Total Drama: Pancake Factory is a season of Total Drama. It brings in 16 all new competitors, and is the first story by MamaLuigi22 that is not in the Altso Isle Series.


1. Alice - Alice is a slacker girl, and she won't forget it. She refuses to participate in physical and mental tasks, making her rather useless.

2. Stan - Stan is a teen obsessed with pancakes. Pancakes were why he joined Total Drama: Pancake Factory.

3. Violet - Violet is a self proclaimed nerd.

4. Dan - Dan is a famous internet star. He came to win and promote his channel.

5. Rosie - Rosie is a goth.

6. Jack - Jack is a class clown at his school. He came to make the game more fun.

7. Cindy - Cindy is a fan of Dan's internet show.

8. Landon - Landon is a city boy with a dream to move to the country.

9. Carlie - Carlie is another fan of Dan's internet show.

10. Patrick - Patrick is a blind boy who wants the money to help other blind people.

11. Jennifer - Jennifer is a animal lover.

12. Jaxon - Jaxon is an artist.

13. Miranda - Miranda is a bully from her school, and is a snob.

14. Lance - Lance is a racist white teenager with a drive to win.

15. Candy - Candy is a Pageant queen, who's rival is Halle.

16. Halle - Halle is a girl who has constantly tried to win pageants, but always losses to her rival Candy.

Episode 1:

Chris McLean is standing in front the front door to the McLean-brand Pancake Factory. "Welcome fans" Chris McLean says "In this brand new season of Total Drama, we've brought in 16 all new competitors to compete in this Pancake Factory! Here they come now!".

A bus pulls up to the factory. "Here comes Alice, Stan, Violet, Dan, Rosie, Jack, Cindy, Landon, Carlie, Patrick, Jennifer, Jaxon, Lance, Candy, and Halle!" Chris says.

"What's up Chris?" Alice asks. "Just planning your torture" Chris honestly replies.

"Girls will be on team Girl Gerbils, and the guys will be on team Banshee Boys!" Chris says.

All the contestants look at their teams.

Confessional: (Halle) Damn it! I didn't want to be on a team with Candy, my rival! All she ever does is outshine me!

Confessional: (Candy) Oh well, I didn't want to be on team with Halle, but maybe it'll be another chance to do everything better than her, just like the pageants at home!

Confessional: (Patrick) See I am blind, so I don't expect to win. But the reason I am here, is to show people that people who have disabilities, like me, are just as important as people without them.

Confessional: (Stan) I love pancakes so much! It's the only reason I even participate this season.

"The first challenge will be to make pancakes" Chris says "the team with the biggest pancake wins immunity, and the team that doesn't win will be sending someone home".

The boys and the girls run to their stations to begin making pancakes.

Confessional: (Lance) dang it, there are black people here!

The Girl Gerbils run start to create the pancakes.

Confessional: (Cindy) Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Dan is here! I am a huge fan of his internet show!

Confessional: (Carlie) I am a huge fan of Dan's internet show! And now he is here! Oh my god!

"Hey Alice" Rosie says "won't you stop slacking and help us with this pancake?".

"Nah, I don't feel like it" Alice says.

"Get off your lazy ass and help us!" Miranda yells at Alice.

"Nope" Alice says calmly.

Confessional: (Miranda) She is going down!

"Go go go!" Miranda yells at her team.

"Stop being so bossy!" Jennifer tells Miranda.

Meanwhile, the boys are working.

"These are pretty big" Landon says.

"Shut up, no one cares about your opinion" Lance says.

"Why?" Landon says.

"Cause your black!" Lance says.

Confessional: (Landon) oh no he didnt!

Landon shoves Lance into the fridge. He prepares to punch him, but Chris interrupts.

"And it's time to judge!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Landon) he's lucky, I'll come back for him later.

Chris looks at the boys pancakes, and looks approvingly.

Chris walks over to the girls pancakes, and looks disappointed.

