so I am definitely not getting rid of her… well, not yet.

“If Heather loses immunity, she’s gone,” Noah says to the guys.

The scene cuts to Heather and Lindsay in the girls cabin. Lindsay is happily braiding Heather’s long hair while humming a beautiful tune. “Who do you wanna vote out?” Lindsay asks, keeping her eyes focused on Heather’s long dark hair.

“Amy,” Heather answers. “Definitely Amy. She’s a snake – just like Scott, which is why she’s got to go.”

“What about Courtney?” Lindsay asks, raising an eyebrow. “She’s a comp beast, and she needs to go if she doesn’t win immunity.”

“Courtney’s good for our games, Lindsay, trust me,” Heather says to Lindsay. “She’s a gigantic threat which is why she needs to be kept safe so that if we’re ever in trouble, we can say, ‘Hey! Courtney’s won a bunch of challenges, she’s a bigger threat! Lindsay and Heather – they’re nothing!’. That’s what you want people to say; Courtney IS a threat but she needs to be reserved for later.”

“What if Amy wins immunity?” Lindsay glances up at Heather.

“Oh, please, that girl can’t even hold a fishing rod right,” Heather rolls her eyes. “She’s as weak as a dead fish but she’s crazy manipulative.”

The scene cuts to Leshawna and Dawn playing cards in the canteen. “Oh, Leshawna, you have a wonderful deck of cards!” Dawn says joyfully, then reaches over to poke Leshawna’s nose – “BOOP! Lucky you!”

“How’d you know?” Leshawna raises an eyebrow. Dawn replies with a soft smile, and Leshawna shakes her head. “You crazy you know?”

“Do not question the spirit of nature,” Dawn smiles gently. “Now, you see – ”

Dawn is interrupted when Chris blows a horn outside to call the campers out for the immunity challenge. Everyone gathers outside, and watches as Chris slide down a tall pink princess castle. He presents to the campers a glass slipper and smirks.

“Good morning, campers!” Chris greets, laughing sinisterly. “Boy, do I have something great for you freaks today! Today’s challenge is called ‘The Princess Tale’!”

“YES!” Courtney exclaims, and folds her arms as she grins. “I excelled in this challenge in Total Drama Action! I won that challenge, and I won immunity!”

“Yes, but that time, you were the princess – the damsel in distress!” Chris says, pointing his index finger at the C.I.T. “This time, we have another damsel in distress! You know her, and you love her! It’s BRIDGETTE!”

The camera shifts to the top of the tower, where Bridgette is tied up with a rope – preventing her from moving or speaking at all. Her muffled screams can be heard by the campers.

“What did you do to her?” Owen asks, terrified. “She doesn’t look very happy.”

“That’s how damsels in distress are supposed to look like!” Chris chuckles. “Now, on to the challenge! All of you must climb up the tower and reach the third floor, and for your information, Princess Bridgette is on the seventh floor. The first six people to reach the third floor will advance to the next round! You can climb up the tower, you can run up the stairs, the important thing is that you reach the third floor! On your marks, get set – GO!”

Jacques leaps against the tower, and begins climbing up a rope. DJ follows him from behind, climbing up another rope while Leshawna and Lindsay enter the castle and sprint up the stairs.

Courtney begins climbing up the walls of the tower, and she rolls into the grounds of the second floor. She glances up at the third floor and gasps at the sight of Dawn already calmly sitting there, fully relaxed.

“What in the world?” Courtney raises an eyebrow. Suddenly, a huge meatball slams Courtney on the back and she falls flat on the ground with an, “OOF!”

“Oh, did I forget to tell you?” Chris cackles. “Chef is shooting all of you down with meatballs so be on the look out for incoming attacks!”

“Oh, come on,” Noah groans, before being smacked down by a large meatball.

“So far, only Dawn has reached the third floor!” Chris narrates the event. “Only five more people can reach the third floor!”

Quickly, a meatball slams towards Dawn, who is perfectly sitting cross-legged on the edges of the tower but she dodges the attack and the meatball instead slams at Courtney who just reached the tip of the third floor. She is pushed back down, and she plummets down the ground.

A wooden door swings open and Jacques and Leshawna enter the third floor – both panting, completely tired. The two collapse on the floor, exhausted. “Jacques and Leshawna both arrive, meaning only three more people can advance through the next round!” Chris says, and Lindsay quickly enters and cheers when she reaches the third floor. “Make that only two more people! Lindsay has reached the third floor!”

“Oh, COME ON!” Owen yells in frustration, then looks at Chef who is aiming a meatball at him. Owen screams as he runs towards the staircase inside the tower but the gigantic meatball smashes through the wall and smacks Owen right up the staircase. He shrieks, as he collapses on the staircase, then gasps – realizing that he has reached the third floor. “BOO YEAH, BABY!”

He runs inside, and hugs Lindsay tightly. “Only room for one more person!” Chris announces.

“Yeah, I am not wasting my energy on this lame challenge,” Heather says as she folds her arms. “Like, you expect me to climb up a tower? Yeah, I think I’m gonna pass.”

“Yeah, me too,” Amy adds. “Like, I have spent a whole hour on my hair and it’ll just be – UGH – if I get it all sweaty and gross. And like, my nails, like they’re going to look extremely bad after ‘excercising’. Yuck.”

“I just can’t,” Noah says calmly as he looks up at the five people on the third floor of the tower. “Yeah, that looks like a lot of work.”

“It looks like it’s a race between DJ and Courtney!” Chris announces. “DJ is climbing up the rope on the tower while Courtney’s trying out the staircase again! Who’s going to reach there first is the main question!”

DJ slides into the third floor with a bright smile on his face. “Heck yeah!” he cheers, but his jaw drops at the sight of Courtney who is there as well.

“I was here first,” Courtney smirks. “Now get out, you’re ruining my camera time.”

The scene flashes to the six participants who advanced to the next round of the challenge: (in order) Dawn, Jacques, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen and Courtney. In front of them, there is a spinning wheel with ‘Truths’ and ‘Dares’ that the campers have to do.

“Throwback to I Triple Dog Dare You in TDI!” Chris says, showing off the wheel. Owen whistles, and Chris continues: “Here’s how the game works – on the wheel, there are many truths and dares, so pretend you’re in like a seventh grader sleepover and you’re playing Truth or Dare.”

“Ooh! I have never been in a sleepover before!” Jacques claps in excitement.

“If it’s a truth, you must sit in an electric chair that will shock you if you’re telling a lie,” Chris explains, “and if you refuse to do the dare or reveal the truth or tell a lie, you’re out of the challenge! The final two remaining will battle it out to race to the top of the tower to retrieve the glass slipper, slip it into Princess Bridgette’s feet and win immunity! First up – Dawn!”

Dawn calmly walks to the wheel and spins it quickly. It lands on a Truth: “If you had to kill five people from the campers remaining on the island, who would you pick?”

Dawn is led to the electric chair, and she begins thinking. Courtney rolls her eyes and claims, “This is easy! Come on, Dawn! It’s not so hard!”

Dawn purses her lips and sighs. “I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings… if I do, I’m really sorry, but… I would kill Jacques… Amy… Heather… um, I really don’t know who else…”

The chair immediately electrocutes her. “Dawn is out in the first round!”

“You didn’t know who else to kill off?” Leshawna asks, raising an eyebrow and a smirk curves into her face. “Or are you hiding some sort of secret?”

Dawn shrugs, and takes a seat on the loser bench next to Amy, Heather, DJ and Noah. “You would kill me off?” Heather asks Dawn.

“Next up – Jacques!” Chris calls, and Jacques spins the wheel. It lands on a Dare: “Go skinny dipping in the Wawanakwa Lake with sharks.”

Jacques shrieks in fear, and then eyes the Wawanakwa Lake. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Jacques is out!” Chris announces. “Dang! Two rounds in a row, two people in a row has left the challenge! Four people left – Leshawna, you’re up!”

Leshawna spins the wheel and it lands on a Dare: “Bathe in a pool of pee collected from the public toilet.” Leshawna’s eyes pop open as Chef slides in a pool of yellow pee. Leshawna holds back from vomitting before nodding her head and slowly dipping herself into the pool.

“That’s disgusting!” Chris exclaims, looking away from Leshawna. Leshawna quickly hops out of the pool soaking wet, much to the disgust of the other campers. “That’s… icky, really icky, Leshawna.”

“I got my weave wet for some stupid immunity challenge,” Leshawna shakes her head and sits next to Lindsay, but Lindsay slowly shifts away from Leshawna. “Stupid immunity challenge,” Leshawna grumbles as she folds her arms.

“I can smell you all the way here,” Noah says.

“That was nasty, but Leshawna stays in the game!” Chris announces.  “Next up – Lindsay!”

Scenes flash through the contestants enduring several Truths and Dares including Lindsay getting a horrendous new hairdo, Owen being trapped inside a box with a pack of rats, Courtney having to go through dozens of Truths and Leshawna almost shaving her head bald.

“Leshawna, since you refuse to shave your head, you’re out!” Chris announces, and Leshawna joins the crowd of losers that includes Lindsay now as well. “That leaves Owen and Courtney. One of you will win immunity, the other will be in danger of being voted off. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve been through, if you had to answer painful questions or be trapped with rats – all that effort goes away if you don’t win this challenge.”

Owen nods his head in excitement, while Courtney just grins. “Owen, you’re up,” Chris says. Owen spins the wheel and it lands on a Dare: “Dye your hair color pink.”

Owen raises an eyebrow. “Ooooh, that’s tough!” he giggles. “I’ll do it!”

Ten minutes pass and Owen returns with new pink hair. He begins giggling and laughing, “Boy, that was incredible! I’ve never experienced that in my whole life!”

“Courtney, your turn,” Chris says, and Courtney quickly shuffles towards the wheel and gives it a big long spin. The wheel lands on a Truth: “Do you have a crush on anyone from Total Drama, and if you do – who?”

Courtney gasps and looks at Chris in shock. “What kind of question is this?” she exclaims, and folds her arms. “You know what? I demand another question because… um, because, this question is just too… it’s too useless and unecessary!”

“Just answer the question!” Amy shouts.

Courtney is pushed to the electric chair and begins chuckling. “Come on, you guys, give me another question! Like, come on… please.”

“Answer the question or you’re out!” Chris barks, clearly furious that Courtney continues to delay the question.

Courtney hesitates and she glances to the ground. “Is it like, who you USED to have a crush on or who you still have a crush on?”

“Who you still have a crush on!” Chris hisses. “Hurry up! We’re on a time limit, you know! We don’t have all day, Courtney.”

“Fine! I’ll answer it!” Courtney says, but then quickly gets zapped. “What?! I didn’t even answer yet! The correct answer is – I never liked anyone from Total Dramaaaaa – ”, another electric shock zips through Courtney.

“Liar!” Chris cackles. “Sorry, Courtney, you’re out! That means Owen – you have won immunity, breaking Courtney’s immunity streak!”

Courtney folds her arms and looks away from Chris who is putting an immunity necklace on Owen. “Owen cannot be voted off in the bonfire ceremony!” Chris announces, as he pats Owen on the back. “As for you losers – one of you WILL be leaving and WILL be voted off. Now, Owen, my man, why don't you give Lady Bridgette a little help?"

Owen smiles and looks up at Bridgette who is at the top of the tower. "Do I have to get all the way there? Like with stairs and everything?"

Chirs nods his head, and Owen hesitates. "Ooooh, not good," he says, shaking his head. "I'm sort of exhausted, so I'm just gonna come back later for Bridgette."

"Okay then!" Chris smiles, and pats Owen on the back. "Everybody - head back to camp!"

Bridgette's eyes pop open in shock. "MMMFF!!" she desperately tries to scream for help. "MMMMMFF! MMFFMFF!!"

"Love you, girl!" Leshawna waves at Bridgette as the campers depart. Owen enthusiastically waves goodbye to Bridgette before leaving with the others. He throws the glass slipper up at Bridgette, and it knocks her in the head.

Owen’s Confessional: WOO-HOO! *shows off immunity neclace* Check this out, baby! I – AM SO – STOKED!

Amy’s Confessional: I’m quite satisfied with the Immunity Challenge’s results. Even though I didn’t win, Courtney didn’t and that’s what’s most important.

Bridgette's Confessional (after being freed by an intern): I literally hate everybody in here.

The scene cuts to Dawn, Noah and Owen in the Wawanakwa Lake. Owen cannonballs into the lake, while Noah and Dawn are already talking game in the water.

“Who are you voting off?” Dawn asks, as she floats on the water.

“Amy,” Noah tells Dawn. “She needs to go apparently,” he rolls his eyes, “I don’t see her as threatening at all. I think she just got lucky that she survived those votes. I would love to vote off Heather or Courtney but other people don’t want to and I don’t wanna stick my neck out.”

“I’ll vote with whoever you want,” Dawn smiles. “I think Heather and Courtney are quite threatening to be honest, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Heather go.”

Dawn’s Confessional: I am determined to redeem myself this season. Even if it means betraying some allies and friends, I need to get to the end. It breaks my heart, really, but that’s what I have to do in order to win. I hate being so cutthroat, but I came here to win a million dollars.

“Heather’s a huge threat, but I’m not sure I have the votes for her to leave,” Noah sighs, and then looks at Owen who is talking to the fishes. “Owen’s voting with me no matter what, so us three are three solid votes against Heather or whoever we want. There are ten votes in total, meaning we at least need around six votes. Any ideas who’ll vote Heather off?”

“I think Leshawna will,” Dawn nods her head. “Maybe Courtney and Jacques. I’m not too sure about Lindsay, because she seems close to Heather which is another reason why we need to cut Heather. Do you think DJ will vote with us?”

“Totally,” Noah nods his head. “I think we have our eyes set on a primary target now! If tonight goes exactly planned, then one of the biggest threats of the season will be leaving.”

The scene cuts to Dawn and Leshawna. Dawn is telling Leshawna the plan to vote Heather off, but Leshawna raises an eyebrow. “Are you sure about, girl?” Leshawna says, and then shakes her head. “Not that I despise the spoiled princess, but there are obviously some other big targets and threats – bigger than Heather.”

“True,” Dawn nods her head.

“Look at it this way,” Leshawna says. “We need to start thinking long-term. In my opinion, Heather can be dealt later on – she doesn’t seem to have many ties with the others so nobody really likes her that much. There are some bigger fish to fry.”

“I hate backstabbing people,” Dawn sighs, and frowns as she stares gloomily at the ground. “Especially friends that I truly and genuinely care about.”

“That’s just a part of the game,” Leshawna pats Dawn on the back. “It’s going to be okay, Dawn, don’t worry. Just remember, us two, we’re tight and we’re going to take this to the end!” She rubs Dawn’s back and the two girls laugh. Leshawna continues: “We can do this.”

Heather and Lindsay meet up with Courtney, Jacques, DJ, Owen and Noah in the cave in the woods.

“Now, I know that I haven’t gotten along with many of you,” Courtney begins, as DJ glares at her intensely, “and I’m sorry about that but I really need your help to stay in this game.”

“Me and the guys talked this morning,” DJ says to Courtney. “We discussed that taking you out isn’t in our best interest.”

Courtney’s eyes light up. “Really?” she gasps, and a glimmer of hope shines through her. “Thank you so much, if you do, I really owe my life in this game to each and every single one of you!”

“Who are you voting off then?” Heather asks DJ, raising an eyebrow.

“We’ve decided to blindside Amy,” DJ answers, nodding his head with a smile. “Us guys see her as a snake and we need her to leave this game. Plus, she scares me – she reminds me of the Boogyman, and I don’t like the Boogyman at all! Nuh uh!”

“Who are the three other votes beside us seven?” Courtney asks.

“Dawn, Amy and Leshawna,” DJ answers. “I think they’re voting you, Courtney. That’s why us seven need to stay solid on this vote.”

“Dawn’s not voting me out,” Courtney smiles, chuckling softly. “Me and her are tight friends, and I don’t think she would vote me off this early. She’ll do whatever I tell her to, to be honest. She’s like a puppy dog that’ll do whatever I say.”

Noah raises an eyebrow.

“Okay, but has anyone ever realized how this cave has Sadie’s clothes literally just sitting on that rock?” Lindsay asks, pointing at a large rock with Sadie/Katie’s pink clothes on it.

The scene cuts to Dawn talking to Noah near the edge of the forest. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Noah asks Dawn, about the vote. “You seem quite hesitant… are you okay?”

“I just, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings,” Dawn sighs. “But I guess it’s all a part of the game; it stinks though.”

“Alright then,” Noah nods his head. “DJ and Owen are right behind this by the way. They agreed.”

Dawn’s Confessional: It hurts me, and it breaks my heart to have to do this… *wipes tear off cheek* It stinks.

Courtney’s Confessional: I really don’t know how I feel about this vote. Noah seemed a little bit sketchy, and I’m afraid that he flipped on me, so just in case, I think I’m going to play my Immunity Idol.

The sscene flashes to the campers in the bonfire ceremony. Owen is wearing his Immunity Necklace, and all of the campers have just recently voted someone off. Chris stands in front of all the campers.

“If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so,” Chris announces. At first, there’s a long silence shared between the campers but Courtney then stands up and clears her throat.

She reveals a Hidden Immunity Idol in her hands. “Mr. Mclean, I would like to put my Idol in my play,” she grins as she hands Chris her Idol. She sits back down next to Dawn, her close ally and friend.

“Alright,” Chris nods his head, but then raises an eyebrow as he examines the Idol. “Hold on a sec!” This grabs the attention of everybody. “Courtney, sorry to tell you this, but uh, this isn’t a real Idol!”

Courtney immediately raises an eyebrow in shock and confusion. “What the heck?!”

Leshawna begins chuckling. Courtney glares at her, but Leshawna raises her hands in surrender. “You have to admit, that’s kind of funny,” Leshawna laughs.

“That is NOT funny!” Courtney growls at Leshawna.

“Don’t get all defensive, miss,” Leshawna says, giving Courtney a cold look. “I don’t want your trash opinions spilled all over me, please, so back off.”

“Me? Trash?” Courtney gasps. “I am ANYTHING but trash! I am gold, and you are simply just a – ”

Leshawna yawns loudly. “I’m already bored and tired of your voice. Can’t wait ‘til you run along back to your pretty boy crush, Duncan.”

“I do NOT have a crush on him!” Courtney exclaims, standing up.

“That’s like saying Owen doesn’t like food,” Leshawna snickers, and Chris breaks up the fight to reveal the voting results.

“Ladies calm down,” Chris says. “Let’s review the votes that all of you have casted.”

Dawn sighs and bites her lip as Chris reveals the first vote: “Fist vote…”


He proceeds to reveal the next votes.

“Amy!” “Courtney!”

Courtney glares coldly at the vote, and looks around at the crowd behind her then shoots Leshawna a dirty eye.

“Courtney!” “Courtney!”

Courtney’s mouth is slightly dropped open. “That’s three votes Courtney, two votes Amy.”


“That’s four votes Courtney and only two votes Amy! Next vote…”

“Amy!” “Amy!”

“Four votes Amy, four votes Courtney. We’re tied. Next vote…”

The camera shifts towards the campers’s reactions: some are taking deep breaths as the votes are slowly being revealed and some others just grin in delight.


“Five votes Courtney, four votes Amy. One vote left…”

The tension rise between the campers. Courtney is shocked that so many people voted for her, and Amy is at the edge of the seat. Many begin speculating a tie-breaker: what would happen? Would there be a tiebreaker challenge?

Chris reads the final vote and reveals it to the campers. “Thirteenth person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…


Courtney gasps at the final results and reluctantly stands up. She looks back at the crowd behind her: Leshawna is waving her goodbye with a smug smile on her face, Heather and Lindsay both look shocked and so does Jacques, but the rest sort of just have faded looks on their faces – like they were expecting the vote to turn out like that.

“Six to four vote,” Courtney grumbles as she marches towards Chris. She hands Chris her marshmallow, and Chris tosses it into the campfire.

“Courtney, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris says to Courtney.

Courtney takes one final look at the crowd behind her. “Who flipped on me?” she asks them, waiting for an answer. “I’m not leaving here until I know who flipped on me. Show of hands – come on! Don’t be such cowards!”

Noah raises his hand with a calm look on his face. Owen and DJ followed. “I thought I had around eight votes with me,” Courtney says as she folds her arms. “Who else?”

Dawn slowly raises her hand as she looks at Courtney with a guilty and genuinely saddened look on her face. Courtney gasps at one of her closest ally’s betrayals. “You,” Courtney hisses, glaring at Dawn coldly. “I thought I could trust you.”

“I’m sorry,” Dawn bites her lip, as a tear strolls down her cheek. “Courtney, I really am… it broke my heart to ever do this to you – ”

“Oh, keep your nasty words to yourself!” Courtney growls, and turns around to face the Boat of Losers. “I’ve had enough of you.” She disappears into the night, as she climbs onboard the Boat of Losers.

Dawn is seen crying, feeling extremely guilty especially after Courtney, one of her closest friends, bad-mouthed her like that. Leshawna hugs her tightly, and rubs her back. Dawn begins sobbing on Leshawna’s shoulder.

“That’s all for tonight,” Chris says. “Head back to camp. Goodnight!”

Take Five
Season 10, Episode 12
Challenge Find a key then build a gigantic wedding cake with LEGOs.
Reward Immunity/Four night spa-resort stay with one friend of choice.
Winner(s) Leshawna
Episode Guide
"Total Drama: Only One Will Live"

Episode 12: "Take Five"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, Courtney lost her first ever individual immunity after Owen won the ‘Truth or Dare’ challenge, and after Courtney’s two straight immunity wins, she had a huge target on her back. To guarantee her safety, Courtney gathered a group of eight to save her from the vote but Dawn, one of Courtney’s closest allies and friends, turned against her and orchestrated her blindside.

The remaining nine campers head back to camp: Heather, DJ, Leshawna, Amy, Owen, Lindsay, Noah, Dawn and Jacques. Dawn still looks a little bit teary-eyed after the Bonfire Ceremony.

Jacques glances around at his fellow campers that he has been living with on the same island for so long. For once, he actually feels alone.

Jacques’s Confessional: I literally have NOBODY here! You know, for a second, I thought I had Amy and Scott in the same alliance but I guess not anymore! Scott turned on me, and Amy tricked me into playing my idol! My number one ally was Courtney – she was my only ally left and now she is gone too! Plus, I don’t trust ANY of the guys ESPECIALLY when they MYSTERIOUSLY flipped on me! *yells in frustration* I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I AM GOING INSANE!

DJ approaches Dawn and gives her a warm hug. “Are you okay?” he asks her after releasing her from his arms. “You shouldn’t care about what Courtney said to you. It’s all just a part of the game.”

“I know,” Dawn says softly. “I just feel so bad… because I know what she said to me was true. She trusted me and I misused her trust… I never want to do that ever again.”

She runs into DJ’s arms, and he hugs her again. Another tear rolls down Dawn’s cheek.

DJ’s Confessional: I truly do feel bad for Dawn. I hate seeing her all sad and gloomy. I really hope that one day, me and her could work together.

Elsewhere in the night, Heather pulls Lindsay inside a cabin. “What the heck happened to that vote?!” Heather exclaims, shutting the door close. “I did NOT expect that coming – did YOU see that coming?”

“Sort of,” Lindsay answers softly, but then Heather shoots her a death glare. “I mean – NOT REALLY! Totally not, like I mean, who even is Courtney?”

Lindsay’s Confessional: My position in this game I think is just where I want to be. I’m cool with Leshawna and Dawn, although I’m not as tight as I was with them before, and I’m cool with Heather. Plus, nobody sees me as a threat so that works to my advantage as well!

“We need to figure out a way to get into the majority mix again,” Heather says as she paces around the room in deep thought. “We need to learn a way to control the votes! We have to, that’s our only way to survive.”

Lindsay’s Confessional: I do plan on backstabbing Heather sooner or later in the game, so just to prepare myself for my future in the game, I need to make more social bonds with other people.

“I’m close to Leshawna and Dawn,” Lindsay shrugs, watching Heather pace around the cabin worriedly. “Does that help? I think they’re targeting you next though.”

“Wow, that’s super helpful,” Heather says sarcastically, and stops walking around to glare at Lindsay. “Do you have an Immunity Idol of some sort? Anything that can save me – I mean, us?”

“We should go looking for an Idol!” Lindsay suggests excitedly, then claps her hands joyfully. “I bet it’s going to be super fun! We could even go looking for Bigfoot while searching for an Idol!”

Heather folds her arms and raises an eyebrow as she looks at Lindsay with a face that says: “Are you kidding me right now?”

“Okay, yeah, I’m going to go,” Heather immediately turns around to exit the cabin and enter the night. She begins wandering around camp, but everytime she strolls past a few campers, they give her a dirty look. Particularly, Jacques shoots her a cold glare. “What are you looking at?” Heather hisses at the ice dancer. “Why are you giving me such an ugly look? I voted out Amy just like you did, I tried to save Courtney!”

Jacques shrugs off Heather and walks away, much to Heather’s shock and disgust. “Fine!” she yells, as Jacques strolls calmly away from the queen bee. “Fine! Walk away! I don’t even care, so yeah! Walk away! Go! I hate your presence anyways!”

“Hey!” a voice calls, and a figure puts their hands on Heather’s shoulders. “A-Are you okay? You shouldn’t be screaming so loudly in the middle of the night.”

Heather is shocked to see DJ behind her. DJ continues: “Other people are trying to sleep, so you should probably tone it down a little bit.”

Heather groans in frustration. “I’m just so sick of everybody treating me like I’m this piece of garbage just WAITING to be TAKEN TO THE DUMPSTER! Well, guess WHAT?!” She points at the cabins, “I CAME HERE TO STAY AND I CAME HERE TO WIN A MILLION F*CKING DOLLARS!”

“Heather, look at me,” DJ says softly, trying to keep eye contact with Heather. “You’re not feeling so good, you need to have some rest.”

Heather sighs, and begins to take deep breaths. “Yeah, I probably do.”

Jacques walks past the two, and Heather’s face begins to be filled with fury and anger once more. “SUCK IT, YOU D*CKHEAD! GO BACK TO THE F*CKING ICE SKATING RINK!” she yells at Jacques, who quickly tries to ignore her presence. DJ tries to calm Heather down, but she continues to shout: “YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE A F*CKING WEASEL WHO JUST FELL INTO A JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER! YOU REMIND ME OF F*CKING DONALD F*CKING TRUMP!”

“Shh, shhh,” DJ says, as he pulls Heather into a hug. He strokes her long hair. “Calm down… it’s just a game, no need to get so upset… calm down.”

“I think I drank too much alcohol or something,” Heather sighs.

The scene cuts to the next morning where all of the campers are getting breakfast. Leshawna, Lindsay and Dawn are seen sitting in one table together.

“And then, Regina literally like ate the sandal!” Lindsay continues telling her ridiculous story to the two other girls. “It was unbelievably hilarious!”

“How interesting,” Leshawna says sarcastically, as she sticks a spoon of rotten cereal into her mouth. She then proceeds to spit it out of her mouth in disgust. “That tasted like freaking baby powder!”

“I wonder how you know how baby powder tastes like,” Dawn says, looking curiously at Leshawna.

Elsewhere, Noah, Owen, DJ and Jacques are in another table chatting. DJ is sleeping, not eating breakfast, while the other three guys look at him in confusion.

“What is his problem?” Jacques asks, confused while pointing at a snoring DJ with a spoon. “Why is he so sleepy?”

“He was too busy trying to calm Heather down last night,” Noah answers. “Poor guy didn’t get enough sleep. He sacrificed his sleep to keep us asleep because you bet that if Heather didn’t calm down, all of us would’ve never fallen asleep last night. She was sooo loud.”

“Aw, poor DJ,” Owen says, and then immediately sticks a spoon of a pancake into his mouth. He begins giggling while chewing the pancake. “This is a really good pancake!”

Jacques tries to wake DJ up by shaking him. “Wake up, silly boy!” he exclaims, and quickly seizes a mug of hot chocolate and slams it to DJ’s face.

DJ’s eyes pop open in shock, and he sits up and glances around his surroundings with sleepy eyes. “Wh-what’s going on?” he asks softly, then wipes off the hot chocolate off his face.

“Doesn’t the chocolate hurt?” Jacques asks in disbelief. “Why are you so calm? Isn’t the hot chocolate steaming, yes?”

DJ shakes his head. “Mama pours way worse stuff to my face back at home.”

Meanwhile, Amy is sitting alone in her table – silently eating a plate of nasty looking maccaroni. She looks at the two tables behind her: the guys and the ‘Hero’ girls. She rolls her eyes, and sticks out her tongue. A camera zooms into her face, and she glares at it coldly.

“Are you wondering why I have no friends?” she asks the cameraman/camera. She squints at the camera. “Well, I’m not exactly a social butterfly.”

Amy’s Confessional: I have no friends here, no allies, no NOTHING! If I don’t win this next immunity, I might be going home.

Heather approaches Amy, and takes a seat in the same table. Amy shoots her a dirty look and asks, “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t really have many friends either,” Heather smirks, and then drinks a glass of water. “Why don’t us two villain-esses come together? It works to the advantage for both of us – neither of us have many allies. In fact, I only have Lindsay and I think she’s already ditched me for the other girls.”

Amy eyes Lindsay, Leshawna and Dawn then looks back at Heather. “She doesn’t seem to be loyal to you anymore,” Amy chuckles. “Sad life for you.”

“You too,” Heather grins, and the two ‘Villain-esses’ clink glasses. “Do you have an Immunity Idol?”

“I’ve tried looking, but unsuccessful,” Amy sighs, then looks back at the guys table. “I bet one of those crackheads have one.”

Heather’s Confessional: Obviously, I still hate Amy but I have to pretend like I don’t so she could trust me enough to not vote me out! But, once I’m done with her and she does whatever I want her to do, she needs to be cut before she gets even more dangerous.

The scene flashes to the immunity challenge, and it takes place in the canteen. Chris stands in front of the crowd of campers with a chef hat on his head, and also a wicked grin on his face.

“Well, good morning, campers!” he greets the campers enthusiastically. “Today’s challenge will be a cooking challenge! Now, I’m sure all of you are quite excited already!”

The sounds of crickets begin echoing around the room as the contestants silently watch Chris. Chris continues: “Each of you must find a key hidden somewhere around camp that will unlock a treasure chest inside this kitchen. In your treasure chest, there is a LEGO puzzle of a gigantic wedding cake. First person to correctly build their wedding cake wins immunity from tonight’s Bonfire Ceremony, and will bring home the bacon! Not only that, but the winner will also go to a beautiful spa resort for four days and four nights with one other friend of their choice!”

“Yeah, that isn’t really a cooking challenge,” DJ points out to the narcissistic host.

“WhatEVER!” Chris rolls his eyes. “Do I look like I care? When I blow my whistle, you all can start looking for your keys! On your marks, get set, GO!”

