This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
Total Drama: Live Action
Season 2 of RussellSayz's series
Genre Animation
Reality television
Created By RussellSayz
Contestant Count 15 (originally 11)
Episode Count 14
Premiere Date January 8 2015
Finale Date May 11 2015
Preceded by Total Drama: Back To Back Action
Succeeded by Total Drama: Karate Champion
Total Drama: Live Action! is the seventh season of Total Drama. Beginning with 13 contestants, backstabbing, alliances, betrayals, and the fight for the million dollars begins!

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The majority of these characters belong to Fresh Inc. TV.

  • Renata - The Jersey Whore
  • Matthew - The Sweet Guy
  • Rachel - The Hipster Leader
  • Brick - The Cadet
  • Cameron - The Nerd
  • Tyler - The Jock Wannabe
  • Dakota - The Fame-Monger
  • Scott - The Devious
  • Dawn - The Moonchild
  • Jacky - The Fierce Hipster
  • Gwen - The Loner
  • Sofie - The Loveable Quirk
  • Alejandro - The Arch Villain
  • Skylar - The Butt-kicking Beauty
  • Russell - The Cheesy Critic

Jacky belongs to JackyDelRey .

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Aftermath Hosts:



Stage Frights:

  • Matthew (TEAM CAPTAIN)
  • Dawn
  • Brick
  • Sofie

Killer Melodies:

  • Dakota (TEAM CAPTAIN)
  • Rachel
  • Troy
  • Gwen

Drama Royals:

  • Jacky (TEAM CAPTAIN)
  • Renata
  • Tyler
  • Cameron
  • Scott
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Episode 1

A Steamy Meetup
Season 7, Episode 1
Challenge Be the first team to get all the microphones
Reward The power to pick which team they want to send home
Winner(s) Read to find out...
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"A Fashion Disaster"

The camera blurred to a picture of Chris McClean. "Heya!" he said. "It's me, Chris! Again! I know right! We have a new season! Like after the last season went up, I totally did NOT expect to have another season! Haha!"

Chef came up behind him with a remote controlled button.

"Should we blow it up?" he asked.

Chris laughed. "Duh!"

Chef pressed the button, and a huge explosion went up behind them. Chris looked at the camera again. "That was not our contestants! That was Courtney's lawyers! I probably shouldn't have said that on camera..."

A bus drove in the set. The door swung open. Chris smiled. "There are our contestants!"

First came, Brick, the newbie Renata, Matthew (who is also a newbie), then Scott. Then Rachel, who is a huge Total Drama fan, came out looking like she just won the lottery. "Eeee!!" she squealed with a smile. "I-I...! I! Total DramaaaaaaaaAAAA!!" Scott approached her. "Are you ok?" he asked. Rachel replied, "Yeah... I'm fine. i just... I just need..." Then she fainted. She fainted. Wow.

"Um... should we call the paramedics or something?" Chris said nervously. The rest of the cast filed in the set.

"Does anyone know where uh... Troy and Idol are?" Chris asked, clipboard in hand. No answer. "Okay, looks like they're going to have to pay the price of being tardy."

Renata approached Chris with a big smile. "Chris McClean, I need some advice."

"Sorry, girlie," Chris said. He pushed her away, and she growled at him. Chris gave everyone roommates for the night. Everyone had a trailer that fit only 2 people.

After everyone settled in their things in their separate trailers, Chris called them out for the challenge to begin.

Rachel nudged Gwen in the elbow. Gwen replied with a, "Huh, wha-?"

"I am such a big fan of you, Gwen!" Rachel squealed. Gwen smiled and thanked her. Chris let everyone get to know each other first before starting the challenge.

"Oh my gosh! I love Aileen Lee!" Dakota squealed to Jacky. "We should totally be BFFs!"

"What do you think of Heather?" Gwen asked Rachel with a smile. "She is such a jerk!!" Rachel replied. They both laughed.

"What do you think of the ladies here?" Tyler asked Matthew. "They're smokin!" Matthew said. "I know, right! That chick's hot!" Tyler said. "I know! She's literally on fire..." Matthew replied.

"Somebody! Help me get this fire off my body!!" Renata shouted as she jumped up and down, attempting to make the fire go away. "The fire is gone now," Dawn said calmly. "NO IT'S NOT!!" Renata shouted.

After a while, Chris calmed everybody down and knocked Renata down with a fire extinguisher. The fire didn't go, but when she fell down and rolled, fire = boom dead!

"Anyway..." Chris said. "We will have 3 teams! The STAGE FRIGHTS, THE DRAMA ROYALS and the KILLER MELODIES! Let me separate you guys."

Dakota was the team captain of the Melodies. Jacky is the team captain of the Royals, and Matthew is the team captain of the Frights. After everyone was sorted into their teams, a woman dressed in an athletic-ish outfit.


Jess Quinzel explains the episode's challenge.

"Please welcome, Jess Quinzel!" Chris announced. Everyone clapped, as she is well known. "She has prepared the challenge for you and will explain it. Although... I created it! Cuz I'm the brain behind the brawn! Actually... I'm also the brawn."

Jess Quinzel is a 19 year old British athlete who has broke the national world record of sprinting. Although she might be young, she is not to be underestimated as she set up this challenge in less than 10 minutes and it would take Chris at least 2 hours.

"Let me explain the challenge for you all," Jess said. "I have hid several microphones that were signed by celebrities all around this set. Your job is to find them all of them that you need, and bring them back to me and Chris. The first team to arrive here with all the microphones on their checklist wins the challenge and gets to send a team to the Elimination Ceremony! But, there's a catch! In your checklist, you might have the same microphone as someone else on a different team! But only one can win! I will give you 2 minutes to think up a strategy or something like that."

The cast smiled and huddled up with their teams.

"You think I did good?" Jess asked Chris.

"Ehh.... you did ... okay," Chris answered.

In the Royals' huddle...

Jacky started talking about going on a path that the others won't go.

"But... what if there are no microphones there?" Tyler started saying.

"What if there was? We'll give it a shot, Ty!" Jacky said enthusiastically.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Jacky," Renata said.

"Why not...?" Jacky asked, confused.

"Well... like Tyler said, what if there are no mics there? We'll just be wasting our time!" Renata pointed out.

"And, if we go with the other team, if they get a mic, we can snatch it off of them!" Scott said.

Renata stared into Scott's eyes. "I never noticed how hot you are!" Renata said softly.

"What?" Scott said.

"NOTHING!" Renata said, grinning.

"So... what should we do then?" Jacky asked her team.

"Well... we can always follow the other teams," Cameron said. "Is that good enough...?"

"Good enough... I guess," Renata said. "So we go with Cameron's plan?"

"Um, yeah, okay," Tyler said.

"We can like sabotage the other team, ya know?" Scott suggested. "Whaddya think?"

"We should go with Scott's plan!" Renata said, hugging him. Scott just made a disgusted and confused face.

"Make up your mind woman!" Tyler screamed. "Is it Cameron or Scott?"

Everyone just stared at him...

"What?!" Tyler screamed. "It was CONFUSING me!!"

In the Frights' huddle...

"I think we should go inside that cave over there!" Matthew suggested, pointing at a well-lit cave with a TV and a soft rocking chair. "That looks like uh... I didn't sign up for this show!"

"There are no mics there," Dawn said calmly. "My aura sense it."

"Er, okay..." Matthew said. He looked around the set, and spotted a furnished treehouse. "Hey! Uh, what about that treehouse?"

"Nope," Dawn said.

"That huge fake hotdog bun advertising 'The Woof Between Your Bun!' ?"


"Then what?" Matthew said.

"Hey, uh, what about that alien set?" Brick suggested. "Ya know, the one from the first episode of Total Drama Action? Oh wait, not the first... the Alien episode, ya know?"

"Brick, amazing!" Dawn said. "There are exactly all 10 of our mics there! My aura senses it!"

"Your aura senses everything, Dawn," Brick said. "That's creepy..."

"Uh, yeah..." Matthew said ,trembling. "Let's go to that slimy scary alien place..." Then faked a cheer. "Woo...hoo...?"

In the Melodies' huddle...

"Where did Dakota go?" Rachel asked.

"I dunno," Gwen said. "Lemme check."

Gwen walked around the spot then finally spotted Dakota near the Alien Set, where the Frights were planning to go. "Dakota, what are you doing?" Gwen asked. "I have a genius plan! I just overheard that the Frights were going to the Alien Set. I also heard that the Royals were going to follow them! So I but a smoke grenade and a net trap in there, so when the two teams come, BOOM!! Kill two jerks with one stone!!"


Awkward silence.

"Did Izzy possess you or something?" Gwen said. "And ugh! What is that smell? I think your bomb went off! P.U.!! Your bomb is really effective!"

"Actually... I just tooted," Dakota said softly. "Heehee... sorry."

The two returned to the huddle.

"Where should we go?" Rachel asked.

"We should go to that cave!" Dakota said, pointing at the same cave Matthew suggested. "It's near the alien set."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Gwen said with a smile. "Let's do it."


Chris called them all to meet together in the centre of the island with Jess. Chris had a horn in his hands, and he honked it. The teams scattered around the island. Matthew led the Frights to the Alien Set, while Jacky made a sign in the air, then pointed at the Frights. The Royals ran after them quietly. The Melodies ran to their destination. Once they were inside, Dakota jumped onto the cushioned rocking chair, and turned on the TV. "Yes! Pretty Little Liars!"

"OMG!" Rachel squealed. "PLL! Scoot, Dakota! I have to watch too!"

The two squeezed in and started watching the show dramatically. Gwen started screaming and telling the two to focus on the challenge. Rachel got up and just shook Dakota, but Dakota stayed on the chair. Gwen and Rachel started looking around the cave, even kicking bookshelves down when they found out there was no mic. Rachel cursed, and that apparently got Dakota's attention.

"Dakota," Gwen started. "You know if we lose, we're voting you off for just relaxing back on that chair, right?"

"Yeah... but come on!" Dakota said. "That ROCKING CHAIR has a freaking VIBRATE BUTTON!!"

"Whatever," Gwen said. "Let's just get out and find a new place to search."

Meanwhile, the Frights arrived in the Alien Set. Unbeknownst to them, The Royals are sneaking up on them.

Matthew held up the list of the mics they needed to find. "Okay, so let's find the uh, ooh! Britney Spears mic!"

"Who?" Brick said.

"If I was a kid too, I would also say who," Dawn said. Brick got mad at her for calling him a kid. "Anyway, like I was saying, no one knows who Britney Spears is anymore."

"But we still have to find it though, the mic," Matthew said.

Jacky nudged Scott. "Look! We have Britney too on our list!"

"Sweet! We can just steal it from them!" Scott said. "Just like taking candy from a--"

"Sandwiches!" Renata said. She pointed at Scott like she thought he was going to say, 'That's what I was going to say!'. "C'mon! Scott! The first step to true love is singing romantic Disney songs! Or at least Disney songs that have something to do with love. Now ask me to marry you!"

"What the heck?!" Scott said loudly. He pushed Renata off him.


Matthew is before being hit with a boomerang.

Matthew looked back. He patted his teammates and whispered to them all, "The Royals are here. Should we ambush?" They all nodded. Jacky gasped and told her teammates the Fright know they're there. Scott pulled out a boomerang out of his pocket. Jacky asked him where he got that from. "Oh, I was visiting Jasmine in Australia, and she gave me this! Now let's see this baby fly!" He tossed the boomerang in the air and it hit Matthew. Matthew fell with a... "DING!" and the boomerang went flying back to Scott...'s head. So 2 DINGS!

Dawn and Brick gasped, and pulled Matthew's body away into hiding.

Renata shook Scott until he woke up. "Are you okay, darling?" Renata asked.

Scott looked around. "W-w...where am I? Who am I? Whaa... what's happening?"

The Royals gasped.

Cameron said, "I think Scott lost his memory when he got hit by the boomerang!!"

"Scott?" Scott said. "Is that me...? And you must be my best friend, kid!" He pointed at Cameron. "Me? Oh no!" Cameron said. "But I would like us to be friends!" Renata pushed Cameron away and knelt down beside Scott. "Do you remember me, sweet cheeks?" she asked with a whimper. Scott took a quick look then answered no. "Well uh, I'm..." Renata said. "I'm Renata, your longtime girlfriend! We've been dating for 3 years, and you were just proposing to me just now but then you got hit by the boomerang!"

"Wait, what?" Jacky screamed.

"Y-yes! That's 100% true!" Renata said, scared of losing Scott. "Right, Jacky? Jacky, you're just being silly!"

"And pretty," Scott added. Jacky and Renata gasped. "Excuuuuuse me!" Jacky said angrily. "Don't you go flirting with me! I have a boyfriend! And uh... you're dating... Renata?"

"Yes! That's true!" Renata said. "How could you, Scott? How could you? You just proposed!"

"Oh brother..." Cameron sighed.

"Hey, yo, Scott," Tyler said, shoving through his team, approaching Scott. "I'm your uh, best friend. We go to the gym everyday together! Remember?"

"Um... yeah, I guess," Scott said. "Um... Rylie? Is that your name? Ryler?"

Tyler gasped in excitement. "Close!! TYLER! We can be bffs now!"

"Now...?" Scott said.

"Wait, let's just pay attention to the challenge right now," Cameron suggested.

"Challenge?" Scott asked. "Wha-? Where am I?"


"I'm actually not surprised he called us victims," Cameron said.

Dawn spoke up (from the other side of the set). "What about Matthew? Is he going to be okay? Will he continue to participate in the show?"


Jess jogged toward Dawn, Brick, and the unconscious Matthew. "I'm here!" Jess said. She knelt down and checked his heart rate. "He's okay. We just need someone to wake him up."

"Wait," Brick said. "Does he need CPR? Cause I'll do it. Anything for a teammate."

Matthew sprang back to life. "Nobody kiss me!"

Jess laughed. "He's okay."

Jess jogged off back to Chris while Chef picked Scott up, ignoring Renata's protests.

"What happened?" Matthew asked Dawn and Brick. "You passed out," Brick said. "But it's great to have you back!" He hugged Matthew, and Matt felt um, uncomfortable. The Frights went off to find the rest of their mics.

After an hour, the Frights found 4 out of 7 of their mics, so did the Royals, and the Melodies found 3 out of 7 of their mics.


The Stage Frights' list.


The Drama Royals' list.


The Killer Melodies' list.

"Rachel! Rachel!" Dakota called.

The Melodies were walking to the Alien Set. "Rachel!" Dakota called. "What?!" Rachel screamed.

"I...I'm... so TIRED! Can we stop walking?! Pleasseee!!" Dakota pleaded. Rachel reminded her that she (Dakota) was team captain. "Oh! You're right! And I order all of you to rest and take a break!"


"What?!" Dakota exclaimed.

"Dakota, we have to win this challenge!" Rachel said.

"But why?!" Dakota said.

"So we don't kick you off!" Gwen exclaimed. Dakota's eyes widened and marched beside Rachel. "Okay, let's move, troop!" Dakota declared.

Suddenly, an explosion set off in the Alien Set.

"Whoa! What the heck?" Gwen shouted. The smoke was spreading everywhere and the 3 girls were coughing.

"My grenade! My smoke grenade! It went off! The trap. The TRAP!!" Dakota exclaimed. "C'mon! We have to go!!"

"And a minute ago, she was begging us to stop," Rachel muttered...


"Wait, is that a bomb?" Renata shrieked, pointing at the ticking grenade next to her team who was walking by.

"That is!" Cameron exclaimed. "Wait, I know how to stop it!" Cameron ran to the bomb and got out a tool from his pocket and started opening the bomb (don't ask me how), and started stirring his tool inside it.

"Everyone has weird things in their pockets today," Jacky said.

The bomb beeped.

"Uh oh!" Cameron said.

"What is it?" Jacky exclaimed.

"I... made it worse," Cameron answered, "it was supposed to blow at um... 2 more hours. But now it's less than 30 seconds! And now, it uh... smokes when it blows! When I say smoke, I mean like MUSHROOM CLOUD!"

Before they all could react, the bomb went off and knocked them down into a net, which trapped them in... with the Frights who stumbled into it, except for Dawn, who tripped behind and watched the scene happen behind a wall who granted her safety.


The Melodies ran inside the set, and the Royals and the Frights were stuck in one net. "Yes!" Dakota cheered. "My plan worked! You guys are trapped! All of you! HAHA! I got both teams!"

"Not completely, though," Matthew said, with a smirk. "Start counting, Dakota."

Dakota counted all of them, and she noticed someone was missing.

"Let 'er rip, Dawn!" Matthew said loudly with a big smile. The Melodies was startled and shocked, and looked at Dawn - who was holding a smoke bomb. Dawn threw the smoke bomb to the where the Melodies were, and smoke clouded the room. After the smoke cleared up, the Frights were gone, but the Royals were still tangled in the net. "Are you going to free us?" Renata asked weakly. Dakota shook her head. The Royals groaned.

After an hour of searching, Brick held up the Frights' final mic - the mic that belonged to Tyler Oakley. "I found it! Guys! I found the last one!!"

The Frights cheered and escaped the building. The two teams were still inside, and the Royals were still stuck in the net.

Jess and Chris were waiting near the trailers. Matthew handed them their bag of mics. Jessie declared them the winners of the challenge and they got to decide which team to send to the elimination ceremony. "We choose... the Royals."


In the Elimination Ceremony, the Royals were very nervous. Everyone got their voting devices ready. It was just like in Total Drama Action.

"Okay, the votes are in!" Chris announced. He passed the awards to everyone except Jacky and Cameron.

"What?! Why me...?" Cameron asked his teammates.

"You were the one who made us trapped in that net!!" Renata screamed.

"What about me?" Jacky asked.

"You were the one who allowed him to fix the bomb, then did nothing about it once we were trapped! You didn't even try to cut the net!" Renata shouted, furiously.

Chris put his hand in the air, and told Renata to, "SHUT UP!" "The final award goes to....













... Jacky."

He tossed her the final Gilded Chris, and she hugged it gracefully. Everyone said goodbye to Cameron (ya know, except for Renata who's a b****).

Chris went in front of the camera and announced,

"Tune in for the next episode where more drama closes in! On Total! Drama! Live! Actiooonnn!!"

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Not So Super
Season 7, Episode 2
Challenge Pick 1 person from each team to be the superhero and the rest can help that one person, Stop Heather and Alejandro from throwing their pineapple statues into the volcano
Reward Invincibility, Decision (which team should go to the elimination ceremony)
Winner(s) Read to find out...
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"A Steamy Meetup"
"A Merge Is A Merge"

Episode 2

"Morning campers!"

Everyone was startled. They looked around, and realised... they're not in their trailers. They're in...

"THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING FOREST?!" Gwen shouted. Chris just smiled, and nodded. When numerous of the contestants asked why are they there, Chris said that this is where the challenge would take place in. "You are to choose one player from your team to dress up like a superhero, and the rest of the team may help that person. If your superhero costume is convincing enough to make me smile or amazed, you move on to the next round," Chris explained. "The next round is even harder. You must make a superhero set, maybe like a building or a burning building, and you HAVE to make your own props. When you have your set finished, the hero from your team must perform a scene! A scene that makes it look like the hero is actually... a hero. Understand?"

"Question!" Brick said.

"Yes, Brick?" Chris said.

"How do we choose the hero?" Brick asked. "Oh," Chris said. "Well, your team leader makes the decision."

Renata looked around. "Wait, where the hell is Jacky?"

Chris laughed. "Oh! Yeah! We have a new contestant coming, and Jacky's bringing her in. The newbie's from the US, and we didn't want to pay for her flight, so we made Jacky bring her here last night. So, she's probably gonna be late--"


Everyone looked back. There was a ship crashing into the green land. It stayed standing, though, and Jacky and the new contestant were standing on it.

"Jacky?" Renata screamed. "You look... different."

Jacky hopped off the ship, and rolled towards the cast. "Thanks. I got a new ref."

"A... what?" Tyler said.

"Oh!" Jacky announced. "Did I forget to introduce our new contestant? It's... Sofiella!"

"Actually," the newbie said. "You can just call me Sofie for short. Heehee." She climbed down the ladders of the ship.


Sophie's poster signed by Chris.

"Wait, there were ladders?" Jacky said. "I almost broke my wrists for that landing!"

"LOL!" Sofie said. She jogged towards the cast. "Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!" She basically greeted everyone. She looked at Chris. "Chris McLean! OMG! I can't believe it's you! I have a picture of you, and you signed it, and I was like 'EEEEEEE!!' but then you wrote my name wrong, so I looked for you in the supermarket again, but I couldn't find you--"

"Wait," Dakota said. "You met Chris in the supermarket?" Sofie nodded. "Then how come I didn't meet Brad Pitt?" Dakota exclaimed.

"Anyway..." Sofie said. "I brought the poster back, and I wanted you to sign it again." She pulled out a poster of Chris, autographed by Chris, and handed it over to Chris. Chris just said no, and that this was supposed to be a competition, not a meet-and-greet. Sofie seemed extremely sad, so Jacky hugged her.

"So, what team is Sofie in?" Jacky asked.

"Oh yeah! About the teams and the contestants! Idol cannot make it to the show. She said something about mother being sick and having cancer and all that, and Troy is still very late. So... when he comes, he's going to face the consequences. Ooh! And I have I mentioned that the confessionals are open! So get in and have some fun!"


BRICK'S CONFESSIONAL: Idol is being REALLY not loyal to our team. But... she is loyal to her family... wait. Is she loyal? I'm confused... Uh... what? Uh...

"Anyway," Chris said. "Sofie will be in the uh, Stage Frights since Idol couldn't make it. Then pick your superheroes, then meet me in the center of the lot, ya know, the one with the stage and all that. Yeah, great! I'll meet you there!" Chris walks away, while the teams make a decision.

After their decisions were made, the contestants gathered on the stage where Chris has told them to go to. Chris took them backstage where tons of supplies to make costumes were visible.

Sofie was the superhero for the Frights. Gwen was the hero for the Melodies. Tyler was the hero for the Royals.

Chris let them all work together with their separate teams.

The Frights worked surprisingly well. The team really helped Sofie out with her costume. Matthew led the team incredibly, and in the end, Sofie's costume looked AMAZING! Meanwhile, the Melody Girls didn't work out so well...

"I told you! That doesn't look good!" Dakota said, ripping Gwen's costume off of her body.

"Hey! Watch it!" Gwen shouted. "You gave me a cut! Plus, if I wasn't wearing a shirt and shorts under that costume, I would be naked! Or almost! So, just don't rip that costume off like that!"

"Sorry!" Dakota said. "It just looks... disgusting. I mean... what the heck is this junk? I mean, where's the style in that?"

"Hey! Don't say that! I designed that!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Sorry, Rach," Dakota said. "I hope we can still be friends because, well... my friends list on Facebook is really REALLY low! Like... I only have around 5000 friends and like 3 million likes on my page!"

"Dakota, don't sweat it!" Gwen said. "I only have 2 million." Dakota immediately started saying 'aww' to Gwen, feeling bad for her.

"Guys!" Rachel shouted. "Stop it! We need to focus on Gwen's costume! Cuz, obviously... my Lavagirl costume wasn't good enough."

"Rachel, don't feel bad!" Dakota said. She clapped her on the back. "You're amazing, okay? Remember that." Rachel nodded.