"The boys win! Girls, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony!" Chris says.

Lance walks up to Landon.

"Listen Landon, I'm really sorry for what I said. I don't know what I was thinking, I respect you and your race" Lance says.

Landon angrily stares at Lance, but his frown turns into a smile.

"It's okay" Landon says "Just don't do it again".

"Yes sir!" Lance says.

Confessional: (Lance) Like I'd respect Landon and his dumb excuse for a race!

Confessional: (Landon) I think Lance is a good guy, he just didn't think before he talked.

The girls meet at the elimination ceremony.

"I have 8 pancakes on this plate" Chris says "But there are 9 of you. Whoever does not get a pancake must leave on the waffle car of shame. And they can never come back...EVER. Cindy, Carlie, you two are safe".

Chris throws pancakes to Cindy and Carlie.

"Rosie, Jennifer, Candy, and Halle" Chris says "you are safe".

Chris throws pancakes to Rosie, Jennifer, Candy, and Halle.

"Miranda, Alice, this is the last pancake" Chris says "Alice, you did nothing to help your team and costed them the win. And Miranda, you were bossy and annoyed your team while making the pancakes! The final pancake goes to....................................................................................Miranda!"

Chris throws Miranda her pancake. Alice is to lazy to go to the waffle car of shame, so Chris calls security. Chef Hatchet comes and picks up Alice, and throws her into the waffle car of shame. It drives off.

"With Alice gone, can the girls win a challenge?" Chris says "what drama will happen next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 2

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris begins "The contestants arrived at my personal pancake factory to compete for 1 million dollars! They had to create the biggest pancakes they possibly could. Thanks to Alice's lazy attitude, the girls lost their first challenge and Alice was the first to be sent home! With 15 contestants remaining, who will go next after losing today's pancake themed challenge? Find out right here, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Lance is walking nearby Patrick. He pulls his leg out, and trips Patrick.

"Who did that?!" Patrick yells.

"It's me, Cindy!" Lance says while impersonating Cindy.

Confessional: (Lance) now that Patrick thinks Cindy tripped him, either that loser tells everyone Cindy tripped a blind kid, getting her out, or Patrick bullied Cindy and gets voted off. Either way, that blind loser is going down!

Confessional: (Chris McLean) I guess Patrick will never see it coming! Ha ha... Get it? cause he's blind

Everyone meets Chris outside the Pancake factory.

"Today's challenge will be a water gun fight" Chris says "but instead of shooting water at each other, you'll be shooting maple syrup. If you get hit by maple syrup, your out. Last person standing wins it for their team. Go!" Chris says.

The guys and the girls run to get the guns, while Jack help guides Patrick.

They grab their syrup guns, and begin shooting.

"Come on, put your backs into it you pathetic wastes of skin!" Miranda yells at her teammates.

Confessional: (Jennifer) Miranda has got to go!

A montage of the water fight goes, until there is only Miranda, Jennifer, Landon, and surprisingly The blind Patrick.

Meanwhile, the out contestants sit on bleachers and watch the remaining players.

"Dan, I'm the biggest fan of your show!" Cindy says energetically.

"No Dan, I'm your biggest fan!" Carlie says.

"It doesn't matter who is the biggest fan" Dan says "what matters is that I want an alliance, and I'm choosing you two".

Carlie and Cindy both agree.

Confessional: (Carlie) Oh my god! I'm in an alliance with Dan! THE Dan!

Confessional: (Cindy) I'm in an alliance with Dan! This is so cool!

Confessional: (Dan) now that I have my two biggest fans with me, I'll dominate this game.

Lance walks up to Patrick.

"Hey Patrick, I know you want revenge on Cindy for tripping you" Lance says "let me direct you to her".

"Cool" Patrick says.

Confessional: (Lance) Of course I lead him to the wrong person, I lead him to know...because he's black.

Lance leads Patrick to Landon. Patrick, thinking it is Cindy, starts brutally attacking Landon.

