This story is rated PG-13. There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Welcome to the World Tour!

Total Drama: Explosion Tour is a fanfiction about 21 campers that are touring around the world. The previous season was on a action set. Chris his co-host is Shawn, again and Shawn controls the plane. Shawn is a camper that partipicated in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He was the co-host in the previous seasons too. Total Drama: Explosion Tour will have 21 contestants that returns from the previous seasons. It's unknown for now who they are. They all have a special thing on themselves that makes them a special character. Sweet, naive, mean, evil, dramatic, smart contestants will face challenges, eliminations and more. But, now they have to do challenges in different countries.


(SPOILER ALERT: If you dont wanna see who is eliminated, dont look at this table!!!!!!!!)

Contestants Original
Merge Elimination Episode Place Note Votes against
The Annoying Dude
Team Blue See Ya Back! 22th Voted Out 5
The Pink-Haired Cheerleader
Team Red The Active Japanese 21th Voted Out 5
The Strange Brainaic
Team Blue South-Animals Revenge.. 20th Voted Out 5
The Sweet Bestfriend
Team Blue Dreamly Brasill Rocks 19th Voted Out 3
The Next 'Avatar'
Team Blue Time To Build Russia! 18th Voted Out 5
Team Blue German Soccer Fans Returns 3
The Britisch Golf-Fan
Team Red Very Spanish Drama 17th Voted Out 4
The Bossy Man
Team Blue Team Blue Stay In, Stay Out 16th Voted Out 6
The Dramatic Bigfoot-Fan
Team Yellow Team Yellow The Mole In French-Style 15th Quits 0
The Wannabe Girl
Team Yellow Team Yellow The Mole In French-Style 14th Voted Out 2
The Mean Bestfriend
Team Red Team Blue Get Your Pizza 13th Voted Out 5
The Sweet Girl Scout
Team Blue Team Blue Parody In Style 12th Voted Out 4
The Quiet Evil
Team Blue Team Red Team Yellow Well, Maybe Not A New Friend? 11th Voted Out 4
The Handsome Guy
Team Yellow Team Yellow Team Yellow
The Hot Dude
Team Yellow Team Red Team Red
The Psychological Evil
Team Red Team Red Team Red
The Smart Twin
Team Red Team Red Team Red
The Girl That Wants Everything
Team Yellow Team Yellow Team Yellow
The Most Beautiful From Them All
Team Yellow Team Yellow Team Yellow
The Obsessed-Disney Lady
Team Blue Team Blue Team Yellow
The Crazy Evil Boy
Team Red Team Blue Team Red
The Dumb Twin
Team Red Team Blue Team Yellow
The Living Telephone
Team Yellow Team Red Team Red


Episode 1 ~ See Ya Back!

See Ya Back!
Season 3, Episode 1
First Aired (USA) 20 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Yellow
Eliminated Colin
Episode Guide
"(Season 2) Credits to the winner"
"The Active Japanese"

Shawn is working on the plane and is finally starting while the 21 contestants arrives. It will be a hard new season, who is gonna win the million dollars? Berry and Freddy arrives as first. Berry tells that he has spend all his money on holidays, trips and skateboards with his brother Freddy. After the twins, the two bestfriends arrives. Chloe and Zoey. They are friends again but for how long now? Colin walks as the bad dude and pushes Chloe and Zoey away. He laughs at the girls but Zoey kicks him. Mary-Ann and Boy arrives then, and they kiss all of the time. Thunder and Gary arrives. Thunder has load his power and feels really strong while Gary is depressed. He feels weak and thinks he will lose a season again. Jamie arrives and hugs Gary. She is happy to see him. After Jamie, Zero arrives with Sylvester and May behind him. Zero looks around and whispers with May. She nodds her head and looks around. Then Cinderella arrives and looks to the plane. She is really happy to see it and dances with Troy cause he arrives after Cinderella. Philippe and Pink arrives. Philippe walks to Chris and has a bag pack. He looks to the other contestants and smiles. Pink smiles and walks to Philippe. Savannah arrives with George. George has all the stuff of Savannah and puts it on the ground. Serena arrives after them and she looks to George if he is okay. And he is. And as last, Princess arrives and looks to the other contestants. She smiles friendly but she wants to kill everyone. Chris walks to the plane and the contestants follows him. The game begins...When Chris arrives in the livingroom he tells that everyone has to come here when there is a challenge or something. He shows the first class for the winners. The second class for the second team and the third class for the losers. Boy asks why there are three classes. And then, Chris tells them that there arent gonna be two teams. But three. Everyone looks to each other. Well, here is the elimination room. When you get a back with cheese sticks you are safe. But when you are eliminated.. you are going down. You take a parachute and jumps off the plane. Everyone looks afraid. And tonight the first contestant is going to be eliminated. Now the teams. Based on your performance in previous seasons, you are classified in a team. Team Yellow: Boy, Troy, Mary-Ann, Gary, Jamie and Savannah. Team Red: Freddy, Berry, Sylvester, Zero, Zoey, Philippe and Pink. And then the new team. Team Blue: Colin, Thunder, May, George, Chloe, Cinderella and Serena. The first challenge is to get the first class. You all will be dropped in the plane. The challenge is to look for the first class. Cause then you have immunity. Second class is safe without any prices or luxury and the third class is a ticket to the elimination ceremony. Goodluck!

Team Yellow has a great plan. Only running, running and running. Team Red is going to be slow and looking in every hall. Team Blue is still talking. Colin runs around and is then away what annoys the other team members. Cinderella sings a song to calm the others. It doesnt work at all. Colin is back and says he saw the first class. Everyone looks to each other of the Blue Team and runs behind Colin. Team Yellow is arrived at the first class and they win. Team Blue arrives as second and Colin runs in the third class instead of class two. Cinderella sings cause she is really happy. Serena and George looks to each other and talks a little bit. But then team Red walks along the third class and walks in an other cabin. Chris walks to the teams and finishes by Team Blue. He tells them they are in the third class. Everyone looks angry to Colin. Chloe is really angry. May is angry too but doesnt say anything about it. Cinderella tells everyone that they dont have to be angry on Colin and they can win next time. But are they gonna win next time?

Team Blue is arrived at the Elimination Ceremony. The members of team Blue are voting now. When they have voted they sitting on the wooden benches. Chris tells them that there is a 5-2 vote. So, the safe Team Blue members are.. Thunder, May, Chloe, Serena and George. Cinderella and Colin are in the bottom two. Cinderella was too sweet to believe in Colin and tried to protect him. Colin failed to let his team win. The eliminated person is Colin. And again he is the first eliminated contestant. He gets his parachute and jumps off the plane. He didnt say anything to the other contestants. But the game is on and there will be more then just challenges and little fights..