So, they were... not doing so well on the challenge. But great bonding girls! Meanwhile, the Royals were doing even worse.

Jacky sat alone on a pink chair, in front of a huge curtain, showing shadows of Renata and Tyler behind it. "Ugh, where's Scott when we need him," Jacky muttered. "Are you ready yet, Renata?" she shouted.

"Hold on!" Renata shouted. "And... done! He's a plane, he's a bird... no... he's BIRDMAN!!" Renata pushed Tyler out of the curtain. He was wearing a huge red chicken costume, and he was obviously uncomfortable. "So he is a bird?" Jacky said. "I guess so," Renata said, smiling. "So... what do you think?" Jacky took a quick look at Tyler. "I think he looks awful," Jacky replied. Renata's jaw dropped. "What?! He looks..." she took a look at him. "...adorable! OMG I need to instagram this!" She took out her phone and took a photo of Tyler. Then she started typing and soon (2 seconds), she got real busy.

"How do you even have a phone?!" Jacky said. "Didn't Chris take your phone away before you arrived?" Renata didn't even look at Jacky when she said, "Hm? Oh yeah, but I had a spare one. Duh! FOr emergency!" She glanced away from her phone. "Doesn't everyone do that?"

She looked at her phone again. "Guys! Help me out!"

"Huh?!" Jacky exclaimed. "What's wrong?"

"Did someone hack into your account?" Tyler exclaimed.

"Your account is deleted?" Jacky exclaimed.

"No," Renata said. "I... I... I...




... I can't think of a caption!"

Jack and Tyler groaned. "What a great problem!" Jacky said, sarcastically.

"I know right!!" Renata screamed.

"How about, #sarcasm ?!" Jacky exclaimed.

"Ooh! I know the perfect caption!" Renata exclaimed. "The new superhero of our land...! And my new boyfriend! #hunk #chicken #nofilter #ontotaldrama #hashtag..."

"Wait, your new boyfriend?!" Tyler shouted. "You do know that I'm currently dating Lindsay, right?"

Renata continued, "... #lindsayisgoingtodietonight ..."

Tyler gasped.

"Upload!" Renata said, with a bright smile.

Tyler smacked the phone off of Renata's hand, making it fall on the ground. Renata gasped. Tyler repeatedly stepped on her phone, breaking it. "What the hell?!" Renata screamed. "Why would you do that?!?!"

"To make you lose interest in me," Tyler replied.

"Well it worked!!" Renata screamed. She slapped Tyler in the face so hard, that Tyler fell on the floor. She shouted as she fell and elbowed Tyler's stomach.

"Whoa! WHOA! GUYS!!!" Jacky exclaimed, pulling the two aside. The two stood up. "What are you DOING!?" Jacky screamed.

"Jacky's right..." Tyler said. "We have to focus on the challenge. We have to make a superhero costume! Now!"

"Yeah!" Renata exclaimed. "Cuz this chicken costume is just... horrible! I just realised."

"ANNOUNCEMENT CONTESTANTS!" Chris shouted through speakers. "MEET ME OUTSIDE!!"

"Well," Jacky said. "It's going to have to work, because we wasted too much of our time fighting, and now, it's time. C'mon, let's go."

"I hope we wing this," Renata said. "Get it, Ty?"

"I get it!" Tyler exclaimed, frustrated. Renata just laughed. While the two walked ahead, Tyler stayed back. "Wait... I just realised... I'm afraid of chickens." Then he screamed... really loudly.

"Alright, guys!" Chris announced. He said that the superheroes had to wait backstage while the rest had to sit on benches according to their teams. The judges were Chris, Chef, and an intern. They sat on their chairs behind the judge panel. "Alright, first one up is... Sofie!"

Sophia superheroTDLA

Sofie as The Feminine Bolt

Sofie walked out of the curtains, and onto the stage. She waved at everyone, smiling and happily skipping, but then she realised she wasn't 'fierce' so her face turned serious and angry. She roared. Everyone was uh... shocked and some were even giggling. Sofie cleared her throat. "I am... The Feminine Bolt!! I fight crime in this dirty black city. I can shoot lightning bolts out of my bare palms, and teleport through the sky! I put those nasty criminals into jail. Plus, I come from a magical majestical land, so that explains my purple hair and wings."

She cleared her throat once more. "I am the one who puts you to sleep! Ya know, because the city's too loud because of the criminals... so I put them in jail. My brothers and sisters have turned on me, and they have become outlaws, and dangerous criminals... now... this city has turned on me as well. Well, I might not be the hero this city wants. But I'm the one it needs."

Chris immediately started sobbing. "So inspirational!"

Chef stared at Chris. "I suppose you haven't watched Batman."

"I've heard about him," Chris said. He put out his scoring board, and wrote 10. He put it up high. "AMAZING, SOFIE! AMAZING!"

Chef sighed, and put out a board that said 9, so did the intern.

Next, Gwen came out. She wore a black suit. "I am... the new..." she looked at her palm (which has writing on it), then looked at the judges. "the new Black Pillow!" Rachel angrily mouthed 'Widow'. Gwen said, "oh!" then immediately corrected herself. "I... I... well, basically all I do is shoot guns and make out with other heroes ya know. Plus I'm hot, so..."

The intern nodded. "True." He put up a board - 6 and a half.

"What?!" Gwen exclaimed. "I thought I did great!"

Chris put up his board - 4.

Chef put up his board - 6.

Gwen sighed. "I'm also a ginger."

The intern and Chef changed their boards into both 7.

"I guess Scarlett Jo is reeaalll lucky and successful," Gwen muttered.

Next, Tyler came out. He was still wearing his chicken costume. "Alright, I might look stupid, but I am a real hero! I save babies! I save people! Because I... am BIRDMAN!"

All of the judges put up a 4.

"I hate you all, citizens!" Tyler shouted.

The contestants huddled together. Chris announced the scores, "In last place - Birdman! With 12 points." The contestants said they expected it. "In second place - The New Black Widow, I think that's the name. Well, Gwen, you didn't say your hero name exactly... so, we took a point away from you. With 17 points! And in first place... THE FEMININE BOLT!! With 28 points!!!"

"Yeaahhh!" Sofie cheered. The Frights cheered along, while the other teams glared at them in envy. Chris said that the contestants didn't have to make their own sets, because he has learned that the contestants sucked at making their own things.

"You are going to remake the Total Drama World Tour finale! You are going to compete against each other, and face the same obstacles Heather and Alejandro faced! And who else better than the finalists themselves to come and help you?"

Heather and Alejandro walked onto the stage from behind the curtains. "Hello, hello!" Alejandro said. Everyone got excited. They all crowded around the TDWT finalists and said they were huge fans and all that. Chris told them to go away from Heather and Al, because they were going to help Gwen, Sofie, and Tyler.

"But, there are only 2 of them," Gwen said. "And 3 of us, the heroes."

"Brilliant observation, Gwen!" Chris said. He then said that the three had to battle, and only two can participate in the TDWT "finale". "Since Sofie won the last challenge, she gets an automatic ticket to the last part of the challenge!" The Frights cheered once more. Chris continued, "So Gwen and Tyler have to battle to determine the final spot with Sofie. How, you ask? There is a Gilded Chris Award somewhere in the woods of this set! If you find it, you win!"

Tyler and Gwen exchanged glances, then sprinted into the woods of the set.

"Into the woods," Matthew teased. Sofie playfully nudged him with a laugh.

In the forest...

Tyler and Gwen ran around the woods. They both bumped into each other in one point, and they both fell. But when they stood, they saw the Gilded Chris Award on a wooden log. They both looked at each other, then sprinted for it. Gwen tripped on a log, so Tyler caught it. "Yes!! I win!!" Tyler cheered. "I WIN!!!" Gwen stood up and told him to shut it.

Tyler wins the challenge.

Chris came in with the cast and Heather and Alejandro and Chef on a huge golf cart. Chris congratulated Tyler, then brought Tyler and Sofie, and Heather and Alejandro, into a set that looked exactly like the TDWT finale location. Chef brought the rest of the cast into the monitor room, where they could watch Tyler and Sofie compete against each other.

"Alright," Chris said. "Heather and Alejandro are going to carry the pineapple statues they carried in the TDWT finale." Heather and Alejandro both shouted, "WHAT?!" An intern came in, carrying both pineapple statues on his back. Once he gave them to Heather and Alejandro, the intern passed out. "Heather and Alejandro will throw their pineapple statues into the fake volcano," Chris explained. "Your job is stop them." He pointed at Tyler and Sofie. "Sofie, you have to stop Alejandro by destroying his pinapple statue, and Tyler, you have to do the same to Heather." Heather and Alejandro exchanged glances. "But," Chris continued. "You're going to have to wear some very uncomfortable things!" Chris brought out a long pair of socks, and told Sofie to put them on.

"What about me?" Tyler asked.

"You look uncomfortable enough in that stupid costume," Chris said. Tyler nodded.

Chris blew a whistle, and Heather and Alejandro took off, carrying their pineapple statues on their backs. Sofie sprinted after Alejandro, and she was much faster because, well... Alejandro has a huge weight on his back. Tyler chased Heather... but he was very slow. I mean, he was... he's wearing a chicken costume.

Tyler went after Heather, and pushed her down. "Aah!" Heather shouted. "Get off of me, you stupid bird!"

"I'm Tyler! Not a bird, Heather," Tyler said.

"I know," Heather chuckled. She smacked Tyler off of her with her pineapple statue, then continued running.

"I'm gonna get you!" Sofie shouted at Alejandro.

"Your chances of doing that is 1%" Alejandro said.

"At least I've got a chance!" Sofie said. Sofie clothes started to tear from the heat, and she got a rash on her cheek from her previous fall. The two reached the boiling pit of lava with the stepping stones. Chris was on the other side. Alejandro immediately jumped onto a stepping stone. Sofie followed him, but Alejandro was a little faster.

Sofie and Al TDLA

Sofie and Alejandro compete against each other.

"I hate these socks!" Sofie exclaimed. "Ooh! But they erase my itches! It feels a little comfy now!"

"SOFIE!!" Chris shouted. "Get your head in the game!"

"Whoopsie," Sofie said. Alejandro screamed, as he jumped onto a stepping stone, and a huge metal safe fell behind him.

Sofie jumped from stone to stone, and caught up with Alejandro. Behind them, Heather and Tyler were running to the stepping stones. Tyler slipped and fell into the lava, but he managed to stay afloat and not burn. "This chicken suit can be really handy!" Tyler said. While Alejandro and Heather were looking at Tyler swimming along the lava, Sofie grabbed Alejandro's pineapple statue and threw it into the lava.

"Yeaahh!" Sofie cheered. "I win!"

Chris nodded, and congratulated Sofie. Chris said that her reward was that she got to choose which team should go to the elimination ceremony.

"I pick..." Sofie said. "The Drama Royals!"

"Then it is settled," Chris said. "Royals, meet me in the elimination ceremony!"

The Royals glared at each one of them. One of them were about to go home, and they didn't want that person to be themselves. Tyler headed to his trailer, but Renata stopped him. "Hey, hottie," Renata said. Tyler rolled his eyes, and told her he has a boyfriend. "I don't care," Renata said. "Look, that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to discuss... who should go home?" She whispered into his ears, and Tyler reluctantly nodded. "Thanks, Ty!" Renata said. "I owe you one huge favor!"

The Royals headed to the auditorium. Chris handed them their voting devices and they voted...

"Alright, the first one safe is..." Chris announced. "Surprisingly, Tyler!" Tyler cheered, and Chris threw his Gilded Chris to him. "Now, the last one safe is... really shocking." Renata sneered, then revealed a smirk to Jacky while Jacky gasped. "Renata," Chris said. Chris threw the last Gilded Chris to Renata.

Jacky stood up in shock. "What?! But, how?! Tyler, you agreed with her?!"

"I am soo sorry, Jacky!" Tyler said.

"I don't wanna hear it," Jacky said. "But I forgive you anyway." Jacky hugged Tyler, then glared at Renata. "You're gonna pay for this, you--"

"Family show!!" Chris shouted. He pushed Jacky into the Lame-O-Sine. "Who's gonna go next? What shall happen next? Find out next time on...


Episode 3

A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 1 (Love Is In The Poisonous Air)
Season 7, Episode 3
Challenge Fly to Pahkitew Island with your partner in plane, and arrive there first
Reward N/A
Winner(s) None
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"Not So Super"
"A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 2 (We're The Mothatruckers You Want)"

The contestants woke up, and headed slowly to the cafeteria, where Chef had prepared some disgusting (as usual) meals for them. Gwen stared with disgust at her tray of food. "Ugh," she groaned. "Why can't they get us real food." She walked to her table, where Dakota and Rachel were already sitting. Dakota said they needed to talk strategy and how to "kick those teams' butts".

To their left, was the Royals' tables, and Renata seemed to have heard their conversation. "Oh, what was that?" she exclaimed loudly so everybody can hear. "What was that about kicking our butts? Was that what you were talking about?"

Tyler tried to calm Renata down. "Renata, it's a game. It's a competition. That's just how it works." Renata rolled her eyes and groaned, "Whatever".

<CONF> Renata: Ugh. I had the worst night ever last night. I tossed and I turned, but I couldn't get any sleep because of that IDIOT Rachel. She was blasting her music all night!! She's my roommate... God, why did I ever pick her?! Now the symptoms of no sleep is killing me right now! I even upset my sweetie boo-boo, Tyler! Oh my gosh, I hope he's not mad at me... Ugh. I hate Rachel. <CONF>

To the right of the Melodies' table, there was the Frights' table. Matthew hit his fist against the table. "Everybody listen," Matthew whispered. "We've got a huge advantage right now. The Royals have no leader because they were foolish enough to eliminate their own leader."

Renata coughed, then said, "I'm right here, buddy!!" She got up on her table. "I have bat ears! I know exactly what you're saying!!! You wanna fight, huh? You wanna fight? I'll give you a fight!!" Tyler pulled her back, and pushed her onto her seat.

"Anyway," Matthew continued softly. "Like I was saying, the Royals has no leader, the Melodies hasn't won any single challenge, and we've won basically all the challenges so far. This is an amazing game for us guys!"

The Frights laughed. "Yeah!" Brick said. He picked up his can of Soda, and raised it. "Cheers! To Frights!" The team grabbed their drinks (soda, juice, water) then clashed their drinks. "TO FRIGHTS!!!"

"To Frights, huh?" Chris said smiling, walking into the tent. "Yeah, well there'll be no more Frights!" The Frights gasped. "What did we do wrong?" Dawn shrieked. Renata just smirked, then laughed. Chris continued, "There'll be no more Royals either!" Renata's jaw dropped, so did Tyler's. "What?! What do you mean?!" Renata screamed. "Are you kicking us out of the game, and leaving these stupid girls to compete in the Final 3?!"

"HEY!!" the Melodies exclaimed.

"No, idiots!" Chef said in the back. "He means the merge!"

Everyone went like, "Ohhh... YEAAAAHHH!!!!" Matthew smiled, then shook his teammates' hands. "It's been a pleasure working with you all." Brick smiled, and gripped Matthew's hands, and shook it firmly. "It's been an honour working with you, Matt," he said. "I'm gonna miss you buddy! I'm gonna miss those times where we talked about strategy. And... and..." he started crying and sobbing, "and... when we talked about girls, and... when you said goodnight to me every night!" Brick started crying, and tears came running across his cheeks, streaming down his face like a pouring waterfall. Matthew hugged Brick. "Brick," Matthew said. "It's not like you're leaving, or I'm leaving. You're still in the game. We're basically both still going to be working together again. That is if we are in an alliance..." Brick smiled, then immediately offered an alliance. "Alright, alright," Matthew said.

Renata flashed her eyes, looking at Tyler flirtatiously. "Well!" she said. "The only way to celebrate a merge... is to have a kiss!"

Tyler gasped, and started shaking his head furiously. "I have a girlfriend!"

Renata laughed, then chased Tyler around, saying, "Come to mama, baby!"

Chris calmed everybody down, then explained the challenge. He said that everyone had to pick a partner, and go to a plane together. One of them had to fly the plane. Their plane had to reach the set where they filmed Total Drama's last season... Pahkitew Island! Once all the contestants have reached the island, Chris will give them further instructions. Everyone partnered up... all except Renata. "Wait wait!!" Renata said. "I don't have a partner!!"

Chris pulled Scott, who was extremely dizzy and looked like he was still sick, into the tent. "Problem solved! Welcome back, Scott!!"

Renata smiled brightly, and ran to hug Scott. "My sweetie boo-boo!!"

Immediately, Tyler gasped.

<CONF> What did she say?! I'm her sweetie boo-boo!! Not some ginger pinhead who just lost his memory!! *growl* You think I'm jealous, huh? I'm NOT!!! I have a girlfriend okay? <CONF>

"Anyway, the race to Pahkitew starts... NOW!!" Chris announced. Everyone raced out of the tent... all except... Renata... and Scott with her this time. "Wait, Chris," Scott said. "What are we doing?" Renata just told him to follow her, and everything will be alright. She pulled his arm, and ran across the set to find a plane.

Brick and Dawn (surprising, am I right?!) got to their plane, and immediately jumped on. "Hop on!" Brick said, lending Dawn his hand.

Matthew and Sofie ran across the set, and saw Brick and Dawn taking off. "Darn it!" Matthew said. Sofie pointed at a nearby plane. "Look!!" she said. "C'mon!" The two ran to the plane, only to see Renata and Scott running to it too. They arrived in the same time. "Hey! This is our plane!" Scott shouted. "Yeah go tell them baby!" Renata said, smirking. Scott looked at her, confused.

"You've got the wrong plane buddy!" Matthew said, and shoved Scott in the stomach with his elbow. Sofie gasped and asked Matthew if that was necessary. Matthew said yes, grabbed Sofie by the arm, and pulled her inside the plane. A few seconds later, the plane took off. Renata helped Scott up. Scott growled. "That Matthew is gonna pay for what he did to me," he said furiously.

Rachel and Tyler ran to a plane, and got on it immediately. Dakota and Gwen found a plane as well. The only plane left was the one in the water. "I suppose that'll have to do," Scott said, disappointed. Scott and Renata swam, then jumped into their plane. They took off slowly a minute later.

Meanwhile, Dawn and Brick were flying in midair.

Brick and dawn plane

Brick was flying the plane, while Dawn was meditating. Brick nervously looked at the sky, then nervously looked at Dawn. He sighed. He put on his serious face, and controlled the plane. "Dawn," he said.

"What?" Dawn said.

"I just realised I don't know how to fly a plane."

Dawn nodded. "I knew that. That's why I prepared a flying manual in your bag."

"Wait, what?" Brick said. "I threw that away!"

Dawn stopped meditating, and fell on her chair. "You what?!" she screamed. "What are we supposed to do now?!"

Brick shrugged. "I'm sorry!!" The plane started to fall. "I'm gonna prepare some parachutes!" He went out of the cockpit, and searched for parachutes in a hurry. Dawn's jaw dropped, and she took over pilot duty. "Brick!!" she screamed. "You can't just leave!!" She steered the plane, and controlled the plane, but it was still going up and down, and shaking all around! Brick was falling everywhere!!

Chris watched them from his tv. "Looks like they didn't know there was an autopilot!"

Meanwhile in Dakota and Gwen's plane...

Gwen was flying the plane, while Dakota was taking a look around the plane. She found a huge wardrobe, filled with amazing clothes. "OMG!!" she shrieked.

"Dakota!!" Gwen called out. She put the plane on autopilot. "There was an autopilot all this time?" She walked out of the cockpit, and saw Dakota trying on some clothes.

"Gwen?!" Dakota exclaimed. "Aren't you supposed to be steering the plane!?!" Gwen told her she put it on autopilot. "Oh, thank goodness!" Dakota said. "How do you think this top looks on me?" Gwen just ignored her, and went to the plane's fridge. She took out a glass of warm water. "Ooh! Gwen!!" Dakota said. "Can you also get me some orange juice?" Gwen sighed, and took a glass of orange juice, then gave it to Dakota. "Thanks, Gwen!" Dakota said. Dakota put on a sparkly red dress, and some cat ears on. She went to the plane's bathroom to do her makeup.

After 5 minutes, Dakota came out, and walked like a model. She lounged into a comfy seat, and snapped her fingers. She was acting like a diva.

"Why are you snapping?" Gwen said.


"I'm snapping because I'm calling you, Gwen!" Dakota said. "Get me a glass of ice tea! Now!! ASAP!!!" Gwen rolled her eyes, and gave her a glass of ice tea. "Thank you. Now fetch me a cute puppy so I could take a selfie with it!"

"What?" Gwen said. "Dakota, I'm not your servant!"

"Ahem!!" Dakota exclaimed. "Where's my puppy?!"

"Dakota!!" Gwen said. "All this sparkle and luxury is making you paranoid and act like a diva!!"

"GWEN!!!" Dakota shouted. She stood up. "WHERE IS MY PUPPY?!?!"

"Dakota!" Gwen shouted. "I am sick of all your diva actions! You either shut it, or get out of this plane!!"

Dakota rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Gwen walked away. Dakota took out her phone, and said out loud, "Twitter update! Gwen's a jerk and is a horrible friend!"

"There's no wif-fi here!!" Gwen exclaimed. Dakota ignored her.

Meanwhile in Matthew and Sofie's plane...

Sofie is sitting on one of the plane's best seats (first class), when suddenly Matthew walks in the room. Sofie's face shows shock, and she immediately stands up. "What happened?" she exclaimed. "Did the plane have a problem, and now we have to evacuate?! Did the plane turn evil and brainwash you to kill me?! Because if it did, stay baaackkk!!! Are you on a coffee break, or a snack break? Because if you are, you are an irresponsible--"

Matthew quickly stopped her. "No! No!" he laughed. "I just put the plane on autopilot, and now I'm gonna relax here."

"Here?" Sofie asked. "With me?" Matthew nodded. Sofie gasped.

<CONF> Sofie: Umm... I sorta didn't tell him, or anyone... well, I wouldn't tell him. I... I sort of have a crush on him... and I don't want myself to look like a complete idiot in front of him, so I try to keep myself awaayyy from him because, I'm always a complete idiot, and he's always a cute geek! Oh my gosh, I started thinking about his eyes... his hair... prepare for my 3 hour essay about how perfect Matthew is. *she takes out a piece of paper* Ahem. *she starts to talk but the tape ends* <CONF>

"Um," Sofie started. "Maybe you can relax somewhere else? Maybe, like the... cockpit? Yeah! It's really comfy there!"

"No, I think I'll stay here," Matthew said, smiling.

<CONF> Sofie: *she puts her piece of paper down and gasps* Wait a second, is he flirting with me? Does he want to hang out with me? <CONF>

"No, no, no... haha," Sofie said, sweating from being nervous. "You should uh... chill out in the cockpit! I've heard Ebay rated the cockpit 5 and a half stars! And a half!"


"Yeah! Um, Ebay!" Sofie said. "Or, or... the toilet! It's... amazing! Ya know, according to Steve Jobs!"

"Steve Jobs?"

"I mean... Kindle!!" Sofie said. "Yeah! Kindle! The uh, the pillow factory, right?"

"Pillow factory?"

"Yeaahh!! Right? Of course!"