Chris blows an air horn.

"That got WAY to violent!" Chris says seriously "Patrick, for assaulting Landon to the point of possible injury, you are disqualified!".

"Wait!" Patrick says "Lance said that this was Cindy!".

"Wait, why would you've beat me up if that WAS me?" Cindy says.

"Because you tripped a blind kid, meaning me!" Patrick says.

"I see your misunderstanding" Lance says smugly "I was the once who tripped you, but I impersonated Cindy, got you to beat up Landon, and now your disqualified!"

"What?!" Patrick says as Chef Hatchet pulls Patrick away into the waffle car of losers.

Confessional: (Lance) Looking back, I probably shouldn't of admitted it was me who tripped him...

Confessional: (Landon) wait, he tried to get me beaten it because I'm black? Oh my god!

"Well that was...something!" Chris says "with Patrick disqualified, who will go next? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 3

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris begins "The contestants play water gun fighting with syrup as their water. Lance trips Patrick, the blind kid, and gets him to believe its Cindy, then attack Landon, getting him disqualified. Only 14 contestants remain, who will go next? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Confessional: (Lance) I'm not exactly popular right now, because I admitted I screwed over the blind guy.

Confessional: (Miranda) I am not exactly popular, I don't know why, but those losers think I'm 'mean'

Dan is meeting with Cindy and Carlie. "Listen, Cindy, I need you to sabotage your team today, so I can get Miranda eliminated" Dan says.

"Okay Dan!" Cindy says as she skips away.

"Listen, Carlie, now that she is gone, I need to tell you something" Dan says "I need Lance in this alliance, but he won't join while Cindy is here, because he framed her, and she hates him. So I need YOU to convince your team to vote out Cindy"

"I don't know" Carlie says "Isn't that a bit traitorous?"

"It would be a super important mission" Dan says "that only my biggest fan ever could accomplish. Plus, when my other fan is gone, you'd have more time with me".

"Alright!" Carlie says "I'll do it!"

Confessional: (Dan) It's so easy! Miranda and Lance may think they run this game, but they are wrong. I will win the million bucks, and nobody's gonna get in the way of it!

Everyone meets Chris on a stage.

"Hello remaining contestants" Chris says "Today we will be hosting a fashion show, but your clothes will be replaced by pancakes. Each team must pick 1 member to show everyone how fashionable you can be with just Pancakes! The team who gets deemed the worst by Chef WILL be sending someone home tonight!"

The girls are talking. "I think I should go" Halle says "I am a pageant girl after all".

"No!" Candy yells "I am going! I am a pageant girl too, and I always beat Halle!".

The girls let Candy do it, much to Halle's dismay.

Confessional: (Halle) It's official. I...hate...Candy

Cindy, remembering her deal with Dan, convinces her team to be the fashionista.

Meanwhile, the guys are deciding who to go. Dan whispers to Lance that since he was racist, if they lost, he would go. Lance then convinced his team to have him go.

At the show, Chef Hatchet is sitting at a table.

"Guys, it's your time to go!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Lance) I had this in the bag, had to get the trust of the black dude, so I can strike him down!

Lance is wearing a authentic tribal outfit made of pancakes.

Chef Hatchet gives it a 2.

"Wow...the girls will have to do really bad to lose" Chris says.

Carlie tells Cindy that it's a good idea to go out naked, because they'd defiantly lose. Reluctantly, Cindy agrees.

The girls go, and Cindy comes out naked.

Chef and Chris are dazed for a minute, before Chris snaps out of it and gives the girls 0 points.

"Girls" Chris says "I'll see you at the elimination ceremony!"

It cuts to the elimination ceremony, where the final two are Miranda and Cindy.

"And the person safe is..." Chris says "........................Miranda!"

Chris throws a pancake to Miranda. "Naked girl" Chris says "It's time to go!".

