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Welcome to Total! Drama! Redemption! 18 former players, all of whom have played no more than twice and have never won, are being given a second chance to take care of unfinished business, and rewrite their Total Drama story. Split into 2 teams of nine, these fan favorites will duke it out, with more than just the money up for grabs. This is their Total Drama legacy, their one true shot to carve their names in the record books. Who will do so? And who will remain in reality TV obscurity? Read on to find out!

Season Overview

Taking a page directly out of the playbook of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance, this season's teams are called Ta Keo and Bayon.


Beardo (Pahkitew Island) TA KEO

Beth (Island, Action) BAYON

Brick (Revenge of the Island) TA KEO

Carrie (The Ridonculous Race) BAYON

Cody (Island, World Tour) TA KEO

Dakota (Revenge of the Island) BAYON

Dawn (Revenge of the Island) BAYON

Devin (The Ridonculous Race) BAYON

Emma (The Ridonculous Race) TA KEO

Jen (The Ridonculous Race) BAYON

Justin (Island, Action) TA KEO

Katie (Island) TA KEO

Sam (Revenge of the Island, All-Stars) BAYON

Sierra (World Tour, All-Stars) TA KEO

Shawn (Pahkitew Island) BAYON

Taylor (The Ridonculous Race) TA KEO

Trent (Island, Action) TA KEO

Tyler (Island, World Tour) BAYON


Ep. 1 - "Second Chance"

(camera view of exotic Cambodia, along with flashbacks of previous Total Drama seasons)

Chris McLean - "Total Drama has become a phenomenon. Taking the elements of traditional reality shows and flipping them upside down has been the blueprint of this ratings juggernaut. After a pair of seasons dominated by a newer generation of TD players, we turned the game over to the fans. 18 former players, all of whom have played either once or twice without winning, are being given one last shot to rewrite their stories, right their wrongs, and win one million dollars!"

(several players introduce themselves)

Emma - "I played Total Drama Ridonculous Race. I think people might remember me as a bit of a jerk and kinda snarky. But I'm ready to show that I'm more than just a pretty face. I'm here to play a kick butt game."

Katie - "I played season one of Total Drama and every season since then, I tried to get back on the show, but I didn't. But, getting a second chance from the fans, it really motivates me to attack this game with everything I have and show I'm not just a throwaway dud."

Shawn - "Back in Pahkitew Island, I was really immature. I let my zombie phobia dictate how I played the game. But that's in my past now. I'm here to right the ship and prove I can win this game in different ways."

Cody - "I was a bit of a dud my first season. Getting mauled by a bear, hopelessly hitting on Gwen, it just spelled disaster. World Tour, I got really far, I just fell short. But third time's the charm, I'm here to make friends and play the game. We'll see where that balancing act gets me."

Justin - "This show has been my nightmare, and the only way to ease the pain is to come back here and win. I was perceived as a villain the second time I played, and rightfully so. These people will kiss my feet."

Trent - "I really melted down my second time. I did everything in my power to take those lessons, learn from them, and come back stronger. I'm here to play, and if love finds me along the way, I'll be super pumped."

Taylor - "Everyone knows I'm the best at what I do, so it's obvious the fans would vote me back. I won't disappoint you fans, because you're looking at the next Total Drama winn- where's my cell phone?!"

Beardo - "I tried a very subdued and subtle approach to my game, and it got me nowhere, except booted out first. With that said, anything beyond the first episode will be an improvement by default, but I'm here for more than to just survive the first vote. I wanna go all the way."

(The 18 players are seen in boats headed towards a bigger boat, commanded by Chris)

Chris - "Welcome to Total Drama Redemption!" (players cheer)

Chris - "You've all played either once or twice across our first seven seasons, and you all share one thing in common - you didn't win. So, to fuel your motivation, we had the fans vote you in, so now you're doing more than just playing strong for pride's sake. The viewers watching at home want to see you guys give 100% and then some, because they didn't vote you back for nothing. Sierra, how do you feel to have been given another chance to play this game?"

Sierra - "It's great! Especially with my Cody-wody!" (pinches Cody's cheek)

Chris - "Beth, you came so close way back in season 2. You lost to Duncan by one vote. How long has that loss replayed in your head?"