<CONF> Sofie: *facepalm* I'm such an idiot! I get confused and get things all mixed up when I'm nervous... <CONF>

"Sofie," Matthew said calmly. "I think, I think I'm staying here..."


Sofie starts to fall.

Sofie sighed. "Fine."

Matthew plunged into a seat, while Sofie said she's going somewhere else. "I'm going to the uh, I'm just checking the plane out." She walked around the plane, talking to herself and saying things like, "I'm such an idiot!", "Why am I so foolish?", "Ugh! He's so annoyingly cute!" She got to the entrance/exit of the plane. Doesn't hurt to check out the sweet view for once, right? , she thought. She smiled. She opened the door wide, but to her surprise, the wind was strong and fierce, pulling her out of the plane like a vacuum. "AAAHHH!!!!" she shrieked. Matthew immediately ran to her. "Sofie!!" he shouted. He ran to her, and grabbed her by her hand. They both held on, but the wind was too strong, and pulled both of them out of the plane...


"So tell me about your problems," Rachel said. She examined her partner - Tyler, who was breathing heavily on his chair. Rachel was acting like his therapist (and she's good at this therapy thing). Tyler took a deep breath and said, "I think I'm jealous."

Rachel nodded. "Then I know the perfect song for this situation." She took out her iPhone, which was located beneath her socks (to keep it from Chris). She searched through her Music, and picked a song. She smiled. 'Jealous' by Nick Jonas started playing. Rachel nodded her head to the rhythm of the song. "This is perfect isn't it?" Rachel said to Tyler. Tyler stopped the song, and asked for a real therapy.

"Fine," Rachel said. "Why are you jealous?"

"I'm jealous of... Scott," Tyler said. Rachel gasped. Tyler continued, "Renata's been... all over him lately."

"Why do you think that's bad?" Rachel said. "Aren't you tired of her being all over you?"

"I used to..." Tyler said. "But now, seeing her do that to another guy, I just... I can't take it. I have to win her back."

Rachel looked at the camera. She pointed at it. "You girlfriend's watching this now, dude. You shouldn't have said that."

Tyler shamefully smiled at the camera. "Hi, Lindsay! You're the only girl I love!"

Rachel softly said so no one else could hear, "Good thing she's an airhead."

Suddenly, the plane started shaking. Rachel and Tyler walked out of their seats. "What was that?" Tyler said. Rachel slowly walked towards the cockpit. "I don't know," she said. She opened the door of the cockpit, expecting to see someone hijacking their plane, but there was nobody there. Tyler followed behind her into the cockpit. There was a tv screen, and Chris was in it.

"Is it on?" he said to Chef, who was offscreen. Chef said yes, and Chris started talking. "Great. Okay! Hello, contestants! You might notice your plane shaking!"

This message was also displayed in Sofie and Matthew's empty plane...

"That is because your challenge has stopped!"

Also in Renata and Scott's plane...

Scott squinted his eyes to see Chris.

"Some of you have been blown away by the uh, real wind!"

Dakota and Gwen's plane...

"So we're going to stop the challenge, and your planes have been set in full speed mode, so that is why your plane is shaking! Your plane is heading towards Pahkitew Island, and tonight's elimination ceremony will exclude Sofie and Matthew because they have sadly sadly have disappeared. But... due to uh, pollution, the air is now poisonous, so don't open your windows." Chef said something off camera. "Wait, what? All their windows are open? Okay, contestants, looks like you're gonna pass out and wake up in the elimination ceremony! Peace out!"

"Wait, what?" Gwen shouted. Suddenly, everything was black.


The fire crackled, and woke up the contestants. They all looked dazed, and was obviously confused. "No time for explanations!" Chris said, clapping. "Time for elimination! All of you have not voted, so the voting booth is in the confessionals! Have a blast, voting people out!"

First up was Dawn, but Tyler and Rachel pulled her aside, and whispered something to her ear. Dawn reluctantly nodded, and she whispered back, "Time for my revenge."


Dawn - *stamps on an unidentified picture*

Brick - *confused on who to vote* Oh! *votes for Scott*

Dakota - *votes for Gwen* She deserves it!

Gwen - *votes for Dakota* She deserves it!

Rachel - *looks at the camera* Sorry, Tyler, but, I just don't see the point of voting out Scott. *stamps on an unidentified picture*

Renata - *grins* Goodbye, sweetie boo-boo! You weren't that hot! I have a new bae in my mind! *stamps on an unidentified picture*

Scott - *laughs evilly* He's gonna pay! *votes for Tyler*

Tyler - Okay, before I vote, I want to say something. I purposely made Scott lose his memory. When he threw the boomerang, it him back. False. I had a boomerang magnet, and I held it behind his head. I was... jealous or something... I'm sorry. And... he knows... I gotta save my myself *votes for Scott*

The fire crackled in front of Chris, who had a tray of marshmallows on his hand. "If you get a marshmallow, you're safe."

The first one went to Brick, then Dawn, Rachel, Renata, Gwen, then finally, to Dakota. "I have one final marshmallow on this tray," Chris said, "whoever gets the final marshmallow is safe, and the loser shall leave the competition, and never come back. The final marshmallow goes to....










... Tyler."

Tyler smiled, and caught the marshmallow with his mouth, then ate it. "Take that, Scott!"

Scott gasped. "Chris, you have to let me stay! I'm the only villain you got!"

"Not quite!" Chris said, grinning.

"What do you mean?" Scott exclaimed.

"Well," Chris said. "We have 3 special episodes! And in each one, someone leaves, and someone comes. Please welcome...

... Alejandro!!!"

Alejandro walks in the bonfire ceremony, and waves at the girls. "Hi, ladies."

The girls giggled, and replied, "Hi Alejandro!"

Alejandro walked towards Scott. "This is my seat now. Scoot." He pushed Scott off his log, and sat on it. Scott gasped, and looked at Renata. "Renata?" he exclaimed. "Help me!" Renata grinned. "You're not that hot," she said. She flashed her eyes towards Tyler, and said, "I knew you've always wanted me! I only used the ginger to make you jealous!" Scott gritted his teeth and said that everyone will pay, then left in the Boat of Shame.

"What will happen next?" Chris said to the camera. "Will Sofie and Renata ever return to the competition? What will Alejandro do to the game? Find out next time on... TOTAL. DRAMA. LIVE ACTION!!"

Episode 4

A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 2 (We're The Mothatruckers You Want)
Season 7, Episode 4
Challenge Hike up a mountain with your bare hands, capture the flag, then ride down the mountain using a monster truck
Reward Invincibility
Winner(s) Read to find out...
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 1 (Love Is In The Poisonous Air)"
"A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 3 (Get Ready To Be Merged)"

NOTE: Please read this. This is important. From now on, TDLA will be using Sofie's new design. To see what I mean click here.

The contestants were in the cafeteria, and were talking to each other about alliances and who to trust. Dawn sat next to Alejandro, and she glared at him suspiciously. Alejandro just laughed, and ate his food. Dawn started talking to him and started saying things like, "I know you're up to something" "I can see it in your eyes!" "Your tricks up your sleeves can't hurt me!" but Alejandro just laughed at her. He said that he had no tricks up his sleeves, and that he was perfectly innocent. Then he started choking on his food. Dawn just ignored him and ate her food.

"That's why you don't talk while you eat," she said, talking while chewing herself. "Especially when you're eating Chef's food. But don't worry, when Chris comes in, you'll be perfectly fine."

The other contestants started murmuring. Brick felt upset, and didn't eat his food at all. Gwen tried to cheer him up, but it was no use. "Matthew's not here," Brick said. "I hope he and Sofie are safe. I need an alliance buddy..." Gwen smiled. "Hey," she said. "I don't have an alliance buddy! You want to be my alliance buddy?"

Brick stared at her, then shook her head. "Nah!" Gwen immediately left the table and went to Dakota's table. "Look I'm sorry about the fight we had the other day," Gwen said to Dakota. Dakota nodded and she stuck a clump of food in her mouth. "Me too," she said. They hugged, and started planning on an alliance. Meanwhile, Rachel took her tray of food, and brought it to Renata's table. "What's up, bestie?" she said, nudging Renata with her elbow. "What's up best friend? My BFF! My super special friendly roommate!!" Renata rolled her eyes.

<CONF> Renata: She may be annoying as crap, but she's the only chance I got. I need an alliance member. Tyler, my looovveellyyy bae, rejected my offer... so now I have to kiss Rachel's butt and say hello to victory! But there's a HUGE elephant in the room... it's the part when I have to kiss Rachel's butt. It's an expression, okay? <CONF>

Chris walked in the cafeteria with a horn in his hands. He pressed it, and it made a HUGE deafening sound. Alejandro immediately stopped choking and spitted his food out. Dawn stuck a huge clump of food in her mouth. "Told you," she muttered.

Chris smiled and started to explain the challenge. "You must climb up a mountain with your bare hands! Then, on top of the mountain, you will see a huge waving red flag! There are only 3 of them! The three of you who find it must go down the mountain using huge monster trucks!! Ooh, and! You can steal the flag from someone!" Dawn glared at Alejandro suspiciously while he just smiled. Chris continued, "There are 10 monster trucks, but since Sofie and Matthew aren't here, you'll get another truck if yours break down or something. The winners are the 3 people who bring me their flag first. I'm in the same place we have our elimination by the way. The winners will gain immunity."


"Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!" Sofie screamed as she plunged towards the ground. Thankfully, her dress got stuck in a tree branch and she hung on. Matthew came along with her, and he held on to her leg. But I guess he was pulling too hard, because both of them fell on the ground. Sofie rubbed her head. "Ouch," she said. Matthew helped her up her feet. "Are you okay, Sofie?" he asked. Sofie nodded, and she looked around.

"Where are we?" she said. "I guess we're in the middle of a... forest..." Matthew replied. Sofie started sweating. "Sorry," she said. "I sweat when I'm nervous..." she started to get dizzy. "... and I faint when I get too nervous." Just like that, Sofie collapsed on the ground, but thankfully Matthew caught her. He carried her to a nearby hut, which seemed to be unoccupied. He laid her on a hammock. Maybe we can stay here for a while... he thought. He gathered up some bananas and berries. He brought them into the hut, and he saw Sofie, who woke up. Sofie started saying things like, "Nooo!!" and like, "What are we going to do?" Matthew told her to stay calm. Matthew then thought of an idea... "What if I try to contact help?"

Sofie pulled out her phone. "But there's no signal!" she squealed.

Matthew shook her head. "But that won't stop..." then he turned around and squinted his eyes, then tilted his imaginary hat. "...Detective Matthew Simons! The best detective in the world! The best at investigating! The best... the best!"

<CONF> Sofie: He's so cute! Everything he does is cute! He's Mr. Cutie Ba-tootie! Heeheehee! Oh my gosh... he's so dreamy... <CONF>

Matthew turned around to look at Sofie. "C'mon. Let's go look for help."


Sofie watches as Matthew falls off the tree. I DO NOT OWN THE BACKGROUND

The two exited the hut, and left their food behind. They started shouting, "Help!!" and, "Is there anyone here?" but they never get a response. Matthew climbed up a tree and sat on a strong stable branch. "We'll never get out of here," he mumbled. He took out his phone, and is face immediately perked up. "I got a bar! I got signal!" he said happily. Sofie still didn't get it. Matthew continued, "Maybe... maybe if we get up high, we'll get signal!" He kept on climbing to the top of the tree. When he reached the top, he stuck his phone up into the air, staring at the screen.

"Are you getting anything up there?" Sofie said. "Ooh! Also, can you get me a bird! Can you catch one, and give it to me?" She started squealing uncontrollably.

<CONF> Matthew: Isn't she adorable? <CONF>

<CONF> Sofie: I heard that giving someone a bird is like SUPER romantic! Like, I think I saw it in my dream! And in the Bible, dreams always come true! Right? <CONF>

"Whoa! Whooaa!!" Matthew said, as he began to lose his balance. He let out one last shout, then he fell down. Sofie came to his aid. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Did you get me a bird?" Matthew stood up slowly. "Sorry, but no..." he replied. "But, I did get a few bars! I texted Chris our location! He said Chef will be picking us up soon. He'll be picking us up somewhere near there." He pointed to a golden tree that was nearby another tree that had the words, 'I HATE MYSELF' and 'I AM SORRY' carved into it. Next to the tree was a body that seemed... dead. The body had blood spluttered all around his chest, and had a knife in his hands. Matthew gasped. Sofie just shrugged. "I wonder what happened there," she said. "Maybe this place used to be a kung fu place!" She walked towards the body, and picked it up. It had no face and was made out of fabric. "It's a dummy!" Sofie said. "Literally!" On the back of the dummy, it says, 'Property of Emo Help". Matthew nodded. "OH!" he said. "That's why those words are on the tree!"

"Of course!" Sofie said. "Now, c'mon! Let's go to the golden tree!!" Then she started singing the Wizard of Oz song. "We're off to see the Wizard... the wonderful Wizard of Oz!"

<CONF> Matthew: Isn't she adorable? <CONF>


"Okay, I just got off the phone with Matthew," Chris said. He told Chef the location of the two, and he gave him permission to ride his helicopter to save Matthew and Sofie. Chris was standing near a mountain, and the contestants were already climbing up the mountain. Brick wailed as his hand slipped off the edge of the mountain. Luckily, he still his other hand on the edge. "HELP!!" he shouted. "HELP!! SOMEBODY!! DAWN!!! HELP!!!" Dawn was levitating up the mountain. She was in her meditating position, and just floating up the mountain. "Don't worry, Brick," she said. "You'll be safe in 5, 4, 3, 2,1..."


Dakota bitterly stares at Gwen, ready to betray her and take the flag.


Gwen bitterly stares at Dakota, ready to betray her and take the flag.

Rachel, who was already on top of the mountain, went to help Brick. "Are you okay, man?" she said. Brick nodded, and dusted off the dust on his clothes. "Thanks, Rachel," he said. Rachel smiled and said, "Anytime!" Then she ran off and swiftly took a red flag. Brick's eyes widened on a red flag. He raced across the mountain, and stumbled into Tyler who was trying to get the flag too. The two stumbled onto the ground, and Dawn ran past them, and took the flag herself. "Thanks, boys!" she said, smiling.

Gwen and Dakota reached the mountain together. "Where's the last flag?" Gwen exclaimed. The two girls spotted the flag in the same time. The two eyed each other, ready to betray each other at the same time. They both want the flag, but only one can get it. Gwen got ready and ran after it, but Dakota made her trip and fall. Dakota ran pass her, saying, "Sorry, Gwen!"

Gwen grunted, and got up. She ran across the mountain and jumped on Dakota's back, and waving her hands in front of Dakota's face so she couldn't see. Dakota tripped on a rock and Gwen stole the flag. Gwen ran across the mountain, and hopped into a blue monster truck. Dakota watched the truck leave as she combed her hair with her hands bitterly. Dakota ran across the mountain, kicking Tyler's head in the process. She jumped inside a truck and honked. "You're gonna pay for this, Gwen!" she shouted. As her truck rolled down, Brick got to his feet, and went inside a truck. Tyler ran across the mountain, almost reaching a truck, but he heard a scream.

"Help! Someone! Help me!"

Tyler couldn't leave someone hanging... literally. So he ran back and he saw... Renata hanging on to the edge of the mountain. Renata smiled and said, "Heya sweety-kins! Do you think you can help me up?" Tyler hesitated, but he took her hand and pulled her up the mountain. Renata smiled, and kissed Tyler on the cheek. "You're my hero!" she said. Tyler gasped, and he turned angry. "You know I have a girlfriend!!" he shouted. "Why are you doing this?! I don't even like you!! Ugh!!" He marched off, and went inside his truck, then drove down the mountain. Renata rolled her eyes.

<CONF> Renata: I know he likes me. He loves me. Don't try to hide your feelings, Tyler! I can see it in your eyes! Oh, and Lindsay, he doesn't like you anymore, darling. Sorry! *grins* <CONF>

Renata jumped into a truck, and went down the mountain. She couldn't control the truck, so her truck went falling down the mountain. She passed Gwen's truck, and Gwen was driving very fiercely. Renata, hesitating, opened the door of her truck, jumped out, and held on to Gwen's truck's door. "Hey!!" Gwen shouted. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Gwen opened the door fiercely, and Renata was sent flying across the air. She landed in a puddle of mud. "Ewwwwww," she mumbled.

"Hey Gwen!!" Dakota shouted from her truck, which was directly behind Gwen's. "I heard goths liked black things!! How do you like this?!" She threw a heavy piece of coal, and shattered Gwen's window. Gwen shouted from inside her truck, and sped down the mountain as fast as she could. But what she didn't know, was that someone was on top of her truck.


<CONF> Alejandro: Driving is for losers. Since Gwen has a flag, I'll just follow her, then steal the flag when she's about to arrive in the auditorium. I'm so clever! <CONF>

Rachel arrived in the auditorium first, and she handed her flag to Chris. "First!" she cheered. Second, Brick's truck crashed, but he didn't have a flag. Dawn arrived, and she handed her flag to Chris. Gwen was about to arrive, but suddenly, Renata, covered in mud, appeared in front of her truck, and Gwen had to stop the truck. Renata swung open her door, and aggressively stole the flag. Alejandro jumped off from the top of the truck, much to Gwen's shock, and fought for the flag with Renata. But ultimately, Renata threw the flag to Chris, and she won third place. "Immunity is mine!!" Renata said. Gwen walked towards the auditorium, not saying anything, and just showing the middle finger to Renata. Renata just smiled. Dakota ran towards the auditorium and said, "Dang it! I'm too late."

Chris told them to meet him in the elimination ceremony.

Dakota looked for something under her bed, as Renata walked in. "Renata?" Dakota said. "Why are you here? This is my tent!"

"I know, I know," Renata muttered. "I was just curious... who are you voting for?"

Dakota sighed. "Gwen," she answered. Renata smiled and said, "So am I." She walked across the trailer. "Well... I thought you would be glad that I just found out that Alejandro is also voting Gwen off. What do you think of that?"

Dakota shook her head. "Actually... Gwen is my friend. We might've have just gotten into a fight... but she is my friend. I change my mind. I'm not voting for Gwen." She found her purse under her bed, and looked inside. Renata sighed. "How about..." she started. "I propose a deal?"

Dakota stopped what she was doing and said, "I'm listening."

"Okay," Renata continued. "If you vote off Gwen tonight, I owe you one." Dakota hesitated, but she nodded. "Okay," Dakota said.

In the elimination ceremony, Gwen and Alejandro were in the bottom two, and Gwen already knew her fate. Chris passed the final Gilded Chris to Alejandro, and Gwen hugged everyone (ya know, except for Renata because she's a b****).

"Dakota, I'm sorry that we fought," Gwen said.

"Me too," Dakota replied. The two girls hugged, and Gwen left in the Lame-O-Sine.

Chris looked at the camera and said, "What will happen next? FInd out next time on... TOTAL. DRAMA. LIVE. ACTION!!"

Episode 5

A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 3 (Get Ready To Be Merged)
Season 7, Episode 5
Challenge Escape the lab of monstrosity and take of the hostages with you, Be the last one standing on the pillars
Reward Invincibility
Winner(s) Read to find out...
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 2 (We're The Mothatruckers You Want)"
"Aftermath: I - New Beginning, New Hosts"

Olivia and Jay-Cee belong to JackyDelRey.

It was night. The episode opened with a loud helicopter buzzing onto the TD:LA set. The doors opened, and Sofie, Matthew, and Chef came out. Sofie and Matthew collapsed onto the ground. "No AC in there!!" Sofie gasped. "About to die!!" The two passed out, and Chris shoved them into sleeping bags. There were more sleeping bags, and the rest of the contestants were in it. But there was still more in that helicopter. Chef pulled out a girl from the helicopter.

"You must be Skylar," Chris said. "And you must be that dumb guy that forced me to be on this stupid show!" Skylar shouted.

"The ratings were going down the toilet, and we needed some star power!" Chris exclaimed. Skylar giggled. "Star power you say?" she said. Chris nodded, then put a tissue against her face. A second later, she fainted. Chris shoved her into a sleeping bag, and then he nodded towards Chef. Chef ran off, then returned with a huge truck. Chris threw all of the bags into the back of the truck, and drove the truck to a dark building.


The contestants woke up, and was afraid I mean, who wouldn't be? They woke up in the middle of some smoky big building. Chris' voice echoed through the speakers. He explained the challenge - You must escape the 'Lab of Monstrosity'. "There are 2 hostages," Chris continued. "If you find them, and bring them out of the building as well, you will get an upper hand in the next part of the challenge."

"The there's no time to waste!" Rachel exclaimed. She immediately sprinted through a dark tunnel, but a one-eyed blue monster flashed in front of her. "Sh*t!!" she shouted, and she came running back. "There's a monster behind me!!!" Right after she said that, everyone started panicking.

"Hey!! Guys!" Chris shouted through the speakers. "If you want to win the challenge, get your head in the game! But if you want to just get eaten by that blue monster, be my guest!"

Everyone started to calm down, but the blue monster approached them, and started eating a bunch of the contestants. Rachel, Dakota and Tyler got eaten. Everyone started running away. Chris spoke through the speakers again to tell them they only had an hour to escape.

Half an hour later, Sofie and Dawn were working together, and they were the closest to the exit. "Do you think we're close?" Sofie asked. Dawn nodded. "I know. Just straight ahead, and-"

Immediately, the door of the building was in front of them. The two girls cheered, and exited the building. Chris congratulated them outside, but reminded them that they didn't find the hostages. Sofie grunted. "Dang it!"

Meanwhile, Skylar was walking through a dark tunnel, when she heard someone screaming, "Help! Help!"

Yes! A hostage! Skylar thought. She sprinted down the tunnel, and saw a red headed girl tied up on a chair. Next to her, was a fire breathing dragon. "Oh sh*t," Skylar whispered under her breath. The dragon blasted a fireball towards Skylar's direction, but she easily dodged it, and untied the girl. The two sprinted away as fast as they could, while the dragon chased them from behind. "My name is Olivia by the way," Olivia said while running. "It's not exactly the time for meet and greets," Skylar said. Skylar saw a well ahead of them. "Get in!" she shouted. "Get in where?" Olivia asked. Skylar looked back, and pushed Olivia down the well. Skylar then jumped in the well too. The two girls discovered that the well had no floor, so it was connected to some water source. They were basically swimming in the ocean. The two girls made it out of the water, and found themselves in a part of the set. They got out, and found Chris, Sofie, and Dawn outside the building.

"We're here!" Skylar shouted. "And I found uh, Olivia."

"Congratulations!" Chris said. A second later, Dakota, Alejandro and Rachel came running out of the building, and their shoes were on fire. A minute later, Matthew and Brick ran out of the building with another boy. "And I see you've found Jay-Cee," Chris said. "Great job, boys! But, only one of you can get the upper hand in the next part of the challenge." Brick raised his hands.

"I will sacrifice my victory if it means Matthew will have his," Brick said.

Chris nodded. "Okaaay..." he said.

<CONF> Matthew: Who knew having Brick as an ally will be such a good thing? <CONF>

Chris checked his watch. "The hour's passed. Looks like the others in that building are going to uh, well, explode." Everyone gasped. Chris told Chef to make the building explode. Chef nodded, and pushed a red button. A second later, the building exploded, and Tyler and Renata were sent flying high in the air.