The scene cuts to Jacques, who is right outside the girls’s cabin. He is sitting down with a sinister wicked grin while writing a long note that says:

“Dear Lindsay,

I am so glad we got the chance to talk game last night. I agree with you – Leshawna is a very big threat, and I definitely agree that we should vote her off soon. Just make sure that Leshawna doesn’t know and that your double agent status is hidden very well, so that she can still trust you. Hopefully the next Bonfire Ceremony will be the night Leshawna finally leaves the island.



Jacques chuckles evilly, before putting the note right near the doorstep. He turns around to see if anyone is looking at him, and he then sprints away.

Jacques’s Confessional: Obviously, Lindsay and I did not speak or have a conversation but I want to build a little bit mistrust between the girls, so they’ll come after each other!

DJ and Leshawna are looking for keys together. “Got any luck?” Leshawna asks DJ, and DJ responds with a quick ‘No’.

“You know what, Leshawna?” DJ says, quickly grabbing Leshawna’s attention. “I really don’t trust Heather, especially now that she’s in a duo with Lindsay.”

“Oh, trust me, sugar, I got Lindsay under control,” Leshawna replies, smiling warmly. “She won’t go against me, at least I hope so. But I do agree that Heather’s a gigantic threat, and we can’t let her reach the end again.”

“I say that if she doesn’t win immunity, we vote her out,” DJ suggests, nodding his head.

“I’m with you on that one!” Leshawna laughs. “What if she doesn’t win immunity?”

“I say Lindsay,” DJ answers quickly.

Leshawna’s eyes pop open, and she quickly wags her finger. “Oh no, no, no, no, no. Definitely not Lindsay. She’s a good person, unlike Heather and Amy. Even Jacques is totally mean-spirited!”

“It’s better to bring evil and unlikeable people to the end with us!” DJ explains. “Because people won’t vote for them to win. Lindsay’s a number for Heather, and I think she needs to go especially if Heather wins immunity.”

Leshawna begins to look worried and concerned. “Um…”

DJ’s Confessional: The fact that Leshawna is so hesitant to even consider voting out Lindsay proves how big of a threat Lindsay really is! She’s not just a dumb blonde – she’s protected on every single angle: Heather’s protecting her and now so is Leshawna! I might even want to get Lindsay out before getting Heather out!

Meanwhile, Noah and Owen are looking for their keys. Owen gasps when he spots something on the ground. Noah looks back at his best friend.

“What? Did you find a key?” he asks.

“No,” Owen smiles, and picks up a pair of deer antlers. “But I did find theeese!”

Owen hugs the pair of deer antlers tightly, and gives it a big smooch. Noah raises an eyebrow in confusion and disgust. “What’s your problem, dude?” Noah asks. “You’re suddenly in love with a pair of deer horns?”

“These aren’t just any deer horns,” Owen smiles, shedding a tear. “These are the ones Izzy wore in Total Drama Island… our first season together! Oh, I MISS HER SO MUCH!”

Noah rolls his eyes. “I don’t understand your love,” he says calmly, then smiles when he spots a glimmering key hidden under a rock. He picks it up and sprints to the canteen. “I’ll catch you later, Owen!”

“Good luck to you, my friend!” Owen sobs, still staring and crying at the pair of antlers.

The scene flashes to Lindsay and Dawn searching for keys together. Dawn points at a beehive at the top of a tree. “I can feel it!” she insists. “It’s hidden in there… but, how are we going to reach there?”

“OMG!” Lindsay squeals. “When I was six, I took a ‘How To Hit A Beehive Without Getting Attacked By Bees’ class with my sister! It like tooootally worked, so I’m pretty sure I can handle this!”

Dawn raises an eyebrow. “I sense a lot of hope in your aura,” she tells Lindsay. “A lot of confidence as well… are you sure want this?”

Lindsay nods her head in joyful excitement. Dawn sighs. “Alright then,” she says, and hands Lindsay a stick. “I don’t feel too good about this, Lindsay. I see failure and a lot of pain in your future.”

“Oh, come on!” Lindsay says, while poking the beehive with the long wooden stick. “It can’t be that bad!”

Lindsay smacks the beehive, and a swarm of bees swirl down and attack her. She begin shrieking, as she falls on the ground with the army of bees around her. “Jalapao shamanao!” Lindsay screams. “WHY AREN’T THE MAGIC WORDS WORKING? JALAPAO SHAMANAO!”

“Magic words?” Dawn raises an eyebrow.

“JALAPAO SHAMANAO!” Lindsay shrieks.

Time passes by, and the scene flashes to the canteen. Noah, Leshawna, Lindsay (who has dozens of bee stings all over her body) and Dawn are working on their wedding cake LEGO masterpiece.

“Noah is currently in the lead!” Chris announces. “He seems to be flying through the challenge – sports might not be his type of challenge, but mental challenges sure are!”

“You’re putting the wrong piece there!” a voice echoes through the canteen to Noah. Noah raises an eyebrow and gasps in shock as Alejandro steps into the light. “Hello, Noah. Hello, fellow competitors?”

“Fellow say what now?” Leshawna says.

Everybody seems to be shocked at the sudden entrance of Alejandro, the Total Drama World Tour finalist. “What are YOU doing here?” Noah asks Alejandro.

“Well, surprise surprise!” Alejandro laughs. “I’m joining the game!”

“WHAT?!” the campers shout in disbelief.

Chris begins chuckling. “Oh, did I forget to tell you? Alejandro’s going to join you guys in the game! Welcome your newest competitor – Alejandro!”

“Oh heck no,” Leshawna shakes her head, and folds her arms in frustration.


Alejandro’s Confessional: Apparently, the show was lacking a lot of drama so Chris decided to bring me back for the show! These losers better watch out, because I’m coming for each and every one of them.

Heather and DJ run inside the canteen, and they both halt in shock when they see Alejandro standing in the center of the canteen. Behind them, Owen, Amy and Jacques finally enter as well.

“What is HE doing here?!” Heather yells, pointing at a grinning Alejandro. “What is he – some sort of intern? He better not get paid.”

“I thought you two were on good terms,” Amy says.

“Yeah, not anymore,” Heather glares coldly at Alejandro as she folds her arms.

“Alejandro here will be joining the game!” Chris announces, and once again, shocked gasps echo through the room. “And because he’s a new contestant, he will be immune from tonight’s vote off, and will not have to participate in the immunity challenge! As for the rest of you, you’re still in a race for immunity so you better hurry up!”

“UGH!” Heather groans, and she then darts towards her treasure chest and unlocks it. She begins stacking the LEGO pieces to make the wedding cake. “This is so unfair. SOOO unfair.”

“Noah and Dawn seem to be in the lead!” Chris narrates the story as he examines the group of contestants work.

“Put that piece on the right side,” Alejandro instructs Noah. “Trust me, Noah, I know what I’m doing. I’m extremely good in puzzles and challenges. I’ve been using building blocks ever since I was six months old.”

“Alejandro is clearly helping Noah out!” Chris announces, chuckling. “Do I sense an alliance?”

“Um, hello, why aren’t you help me?” Heather hisses to Alejandro. “We used to be dating, and now you’re moving on to the squirmy bookworm?”

“I simply just don’t want you to win immunity,” Alejandro smiles at Heather, and she growls viciously.

“DJ and Leshawna are gaining on Noah and Dawn!” Chris announces, as DJ rapidly stacks his wedding cake.

Amy eyes DJ, and then throws one of her pieces at his whole cake (which was almost finished), and the whole thing comes tumbling down. DJ gasps in terror as he watches his masterpiece crumble, and desperately tries to hang on to it.

“MY CAKE!” DJ shrieks.

“Oops!” Amy apologizes, giggling mischieviously. “My bad! Sorry, hunkalicious.”

“DJ has lost his lead after a miserable fall!” Chris announces. “It is now only Noah, Dawn and Leshawna fighting for immunity! Everyone else seems to have fallen out of the challenge!”

Heather growls in anger.

Noah puts his final piece of the cake on the top, but it all comes falling down. He is left shocked, as he miserably watches his creation collapse.

“Noah falls out of it!” Chris announces, and Leshawna finally stacks her final piece of the cake. “And Leshawna wins immunity and the reward! She gets to go on a four night trip to a beautiful relaxing spa resort with a friend of her choice! Leshawna, make your decision now!”

“I’m going to pick Lindsay!” Leshawna says enthusiastically, and her and Lindsay share a huge hug. DJ eyes the two girls suspiciously.

“You two girls will depart from Wawanakwa soon!” Chris announces. “As for the rest of you, I have nothing for you! Head back to camp!”

Leshawna’s Confessional: It feels so good to win my first individual immunity this season because that means I can’t be voted off, and I get to share a sweet spa resort with my girl, Lindsay! I would’ve loved to bring Dawn too but I had some things to discuss with Lindsay privately. Alone.

Alejandro, Noah and Owen walk back to their cabins. “So, which cabin do I sleep in?” Alejandro asks the two best friends. “Can I sleep in the same cabin with you two gentlemen?”

“Yeah, sure,” Noah says calmly then walks into his cabin. He then shoots Alejandro a murderous glare. “Don’t try to pull any stunt on me, you hear me?”

Alejandro nods his head, smirking. “Of course! I would never do such a thing!”

Once the three guys get inside, Alejandro stirs up a strategical conversation. “Since I can’t be voted off tonight, and neither can Leshawna, who do you want to vote off?” he asks the two guys.

Noah and Owen exchange glances, before looking back at Alejandro.

Owen’s Confessional: I don’t really know how I feel about having Al back in the game, to be quite honest. Last time I played with him, he turned out to be a snake in the grass and he caused my elimination! I have to make sure to keep my eye out for him this time around.

“After observing your every move on the show, I have to say that Amy and DJ are quite big threats!” Alejandro says to Noah and Owen inside the cabin. “I say DJ goes, because he’s stronger in challenges than Amy is.”

“What about Heather?” Owen asks. “She’s a gigantic threat – both physical and strategical!”

Alejandro shakes his head in disagreement. “No, no, no! I disagree – Heather is too big of a threat that she can be exterminated at any point in the game! So, it is best for our games that she stays.”

“Are you sure for ‘our’ games?” Noah rolls his eyes.

Noah’s Confessional: Obviously, Alejandro still has little crush on Heather. That’s fine with me, whatever, it just paints bigger targets on their backs. Let’s get one thing clear though – I don’t trust that eel. That slimy eel, he needs to go right after he’s not immune.

Owen begins giggling. “You see, Al, the thing is that us guys… we sort of have an alliance-pact thing going on, so we don’t want to vote out one of our own yet.”

“Alright then, fine with me!” Alejandro smiles, nodding his head.

Alejandro’s Confessional: The feeling to be able to play for another million dollars is great! But the feeling that I have to play with these idiots disgust me!

“So we do Amy, I suppose?” Alejandro asks.

“I’m still doing Heather,” Noah answers, and Alejandro shoots him a dark glare.

The scene cuts to Lindsay hopping through the woods. She trips on a rock, and stumbles down. “Okay, this isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be,” Lindsay says as she rubs the top of her head in pain.

Lindsay’s Confessional: Even though I feel safe, I still need to guarantee my safety so I decided to gooooooo *makes drum roll sound effect* search for an IDOL!

“Wow, that’s really pretty!” Lindsay says, as she grabs the Idol – not knowing it’s the Idol. She puts it around her neck. “I should start looking for the Idol again, I feel way more confident now that I have this lucky charm accessory!”

Lindsay’s Confessional: I didn’t even like know that it was the idol! *giggles* But I’m so excited to have it! It feels super amazing to have the Immunity Idol!

Later, Leshawna calmly steps into her cabin while humming. She stops when she sees a note on the floor (the fake note that Jacques wrote to Lindsay). Leshawna gasps after reading the whole thing, and her face boils in rage and fury.

“Oh, HELL NO!” Leshawna yells, crumpling the paper into a crumpled ball. She furiously smashes the paper ball across camp, and eyes Lindsay, who is calmly walking across the ground.

The scene cuts to Jacques who is in his cabin talking to Owen, Noah and DJ.

“Yo, Al is one slithering snake,” DJ says. “We can’t trust him at all! I don’t trust him, and I can’t wait to get him out soon!”

“Me too,” Noah adds. “Once he loses immunity, he’s gone.”

Unbeknownst to them, Alejandro is eavesdropping on their conversation from outside the cabin. “Oh, really Noah?” he flashes a murderous glare. “We’ll see about that.”

Alejandro’s Confessional: Coming into this game, I already know that I’m going to have a huge target on my back especially after all the bad things I’ve done in my first season. My main goal is to turn Owen and Noah against each other somehow. I might need some help from... Heather.

Leshawna bursts into the boys cabin, shoving Alejandro into a bush of berries. She growls at Jacques and pins him against the wall. “YOU’RE WORKING WITH LINDSAY?!” Leshawna growls, frightening Jacques. “AND YOU TWO ARE TARGETING ME?!”

Jacques begins whimpering. “Where did you hear that from? Did Lindsay tell you?”

“There was a NOTE on my doorstep!” Leshawna barks, as Noah and Owen scurry out of the cabin. “Don’t think that I’m gonna let you get away with this, because I’m - ,” she bangs Jacques’s head against the wall, “ – NOT – going to!”

“FINE!” Jacques whimpers. “I’ll tell you the truth! We are working together, but she’s the one that brought up the idea to target you! My main target was Heather, but she brought up your name!”

Leshawna growls, and releases her grip on Jacques. “That white girl’s gonna PAY!”

Jacques’s Confessional: My plan is going exactly to plan! If everything works out, Lindsay will be walking out tonight!

Amy and Heather are chatting in the girls cabin. “We should like vote out Lindsay,” Amy says to Heather. “Since Leshawna is immune, Lindsay seems to be second in command with the girls. We should blindside her tonight.”

“Yeah, I’m not doing that,” Heather shakes her head, immediately rejecting the idea.

“Why not?”

“Because she’s totally not a threat!” Heather answers. “We should vote someone like Noah out. He’s clever, and he’s in a duo with Owen. They’re totally not going to vote each other out so we have to cut them off before they cut us.”

“Good idea,” Amy grins.

Heather’s Confessional: *laughs evilly* I am NOT voting out Noah, relaaax! I’m voting out Amy, because she’s still a dangerous snake and I’ve recently discovered that she’s no use to me at all!

That night, everybody heads to the Bonfire Ceremony, and Chris tallies the votes. “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

The camera shifts to Lindsay, who is silently sitting there, not saying a thing. Jacques glances at Lindsay.

“Alright,” Chris nods his head. “Person with the most votes will be voted off and board the Boat of Losers. Now, for tonight, I thought I would do something different! I’m going to display all of your votes!”

The campers gasp, as a TV screen drops – first up is Heather, who writes down the name ‘Amy’. “I don’t trust you, you’re a fugly snake in the grass and I hope you drown.”

Amy gasps at Heather’s quick betrayal. Next is Noah who writes down the name ‘Heather’. “You’re a way bigger threat than anyone here, and you’re aligned with Ale-satan so that just puts the nail in your coffin.”

Heather growls at Noah, but he just rolls his eyes. “Your breath tastes like Alejandro’s butthole.”

Next is Amy, who writes down the name ‘Noah’. “I’m staying loyal to my new alliance, and you’re a huge threat – you’re smart and you’re in a duo with chubby.”

Next is Owen, who writes down the name ‘Heather’. “You’re too big of a threat to keep in this game, and you’re kind of mean and loud. Sorry!”

Heather raises an eyebrow – it’s 1 vote Amy, 1 vote Noah and 2 votes Heather.

Next is Lindsay who writes down the name ‘Amy’. “To be honest, I really like your make-up! You should toootally do a make up video online with me some day, but Heather told me to vote you off.”

Next is Alejandro who also writes down the name ‘Amy’. “I will do anything to protect my lady, and that also means voting you off. After you, Noah.”

Noah’s eyes pop open in shock.

Next is Dawn who writes down the name ‘Heather’. “Your aura tells me that you’re full of darkness and you have a mean-spirited cold heart. Unfortunately, that’s why I’m voting you out tonight.”

DJ flashes into the screen next and he yawns as he writes down the name ‘Heather’. “Sorry, you’re just really mean and annoying.”

Next is Leshawna, who quickly writes down the name ‘Heather’. “As much as I despise Lindsay at the moment, I have to cut off the head of the snake, and that’s you, girl.”

Finally, it’s Jacques who grins as he writes down the name ‘Heather’. “Bye-bye, you loud weasel. I’m not going to miss you.”

Heather gasps, as the TV jumps back up, and she stares at her fellow campers. “You shouldn’t have voted me off, huh?” Amy raises an eyebrow. “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you.”

“Why are you upset with me?” Lindsay asks Leshawna.

“I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!” Leshawna yells, and folds her arms then looks away from Lindsay.

“Heather,” Chris begins, and Heather stares at him with her jaw on the floor. “You have been voted out, and the Boat of Losers await you… is what I would say if this was an elimination challenge! SIKE! Losing Heather would be losing half of the ratings online, SO, this is a reward challenge! No eliminations, but it did show where your loyalties lie!”

Heather grins.

“That’s all for tonight! Head back to camp, goodnight!”

Total Drama: Only One Will Live/Bullseye Marks The Spot
Season 1, Episode 13
Challenge 1. Avoid being hunted by the 'serial killer', then race to the canteen to retrieve the immunity necklace.

2. Attack other campers on the bullseye on their backs, and be the last one standing.

Reward Immunity + a 24 hour stay with a fellow loved one of your choice
Winner(s) Heather
Episode Guide
"Take Five"
"Camp Wawanakwhoa!"

Episode 13 : "Total Drama: Only One Will Live"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, Dawn suffered from guilt after masterminding Courtney's elimination. Jacques, seeing the girls as a powerful and threatening force in the game, attempted to break up the alliance of Leshawna, Dawn and Lindsay by forging a fake note that stated that Lindsay was coming after Leshawna. During the challenge, Leshawna won her first challenge this season and Alejandro made a surprising entrance into the game. Leshawna and Lindsay butted heads while Jacques watched from behind the curtains, and this was extremely awkward because Leshawna picked Lindsay to go on the spa resorty with her. Amy and Heather aligned as the two 'villain-esses', but when the votes came, Heather proved to be a snake as she voted Amy off. Heather was blindsided when she received the majority of the votes, but Chris revealed that it was only a reward challenge - meaning that there was no elimination.

The episode begins with Owen yawning and waking up in bed. He glances at Noah, who is still asleep, and giggles. Above him, is Alejandro who is pretending to be asleep. Jacques walked out of the cabin for a long morning stroll with DJ.

Owen prepares to prank Noah, but Alejandro yawns and stretches his arms – catching Owen’s attention. “You shouldn’t do that, Owen, buddy,” Alejandro advises Owen. “Later, Noah will get even more angry at you.”

“Wait, what?” Owen gasps.

Alejandro’s Confessional: My goal is to turn Owen and Noah against each other, so the best friends would become arch rivals. But, I just can’t figure how to do it exactly… they won’t turn against each other at all! I can’t get into his mind… I have to figure out how.

“Noah tells me he’s quite upset with you,” Alejandro says to Owen. “He wants you to get your head in the game more. He tells me you’re quite distracted, apparently by Izzy.”

“Izzy?” Owen says, and then gasps in shock. “In the last challenge, I got distracted by a pair of deer antlers, but he didn’t seem to be mad. He thinks I’m not focused on the game enough?”

“Mhm,” Alejandro nods his head. “You should try harder next time, and make him proud. From the way he spoke to me, she seemed really disappointed of you.”

Owen frowns, and then gloomily looks at Noah. He begins crying loudly, and squeezes Noah tightly – immediately waking him up. “I’M SO SORRY!” he cries, squeezing Noah even harder. “I NEVER MEANT TO DISAPPOINT YOU!”

“LET. GO. OF. ME.”

Owen releases Noah, and he begins coughing. “Great,” Noah says sarcastically, and then rolls his eyes. “What is your PROBLEM, Owen?”

He marches out of the cabin furiously, and Owen frowns again.

“I think you might’ve upset him even more.”

The scene cuts to Amy, who is walking towards the canteen, and Heather rushes towards her. “Hey, Amy! Wait up, come on – ”

“I don’t wanna hear it!” Amy hisses, not looking back at Heather.

“Are you still mad at me for the whole ‘fugly snake in the grass’ thing?” Heather giggles. “Because I totally didn’t mean it! Like, at all! Toootally, so don’t take it personally!”

“So you, your ex-boyfriend and your little minion just ‘accidentally’ voted me off?” Amy barks.

Heather gives her a fake smile. “Yep!” she lies, and Amy shoots her a glare. Heather continues: “Yeah, you’re  not as dumb as I thought you were.”

“Don’t even THINK for a moment that I trust you!” Amy growls, pointing her index finger at Heather’s frightened face. “Because I DON’T! Now, why don’t you run along before I smack you in the face? Got it?”

Heather is at first scared, but then her face curls into fury. She pushes Amy’s finger down, and glares at the blonde. “I am NOT afraid of you!” Heather exclaims. “And I am NOT afraid to go against you! You don’t even have any friends here! Why are you purposely trying to piss me off?”

“Because you pissed ME off first!” Amy yells, and then marches away from the queen bee. Heather folds her arms – complaining that ‘nobody can treat’ her like that.

Behind the bushes, DJ and Jacques watch the fight occur. “This is TV gold,” DJ says, attentively watching the argument between the girls explode.

“They’re very emotional girls,” Jacques says. “With very mean spirits. Why don’t we use that to our advantage, huh?”

“Um, I’m not in the business of being mean,” DJ replies. “I don’t like hurting people, man.”

“You have to be mean sometimes to win the game!” Jacques grins sinisterly. “You have to pit those two girls against each other, you know? Use their high emotions to your advantage! That way, they target each other and we’re just going to be sitting in the background laughing with our popcorn.”

“Yo, I don’t know if I can do that or not!” DJ whimpers.

Jacques’s Confessional: DJ is a very sensitive person, he’s very gentle and kind and I need to change that. I need to make him more… evil. The dark side would love a new member, *evil laugh then begins choking*.

Elsewhere, Dawn is walking to the canteen, and Alejandro appears in front of her. He smiles warmly and opens the door just like a gentleman would. “After you,” he smiles.

“Why, thank you very much, sir,” Dawn smiles, and skips inside the canteen. She prepares to take a seat, but Alejandro pulls the seat back for her with a smile, and Dawn replies with a, “Thank you very much, again.”

“My pleasure,” Alejandro says with a kind face. “I would do anything for a girl as pure and beautiful as you.”

Dawn’s Confessional: I have seen Alejandro play Total Drama before, and I’m not very fond of his gameplay. He is so full of negative energy and I must make a promise to myself to not be manipulated by him! I have to be strong!

“I pity you,” Dawn says to Alejandro, surprising him and slightly offending him. “But it’s okay! I understand that as a child, you live under your brother’s shadow but I have confidence in you that you can accomplish great things!”

“H-How did you know that?” Alejandro gasps.

Dawn grabs Alejandro’s hands, and he looks at her like she’s a crazy child. “The universe tells me that you need help!” Dawn smiles. “The universe wants me to guide you to your success!”

Alejandro is at first shocked at the bizzare statement, then finds a way to turn it to his advantage. “Then that is exactly what you should do! You have a brilliant mind!”

“Why, thank you!”

Dawn’s Confessional: I don’t know why Alejandro is being so nice to me. Clearly, he’s either manipulating me or trying to befriend me for strategical purposes. Either way, I do not trust him! I feel darkness in his aura, and I must warn my fellow friends and campers!

Dawn is later joined by Leshawna and Lindsay, and Alejandro takes a seat next to them. Leshawna shoots him a dirty look. “What are you doing here?” she states.

“Well, your friend, Dawn, here was sitting alone,” Alejandro answers, kindly and calmly. “So I decided to give her a little bit of company. I don’t like seeing people alone, especially someone as kind-hearted as Dawn.”

“Okay, now that she got her friends, can you go away?” Leshawna says.

Alejandro is hesitant, but he stands up and takes a seat in the guys table. Dawn looks at Leshawna and Lindsay with bright smiles. “So, how did the four-night spa resort go?”

Leshawna and Lindsay exchange glances. “Jacques is a snake,” the two say in unison.

Dawn nods her head. “Yes, he’s quite untrustworthy,” she adds. “But don’t be so hard on him. After his rough childhood and disappointing career in ice dancing, some kind of evil had to come out of him.”

There is a silence, and the two other girls immediately shake Dawn’s recent statement off. “Anyways,” Leshawna continues, “Like I was saying, Jacques is a snake. He faked a letter saying that Lindsay was targeting me. What kind of sick child would ever do that?”

Lindsay is not paying much attention, she’s just eating her breakfast. “This is actually like the worst cereal I’ve ever had,” Lindsay mumbles through her food.

“Lindsay, that’s not supposed to be cereal,” Leshawna says.

Lindsay has no emotion on her face as the ‘cereal’ slowly drips down back into her bowl. Leshawna shakes her head. “Okay, that’s disgusting.”

“I say that we all vote out Jacques,” Leshawna suggests to her two female allies.

Meanwhile in the guys table, Noah, Owen and Alejandro are chatting alone. “Where did DJ and Jacques go?” Owen says, looking out into the open doors.

“Morning stroll,” Noah yawns. “I’m still super sleepy thanks to you, by the way.”

“I already apologized!” Owen frowns. “Come on, buddy! I’m soooorry!”

Noah ignores Owen, and drinks his glass of water. Alejandro watches his masterplan fold out.

Alejandro’s Confessional: Owen is CONVINCED that Noah is upset with him, and now, for real, Noah is upset with him! Step 2 of my grand master plan is for Noah to think that Owen is bad for his game.

Owen sighs, and then walks to the kitchen to get another cheeseburger. Alejandro slides towards Noah, and Noah groans: “What do you want now?”

“I only want to help you in this game,” Alejandro insists. “I know you think badly of me – a villain, a liar, a manipulator, a snake. But, I really do want to help you this time around. I don’t know you if you’ve noticed or not, but I don’t have many friends around here, and I have zero allies, but I do have information!”

Noah raises an eyebrow. “What kind of information? Is this blackmailing?”

“Oh, no, no, no!” Alejandro shakes his head. “This is genuine information. The others are targeting you, to be specific, the girls are targeting you.”

“What?” Noah rolls his eyes.

“I’m serious!” Alejandro says, getting closer to Noah. “They say it’s because you’re in a duo with Owen. You two vote the same, and you two aren’t going to go against each other.”

“Heather and Lindsay are a duo,” Noah replies. “Why don’t they target them?”

“The girls sort of have a pact,” Alejandro bluffs. “Well, most of the girls. They don’t want to get us guys out before they get each other out. Owen might be the reason to your demise! You have to strike before they strike and get rid of the target on your back! I’m telling you – I’m only trying to help you succeed in the game.”

The scene flashes to midnight. The campers are relaxing outside the cabins, except for Amy and Noah who are each in their cabins busy, and each of them are shocked that there wasn’t a challenge.

“Did Chris quit or something?” Leshawna snorts. “Where the heck did he go? Where’s Chef too? I asked for lunch, and ain’t nobody in the kitchen!”

“Probably went away to some paradise of some sort,” Jacques suggests. “They seem to be have been absent for the whole day.”

“You guys don’t think anything bad happened to them, do you?” Heather says.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt slashes across the night sky, and a burst of fright runs up the campers’s spines. “Okay, I’m really spooked out!” Lindsay whimpers. “Do you think Chris would just leave us all here to die or something? Maybe there’s some sort of disaster about to happen, and he’s abandoning us to save himself?”

“I can’t handle any more of this!” Owen shrieks. “This is too scary! I need my bear-bear!”

Owen rushes into his cabin, and frantically searches around for his teddy bear. “NOAH?! HAVE YOU SEEN MY TEDDY BEAR?!”

A pool of blood begins dripping from the ceiling, and Owen screams in terror. “NOOOOAAAAHH!!”

“What do you want?!” Noah exclaims, storming out the bathroom. “I was just brushing my teeth! What’s the problem, you big doofus?”

Owen points at a pool of blood in the ceiling, and Noah’s eyes pop open in shock. “Maybe it was just a prank or something?” Noah says, trying to deny the fact that it’s actually real blood.

Suddenly, Amy can be heard screaming from the girls’ cabin. Lindsay rushes inside with Dawn, and the two shriek when they see Amy’s decapitated head hanging in the ceiling.

“OH NO!” Dawn yells, as the two girls run out. “This can’t be good! I sense danger! DANGER!”

“What’s going on?” DJ asks, terrified. “I don’t like scary things! Please don’t let it be scary things!”

“Amy’s head is hanging from the ceiling!” Lindsay screams, horrified. “We like need to get the heck out of here! I’m literally going to swim all the way back home!”

“Oh, relax!” Heather shakes her head. “This is probably some sort of challenge Chris is preparing for us! Don’t be so spooked or whatever! Come on! You guys can’t be THAT dumb!”

Owen shrieks, and points at a mysterious figure holding a chainsaw behind Heather. “HEATHER!” he shouts, warning her. “BEHIND YOU!”

“What?” Heather raises an eyebrow, then shrieks as she spots the killer behind her. The nine campers immediately run to the canteen and shut the door.

“Is everybody here?” Alejandro gasps, counting everyone.

“Everyone but Amy,” Noah says, panting as his heart pounds against his chest. “Lindsay, Dawn, are you sure that was a real bloody head you saw?”

“Heck YEAH!” Lindsay screams, still traumatized and scared. “Like, I wanna go home! PUH-LEAAASE!”

Loud banging begins smashing against the door, and the campers all shriek.

“Lock the door!”

DJ is pushed towards the door, but he runs away. “I’m not touching that thing! No, no, NO!”

“Through the back door!” Dawn instructs, pointing at the door near the kitchen. “Someone needs to keep the killer distracted so he doesn’t come here!”

The loud banging continues, and Owen pushes himself against the door – sacrificing himself. “GO! EVERYBODY GO!”

Dawn hugs Owen, saying, “You’re a noble man,” before rushing out the backdoor with the rest of the contestants. The killer knocks down the door, causing it to collapse on Owen, and the campers can hear Owen’s scream as they escape from the canteen.

“We should split up!” Alejandro suggests to the gang.

“That is the DUMBEST move that anyone in a horror movie could make!” Noah exclaims. “We have to go together! We have to go hide somewhere the killer won’t find us THEN hopefully contact Chris or someone else!”

“I’m going to the bonfire ceremony place!” Heather says. “Anyone who wants to come along, can follow me!”

Heather darts away, and Noah facepalms himself. Along with Heather, DJ, Jacques and Lindsay follow her.

“There are so many dumb people on this show!” Noah shouts. “Rule number one – don’t split up!”

He examines the group remaining. “And then there were four.”

