This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Written & Pictures by Oskar.

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Total Drama: Gonudie Island

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Country of Origin USA
Genre Reality TV/Comedy/Animation
Teams Screaming Gophers
Killer Bass
Created by Me
Directed by Me
Succeeded by Total Drama: Final Coutdown


This Year Total Drama: Gonudie Island goes on a camp where 12 participants will trying to win a million big ones, but they will have to go through challenges they wont expect. Soon when they arrived they were divided into two teams, the Screaming Goafer sand the Killer Bass.


Total Drama: Gonudie Island is my own version of TDI. 12 cast members battle it out to be the winner of TD:GI. (This story is written in Chris McLean's point of view)


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Episode 1

So, Uh This Is My Team?

Episode 1

Challenge(s)  Avoid Chefs tennisballs.
Winner(s) Killer Bass
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" N/A "


"Not Quite Famous"

"Yo, Its me Chris McLean and I will be the host of this season of TD said Chris McLean. After a few minuts the cast started to arrive. Chris introduced the cast for the whole world. “Here’s our Season 2 of Total Drama, Gonudie, Island!” Chris said. Jacky was the first one to get off the boat and Harold was behind when he bumped into Jacky for not looking. Next was Cj, Sierra and Gwen. CJ saw Jacky and then ran to her. Both CJ and Jacky said "Hey" at the same time and then smiled. Now Mike, Courtney and Duncan was arriving. Courtney was first of the boat and right after Mike came and Duncan. Chris then introduced the last four 4 campers, It was Dakota, Anne-Maria, Scott and Alejandro. Chris was explaining how the rules is the same as the previous season were one team wins and the other one lose. At the end of a challenge the losers would have to go through the bonfire ceremony. Before we went into the cabins Chris put the cast into team,  Dakota, Alejandro, Sierra, Harold, Gwen and Mike was put in the Killer Bass. As for the Screaming Goafers the team members are CJ, Jacky, Duncan, Courtney, Scott and Anne-Maria. Then the cast went into the jungle and Chris McLean explained the first challenge. “Todays 


Anne-Maria warns her teammates.

challenge is try to avoid tennisballs that Cheff is shooting with a cannon and if you get shoot youre out last campers standing wins for their team!. So the Killer Bass started to split-up, while the Screaming Goafers where still arguing with their teamates and what they whould do. Suddently Anne-Maria screamed at her teamates that there where 3 tennisballs coming their way. So they all started to run. The Killer Bass had split-up and it was Dakota and Gwen who went togheter, so Dakota thought it was a good time for talking about strategy. Dakota said then to Gwen "We need to make an alliance and stick togheter" Gwen thought it was a good idea and agreed. Right after they shacked each other hands they both got shoot by tennisballs. Dakota and Gwen have been eliminated Chris said. The challenge had been going on for 1hour and so far Dakota, Gwen, Anne-Maria and Scott had been eliminated. Mike was hiding in a small hole by the river and was hiding for Chef while he was searchig for him. "JACKY!" CJ said when he saw Chef running towards her. Jacky looked back and screamed, the next second Jacky had been eliminated. The challenge had been going on for 2hour and so far Dakota, Gwen, Anne-Maria, Scott, Sierra, Harold, Alejandro, Jacky, Courtney and CJ had been eliminated. It was only two campers left it was between Duncan and Alejandro.

Courtney and Jacky talks about eliminate Duncan or Anne-Maria.

Alejandro was walking around in the forst while he spotted a huge tree where he could hide in, and Duncan was really tired for all the arguing with Courtney and had to lie down. After a few minuts Chef noticed Duncan sleeping under a tree. Chef shooted Duncan and Alejandro won. Chris McLean announced that the Killer Bass won the challenge, and that the Screaming Goafers have to vote someone out. Back at the girls cabin, Courtney, Jacky talked about who to eliminate and they wanted Anne-Maria or Duncan leave because they cost them the challen

Anne-Maria and Duncan in the bottom 2.

ge. Anne-Maria was really angry. At the bonfire ceremony, the Screaming Goafers sat down and had to vote somebody off. Chris called out the people who were safe, “Jacky, Scott, and CJ, you’resafe”. The bottom 3 were Duncan, Anne-Maria and Courtney, eventually Chris McLean called out Courtney. So it leaft Anne-Maria and Duncan. In the end Chris McLean called out Anne-Maria. Duncan was the first one to go home. Duncan didnt like it and lookd angry at Courtney. But Courtney just smiled. Well that was the first day and now they all had to get some sleep because tomorrow, they have another challenge waiting for them. So goodnight.

Not Quite Famous

Episode 2

Challenge(s) Perform in a talent show.
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
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"So, Uh This Is My Team? "


"The Ice Cold Side "

Episode 2


Sierra whana know whats going on.

Its morning and Dakota is keeping Gwen up so she can talk strategy. After Gwen awakes Dakota takes up her list of who to eliminate first is Mike and Harold but Gwen thought they should just go for the bigger threats like Alejandro. Dakora wanted it her way and wouldn’t stop bragging. Eventually they came down to a decision that we were going to stick together and they just needed one more person in this ‘alliance’ to help them succeed. Some seconds after Sierra comes back from the toilet, and asked "whats going on" Dakota and Gwen, didnt say anything they just looked at eachother.

Chris called out the cast for the next challenge. Chris said that the first part of the challenge was to find 3 people who had a good talent, and for the second part of the challenge was to performe their talent and Chric McLean and Chef woulde judge. So everyone got into their teams and started to watch what their temmates coulde do. At the Killer Bass Alejandro, Sierra and Harold was watching Dakota doing her talent when she triped on a rock and feel on Harold. Alejandro didnt care he just continued wathcing talents. At the Screaming Goafers Jacky was dancing a cool dance, and everyone was inpressed exept Anne-Maria. When it was time to decide wich competitior should be in the talentshow it was Jacky, Courtney and Anne-Maria for the Screaming Goafers and for the Killer Bass it was Gwen,


Dakota starts to pose.

Dakota and Alejandro. It was time to start the challenge and Chris McLean said that the Screaming Goafers should start, so they did. Courtney was up but befor that she and Jacky talked strategy. But Anne-Maria heard it all. So she started to screaming at Courtney and Jacky. Jacky got alittle bit scared while Courtney and Anne-Maria astarted to scream at each other. Chris McLean suddently screamd "STOP, If you whana try to win you will have to get out on that stage and do youre talent. Now go" They all did their talents and Courtney got 7/10 points, Jacky got 9/10 and Anne-Maria got 4/10. The Screaming Goafers got 20 points total. Now it was time for the Killer Bass and Dakota just rushed out from the curtains and started to walk and do some poses. Gwen and Alejandro just looked at Dakota and whisperd to eachother "Hello, bonfire ceremony". Dakota got 3/10, Alejandro got 10/10 and Gwen got 5/10. Chris

Mike find out hes eliminated.