"On to the next part of the challenge!" Chris announced. He led them to a part of the set where tall greek columns were placed. He told Brick, Alejandro, Dawn, Sofie, Rachel and Dakota to get up the columns while the rest stayed back. Immediately, Dakota began to lose her balance, but she managed to stay up.

"Since Dakota, Brick, Sofie, Rachel, Alejandro and Dawn did not find a hostage, they must stay up on those columns..." Chris said, while Chef passed the others paintball guns,"... while the others shoot them with paintballs! Dodge, duck, or jump, you must avoid those balls, or you will fall down! The last one standing wins a chance of getting immunity! Shooters, the winner is the one that shoots the most people off the column! Um, ex-hostages, if you shoot someone off a column, that point is given to the person who saved you. So, Jay-Cee, if you shoot someone, your point goes to Matthew. Olivia, if you shoot someone, your point goes to Skylar. Ready, set, go!"

Skylar shot her first paintball towards Brick's way, but he ducked and avoided it. Skylar aimed for Alejandro next, but Alejandro also avoided them. Jay-Cee shot Sofie in the stomach, and she fell off her column.

"Yes! One point to me!" Jay-Cee said. "I mean Matthew."

Matthew gasped, and ran towards Sofie. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he said. Sofie nodded, and Matthew carried her to Chef, who laid her down on a soft bed.

"Why did you do that?" Matthew exclaimed.

"Do what?!" Jay-Cee said.

"Shoot Sofie!" Matthew replied.

"To get you a point!!" Jay-Cee said.

Matthew shook his head, and stopped the argument.

<CONF> Jay-Cee: This Matthew guy might seem like a nice guy, but he's a real knuckle-head. I mean, get your head in the game, man!" <CONF>

Olivia shot Brick down by hitting him in the face. Skylar fist bumped her and said, "Great job!"

"Matthew has 1 point and Skylar also has 1 point!" Chris announced. "Dakota, Alejandro, Rachel and Dawn remain on top--"

A green paintball was sent flying towards Rachel's direction, and she fell off her column. "Yes!" Skylar said.

"Okay," Chris continued. "Matthew has 1 point while Skylar has 2 points! Skylar is in the lead, people! Dakota, Alejandro and Dawn remain on top!"

Paintballs were sent flying towards Dakota's direction, but she ducked and avoided them all. But as she stood up again, a paintball hit her in the face. "Woo hoo! Another point!" Jay-Cee exclaimed.

"Oooooh," Chris said. "Brutal! Now only Alejandro and Dawn remain on top! Who will be the last one standing?"

Alejandro and Dawn glared at each other, but while they were glaring, a paintball was sent flying towards Dawn's direction. "Dawn! LOOK OUT!!" Sofie screeched from behind. But Dawn caught the paintball, and smacked it against the ground.

<CONF> Dawn: My aura sensed it coming. <CONF>

Matthew hurled a paintball towards Alejandro, and he fell off his column.

"And Dawn is the winner!!" Chris announced. "Both Dawn and Matthew win immunity today! I'll see you guys in the elimination ceremony tonight!"

Later, Renata walked over to her trailer, but she overheard Rachel and Sofie talking.

"We should totally eliminate Renata!" Rachel said. Sofie nodded in agreement. "She's like the Queen of Manipulation! We have to stop her! Like I stopped the old cow from giving birth last time!" Rachel just said, "Okaaay..." Renata turned around, and bumped into Tyler. "Oh! Hey sweety-kins!" Renata said. "Didn't see you there!"

"Yeah, okay," Tyler said. "Remember when you said you owe me one?" Renata nodded. "Well," Tyler continued. "I'm gonna need that favor now. I want Alejandro gone! Go to the control room, hack the votes, and eliminate Alejandro!" Renata sighed. "Okay," she said. While everyone went to the elimination ceremony, Renata sneaked into the control room to hack the votes. Everyone started voting, and Renata received the votes in the control room.

Skylar - Alejandro

Alejandro - Renata

Brick - Alejandro

Dawn - Renata

Dakota - Renata

Tyler - Alejandro

Matthew - Alejandro

Rachel - Renata

Sofie - Renata

"Does anyone know where Renata is?" Chris asked. "Um, the bathroom," Tyler said. Chris nodded. Then Chef calculated the votes backstage. But Renata turned off all electricity so Chef didn't calculate all the votes yet, so she can change them. The only electricity that was still on was the one in the control room. She changed the votes into...

Skylar -Alejandro

Alejandro - Renata

Brick -Alejandro

Dawn -Alejandro

Dakota -Alejandro

Tyler -Alejandro

Matthew -Alejandro

Rachel -Renata

Sofie -Alejandro

"Great!" Renata said.

"Chef!" Chris called. "Check the control room for the electricity please!" Chef nodded, and he marched towards the control room. Renata heard his footsteps, and hid in the supply room which was next to the control room. She shut the door, and heard Chef walking in front of the room. He turned the electricity back on, and walked back to the elimination ceremony. Renata sighed, and opened the door, but to her shock, she saw Chef waiting in front of the door. She gasped.

"Are the words 'security cameras' in your vocabulary?" Chef exclaimed.

"Are the words 'personal space' in your vocabulary?" Renata shouted back. Chef grabbed her by the collar, and brought her to Chris. "This little rodent hacked the votes and turned off the electricity!!" Chef exclaimed to Chris.

"What?!" Chris shouted. "Renata, you are immediately disqualified!!"

"Wha-what?!" Renata gasped. "B-but Tyler told me to do it! He forced me to do it so Alejandro will be eliminated!"

"What?" Alejandro exclaimed. He stood up, and pointed his finger at Tyler. "Then Tyler shall also be disqualified."

Chris nodded, and Chef threw the two cheating contestants into the Lame-O-Sine. "Ugh! I've had it with these cheats! Anyway, I have something to tell you guys! Well, show you! The new contestant! Please welcome... Russell!"

A boy walked in the set, carrying his white suitcase with him, and a small green backpack. "Hey guys!" he said. "I'm Russell and I'm super excited to be here!"


Episode 6

Aftermath: I - New Beginning, New Hosts
Season 7, Episode 6
Challenge None
Reward None
Winner(s) Dawn
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"A Merge Is A Merge Pt. 3 (Get Ready To Be Merged)"
"Peek-a-boo: I Kill You"

The screen faded in to the Total Drama Aftermath set, but shockingly, Geoff and Bridgette were not on the hosts' couch, where they usually are. Instead, they were making out in the Peanut Gallery, along with the rest of the contestants that weren't in the season. The hosts' couch was currently unoccupied, until a deep voice started talking through the speakers.

"Welcome to the Total Drama: Live Action Aftermath!" the voice said. Everyone started applauding. "Now please welcome our new hosts... Alexis and Kenneth!"

The two new hosts walked into the set from behind the curtains, and smiled at the audience when they started applauding. They took a seat on the couch, as the applaud started fading out.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Alexis said. "It is an honor to host the Total Drama Aftermath, replacing the previous hosts, Geoff and Bridgette!" The audience started applauding, as Geoff and Bridgette bowed. "Sit down, honeys!" Alexis called. "Sorry, it's just that it's my first time at being famous. I want all that fame all to myself!"

She started fanning herself uncontrollably.

"Okay, sweetie, calm down," Kenneth said. "You look like a weirdo right now." He faced the audience. "Anyway, we wanted you guys to know us better! So what better way to do that than a Q&A?" Music started playing, and the hosts started dancing in their seats. As the music died down, the two looked around in the audience.

"Who has a question they want to ask us?" Kenneth said.

A middle-aged woman raised her hand.

"Ooh! Yes!" Alexis said. "You, ma'am!"

The woman stood from her seat and cleared her throat. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Oh," Alexis said. She held Kenneth's hands. "We are Alexis and Kenneth."

"But you can just call me Ken," Ken said.

"Yes," Alexis continued. "And we have been dating for 2 and a half years!"

The woman glared at them. "That's not what I meant." The hosts looked confused. Even the Peanut Gallery looked confused. The woman continued, "I meant... who are you to replace Geoff and Bridgette?!" Alexis and Ken looked shocked. Geoff stood from his seat, and gave the woman an angry look. "Mom!!" he shouted. "You're embarrassing me!!"

"Embarrass, honey?" the woman said. "I'm just asking these LOSERS - emphasis on losers by the way - a question! C'mon! Back me up here, darling!"

Geoff told his mom to sit down. The woman sighed and sat back down on her seat. Alexis and Ken exchanged glances. "Okay..." Alexis mumbled. "Anyway, next question?" A teenage boy with tiny glasses raised his hand. "Yes, you!" Alexis said.

The boy stood up and said, "What did you do before you got the job?

Ken nodded. "Good question! Well, um, I was working in Disneyland, and I was also a waiter at a fancy restaurant. I was also an actor for a small online series. It was called, 'The House of Glorious Garbage."

Immediately, a teenage girl stood up from her seat in excitement, jumping up and down. "That's right! I know you!" she squealed. "That's where I know you from! You played Timothy! And you were starring along with the amazing Grace Helbig, Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, and Michelle Phan! And your on-screen girlfriend was Patricia! She was played by the beautiful Bella Thorne! Oh my gosh, you two looked super cute together! And--"

"Okay! Okay!" Alexis exclaimed. "We get it! We get it! You know him from a show, and his girlfriend there is really hot! We get it! He's a superstar! We get it, okay? Now can you pipe down and start talking about me? I mean, I was pretty famous too! I was Employee of The Month in Wendy's!"

"The show?" the girl asked.

"No!" Alexis shouted. "...... the restaurant. Look, it's a pretty famous restaurant!" The girl sat down awkwardly, while Ken tried to calm Alexis down. "I was also working in Disneyland, ya know!" Alexis started screaming. "I played Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Yeah! I was an actress! Until I got fired!" Ken started doing breathing exercises with Alexis now, and Alexis started inhaling and exhaling uncontrollably. Once she calmed down, Ken looked at the audience. "Um, enough questions... I guess."

"Wait! One more!" a boy said. Ken nodded. The boy continued, "What did you get fired for in Disneyland?"

"I don't want to talk about it!" Alexis exclaimed. Ken started mouthing words at her like, 'Calm down' and 'Chill out'. Alexis still was frustrated. "Look, attacking Minnie the Mouse isn't that bad! Plus, she deserved it! She didn't allow me to take a picture with her because I was an-" then she did air quotes, "-employee." Ken put her fingers down, and looked at the audience and started talking.

"Let's bring out the previously eliminated contestants!" he said. Renata, Tyler, Gwen, Scott, Jacky, and Cameron walked into the set from behind the curtains, waving at the audience as they applauded for them. They took a seat on a couch near the hosts' couch.

"Scoot, would ya?!" Renata exclaimed to Gwen as she took her seat on the couch. Gwen rolled her eyes and muttered, "Diva."

Jacky gasped. "Hey!" she said. "Aren't you Timothy from The House of Glorious Garbage?"

Before Ken could answer, Alexis started exclaiming, "Enough talking!" She calmed down. "Anyway, um, welcome! To the Total Drama Aftermath show! How's it been like since you got the boot?"

Jacky smiled. "It's been great, actually! I actually started my own fashion line of clothes! It's amazing! And my boyfriend, CJ, has been super supportive!"

Renata started mocking her. "Blah blah blah, I sue cloth for a living now!"

Jacky gritted her teeth. "Renata! How have you been since you were disqualified from the show?" she said, angrily.

Renata showed no emotion. "I have no comment on that. Well, except for the fact that- wait, no. I have no comment."

Jacky started chuckling. "No comment, eh? Looks like someone's having a bad day. Hehehe."

"Listen here, missy!" Renata exclaimed, pointing her finger up Jacky's face. "If anyone's going to have a bad day, it's you, because once I'm done with you, there's going to be a drill up your nose! And I'm not finished! You and your perfect little clothing line and your perfect little boyfriend are going to be as perfect as rotten cheese!"

"Will you shut it?!" Jacky shouted.

"Will you shut it?!" Renata shouted back.

"Will both of you shut it?" Cameron exclaimed. "Arguing only resolves to fighting, and we all know that's not good!"

"I actually love cat-fights!" Duncan said from the Peanut Gallery.

Everyone started talking and babbling on about themselves. Ken and Alexis exchanged looks. Alexis mouthed something, and Ken reluctantly nodded. Alexis faced the contestants. "ENOUGH TALKING!!!" she shouted loudly. Everyone went silent. Ken smiled, and kissed Alexis on the cheek. "Thanks, honey," he said. "Great."

"Anyway," Ken continued. "The show has a limit of at least around 14-15 episodes. But there are like 16 of you, and like 5 Aftermath episodes. So, Chris demanded us to also have elimination here! How, you may ask? Well, let me explain!"

"We're going to play a little game we call Honesty Is The Best Policy!" Alexis said. "The remaining contestants in the show are backstage. We'll call them out right now so they can play the game." She looked around the set. "Intern!" she called out. "Intern! Where are you?"

An intern walked to her side. "Call the contestants out, please," Alexis said. "Oh, and bring me a glass of ice tea!" The intern nodded, and rushed backstage. Ken showed some footage of the contestants backstage. Brick and Matthew were talking to each other, while Russell was flirting with Skylar. The intern walked in the room, and told them to go onstage. They all walked out of the room.

"Great!" Ken said. "We'll just wait here!" A couple of minutes later, the contestants walked in and so did the intern with Alexis' ice tea. The audience started applauding for the contestants. "Great! You're here!" Ken said. "Take a seat!"

The contestants looked around. "Where?" Matthew said.

Ken laughed. "Oh yeah, I forgot!" He took out a remote, and pressed a green button. 9 chairs rose from the floor, and the contestants sat on them. Seatbelts strapped them onto the chairs.

"I can't get out," Rachel said.

"That's the point," Alexis said.

"Boy, am I glad to be out of the competition," Jacky said.

"We're playing a little game here," Ken said. "It's called Honesty Is The Best Policy! The rules are the game are simple. We have 8 rounds. In each round, you are to be asked a question that you all must answer. For example, the question is, 'Tell us something about your love life that we do not know about'. And your answer must be something embarrassing, and 'I don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend' does not qualify as embarrassing. If it is not embarrassing enough, there will be a loud screeching noise, then you will have to tell us another thing that is embarrassing enough. To tell us an answer, you can buzz in on the buzzer on your chair handler. But those seatbelts are lie-detective. So if you lie to us, your seatbelt will electrocute you, and you are immediately eliminated. The loser of each round is the person that buzzes in the latest. The winner of the game gets to eliminate someone off the show! Yes, from the competition!"

Everyone gasped.

"Now that's more like it!" Alexis exclaimed. "Anyway, let's start the game, shall we?" She cleared her throat, and took out flashcards from her pocket. "First question, 'Tell us an embarrassing moment from your childhood that we do not know about'."

The contestants went silent, and started thinking. Rachel buzzed in first. "Um," she mumbled. "When I was in 6th grade, I spilled bean soup all over my skirt, and everyone laughed at me..." Alexis and Ken looked at each other, and nodded.

"You're in!" they both exclaimed. Rachel's chair turned green, and she smiled.

Matthew buzzed in. "My mom showed my whole 7th grade class my baby pictures."

"You're in!" Alexis and Ken exclaimed.

"I vomited in front of my 3rd grade crush and he told my whole class about it," Skylar said.

"You're in!"

Everyone else buzzed in except for Brick. "I can't let that secret out!" he said. "I've been keeping it for years!"

"Ooh," Ken said. "Sorry, buddy, but you're out." Brick's chair sunk into the ground, and brought him with it. Everyone gasped.

The game continued, and everyone started getting eliminated.

Round 2:

'Tell us an embarrassing moment you've experienced during your travels.'

"It's too embarrassing!" Dakota said, as her chair sunk into the ground.

Round 3:

'Tell us an embarrassing moment you had during New Years.'

"I have no embarrassing moment during the New Years," Alejandro protested. Immediately, he was electrocuted.

"Ooh," Ken said. "You lied. That means you're out of the game." Alejandro's chair sunk into the ground, bringing him along with it.

Round 4:

'Tell us an embarrassing moment you had during a dinner.'

"Oh!" Rachel said. "Um, I set my food on fire and it burned my shirt!"

"Sorry, Rachel," Alexis said. "But you were the last one to buzz in even though you told the truth. Sorry." Rachel's chair sunk into the ground.


Everyone was out except for the Final 2: Russell and Dawn.

"Last round, you guys!" Ken said. "The last one to buzz in loses, and the first one wins! Final question... 'Tell us an embarrassing moment that recently happened.'"

The finalists buzzed in at the same time.

"My audition tape for the show!" Russell exclaimed.

"My talk with the show's producers!" Dawn exclaimed in the same time.

Suddenly, a loud screeching noise echoed through the set.

"Ooh," Ken said, "One of your answers' were not embarrassing enough! Russell, your audition tape wasn't that embarrassing. We've watched it."

"What?" Russell said. Immediately, his chair sunk into the ground, taking him as well.

"Dawn!" Alexis said. "You are crowned the winner of Honesty Is The Best Policy! Who do you want to eliminate off the show?"

Dawn thought for a while. "That is easy," she said. "Dakota."

Everyone was confused.

"But Dakota's not a threat!" Gwen said.

"That is what it looks like," Dawn said. "But later in the game, she'll be a giant threat. So, I'm doing everyone a favor right now by eliminating her."

"Okay..." Alexis said. "Looks like Dakota is out of the competition!" Alexis' watch beeped. "Oop. Ken, we're going to have to end the show now."

"Join us next time on the Total Drama: Live Action Aftermath!" Ken said. "Where the truth, dares, and dangers happen! Goodbye!"

Episode 7

Peek-a-boo: I Kill You
Season 7, Episode 7
Challenge Solve the mystery of who the murderer is before getting 'killed' by them
Reward The power to eliminate someone
Winner(s) Skylar
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"Aftermath: I - New Beginning, New Hosts"
"Aftermath II: With A Little More Drama"

The episode starts off with the contestants in the cafeteria, where Chef is plunging his disgusting food on everyone's trays.

"Ew," Skylar groans, as she puts her tray on her table. Dawn soon joins her, and says hi.

"Hi! I'm Dawn! You must already know!" Dawn said, cheerfully.

"Yeah," Skylar replied, smiling. "You are amazing!"

"Awww, thank you!" Dawn said. "Did you know today's challenge is going to be a horror-themed challenge?"

"Really?" Skylar said, eyes wide. She stuck a clump of food into her mouth, but spat it out a second later. "Oh my gosh! This food is horrible!" She took a worm out of her mouth, and was extremely grossed out. "I think I'm gonna puke!" she said, running off, and vomiting in a trashcan nearby.

Russell sighed dreamily, watching Skylar. "Even when she pukes, she's cute," he said dreamily.

Alejandro, who was sitting with him, Brick and Matthew, laughed. "You really have the hots for her, don't you?" he asked, raising his eyebrow.

"Duh!" Russell said. "I mean, who wouldn't?"

"Yeah, I gotta admit," Brick said. "She is kinda pretty, but this cadet has a heart for someone back home!"

Suddenly, Sofie tripped on something, and her jaw hit the boys' bench. Her tray was sent flying in the air, and landed on Brick's face.

"Ouch!" Sofie shrieked, as she began to get up, rubbing her jaw. "That hurt..."

"Sofie!" Matthew gasped, helping her up. "Are you okay? Do you feel hurt?"

"I'm not okay..." Sofie said. "This morning I found out my grandmother has cancer, then I lost my phone, then I found out that my mother didn't take care of my pet chipmunk and that he's going to die now, and then I hit my jaw! Everything's turning bad for me now!"

Alejandro smirked.

<CONF> Alejandro: This is too easy! I realised that Matthew and Sofie like each other. That's going to be a threat. So, I decided to break them apart! But, not like making them fight or anything. If Sofie feels bad, or sad, she'll lose the game, and Matthew will definitely feel depressed! Then if he feels bad and gets sad too, he'll lose the game as well! All the things you heard Sofie say are fake! Well, except for the lost phone thing. I never did that. <CONF>

A ring was heard in Sofie's pocket. She found her phone in her pocket. "Ohhh! That's where I put it!" she said, cheerfully. "I would've died without my phone!"

Matthew titled Sofie's head to look at him. "Everything's going to be fine. I promise," he said.

<CONF> Sofie: How can he promise that? But... anything my honey-boo-boo says, comes to life! I hope he says I'm his girlfriend! <CONF>

Suddenly, a handsome young man with black hair, and grey eyes walked in, holding a clipboard.

Rachel immediately was attracted. "Oh my gosh! WHO-IS-THAT?" she said softly, smacking the table repeatedly. She was sitting with Skylar and Dawn, who were just staring at her like she was crazy.

"Who is that hottie?" Rachel exclaimed. "He is such a hotttiiieee!!"

The guy with the clipboard started talking, "Good morning, contestants! I am the new intern, Troy! I was supposed to be on the show, but I was late, so... this is my punishment."

"Oh maaaan..." Rachel said, dreamily. Troy noticed her and waved. Rachel gasped, and waved back, battering her eyelashes. "Oh my gosh! He looked at me! He looked at me!!"

"I am going to explain today's challenge!" he said. "Today's challenge is a horror-themed challenge..."

Daw nudged Skylar with her elbow, smiling. "Told you!" she said.


A picture of Mauricio captured by the show's producers.


A picture of Isa captured by the show's producers.

"...there are 3 suspects of murder," Troy continued. "1. Famous celebrity, Isa. She has just gone through something horrible, and her mom put her in an asylum. She broke out, and is definitely capable or murder. The show asked her to be on the show, and she punched the producer.

"Now, she's wandering around the set with a weapon. 2. Ordinary guy, Mauricio. His sister had just died, and it's not because of a natural cause - someone murdered her. Mauricio is seeking his revenge, and we told him that the murderer is in the set! He's in the right now, probably tearing up each trailer. 3. The Psycho Killer. He needs no explanation. He's the same murderer from Season 1.

"Your challenge is to find out whom the murderer is and what weapon they're using. Once you think you figured it out, go here where my fellow intern and former contestant, Summer, will be waiting for your answer. But if the killer 'kills' you off first, I guess you won't get the chance to guess! Chris is unable to come today because he has a meeting with someone from the show.

"The winner of the challenge is the person who figures the mystery out first. The winner gets to eliminate someone off. Alright, now here are the weapons that the suspects could be using - a bloody knife, an ax, or a chainsaw." He took out a remote from his pocket, and pressed a red button. "The killer is on the loose now. I suggest you RUN!"

Everyone started running out, except for Rachel who approached Troy and battered her eyelashes furiously. "How are you doing?" she said, in her most sexiest voice.

Troy just laughed, and left, much to Rachel's shock.

<CONF> Rachel: Okay, get this. No guy has ever ran away from me! None! But this Troy guy... if he wants to play hard to get *laughs*, then he got himself a game. <CONF>

Alejandro was walking very slowly near a tent, then he heard a scream, then a CHOP!

<CONF> Alejandro: I heard a chop! Meaning... the killer's probably using an ax! Now, I just need to find out who the killer is... <CONF>

After Alejandro ran off, the chop behind him was revealed to be Skylar cutting a tree with an ax. The scream was from a splinter.