The scene flashes to Chris and Chef who are watching from their private tent. Chris begins laughing, then proceeds to explain that this is just challenge. “Last one standing wins immunity! DUH!” Chris cackles. “Come on, we’re not that cruel! This is a throwback to TDI – can’t believe nobody’s getting it!”

Behind them, Amy and Owen are sitting back and relaxing. Amy folds her arms and complains: “That was soooo unfair for me though! I was literally just straightening my hair and then there was this big dude behind me! I didn’t get the chance to fight or escape or whatever!”

“How tragic,” Chris laughs.

The scene flashes to Noah, Dawn, Leshawna and Alejandro who are carefully making their way through camp. “You think he’s gone?” Leshawna asks the group of four. “The killer – you think he’s gone yet?”

“He’s not going any time soon,” Noah says in a hushed tone. He examines his surroundings as the group dives into the forest.

“I have a bad feeling about this!” Dawn shakes her head. “This is very dangerous! Being in the woods… I sense something terrible lurking here…”

“Chill, girl,” Leshawna says. “It’s going to be o – ”

Suddenly, the killer jumps out from the bushes, scaring the group of four, and as the rest run, the killer jumps at Leshawna and drags her away into the darkness as she screams for help.

The scene shifts to Heather, Lindsay, Jacques and DJ who are sitting calmly and silently in the bonfire ceremony. DJ eyes the group, then trembles in fear as thunder strikes across the sky.

“Okay, I don’t feel good about our location right now,” DJ whimpers. “I am freaked out, man! I’m freaked out!”

“Relax, you big idiot,” Heather rolls her eyes. “It’s going to be fine,” she says as she yawns, then looks back. “Now as I think about it, this is probably the challenge! Ugh, I’m not even that scared anymore. In fact, I’m getting hungry. Lindsay, go fetch me a bag of chips from the canteen.”

“Why me?”

“Because I told you so!” Heather barks, and Lindsay reluctantly stands up. As Lindsay walks away, DJ follows her as well as he isn’t feeling too safe.

Once the two leave, Jacques sparks a conversation with Heather. “You really think that this is all just a challenge, huh? You think this isn’t for real?”

Heather rolls her eyes. “Oh, PLEASE! This is so obvious! I mean, you actually believe this?”

Jacques hesitates to answer, and just as he begins to speak, the killer springs out of the trees and tackles him down. Heather shrieks in fear, and sprints away from the killer. She runs to the Dock of Shame, and gasps in delight as she spots the Boat of Losers floating in the lake. She quickly hops on the boat, and hides inside it.

Heather’s Confessional: I was terrified, like, I just witnessed someone get attacked!

Meanwhile, Lindsay and DJ slowly open the canteen’s door. They gasp when they see a dark figure inside, but they soon realize that it’s just Alejandro.

“Alejandro!” DJ calls, rushing towards him. “Where are the others? What happened to you four?”

“They got Leshawna!” Alejandro exclaims, running his fingers through his hair. “I’m going insane… I can’t take this anymore!”

“Where are Dawn and Noah?” Lindsay asks.

Alejandro stays silent for a moment, but then stares at Lindsay like a crazy man. “I don’t know! They just… they left! They ran away, and we got… we got separated! So, I decided I’d just hide here and – and…”

“YO, YOU’RE FREAKING ME OUT!” DJ screams, and suddenly, the killer bursts through the doors – terrifying the campers. The killer first jumps at Lindsay, but Lindsay dodges him and hides behind DJ. DJ scurries out of the canteen, but he is stopped by the killer, who bangs his head against the wall.

Alejandro attempts to escape but he is stopped, and the killer slams Lindsay towards Alejandro.

The scene flashes back to Chris and Chef at their tent. Now, there are Owen, Amy, Leshawna and Jacques sitting there. They are later joined by Lindsay, DJ and Alejandro who lazily walk inside the tent.

“You should’ve seen the looks on your faces!” Chris cackles. “PRICELESS!”

Noah, Dawn and Heather bump into each other in the woods. “Did you see him?” Noah screams at Heather, and Heather shakes her head with a paranoid look in her eyes.

“I suggest we all take shelter in the water!” Dawn says, as she points at Lake Wawanakwa with a hopeful expression. “I am sure that Mother Nature will protect us beneath the surface!”

A loud speaker cracks, grabbing the attention of the three remaining campers. Chris’s laugh echoes through the speaker. Heather gasps: “CHRIS MCLEAN! IF YOU DON’T PICK US UP RIGHT NOW, I WILL SUE YOU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE – DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU WACKJOB?”

“Relax, Heather,” Chris says, and Heather’s eye begins twitching furiously. “This is all just today’s challenge.”

“You had us get hunted by a serial killer?” Noah exclaims. “You’re a crazy superficial – ”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that all before. But, I understand that there are still three remaining. Well, there can only be one camper that rises to the top for immunity. The three of you must race to the canteen, which is around a mile away from you right now. Inside the canteen, there is an immunity necklace. First one to get it, wins immunity.”

Heather’s Confessional: I already know that I’m a huge target, so I know I have to win immuniy or there’s a 99.8% of me going home.

Noah’s Confessional: I really wanted that immunity, because that guarantees me safety and least one more day on this wretched island.

Dawn’s Confessional: I was super determined to win, because I wanted to prove that I’m not a silly girl to be played with! I came here to compete!

Heather’s Confessional: I –

Noah’s Confessional: – need –

Dawn’s Confessional: – this.

The three campers race towards the canteen – Dawn seems to be in the lead while Noah is in last place, struggling to keep up with the two girls ahead of me. Heather stretches out her leg to Dawn, and she trips and falls with a loud shriek.

“Oopsy!” Heather grins, as she sprints towards the canteen.

Dawn slowly gets back on her feet, and manages to still keep up with the race. The three squeeze into the entrance of the canteen, and lock eyes with the immunity necklace. They all jump into the air, and while in the air, Heather shoves Noah, and he is sandwiched between both Heather and Dawn.

Finally, Heather snatches the immunity necklace and raises it in the air. “IT’S MINE!” she exclaims, and proceeds to celebrate shortly after.

Heather’s Confessional: I just won my first individual immunity this season and it feels *clutches immunity necklace in her hands, and holds it against her chest* A-MAZING! I am so happy I have this, because that means I can’t be voted off!

The scene cuts to the guys who are brainstorming on who to vote off – every single male contestant is there except for Alejandro. “Do you think we should vote off Al?” Owen asks.

“I say Lindsay,” Jacques suggests. “We wanna vote off the girls, not the guys, remember that, but we also want to weaken Heather. Why not take out her number #1 minion?”

“That sounds good,” DJ says.

Owen’s Confessional: I’m not too sure about voting off Lindsay, because she’s really sweet and I really like her! I would love to vote off Al to be honest.

Elsewhere, Lindsay, Leshawna and Dawn are talking when suddenly Owen joins in on the conversation, grabbing their attention by saying, “Pssst!”

The girls glance at Owen. “Oh, hey, Owen!” Leshawna greets. “What’s up?”

Owen looks around to check for anyone there before looking back at the girls. “The guys are planning on voting you off! But me and Noah want to vote Al off.”

“We’re planning on voting off Jacques,” Leshawna explains, and she punches the palm of her hand. “Oh, I want to see the look on his face when he leaves the island.”

Owen giggles. “That’s fine with me! He eats a lot of my chips, so it’d be cool to see him leave.”

“That’s only four votes,” Dawn points out. “We need at least six. How are we going to get the other two?”

“I’m sure Noah will vote with us!” Owen smiles.

“What about the one other vote?” Dawn asks.

Leshawna looks at Amy, who is eating a bagel as she strolls towards her cabin. “I’ll work it with Amy,” Leshawna nods her head, before racing towards Amy. “Hey, Amy, wait up!”

Amy glances at Leshawna. “Oh, what do you want?”

The girls head to their cabin first, before shutting the door close. “We plan on voting Jacques out,” Leshawna explains her plans to Amy. “We need you to vote him out too.”

“And why exactly should I do that?” Amy raises an eyebrow.

“There’s going to be a line drawn in the sand soon,” Leshawna says. “On one side, there’s Jacques, DJ, Heather and Alejandro. On the other side, there’s me, Lindsay, Dawn, Noah and Owen. Who’s side are you going to pick?”

Amy stays silent for a moment, considering joining Leshawna’s side. “Who do you trust more?” Leshawna asks. “Because I trust you way more than I trust Heather or Alejandro, and I want you stay in this game.”

Amy continues to not speak, but her silence is broken after she nods her head, saying, “I’ll vote him out.”

“Yes!” Leshawna cheers, and the two girls hug.

“I really hope I can trust you though,” Amy says, with a bit of concern in her voice. “Because I really want to trust you, and work with you.”

Leshawna nods her head with a genuine smile. “You have my word,” she smiles. “I’m not turning my back on you, Amy. I promise.”

Amy’s Confessional: *smiles gently* It’s really nice to have a friend on this island. I have no allies, no friends, nobody likes me, and after Leshawna approached me like that… I really hope I can put my faith in her because I truly do want to work with her. It’s good to finally have someone you actually trust.

After Owen returns to the guys, Jacques eyes him suspiciously. “Owen, where have you been?” the ice dancer interrogates Owen. “Why did I see you talking with the girls?”

“Um,” Owen begins to sweat, and he looks at Noah for help.

Noah groans, and rolls his eyes. “Owen was just there to borrow a chocolate bar,” Noah lies to Jacques. “Nothing important or scandolous.”

“Good,” Jacques nods his head. “Because I have faith that us four guys can push through this game successfully!”

“Yo, I agree!” DJ laughs. “We’re solid!”

Owen begins sweating even more. “Woo-hoo!” Owen giggles fakely. “Solid…”

Owen’s Confessional: I am SO nervous about this vote! I’m not sure where my loyalties even lie at this point! I really want to vote Jacques off, but I feel so bad! I don’t know if my conscience even agrees with me betraying him! Maybe I should just vote Lindsay off…

Later that night, the ten campers head to the Bonfire Ceremony. After everyone’s voted, Chris tallies the results and votes. He faces the campers. “If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

Jacques glances at Lindsay, hoping that she doesn’t have an Immunity Idol. At first, Lindsay seems a little bit hesitant, but finally, a breath of silence exits her mouth and she decides to not play her Idol, having faith in the people on her side.

“Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final,” Chris announces. “Person with the most votes will be leaving the island and tossing their marshmallow into the fire. First vote…”

“Lindsay!” (Jacques’s vote)

“Jacques!” (Lindsay’s vote)

“Jacques!” (Leshawna’s vote)

“Jacques!” (Amy’s vote)

“Lindsay!” (DJ’s vote)

“That’s 2 votes Lindsay, 3 votes Jacques. Next vote…”

“Jacques!” (Dawn’s vote)

“Jacques!” (Heather’s vote)

Jacques gasps at the sight of his name popping up so many times. Chris reads the vote, and reveals it: “Fourteenth person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…


Jacques gasps, and shakes his head. “That is messed up,” he mutters, walking towards Chris. He hands Chris his marshmallow, and Chris tosses it to the blazing fire.

“Jacques, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris says, and Jacques walks off without even saying anything to the campers or making any eye contact.

DJ gasps, and he looks at Owen and Noah in shock. “From the look on his face, that was quite a blindside,” Chris says, as Lindsay smirks. “That’s all for tonight. Head back to camp, goodnight.”

The following day, the sun rises on Camp Wawanakwa. Heather is sitting in the canteen, impatiently waiting for breakfast, as Alejandro approaches her slowly and takes a seat next to her.

“Well, hello,” Alejandro flashes his charming smile, and Heather replies by sticking her tongue out. Alejandro continues: “You do realize that we’re alone on this island, right? We have no allies besides each other.”

“Oh, don’t even think of me as your ally,” Heather rolls her eyes. “I despise you, and I cannot WAIT until the day you leave this island. Plus, I have Lindsay all wrapped up around my finger.”

“That doesn’t seem to be the case here,” Alejandro says. “Obviously, Lindsay is with the other girls. Let me tell you the division in this island. On one side, there’s Leshawna, Lindsay, Dawn, Noah and owen. On another side, there’s me, you, Amy and DJ, although I’m not too sure about where Amy stands as of now. She seems to be getting closer to the other girls by every minute.”

“I’m on one side with you, Amy and DJ?” Heather raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, no thanks,” she then looks at the kitchen. “CHEF! CAN YOU HURRY UP WITH BREAKFAST? YOU’RE TAKING FOREVER!”

“Shut up!” Chef yells back.

“We need to work together, because if we don’t, we’re going to get picked off,” Alejandro explains, and grabs Heather’s hand. “Do you want to stay alive in this game or not? If you do, we have to break a part that girls alliance.”

Heather pulls her hand away from Alejandro. “Like I said before – Lindsay is 100% with me, so don’t even bother trying to – ”

“Oh, Heather,” Alejandro shakes his head. “Heather, Heather, Heather. Lindsay is not with you! Her true loyalties lie with Leshawna and Dawn! How many times do I have to explain this to you?”

Heather stays silent for a moment, before Alejandro continues: “During the next Bonfire Ceremony, we have to vote off Noah – it’s our only option to stay alive. You, me and DJ vote off Noah. Amy, I’m not too sure if I can convince her, she’s a devilish one she is.”

Alejandro continues: “You’re close to Lindsay. If there aren’t four votes against Lindsay in the Bonfire Ceremony, you’ll see where her true loyalties lie. In the mean time, try to make cracks in the girls alliance. Try to make them split their votes – anything will do. Even if it comes to a tie, then there’s possibly going to be a tie-breaker challenge or a revote, or maybe even the rock draw. Try to do anything you can to create cracks there.”

Heather hesitates, but she nods her head.

DJ’s Confessional: After that last Bonfire Ceremony, I don’t know who to trust anymore. I’m really in a vulnerable state right now, and I just need allies and people that I can trust!

Later, Alejandro approaches DJ with a smile right outside the cabins. “DJ, can I talk to you for a second?”


“Do you understand that you’re currently in the outs?” Alejandro says. “Look, I’m in the outs as well, and I really hope I can work with you! We just need to paint bigger targets on other people’s backs so we don’t look like the target.”

“Yo, I’m down with literally anything,” DJ replies. “I have NOBODY here! Everyone that I thought I could trust are not looking so trustworthy now.”

“How about an alliance?” Alejandro offers a deal, and DJ gladly accepts.

DJ’s Confessional: I’m okay with anything that can keep me safe. I think Alejandro is a very strong player in this game, and I think aligning with him can help me a lot even if it means making a deal with the devil.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Leshawna are doing yoga on the beach. Dawn is extremely flexible, while Leshawna is obviously struggling. “Yeah, I can’t do this,” Leshawna says, as she hops off her yoga mat. She gasps when she sees Dawn, who has one leg over her head. “Girl, how do you do that? You being possessed by Jesus right now? Tell Jesus to help me out too!”

Dawn’s Confessional: Leshawna and I have one of the most strongest bonds on this island, and I’m really glad to have her here! She’s really fun to be around, and a great ally!

Noah and Alejandro are in the canteen. Alejandro is trying to stir up his teacup, and he smiles when he passes his teacup to Noah. “Drink it,” Alejandro instructs. “It’s my specialty! Try it, how is it? Good? Bad?”

Noah raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, I’m not in the mood of drinking.”

Alejandro’s Confessional: Noah seems to be quite dominant within the past few challenges, and I need him to go home, so I need him to lose this next immunity challenge! I’m going to hand him this cup of tea that actually makes him all dizzy and sleepy! I got this idea from Sierra, who accidentally poisoned Cody in TDWT.

“Try it!” Alejandro insists. “I really need your opinion! I’m trying to get into the culinary arts business!”

Noah rolls his eyes. “Fine,” he groans, and then takes a sip of the tea. His pupils slowly begin to shrink, and he blinks repeatedly before looking back at Alejandro again. Noah begins to see two Alejandros. “Have you always had a twin?”

Alejandro grins sinisterly.

Chris calls everyone out for the immunity challenge.

“Alright, here’s how it’ll work: each of you must dive into the woods for today’s special challenge wearing a gigantic magnetic bullseye on your back. While running around, you will also bring a gun with only twelve bullets in it, so use it wisely. Your goal is to survive the challenge without getting gunned down by the bullets. You can go on the offense and shoot your fellow campers, or go on the defense and hide from the attacks. If you have two bullets on your bullseye, you will be eliminated from the challenge. Last one standing wins immunity, and also a 24 hour trip with a loved one or friend of your choosing!”

The campers gasp, and squeal in excitement. The scene immediately flashes to all the campers around the woods. DJ, Heather, Leshawna, Amy, Alejandro and Lindsay are all hunting the other campers, while Dawn, Noah and Owen are calmly hidden, waiting to strike at the right moment.

Owen begins to drag Noah against the ground, as he is to lazy to move. “Noah, we should start hunting the others!” Owen exclaims. “Nobody’s doing anything, and I really want to win this challenge!”

He looks at his best friend, who is basically passed out on the ground. “Come on, buddy!” Owen smiles, and carries Noah on his shoulder. Suddenly, a bullet zips towards Owen, but Owen turns around at the exact moment and the bullet instead hits Noah’s bullseye – earning him his first bullet.

Owen gasps, when Noah suddenly groans and actually faints on his shoulder. “NOAH!” he gasps, and then locks eyes with Alejandro, Noah’s shooter. “RUN, NOAH!”

The two sprint across the woods, but Alejandro successfully shoots another bullet right on Noah’s bullseye, and Noah tumbles right out of Owen’s grip. Owen doesn’t realize his best friend had just been dropped, and he continues to run. Noah is officially the first one out of this challenge.

The scene cuts to Heather, who is slowly walking around the forest, occasionally taking quick glances behind her to make sure nobody’s tailing her. Just as she look in front of her, Amy is pointing a gun at her.

Heather takes on a look of fury. “You think you can beat me?” she growls.

“Of course I can,” Amy grumbles, as she takes a few steps closer towards Heather.

Heather raises an eyebrow, then fakes a gasp as she points at the direction behind Amy. “LOOK OUT!” she screams, attempting to make Amy turn her back. Amy gasps, and turns around but is confused to see nobody there. Right at that moment, Heather slams a bullet on Amy’s bullseye, then does it again – making Amy the second person out of this challenge.

Over the course of seven minutes, DJ, Leshawna and Lindsay have all been eliminated by Owen, Heather and Alejandro respectively. Owen, Heather, Alejandro and Dawn remain in the challenge.

Alejandro slowly strolls through the woods, and Dawn catches sight of him before quickly hiding behind a tree. “Oh, mother of nature, please help me defeat this human devil!” Dawn pleads into the sky softly, then glares at Alejandro who still hasn’t spotted her yet.

Dawn slowly aims her gun at Alejandro’s bullseye, but as she takes another step closer, she breaks a branch, grabbing Alejandro’s attention. Just as Dawn fires her gun, Alejandro twirls around and ambushes her with an army of bullets.

Dawn shrieks as she tumbles on the ground, and pretends to be defeated. Alejandro smirks, as he strolls along once again, not realizing that he actually has only hit Dawn’s bullseye once.

Dawn gets back up on her feet again to fire two consecutive bullets at Alejandro’s bullseye, knocking him down and making him the fifth victim of the challenge.

“What in the world?” Alejandro exclaims, as he looks back at his bullseye which has two bullets on it.

Dawn smirks, and reveals her bullseye which only has one bullet on it. “Thank you, mother nature for your generosity and for your kind help!” she says to the sky.

The scene flashes to Owen and Heather, who are trying to find each other. Heather gasps at the sight of Owen, who is crouching behind a row of bushes. Owen accidentally bumps into a cloud of blueberries, and he shrieks as a beatle crawls onto his face.

Heather tries to aim at his bullseye, but Owen continues to run around screaming – causing Heather to miss her target every single time. Finally, she lands a bullet on his bullseye but in order for him to be eliminated from the challenge, he needs one more bullet.

“STOP MOVING!” Heather snaps in a fit of anger, and suddenly, a bullet slams her on the back. Her eyes pop in shock, and just as another bullet is about to hit her, she ducks, and the bullet hits Owen in the head hard.

Owen begins to get dizzy, and his lips curve into a smile. “YIPEEEE!” he says in delight, as he collapses on the ground, although he is still technically in the challenge. He’s gone a bit crazy, and he’s knocked out of reality.

Heather faces her final opponent, Dawn, and the two girls lock eyes. “You’re going down, sister!” Heather roars, and Dawn jumps into a karate position.

“Bring it.”

Heather shoots a bullet at Dawn’s face, but she twirls into the air. Heather smirks, as that is just what she wanted, and slams a bullet at Dawn’s bullseye, but Dawn swiftly dodges it. The bullet slams a tree, and it bounces off and hits Owen in the head.

“OOOOOH!” Owen says in a Bristish accent.

Dawn fires a bullet at Heather’s chest, but she dodges it and the bullet hits Owen in the head.

“LIGHT THE FIRECRACKERS, MRS. HOOCH!” Owen shrieks in a British accent.

Heather fires two consecutive bullets at Dawn, which she dodges. The bullets slam a tree, and it bounces off and slams Owen in the head.

“PAULIE, YOU HAVE BEEN EVICTED FROM THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE!” Owen shrieks in a British accent. As time progresses, and the girls battle it out, they continue to dodge each other’s attacks, and the bullets always come back at Owen’s head, making him say random things in British accents such as:









The final showdown occurs, as the two girls are down to their final bullet. In the same time, they fire their final bullet. Dawn ducks and dodges Heather’s attack, and Heather dodges Dawn’s bullet as well, and the bullet instead hits Owen’s bullseye – finally eliminating him from the challenge.

Just as it seemed like the challenge was a tie, Heather’s bullet bounces off a tree and slams Dawn’s bullseye in the back. Dawn is shocked, and Heather just grins in pride.

“YES!” Heather cheers.

Dawn’s Confessional: OUCH! I was so close to that immunity win!

Heather’s Confessional: For the SECOND time in a row, me, the almighty Heather, has won individual immunity, and is safe from the Bonfire Ceremony! HAH!

Leshawna and Lindsay are strolling towards the Dock of Shame, and the Wawanakwa Lake. “Okay, I just want to clear something up for a moment,” Leshawna says to Lindsay. “Who are you really truly loyal to? Me and Dawn, or Heather?”

Leshawna’s Confessional: I love love love love LOVE Lindsay to death, but to be honest, I don’t know where her loyalties lie! Is she with me or is she with Heather? Like girl, you’re all over the place! Make up your mind!

“Leleniqua!” Lindsay says, much to Leshawna’s unsatisfaction (she called her by the wrong name). “You have to believe me when I say I am on your side! I know I might seem like I’m with Heather, but that’s just all to trick her! I am with you 100%!”

“Good,” Leshawna smiles, as she hugs Lindsay.

The scene flashes to Alejandro, who is walking beside Amy. “I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this before, but that mole on your face really brings out your eyes!” Alejandro says, smiling and flashing his white pearl teeth.

“Um, thanks?”

“You have such an extraordinary face, filled with such beauty,” Alejandro smiles. “You’re special, Amy, and you should know that!”

“I already do,” Amy chuckles. “Like, duh! I’m amazing!”

Alejandro’s left eye begins twitching. Noah comes out, all fine and better now, and he confronts Alejandro about the tea, saying: “Hey, jerkface! You tried to poison me, didn’t you? With that green tea you gave me!”

“I am hurt by such accusations!” Alejandro says, lying through his teeth. “Dear Noah, I would never do such a thing to you! I have decided to live by noble – ”

Amy sticks out her tongue in disgust. “You are such a liar,” she rolls her eyes. “By the way, your breath stinks.”

“Did I or did I not ask for your opinion?!” Alejandro snaps. “Now why don’t you back off, because I’m trying to talk to NOAH over here! Not YOU!”

“Oh, whatever,” Amy rolls her eyes. “You’re like in a mood right now so I won’t bother you.”

Noah chuckles. “Totally in a bad mood.”

“Would you shut your mouth, you ugly rodent?” Alejandro exclaims at Noah loudly, loud enough for Leshawna and DJ to walk out of their cabins to ‘see what the whole mess is about’.

“Do NOT call him that!” Amy yells, marching towards Alejandro. “You shouldn’t just be walking around here trying to flirt with girls, and manipulating them because we ALL know your tricks, Alejandro. It is POINT-LESS. Plus, we all know you have a huge crush on Heather, even though you insist you’re ‘over her’. Oh, GOD, please – you WISH you were over her, on top of her, on the bed – ”

“Okay, Amy!” Noah stops Amy before she says anything more awful than she already has. Amy seems to be boiling in fury, and Noah slowly guides her to Leshawna, who takes her inside the cabin to calm her new friend down.

Later in the Bonfire Ceremony, everyone casts their votes. Owen is still seen to be dizzy/crazy and not fully in reality yet, and the only name he remembers from the gang is ‘Noah’. Chris faces the nine remaining campers. “If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol, and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.”

There is a silence, but the silence is broken when Owen speaks up. “Chris Mcleeaaaaan!” he says, like a drunk person. “You’re a very attractive puuurrrrson, you know that?” he says, as he falls off and lands on the ground.

“Yes, yes, I do,” Chris smiles, then moves on from the topic and back to the voting. “Alright, since nobody has decided to use an Idol, the person with the most votes tonight must leave the island and board the Boat of Losers. First vote…”

Chris reads the first vote and reveals it (Lindsay’s vote). “Alejandro!”

Alejandro nods his head, expecting this. “Second vote…”





“Noah! We’re tied, that’s 3 votes Alejandro and 3 votes Noah. Next vote…”

“Alejandro! That’s four votes Alejandro, and only 3 votes Noah. Next vote…”

“Noah! We’re tied again – four votes Alejandro, four votes Noah!”

Noah gasps, when he sees his name. He faces his fellow campers in shock, and even Alejandro is shocked. Owen drools on Noah’s shoulder, much to his disgust. “Nooooaaaah,” Owen giggles, and hugs Noah tightly. “You’re my buuuuddy!”

Chris reads the final vote. “Amy!”

Amy raises an eyebrow. Chris continues: “We’re still tied – 4 votes Alejandro, 4 votes Noah. Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re doing a revote. You may only vote off either Alejandro or Noah, any votes besides them will not count. Alejandro and Noah are not allowed to vote.”

Everyone casts their votes for a second time. Chris proceeds to reveal the results. “First vote…”







Chris reads the final vote, as both Alejandro and Noah’s hearts begin to pound against their chests nervously. Chris continues: “Izzy.”

The campers gasp in shock, and then all face Owen who has fainted on the ground.

“Are we doing a tie-breaker challenge?” Alejandro asks curiously. “Because I am EXCELLENT in tie-breaker challenges!”

“Actually, we’re on a budget sooooo,” Chris says, “we’re just going to do a rock-draw.”

Dawn gasps, having awful flashbacks of the first time she was booted off – she drew the purple rock. “No!” she pleads. “PLEASE! I don’t want to do a rock draw! Please!”

Chris shakes his head. “The only way we can avoid this is by you guys as a group making a unanimous decision to vote either Alejandro or Noah off. You have to come together as a group and make a unanimous decision, if not, we’re going to draw rocks.”

Dawn faces her fellow campers. “I’m voting off Noah,” Heather declares to the group. “And I’m not changing my vote, I’m voting off Noah. Dawn, if you don’t want a rock-draw, you have to vote off Noah.”

“I’m not voting off Noah,” Leshawna says. “It has to be unanimous, including me, and I ain’t voting off Noah! I am voting off Alejandro, and nothing can change my vote.”

Dawn stays silent for a moment. “I’m not voting off Noah.”

“It’s official,” Chris announces. “We’re doing a rock-draw.”

Dawn gasps, and rows of tears slowly begin to rain down her cheeks. Leshawna gives her a side hug, and comforts her. “It’s okay, girl,” she says softly. “I got you. You’re going to be okay, I promise. You’re going to be okay. Don’t worry, okay? You’re going to be okay.”

Dawn rests her head on Leshawna’s shoulder gloomily.

“Here’s how the rock-draw works,” Chris explains. “Each of you must randomly pick a rock from a bag I am about to give you. If you get the black rock, you are safe. If you get the purple rock, it means you’re going home. Alejandro and Noah, who were previously in trouble, are safe from the rock-draw. So is Heather, who has won immunity.”

“Oh, look!” Alejandro grins. “I’m safe!”

“Shut up, you trashbag,” Amy rolls her eyes. “You’re a piece of crap, and I hope karma stings you right in the butt, just like your failed love life did.”

Chris passes the bag around, and each camper sticks their hand inside. Dawn shakes her head, as she picks a random rock, and keeps it away from sight in her hands. “I have a bad feeling about this,” she whispers, shaking her head.

Leshawna rubs her back. “It’s going to be okay, girl,” she smiles, as she comforts Dawn.

“On a count of three,” Chris begins. “Reveal the rock in your hand.”

Slowly, everyone opens their palms.

DJ doesn’t have the purple rock.

Owen doesn’t have the purple rock.

Lindsay doesn’t have the purple rock.

It’s down to Amy, Dawn, and Leshawna. One of these three girls have the purple rock, and one of these three girls, who have all fought their heart out to be in this game, will be leaving the island.







Everyone gasps, as they see the purple rock resting in the palm of Leshawna’s hand. Leshawna, herself, is shocked to see the uniquely colored rock in her hand. Dawn gasps, and proceeds to sob. Leshawna tries to hold back the tears, trying to accept the fact that her life on the island was ended by a single purple rock. She tearfully stands up, and pulls her best friend, Dawn, into a long hug.

Dawn begins to sob on Leshawna’s shoulder, as Leshawna begins to sob softly as well. She continues to whisper into Dawn’s ears: “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

She moves on to Lindsay, and the two girls share a tearful hug. Again, Leshawna tearfully whispers, “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Leshawna finally faces Chris, still trying to hold back the tears and forcing a smile, but when she hands Chris her marshmallow, she immediately breaks into sad tears as she watches Chris toss her marshmallow into the blazing fire.

Leshawna holds back a few tears. “Leshawna, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris says. Throughout Chris’s statement, Leshawna tearfully nods her head as she covers her mouth, trying to not show anyone her tears.

“Goodbye, Leshawna!” Noah calls, with a heartbroken look on his face.

“We love you, Leshawna!” Amy calls, and Leshawna looks back at her friends one last time, as she tearfully blows a kiss and waves them goodbye. She slowly departs for the Boat of Losers, as her friends watch miserably.

“That’s all for tonight,” Chris announces, concluding the dramatic Bonfire Ceremony. “Head back to camp. Goodnight.”

Camp Wawanakwhoa!
Season 1, Episode 14
Challenge Race to the Dock of Shame and grab a flag.
Reward Go on a cruise.
Winner(s) Dawn/DJ
Episode Guide
"Total Drama: Only One Will Live"
"Happy Hunting"

Episode 14: "Camp Wawanakwhoa!" 