McLean announced that the Screaming Goafers won the challenge, and that the Killer Bass have to vote someone out. Its close to mid-night, the Killer Bass went to the bonfire ceremony. Chris explained the voting process. It was time to vote, Alejandro got the first marshmellow! The next one went out to Harold then Sierra. Dakota looked at Gwen, and Mike looked at Gwen. Dakota got the next award. Dakota started to smile. The last award went to…Gwen. Mike was confused and he turned to Dakota and looked angry at her. Dakota was like, oops sorry. Mike left the bonfire and got on the boat of losers. They all went back to the cabins and no one said a word to each other, they all just looked at each other.

Episode 3

The Ice Cold Side

Episode 3

Challenge(s) Climb up from a big ice mountain then have a snowball fight.
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
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"Not Quite Famous "


"Loser VS Loser"

This morning in the shower the Killer Bass girls Gwen asked Dakota why we voted off Mike and not Alejandro since he is a bigger threat. She said it was all part of her strategic plan. Gwen didn’t know what she meant by that but she hope it’s not something heinous. Dakota said that her plan was now that Mike was gone, that they should eliminate Harold then Sierra. Gwen didnt know how this was going to work but she told her it was a bad idea. Dakota soon started to fight back saying trust me it’s going to work. Gwen asked her why she wanted Harold and Sierra, and she replied, “You’re a newbie, you don’t know how to play this game baby.” , Gwen replied ”and since when were you the boss of this team.” After that Dakot and Gwen just looked at each other and then just left the room. All the campers were at the tent eating breakfast when Chris McLean came in and said that today’s challenge will be ice cold. All campers where scared when Chris McLean said it. All the campers followed Chris McLean to the "ice-cold side of the island." Chris McLean said "Todays challenge is to climb up on a huge ice mountain and then the first 6 campers who reatch the top will battle it out with a snowball fight for the invincibility for their team. "So start climbing newbies." Both of the teams started to climb. It was really hard to get to the top, so the
MelissakissErick (1)

Courtney screams to her teammates while Sierra is cheering.

Screaming Goafers decided to use their strongest teammates, it was CJ, Jacky and Scott. So Anne-Maria and Courtney helpd them to get up. While they where working on that the other team was climbing on each other. In the end Dakota, Gwen and Harold reached the top, Chris told the Screaming Goafers that they had 10minutes left to reach the top, but they did. Chris McLean told the 6 campers what to do. They had to do a snowball fight. Chris McLean also told them that the first camper who get hit 3 times is out. "Now get ready to fight." Befor they started Chris McLean had to ask if somewhan had any questions. Dakota told Chris
Scott sundae

Jacky checks if Gwens ok.

McLean that, "It’s not fair the get eliminated if you get hit by a snowball" Everyone looked at Dakota while she was worried. Chris McLean didn’t care and just said "Let’s start throwing snowballs." Courtney screamd at her team saying that if you dont win this im going to make sure all of you get eliminated, while Sierra was just sheering for her team. They all started to thorw snowballs at each other. Suddently when Dakota was talking with Gwen, she got hit by Jacky with a snowball. "Aoooo." Dakota screamed. After some hours all the contestants had got 2 hits exept for Jacky and Cj. In the end Scott threw a snowball at Gwen and Jacky, the snowball hit Gwen and she got it in her head. Jacky looked down and sat down to see if Gwen was ok, Gwen was ok, but now she was eliminated. Chris McLean announced that the Screaming Goafers won and that

Gwen is angry at Chris when he says that shes eliminated.

Gwen have been eliminated. The Screaming Goafers was cheering and Gwen was angry at Chris McLean when she got eliminated. All the remaning cast went back to the cabins and Dakota told Alejandro if he wanted to go for a walk. It was only 10 pm so Alejandro said ok. Dakota and Alejandro sat down at a bench in the woods. Dakota asked Alejandro if he wanted to be in her allicane, now that Gwen was gone she needed a new alliance. Alejandro said that he had to think about it and then he went back to the cabin.

Episode 4

Loser VS Loser

Episode 4

Challenge(s) Boxing free-for-all against enemies.
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
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"The Ice Cold Side"


"Boat Brawl"

All the contestants woke up this morning to Chris's loud alarm. They all went outside. Chris McLean explained today’s challenge, they all followed him into the set. Todays challenge was to fight eachother in a boxingring. Chris McLean told them that they would spin a wheel to see wich camper thay had to fight and if it gets on a member on youre team you will be replaced with that camper. Befor we start I just have to say first team to get 5points win. Chris McLean wonderd who should start. Harold threw up his hand in the air and whanted to start. Chris McLean welcomed Harold to the wheel of losers and then he told Harold to spin the wheel. Harold spind the wheel and it landed on Courtney. "Haha, this is going to be easy." Courtney said and walked up to the boxingring. They started to fight. After a few minuts Courtney kicked down Harold to the ground and won. "Courtney is the winner." Chris McLean said and then told Courtney that she had to spin the wheel. Courtney spined the wheel and it laned on Anne-Maria. "Come up here Anne-Maria and spin the wheel of losers." Anne-Maria spined the wheel, it landed on Dakota. "No way im not going up there." Dakota said. Suddently Harold said that he could vaulenteer. "Yes, yes do that, go and be

Scott spins the wheel.

stupid." Dakota said and smiled. "Okey whatever." Chris McLean said and started the fight.  Anne-Maria punshed down Harold in the grownd and in the end Anne-Maria won and then sprayed her hair. Now it was time for Anne-Maria to spin the wheel she spined the wheel and it landed between 2 contestants so Anne-Maria had to fight both. It was Sierra and Alejandro vs Anne-Maria. Alejandro was about to go up when Dakota graberd his hand and said "If you dont win this you will lose, so DONT LOSE! got it?" Alejandro said yes and then he left Dakota and went up the stage. It had been 1 hour and only Sierra had been kicked down. Alejandro grabbed Anne-Marias hand and threw her all over the stage. Chris McLean said that the standings where 2/2 so now It was time for Alejandro to spin the wheel and it landed on Scott. So he fightet Scott and Scott won. Scott spined the wheel and it landed on Jacky so Jacky went up. But befor she spinned the wheel Chris McLean said that if Jacky win this her team will win todays challenge and that the Killber Bass will have to go to elimination.

