Total Drama: Exploser Island is the seventh season for the Total Drama cartoon.


Chris gets eighteen contestants from previous seasons to a new island with new dangers and new challenges. Its every contestant for him\her self! Only one contestant will win 1,000,000 dollars, the others will take the Rocket of Shame. Who will win? Find out on Total Drama: Exploser Island!


Electric Sharks: Scott, Gwen, Rock, Spud, Leonard, Geoff, Lindsay,Dawn,and Brody

Blazing Crabs: Lorenzo, Sanders, Macarthur, Brick,Ezekiel,Dave,Sierra,B,and Noah


Welcome to Exploser Island

The A-mace-zing Race

Truth or Scares

Robot or Not, Here We Go!

Fright Night

Fight for Your Lives!

The Aftermath I

Mountain Goat Climb

Exploser's Got Talent!

Test Yourself

Barf and go Scream!

Merry Chris-mas

Get Ready to Rock and Roll!

The Aftermath II

Merging to the Finals

Jungle Trouble

Freak For All

Volcano Attack!

I Can Believe I Can Glide

Race to Pahkitew

And the Winner Is...


Ezekiel 18th (The same reason from TTI)

Leonard 17th ( He used "magic" in the final leg of the race costing his team the challenge)

Sierra 16th (Her obesseion with Cody freaked her team out)

Lorenzo 15th (His low IQ made his team lose)

Dawn 14th (Scott forced his team to vote her off)

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