Confessional: (Cindy) So maybe going out naked wasn't the best way to sabotage the team. Dan I hope that counted for something!

Confessional: (Dan) I'm so glad she's gone, now it's easier to manipulate Carlie!

"So that happened..." Chris says "There are only 13 People left to survive this pancake filled season, who will win? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 4

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris McLean begins "The competitors had to compete in a fashion show with only pancakes to win. Thanks to Dan and Carlie, Cindy goes out naked, losing it for her team, and getting her voted off. Who is the dominate villain, Miranda, Dan, or Lance? Find out right now, on a Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Dan, Lance, and Carlie are meeting. "So we get Miranda eliminated, because she's a bug threat" Dan says. Carlie agrees, and Lance agrees on to condition that they get rid of Landon after Miranda because he is black. They agree.

Confessional: (Carlie) It's a bit racist to get rid of Landon just because of his skin, but whatever is necessary to get Dan's approval. He's so nice, like when I said I was good at this game, and he said it was because I had the brain of a pancake he's so nice...right?

"So the plan is this" Lance says "Carlie, you sabotage your team, so we can get Miranda voted off. But don't do something stupid, like Cindy did okay?".

Carlie nods in agreement.

Everyone meets Chris outside the factory, where they are standing in front of a wipeout-like course, but instead of wipeout things, the parts are replaced with Pancake platforms for the platforms, and syrup for the water. Chris exclaims that the team with the shortest overall time of getting all their members to the other side wins, and the other team would have to vote someone off.

The course had a jump, a spinning platform, a syrup filled water slide, then a run on slippery pancakes covered with syrup, then to end, you had to step on a butter button.

The guys go, and get and overall time of 9:00 Minutes.

Confessional: (Lance) It was so easy, even a black man could do it!

The girls go. Miranda gives Chris $50 bucks, and Chris let's her skip to the end.

"Come on, put your backs into it!" Miranda yells.

Confessional: (Rosie) That cheater is telling US to put our backs into it?! She didn't even complete the course, she payed Chris to skip it! She's going down!

Due to Carlie purposely slipping a lot, she makes it at exactly 9:01 Minutes, losing by a second.

Confession: (Carlie) I'm not getting eliminated. I mean, I only made us lose by one second, like I'm the one going home, Miranda had been mean the whole time!

At the elimination ceremony,

"Violet, Candy, Halle, Rosie, your safe!" Chris says as he throws pancakes to Violet, Candy, Halle, and Rosie. "Miranda, Carlie, this is the last pancake. Miranda, you didn't participate and told your team to 'put their backs into it'. It's not liked you worked all that hard either!" Chris says.

"Whatever" Miranda says.

"And Carlie, you cost the team the one second. You really didn't do that bad actually" Chris says "The last pancake goes to.....................................Carlie! Miranda, your going home!".

"What?! You losers voted me off?!" Miranda yells.

"Yes!" Everyone, including Chris, yells as Chef throws her into the waffle car of shame as it takes Miranda away.

"With Miranda gone, who's next?" Chris says "find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 5

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris begins "The competitors compete for fastest time on a pancake obstacle course! Thanks to Dan, Lance, and Carlie, the girls lost and Miranda was voted off! What will happen today? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake factory!"

Confessional: (Jaxon) I haven't really done anything yet this season, but I just want to say I'm here to get money to start up my art career.

Lance, Carlie, and Dan plot to get Landon eliminated. Lance and Dan will throw the challenge while Carlie lies about Landon to the boys.

The contestants meet Chris and Chef Hatchet outside.

"Hello miserable contestants" Chris says "Today's challenge will be to avoid Chef, who will be trying to shoot you all with his water gun which is filled with syrup. If you get shot, your out. First team with all it's members shot will be sending someone home tonight!"

Everyone starts running. Lance and Dan are purposely running slower than usual, which causes them to be shot out by Chef.