Jacky was scared of losing.

Jacky was really scared because she knew if she lost this match she would be eliminatied. CJ then came up to her and said that everything is going to be ok, just spin the wheel and see what it lands on I believe in you. "JUST SPIN THE WHEEL!" Courtney screamd to Jacky. Jacky smiled and then spined the wheel. It landed on Harold "again?, are you seriously." Harold had no choice so he went up and said "Lets fight." Jacky grabed the big boxing gloved and grabbed them on. Harold ran right to Jacky and Jacky took her hand infron of her faze and screamed "not the faze, not the faze." She didnt know that Harold was knocked down and that the Screaming Gophers had won the challenge.  Back at the cabins Alejandro were sitting down at the couch in the cabin when Dakota walked in and sat down with him. Ok look, we need to eliminate that cadet failure” she angrily said.  Alejandro looked at Dakota and nicked.  Befor the elimination Anne-Maria and Courtney where fighting again....  How can you be so mad on me I won 2 matches Anne-Maria angrily said. Yeah whatever it not that you and youre big mouth Courtney was about to say when Anne-Maria interrupt , "You did not just say that." Oh yes I did, ohh and by the way if we where going to the elimination you would be the one going home
Fight 3

Anne-Maria and Courtney fights.

Courntey angrily said and then walked out of the cabin. The Killer Bass went to the bonfire ceremony and grabbed a seat. Chris came out and said it was time to vote. The votes were in."Now to give away the marshamallows" saidChris McLean. "The first marshmallow goes to… Dakota and the next to Alejandro" It was down to Sierra and Harold. The final marshmallow went to…Sierra. Harold got up and said "Farwell my fellow teammates," and then left. The bonfire ceremony was over so the campers started to head back. At the cabins Jacky was about to fall asleep when Courtney called my name.  "Hey Jacky," she said. What do you want?" Jacky mumbled trying to sleep. We need to start looking out for each other, we need to get rid of Anne-Maria otherwise she will be to powerfull and we all be gone. What I’m trying to say is, if we lose, we should work together and vote off Anne-Maria" whispered Courtney, and then the second threat CJ. Of course Jacky knew what she was doing, that rat was trying to get her own butt safe. Jacky just agreed and acted fake to make her think that she was really going to do it. Good, and hopefully we can become friends, I could use a few of those” she turned around the other way and curled up. Jacky felt kind of bad for her, but I mean after all this is a game.

Episode 5

Boat Brawl

Episode 5

Challenge(s) Fight each other on boats in the water.
Winner(s) Killer Bass
Eliminated click to find out
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"Loser VS Loser "


"Eat, Race, & Wary"


Anne-Maria talks to Scott.

They were all at the tent eating breakfast when Chris McLean came in wearing a bathingsuit. Everyone looked and smiled at each other when Chris McLean started to get angry and pulled out a microphone and said "Today’s challenge is a a funny water fight in a cave." Chris McLean said that each of the teams was going to go to the big cave in the middle of the island, ohh and bring bathingsuits, he didn’t say much but that’s all they had to do for the moment. Anne-Maria draged Scott’s arm befor he could leave. Anne-Maria said to him that she wanted him be in a alliance toghere and that they neded to get rid of Courtney. Scott was looking shocked and thought she was in with Jacky and Courtney but she wasnt. "Fine, but now we have to go." Scott said and left. Courtney was hidding

Sierra is exited while Dakota is not.

behind the wall when they left and heard everything.        They all went to the cave in the middle of the island when Sierra and Dakota stoped and looked at the giant cliff. "Where is the freaking cave?" dakota said. Everyone was looking around and couldnt see any cave. Suddently Chris McLean came out of the giant cliff and said "are you coming or not?" Dakota was like "no, way." and Sierra was so exited and started to cheer. After all of the contestants had gone into the cliff they saw two big boats on water. "Who wants to fight who first?" Chris McLean said? No one wanted to go first so he picked Jacky from the screaming gophers and Alejandro from the killer bass. They both changed into their bathingsuits and got on the boats. One was green and one was red. They started to fight and fight. It was really hard to fight since they where so near eachother. In the end Alejandro smacked down Jacky into the water. "So FREAKING cold." Jacky screamd when she feel into the water. Next up was Anne-Maria and Sierra.  Sierra won and kicked down Anne-Maria easy, Next was Courtney and Dakota. When Courtney stepd on her boat Scott yelld alot of bad words because of what Anne-Maria said he though she was mean and evil. CJ  was standing

Scott yells at Courtney.

beside him and said "keep it down why are you so mean?" Scott didnt want to reply and just walked away. Courtney lost and Dakota won. Dakota was really shocked and jumped up and down. The killer bass had won the challenge Chris McLean announced and that the screaming gophers had to faze elimination. Courtney went out of the water and walked to Jacky, "We have to get rid of Anne-Maria tonight." Courtney said to Jacky and smiled. Jacky smiled as welll  and said that they needed one more and that Anne-Maria already had Scott in her hands.  Courtney replaid "Well, that leaves CJ, I will go talk to him befor elimination."  The way to the elimination Courtney ran to CJ and said "We have to get rid of Anne-Maria then Scott." "WHAT I dont want to eliminate Scott, he is my friend." CJ said. FINE, but tonight you are voting for Anne-Maria got it? Courtney asked. CJ looked in Courtneys eyes and then walked away. "Welcome Screaming Gophers to your second elimination! You know the rules, grab the marker and vote because for one of you it’s goodbye” Everyone voted. “The votes are in!” said Chris McLean while grabbing the results. “The first two marshmallows go to…Jacky and CJ!” Chris gave a long pause “The next award goes to…Scott.” Courtney and Anne-Maria both looked scared. Chris McLean then gave another long pause. “The final marshmallow goes to…Courtney” “WHAT? b-but I’m fabulous” said Anne-Maria in shock. Tomorrow they had another challenge waiting for them so they all got to bed, exept for Anne-Maria.