Episode 2 ~ The Active Japanese

The Active Japanese
Season 3, Episode 2
First Aired (USA) 21 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Yellow
Eliminated Pink
Episode Guide
"See Ya Back!"
"South-Animals Revenge.."

It's evening. The Plane is flying very fast. In the first class everyone is talking with each other. Boy and Mary-Ann are in love again. Princess is talking with Troy, which is interessed in Princess. Savannah is talking with Jamie and Gary sits alone. He looks to the window and sees a bird. He smiles. But he have to be strong. Jamie walks to Gary and smiles to him. They talk a little bit with each other. At the second class it's a little bit quieter. Zero looks to his team mates. Freddy and Berry are talking with each other. And Zero is going to talk too with them to give a good picture of himself. Sylvester looks around and sees Zero. The four boys sits with each other and talks about an alliance. Pink cant wait to do the new challenge and is very active. Zoey is not confident, she thinks she can be eliminated soon... but she have to keep herself in the game. So she is going to Zero and hopes they wanna have a girl in their alliance. And they will. Cause now they know they will reach the merge. And in the third class everyone looks around and says nothing except Cinderella. She is talking with Serena about the first elimination. She is afraid to be eliminated next. Serena and George tells her that they didnt voted for her and she doesnt have to be afraid. May looks to Cinderella and she says in the confessional that she voted Cinderella. Cause she is to much heroic. Thunder is sleeping and Chloe looks to her nails.

When Savannah wants to walk the plane is doing really weird. The plane goes up and down, up and down. Chris talks in the speaker and says everyone has to come to the livingroom. When everyone is arrived Chris talks. "Everyone will be dropped in five minutes. Get a parachute and i hope i'll see everyone when we arrive in .. JAPAN!" Chris says and walks away. Everyone is afraid now. When the contestants has a parachute they have to jump off the plane. Gary jumps as first and the others follows him. Except Serena. She doesnt want it. George grabs her hand and together they jump off the plane. But the parachutes doesnt work. Everyone screams. But Cinderella has a idea. She wants to sing. Everyone looks to each other. And they are singing. "We fall down, we fall down. The parachute isnt working, and we all shall die. Chris said we had to carry this and we are thinking whyyyyy..." Everyone sings and Cinderella sings the end line. "We fall down, we fall...... dowwwwwnnn!" Cinderella sings and everyone falls on a bouncer. Chris laughs and looks to the contestants. Everyone walks to Tokyo. Everyone is singing, dancing and laughing from the Japanese people. Chris explains the challenge for today. The three teams has to come to Tokyo's musea 'Krythm'. There they have to find the diamond 'Spchyril'. And when they arrived there, they win. The second team places second and the last team will go to the elimination ceremony.

Chris says go and the teams are running. Team Yellow chooses the way on the mall. Team Red is going to the park and Team Blue asks in shops where they can find the musea. On team yellow everyone tries to make the best choices. But then Gary and Jamie has the right idea. They have to go to the rendezvous and then the other way. Cause Chris tricks everyone. Team Yellow runs back while team Red doesnt know where they are. They are stray. Zoey asks to people if they know where they can find the musea but nobody speaks English. Pink runs everywhere to look for the musea. But shen she sees a plate with the name of the musea. Team Red runs. And team Blue runs too cause they know where they can find the musea. Team Yellow arrives at the musea and sees the diamond. So Team Yellow wins. Team Red and Team Blue arrives both but May sees the diamond. But she have to trick the other team. So she screams that the diamond lies on the left side of the musea. So team Red runs to the left side while team Blue runs to the right side and arrives at the diamond. Team Red has to go to the elimination ceremony tonight. Zero looks to May and they both laugh.

At the third class, team Red is divived in two groups. The 5 alliance members and Pink and Philippe. Zero says they have to vote for Pink. Pink is too active in the game and if they let her stay she is gonna be dangerous. Everyone agrees. Pink walks to the group and smiles. The other smiles back. Pink feels safe for now but is she safe? Team Yellow is really happy. They won for the second time in a row! So they are gonna have a party. Everyone is really happy. At team Blue it's really quiet. They are happy to be in the second class. At the elimination ceremony, everyone votes. Freddy and Berry looks to Pink and Pink is looking to Philippe. Philippe said he was voting Zero. Pink doesnt wanted to vote Zero but she had too. Chris calls the names of the safe contestants. Berry, Zoey, Sylvester, Philippe and Freddy. What leaves Pink and Zero. Pink doesnt understand it. And then Zero is safe and Pink is eliminated. Pink looks really confused. She was the reason her team arrived at the musea. She did nothing wrong. Zero looks to Pink and says she wasnt really social. Pink looks angry, cause she was the sweet one of the group. And now she is eliminated. Pink gets her parachute and jumps. She screams that Zero is evil. Philippe looks to his team mates. What will happen with him..?

Episode 3 - South-Animals Revenge..

South-Animals Revenge..
Season 3, Episode 3
First Aired (USA) 22 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Red
Eliminated May
Episode Guide
"The Active Japanese"
"Dreamly Brasill Rocks"

Everyone sleeps. It's 3.00 A.M. But then, Zero wakes up and looks to the other contestants of Team Red. He touches Philippe and laughs then. Sylvester wakes up too and looks to Zero. Both are looking to Philippe which is sleeping. The two boys are going to sleep again, but they have a plan. But what? After few hours everyone is awake. Team Yellow makes themselves ready. Will they win for the third time? Or are they gonna lose now? Princess is really confident and believes in her team while Gary is still depressed. Team Blue is excited for the challenge for today and have to win this time. They started the competition on the worse side of the plane and have to go to the best side. When everyone is ready, they have to go to the livingroom. Chris is waiting for them. Team Yellow and Blue looks to Team Red and doesnt see Pink. Freddy, Berry, Zoey, Sylvester and Zero sits on the table. Chris tells the contestants that they arent gonna jump now. The plane will arrive in South-Africa. Everyone is calm now but the plane is shaking and goes up and down again. And then it lands on South-Africa.

The challenge for today is a special one. It's a soccer game. Two teams has to play to each other. When you win you get 1 point. The two best teams will play the finale. The first soccerball match is: Team Blue vs. Team Red. It's a 3 vs. 3 so the teams has to put 3 people in the game. Team Red: Sylvester, Zero, Freddy. Team Blue: Thunder, May, George. After playing soccerball, Team Red wins the first round. Team Blue loses. It's Team Red vs. Team Yellow now. Team Red: Berry, Zoey, Philippe. Team Yellow: Troy, Boy, Gary. Team Yellow wins then. So it's 1-1-0 now. If Team Yellow wins from Team Blue, Team Blue is eliminated and has to go to the elimination ceremony. Team Yellow: Mary-Ann, Jamie, Savannah. Team Blue: Serena, Cinderella, Chloe. And the last game, was really close. But the three girls from Team Yellow won. Team Blue is eliminated from the challenge. The finale is 6 vs 6. Team Red has everyone, Team Yellow everyone except Princess. With the goal of Zero and the easter of Sylvester, Team Red finally won a challenge. So Team Yellow placed 2nd.