<CONF> Skylar: Ouchie! That splinter hurt! But, it was worth it. I'm clever ya know, and Alejandro was my first victim. He totally thought that I was the killer! <CONF>

An hour later, Troy spoke over the microphone and said that Brick has been 'killed'.

Sofie wandered through the set, and stopped when she heard a footstep behind her. The gleam of a shining blade struck her in the eye, even before she turned around.

"Please just kill me already! And kill me fast!" she exclaimed, as she turned around, and put her hands over head.

"Don't worry, Sofie," a voice said. "It's just me, Matthew!"

Sofie opened an eye, and saw Matthew smiling. She was so happy she wasn't going to be 'dead', she hugged Matthew. "Thank goodness!" she said.

After Sofie released Matthew, they saw a someone with a blade.

"Not so fast," the female voice said.

Sofie and Matthew both screamed, and a SLICE was heard.

"What was that?" Skylar exclaimed.

Dawn, who was walking with her (and Rachel), was frightened as well. "I... I don't know!" she said.

Rachel just leaned on a tree. "Don't you think that Troy guy is super cute? We're gonna get married!"

"Rachel," Dawn said. "You have to focus on the game! If you don't, you're going to get 'killed'."

"Oh please," Rachel said. "Nothing's bad going to happen."

Skylar and Dawn were both trembling at the moment, and Dawn pointed behind Rachel's back. "The killer..." she whispered. The two girls ran out, and they heard Rachel scream, and a big loud SLICE.

"Okay, okay..." Skylar said, panting. "So we know the killer uses a knife, because we heard a slice. So... we just need to find out who the killer is."

A second later, Alejandro was thrown out of the cafeteria. Dawn helped him get to his feet.

"What happened?" Dawn asked him.

"My answer was wrong," Alejandro said. "I think the killer was not the girl. Maybe... maybe it's Mauricio!"

"I wouldn't be so sure..." Skylar said, pointing at Alejandro's back.

A blonde ponytail waved in the air, and two hands grabbed Dawn and Alejandro.

Skylar ran away, and bumped into Russell.

"Gaah!" Skylar exclaimed, as she fell down.

The two of them got up, and both smiled at each other.

"Hey cutie," Russell said, smiling.

Skylar sighed and laughed. "Russell," she said. "We already talked about this. We are never going to date!"

"There's at least a tiny percentage, right?" Russell said.

Skylar said shook her head, and laughed.

Suddenly, the two heard a SLICE nearby. Skylar immediately held on to Russell in fear, while Russell just smiled.

"I know who the killer is, and what weapon they're using," Skylar said, "I just have to get to the cafeteria without getting killed."

"I can help you with that," Russell replied.

"Really?" Skylar said, brightening up. She kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks."

<CONF> Russell: I am never cleaning this cheek *pointing at the cheek Skylar kissed* <CONF>

The two crept to the cafeteria, but stopped when they heard a footstep behind them. Suddenly, a blade was sent twirling in the air towards Skylar direction. Russell gasped, and jumped in fornt of her to save her. The blade hit him in the face (although it didn't him with the sharp parts, it just smacked him), and Russell fell down. Skylar gasped, and thanked him softly.

She ran in the cafeteria, and found the blonde intern, Summer. She told her her answer: Isa, and a knife.

Summer nodded, and declared Skylar the winner.

The 'killed' contestants appeared behind Summer, and congratulated her.

"Skylar," Summer said. "I'm sorry, but we have to take your reward away."

Skylar gasped. "Why?"

"Because..." Summer began, and pointed at Rachel. "Rachel didn't even try to solve the mystery. Therefore, she is automatically eliminated!"

Rachel gasped. "What?! Nooo!" she exclaimed. Chef appeared behind her, and grabbed her by her shirt.

"No! You don't understand!" Rachel shouted, but Chef threw her into the Lame-O-Sine, and the car drove away.

"And that's the end of her..." Chef grunted, dusting off his hands.

Summer smiled, and looked at the camera. "Tune in next time where the drama gets more spicier! On TOTAL. DRAMA. LIVE ACTION!"

Episode 8

Aftermath II: With A Little More Drama
Season 7, Episode 8
Challenge None
Reward None
Winner(s) Brick and Sofie
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"Peek-a-boo: I Kill You"

The camera faded in towards the Aftermath studio, where the two hosts are sitting on the hosts' couch, and the Peanut Gallery is busy chatting to each other.

A girl was putting a pink shade of blush on Alexis' cheeks, while Alexis talked with Ken about their 'future' together. Alexis noticed the camera was on, and her eyes widened.

"Honey, we're on!" Alexis said, pointing at the camera.

"Oh!" Ken said, eyes wide. "Hello! And welcome to another episode of Total Drama Aftermath! Where the drama is born, and the truth is revealed! I am Ken--"

"--and I am Alexis!" Alexis said. "And I -- I mean, we, are the hosts of the Total Drama: Live Action Aftermath!"

Ken looked at the audience, and shouted, "How's everybody doing today?"

The audience went wild, and everyone started applauding and whistling.

"How's your day?" Alexis shouted, smiling.

The audience went silent, making it a very awkward moment for Alexis.

Alexis frowned. "What a great audience," she muttered, sarcastically.

"Anyway!" Ken said. "Easter had just passed, and the cast had a huge celebration! Let's take a quick peek, shall we?"


The video starts off with Chef placing a big white cake on the middle of the cafeteria table.

"Whoa, it's Easter, not a birthday party," Skylar said, smiling at the delicious cake. She licked her lips. "Chef, where did you buy this?"

Chef glared at her. "I made it."

Skylar gasped. "You made this?" she laughed. "Good one, Chef!"

Chef continued glaring.

"Oh, you're serious," Skylar muttered.

Chris appeared behind the cake. "Happy Easter, everyone!"

Everyone smiled. They were each about to take a slice of the cake, when Ezekiel (in his weird looking form) jumped out of the cake. The cast screamed, as he galloped out of the cafeteria.

Chris was dying with laughter. "Ohhhh... I can't believe you fell for that!" Chris laughed. "It's called Total Drama! Not Total Happiness or Total Fun Time!" He wept a tear from his face (from laughing), and said, "Ohhh... Happy Easter, you guys."


"Chris is right!" Alexis said. "And today marks a very special day in the Total Drama history! Today is the show's producer, Karen Toreman's birthday! So, Karen said that the whole cast and crew are going to spend a day in Hawaii! We need your help to get all the money!"

"We call it the Ask and You and I'll Get It!" Ken said. "So basically, you guys are going to send us dares... or truths! It's sort of a truth or dare! Since this is live, you guys at home can also send us dares/truths through Twitter, Facebook, or any type of social media! I am @TheRealDramaKen, and Alexis is @DaABomber. Send us a video of you doing it, and we'll receive it in a giffy! If you want to send a dare/truth, you must donate 10 dollars to the Total Drama company!"

A teenage girl stood up from the audience. "10 dollars?!" she exclaimed. "Only for an answer to a question?!"

"You also get to be on live television!" Ken said, smiling.

The girl nodded. "Okay then!" She then sat back down.

The screen behind the hosts' couch blinked, and revealed a boy in his bedroom. He was a teenager, and was very muscular. A muscular hipster though. He managed his glasses.

"Hi! My name is Nick!" the boy said. "My question is headed towards the hosts of the Aftermath show! It is a dare! I dare you to go to the bathroom, and put your head in the toilet bowl. After that, clean your hair with the soap found next to the sink! If you don't want to do it, you can nominate someone else, but if you nominate someone else, I'll only donate 5 dollars!"

Alexis exchanged worried glances with Ken.

"Actually..." Alexis said. "I'm going to nominate someone else."

"Me too," Ken said.

Suddenly, Alexis' phone beeped. She took out her phone, and read a text. She put her iPhone back into her pocket, with a glare on her face. "Karen says we have to do it," she said.

Ken started twitching. "Okay then, let's just get this over with."

The screen behind them blinked, and Nick was gone.

As Alexis and Ken reluctantly exited the studio with worried faces, a voice boomed through the speakers.

"The Total Drama: Live Action Aftermath show will be right back after a short commercial break!"

The audience went wild, and started chatting along.

"Wow," Beth said, to Lindsay. "Do you think Alexis and Ken would really do that?"

"I don't know..." Lindsay muttered. "Wait, what are we talking about again?"

"Someone dared Alexis and Ken to dunk their heads in the toilet!" Beth exclaimed.

Lindsay gasped, and squealed. "That sounds like fun! I want to do that too!" She ran out of the studio.

Beth sighed. "Why do I have to always get her out of these things? I'M COMING LINDSAY!"

As Beth started pacing out of the studio, the booming voice spoke again. "And we are back!"

The screen blinked, and Alexis popped in the girls bathroom. She kicked pen a stall, and muttered, "Let's just get this thing over with..." As she was about to dunk her head, Lindsay came in running, and pushed her away.

"I want to go first!" Lindsay squealed, and she dunk her head in the toilet bowl.

"Ewww," Alexis groaned.

Beth came in too late, and she groaned as well as Lindsay pulled her head out of the toilet.

"That was sooo refreshing!" Lindsay squealed. "I want to do that again!"

Alexis shrieked. "Noo!" Alexis pulled Lindsay out of the bathroom, just as Ken finished his dare. The two hosts met in the Aftermath studio. Ken's hair was extremely wet, so he had to wear a towel on his head.

"Lexi," Ken said. "How come you didn't get your hair wet?"

"Lindsay did it for me," Alexis muttered.

The two hosts sat back down and were asked to do dares, and to answer truths.


The feud between Summer and Skylar.

One of the truths were: "Do you know any drama that will make the show even more juicier?"

Alexis and ken looked at each other with a grin.

"We do actually," Alexis said. "We know that a feud has started between Summer, the intern, and Skylar. We also know some secrets that the cast had been trying to hide, but now we're going to spill them all!"

"Through some confessionals!" Ken added.

[Alejandro: Ugh. Dawn is just so annoying! She can also be seen as a huge threat. I have to get her out... but how? Oh! I know! And her stupid little aura can't sense this now!]

[Summer: I know I'm not in the competition and all that, but I'm going to get Skylar out of the competition. Look. I'm that typical normal girl that likes everybody, but has feuds with people like Courtney. But this Skylar, she's basically the brunette version of me. I guess we're so similar, it made us clash against each other. That is why I'm going to get her out. Since I'm an intern, nobody would suspect me. I can sabotage the votes! Plus, if I get caught, what will happen to me? I'll get fired? *rolls eyes* Fine with me!]

Alexis laughed. "Well, your story's out, sister."

[Russell: Maaaannn... that Skylar girl is really pretty! And we've been getting along really well after I saved her from that knife attack from the previous episode. And I'm going to admit it on live television: I like her. But I don't know if she likes me...]

Ken widened his eyes. "What if Skylar has a boyfriend at her hometown...?"

[Skylar: I came here to win. But a lot of things are getting in my way. First, Summer. That girl is a sociopath. Second, Russell. He's really sweet and all, and I know he likes me, but he's getting my heart to like him too, and that can't happen! I came here to win! But... I don't think I have the courage to vote him off...]

"Oh... wow," Alexis said.

[Sofie: *holding a red diary* This is Matthew's diary! I just read it for a whole hour! And guess what it says on page 98? Quote, 'Sofie is really cute'! *squeals loudly until the the props behind her fall down* Oops.]

[Matthew: Where's my diary--I mean my... novel? Yeah, where's my novel?]

Alexis raised an eyebrow. "Novel? Really?"

[Brick: Loyalty is my first priority, and I think my alliance buddy Matthew is not being loyal to me. He's being all sweet and kind to Sofie now! Not to me! I came here to win this thing, and if my buddy doesn't want to win... I guess *starts to sob* I can't do this.]

"Cadet problems," Alexis muttered.

"Honey," Ken said. "Everyone can hear you."

[Dawn: I have a feeling someone in the cast is out to get me... but Scott's already eliminated... then how is this possible? *starts thinking* *gasps then snaps her fingers* Alejandro!]

"Took her long enough," Alexis muttered.

"Alright," Ken said. "That is our last truth/dare of the day! The show has gathered up enough money to go Hawaii!"

The crowd went wild.

Alexis' phone beeped. Alexis read a text. "Oh," she muttered. "Only Karen's going. I hate this show."

"Now, we're going to play a game with the contestants again!" Ken said. "A different one, this time! The contestants are backstage, and they are buuurrning with anger! They have just watched the confessionals as well, and they have found the truth! We're going to play Sorry Seems To Be The Wrong Word. Let's bring the contestants out, then I'll tell you guys the lyrics!"

A minute later, the contestants (arguing) walked into the studio. The audience applauded, but the contestants kept on bickering.

Chairs popped up from the floor, and the contestants sat on them.

"Are we going to play that truth game again?" Skylar asked. "Because... I did not like it."

"Were you planning on voting the truth game off as well?" Russell muttered.

"I said I'm sorry!" Skylar exclaimed.

"Save that for the game, Skylar!" Ken said. "Let me tell you how to play the game. Each person who wrongs the other person has to apologise. If the other person accepts their apology, they are safe. Your apology has to be sincere, otherwise the other person won't accept it. If you don't accept an apology, you must say, 'Apology Not Accepted'. If you accept the apology, you must say, 'Apology Accepted'. If everyone accepts each other's apologies, we're going to play another series of clips that are full of drama! But, if only some of you don't accept the apology, the two of you (you and the person) are going to be in danger."

"Those who don't accept each other's apologies are in risk of being voted out," Alexis continued. "The Peanut Gallery will be participating in this game as well! For example, Dawn doesn't accept Alejandro's apology, then they're in the Bottom 4. 2 pairs are in the Bottom 4. One person is going to be eliminated from the Bottom 4. How? The Peanut Gallery votes someone off!"

"Yes!" Leshawna exclaimed. "Finally! Something we can do!"

"Anyway," Alexis continued. "The truth detectors from the last Aftermath are still here. So, if you lie and say you accept the other person's apology just so you can be safe, you're going to be in the Bottom 4 anyway, because we can tell if you're lying."

"Let's start the game, shall we?" Ken said. "We'll start with Skylar and Russell!"

"Look, I'm sorry, Russell," Skylar said. Russell just crossed his arms. "I'm really really sorry! I... I just wanted to win... I will never vote off a friend ever! Unless... unless they really wrong me. And... you haven't wronged me a bit. You actually saved me! So... thank you."

Russell smiled. "You think I'm your friend?" he asked. Skylar nodded. Russell laughed. "Apology accepted," he said.

Alexis nodded. "Russell and Skylar are safe from elimination! Moving on to the next pair: Sofie and Matthew!"

"I'm sorry I read your diary..." Sofie said. "I'm sorry that I exposed your secret in front of the whole world... if you don't like me again, or think I'm cute again... I understand."

Matthew bit his lip. "No," he said. "Sofie, I don't care if everybody knows! I still like you! Just please don't invade my privacy ever again." Sofie smiled. "Apology accepted," Matthew added.

Ken nodded. "Sofie and Matthew are also safe from elimination! Next pair: Matthew and Brick!"

"What?" Matthew exclaimed. "I thought I already did mine?"

"Um, yeah, we have an unequal number of contestants right now," Alexis said. "And you and Brick seem to also have a conflict right now, so, you're also with Brick."

Matthew sighed. "Look Brick," he said. "I'm sorry that I might not be so cooperative with you, or that I'm not hanging out with you like I used to--"

"No, Matthew," Brick said. "I was the one who wronged you. I almost voted you off! I'm sorry--"

"No," Matthew said. "I wronged you even more, I'm the one that's--"

"Okay! Okay!" Alexis exclaimed. "You 2 are safe as well! Last pair: Alejandro and Dawn."

"Dawn--" Alejandro started, but Dawn interrupted him.

"Alejandro, I know you don't mean it," Dawn said. "Just put us in the Bottom 4 already... or Bottom 2."

Ken nodded. "Okay then! Peanut Gallery, it's up to you to vote off either Dawn or Alejandro!"

The Peanut Gallery laughed (even Heather!).

"Ken," Heather began. "I think everybody is going to vote Alejandro off. I mean, even I am! And I'm his girlfriend!"

Alexis and Ken exchanged glances. "Okay, then!" Alexis said. "Looks like Alejandro's out of the show!"

"What?!" Alejandro yelled. "Ugh! Dawn, you'll pay for this!"

As one of the interns brought him out of the show, Ken began to talk.

"We're going to have to wrap up now," Ken said. "We'll see you next time on Total Drama: Live Action Aftermath, where the truth, dares, and dangers happen! Goodbye!"

Episode 9

When Humpty Dumpty Cracks
Season 7, Episode 9
Challenge Find all the eggs on your team's list first, then show them to Chris
Reward Invincibility
Winner(s) Boys
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"Aftermath II: With A Little More Drama"

Everyone was still in their trailers, getting ready and brushing their teeth. Chris had just separated the cast into 2 trailers. They weren't roommates anymore now. Instead they were split into the boys' trailer, and the girls' trailer.

In the girls' trailer, Sofie was dancing around the trailer in joy, holding a picture of Matthew close to her chest.

"I have a boyfriend! I have a boyfriend!" she squealed. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. "But, he hasn't asked me out yet. When is he going to ask me out?" She sat down on her bunk bed, and sighed.

Dawn sat down next to Sofie, comforting her. "I'm sure he'll ask you out on a date soon, Sofie."

Skylar, who was getting her hair done, sighed and rolled her eyes.

[Skylar: I'm usually really friendly and nice to everyone. But Sofie wouldn't shut up about Matthew! She's been singing and dancing every single day since the Aftermath show! I just can't stand her anymore!]

Skylar dropped her comb in fury. "Sofie..." she said, breathing heavily to control her anger. She turned to look at Sofie. But before she could say another word, Dawn gave her a look that told her to not say anything harmful. Skylar sighed. "Sofie... Matthew will ask you out soon." She rolled her eyes, and fixed her hair again, modelling it in several styles.

Sofie smiled. "You think so?" she said, perking up.

Skylar sighed. "I..." then she gulped. "I know so."

Sofie clapped, and smiled. "Yeah! Since you guys are all so sure of it, it made me sure of it as well! Thanks guys! You guys are the best friends in the whole entire world!"

Sofie skipped out of the trailer, closing the door behind her.

After she left, Dawn smiled. "Don't you think it's great that we're the first ones to teach Sofie about love?" she said to Skylar, as she got up from the bed.

Skylar kept a straight face. "I think her mom did it first. Besides, I was getting really tired of her. If I hear another 'Matthew is so great!' or 'Matthew is so sweet!', I'm going to pound my fist through this trailer!"

"I could tell you were frustrated," Dawn said.

"How?" Skylar said, keeping a straight tone. "Did you sense my aura?"

"No, your face was all red," Dawn replied, laughing.

Meanwhile in the boys' trailer...

Matthew was laying down on his bed, tossing a tiny ball in the air, then catching it every second.

Brick was reading a blue book titled, 'How To Act Cool', and when he put the book down, a bright wide smile spread across his face. "Hey dudes," he said. "You must be chillin' out, am I right? Because that's what we bros- I mean dudes do. Am I right? Yo yo Matthew, can you pass me that ball, cuz I need it for a booty, gangster. Yeah?"

The two other boys, Russell and Matthew, just stared at him in confusion.

"Dude, that book corrupted you," Russell said. "If you're trying to act cool... don't. Just be yourself."

Matthew laughed. "Yeah," he agreed. "You're already cool anyway."

Brick's mouth opened wide, with a big smile. "Really?"

[Brick: I have the best friends ever! Wait a second, best friends? Yeah! I guess so! Russell's also my best friend now! Cool! But, I need to know if he's okay with that first...]

Russell looked at Brick and Matthew. "So guys," he said. "Since Alejandro just left, there aren ow only 3 boys now, and 3 girls. I say we work together, and vote off the girls."

Matthew's eyes widened. "Whoa! Whoa!" he exclaimed. He sat up. "Are you sure about that voting part?"

Russell nodded.

"Oh, well, um," Matthew started, nervously. "Maybe we should vote Skylar off, since ya know, she's the most strongest girl, and sane girl, right?"

Russell's eyes widened. "Um, well," he began, doing the same exact thing Matthew did. "I was thinking we could vote Sofie off. Since, you know--"

"NO!" Matthew shouted. The two other boys stared at him. "I mean, no. You know what, maybe we should just vote off Dawn."

Brick shook his head. "I'm actually trying to trick her into joining the alliance, Matt. You know, our alliance?" He put his arm around Matthew. "Sorry, Russell, but uh, me and Matthew are already in an alliance and we don't want anyone else in this alliance."

Matthew took Brick's hand off his shoulders. "Actually, Brick," he said. "Russell can join! I mean, 3 heads are better than 2!"

Brick frowned. "Okay..."

[Brick: I thought this was our thing, Matt. We never got to do it, anyway. And now when we're actually starting to do it, you're bringing Russell in? *sigh* I thought this was our thing...]

Chris called the cast out of their trailers to gather around him.

"Good morning campers!" he announced. "Today's challenge consists of teams: the boys and the girls. Only for this episode though. Since Easter just passed like a week ago, we're doing an Easter-based challenge! We are doing an Easter egg hunt! The team with the most eggs wins the challenge! You have thirty minutes to find as many eggs as possible! GO!"

The girls scrambled to one direction, and the boys scrambled to another direction. Skylar led the girls while Matthew led the boys. Skylar led the girls to their first egg which was located behind a tree.

"I found one!" Dawn exclaimed, pointing to the egg behind the tree. Sofie immediately grabbed it.

"Where are we going to put all the eggs we find though?" Skylar said.

"Idea! I know!" Sofie squealed. She went behind the tree and pinched out a whole bunch of branches and twigs. A second later, Sofie had made a white basket. "Ta daa!"

The girls heard the boys rustle ahead of them.

"We have no time to lose! Let's hurry!" Skylar exclaimed, running deeper into the forest.

Twenty minutes later, the girls found 16 eggs while the boys found 19.

"Five minutes left!" Chris announced through the speakers. "The boys are in the lead by 3 eggs!"

"No!" Skylar groaned, as she kept on running and searching for more eggs.

The boys ran around the forest like crazy monkeys searching for bananas. Brick pointed at a green egg located inside a bush. "Your camouflage plan did not work, little egg!" he exclaimed, grabbing the egg out of the bush. "And that's 20 for the boys!" he said, doing a victory dance.

"One minute left!" Chris announced.

The girls panicked. "No! No!" Skylar screeched. She spotted an eagle in the sky, clutching 5 painted eggs in its claws. "If we get the eggs that eagle is holding, we win the challenge! I just need to find a way to-"

"Idea! I know!" Sofie exclaimed. She pulled out a slingshot from her pocket, and put an egg on it. "We can use a slingshot! Let me demonstrate!"

Skylar and Dawn both shouted at her to not fling the egg, but Sofie flung the egg right into Skylar's hair. "Oops," Sofie said.

"The girls are down to 15 now!" Chris announced, laughing. "Nice work, Sofie!"

"Ugh," Skylar said. "If we shoot that eagle with something, and get the eggs, we can still be tied with the boys!" Skylar grabbed the slingshot, and a stone. As she was about to lung the stone, Dawn shrieked.