Episode 6

Eat, Race, & Wary

Episode 6

Challenge(s) Eat a giant stack of pancakes and complete an obstacle course without vomiting.
Winner(s) Killer Bass
Eliminated click to find out
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"Boat Brawl "


"Zeeking around in a mine"

All the contestants woke up and Chris McLean called them out. They were all standing outside in their pajamas. Chris McLean was sitting outside and eating pancaces and then Chef walked infront of Chris McLean and started to throw spaghetti at them "This is the only you will get today, to eat." Chef said. Chris McLean told them that todays challenge the teams had to do a big obstacle course and the first team that got 3points wins. All the contestants was walking to the challenge when Alejandro and Dakota grabbed Sierra's hand and both sayd quickly "Soon is the merge and we need to stick togheter so if you join our alliance you can go to the final with us."  Sierra was really scared but she knew that the merge was coming and that if she didnt start making a alliance she would be eliminated. Sierra sayd yes after a while and then Dakota sayd quickly "Good, now c'mon or we will be late."  After some minuts all the contestants joined the obstacle course and they could start. First Courtny ran to the pancaces and started to chew after some seconds Sierra ran and chewd really quick and got the the other part where you had to stand on rolling sticks and try to get to the other side. She completed

Dakota says that they have to leave or they will be late.

the half way and then she falled down and she threw up. Dakota ran right away after Sierra threw up and started to eat the pancaces Courtney saw it all while she complteted the the rolling sticks she almost threw up, but she didnt. Courtney compltete the course and got one point for her team next up was Jacky she saw the pancakes and noticed alot of buggs inside and threw up. Jacky was already out, and Courtney was really angry but she didnt say anything because of the alliance. Dakota heard the noice when she was eating and ran right away to the rolling sticks she passed that and next up was the bouncy balls. Dakota jumped on the first ball then she got thrown up in the air, she flyed all the way to the line and completed the course. Chris McLean announced that the points was tied 1 and 1. CJ was next up after Jacky. CJ completed it all and got a point. The screaming ghopers will win if Scott completes the obstacle course he started to chew up the last of the pancace. Aljeandro was also eating when he noticed that Scott was in the lead so he had to come up with something. He decieded to cheat and stuffed his pocket full of small pieces in his pockets. Scott was about to finish the course when he suddently falled after he completed the bouncy balls. He couldnt move and Alejandro got past him and crossed the finish line. Chris McLean announced that it was still tied 2 and 2 and that Sierra can win for her team or Scott will win for his team. Sierra chewd up all the last pieces of the pancake and then she ran to the rolling sticks and she completed it
CJJacky Courtney

The screaming gophers decieds to vote of Scott.

and then she got to the bouncy ball and she made it. Scott staned up and started to run but Sierra punched him down and she won for her team. "The killer bass won the challenge." Chris said and that the other team will send somewhan home. "Well, well...Scott you are so ELIMINATED!" Courtney shouted to Scott while CJ looked weired at Scott when he made a sort of puke faze and one second after Scott, Courtney and CJ got alot of vomit on them and booth looked angry at Scott. "So..sorry." Scott said and then left. After Scott left Jacky waved at CJ and he saw it. CJ walked with Courtney too Jacky and Jacky said "We are voting for Scott tonight right?" "Yes." CJ and Courtney said. Courtney said that they had to go

Courtney make a evil laugh.

to the elimination ceremony to vote someone off. Jacky, CJ and Courtney went to the ceremony. Everyone voted. Chris McLean said right away that Jacky and CJ got the first two marshmallows. After Chris McLean gave them their marshmallows it was down to Courtney and Scott, Chris McLean looks suspicious at them for about one minut and then said...Courtney. "Yes!, goodbye Scott." Courtney said and made a evil laugh. Scott left. The rest of them headed back to the cabins to get some sleep.¨

Episode 7 Promo


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TDGI Promo

Episode 7

Zeeking For Newbies

Episode 7

Challenge(s) Search for a mine on the island and then find the three newbies.
Winner(s) CJ
Eliminated Jacky
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"Eat, Race, & Wary "


"Terror-Ific "

Chris McLean blew the horn and woke all of the remaining six contestants up. They all headed to the bonfire ceremony. They all were all sitting down at the logs when Chris McLean said that they were in for a big surprise. “As you can tell we made it to the half way point, but due to my contract this season is suppose to last about 14-15 episodes and due to the amount of cast remaining this season is heading for 12,” said Chris McLean. Hes started to pace. “Thankfully the production has allowed us to bring three new players into the game!,” said Chris, walking over to the dock. Todays challenge is to find thoose three contestants in the mine. The challenge is to find the mine and then run inside find one of the three new contestants and bring her or he back here to win todays challenge. "Does this mean the merge has come?" Jacky was wondering. "Yes." Chris McLean said and pulled a starting flag from is pants and said "ready set go!" Everyone started to run straight to the cabins to figure out the way to the mine. Dakota looked at Courtney, CJ and Jacky and though that they were in a alliance. Dakota walked to them and asked if she could talk to Courtney and Jacky. They agreed and left CJ alone. "If we three make a alliance and find atleast two of the new contestants maby we can add them in our alliance if you agree?" Jacky was about to say no, when Courtney stepd in and said that they agreed. Dakota smiled and walked away, right after Jacky grabbed Courtneys arm and asked "why did you say "yes" we are already in one with CJ."  "Well if you dont whant to win and come with me then go with youre boyfriend CJ. Just remeber that you make a big mistake!" Jacky didnt care she would choose CJ over anything. They both got different ways and didnt look at each other. CJ wonderd why Courtney didnt come back Jacky said that we need to find all three contestants befor Courtney does to CJ. CJ just followed Jacky and smiled. Alejandro and Sierra ran to Dakota while she was searching for the mine. "Shouldnt we go as a team now that we are in a alliance?" Dakora said that it was better if they was splitting up, that way they had a bigger change to find the mine, while Dakota said that she noticed that Courtney was coming this way so she had to get rid of Alejandro and Sierra quick as possible. After some hours Dakota and Courtney found the mine and went inside there where about one hunderd ways to go. "Ughh...we will never find them in this place, it will take forevery." Courtney said. Some minuts later the rest of the contestant came to the mine. Jacky and CJ looked around and decided to go in a small tunnel all. Sierra was tryin to find Dakota when Alejandro said "that she was just playing with us and that we needed to get rid of her befor she does with us." Sierra agreed and they have decied to find Dakota and stop her. "Chris McLean when i get out of here im going to kill you!" Heather said freaking out. "Hey be quiet, STOP IT!" Dakota said when they saw Heather sitting on a big rock. "Courtney!" "Heather!" Heather and Courtney said to each other." I know that we are maby rushing into things but you
Heather introuduced.