May is kind of mad that they lost again. Thunder says he saw it coming, what is kind of weird. May and Thunder are looking to each other. Thunder walks then away to a strange room. He looks to the suitcases. He looks around and then he opens a suitcase. He smiles then. At the third class, Chloe, Serena and George are talking about the elimination. Chloe thinks they have to vote for Cinderella. Serena and George looks to each other and says both that they have to vote for May and not for Cinderella, cause she did nothing wrong. Chloe agrees. It's almost time. Is the evil May going home..?

At the elimination ceremony, everyone sits. Nobody feels safe at the moment. Everyone votes. Serena told Cinderella to vote for May. If everyone has voted, Chris tells them it was a 5-1 vote. So the eliminated loser gets 5 votes and is the third in a row that gets 5 votes on a elimination ceremony this season. Chloe, Cinderella, George and Serena are safe. It's Thunder vs. May. The last person that is safe is.. Thunder. May is going home and looks angry to the other contestants. She walks to Thunder but he pushes her out of the plane without a parachute. She screams. Thunder feels kind of bad while the others are laughing.

Episode 4 - Dreamly Brasill Rocks

South-Animals Revenge..
Season 3, Episode 4
First Aired (USA) 23 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Yellow
Eliminated Chloe
Episode Guide
"South-Animals Revenge.."
"Time To Build Russia!"

Team Blue is depressed. They lost for the second time. And they thought they could win for one time. One time... Thunder is away, again. Cinderella wants to look for him. Chloe doesnt care about anything and is going to sleep. Cinderella walks to the suitcase room and sees Thunder. He almost sleeps and has a secret hut. When Thunder sees Cinderella he says that she cant tell anyone about this, or he will take revenge on Cinderella. Cinderella nodds her head. Thunder continues to make a really evil plan to win the next challenge. But will it work? Cinderella walks back to the third class. She doesnt say anything. Team Yellow sits and talks but then Chris walks in with some bread with toppings and orange juge. Team Yellow is confused but happy. And then, Chris walks with a cart to the first class. Team Red looks to the cart. Chris gives them pancakes with sugar, apples, bananas and many cocktails. Team Red is happy with everything. But Team Blue gets nothing.

After a few hours, team Red and team Yellow has to come to the livingroom. They have to battle for the first class. The losing team gets a battle with team Blue. The plane lands in Brasil. Team Red and Team Yellow walks to a studio while Team Blue is closed in the plane. George and Serena looks for a door. But there arent any doors open. Chloe is confused and has to think why they are locked. At the studio, the two teams has to make a rock song and they have to act. The best song will win. Team Red starts with a song about drama. Freddy, Zoey and Berry made it with help from Philippe. Chris looks strange when he hears the song. After Team Red, Team Yellow has to act. With their song: "It's time to set sail..". The song was made by Princess, Jamie, Mary-Ann and Savannah. Chris looks to Team Yellow. When they are ready Chris tells them that Team Yellow wins. The girls screams and hugs each other while the boys are just happy. Another safe evening for Team Yellow. But Team Red is still not safe. They have to qualify for the second place. Team Blue arrives and hears they have to make a rock song. Team Blue makes a rock song and everyone sings a line. It's sloppy. Team Red are confident and sings the rock song about drama another time. And team Red places second. Team Blue has a elimination ceremony. AGAIN.

It's almost evening, Team Blue is waiting in the third class. They are talking with each other to vote for someone. But there is no alliance for now so who is going to home? Team Blue walks to the elimination ceremony. Chloe grabs Serena by her arm. Chloe says she is going to vote for George and Serena has to vote for George too. But Serena doesnt know if she want that. She is friends with Chloe but if she have to vote for her future boyfriend..? It will be exciting. Everyone votes. But it's a 3-1-1 vote. The two safe contestants are Serena and Cinderella. George is in the bottom three cause he is.. why is he in the bottom three? Chloe is a little bit sneaky and Thunder does everything what his team mates cant see. But what? The person that is eliminates is...... Chloe. Chloe doesnt understand, why is she eliminated? She is really angry. Serena explains why. She had the choice to vote for George or Chloe. But it was Chloe, cause she loves George. On that moment George kisses Serena and they make out. Chloe rolls with her eyes and jumps with a parachute out of the plane.

When Team Blue walks back, Thunder looks to Cinderella. She had to vote for him cause she is afraid for him. Thunder knows she is afraid for him so he has to play with her. She is the pawn on Thunder's board now. Thunder grabs Cinderella on her hair and he tells her that she has to listen good. If she votes one more time on Thunder she will be eliminated next or she will be hurt soon. Thunder walks angry away. Cinderella has to be strong. She says he has to shut up. Thunder turns to Cinderella and grabs her. He pushes her in the hut and closes it. Thunder laughs then.

Episode 5 - Time To Build Russia!

Time To Build Russia!
Season 3, Episode 5
First Aired (USA) 24 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Red
Eliminated Thunder
Episode Guide
"Dreamly Brasill Rocks"
"German Soccer Fans"

The plane flies slowly. Team Yellow enjoys the luxe that they wanted. Finally the first class, again. And for now no one elimination ceremony. Team Yellow is going really great. And maybe everyone of Team Yellow will reach the merge. Bút, that is just a fantasy for now. At team Red, everyone is talking with each other. But without anything happen, Zero looks angry to Zoey. She is talking with Philippe. Zero grabs Zoey and asks why she is talking with him. Zoey replies that she asked who he wants to be eliminated. And it was Zero. Zoey walks away and feels confident now cause she made someone mad. Zero looks angry to Philippe but it seems like Philippe doesnt care about him. That makes Zero angry. And at Team Blue, Serena and George looks for Cinderella. But where is she? George looks for her in the hall and then he looks to the suitcases. He walks to it and hears a voice. He opens the hut and sees Cinderella. She feels like Gretel of Hansel and Gretel. Cinderella hugs George and tells him that Thunder did this. George looks sad and talks with Serena about it. Thunder is dangerous...

The speaker is on and Chris sings a selfmade song. Russia, oh Russia. We are in lovely Russia! Dancing and singing what we do in Russia! Russia, we are in .... Russia! So contestants, meet me on the livingroom in 10 minutes. Goodluck. When everyone is arrived after 10 minutes Chris looks to the contestants. He says they are in Russia and that they have a difficult challenge for today. When a team lose now, they will not sleep in the third class. But in the livingroom. Without a bed. Two banks and a chair. So someone is gonna hurt all of the time in the losing team. Chris looks to team Blue cause he thinks they will lose. The second team is going to the third class, but has the second class too. And then, the winners. Not only the first class BUT they get a free diner at the kitchen with 5 stars! So everyone has to do their best. Winning will be much better now but losing... yeah. But now it's time to go to the Russian buildings works. Goodluck. Chris pushes on a button and all of the contestants falls out of the plane and lands on a bouncer, again.