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, in the double elimination episode, Jacques targeted Lindsay during the first part of the extra-long special episode after Heather won her first individual immunity of the season! His plan backfired though after Owen ratted him out to Lindsay, and together, they masterminded Jacques’s blindside and got the majority of the numbers after Leshawna pulled in Amy onto their side. After Jacques’s departure, Alejandro attempted to turn Owen and Noah against each other, and it sort of worked as Owen constantly annoyed Noah throughout the day. Heather won her second individual immunity in a row after defeating Dawn and Owen in the ultimate showdown. Due to Owen being constantly hit in the head in the challenge, he got a little bit – actually, HE GOT EXTREMELY – dizzy, and he lost sense of reality causing him to accidentally vote off Noah, which led to a tie between Noah and Alejandro! After a revote, there was a tie once again, thanks to Owen’s knocked up head, and then there was a crazy rock draw which led to one of the most craziest bonfire ceremonies and Leshawna’s shocking tearful elimination!

The episode opens with Lindsay yawning, and waking up in her cabin as soft and calm music hums in the background. She cheerfully hops out of her bed, as the music continues. She dances and shuffles to the mirror where she gasps when there are the words written through the fog, ‘UNDER PILLOW!’

“Wait, what?” Lindsay scratches her head in confusion, and is then startled at Heather suddenly yawning and waking up. She turns around, and Heather grumbles as she takes off her sleeping mask. Lindsay smiles, and greets Heather: “Good morning, Heather!”

“We still need to talk!” Heather growls, scaring Lindsay. “I am still SUPER mad at you for what you’ve done, TRAITOR! I don’t even know what to say or do with you anymore.”

Lindsay’s Confessional: In the last vote, I voted off Alejandro and that was like not Heather’s plan. Apparently, we were supposed to vote Noah off, but I trusted and liked Noah, and Alejandro was reeeeaaaally loud and annoying, so it was easy to go like 'BYE! GO HOME!'

Heather jumps out of her bed, and marches towards Lindsay. Lindsay pretends to fall back and lands on the mirror, just to erase the message so Heather couldn’t read it.

“Ugh, you are so clumsy,” Heather grumbles, as she pushes Lindsay out of the way to grab her hairbrush. Lindsay shrieks as she falls down.

“You need to understand that Alejandro is in our ALLIANCE!” Heather exclaims, as she uses her hairbrush. “He is not going to vote us out until we get the other LOSERS out first! YES, he is a huge threat and YES, he is unpredictable and untrustworthy, AND a snake, but he is MUCH more trustworthy than the others!”

Lindsay slowly begins to get up on her feet again, but just as she stands back up, Heather screams, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”, and Lindsay falls back down again.

Lindsay sighs and nods her head. “Yes,” she sighs.

Heather’s Confessional: For me and Lindsay to properly progress in this game, she needs to do what I tell her to do! If she doesn’t, then it’s game over for the both of us!

The scene cuts to Noah, Owen and Alejandro in the canteen. Noah is silently eating a bag of chips, as Owen stares at the bag of chips with dreamy eyes.

“Look, guys,” Alejandro smiles. “I know you both want me out, and I know you both see me as a threat, but you need to look at it this way – Lindsay, Dawn and Amy are going to come together, Heather is aligned with Lindsay, so Lindsay’s going to make sure Heather isn’t targeted by her trio alliance. DJ is a lone wolf, so that leaves only the three of us. The girls are going to come after us guys, and we need to come together to make sure a female leaves, preferably Amy!”

Noah puts down his bag of chips on the table for a brief moment to speak to Alejandro. “I voted you off, and you voted me off too! Why would I ever in a million years want to work with you?”

“Because you don’t have any solid allies,” Alejandro grins. “I am both great physically in challenges, and I know how to talk the talk! The girls are going to gang up on you soon, they’re not solid allies, and Owen, no offense, is a doofus. He voted you off the last time, remember?”

Noah sighs, and then looks back at his bag of chips but it has disappeared. He raises an eyebrow, then glances at Owen who is speedily eating the chips. He burps loudly, and throws the empty bag on the ground.

“Sorry,” Owen giggles, and Noah furiously marches away. “BUDDY! COME ON! Are you still mad at me or something? Come on, buddy!”

Owen sighs, as Alejandro shakes his head. “This friendship is toxic, Owen,” Alejandro advises Owen. “Toxic, I tell you. Noah doesn’t think as highly of you as you do for him! I really do care about you, and I want to genuinely work with you, and this is why I’m telling you this important piece of information: Noah is planning on voting you off soon.”

Owen gasps in shock.

“He thinks you’re slowing him down!” Alejandro continues. “He tells me that it’s because you two are in a duo, and other people are going to target him because of that! So, he plans on dropping you soon to push him further in the game! You need to strike first before he strikes!”

“Oh no!” Owen gasps. “I don’t know what to do! I don’t know if I can handle this much… this much – ”

“Don’t tell Noah,” Alejandro whispers.

“I’m not very good with secrets!” Owen gasps, shaking his head. “No, no, no! Do NOT tell me your secrets, oh, pretty please, because boooy, am I – ”

“Hey, guys,” Noah says calmly, as he sits back down with a new bag of chips.

“HEY, BUDDY!” Owen yells, trying to act calm as sweat rains down his face. Noah raises an eyebrow suspiciously, as Owen continues, “SECRETS? WHAT SECRETS? STOP THIS NON-SENSE, YOU FOOL!”

“What in the world?” Noah says, extremely confused as he puts a handful of chips in his mouth.

Owen nervously slaps Noah on his back, making him choke on his chips. “THERE ARE NO SECRETS!” Owen yells.

Noah continues to choke, but Alejandro saves his life, smirking. Noah clears his throat, and looks at Alejandro nervously, “Um, thanks.”

“My pleasure!” Alejandro flashes his white teeth. “I guess you owe me one, huh? I mean, I did save your life and all. Now, you owe me one, pal!”

“Sure thing… pal,” Noah replies.

Noah’s Confessional: Come OOOON! Why does life hate me so? Why did you have to make choke, and make Alejandro save my life?

Alejandro’s Confessional: Now Noah owes me a favor! After all, I saved his life! I can make him spill the beans, kiss another camper, help me out with one of my plans, or even vote off his own best friend! *chuckles*

The scene flashes to DJ in the woods meditating with Dawn. Their peace and serenity is interrupted by Amy, who is sprinting through the woods – trying to get some sort of sticky substance off her hair. Amy wipes her hair off on a rough tree, as Dawn glares at her furiously.

“That is super disguuuusting!” Amy whines, trying to get the sticky substance off her hair. Amy notices the other two, and quickly says, “Oh, am I disturbing your little forest date? Sorry, tree-huggers, I didn’t mean to.”

“We’re not dating,” DJ says, seeming bothered and slightly annoyed by Amy.

“We’re simply just trying to find peace in this world of chaos,” Dawn explains. “You should try it some time. Meditation really does help out with your daily stress and all! It worked for DJ!”

“Yeah, no thanks,” Amy chuckles, as she continues to get the sticky substance off her hair. “I think I’m good on my own,” she continues, chuckling, but she is interrupted when a flock of birds swarm her and begin pecking at her hair.

The scene flashes to Amy, Dawn and DJ meditating together now, as a bird’s nest rests on Amy’s hair.

DJ’s Confessional: I’m really trying to find my footing in this game! I want to try to befriend Dawn, and eventually, build a bridge of trust between the both of us!

“Wait,” Amy peeps one eye open. “Dawn, why are you meditating? Don’t you have your whole life together already? You literally don’t even need this.”

“She’s actually still recovering from Leshawna’s elimination,” DJ explains, and Dawn gloomily nods her head.

“Ohhh,” Amy quickly understands. “I see, I see.”

After a while, Amy quickly stands up and walks away. “Yeah, I need to go the bathroom!” she says, and then glances at DJ. “DJ, can you help me? I don’t know the way to camp from here.”

DJ nods his head, and stands up. “Sure!” he answers enthusiastically, always willing to give a helping hand. “Dawn, will you be okay?”

“I’ll always be okay,” Dawn smiles kindly.

DJ and Amy stroll off, and halfway there, Amy sparks up a conversation. “So, at this point of the game, you really need solid allies that will help you get further in this game, right?” Amy says.

“Mhm!” DJ smiles, which quickly turns into a frown when he realizes he doesn’t have any solid allies. “Unfortunately, I don’t have any… solid allies.”

“Well, who do you trust?” Amy asks. “Do you trust Dawn?”

DJ nods his head. “Totally! Me and Dawn are super tight friends!”

“Who do you NOT trust?” Amy raises an eyebrow.

DJ begins thinking and considering his options. “Well, I don’t trust Alejandro,” he begins, “but I was forced to vote with him because I was totally on the outs of any sort of alliance last time. I don’t know how I feel about Heather either, to be honest, and she’s irritating me.”

“Out of the three, who would you like to see go home?” Amy asks. “Alejandro or Heather? I think those two are very threatening and strong forces in this game. Heather’s won two immunities in a row, and Alejandro is a total snake!”

Amy’s Confessional: I really want Alejandro out of here, so I’m trying to get other people to target him as well! I’m trying to make DJ turn on him, so later, I can have a whole army targeting him!

DJ’s Confessional: About a week ago, or a few nights, I can’t remember, Heather got way out of control and she started screaming at Jacques. She’s a ticking time bomb, and that’s not good to have on this game and on this island.

DJ nods his head. “True,” he points out. “Heather’s a comp beast and I think she’s going to go home the next day she doesn’t win immunity to be honest. But, despite Heather’s ability to beast in the challenges, Alejandro needs to go. He can work his way with his mouth and with his personality and looks, which is something that’s super dangerous in this game!”

Amy grins. “Exactly!”

Amy’s Confessional: It was literally like I hypnotized him! Like, BAM – you’re under my spell now!

The scene cuts to Amy, who is ransacking through the boys cabin – trying to find something personal belonging to Alejandro, such as a diary or a private journal. She gasps in delight as she picks out a diary from a drawer. She examines it, and quickly realizes that it’s not Alejandro’s diary – it’s Heather’s. There’s a bookmark in the middle of the diary.

“I wonder why Heather’s diary is in Alejandro’s cabin,” Amy says, raising an eyebrow, then opens the page to the bookmark. She smirks as she reads the bookmark which says ‘Alejandro’. “Hm, looks like somebody’s been snooping through somebody’s diary!”

She snaps the book shut, and smirks. “True love indeed.”

Time passes, and the scene cuts to DJ, who approaches Noah and Owen who are both relaxing on the dock. Owen is putting on sun lotion before preparing to dive into the Wawanakwa Lake.

“Hey, dudes,” DJ says.

“Hey, DJ!” Owen greets enthusiastically with a bright smile, before plummeting into the lake.

DJ sits next to Noah, as the two watch Owen belly flop. As Owen disappears into the bottom of the lake, DJ begins talking to Noah. “Dude, what do you think of getting Alejandro out?”

“About time,” Noah answers calmly. “He needs to go, and I think it’s time for him to leave.”

“Do you think he should go next?” DJ asks. “You think it’s time for him to go yet? Heather’s been on a winning streak, so maybe she should go next. What do you think?”

“I don’t care about Heather,” Noah snorts. “She doesn’t have anyone on this darn island, yet, she doesn’t know it. Sad. She’s going to stop winning challenges anyway soon, and that’s the only thing that’s keeping her here. Alejandro, on the other hand, can work his way right into the finale. He did it in his first season, and we all saw it.”

“Totally agree,” DJ nods his head. After a moment of silence, the two realize that Owen still hasn’t resurfaced. “Yeah, I’ll go get him,” DJ says.

DJ’s Confessional: I really want Alejandro to leave, because I really don’t trust him at all! I view him as a huge threat in this game, and I really want to rally the troops to get him out soon!

The scene cuts to the cabins, and everyone is there. Amy grins at the crowd, just what she needed, and she clears her throat before snatching out Heather’s diary from her pockets.

“Wait, isn’t that my – ?” Heather murmurs.

“Wait, isn’t that supposed to be in my – ?” Alejandro mutters to himself, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“Day seventeen,” Amy smirks, reading the diary out loud.

“Oh no,” Heather gasps.


“I really just hate everyone on this stupid island,” Amy reads from the diary, quickly grabbing the attention of the majority of the campers. She waves the book around for everyone to see. “By the way, this is Heather’s diary.”

“Damn,” DJ says, shaking his head. “That’s brutal, yo.”

“HOW DID YOU GET THAT?!” Heather roars, furiously. “I have been searching for that EVERYWHERE! You have GOT to be KIDDING ME!”

“But, I didn’t take it from your cabin,” Amy chuckles. “I took it from Alejandro’s cabin, right next to his bed, where he kept it after he stole it from you!”

Heather’s eye begins rapidly twitching in anger and rage. “YOU!” she screams, as she points a crooked finger at Alejandro.

Amy continues reading the diary loudly in public: “Owen is a complete doofus, he’s a stupid piece of meatloaf and I really don’t know why he’s still here when all he does is fart and giggle. Noah is a complete idiot, I used to be aligned with him, but obviously, he’s not worth my time. He looks like an iguana that just dumped himself into a pool of mud. Dawn is a freak, all she does is talk to the sky – like, please, who do you think you are – Mother Nature?”

Dawn shows a face of anger, and she curls her hands into balls of fists.

“Amy is a loser,” Amy continues reading Heather’s diary. “She’s a cheap knock off of her own sister, please go back to your farm or whatever you came from. Ugh. DJ is all built and big and all that, but he’s a complete mindless zombie. Like, what does he do anyways? All he does is walk around and meditate, he’s the definition of irrelevant! Go home already! Alejandro’s super hot, like, did he get hotter? But, I still don’t trust him – after all, he idol’d me out at All Stars! But, he’s still so freaking hot!”


Lindsay gasps, and folds her arms furiously. “I thought we were FRIENDS!” she screams at Heather. “I shared my nail polish with you!”

She furiously storms into the girls cabin, and then quickly remembers of the message left on the mirror this morning. She goes through everyone’s pillows, and she finally settles on Leshawna’s old pillow, where she gasps at the sight of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Under the idol, there’s a note that says, “I hope this helps you through the game! Love, Leshawna!”

Lindsay’s Confessional: Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU – Leshawna! You are the best, and I’m so thankful for this! *shows two immunity idols and squeals in excitement* NOW, I HAVE TWO IMMUNITY IDOLS!

Outside, Heather and Amy are still fighting, and DJ breaks up the fight. Amy pants before roaring: “I’M NOT DONE YET!”

She reads the final page of the diary, and Heather shakes her head, pleading, “Don’t do this, please!”

Heather jumps at Amy, but DJ catches her and holds her back as she plunges her hands at Amy. Amy continues to read the diary, “I hate Jacques’s stupid hair and his stupid clothes!”

“I agree,” Noah chuckles.

Amy continues reading the diary: “Apparently, I drank too much alcohol the other night, and I got out of control. But, luckily, DJ held me back…” Amy gasps as she reads the page, and the campers curiously listen to her. Amy continues, “Soon, after that, I kissed DJ, and it was great to be honest.”

The campers gasp, and DJ shakes his head. “SHE KISSED ME!” he insists. “WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO? I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING?”

“I don’t know if it was the alcohol inside me or anything,” Amy reads from the diary, chuckling. “But, I wanted more of DJ.”

“You kissed him?!” Alejandro exclaims at Heather. “YOU KISSED DJ?!”

“I was drunk!” Heather yells. “That’s why! I didn’t know what I was doing! So, you know, he helped me and all that, so oooobviously, I kissed him!”

“NO! NOT OOOOOBBVIOUSLY!” Alejandro snaps. “Just because you’re drunk, you’re not suddenly going to kiss someone who helped you!”

“I think that’s what alcohol does,” Heather replies. “But, whatever, it was JUST a kiss! JUST a make out!”

“A MAKE OUT?!” Alejandro screams, and he glares at DJ.

“Yo, she kissed me!” DJ insists. “I didn’t kiss back! Ain’t my fault! Girl had a lot of alcohol!”

“I will destroy you,” Alejandro threatens DJ.

“Somebody’s jealous,” Noah begins laughing.

“Oooooooh!” Owen giggles. “A looooove triangle! I’ve always wanted to see another love triangle, especially after witnessing the Duncan, Courtney and Gwen drama! This is so fun!”

Amy chuckles, and tosses the diary away. “My job here is done.”

Amy’s Confessional: I think I did exactly what I wanted – which was to blow up Heather and Alejandro! They’re both FREAKING out, *laughs*!

DJ’s Confessional: Alejandro’s yapping at me because his ex-girlfriend kissed me! It ain’t MY fault she kissed me! LIKE DUDE – it ain’t MY fault that she was attracted to me because of some alcohol, like PLEASE, sit doooown!

Dawn slowly walks away from all the chaos, and joins Lindsay in the girls cabin. “Daawwwwn!” Lindsay squeals with excitement. “Look what Leshawna left for us!”

“Oooooooh, I always love gifts!” Dawn says excitedly as she scurries to Lindsay’s side. The two stare at the majestic immunity idol.

“We can share it!” Lindsay gasps. “So, we can use it on each other! If any of us ever feel like we’re in danger, then we can play our idol!”

“Wonderful!” Dawn smiles. “I have a good feeling about this! Oh, thank you, Leshawna! You’re the absolute best!”

Dawn’s Confessional: Having an idol with me is totally terrific to have on this island! This can practically save the both of us!

Outside, Heather is trying to reason with Noah and Owen. Alejandro and Amy has disappeared away from sight, while DJ is in the canteen helping Chef out with the food.

“Oh, come on, you guys!” Heather groans to Noah and Owen. “You know those things said in my diary are not true! You two are totally smart and intelligent – like, please! Totally amazing people!”

“Aww,” Owen blushes. “Thanks, Heather! You’re the – ”

Noah quickly shushes him. “Yeah, we don’t want anything to do with you,” Noah says calmly, and then folds his arms. Owen agrees, and nods his head.

“I mean, you DID call me an idiot,” Owen says, nodding his head. “And you said that all I do is fart and giggle… is that supposed to be a compliment?”

Heather blinks, stunned and speechless. “YES!” she finally says, breaking the silence. “YES! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A COMPLIMENT! Don’t you see? I was cooomplimenting you!”

“Ohhh,” Owen chuckles. “Okay, sorry! I misunderstood the situation completely – ”

Noah, once again, shushes Owen, and glares at Heather. “No,” he says calmly. “No, no, no. Look, Heather, you called me a muddy iguana and you called him a piece of meatloaf, so save it, please. And, go away.”

Heather continues to stare Noah down, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Kay, bye,” Noah rolls his eyes, and walks away to the boys cabin. Owen rushes along with him, as Heather growls.

Heather sighs, before looking back where DJ returns back to the cabins. DJ stops dead in his tracks, and Heather rolls her eyes. “Oh, don’t look so terrified. It’s not like I’m going to kiss you again. The only reason why I did it was because I was drunk – obviously, I’ve said that before – and you were the only one there to keep me company!”

“I understand,” DJ replies, and behind him, Amy returns with a baseball bat. DJ looks back at Amy and raises an eyebrow. “What’s the bat for?”

“I just feel like hitting something,” Amy chuckles.

“I just feel like hitting YOU!” Heather roars, and she sprints towards Amy. Amy gasps, and dodges Heather as she jumps at the blonde.

DJ sighs. “Not this again…”

“GET BACK HERE!” Heather screams, as she topples on top of Amy. The two get into a quick cat fight, as DJ watches calmly from behind. He just has the face that says, ‘I’m done’.

DJ’s Confessional: I’m pretty sure that Heather will be going home during the next Bonfire Ceremony. Everyone’s sort of pissed at her because of all the bad things she said about them. I’m not really hurt by it, because I’ve always known that Heather’s a two-faced lying rodent, so I don’t know why so many people are surprised.

The scene cuts to the immunity challenge, where everybody is waiting for Chris. Each camper is wearing a bandana around their heads: Heather, Dawn, DJ and Owen are wearing rad bandanas, while Noah, Alejandro, Lindsay and Amy are wearing green bandanas.

Chris drives in with a golf kart and a flashing devious looking grin. “Sick bandanas, campers!” he chuckles, and Lindsay claps excitedly. “Where’d you get them? Urban – ”

“Okay, shut up,” Heather shushes and interrupts Chris mid-sentence. “Chef handed us these bandanas, told us to ‘get in the Christmas spirit’, and told us to rush to the challenge. Now, will you get ON with this challenge already? We are tired of waiting! We’ve been here for a whole dang hour!”

Chris cackles. “That’s quite hilarious,” he laughs. “Alright, let’s get on to the challenge! This challenge is a race to the finish line! The first two to reach the finish line will not only win immunity, but also win a special trip to a huge cruise filled with fun activities and the most tasty food you will ever taste!”

The campers gasp in delight and lick their lips, as they think of the food and the amazing luxury that they are about to receive if they reach the end. “The finish line is on the edge of the Dock of Shame! There are seven flags there and you must grab one in order to win, and there are only seven there for a reason!”

Dawn’s Confessional: Seven flags? But there are eight of us! How are we each going to get one flag if there are only seven flags… maybe the last one to arrive will get a punishment?

Alejandro’s Confessional: There is something tricky about this challenge. Each of us have to get a flag, but there are only seven flags when there are eight of us here…

Heather’s Confessional: Tricky, tricky, Chris! Eight people here, seven flags? Tricky, tricky!

Owen’s Confessional: *licks lips* I BET THERE ARE GONNA BE BURGERS ON THAT CRUISE!

Chris blows a whistle, and each camper darts across the island. Heather and DJ take the lead, as they sprint ahead of the other six.

Heather’s Confessional: I obviously need this immunity. I need it every time I can get, because people hate me now! Because of AMY! UGH!

Behind Heather and DJ, Alejandro hastily runs behind them. “Well, hello, m’lady!” he greets Heather (and she responds by sticking her tongue out in ‘disgust’), and then coldly glares at DJ. “You.”

“WHAT DID I DO?” DJ exclaims, and he then trips on a rock and he loses his lead as Alejandro zips past him.

Behind, Lindsay and Dawn are running while having a conversation. “Who’s in front of us?” Lindsay asks, looking ahead into the island. “Is that DJ?”

Dawn, without even looking ahead of them, answers: “DJ, Heather and Alejandro – in order to how close they are to us. Seems like Alejandro’s our biggest competition!”

“Noooo!” Lindsay shakes her head, as she continues to run. “If Alejandro or Heather wins immunity, or if BOTH of them win immunity – ”

“That won’t happen!” Dawn reassures Lindsay. “Then let’s go! Quicken the pace, come on!”

Behind them, Noah and Owen are running slowly – Noah seems fine, but growing a little bit tired at least, while Owen is panting and panting and panting. He stretches out his arm and grabs at the air next to Lindsay and Dawn, desperately trying to grab their attention.

“GUYS!” he pants, trying to call them, but his voice just squeezes into the air – silence. Lindsay and Dawn both seem to not hear Owen, so he tries again: “GUYS!” he pants, but once again, it’s too soft to hear.

“Did you hear something?” Lindsay asks Dawn, as she quickens her pace.

“No, not really,” Dawn shakes her head.

“Yo,” Noah calls, by just saying one word, and the two girls look back (although they do not stop running) and they both smile before waving.

“Hi, Noah!” they say in unison, and the four continue to run as a group. Noah asks Dawn who’s ahead of them, and Dawn answers the same thing she told Lindsay previously.

“Who’s behind us?” Noah asks, and then nervously glances at Owen, who is extremely out of breath, and a face of concern washes up.

“Amy,” Dawn answers. “I think our odds are quite good to be honest.”

Owen drops on to the ground, and begins panting as he is out of breath. “LEAVE MEEE!” he tells to his friends, and the other three shrug before running away. “I WAS JUST BEING DRAMATIC!” Owen yells, and his friends return to get him back up on his feet again.

“Come on, Owen!” Lindsay smiles, as she pats him in the back. “Let’s go! You can do it!”

“I don’t think I can go much further,” Owen sighs; sweat pouring down from his wet forehead.

Noah sighs, as he looks at his tired best friend. To be honest, he hasn’t gotten used to calling Owen his best friend. He still couldn’t believe that his best friend was Owen – Owen! What an unlikely pair.

“Hey, buddy,” Noah says, trying to lift Owen’s arm which was resting on Noah’s shoulders. “First two who reach there get to go on a cruise, you know? And guess what’s on the cruise – burgers!”

Owen’s eyes widen and they twinkle in delight, joy and excitement all in the same time. He’s suddenly confident and he now has a motivation to reach that finish line. “CHEEEESSSSEEEBUUUURRRGGGEEERS!” he roars into the air, as Lindsay throws his arm off her shoulder – startled by the sudden loud noise.

Owen darts through the island quickly, as his three other friends try to catch up. Not far away from them, Amy is sprinting (but her version of sprinting might be quite different from yours).

She squints to see the foursome ahead of her, and she sighs. “Oh my gosh, how big is this stupid island?” she shakes her head, before trying to catch up with the others. After doing an unecessary dramatic jump from one rock to another rock, she has sucessfully caught up with Lindsay, Owen, Dawn and Noah.

She is running a few meters away from them, but she isn’t too afraid or scared. She’s not afraid of losing the immunity challenge, because (although it might be dangerous to say this…) she feels quite safe. She feels like she doesn’t need to win this immunity challenge anyways – she’s not viewed as a threat, right?

Amy rolls her eyes. “Unless Heather and Alejandro are still bitter,” she thinks to herself. She chooses to stay silent behind Noah, Owen, Lindsay and Dawn, but Dawn immediately notices her.

“Well, hello, Amy!” Dawn smiles, and waves hello to Amy. Amy, initially wanting to sneak up behind them and zip past them, fakes a smile and waves back.

“Hi,” Amy says without any emotion in her tone.

Noah gasps when he realizes they’re dead last. “We need to catch up if we’re going to win immunity!” Noah commands his group. Lindsay, Noah and Dawn sprint forward, as Owen and Amy stay back.

Owen begins panting loudly, extremely tired, and he stops dead in his tracks – watching his friends zoom off. “Yeah, even for cheeseburgers, I’m still really out of breath,” he says with the little bit of energy left in him.

“You tired?” Amy says to Owen, without any emotion once again. Owen nods his head, and Amy sighs before saying, “Come on. Let’s go – but first, let’s find water because I am SUPER thirsty!”

The scene flashes to DJ, who is slowly creeping behind Heather and Alejandro, who are sprinting speedily in front of him. “Will you guys slow down?” DJ calls Heather and Alejandro. “There are literally nobody behind us! No need to get all speedy!”

Alejandro rolls his eyes. “You’re still behind us?” he groans, and then jumps over a stream. Heather follows behind, but she trips and is quickly saved by a grinning Alejandro. “M’lady.”

“RELEASE MY HAND!” Heather screams, and Alejandro nods his head before proceeding to drop Heather into the stream. Heather shrieks as she is taken by the rapid current of the water – away, far, far, away.

Heather tries to grip onto a rock, but she is not strong enough and she is forced to ride the stream all the way back to the starting line. She gasps when she sees the starting line, and she shakes her head in denial. “NO!” she screams. “THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!”

Ahead of her, Amy and Owen stroll calmly with two fresh water bottles. “This water is so good!” Owen giggles, and Amy nods her head in agreement.

“NOOOO!” Heather shouts, and her scream echoes through the camp – scaring the birds away.

Alejandro’s Confessional: Heather might be a beautiful girl, and a very lovely lady, but I still have to win this challenge, obviously. Although, I did want to share the immunity with her…

Elsewhere, DJ and Alejandro are racing. “There is literally nobody behind us!” DJ screams at Alejandro, who is trying his best to ditch DJ. “YOU DO NOT NEED – TO BE – RUNNING – SO – DARN – FAST!”

“Then why are YOU running so fast?” Alejandro shoots DJ a dirty glare. “You trying to beat me, mama’s boy? You trying to beat me?”

DJ continues to pant very loudly, as he is out of breath – “I’M – SIMPLY – JUST – TRYING – TO – WIN IMMUNITY! DON’T – WANNA – LET – MY – GUARD – DOWN!”

“Lies!” Alejandro exclaims, as he jumps over a fallen tree log. “You simply just want to beat me to impress Heather even more, and steal her from me!”

“DUDE!” DJ yells in disbelief. “WHAT?!”

DJ’s Confessional: Why would I be attracted to Heather? Alejandro is just jealous! JUST JEALOUS! ONCE AGAIN, I DID NOT KISS HER! SHE. KISSED. MEEEE! I didn’t want her lips on me!

Alejandro’s Confessional: I find DJ very threatening. He’s quite skilled in challenges, and he has made strong bonds with almost everyone here. I must get rid of him the next chance I get.


Alejandro’s Confessional: What? Are you accusing me of targeting DJ just because I am ‘jealous’ that Heather kissed him? Oh, I am not jealous –


Alejandro’s Confessional: Jealousy is not in vocabulary! What IS in my vocabulary is ‘blindside’ and ‘immunity’, and ‘Heather’s heart’ –

Behind DJ and Alejandro, Noah, Lindsay and Dawn can be seen running. Alejandro looks behind and gasps, because more people means more enemies to beat.

“Run!” Noah leads Lindsay and Dawn. Alejandro stops in his tracks, letting DJ run past him (although Alejandro doesn’t realize this at all), and glares at the three. The three stop and glare at Alejandro back.

Alejandro whips out a pair of wooden nunchucks and twirl them around in the air. Lindsay shoots Alejandro a cold stare before whipping out a pair of wooden nunchucks herself.

Noah gasps, bewildered. “How did you – ”

Lindsay roars, and jumps into the air, followed by Alejandro. The two clash, and Lindsay strikes Alejandro’s stomach with her pair of nunchucks. Alejandro lands under a tree, and Lindsay lands a meter away from him.

“I WILL DESTROY YOU!” Lindsay roars, and throws a rock at Alejandro’s stomach. He groans in pain, and Dawn encourages Lindsay to run ahead – Noah has already left, and run past ahead of them.

“I think I see the finish line!” Dawn gasps, pointing ahead.

“We can do it!” Lindsay cheers, and together, her and Dawn zip forward, but Alejandro glares at the two girls coldly. Just as they are about to hop over a stream, Alejandro tugs Lindsay’s leg – causing her to shriek and drop into the stream.

Dawn gasps, as she sees her friend slide against the current of the water – returning to the finish line. “LINDSAY!” she screams, but after seeing Alejandro slowly get to his feet again, she knows that it is still a race and she needs to win the immunity.

Alejandro crosses the stream, and shoves Dawn on to the ground. He laughs, and waves goodbye to Dawn as she growls viciously. “MOTHER NATURE, PUNISH HIM!” she orders, and a flock of ravens spiral towards Alejandro suddenly, making him shriek and run away in fear.