Dakota, Heather and Courtney make a new alliance.

need to join our alliance." "Sure." Heather said confidence. "Don't listen to this one, she's trouble." Courtney said to Dakota and was about to leave when Dakota said that "If you want to stay here, you join our alliance!" Dakota said back to Courtney angrilly. Heather was impressed but she knew she was not suppose to trust anyone of themjust yet. Courtney wanted to stay so she agreed to join. "C'mon lets get out of here now." Heather said, and both Courtney and Dakota agreed. Jacky and CJ was looking around and couldnt find anything. Suddlenty CJ heard something. He was not sure but he heard a voice that he recogniced. "Woah, Jacky! did you hear that?" CJ asked Jacky. Jacky said "No, it was probably nothing." "Alex c'mon please I dont want to be here anymore." Lara said frightning." Alex was trying to figure something out when he saw CJ! "CJ!" he screamed and noticed Jacky as well. CJ and Jacky saw them and ran to them. "Cant believe you guys are here." Jacky said to Alex and Lara. "Can we talk later right now im FREAKING OUT!" CJ and Jacky smiled and then they ran away. Lara and Alex followed. Lara and Alex followed Jacky and CJ when Jacky stoped "Why did we stop?" Alex, Lara and CJ asked. "If you stay here none will find you. "How is that good?" Lara asked. Just trust us, stay here we will come back soon I just need to find Courtney  and tell her something. CJ said that he wouldnt let her go alone and said that he would follow. Jacky smiled at him and then ran away with CJ while Alex and lara stayed there." After some hours Sierra and Alejandro gave up and walked out of the mine, and Courtney, Dakota had lost Heather in the mine and both of them walked out without Heather. Jacky and CJ saw Heather and said that she had to come with them. Heather was strating to

Heather is about to fight CJ.

get angry at them because she doesnt like it when somewhan tells her what to do. "No, way im here with Dakota and Courtney." Heather said and left CJ and Jacky. "CJ, you go and pick up Alex and Lara and get out of this cave I will try to convine Heather." CJ wanted to stay but he knew that Jacky knew what she was doing. CJ left. "Where is Jacky?" Alex wonderd. CJ said that she was coming soon and that they should start move. They came out of the cave and saw that the rest of the cast was already there. Chris McLean announced that CJ had won the challenge and said that the rest of them had to go to eliminaton. "WAIT, what about Jacky?" CJ wonderd. "She will be ok, I think." Chris McLean said that CJ and left to the bonfire ceremony. CJ was really angry at Chris. He was about to search for Jacky in the mine when she came out with Heather. "JACKY! are you okey?" Jacky smiled at CJ and kissed him. "Im okey." Heather was really angry and left to the elimination ceremony.  At the bonfire ceremony, they all sat down and waited for Chris McLean to show up. Alex seemed happy since it was her first elimination ceremony and knew that he was safe no matter what. while Lara was really angry at Chris McLean. Chris McLean showed up and told them the usual. Jacky looked at CJ and Alex and pointed with here eyes at Courtney, they nodded. They all voted. “I sense tension tonight. Alright on to the results, CJ, Alex, Lara and Heather, you are safe” He threw them their marshmallows. “…Dakota, Sierra, and Alejandro, marshamallows for all of you!” Chris McLean passed out the rest of the marshmallows to them. Jacky and Courtney was in the bottom. Courtney looked very confidence while Jacky was nervouse. "...Courtney" ChrisMcLean said and thre the last marhsmallow to her. Jacky was angry and sad. "You cant elminate Jacky!" CJ said and ran to her. "I will not let you leave." CJ said

The chemistry between them starts to grow.

while tears where coming from his eyes. Jacky smiled at him and said that it was okey. Jacky said goodbye to Alex, Lara and the rest. The remaning eight contestants were back at the cabins. It was already midnight and Lara was sleeping togheter with Alex because none of them couldnt sleep. Both of them where thinking of Jacky and that Courtney was going to pay. Lara asked if this competition would get between them and their relatioship. Alex smiled at Lara and said "I dont think so." right after Lara and Alex felt asleep goodnight. 

Episode 8


Episode 8

Challenge(s) Throw leeches at eachother.
Winner(s) Lara
Eliminated click to find out
Episode Guide


"Zeeking For Newbies "


"Extreme Cooking "

It was still morning and all the contestant knew that they had a challenge today. They got dressed up and they were all waiting in the tent eating breakfast. Chris McLean came in carefully and quiet and said that today’s challenge was a leeche fight and they all had to race to the finish line wich was in the middle of the forest and the team that had hit three other campers had won the challenge. So they all started to run. Alex grabbed Lana's hand and said that they should stick togheter in this challenge. Lana agreed and both started to run. Dakota, Courtney and Heather was running in a group as well. CJ didnt have anyone really to go with since his love Jacky was gone. He decided to go alone. Sierra and Alejandro had to stick togheter now when Dakota had left them on the stick. In the end when all was really near the finishline Alex and Lana ran threw the line togheter and Chris McLean had to check it out on the camera who won. It was Lana he announced "Yes, so what is my reward?" Lana wonderd. Chris McLean gave her a slingshot  "you get to use this slingshot while everyone els have to use their hands." Lana grabbed Alex hand this time and both ran away to a secret place in the woods. Dakota saw them both run away and decided to follow. "Where are you going?" Courtney wonderd. "I am just going to look for something...." Dakota said and left. Courtney and Heather decided to convince each of Sierra and Alejandro to do what we want or els they will both leave. After some minuts in the game Lana and Alex saw Heather fightning with Alejandro. Lana grabbed her slingshot when she heard somewhan in the

Lana laugh after she threw a leeche at Sierra.

back it was Sierra. Sierra threw a leeche at Lana but missed and it hit Alex. Alex fell down and screamd. "You little RAT!" Lana screamd to Sierra and threw a leeche at her. "Aooo!" Sierra screamd while she was running around. Lana started to laugh. "Did you hear that?" Heather said to Alejandro. Alejandro dditn hear anything and was about to leave when Heather grabbed his hand " not finished with you." Heather said. "I maby am new at this game but that doesnt mean i dont know how to play!, if you dont do as i say i will make sure you will LEAVE!, got that?" Heather said to Alejandro, but Alejandro was just standing infront of Heather and had a weair looking face expression. Heather turnd around and she saw a sasquatchanakwa. "RUN!" Heather screamd and ran away. but it was not that fast so Lana grabbed her slingshot and shot heather right in the face. Alejandro ran the other way and Lana missed all her shots at him. Dakota was still trying to find where Alex and Lana went couse she lost them in the forest. Suddently she heard some other footsteps she didnt want to grab a leeche but she knew she didnt have a choice. So Dakota grabbed one and threw it in the