What is the challenge? The three teams has to build a house for Russian actor Adam Rom. The best house will win the worst will lose. The teams starts. Team Yellow is going to make a look a like castle. Princess really wants it. But if they gonna do it.. that is the question. At team Blue Serena, George and Cinderella talks about the house and Thunder looks to the three. George looks angry to Thunder. Thunder asks why he is so angry. But then George is gonna be angry. He is really mad about the thing he locked Cinderella a whole night in a tiny hut without anything. Thunder looks angry to Cinderella and then to George. Thunder pushes George away and destroys the house of Team Blue. He laughs and looks really angry to George. He is gonna take revenge on George and then on Cinderella. Thunder turns to Serena and then he walks away. Thanks to Thunder, Team Blue has to build their house again. Team Red is really far. Zoey, Zero and Freddy had the idea to make a normal house. But Philippe says actors loves luxe things. So maybe they have to make something bigger. But Zero isnt listening. After two hours everyone is ready. Adam comes with the results. Second place is Team Yellow. First place is Team Red. Third place is Team Blue cause they are not done yet. Team Blue has a elimination and a horrible night. But they know what to do.

It's evening. Team Red are eating, Team Yellow is making the second class and third class to one class. And Team Blue is making them ready. Thunder walks to Cinderella and says if she votes George she will be safe forever. Cinderella thinks about it but then the elimination ceremony is waiting for them. The four losers of Team Blue walks to the elimination ceremony and votes. The two girls are safe for now. But the third person safe is ... George with a 3-1 vote.  Thunder looks to Cinderella and nodds his head. The game is played, Thunder is out. Forever and ever. And he will not return. Never. Thunder jumps out of the plane and uses his powers to the plane while he flies. The plane is crashing and lands in Europe. What will happen now? Is someone death? No! But is someone injured...?

Episode 6 - German Soccer Fans

German Soccer Fans
Season 3, Episode 6
First Aired (USA) 25 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Red
Eliminated Cinderella
Episode Guide
"Time To Build Russia!"
"Very Spanish Drama"

George runs in a great garden and picks a flower. He sees Serena walking to him in a dress. She shakes her hair and walks to him. They look in each other eyes. Serena wants to kiss him but says: "George... George.." and then he hears GEORGE. He is awake now and sees Serena. She says that Cinderella is missing again. But on that moment Cinderella walks back to the livingroom and she has three sandwitches. George and Serena are happy. But they sleep terrible. After the accident of last night.. Shawn is a hole night in the hospital. And they are still in a unknown country. Team Yellow hasnt sleep too. The two teams are talking with each other about it. And then team Red walks too to the livingroom. Zoey wants to ask something to Chloe, but she dont know Chloe is voted out. Zoey asks to Serena where Chloe is but she replies that she is voted out. But then the evil Zoey is coming up. "Voted Out? Excuse me? You voted for Chloe? B**ch" Zoey said and slaps Serena. George is angry about that and walks to Zoey. But Sylvester walks behind Zoey to George. The two boys looks angry to each other. Jamie says they dont have to fight for the girls. On that moment Chris walks in with bad news. Shawn is nose is broken and he is still unconsious. So they have to stay in Germany for now. It wasnt planned. The contestants walks out of the plane.

When everyone is out of the plane a dark shadow looks to them. Zero sees it and feels weird. He knows something about the shadow but what? Chris tells the contestants that they have to do a challenge. Many soccer fans lives in the city Munchen. There is a shop for planes. The team that can buy 1 engine is the winner. This challenge is only for Team Yellow and Team Red. Team Blue has to do another challenge. Cause team Blue lost three times after each other. That means they have to do a challenge with the 3 members of Team Blue. The winner gets immunity if they have to go to the elimination ceremony. And they will fight in the last challenge to Team Red. So maybe if Team Blue places second they dont need the immunity for one person. Well, Team Red and Team Yellow goodluck! GO! Chris walks with the three contestants of Team Blue to the battle arena. They are gonna be attached. They have to unlock themself and then have to grab the flag. When the three are attached Chris screams GO. Cinderella is very fast to unlock herself. Serena is very slow cause she feels weak. George is doing fast but Cinderella made herself ready to run but she didnt know her long hair are still attached. She wants to unlock it but she cant touch it. She asks if someone can help her and it's unfair. George unlocks himself and runs to the flag. George has immunity. Cinderella is sad about it but is happy for George. He helps her with her hair. And then he unlocks Serena.

At the challenge from Team Yellow and Team Red, Team Yellow looks everywhere. But they cant find it. When Savannah says it's in that street everyone runs and yes it is. Boy runs to the shop and buys it. Team Yellow runs then back to Chris. Team Red is still looking for the shop. Then Freddy sees the shop and buys the engine. They running to Chris but sees that Team Yellow is finished first. Team Yellow wins, but it's not what it seems like. Chris didnt tell them that he has a special engine. And by accident, Team Red has the right one. So actually Team Red wins again! Team Yellow feels awkward. Troy feels sad and Princess is angry. She wanna have the first class. Team Yellow walks to Team Blue. They have to do a quiz. It's about soccer. George, Troy and Boy looks to each other and smiles. This is the thing of the boys. The first question. What is the name of the Dutch player in Bayern Munchen. Mary-Ann screams then. Robben. And it's correct. Boy looks to his girlfriend and kisses her. Serena looks angry and kisses George then. George smiles and cant say anything. So he misses all the questions. And he made Team Blue lose. So it's Serena or Cinderella that is going home tonight. Team Yellow is happy they havent a elimination ceremony.

The plan: Serena votes Cinderella. Cinderella votes George. George votes Serena. When everyone has 1 vote nobody can go home? So the three Team Blue members sits at the elimination ceremony. They voted. And Chris walks to them with the results. He says it's a 1-1-1 vote. Chris tells them that the person with the most bottom two elimination ceremonies is going home. George has 2 but he is safe. Serena has 0 and Cinderella has 1. So Cinderella is going home. Serena and George looks to each other and then to Cinderella. They hugs each other. Cinderella feels bad. And Chris feels bad for the first time in his life. Cinderella packs a parachute and turns to the two Team Blue members. She blows a kiss and jumps in peace of the plane. With Cinderella home, George and Serena are the only Team Blue members for now..

