Total Drama: Pahkitew Island 2.0 follows Total Drama: Pahkitew Island in the Total Drama chronology, however occurs in an alternate dimension in which Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race would have never been conceived. Characters that would have appeared in Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race, however make up the cast of this season, due to being existent in the Total Drama universe.


14 new contestants are invited to participate in a death defying competition for a grand total prize of one million dollars. Following the events of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, the robotic island has malfunctioned creating it to automatically operate by it's self, altering the islands topography, natural features and weather when it pleases. The only way to deactivate the islands new mode is to travel to it's core and eject the "Free Will" chip from the computers main drive. Chris is ignorant to the fact that the island has been equip with human emotions, a fact that is discovered by some of the new campers who build a friendship with the destructive island.


The 14 campers are divided into two teams.

Onipahtâkew Osikiyâs (Killer Lizards)

  • Emma: The International Law Student
  • Kitty: The Younger Sister
  • Lorenzo: The High School Drop Out
  • Ellody: The Quiet Genius
  • Brody: The Surfer Dude
  • Carrie: The Romantic Optimist
  • Tom: The Fashion Blogger

Pikwaciyiniw Kinêpik (Savage Snakes)

  • Junior: The Pre-Teen
  • Crimson: The Goth
  • Devin: The Cool Guy
  • Stephanie: The Fitness Model
  • Rock: The Rocker
  • Laurie: The Vegan Hippie
  • Tammy: The Competitive LARPer.


Pahkitew Island 2.0

14 brand spanking new campers arrive at Pahkitew Island and discover that is a deadly machine of destruction, hoewver Chris advises them not to worry and expalins the first challenge. Involving grease pigs, trash piles and a rogue Scuba Bear, the teams scramble to complete their first task.

The Mutiny and the Shouty

With 13 contestants remaining, the teams take part in a life size version of the game battle ships. One contestants falls for a guy on the opposite team, one contestant builds a reputation of being a rude, arrogant, self-centred leader, and another contestant teams up with another to bring their unfair team leader down.

Campture The Flag

Ice Ain't Nice

Robot Animal Rescue

Journey to the Centre of the Island

Jetpack Toy Ride

The Talking Dead

The Wreck of Wawanakwa

Wreck-It Robot

Tree's The Charm

Hide and Go Eeeeek!

Volcano A Go-Go

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