"NO! Don't hurt the bird!!" Dawn screamed, but it was too late. As Skylar flung the rock, Dawn pushed Skylar down, causing the rock to hit not the eagle, but the eggs! The eggs shattered, and the eagle's claws were damaged as well. The eagle began to drop, and it fell right into Sofie's baskets, where all the eggs were stored. The eagle landed on the eggs, crushing all of them.

"And the boys win by..." Chris announced. "By whatever their score is because girls got zero!" He started to laugh so hard, that his mic fell off, and made a huge deafening sound. "Whoops. Um, girls meet me in the elimination ceremony tonight!"

[Skylar: I know Dawn was the one who made us lose. I know it's all her fault. But... she could be a great alliance buddy, and Sofie just can't.]

In the elimination ceremony, Skylar got the first Gilded Chris Award. Dawn and Sofie both looked at each other worriedly.

"And the last Gilded Chris goes to..." Chris announced. "...

... Dawn."

Chris threw the last Gilded Chris towards Dawn's direction, as Sofie gasped. Sofie started to cry, as Skylar and Dawn hugged her.

Sofie hugged them back. "I love you guys," she said, wiping a tear off her face. "I don't know why you voted me off, but... you guys are always going to be my friends."

Skylar smiled, and a tear raced across her cheek. "You're also going to be my friend too, Sofie. Forever," she said. "Maybe not forever, but-"

"Shhhh!" Sofie shushed, smiling. She hugged Skylar once more, and then Dawn. She wiped off her final tear and headed to the Lame-O-Sine.

"I'm really going to miss her," Dawn said.

Skylar sighed, smiling. "Me too."

Sofie took one final look at the set, and closed the Lame-O-Sine door. But a hand blocked the door from closing: Matthew's hand.

"Ouch! That hurt!" he screeched, holding his hand in pain. "Sofie! Sofie! Wait!"

Sofie's eyes widened as opened the limo's car. "I'm waiting," she replied, smiling.

"When you get home, and I get home," Matthew said. "Do you want to go on a date?"

Sofie had a huge smile on her face, and she kissed Matthew on the lips. "Of course I will!" she exclaimed, as she released.

She was about to close the door again, but Matthew stopped her again.

He sighed. "I just can't let you do this, Sofie." He looked at Chris and he exclaimed, "I quit. I quit so Sofie can be safe!"

Everyone gasped, including Sofie.

"What?!" Chris shouted. "Really?! WHAT?!"

Sofie's jaw dropped. She stood up, and hugged Matthew. "Really, Matthew? You're going to quit for me?"

Matthew nodded. "Yes." He looked at Russell and Brick, who were standing near the stage. "And I think my 2 best friends are going to be fine without me." He slipped inside the Lame-O-Sine after saying goodbye to everyone. The Lame-O-Sine drove off.

"Wow," Chris said. "Um, well uh, tune in next time on Total Drama: Live Action, where surprising twists like this one happens! Will Sofie survive without Matthew? Will Russell and Brick get along? Find out next time on Total Drama: Live Action!"

The girls headed back to their trailer. Sofie sat beside Skylar. "Do you... hate me?" Sofie asked, softly.

Skylar looked at Sofie with wet eyes. "No, of course not," Skylar said. "You can be annoying sometimes because you're too cute-" she rustled Sofie's hair, making Sofie laugh. "-but you're always going to be my friend."

Sofie smiled, and went to her bed. "Goodnight."


Episode 10

A Secret Can't Be Kept A Secret
Season 7, Episode 10
Challenge Get a Secret Santa, give them a gift without them knowing it's you, find out who your Secret Santa is. Whoever is exposed as a Secret Santa loses the challenge. The winner is the one that keeps their identity a secret.
Reward Invincibility
Winner(s) Jacky
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"When Humpty Dumpty Cracks"
"The Key To The Heart Is Impossible To Find"

Brick was preparing a meal in the boys’ trailer. He was trying to impress Russell. He smiled, and he took the meal he had prepared to Russell’s bed.

Russell woke up, and looked at the peanut butter sandwich next to him. “What’s this for?”

“A friendship meal!” Brick replied joyfully.

Russell smiled. “Thanks, but you really didn’t have to do this. I know you’re my friend.”

Brick sighed. “I know… I just miss my old buddy Matthew so much.”

Russell nodded. “I wonder how Sofie’s going through this.”

In the girls’ trailer…

Sofie was crying, and she held a napkin close to her eyes. While Sofie dabbed each eye with the napkin, Skylar sighed, and put her arm around Sofie.

“I know you miss him,” Skylar said, comforting Sofie. “If Russell went away, I wouldn’t be crying, but I would miss him so much.”

“Russell?” Sofie blurted. “He’s your boyfriend?”

Skylar’s eyes widened. “I mean... I mean Kent! My boyfriend back at home! Kent! Not Russell! Why would I say Russell?”

Dawn raised her eyebrow.

[Dawn: It’s pretty obvious Skylar likes Russell. Everyone can tell.]

“Oh, so you don’t like Russell?” Sofie said.

Skylar shook her head furiously. “Nope. Nope. Nope. Haha, nope…”

“Okay then!” Sofie said, smiling. A second later, she started crying again.

[Dawn: Okay, maybe not everyone…]

Chris called the contestants out to explain the challenge… and a special surprise.

“I’m bringing an eliminated contestant back into the show!” he announced.

Everyone kept saying that Alejandro was going to be back, since he was the one that brought the drama in. But who came back surprised everybody.


Jacky arrived in a golf cart with Chef. She jumped off the cart, and said hello to everyone. Everyone hugged her, and Chris finally explained the challenge. It was a Secret Santa challenge. The contestants had to have a Secret Santa, and find out who their Secret Santa was. Chris pulled a top hat from behind his back, and little cards filled the hat. On those cards, there were each remaining contestants’ contestants’ names. The contestants had to draw out a name from the hat, and that person was going to be their Secret Santa. The winner was the person who kept their identity as a Secret Santa a secret.

[Russell: What is it with these seasonal challenges?]

Sofie’s Secret Santa: Dawn

Dawn’s Secret Santa: Brick

Russell’s Secret Santa: Skylar

Jacky’s Secret Santa: Russell

Skylar’s Secret Santa: Jacky

Brick’s Secret Santa: Sofie

“You can tell me who you think your Secret Santa is during the elimination ceremony,” Chris said.

[Jacky: It’s great to be back! I can finally have a shot at winning the million again! *sigh* I’m actually here for a horrible reason. Chris put me here to add more ‘drama’. He  said all the villains are out of the competition, and there are no more drama left, since the remaining contestants are all ‘pathetic heroes’. The villains don’t want to come back… most of them. Some of them are just in court, or busy. So… Chris called me. I’m here to make drama, not to make friends. I need to keep telling myself that, or I’m going to get kicked off the show… *grunts* I hate this show.]

During midday, Sofie put a teddy bear doll in a box, and wrapped the box. She sneaked into the girls’ trailer, while Dawn was away.

“She’s going to love this!” Sofie said to herself, rubbing her hands together. Just as she said that, Dawn walked in.

“Hey, Sofie!” Dawn said.

Sofie jumped in shock. “Oh! Hey, Dawn! Um, what are you doing here?”

“This is my trailer,” Dawn replied. “I’m taking a nap.” Then she noticed the gift. “Oh look! My Secret Santa left me a present!”

“Yeeeaahh… I wonder who she—I mean uh, I wonder who your Secret Santa is!” Sofie said, sweating from nervousness.

“I sense something evil and horrible here,” Dawn muttered.

“Could it be my lies?” Sofie muttered softly, but Dawn didn’t hear it.

When Dawn opened the present, a huge Jack-in-the-box sprang out, and hit Dawn in the face. She shrieked, as she pawed her face in pain. “Ouch!!” she shrieked.

“Dawn! Are you okay?!” Sofie yelled, running over to Dawn. She gently put Dawn on the bed. “I didn’t put a huge Jack-in-the-box in there!”

Dawn looked at Sofie. “So you’re my Secret Santa?” she said, still holding her face in pain.

“No Er—um…” Sofie stammered. She sighed. “Yes I am.”

[Sofie: Man! I am horrible at keeping secrets! I wish Matthew was here to help me… *starts crying really loudly* *tape ends in the middle of crying*]

Outside the girls’ trailer…

Jacky was watching the whole from outside the window. Chris approached her, laughing hysterically.

“Ohh,” Chris started, “Jacky, I told you to bring drama back, not pain! We already enough of that!” He started to laugh even harder. “But, pain is just as amazing as drama! Ha! Great job, Jacky!”

Jacky’s face seemed a bit pale. “Chris… I didn’t do that.”

“Haha! Right, of course you didn’t!” Chris laughed, wiping off a tear.

“No! I seriously didn’t!” Jacky exclaimed.

Chris gasped. “Okay, when I find out who that drama culprit is…” He pointed at Jacky. “…you’re out! There’s a darker evil in this set! I like it! I’m going to check if Chef knows anything about this.”

While Chris walked away, Jacky seemed to be a little worried.

An hour later, Jacky snuck into the boys’ trailer. It was empty. She carefully placed a well wrapped box on Russell's bed. She also saw the uneaten food on Russell's bed. "Don't mind if I do," she thought. She took a spoon, and ate a spoon of the food. She started to feel nauseous, and she soon lost her balance. Luckily, Brick came in the trailer.

"Jacky?" he exclaimed. By the time he said that, Jacky fainted on Russell's bed. "Did she eat that? It must have been rotten! But... when you eat rotten food... you don't just faint immediately... someone must have poisoned it!" He took Jacky, and carried her. "Chef! We have a medical problem here!" he yelled.

When Chef looked into it, he nodded. "The food was definitely poisoned."

"But who would poison it?" Brick said.

"The same person that replaced Sofie's gift with a Jack-in-the-box," Chris answered. He looked at Jacky, who layed still on a thin bed. "Oh, this show is definitely getting better!"

In the elimination ceremony, Dawn held an ice pack to her face, and she had her bags next to her.

"Contestants, hand in your guesses!" Chris announced.


Jacky's Guess: Skylar

Brick's Guess: Jacky

Sofie's Guess: Brick

Dawn's Guess: Some ice cubes Sofie

Russell's Guess: Skylar

Skylar's Guess: Russell

Chris looked at the results. "So..." he started. "Only Jacky hid her identity! I guess she's the winner!"

Jacky silently cheered in spot, while Chris continued talking.

"You all have already voted, and Sofie had the most votes!" Chris announced.

Sofie gasped. "So Matthew's sacrifice was for nothing?"

Chris sneered. "Not so. Someone poisoned Jacky, but she's fine now, but a Jack-in-the-box hit Dawn in the face, and her mother sort of called me, and demanded that she comes back home. So... Dawn is out!"

Dawn sighed. "Goodbye guys," she said, sadly.

Everyone hugged her, and she left with her head down.

[Sofie: Matthew's gone, and now Dawn's gone? NOOO!! *cries*]

After she left, Chris continued talking.

"Alright, guys," Chris said. "We need to find out who is trying to hurt you. It could be one of you! So don't trust each other for the meantime. We're going to call the culprit, 'The Mad Goose'."

"The Mad Goose?" Jacky said. "Why the mad goose?"

"I don't know!" Chris replied. "I just like the name."

The contestants rolled their eyes.

"Just go to sleep already!" Chris shouted. "Tune in next time when we find out who the Mad Goose is! On Total Drama Live Action!"

Episode 11

The Key To The Heart Is Impossible To Find
Season 7, Episode 11
Challenge Find your key, then bring it to Chris
Reward Invincibility
Winner(s) Sofie
Eliminated Read to find out...
Episode Guide
"A Secret Can't Be Kept A Secret"
"The Inner Demon Of All"
Chef and Chris are shown in the staff’s lounge. Chris was

holding a mini iPad, and he scrolled through the Total Drama website with his fingers. He found a clip, and started nudging Chef with his elbow.

“Hey Chef!” he said. “I think we forgot to air this clip!”

“How is that possible?” Chef replied. “The show is live.”

“I know,” Chris said. “But I think one of our interns messed something up. We are sooo airing this clip! I mean, finally some romance!”

“I didn’t count that,” Chris said. “That was amateur love! This is some television love!”

“Television love always break up,” Chef grumbled. “There’s no point in airing that stupid lovey-dubby clip!”

Chris sighed. “Yes there is! We finally can have shippers in the audience! I mean, who in the world would ship Mafie?”

Chef looked down at his white apron, that had the words ‘Mafie Forever’ knitted into it. He quickly tore it off his chest, and threw it onto a blonde intern’s head. “That loser,” Chef grumbled, pointing at the intern.

Chris started laughing hysterically. “You’re fired, intern!” he shouted, throwing a bobble-head of himself towards the intern. “Get out!”

Chef picked up an apron that was sitting on a comfy chair, wore it. “Fine. Air the stupid clip.”

Chris grinned. “Now that’s television spirit!” He pressed a button in the TD website, and started smiling.

-- Clip --

Skylar was seen sitting outside the girls’ trailer sadly. She read a text on her phone, and she turned her phone off sadly. Russell approached her with a bright smile on his face.

“Hey, why so gloomy?” he said.

“My boyfriend just dumped me…” Skylar muttered.

“Oh, why?” Russell asked.

Skylar sighed. “Well, because I like—“ she stopped herself from saying ‘you’. “—um, because I like somebody else. Back at home. Back at where I live. Not here. Not here.”

Russell chuckled. “Right.”

Skylar glared at him. “Just sit here.”

Russell sat down beside Skylar, and put her arm around her. “I don’t know why someone would dump such a beautiful girl, but… they made a huge mistake.”

Skylar started smiling, but hid it after she saw the smile on Russell’s face. “Um, thanks Russell,” she muttered. She smiled. “Why do you care about me so much? Why do you even like me? I don’t see any reason why a boy would like me.”

Russell started chuckling. “Are you serious? You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen! You’re funny, you’re fierce! You’re… amazing—“

Skylar kissed him on the lips before he could finish his sentence, and went inside her trailer, not saying a word. When she closed the door, she started blushing. She peeked through the window, and saw Russell doing a victory dance outside. Skylar laughed and turned around – to see Jacky and Sofie smiling at her.

The three girls started talking about boys and how the kiss was amazing.

-- Clip End --

Skylar was now sitting on her bed, video chatting with her friend, Oona, on her iPad. She hid it in her backpack so Chris couldn’t find out.

“Am I on TV?” Oona said. She had violet hair, and it made her look very unique. “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!”

“Honey, we’re right behind you,” Oona’s mom said from behind.

“Shut up mom, I’m on TV,” Oona said.

“Oona, chill,” Skylar said.

“Sorry, sorry,” Oona said. “First time on TV. Anyway, how was the kiss? The one with Russell?”

Skylar blushed. “It was amazing…”

Oona raised an eyebrow. “Girl, that Russell is a distraction. He’s in the middle of your victory!”

“Victory? Distraction?” Skylar said. “What are you talking about?”

“You remember Zoey?” Oona exclaimed. “The from TDROTI? The girl with red hair? Sweet but boring? Mike was in the middle of her way to victory, and when he left, she went full commando mode, a.k.a. winner mode, and if she stayed commando, she would’ve won! Now, you’re going to have to go commando mode! Not literally, but just take Russell out!”

“To dinner? I thought he’s the one that’s supposed to—“

“No!” Oona shouted. “He’s a distraction If he’s still in the competition, you’re not going to win! You’re just going to be another boring readhead!”

Skylar sighed. “You think so?”

“I know so!” Oona exclaimed. “Blackmail, backstab, break up, just get him out of your life! Eliminate him!”

Skylar shook her head. “I don’t think I can do that. I mean, I like him… a lot!”

“I know you do,” Oona said. “But this is for the best! You want to win, right? So he can’t win too! Eliminate him!”

Skylar sighed. “You’re right. I’m fierce. I’m a warrior. And I’m going to win.”

Skylar ended the video chat, just as Jacky woke up.

"Rise and shine," Skylar said, as she stuffed her iPad back into her backpack.

Sofie rushed into the trailer, carrying a plate of pancakes. "Anyone up for pancakes?"

"I think it's almost challenge time," Skylar said.

"And you don't eat before challenge time," Jacky said. "Believe me. I almost threw up."

Sofie frowned. "Dang it."

The girls walked out of their trailer, where they found the boys and Chris waiting outside. Russell smiled at Skylar, while Skylar just blushed and looked away.

[Skylar: This 'backstabbing' or 'blackmailing' thing... it's really hard to do so far.]

Chris explained the challenge to the Final 5. They must each find their own key, with their name printed on it. The first one to show their key to Chris wins the challenge and immunity.

Russell approached Skylar, who was jogging around the set looking for her key.

"Hey, babe," Russell said.

"Please don't call me that," Skylar muttered.

"Oh, sorry," Russell said. "So uh, what's up?"

"Well, I'm looking for the key, and you're supposed to be doing that too, but you're not so..."

"Sorry," Russell muttered. "Again. Um, can we talk about the kiss we had last night?"

"No," Skylar said. She stopped in her tracks. "Look, Russell, I like you... a lot, but I think we should concentrate on the game right now."

She remembered Oona's words: 'backstab', 'blackmail'.

Skylar sighed. "Yeah. Understand?" Russell nodded, and Skylar gave him a kiss on the cheek, and she ran off.

[Skylar: I'm not going to blackmail him, or backstab him. I'm just going to... alert him.]

[Russell: *sigh* She's right. I just... I think I'm desperate... am I?]

Skylar thought about what Oona said: blackmail, backstab. She saw a key laying on a bridge. She raced towards it, and grabbed the key. She read the name: Russell.

"Not mine," she thought. She was about to leave it, and put it back on the bridge, but she remembered about what Oona said. About winning the game without him... about backstabbing him or blackmailing him. "I think I have to," she whispered to herself. "To win." She threw the key across the bridge, and into the waters. The key swam across the waters, and soon sunk into disappearance.

Skylar quickly ran off, and looked for her own key.

[Skylar: What have I done? Last night, I was kissing this boy, and now I'm throwing his key off a bridge! What have I done?!]

Meanwhile, Sofie was climbing a tree so she could get a better view of the set. But instead, her key fell off one of the leaves and hit her on the head. "Ouch!" Sofie exclaimed, as she fell down. She gripped her key tight, and ran off to find Chris.

Brick and Russell were walking together to find their keys. Brick pointed at a nearby cave. "Over there!" he exclaimed. "Maybe we could find a key over there!"

"Great idea!" Russell exclaimed.

The two boys hurried into the cave. Brick set off a trap, and the two boys were soon trapped in a net. A note was taped onto a huge rock, saying:

'The net will disintegrate in 10 minutes. Don't worry.

- The Mad Goose'

"The Mad Goose," Russell muttered. "They're trickier than I thought."

Brick tried to wiggle out of the net. "No use."

"We have to wait 10 minutes," Russell said. "I guess that's not such a big deal, I mean, so what if we don't win? At least, we're not going to be eliminated."

Chris spoke through the speakers to announce something. "We're having a double elimination!" he announced. "The first loser is going to be the person that gives me their key last. The second loser is going to be determined through votes."

Russell and Brick exchanged glances, then both tried to wiggle out of the net.

Jacky wandered through the set, looking for her key desperately... but she couldn't find it.

30 minutes later, Chris announced something again.

"Brick, Skylar and Sofie had successfully completed the challenge," Chris announced. "Russell, Jacky, I don't what's taking you so long, but since you're taking sooo long, the one eliminated is the one that reaches to me last. It's a race!"

Russell gasped, and so did Jacky. Both of them were in very different parts of the set, and they both ran towards Chris. Jacky was in the lead, and Russell was a couple of feet behind her. Jacky was about to win, but Russell tripped on a rock, and fell on Chris' foot.

"Ouch! That hurt!" Chris exclaimed. "These are designer sneakers!"

Russell rubbed his head. "How do you think my head feels?"

He stood up, and Chris declared that Jacky was eliminated. Jacky sighed, and she went back to her trailer to pack her stuff.

"Anyway, who's going to join her?" Chris said. "The elimination ceremony is going to be tense!" He eyeballed Skylar. "I'm sure of it!"

[Skylar: I feel so guilty! Well... I've felt more guilty before... I mean, I was sent to juvy last year, and I almost got arrested! ... Live television is probably not the best place to say that...]

In the elimination ceremony, everyone (except Jacky) voted. Chris received the results, and he tossed the first Gilded Chris to Sofie, then to Brick, leaving only Skylar and Russell with no Gilded Chris awards yet.

"The last person safe is..." Chris announced. "...
























... Skylar."

Skylar gasped, and caught her Gilded Chris in midair. Russell sighed, and hugged everyone. He looked at Skylar.

"Can I call you babe now?" he said.

"No," Skylar replied, chuckling. The two hugged once more, and when they released Skylar confessed what she had done. "I am so sorry! My friend just corrupted me--"

"It's okay," Russell said. "It is a game."

Skylar smiled. "Thanks."

The two hugged once more, and Jacky and Russell went inside the Lame-o-sine.

Chris smiled. "Drama! Yeah! Tune in next time when we try to find out who the Mad Goose is! Again! What will happen when 2 girls and only 1 boy stay on a dangerous yet awesome set? Find out next time on Total Drama Live Action!"

Episode 12

The Inner Demon Of All
Season 7, Episode 12
Challenge Complete the 'Ultimate Windup':

Ride on your horse to the village set, and find a golden egg and a silver blade Next, go to the wrestling arena, where you have to fight one of the other Final 3 wearing the armor from Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. The winner of the battle then proceeds to the next part of the challenge where you have to swing over a jelly pit with a vine. The loser of the fighting challenge has to fight the other finalist, and the winner of that fight proceeds to the next part, while the loser has to clean a building without getting shot at by a robotic alien. The 2 winners then proceed to a dangerous battle with a digital dragon witch, while also finding a golden 'Willie Wonka' ticket. The one who gets the ticket then can proceed to the next part of the challenge where you have to race to Chris and stick your silver blade (from the first part of the challenge) into a golden container. The second person to do that also goes to the Final 2.

Reward A chance to be in the Final 2
Winner(s) It's a secret! Read for yourself!
Eliminated It's a secret! Read for yourself!
Episode Guide
"The Key To The Heart Is Impossible To Find"
"Aftermath III: Farewell/The Mad Goose Investigation"
The final three were hanging out in one trailer. Skylar was trying to take a selfie with Brick and Sofie, but the two insisted they kept on talking.

[Sofie: Aaahhh... the Final 3! Isn't that amazing? I never thought I'll get this far! This is... despicable! Hm, I don't know what that means... but I know it means wonderful, because why would they put such a horrible word in a kids movie?]

[Skylar: I actually expected that I was going to go to the Final 3. I always thought that I would be second place or at least first place because of my fighting and martial arts skill, but... I haven't used that yet in the show.]

[Brick: *doing a victory dance in the confessional* Final 3, baby! *gets up on table and accidentally knocks the camera down* Whoops!]

[Sofie: I hope I get to be in the Final 2! That would just be heinous! Right? Don't you agree? *winks* That's right. Sofie knows some new words! Some synonyms of great! Right? They should call me... 'The Queen of Words'!]

[Brick: *fixes camera* Anyway, like I was saying... *continues dancing*]

[Skylar: I really wish Russell was here though... it feels really great to finally say what had been in my heart for a very long time!]