Episode 7 - Very Spanish Drama

Very Spanish Drama
Season 3, Episode 7
First Aired (USA) 26 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Blue
Eliminated Philippe
Episode Guide
"German Soccer Fans"
"Stay In, Stay Out"

Zero looks to the window. Something is in this plane. And he has to look for it. He is happy the plane is working again. He walks to the hall and walks away. Sylvester, Freddy and Berry are talking with each other. Zoey sits alone on the chair and looks to Philippe. He is going home if they lose. And then? Who is next? It will be Zoey. So maybe she have to be smarter then Zero and his slaves. She has to do something. But what? Zoey needs Chloe, her bestfriend. Why is she eliminated so early? Boy and Mary-Ann makes out again. But Mary-Ann is going to be annoyed by Boy. He wants to kiss all of the time. Mary-Ann understands the game is too easy for now. There has to be something. A twist or something. No elimination ceremony for now, or anything else. She sees Zero walking what is kind of strange. Zero is at the suitecase room and sees a hut. He looks in it and screams 'NOOOOOOOOOO'. George and Serena are in the livingroom. What if they lose again? Someone of them has to be eliminated then.

Zero looks to the dark shadow. It's unknown for now who it is but Zero knows who it is. He is back. His other side has an body now. He is a human. NERO IS BACK. And he wants revenge on Zero. Zero walks away but Nero grabs his arm. Nero was always the good side. Always. And now he has his own body and can do what he want. Zero is really angry about it. Chris walks to the two brothers. Cause they are brothers now. He tells Nero can be in the competition now. A debuter. He will be in team Blue. Chris walks with him to the livingroom and is still angry. When Chris and Nero arrives at the livingroom Serena and George looks to them. They are really tired. Chris tells them Nero is the new Team Blue member. They think it's Zero with blue eyes but Nero tells them that he wants to take revenge on Zero. And he wants to make friends with Serena and George. The three team Blue members shakes the hand and has to win. And the contestants are arrived at Spain. Everyone walks to the livingroom and sees Nero. He smiles to them. But then a knock out gass is released and everyone faints. The plane lands on the ground.

When everyone is awake they are in a secret underground room. The three teams has to come out of it. The first team will win. The second team is second and the third team is going to the elimination ceremony. Team Blue walks to the halls. Nero says if they wanna win they have to think evil. Zero pushes George and Serena to a dark hall and says it's the right way. Nero hides and throws a rock to the other dark hall. Zero hears it and says they have to walk to that side. Nero walks slowly to George and Serena. And they see light. But Team Yellow follows them and hears Serena talking. Nero runs and grabs Serena's arm. George walks after Nero. And they see Chris. They walks to Chris and Serena hugs him. Her fear is underground so that is why Serena was talking all of the time. Team Yellow is second and Team Red arrives after a halve hour. Sylvester asks Nero why they are so fast. Nero looks to Zero and smiles. Nero can kill him. It's a war now.

Serena and George eats as pigs when they have the luxe diner. The first time Team Blue finally wins a challenge. The freakin' first time. Nero is happy to see it. They feel safe now with Nero so it will be okay with his place in the game. At the third class it's a nightmare. Philippe knows he will be eliminated so he is walking around in the plane cause it is his last evening. Zoey has to do anything. She is voting Zero cause she knows Philippe will vote Zero. She makes a paper with on it: Safe yourself and vote Zero. She throws it on the ground. It's elimination time so Zoey walks away and turns to the paper. She hopes someone saw it. They walk to the elimination ceremony. Zero looks to Zoey and nodds his head. She nodds his head too. When everyone has voted, Chris says it's a 4-2 vote. Zero doesnt understand it and looks to everyone. Zoey, Berry, Sylvester and Freddy are safe. It's Philippe vs. Zero. But Philippe is going home. He nodds his head and gets a parachute. He looks to the other Team Red members. He shakes his head and sees only evil persons. He jumps out of the plane. Zero looks to Zoey. He knows it.

Episode 8 - Stay In, Stay Out

Stay In, Stay Out
Season 3, Episode 8
First Aired (USA) 27 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Yellow
Eliminated George
Episode Guide
"Very Spanish"
"The Mole In French-Style"

The sun shines. Serena, George & Nero starts their lovely breakfast and are finally happy. But they are only with three people now. If they lose Nero will be eliminated. So he has to win again or place second. But he is gonna enjoy the breakfast for now. In Team Red is it war. Everyone stands around Zoey. Zero talks then. "Why did you vote for me? I thought we were in a alliance or not?" Zero said. Zoey is afraid for the elimination. She says that she will be eliminated next time and that voting on you or not nothing made in the alliance cause the boys will continue with each other. Zero nodds his head. Now Zoey has to win for her team or she will be death. Mary-Ann and Boy are still kissing. Gary looks to the plane and walks to the door. He wants to jump out of it to kill himself but Jamie screams that he has close the door. He does it and Jamie takes him to the suitcase room. They are talking and Gary explains why he wants to die. He is nothing, he only likes zombies wants to think as a zombie everything is useless. Jamie looks to Gary and smiles then. She wants to give him a make over. Jamie hugs him and says that she is changed a lot. Princess looks to the two and then to Mary-Ann and Boy. She talks with Savannah about it. The two girls thinks they have to go soon.

The speaker is on and Chris is talking. Everyone has to come to the livingroom. There will be a few of twists today. When everyone is arrived, Chris tells that the teams are gonna mixed. One of each team can choose if they wanna switch from team. Zoey and Nero says yes. Mary-Ann and Boy looks to each other and says both yes. Chris looks to the two love birds and says that they cant say both yes. But he doesnt care about it. He looks to the contestants gets a paper and writes something. Everyone looks excited. The new teams that will play the first challenge with the new teams are.. Team Red: Boy, Freddy, Zero, Mary-Ann, Nero. Nero and Zero looks to each other. Mary-Ann and Boy kisses. But Freddy looks not interessed. Team Yellow: Troy, Gary, Jamie, Princess, Savannah. They are happy that they are still the same team and the love birds are gone. And Team Blue: Berry, Sylvester, Zoey, George and Serena. Zoey is happy with her new team but she did mean to Serena. She have to fix something to be lovely again. Chris tells everyone that they are arrived in The Netherlands. Shawn, who is finally better, lands and the contestants walks out of it.

Amsterdam, the city that has everything. They love the city for now. But Chris tells them the challenge. Everyone has to walk to the Amsterdam Dungeon. There they have to look out for the killers. They will try to kill everyone. Kill is kidnapping. The team that loses everyone as first is the losing team. The team that loses everyone after them is second. So stay in! Goodluck. Everyone walks to the dungeon and walks around. Team Red has a nice idea. If they are gonna stay with each other nothing bad will happen. Team Blue has the idea to split. Sylvester and Berry. Serena, Zoey and George. Zoey can get her change to make friends with Serena and George, but they are not interessed. Zoey turns and wants to run to Sylvester and Berry but she is killed. She screams and the other people of Team Blue looks afraid around. Are they gonna die? Team Red walks around Nero and Zero walks with each other but the boys dont like each other. After them Boy and Mary-Ann kisses. Freddy tells that the couple will be killed as first. Mary-Ann looks to Freddy and shakes her head. But when they walk Freddy is killed. On Team Blue again, Sylvester hears something. He looks for it but is killed then. Berry screams and runs around but runs to a wooden board and he faints. He is dragged away by a dark shadow. Team Yellow walks with each other and hears screams and scary voices. They hold each others hands and walks around. Serena and George sits on a bench and kisses each other. But then Serena doesnt feel anything. George is away? But then Serena is killed. Team Blue = OUT. Team Red has only Mary-Ann and Boy. Another couple. They think they won. So Mary-Ann walks around to look if she sees someone. She turns and sees a ghost. She runs away and sees Team Yellow walking. She wants to scream but then she sees everything bad and faints cause the killer knocks her out.