Meanwhile Carlie tells the boys that Landon assaulted her, and wants to get the money with no real commitment to friendship.

Confessional: (Jaxon) I thought Landon was a cool Guy, but I guess I was wrong!

Confessional: (Jack) I know this because I'm a class clown, what Landon is don't is NOT funny!

Confessional: (Stan) that jerk!

Meanwhile, Lance tells Chef where all the boys are. This causes Chef Hatchet to find the boys and get them all out.

"And the girls win immunity!" Chris says "boys, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony!".

At the elimination ceremony,

"I'm tired today, so I'm just gonna say who's going home" Chris says "the person who is getting eliminated is.......................................................Landon!"

"Yes, blacky is going bye bye!" Landon says.

Everyone gasps.

"Ha ha ha!" Lance says. Then, Landon punches Lance strait in the nose, which starts bleeding. Landon grabs a chair and prepares to smash it over Lance's head, when he is hit with a tranquilizer dart, and is knocked out. It is revealed Chef Hatchet shot the dart. Then Chef throws Landon into the waffle car of shame.

Confessional: (Jaxon) You know what? I think that little dirtbag got Landon eliminated.

"With Landon gone, who will Lance be racist to?" Chris says "Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!'

Episode 6

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris says "The teams had to escape Chef who is armed with a water gun filled with syrup. Dan's alliance kept their word, and eliminated Landon to fulfill Lance's racist urges. Will the boys get the racist eliminated? Will the alliance stand? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Confessional: (Carlie) I'm still a Dan fan, but I think I'm supporting the bad I a villain?! I don't intend to be it's just...Dan is awesome...

Carlie runs out of the confessional, where it is revealed Lance as listening from behind the confessional.

Confessional: (Lance) I knew that traitor was up to something! If she's not sure in her faith with Dan, how can she be in this alliance?! She's going down!

Confessional: (Dan) Lance just told me that Lance overheard Carlie questioning the group...this is bad...

Dan whispers to Lance, and Lance nods in agreement.

Lance runs up to the waffle car of shame, and graffiti tags it saying 'Chris McLean sucks! from Carlie'. He admires his work, but hears Chris talking to Chef Hatchet on the other side of the waffle car. Lance then runs away.

Chris McLean later calls everyone to the outside of the waffle factory.

"Today, there is no challenge!" Chris says.

Everyone cheers, but Chris blows an air horn to get them to shut up.

"But someone is still getting eliminated!" Chris says "Carlie, you have been disqualified!".

Everyone gasps, except Lance, who grins. Everyone looks suspiciously at Lance.

"Wait! Why me?! I didn't do anything wrong!" Carlie says.

"Wrong!" Chris says "you graffiti tagged the waffle car of shame, and for that, your disqualified! Done! Gone!"

"No!" Carlie says as she is picked up and thrown into the waffle car by Chef Hatchet. The car drives away as Carlie's screams fade away.

"Well that was short!" Chris says "How will the girls catch up? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 7

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory!" Chris McLean begins "Carlie was disqualified for graffiti tagging the waffle car of shame...yes we know Lance really did it, we see everything here, but it makes great television right here, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Violet says something smart and nerdy, which Dan overhears.

Confessional: (Dan) Violet is smart...too smart...she has to go!

Dan whispers his plan to get rid of Violet to Lance, who grins.

Everyone is at the eating area, where they are eating pancakes made by Chef Hatchet.

Confessional: (Jennifer) Seriously, I'm getting sick of eating only pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's getting old!

Chris walks up to the eating area, where the contestants are eating. "Today's challenge is a speed eating pancake challenge!" Chris says.

Stan's eyes open up, and he jumps to the table of pancakes for the guys, and eats all the pancakes.

Chris looks at him. "Well...I guess the boys win! Girls, see you at the elimination!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Jaxon) That boy can eat pancakes all day...I'm so glad he's on our team.