[Brick: I'm the only boy left in the game, and I don't know if I can trust these 2 lovely girls... even though, they may be lovely- *Skylar bangs on the confessional door, shouting Brick to hurry up* -anyway, where was I? Oh, right, lovely.]

[Sofie: I wish my mom was here, and Matthew, and Dawn. But at least Skylar's here! Ooh! That reminds me! I don't think my mom approved of me and Matthew's relationship yet! *grabs her phone out and calls her mom* Dang it. No service.]

[Skylar: I wish the best of luck to the other finalists. They earned their spot in the Final 3 very righteously. They deserve to be here. *camera blurs and flashes back* But I deserve the million dollars.]

"Ooh! Ooh!" Sofie said, enthusiastically. She ran around the trailer, and turned off all the lights. She sat back down next to her bed, where Brick and Skylar were. "I'm going to tell..." she grabbed a flashlight from her bed and shone it from below her face, "... a sublime story."

"Don't you mean scary story?" Brick said.

"Shh!" Sofie screeched. "I know my words, I don't need you to tell me words! Anyway, like I was saying... I'm going to tell you a sublime story!"

"It's scary not sublime!" Brick exclaimed, impatiently.

"Shh! Fine!" Sofie yelled, putting her finger close to her lips. "Just... give this storyteller... some silence, please."

She closed her eyes, and opened it again, as wide as she could. "Once upon a time... this is a true story by the way. Anyway, once upon a time...

"I was a little girl, and my mom put me in a ballerina academy. The teacher, Mrs. Budbalad, was very cruel and very strict. She hated me the most because I accidentally called her 'Mrs. Buttsalad' once.

"My mom had always told me that I was a great dancer, but... Mrs. Budbalad always insulted me, and said I was a horrible dancer!

" '24 hours a day!' she used to shout. She wanted me to practice everyday... every hour. One day, all the other students were sick for a very mysterious reason. Some were busy, and some just wanted to avoid Mrs. Budbalad so they pretended they were sick. So... it was only me... and Mrs. Buttsalad - I mean Mrs. Budbalad. She made me practice very very hard, until my legs felt numb, and I felt like my legs would snap any second.

"Mrs. Budbalad then yelled at me and pushed me because I did not do a dance routine she ordered me to do. I was taking a water break. I was so scared, but suddenly, a furious flame corrupted my body, and I didn't realize what I was doing... I didn't have control over my body. I pushed a table, and it fell over Mrs. Budbalad's body. She was screeching and shrieking for help, while I stormed out of the academy. I saw Mrs. Budbalad and several other teachers flee the academy, and then I saw the academy... burn. I gasped, and my normal and silly self returned...

" 'What have I done?' I thought... I visited a therapist, and he said, I had another personality in my body. And I had to stay calm at all times, so that personality would stay in her shelter, and never come out.

"But now... I have a feeling Ginger, my alternate personality, has returned."

Skylar and Brick gasped.

"This is a true story? This is real?" Skylar exclaimed.

Sofie burst out laughing. "Yes! Yes it is!"

Brick was puzzled. "Why are you laughing? This is a very serious matter!"

Sofie stopped laughing slowly. "The 'burning academy' part was real, and the ballet part was real, but Ginger coming back is impossible! Only a major accident like if I hit my head real bad or me freaking out would revive her from the grave! Oh... you guys really felt for it!"

"You burned an academy?!" Skylar yelled.

"It wasn't me, it was Ginger," Sofie said.

"Same thing!" Skylar screamed. "Sofie, you better control yourself, or this Ginger is going to take control of you again!"

"Skylar, Skylar," Sofie said, putting her hand on Skylar's shoulder, only for Skylar to push it away. "Negative, negative Skylar... don't worry, I have full control of myself. You don't have to worry."

[Skylar: I don't have to worry? This is a reality show! Chris is probably trying to think of a way to revive Ginger and make his show a hit or something! Ugh!]

The Final 3 exited the trailer, and found Chris and Chef in the cafeteria. Chris was holding a clipboard, that had the words, 'How To Revive Ginger', written in red crayon on it.

"What's that?" Brick asked, pointing at the clipboard.

Chris noticed that the contestants here, and threw the clipboard away, accidentally hitting Chef in the face. "Nothing!"

"Isn't it challenge time yet?" Skylar said. "It's 1 in the afternoon! Usually, you send us these challenges early in the morning!"

"Sorry, sorry," Chris said. "We were just busy... we have a life too, you know?"

"Then why do you trap our lives in a stupid reality show?" Skylar said.

Chris raised an eyebrow. "Personal." He walked towards the finalists. "Anyway, it's challenge time! For the Final 3!"

"I am so pumped!" Sofie exclaimed, happily.

"You shouldn't be," Skylar said. "The final challenges are usually the most gruesome."

Sofie smiled. "Well that should be great! Gruesome means wonderful!"

"Sofie, you really need to get a dictionary," Brick said.

"So, your challenge today is gruesome!" Chris announced. "First, you must go to the village set, where you must ride a horse around the village, in search for a golden mysterious egg and a silver blade!"

"That's it?" Skylar blurted. "What's the catch?"

"I'm glad you asked!" Chris exclaimed. "There is going to be a very scary monster there waiting for you! Waiting to blast you into a million pieces!"

"Is the monster real?" Brick gasped.

"It's a robot," Chris replied. "But it can still hurt you. A lot!"

"Okay, I'm not that pumped anymore," Sofie said, softly.

"Now, the next part of the challenge-"

"There's more?" Sofie yelled.

"Don't interrupt me!" Chris exclaimed. "Anyway, the next part of the challenge is to battle your fellow finalist in the wrestling arena set. Now, if you choose to skip the village challenge and just go ahead to the battle, you're going to get caught, because there will be a woman there, waiting for you to give her the egg you found, and if you don't have an egg... trust me... it is not going to be pretty! So, when you battle another finalist, you must wear a robotic armor. The same armor Harold and Beth used in a Total Drama Action episode called, 'Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen'. The winner is the one who throws their opponent off the arena. The winner can go to the next part of the challenge-"

"I think I'm going to faint," Sofie mumbled weakly.

"-which is to swing over a gelatin pool with a vine," Chris continued. "The loser of the previous part of the challenge has to fight the other person in the final 3. Then the loser of that fight has to go clean a whole set to go to the next part of the challenge!"

"That doesn't sound too bad," Skylar muttered.

"While a robotic alien beast tries to hunt you down," Chris added.

"Brick, catch me," Sofie mumbled. She fell into Brick's arms, and he put Sofie back in standing position.

"After you swing over the gelatin," Chris continued. "You must go to a very dark and mysterious part of the set... where you will battle the digital dragon witch... 'Paleficent'! She has very pale skin for a robot. The point of that part of the challenge is to battle the witch, and if you defeat her, then you can proceed to the final part of the challenge... a race to a golden machine, where you must stick the silver blade you found in the village in! The first 2 people who do that are the Final 2 of Total Drama: Live Action!"

"Cool," Skylar said.

"Cool? Cool?!" Sofie exclaimed. "That is not cool!"

Chris brought the Final 3 to the village set, where 3 white horses waited for their riders. The Final 3 got on the horses.

"I'm going to call you Cottonpuff," Sofie said to her horse, rubbing its mane.

"The search for the egg and blade starts..." Chris began, "NOW!"

"Hyaah!" Skylar exclaimed, slapping her horse, and the horse furiously galloped around the set.

Brick was left wide-eyed, and scared. He looked down at his horse. "Hey horsey," he whispered. "Can you please run like your friend over there?"

Sofie smiled at her horse. "Run like the wind, Cottonpuff!" She slapped her horse, and her horse rose to its feet, making Sofie fall down.

"Aiee!" Sofie screeched. She climbed back onto her horse, and the horse slowly galloped around the village.

Brick's horse furiously galloped around the set, following its friends. Brick spotted a golden egg near a wrinkly old bush, the color of ash and leaves in the fall. "Horsey, over there!" But his horse did not listen and instead rode pass it.

Sofie and her horse bumped into a house, and Sofie spotted the same egg Brick did right next to her. "Cottonpuff, stay!" she ordered. She jumped off her horse, and grabbed the egg. "Now to find the blade!" she exclaimed, as she climbed back on her horse. "Cottonpuff! Run!"

Skylar looked around the village set, as her horse galloped around. She spotted the golden egg, and she quickly swiped it away. Her white horse was very fast and it galloped around the village furiously, crashing into the houses several times.

Brick spotted the silver blade on top of a nearby house. "Stop!" he yelled. His horse was frightened, and did stop. Brick jumped off his horse, and began climbing the house. His hand was very close to the blade...

...but Skylar's horse bumped into the house, causing it to collapse.

"Yowzers!" Brick shrieked, as he fell off the house. The blade fell on his face.

"The blade!" Skylar and Sofie both said, eyes on the blade.

"Sorry ladies, but the blade's mine," Brick said. He gripped the blade tight, and climbed back on his horse. "Horsey, GO!"

[Sofie: Horsey. What a silly name for a horse.]

Sofie and her horse galloped around the set, and Brick finally found the golden egg, and raced to the next part of the challenge. Skylar and Sofie were glaring at each other, when they both set eyes on the silver blade.

[Skylar: Sorry, Sofie, but this is a game of drama and competition. And I'm going to win this thing.]

[Sofie: I'm going to pound you! *cracks her knuckles too hard* Ouchie! *tears rise in her eyes*]

Sofie and Skylar's horses both race towards the silver blade, and at the end, Skylar snatched the blade away.

"Yes!" Skylar exclaimed. "Sorry Sofie!" She rode towards the next part of the challenge, and handed her golden egg towards the woman waiting there.

"Now, you and Brick are going to battle," the woman explained. "Put on these metal suits, and begin your fight."

Once the two suited up, the woman blew a whistle, signaling them to start. In the first 20 seconds, Skylar pushed Brick off the arena fiercely. When Brick was off the arena, the woman allowed Skylar to go the next part of the challenge. Skylar left the arena with her silver blade, and a grin on her face.

Sofie finally reached the wrestling arena, and handed her egg to the woman.

"Brick, Sofie, duel time," the woman said.

Sofie got suited up, and got on top of the arena. The woman blew the whistle, and Sofie and Brick went into action. Sofie punched Brick in the stomach, and Brick kicked Sofie on the chin. Finally, with one heavy push, Brick pushed Sofie off the arena.

"Oof!" Sofie moaned, as she tumbled off. The woman allowed Brick to go the next part of the challenge, while Sofie had to go to a nearby building set, and clean the whole set.

Meanwhile, Skylar was getting ready to swing, but Brick's entrance surprised her, and she fell into the gelatin pool.

"Gaah!" she shrieked, as she tumbled into the sticky pool. Her silver blade pierced through the gelatin beside her. "Brick!"

"Sorry Skylar!" Brick said. "But this is a game, and I'm here to win!"

Brick grabbed his blade, and swung over the gelatin pool with ease with the vine. "See ya later!" he said, as he ran off.

Skylar sighed, and tried to reach her blade. She gripped it tight, and cut through the gelatin pool, slicing off every single piece of jelly she saw. She reached the other side, and by this time, her hair was full of gelatin. "Brick," she muttered. "Watch out."

Meanwhile, Sofie arrived at the building set, and began to wash the windows. She noticed a glass container, and inside it was a replica of the silver blade. She held up her silver blade in front of the glass case. "Twinsies," she whispered. But because she lost focus, the robotic alien she was supposed to avoid struck her with a blast of sticky goo, causing her to hit her head on the wall and pass out... unconscious.

Skylar was racing towards the 'dark and mysterious' part of the set, but Brick was catching up. The two then saw the digital witch that waited for them. Her eyes glowed yellow, and her pale skin shimmered for a second. She was very big, her head almost hit the ceiling. The witch struck a pose, and breathed out a ghastly flame towards the two finalists. Brick and Skylar both dodged it by jumping to the side. Skylar accidentally tossed her blade away.

"My blade!" she shrieked. But as she was about to stand up and get it, the digital witch struck the sword with a flame, and the sword disappeared in a bunch of pixels. "My blade..."

Brick didn't even let out a smirk. He was truly a loyal cadet. "Skylar, I'm pretty sure you can go back to the village set and get another blade," Brick said.

"Thanks, Brick," Skylar replied. "But I don't think I stand a chance. I'm going to get fried even before I reach the exit."

Meanwhile, Sofie woke... and her eyes glowed yellow for a very brief second. She let out a bristling silver breath, that made the alien beast deactivate. Sofie smirked, and tied her hair up in a ponytail. "Time to win this thing," she whispered.

Skylar was trying to avoid the witch's attacks, while Brick desperately tried to crawl towards the exit. Suddenly, like magic, Skylar saw her silver blade again, in the exact spot where she saw it disappear. She saw a flick of ginger hair wave in the air for a moment, but she thought that she was just hallucinating. Skylar scrambled to her blade, while the witch breathed fire at her, trying to eliminate her. But Skylar got to her blade first, and Brick plunged his blade at the witch's chest, causing her to explode into a million red pixels.

"I guess those are her guts," Brick muttered.

Skylar saw a single ginger hair on her blade, and she plucked it away from her blade.

[Skylar: W-was I hallucinating that?]

Skylar and Brick set their eyes on the exit.

"I guess we're the Final 2," Skylar said to Brick, smiling.

Brick nodded. "You're going to a worthy and scary opponent," he teased.

Skylar laughed, and the two headed towards the exit. They found 3 thin golden machines standing in front of them. Chris was standing behind them.

"Welcome, Final 2," he said, smiling.

Skylar and Brick looked at each other, and walked towards the golden machines.

Brick stuck his blade into the machine, and a green light flashed at the side of the machine.

"Welcome, Brick, to the Final 2 of Total Drama: Live Action," Chris said, calmly.

Brick laughed. "Great to be here."

Skylar stuck her blade into the machine, and a red light flashed at the side of the machine.

"Oooooooooh," Chris said.

"What does the red light mean?" Skylar said. "Does that mean I'm second place?"

Chris shook his head. "It means... that's not the silver blade." He pointed at Skylar's blade.

"What?" Skylar exclaimed.

Suddenly, Sofie ran towards them, wearing a ponytail. She carried her silver blade, and she stuck it into the golden machine. The side of the machine flashed green, and Sofie grinned evilly.

"What?" Skylar exclaimed. "What about mine? Why is mine not working?"

[Sofie: It's great to be back. After I destroyed that ballet academy, I was shoved into the closet in Sofie's head... but now, I'm back, and it is feeling great! People think I've been absent throughout the whole competition... *slams table with her fist* *eyes glow red* They're wrong. Very wrong.]

"I'll tell you why," Sofie said. "Wait... I choose not to. Because if I do, you're just going to be another Mrs. Buttsalad and report me to the police or something."

Skylar gasped. "You! You're not Sofie! You're--" Before she could finish her sentence, Chef pulled her by her hair, causing her to shriek in pain.

"Sorry, Skylar," Chris said. "But you're not in the competition anymore, so... you don't get to speak."

Chef smirked, and he pulled her away from the Final 2, and into the Lame-O-Sine.

"Well, well, well," Chris began. "Looks like we have our Final 2 of Total Drama: Live Action!"

[Sofie: Ohh, that was easy! When Sofie hit her head, it was her time to be in the closet! I woke up, defeated that robot, and did a little switch-e-roo! I broke the glass case in the building set, and took out the replica of the silver blade. I raced towards the gelatin pool, but instead found the pool in shreds for some reason. I hurried towards the pat of the set where the digital witch was, and placed the replica in the exact spot where Skylar's blade used to be. Luckily, I escaped before anyone could see me, not even the witch. I know, I'm that good!]

"Tune in next time where our Final 2 experience the most dangerous and horrific challenge in their life!" Chris announced. "Who will take the million? Sofie or Brick? Find out next time on Total Drama: Live Action!"

Episode 13

Aftermath III: Farewell/The Mad Goose Investigation
Season 7, Episode 13
Challenge None
Reward None
Episode Guide
"The Inner Demon Of All"
"The Mad Goose Revealed"

The curtains of the Aftermath show opened for the final time, as the audience burst into applause. The two hosts, Ken and Alexis, emerged from behind the curtains, waving to the applauding audience.

The took their seats, as the the audience's applause faded away.

"Welcome to the final Aftermath show of Total Drama: Live Action!" Alexis announced. "We were just ordinary, normal people-"

"Actually, I was already pretty famous around the web," Ken added.

"Shut up, Ken," Alexis muttered. "Anyway, we were not that famous before, but look at us now! Hosting the Aftermath show of the greatest show in the world!"

The audience started applauding, and whistling.

"Thank you," Ken said. "But, even though it may be the final Aftermath on TD:LA, but, me and Alexis are not departing from Total Drama yet. I, Ken Wallis, am hosting the newest season of Total Drama!"

The audience burst into applause once more, whistling and clapping.

"And I'm going to be an executive producer!" Alexis added.

The audience continued clapping and whistling.

Alexis gasped. "They finally love me! They love me!"

"The next season, Total Drama: Karate Champion also known as Total Drama vs The World, is going to be a hit! I hope!" Ken said. "But we're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about... The Mad Goose."

Harold, from the Peanut Gallery, played some scary music. Dun dun duh!

"My money's on Summer," Alexis said. "She's still in the set. She's an intern! Last season, she was all 'sweet' and 'boring', but when she debuted this season, I already knew that she was as devious as a rat!"

Ken nodded. "That may be true. But, my money's on Troy. He might look all innocent, but he's a rat! A rat I say!"

"All of yours guesses are just stupid," Heather said. "You know who I think the Mad Goose is? Ezekiel! He's been in all the seasons, hiding around the set, and basically twisting the competition apart! No way would he miss this season!"

"Ezekiel? That's your best guess?" Noah muttered. "Really? I think it's one of the finalists!"

"Really?" Heather exclaimed. "Are you freaking serious? All of you are just brain dead!"

"Well, let's find out who it is shall we?" Ken said. "Heather, Noah, join us on the hosts' couch!"

"I'd rather not," Heather said, as she walked towards another couch, that next to the hosts' couch.

"Me too," Noah, said, sitting beside Heather.

"Let's investigate," Alexis said.

The screen showed a picture of the Jack-in-the-box springing at Dawn's face, as Sofie watched in horror.

"Who would do such a crazy thing?" Heather exclaimed. "Ezekiel! Plus, who would be so quick to steal Sofie's gift, and switch it with a Jack-in-the-box? Ezekiel!"

"Oh, please!" Noah snorted. "I'm pretty sure Sofie put a Jack-in-the-box in that gift box already!"

"Noah, we all saw her put a stupid teddy bear there!" Heather exclaimed.

"Well, then it's Brick!" Noah shouted back.

"Moving on!" Ken quickly said, to avoid the 'drama'. The screen showed a picture of Jacky eating the poisoned food. "Now, who would poison Jacky's food?"

"An intern! Summer!" Alexis said. "I mean, who watches all the things that happen around the set? The interns!"

"That means Troy could also be the Mad Goose then!" Ken said.

"No!" Heather said. "It was clearly Ezekiel!"

"No! It was Brick!" Noah exclaimed. "I mean, he suddenly just popped up, and tried to save Jacky from nowhere! I'm sure he was watching Jacky get poisoned from outside the window! Plus, I think what he intended was to poison Russell! He cooked the food, remember? Remember, everyone has a dark side! Not everyone's a hero!"

"Let's see what else the Mad Goose did!" Ken said. The screen showed a picture of Brick and Russell stuck in a net. "Tell me, Noah, would Brick risk his elimination just so people would believe in the... Tale of the Mad Goose?"

"Of course!" Noah screeched. "A cadet takes sacrifices!"

"And a cadet is a hero, too!" Heather exclaimed. "I'm trying to make a point here! It was Ezekiel! C'mon! Someone has to agree with me!"

Trent rose from the Peanut Gallery. "Actually, I can see Ezekiel doing those things. I think Heather's right."

"Yes!" Heather cheered. "Who else?"

"What? You're just going to start a... a... a debate war here?" Alexis said.

Heather nodded.

"Well then, bring it on!" Alexis exclaimed. "Everyone from the Peanut Gallery, split into your teams, depending on who you believe is the Mad Goose!"

A minute later, Alexis, Ken, Heather, and Noah had minions behind them.

Team Alexis: Lindsay, Beth, DJ, and Owen.

Team Ken: Justin, Sierra, and Cody.

Team Heather: Trent, Izzy, Eva, Harold, Leshawna, Katie, Sadie and Courtney.

Team Noah: Duncan, Bridgette, and Geoff.

Heather looked at the people behind her. "Looks like the intelligent ones sided with me!"

Katie and Sadie gasped. "We're intelligent!" they squealed.

"Well, the sane ones sided with me!" Noah exclaimed.

"Sane?" Leshawna exclaimed. "Are you saying I'm not sane? You calling me crazy?"

"That's not what I-" Noah started.

"I'll show you crazy!" Leshawna shouted, as she jumped on Noah, and started slapping him.

"Hey guys, stop!" Ken said, but Alexis pushed him back.

"We're finally having drama, Ken!" Alexis exclaimed. "Let them have drama!"

"This is not drama!" Ken argued. "That is violence!"

"But it's good!" Alexis shouted.

"Good?" Ken exclaimed. "You think this is good?"

Soon, everyone started arguing with each other, and the Aftermath show slowly ended.


Brick turned off the TV, which was showing the final TD:LA Aftermath.

"Well, that was a riot," Brick said.

"Yeah," Sofie said.

"I can't believe they think I'm the Mad Goose," Brick sighed.

"Well, Noah has a point," Sofie said, sternly. "I can't trust you anymore, Brick. I'm sorry."

Sofie left the trailer, and went to her trailer.

Brick watched her from the window.

[Brick: *holding a sticky note* I found this on the ground yesterday. It was right next to the Lame-O-Sine. This is what is said, 'Brick, watch out. Ginger has returned. - Skylar'. *crumples the sticky note, and throws it on the ground* I'm going to get to the bottom of this.]

[Sofie: *finds a sticky note on the floor* *reads it* My cover's blown.]

Episode 14

Part 1

The Dreadful Gap Between Two Minds

Release Date: Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Brick turned and turned around on his bed, but he couldn't stop thinking

about the sticky note he found the other day, telling him about Ginger's return. Finally, he got up from his bed, exited his trailer, and headed towards the girls' trailer, which was occupied by only Sofie/Ginger. He knocked on the door...

[Brick: I couldn't stop thinking about Ginger... is Sofie gone? What happened to her? ... Ginger's going to be a really tough opponent... well, much more harder than Sofie.]

The door opened, and a very sleepy and tired Sofie/Ginger revealed herself in her pajamas. She yawned. "What do you want? It's 11:30 at night!"

"The truth!" Brick exclaimed. "Are you really Ginger? And if you are, I'm not afraid of you!"

There was a short period of awkward silence.

"And I'm not afraid of you, goodnight," Ginger replied, as she tried to close the door on Brick, but Brick stopped her from doing so.

"Is Sofie safe?" Brick said.

"Pfft!" Ginger muttered. "You care for her? What is she, your friend?"

"Yes!" Brick exclaimed.

"Well, don't worry," Ginger replied. "It's not like I'm a different person! I'm just a more devious, evil, and charming personality of hers. She's still in my/her head, but just trapped inside there forever." Brick was speechless. "See you in the finale," Ginger said, enthusiastically, closing the door shut.