CJ throw a leeche at Dakota.

woods, but nothing happend. CJ was hidding in the bushes and saw Dakota and threw a leeche at her when Chris McLean said in the microphones on the three's that Lana had won the challenge. CJ wasent sad that he lost he was kinda happy. Dakota was really angry and right away she went to find Courtney and Heather. Befor the elimination ceremony Dakota, Courtney and Heather was talking and they came down to that Lana had to leave really fast and same with Alex. But Courtney knew that Alex was strong and told the others. In the end they came to a decision. "Welcome to the Bonfire Ceremony! You know the rules grab your device and send someone off the island!” They all voted. "Alright, votes are in and it seems pretty unanimouse on who is going home! First award goes to the winner of the challenge, Lana!" Next...Alex!...Heather!...Courtney!...CJ!...Sierra!" said

Courtney and Sierra arguing.

Chris McLean. Dakota was shocked that she was in the bottom two. Suddently Chris McLean said "Dakota!" Alejandro had been eliminated. When they all where 

going back to their cabins Sierra and Courtney was arrguing in the girls cabin. "Can you just stop being on youre phone for some minuts and listen!" Courtney yelled at Sierra. Sierra put down the phone and walked to hear and glared. "Cant we just get alo-" Sierra didnt have time to finish the sentense when Courtney said "You better listen to me now, if you think that you can win this show alone then go on and try, but aslong me and my alliance is her you have no chance!" Courtney said to Sierra and went to bed.

Episode 9

Extreme Cooking

Episode 9

Challenge(s) Cook food for youre friend to eat.
Winner(s) " N/A "
Eliminated click to find out
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"Terror-Ific "


"Unfair Valentine's Day "

No one woke up in a good mood today. Alex knew Heather, Dakota and Courtney had a alliance and he needed to get one fast. The only thing that he still worried about is Lara. Alex got out of bed and went to talk to Lara. She seemed pretty sad so Alex went to her and asked "what is wrong?" Lara responsed that all the girls hated her and didnt think she deserved to be here. Alex hugged Lara and told her that everything will be alright. "Okey, thank you Alex." Lara said. Alex and Lara went outside to wait for Chris McLean so he could tell us the next challenge. Chris McLean came out in some cooking clothing with a big pan. He threw it up in the air and Chef came out with stoves and other stuff. "Good morning contestants! As you can see today’s challenge is the cooking challenge!" said Chris McLean. "You will all be pared two and two." Chris McLean said and pared Sierra with Lara, Alex with CJ, Dakota, Heather and Courtney. "Todays challenge you will have one cook and one who will eat/drink whatevery you make, so...any question?" Everyone raised their hand. "Good, now START!" Lara and Sierra decided that Lara woulde cook. Both CJ and Alex didnt want to eat so they decided to both cook and both eat. Heather, Courtney and Dakota where fightining about who would do what, in the end they decided that Dakota and Courtney will cook and Heather will eat. "Ughh, why do I have to eat?" Heather wonderd. "Because youre the newbie in this

Lara is happy with her food.

series and you havent been threw what me and Courtney have!" Dakota shouted at Heather. Lana started to cook she used alot of stuff that she found in the drawers but when Lara and Sierra was opening the drawers they saw beetles, spiders and alot of grose moldy stuff. CJ grabbed a big pan. Alex grabbed some oil and leafs to make food of. "Have you never done food befor?" CJ wonderd when Alex threw the oil and leafs in the pan, suddently the pan started to burn Alex and CJ freaked out and started to scream. Alex and CJ started to threw alot of random stuff on it. Heather couldnt cook with what she had in the drawers so she decided not to cook. right after Heather refused to cook dakota screamed at her "what are

CJ and Alex freaks out by the fire.

you doing? you have to cook!" "No i wont." Heather said. "Well, i wont." Dakota said and then she looked at Courtney. Lara and Sierra was done really quick so Chris McLean came to them to check them out. "Woahh, that looks..ehh, good." he said and went to Alex and CJ. They didnt have anything to show so they couldnt win, same with Dakota,Courtney and Heather. "It looks like Sierra and Lana wins!" Lara and Sierra cheerd, "WAIT!" Chris said to them. "you still have to test the food." Chris McLean said to Lara and Sierra with a big smile. Sierra looked at Lara and threw a spone of their food in her mouth. Everyone got quiet and looked at Lara. Lana threw up a fwe second later and ran away to the toilets. "Well, that was a disaster, seems like all of you guy's will go to the elimination tonight." Everyone was sad. Alex ran to Lara to check if she was feeling okey. They all went to the elimination ceremony. Chris came out and gave them the usual speech, Lara looked at CJ, Alex and I pointed with her eyes at Sierra. both nodded.

Courtney is scared of Dakota.

They all voted. "Alright everyone, I have the results!” said Chris McLean."The first one goes to…Alex! Followed up by CJ…Courtney...Heather...and Dakota!” Lara looked at Alex feeling pretty nervous. Alex gave Lana the same look back, and she saddnes. "And the final award goes to…Lara !”Sierra's journey ends tonight. The final six followed Sierra down the bridge to say goodbye. Dakota smiled at Courtney, Courtney was alittle bit scared and thought that maby she was next even if they where in a alliance. "Alright guys, it’s time for your bed time since tomorrow we will have a exited day!” Chris McLean said.

