In celebration of the forthcoming 34th season of Survivor with the same theme, I decided to create a season of Total Drama, featuring its most popular and strategic players ever. This will much more like Survivor than Total Drama, but I promise you will enjoy this. :)

This season will feature 17 returning players and 1 new player.


Alejandro (World Tour, All-Stars)

Brick (Revenge of the Island)

Cameron (Revenge of the Island, All-Stars)

Courtney (Island, Action, World Tour, All-Stars)

Duncan (Island, Action, World Tour, All-Stars)

Gwen (Island, Action, World Tour, All-Stars)

Heather (Island, Action, World Tour, All-Stars)

Jasmine (Pahkitew Island)

Jo (Revenge of the Island, All-Stars)

Jose (NEW)

Justin (Island, Action)

Leshawna (Island, Action, World Tour)

Lightning (Revenge of the Island, All-Stars)

Lindsay (Island, Action, World Tour, All-Stars)

Noah (Island, World Tour)

Shawn (Pahkitew Island)

Sky (Pahkitew Island)

Zoey (Revenge of the Island, All-Stars)

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