The scene cuts to Amy and Owen. Heather slowly walks beside them, having already lost any hope of winning the immunity necklace. “It’s over,” Heather groans, with a depressed look painted on her face. “It’s over! I can’t win. No, I can’t win. Ugh.”

Amy sips her water bottle, and begins choking on it but Owen saves her. “Thanks,” she smiles, and high fives Owen. After that, she begins to burp loudly, and Owen giggles.

“You go, sister!” Owen cheers her on, then proceeds to belch.

Amy chuckles, and then shakes her head. Her eyes widen in shock, and she gasps. “What have I become?” she gasps. “A belching, burping, disgusting monster? WHAT HAS THIS ISLAND DONE TO ME?!”

“It’s okay!” Owen giggles. “I’m one too, and I’m fine! Seeee?”

Amy stays silent, and then bites her lip. “Um,” she begins, but she is interrupted by a loud scream. The three look behind, and Lindsay slides in.

Heather raises an eyebrow. “You fell into the stream too?” she says, and Lindsay shakes her head.

“Not fall,” Lindsay answers, rubbing her head as she stands up. “Alejandro pushed me.”

“HE PUSHED ME TOO!” Heather exclaims. “And he’s probably going to win immunity now! UGH! And, I’m probably going home. Ugh. I cannot wait to leave this island anyways, ugh!”

“What makes you think you’re going to get voted off?” Lindsay asks, as she catches up with the rest of the group. “There are eight votes tonight. You think you’re going to get the majority of the votes?”

“OBVIOUSLY!” Heather yells. “I literally insulted everybody here, and SOMEBODY exposed me!” She shoots a glare at Amy, but Amy just smiles.

“You know what?” Heather glares at Amy. “I’m leaving. I am out of here. I am ditching you losers – goodbye! Lindsay, are you coming with me?”

“Why would she come with you?” Owen asks. “Is she like, your slave or something?”

“Yeah, well, duh,” Heather chuckles, and points at Lindsay. “Now, come on, slave! Let’s go!”

Lindsay clenches her fists. “I am not your SLAVE!” Lindsay growls. “I am so DONE playing this game with a fake brat like you! You know what? I was starting to forgive you for all those nasty things you said, but you called me a slave, and that’s just another example of how FAKE and BRATTY you are!”

“You tell her,” Amy chuckles, then burps. “I’m out of control.”

“Oooooh!” Owen gasps, watching Heather and Lindsay face off. “Draaaamaaa!”

The scene cuts to Alejandro, DJ, Dawn and Noah all racing towards the Dock of Shame. Chris can see them rushing towards him – towards the seven flags pinned on to the dock. The four grab a flag each, and Chris announces the winners of the challenge: “The winners of the challenge who will receive immunity and a free trip to a cruise are…

DJ and Dawn!”

Dawn and DJ gasp in delight, and the two hug in happiness. Alejandro sighs, and then growls as he folds his arms in frustration. “Great,” Alejandro says sarcastically. “Just great. I have spent so much energy running and sprinting here, and now, I might still go home.”

“Actually, you’re not going to go home!” Chris cackles.

“It’s a non-elimination challenge?” Noah gasps. “Just a reward challenge?”

Chris begins laughing deviously. “Oh, it’s an elimination challenge alright. I will explain…”

His voice echoes through the loud speakers around the camp: “Attention remaining campers that are still in the race to the Dock of Shame. The race for the cruise is over – Dawn and DJ have won, and Alejandro and Noah have grabbed their flags. Like I said, you must go to the Dock of Shame and grab your flag. By the end of this challenge, the last person to not get a flag will be eliminated! That means the race for last place is ON, people! There are only seven flags – which are not enough for all of you! GO! GO! Or you’ll be eliminated!”

“SWEET CHEESECAKE!” Owen gasps, and begins rushing ahead. He is followed (in order) by Heather, Lindsay and Amy. Heather eventually zips past him with a competitive grin on her face.

Heather’s Confessional: MIRACULOUS! All I have to do is outrun the other three losers and reach the Dock of Shame before they do! This is amazing!

After seven minutes, the four campers can be seen rushing to the Dock of Shame. Heather aggressively glides towards the remaining flags on the Dock of Shame, and picks one out of the dock – officially claiming her safety. It is down to Amy, Owen and Lindsay.

Lindsay pulls a flag out of the dock, also officially claiming her safety. She rushes towards Dawn, who gives her a huge hug. They watch as Amy and Owen race to the final flag.

The final flag has finally been pulled out of the dock. Chris faces the eliminated camper, and announces in front of the rest of the campers: “Sorry, buddy, but Owen, you have been eliminated from Total Drama: Redemption Brawl.”

Owen sighs gloomily, and Noah approaches him and pats him on the back. “You did great, dude,” he smiles. “I’m going to miss you.”

“You mean you’re not mad at me?” Owen gasps. “Al told me you were mad at me, and that you were secretly plotting against me and that – ”

“Never trust a word that comes out of that eel’s mouth,” Noah warns, and then glares at Alejandro who simply just chuckles. “Hey, Al! You might not be going home tonight, but you sure are going home next so pack your bags, you filthy piece of trash!”

Alejandro chuckles. “Do not be bitter, my friend. It is all just a game! You must understand!”

“Understand this, you vile piece of rotten cheese!” Noah growls, before slapping Alejandro’s face with the palm of his hand.

The scene cuts to the Dock at sunset, where everyone is there. Owen is rolling his suitcase across the Dock, as everyone watches with sad expressions (most of them).

DJ hugs Owen, and Owen squeezes him tight while crying – much to DJ’s pain and dismay. “I’m going to miss you!” Owen cries, before moving on to hugging both Lindsay and Dawn in the same time.

“We love you, Big O!” Lindsay smiles, as Dawn waves goodbye.

Owen strolls past Heather, who completely ignores him. He reaches Amy, and the two hug tightly. “Promise me you’ll burp more!” he cries, while hugging Amy.

“Um, okay,” Amy says, feeling rather uncomfortable but ends up smiling anyways. “And I’ll promise to get rid of Ale-satan too.”

Owen finally reaches Noah, and the two best friends hug. Owen begins crying loudly, while Noah stays silent as they hug. Once the hug ends, Owen says, “I hope you do well, buddy! I know you will!”, and he sheds a tear. Noah, who usually has literally no emotions, sheds a tear and smiles.

“Thanks, big pal,” Noah smiles.

Owen moves on to Alejandro, but he remains silent. Owen growls, and shoves Alejandro into the lake before proceeding to climb on to the Boat of Losers.

As the campers wave goodbye to Owen, Heather growls at Amy. “Super close, but yet super far,” Heather mutters, refering to Amy’s near-elimination in the challenge.

“You’re going to have to try again, I guess, huh?” Amy smirks at Heather, and strolls away.

Happy Hunting
Season 1, Episode 15
Challenge Go on a scavenger hunt (additional: with a previously eliminated camper of your choice).
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Noah
Episode Guide
"Camp Wawanakwhoa!"
"Total Drama Smackdown"

Episode 15: "Happy Hunting"

Previously on Total Drama: Redemption Brawl, Amy exposed Heather for the lying scheming two-faced rat she is right after convincing DJ to turn on Alejandro. Amy read Heather's diary out loud, exposing her kiss with DJ - making Alejandro extremely jealous and gun for DJ. The campers turned on Heather and Alejandro, but in a surprising twist, the challenge determined who was going to be sent home, and sweet ol' Owen was the last one to finish the challenge - automatically eliminating him.

DJ is sitting on the Dock of Shame, reading a book calmly and silently. Behind him, Lindsay excitedly rushes into the lake and plunges into it with joy all over her face. Dawn is on the center of the Dock, twirling around as the blue sweet birds circle her. Noah is behind Dawn, trying to escape her birds that are pecking him down.

DJ’s Confessional: Me, Lindsay and Dawn are the only original Heroes left in this game, and we sort of consider Noah a Hero too. We made a pact to stay true to one another and bring each other to the Final 4. And boy, that couldn’t come in a better time! Final 4, here we come!

Lindsay resurfaces from the water, and faces her two friends/allies. “Who do you guys plan on voting out?” she asks. “I think Amy is really mad at Alejandro. Do you wanna go with the flow and get him out?”“Sure, why not?” DJ says, putting down his book. “I mean, he’s targeting me really fiercely, because he’s still jealous about that weird Heather thing.”

A bird pokes Noah in the eye, and he shrieks loudly as he hurries to jump into the lake. He begins rubbing his eye, and he resurfaces with a dead and gloomy expression on his face.

“Bad birdy!” Dawn furiously points at the bird that pecked Noah in the eye. “You’re getting a time out! Go back to the nest! Now, please!”

The bird sighs, and flies off. “I’m still not pleased,” Noah says. He gasps when he sees something glimmering on the surface of the lake, and he quickly rushes down. Lindsay, Dawn and DJ ignore him, assuming that he isn’t doing anything important – but Noah thanks the lords when he grabs a shining Hidden Immunity Idol that was hidden behind a rock.

Noah’s Confessional: I’m not telling anyone about my Idol! This is amazing, but I don’t know if I can trust my new allies enough to tell them about my Idol.

Right after he resurfaces, Lindsay is seen holding a white shell in her hands. “Okay, but does this shell look a lot like Beth or is it just me?” Lindsay says, staring at the shell.

Dawn, DJ and Noah exchange glances that basically say – ‘What in the world?’

The scene cuts to Alejandro and Heather in the canteen. Heather looks extremely grumpy, and seems like she’s not in the mood to have any conversation at all. On the other hand, Alejandro wears a charming smile on his face.

“You seem quite upset,” Alejandro points out, angering Heather even more. “Are you in a bad mood, Heather?”

“Uh, well, yeah!” Heather scoffs. “I was in my cabin, applying my make up, when you suddenly pulled me in to have a ‘talk’? Who DOES that?”

“My deepest apologies, Heather,” Alejandro says, still smiling. “I have never meant to bother or disturb you in any kind of way.”

“First of all,” Heather begins, “stop talking so nice to me because I am never getting back together with you again so you can drop that Mr. Nice Guy act – ”

“Drop the Mr. Nice Guy act?” Alejandro raises an eyebrow. “Okay then,” he continues, before grabbing Heather’s hand – making her gasp. “Listen to me closely, Heather. We are on the bottom of this competition, everyone hates us, and we need to do something about it.”

“I notice that,” Heather says, sounding rather upset. She pulls her hand away from Alejandro’s grip, and stares him down. “Well, what do you want us to do? We’re basically doomed!”

“Now, don’t say that, mamasita!” Alejandro chuckles, upseting Heather yet again. “You need to get on Lindsay’s good side again, because she’ll make sure you stay if you do. She plays a key factor in the voting in my opinion – everyone likes her and nobody sees her as a threat!”

“That is true,” Heather says. “Maybe we should vote her off soon.”

“How are we going to do that, exactly, when there are only two of us and five of them?” Alejandro exclaims. “We have to make them turn on each other! Spread some lies, spread some rumours, you know? We must make a crack between them – that is the only way possible!”

“Amy’s like the least trustworthy person here,” Heather chuckles. “We should make them turn on her! Turn them against her, so they’ll vote her off instead of one of us!”

Alejandro smirks, and holds Heather’s cheek in his hands, making her gasp in shock and surprise. “Brilliant idea, mamasita!” he says in a seductive voice.

“Get OVER it!” Heather growls, and marches away. “I am NOT into you! Get OVER it!”

Alejandro mutters a swear word under his breath as he watches Heather march away from the canteen, and eventually disappear from sight. “She’ll come back. Oh, she’ll come back for me.”

“NO, I WON’T!” Heather shouts from outside the canteen, and Alejandro simply just puts a smirk on his face.

The scene cuts to Amy, who is still sleeping and snoring loudly in the girls cabin all alone. She snorts, and her droozy eyes blink open, as she tumbles off the bed. “Oh, crap,” she sighs, and stands back up. She looks out the window and spots Heather and Lindsay having a conversation.

“How interesting,” Amy says to herself, watching the conversation slowly unfold.

The scene flashes to Heather and Lindsay’s conversation. “Look, Lindsay, I know I said some horrible things about you,” Heather begins to apologize to Lindsay (who seems to be very distracted by a particular butterfly), “but those were all jokes. I didn’t actually mean them, and I really hope I can still work with you in the future to take out big threats in this game!”

Lindsay glances back at Heather, away from the butterly and tilts her head. “Okay then!” she smiles. “Sure thing, Heather!”

“Cool,” Heather grins. “Glad we’re back together again!”

Heather’s Confessional: That went so much more easier than I expected it to be! Wow! I didn’t expect Lindsay to be THAT dumb! She’s such an idiot, wow!

Lindsay’s Confessional: Oh, please! I am not that dumb! Heather is completely playing me, and I can see it in her eyes when she lies to me! I am NOT trusting her, and I am keeping an eye out to watch out for that backstabbing rodent!

The scene switches to DJ, who is eavesdropping on a muffled conversation inside the boys cabin.

“I need you to vote off Amy in the next Bonfire Ceremony,” a voice says inside the cabin.

“Why would I want to do that?” another voice pops up, and this one sounds extremely familiar, shocking DJ.

“Because you owe me one! After all, I DID save your life, so you MUST do what I tell you to!”

“Wait, what?” and then comes a groan, and a sigh. “Do I have to? What do you have against Amy anyways?”

“She’s super untrustworthy! I mean, do you want to bring her to the Final Six?”

“Well, I’m not sure. I’d rather bring her than bring Heather! She’s way more untrustworthy!”

“Amy is a snake in the grass! You never see her coming! She needs to go! If not her… then… then… DJ has to go! Yes, DJ! Have you noticed that he has created a strong bond with each and every single person on this island! He has yet to receive even one single vote! If that doesn’t tell you what kind of a threat he is, then I don’t know what to say. If you’re not voting off Amy, then you MUST vote off DJ. It’s a must, because remember – ”

“Yeah, yeah. I owe you one…”

DJ gasps, and quickly runs away from the cabin. After he has disappeared, Noah opens the door – revealing that it was Noah and Alejandro who were in the conversation. Noah raises an eyebrow, as he pokes out his head. “Did you hear something?” he asks Alejandro. “Like someone running away from here?”

“No,” Alejandro answers.

“Hm,” Noah purses his lips. “Funny…”

The scene cuts to the immunity challenge. The remaining seven campers (Lindsay, DJ, Alejandro, Heather, Amy, Noah and Dawn) stand in front of Chris who is about to announce the immunity challenge.

“Here’s how this immunity challenge will work,” Chris begins. “I will give you a list of four items that are all around camp. You must find those four items, and bring them back to me! After handing those four items to me, you will advance to the next round where I will give you another list of four items! And ALSO, the first three people who find the FIRST four items and hand them to me will receive an advantage – they get to bring back an eliminated contestant to this challenge to help you!”

The campers gasp. Chris continues, “The first camper to bring me back the second batch of items will win immunity, and will also win a feast along with $5,000! Chef is going to hand out the list now, and you may get a basket from the canteen where you can put your items in! On your marks, get set, GO!”

The campers scramble around after receiving their list: a red bottle of champagne, a cowboy hat, a golden bell and a fortune cookie. They rush to the canteen to grab a basket before sprinting around camp to search for the four items.

Dawn immediately snatches a golden bell which was placed inside a particular kitchen counter. Alejandro remembers popping open a bottle of red champagne the first day he arrived on the island – he left it under his bed in the cabin. He rushes to his cabin to see DJ looking up and down everywhere around the cabin for the same bottle of champagne.

Alejandro dives under his bed, and snatches the hidden red bottle of champagne before rolling out of the cabin. DJ gasps in shock, and shrieks, panicking, before following Alejandro out of the cabin.

Heather and Noah both find a cowboy hat which were mounted on the walls of the girls cabin. Lindsay calmly walks across the dock, humming a sweet tune – completely forgetting about the challenge.

Alejandro goes through each jar in the kitchen, ambushing the fridge while searching for a fortune cookie. He finds a box inside the fridge, and he pops it open to find a batch of fortune cookies. He quickly takes one, and hides the rest of them into his pants.

He darts to the dock, but gasps when he sees Lindsay just sitting there. His original plan was to dump the cookies into the lake, but he has do it quiet enough so Lindsay won’t hear him. He slowly takes out the cookies and throws them all into the lake – making a loud ‘BLOOSH’ sound.

Lindsay raises an eyebrow, and when she turns around, Alejandro is already gone. She gasps, “THE CHALLENGE! OH, SHOOT!”

Alejandro and Dawn are in the lead – with each having two things crossed of their lists (A cookie and a bottle of champagne for Alejandro, and a cowboy hat and a golden bell for Dawn). Heather, Noah, DJ and Lindsay each have one item.

Dawn gets her third and fourth item, and sprints towards Chris with her basket. Alejandro quicky catches up after finding two more items. Dawn hands in her basket first to Chris, and she now gets to pick an eliminated contestant to help her throughout the challenge.

“Well, obviously, I’m going with Leshawna!” Dawn says excitedly.

“And Alejandro, who are you picking?” Chris raises an eyebrow with a devious looking grin on his face. “Well, this’ll be fun.”

Alejandro looks back at Heather behind him, who is racing towards him and Dawn, and then looks back at Chris. “I pick Courtney,” he answers.

Heather gasps and stops dead in her tracks.

Heather’s Confessional: COURTNEY?! He picked COURTNEY?!

Noah, DJ and Lindsay all zip past Heather, and the four catch up with Dawn and Alejandro A helicopter drops in, and when it lands, Leshawna and Courtney run out. Dawn gasps, and hugs Leshawna.

“I missed you, girl!” Leshawna chuckles. “But we got no time to lose! We got a challenge to win! Let’s go, go, go!”

“We can’t let her get ahead of us!” Courtney growls, pointing at Leshawna and Dawn, who have already advanced to the next part of the challenge.

Noah reaches Chris next, and he now has to pick a previously eliminated camper to help him throughout the challenge. He begins tapping his chin as he ponders in thought.

“HURRY UP!” Heather screams from behind the line. As Noah continues to think and reconsider his options, Amy joins the line.

Noah’s Confessional: I wanted to pick Owen, but I’m not sure if he’s that… reliable. He might mess up my whole challenge. I needed to pick someone that was actually going to help me.

“I pick Brick,” Noah says, and he runs off with his new list of items. A helicopter spirals in, and Brick hops out of it.

“Let’s get to work, soldier!” he salutes Noah, and Noah awkwardly salutes back out of respect.

“Um, okay… solider,” Noah says before running off with Brick.

Brick’s Confessional: Feels great to be back on this island! The fresh smell of the competitive spirit seems to still be brewing in the air!

Everyone else has advanced to the next stage of the challenge. It is still Noah, Dawn and Alejandro in the lead with Heather and DJ slowly tailing them from behind.

DJ’s Confessional: To be honest, I’m not sure if I even want to win this challenge… all I need to do is make strong bonds with other people so then they won’t me vote out. Hopefully, I don’t pose as a threat to anyone… well, Alejandro sees me as a threat in his relationship with Heather but whatever.

Brick and Noah finds ¼ of their new items, Leshawna and Dawn find ¼ of their new items, and Courtney and Alejandro find half of their new items already.

Leshawna eyes Courtney/Alejandro’s basket which is resting on the ground while Courtney and Alejandro are digging through the bushes. “Should we take their basket?” Leshawna whispers to Dawn.

Dawn shakes her head. “No, Leshawna, we should do what’s right, and that’s not the right thing to do!”

Leshawna raises an eyebrow. “Do you expect me to not go there and take their basket?”

Dawn nods her head, and smiles.

Leshawna begins chuckling. “Girl, you’ve been living with me on an island for around a month – I thought you’d know me better! Peace out!”

She quietly sneaks over to Alejandro’s basket and scrambles through it. Dawn nervously watches from behind, and is at complete shock when Alejandro and Courtney don’t even notice. Leshawna grabs both their items from their baskets and add it to her item – meaning she has found ¾ of the items. She then whips the basket all the way into the lake, making a huge ‘KAPLOOSH’ sound.

Courtney and Alejandro gasp when they turn around to see their basket missing.

“Oops,” Leshawna chuckles. “My bad!”

“YOU!” Courtney roars, and launches herself at Leshawna. The two quickly get into a messy fight, as Alejandro furiously runs to get another basket, and Dawn searches for her final item. Meanwhile, Noah and Brick are halfway done.

“FOUND IT!” Brick smiles, as he finds another item on the list. He drops it into Noah’s basket, and the two high five. “Good work, partner!”

“You too!” Noah smiles, as the two run around to look for their final item. It’s Dawn vs. Noah now, with Alejandro trying to catch up as he attempts to recollect all of his items again.

Leshawna and Courtney continue to fight in the background, as Heather and Amy struggle to find their items on their lists. Dawn and Noah both raise their final item in the air, both saying in the same time: “GOT IT!”

Brick and Noah, and Dawn (alone after Leshawna left her to fight Courtney) sprints to Chris. Noah tosses his basket of items into the air, and Chris catches it. Dawn gasps, as she realizes she is too late. Chris checks off the items in Noah’s basket.

“And for the first time, Noah wins immunity!” Chris announces, and Noah and Brick high five joyfully. “That means Noah cannot be voted off in tonight’s Bonfire Ceremony!”

Noah’s Confessional: *chuckles* Wow, can you believe it? I won a physical challenge… *approaches the camera closer* THAT INVOLVED RUNNING! I am so shocked right now, you have no idea.

Alejandro’s Confessional: *swears in a foreign language*

Heather is marching back to her cabin. She swings the door open to see Lindsay painting her nails. Lindsay looks at her and smiles. “Hey, Heather!”

“Yeah, hi,” Heather grumbles, obviously upset with the result of the immunity challenge. She sits next to Lindsay, and folds her arms. “Who are you voting off?”

“Well – ”

“That doesn’t matter!” Heather snaps, slightly frightening Lindsay. “We are voting off Amy. Got it? Amy has got to go. Understand?”

Lindsay raises an eyebrow.

Lindsay’s Confessional: I have ALWAYS wanted to vote Heather out but I never know when it’s the right time to do so! Is now the right time to turn my back on her? I mean, it’s about time I stand up for myself!

“Amy, Amy, Amy,” Heather growls. “Understand, Lindsay?”

“I understand what you’re saying!” Lindsay nods her head with a bright smile – trying to avoid saying ‘I agree! I’m voting off Amy’.


Lindsay’s Confessional: Yeah, I don’t think I’m voting off Amy.

Heather’s Confessional: There are 7 votes, and I already have 3 votes for Amy – Lindsay, Alejandro and myself. I need to spread a rumor that will protect both me and Alejandro tonight.

Heather approaches DJ and Noah. “Hey, Noah,” Heather smiles, as she takes a seat next to the two guys in the canteen. “Congratulations on that immunity win, by the way! And also, DJ, killer sandwiches you made for breakfast! Delicious!”

DJ smiles. “Why, thank you, Heather!” he chuckles, while Noah continues to stay silent.

“Anyways,” Heather continues. “So, I really trust you guys and I know that you won’t spread this, but… I have something to tell you: me and Alejandro both found idols this morning! Isn’t that GREAT?”

DJ and Noah gasp. “No way!” DJ gasps in shock. “No waaaayy! Dude, that’s mindblowing!”

“Exactly!” Heather smirks. “So we can’t be voted off!”

Noah’s Confessional: If it is true that Heather and Alejandro both have idols, we can’t vote them off tonight. That means we have to change our target to someone else – the only other option who isn’t in my alliance… is Amy.

Heather’s Confessional: FOOLS! *laughs* You should’ve seen the looks on their faces!

Noah and DJ meet up with Lindsay and Dawn. “Heather just told us that she and Alejandro both have idols!” DJ informs the crew, who are all shocked to hear that.

“Impossible!” Dawn gasps. “No way! That’s… impossible!”

“That means we can’t vote off any of them,” Noah tells the alliance of four. “You know that the only option left besides the rest of us is Amy, right?”

“You mean Amy’s going home tonight?” Dawn gasps, in shock.

“I say we still vote off Alejandro or Heather!” Lindsay suggests. “Because Heather says her target is Amy, so that means if we DO vote them off, they’re going to play their idols and vote off Amy! Amy’s going home no matter what, so let’s make them use their idols so they don’t have idols anymore!”

“That could actually work,” DJ points out.

“But Amy is actually a number for us!” Lindsay says. “Should we really let her go? I mean, I doubt that Heather and Alejandro actually have idols anyways!”

Lindsay’s Confessional: I’m pretty sure if Heather had an idol, she would’ve told me earlier than she would’ve told either DJ or Noah. I really don’t believe it – I don’t buy it at all.

“We’re voting one of them off,” Lindsay instructs her alliance. “No matter what, one of them have to go.”

“What if they don’t go?” Dawn asks.

“Worst case scenario is Amy goes,” DJ sighs. “But I doubt that both of them have idols.”

The camera shifts backwards, and it is revealed that Heather was eavesdropping on their conversation. She hops in, and pretends to not know what they’ve been discussing. “Hey, you guys!” she greets with a forced smile.

DJ shrieks in fear at the sight of Heather. “Okay,” Heather whispers. “Here’s the plan for tonight…”

Heather’s Confessional: Me and Alejandro are basically on the bottom of this whole group of seven. They’re going to vote one of us off and I’m going to make sure that that person isn’t me.

“We have to vote off Alejandro,” Heather commands the group. The others are shocked. “He’s a dangerous sneaky threat in this game, plus, he’s really good in challenges! He would’ve won that last one if Leshawna didn’t toss his basket away! He needs to go!”

Dawn, Lindsay, DJ and Noah are shocked that Heather would so easily turn on Alejandro, but they agree. “He’s got to go,” DJ agrees. “He needs to go tonight.”

DJ’s Confessional: Alejandro needs to leave the island, because he’s too big of a threat to keep! Plus, he’s gunning for me!

“But don’t you both have idols?” Noah raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, but, um,” Heather tries to make up a lie. “I’m going to assure him that he’s safe so he doesn’t play his idol! Get it?”

There’s a silence. “Alright then,” Noah replies, still shocked.

“Cool!” Heather smirks. “Can’t wait to see that snake leave! Anyways, I’m going to go now. Toodles!”

As she walks off, Lindsay follows her. Heather puts her game face on and glares at Lindsay. “Lindsay, did you just say that you were going to vote me off to your little Hero friends?”

Lindsay gulps. “Yeah,” she sighs. “And I’m sorry, Heather! I am soooo sorry! I realized that you’re good to keep here anyways, because I need to get rid of the others soon and I thought, ‘Hey! Heather could get rid of them FOR me!’, so obviously I’m keeping you safe!”

Lindsay’s Confessional: I’m trying to maintain my relationship with Heather, so she thinks we’re solid even though I actually want her gone sooner than I want either Dawn, DJ or Noah gone! *giggles* This is so fun! No one ever told me that lying would be sooo fun! Plus, Heather is a huge threat in this game: she’s won two challenges, and she could turn on an ally like *snaps fingers* THAT! She betrayed Alejandro, who is like her soulmate from Hell, that means she could betray ME TOO!

Lindsay leaves Heather, and Alejandro approaches Heather. He raises an eyebrow. “Did I just see you speaking to those Heroes?”

“Yeah,” Heather smirks. “But it’s just for strategy! I want to trick them into believing that we aren’t a threat, and BOOM – they’re voting off Amy now!”

“I’m not sure if I believe that or not,” Alejandro shoots a cold glare to Heather. “I heard my name pop up somewhere in that conversation.”

“Duh! Because I’m trying to protect you!” Heather lies, and then grips Alejandro’s shirt and pulls him towards her. “Don’t ever doubt me, Alejandro. I am always going to try to keep you safe… after all, you’re the only person here that I trust.”

She kisses him on the lips, and the two begin to make out.

Amy’s Confessional: *barfs*

Heather’s Confessional: It is literally so easy to trick and fool all these losers! All I had to do was kiss Alejandro, and I just took a million dollars away from his hands as he fell for my trick! Just like in Total Drama: World Tour! Toodles, boo!

DJ’s Confessional: Definitely voting out Alejandro tonight. He is obviously too big of a threat to keep in this game! I need to make sure he goes! I really hope he doesn’t have an idol…

The scene shifts to Alejandro, who is walking across camp. Lindsay catches up with him. “Hey, Alejandro,” she calls. “I need to talk to you!”

“What do you want?” Alejandro raises an eyebrow.

“I need to tell you what Heather’s been doing!” Lindsay tells Alejandro. “She went to me, Dawn, Noah and DJ and she told us to vote you off!”

A flash of distrust plunges into Alejandro’s face after hearing Lindsay’s statement.

“Pinky swear!” Lindsay sticks out her pinky finger. “She’s not to be trusted! She told us to vote you off, and she said you were some sort of huge threat and that she’s voting you off too! I – PINKY – SWEAR! And those pinky swears are SE –  RI – OUS!”

Alejandro growls. “I’ve been played.”

Lindsay’s Confessional: If in case Alejandro DOES have an Idol, and Heather does too, and then Amy goes home, I need to make Alejandro turn on Heather!

Alejandro’s Confessional: I cannot believe I trusted Heather! That lying little –

The scene cuts to the Bonfire Ceremony. Chris clears his throat after collecting all the votes. “If anybody has an Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so,” Chris announces.

All eyes shift to Alejandro and Heather. Alejandro sighs, and shakes his head. “Nothing from me, Chris,” he says with a tone of disappointment.

“Alright then,” Chris nods his head, and everybody breathes out a sigh of relief. “Once the votes are – ”

“WAIT!” Lindsay shouts, cutting Chris off. She pulls out her immunity idol from her pocket and walks towards Chris. Everybody has confused looks on their faces, Heather is raising her eyebrow – thinking that Lindsay is extremely idiotic.

“I don’t know why she’s playing it,” DJ whispers to Dawn. “Nobody’s targeting her.”

“Oh, I know why she’s playing it,” Dawn smiles, and flashes her white teeth – proud of her friend.

“You’re playing this for yourself?” Chris asks Lindsay.

Lindsay sighs, and shakes her head. “No,” she answers and smiles softly. “I’m playing this for Alejandro.”

The majority of the crowd gasps – even Alejandro is completely shocked. The most shocked of them all are Heather and Amy. Amy groans at the thought of having to live on an island with Alejandro for a longer period of time. Heather has her jaw on the dropped, after she was completely convinced that Alejandro was going home.

Lindsay takes a seat, and Heather still has her mouth wide open in shock. “Any votes casted for Alejandro will not count,” Chris announces. “I’ll read the votes. First vote…”

“Alejandro! Does not count!”

Alejandro grins, and he pulls Lindsay into a side hug. “Second vote…”

“Alejandro! Does not count!”

“Alejandro! Does not count!”

“Alejandro! Does. Not. Count!”