Episode 10

Unfair Valentine's Day

Episode 10

Challenge(s) Design a valentine outfit.
Winner(s) Heather
Eliminated click to find out
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"Extreme Cooking "


"Im Your Puppet "

Alex woke up and CJ was still sleeping. Alex looked over to the other side of the room and looked out of the window. Alex woke up CJ to get ready for today's challenge. Alex got up and left the cabin to go and meet Lara. Alex knew that today it was valentine and he wanted to do somehting speical for her. When Alex walked to Lara he saw Dakota and Heather arguing. Alex hid behind the tree so he could hear what they where arguning about. "We need to get rid of CJ!" Heather said to Dakota. "No, we need to get rid of Lara, and Courtney agrees with me!" Dakota said to Heather. Alex was shocked and ran to Lara. Lara was sitting in her cabin and drawin a picture with a heart. "Hey, what are you drawing Alex wonderd?" Lara closed to book befor Alex got to see what it was. "Alright campers, today's lovely challenge will involve catwalk, super cute outfits, and super awesomeness!” Chris McLean screamd in the microphone outside the cabins. Alex, Lara, CJ, Heather, Dakota and Courtney walked to Chris McLean. "Today's challenge will be a runway challenge!" Chris McLean said "and since it's  valentine's day i thought we shoudl do something fun, so i have decided that you will all have to come up with a cute outfit that represent L.O.V.E and it has to be original." Chris McLean said. So the final six started to work on thei designs. They had 3hour to do the dresses/costumes. "We need to vote out Lara next okey?" Dakota whisperd to Courtney while they where working on their designs. "Okey. But we still need one more to do the job. CJ wont get rid of his best firend's girlfriend and Alex wont do it. So it leaves Heather." Courtney said. "Yeah but she want's to eliminate CJ first." Dakota said to Courtney. Alex told CJ and Lara everything about what he heard in the morning. "Ohh, this is not good." Lara sadly said. "Dont worry Lara you wont go home tonigh." Alex told Lara and hugged her. "Times up, show me what you got." Chris McLean said. So all the campers went to the catwalk to show their designs. Courtney was up first. "Wher...Where is my dress?" Courtney scardly wonderd. "Oh no, what

Lara shows Chris McLean her dress.

could possible have happen to it." Dakota sarcastic said to Courtney. "You little...B*tch!" Courtney screamd to Dakota. "oops, sorry, it's just that if you win this challenge you can get rid of anyone you want and that cant happen it's to riscy." Dakota said to Courtney and left. Courtney came out on the stage with no dress. Chris McLean was about to say that she would have a big change of going home when Lara came on stage and showed her dress but she told Chris McLean that Courtney made it. Everyone was shocked even Courtney. "This is a design Courtney made and i wanted to try it on so i did." Lara said to Chris McLean and blinked to Courtney. "Woahh, that is amazing 7/10 to Courtney." Chris McLean said and told CJ to go on next. CJ got 5/10, Alex got 6/10, Heather got 8/10 and Dakota got 5,5/10. Chris McLean announced that Courtney had won and that the rest

Lara is chocked that she got eliminated.

had to face elimination. They all went to the elimination "You all know the drill, got to the cabin and eliminate the person you want to send home!" Everyone voted. Lara looked at Alex and CJ and nodded to vote out Dakota. "Wow" Chris McLean said when he read the votes. "Alright- Chris threw the results on the ground "The first marshmallow goes to Courtney and Alex, followed up by CJ and Heather. Lara…Dakota you both are in the bottom. The final marshamallow goes to…None!” Chris threw the marshamallow on the ground and stepped on it. "WHAT!" Lara said shocking and started to cry. "No, Chris you cant eliminate Lara!" Alex screamed at Chris McLean. "Yeah, Yeah it always ends with tears. "This cant be im the leader i deserv to STAY!" Dakota said and left with a angry face. "Befor anyone leaved i want to say that i hav ebeen really nice this day so i have decided to be reallt evil befor valentine's day." Chris

Heather smiled when she figure out that Courtney got eliminated.

McLean said. "Havent you been crule enought?" CJ said. "No, now be quit." Courtney and Heather please step forward Chris McLean said. "I have decided to get rid of the person with the most votes exept for Lara and Dakota and thath person is.....Courtney!" Chris McLean happely said. "WHAT! what did i do?" Courtney said to Alex, CJ and Heather. Befor they got to answer Chris McLean grabbe her and went away. "This is it then." Lara said to Alex and started to cry. "No, this is not the end." Alex said to Lara and started to cry. "Here i made this for you since tomorrow is valentine and everything." Lana gave Alex a piece of paper with a picture in it. "I will keep it forever!" Alex said and hugged Lara. After a few minuts of hugging CJ grabbed Alex hand and told him that he had to go now. Lara left and Alex went back to the cabin with CJ. 

Episode 11

Im Your Puppet

Episode 11

Final2 is...
Challenge(s) Make a puppet out of old stuff from a old tower.
Winner(s) Alex
Eliminated CJ
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"Unfair Valentine's Day "


"Winner's Wont Smile "

Yet again the final three had another challenge instor for them, Chris McLean called them to the bonfire ceremony to show them all their challenges and eliminations so far and how many people they had to betray and hurt to get this far. "You guys shoudl be lucky that you made it this far." Chris McLean told CJ, Alex and Heather. "Today's challenge will involve a little trip to a special fun place." Chris McLean told them and then pointet at the boat. After all of the contestants and Chris got on the boat they drove away to the city and jumped on a buss. "Hey, are you okey?" CJ asked Alex while they where sitting on the bus. "Im okey i just wish Lara was here." Alex said. "I know how you feel, i was crushed when Jacky got eliminated." CJ told Alex and then told him that it would

Heather is angry and wet after she trips.

be better in a couple of days. Heather was sitting in the

CJ and Alex comes out of the buss.

middle of the bus and she was quiet the whole ride. When they got out of the bus Heather feel down on the ground in a puddle of water and started to get really angry. After Heather got out Alex and CJ came out and smiled alittle bit, but they didnt want her to see it so they coverd their mouths. After some minuts of walking they came to a big tower that was black and had alot of spikes around the windows and doors. "Okey this is where we will have our challenge, you wil all have to build a puppet of yourself made of the material you can find in this room." Chris McLean said with a smile on his face. " are we suppose to make a puppet without any sewingkit or needels?" Heather wonderd. "There are two sewing mashines in the corner there." Chris McLean said and pointet in the far right of the room. "Get ready, set and GO!" Chris McLean said and everyone started to look for materials. Alex ave found all his parts so he decided to start sewing. Heather and CJ looked nervous since there where only one sewing machine left. "Only one houre lefT!" Chris McLean screamd at them. Alex knew that eh ddint have to rush cuz he only needed to sew the eyes in and then he was done. Heather found the last part and started to sew. CJ was still looking he had the eyes, head, arms and legs he only needed the body. After ahalf hour Alex told Chris

Chris McLean taked a picture of Alex and his puppet.