At the girls elimination ceremony,

"Halle, Jennifer, and Rosie, you guys are safe!" Chris says as he throws pancakes to Halle, Jennifer, and Rosie.

"Violet, Candy, this is the last pancake. Candy, you won't shut up about you winning pageants, it's annoying!" Chris says "And Violet...I honestly don't know why your here. The last pancake goes to........................................Candy!"

"What?!" Everyone (including Candy) yells.

"I thought we all voted for Candy!" Jennifer says.

"Well, you thought wrong!" Chris says as Chef Hatchet throws Violet into the waffle car. The waffle car drives away.

Confessional: (Lance) So what if I tampered with the votes? Violet is gone, and no one can stop that!

"With Violet gone, the girls will have a very hard time catching up to the boys. Will anyone find out why Violet was eliminated?" Chris says "How will Candy react now that she knows that her whole team wanted her gone? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 8

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory!" Chris says "The contestants had a pancake speed eating challenge, but Stan ate all the boys' pancakes before the challenge even started. Due to Violet being really smart, Lance and Dan tampered with the votes to get her off! Who will go next? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

All the contestants are eating breakfast, when they notice the same tables of pancakes from the previous challenge.

"We aren't doing this challenge again are we?" Jack asks.

"Yes you are!" Chris says.

Stan then runs up and eats all the pancakes for his team.

"We win again!" Dan says.

"Not exactly" Chris says "I was were supposed to find a key inside the stack of pancakes. And since the key for the boys is in Stan's stomach, the girls are the only ones with a key left to find. So that means, the girls win! Boys, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony!"

Confessional: (Lance) I know that either Stan or I are going home...I just don't know which one of us.

At the elimination ceremony,

"Jack, Dan, Jaxon, you are safe!" Chris says "Stan, Lance, this is the last pancake. Stan, you cost your team the challenge! Lance, your a racist jerk. Not cool dude! The last pancake goes to............................................................Lance!"

Lance catches his pancake, and watched Stan walk to the waffle car of losers, and he is driven off.

"Who's going next?" Chris says "find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 9

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake factory" Chris begins "the contestants were SUPPOSED to find a key in a stack of pancakes, but Stan ate the boys pancakes before they could, which had him voted off by his team. Who will go next? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Everyone meets Chris at the kitchen.

"Since Stan ruined the key finding challenge last time, you'll be doing it again, this time for real!" Chris says "go!"

The girls search through the pancakes, and the guys do as well.

"I found it!" Jaxon says.

"And the boys are safe for another night!" Chris says "girls, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony!"

Confessional: (Halle) I convinced everyone to vote Candy off. There is no way she can survive this time.

Confessional: (Candy) Momma, your little pageant star is coming home!

At the elimination ceremony,

"Rosie, Halle, your both safe!" Chris says "Candy, Jennifer, this is the last pancake. The last pancake goes to.........................Candy! Jennifer, your gone!"

Jennifer is thrown into the waffle car and driven off.

Confessional: (Lance) Guess who tampered with the votes again! Ha ha ha!

"With Jennifer gone" Chris says "Will Rosie and Halle be able to stand Candy? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 10

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris says "stuff happened and Jennifer went bye bye, now let's start already!"

"It's merge time!" Chris says over the intercom "meet me outside for your challenge!"

Everyone meets Chris outside. "Remember the syrup/water gun fight challenge?" Chris says "well we are doing it again, but this time, everyone is a target! Whoever doesn't get shot wins invincibility!"

Everyone grabs water guns and starts shooting. Eventually, the final two are Lance and Jack.

Confessional: (Lance) Jack is Hispanic, so he's gone!

Chris walks up.

"Twist!" Chris says "whichever one of the final two losses is eliminated!

"Wait wha-" is all Jack can say before Lance kicks the water gun out of Jack's hand.

"Good night you lousy Hispanic!" Lance says as he shoots Jack with the syrup.

"And Jack is eliminated!" Chris says.