Heather shakes her head in denial, as Alejandro shoots her a glare. “Fifth vote…”

Chris reveals a vote that says ‘Heather’. “Heather,” Chris announces, and Heather gasps in shock – completely blindsided. She realizes that Lindsay turned on her, she isn’t just a dumb blonde.

Chris reads the vote before revealing it. “Eighteenth person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…”, he reveals the vote that sends the camper home – “Heather!”

Heather is still shocked, and she reluctantly stands up and approaches Chris with her marshmallow. She sighs, and hands Chris her marshmallow. “Heather, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris says, and tosses her marshmallow into the orange blazing fire.

“Yes it does,” Heather grumbles, before walking out of sight and into the night.

“Complete blindside once again!” Chris tells the remaining six campers. “All of you – head back to camp! That’s all for tonight! Goodnight!”

Total Drama Smackdown
Season 1, Episode 16
Challenge Break open a crate, and assemble the puzzle inside it.
Reward Immunity
Episode Guide
"Happy Hunting"
"Home To The Flops"

Episode 16: "Total Drama Smackdown" 

The final six has arrived on Camp Wawanakwa! All six of them are eager to snatch the grand finale prize!

Alejandro – originally a newcomer, Alejandro maneuvered his way through the competition but got distracted when his romantic interests, jealousy and goals clashed together! He was weakened when his flirting and manipulative techniques were no longer useful, but his blood is filled with vengeance and determination to get to the end of the game once agan after he finally hopped on the right boat when he was instrumental in blindsiding his (ex) love interest, Heather!

Dawn – Dawn has conquered the game with her likeable personality and her ability to easily connect to everyone else. Although she was previously eliminated, she returned and controlled one of the biggest eliminations of the season by sending her close friend, Courtney, home! Although she seems harmless, Dawn isn’t afraid to do what has to be done. Adding to her brilliant mind, she has a loveable aura! Will her loveable personality lead her to the end, or will it lead to her demise?

DJ – DJ used his social game to get through most of the game! He uses his physical strength to beast challenges and help out in camp! But, the friendly mama’s boy got into one of the season’s biggest dramatic moments after he and Heather had a little drunk make out session during the night! After the dramatic event, he painted a huge target on his own back! Will he redeem himself, and will his social and physical game be enough for him to take the grand prize?

Amy – Amy started the game out as a vicious villain, masterminding several eliminations and blindsides, but after her bad attitude led her to be her only ally in the game, she showed a little bit of emotion and was pulled in an alliance with the girls. Despite being slightly more ‘heroic’ now, Amy still has her dark side which she revealed when she exposed Heather’s secrets – leading to a gigantic dramatic fight! But, will her chaotic personality give her the win, or will it end her life on the island?

Noah – Noah started out as a sarcastic bookworm with a bad attitude, with only Owen as his friend, but he used his new social game to get good with both the boys and the girls and both the heroes and the villains! Noah has stayed out of the majority of the fights in this season and watched from the sidelines. He was instrumental in each blindside, and after his closest ally’s elimination, will the claws come out? Has Noah done enough for him to reach the end?

Lindsay – Lindsay is known to be a dumb blonde, but this season, she turned that label upside down and tossed it into the fire. Lindsay started out working with the infamous Queen Bee, Heather, and together, they controlled the majority of the first phase of the game. Lindsay aligned herself with the Heroes, and the claws came out when she blindsided her close ally, Heather, and sent her home! The bubbly blonde has become a sneaky puppeteer this season – will she snatch the win?

As the campers walk back from the shocking Bonfire Ceremony, Alejandro shoves through DJ and proceeds to march towards his cabin.

Alejandro’s Confessional: There is definitely still some bad blood between DJ and myself, whether or not Heather is on the island. He is a physical and social threat, and he wronged me, and betrayed me!

DJ’s Confessional: WHAT. DID. I. DO?!

Alejandro’s Confessional: He’s a gigantic threat, everybody likes him, and I want him gone. Immediately. I hate his guts. I hate seeing his face.

DJ’s Confessional: Yo, I’m done with that dude. I’m tired of this this. I’m just gonna sit in the kitchen and eat pancakes. I can’t even.

Noah and Lindsay begin discussing the last vote. “Why didn’t you tell me to vote off Heather?” Noah asks. “Well, to be honest, even if you did, I still would’ve voted off Alejandro.”

“That is exactly why!” Lindsay replies. “I needed Heather gone! She was a fierce and dangerous player! Don’t you see it? Plus, she’s already won two immunity challenges.”

Noah’s Confessional: Aw, crap. I owe Alejandro that one favor, and I still do now that he’s still on the freaking island. This is terrible, ugh. *groans*

Lindsay’s Confessional: Voting out Heather was a very risky move, especially with an idol, because now I think my allies don’t trust me as much. But, it had to be done.

[flashback shows the campers voting in the last Bonfire Ceremony: Dawn, Lindsay and Alejandro cast their votes for Heather, as the others vote off Alejandro.]

Alejandro’s Confessional: When Lindsay approached me and told me that Heather had betrayed me, I knew that I had to put the nail in her coffin before she drops me into my own grave.

Dawn’s Confessional: *meditates in confessional when suddenly a bird hits her in the head* MOTHER NATURE, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BETRAY ME LIKE THIS?! *falls*

DJ and Noah are resting in their cabin. Noah sits up and asks where Alejandro is, since it’s late at night and he’s not sleeping in the cabin yet.

“I don’t know,” DJ sits up, scratching his head. Then a thought hits him in the head and he gasps. “Maybe he’s out there looking for an Immunity Idol!”

“Ugh,” Noah groans. “I swear to God, if that guy finds an Idol, I’m going to vote myself off in the next Bonfire Ceremony.”

“Dude, we need to vote him off next,” DJ suggests. “He’s too big of a threat to keep! Plus, whenever I make cookies in the canteen, he immediately throws them away before anyone gets a chance to eat them!”

“Oh yeah, I know,” Noah chuckles. “I remember punching the heck out of him after he took a cookie away from my hands.”

“He needs to go,” DJ says.

Amy’s Confessional: Okay, let’s break down the Final Six right now. DJ – he’s eh, he makes good cookies. He seems like a jury threat. Lindsay – she’s… well, she’s… she’s kind of impressive this season and it sucks because I only want to play with people I can actually beat. Alejandro – terrible! TERRIBLE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIS FACE AGAIN AFTER THIS STUPID SHOW! LITERALLY GET THE HECK OUT OF MY LIFE BEFORE I SMACK THE LIVING –


Amy’s Confessional: - I HOPE THAT UGLY RAT ROTS IN –


Amy’s Confessional: Okay, so Noah’s cool. I feel like I can beat him in the end… maybe. Ugh, I don’t know, all he does is make sarcastic remarks anyways. Dawn – *chuckles* I’m still creeped out by her. She could be a potential jury threat though.

The scene cuts to the next day – the immunity challenge. The six campers stand on the beach, impatiently waiting for Chris to arrive. “What’s taking him so long?” Amy groans. “This heat is KILLING me!”

“I sense that he’s going through…” Dawn stares into the sky, and then raises an eyebrow as she continues, “a wardrobe malfunction.”

A cart zips across the sand, and a grinning Chris hops off the cart. “Are you ready for your immunity challenge?” Chris asks with a beaming grin.

“About time,” Noah rolls his eyes.

Chris smirks. “This challenge is called – ”

“Total Drama Smackdown!” Dawn smiles, finish Chris’s sentence leaving him stunned. Chris blinks in confusion as he stares at the blonde sunshine. “The universe told me what you were going to say!”

Chris stays silent, and Dawn just giggles. Chris continues, “Like I was saying before… this challenge is called Total Drama Smackdown! In the water, there are wooden crates sitting on a wooden platform. You must break open the crates using the rocks that I will give you! You will only have two rocks, so if you use those two rocks to break open the crates and you fail to still break them, you must swim to the lake to retrieve your rocks then swim back to the beach and try again. After successfully breaking your wooden crate, swim to it and grab a bag of puzzle pieces inside it. Swim back to the beach, and assemble the puzzle!

“First one to finish the puzzle wins immunity and is safe from the next Bonfire Ceremony,” Chris explains. “Everyone understand?”

The six campers nod their heads, before Chris blows a whistle to signal the start of the challenge. Everyone throws a rock at their individual crate, and they all miss their first shots.

Instead of using his second rock, DJ jumps into the water to retrieve his first fallen rock. While he is taking his rock, Dawn shoots a perfect shot and her rock lands right on top of the crate – breaking it and creating a gigantic hole on the roof of the crate.

Dawn swims into the lake, and swims towards her crate in a normal pace. Alejandro shoots his second rock, and it also smacks the crate – creating a gigantic hole on the roof of his crate. Alejandro plunges into the water, and easily beats Dawn and gets to his crate first.

Amy throws her second rock, and it punches Alejandro in the stomach – causing him to fall off his wooden platform and back into the water. “Oops,” Amy scratches her head.

Amy, Noah and Lindsay dive into the water to take back their rocks, as DJ makes it back to the beach and slams a rock through his wooden crate – creating a large hole in it. He swims back to it, as Dawn and Alejandro make their way back to the beach with their bags of puzzle pieces.

As Dawn and Alejandro begin working on their puzzles, DJ makes his way back with his bag of puzzle pieces and begins to get to work as well. Noah and Lindsay break open their wooden crates, leaving only Amy who has yet to break open her crate.

She groans, and rolls her eyes as she watches Noah and Lindsay get into the water. Dawn begins to get the hang of the puzzle (with the help of the “universe”), and Alejandro cheats off her. He then ‘falls’ on Dawn’s puzzle, forcing her to restart.

Dawn gasps, as Alejandro states a fake apology. Lindsay and Noah return to the beach and begin to work on their puzzles.

While the other five are halfway through their puzzles, Amy finally hits her crate, and swims towards it to retrieve her bag of puzzle pieces. Noah leads the challenge, with Alejandro slowly tailing him from behind.

“Hey, Noah!” Alejandro calls, but Noah ignores him. “Remember that favor you owe me? For you know, saving your life and all that?”

Noah ignores Alejandro, and continues to work on his puzzle. Alejandro continues, “I need you to throw the challenge!”

Noah’s eyes widen as he freezes and just stares at his puzzle. Suddenly, the lake slides up the shore, and washes Noah’s puzzle away – causing him to gasp in shock.

“MY PUZZLE!” he yells in shock. Amy finally makes it to the beach, and begins working on her puzzle.

Alejandro steals the lead, now with Lindsay tailing him. “Wait, where does this piece go?” Lindsay asks herself, as she just stares at her puzzle. “Oh my! This piece looks SO much like Beth’s ponytail!”

Amy begins catching up, as she speedily solves her puzzle. She is tied with DJ, but she quickly makes a bunch of progress – making up for the time she wasted trying to break her crate.

“I need this immunity so much,” Alejandro says to himself, as he puts in another puzzle piece. “So freaking much. Come on, Alejandro, you can do this. You can do this.”

Amy catches up with Alejandro, beating the other four – a major come from behind. The race between Alejandro and Amy is extremely tight, but one of them is faster…


Chris goes to examine the contestant’s puzzle. “That puzzle is correct!” he announces. “Amy wins individual immunity for the first time!”

“YES!” Amy celebrates her win (not really celebrating – more like, rubbing it in Alejandro’s face). “Look who didn’t win immunity – Alejandro!”

Alejandro rolls his eyes.

The scene cuts to the aftermath of the immunity challenge. Amy pridefully wears her immunity necklace as she strolls back to camp, while an upset Alejandro marches his way into his cabin.

DJ’s Confessional: Sucks that I didn’t win, but the important thing is that Alejandro didn’t win!

Noah and Dawn make their way to the canteen, and Alejandro eyes them carefully. He follows them in, and takes a seat next to them.

Alejandro’s Confessional: I need to campaign for my life in this game. If I don’t, I’m going to go home. I know for a fact that I will be voted off by these losers if I don’t do something about it.

“Hello, friends,” Alejandro greets, with a friendly smile.

“We’re not your friends,” Noah replies.

“I don’t like being around negative and dark energy,” Dawn quickly says, and stands up. “I feel very uncomfortable around darkness and evil. Sorry, I need to go.”

She quickly walks out, leaving only Alejandro and Noah inside. “Remember that favor you owe me, Noah?” Alejandro asks Noah. “Remember that?”

Noah sighs, and then rolls his eyes. “What do you want?”

“Vote off DJ,” Alejandro commands. “I saved your life, and you promised me a favor. I need you to vote off DJ with me in the next Bonfire Ceremony.”

There’s a silence between the two. “You promised,” Alejandro shoots Noah a glare. “Don’t break it.”

Noah’s Confessional: *kicks wall*

[screen blurs]

Noah’s Confessional: I do have a Hidden Immunity Idol that I can play for Alejandro, but he didn’t ask me to do it… so I’m not going to do it.

Lindsay and Dawn are in their cabin. Lindsay is braiding Dawn’s hair with a sweet smile. “Mother nature and the universe will absolutely LOVE your new French braids!” Lindsay squeals.

“Um,” Dawn raises an eyebrow. “The universe will like my braids?”

“LOVE!” Lindsay squeals in excitement. “By the way, we need to vote off Alejandro tonight.”

Dawn nods her head in agreement. “I met him in the canteen with Noah – I think he’s campaigning for votes! I have a feeling this won’t end so well…”

“You just need to relax!” Lindsay says.

Alejandro’s Confessional: Hopefully, I have Noah. I need one or two more votes to vote off DJ but I don’t know how! The Bonfire Ceremony is coming very soon, so I think I have to pull some strings there.

The campers take their seats in the Bonfire Ceremony. Chris stands in front of them with a smile. “Final six,” he announces. “All of you have made it to the final six! DJ, Amy, Noah, Dawn – you four have never reached the final six!”

“That’s correct,” Dawn beams.

“Lindsay,” Chris says. “You reached the final six in Total Drama Action, but you voted yourself off by accident.”

Lindsay is just staring at the sky with a smile, completely ignoring Chris. “Wait, did you say something, Chip?”

“Alejandro,” Chris continues. “You reached the final 2 in your first season! Do you think you can get there again, or not?”

“I can’t do anything with this group of idiots,” Alejandro answers.

Noah rolls his eyes.

Alejandro continues, “They don’t know what’s best for their games!”

“It’s time to vote,” Chris announces. “DJ, you’re up first!”

DJ nods his head, and walks towards the confessional booth. As the others watch and wait, Alejandro begins whispering in Amy’s ear: “If I go tonight, you’re going next.”

Amy’s eyes widen. She shifts her head towards Alejandro quickly. Alejandro continues, “Vote DJ. They have a Heroes alliance – if I get voted off tonight, you’re going home next.”

Amy begins pursing her lips, as her mind begins to go into work. “Vote DJ,” Alejandro reminds her. “It’s going to save you.”

DJ returns from the confessional booth. Chris announces, “Amy, you’re up!”

Amy’s mouth is still open, and she walks towards the confessional booth with a million thoughts in her mind. Once she enters the confessional, she sees the piece of parchment and the pen she needs to write the vote with.

“I came in here 100% sure I was going to vote off Alejandro,” she says softly. She runs her fingers through her hair. “Now, I don’t know what to do…”

Amy returns from the confessional booth, and one by one, the others go up to vote someone off. Chris collects the votes, and clears his throat. “If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.”

The camera eyes Dawn and Lindsay, then it shifts to Noah. There’s a silence shared, and Chris nods his head. “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will have to leave the island immediately. I’ll read the votes. First vote…”


Alejandro nods his head, expecting it. “Next vote…”

“DJ! One vote DJ, one vote Alejandro. Next vote…”

“Alejandro! That’s two votes Alejandro. Next vote…”

“Alejandro! Three votes Alejandro.”

Alejandro sighs, and then eyes both Noah and Amy. “Next vote…”


DJ raises an eyebrow at the sight of his name popping up again. “Final vote…”


DJ gasps in confusion, and then looks at the crowd around him. “Who flipped?” he asks, but the five stay silent.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Chris explains. “We’re going to do a tie-breaker challenge between Alejandro and DJ. Winner goes to the Final 5, loser will have to leave the island.”

DJ sighs, as he and Alejandro steps up to the challenge. Chris reveals a table full of disgusting foods. DJ barfs, as Alejandro shows no movement in his facial expression at all.

“You have five minutes,” Chris explains. “Whoever eats the most in five minutes wins and sends the other one packing. Understand?”

“Is that a BUNNY?!” DJ shrieks, pointing at a specific violet dish on the table. Chris blows a whistle, starting the tie-breaker challenge.

Alejandro speedily begins eating the foods, while DJ reluctantly chews some of the foods. The timer ticks down, and Alejandro is in the lead while DJ is falling behind.

“Come on, DJ!”

“You can do this, DJ!”

“CHEER FOR ME, YOU IDIOTS!” Alejandro hisses, and suddenly his faces turns green as he begins to barf. The camera shifts away, as Alejandro pukes on the ground.

The timer ends, and Chris stands next to both DJ and Alejandro. “Well, well, well,” Chris raises an eyebrow, and then smiles. “Congratulations, DJ!”

DJ and Alejandro both gasp. “YAY!” DJ celebrates, while Alejandro is still in shock.

“W-What do you mean?!” Alejandro barks. “I ate the most! I ate the MOST!”

“But you threw it all up,” Chris points at the vomit puddle behind Alejandro.

Lindsay stares at the vomit puddle, and she quickly faints as Dawn gasps at the sight of her friend unconsciously passed out on the ground. DJ sits back down next to Lindsay’s seat, and raises an eyebrow as she sees Lindsay knocked out on the ground.

“What’s up with her?” DJ asks.

Alejandro walks towards Chris, and hands him his marshmallow. “Alejandro,” Chris says. “The boat of losers await you,” he announces, as he throws the white marshmallow into the red fire.

Alejandro nods his head, and then walks off and towards the Boat of Losers. Amy sighs, as she eyes the other four campers that surround her.

“Alone once again,” Amy sighs.

“That’s all for tonight,” Chris announces. “Head back to camp! Goodnight!”

Home To The Flops
Season 1, Episode 17
Challenge Chris reveals what's been going on in Playas Des Losers, and the losers get to have a major decision this episode.
Reward Trip to the zoo/feast and barbeque
Episode Guide
"Total Drama Smackdown"
"The Dead Will Talk"

Episode 17: "Home To The Flops" 

Lindsay’s Confessional: WOOHOOOO! Final fiiiiiiive! This is tooootes amazing! I also have that other immunity idol that I can use, which Dawn doesn’t know about yet… I’ll tell her soon though!

Dawn’s Confessional: All I need to do is win the next challenge, and I’m in the Final 4! That’s amazing! I want to thank everybody that helped me reach here – Leshawna, Lindsay, Zoey, Courtney, Noah, Owen, Mother Nature, DJ and that cute little bunny from the woods!

DJ’s Confessional: Final five, YES! Did you see, mama? Mama, can you see me – I’m in the Final Five!

Noah’s Confessional: It’s pretty cool to be here in the Final 5. Thought that I would’ve got voted off pretty early in the game, but guess not. That’s cool. *slowly smiles*

Amy’s Confessional: This confessional booth really needs a makeover. I can do it for you! The cost is only one million dollars! *winks*

The camera reveals the Dock of Shame in a warm and sunny day. Everything is calm and peaceful, when suddenly Chris pops in with a twinkling grin.

“Hey there, viewers!” he greets the camera, flashing his white teeth. “Just like our first season, we’re going to give you an inside look at the losers previously voted off! They’re currently living in the beautiful resort, Playas Des Losers, a.k.a. Ponderosa! For this special episode, the losers get to have a hand on who wins the challenge! Let’s climb on board to Playas Des Losers!”

The screen flashes to reveal a wonderful resort, and the words, “Four Weeks Ago…” is written on the screen.

Jasmine calmly strolls into a beautiful resort. Her jaw drops in amazement, as she enters the new lovely paradise. She is approached by a male employee who serves her a tall glass of icy cold water, and a plate of a tasty red velvet cake.

Jasmine gasps, and quickly takes the glass and cake. “Thank you so much!” she says to the male employee, and he nods before walking away.


Jasmine is sitting next to the pool, wearing a light blue bikini. “Being kicked out this early really sucks,” she says, “but being the first person in this resort really rocks! Camp Wawanakwa is like the dump compared to this rocking palace!”

The scene cuts to her sipping a glass of champagne. “I totally did NOT see my elimination coming!” she says, laughing. “It was a total blindside and I applaud my teammates for pulling off a blindside like that!”

The scene flashes again, and Jasmine continues talking, “I’m definitely rooting for Dakota to pull through for me, and I know that the eliminated contestants get to decide who the winner is so I really hope that Dakota reaches the end so she can win this whole thing!”


A few days later, Jasmine is relaxing – sitting back calmly on a long beach chair under a palm tree while wearing a pair of stylish brown sunglasses.

“SURPRISE!” Topher exclaims, laughing as he enters the resort. Jasmine gasps, and takes off her sunglasses as she stands up to give her old friend a hug.

“What happened?” Jasmine asks, curiously as she faces the new resident of Ponderosa: Playas Des Losers.

“Courtney and Heather put their brains together and made an alliance!” Topher replies, chuckling. “Courtney was supposed to go home, but she – DAMN IT, THAT GIRL!”

Jasmine points at a large television screen inside the resort. She leads the Topher inside the resort, and he gasps at the beauty of the new paradise he steps into. Jasmine takes a seat on one of the luxurious large comfy chairs, while Topher takes a seat next to her.

Jasmine grabs the remote control and points at the TV screen. She plays the second episode of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl. Topher looks away while laughing. “I don’t want to go through hell again,” he says, avoiding any eye contact with the TV screen. “Did you watch your episode?”

“Yeah, like three times!” Jasmine answers. “Come on, watch your episode!”

Minutes pass, and the two are watching the TV screen attentively. They watch as Chris announces the vote results, “Second person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl… Topher.”

Jasmine gasps, and then looks at Topher. “5-6 vote?” she exclaims in shock. “Are you serious right now, Topher?” She shakes her head in disbelief. “Damn, that Heather girl… they need to watch out for her.”


Topher is seen inside his luxurious bedroom, sitting on the large queen sized bed. “I think that I was way too oblivious,” he says, expressing his biggest regrets in the game. “I didn’t interact with many of my teammates – I talked to my group, the group that attempted to save me, well except for Lindsay, and those were the only people I talked to! I didn’t socialize as much, and that’s my biggest mistake in the game.


“Want to play table tennis?” Jasmine asks, as she stands up from her seat and strolls to the table tennis area. “It’s real fun, I’ve been playing with Sylvia.”

“Who’s Sylvia?” Topher asks, as he walks towards the table tennis area.

“The bartender,” Jasmine answers.

The screen flashes to now all the eighteen eliminated contestants. Chris narrates offscreen, “Jasmine and Topher were slowly joined by sixteen other contestants who all had their chances at the money cut short! Soon enough, there will be twenty one contestants here – but only fourteen of them will decide who the winner is!”

Chris walks into screen, as Cody is seen jumping into the pool with Owen. Together, they create a huge splash which slams Heather who was tanning. Heather growls, and marches inside the resort and into her room.

Chris continues, “The biggest twist of the season is that the people voted off will become the jury and they will decide who becomes the winner of the season! But there are only fourteen jurors, so the rest are just going to sit there and look pretty and do absolutely nothing!”

“So far we only have eleven of those jurors in here – Dakota, Brick, Trent, Zoey, Scott, Courtney, Jacques, Leshawna, Owen, Heather and Alejandro! They will soon be joined by 3/5 of the Final Five currently relaxing on Wananakwa Island!”

The scene cuts to Camp Wawanakwa where Lindsay is seen screaming as Chef hands her a plate of ‘breakfast’ (a plate of eyeballs and worms).

The scene cuts back to Chris: “Yes, yes – relaxing!”

The scene flashes to Dakota and Brick, who were playing table tennis together. Dakota gasps at the sight of the camera. “Hey, viewers!” she waves her hand at the camera with a bright smile. “It’s so amazing to be back in the spotlight!”

“Greetings, world!” Brick salutes at the camera.

“Who will you be voting for in the finale?” Chris asks Dakota and Brick.

Dakota giggles. “You know what – I genuinely think that everyone in the Final 5 are good gameplayers! Like, they’re really smart and all that stuff!”

The scene cuts to Heather, who is looking through her suitcase in her luxurious bedroom. “Who will I be voting for?” she looks at the camera, and then rolls her eyes. “They’re all dweebs. I would vote for NONE of those losers! They don’t deserve the million dollars like I do!”

The scene cuts to Trent, who is relaxing by the pool. “I definitely have no respect for Amy!” he crosses his arms. “She used a potion to trick me! That’s called cheating and I have no respect for villains like her!”

“You’re just bitter,” Scott rolls his eyes. “If Amy reaches the end, I would vote for her. She’s played a good game, and that’s all I’m looking for in a winner. It doesn’t matter if – ”

“All Amy does is COMPLAIN!” Courtney exclaims, walking into the screen. “She just WHINES and spills secrets! She’s just a mean girl and a total bully! I would vote for someone like Noah, or…”, she then rolls her eyes, “as much as I hate to say it… Lindsay.”

The scene cuts to Leshawna who is by the barbeque grill with Jacques. “I’m voting for my girls Lindsay and Dawn!” Leshawna chuckles. “They’ve played PHENOMENAL games! Lindsay masterminded the Queen Bee’s vote off – like, you go girl! SLAY! Dawn masterminded Courtney’s vote off, who was her number one ally! SLAAAAY!”

“You are very loud,” Jacques glares at Leshawna.

“Do I look like I care?” Leshawna raises an eyebrow.

“I’m voting for DJ,” Jacques smiles at the camera. “He’s friends with everybody here except for Alejandro! That is what you call a social game! He also survived the drama with Alejandro, and can win challenges!”

The scene cuts to Owen, who is receiving a fancy manicure with Zoey. He begins giggling as he glances at his newly pink nails. “I’m voting for my buddy, Noah!” Owen exclaims. “I’m so proud of him for making it to the Final Five! He deserves it so much!”

Owen begins giggling even more as he glances at his finger nails. “He hasn’t been really a target a lot, you know? People are always looking at Alejandro, Heather, Lindsay, Courtney, Scott, DJ, Amy, you know, Noah BARELY has any enemies!”

“Yeah, if Dawn’s not in the finale, I’m voting for Noah,” Zoey declares.

“The only votes he received that actually counted were during the rock draw episode!” Owen says. “Then after the revote, NONE OF THEM COUNTED! Plus, he can win challenges, and he flipped so many votes! He was extremely instrumental in blindsiding Jacques and Courtney! He’s done a very impressive job!”

“I think even Alejandro will vote for him,” Zoey smiles.

The scene cuts to Alejandro. “Will I vote for Noah?” he raises an eyebrow. “Possibly. I think he’s a worthy winner, and he has played a very good game… I might vote for him. We’ll just have to see how the rest of the season plays out.”

The scene cuts to the beach, where Jasmine is sitting alone staring at the sunset. “This is just a game,” she says. “I don’t take things too personally – I can’t. I’m not mad that Zoey sent me home.”

The scene cuts to other fellow eliminated contestants. One by one, they sit at the beach and say the same thing.

“I’m not mad that Heather...”










The scene cuts back to Jasmine. “It’s just a game, and it stays as a game. I’m not hurt by anything said in the game or whatever. I feel blessed enough to be given a second chance, and I’m proud of how far the Final Six has come.”

The scene flashes to Courtney, who is marching around the resort. The scene cuts to her by the pool. “The game was way too stressful,” she says to the camera. “Everyone’s lying, and making new deals and alliances, it’s totally way too stressful for even myself – a former CIT!”

She continues, “Being in Playas Des Losers takes the stress away from the game, and it feels like you’re finally in a state of peace.”

As she says this, it cuts to many different scenes: Courtney and Trent happily playing table tennis, Cody and Owen jumping into the pool, Heather and Alejandro laughing in the balcony together, and Dakota and Zoey taking a selfie by the pool as Brick photo bombs it.

Courtney continues, “I feel very honored to have a say in who finally wins the million dollars.”

There’s a silence, and then Courtney smiles. “Although I think I would make more of a worthy and deserving winner than any of the Final Five!” she laughs.

The scene cuts to Scott who is relaxing outside. “Playas Des Losers can be extremely dramatic sometimes,” he explains to the camera. “You know, I thought that it was just a game, so all the horrible and hurtful feelings will just stay in the game. Outside of the game, it’s a whole different story. When I came here, people weren’t very happy to see me…”

The scene cuts to a flashback, where Scott enters the resort for the very first time. Zoey, Dakota and Jasmine are giggling and sharing stories by the pool, when Scott enters the resort with a wide grin.

“Honey, I’m home!” he calls as he strolls into the paradise resort.

Anne-Maria gasps as she walks outside to see Scott. “SCOOOTT!” she calls, laughing. “How you doin’, baby? You good?”


Zoey is seen sitting by the pool alone as she is doing her confessional. “You know, I’m not too surprised that Scott is here right now. I assume that the others caught wind of his rodent-ness, and I’m glad he’s out of the competition, but I really don’t want to see his face right now.”


Scott approaches the three girls, and Jasmine gives him a hug before walking back into the resort. “Hey, Zoey, are you going to say hello or not?” he chuckles.

“Don’t speak to me,” Zoey hisses, and then stands back up before following Jasmine back inside.

“What’s up with her?” Scott asks Dakota, and she responds with a shrug.

“Do NOT ask ‘what’s up’ with me!” Zoey barks, turning her back around to look at Scott. “You have been a bully and a horrible person and player inside the game, and I hope you know that! I don’t want to see your face right now – so please, leave me alone!”

“Zoey, that was inside the game!” Scott insists. “We’re out of the game now!”

“YES, BUT I CAN’T JUST SUDDENLY FORGET ABOUT THE GAME!” Zoey yells. Scarlett walks outside, but upon seeing the two fight, she quickly walks back in. Zoey continues, “You have been an AWFUL person with an AWFUL personality, and I’m GLAD you got what you deserved!”


Scott is seen sitting by the pool, and he faces the camera. “She’s obviously still bitter,” he rolls his eyes. “Whatever.”


The scene turns back to the present time. It’s night time and the eliminated contestants are sitting around the pool. Zoey and Leshawna are chatting joyfully, while Alejandro and Heather are constantly flirting.

“Noah would totally make a sarcastic comment about that,” Owen sighs, wiping off a tear. Cody puts his arm around his friend, comforting him.

Out of no where, Chef poofs up behind the contestants, shocking them all. “Wait, isn’t Chris supposed to be here?” Anne-Maria raises her eyebrow. “Why are you here instead?”

“In the normal episodes such as this one, the host is supposed to arrive,” Scarlett points out, then glances at Chef. “Are you the host now?”

“No!” Chef barks, scaring Dakota, making her fall into the pool. “Chris is too busy doing some nasty fancy award show, so I’m taking his place! UNDERSTAND?”