McLean that he was done and everyone putted down their items and sewingkit's. "Okey, Alex i like it alot." Chris McLean said and took a picture of it so he could judge it. "I guess we have our winnder then, ALEX!" Chris McLean said and smiled. "Yes im in the final!" Alex cheered. "Not so fast, you are NOT safe from the elimination." Chris McLean said and continued with "Youre reward is a call with somewhan you miss." Chris McLean said again and smiled, everyone els was really shocked. Alex got so mad that he decided to push him but CJ stopped him and told him not to make things worse so Alex and CJ went to the buss and had home to the camp again. Alex, Heather and CJ got to the bonfire ceremony and sat down. Chris McLean came out and told them to vote someone off. After they all voted Chris McLean looked at the results and looked surprised. "Well then, this is a first. Its a tie." Chris McLean said and threw the scores away. "Since it's a tie i will choose who goes home with my finger." Chris McLean said and started to point at the campers. Everyone looked at Chris McLean's finger nervously. In the end the finger pointed at CJ. "Sorry dude, but you have been eliminated." Chris McLean told CJ and showed him the way to the boat of losers. "Bye guys, i really hope you win." CJ told Alex with a nice smile and left. Alex winked farwell and Heather was neutral as always and then they both went to the bed. Tomorrow is the final.

Episode 12

Winner's Wont Smile

Episode 12

Heather and Alex -The Winners
Challenge(s) A race around the island.
Winner(s) Alex
Eliminated click to find out
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"Im Your Puppet "


" N/A "

Today  was the big day, either Heather or Alex were about to be a million dollars richer. Heather woke up and took a shower smiling and cheering that she was so close the million Alex thought that it was a little bit creepy. Chris McLean was on TV, he had a message to give them. Both Heather and Alex stood and looked at a big TV screen that Chef brought to them outside their cabins. "Good morning finalist, as you all know today is the finale of Total Drama gonudie island! And we hope to see you there at the finale! not like you have a choice since at 1 PM a bot will come and leave all of the losers on the campround and walk to the final challenge. See you then! McClean out" Heather and Alex stood and looked at eachother, then they both walked to the beach where the last challenge of the season would be hold. "Wow it’s the finale today!" said Alex to Heather while they where walking. "Whatever." Heather said. Back at the dock the boat finally arrived. All the losers were back on the island, it almost felt like a new season for them. Chef told them to sit down in the peanut gallery at the beach. After they all sat down they all turned their heads to see them both walk in. Most of them stood up and cheered, but some didn’t even bother to flinch. "Welcome to the finale of Total Drama gonudie island! Your final challenge will consist of using your skills in order to win the million dollar prize! Your first part of the challenge is to pick two names
Final 2 helpers

Anne-Maria, Dakota, Scott and CJ are the helpers.

from this hat and the names you get will be youre temmates threw the challenge and then you will have to get into the boat's and drive to the other side of the island where you will have to run threw the forest and back to the island." Chris McLean said. "But what are the helpers for?" Alex wonderd. "They will be helpful eventually." Chris McLean said and smiled. Heather grabbed two names from the hat and she got Anne-Maria and Dakota. Alex got CJ and Scott. "No-way am i doing this again if im out of the competition i dont need to help!" Dakota said to Chris McLean. "You do, it's in youre contract." Chris McLean said and pulled the flag that would start the race to the million dollar prize! The race had started and both teams was heding for the boats. Alex got the his boat first and drow away with CJ and Scott. "Cmon Alex you can do this. They are catching up!" CJ told Alex. Scott was trying to hit the other team with weed from the water. "AaAaA...!" Anne-Maria screamd when she got some water on her. "Relax monster." Dakota said and laught. Alex came to the otherside first and decided to go threw the jungle withonly one of his teammates. The otherone took the boat and drove back. "What are they doing?" Dakota wonderd while they arrived. "Well..i'm not gonna lose this so we do the same thing." Heather said and told Dakota to go back to the other side and Dakota did that happylie. "Wh..why do i have to stay!"
AH arguing

Heather and Anne-Maria arguing.

Anne-Maria said to Heather and then they started to argue. After a few minuts of arguing they went into the forest aswell. Back at the peanut galleri they saw Dakota and Scott arrived back with the boats. "Where are CJ and Alex." Jacky wonderd. "They are in the forest." Scott told her. Dakota didnt say a thing and just sat down in her place again. Three hours had gone and both teams where still in the jungle. "We are gonan die in her." Anne-Maria told Heather. "No we arn't!" Heather screamd to Anne-Maria and grabbed her and and started run. Alex and CJ didnt know if they where ahead or no so they decided to climb up a tree. Alex climbed up and he saw the finishline and he also saw Heather and Anne-Maria running to the finishline. Suddently Heather stoped running and noticed a huge stonewall infront of the end of the wood. "What are we gonna do?" Anne-Maria wonderd. Heather lookd at her and told her to lie down so she coudle get over. Alex and CJ didnt know what to do but since they knew that Chris told them that their helpers woulde be important eventually they though that he ment that Alex shoudl contine and leave CJ there. "No way im not leaving you here." Alex told CJ. CJ came up with a plan to help him he lied down and Alex stepped on him and then when Alex was on the top he told CJ to grabb his hand and then Alex would pull him up. They did it now all they had to do was to run to the finishline. Heather left Anne-Maria on the otherside and told her to figure out how to get out of there on her own. All the losers saw both of Alex, CJ and Heather running to the finishline and they all cheerd and screamd at them. "The winner of Total Drama Gonudie ISLAND! is....




Jacky and Lara hugs/kiss him after he wins.

ALEX!" Chris McLean said and cheered. In the end they all hugged Alex and congratualted him. Lara and Jacky kissed him and then higged him. Chris McLean gave him the million dollar prize and told him that he also had won a ticket to next season. "Wha?? no way. I am not going back to this place.!" Alex told Chris McLean and had a angry face "You dont have to cuz we are not gonna be here next season. Well there you go guys the winner of TD:GI...hope you guys enjoyed it and i hope Alex is not to angry now, but anyways i will see you next time. McClean out"


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In Total Drama: Gonudie Island the elimination ceremony happens after every other challenge. The team or players that haven't received immunity will vote off another contestant. The participant who receives the most votes leaves the competition. 

# Contestant Team Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
6/5th Lara No Team Yes SAFE WIN LOW OUT
10th Scott S.Gopher No SAFE WIN WIN WIN SAFE OUT
11th Anne-Maria S.Gopher No LOW WIN WIN WIN OUT
12th Harold K.Bass No WIN SAFE SAFE OUT
13th Gwen K.Bass No WIN LOW OUT
14th Mike K.Bass No WIN OUT
15th Duncan S.Gophers No OUT


  • JackyCJ, Alex and Lara are new to the season.