Team Yellow wins! And it's not a surprise for everyone. Team Blue has to go to the elimination ceremony. So it will be exciting tonight. Boy and Mary-Ann hugs each other when they see each other. In the first class it's a party. The old team Yellow is the same strong team as in the begin. Team Red is in the second class. It's not awkward quiet but it's quiet. Nero wants to talk with Zero but he turns to the window. Freddy laughs about it but it's not funny at all. Team Blue makes them ready for the elimination ceremony. Zoey walks to Sylvester and Berry. She asks if they wanna vote with her. The boys looks to each other and nodds their head. They can more with Zoey. The three are going to make a alliance and they have to keep the alliance with members of Team Red. If they reach the merge only the original team Red can be in the alliance. Zoey is happy to hear it that she's again a part of the alliance. George and Serena hugs and kisses. One of them will be eliminated tonight..

It's elimination time. Everyone votes. Chris walks with the results to the contestants. It's a 3-2 vote. Serena, Sylvester and Berry are safe. Zoey feels a little bit confident but she has something in her head she has the three votes against her. But it hasnt to be true. George looks to Serena and nodds his head. Chris tells then that George is eliminated. He wanna cry but he holds himself strong. He nodds his head to everyone. Zoey feels a little bit sad about it but she has to go on. It's a game. George hugs Serena and tells her he will wait for her at home and they can start a new life with each other. They kiss and George jumps with parachute out of the plane. Serena cries. Zoey walks to her and puts her arm on Serena's shoulder. She cries more then. Zoey tells her that it will be okay. It was hard but she had to vote for him. She turns to Sylvester and Berry and nodds her head.

Episode 9 - The Mole In French-Style

The Mole In French-Style
Season 3, Episode 9
First Aired (USA) 28 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Blue
Eliminated Gary, Jamie
Episode Guide
"Stay In, Stay Out"
"Get Your Pizza"

While Team Yellow enjoys the food, Gary lies on the bench and looks to the window. He is almost asleep but the plane shakes a little bit. He is really angry but nobody knows why except Jamie. Jamie sees in Gary's eyes that he will do something bad. Gary stands up and walks to the door of the plane. Zero looks to Gary and jumps on him, before Gary wants to jump. Gary screams and is freakin' out. Jamie runs to the two boys and hugs Gary. What is wrong with him? Gary has to talk with a special person who can help him. Gary will kill himself if he is longer in this plane. Gary walks to Chris and says he quits. He is depressed and can hold it longer. He gets a parachute and walks to his team. He says he is happy that almost everyone of Team Yellow has reached the merge. With a smile on his face Gary jumps out of the plane. Jamie cries and hugs Troy. Princess and Savannah looks to the plane and closes the door.

Berry, Sylvester, Zoey and Serena are sitting in the third class. They are talking about the next challenge. They have to win it. But are they gonna win this challenge? Team Red makes them ready too and it is show time. The plane lands in France and the contestants has to walk to the park near the Eiffel Tower. There are 14 chairs. It's time for.. The Mole. For this game there is one mole. The person that has the right mole will win for his or her team. The team that has the lowest score will go to the elimination ceremony. The Mole is ........ Berry. Only he knows it. The others has to guess.

After a few questions everyone has to write a name on his/her paper. That will be the mole of him or her. And only Sylvester wrote as mole Berry with the right questions. So Team Blue wins the challenge. Serena, Zoey and Berry are so happy and jumps. But the lowest score... Team... Yellow! Everyone is shocked. For the first time, Team Yellow gets a elimination ceremony. But they are so happy with their team. Who has to be eliminated then? Team Red is second again. Mary-Ann is getting tired to be boring and wants to win sometime again.

When everyone is in the plane, the members of Team Yellow walks to the third class and talks about the elimination ceremony. Savannah says that everyone has to vote for the person they want. And they can be fair about it. Princess and Savannah will vote together and Troy and Jamie will vote together. The four team Yellow members walks to the elimination ceremony. And votes then. Chris has the results then. It's a 2-2 vote. Troy is safe and Princess is safe. It's Jamie or Savannah. But who is going home? It will be a battle. One of the two girls will going home. It's a balance battle. The two girls has to stand on the benge with one feet. The one that is falling of the bench or quit with the battle. The two girls does the battle. And after a really long time, 3.00 A.M Jamie falls of it and loses. She hugs Savannah, Princess and a sleepy Troy. He wakes up and kisses Jamie. Jamie is leaving in peace and is happy what she did in Total Drama: Explosion Tour. She smiles again and jumps with a parachute out of the plane.

Episode 10 - Get Your Pizza

Get Your Pizza
Season 3, Episode 10
First Aired (USA) 29 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Red
Eliminated Zoey
Episode Guide
"The Mole In French-Style"
"Parody In Style"

It's Team Yellow that has only three contestants on their team, instead of the other teams. Team Blue has four and Team Red has five. The strong team that didnt lost a challenge before the mixed teams is ending really bad. Team Blue eats and eats in the first class. It's a party, but Serena feels sad. George had to be here but he was voted out. It was Zoey's idea. Serena have to play smart and has to take some risks and has to vote for Zoey. She is too strong. But how does she get Sylvester and Berry with her? Team Red feels unstoppable. In special Mary-Ann and Boy. They havent lose a challenge this season. And no elimination ceremony for now. If they are going to continue with doing their best and winning challenges they can reach the merge without any problem.

Chris walks to the door of the plane and looks to the outside. He nodds his head when he looks to Shawn, which is the captain of the plane. The plane lands and Chris goes to the contestants. They are in Italy! The contestants looks excited and walks with Chris to the outside. They are on a market place. An Italian pizza hut is in the front of the market place. Chris says that each team is going to make a pizza for singer Emma Marrone. She gives the pizza's points. The best team gets the first class, second team gets second class and the last team gets third class with a elimination ceremony. And now a special surprise for the winners, free pizza's for the winning team from the pizza hut. Everyone is excited, it's time to shine. Emma will arrive in a halve hour.