“You don’t have to be so loud,” Courtney rolls her eyes, and Chef responds with a loud bark, making her shriek and fall into the pool as well.

Rodney giggles. “Pretty girl…”

“Anyway!” Chef continues. “You losers have a very important job to do tonight!”

“Ooh! Ooh!” Jacques squeals. “Is this when we vote someone off from the Final Five? Just like how they did to Leshawna in the first season?”

Leshawna rolls her eyes. “I’m still furious about that. Katie and Sadie’s numbers are still blocked from my phone.”

“I cannot WAIT to vote one of those FUH-LOPS off!” Jacques exclaims, with a sinister grin. “I vote off THE DEVIL HERSELF, AMY!”

“Well then, I’m voting off DJ!” Scott exclaims. “Amy deserves to be there.”

Courtney gasps, as she climbs up from the pool. “Are you DE-FENDING AMY?!”

“You’re still in love with Scott!” Sugar cackles, pointing at Courtney. “Courtney loves Scott! Courtney loves Scoooott!”

Courtney slaps Sugar, and she drops into the pool before dragging Courtney into the pool as well.

”THIS ISN’T WHEN YOU VOTE SOMEONE OFF!” Chef yells. “This is where you hand someone the reward! A trip around the national zoo, following a gigantic feast and barbeque! Who you gonna give it to? Lindsay, Noah, DJ, Amy or Dawn?”

“I’m giving it to Dawn!” Zoey smiles, and Leshawna quickly nods her head along in agreement.

“Dawn would love the zoo!” Leshawna smiles joyfully. “I’m giving it to Dawn too!”

“What about Noah?” Owen gasps. “I’m giving it to Noah! Noah, Noah, NOAH! Those who want to give the reward to Noah, say ‘I’!”

Owen quickly answers his question a million times, “I! I! I! I! I! I! I! ME! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I!”, but after he gets too annoying, Courtney pushes him into the pool.

“I say Lindsay!” Alejandro answers, smiling. “I think she deserves it!”

Heather glares at Alejandro, then smirks as she looks at Chef. “DJ! LOVE HIM!”

Alejandro gasps. “WHAT?! You LOVE him?!”

“YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO GIVE IT TO LINDSAY!” Heather yells at his face.

“So you’re jealous?” Alejandro raises an eyebrow.

Heather crosses her arms and looks away. “No.”

“Dawn wins!” Chef announces. “She got the most votes, so she’s winning! Goodbye now!”

He throws a purple smoke bomb under him, and he immediately disappears. Brick blinks rapidly. “That was odd,” he says.

The scene cuts back to the island, where Dawn is told that she wins the reward. “That’s amazing!” she squeals. Chef then also informs her that she can bring one more person along with her to the reward. Dawn begins thinking, and she spots Lindsay squealing excitedly.

“I’m bringing Noah,” Dawn answers, which makes Lindsay’s jaw drop in shock.

Dawn’s Confessional: I want to bring Noah so that we can bond, and we can build trust more! I feel like my relationship with Lindsay is already solid enough, so I need to work on other relationships too!

Lindsay’s Confessional: I guess I sort of understand why Dawn brought Noah – strategy and all that. I would’ve loved to go to the zoo though.

The Dead Will Talk
Season 1, Episode 18
Challenge Swim to a flag pole while the eliminated contestants try to stop you.
Reward Immunity, a 24 hour trip with your loved one
Winner(s) DJ
Episode Guide
"Home To The Flops"
"Heroes vs. Villains"

Episode 18: "The Dead Will Talk"

Amy is seen sneaking into Noah and DJ’s cabin. She gasps in shock when she spots the two guys still asleep on the bunk beds.

Amy’s Confessional: If I want to stay in this game, I have to solidify an alliance of some sort. BUT, nobody wants to align with me! So, I have to do something else in order to survive the next Bonfire Ceremony.

Amy sneaks her hand under Noah’s pillow, and she shrieks softly when Noah’s head shifts to the right. His eyes begin blinking open, and Amy quickly jets her hand out of under Noah’s pillow when Noah begins sleeptalking: “Oh, Emma… your hair is so soft…”

Amy raises an eyebrow. “I’m going to barf,” she thinks to herself, before shuffling towards DJ’s bunk bed. She examines it closely and then shoots her hand under DJ’s pillow.

Her hand shocks DJ, and he shrieks, “MAMA!”

Amy, in response, shrieks as well but DJ stays asleep. “What the – ?!” Amy thinks to herself, before looking under DJ’s bed, and she then looks under Noah’s bed.

The scene shifts to Lindsay and Dawn, hours after Amy attempted to rob the boys. “Your aura seems quite happy and bright today,” Dawn points out, smiling at Lindsay.

“I still don’t understand what an aura is,” Lindsay sighs. “Do you think our Heroes alliance will stay strong, or not?”

“I’m very certain that we will survive until the Final Four!” Dawn smiles. “Unless Amy wins immunity, you know. If she does, we have to send one of the boys home… preferably, DJ?”

Lindsay purses her lips. “I don’t know…”

Lindsay’s Confessional: Me and DJ are much closer than I am close to Noah. Noah’s cool and all, but he’s really sarcastic and sometimes really annoying…

Flashback Sequence…

Lindsay is seen writing in her journal happily in the canteen. Noah sits next to her as he sips a large cup of hot chocolate.

“Dear Diary!” Lindsay says out loud. “Total Drama Redemption Balls have been soooo fun! So like, yesterday, I got out one of the biggest threats of the game – Heather! Like, isn’t that sooo amazing?”

“Total Drama Balls have been suuuuper fun!” Noah mocks Lindsay. “And like, I got out my closest ally so like YAAASSS!”

Lindsay glares at Noah, as he begins sipping his hot chocolate. Lindsay decides to throw Noah off guard and she says out loud, “AND I KISSED EMMA FROM THE RIDONCULOUS RACE ONE TIME WHEN SHE VISITED THE SHOW FOR THE MERGE CHALLENGE!”

Noah immediately spits out his hot chocolate in bewilderment.

Flashback Sequence Over…

Lindsay’s Confessional: Hopefully, Amy doesn’t win immunity so I don’t have to target either guys yet.

Dawn’s Confessional: Although I love DJ and Noah both, I feel like even if Amy doesn’t win immunity, we have to get one of the guys out! I have a bad feeling from the universe that they’re going to do some harm in the later future.

Noah and Dawn are calmly walking to the cabins, when suddenly Noah accidentally steps on a beautiful daisy flower. Dawn gasps from behind as she watches the flower stick to Noah's shoe in horror, and he doesn't realize it.

"Y-You just killed an innocent being!" Dawn cries, pointing at his shoe, and then gasps in terror. "HARM IN THE LATER FUTURE!"

"Did you get possessed by Izzy or something?" Noah raises an eyebrow as he watches Dawn run around in circles.


Noah's Confessional: I've been slightly creeped out by Dawn the whole time I was here, but now I'm actually legitimately kind of terrified of her.

The scene cuts to the immunity challenge. The final five are all unconscious; they are all tied to a tall pole. The pole begins to spin, and the five unconscious contestants begin spinning around as well. They slowly wake up, only for DJ to puke into the water.

“THAT’S DISGUSTING!” Noah yells, as he is spinning. He then barfs, but holds it in. “CHRISTOPHER MCLEAN!”

The pole slowly begins to stop, and Chris zips in with a jetpack. “I think I’m going to puke,” Lindsay whines, her eyes all red and pink. “You guys, I’m going to puke!”

Chris presses a button on his jetpack that unties the ropes, and the campers are all startled – especially Lindsay, who was actually planning on puking, and she topples into the water.

“I suppose Mother Nature isn’t too happy,” Dawn says softly, rubbing her arm awkwardly. “What have we done to anger you, O’ beautiful spirit?”

“Aw, nobody’s called me beautiful in my whole life!” Chris chuckles. “Thanks, Dawn!”

“What?” Dawn raises an eyebrow in confusion. “I never knew Mother Nature could ever disguise herself as such an ugly looking Satan…”

As Lindsay crawls back up, Chris begins narrating the challenge. “Here’s what you need to do in order to win immunity!” Chris begins. “You see that flag over there?”

Chris points at a tall orange flag impaled through the water about a hundred meters away from the silver platform. The five contestants nod their heads. “First person to touch that flag wins immunity!” Chris announces with a wide sinister grin.

“That’s it?” DJ asks. “I can do that! That’s easy! Let’s get this over with!”

Chris begins laughing. “That’s not it,” he smirks, and DJ sighs. “There’s a twist to the challenge! The eliminated contestants are safely hidden around the water, and they WILL try to stop you!”

“I have a lot of friends,” Lindsay says.

“I don’t,” Amy rolls her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re your friends or not!” Chris grins. “Because the reward for THEM is that if they successfully stop you, they will receive $5,000! So, since they’re greedy heartless monsters, they WILL stop you even if you’re their friend! Also, the reward of WINNING this challenge is not only immunity, but also you get to have a 24 hour trip with your loved one!”

Lindsay gasps. “Does anyone else feel something pulling your leg?” she asks softly.

“What?” Noah raises an eyebrow.

“GO!” Chris yells, and he zooms off. Right after that, Lindsay shrieks as a soaking wet Heather yanks Lindsay into the water.

“HOLY BALLS!” DJ shrieks, and he plunges into the water as he fiercely swims towards the flag but halfway there, he is shoved and he halts to see Leshawna glaring at him in the water.

“No can do, honey!” Leshawna exclaims. “Mama needs her five grand!”

Leshawna punches DJ in the face, and he falls into the water. Suddenly, Sugar hops on Leshawna’s shoulders causing Leshawna to shriek.


“GET OFF MY SHOULDERS, HONEY BOO BOO!” Leshawna yells, but Sugar yanks her into the water.

Noah attempts to reach the flag, but Alejandro shoves him and stops him. Noah sighs at the sight of Alejandro. “Oh, sweet niblets,” Noah groans. “So, are you going to try to stop me or what?”

“Of course I am,” Alejandro chuckles. “What did you think I was going to do? Let you just ‘pass’? Yeah, I don’t do that kind of stuff.”

Alejandro launches himself at Noah, but Owen cannonballs between the two, sending Alejandro a few feet across Noah. “NO ONE HURTS MY LITTLE BUDDY!” Owen yells at Alejandro, and Alejandro glares at him murderously.

Alejandro jumps at Owen, and he lands on Owen’s large stomach. Owen pushes him off with his stomach which causes Alejandro to be sent flying across the sky. “SWIM, NOAH!” Owen instructs loudly, but as Noah attempts to cross the water, Brick jumps ahead of him.

“No can do, soldier,” Brick shoots him a dark glare.

The scene cuts to a duel between Dawn and Jasmine. The two exchange glares as they stand on opposite sides of the water. Behind them, Lindsay and Dakota smash against each other.

“You think you can defeat me?” Jasmine asks Dawn in a threatening manner.

“Of course I can,” Dawn says with pride and confidence. Jasmine launces her large tall body onto Dawn, and she flattens Dawn into the water. Jasmine resurfaces, and searches around for Dawn.

“What the?” Jasmine says in confusion, looking around for her tiny blonde opponent. Suddenly, Dawn appears behind her and smacks her in the head. Jasmine is knocked into the water.

The scene flashes to Lindsay, who is struggling as Dakota pulls her long blonde hair. “ENOUGH!” Lindsay yells, and elbows Dakota in the stomach. Dakota replies with an, “Oof!”, before Lindsay slaps her multiple times and pins her down into the water.

Chris watches from above in his helicopter. “OUCH!” he laughs.

“NO ONE gets between me and MY immunity!” Lindsay yells, before quickly swimming towards the flag. Right behind her, DJ jumps towards the flag. The two quickly race towards it, when suddenly Dawn joins the race as well.

A large hand wraps itself around the flag first before two other hands grab at it but they’re too late.

“IT’S OFFICIAL!” Chris announces from above in his helicopter. “DJ WINS IMMUNITY!”

“YEAH!” DJ celebrates. Chris drops an immunity necklace, and it splashes against the water. DJ quickly grabs it and puts it on.

“Here comes your 24 hour trip with your loved one, DJ!” Chris yells, before zooming off in his helicopter.

DJ’s eyes twinkle in excitement. A large boat begins to zip towards him, and DJ gasps in pleasant surprise. Dawn and Lindsay hug him, happy for him.

“MAMA!” DJ calls joyfully. DJ’s mom wears a proud smile as the boat she rides stops a few meters away from DJ himself. DJ begins to cry tears of joy. “MAMA! LOOK, MAMA, LOOK!”

DJ swims towards the boat, and when he climbs on, his mother immediately pulls him into a long hug. “Look how far I got!” DJ sobs happily, as he embraces his mother.

“I’m so proud of you, baby,” his mother says softly, as the boat zips off.

Noah reaches Lindsay and Dawn awkwardly. “Has anyone seen Amy?” he asks. The two girls blink, and then look around searching for Amy.

Suddenly, Courtney and Amy resurface from the water, and Courtney is choking and strangling Amy. Amy gasps for oxygen. “COURTNEY!” Noah calls. “The challenge is over!”

“I know!” Courtney snaps. “I don’t CARE!” She slaps Amy in the face and stomps her into the water. “I’m leaving now.”

“Wow,” Lindsay says.

The scene flashes to camp. Noah, Lindsay and Dawn are hanging around on the Dock of Shame. Noah is calmly reading a book, Lindsay is hanging upside down from the dock and Dawn is meditating underwater.

“What’s the plan for tonight?” Noah asks Lindsay, not straying from his book.

“Amy, right?” Lindsay says, playing with her long blonde hair. “Unless you want to do… no, Amy, yeah, Amy.”

“Is Dawn on board?” Noah asks.

“Of course!” Lindsay beams. “Why wouldn’t she be?”

Noah eyes Dawn underwater. “How long has she been in the water?” he asks.

“Around seventeen minutes,” Lindsay giggles.

“How is she still alive?” Noah raises an eyebrow.

“MAGIC!” Lindsay answers with full confidence, and she then giggles loudly. “MAAAAAAGIC!”

Noah rolls her eyes, and begins to mock her: “Maaaaaaaagic!”

Lindsay glares at Noah. “Do you not believe in the art of magic? It’s real, you know! Look at Dawn! She’s a perfect example of the existence of magic!”

“I don’t believe in such nonsense,” Noah answers. “But I could be wrong. Owen won a million dollars in his first season, so I guess magic could be real.”

“HAH!” Lindsay points at Noah with her index finger with a sense of pride.

“Not,” Noah snorts, causing Lindsay to fall into the water.

The scene cuts to Amy, who is alone in the girls cabin. She is sitting against the wall on her bunk bed. “What to do, Amy,” she says to herself. “What to do…”

Amy’s Confessional: I’m on the bottom, and I’m on the outs of the Heroes alliance. I’m going home tonight unless I do something.

Amy strolls outside, and meets Noah outside the cabins. “Noah, can I talk to you for a bit?” she asks. Noah slowly walks towards her. Amy continues, “Once I go, who’s going to go next?”

Noah crosses his arms. “What’s your point?”

“You’re on the bottom of your little alliance, genius,” Amy rolls her eyes. “Once I go, you’re going to go unless you win immunity!”

Amy’s Confessional: This show is NOTHING without me! Nobody wants to see a group of four friends just playing rock paper scissors to see who’s going to be voted off! There’s no TOTAL DRAMA without me! I put the ‘DRAMA’ in TOTAL DRAMA. Just, FYI.

Noah’s Confessional: Amy has a point… but I’m sure that if DJ doesn’t win immunity for a second time, he’s going to go next instead of me.

“Noah, you have to understand the logic of the situation!” Amy growls, slapping the side of Noah’s head.

“Ow!” Noah exclaims. “You know, the method of trying to persuade and convince someone to do what you say doesn’t involve slapping one’s head.”

Amy rolls her eyes. “It can be you and me in the finale, you know?” she says to Noah. “You know that right? And, half of the jury hates me so you can basically take the money away from me EASILY!”

Noah crosses his arms as he continues to listen to Amy. “If you cut me loose, you’re going next,” Amy says to Noah. “And, if I go, you’re basically giving the two other girls a free pass.”

Noah’s Confessional: Tempting… but I don’t know. Amy's a snake in the grass, that's for sure.


The scene flashes to the Bonfire Ceremony. Everyone has casted their votes, and Amy nervously sits next to the group of four allies.

“If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so,” Chris announces. “And for your information, this is the LAST time to play it. So, if you have it, might as well play it.”

Lindsay quickly stands up, shocking Dawn, and hands Chris her Idol. “Here you go, Chip,” she sighs, then walks back towards her seat.

“You had another Idol?” Dawn gasps. “I didn’t see THAT one coming!”

“Sorry, I was going to tell you but you were too busy drowning while you were praying in the lake,” Lindsay replies to Dawn.

“Any votes cast for Lindsay will not count,” Chris announces.

“Damn,” DJ chuckles, patting Lindsay on the back. Lindsay responds with a kind-hearted smile, as she faces Chris as he begins to reveal the votes.

Amy rolls her eyes in disgust bitterly. She looks around the crowd and relucantly accepts her fate. “I’ll read the votes,” Chris begins.

“Wait,” Noah calls, drawing every single person’s attention. He sighs, and takes out an idol from his pocket. Lindsay, Dawn and DJ quickly shift their heads towards him, while Amy silently stares at the fire trying to ignore everyone. Noah slowly walks towards Chris and hands him his idol.

Noah sighs, then walks back to his seat but stops halfway. “Any votes cast for Noah – ,” Chris begins, but Noah cuts him off.

“Wait,” Noah sighs, and then takes a deep breath. “I might regret this later on…”

The other four stare at him, waiting for him to continue his sentence. DJ, Lindsay and Dawn have their mouths open in confusion, while Amy just stares at him with no emotion after giving up hope.

“I’m playing this on Amy,” Noah says, causing everyone to gasp – even Amy herself. Noah takes a seat next to Amy.

“No way,” Amy says softly in disbelief. “This is fabulous…”

“Any votes cast for Amy will also NOT count!” Chris announces. “I’ll read the votes…”

DJ and Lindsay look at Noah in complete disbelief and shock – speechless at his betrayal. Dawn has her legs crossed as she silently sits with full focus on reading the votes.

“First vote… Amy! Does not count!”

Amy grins in delight at her own safety. She’s ecstatic that she’s made it to the Final Four and even more ecstatic that she’s outlasted one of the four Heroes.

“Amy! Does not count!”

“AMY! Does. Not. Count.”

Chris reads the fourth vote silently before dramatically revealing it to the contestants. “LINDSAY! Does not count!”

Lindsay gasps, and smiles. “Wow,” she says to herself as Noah rolls her eyes (he was the one that casted the vote against Lindsay).

Chris continues, “One vote left…”

Chris reads the final vote before revealing it. “Sixteenth person voted out of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl…


Dawn gasps at the sight of her name. She sighs and you can see the disappointment in her face. She gives Lindsay a big hug before standing up from her seat.

She walks towards Chris and hands him her marshmallow. “Dawn, for the SECOND time, the Boat of Losers await you,” Chris says, then tosses her white marshmallow into the fire.

Dawn nods her head as her skin slightly turns pale. She turns around and wishes the final four good luck before finally departing the island.

“Love you!” Lindsay shouts. The scene quickly cuts to Amy’s intense facial expression for a brief moment, before Chris tells the campers to go back to camp.

Episode 19: "Heroes vs. Villains"

"Final four, huh?" DJ said, as the remaining four contestants sat around inside the cabin at night. He began chuckling, as Lindsay began to clap excitedly. "I never thought I would make it!"

"I've always had confidence," Amy smirked, flipping her hair.

Noah responded with an eyeroll. "You wouldn't be here without me, blondie," he said, referring to the other night when Noah played his immunity idol on Amy.

"Blondie?" Lindsay blinked, and looked at Noah with an open mouth. "I'm blonde too, OMG!"

"Did you just... realize or something?" Noah raised an eyebrow in confusion, and Lindsay replied with a loud giggle. "I'm highly confused."

Lindsay's Confessional: I definitely feel like... I'm sort of... alone on the island right now. Dawn's gone, and Noah betrayed me last night. Even though DJ stayed loyal, I don't know where he lies as of now.

DJ's Confessional: I was FREAKING out on the inside (referring to Dawn's blindside)! And I'm STILL freaking out on the inside! It was like, "BOOM! I'M GOING TO BETRAY YOU ALL AND SAVE THE ENEMY THEN SEND ONE OF MY OWN ALLIES HOME!" I'm panicking, but I have to play it absolutely cool... *takes a deep breath*... *shouts in frustration*

"Cheers to the final four!" Lindsay cheered, raising her nail polish bottle in the air.

"Lindsay, you know when we say 'cheers', we have to have a drink in our hands?" DJ said to Lindsay. "And then eventually drink the drink?"

"I'm getting confused, you said 'drink' too much," Lindsay replied before drinking the nail polish bottle in her hand. The other three gasped in shock, as Lindsay swallowed the purple liquid with a smile. "Delish!"

Amy's Confessional: I'm very confused on how that doofus made it to the final four.

Lindsay's face began to turn extremely pale. "Yeah, I think I need definitely need medical help!" Lindsay said, before running out of the cabin. Just as she stepped outside the cabin, she immediately passed out on the ground.

"Yikes," Noah shook his head. DJ quickly ran to Lindsay to help her up.

The scene flashed to Noah waking up in the morning in his own cabin. DJ is seen still sleeping with his teddy bear in the bunk bed to the right of the bookworm. Noah quickly hopped out of bed, and slid out of the cabin only to have an airhorn blasted in his ears.

"WHAT THE?!" Noah yelled, and then furiously glared at Chris Mclean who was standing next to him with a wide grin and an airhorn in his hands. "I think you broke my EARDRUMS!"

"I don't care!" Chris chuckled. "Get ready for the challenge!"

Noah raised an eyebrow in confusion, as he could not hear Chris properly due to his ears being temporarily deaf. "What?" he asked.

"Get ready for the challenge!"



Noah stayed silent for a moment, as he began thinking. "WHAT?" 

The scene flashed to the outdoors where the immunity challenge was being held. Amy began grunting in frustration, stomping on the ground. "Why is it so HOT today?" Amy groaned. "I haven't had sweat on me since... since... God, who knows?"

"We've been on this island for almost seven weeks, and you JUST started sweating?" Noah raised an eyebrow as he shot Amy a confused glare.

"That happened to my Aunt Betsy one time!" Lindsay pointed out. "She was like stuck in the bathroom for like a WHOLE month, and she couldn't fart for the WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH!"

"I don't think that was what they were talking about, Lindsay," DJ said to Lindsay.

"Good morning, final four!" Chris greeted, wheeling in a golf cart with a grin. "Are you ready for today's marvelously dangerous challenge?"

Noah answered "Yes" with an unenergetic look on his face, and DJ and Lindsay answered "Yes" with hopeful smiles while Amy answered "No" with a groan.

"I can't wait until this is over," Amy rolled her eyes. Chris asked the campers to join him in his golf cart where he will lead them to their new challenge. After the four joined him, Chef followed them and hopped into the driver seat, pushing Chris to the seat next to him.

"I'll drive," Chef growled, before driving the cart across camp and deep into the forest. The final four contestants began to worry for their safety as they spotted several roaring bears crawling through the woods.

"I don't think we're going the right way!" Lindsay insisted, tugging DJ's shirt in fear as a bear began tailing their golf cart.

"Oh, we're going the right way, alright," Chef barked. "Now stop yapping and enjoy the ride!"

"I can't be 'enjoying the ride' when there's a snake crawling up my legs," Noah said, staring at the snake in the fear. He gulped, as the snake slowly slithered off.

"Here we are!" Chef announced, halting the vehicle suddenly - shocking the contestants. Amy, Noah, DJ and Lindsay peered out of the cart in amazement at the sight of a beautiful extremely wide waterfall with two large cliffs at each side of it.

"A truly hidden gem of ours," Chris smiled, staring at the waterfall. "The Wawanaka Waterfall! We didn't even know it existed until a few weeks ago! Apparently, this was caused by the explosion in All Stars! When we rebuilt camp, we found this! And this is exactly where your challenge will be held in!"

"We're going to be swimming in the waterfall?" DJ gasped. "Or - or, sliding down from it? Yeah, I can't do that, mama told me that's bad luck if you slide down a waterfall!"

"Because it leads to a 60% chance of death," Amy said, rolling her eyes. "Duh."

"We're going to do something even better!" Chris laughed.

"Something more safer?" Lindsay gasped.

"Oh, Lindsay," Chris chuckled. "Sweet, innocent, gullible, idiotic Lindsay. We're going to risk your lives even more!", Chris continued to explain the challenge while Chef drove past the waterfall, "You four will be split into two teams based on your original team, a.k.a. Heroes and Villains. Amy and Noah, Villains, and Lindsay and DJ, Heroes!"

"I still don't think I'm a villain but, whatever," Noah said.

"One person from each team will have to CROSS the waterfall on a long thin pole!" Chris explains, causing all four campers to gasp in shock and fear. "The OTHER team member will have to throw bean bags at the opposing team member that is crossing the waterfall!"

"Are you SERIOUS?" DJ exclaimed. "That's EXTREMELY dangerous! We could FALL!"

"Oh, trust me, you WILL fall!" Chris chuckled. "First person to reach the other side of the waterfall will win the first part of the challenge, and will receive an advantage in the next part of the challenge! OR, the last person standing!"

"There's ANOTHER part to this challenge?" Lindsay asked.

"YEP!" Chris laughed. "Winner of this challenge gets an advantage in THAT challenge, and the winning duo of THAT final challenge has immunity! The losing duo will have to battle it out in another challenge where the loser will be eliminated for good!"

DJ's Confessional: It really is Heroes vs. Villains at this point! This is Do or Die for me! Me and Lindsay HAVE to win this challenge if we want to make it to the finals!

Amy's Confessional: GOD, why do the challenges have to be so psychotic?!

Lindsay's Confessional: I've worked SOOO hard for this competition, and I really hope all my hard work isn't for nothing!

Noah's Confessional: When does this end again? Because, I really want to get the heck out of here. Let's hope I at least come out of here with some money.

The scene cut to the edge of the cliff of the waterfall. Amy held a red bean bag in her right hand with a sinister grin, as Noah stood next to her nervously. 

"I really think I should be the one throwing the bean bags," Noah said, staring at the bottom of the waterfall with wide open eyes in fear.

"Are you kidding me?" Amy laughed. "I'm not crossing that thing! It's practically SUICIDE! Plus, you have terrible aim and scrawny arms!"

Noah shot the blonde a dark glare. "It took you over fifteen minutes to throw a bean bag properly in the final six challenge," Noah said.

"W-Well, I've grown!" Amy insisted. "And, I've learned how to throw properly! Plus, if I miss, I have like twenty more bean bags anyway!"

Amy pointed to the basket of bean bags next to her on the ground. "But, aren't you like a cheerleader or something?" Noah asked. "Cheerleaders are supposed to be very flexible and have great balance, right? You could kill the challenge if you cross the waterfall!"

"Yes, OR, the challenge could kill ME!" Amy exclaimed, and then crossed her arms in anger.

The scene panned to DJ and Lindsay on the other side of the waterfall. "Are you sure you want to be the one to throw the bean bags?" Lindsay asked DJ who confidently had a blue bean bag in his hands.

"Of course!" DJ said with a smile, throwing the bean bag in the air then catching it again. "I'm huge and bulky so I could never last! Plus, don't you have good balance?"

"Good balance?" Lindsay asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Yeah, you said that a few days ago!" DJ said. "You said that you've taken ballet classes and that you have good balance?"

"I think you're mistaken!" Lindsay said. "I said I cooked a pig belly in the grass with my good friend, Kalance!"

DJ raised an eyebrow. "What the heck?"

"I have TEEEERRRIBLE balance!" Lindsay explained. "One time, I tried out for cheerleading and I broke a girl's leg when I fell on top of her when I ruined the whole pyramid thing! Everybody fell down and two girls had to go to the hospital! But, it's all good now!"


"Don't dude me!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"I'm not crossing that thing!" DJ pointed at the waterfall. "Plus, I'm AMAZING at throwing and all that!"

"So am I!" Lindsay yelled, and picked up a bean bag before proceeding to throw it at DJ's face. "See?"


"Crap!" DJ gasped, and Lindsay quickly began balancing herself on the pole, but backed out a second later.


"What the?!" Noah yelled, as he tried to balance himself. He almost slipped but Amy pulled him back.

"You're going to lose us the challenge, idiot!" Amy exclaimed.

"Oh great, for a second, I thought you were going to say that you were worried about my life," Noah said, rolling his eyes.

"I AM WORRIED!" Amy yelled. "If you're dead, I can't win this challenge! Oh wait, if we lose this challenge, we have to battle it out against each other and the loser goes home... if you're dead, you automatically lose against me AND YOU GO HOME!"

"My 'home' isn't the graveyard!" Noah hissed.


"Not yet," Amy grinned.


"Holy cow!" Lindsay cried, as she attempted to balance herself on the pole. She began to nervously walk across the waterfall, as Noah did the same.

Amy threw a bean bag at Lindsay but she terribly missed. However, this scared Lindsay and she slipped. Lindsay quickly hugged the pole as she began crawling across.

"ON YOUR FEET!" Chris yelled at Lindsay.

DJ slammed a bean bag at Noah, but he dodged it and almost lost his balance. "You're going to have to try harder, Brick Face!" Amy shouted.

"DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM, AMY!" Noah yelled, before DJ threw another bean bag towards him. Noah dodged it once more, as Amy threw a bean bag at Lindsay but missed again.

"You're doing it, Lindsay!" DJ shouted as his partner with a happy smile. "You're almost there!"

"I'm going to close my eyes!" Lindsay shouted back. "I'm going to - close. My. Eyes!"


"This is too scary!" Lindsay said. "I need to close my eyes!"


Lindsay shut her eyes and began tippy-toeing across the pole easily. DJ gasped in shock at the sight of his partner doing well in the challenge, but quickly moved on to throwing bean bags at Noah. Amy continued to fail to hit Lindsay with her bean bags.

"GAH!" Amy roared in fury. "I've had ENOUGH of this TRASH!" 

Amy launced her whole basket of bean bags at Lindsay, and everything scattered across the air. Several of them smacked Lindsay and she shrieked as she fell into the waterfall.

"LINDSAAAY!" DJ yelled.

"Amy and Noah win!" Chris announced, and Noah looked back at his partner in amazement right before losing his balance and falling down into the waterfall himself.

“Damn, we sucked,” DJ said to Lindsay as the two teammates walk across camp back to their own separate cabins. “Noah and Amy were undefeatable! Did you see Noah? He was practically a gymnast!”

“I didn’t know Noah could BEND like that!” Lindsay gasped. “I need to know how to bend like that! Maybe he can give me lessons! You know what, I think Noah would make a great dancer! You know what? I think I would make a great dancer too! Check out my moooves!”