Everyone chants boo as Lance personally throws Jack into the waffle car of shame.

"And Lance is disqualified!" Chris says.

"Wait what?!" Lance yells.

"Only Chef is allowed to throw people into the waffle car, so your gone" Chris says.

Lance stutters as Chris shoves him into the waffle car. Right before the door closes, Jack can be seen with a baseball bat, preparing to hit Lance.

"Well that was a weird double elimination" Chris says "well goodnight".

Episode 11

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris begins "the contestants merged, and did the water gun with syrup challenge again. In a shocking twist, the last to standing would have a duel, and the loser would be eliminated. Although while Jack lost, Lance was disqualified because he took his racism to far. Only 5 contestants remain, soon to be 4. Who's gonna leave? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

The remaining contestants are on a platform designed like a pancake.

"Last contestant who steps off this wins immunity!" Chris says.

"I'm out!" Rosie says as she jumps off.

"Me too!" Dan says as he walks off.

Two hours go bye, and Jaxon, Candy, and Halle haven't left yet.

Confessional: (Candy) this was the easiest challenge ever, and that's saying a lot, cause I only remember two! Including this one!

"who wants a Candy bar?" Chris says "if you leave, you get it!".

Jaxon jumps off.

"So, hand me my candy bar" Jaxon says.

"About that...yeah I was lying" Chris says.

It's just Candy and Halle left.

"Alright Candy, good luck" Halle says.

Candy then knocks Halle of the platform.

"And Candy wins immunity!" Chris says.

"I'm in the final 4! Or 3...I'm not good at counting" Candy says.

Confessional: (Halle) that was low, even for Candy.

At the elimination ceremony,

"Since Candy won immunity, she's safe!" Chris says as he throws Candy a pancake.

"Rosie, Halle, your safe" Chris says "Dan, Jaxon, this is the last pancake. The last pancake goes to...............Dan! Jaxon, your out"

Everyone gasps.

"Whatever McLean" Jaxon says as Chef Hatchet throws him into the waffle car of shame.

Confessional: (Dan) Lance isn't the only one who can tamper with the votes.

"With Jaxon gone, it's the final 4!" Chris says "will Candy or Dan win immunity? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 12

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris says "the contestants had to stay on a platform. Candy won immunity, and thanks to Dan's tampering with the votes, Jaxon was the one to go home. Who will come home next? Find out right now, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

"Today is a disgusting pancake creator off!" Chris says "who ever can make the grossest pancake wins immunity!"

Rosie simply puts dog poop on her pancake.

Dan puts dog hair, dirt, and sand on his pancake

Candy puts expired milk, vinegar, and rotten apple juice on her pancake.

Halle puts some of Candy's arm pit hair and bird poop on hers.

Chris looks at the pancakes. He then widens his mouth into a sinister grin.

"Change of plans" Chris says "whoever can eat their pancake first wins immunity!"

Candy quickly starts eating. Rosie and Halle outright refuse to eat, and Dan eats his at a fast rate, but not as fast as Candy. Candy seems to be enjoying the pancake.

Confessional: (Chris McLean) What is wrong with Candy?! That's so disgusting!

Candy finishes first.

"And Candy wins immunity!" Chris says "Everyone else is up for elimination".

At the elimination ceremony,

"Candy, Halle, your both safe" Chris says "Dan, Rosie, this is the last pancake. The last pancake goes to.....................Dan!"

Rosie is thrown into the waffle car of shame.

Confessional: (Dan) I didn't tamper with the votes this time...but they all wanted me gone...why did Rosie go?

Confessional: (Candy) Rosie stepped on my toe this morning, so I tampered with the votes to get her to go bye bye

"It's the final three!" Chris says "who's going to the finale? Find out next time, on a Total Drama Pancake Factory!"

Episode 13

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris begins "the contestants ate gross pancakes and Rosie was eliminated! Who's making it to the final three? Find out tonight, here on Total Drama Pancake Factory!"