Brick was left speechless, and he slowly walked towards his trailer. He curled up in his bed, pulling his beige blanket tight, covering his mouth. "This is worse than I thought," he whispered, fearfully.

The next morning, Chris honked a big horn, awakening Ginger and Brick. The two quickly got dressed, and exited their trailers. Ginger was wearing a different outfit, an outfit Sofie would never wear: a black top and long white pants.

"A change of wardrobe, Sofie?" Chris said, with a grin.

"My name is Ginger," Ginger replied, gritting her teeth.

"Oh, I know," Chris replied, grinning. "Just wanted to mock you, you know?"

"Yeah," Ginger muttered. "I know."

"Brick, you look a little... sleepy," Chris teased, grinning.

Brick started yawning. "I couldn't get any sleep last night... I was too busy thinking about... her."

"Well, that's going to be an advantage," Ginger chuckled. Brick tried to glare at her, but stopped himself, saying it breaks the 'Cadet Code'.

"Anyway," Chris began. "Welcome, Brick and Sofie-"

"Ginger!" Ginger reminded, loudly.

"Whatever," Chris continued. "Welcome, Brick and Ginger, to the season finale of Total Drama: Live Action! To go to our destination, we must go there... by bus!"

The two finalists exchanged glances, and shrugged. A big blue bus drove towards them, and stopped a meter away from their faces.

"Hop in!" Chris instructed, waving towards the bus. He swung inside the bus, and the two finalists followed. As the doors closed behind them, Brick and Ginger looked around the huge bus.

"This is... huge," Ginger gulped.

"Cool!" Brick cheered, walking towards a seat. As he sat on it, Ginger sat on the seat behind him.

Chris told the bus driver to go to the destination, and the bus began speeding across the set, causing Chris to fall down, and the finalists to hold on tight to their seats.

"Are there seatbelts?!" Ginger shouted, as the bus drove across the set like lightning. The bus hit a bump, and it sent Chris flying across the bus.

"Hey!" Chris shouted. "When we arrive, you are so fired!"

The bus finally arrived in the destination... the Aftermath studio. Alexis and Ken, the hosts, were waiting for them outside the entrance.

"Welcome, Chris! My man!" Ken said, as he did a secret handshake with Chris.

"You have a secret handshake with our boss?" Alexis exclaimed. "But not with me?"

"He's not our boss..." Ken replied quietly. "He's just... the host."

Chris and the 2 finalists walked inside the Aftermath studio, followed by the hosts. The audience began whistling and applauding for them as loud as they could. Some of them were holding 'Team Brick' or 'Team Sofie' posters up. The whole Peanut Gallery and all the eliminated contestants were on the stage, also clapping for the two finalists... except for Skylar, who eyed Ginger carefully.

[Skylar: Why are people still cheering for her, if they know that she's not Sofie? I am going to find a way to bring my friend back, and get rid of that ginger demon!]

Chris silenced everybody, and the two finalists took a seat on the couch next to the hosts' couch.

"Alright," Chris said. "The first part of your challenge is very simple. You must compete... in a relay race!"

"That's it?" Ginger muttered. "What's the catch?"

"The catch is..." Chris began. "The baton sticks are made out of acid. Well, it's not technically acid, but it kind of feels like acid."

"You know how acid feels like?" Brick asked.

"That's not the point," Chris exclaimed. "Anyway, there are going to be 5 people in your team, including yourself. Brick, Sofie-"

"Ginger!" Ginger exclaimed.

"Whatever!" Chris said. "Brick, Ginger, rock paper scissors to see who gets to pick their teammates first."

Brick and Sofie faced each other, and played against each other in a match of rock paper scissors. In the end, Brick won and he did his victory dance for a brief moment.

"I choose Matthew!" Brick said, immediately. "My best buddy!"

Matthew laughed, and walked towards Brick.

[Matthew: It's a good thing Sofie is not Sofie right now, because if she is, she would've been crying really loudly...]

It was Ginger's turn, and she looked at Skylar. "Even though I despise her, I pick Skylar because she's a good athlete."

[Skylar: Wait, is she serious? Fine, her decision. All I have to do is just sabotage her win, so Brick can win, then get Sofie back in the game!]

Brick's turn... "Russell."

Ginger's turn... "Alejandro."





"Alright, looks like we have our teams!" Chris announced. "Team Brick: Brick, Matthew, Russell, Scott, and Gwen! Team Ginger/Sofie: Ginger, Skylar, Alejandro, Dawn, and Tyler!"

"We're going to crush you!" Gwen exclaimed at Ginger. "We're going to win and take back our friend Sofie!"

"Sofie is long gone, you goth bitch!" Ginger growled. "So stop trying to be confident and stuff, 'cause it's not working, it's just making you look bad."

"Don't listen to her, Gwen!" Duncan shouted from the Peanut Gallery. "Go Team Brick!"

"Team Brick, woo!" Trent cheered.

"You all are pathetic," Alejandro muttered. "With me and Skylar's athletic skills combined, Team Brick is going down the toilet. Right, Skylar?"

Skylar nodded, so Ginger wouldn't get suspicious. "Team Brick, is going down!" she growled, fake.

"Whoa, whoa, Sky-bear," Russell said. "Don't get too excited, because we're going to pelt you with your own loss!"

Skylar grinned. "That's why I date you." She blew him a kiss, and he pretended to catch it.

"Ugh. Couples," Scott muttered.

"You're just gloomy because you're jealous that you don't have a girlfriend!" Alejandro exclaimed. "Courtney left you for good!"

Scott gritted his teeth, and cracked his knuckles. "You're going down!" he yelled.

Before more mayhem occurs, Chris stopped it, and pushed Scott aside. "Let's head outside to begin our challenge."

The teams headed outside, and the audience watched from a huge screen in the Aftermath studio. Chris led the two teams to a muddy field of grass. The two acid-like batons were in a metal basket. Chris carried the basket, and carefully handed the two batons to the two finalists, and the two treated it like a hot potato, throwing it in the air, then catching it again.

"Hot! Hot!" Brick squealed.

"Get into your positions! Quick!" Chris urged. The two teams discussed their positions for a while, then hurried to their positions. Chris blew a whistle, and Dawn and Scott raced towards the next person on their team, carrying the acid-like batons.

"You're going down, Dawn--HOT! HOT! HOT!" Scott shrieked.

Dawn laughed. "There is a percent chance of you doing so," she replied, giggling.

"How are you not affected by the heat of the baton?" Scott yelled.

"There are many unanswered questions in the world..." Dawn began. "And this is one of them." She passed the baton to Tyler, and he began sprinting.

Dawn watched as Scott threw his baton to Gwen, and she caught it with a shriek. As Gwen ran off, Scott caught his breath, panting and gasping.

"Hm," Dawn said. "You were born in a farm... but you're not an athlete?"

"I'm an athlete!" Scott exclaimed. "It's just..." he showed her his palms, which were the color of fire. " palms are on fire."

Dawn sighed, and held Scott's hands. "You poor thing." She used her 'magic' and Scott's palms were getting better. "Feel better now?"

Scott looked at his palms with disbelief. "Um... thanks."

"Anytime," Dawn replied, walking away.

[Scott: She... she... she can be really charming sometimes.]

Ginger got the baton from Alejandro, and she ran as fast as she could towards Skylar, the last person on the team. As she handed the acid-like baton to Skylar, Skylar immediately dropped it on her foot.

"Ouchie!" Skylar shrieked.

[Skylar: Plan Sabotage did not go as well as I thought it would... but... at least it made Ginger lose.]

Brick crossed the finish line with his baton, and he threw it into a tree. "Yes! I won!"

Ginger glared at Skylar. "Look at what you've done! You made me lose! Ugh!"

Skylar showed a hint of a smile, but quickly began sobbing again because of the pain. Russell rushed to her side, and tried to comfort her, and make her foot feel better. He turned towards Ginger. "You're a monster!" he exclaimed. "Why didn't you even try to help her?"

"Because your so-called girlfriend made me lose the first part of the challenge!" Ginger shouted.

Chris announced Brick as the winner of the first part of the challenge, and he told the two finalists to get some rest for the next part of the challenge.

Ginger and Brick headed to their trailers next to the Aftermath studio, and began to sleep. Meanwhile, Skylar met with Russell and Skylar to hatch a plan. She told them to follow her to get Sofie back, by hitting Ginger in the head with something heavy.

"What?" Matthew exclaimed. "I can't do that! I can't hit Sofie!"

"Fine, I'll do it," Skylar replied. "But you have to take part in this plan. I need you, you're a very important part of the plan. You care about Sofie, right? So help me get her back!"

"Fine," Matthew muttered.

"I'm in," Russell said.

"Great!" Skylar said, with a smile. The trio headed towards Ginger's trailer. "Matthew, I heard you're an incredible hacker. Can you hack the lock to this trailer?" Matthew nodded, and he took out a paperclip. He began shaking it inside the lock, and the door seemed to be unlocked.

"Open!" Matthew exclaimed. But when he pushed the door, it was still locked. "What? It had to work! It worked on ever single other door!"

"What? Really?" Russell said. "Matthew, I didn't know you were a robber! Do you do it every night? You rob people's houses?"

"What? No!" Matthew said.

While the two boys were talking, Skylar kicked the door down, revealing the trailer's interior. "Oh, well that was easy," Skylar muttered. The three went inside the trailer, and found Ginger fast asleep on the couch. Skylar grabbed a golf club, and prepared to hit Ginger in the head. But just as she took another step, alarms began to ring, and Ginger woke up. The alarms went off, and Ginger grinned.

"Well, well, well," Ginger said, as she got up from the couch. "If it isn't Skylar and co.!"

She raised her hands towards the trio's faces, and blue sparkles shot out of her palms. The sparkles slowly formed into small blue creatures that seemed to be strong enough to kill a snake. They floated around the air, and began to attack the trio.

"Guys!" Russell exclaimed, as he waved his hands in the air, trying to defend himself from the blue creatures. "It's just an illusion! She's tricking us! Magic doesn't exist!"

"Or does it?" Ginger yelled.


Sofie vs Ginger

"It doesn't!" Russell shouted. He snatched the golf club away from Skylar, and smacked Ginger with it on her head. Ginger passed out, and she fell onto the couch...

In her head...

Ginger got to her feet, and turned around to see... Sofie. Sofie was approaching her.

"Don't mess with my friends!" she exclaimed. Sofie swung her fist towards Ginger, but Ginger ducked. Soon, the two girls-I mean er... personalities were battling it out. As Ginger twirled in the air, Sofie threw rocks at her. The battle finally ended when Sofie kicked Ginger in the stomach, causing her to disappear... forever.

Sofie soon disappeared as well, and had full control over herself once more.

"Time to win."

Part 2

And The Winner Is...

Release Date: Sunday, 11 May 2015


The finalists entered the Aftermath studio to hear applaud and cheering once more.

[Sofie: It's good to be back! In my head, there was nothing! Nothing! It was blank and empty! It was super boring! Does that mean something?]

"It's good to have you back, Sofie," Brick said to Sofie as the they sat down on the couch next to the hosts' couch.

"It's good to be back," Sofie replied, with a smile.

Chris entered the studio with his phone, talking to the producers. "I know! I know!" he exclaimed. "Look, I promise the final challenge will be spectacular and amazing! I promise!" He hung up his phone. "Ugh. The producers were yapping at my eardrums! Anyway, let me explain today's challenge! A scavenger hunt! Yep! We're going back to where we started!" He handed Sofie and Brick lists of items they needed to find. and a pen. "There are going to be obstacles along the way, but you have to avoid them! The first person to come back to the studio with all of their items found wins Total Drama: Live Action!"

Chris blew a whistle. "GO!" he announced.

The two finalists rushed out of the studio, each looking at their lists. Sofie bumped into a tree outside, and she fell. Brick looked at her for a moment, and helped her get up. "A cadet never leaves someone behind!" he said. Then he ran off, looking for the first item on his list.

Sofie checked some bushes to see if she could find the first item - a barbie doll. To her surprise, she found it! She clutched it tight, and crossed the first item on her list with the pen Chris gave her. "One down, 7 more to go!" she whispered to herself.

Brick ran around the place, which looked like a deserted forest. He carefully examined everything around him, and spotted the first item on his list, a dog leash, hanging around a tree branch. He tried to climb the tree, but ultimately failed.

[Brick: Um... I may have missed 'Climbing Trees Day' in my cadet academy...]

Brick found a rock, and threw it at the dog leash, making it fall down. "Yes!" he cheered, running to the leash. As he picked it up, Chris spoke through the speakers.

"Yo Brick!" Chris said. "You have got to be faster! Sofie already has 3 items crossed off her list!"

[Sofie: 3 down, 4 more to go!]

Sofie spotted an egg, which was the fourth item on her list, and she sprinted towards it. But just as she almost reached it, a huge eagle soared above her. Sofie's eyes widened, and she quickly just took the egg and ran off. The eagle flew fiercely towards her, and Sofie kept on running.

"I am not letting you get between me and a million dollars!" Sofie shouted. She dove to the back of a bush, hoping that the eagle wouldn't see her. She looked up at the sky, and found no sign of the big bird. She stood up, and walked away, crossing 'egg' off her list. But a second later, the eagle came back, and swooped down, smacking Sofie on her head.

"Eee!" Sofie screeched, as she fell on her face. Her egg smashed onto the ground, and Sofie and the mother eagle were both in shock.

"My egg!" Sofie screamed. Her eyebrows tilted, and she faced the mother eagle. She clutched a rock in her hands and threw it at the eagle. The bird fell, and Sofie gasped.

[Sofie: What have I done? Oh no... I think a little bit of Ginger's still inside of me... *hits her head with her fist repeatedly* Get out, Ginger! GET! OUT!]

"Out of 7 items, Brick has found 4!" Chris announced through the speakers. "Out of 7 items, Sofie has found 3! The race is still on, people!"

Sofie kept on staring at her smashed egg. "How am I supposed to find another egg?" she said to herself.

Meanwhile, Brick found a teddy bear, which was the next item on his list, sitting on the tongue of a huge venus flytrap. Brick gasped. He silently tip-toed towards the sleeping flytrap, and stretched out his hand towards the bear. But when his finger touched the bear, the flytrap closed its mouth, snapping Brick's arm.

"AAAAAAA!" Brick yelled in pain.

In the Aftermath studio...

"Oooh," Chris said. "Is that gonna cost us money?"

"Brick!" Matthew exclaimed. "Is his arm going to be okay?"

"It'll be fine," Chris said, smiling. His phone rang, and he answered it. He hung up a few seconds later. "It's not going to be fine."

Everyone gasped.

"Chef!" Chris called. "Um, do we have to bring Brick to the hospital or something?"

"We'll see," Chef replied.

Back to the game...

Brick continued screaming. As the flytrap opened its mouth, Brick saw a gigantic tooth implanted in his arm. He gasped, and he quickly took the teddy bear out of the flytrap's mouth with his other arm. He took both arms out of the flytrap's mouth, just in time as the flytrap closed its mouth again.

"Um, Brick," Chris said through the speakers. "If you're not feeling well, I'm afraid you're going to have to be eliminated from the game, and I guess... Sofie wins."

"NO! No!" Brick exclaimed. "I can... I can make it. I mean, I only have 2 more items to go! It can't be that hard!"

"Sofie has 1 more item left, so..." Chris replied.

"What?" Brick shouted. He picked up his list (that he dropped) and he rushed around the place, holding his arm in pain. "I can still do it!"

Meanwhile, Sofie spotted the final item on her list - a blue ball. It was tied to a tree. Sofie ran towards it, and she carefully untied it. "Yes!" Sofie cheered. "I'm going to win!"

"Not so fast!" a voice said.

Sofie looked around, but saw no one. But she finally saw her... Ginger. "How is is possible?" Sofie exclaimed. "I eliminated you... in my head! Are you like, a real person now?"

"I'm not real, Sofie," Ginger replied. Her eyes glowed red. "Your fears are just haunting you." Ginger conjured up a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed Sofie to the tree... without even touching her! "The handcuffs are just an illusion. If you are strong enough, and conquer your fears... which we both know you're not capable of... you will be set free."

"What?" Sofie gasped. Ginger faded away, and Sofie struggled to get out of her handcuffs. "SOMEBODY! HELP! ANYBODY!"

She spotted the entrance of the Aftermath studio, and saw Matthew and Skylar cheering her on.

"What is she doing?" Matthew said. "She's not moving! She's just... stuck to a tree!"

"I think I know what's happening," Skylar replied. "Her head's probably just messing with her. She needs to find the strength inside her, and get out of that mind trick! She has to win!"

Meanwhile, Brick crossed the final item off his list. "Off to victory!" he cheered. He ran off, and tried to find the Aftermath studio's entrance.

"Well, how do we help her?" Matthew asked Skylar. "Brick's almost here!"

"I know," Skylar replied, with a grin. "Hey Renata!" she called.

Renata looked at Skylar, and approached her. "What do you want?" she said.

"Matthew wants to kiss you," Skylar said.

"What? NO!" Matthew exclaimed.

"Just go with it, munch," Skylar said. "You want Sofie to win, right? So kiss Renata!"

"How will that help?" Matthew exclaimed.

"Just do it!" Skylar exclaimed.

"Fine," Matthew muttered. Reluctantly, he kissed Renata on her lips passionately.

"MATTHEW!" Sofie shouted from the tree. "What are you doing?" Tears started streaming across her cheeks. Suddenly, she broke the handcuffs. She raced towards the Aftermath studio's entrance, but she bumped into Brick, causing both of them to fall down.

Meanwhile, Matthew leaped off of Renata. "Ew!" he screeched, scratching his tongue. "That was gross!"

"Whatever," Renata muttered, and she walked off.

Sofie and Brick looked at each other, and then looked at the Aftermath studio.

"One of us is going to be crowned the winner," Sofie said.

"And get the million dollars," Brick said. "It's been an honor to compete against you, Sofie."

"You too," Sofie replied, with a smile. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been here."

"That's what a cadet does," Brick replied.

Sofie and Brick stood up, and looked at each other one last time, before running towards the studio.

"And the winner of Total Drama: Live Action is..." Chris announced. "...






















































































... Sofie!"

Balloons dropped from the ceiling, as Chris handed Sofie the million dollars. Sofie couldn't stopped smiling. Brick congratulated her.

"Congrats, Sofie," Brick said, smiling. "You deserve it!"

Sofie smiled, and she hugged him.

Matthew and Skylar ran towards Sofie, congratulating her.

"Congratulations Sofie!" Skylar exclaimed, hugging Sofie.

"Thanks, Sky," Sofie said.

"Hey, Cutie!" Matthew said. "Congrats on the million dollars!"

"Congrats on the new girlfriend," Sofie muttered. "I'm not talking to you."

"Are you mad at me for kissing Renata?" Matthew said.

Sofie nodded.

"That was to make you win!" Matthew exclaimed. "So you would get angry enough to get out of that mind trick you were in!"

"Wait, what?" Sofie said. "Really?"

"Yes, of course," Matthew said.

Sofie smiled. "Then come and give me a hug!"

The two laughed, and hugged each other.

Chris got off the phone with the producers. "That was the producers!" he announced. "Unfortunately, I'm not going to be hosting next season. Bummer, am I right?"

To Chris' shock, everyone started cheering.

"Shut up!" Chris shouted. "Ken's going to be hosting next season... and, NONE of you are going to compete next season! NONE! Ha! Take that!"

"Wait, what?" Skylar exclaimed.

"We're having a brand new cast!" Chris announced. "There only going to be 8 contestants though, since it's a mini season. So Ken won't get to experience a whole season of fun and joy! Ha!"

"Whatever," Ken muttered.

"But, don't worry, everyone," Chris said. "I'm going to be a producer! Isn't that awesome? Anyway-"

"Stop!" Russell shouted. Everyone stared at him.

"Hun, you're making me look bad," Skylar said.

"No! I found out who the Mad Goose is!" Russell revealed.

Everyone gasped.

"It is..." Russell began. "Sofie!"

Everyone gasped.

"Sofie?" Matthew exclaimed. "No! She's not capable of doing all those things!"

"Yeah, but Ginger is," Russell continued. "She was here all along! Since she was technically Sofie, she was able to switch the presents!"

"So Ginger's the reason why I had a black eye?" Dawn said.

"Yep!" Russell exclaimed. "And I have video proof!" He took out a disc from his pocket. "Alexis, put this in!"

"No, no!" Chris shouted. "We have no time for that! We're on a time limit, ya know?"

"But everyone in the world has to see this proof!" Russell protested.

"Everyone already believes you!" Chris exclaimed. "Everyone believes someone with a disc!" He cleared his throat. "Tune in next season, Total Drama: Karate Champion! It premieres in June or July! Thanks for watching, folks! We'll see you next season!"

Everyone waved goodbye, as the screen faded out in a circular motion...


Spoiler Alert!

This article contains information that may be considered spoilers for an unfinished/recently released chapter or story. Read at your own risk.

# Contestant Team Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14
1st Sofie Stage Frights Yes WIN IN3 IN3 IN AFM IN AFM LOW4 LOW5 WIN WIN WINNER
5th Jacky Drama Royals Yes LOW OUT Returns in A Secret Can't Be Kept A Secret WIN OUT
6th Dawn Stage Frights Yes WIN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN IN LOW IN INJ5
7th Matthew Stage Frights Yes WIN WIN IN3 IN3 WIN AFM IN AFM QUIT
8th Alejandro NO TEAM Yes IN LOW IN AFM IN OUT
9th Rachel Killer Melodies Yes SAFE SAFE IN WIN IN AFM OUT
10th Dakota Killer Melodies Yes SAFE SAFE IN IN IN OUT
12th/11th Renata Drama Royals Yes IN LOW IN WIN DIS
12th/11th Tyler Drama Royals Yes IN IN LOW IN DIS
13th Gwen Killer Melodies Yes SAFE SAFE IN OUT
14th Scott Drama Royals No IN1 IN2 OUT
15th Cameron Drama Royals No OUT


  • 1

Scott was absent halfway through the episode due to his injury.

  • 2

Scott was absent through the whole episode because of his injury, but was still in the game.

  • 3

Sofie and Matthew did not attend the elimination ceremony, due to being blown off their plane.

  • 4

Sofie was supposed to be eliminated, but Matthew saved her from elimination when he quit so Sofie could be safe.

  • 5

Sofie was supposed to be eliminated, but Dawn was injured, so she had to be eliminated.

Total Drama: Live Action Episodes

Final Episodes Aftermath II: With A Little More Drama | When Humpty Dumpty Cracks | A Secret Can't Be Kept A Secret | The Key To The Heart Is Impossible To Find | The Inner Demon Of All | Aftermath III: Farewell/The Mad Goose Investigation | The Mad Goose Reveal
Special(s) Total Drama: Live Action Reunion Special: Timeless | Total Drama: Karate Champion Preview: Ginger Goes Trick Or Treating


  • A Merge Is A Merge is a 3 part special, where a new contestant debuts in the competition in each episode.
  • Sofie, Rachel, Renata, Matthew, and Troy are new to Total Drama.
  • There are going to be 3 Aftermath episodes.
  • Bridgette and Geoff are replaced as Aftermath hosts by Alexis and Kenneth.

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