Lindsay broke down into a messy dance, completely terrifying DJ. DJ began to shriek in horror as Lindsay performed her disastrous dance.

“GOD, NO!” DJ shrieked, before proceeding to run away from the blonde.

Lindsay’s Confessional: I really need to make sure that both DJ and I win this next challenge! Because number one, I do NOT want to have that amount of pressure on me that ONE challenge could determine whether I lose a million dollars or not! And TWO, more IMPORTANTLY, I need the money to get new dance lessons!

Meanwhile, Noah is silently reading a book in the woods. He is surrounded by the whistling sounds of nature, and the peaceful bunnies that crowd around him.

Noah’s Confessional: I might’ve picked up a few things from Dawn, the crazy nature girl. I like being surrounded by the peace they call “nature” now. The trees are very soothing to look at, and the skies and the beautiful animals are just so –

“WHATCHA LOOKING AT?” Amy yelled, completely shocking Noah which caused him to tumble down to the ground. She smirked, and sat down next to him.

“Reading a book,” Noah rolled his eyes. “It’s something intelligent people do. I’m sorry you’ve never had intelligence in your life.”

“I made it to the final four in my second try on Total Drama! Hellooo!” Amy said. “And what is this? Your fourth try? Wow.”

“And who got you here?” Noah raised an eyebrow. “Me. Don’t expect us to suddenly be friends just because I saved your life by the way.”

“You’re the only person that I can actually talk to,” Amy said. “Everyone else is gone. DJ is off making pancakes, and the last time I tried talking to him while he was in the kitchen, I had to wash maple syrup off my face. Lindsay’s dancing and it’s horrifying, so I decided to why not bug little ol’ Noah, huh?”

“You disgust me,” Noah said flatly as he kept his concentration still on his book.

Amy rolled her eyes, and stuck out her tongue. “Whatever.”

Amy’s Confessional: I feel like Noah and I have built a close enough bond for us to actually reach the Final 2 together. He’s like my little brother that I occassionally want to murder.

Noah, now without Amy, strolled towards the Dock of Shame to read his novel in peace. He sat down and took a long deep breath in before continuing to read his book.


Noah responds with a frightened shriek, as he drops his book into the water before proceeding to tumble into the lake as well. He resurfaces with a grumpy expression to see a giggling Lindsay standing on top of the dock.

“Hey, Noah!” Lindsay greeted with a friendly smile before Noah grumpily hopped up the dock. “Watcha reading?”

Lindsay’s Confessional: If I do make it to the final three, I need an ally who will take me to the final two! And, just in case DJ doesn’t make it, I need someone else! I’m hoping that someone can be Noah!

Lindsay sat next to Noah, as he waited for her to speak. “Are you taking Amy to the final two?” she asked the bookworm. Noah replied with a shrug.

“Not sure,” he answered. “I think I can beat her in the final jury voting since… well, she doesn’t really have a fanbase – if you know what I mean.”

Lindsay’s Confessional: Noah is thinking of bringing AMY to the final two, and I need to change that and switch it to meeee! I’m so close to the gold – I can taste it!

“Yeah, but like Amy befriended a bunch of jurors at like their final moments,” Lindsay explained. “Her and Leshawna grew tight, and she got close with me and Dawn too!”

Noah bit his lip, as he pondered in thought. “True.”

“Plus, she’s played one heck of a game!” Lindsay pointed out, which Noah replied with a nod. “She’s played idols! She’s pulled great blindsides – ”

“But so have you,” Noah shifted his head to face the blonde. Lindsay was at first stunned but her face broke into a goofy chuckle.

“You’re a HUGE jury threat too, Lindsay,” Noah raised his eyebrow as he looked at Lindsay.

Lindsay’s Confessional: *faints*

The four remaining contestants strolled into a maze as they were led by Chris and Chef. They stopped right outside the entrance. “Welcome to your FINAL challenge of the week!” Chris announced, and Lindsay clapped her hands excitedly while the others just stood there in silence.

DJ’s Confessional: I’m really hoping Lindsay and I can make it to the end! I’ve worked really hard, and I don’t want that to be all for nothing!

Amy’s Confessional: *stares at wrist* I just remembered I don’t have a watch.

DJ’s Confessional: *pets bunny and places on shoulder* This is my new pet bunny! I named him Puck, and he’s my good luck charm! Hopefully, Puck and I can pull out a – *thud on the wall and Puck falls off DJ’s shoulder and into the toilet bowl* NOOO! PUCK!

[No animals were hurt in the making of Total Drama: Redemption Brawl]

“One member of each team must go through the maze and collect wooden heads of all the eliminated contestants!” Chris explained. “There are 19 wooden heads hidden inside the maze! You will carry a cart inside the maze as you collect ALL 19 wooden heads! After collecting ALL 19 heads, bring your cart back here where the other team member will continue the rest of the challenge!

“But, there’s a twist to the first part of the challenge! If you have collected 11 heads, you have the option to run back to the entrance of the maze and there, you will find a rope you can chop! If you choose to chop and cut the rope, your opponent will lose ALL of their wooden heads and have to start over!”

“Damn,” DJ said softly.

Chris continued: “After completing the first part of the challenge, the other team member must run through the maze and find a way out while also carrying the cart of wooden heads that the other team member has collected! After finding your way out, you must then balance and stack all of the wooden heads you have! First person to do so win for their team! Understand?”

The four nodded their heads.

Noah’s Confessional: This competition is LITERALLY rigged against us. Both me and Amy have terribly scrawny figures! I can’t run, she can’t throw, I have trouble breathing when I sprint and she falls every like four seconds.

“I’ll find the heads!” Lindsay suggested to DJ. “I’m like REALLY good at running and stuff!”

DJ stayed awkwardly silent. “Good for you?” he said. “But, okay then! You’ll run and I’ll stack the heads!”

“I’ll run, you’ll stack the heads!” Noah commanded.

“Fine, Mr. McGrumpy Pants,” Amy rolled her eyes.



Noah gulped as he stared into the maze. “Holy balls.”


Noah and Lindsay sprinted into the maze with their cart. They bumped into each other at first, but then quickly ran off in two separate ways. As time passes, Noah and Lindsay have both found ten wooden heads of the eliminated contestants – both shouting out, “FOUND ONE!” “ANOTHER ONE!” “GOT IT!” at least forty times even though they’ve each only found ten heads.

“WILL YOU SHUT IT?!” Amy yelled from outside the maze, as she curled her eyelashes. DJ watched a meter away in confusion. “EVERY TIME I TRY TO CURL MY EYELASHES, ONE YOU TWITS KEEP ON SHOUTING AND I END UP POKING MYSELF IN THE EYE!”

“How did you manage to get that?” DJ asked Amy, raising an eyebrow in confusion – referring to how quickly she got her eyelash curler.

Lindsay raised a wooden head in the air, and she launched it in the shopping cart.

Lindsay’s Confessional: I really do feel like if I don’t win this challenge, I’m going to lose! So, I’m REALLY trying to win this for both me and DJ!

Noah’s Confessional: If I want to stay in this game, winning this challenge is VITAL!

Lindsay hurriedly made her way back to the entrance of the maze, and her sudden entrance and halt shocked Amy which caused her to shriek and fall. “GO, LINDSAY!” DJ cheered. “You go, girl!”

“YAAAAY!” Lindsay giggled.

“Okay, but cut the rope!” DJ reminded, and Lindsay raised an eyebrow in confusion. She looked at the rope below her and nodded her head – remembering.

“Wait, but what do I cut it with?” Lindsay asked. DJ replied with a shrug. Suddenly, behind her, Lindsay can hear Noah’s footsteps rushing towards her. In a moment of panic, Lindsay grabbed out Dakota’s wooden head and slashed the rope with the wooden hair. The rope was cut in half, and Lindsay can hear Noah’s gasp behind her.

Noah’s cart opened from the bottom, and all the heads rolled out into the maze. He tried to take them back, but they were already lost. Lindsay rushed behind him with her cart full of wooden heads. “I love that shirt!” she said gleefully as she passed him.


“FINALLY!” Lindsay exclaimed, as she dropped her final wooden head into her cart. She raced back to the beginning of the maze and handed the cart to DJ. “YAYY! GO HEROES!”

“Bleh,” Amy stuck out her tongue.

“I have a friend named Bleh!” Lindsay gasped, as DJ raced into the maze. “Oh wait, nevermind, her name’s Beth.”

DJ began to get confused as he tried to find his way around the maze. He passed Noah while Noah was trying to find all of the wooden heads again. DJ continued to find dead ends everywhere he went, and he also continued to bump into Noah every once in a while.

DJ’s Confessional: This maze is HARDER than it looks, man! At first, it looks like – “Oh, hey! Lindsay can do it! I’m sure I can do it too!” – but no! I CAN’T DO IT!

DJ and Noah clash, and they bump into each other before both of them fall on the ground.

“You okay, dude?” DJ asked Noah, as he slowly got to his feet.

“Yeah, no biggie,” Noah said flatly as he stood up. “Just a few bumps in the head, and now I think my asma is getting worse because of this. No biggie.”

Noah made his way out of the maze after DJ spent at least twenty minutes trying to find a way out. Once Noah exited the maze, Amy rolled her eyes. “Finally.”

“Your attitude is unnecessary,” Noah told his partner, while Lindsay tried searching for any trace of DJ from outside of the maze.

“Your existence is unnecessary,” Amy replied, before pushing her cart of wooden heads into the maze.

“Is DJ out of there yet?” Lindsay asked Noah.


Noah and Lindsay were taken to the exit of the maze for them to wait for their partners. Meanwhile, Amy was calmly pushing her cart into the maze while looking for an exit. Every once in a while, DJ would zip past her and she would just ignore his presence. While DJ was sprinting, Amy was walking like she was looking for groceries in the supermarket.

Amy’s Confessional: Um, do these legs LOOK like they’re for running? Nuh uh. I might be wearing a cheerleader’s outfit, but do NOT be fooled. I don’t exercise.

Amy caught a glimmering ray of light poking out of one edge of the maze. She raised an eyebrow and calmly walked towards it with her cart of wooden heads. “Jesus, is that you?” she called, and she grinned when she discovered it was the exit. “Hallelujah.”


DJ continued to scramble everywhere, looking for the exit to the maze. More time passed, and he still hadn’t found it yet. “I will NEVER find this thing!” DJ said in frustration, facepalming himself. Then, suddenly, a bunny hopped out of the bushes and shocked DJ. “PUCK!”

Puck, the bunny, began to lead DJ to the exit. “I wish you would’ve done this earlier, but that’s cool!” DJ said joyfully as he followed the bunny out of the maze. He gasped when he saw that Amy was halfway done with stacking her wooden heads.

“Come on, Amy!” Noah cheered his partner on, as Lindsay sighed in relief at the sight of her partner.

“You need to hurry, DJ!” Lindsay told DJ, as he began stacking his wooden heads on a table.

“You’re almost there, Amy!” Noah shouted at his partner, as Amy placed her final wooden head, but once she attempted to place it, the whole stack went rumbling down. Noah sighed at the sight of the whole stack crumbling, while Lindsay and DJ saw it as a glimmer of hope.

“YOUR STUPID MOTIVATION KILLED ME!” Amy snapped at Noah, before taking a deep breath and trying to restack her wooden heads.

“DJ, you’re sooo close!” Lindsay cheered DJ on, as he placed his twelfth wooden head. “I can make up a cheer song if it’ll help! ‘DJ, WE’RE THE BESTEST TEAM! IF YOU DON’T WIN, I WILL SCREAM – ”

“IT’S NOT HELPING!” DJ shrieked, as he calmly placed his thirteenth wooden head. Lindsay nodded her head silently, and zipped her mouth.

“I want money, I’m tired of being broke,” Lindsay softly hummed to herself as she watched DJ stack another head – continuing the cheer. “If you lose this for us, you should choke.”

“I can hear you, Lindsay,” DJ said., as he calmly places another wooden head.

“Sorry,” Lindsay replied sheepily, before glancing at the Villains team. Amy was hastily catching up. Amy was at 12/19 heads, while DJ was at 15/19 heads. “You can do this, DJ!”

DJ placed his sixteenth while Amy placed her thirteenth, but the Villains’ stack then all came crumbling down once more. “Great work, partner,” Noah said sarcastically.

“Oh, you try working under THIS much pressure!” Amy hissed, before restarting her whole stack.

Noah’s Confessional: I’ve got to hand it to her though. That girl was determined. She really wants to win this thing.


Amy was now at 3/19 heads while DJ was at 17/19. Amy began to pick up her pace.

Amy’s Confessional: At this point, I thought that I had nothing to lose since he was so close and I was so far behind – why not pick up the pace a little? I mean, who cares about balancing and all that anymore, HE WAS TWO HEADS AWAY.

When DJ placed his eighteenth head, Amy placed her sixth, and when DJ grabbed for his nineteenth head, Amy was already placing her ninth.


“Lindsay!” DJ barked. “Not helping.”

“WOOO!” Lindsay continued, completely ignoring DJ. DJ slowly placed his nineteenth head as Amy rapidly attempted to catch up to him.

DJ’s Confessional: This one’s for you, momma!

When he placed his nineteenth head, the whole stack came crumbling down – much to the horror of Lindsay and DJ both.

DJ’s Confessional: Or not.

DJ sighed in disappointment as he slowly picked up the wooden heads and attempted to restack them. Lindsay watched fearfully. “It’s okay, DJ,” she reassured. “There’s still hope.”

“Amy, slow down a little bit,” Noah suggested, as Amy placed her twelfth. “You’re already twelve heads up, you might want to slow down unless you want the whole thing to come crumbling down again.”

“I don’t need you to coach me, doofus,” Amy said, as she carefully placed her thirteenth and DJ placed his third. “I can do it on my own.”

“Amy, you might want to be careful on that specific head,” Noah warned.

“Why?” Amy asked, stopping to look at Noah with the head in her hand.

“Your gigantic ego might accidentally tip it over,” Noah said with a slight smirk.

“Son of a b-tch,” Amy rolled her eyes, before continuing to place the head carefully on the stack. DJ had caught up quite quickly. He was on his ninth while Amy was on her fourteenth.

“DJ, there’s still hope,” Lindsay encouraged DJ, as he placed his tenth. “You can still do this, DJ!”

Amy placed her sixteenth as DJ placed his eleventh. “Amy, they’re catching up real quick,” Noah warned his partner.

“Can you shut up for like two seconds?” Amy hissed, as she placed her seventeenth head carefully. She looked at the Heroes as DJ placed his thirteenth. “Damn it.”

DJ’s Confessional: I noticed that the Villains were chatting bitterly back and forth, and that was slowing them down! So, my strategy was to not talk at all and just focus on MY stack and MY stack only.


DJ’s Confessional: Unfortunately, Lindsay makes it real hard for me to focus.

Amy is on her final head, as DJ is on his fifteenth. “Real slow, Amy,” Noah suggested. “Reeeeal slowly, just really slowly place it – ”

“Shut up before I smack you in the face,” Amy hissed, as she maintained eye contact with the stack of heads.

“BETH HAS A BROWN PONYTAIL!” Lindsay cheered with a joyful and wide smile. “I’LL CUT YOU IN THE STOMACH IF YOU FAIL!”

“Lindsay!” DJ finally said, and it caused his whole stack to crumble down. Right after that, Amy placed her final wooden head on her stack and she raised her hands in the air.

“Done!” Amy said with a satisfied and gleeful smile on her face.

“AMY AND NOAH WIN IMMUNITY!” Chris announces, and Amy and Noah quickly pull each other into a long hug. Amy lifts Noah into the air in happiness.

Noah’s Confessional: She may be a pain in the neck, but we work well together… just a little bit.

“Congrats, you guys!” Lindsay said with a smile but a little bit of disappointment on her face. DJ went on to hug Noah, and clap him in the back.

“Good job, bro,” DJ smiled, while Amy awkwardly stood behind the three.

Lindsay’s Confessional: I’m really disappointed and sad that DJ and I couldn’t pull out the win. That means that the both of us have to battle it out and the loser permanently goes home.

“You did sooo good, Amy!” Lindsay complimented, and Lindsay gave her a hug while Amy just awkwardly received it.

“Kay,” Amy replied.

After the immunity challenge, DJ and Lindsay accepted their fate as they walked across the camp grounds. They had to battle it out against one another, and the loser would go home. While walking, DJ apologized to Lindsay for losing their original lead in the maze (as Lindsay finished the maze around half an hour faster than Noah).

“It’s totally okay, DJ!” Lindsay said with a genuine smile, before DJ pulled her into a long hug.

DJ’s Confessional: It really is going to be hard for me to fight Lindsay because I do truly love this girl and she is genuinely my friend. It’s going to be hard to be here without her.

Around an hour later, DJ and Noah were in the boys cabin eating a bag of chips together. “We need to get to the end together, man,” DJ told Noah while he stuffed a hand of chips into his mouth.

“Final two?”


DJ’s Confessional: I definitely would feel more secure in the finals with Noah than with Amy or Lindsay because I feel that Noah has made less game moves than Amy and Lindsay have, and I feel like I could win against him easierly than with Amy or Lindsay.

Noah’s Confessional: Taking DJ to the finals with me would probably be the best choice for me since I feel like all he has with him is his social game and his stupid rivalry with Alejandro. I’m pretty sure I can beat him.

Suddenly, Puck the bunny hopped out of no where and launched itself on to Noah’s face. Noah began to shriek as he toppled off the bed as DJ chuckled in delight.

Lindsay and Amy walked past the boys cabin together, and they caught a glimpse of Noah and DJ bonding through the window. They exchanged glances before nodding their heads together and silently peeking through the window to eavesdrop on the guys’ conversation. Lindsay punched her ear against the glass and despite constantly sliding her ear up and down, she couldn’t hear anything. However, the window WAS slightly open, so the girls could easily just open it. Lindsay didn’t think about it though, and the boys were speaking too softly to be heard through just a tiny little gap.

“You have to OPEN the window first, idiot,” Amy rolled her eyes, and then folded her arms. “God, and I thought you were actually getting more intelligent.”

“Wait, what does intelligent mean?” Lindsay asked, turning around to face Amy with a confused look on her face.

“I can’t believe I’m in the final four with you right now,” Amy shook her head, before shoving Lindsay aside and slowly and quietly opening the window. She ducked underneath the window when Noah shot a look at the window.

“Did you hear that?” Noah asked DJ softly, and DJ shrugged in response. Noah shook the idea off and continued his conversation with DJ.

Amy and Lindsay peeked their heads up and their eyeballs were the only thing visible from inside the cabin. However, the boys did not notice and Amy and Lindsay were silently celebrating.

“Amy is WAY too sneaky to bring to the final two,” Noah revealed to DJ. “She’s cool and all, but I’m not sure if I can trust her.”

“Same here,” DJ said, and Amy gasped before doing a 180 turn around and marching off. Lindsay attempted to close the window but she jammed her fingers in the process. She held in a painful shriek in agony before pulling her fingers out and following Amy hastily.

“Wait up!” Lindsay called as she caught up to Amy who was clearly pissed. “What’s the matter? Aren’t you used to being called sneaky and a snake?”

“Yeah, but I sort of thought I could actually TRUST Noah,” Amy said, and then groaned. “I thought I could go to the end with him and everything UGH.”

Amy’s Confessional: If I want to win, I need to make sure DJ does NOT win this next challenge because then there’s a chance that he and Noah could go together to the end. I need to make sure LINDSAY wins this challenge.

Lindsay’s Confessional: Amy is losing trust in Noah and that is EXACTLY what I neeeeeeed! So, since Noah thinks Amy is too much of a snake, he won’t bring her to the finals and Amy won’t bring Noah to the finals now! So, that means that if I *DO* make the final three, the other two finalists are probably going to take me to the end! *squeals loudly*

“There’s never been a girl and girl finale, you know?” Lindsay smiled, while Amy just smirked. “We could go down in history if we go to the end together!”

“Sounds amazing,” Amy grinned.

Lindsay squealed in excitement. “GIRL POWER!”

Amy faked a faint excited cheer. “Woo.”

An hour later, DJ and Lindsay were in the kitchen together spending their final moments together before they battle it out head to head. It was late in the evening and they both knew they had to face off soon. DJ twirled a plate of pizza on his finger before sliding it towards Lindsay. The blonde gleefully accepted the dish and launched the whole slice into her mouth. She let out a loud burp, which shocked DJ quite a bit.

“Damn, girl,” DJ said.

DJ’s Confessional: It’s actually kind of hard for me to say goodbye to Lindsay because we do both genuinely like and care for another. It sucks that us two aren’t going to be in the final two.

Later that night, the final four marched into the final Bonfire Ceremony, carrying a white marshmallow with them as they stomped across the island. They finally reached the bonfire, where they were pleasantly surprised by the presence of the jury: Dakota, Brick, Trent, Zoey, Scott, Courtney, Jacques, Leshawna, Owen, Heather, Alejandro, and Dawn.

“These twelve campers that you all have voted off will be deciding who wins the million dollars in the end,” Chris announced, as the twelve jury members smiled at the final four.

“Yikes,” Noah muttered.

“Two of you will join them soon!” Chris announced, as he walked past the jury. Dakota was taking a selfie of her, Owen and Leshawna. The flash from her phone blinded Owen and he shrieked as he fell to the ground.

He jumped up, scaring everyone, and smiled. “IT’S COOL, YOU GUYS!” he declared. “I’M FINE!”

“Nobody asked, Owen,” Courtney rolled her eyes.

“Don’t talk to my friend like that,” Noah glared murderously glared at Courtney, and she gasped before glaring back at the bookworm.

“I am a C-I-T!” Courtney reminded him, much to the displeasure of everyone sitting there.

Noah rolled his eyes and began to mutter, “More like a B-I-T-C–,” but was cut off by Chris who cleared his throat – signalizing that everyone should stay silent as he spoke.

“Alright!” Chris began with a smirk. “Amy, Noah – the Villains – you two are safe from elimination which guarantees you a spot to the final 3!”

Leshawna cheered for Amy and Noah loudly, pumping her fist in the air. “That’s my girl, Amy!”

Amy smiled in delight, as Chris continued: “Lindsay and DJ – one of you WILL be eliminated from this competition. After a long 49 days, one of your journeys will be cut short and one of you will be joining the jury and gets to decide who wins the million dollars.”

Lindsay gulped, as the pressure began to get to her as DJ stayed silent with a confident and relaxed smile. He gave Lindsay a side hug before the two stood up and walked to the challenge that was held right in the bonfire ceremony. The jury watched attentively from their seats as Chris explained the challenge.

“In order to get to the final three, you must win this challenge and defeat your opponent,” Chris explained. The two Heroes stood in front of a wooden desk. Above on the wooden desk was a net filled with puzzle blocks hanging from the top. The net was hung on the two sides, so there was an opening on the top. “Behind you are a bag of rocks. You must shoot those rocks into the basket, making it heavy enough for the net to drop on to the table and releasing all the puzzle blocks. After doing so, complete your puzzle and it will assemble a giant action figure of Chef Hatchet himself!”

Noah raised his eyebrow. “Must be a fun figure to build,” he said sarcastically. Chris blew the whistle and Lindsay and DJ hurried to their bag of rocks. They both shot their first rock in the same time, and both their nets lowered down a few inches.

“COME ON, LINDSAY!” Zoey cheered loudly for her friend, with Dawn and Leshawna backing her up.

“YOU CAN DO THIS, DJ!” Courtney yelled, with the support of Jacques and Brick as well.

“FINAL THREE, DJ!” Trent cheered, dismissing the short-lived hatred the two of them shared and continued to cheer for his friend.

“GET ‘EM!” Owen cheered, not for anyone specifically as he loved them both equally. Lindsay nailed down her net first and she hurried towards her desk as DJ followed behind her shortly after.

Lindsay began to assemble the puzzle quickly, but she stopped halfway to think and stare at her puzzle. This allowed DJ to hastily catch up, much to Zoey’s disappointment. Lindsay then continued to stack her puzzle, as DJ began to tear apart his puzzle after realizing he has done it all wrong.

“Come on, Lindsay,” Amy whispered under her breath, while Noah did the same but with DJ.

Lindsay began to pick up her lead, but she stopped for a moment and tilted her head to carefully look at her puzzle. She raised an eyebrow, as she stared at it. “That looks a lot like my dead hamster.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, DJ finished his puzzle – much to the shock of the majority of the jury members. “DONE!” he announced, as he raised his hands in the air. Noah’s eyes began to glimmer in excitement while the color in Amy’s eyes faded in disappointment.

“Don’t stop, Lindsay,” Amy encouraged Lindsay, and Lindsay continued to assemble her puzzle. Chris headed over towards DJ and examined his puzzle.

“That is…” Chris began, “INCORRECT!”

“Say WHAT?” DJ gasped in shock, before quickly trying to find the mistake in his puzzle. Lindsay, however, shot her hands up in the air and announced she was finished before DJ even found his mistake.

“CHIIIIIIP!” Lindsay called, squealing in excitement, and Chris quickly headed towards Lindsay.

“LINDSAY WINS!” Chris announced, and raised Lindsay’s hand in the air as Lindsay stared at her own arm admiringly with twinkle in her eyes.

Amy smiled, as the jury went wild for Lindsay. DJ sighed, and faced his fate as the jury went silent. Lindsay took a seat next to the other two contestants as she gloomily watched DJ hand Chris his white marshmallow.

“DJ,” Chris began, staring at DJ as DJ disappointedly looked back at him. “After 49 hard-fought days, the Boat of Losers await you.” Chris tossed the marshmallow into the fire, and DJ sadly watched it turn black and burn.

DJ nodded his head before turning around to face the other three campers. “I had a blast,” he smiled, as the final three waved goodbye to him. “Love you all and good luck!”

DJ turned around and walked across the Dock of Shame, and slowly boarded the Boat of Losers as the final three all exchanged glances. Leshawna proudly smiled at Lindsay. “Final three,” Chris smiled. “I have a special announcement for you three. You will have to canoe your way to Boney Island and spend the night there. You will get further instructions in the morning.”

The three looked confused at first, but they did not question the instructions. “Bye you guys!” they waved goodbye to the jury as they marched across the dock and hopped on to separate canoes.

“Race you there!” Lindsay giggled, but Noah and Amy did not respond with the same excitement as Lindsay had. Eventually, the three of them reached Boney Island and Noah flopped on to the ground.

“My arms were NOT born to paddle,” Noah groaned, as he laid on the ground.

“Get into the forest, dweeb,” Amy groaned, as she pulled Noah’s leg across. “Chris said that there’s a cabin there.”

“Oooooh! I wonder if there’ll be bubblegum!” Lindsay squealed. “I’ve been CRAVING bubblegum for the longest time out here! Maybe in the cabins – ”

“Lindsay, I need you to shut up,” Amy rolled her eyes in disgust. Lindsay silently nodded her head. The three eventually came across the cabin in the woods and flopped their bodies on to the beds. It had been a long night, and they all needed some rest and sleep – especially for what was about to come.

Morning broke and a loud horn echoed through the island which woke the final three from their deep sleep. Lindsay rubbed her eyes, and stared out of the window. “Is this a dream?” she asked softly, tired.

“If he’s making us do a challenge in like 3 am, I’m going to cut him in half,” Noah said, before going back to sleep. The horn sounded once again, and Noah groaned before waking up again.

“FINAL THREEEEEE!” a voice yelled, and Amy yelled back furiously: “WHAAAAAAAAT?”

“It’s challenge time!” Chris Mclean’s voice said through the loud speakers hung around the island. The three remaining contestants groaned, tired. “But it’s a different type of challenge! Listen clearly, because you’ll WANT to know these instructions if you want to win those million big ones!”


“Lindsay, you only need like a dollar to buy a piece of bubblegum,” Noah rolled his eyes, and Lindsay gasped.

“SO THEN I CAN BUY 999,999 MORE BUBBLEGUM!” Lindsay gasped in excitement, as Noah facepalmed. She squealed once again, causing Amy to cover her ears with pillows.

“You all came here in three separate canoes!” Chris continued, as the final three listened attentively. “You must RACE back to Wawanakwa where I will be impatiently waiting! THERE, the final two will be crowned because the last one of you three to reach the island will be ELIMINATED – ,” the final three gasped in shock, “ – and be the fourteenth and FINAL member of our jury!”

‘Oh my gosh,” Amy was completely stunned and shocked. “I LITERALLY JUST LEARNED HOW TO PADDLE A BOAT LIKE THREE DAYS AGO!”

“I hate my life,” Noah said flatly, and then sighed. “Noah, why did you join this competition? Noah, why did you want to ‘redeem’ yourself? Noah, why are you so stupid?”

“I thought this was a talent contest!” Lindsay whined. “Why can’t the final challenge be like a singing contest? I can sing to aaaany song and still sound good! Even a Spanish song! Listen: DORA THE – ”

“NO!” Amy and Noah both yelled in unison.

“Your challenge starts… NOW!”

The three of them all jumped out of their beds; Amy landed flat on her face on the ground and she was quite far behind from Noah and Lindsay. Eventually though, they all reached their boats/canoes on the same time. As they paddled across the water, they were getting more tired and tired. At first, Lindsay was in the lead but Noah zipped past her and Lindsay was pushed into second place.

The three of them spotted Wawanakwa Island and the Dock of Shame where the thirteen jury members were waving ecstatically and excitedly to the final three who were rowing hastily towards them. Chris stood in front of them with a suitcase filled with a million dollars.

It was a tight race – even Amy was quite fast. The three of them were getting closer and closer to the dock. Chris began to narrate the event: “And the twenty-first person eliminated and the fourteenth and FINAL member of our jury is…”

Episode 20 (TBA): "Operation Redemption" 


Elimination Order

# Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7.5 8 9 10 11 12 13 13.5 14 15 16 17 18 19
6th Alejandro Debuts in Bring Home The Bacon IN5 IN LOW IN IDOL9 OUT
17th Anne-M. WIN IN IN IN OUT
18th Cody IN WIN IN OUT
19th Sugar WIN IN IN OUT
20th Scarlett WIN IN OUT
21st Rodney IN WIN OUT
22nd Topher WIN OUT
23rd Jasmine OUT

Colors significance

     NAME: Made the merge.

     NAME: Did not make the merge.

     OUT: Voted off that episode.

     LOW: Had a number of votes against them during the bonfire ceremony.

     WIN: (Name)'s team won the challenge.

     WIN: Won the challenge (either reward OR immunity).

     IN: Won the safety competition, and was immune from eviction.

     IN: Was not on the winning team, nor the losing team.

     IN: Did not get any votes during the bonfire ceremony.

     IDOL: Used the immunity idol, was immune from eviction, and became the sole vote to evict that night. (Episode 9-20: Used the immunity idol, and erased all votes casted against them.)

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