Candy, Dan, and Halle are meeting in the main room with Chris.

"Today, the eliminated contestants get to choose" Chris says "Lance, and Cindy chose Halle. But guess who everyone else chose?"

All the eliminated contestants (minus Lance and Cindy) are shown on a screen. "Dan!" They all say simultaneously.

"well I think that settles it" Chris says "Dan is going home!"

Dan screams as Chef drags him into the waffle car. The waffle car drives off.

"It's Candy versus Halle!" Chris says "in the ultimate pageant themed, pancake filled finale! All that, next time, right here, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Episode 14

"Last time, on Total Drama Pancake Factory" Chris McLean begins "the eliminated players got to choose who to go home, and they almost all agreed that it was Dan who has going home! Now it's Candy versus Halle, a rivalry that lasted before they came to this show. Both pageant rivals, who will be the ultimate pageant girl and win the pancake pageant and 1...million...Dollars? Find out right here, on Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Candy and Halle are sitting.

"Good job on making it this far" Halle says.

"Shut up!" Candy says "I'm gonna win, and nobody's gonna stop me!".

Confessional: (Halle) It was going to be vicious already, but now things just got real!

Confessional: (Candy) That girl has never beaten me at any of the pageants! I always won, and I'm gonna today! She won't stand a chance!

Chris meets with Halle and Candy.

"Congrats on making it this far" Chris says "now it's pageant day! There are three areas, each rewarding a point. Whoever gets the most points wins this season and the million dollars!"

"Your going down!" Candy says.

"Part 1, having a dance off on a slippery floor covered in syrup!" Chris says.

Candy and Halle both go on. Halle dances. Candy tries to, but slips and falls off the stage.

"The first point goes to Halle!" Chris says "part 2, pancake eat off!"

Halle and Candy both go on stage where two plates filled with Pancakes are. Candy shoves Halle and eats the pancakes rather quickly.

"Candy wins the second point!" Chris says "part 3, you two will fight until one of you says uncle. The person who beats the other gets 1...million...dollars!"

Confessional: (Halle) Years of pain and agony at the hands of Candy! This will be good

Confessional: (Candy) Momma! I'm winning a million bucks!

Candy and Halle begin. Candy kicks Halle in the face, and pushes her down. Halle trips Candy, and kicks Candy in the face. Halle tries to kick Candy again, but Candy catches her foot. "Your going down Stringbean!" Candy yells. Candy farts in Halle's face, and throws her against the wall.

"Ooh!" Chris says while cringing.

"You'll never amount to anything you loser!" Candy says while kicking Halle repeatedly in the face "you've always been jealous of my talent! You'll never beat me, you'll never succeed at anything! You are bad at everything!"

Halle growls in anger. Halle knocks Candy down, and begins strangling her. "This is for all those years of being bullied by you!" Halle yells "say uncle! do it!".

"Fine! Uncle! Uncle!" Candy yells.

"Halle has done it!" Chris says "you are the winner of Total...Drama...Pancake Factory!"

Halle grabs her million bucks.

"See you in two days!" Chris says.

"What?!" All the contestants (who were watching the fight) say.

"That's right, your gonna return for a new season. But not all of you" Chris says "Candy, Halle, Cindy, Dan, Lance, Jaxon, Rosie, Alice, Miranda, and Jack, you will be returning for the next season! Everyone else won't!"

Everyone who doesn't return groans.

"For now, I'm Chris McLean" Chris says "and see you all on Total Drama: Vasi City!"



16th Place: Alice

15th Place: Patrick

14th Place: Cindy

13th Place: Miranda

12th Place: Landon

11th Place: Carlie

10th Place: Violet

9th Place: Stan

8th Place: Jennifer


7th Place: Jack

6th Place: Lance

5th Place: Jaxon

4th Place: Rosie

3rd Place: Dan

2nd Place: Candy

1st Place: Halle

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