Zoey says that they have to make a difficult pizza cause singers dont love normal 'things'. Sylvester agrees but Berry dont know about that. Serena looks to Sylvester and she let him know that she wanna talk with him. When they are alone in their kitchen Serena tells that she wanna vote Zoey cause she is a evil girl that previous season her bestfriend eliminated. Sylvester thinks and remembers the first season. The Zoey-Chloe plot. Sylvester will talk with Berry about it. But then Chris walks in. He asks on the four team Blue members which Team Blue member deserves to return to the game. The pictures of Chloe, May, Colin, Thunder, Cinderella and George are seen. Serena and Zoey looks to each other and screams 'GEORGE!'. 'CHLOE!'. Sylvester looks to the contestants. May is too evil, Thunder is too evil, George knows about the evil plans and Chloe will destroy everything with Zoey. Colin is useless. So the only option is Cinderella. Sylvester says that they have to choose for Cinderella. Serena agrees with it, but she wanted George. Zoey nodds her head and looks to Sylvester. She is gonna be angry. Berry agrees too. So Cinderella will arrive tonight. Serena is happy and Team Blue continues with the pizza. But why is someone of Team Blue returning? The special surprise of yesterday was; The team that wins the challenge can let someone of the past Team Blue return.

Team Yellow makes a hawaiian pizza del luxe. It was the idea of Princess and Savannah. Troy has to agree with it and hopes they win cause Troy will be eliminated if Team Yellow loses. And team Red makes a normal pizza pepperoni. Maybe Emma will like it? Team Blue is making a new pizza. With salami, onions, paprika, mayonnaise, potato's and ketchup. Sylvester doesnt think it will work. But they have to trust Zoey's idea. Team Red is ready as first. They hope Mary-Ann, Boy and Freddy's idea will work. Emma is arrived and eats the pizza. She nodds her head and smiles. Team Blue arrives after Team Red and gives their pizza. Emma looks weird when she sees the pizza and eats it. She screams then. She asks for some water. Serena runs to the crane and gives Emma a glass with water. She smiles and Team Yellow arrives then. They give their pizza and Emma eats it. She gives the pizza's points. Chris reads the points and says the results. Team Red places first with 9 points. Team Yellow places second with 7 points. Team Blue places third with 3 points. Too bad for Team Blue but Team Red wins!

Mary-Ann and Boy are so lucky and makes out. Freddy can laugh about it for the first time. The two brothers Zero and Nero looks to each other and hugs. They are in peace now. Nero thinks, cause Zero smiles like a evil. Team Yellow enters the second class with a safe feeling. But Cinderella sits in the second class. She makes place for Team Yellow and walks out of the second class after she smiled to Team Yellow. Cinderella walks to Team Blue and greets everyone. Serena and Zoey hugs Cinderella and she meets Sylvester and Berry. She is happy to see everyone but she feels sad that someone have to be eliminated. Cinderella is safe, but some of the other 4 Team Blue members are not safe. Who will it be?

Team Blue arrives at the elimination ceremony. Chris shakes his head when he sees Serena for like the tenth time this season at the elimination ceremony. The bad thing is, nobody knows who is gonna vote for who. Sylvester votes, then Berry, after him Zoey and as last Serena. If they have voted Chris gets the results. It's a 3-1 vote. Cinderella was safe and hasnt voted but Berry and Serena are safe too. Serena knows it, she has eliminated Zoey. And Zoey is eliminated indeed. Zoey looks angry to Sylvester and he looks angry to her. Both voted for each other. Zoey heard the confessional of Sylvester and Berry. But it's too late to fix something cause Zoey is officially eliminated now. She says bye to Cinderella and with a parachute she jumps out of the window but jumps to a bird and screams. So still 4 members on Team Blue. Cinderella cant wait to play again. She was eliminated unfair last time and now she has a second change. Wonderfulll!

Episode 11 - Parody In Style

Parody In Style
Season 3, Episode 11
First Aired (USA) 30 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Yellow
Eliminated Serena
Episode Guide
"Get Your Pizza"
"Well, Maybe Not A New Friend?"

Team Red enjoys their pizza. It's delicious! Zero and Nero are really close with each other and made an alliance for themselves. They have to win this game and really soon. Team Blue is in the third class. Serena is a little bit homesick and misses her child. She almost cries. Cinderella hugs Serena and she have to be strong. All of the original Team Blue members are eliminated except Serena and Cinderella. The two blondes has to stay in the game. Sylvester and Berry hears it and talks about it. Should they play dirty or friendly. If they wanna win they have to eliminate everyone. Trick Cinderella and voting Serena off will be perfect. The only thing to do now is talking about Serena's child and her home. Sylvester walks to Serena and asks about her child how her life is with her child. Serena cries and wants to go home. Sylvester looks to Cinderella and walks away. Princess and Savannah talks and talks and Troy looks to the window and has nothing to do. He is bored and wants Jamie. But nobody seems to give something about Troy. He looks angry to the two girls and they dont look back.

The plane flies in Denmark, Copenhagen. But they flies in the parody side of Copenhagen and the sky is pink, the trees are blue and Emmelie De Forest is dancing in a garden. Everyone looks confused to the windows and walks to the livingroom. Chris explains it. It's the parody side. Everything is fake, but everyone has to look out for everything. There is a maze with 100 secrets, tricks and more. The last team that is out of the maze loses, the team that finishes first wins immunity and a night in a private plane with a bubble bath, a television and bedrooms. Everyone wants to win now. The three teams starts all on a different place. Three, two, one .. GO! And the game begins....

Team Red runs and runs but they fall in a black hole. They are shooted away and are now on the left side of the maze. Zero doesnt understand anything about it. Team Blue walks and looks for the right side. If they split they are faster. Cinderella and Serena runs the right side, while Sylvester and Berry runs to the left side. But they are grabbed by some creatures. Team Yellow is doing well, but Serena and Cinderella are the first two that reaches the finish line. They hope Sylvester and Berry arrives soon. Team Yellow arrives and they win. And then, two boys runs to the finish. But they arent Sylvester and Berry. It's Freddy with Zero and behind them the others of Team Red. So Team Blue lost again. The Maze dissapear and the two boys lies on the ground. They look around.

Team Blue has a elimination ceremony, again. Serena is voting for Berry cause she cant vote for Cinderella. And she doesnt vote for Sylvester cause she votes Berry. Sylvester and Berry talks with Cinderella. She has to vote for Serena. She is homesick and she can finally see her child. Cinderella nodds her head. She is voting for her bestfriend. At the ceremony, Cinderella and Sylvester are safe. And Serena is eliminated with a 3-1 vote. Cinderella explains why she voted for Serena and she smiles. Serena wanted to be eliminated. She cares about her child and NOT about the million dollars. Serena leaves in peace and jumps with a parachute out of the plane. Cinderella looks to the two boys and Sylvester smiles to her. She did the right thing.

