Cast of Total Drama Reality of Despair

So Basically there's this thing called Danganronpa you should check it out sometime but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'll be taking the characters from the danganronpa universe and placing them in the td world. so anyway I hope to have fun with this and stay tuned for more.


Asahina- A well meaning contestant who may appear to be quite air-headed at times. She excels in athletic sports, most notably swimming.

Togami- A student known for being the successor of a highly successful family corporation. As a result of this, he appears to be very arrogant and considers himself superior to the other contestants of Total Drama.

Ishimaru- An enthusiastically straight laced student who is a stickler for rules and order.

Maizono- A cheerful contestant who is the leader of an idol group which is nationally popular.

Hagakure- A very laid back guy who takes pride in his skill of fortune telling. He is revealed to be older than all the others, due to being held-back.

Sakura- A fearsome contestant who is a world class fighter. Her muscular appearance and a deep voice result in her being mistaken as a man often, and so she is nicknamed The Ogre.

Mondo- A hot-headed contestant who is known for being the head of the largest bōsōzoku group in Japan

Fukawa- A gloomy novelist with a persecution complex. One of her romance novels, “So Lingers The Ocean”, is a huge hit. Despite her young age, she has already won several awards and is constantly on top of the best sellers list.

Leon- A brash teenager who is exceptionally good at baseball, however he would rather be a musician.

Junko- A charismatic fashion model who has appeared in many popular fashion magazines.

Yamada- An otaku who is popular as a doujin manga artist and proclaims that his interests are based solely on the "2D World" and "2D Girls".

Celes- A famous gambler that dresses in fashion. She is noted in the game for having defeated many high skill gamblers in the past - at one point, she had collected more than 10 billion yen.

Fujisaki- A very shy "girl" that frequently appears to be quite weak. She's very skilled in programming.

Kirigiri- A woman that appears to be very mysterious, however she is proven to have a cool head and good reasoning skills.

Naegi- According to himself, Naegi is a very ordinary person, to the point that he feels a bit insecure about it. His most distinguishing feature is his unusual optimism.

Not So Happy Campers pt.1

" It's a sunny day at Camp Wawanakwa then the host of the show appears"

Chris: Yo it's Chris Mclean bringing you television's hottest new reality show, Total Drama! I've brought 15 crazy teenagers on this island to compete for 1 million dollars

Chris: They will be split into 3 teams and compete in challenges. The team that loses must send a member home. The last player standing gets the prize. Here comes our first contestant Leon!

" a yacht arrives carrying Leon Kuwata"

Leon: Hey dude I'm like so ready to compete!

Chris: I'm sure you are... introducing the next contestant Asahina!

Asahina: Hi! I'm Aoi Asahina and I like donuts and swimming and... that's pretty much about it.

Chris: I guess you could say your a well- rounded person?

Asahina: Like a donut!

Chris: She gets it, Next up is Mondo Oowada

Mondo: "cracks his knuckles" Listen ya chumps there's only gonna be one winner and that's me got it?

Leon: First off- I'm no chump, Second off- Loud mouthed people like you are usually the first to go.

Mondo: Yeah like that's true

Asahina: I think it is true because I read it on the internet.

Chris: Following up is Toko Fukawa!

Fukawa: "looks around" When I signed up for this show I didn't think there would be this much people.

Asahina: Well it IS A REALITY SHOW.

Chris: Introducing international millionaire Byakuya Togami

Togami: Listen up vermin I'm only here to make sure none of you vermin get that money.

Asahina: And why is that?

Togami: NONE of you deserve to be rich as the great and luscious Byakuya Togami.

Fukawa: "looks at Togami lovestruck" My white knight....................."feints"

Leon: Whoa she's unconscious.

Chris: Chihiro Fujisaki

Fujisaki: Hello... e-everyone.. I wish we could all get a-along great

Asahina: Is she okay she seems kind of shy

Chris: Oh i'm sure you'll find out about that later "smirks". Hifumi Yamada everyone!

Yamada: Once I win the million, I Hifumi Yamda will buy every comic book in the world!! "starts laughing for some reason he sound like a goat"

Mondo: I hate dorks

Chris: Sakura Oogami

Leon: Whoa you are seriously ripped dude!

" Sakura stops turns to Leon and smacks him across the face he's sent flying in the air"

Leon: Leon Kuwata is blasting off again!!! "he fades into a tiny speck in the sky"

Mondo: Wow.. and I thought I was strong

Chris: Chef go fetch Leon an until then welcome Kyoko Kirigiri

" she walks onto the dock not saying a word and stands by herself"

Chris: Silent type eh? Kiyotaka Ishimaru!!

Ishimaru: Sir yes sir! "salutes"

Chris: Celestia Ludenberg

Celes: Hey fat boy "points to Yamada" Go fetch my bags for me

Yamada: Yes master

Chris: Yasuhiro Hagakure

Hagakure: Hey dudes!

Chris: Makoto Naegi!

Naegi; So is this a real summer cam-

Chris: And our final contestant JUNKO ENOSHIMA!!!!!!!!!

Junko: Junko is here to satisfy all of your boring lives!!

"awkward silence"

Mondo: Hate it.

Chris: Finally, Now that your all here please follow me to the campfire.

~ Campfire~

Chris: This will be held for eliminations, when a team loses a challenge they must vote out one of their own.

Togami: Can I vote for my whole team?


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