Beth - "I've thought about it a lot, but now it's time to move forward and do better."

Chris - "Katie, the argument can be made that people forgot about you. You played in season one and never played again."

Katie - "Well, the fact of the matter is they didn't forget and my gameplay will not only prove that, but my game will talk for itself."

Chris - "Well, one thing is for certain - all of you seem more determined than ever to play this game. And you should be, it takes a lot of bravery to attempt to do so after failing the first or second time. So, inside your boats, you'll find buffs. Green means you are on Ta Keo, purple means you are on Bayon."

(players find their buffs)

Chris - "Our Bayon team consists of - Beth, Carrie, Dakota, Dawn, Devin, Jen, Sam, Shawn and Tyler."

(Bayon cheers)

Chris - "Our Ta Keo team - Beardo, Brick, Cody, Emma, Justin, Katie, Sierra, Taylor and Trent."

(Ta Keo cheers)

Emma - "Where do these names come from?"

Chris - "It's funny you should ask. I was just getting to that. Bring it down, Chef!"

(Chef Hatchet flies in on a chopper)

Chris - "If you could be so kind as to join me on this chopper, I'll give you a tour of the region, and explain the names!" (players get on chopper, jumpcut to view of Cambodia.)

Chris - "This is exotic Cambodia! More specifically, this is Angkor Wat, one of the most popular tourist attractions on earth! These are the Ta Keo and Bayon temples. The bedrock of Cambodian culture, these temples and their culture serve to the world as a vivid reminder of how the past can haunt you! This will further fuel your motivation to seize your second chance in this game. This is also where our season will begin, so grab some parachutes and head down to ground level, because this is Total! Drama! Redemption!"

(theme song plays)

(players are landing on the beach, followed by Chris)

Chris - "Ahh, isn't Mother Earth beautiful?"

Carrie - "Yeah this whole area is great!"

Chris - "I'm glad you like it, because this is your one chance to enjoy it. Our second chance season is also a rehash of our World Tour! Every episode will take place in a different country, as your bid for redemption goes around the world!"

Sierra - "Oh, that's too bad. I had a great idea for a shelter that would reflect Cambodian civilization."

Chris - "Well, you can still do that if you want. Remember, the team names are Ta Keo and Bayon and they're staying that way!"

Sierra - "Yippie!" (claps, hugs Cody)

Chris - "Since we don't have to focus on building camp or anything of that nature, take this time now to get acquainted with your new teammates. Later on, we'll crack into our first challenge. One team will win immunity and the other team will send someone home tonight. Enjoy this free time, it could be crucial for your long term success in this game."

(jumpcut, players are seen walking)

Emma (to Katie) - "Hey."

Katie - "Hey."

Emma - "Where's your head at right now?"

Katie - "Pretty anxious."


Katie - "So Chris gives us free time to acquaint ourselves, which we all know is code for strategize; and Emma approaches me..."


Emma - "Do you see anyone on this team posing as a serious threat?

Katie - "Cody and Sierra are tight. Everyone else is a free agent."

Emma - "I could get Taylor. I think she'll drool over the prospect of a girls alliance."


Katie - "...Emma wants to align, maybe get Taylor involved. That runs a high risk, because Taylor doesn't seem like the social type, let alone the challenge type. She's dead weight." END CONFESSIONAL


Jen - "Wanna talk?"

Beth - "Sure!"

Jen - "So, pre-game alliances. Do you think there are any?"

Beth - "I don't think so."

Jen - "Sam and Dakota. Carrie and Devin. What about the rest of the boys?"

Beth - "Good question."


Jen - "I wanted to jump at this opportunity as fast as possible, so I chose Beth. She seems straight up. I need someone to trust before the two relationships on the team band together, or if the rest of the boys decide to look out for one another." END CONFESSIONAL

Beth - "The two couples could be an issue, but they could also be our friends!"

Jen - "Look, I didn't come back to this show to be more of the vapid dud I was before. I'm here to win." (Jne storms away)


Beth - "Wow. Who would have thought Total Drama could get so competitive?"


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