Episode 12 - Well, Maybe Not A New Friend?

Well, Maybe Not A New Friend?
Season 3, Episode 12
First Aired (USA) 31 October, 2014
Winner(s) Team Red
Eliminated Nero
Episode Guide
"Parody In Style"
"The Social Network"

It's night and almost everyone sleeps. Nero looks to his feet and gets flashbacks. He eliminated so much people. He was really bad. Is this what he want? Zero shakes his head and looks to Nero which is asleep. Zero smiles then. Team Blue is awake and sits in the livingroom. They are talking about the next elimination. Cinderella knows that she will be eliminated and is going to be a little bit mean to the boys. She calls herself Cruella. The two boys looks to each other and laughs. She stands up and lies on the bench. She turns and tries to sleep. But Chris screams. Everyone has to wake up. It's a special announcement. Team Yellow and Team Red walks to the livingroom. Chris tells them that Team Yellow and Team Blue merges to one Team. Team Yellow. So Team Yellow vs. Team Red for now. But the merge is soon so it will be exciting for everyone.

Princess, Savannah and Troy looks to Cinderella, Sylvester and Berry. Princess is not happy with Sylvester in her team. Savannah doesnt like Berry. Troy smiles when he sees Cinderella and the two hugs each other. Team Yellow is a strong team now and Team Red has to do their best. It will be hard. Zero and Nero are talking with Freddy. Since Explosion Action, Berry is much smarter. Maybe Team Yellow will win next challenge. The plane flies now above Norway but lands in Finland. The contestants looks around and they are quiet. Chris tells them that they will stay three days in Finland. The two teams has to stay in families. If someone cant hold it he or she can push the red button. They you lose but you are free. The team with the most contestants in the house after three days will win. Team Yellow has an extra point cause Team Blue and Team Yellow lost all challenges after the mixed teams.

The two teams walks to the houses. Team Red has a little house on a mountain with an old lady with three cats. It's smells really bad. Team Yellow has a tiny house behind trees. There lives a couple with three babies. They only cries. Chris runs to the Red team. He switch Nero with Sylvester. Nero is alergic to cats so he will be in Team Yellow. Nero looks to Team Yellow. Berry and Troy looks happy. Savannah and Princess talks about Nero. Princess enters the house and walks to the button. She enters the plane and is out. Team Yellow looks to each other. Ofcourse she hates this. It's Princess! The other members of Team Yellow walks in the house and meets the woman and then her husband. The babies cries and Savannah is annoyed. Team Red is relaxed. The boys shares a room and Mary-Ann has to sleep in the same room of the old woman. Mary-Ann doesnt trust that and asks if she can push the button. They agrees and Mary-Ann is out.

After a night in the house it's day 2 of three. One more night. Team Yellow looks for Savannah but she pressed the button in the night. Team Yellow didnt sleep at all. Chris says that everyone has to walk a little bit. Sylvester is bored and talks with Zero about the alliance. They still have the original Team Red alliance. But Zero is afraid that Nero is going home. If he is going home, Zero will be really evil. The whole day is boring. Cinderella and Troy are out. Boy is out. So Team Yellow has only Nero and Berry. Team Red has everyone except Mary-Ann and Boy. And then the second night. It's horrible in the house of team Yellow. Berry pushes the button. It's impossible to win for Team Yellow so Nero pushes the button too. Team Red wins. And it's still night so the elimination ceremony is in 10 minutes.

Team Red is happy to win again. Sylvester feels great. Finally a safe night. Team Red gets the first class. Team Yellow get's the second and third class. Princess and Savannah asks if Cinderella and Troy wants to vote for Nero. He is really strong and evil, he is the brother of Zero. If Nero reaches the merge he will be the master with Zero on his side. Troy nodds his head and Cinderella does the same thing. Princess knows that Berry isnt voting for Nero but it doesnt care. The three girls and the three boys walks to the elimination ceremony and votes. Chris tells it's a 4-2 vote. Everyone is safe except Princess and Nero. And the last safe person is Princess. Nero is eliminated and he doesnt feel happy. He doesnt even know why he is eliminated. Berry is confused. He thought Troy and Cinderella were voting Princess. Savannah smiles and says Berry is the next. Savannah and Princess walks away. Berry have to get Cinderella and Troy on his side.

Episode 13 - The Social Network

The Social Network
Season 3, Episode 13
First Aired (USA) 28 February, 2015
Winner(s) TBA
Eliminated TBA
Episode Guide
"Well, Maybe Not A New Friend?"

This episode will be posted on 28 February 2015.

Elimination table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Finale
- Cinderella LOW IN IN IN IN OUT 1 Returns IN IN IN
11 Nero Debuts in "Very Spanish Drama" WIN IN IN WIN IN OUT
18 Thunder IN IN LOW LOW OUT
19 Chloe IN IN IN OUT
20 May IN IN OUT
21 Pink IN OUT
22 Colin OUT

1: George, Serena and Cinderella voted for each other. The person who was the most in the bottom two was going home. But George was immune cause he won the immunity challenge so Cinderella was voted out.

2: Jamie and Savannah were a tie and the girls had a battle. Jamie lost the battle.

  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for their team.
  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for themselves only.
  •      WIN: Was apart of the winning team.
  •      IN: Was safe during the elimination ceremony.
  •      IN: Placed second with his/her team and was safe.
  •      LOW: Was on the bottom two during the elimination ceremony.
  •      OUT: This camper was voted off or eliminated.
  •      OUT: This camper was eliminated.
  •      DISQ: This camper was disqualified from the competition.
  •      QUIT: This camper leaved the island for a personal reason.


  • This will be the first Explosion season with contestants that return from previous seasons.
  • This is the second time that Colin is voted out in the first episode.
  • This is the first season that has three teams.
  • The first three eliminated contestants had 5 votes against him/her.
  • Serena, Cinderella and George made a record for not winning a challenge in the pre-merge episodes.
    • Camp Red and Camp Yellow in Explosion Island lost three times in a row after each other.
    • Camp Light and Camp Camera didnt lost that much times in a row.
  • Serena is the contestant that survived the most eliminations without to be in the bottom two.
  • The episode names are based on the countries and the challenges.
  • Thunder is marked as the most evil of the 4 the main antagonists.
    • The antagonists are: Sylvester, Thunder, Zero and Zoey.
      • This while May was supossed to be Zoey's role.
  • May was originally switched with Zoey. But reasons with developement of Zoey, she was switched.
    • This also make the first season that Zoey and Chloe didnt had a plot.
      • Zoey didnt realise till episode 6 that Chloe was eliminated, and is really angry about it. So she is still the bestfriend of Chloe.
  • It's almost the same story of Total Drama: World Tour. Team Victory lost every challenge too except the non-elimination challenge and another challenge.
  • Cinderella is the first contestant that returns in this season.

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